The Union’s in a bit of a state at the moment. For his second-ever “State of the Union” address, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker certainly had plenty of topics to choose from. From the UK voting to leave, to the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War; to terror attacks in France and Belgium – there’s seemingly no end of challenges for Europe.

Juncker began his address by admitting that the state of the union leaves “much to be desired”. He argues that the EU needs to be “more social”, and to respond faster to the needs of its citizens.

Which is all very well and good, but does it resonate with ordinary people? For the first time ever, we hosted – together with Euronews – a live YouTube interview with Jean-Claude Juncker, following up on many of the topics brought up during his State of the Union speech.

President Juncker responded to questions from a panel of prominent European YouTubers – Jonas Ems, from Germany; Lukasz Jakobiak, from Poland; and Laetitia, from France – as well as a sample of your questions on some of the key issues facing Europe. You can watch the full interview in the video above.

Over the coming days, we will be hosting a series of three follow-up debates on Debating Europe – looking in closer detail at some of the issues brought up during the interview.

We want to give our readers the opportunity to choose exactly which topics the follow-up debates will focus on, so we’re hosting a poll for you to decide. Let us know in the poll below what issues interest you most!

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    Jürgen Schuft

    I would ask him for his vision of europe in 30 or 40 years. E.g.: What will the EU look like, what look its member states like?

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      30-40 years?? The EU will be no more in less than 10 years…Still would be interesting to hear his answer to that one.

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Juncker mentioned Cyprus in his speech yesterday. However Cypriots feel the bizonal federation is unjust & unethical by rewarding the invader and occupying force. The EU would never allow any minority race to demand separate land for their people within the EU with their own governing bodies so why does Juncker expect Cyprus to do this? Cypriot citizens are made up of many different races as are EU citizens. If the EU endorses this they are setting a precedent for minorities to start segregating themselves demanding actual land and governing rights within individual EU countries.

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      eileen buckell

      Tell Juncker to look on the Internet at CANZUK

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      Borislav Sotirov

      Julia Hadjikyriacou , we are ethnics, no races in Europe. On your national problem – unfortunately only a federative decision is possible and you shouldn’t struggle against. If you want to keep the island entire state and to resolve the problem. You did too much sins against other side to expect they will refuse their demands for nothing.

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    Alex Kassios

    If he likes pizza, like the silly question you addressed to Martin Schulz.

    WHY are we bailing out private banks. Can anyone ask that question? I guess not.

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    Evangelos Koumentakos

    Mr Junket mentioned populism in his speech. Does he believe that mainstream EU parties have a responsibility for the rise of populism in EU, and if yes, does he see as a way out of this impass only the democratic process, the elections, or he sees also a role role/responsibility for the European civil society? Many thanks.

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    Fernando Rodrigues

    Qual é o seu contributo para a resolução da guerra na Síria perante os EUA e Rússia, para além de solicitar apoio aos países árabes para receberem refugiados, nomeadamente Koweit, Qatar, Arábia Saudita, Irão e Abu Dabi ???

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    Louis Turley

    At this moment should not the Commission be focusing all lts energies on Bono fide Membership and the best interests of the Community moving forward?

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      The only valid/decent question I read so far..

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    What about a single taxation system in Europe, needed to stabilize the euro and Europe’s finances in the long term. And where does this leave countries like Ireland, Luxembourg or Holland with their tax regimes?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      That would concentrate investment in the bigger countries in the EU which would mean that countries like Ireland and Greece would in the long run suffer.

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    Stella Kontogianni

    What are we living for? What do we really want from our co-members? What has really changed in Europe during those years of multiple crisis (financial, social, ethical etc)?

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      ahahhaha good one!

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    George Yiannitsiotis

    How can corruption with EU funds refer only to local politicians and public servants and not to the central EU Administration that released those funds?
    (in the eyes of ordinary people in Greece, the EU Commission is as much corrupted as Greek Politicians and local entrepreneurs)

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    Paul X

    I would ask him when is he going to face up to reality instead of his dogmatic belief that his vision for Europe is the only one

    From his speech :

    “Never before have I heard so many leaders speak only of their domestic problems, with Europe mentioned only in passing, if at all”

    That is because the public (the little people in the street who pay his wages in case he’s forgotten) elect a national government to govern their country in their best interest, not in the interest of the rest of Europe, “domestic issues” are what people pay their taxes for and they are entitled to expect these issues to be addressed in preference to issues in other countries. (in particular considering how much the UK pays in overseas aid)

    Europe is only mentioned in passing because the EU is too remote from it’s people, it is incapable of dealing with issues that directly affect them whilst proving incapable of dealing with global issues where it’s competence should be e.g. Terrorism, Economy, Immigration etc

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      Stevey G

      Excellent – could not agree more with your sentiments!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul X
      Well said!

