Britain has opted to go it alone. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will resign after voters chose 52% to 48% to leave the 28-member bloc, in a referendum with high levels of turnout. The vote follows a bitterly-fought campaign, exposing rifts in British society that will take time to heal.

The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar in 30 years, but the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, was quick to announce measures intended to ease volatility. Nevertheless, he cautioned that there would be a period of “uncertainty and adjustment” as a new deal is negotiated over the coming years.

Cameron has declined to activate the formal exit mechanism in Article 50 of the EU treaties, arguing that it would be better for his successor to chose the timing. Leave campaigners suggested Britain could still remain a temporary member of the EU until the next UK parliamentary elections in 2020. So, this is likely to be a slow-moving divorce.

Plenty of questions remain. Will the dire predictions of a recession and an “emergency budget” turn out to have been nothing but referendum scaremongering? Who will be Cameron’s successor, and who will lead the negotiations? Will the UK be able to secure a trade deal with the EU without freedom of movement? Will more countries follow Britain’s lead and opt for referendums of their own?

Britain voted for Brexit… what now? What are some of the questions that still need answering? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @André Pereira
      Spoken like a true democratic-phobic, corruption-centric person from a country renowned for backwardness.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Why long to take revenge & punish a democratic outcome? It shows who you really are!

    • SD

      You couldnt make 54million people England isolated even if you tried. They will buy Portugese meats and you will travel to London, they will buy German cars and Germans will invest in British business, the Brits will drink French wine and the French will go shopping in London etc. etc.
      The only thing that changes is that the EU will not rule over British people. No more 500million EU.

    • Tris

      Andre That isn’t helpful- to me this is a sad sad day but that is democracy and I’m proud of the fairness of it

    • Adrian

      @Tarquin: cry more. I feed on your tears!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Don’t you mean ‘drink’ rather than ‘feed’ dear boy?

      Oh I say, “what a revoltin’ development”!


    • Hahahaha

      You don’t need to do anything Andre.

      England is more than capable of screwing it’s self over. As the polls have proven.

      Every person in the UK woke up the day after the election 8% poorer and in a home worth 6% less. All in 1 day. Just think what you can achieve in the next 50 years hahahaha

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      I will take no pleasure when the Euro collapses; the only saving grace is that either the EU will fold or an EU 2.0 with a more civilised, anti-corruption-centric and more accountable ethos.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gerasimos Laios
      Gera-out of here! What a laos-y comment!

  1. Grethel Gamboa

    Time for EU to rethink .Stop the “ever closer union ” (no go for Turkey and Ucraine ) and to seriously tackle illegal inmigration.

  2. Olivier Dutreil

    Now Europe must change its policy and protect Our borders our economics and ensure our Security….

    • György

      Absolutely true. Common external border institution and personel. And protect our interests. United we stand divided we fall.

    • Gyorgy

      Next they’ll learn cyrillic. And go back to dig the potatoes.

  3. Sebastien Chopin

    Turkey hasn’t fulfilled more than 3 out of 120000 crucial points to join the union… their adhesion never was on the table for the next 150 years anyway…

    • Mr. Right

      Right! And furthermore Turkey is not in Europe (the continent). Why and how they could join European Union? This is funny. The same success can have Japan haha. No racism here just pointing the obvious.

    • wolfgang mizelli

      so russia in your oppinion mr right is also not european? cyprus and malta?

    • EU reform- proactive

      That is not the point- deciding is the deluded attitude of INTENT by the EU planers to even consider Turkey in a future EU! Don’t you get it?

    • Tris

      Sebastian This is too late – it is what it is – that’s democracy. It’s sad, so sad but it is what the majority have said.

  4. Sebastien Chopin

    So… no more fishing or agriculture in England… if you buy 10000€ worth of pounds now you can probably double your money by next semester…
    Holidays are going to be rather expensive this year for those back home…(referendum should’ve been in september)
    Happy to have other nationalities :-D

    • Paul X

      On the contrary, plenty of fishing in our own waters

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Sebastien Chopin
      €10,000 – clearly you are one of the 1%!

      BTW, pre-Brexit the pound was meant to drop by 30%, err < 10%!

      The UK will have cheaper fish once countries like France, Spain and Portugal are STOPPED from nicking fish from UK waters. That will save the UK anything from £3B-£6B.

      I'll holiday in the UK this year, much cheaper and safer than holidaying in Europe.

    • wolfgang mizelli

      ever thought about that fishing quotas might save the fish?

    • Paul X

      The EU knows nothing about conserving fish stocks, look how long it took the idiots to admit the discard policy was a farce

  5. Annika K

    As a convinced European I feel terribly offended! Brexit is the worst decision ever made! And I think that I’m not the only one who thinks like that! Negotiating can get very bitter and tiring because of broken pride! Actually, leaving the EU doesn’t mean forming close ties immediately after the leave so the following weeks will show the REAL consequences.
    What I really hope is that not a single country will follow the British example.
    To be honest, the EU is the best thing European countries could have created and I just don’t get it what people moved to choose to leave it!

    • Paul X

      “I just don’t get it what people moved to choose to leave it!”


      “To be honest, the EU is the best thing European countries could have created”

    • EU reform- proactive

      Annika sorry, but too many voters have been sleepwalking! Don’t worry, the future for a real Europe looks much brighter now & needs the active participation by all its citizens- to improve the old system! Think positive!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Annika K
      You don’t ‘get it’ because you don’t understand or respect the concept of democracy!

      FTR, the UK should negotiate with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA before it negotiates with the EU.

      By doing so for example, the UK will secure its food and reduce net trade with the EU by at least £10B.

    • Tris

      Yes Annika it’s a sad day- I’m really worried – just have to try for the best

    • Debbie G

      Anna I will explain why I did. I don’t believe the EU is all bad, but I do believe it is fundamentally flawed in a number if ways. For example I don’t believe it is truely democratic (never wanted to ask the people over Masstricht or Lisbon Treaties which transferred major powers away from Westminster). Nor is it really economically sound. The EU economy has flatlined and unemployment is at 10% (UK is 5%) and it’s 50% for the young in the southern countries. The monetary policy of a single currency can’t work effectively across such diverse economies as Germany with Greece which means countries whose economies are struggling (Greece, Spain, Italy Portugal) cannot devalue their currency to export more because Germany and others will not let them. They are largely at the mercy of the banks, the money markets and the Trokia (IMF, ECB & EU member states). Right now there is a huge banking crisis looming in Italy (€360bn of dodgy debts) and Spain & Portugal aren’t looking too clever either. Bottom line it’s just not working on so many important levels. Nice idea but fundamentally flawed.

    • wolfgang mizelli

      for trading goods are required and there are not much left in uk which is owned by brits.

  6. Enric Mestres Girbal

    Britain has two years mínimum to reinforce its own economy. After that, another +-5 years to change (or not) the actual agreaments with the EU and agree new ones. The BREXIT is not the DEATH of Britain.

    • Hahahaha

      Your right. It’s the slow poisoning that will lead to BRITAINs death.

      Scotland will leave, and then the UK debt of £1.5 TRILLION will be exposed, as you secured it against SCOTLANDs oil.

      Britain will soon be England and realise that it’s history of stealing from one third of the world was not the start of a good bilateral relationship.

  7. Michael Chambers

    I am a deep Eurosceptic but I voted Remain because the EU has been the main forum for economic and political cooperation in Europe for the last 50 years, and no Eurosceptic has the vision or skills to do better. Like it or not, European nations are committed to the EU. Now we’re not. We’ve done it for the sake of “control” and “democracy” without any serious idea of what we will do with these lovely ideas. In practice, probably very little that is different to the status quo. Brexit was a final kick in the teeth for the younger generation from the post-war, post-colonial generation who don’t care about the consequences.

    • Debbie G

      Democracy a ‘lovely idea’ …wow Michael. Isn’t history is littered with examples demonstrating human wellbeing is far greater under truely democratic systems of zhov’t than any other?

      I would also challenge your view on lost futures. EU economy is flatlining at best, unemployment is 10% (UK 5%) ..and it’s 50% in some countries for young people. Italian banking crisis looming (€360bn of dodgy debt) which will impact across EU (and beyond). Spain and Portugals Banks not looking too good either.

      you are right it is a Q of which system you want to end up in. I happen to think young people will be better off in a country that can trade with growing economies across the world wide and their vote means something rather than a moribund EU economy with a vote that is one in 430m people.

  8. Alp

    The current EU is broken and needs fixed. As a life long supporter of Europe I saw no-one taking responsibility for initiating change.
    Sorry but had to vote leave as that is the only way to express my frustration at the total lack of interest in foxing what should be a great institution.

    • Fran

      Now maybe it will change but the UK is outside and won’t benefit. As a non-british european maybe I should thank the UK for giving Europe a wake up call? Maybe that’s the positive way of looking at Brexit (if there is one). It is sad that it took the UK leaving to start thinking about reforming europe.

  9. Tony Muñiz

    Goes to show, when people are allowed to express their sentiments, that the EU is a worthless dictatorial disaster. Hope other states, and EU itself takes note. And in my opinion, the current EU commission should resign as a whole and new EU elections held. If this isn’t proof of their failure and total worthlessness, then what is?

    • SD

      The Majority of people in GB live in England so…………

  10. SD

    Anybody that doesnt understand why a country would prefer to continue with its hundreds years old Democratic tradition vs being Governed by people (many of them unelected) in a far away place away from the publics scrutiny is f ing crazy. Wether you like the British decision or not it is their decision and life will go on. The EU must hear the people and learn from this, become more Democratic, stop hiding the plan of the European Empire & tell the people what the plan is, let the people have a say, if not then Nexit is next then Dexit etc. Etc.
    In the end the EU would consist of a bunch of Eastern European States, Yugoslavia 3.0?

    • wolfgang mizelli

      as far as i know, the majority of public officers in europe who govern the countries is not elected, so every european country is not democratic?

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Wolfgang Mizelli
      BUT said public officers should NOT back-seat drive the EU!

    • Debbie G

      Agree with a lot of your analysis, wouldn’t quite word it the same way but think you identify the central point.

