angela-merkelUPDATE 19/09/2016: Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has suffered another stinging blow in recent German state elections. The CDU won less than 18% of the vote in elections in Berlin on 18 September 2016, its worst-ever result in the state. Meanwhile, the anti-immigrant Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party will be entering state parliament for the first time with 14% of the vote.

Merkel is facing re-election next year in federal elections, but her popularity has waned recently over her controversial refugee policies. Is this another nail in the coffin? Or will the CDU be able to turn things around before 2017?

ORIGINAL 05/09/2016: German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party has stumbled into third place in a recent state election. The centre-left SPD took 30% of the vote, while the anti-immigrant, anti-Islam Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party snatched roughly 20%, leaving the ruling CDU party trailing behind with only 19% – its worst ever result in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in East Germany.

The result is particularly humiliating for Angela Merkel because Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is her own backyard, where she has her constituency and where she was first elected to the Bundestag in 1990. It also doesn’t bode well for upcoming German federal elections in 2017, especially as Merkel’s approval ratings are currently at a five-year low of 45%.

The AfD is running on a platform of opposing migration and asylum, and banning the burqa and minarets. It also argues that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Germany’s constitution. Despite (or perhaps because of) being shunned by mainstream parties who refuse to go into coalition with them, the AfD are quickly establishing themselves as the third force in German politics; something all the more remarkable considering they were only formed as a party three years ago.

Has the fall of Angela Merkel begun? Has her stance on the migrant crisis fatally damaged her reputation? Or will she bounce back in time for the German federal elections in 2017? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Probably – but who is to stay that the next German Chancellor will be any better?

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      EU reform- proactive

      ……all right my friend!

      Me “says”: but, divorce is inevitable! Get it behind & look for another “Lebens-abschnitt” Partner- as it is so liberally called nowadays! Aren’t most European voters still voting “traditionally” their ancient EEC (pre EU) old traditional parties- without considering the “EU factor”- or adapting to it? Another supranational problem!

      The CDU seems to follow common EU political trends of mainly atheist secular (EU) dogma. Isn’t it time the “holy” CDU (or the whole of the “holy” secular EU parties) should consider dropping their traditional name “CHRISTIAN” and rename themselves just GDU or EDU- & show some traces of honesty?

    • avatar
      jannica Demar

      Probably not!
      But perhaps nothing different than this She is extraordinary and an archetype of the prison camp female commandants. But she was also raised in the GDR and member of the Communist Party and all what that it implies. She is the danger to the Europe´s future. She is for the globalization and the rampant immigration and this will lead us to a disaster and this future war, that will come here in Europe.
      I can´t stop to consider that the German people voluntarily lined up and mentally castrate themselves. They have nothing to be ashamed of, WWR1 or WW2, because their country is too small to the surface of > 100 million inhabitants. Looking at France, they have too much land, they make no use of it as opposed to, if it were German. German people are Europe’s engine but an enslaved helpless hop under the Jew power and Puppet Merkel. It is regrettable to see a former proud and capable people be blurred and mixed. The same goes for Sweden, but worse!!

    • avatar

      Couldn’t agree more.

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    Pirvulescu Florin

    Chill people, CDU just lost the second place to AfD in Mecklenburg – West Pomerania.

    A SPD – CDU coalition will continue to rule that land.

  3. avatar
    Evangelos Koumentakos

    Yes it is about time 5hat the SPD would also save us a bit. It cannot be that only Mrs Merkel saves Europe. Time for real change.

  4. avatar
    Robert Kolarec

    Angela Merkel is the best EU polititian ever. She works for the Germany whole the time, but EU has a lot of benifits her work because.
    Some things looks as misstakes at the moment, but Angela knows exactly what she is doing and EU is going to be stronger then ever during next few years.
    Even the EU is in mess, this “cluster” has the great potential, esspecialy the EU will become the new energy World leader and Angela knows that.
    Just let her to do her job and EU will have a great future her work because.