      During the last EU elections JCJ refused to visit the UK – the EU’s 2nd biggest economy and if you include the ‘fish tax’ its largest net contributor.

      Whether he likes the UK or not, decency, common sense and democracy should have shoved his arrogance to one side.

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    Ivan Burrows


    ‘Who do you think will leave the pointless EU next, France, Italy or Hungary ?’

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    Mr. Juncker, who exactly are you?? And who elected you?? Why are you here??

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      Robert Signorelli

      Joao, can you only babble Farage’s best quotes or do you have any personal opinion?

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      Stevey G

      Joao – he didn’t answer when originally asked, so don’t hold your breath awaiting a reply!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Don’t forget to add the phrases “damp rag” and “low grade bank clerk”.

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    José Bessa da Silva

    Why was France, Germany, Greece, etc, left out of the process for states that do not comply with the Stability Pack when none is following it? Why is the EC meddling in sovereign issues like immigration? Why is the BCE forcing the portuguese government to rescue and then sell those rescued banks to failed spanish banks losing billion of taxpayer’s money? Why is the EU so affraid and willing to change the portuguese government? Why is the EU not listening our resquest for an exit referendum? Why is the EU building repretion institutions such as a common coast guard and even talking about a common army? Why is the EC deceiving europeans and building a federal state behind their backs? Why is lobbying legalized in Brussel if that is nothing more than legalized corruption? Ect, etc,etc

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    Cassilda Gomes

    Mais um palhaço ,como todos os outros,eu quero ,posso , mando,faço valer o meu lugar e as minhas decisões…

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    Gregory Stefanou

    What about the rise of the far – Right, Nationalism and Populism in Europe?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gregory Stefanou
      The financial crisis and the EU have had some effect on such disturbing phenomena.

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    James Pagakis

    I`d tell this comfortable bureacrat that Europe is only an economic union with no respect for countries` culture,religions,traditions,etc. Reform or go away !!! Try having some guy in a Brussels office tell a Frenchman how to make Bluecheese ???

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      Stevey G

      Absolutely – but it pays well!

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    Vinko Rajic

    Lobbying is corruption ! Lobbying should be declared illegal and we should destroy lobby groups . People elected for European Parliament are elected and paid by EU citizens , they should work for EU citizens and NOT for business and Arabs. They are well paid and if they don’t like it they can find a new work. The standard monthly payment for all MEPs is 7,957 euros (£6,537). MEPs also get a flat-rate monthly allowance of 4,299 euros to cover office expenses, such as office rent, phone bills and computer equipment. A separate annual travel allowance – 4,243 euros maximum – covers official trips to other destinations.MEPs also get a daily subsistence allowance – now 304 euros – for attendance at parliamentary sessions.

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    CECED Europe

    Europe is ultimately about people and bettering people’s lives.

    What policies will you promote to help the home appliance industry do its bit to help this process?

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    Mr. President KE why both the EP and the European Commission are instrumentally used by the Lord’s political options (EPP) to fight against the democratically elected Polish government? if only because it is conservative rather than liberal, despite that it has obtained a parliamentary majority? Do not you think that such behavior harms the future of the EU and as a result we will have exactly the opposite effect than you want to achieve?

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    Ivan Burrows

    ‘Who do you think will leave the pointless EU next, France, Italy or Hungary ?’

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    Alexis Vasilopoulos

    I would simply ask why, out of ALL the EU member states, Greece had to be the country to save the German banks from collapsing… Where u playing the TV game ‘ The Weakest Link ‘ and Greece was your answer ???
    I am sure you all realize the damage that you have done, the hunger that you have caused, the suicides that you have caused, the closing of businesses that you have caused, the hike in taxes that are causing all of the above to happen.
    By you I mean the EU, not u directly. I would like to know how all of you sleep at night knowing that you have destroyed a whole country, it’s people and its culture…

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    Vladimir, leave Joao body!

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    Philippe Seidel

    Some of the projects you presented are divisive. TTIP is largely seen negatively by public opinion, because of its threats to our social and environmental model; 5G is a project which hardly anyone will connect to Europe if it is realised, and many will see it as a goodie for those who can afford smartphones, not for the millions of industrial workers who do not have the means to transform into mobile workers; militarising the borders is a the same time a means to increase the suffering of escaping people. What is your unifying project for us?