  11. Marco Peel

    As a convinced European, I no longer feel represented by an EU that promotes secret trade deals, tax evasion and increasing inequality, ignores public referenda, growing social divisions and internal corruption, bombs countries and turns back its refugees. I can’t really blame the Brits, and Cameron rightly resigned.
    The European Commission has systematically dismantled all that Europe stood for – diversity, democracy, transparency, cohesion and justice – and simply stands by as the EU tears itself apart amidst unprecedented social, economic and moral regression. They should resign too. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way!

    • Fran

      However disappointed you might feel with the EU, it’s still better to be part of it and reform it from within than leave at the first sign of trouble.

    • SD


    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Sebastien Chopin
      Possibly, but they would never try to buy countries like France as France is:

      Too corrupt,
      Too undemocratic,
      Plagued by its language-deficit (French is too small, too politically incorrect [why ‘genderise’ inanimate objects?] and too limited geographically)

    • EU reform- proactive

      He who ridicules a nation & plans revenge is the smaller man.

    • Hahahaha

      No they won’t. It’s way too overvalued atm.

      Arabs USED to buy very very expensive London real estate. Not any more. It’s overvalued as England has very little future outside of Europe.

  12. catherine benning

    Good morning Great Britain! …. On my knees with joy…. What a group of truly brave citizens we all are. This is as put by, Farage, our Independence Day.

    ~What a truly wonderful outcome. We now have taken the first step to reform our country into a place that, once again, the people of our nation can can return to its former brand of comfortable and decent civilisation.

    Democracy rules….. You elitist European leaders better start buying up a lot of gold for you time is at a very close end.

    Next, Le Pen where the French can also return to a society they are comfortable with. A French society of traditional values for their people. Rather than spinning out of control into a devilish experiment played at the expense of their children. The Dutch likewise. Austria, Norway, Denmark and on and on. Demand it. You are worth it.

    Take note this is only the beginning. And although the elitists here in the UK are rolling on the floor with fury, let them know, they have seen nothing yet.

    The ordinary British man and woman are going to knock their social laboratory into oblivion. And it won’t be brick by brick. It will be with an enormous bulldozer.

    Hold on to your hats.

    PS:The stock market drop is simply a way for banks to scream as they make an another overnight killing, just the way they did in Trading Places. And you ain’t fooling anyone. As they too need to hold onto their hats. It’s over boys. That gravy train has crashed.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Catherine Benning
      What a glorious day!

    • wolfgang mizelli

      sorry but britain is founding mother of class system and elitism. so nothing changed.

    • Adrian

      Donald Trump approves this message! :)

    • Hahahaha

      The UK government is and always will be corrupted by the elite and monarch.

      Very ironic that the reason for Brexit is ‘Democracy’

      The UK does not have a democracy and it never did. It has an elected parlement that makes decisions for the people… just like your undemocratic Europe.

      Idiots never see irony

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      “Idiots never see irony” as evidenced by your DE handle!

      BTW, don’t despair too much, I have a feeling that the UK will [unfortunately] NOT be allowed to leave the EU.

  13. Andrej Němec

    Scotland and Northern Ireland to split from the UK and rejoin the EU. Russians to have a military naval base in Southampton :)

    • EU reform- proactive

      Should you be Hungarian better prepare for a referendum as well. The EU is slipping. Who wants to join a sinking & soon bankrupt concept? Bad idea!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Andrej Němec
      Typical EU-centric foreigner ‘projecting’ rather than ‘rationalising’.

    • catherine benning

      @ Tarquin Farquhar

      Yes it is, have a great time and roll in the glory of it.

  14. EU reform- proactive

    Its an end to a nightmare but a new beginning! Bravo!

    Thank you UK for Brexit! The Bilderberg’s totalitarian empire has been dealt a good punch! Not yet a knock out!

    PM Cameron will be out of order to delay implementation of the referendum to Oct16 or 2020! He must be compelled by court to act immediately! It appears he has received direct orders from Brussels to “manage” the result on behalf of the EU!

    Vox populi must not allow the fooling or managing game by the EU cabal & the Bilderbergers any longer!

    NEXT: must be demands by other major net contributors to hold similar referendums to complete the Coup de grâce to continue with a European renewal process! It should be inclusive & open to all 47 sovereign members of the Council of Europe (~800mio people)

    Next to exit could be any of the other MAJOR net contributors- who next?

    France 15.7%, Italy 11.5%, Spain 8.1%, or Netherlands 5.8%.- but smaller ones are welcome too!

    The EU can in future subtract UK’s 12%. This loss has either to be shared by the rest- or the EU must financially shrink to a dwarf- maybe even concede collapse & re configuaration?

    The dawn of a NEW Europe of 47 equal trading nations has arrived! Or a core group of equal developed & similar minded nations start evolving- governed by consent- no SUZERAIN. So many new options!

    • G


    • Hahahaha

      Hahaha Scotland will leave the UK.

      The UK is heading for financial ruin, far right politics and possible war.

      You are creating a fascist state.

  15. Piet

    What now?

    1. Learn from this by acknowledging that we haven’t found the platform, language or words to truly communicate what it is we as European’s like or dislike about the EU ==> we (citizens, representatives, institutions) need to strive for thorough understanding, which will require better (inter-cultural) communication skills … and give true meaning to unity in diversity

    2. Learn from this by engaging in a conversation about why it is we want the EU and why so that we can establish solid common ground

    3. Learn from this by actively contributing to knowledge about the EU and hold those accountable who we can expect not to distort the facts (fellow citizens, politicians and the press!)

    But above all use the moment to bring both clarity and bold ideas and goals to the debate about the future of our Europe!

    • Piet

      Tarquin Farquhar • June 24th, 2016 • 

      “unity in diversity” cannot work under a French/Latin milieu.

    • Piet

      @ Tarquin Farquhar

      Thank you for your reaction.

      Would you please clarify? I am interested to hear why you think it cannot.

      Looking forward to your reply.


    • Tarquin Farquhar

      My pleasure.

      ALL Latin nations are historically and presently more corrupt than say the UK or Netherlands or Germany or Scandinavian countries. Please refer yourself to Transparency International for confirmation.

  16. ironworker

    It’s complicated indeed, but who’s fault for pushing the great nation of brave islanders over the edge ? What triggered such a strong reaction against the eurocrats from Bruxelles ? IMHO is the inflexibility of neoliberal elite believing blindly in the “invincibility” of their global construct.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      “unity in diversity” cannot work under a French/Latin milieu.

    • Adrian


    • Hahahaha

      If they are sensible.

      They were lied to in the previous referendum by London.

      Hopefully we will see the light and prosper in Europe without England’s hidden agenda holding us back.

  17. Pavlos Papathanasiou

    Well Done Britain! You gave the corrupt and politically insane Europhile elites the worst slap on face! Each time peoples were asked on EU the answer was a NO. Who does not respect that-simply has a problem with Democracy! ;-)

    • Hahahaha

      The uk government and monarch are worse than the EU.

  18. Asher

    David Cameron has paid the price of flip-flopping on the EU, that’s a fact. It’s just ironic that on the day before the referendum, Cameron said that ‘Brits don’t quit.’ Now, he’s a living proof of the opposite.

    This referendum will give purpose again to Sinn Fein and momentum to the SNP. I would like to see the PM thrown out earlier through a motion of no confidence in the Commons (even though he has already stated his intention to resign), and a writ for a new general election passed.

  19. Arsalan Mizory

    No bail out any more for UK, Scotland will prepare for a new referendum, Germany and France will be thinking of how to get out from Euro Zone.

    • EU reform- proactive

      …….when ever did the UK receive a bailout & from whom? Maybe they “bailed” others IN. Germany is the Euro zone- difficult to get out from one selves!

  20. Tobias Jetter

    Dumbest Political Decision Since WWII.
    Guess the English people like economical hardship, but that’s none of my Business ;)
    I really hope that EU leaders punish them severely to teach these nationalistic idiots and their friends around the World a much-needed lesson.
    Scotland and NI are Welcome to rejoin the world’s biggest economy anytime.

    • EU reform- proactive

      ……………..”Revanchism” & vengeance characteristics of mislead Europhiles!

    • G

      England has never been a European country, it always nurtured anti European propaganda so it was bound to happen. They just hindered everything while they were half members.

    • Adrian

      @Tobias Jetter

      Oh don’t worry…they are preparing some really delicious responses.
      All we have to do now is show them how A THIRD PARTY is being treated.

      No more silk gloves.
      Time for the iron fists.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Tobias Jetter
      Your comments reinforce why the UK has never liked the unstable, vitriolic, undemocratic and unaccountable EU.

  21. Graziano Paul Mare

    What goes around comes around. Scotland will leave them too and eventually northern Ireland as well. Together with companies. What a shame. Such an emotional choice to opt for

    • Hahahaha

      N.I won’t leave. The Irish don’t want those English fascists in their free republic. They are extremists and unwelcome in a peaceful and prosperous country.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Graziano Paul Mare
      Your comments reinforce why the UK has never liked the unstable, vitriolic, undemocratic and unaccountable EU.

  22. Tarquin Farquhar

    Cameron resigned. :)

    Why don’t the 5 EU presidents resign too?

    Yet another example of UNACCOUNTABILITY exhibited by the EU.

  23. Spyros Tsakos

    Brirain leaving is not a positive result but now the rest of the EU has to grab the chance and go for real reforms it will take years but the leaderships if the EU and the member states has to aknowledge that the austerity has to end and that the organisational status of the EU with more concern on the eurozone is not sufficient to adress the challenges faced by the European citizen. Intergovernmentalism and austerity in the end always favors populism and nationalism, they knew that and they let it happen. Democatization and the creation of a true Union based on unity and solidarity is the only way for Brussels to overcome incidents like this.

  24. Spyros Tsakos

    Brirain leaving is not a positive result but now the rest of the EU has to grab the chance and go for real reforms it will take years but the leaderships if the EU and the member states has to aknowledge that the austerity has to end and that the organisational status of the EU with more concern on the eurozone is not sufficient to adress the challenges faced by the European citizen. Intergovernmentalism and austerity in the end always favors populism and nationalism, they knew that and they let it happen. Democatization and the creation of a true Union based on unity and solidarity is the only way for Brussels to overcome incidents like this.

  25. Daniel Parvanov

    Now 1. you have to listen more what people in EU want and do not try to bully them what they don’t …. or more will follow …. Britain will be ok

    • Hahahaha

      Britain won’t exist. London will be ok. Scotland will rejoin EU and be rich. Wales, N.I and northern England will be POOR and ignored.

