The refugee crisis is far from over. The overall number of people seeking asylum in Europe in 2016 is predicted to be slightly lower than last year, but still represents almost one million people.

Rather than stopping migrant flows, the walls and fences that Member States have been putting up have encouraged migrants to take more dangerous routes into the EU. Over 124,000 migrants have arrived in Italy by sea so far this year, more than the whole of 2015 combined. An estimated 3,212 people have drowned in the Mediterranean in 2016.

On Thursday 15 September, we hosted – together with Euronews – a live YouTube interview with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. We asked our readers to vote on the issues raised during the interview they would most like to debate in more detail, and the refugee crisis overwhelmingly won.

During the interview, German YouTuber Jonas Ems asked President Juncker what ordinary Europeans could do to help refugees. Here’s what he had to say:

Juncker argued that Europeans can best help by remembering their own history. He argued it was important to remember that, historically, “Europe has been a continent of emigration. If you look at McDonalds, You’ve got more McDonalds in America than in Ireland or England.”

We assume he means the family name, not the fast-food chain. President Juncker also added that ordinary people can help by showing compassion for refugees, and remembering that they are human:

jean-claude-juncker[Europeans have] got to remember why people are fleeing… What would you do if your children were being bombed, and your house was being bombed, day after day? Would you just sit there and wait until a bomb falls on your house? Or would you also attempt, for the sake of your children, to do something and to move somewhere else?

How can people best help refugees? Have Europeans forgotten their own history of emigration? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

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    Ivan Burrows


    Start with the question ‘Why should they help the migrants ?’ and you will have your answer.

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      The answer is because they are people who need help. Wish all pop quizzes were as easy as yours.

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    Jean-Pierre Rosa

    education, integration and community support in order the avoid isolation. For those fleeing war, repatriation.

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      Because people made homeless and possessionless need education most of all . . . . . . You should run for government with thinking like this!

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    Paul X

    I think Juncker is yet again speaking to the European public as though they are some ignorant sub-species who are incapable of original thought

    No country in the civilised world would turn away children who are fleeing war but even he can’t have failed to notice the majority of people arriving at Europe’s doorstep aren’t children

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    Yorgis Ali Toufexis

    The best way for Europe to help refugees is to stop destroying their countries. Stop sending weapons, military advisers and money to groups such as Daesh (“Isis”). Also, stop robbing natural resources in those countries, and stop supporting those governments that depend on European (and also US, Saudi etc) handouts to stay in power so that we can keep robbing their country.

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      Paul X

      So now Europe is supporting Daesh…nice one..any proof?

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    Stefka Zarkova

    Тези които обират, страните се знаят, Русия, която подкрепя, Башар, и другите две, но те са по малки игра4и, основно, РУСИЯ ИМА ИКОНОМИ4ЕСКИ ИНТЕРЕС

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    The Solution is to establish today at the Emergency EU Summit in Bratislava , a fully armed and operational EU Defense Force , upgrading and expanding on the current European Security and Defense Policy unit of the EU to stop the boats filled with illegal immigrants that don’t have the same cultural customs as Europeans, and are determined to overthrow European cultural Customs and impose their own alien Middle Eastern customs on the civilized European Populace. The situation in Syria is as a result of the flawed Sykes -Picot agreement that established the current borders of the Middle East. The Sykes- Picot Agreement needs to be thrown into the dustbin of History with the establishment of a Sovereign Federation Nation State of Kurdistan as the most effective solution to the current illegal immigration crises that is derived from the Turkish State Sponsored ISIS violence in the Middle East , that has resulted in the Turkish State undermining the institutions of the European Union, via the Turkish State Sponsored flooding of the European Union with illegal immigrants that are hostile to European cultural values. Germany has 280 billion economic surplus.More than enough to establish a fully armed and operational EU Defense Force to bring order to the chaotic Middle East that is a direct threat to the European Union. Does Germany and the European Union want Turkey to flood Germany and the European Union with 10-20 million illegal immigrants from Syria and the Middle East.

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      Big like! What if France consider WW2 germans as refugees?