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    What do we expect Brexit?
    What are you planning to work on the anti-immigration movements in Europe?

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      Good one…

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    Katharina Moser

    Europe is an idea that has not reached people in their hearts. What are ways for you that could make Europeans actually feel more European? Do you know projects that foster this feeling? #AskJuncker

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    Michel Maroy

    the relationship with Turkey is paramount for geopolitical reasons and to tackle the refugee crisis . Should the EU continue to underpin the Turkish society to stabilize their democracy ( they suffered a coup d’ état ) keeping a relationship with the government without backing some excess

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    Nico Keppens

    Wouldn’t it help if there were soon a clear and transparent debate on subsidiarity, in order to define clearly which domains to be better decided at EU and which ones at national/regional level?

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      Bianca Baumler

      Subsidiarity is the key concept. I wrote my thesis about it 20 years ago, but still not part of public debate. Perhaps we need to give it a simpler word/name.

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    Chris Morton

    I am a UK voter wishing for the UK to remain in the EU & desiring a final vote in UK Parliament as a route to remaining in the EU.Do you think the EU would accept a reverse to Brexit and allow UK to remain in the UK post Article 50 if UK Parliament decreed such a change.

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      Stevey G

      Do you really think he cares?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Chris Morton
      Brexit MEANS Brexit!!

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      Paul X

      And what would be the justification Parliament would put forward to reverse the decision?

      So far none of the doomsday scenarios that the pro-EU factions predicted with an out vote have materialised, in fact quite the opposite has occurred in some cases

      I don’t think Parliament will seek to reverse the decision just because some people “want to” stay in the EU, that is not how democracy works I’m afraid

      But to address your question to old Junkey, it has nothing to do with him, we do not need to ask the EU permission for anything because until we trigger article 50 the result of the UK referendum is absolutely nothing to do with the EU

    • avatar

      @Paul x, haven’t you heard the justifications the pro remain politicians are coming out with? I saw the lib dem conference earlier, and it’s not the first time I heard this phrase but I’m just so perplexed how they think this is a valid statement . . . “the UK is ruled on a system where parliament is sovereign. Therefore parliament must have the right to vote to overturn the referendum result”. In other words, they think it would be undemocratic for the single largest democratic event in the UK’s history to be adhered to. Either that, or they think that just because they’ve been voted to represent their constituencies will in parliament and they don’t want to leave the EU, that the desires of their constituents should be ignored in favour of their own. And they wonder why the people feel like we are being ignored by our politicians!

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    In your State of the Union address, you described CETA as “the best and most progressive deal the EU has ever negotiated” and announced that it is to be ratified as soon as possible. The trade agreement has however been criticised for the undemocratic way the negotiations have been held and the potential threat it represents to European citizen’s health, which, once more, does not appear to be the main concern for the Commission. Could you please explain how you plan to ensure that the health of European citizens is safeguarded in the agreement?

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    In order to address the root causes of migration, the President also announced an ambitious Investment Plan for Africa and the Neighbourhood, expected to attract public and private investment to create real job and prevent people from taking dangerous journeys in search of a better life. Here again, the solution only answers a very small part of the problem. Conflict is often what pushed individuals to flee. On the other hand, for immigrants which are already on European soil, other responses are necessary. Which are the solutions you foresee?

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    Why the millenials will be poorer that their parents when Europe is richest than ever? Who is accummulating the wealth? Maybe the problem is how the wealth and income is distributed.

  32. avatar

    How does he see the responsability of the media in creating and feeding populism? What can we do to make big media report about the actual content and political discussions and not only about yes or no to the EU? They do not report at home every day either about whether or not people want to belong to their country.

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    Bianca Baumler

    With new Free Trade Agreements, how can the EU convince citizens in partner countries and in the EU that Globalisation CAN benefit all.

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    I have two relevant quesetions to Mr Druncker;
    1) Which European Democratic body elected you to head the European Comission?
    2) After appearing completely drunk at official duty several times, who has the rights in the European Commission and European Union to execute discplinary action against obvious drunkenness at work?
    Please let him answer BOTH questions to the Public Interview.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Excellent x 2!!

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    Sebastian Gaiser

    Can we start discussing a pathway to a united single market health care system in Europe?

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    Lia Farkas

    Unul din diletantii in politica Europei mai ales in discursurile despre acceptarea refugiatilor…….el vrea sa taie si sa spanzure dar sa speram ca nu va reusi!!!!!!!