    • Paul X

      Care to explain how Scotland will be rich?

      Once it inherits its share of the national debt, becomes a net contributor to the EU budget and with the collapse in oil revenues it will have to sell a lot of whisky to survive never mind become rich

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Daniel Parvanov
      If only they would listen!

      They are too busy arguing about how to re-arrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic mess that is the EU.

      Brexit did not have to happen but the Germans and their French poodle as with the 19C and the 20C took things too far.

  26. Gyorgy

    We’ll make the EU a better place by fulfilling the integration. First we have to make it quick with Britain. And withdraw all Airbus etc facilities and relocate them to Europe

    • EU reform- proactive

      …………because the EU will listen to you? Not all are that dumb!

    • catherine benning

      Maria S. Perez Ralero

      I take it you believe in democracy and the right of a country to choose its allegiance? They are quite welcome to choose Spain and the EU should they have that inclination. The British would not force them to remain with them.

      But they don’t because, unlike Spain, they are not prone to EU masochism.

    • G


    • Hahahaha

      GIBRALTAR will be returned as part of a free trade agreement with Spain.

      Along with the other territories England raped for wealth and stole land from.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maria S. Perez Ralero

      Why would an English speaking territory want to accede to a corrupt, poor and fascist-centric country like Spain!

  27. Weronika Natkaniec

    Close the border and make a new regulation for money transfer for big companies and capital markets. Then Londo will be a small village in small island on near Atlantic :)

  28. Faddi Zsolt

    Everything is good so as it is. There is panic on the stock market but who cares? Money isn’t everything

    • Hahahaha

      How about food and shelter? O wait, no. Money IS everything (literally)

      England has been unable to sustain it’s self for over 120 years now, THAT is why WW2 was so drawn out and it is also the reason why the UK has a trade deficit with Europe. But brexiters ignore this and think they will be eating food from much further away and paying less for it hahahaha FUEL costs money too.

  29. G

    We need those jobs in Europe related to common aerospace projects. Airbus factory in Wales, MBDA, etc. Those have to be in the well behaved EL countries

    • Paul X

      “well behaved”?
      With an arrogant, elitist, attitude like that you are clearly aiming for a political career in Brussels

    • Hahahaha

      It’s true.

      Brexiters know what they voted against.

      Brexiters don’t know what they voted for.

  30. Alvise Dal Ri

    Maybe it is to be understood as a need to change course within the EU before more follow.

  31. Koronváry Péter

    By the time they manage to leave the EU, the United Kingdom may be more thoroughly integrated in Europe it than any time before. The UK does need the continental background … The main question on the short run is I believe if they can remain united or not. I hope they will.

  32. Franck Néo Legon

    Now, it’s France’s turn to exit. French people voted NO to the EU we are in, in 2005, so the minimum for a democratic country would be to follow this decision, but we have one year left to go before we change the corrupted politicians now in comand which prefer keeping on the oligarchy’s side rather than to let the Republic come back. Don’t missunderstand the ongoing riots in France, it’s not as the media tells “lazy people refusing to go ahead”, it’s growing and will turn to a full insurection to get democracy back. The financial 0.00000001 % dictatorship and vampirism is ending soon.

  33. Alex Rot

    All the leftists fault. For the average dude in Britain there were just two options. Either we gonna have the stronghold Europe or they will pick the stronghold grait Britain. Since the leftists in Brusells and Berlin did not want the stronghold Europe, the British had no real choice but picking the only alternative. It’s the same question for every country. Either Europe as a whole will protect its borders or if the EU officials do not want this every single country will do it on their own. Bye bye EU… Leftists got to decide what’s more important to them. Migrants or EU

    • Paul X

      Yes, and good luck with getting an agreement on what the preferred language should now be. Though with the millions that have already been wasted by the EU on translators just to appease certain countries and their pig headed refusal to do business in English, I don’t suppose this will be a priority

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Rémi Martin
      Because English is bigger, more expressive, better, it is the most widely spoken alphabetised language in the world, it is not fundamentally flawed by innate and integral sexist features like genderised nouns [e.g. silly politically incorrect French], it is the language of science, it is the language of business, it is the language of travel, it is the language of creativity…

      French has not only LOST the language war with English BUT it has also LOST the language war with Spanish.

      Both English and Spanish are more laissez-faire [that’s now also an “English” word BTW] with regard to external influences on their respective languages and do not facilitate language protection measures [AKA racism] to the weird and profound effect that France does.

      I did French at school, but I’m learning Spanish now – it’s far more important than hyper-rapidly declining (albeit nice on the ear) French.

      Long live English!
      Largo en vivo Español!

  34. Tímea Kocsis

    what now? we will have new members like scottish, welsh northen irish nations in the club of the greatest nations!! Europe stands by these nations in their fight for their independence!!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Tímea Kocsis
      The UK referendum was about leaving the EU and NOT about leaving the UK!

  35. Maia Alexandrova

    To me it seems foolish, selfish and masochist to celebrate the damage that Britain has done today to currencies and stock markets around the world, because this means rejoicing the harm caused to others who will now be poorer. I think the Brexit is a suicide for the UK and it will end up hurting many other nations who did not deserve that. Those with the pink glasses on (the quitters) are now in delirium, thinking that they are flying high in the sky on their way to heaven, whereas in reality they are falling in an abyss. I just hope that Europe and the world quickly regain strength and get out of the black hole that Britain has opened for them. No one wants this to turn into another world recession like the one in 2008, caused by USA. As for the fate of the British people – God help them! They don’t know what they have done! Hope the pink glasses come off their eyes sooner rather than later, so they see the reality for what it is and minimise the ensuing pain as much as possible! Today is the end of the UK as it is known and this was not caused by a flood of Eastern Europeans (as Farage and the other haters were predicting in 2013), but solely by the actions of British and Commonwealth citizens. At least now they have no one else to blame for what follows but themselves!

    • Yasmine

      The lowest common denominator of British society hasn’t got the intellect to see this. Watch now how they either reverse it (it was an advisory and non-legally binding referendum) or they get a deal on same terms as a membership…

    • Paul X

      Stop trying to heap guilt on British citizens for having the balls to vote with their convictions. Try blaming the EU instead for its profligate, elitist attitude and 40 years of trying to artificially engineer a united states of europe

    • G

      They are such lowly educated, instinctual gypsies that they’ll blame it on us anyway.

    • Adrian

      But they voted for this?
      Why not let them commit seppuku?

      They will crawl back to us in 10 years BEGGING to be taken in..without any opt outs :)

    • Adrian

      Nice racism there.
      Oh right, I forgot “Leave” camp is not racist. It’s “race realist” heh heh

      Careful, the mask is slipping.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul X, you will need much more than balls to get through what is coming ahead!

    • Maia Alexandrova

      G, you mean the British are gypsies?

    • Yasmine

      Balls are not enough. Anyone can buy one from the toy shop. A brain is more important but is not necessarily present where balls are. Enjoy the game!

    • Paul X

      Luckily,as a country we have the balls, the brains and the confidence to get through this….good luck the rest of you getting dragged along like a bunch of lemmings

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul X, your fantasies about the lemmings being dragged along are pathetic and only mirror your own view of yourself – a weak, confused person, blindly following deceitful political leaders such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson… It does not show any balls, nor brains. Anyway, this is your problem, not ours.

    • Paul X

      Maia, your opening post calls the British people foolish, selfish and quitters for what we have done, my reference to lemmings infers that we have done what many others would like to do but are too scared…maybe you can educate me in the finer points of insulting if your language is perfectly acceptable while mine is considered “pathetic”?

    • Yasmine

      Paul, your comments are getting more and more comic when juxtaposed to what is being broadcast in the media…other members refusing to hold talks unless UK gives notice to leave, the pound in a 31-year low, companies moving jobs out of UK, value of bond falling, the country’s credit rating downgraded, different parts of the country wanting to break off, racism in the streets, a divided country etc. I have to agree with Maya that you live in a world of fantasy. Which is clearly your prerogative.

    • Paul X

      What is comic about stating we have the confidence to get through this?
      Nobody said before Brexit that there wasn’t going to be issues but likewise nobody said that the UK would not recover
      Pound falling..expected
      Reduced credit rating..expected
      Scotland looking for an excuse for another referendum…expected
      Companies moving out..not seen any confirmed instances yet?
      Racist idiots shouting on the streets, there is always a few and every country has them, it’s just the media is looking out for them to sell a story

      ..and as for the attitude of the remaining 27 countries, their childish reaction is just more conformation why we are better out …….they refuse to talk with the UK about Brexit yet today the 27 are going to have a meeting themselves on the very topic without the UK being there….and this is while the UK is still a fully paid up member of the EU…it really does just sum up the whole playground mentality of these supposed grown up politicians

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul, the comic thing is that all you have is empty confidence… This by far is not enough to get you through the difficulties ahead. There is no real substance behind your confidence. If there was, then Article 50 should have been invoked already!

      The result of the referendum was nothing more than a tantrum of spoiled children – crying, shouting and stomping with their feet because they want to keep all the sweets for themselves and not share with others, but their mother is not allowing them to. This is why they hate the other children and shout to them “go away”. Then they turn around and say “actually, we don’t need a mother, brothers or sisters. We can live alone and look after ourselves, we will eat as much sweets as we want and no one will stop us”. This is when it is not funny any more because when too many of this kind of children come together and start wreaking havoc around them, hurting others, it becomes dangerous for everyone.

      On 23rd June England and Wales declared war on the people of Eastern Europe, simply because they don’t know us. It was a vote to build a new iron curtain in Europe and bring the painful past back to our continent. This was also a war against the EU rules which prevent such division and discrimination from happening. You are ready to damage your economy for the single purpose of stopping the Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian workers from helping your country prosper, from enriching you without changing your culture? The logic is simply unfathomable to us! You seem to have lost your rational mind, or are simply vile and evil people who like hating others for no reason!

    • Yasmine

      Paul, ignorance really is bliss and I envy you. You have to tell me how you do it!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Please, please, please try to understand and accept the will of the British peoples.

      I know democracy is unfamiliar to you, but it is part of our DNA here in the UK!