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      ? Then ww2 France would be as crazy as the comparison you’ve just made!

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    Αντωνιος Κωνσταντινιδης

    Ban islamic costumes and headscarfs,vaccinate them espacially the children.Educate them and promote western values like secularism gender equalism and free thought.Provide them a place which they can sustain both themselves and their famillies for the first years untill they can be part of the workforce and provide their own means to live with

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      Ah ok, so social brainwashing them and putting them into imposed service of capitalism. Yes, that will help to rebuild the homes and crops they’ve lost and fix their homeland for future generations and will in no way have a negative effect on both the host cultures or the culture they originated from.

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    Ana Fonseca

    By stopping to sell weapons and stopping to support the United States in their stupid wars.

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      Paul X

      The Syrian conflict is where it is today because no external power intervened at an early enough stage to prevent civil war…damned if they do, damned if they don’t

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    Maria Vasilescu

    “By stopping to sell weapons and stopping to support the United States in their stupid wars.’ …and sending them in their homes ( countries).

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    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Yezidi kurds or syrians refugges are not migrands so we can help them to survive from islam fascists warriors and then should go back to fight. Ni more migrands except those who needs asylum

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    Graça Soares

    Helping refugees???
    Well, by creating a coalition with the States in order to make an intervention, a Powerful military intervention in those places where they came from!
    So, that way, European States, and US and Russia can help cleaning the War environment, and so Refugees can return to their places of origin!!!!
    That is the Best way Europeans can help!!
    I am sure they love their hometown where they came from and I am
    Sure they want to come back!

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    Antonios Forlidas

    Who ever blames refugees and belongs to the extreme right party, should know that the christian civilized West exterminated the countries where the refugees come from.Before we destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria there were not problems with death, destruction, terrorism and refugees influx. We still supporting ISIS by providing them with weapons, ammunition, logistics, mobiles, internet etc. Especially Europe is paying the price of its arrogant policy against the above mentioned countries. And this is only the beginning.

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      Afghanistan asked for our intervention. Also, Christianity is in severe decline in the west. So let’s keep religion out of this please?

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      As for Syria, somebody already mentioned that mess happened without our help.

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    Along last one hundred years, Germany destroyed Europe three times. Now instead Hitler, we have Merkel. This guys are not refugees. They are invaders and don’t speak up abour European’s people as emigrants. We spread around the world becouse politicians like you. We didn’t spread threats and terrorism as you are bringing in my house.

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    May Y

    Instead of letting them to enter Europe, which smugglers make the most profits, Europe should build better camps and schools and all other facilities in some designated areas (and protect them there.) In this way, Europe can help more people and they will not be forced into integrating a foreign society, better for Europe and refugees.

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      I truly hope you receive similar help to what you suggest for others one day.

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    Manuel Feliz

    By creating aereal corridors for military aircrafts to transport them to those countries who bombed them.

    Mainly to: USA, UK, Israel, SouthArabia… and… some for France too.

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      You forgot Russia, turkey and their own countries. Besides, Syria the problem wasn’t the initial air strikes, which were mainly for the purposes of suppressing aggression against civilians. The problem I a total lack of cooperation and divisions about the best way forward. Also, they need a UN guarded safezone asap.

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    Radu Deme

    by creation of security zones in Middle East, international troops, like in other cases

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    Mike Abraham

    This is NOT a total refugee crisis. Only about 10% of these people are refugees. They are mainly economic migrants looking for a free life with everything provided for them at no charge. Very few of them have observed the international law of requesting asylum at the FIRST free country they enter. I am sorry if I offend anyone but, we MUST stop them coming in & MUST send them all back !!

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      I do agree, they need to go back, but they need to go back to a rebuilt and safe environment. That isn’t available yet. Until it is we need to keep them safe. Just not forced to do so inside EU borders.After all, given the rate refugees are created Europe would hold 25% of the worlds population by now if we’d let them all come here from the past 30 years.