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    Vitor Moura

    What’s the difference between Portugal, Germany and france? Why the difference of treatment regarding public’s deficit ?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Portugal is very poor, always asks for money and is prone to corruption/dictatorship.

      Germany is wealthy, cool and occasionally arrogant.

      France is very arrogant and has a failing economic environment.

      I hope that helps.

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    The protection of the national identities of the Member States as enshrined in their constitutional structures constitutes an important mandate of the European Treaties (article 4) aiming at protecting the political and regulatory autonomy of the member states and the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Member States. Do you think that the protection of national identities can provide an answer to the rise of euroskepticism and what is the relationship between the european identity and national identities?

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    Fabrizio Meliado

    Thanks so much for this interview. Lessons are useful in life, and it seems that EU technocrats have finally learnt the need for speaking in a more accessible language, using new means of communication, speaking their minds in unprepared interviews such as this one. Definitely something to be repeated, even once a month, Mr Junker, rather than twice a year. This also proved the huge degree of misconceptions citizens have about Europe (take e.g. the statement “the EU Parliament does not vote laws”, made so naively by one of the interviewers) – can you imagine the extent of the general public misconceptions about the EU then? All in all the, WELL DONE, it is time to open the doors, the EU is a unique, precious public good, but its workings are complex, and the current historic juncture is structurally a hard one, so now more then ever it is time to speak up without filters!

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    Тодор Бойчев

    Г-н Юнкер, вие ме излъгахте. Така вие обрекохте Комисията не в името на Съюза, а в името на политическия интерес на Република България. Омерзен съм Комисията. Чиновничество!..

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    Alex Brickman

    Is there any chance to avoid Eurozone breaking up if Germany continues to follow the same anachronistic austerity policy?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Fabrizio Meliado
      Apart from the Brexit reference – this year’s speech was very similar to last year’s speech.

      What speech have you been listening too?

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    Meropi Mantzana

    Undemocratic people have no valuable notion to offer, thus it wouldn’t be possible for him to provide any significant and substantial information….

  43. avatar


    Do you think we are facing a re-development of the European Union, or are we seeing the end of such a Union? I ask this because of Brexit, it is a very big deal and people are afraid that other EU member states will ask for a referendum, resulting in an end to thr Union as we know it.

  44. avatar
    Hugo Mouro

    -I would ask Juncker to quit his job….Now he’s killing the link, next he will shove TTIP and CETA and TISA down our throats. All in the service of his masters, the money grubbers

  45. avatar
    Brian Flanagan

    I would like to ask him,”Why does he think anybody really cares what he says or thinks”

  46. avatar

    Mr.Junk er,
    Congratulations for your success in destroying the European Union.
    You will be remembered in history for being successful in the mass immigration invasion which is causing chaos and irreparable harmful consequences for European citizens.

  47. avatar
    catherine benning

    Why he despises European culture and people to the extent he wants to see it destroyed? Why he pretends this is not taking place? Who is he colluding with on this objective?

    What is he pocketing in order to pretend globalism, poverty and the destruction of the civilised peoples of Europe are an expendable group? And doesn’t he realise he is not wanted as a European leader with these policies?

  48. avatar
    Marianne Smeding

    How does he feel about the chilling fact he and his fellow Eurodictators brought the Greek people in a deep and disastrous humanitarian crisis?

  49. avatar
    Charles Buhagiar

    Is it possible that you hailed the roaming charges arrangement as the major achievement of your commission in the state of the union address? You must have been joking! What a disgrace of a Union

  50. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    Just sitting and complaining is useless. The problem is the establishment and has to be taken down. Our governments are financing and supporting the big banks and the invasion of our homelands instead of helping and supporting european families. Obviously we will go extinct because we only live to work, pay taxes and serve the establishment. We don´t get back what we give. We give them our life and our work so they can give it to the bankers and the invaders.

  51. avatar

    What does he thing of the purchase of Monsanto by Bayer

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    João Roque

    I would ask, how can a union work when we have Germany and France, breaking the treaties and the answer from Mr. Juncker is France is France.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @João Roque
      “France is France!”

      One of the most destructive quotes by a European politician for decades.

  53. avatar
    Svetlin Føx

    Yes, Mr. Juncker, what will you do about or rather against the horrendous outsourcing of jobs, that greedy corporations and banks are doing from Europe to Asia? Who is protecting the worker’s rights?

    • avatar

      Well that’s just total bullshit. I would say pardon my language, but I think given the statement you made I’m being very reserved in my choice of words.

  54. avatar
    Paul Cavanagh

    Why, if the EU is so great for Europe, are there never any ellections that the Citizens of Europe can partake in with regard to electing senior positions within the Commision.