    • Yasmine

      In matters of the running of the state democracy is not relevant Paul. EU membership and ratification of treaties is subject to parliamentary voting. The mere fact that there was a referendum held in the UK was an act of bypassing parliamentary process and ceding power to the mob. And this is what you have in the UK at the moment, populism. When it comes to matters of economy, opportunities to the young, social mobility, education etc, it is down to the government where it wants to take the country and not leave it up to painters/decorators and taxi drivers to decide. By the same logic we should have a referendum on whether we want to pay taxes, whether we want to declare war on the neighbour etc…

  36. klassen

    Congradulations people of the uk youve earned your freedom..!!
    Now the rest of us. The dutch govt tonight used rtl4 to try to convince/brainwash the public into the belief that they dont want a referendum, its not good , the people are against it. What a bunch of bullshit, and i know the netherlands is smarter than what they think, they should back of with the bs. They continually use the same tactics, its getting a little old.
    The negative response to the brexit on rtl4 shows whos writing and editing the scripts for rtl4 and other dutch channels, Brussels.
    They want to punish the uk for making a democratic choice, for not bowing to the eu dictators. Can you image what kind of idiots are running the show in brussels. Do you want these kinds of people in power.
    The rest of the eu needs referendums to see if we want this to go further, and democracy shouldnt be decided by a bunch of europhiles with tunnel vision.
    Just on the news again rtl4 , the majority dont want a referendum. While other non biased polls say more than 88% want a referendum.
    Europhiles have to realize that the people dont want to go further anymore , its over , the gig is up.! Stop with the lies, stop the bullying, stop the brainwashing and let the people have a say!!!!!
    Europhiles are scared of the truth, the rose colored glasses need to come of.
    P.S the netherlands tv channels should start reporting the facts and stop reading that piece of paper thats shoved under their noses..
    Rutte our big europhile pm isnt called pinocchio for nothing..just another brussels stooge.

    • Gyorgy

      Or you are simply a backward antisocial person with mental health problems. There are such people everywhere and they do find each other.

  37. JoseQ

    Loads of economy gurus here in this forum…

    It is a happy day for me, although not complete, because I still want to push EU forward.

    The EU lowered the British democratic standards, as well as raised the Spanish democratic standards (thank God the EU took the control of the currency off the Spanish politicians).

    I want to help build a strong united Europe with a proud European people, but the EU showed no respect towards Europeans. Or better said, the EU cannot have everyone happy, I’m right-wing European nationalist, and I’d fight for Europe to death, for the Europeans, to bring a better future for them, for all the European Nations. But the EU created such a mess.

    Besides, the long term planing needed for Europe, can be accomplished even with 4 or 5 year term democratic elections of representatives that must respond “only” to their voters, all the time.

    The way the EU works was needed to kick start the project, but it is time for the EU to reform itself towards that democratic model. Don’t be afraid of it.

    We need to aim for the Moon, and Mars, and we are stagnant with the nomenklatura driving the economy.

    Happy independence day for the UK.
    Make EU a great club, the greatest power on the Earth and the Solar System.

    Motherf*****s :D

    • Adrian

      Are you on drugs?

      You want a stronger EU but you cheeer for a Brexit that has made the EU weaker on average?

    • Hahahaha

      He ended his rant with motherf******s and a :D

      He is too young to understand what a terrible place the UK was before the EEC/EU

    • Adrian

      The neoliberal far-right in England who wants to strip worker rights, human rights and all the “pesky” regulations that keep the rich from getting richer and CRUSHING the working class.

      But ofc it’s the “immigrants” who are to blame :D
      I will love seeing ENGLAND ( not UK ) in 10 years from now. What a lovely sight.
      Like Iraq.

    • Hahahaha

      I did. I made 26k because after living in the fascist state for most of my life I realised they WOULD leave. Since I was a child I saw the English media bashing the EU, and I saw through it.

      The monarch benefits by taking back power from Europe.

  38. George

    Few know that most EU integration has been undermined by the UK. Common borders, common army, almost everything throughout time. It is now an emotional moment but it had to be this way because Europe needed integration fulfilment, needed unity (as opposed to flexible deals) and sooner or later the unwilling partner, the UK, had to be left aside.

  39. Antuanetta Pavlin

    Once upon a time I told to the EU, because amongst the of many member Hypocrisy, the EU would be facing disintegration of many mEmbering countries inside of EU, so many Member in the EU are not Loyal to own laws, and actually in some moment don’t accepting the EU Laws. Remember time when Ukraine was supposed to get economical agreements with EU, the EU dallying happens due to neglecting own Laws, only because Rossia, who has nothing with Ukraine, whose not Member of the EU, still get what they wanted, but this is another stories, having say that, I nearly stating that in EU running the corruption, which rotting all rules of law and the laws of succession, as a result of EU lost credibility in the eyes of the English, who trusted theirs country by the EU. Remember this is two faces complain! The Laws running only in one way, not another, and definably not changing at the moment when its need now, as it was in the cases with Rossia, EU must work with out compromises, since they set a laws and policies

    Uncertainty in solving important issues conducted to splits, one man and only one country led and managed by the EU, and this is a big mistake! That is why UK does not like it, there in UK democracy!

    Beside the Biggest mistake of EU was having Rossia inside in the EU, listening to Rossia, and unfortunately some of the countries in EU still listen and doing as Rossia says, its conspiracies amongst the members inside in the EU, Big Problems !

    Rossia was, and still doing everything possible to unstable and destabilizes the EU and Euro continent, How do you people not get it?

    The Cause of disagreements and not unity amongst the members in the EU, is Rossia, and this is another reasons why London, not wanted to be with the EU.

    Until Rossians present, in the EU, they will continuing Rotting EU policies, Laws and then Rossia free to go with wars ONTO Baltics, Poland and so on!


    • EU reform- proactive

      Antuanetta thanks for a sweet and funny fable! Once upon a time when you visit the EU again, you may discover that ROSSIA is & was never part of the EU. Regarding the hungry wolf- beware of the many other wolf packs- but: who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf or a wolf that is under sanctions by other wolfs? Isn’t it a gruesome world of wolfs?

    • Adrian

      Yes. :)
      Nice video.

      We need a new one – without the traitorous english!

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Nigel wanted to break up the EU, but he will end up breaking the UK instead. What else can you expect from such magnificent reptilians like him?

    • Hahahaha

      WW3 perhaps?

      He and his followers are the scum of the earth, thinly veiled fascists campaigning for ‘Democracy’ by giving a monarch more power.

  40. Radu

    dont care so much about the brits they are selfish like US but Europe is a dream that is going to come trough without the slefish ones! I really want Russia in EU!!! I want an aliance that will scare the whole world!

    • Adrian

      Putler must go before that might happen.
      He can’t be reasoned with.

    • Hahahaha

      Well we Europeans don’t want an alliance that will ‘scare the whole world’

      Russia can alliance with the UK. Both countries are run by self important people looking back and reminiscing on empires that no longer exist.

  41. Peter

    Brexit proved again: EU referenda are strongly misused for party politics, much lesser for democracy. But as sad as it is, it is also a great opportunity to improve the EU.

    What we need now is conducting public reform debates. Importantly: not only elitist as in 2005!

    And: 24th of June should be the first day where there is an open door for Britain to return to the EU, without any special treatment. Only 17.4 out of 65 million Brits voted for leave.

    • EU reform- proactive

      …..Peter, by now it is public knowledge that- if anything goes against the “Brussels concept” it is- or WILL- either be labelled as:

      a) the wrong outcome (as was officially stated by totalitarian thinker “JCJ”)-
      b) not democratic-
      c) party politically misused by subverting & influencing all “imbecile & dumb” voters-

      Those who (the voters)- originally and democratically apportioned all legal authority to Brussels- are qualified and entitled to remove same. If not, than it follows, that the legality of all “IN” referendums are equally questioned as a misuse & considered invalid.

      If we put the “democratic principle” into question- pick & chose- when- or not- it is applicable, than democracy is abolished as well. It is however still the fairest decision making process around, despite its shortcomings.

      I agree that “different” options need to be debated by all. While present leaders remain intransigent & arrogant, there is no other option as to proceed with more opt outs- until the system is financially bankrupted & the leadership & concept changed.

      Veiled threats are counterproductive & symptomatic of the present poor leadership quality & will achieve nothing!

    • Peter

      @ Proactive

      Do you honestly believe that Cameron’s decision of holding that Brexit referendum has nothing to do with internal Tory party politics? He thought he could convince the people and afterwards increase his standing against rebel Tories as well as bargaining power with other Europeans. But many people did not trust him anymore. I can totally understand that.

      Many people do not care about how or why political decisions are made. But apart from the background: The British were free to choose to leave and so a majority of voters did. There is no “imbecile & dumb” voter or a “wrong” outcome. Brexit is part of EU democracy as it is written down in Art. 50 of the EU treaty. There is nobody who would not respect that. Not even Mr Juncker. Maybe he is even glad to get rid of subversive British premiers ;-)

      Please think a bit of the outcome of what you are demanding with a total abandonment of European structures and start again from zero: how likely would it be that new (better) cooperation would be formed? How long would it take? You would start from zero with several dozen European governments of diverging interests… For an unbiased ‘zero’ you would have to get rid of national and regional structures, too. How likely is that? Mass media would probably have an even bigger influence on people’s opinions. Don’t you think that many Brexit voters were a bit brainwashed by the British tabloids? In 1975 the tabloids opted for remain and remain won with more than 2/3 of the votes.

      There is a much simpler way than yours for a better Europe: Solidarity with the heavily indebted Euro states by rededicating rescue funds for limited bail-out accompanied by few and regulated bank insolvancies, investment and education programs to fight unemployment, and a better common border management and immigration system, e.g., is all in reach with the next treaty amendment. So is further democratic legitimacy of European decisions (i.e., empowerment of the Parliament). Just as it happened in all European treaties as far as I remember from the early 90ies on.

  42. Rui Correia

    Now, 1st) Dear EU, start LISTENING, take some notes and learn something from this… and DON’T make life difficult for the British, using your political powers… I’d like to believe that all fellow Europeans understand what happened and respect the right reasons behind the British votes… 2nd) after triggering article 50 of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, I would like to see Great Britain leaving the EU and, afterwards, renegotiating deals at all levels, individually with each one of the 27 member states. (unfortunately, I don’t believe they will manage to help me to get my paid taxes back from my home country, to inject them in the British system on my behalf… sadly!) — after the short-term turmoil, we will all prosper! Fear nothing. I certainly don’t! :-)

    • Adrian

      Hahahaha “Don’t make life difficult” ?
      After what they’ve put us through ?!