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    Danny Boy

    All the warships that are currently in the Mediterranean picking people of sinking inflatables should immediately be moved to within three miles of the Libyan coastline,from there they can form a blockade and be able to turn any vessels back to the shore,there should also start covert special forces raids into Libya to eliminate the traffickers.

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      That’s not help, that’s murder. I find your incitement to commit murder as upsetting as it is illegal. I do hope you get the justice you deserve.

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      Posted on wrong comment. Apologies.

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    Nkl O'Tnv

    Those are not refugees!! those are illegal fu#$% immigrants and should be deported back to where they came from !!! Read the Dublin regulation treaty on the subject and you will come to your senses…

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    Tanya Tanewa

    They are not refugees, they are members of ISIS, helping them we invite troubles into Europe

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    Harald Schmitt

    and don t force those poeple on our neck ,yes they should be helped ,but talking about intigration into our open society is a smack into our face ,the european leaders have no right to force us to accept poeple that are not willing to adapt to our free and open society ,help those genuine refugies yes ,but they have to leave again when the conflict is over ,Islam is forced onto us ,we got rid of the catholics and other religious domination ,now worth is forced upon us , shame on you

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    Pedro Vaz

    The picture of a young “refugee” and his lover…ohhhhh…how sweet. But most of them are young, healthy, arrogant young males with smartphones with a very aggresive attitude.

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    Patryk Migacz

    Maybe stop making it look like some kind of Endless Holiday Vacation, so only ppl that actually live under gun shot and bomb explosion will come. Like just ask those migrinats where they lived and from where did they come, you will most likley hear that they come from a country that ain’t at war, or ain’t suffering from war-like conditions. Not to mention that they don’t check those ppl so ISIS(Daesh) has a very easy job.

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    Sandra Wright

    You could help them by sending their boats back where thay have come from . You make it easy for them to come. Bring genuine refugees from source.

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    Nicholas Farrugia

    The BEST help by far is to STOP creating refugees. Stop minding other countries business and stop funding and arming terrorists.

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    Margarita LN

    By helping them fix their ruined countries financially, so they can go back and start re building their lives. Europe is spending stupid money in the hope to integrate them. Money should be better spent fixing the war damages rather than trying to integrate different cultures…in a very short space of time. It will only get worse if we keep going the same way. I feel for them but also see the monstrosities committed by them like raping children etc ;((((

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    Tinka Djovanova

    не са бежанци , нашата история бягащи от война , всички заедно старци , млади , деца , бебета и никой не чака да пристигне по – късно , войната не спира да мога аз да се устроя и да прибера близките! И никой не ни чакаше , веднага започвахме работа на нивата или другаде ,тези ни опоскаха и се обръщат да убиват !!!???

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    Έστερ-Κατερίνα Ευμορφοπούλου

    Τραβάτε στήν ΕΕ καί κάνετε ότι θέλετε μέ τούς εποικιστές όχι μάς κάνετε τούς φιλανθρώπους καταστρέφοντας τήν Ελλάδα. Άν ήθελαν νά βοηθήσουν άς μήν χρηματοδοτούσαν τούς ισλαμιστές

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    Iris Marinou

    first of all, telling the truth: who IS reffugee and who is NOT. Second, creating safe zone into their own countries. Syria has such zones but they just want to come into Europe. And help them into their own soil. Do it with American and Russian help.

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    Alain Rak

    Send them back and Juncker together.
    We were killing nobody we had wife and kids, muslims kill our kids and wifes and men come alone no wife no kids and rape our wifes try to kill us ,there are terrorists. Let them fight their own war. Back.

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    Mikael Pettersson

    By sending them back… By Running like Chicken they help the war to continue… They also help ISIS… real Humanity would FIGHT back…

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    Apostle M Mamakas

    This is what happens when people become weak believing in humanitarian nonsense that only serves to enable these people to impose themselves on us and to destroy OUR identity and OUR way of life.

    This is what happens when treacherous politicians are not held responsible for their actions and their inactions.

    This is what happens when a people have been desensitised to their own impending displacement.

    This is what happens when you bury your head in the sand ignoring the reality of what is front of you.