  55. avatar
    Badea Cris

    from whwew EU have so much money foe europarlamentars, for refugees, for wars? I hope soon will close EU.

  56. avatar
    Michael Jarratt

    Can you explain this? Or in Dutch. Kunt u dit uitleggen?

    Could you please read this. It is very important!!!

    We have been conned massively.

    Would you really like to know how the world works? It’s one big set of corporations with the capital being a private corporation too. We live inside a business and we become employed through our birth certificate and lose all human rights. Only what rights brussels wants to give.

    Common law is what is most important to guarantee our freedom. Shut down the private Roman European city of London corporation and then we will be truely free. I don’t think any company could stay. Because they mistreat workers and treat them as slaves. Inhumane practices which would probably land them all in jail. People do not know the underlying truths of the EU and why they won’t let us escape.There are no consequences for corporations. Like a Ltd company they go bust and get away with murder

    All I can suggest to you is read this and watch these 4 documentaries please. I’m sharing vital information many of you are clueless about.

    Capitalism and the Dutch East India Company | Crash Course World History #229

    Join host John Green to learn about the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, doing business as the VOC, also known as the Dutch East India Company. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch managed to dominate world trade, and they did so through the pioneering use of corporations and finance. However, not all of their ways were new; traditional methods such as violently enforced monopolies, unfair trade agreements, and warfare also played a role in their growth. You’ll learn how the Dutch came up with inventions including joint stock corporations, maritime insurance, and futures trading… and how all this affected the US economy in 2008.Find more videos from Crash Course

    Watch Four Horsemen John Harris It’s an illusion 2 and find out how we have had no real law for 400 years. When the VOC setup it’s first corporation. That is how they circumvent common law and nobody gets punished.

    Then watch Mike malloney hidden secrets of money to find out how our time and freedom are being robbed

    RSA animate changing education paradigm by Sir Ken Robbinson

    Greatest speech ever told- Charlie Chaplin

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    Γεωργιος Βήτα

    What will you do about youth unemployment to recession syriken counties. And would he be able to make his own way in life with a paycheck of 300 euros and no insurance?Build a home start a family maintain relationships etc?And while our salaries evaporate somehow prices of good remain on the levels they always were.

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    Danny Boy

    Will he recommend me for his job when he quits to join Goldman Sachs.

  59. avatar
    Gracinda Barros

    Quando irá inclinar o olhar pelos jovens europeus, não acha que eles têm andado esquecidos por vocês? Que planos tem ou pensa ter!?…

  60. avatar
    Marek Michał Wer

    Why do you keep attacking polish government when there is “refugee” crisis, ISIS, war in Ukraine, youth unemployment problem, Brexit making other countries consider their own exit, many EU officials aren’t decided by citizen elections, maintaining EU becomes more and more expensive, Greece still has tremendous debt and Turkish president is basically killing his political opposition (and, might I remind you, Turkey is considered to be a UE candidate)…

  61. avatar
    Boris Sokachev

    Why don’t you take a couple of refugees in your house and neighborhood?
    Let them babysit your grand kids

  62. avatar
    Lydia Lykiardopoulou


    • avatar

      I don’t think they’ve fooled me.

  63. avatar
    Kevin Owen

    When are you going to resign Juncker? In order to bring back a little sanity to the EU!

  64. avatar
    Sotiria Papadopoulou

    It he is happy that he is destroying the future of the Greek people. He is not doing it alone of course. There are other nice people both inside and outside.

  65. avatar
    Nikos Sampatis

    Why does CBE gives so many billions in banks and companies through QE and does not give money in people with helicopter money?

  66. avatar
    sofia simitzi

    Europe dies convulsive economic, demographic, competitive and at the same time hiding behind outdated rhetorical, but dear friends everyday life negates the old principles and requires solutions for now and the common future.
    How Europe understands the British exit; What does mean solidarity in acting rules? How Europe sees the need for extroversion; Do we need a new Magna Charta?and of course terms and limits for the immigration and unemployment?

  67. avatar
    Giorgos Christeas

    Ελεμενταρυ Elementary Arithmetic issue. How come and Private Dept / G,D.P can go to ~~ 1000%( e.x Ireland since ~ 2009) or Leveraging Derivative Products to ~~~ 40.000%(~400/1)?? ….. Public Dept/GDP NOTTTT????…….Maastrich says 60% and 100% are most!!??…..Except Greece of cource!!??……xaxaxaxaxa…Elementary

  68. avatar
    Ioan Podelean

    Probabil tocmai a termiat de supt nişte p… de negri şi de islamişti, împreună cu Merkel, Rompuy, Hollande, etc .., de este atît de fericit şi dornic să islamizeze toată Europa

  69. avatar
    Dutra de Lacerda

    Is Pride an “Admire me” or is it an “Admire my Pride” ?
    Whatever the case, it’s void. That europe not Europe.
    Why to fake it, ‘building’ the reverse, under cover?