      You do realize that even if we wanted to ( we don’t! ) we can’t be lenient with them.
      France is watching. Le pen is wwatching.

      England must be CRUSHED to pieces so it realizes what it really means to be alone, adrift in the Atlantic.

      I shed no tears for TRAITORS who on Europe’s hour of need they decided to ditch us.

    • Hahahaha

      The EU has to make an example of the UK to stop other EU countries leaving.

      The UK will be bailed out by its rescuers the EU. And it will rejoin.

  43. Eduardo Branco

    It is a great day for the European Union! Now that the spoilers are out, lets build our future for once.

  44. C Long

    Today I am angry. I am angry with people in Britain who did not understand the importance of this decision. I am angry at the people who made a protest vote against Cameron. We have general elections for this. I am angry with voters who wanted to leave based on prejudice or borrowed views and lies because they could not be bothered to do their own research. I am angry at people who blame Europe for past governments’ failings to address housing provision, NHS funding and low pay or the greed of corporates. I am angry at the people who voted to leave to further their agenda to break up the United Kingdom or further their political career. I am angry Britain does not understand the good the EU has done over the last 40 years to help poorer nations,the environment and to promote peace. I am angry that we did not get the opportunity to reform the EU. I am angry that our young adults feel betrayed. I am not angry with Britons who made a decision for Brexit with due consideration but from comments I have heard in many local communities there are many people who did not. I am ashamed to say Britain feels an intolerant and unwelcoming country today.

    • Hahahaha

      UK is dead in the water.

  45. Barnaby

    The EU is one of the largest single markets, collectively much larger than uk, and quite clearly it would be easier for the EU to do without UK, than the UK to do without the EU. Those who voted leave are to narrow minded and short sighted to see this. Instead of remaining as a major player within the EU with the ability to negotiate and shape Europe the UK will now be on the outside looking in with no power to shape or direct Europe. If EU deals with UK in a harsh manner that is not necessarily indicative of being vindictive but just the way of business

    Whilst a few people voted leave for cogent and balanced reasons it seems that the underlying motivation of the vast majority of leave voters appears to have been bigotry and ignorance fuelled by misinformation of fear, and now less than 24 hours later Farage is saying that the 350 million will not go to the nhs and distancing himself from that suggestion and Hanan has said that immigration won’t necessarily be reduced………..” The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence”

    The EU was going for 17 years before the Uk and it will continue after the UKs exit

  46. George Singleton

    You can continue this humanistic economical policy at Brussels and you will destroy even the rest of the population..I think that China has more free economy by Europe thats why goes better..Europe is good to create debts…

  47. George Singleton

    You can continue this humanistic economical policy at Brussels and you will destroy even the rest of the population..I think that China has more free economy by Europe thats why goes better..Europe is good to create debts…

    • Gyorgy

      Britain is the most indebted country in Europe

    • EU reform- proactive

      Gyorgy, please visit the EU statistics & EDUCATE yourself about the variations how debt is expressed- e.g: debt to GDP ratio.

      As “Barnaby” quoted above: ” The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence”
      Cuts both ways- neh?

    • EU reform- proactive

      György, sorry another fail!

      To act as alarmist messenger on behalf of BBC business reporters- without understanding how to interpret- intelligently- the basics of financial/economic grading- is fatal!

      Yes, the UK got downgraded by one of the three rating agencies from Aa1 stable to Aa1 negative, with a TE rating of 95%- being still “high grade”- similar as Finland. So what? Despite that, Britain remains one of the most credit worthy nations in the world. France e.g. lags behind the UK with an Aa2 stable & TE 90%. Only 4 countries in the EU have a Aaa, stable rating & TE100%- guess who?

      Headless chicken comments contribute nothing & only- temporally- stir emotions!

    • Hahahaha

      @EU Reform

      Ridiculing Gyorgy is not acceptable. He is correct in his statement and you are incorrect.

      The UK has £1.56 Trillion in debt.

      The UK is financially broke and propped up by the ECB which lends to the UK at 0% interest. This will end and mortgages, food, clothing everything will be more expensive because of your idiotic idealistic view of democracy. You took away from a mostly democratic EU and gave power to a totalitarian monarchy.

      Congratulations. You woke up the next day and the wages you were paid, the money in your bank and the house you live in were all worth 6% less than when you went to bed.

      Just think what you can achieve in 2 whole years.

  48. ironworker

    At just one day after Brexit, JC Junker, the President of European Commission, in an interview find appropriate to say : “… – Germany will continue to play a central – perhaps even a more important – role in the European Union. …”

    • Hahahaha

      They have to give the markets confidence.

      You just set fire to the city of London future and your PM quit. Somebody has to take responsibility.

  49. ironworker

    At just one day after Brexit, JC Junker, the President of European Commission, in an interview, find appropriate to say : “… – Germany will continue to play a central – perhaps even a more important – role in the European Union. …”

    • Jane Tse

      Of course, this is a consequence of Brexit. If traditional powers of Europe follow the lead of the UK, with the current power of Germany, with the current turbulence Europe is confronting, may be, this challenge can be turned to an opportunity. The transformation of a loose confederation into a Federation of Europe i.e. a United Nations of Europe is not impossible. As a matter of fact, at the midst of crises, people and states tend to united together for collective security. If France is not leaving, EU is the haven for small European states to survive the rising global challenges.

    • EU reform- proactive

      @Jane Tse

      The origin of the EEC- after it was renamed EU- was meant to be a customs free trade block- not a collective security block etc….. NATO exists for this purpose!

      Again, please consider to waffle less, since most is based on emotions & contradictions!

    • ironworker

      @Jane Tse
      Is the other way around, the BREXIT was a consequence of german led EU policy with French support. Ideally, it should be 28 seats and a round table, but is not, there are “founders”, “seniors”, “protegees”, “rookie newcomers”, you name it, everything played by small and extended groups of financial and economic interests, unfortunately.

    • Jane Tse

      Yes, the departure of a member state that does not even want to become a member of the union would only strengthen the solidarity of EU.

  50. Jane Tse

    Riding on three horses with one which wants to go other direction of the others, it must be better and faster to ride on two cooperative horses.

    • Gyorgy

      Absolutely true.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Hmm………both (JT & G) are the latest addition to the new “waffle party”- welcome!

  51. catherine benning

    @ ironworker

    Be very worried of they did indeed say that. The takeover of Europe by Germany will be a very bad day indeed.

    However, do remember this is really coming from the Globalist network, who have found themselves in an almighty down spin as a result of Democracy at work. Their manipulation of the media and press did not bring about the usual submission in GB as expected. The voice of the people was heard.

    Juncker is their man, as he is anti democratic. Has always been so, because he is fully aware he could not win in a democratic election taking place across the 27 States. Juncker suits the Global mantra which has only one direction which is to centralise power and remove all local characteristics and culture. Which is why we have open border and mass influx of divergent cultures. This in turn will force dispirited regions into, first, gigantic and easily controllable blocks, leading ultimately to a global monolith, ruled from the top of this dictatorship. This effort cannot be done by asking an electorate what it is they want and think by democratic access.

    So, the first move by the EU today will be to shut off, as quickly as possible, the idea of each country being taken back to a democratic mind set proved to be affective through the British referendum that was so vastly against what it has been suffering under Global austerity. To leave the EU and show it has and is working without this dictatorship will leave the Globalist movement open to complete failure, as it would, without question, disintegrate. And they would then be utterly defeated.

    When a people of a nation are suffering under the moves of a globalised squeeze of austerity, leaving them an opening to reject the policy is not a move they can continue to allow as it would enable their downfall.

    Throughout history empires are the product of tyrants as the natural instincts of peoples and cultures is small area city states and regions, where they follow their comfortable cultural life. They want to be able to control easily and a takeover is their only means of achieving this outcome.

    • ironworker

      I know that we have some disagreements in the past regarding pro/anti-Putin position as well as the U.S role/mission in the world, however in the globalist, anti-democratic, neoliberal, greedy, abusive, obtuse and inhuman issues we mostly agree. My apologies if I hurt feelings ;)

  52. Darren

    So lets take a look at what the EU has really achieved then. It has managed to split nations down the middle, its not just Britain is it. Think about it. The EU has failed to find balance, it’s completely failed.
    Now will it fail again with the renegotiation, let me say this if it decides to treat a democratic vote withharshness and tries to punish Britain what do you think will actually happen. I really wish some posters would actually use their brains because what they are really doing is starting to bang the drums of war.
    The De facto new leadership of Britain have suggested we shouldn’t rush this and they are right lets all calm down get this right

    • Adrian

      They had their vote to get out, why “not rush” ? Do they enjoy instability?

      The soon they get out, the sooner we can move on with Europe and they can…do whatever the hell they want.
      And we’ll deal like foreign blocs.
      For example if they want free trade, they have to accept all EU laws and regulations.
      If they don’t, 44% of their trade goes to shit :)

      I love democracy, don’t you? :)

    • catherine benning

      @ Ironworker

      Thank you but no offense taken. I enjoy all your contributions to my reading here. Even when you disagree with my thoughts. How totally boring it would be if we all agreed. And additionally, it would leave us with no food for thought.

  53. Cesar Coll

    Not really trying to make a point in favor or against here, just pointing out the irony of a bunch of europeans discusssing the departure of Britain… in ENGLISH! It’s like “they are stil with us… …in spirit” LOL

    • Adrian

      It’s mostly AMERICAN, not brittish, don’t get cocky.
      It’s an easy language. If chinese was easier we would all speak it.

      It has nothing to do with us “liking” you after you backstabbed us in this mockery of a vote.

    • catherine benning

      @ Cesar Coll

      That is because English is the language of the world. And ridding yourselves of it will block a large part of that globe from bothering to communicate with you.

      Australia, Canada, the USA, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, The West Indies, most of India, a lot of Malta, Hawaii, Samoa and so on. The rest usually have English as a second language. All this apart from the fact that English is a language that is proficient as a vocabulary.

  54. Peter

    Hopefully, EU Parliament will be strengthened at the expense of the intergovernmental Council, and an executive-only European government will be formed.

    Fears of loosing identity should not be left to perverse nationalists and boulevard magazines. Jon Doe’s sorrows have to be heard and better taken into account.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Peter, how can one strengthen a so called “democratic parliament” when 78 representatives voluntarily remove themselves from the 751?