    • avatar
      Bert van Santen

      Mr Kolarec,
      Mutti Merkel received the credits for the Schröder era results.
      What Schröder achieved, used Merkel smart.

      Especially her August 2015 invitation towards “refugees” has cost her the victory. And will cost her the national election 2017.
      German Bundes Haupstädter have been faced enormous financial trouble when Merkel passed duties from Berlin to these cities without the supporting funds.
      That`s the way Merkel acted her “Keeping up apperencies”

      The politician which comes after Merkel will have a huge problem restoring faith in German politics.

    • avatar

      The best EU indoctrination speech I’ve heard in a while. Delusional to say the least..

  5. avatar
    eleni chryssomalakou

    In yesterday’s local elections CDU lost about 3.5 % of its support (compared to 2011) in a state of 1.6 million people.

  6. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    può darsi che ” la Merkel sta facendo un grande lavoro” , come dice qualcuno, ma a mio parere sta pensando solo per se stessa Quando “l’Unione europea avrà un grande futuro ” noi saremo morti. La sua politica economica ha ammazzato mezza Europa . Quello che faranno i tedeschi non lo sò. loro non sentono la nostra agonia , hanno la pancia piena .

    it may be that “Merkel is doing a great job”, as some say, but in my opinion he is thinking only for herself when “the European Union will have a great future” we will be dead. The dua economic policy has killed half of Europe. What they will do the Germans do not I know. they do not feel our agony, they have a full stomach

  7. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Αngela Merkel is a succesfull politician and chancelor .. However imigration policy and some incdents changed the public opinion apart of that i think a major part of Germans support her.

  8. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    “We can handle this!” That was a capital mistake for all of Europe and as experience shows us, Germany is now paying the price. I’m not taking about money!!!! Gross mistake Ms. Merkel!!!!!???

  9. avatar
    Νίκος Γιαννίρης

    Everything has a start and an end.Circle of life.Up and down.Birth and death BUT we always respect her cause she is a great woman ,great politician.Thank you So much Angela Merkel for everything you have done for Our Europe.!!Even if not re elected!!

    • avatar

      Thank you so much for destroying european security? For allowing thousands of boats to come to europe and get hundreds (if not thousands) of migrants drowning in the mediteranean sea? For kneeling in front of her american, bankers and big coorporations masters, letting democracy fall into a whole, letting national sovereignty be destroyed all accross the EU? I can continue, but I’m pretty sure you indoctrinated enough to think otherwise. It’s easy to miss reality when you watch TV.

  10. avatar
    James Taylor

    All brought on because they will not listen. Only worried about the fat salary, expenses, and the pension they will get. I hope the EU crumbles.

  11. avatar
    Brian Hancock

    The people have spoken……………………….. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE TAKEN OVER BY FUCKING ISLAM……………….

  12. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    ……..congrats DE, a great picture, true reflection & premonition- A.M. on her knees!

  13. avatar

    She should stand trial for encouraging illegal crossing of borders by individuals of unknown identity.

  14. avatar
    Anti-EU Citizen

    Whole of Europe wants to se her go… But the problem remains.German politicians are mostly left wing cucks with deranged WW2 guilt.They would rather destroy Germany and Europe then be called Nazi’s.

  15. avatar
    Alexandru Bunescu

    When you enjoy power more than a decade, you think you’re invincible. You think that you cannot make mistakes. You think that the people will support you. The downfall of Merkel is coming, but not soon enough.

  16. avatar
    Dave Morrow

    This was reported on the news and when the local correspondent as the people if this was the end of Merkal as Chancellor then said no , because there is nobody else.

  17. avatar
    Manuel Lopes

    She is still alive!
    Why not this invitation for debate when the “austerity dream team” – the Chanceler, Herr Shauble and the Eurogroup – trampled over the dignity of people of Greece ?