  70. avatar

    By what democratic process did you, or any other members of the European Commission get your jobs?

    • avatar
      Stevey G

      The process of global greed and megalomania.

  71. avatar
    Dimitri Manelliss

    You!! Juncker!! You are the Australopithecus afarensis of EU!! Not even Homo sapiens sapiens!! An Idiot! An Incapable! A Useless!! All the time Drunk!!
    You are the leader of the Porn Old Crows!! All the spieces!! By all means you are a Porn Old Crow!! And of course the MOST CORRUPTED!!!…. So! Go to bed!! For……..!!!

    • avatar
      Stevey G

      I take it you are chairman of his fan club then, Dimitri

  72. avatar
    Marlon Rocha

    What does it mean “parce que c’est la France” in that little episode about the sanctions?
    Wait, don’t answer, I think I know the meaning! #askjuncker

  73. avatar
    Tomas Mzr

    When is he going to die finally and take with him to hell all his liberal and socialists friends ?

  74. avatar
    Simón El Guanche

    Why can we tolerate the Brexit mascarade? The people of the UK were admittedly cheated. Now May will bypass Parliament to activate art. 50 in spite of the so many requests to reconsider and vote again. Why does Europe care about democracies of the world, and even other planets, and not about its own one, or the one of its meighnmbour (member / neighbour… how should it be called?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      What justification is there for Parliament to stop article 50 being activated? nothing of any substance except the bleating of the remoaners

    • avatar
      Stevey G

      I see you appear to be a believer in the EU code of democracy. Keep having referendums until you get the result the non-elected fat cats in power in the EU want and the people do as they are told!
      The privileged and fat cats are the ones who moan the loudest when they lose!

    • avatar

      We all know full well if the vote had been for remain, it would have been binding. I know it would have meant our staying in the EU for at least the rest of my working life. And nobody knows yet what the EU will look like by then. Maybe just drastically changed we’d no longer have a separate government to enable us a referendum. 43 years is a long time to go without any form of democratic practice about a tier of government for a democratic state. If all the statements the pro remain camp had told us in an attempt to scare us into voting the way they wanted, it would have still been worth it to be able to get out of that situation. And frankly, if parliament were to reject this referendum result I’d reject their right to govern me. Anarchy would at that point be the only acceptable way forwards for me. If we’re to live in an oppressive society then it’s damn well going to be survival of the strongest, not the weaseliest!

  75. avatar
    Simion Truta

    I would ask him that if when he feels embaressed does he thinks about those who were not looking at him live!?

  76. avatar
    Martin Borg

    Why, HE, as an eminent member of the EPP group allows three (Maltese) PN MEPS lead the group by the nose to vote against a Maltese colleague simply because he is from the socialist group, using lies and misinformation.
    How can the other groups trust you , not using your position as President to accomodate the EPP group at the expense of the rest.

  77. avatar

    What will the EU Commission do about Europe´s declining birthrate and its inability to attract top talent among its immigrants? Are Europe´s worsening demographics part of any policy that the Commission intends to table?

  78. avatar
    Valy Luca

    who are THE LEADERS OF OTHER PLANETS, that he have spoken with about Brexit?

  79. avatar
    Andre Lopes

    WHEN YOU ARE LEAVING!!?!?!?!?! sick and tired, can you forward this question please?

  80. avatar
    Syra Stoica

    Asta rade ca a reusit sa puna un guvern UE Intr-o fara unde sefii par par dalmatieni ?

  81. avatar
    Stevey G

    Does he not think that the current EU is corrupt, unworkable dictatorship and an insult to the hard working populations of the all member states?
    Does he believe that we all need to be told what to do by an unelected beaurocrat from a country that gets rich by ignoring EU tax laws?
    What on earth do 10000 people employed by the EU in Brussels do to get salaries in excess of €150,000 p.a.?
    Why do the EU spend millions each month moving parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg and back?
    Many people are asking why you don’t just resign – not me – please stay, the way you are acting you will single-handedly finish off the EU and we can all get back to trading and interacting as reasonable people without the obscene cost of a gravy train for fat cats,

  82. avatar

    The governance of legality can do the project of a federal Europe of sovereign currency under the principle of internal stability and the rule of law since the local community dimension?