      As the EU shrinks, so will its democratic strength! It may continue to shrink in future until the strongest (Germany) & the weakest remain. And guess who will dominate & “finance” the weakest?

      And- please remain factual & replace “European” with “EU” when speculating & please be more respectful calling the opposition perverse nationalists! Name calling is the last resort & perverse- you know!

      EU Brussels (Germany) & the Bilderberg block might be the winners, but the democratic battle for a fairer European concept lost!

    • Peter

      Proactive, your logic goes: the more parliamentarians the more democratic… That’s certainly not the case. 78 less representatives won’t weaken the parliament. Strengthening could mean more decisions power and the right to initial laws. With the same reform step, detail regulation could be ruled out on the European level (as e.g. the frequently cited light bulbs or vacuum cleaner regulations)

      ‘Strongest’ and ‘weakest’ members (I guess you think in GDP per capita?) is not written for eternity. Polish or Romanian economies are e.g. much wealthier than they were before entering the EU. Germany must not dominate. That would of course be a huge threat for the European idea and nobody would accept that (I hope you can distinguish between actual dominance and the dominance that mass media attribute to Berlin; if not, please investigate a bit). It is like once Prussia inside the German empire – simply doesn’t work and has to be balanced. So a strengthenend voice of the less inhabited countries should stay intact (FTR voting rights in EU treaties are not related to economic power but to inhabitants).

      Don’t get me wrong: I do not label opposition as perverse nationalist. I only label perverse nationalists perverse nationalists, meaning people that speak out for the separation of our societies and playing with ressentiments. Please accept that I do not like that attitude.

      You say you want a fairer European concept. Here we agree. But what is ‘fair’ for you? For me it includes, e.g., limited bail-out for southern Europeans and not letting Italy and Greece alone with immigration, improving infrastructure in poor regions, conducting common research and environmental programs, …

    • EU reform- proactive

      Peter, the issues are too many-fold and very complex to arrive at an acceptable EU social solution- satisfactory & acceptable to 500mio now & why not a CoE 800mio trading block ONLY in future- by continuing with the present EU concept.

      The present concept is just not suitable any more, not implementable & must drastically change. As long as the EU architects & their political leaders ignore that fact- it will get worse! The time is over to write and re-write treaties & regulations. Generally, THEY have created an overly complicated paper empire to protect & entrench- in the first instance- THEMSELVES- using the people- by pretending to care for them & give them the illusion of democracy & prosperity.

      The will & desire by the arrogant EC & the invisible powers behind them (collectively referred as Bilderberg/elite) to ignore & delay- instead to consider timely- the many raised issues within the EU seriously. is the reason of all the rising dissatisfaction. The EP is unsuitable for that!

      Maybe an “EU Truth & Reconciliation Conference” needs to be established to enable everybody to be heard, all grievances by ALL, without conditions & exception presented, admit past mistakes, listen to proposals, all in a spirit for a better way forward.

      The latest meeting of the 6 founding members could be positive, but negative if the six retreat in their bunker, get defensive & decide to play rough & tough. That would not be diplomatic & people friendly!

    • Peter

      Proactive, apart from the deliberate, strict austerity policy of the recent years, sadly accepted by both, donor and borrower governments, EU has been quite successful in integrating all the new countries. Further integration just takes time. Don’t be too hasty, my friend.

      You are a typical ‘Bedenkentraeger’ (you are also German, right?) which is always helpful for improving processes, if they form a minority. My impression is, however, that we move into a Bedenkentraeger majority which can suffocate any development. EU improvement is not only possible, but actually in the process. The EU Council next week cannot keep silent to Brexit and will probably initialise new debates, including listening to Jon Doe, if they don’t want to loose power to the destructive nationalists as it happenend in Britain. It’s in their own interest…

    • EU reform- proactive

      Peter, re: ….”logic goes”- …….

      Considerate & consensual logic should be: there are still 500 mio people in the EU! However, after Brexit only represented by (751-78)= 673 in the EP. (yes, rules, rules, rules!) Whatever happened, the UK still forms part of Europe- is a valuable, but justifiable aggrieved party (50%), due to an unresolved flawed EU political & social concept. I blame the EC-EU- having all the resources & wisdom to their disposal to avoid that. = Arrogance of the Bilderberg’s…..!

      Labeling & name calling:

      Seems it belongs to (emotional) European culture. It is unhelpful and no solution to LABEL 50% of UK’s population (& in other countries) as “destructive nationalists”- or whatever! Why not “label” any opposition just simple as “opposition”? They cannot be wished away or eradicated! It is unhelpful & wasteful to bicker or find ways & means to squash, annul, & ignore such concern or concoct rules to overrule an uncomfortable outcome.

      Why not acknowledge graciously that such major EU opposition exists (all over- except possibly in the ex Comecon’s) & take it into account? What’s so difficult? Politicians get paid to preempt, solve problems diplomatically & amicably, before embarking on another conflict- be it with concepts, words or deeds! If they fail, one must get suspicious & very very concerned!

    • Peter

      @ Proactive
      On ‘labelling’: There is a difference between opposition to European unification, which is no question ligitimate (however, personally, I strongly oppose it), and the present nationalist parties of Le Pen, Strache, Wilders, to certain extent also the AfD. Did you listen to speeches or read in their party programmes? They want to divide our societies because they say that several groups of people do not belong to our community. That is what I called ‘destructive’ or ‘perverse’, not opposition to the present EU.

    • Peter

      Those guys,, were far from extermination camps when they started. Even Nuremberg laws took them more than two years of absolute power to institutionalize discrimination. Of course, there is probably a difference between Nazi/fascist supremacy ideology and present-day nationalists, but I surely don’t want to test it!

    • EU reform- proactive

      If the political EU unification process- would be comparable in producing a soccer Euro cup winner- by using the carefully designed political EU concept- no team would win the trophy- but the organizers would walk away- trophy, all sponsors contributions, all entrance fees, all glory, the whole lot- while the players played their hearts out & end in hospital!

      Please keep your eyes on the ball- not on the past or “those guys”!

    • Peter

      I see, so you rather want to produce a winners and losers by EU reform? I always knew it.

      Sustainable cooperation only works in win-win situations. Football championships produce winners and losers. Quite unfitting analogy, sorry.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Peter, “I always knew it” that some players want to remain winners by finding reasons to never end reasoning, but prefer to endlessly create a next argument- in a real professional & protagonist EU manner.

      Lily white EU angels – straight from the Berlaymont building! Rest in peace my friend!

    • Peter

      Just googled that building. Sure, just because I am pro-EU, I am on their payroll … But thanks for the laurels. Love these conspiracy guys. Maybe I should submit a proposal to Brussels. Do they pay for forum postings like the Russians? By the way, who is paying you? Russia, CIA?

  55. Gyorgy

    EU: United we stand, divided we fall. Keep our heads cool and protect our interests.

  56. catherine benning

    Reading through this thread again this afternoon, it doesn’t take long to see how piffed off you klingons are when the money rug is being pulled out from under the arses of the spongers, does it?

    Great Britain’s next move should be to unite with all those countries of comparable financial status and form a club of trade with them. Starting from the beginning and include absolutely no politically correct bull within its charter.

    Train our own people who have no work as they are unable to afford the high cost of education, forced on us by this unholy alliance and then become the financial wizard within that group. Starting with Switzerland, Norway and so on. Banning any ideas of free movement of people who are not indigenous to those countries within that group.

    That would place the cat amongst the pigeons would it not?

    • Yasmine

      Is that what the Daily Mail said?

      The cat would cry out RACIST! Have you had your DNA tested btw, Catherine? How indigenous are you? Welsh, Neanderthal?

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Oh, by “spongers” may be you mean the poorer EU countries who are net beneficiaries of the EU budget (such as my country – Bulgaria)? What incredible nastiness and animosity towards people who are not harming you in any way! Well, good luck uniting with “spongers” like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malawi, etc. – some of the most corrupt, illiterate and poorest countries in the world to whom UK is paying £12 billion a year, without getting anything in return (this is more than UK’s net contribution to EU). I guess you won the freedom to choose your spongers!

      Who are you referring to as klingons? May be yourself?

      Many people here are not angry about the money rug but about blaming European migrants for all your problems and creating a chaos far beyond your borders after acting upon that narrow-minded misconception. Don’t you understand? It is not all about you, you, you! There are other people living on this planet whose currencies and stock markets have also slumped and whose economies have been hurt as a result of your selfish decision! Your mind is pathologically obsessed with “klingons” and “spongers” and you cannot see anything beyond that, unable to make a rational decision. But in the end, life is what happens while you are making plans for the future. Go on making far-fetched, unrealistic plans based on hatred, lies and myths, rather than facts and see where reality will bring you in the meantime!

      Good luck with training your own people who are comfortably living off benefits and unwilling to work for a minimum wage… That is if you can make them get off their lazy arses and enter factories and farms…

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Let me try and say it more simply – it is your baseless hatred towards us, the people of the former Communist countries, that is making us angry – calling us ugly words, claiming things about us that are not true and all that without even knowing anyone of us or anything about our countries, cultures or histories – nothing! It was purely a vote of ignorant hatred against innocent people who you don’t really want to get to know because of your outdated Cold War mentality, wishing to create a new iron curtain in Europe! How miserable to feel proud of being backward!

    • Yasmine

      The hostility that the UK has shown towards the peoples of the EU is not compatible with the aims and purposes of existence of the EU, which was set up in order to reconcile following on the racist crimes of the World Wars. In my view, the country should be expelled from the EU without any negotiations.

  57. Adrian

    “Britain voted for Brexit… what now?”

    Now they cry like babies and demand a 2nd referendum.

    Meanwhile the EP is scrambling to kick them out faster to avoid the virus of stupidity from spreading.

    It’s as if the EP was WAITING for a chance to kick them out lol.
    ( dun dun dun conspiracy music )

    No worries, England.
    I’m sure you won’t get any more poor eastern Europeans, but you will be quite happy to get even poorer Indians as Farage cheerful told us :)
    Oh and he made a “mistake” about the 350 million for the NHS.
    Heh, what’s a few hundred million between friends, right?