    Not a lot of women and children here is there, no, just a lot of young military age African and Middle Eastern men who have just walked straight into Europe without any trouble whatsoever.

    This only happens when a nation is run by traitors and their weak supporters.

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    Μάρα Έλληνα

    By 1) stoping the war in their homelands and 2) sending them back home , where they don’t have to try to integrate in
    a foreign society and culture or feel unwanted and 2nd class citizens .

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    Monique Taxhet

    Set up the following:
    1) a fully fledged EU border control system made up.of all EU member states.
    2) a registration unit for each border control that will deal with newcomers straight away
    3) UN protection areas in various places inside the EU where those registered can stay until they are either granted refugee status or as t back from where they come. The process should not take.more than 12 months per arriving person.
    3) get NATO forces involved to capture and imprison any smugglers
    After a year, you will have sorted the problems.

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    Clive Birkbeck

    By helping them to rebuild their country, creating new homes, jobs and a future in their own country.

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      If it would be that easy. But at least it should be the goal.

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      I think that you should stop at homes and food until their new crops are ready. Creating jobs would be to impose western styled capitalism on them. Fix there homes. Ensure their safety from their own government. Leave the rest up to them to decide for themselves.

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Women, children and old people could be spared and given help and shelter, but all men between 20 and 40 should be refused in Europe. Besides, 70% are men in fighting conditions.

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    Franck Néo Legon

    By enroling them all in a military corp dedicated to fight back their oppressors so as to take their countries back and resettle there as soon as possible, a liberation army, like for those refugeing in GB in 1940’s who fought the nazis on D day and after in all Europe, they should be enrolled directly while entering EU and driven to military facilities for incorporation in a corp which will fight by our troops side to free Middle East from islamism and restore democracy.

    • avatar

      Free them from “Islamism” (surely you mean Islam), in the middle east? The birthplace of Islam?

    • avatar

      It also happens to be the birthplace of other religions much before Islam. Judaism and Christianity amongst them…

  38. avatar

    I suppose you drunk too much Napalm. Brainless Monster.

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    Васил Парлапански

    Това са несериозни неща. Вменяват ни отговорност, която не е наша. Кой и как изобщо реши, вместо нас, че ние ще отговаряме за неща, случили се по вина на някой друг? Този, който е надробил попарата, той да я сърба.

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    João Bértolo

    How exactly is this our responsability? Our cities already look like Third World hellhole. Belgium looks like Cairo in places. We can’t have a music festival without two dozen sexual assaults. We expect news of attempted beheadings every day. Never have the people of a continent which is supposedly not at war suffered so much. We are being invaded and rather than help refugees, we need to think how to help ourselves.

    • avatar

      So you think that to become less humane we are helping ourselves? Certainly an interesting viewpoint.
      As a counterpoint though, would you argue that the thousands of bodies being washed up on European beeches are not our concern, even in the most callous approach possible they are surely at least having a negative impact on tourism?

  41. avatar
    João Bértolo

    How exactly is this our responsability? Our cities already look like Third World hellhole. Belgium looks like Cairo in places. We can’t have a music festival without two dozen sexual assaults. We expect news of attempted beheadings every day. Never have the people of a continent which is supposedly not at war suffered so much. We are being invaded and rather than help refugees, we need to think how to help ourselves.

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    Gene's atheists

    always asking the wrong question..never.. Do we want to help them? Are we and our children that replaceable ? Our culture means nothing to this world?

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    Andrei Luca Mihai

    Get rid of Saudi Arabia.

  44. avatar
    Florin Ivan

    Why eu help??? Help christian …uae have 1 milion tend …go home zombi go qatar bahreim uae..

  45. avatar
    Valentina Charlanova

    само чуждоезични коментари…. булгарос това да помага-т.ц…..ич не го интересува..важното е НА НЕГО да му дават…. а единственият пост на български е толкова тъп и типично булгарос…..откъде накъде да помагаме…казва булгарос.