  83. avatar
    Felipe Ortega

    mi pregunta al boracho?? porque usted no esta enjuiciado por estafa por los luxleaks y el entramado fiscal que usted monto en su pais cuando era presidente???

  84. avatar
    Francesco Dondi

    The reason not to print money is inflation. Now we WANT inflation. And unemployment is painfully high in the Eurozone -a failure which casts a shadow on the future of Europe itself.
    When will Europe start printing money -not just buy bonds and offer credit, which at the moment has the effect of pushing a string, but decide that in well-defined, exceptional cases like the present one, it will actually give states and/or people real fresh money to spend?

    • avatar
      Nico Keppens

      And what about a guaranteed basic minimum income for all?

  85. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Question: “How can young Europeans influence the EU?

    JCJ:”By taking the floor…” and then spitting on it, polishing it and accepting the crumbs from the people with jobs that you cannot possibly have because the EU has messed things up with its protectionist, anti-jobs agenda.

  86. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Great question by the young Pole!

    Question: “I want to ask you about your private life”.

    JCJ: “No, I don’t want to talk about my private life. I’m not a movie star!”

    TF: “If you don’t want people to know about your private life then change your job!”

  87. avatar
    Benoliel João

    Foi uma excelente entrevista com ele a tocar em pontos muito sensíveis, principalmente no despudor do Mr Barroso. Até que enfim que um político que pertence à mesma família do PSD, casca em alguém da mesma cor e que se portou tão mal!

  88. avatar
    Elisabeth Sommer

    60 Minuten und nur eine halbe neue Info = Missverhältnis. Die halbe Info: Erasmus wird nun auch auf Lehrlinge ausgedehnt, das find ich gut, ERfahrungen im europäischen Ausland sammeln zu können. Er beherrscht das REden und Ausweichen gut. (Only half Information within 60 Minutes = to less!)

  89. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Dear Mr. EU Co-President!

    First a compliment: the EU comes across as a modern masterpiece of many treaties & regulations evolved over many years stitched together by- for us- unknown but conceited & knowledgeable legal brains, lone politicians & invisible money power!

    At certain interval this “concept” or political “experiment” was put to the test through questionable democratic processes in countries and people which had little input or knowledge of its full details & “end game”.

    It is therefore considered by many ordinary folks as not a product of their making they can whole heartily support. E.g. the free movement & uncontrolled borders are appreciated mainly by travelers, smugglers & criminals. Is it proper that all “three philosophers” be united within a same opinion & in the same boat? Further, the- over many decades accumulated grievances & issues are too many to present & confront you here.

    To compare or bill this video interviews with you to an “Obama” performance lacks global greatness, openness, seriousness & credibility.

    Despite rising criticism from many reputable quarters, the EU leadership seems steaming ahead arrogantly and bulldozing on regardless. The locomotive has lost its carriages! Ever noticed?

    Seriously- Quo quadis Mr. EU Co- President?

  90. avatar

    The economics of the union are a mess , Europe is the only continent on planet earth that has no growth and is looking at another financial crisis in the near future . My question would be , do you accept that and what are your plans to turn things around . How do you plan to address the debts of Greece ,Portugal ,Spain and Italy (others to follow) who will never be able to pay back loans ? You cannot leave these countries forever in austerity

  91. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    He only answered one question and that was to insult the British people and 70% of the questions were not asked because they questioned the EU’s very existence.

    It was just pro EU extremists patting each other on the back, a complete waste of time.

    • avatar

      Sure it’s a European summit. None of your business.

  92. avatar
    Fabrizio Meliado

    @ Tarquin Farquhar I refer to the debate with the youtubers held yesterday, not to the official speech.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Fabrizio Meliado
      My point stands.

  93. avatar
    catherine benning

    First of all, what a terrible and peculiar presenter she was. Gurning as if she was in a face pulling contest. And the sycophancy of them all. I was expecting them to ask him to sit in their plate. Nauseating.

    However, what, in his view are, European values?—– Then, those outside Europe, he spoke of, are far more than those inside Europe and of European heritage. Well, that being so, why not allow those not part of Europe to evolve in their own way, instead of forcing on them values they do not want or respect? As Europe is in the minority surely they have a right to respect from those who are lesser than they? As he puts it. Isn’t that the principle and value of Democracy?