    What? You just screwed the youth of the country?
    Nonsense! I’m sure our commonwealth that half can’t even locate you on the map will DEFINITELY want to trade…especially with a very unbiased position…uhuuu…

    • Yasmine

      Time to slip back into your 3-world alliance and leave the 1st world to their own devices.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Haha- do you understand the difference between critique & abuse?
      A reminder: YOU are using abusive language for too long now!

  58. Chris Panayis

    Now? English is not the mother tongue of any EU country. Please stop using it as the main language in Brussels.

    • Hahahaha

      Shut up you idiot. You do not know what you have voted for. But you will eventually realise when you can not afford to feed and educate your children and your precious government gets rid of your pension completely. Not because they can’t afford it, but because they don’t care about you. At all.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Haha- do you understand the difference between critique & abuse?
      Warning: YOU are using abusive language for too long now!

  59. klassen

    Unless article 50 is brought/invoked in , the brexit referendum is non-binding. All leaders of all the states have to agree to let the uk go. Parliment in the uk can also vote the referendum as invalid..
    I think europhiles and non europhiles have been suckerd. This is one big show thats being fed to us in large doses . Brexit is a farce created by brussels
    They are using this show as a reason to integrate europe. There will be haste and it will be painfull .
    Weve all been duped folks , its nothing more than integration time, and this is the best way to do it, they have no other choice..

    • catherine benning

      @ Klassen:

      Often you are so right, but not this time.

      If what you say is the truth, which it is not, as already this morning it has created a massive clean out of our ruling classes within Parliament itself, and not too soon either. It has long been needed here.

      However, should you be correct, you don’t think the Brits would lay down and accept this kind of machinations without serious conflict do you? If you do, then you seriously underestimate the British people. We are avidly believers in our history and Magna Carta.

    • Hahahaha

      Hahahaha what is your magna carts? I know what it is not, it is not a constitution.

      The people of the UK are defenceless against the government without EU human right protection.

    • Paul X

      Actually Human rights are nothing to do with the EU. The European convention of human right was created before the EU was in existence and the UK was one of the first to sign up to it, so essentially, we lead the way with regards to Human rights

      Neither does the EU have a constitution and the Magna Carta is certainly superior to any of the half baked “treaties” the EU has created

  60. Cypi Marian

    now ? … now they will leave from EU and both will go to separate ways , GB sinking alone in their own pride , and EU moving away from it (pretending that they dont hear the british “help” ) … lol

  61. Redwing

    The next thing to follow will be to adjust EU’s laws in order to improve the efficiency of this political structure based on the mistakes identified that generated the new situation, changing the plans of future that included UK, politicaly, socialy and military, reposition the economic interests with UK as a competitor, rather then a partner. It will be necesary a repositioning on the work force issue, limiting UK Firms activity on the continent to an equal corespondent on the island and also to resume frontier control. Afterwards life goes on.

  62. Peter Schellinck

    The outcome radiates an immense absence of clarity and the impact will keep the world busy for at least a decade. Lawyers will be highly solicited as the dream for radical change of the UK’s triumphant Brexiteers will prove to be unrealistic. The surgical desire for Britain to urgently cut the links binding it to continental Europe is absurd.

    The dream that the UK will be able to rediscover its former glory is quite astonishing in an era where internet has no borders. The British voters for “OUT” are clearly misguided and drowned in the belief that Britain can once again regain the common wealth glory standing at the centre of an international trading system wider than Europe. Day dream?

    On the other hand this referendum serves as a loud wake-up call for the project “Europe”. How the 27 remaining EU member states will react is impossible to predict. There will be more voices of the same as rebelling against the current way “Europe” was evolving has many critics. Time has come to be transparent and clearly communicate what the European Community stands for and the impact it has had on regional developments together with a crystal clear vision for the future.

    It’s going to be a hot summer as it will see the beginning of a tumultuous political crisis setting many EU member states against one another, and will certainly reverberate around the world. Europe already only represents less then 10% of the global population and not being united will further deteriorate any possible influence on a global scale. Having Britain at the back of the queue for the international trade agreements will push the Old Continent to the side lines of influence. The pound is sliding fast and a quake in the global financial system will be felt for years to come. Households will suffer.

    And, in all doom scenarios there is light in the tunnel. Britain’s exit will trigger pressures across the Union to redesign the model and secure global credibility. This leaves the EU and its member governments with a difficult balancing act and coming clean on accountability abandoning all secrecy veils covering the Council and the Commission. They must avoid panicking and permitting the UK’s withdrawal negotiations to exacerbate euroscepticism elsewhere. And they must at the same time create a more positive climate so as to move the European project forward.

    • catherine benning

      @ Peter Shellinck

      And all this coming from an individual who believes in what is a failing EU with a serious financial and social cohesion problem. Dear me, you really must be
      suffering from a very bad case of Stockholm Syndrome.

      I sincerely hope you get help soon.

  63. Audrius Antuzis

    GB with UE in 2016.LB(little Britain) without Scotland and North Ireland in 2018…AE(alone England) in 2020…EK(English Kingdom) with European Union in 2022..It’s my mind.

    • Hahahaha

      Sounds about right. Not sure if it will happen that quickly though.

  64. Zoltan Kiss

    What now? Less arrogance, bureaucracy and more democracy. It’s time Junker, Merkel and Shultz started listening to the citizens of Europe. Their huge bloated ego has resulted in loosing our British friends. :(

    • Maia Alexandrova

      The British are not friends…

    • Gyorgy

      The britts have never been friends. All they done all along was to undermine the EU from the inside. England is slowly decaying, infrastructure, standards, government services, expectations of people are well visibly getting ever lower. Basically Budapest has better infrastructure. Only that in Hu you’d need 8000 Euros to start a limited company.

  65. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    When is the EU going to regulate banks, corporations, lobbyistss, tax havens and tax avoidance loopholes and serve all people as a priority?

  66. Jokera Jokerov

    Brexit should result in the resignation of the European Commission. They lost the second milk-cow of the Union, the bloody bastards!

    • Gyorgy

      You are very much wrong. The second milk cow is France. Then is Italy, then Spain, then was Britain at the fifth. Just so you know in the bubble.

    • catherine benning

      @ Yuuma

      If there is a rerun the Leave vote will increase by at least 1 million votes. So, be careful what you wish for.

      Ffurther, the Scots voted in a referendum just a very short while ago to remain part of the United Kingdom. And they did this with the full knowledge of an eminent EU Referendum. Which, anyone but a complete idiot would have known the English and Welsh wanted out.

      If, at the time of the vote to remain part of Great Britain was felt by them to be a fix, then they should have squealed loudly and demanded a re-run, taking care that the fiddle could not happen again.

      And last but by no means least. If the vote had gone to Remain, would you or anyone else be calling for this ‘democratic vote’ to be overturned and another go at it be set?…. No…. Then accept that Democracy rules and suck it up. Or, alternatively, F. O.

    • Hahahaha

      @cat you and I both know the Scottish were lied to by the uk gov in their own ref.

      They will vote to leave the union they set up.

  67. kevin

    The EU is over . The day of Independence of all of Europes nations is here , what are you waiting for ?

    • Gyorgy

      Nobody has asked anything from you antiEuropeans.

    • Gyorgy

      Is the Airbus still buying Rolls Royce engines? I thought that we Europeans would need those jobs too. We have Snecma and MTU where a couple of thousands of jobs could be created in Europe. Also the wing factory from Wales can’t it be better relocated to say the Czeh Republic, or Romania? And can’t we speed up this bullshit Article 50, please?! It’s not our problem that after they voted they discovered they don’t have a plan for it.

    • Paul X

      Those jobs are not in the UK because the EU generously “gave” them to us, many UK based jobs are there because of the skill base of the workforce.
      You may feel happy flying in a plane with wings made in Romania but I prefer to put my life in the hands of experts

    • Hahahaha

      Paul that skill base is made up if the very foreigners you voted against.

      The UK will see a brain drain over the coming years as companies relocate back inside the second biggest single market in the world.

      England is a crappy country with misformed delusions of an empire.

    • Paul X

      No-one voted against foreigners, the vote was against a profligate, incompetent, unnecessary, bureaucratic political institution

      And to suggest that the UK has no home grown skills base is certainly delusional and misinformed

    • Paul X

      Yes Yasmine, I have seen that and to be honest while I admire Nicola Sturgeons tenacity, I believe she is seriously misguided

      Gibraltar and Scotland have very little in common on this issue. Gibraltar was clearly always going to vote remain, they are attached to the EU and rely on the border being open so survive
      Nicola on the other hand seems to think it is a good idea to seperate from an adjoining country and create a border with their biggest trading partner?

      I also think she may have it wrong on Scottish opinion, while a majority of Scots voted to stay in that was based on being part of the UK, once they realise the conditions and costs that will be imposed on an independent Scotland to join the EU opinions may change

      Independance “at any cost” didn’t win the Scottish referendum last time and I doubt it will this time

  68. Peter

    Apart from necessary real treaty reform towards more democratic legitimacy, there should be more realistic communication of EU work. There are thousands of projects conducted by the EU that very much benefit the people. But we don’t talk about them. There is a huge lag of knowledge among people what the EU does with its billions. We need more communication and explanation here!

    Maybe, some complementary emotional appearance would also be helpful to get its message of solidarity to the people. It has avoided making much use of symbols and so on for some reasons, but maybe the distorted views of several people can only be reached, if reason is accompanied by some emotion. The union only exists because of solidarity between its members. That is what the structure funds, research cooperations, common crime fighting, etc. pp. are for. Not dominance of one above any other. US or Chinese governments make use of that emotional community sense a lot.

    Nowadays, EU is discussed in national media often with a message of head-shaking as even journalist don’t get the complexity of EU decision-making. Many people adopt that attitude. This contributes a lot to the present fashionable euroscepticism. Scepticism is a great attitude that everyone should try to hold dear, but it should not result in blocking out a lot of reality – as Le Pen’s, Petry’s and others’ paroles for ‘fatherlands only’ do. Personally, the EU feels very much as homeland for me, just as my home city and my nationality gives me a feeling of being part of a community.

    We are all Europeans. Somewhat different from Americans, Indians or Chinese – based on common culture, history and values, including respect for diversity of people and traditions and a pronounced welfare state. I really don’t want to abandon that!

  69. Peter

    Exclusive nationalism has come back as European disease in recent years.