    • avatar

      For sure he’s a better democrat! He managed to outclass all american and european politicians when it came to Syria. And I’m not he’s biggest fan..

  18. avatar
    Phillip Barham

    Do you not think it strange that Merkel has created all this mayhem and yet only hungry had the balls to say sorry we are not accepting your eco migrants and we will only except some true refugees if they follow our strict rules of behaviour all the other country’s including us at the time followed like sheep
    ps it seems the fall of a corrupt empire is unfolding as we speak

  19. avatar
    Aurelio Placidi


  20. avatar
    Erik Thomas Ambjørn Kühl

    She did a good job of most of her career. But ultimately leaders aren’t remembered for what they did right, but for what they did wrong; and her policy on the refugee crisis has not been a little mistake.

  21. avatar
    Ahmd Fwzy Abdelwahab

    the upcoming truth is, the right wing is coming and the syrian president will finish the german american backed islamic terrorists existence in the east and later you can have your beloved humanitarian refugees screwing up your countries just as horrible as you made them to destroy the east

  22. avatar
    Ivo Železný

    Něco pro hurvínky: vládní strany 57% místo donedávna 52 – 55. Šest hlavních agentur: 55 – 57%. AfD se potácí celostátně nad deseti procenty, kam spadla z původních patnácti a má koaliční potenciál limitně se blížící nule. Hurvínkové to ovšem vidí jinak. Vítězství v nejmenší spolkové zemi, to je bašta! To je jako kochat se z vítězství v České Třebové.

    • avatar

      you mean, nie wieder sehen!

  23. avatar
    Paul X

    It wont make any odds. The head of any government is usually the “fall guy” when things go Pete Tong but it is not just them making the poor decisions but the whole governmental team and their specialist advisors. Unless the whole lot are cleared out it will just be a new face but same old policies

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Paul X:

      You are right. It’s not simply Merkel that is caught up in this rut, it’s the entire 28 members of that union. They are being led from outside their own sphere. It is Globalisation and the New World Order has to be dismantled from top to bottom, not just a pawn called, German Chancellor Merkel.

      What gets my goat is, they all collude in it so know full well what’s going on and by whom, yet. they remain silent.

    • avatar

      My understanding is, globalisation is for business, tourism, workers etc, not for illegal individuals from outside the bloc. Catherine, I think that once again you are making excuses for bad politicians.

    • avatar

      Ah, another conspiracy theory and secret war is the explanation. I see…indeed, grammar and syntax make the whole difference to understanding it…Have you learnt how to respond to the right person yet?

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      You need to brush up on English grammar and syntax. You have completely lost the gist of my post.

      Merkel is indeed not a bright lass, as had she been she would have been aware that following Global practices, which is aimed at the ‘impoverishment’ of the ordinary man, in order to embellish the wealthy, would have seen her ruin. Germany, as the UK, will fight against total domination. And her position ended abruptly.

  24. avatar

    Surely this is something for the people of Germany to decide for themselves, and has no place being discussed on this forum?

    • avatar

      I think this discussion should be held here and many other places. This criminal is the unelected official president of the EU, making decisions that widely affect all 500 million inhabitants of the EU. So when we have a system where someone like Merkel is not allowed to rule over my country (and all other countries when she was not elected) than you can held this discussion only at the national level. But we don’t have this system, we have the opposite, this wet bureaucrat dream called EU.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Duncan, does this “glorious Union” not affect ALL 28 members somehow? Why shouldn’t the other 27 be disallowed to voice an opinion & politely keep quite?

      Isn’t that what’s so “attractive”- for many- of EU unionism? Many chiefs! Specifically, since super chief Merkel has captured the EU’s “Speaker” job as a prominent leading & sometimes lone voice. One wonders what “poor” JCJ, M. Schulz or Merkel’s 27 equals sometimes think?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ………..erratum: Why “should”…….”