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    Luminita Stoleru

    I am wondering, all you, poisoned and poisonous people how it would be to see your child killed or shocked, alone in a hospital!! Woooow, napalm….. Is this called humanity????????? Good christians???? Shame on you! A mortal virus is nicer than you!

    • avatar

      Go make a harakiri.

    • avatar

      @Luminita, well said!

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    Miguel Antas de Barros

    Train and arm the men to go back and defend ther own countries.
    Thats what european men do when there is war in their land.

  48. avatar

    Implementing the Voluntary Humanitarian Admission Scheme as promised in the EU-Turkey-Statement from 18th of March 2016 under point 4!

  49. avatar
    Marial Loutsch

    Poor that even the Bulgarians forgot from where they came from . They even forgot that they are a havy mixture of Slave , probulgare , and that they before chased the Neanderthaler out of Europe , lol

    • avatar

      Actually, the neanderthal interbred with homo sapiens. We have up to 4% neanderthal DNA in our genomes.

  50. avatar
    Francisc Leopold

    Stop bombing their freakin’ countries, this is how people can help them and help their countries with infrastrucure and education etc. It ‘s over there that we can help them for real :-)

  51. avatar
    Bunny Rich

    Exactly, i was going to say the same – leave them alone – and we dont want them either – we’re already i financial crisis and their customs and way of life are in no way in harmony with ours – McDonalds ??? your joking right????

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    Tudor Cristescu


  53. avatar
    Kester Ratcliff

    This thread is so sad. Europe has gained so much of the world and lost its own soul.

    The wisdom learnt from massive collective suffering a couple of generations ago has disappeared, it is now seen as idealism.

    I’d rather leave with the refugees wherever they’re forced to go next if you lot get your way than live with the new populist far right ‘mainstream’ in Europe.

    • avatar
      Danny Boy

      Bon Voyage xx

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    Vinko Rajic

    Send them to some hotel in Turkey or Egypt until they stop fighting in Syria . They have many hotels , tourists don’t go there now .

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    Димитър Димитров

    1 Europe should become a federation state.
    2 To solve problems where they arise, to export security and not be imported Islam and mess.
    3 To return to where they came from all instantly if you violate the laws and morals.
    4 Combating poverty.

  56. avatar
    Georgi Parushev

    Why, the hell , europeans must help them….they aren’t refugees, most of them are economical immigrants

  57. avatar
    Adrian Burtel

    By send them back in their countries and tell them ,sam and itic are responsible for their economical situation…And, let s not forget ,all the imperials powers ,capitalist powers ,who invade other countries should pay for that.

  58. avatar
    Thanasis Vasiliou

    1) Bring peace to their countries 2) send them back home and give them 20000€/family to start a new life. 3) give financial support to their countries to built modern infrastructures and a viable economy.

  59. avatar
    Ion Nicolae


  60. avatar
    Adrian Limbidis

    By helping them in their country.
    Every refugee here costs enough to support 10 people in their country due to monetary value of currency alone.

  61. avatar
    Jorge Silva

    Fighting Daesh, destroy them, once for all. Than they can return to theyr country !

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Unfortunately Daesh is only one of many factions causing problens in the region…. they just get more air time because of their particular brand of video atrocity and the fact that every freak who has the urge to go and murder innocent civilians, claims to be doing it in their name

  62. avatar
    Fanda Teryngel

    How? By ingoring them, by letting them handle their own problems on their own, otherwise Africa will be forever destabilised, and Europe in trouble.

  63. avatar
    Inge Hoy

    –this “emigration”- and ours have NOTHING in common!- WHATSOEVER

  64. avatar

    We should helped the refugees from the beginning, at their home, or at least in the refugees camps. In Siria, Turkish, Jordan, etc. If we do not help the refugees, than they will try indefinitely to save themselves into Europe.

  65. avatar

    According to Debating Europe, how can Europeans best help refugees? What should Europe being doing, besides what is already doing?

    • avatar

      I do hope one day Kama comes for you.