    Example, he tells us he is responsible for the promotion and bringing about of Gay marriage. He tells us it is beautiful. However, the rest of the worlds major continents do not agree with his viewpoint and find it obnoxious. Why does he feel his analysis is right? Then demand the rest of planet, who are in the majority, feel as he and follow his lead? Especially as they feel it is against their values and the cultural wishes of their people? Why is he right and they wrong? When indications are they do not respond in his way at all? In fact, this demand is driving other continents to despise and make aggressive laws against people with this philosophy or affiliation. And further, not even all twenty eight European states have signed up to this charter. Does he not therefore question his view of what is beautiful in this matter? Beauty, as we all know, is in the eye of the beholder. So what is it exactly he is trying to say?

    Why does he feel non Europeans have a ‘right’ to come to this continent and be supported by the hard working tax payers here? Especially as the vast majority of those who come have completely opposite values and beliefs to Europeans. The ones he says he respects. Can we take his direction and put him in a corner and ask him to thoroughly explain exactly why Europeans should suffer this invasion and pay for it in order to placate him and his whims? Why does he feel he has more right than others to impose such devastating conditions on Europe as a whole?

    He was asked what future could young people look forward to ,when they have no opportunities of good paying careers and jobs. Does he not relate the massive influx of cheap foreign labour and lifestyles, create and exploit all Europeans, by exploding a culturally opposing population on the 28 nation peoples of Europe by this faulty policy?

    Where and how is Africa rising? It doesn’t appear to be on the ground, as those who are born and live there simply want to crowd into flimsy boats, that may drown them, to escape from such a hell hole. We see nothing but starving children and enforced slavery. Why do we want to recreate their horror, here in our own back yard. Why does he expect Europeans to ‘invest’ in that? Is he mentally impaired?

    And lastly, what is wrong with Britain was imposed on them by his and others in Europe. Thank God the British are smart enough to cut lose from the insanity the rest of Europe appears to be happy to put up with. Europe is in the throws of self destruction. Destruction of it very cultures and values he said he clings to. However, the British believe their culture and society, as well as social cohesion, is worth more than his vision of an unworkable utopia. They rightly jumped from this sinking ship just in time.

    The best interview, with the most meaningful questions, was from Laetitia, the other two, men, looked like silly kids on their knees. Akin to Nubian boys at a feast.

  94. avatar

    I would ask how he wants to fight nationalism and wealth distribution, by far the two biggest problems of our time?

  95. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Let me add & raise one specific point:

    A (negative) comparison with the former USSR is often made. The events of its historical, often tumultuous dissolution and the establishment of the “Commonwealth of Independent States” (CIS) in 1991- in its place- show interesting similarities. (“Belavezha Accords”)

    The CIS today has few supranational powers in comparison to the EU- but shares many interests. The historical details of that “evolution” are freely available, but never discussed. Is it a case of the EU knows it all & better?

    What could be learned from that experience & who could learn from whom?

  96. avatar

    I’d like to know when the EU will guarantee earning potentials for any and all people living and working in the EU will be sufficient to support a house, family and transport requirements within each individual area that makes up the EU.

  97. avatar
    sofia simitzi

    The twenty seven Member States who wish to remain in the European Union held in Bratislava a separate session that without the United Kingdom. They had to reflect on their common plan, but were content to regurgitate the same words and mottos. But the world is changing. Rapidly and globally The United Kingdom seems adjusted. The European Union is stagnating in confusion unlike the large and important European history
    Finally, the Bratislava summit showed the will of 27 does not change anything seriously in the EU. According to EU everything can continue as before. So, we can continue in the same naive way to “combat problems as immigration, violence, domestic poverty and unemployment”. Dear friends EU is in Decline and we should do something in real terms and in all levels (political,educational,financially,legally,etc).I strongly believe that EU citizens, us deserve the best and EU is a great place to live.

  98. avatar

    If and what he would have different with regards to the Brexit referendum.

  99. avatar
    João Salgueiro Mouta

    More and more Citizens of the State Members don’t fell that they belong to the European Union; don’t have the spirit of the foundation values and, as seen, besides being from UK, Italy, Luxembourg or Germany, don’t are, as a matter of fact, European Citizens. Maybe because they don’t see themselves truly represented in and by the European institutions, or the asymmetries between states are huge and with no answer in a short time, just to point just two aspects.

    So, what does the European Commission intend to do about it?
    Which measures will be taken for the people with real consequences to make each of us a real citizen, and also, really equal in rights and in its enjoyment?

    #AskJUNCKER #EuropeanCommission #EU

  100. avatar
    John Dean

    How will European Citizenship be affected by Brexit? Can UK continue to be EU citizens after Brexit?

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