    • avatar

      Debate topic reads “has the fall begun” not “should it begin”.

    • avatar

      No I’m sorry I have to disagree. It is an essential element of individual nations to independent rule. If by this debate we were to somehow be oppressing the German peoples right to elect their leaders as they see fit we would be guilty of being undemocratic. Furthermore, I thought the point of this forum was as a way to get opinions of the people across to the people who can affect change, not to gossip. So we are either failing democracy or failing the ideals upon which the forum is founded upon to discuss this. Which is it?

    • avatar

      Furthermore, if Merkel is guilty of being the unofficially elected leader of the EU, then frankly this is more a reflection on the EU’s political structure as a whole as it clearly should not be possible for someone to usurp power in such a manner.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Duncan, do you accuse the DE of initiating Gossip mongering? Are they not inviting this forum to widen the sphere of opinion polling and/or political forecasting?

      As an EU tool, the DE selects & presents EU political themes & invites us to respond with a foot-mark: “we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions”. These Polls could be used- or not- for anything, like political intelligence, planning & forecasting- hardly a believable & serious step towards direct democracy.

      How can it be, that criticizing, discussing or “rumoring” about the fate of any EU elected public figure- amounts to oppressing people in Members states- while these public EU figures have a major “supranational influence” within the EU?

      Nobody on this forum “oppresses” the German people! Absurd! They are free to choose whom the want. But within the EU 28- there are consequences affecting all.

      If one wants to plant rumors & gossip “The Huffington Post” with an estimated 110 mio monthly traffic is a better place! Their motto is: inform, inspire, entertain, empower! Please accept innocent, sometimes entertaining “forecasting” on this forum. The DE will pull the plug soon enough!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU Reform

      They have this forum to test which way the wind is blowing. ~To see how far they can carry a political policy without all hell breaking loose.

  25. avatar
    John Jennings

    She is so detached from the real world ,and doesn’t give a toss about he average Joe bloggs ,just like lots of other leaders in the world .

  26. avatar
    Dorin Iulian Chirițoiu

    CDU lost only 3 %… SPD 5% and the Left 7-8% (in comparison to the last elections)… All the parties are losing, not only Merkel.

  27. avatar
    Jean-Paul Potet

    Angela Merkel has proved to be an irresponsible ruler by inviting the current invadors to enter Germany. The consequences for her country and the whole of Western Europe are terrible, and it will take drastic actions for Europeans to regain control of their own land. She should be tried for this crime.

  28. avatar
    Paul X

    …either that or she’s giving birth helped by a midwife in a black blazer..

  29. avatar
    Rino Scano

    Parlate tutti in inglese ed in italiano vi dico che e “capo-tosta” in dialetto e che a lei non gliene frega di tutti, peccato che non è così il suo pupillo. Italianiiiii! Voi siete ” continentali soltanto!”

  30. avatar

    Every long governance comes to an end sooner or later but the Germans have the ability and the cultural background to bring in new world class leadership

  31. avatar
    Danny Boy

    Well there’s currently half a million migrants in Turkey and Libya that are praying to various gods that Angela Merkel stays in office.

  32. avatar
    Takis Karpoutzoglou

    How now! the kyphotic East German-born Chancellor…well she can check into her retirement home with the a-ss-certainty that she totally messed up with what Europe could have become. Good riddance…

    • avatar

      Takis what exactly is your point regarding people with a spinal condition?

  33. avatar

    Probably and sadly, she will be elected chancellor for a fourth term despite all present obstacles. She had a rather bad influence on EU developement: European bank ‘saving’, austerity and intergovernizing EU structures harmed the European idea more than anything in past generations. Additionally, she did a more German nationalist EU policy than any previous chancellor since 1949. But any thinkable AfD leadership would be much worse. Too market radical, outrageous partnership and other private sphere interferences, and way too nationalist! We don’t need any 4th Reich and monoculture stupidity…

    SPD needs to find some trustworthy personality that can credibly speak out for the ‘small man and woman’, challanging Merkel and Petry nationalisms!