  66. avatar
    Filip Macho

    How to help them? Send them back where they came from. Or sing their ships :P

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    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    Europe went through civil wars, world wars and heavy crushes of civilians against diktatorships and monarchies and a very painfull medievil to reach this level of freedom and lifestyle. . Also heavy taxation has made the most of the european countries a country of wellfare and security. Sorry if others can’t or dont want to give their fights , I am willing to give shelter for some time to persons or parts in danger, but not to share the results of my fights and these of my ancestors , moreover, leading to instability and unemployment at my place due to the massive invasion of financial emmigrants. Sorry, but live grants only you what you fight for , you can not claim other’s live.

  68. avatar
    Svetozar Sevov

    Send them to Russia. That will make them go back to their war-torn countries by themselves.

  69. avatar
    catherine benning

    By sending them all back home and compelling every country who followed the call for US military to level their homes and cities to rebuild them hurriedly and until they do give them a weekly allowance so they can survive.

  70. avatar
    Csaba Friss

    Jean-Pierre Rosa, since you called me a racist and I don’t know why, let me ask some other thing. From what I understand your a Canadian citizen. How do you explain that some EU citizens (romanians for instance) are not allowed to go to your country without a visa while other EU citisens do not need a visa to do so.? I guess I know the reason why: it’s because your country is xenophobic and hypocrite. And so are you. Isn’t it so?

  71. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    As soon as they leave Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, they are not refugees any more. So we don’t owe them any help at that stage. There should only be help for the refugee camps in Iraq, Syria and the neighbouring countries. Therefore, everyone who came to Europe should be returned. It is obvious that since cities have been destroyed, other cities must be built in other places for all those war refugees. This has to be done with the help of the whole world through the United Nations. There should be a UN resolution asking all countries to help with whatever they can – money, humanitarian aid, doctors and other professionals, but those who are bombing Syria and Iraq should be obliged to pay the same amount that they contribute in bombs and military equipment. The sponsors of the warring parties – too. Efforts should be focused on identifying safe places for building the new cities. For example, in Southern Iraq there is no war, so it is good for relocation. Refugees should be the main workers and builders, while the world should help with the necessary finances, material and human resources. This is a gigantic task and is not the sole responsibility of Europe. Importing millions of hostile people and giving them permission to live in Europe will only create more problems, but definitely not solve anything, or help anyone. Who would want to put a wasp nest in their house to protect the wasps?

    • avatar

      You’re forgetting that until/unless the underlying cause of the danger is stopped then no attempt to rebuild will be possible. It’s high time talks were imposed on the warring parties.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Obviously, rebuilding in the battle zones is not possible, but it can be done in other places in Syria and Iraq which are safe and where there is no war, such as Southern Iraq (for example Basra region) or the Kurdish-controlled areas. Of course the war must end as soon as possible, but we are talking about actions that can be taken while it is still going on and producing refugees.

  72. avatar
    Brian Flanagan

    Stop giving their corrupt countries money, Give them machinery to build their own countries up.

  73. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    ………….. “showing compassion for refugees, and remembering that they are human”- so says Co EU president JCJ. A self confessed salesman captured by the Bilderberg vision of global corporatism- but compassion less to the voters he supposedly should represent.

    Strange, that the messes politicians create are in the end always transferred to the general public- never taking any responsibility for their own (bad) decisions & support of a concept of dominating- by hook & by crook- everybody else!

    Should these politicians be at their wits- end, please honorable Co President resign and let all 27 members hold a referendum to test their support for the concept & chaos politicians are solely responsible for.

    Sorry, but another badly rehearsed and “doctored” presentation between the young Youth Tuber generation, who are no match- only smitten- by old foxes.

  74. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Guessing or forecasting?: Goldman Sachs here comes your next consultant once his term plus waiting period is over. A totally disingenuous, unconvincing & copied “Obama” (under) performance by sworn Euro-crate JCJ- until death takes him to his EU grave.

    What have THEY learned- except to destroy sovereignty in favor of a glorified centralized subsidiary in Europe? But have no choice as to accept that self determination is enshrined in the UN Charter & practiced globally- while peaceful cooperation is beneficial & encouraged.