  34. avatar

    Probably not. Like most europeans i think the woman is a non-democratic trainwreck. Its almost like merkel has a chip in her head telling her what to do, (pre programmed). Shes part of the globalist clan , along with clinton and others.
    Shes ruined germany, but im afraid shes not finished yet. She is going to pull all of europe under water.
    Merkel needs to go, but so does the controlling corporate globalists in brussels.

  35. avatar

    Why should I care ? Politics in Germany is not my concern, but when her decisions affect us, citizens of different nations, that’s another story. I guess she is (did you vote for her?) “the leader”de facto of the European Union.

  36. avatar
    Renata Csősz

    Yes. But I’m really sad about the fact that helping people causing her unpopularity, while people had no problem when she was leading the german hegemony.

  37. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    There is nothing wrong with humanism, solidarity and etc. they become wrong when they are the only long term points for dealing with these problems.

  38. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    She’s only a puppet on the string, a scapegoat who has carry the troubles on her shoulder.

  39. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    no european leaders available, for me the best one died recently, best Chancellor Germany ever had, Helmut Schmidt…these are all banks and multinational reps, nothing more nothing less…

  40. avatar
    Tommy Bickleboy

    Germany has an economy twice the size of Britain’s, it has better infrastructure, its cleaner, its richer and they actually make stuff unlike the ‘zero hour fast food and shopping UK economy’

  41. avatar
    Heidi De Doncker

    Merkel has forgotten why crusades of the Middle Ages were organized. To liberate Constantinople from the Turks so that Europe could become already one and also to keep Islam out of our Europe. At that time the Moors, Arabs and Turks were clamoring for ‘Allah is great’ during the battles because they wanted to submit to their religion. It can not be : letting decrease all the acquired freedoms and rights of the European people by foreign invaders. Europe should be proud of his own diverse economy of each member country and work from that idea so that we can first and foremost form a strong front to America, Asia and the rest of the world too . The shouting “Allah is great” does not belong in our countries , we are Christians … Europe is not Arabia …. and may us hope we’ll never come to that point that we are going to be forced to give up all our freedoms for which our forefathers fought….

  42. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    tollerante con chi ??? Ha imposto austerità a tutta la UE , non ha rispettato i Trattati mentre agli altri diceva di farlo . Ha dato miliardi e miliardi di soldi pubblici alle sue banche mentre a noi ha chiesto di non farlo. Senti….. l’unica cosa che hai detto che trovo giusto, forse è che potrebbe venire di peggio dalla Germania se il suo popolo continua cosi a scegliere politiche criminali

  43. avatar
    Georgi Krestanov

    Merkel is desaster for Europe -allmoust bring EU in ruin – bring only teroorism and teror in Europe – thank God – she is allmoust kickt from Politick – not only in EU – in Germany too

  44. avatar
    Marco Musazzi

    She was the best of a bunch of terrible EU politicians. Unfortunate it’s not enough

  45. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    and if Merkel falls, think about the other dwarfs in charge of the other fantastic European sovereign national States/regimes

  46. avatar

    The solution is to establish a all professional million man all professional EU Defense Force , to stop the boats coming from Turkey and if necessary launch a PEACE OPERATION with the EU Defense Force occupying the western part of Asia Minor and the Turkish Part of Eastern Thrace in its entirety from the Greek border to Constantinople, to make sure that there is no illegal immigration coming from Turkey.

  47. avatar
    Simion Truta

    She got enough lessons to retired satisfied, she wouldn’t have enough strength to carry out what she hopes anyways, that’s gonna take too long!

  48. avatar

    Why are there too many muslims in the eu-politics (us-canada?), plus islam-Lobbying and vice versa? And why is there no Le Prix Nøbel for Ed. Snowden?
    Merci vielmals.

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