  75. avatar

    That’s not help, that’s murder. I find your incitement to commit murder receives the justice it deserves.

  76. avatar

    We must train them, we must teach them the language. It should be daily 8 hours of care-teaching and work for one year before they are “released” into the real world.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      As simple as that?

      Please specify: who are the “WE” & THEM? Appoint the “WE” to be suitable, have the time, space, capacity, need of it & MONEY to do all these selfless deeds- for THEM and not for our youth? Is it Private Corps or the State?

      Some great news! Apparently the global giant Siemens with 348,000 employees has taken a “lion share” of ~90 “THEM” so far- of the estimated ~1.5mio+ “THEM”

      In addition, the soon operational JCJ “EU Youth Peace Corps” (the “EU Samaritans”) will soak up the ~10-50% unemployed EU youth (instead twiddling thumps in Europe) and march them off to the underdeveloped world to teach & train- “THEM”! Looking forward to be one of them?

    • avatar

      @George, “”released” into the real world” you make refugees sound like a wildlife reintroduction exercise! The biggest difference is that currently their natural habitat has had the hell bombed out of it.

    • avatar

      They were not trained. One year of intensive training should have been done with them. Language + some simple profession and basic behaviour. Without this they’ll never integrate. And it should be done in every European country all the time with all asylum seekers.

    • avatar

      War refugees aren’t asylum seekers George, there’s a big difference between a temporary crisis resulting in danger to life and someone who can never safely return home. I think Angela Merkel and too many others in charge of the European community have forgotten that crucial difference.

  77. avatar
    catheriine benning

    It has now been established that not only the US is being supported by the West in general, the West’s allies have been militarily involved with US led killing of innocent Syrian people ‘by mistake’ or ‘wrongly.’ This collusion has been covered for years. Now someone, and I suspect it is the US, are tired with being used as the bad guy, and have leaked documents to expose the whole dirty business.

    There is more to come, a lot more. Which is why they are forcing us to give up our lifestyle and accept this land grab we are witnessing as they are responsible for the migration to Europe. And wait for this, the UN is telling us, we are taking nowhere near enough of the migrants as, wait for this, the rest of the world are accepting millions more than us……

    Of course they don’t expose who these other countries and continents are, or, give any figures on how many they are taking. What they are paying in welfare . schools, hospitals, houses to look after them and where the money is coming from for them to do it.

    Here is the story to date:

    So, they are all in it together. And the European tax payer is footing the bill for the entire massacre of the Syrian people. What is it they want in Syria that they are keeping from us all? Whist they want us to foot the bill for their war games. Both in the cost of supporting military intervention, sending of Aid to the country in question, taking in the ‘refugees’ and buying of the weapons.

    Why are we paying for this? And paying for it in every way?

    It has been spread around that the US are assisting Deash or ISIS with funding and other assistance. True, I don’t know. But all will be revealed soon as it cannot be kept in the dark for long in this global world.

  78. avatar
    Rafael Neves

    First of all I think they need to remember 3 points in history.
    #1 the hunger colonisation process European countries did in many parts of the world. This idea can be developed in a post phd thesis.
    #2 the world war era when European citizens run out of Europe only to survive, exactly what we are seeing now.
    #3 Europe is the birth place of Human Rights declaration. Where is its real application?

  79. avatar
    bert van santen

    Why doesn`t Saoudi Arabia open up their borders for refugees?

  80. avatar

    In response to Mr Juncker’s comment above, the majority of “refugees” arriving are male and not families. However, the camera crews only show the boats that contain women and children. They don’t have to flee abroad. Damascus is intact and they can flee there. Many civilians prefer ISIS to the secular government. Bashar Al-Assad is from a religious minority and has good relations with other minorities, which the Muslim opposition in Syria, and with this I also mean what over here is being described as “moderate opposition” (with guns), do not approve of. This very much is a Muslim/jihadi war and it is not appropriate for non-Muslim countries to give refuge to people just like that.

  81. avatar

    I’m afraid however that the Europeans have such a powerful system of taboos and inhibitions around the immigration question that there is not much hope for rational debate.

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