    This destructive agenda even captures reasonable criticism of wealthy elites and many people do not realize it. If we want to strengthen direct democracy (what I am for if it accompanied by misuse avoiding regulations), we have to make sure that we don’t get ‘fuck-off’ only votes with many voters having no idea whose agenda they are following. Wake up, dreamers!

  70. Frank

    The meeting of a self selected subgroup of EU States was a thundering disgrace and a naïve verification of the distrust that fed the Brexit campaign. I am a believer in the EU ideal who is sorely disappointed in the poor leadership of major EU member states.

    • Gyorgy

      Sure, sure, one more desperate traitor in poor disguise. All weaknesses of the EU are coming from being undermined from the inside by those who complain about it most.

  71. klassen

    The mud slinging from the remain side is unreal. This is exactly what they want , they want to devide, or the old rule devide and conquer.
    They are building a fed , the whole referendum is a farce its fake , its to be used as a tool to integrate europe.
    Today in the news they want to speed up the making of a eu army. Why? To deal with countries that step out of line…??
    Article 50 has to go through the uk parliment and it wont, there are to many banksters pulling the strings , also the scottish pm has said she will go against the ratification of art 50. Brussels/cameron and the rest of club euro know this, thats why the referendum is a tool to finish the job of integration. We are being conned..!
    For or against the eu project, it doesnt matter, we are all in the same sinking boat.
    The lies are in front of your nose , open your eyes people.
    Its one of the biggest con jobs in history.

  72. Paul X

    For all those moaning on here blaming the British public for the current state of affairs I assume you must believe the EU is perfect then?

    Start apportioning blame where it is deserved, at the EU …and I mean look beyond the Daily Mail induced hysteria about immigration and accept there are real issues with the EU and the direction it is heading and which no amount of “reform from within” will change

    A question which was often raised in the run up to the referendum was if this was a referendum on the UK joining the EU as it now is, what do you think the result would be? I suggest the result would be far more one sided than what we have just had

    • Peter

      Who is blaming the British public for the current state of EU affairs? I think nobody here is. If any Brit would be to blame for EU mess, it is maybe Mrs Thatcher and Mr Cameron who were actively undermining European cooperation, not the British public. The present non-declaration of Brexit outcome is just the most recent example for that questionable policy. If they would have engaged with anglophile East Europeans, Scandinavians, Germans or Benelux states, Britain could hold quite an influential position inside the EU today – but that is past now.

      EU reform is EU business, not British anymore. Unless a future British government discovers renewed interest in European cooperation. Now, EU-27 should let themselves neither fool nor blackmail by Tory grandees anymore.

      The EU is weaker without Britain and vice versa, both will survive somehow. We will all realize the weakening in the next negotiations with Americans and Chinese at the latest…

  73. GANI

    Two days after Brexit vote, it seems to me that the European deciders still have not understood the message. Now they are telling that it was wrong to organize this referendum and look at the errors committed on the UK side but still do not question themselves and their past policy.

    I was always convinced that we should built this Europe and that it can only be favourable for European citizens.

    I do however not like at all this Europe:
    1. That is becoming less and less democratic (e.g. industries through lobbying have more to say than the people (European deciders are not directly elected); TTIP, CETA are agreements without a broad public debate and decided in a total undemocratic way,….);
    2. Where I clearly see that decision taking has become nearly impossible since there is always a compromise needed (eg Greek crisis. refugies issue,….)
    3. Where I see that the European boarders can not be protected anymore (I have to insist that I fully support the care taking of refugies, but it should be done in a fully organised manner (with defined quotas) and with a view on integration and repatriation of people). This seems however to be impossible in EU.
    European citizens do merit a better Europe in particular a better institutional governance of our Europe .

    • Gyorgy

      All European decision makers are either elected (elected by people such as prime ministers, finance ministers of the members and elected by representatives such as commision heads etc) or are appointed by the elected people. Just like in a nation state where one elects a few hundreds parliamentaries and then there are hundreds of thousands/millions of civil servants appointed. You are right about the common external border. Unfortunately it is exactly those countries who are hindering it who are the loudest at complaining about everything. Just google up “Cameron on a European army” It’s good that they are gone. Now we have to actually push them out by the vote of the remaining countries, if they are hesitating. One month then vote them out and bring back our investments from Britain.

  74. Eugenia Serban

    And now let the hell break loose over UK,….if there is going to be a united kingdom anymore

  75. Keith London

    Oh! My dear friend Angela Merkel has now decided that UK are an important trading partner and ‘ agrees, should not rush the art 50 process’
    Am I missing something here? A lot of anti British sentiment.

    I wanted the EU to work more than anything, for my children’s future.
    But I’m afraid this is the beginning of the end for EU. Britain is not the only member which will have a Leave/Remain vote. You will see.

    The beauracratic, spendthrift attitude of those policy makers is a criminal waste of funds.

    I look foelrward to the day in the not to distant future when a new EU asks Britain to join a reformed Union.
    More democratic, not controlled by Germany and France alone.

    I’m lucky, I have dual Irish/ UK nationality, so it doesn’t affect me.

    Also all the doubters here. Remenember this. Only a fractional amount of Britain’s population swung the vote. Almost all our younger citizens wish to remain in the EU.

    Have a nice day.

  76. Darren

    Gyorgy you really are a very stupid man, Britain buys far more from the EU than it sells to it. We didn’t want a European army because we already have one thank you. Britain is also heavily investing in Europe so please tell me how what you say is going to benefit the EU.
    Britain will definetly have a few tough years that’s for sure but the world is a large place and we will find our way.
    I live in France but now will be returning home, I also voted remain but democracy is democracy and I am proud that we actually have one can you say the same

    • Gyorgy

      European investments in aerospace belong to Europe, because those were political all along. You were building some part of the Eurofighter because there was a deal, whereby you were got a share, same as the rest, you clearly very clever man. And those jobs are much better used in Europe.

    • Hahahaha

      You live in France

      But you voted to fuk up the UK and go and live in the very mess you created. Hahaha you are clearly intelligent

  77. Peter

    German conservatives should finally stop mixing ‘European’ and ‘German’. Nobody wants a German Union! And they should finally stop blocking austerity easing. The whole debt crisis won’t be solved without limited bail-out, further haircut and a handful of bank insolvancies. Southern European governments need their fiscal space back or they will become further delegitimated.

  78. Wendy Harris

    Well if that happens, we may have to send EU workers back home to countries like yours. You had better hope for their sake that we prosper. That applies to all of those people who depend on British jobs. If the EU punishes us then it will be punishing all of those who work in our country.

    • Hahahaha

      Company’s can move country very easily Wendy. Just look at all the manufacturing companies that left the UK for China. I know of two investment banks that have relocated to Dublin from London already. Jobs follow money.

      Do you expect the EU or even the world to reward your vote? You wiped billions of dollars off the value of companies all over the world and you think the directors of these companies will look kindly on your countries idiotic decision making. This was a huge mistake and your incompetent government will be going in to negotiations after proverbially kicking sand in the oppositions eyes.

      Brexit has financially and politically screwed almost every country the UK hopes to get a good deal from.

    • Yasmine

      You don’t have to send them anywhere because they will just move together with the jobs and the employers (banks, EU institutions etc) . No one is going to hire you simply because you are British. They will go where they will get the people they want that are going to produce the results they need.

  79. Hahahaha

    BREXITERS know what they voted against.

    They didn’t know what they were voting for.

    Brexiters voted for…
    A recession
    Increasing the £1.56 trillion uk debt
    Lower wages
    Lower benefits
    Lower standards of living
    Lower house prices
    Reduced pensions
    Fewer job opportunities
    Devaluation (of your own savings)
    Worse working rights
    Worse human rights
    Travel restrictions
    Higher fuel costs
    Higher food / clothing / goods costs
    Higher insurance premiums
    Higher mortgage payments
    Higher borrowing costs
    Higher education fees
    Higher unemployment
    Worse housing standards
    An easier terror target
    The break up of the UK
    The loss of outlying territories

    Brexiters voted for this all while stood shoulder to shoulder with fascists, racists and idiots. Claiming that it was done in the name of democracy… taking away power from a mostly democratic EU and handing it back to a totalitarian monarch and a select few British political elite backed by the Queens nominated Lords and Barron’s. Because they always looked after you, right. And the UK can definitely negotiate a better deal, just as Cameron did for you in January. You know, the one that wasn’t good enough for you and your imperialist fantasies of grandeur.

    I left years ago. I did not like what England had become, a fascist state misdirected by impressive propaganda clinging on to an old way that no longer exists, so I do have to say

    Congratulations, you got what you wanted. You are the orchestrators of your own demise.

    When Scotland votes to leave the UK I shall stand proudly on the boarder laughing while pissing on your crappy broke country.

    Scotland united the UK, it will break it up.

    • Yasmine


    • john

      to ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. I will tell you what the british citizens voted and won the democratic vote for . just ask the germans French swiss about all the rapes and stupid ideologies. british prison’s bursting full of immegrants. enoch powell was 100% correct open a tin of worms and see what it does they are evil people most of them.

  80. MUSAIX

    it’s high time so say goodbye to the UK and welcome to Turkey ;)

  81. EU reform- proactive

    Brexit is a serious wake up call- long overdue & has even woken up it’s- passed on- originators! Clearly, Brexit suffers a serious design fault by its designers & subsequent designers.
    A rejection, cannot be blamed on the UK public, nor on any other countries who will in future chose to leave as well! The system & its leaders are SOLELY at fault- not anyone within the confused public! No person nor any national multi party politics can be blamed to rectify the flaws.

    Q: So, where is the flaw in its design?

    A: The origin & basic design beginnings were correct- the later additions & modifications were misguided & wrong- sorry guys!

    Why: It became an unwieldy monolithic political block- driven by misguided EU over enthusiasm, overlooking consequential weaknesses & avoiding a systems failure mechanism! The failure was build into the system over time!

    How to fix it? Proposal: Change to an EU MODULAR political system!

    Q: How?
    A; By revamping & changing the present EU structures in a way to make it possible to add various pre designed political modules- as & when required to the system by any country when choosing to do so democratically!

    Called the Political European LEGO system! Thanks to a clever carpenter called Ole Christiansen (1891-1958)! If he stills owns copyright than one has to find another name!

    The NEW European political game & tool that will take Europe by storm! Easy to understand and to build!

    The one big Lego block is trade- which everyone has agreed on from early & humble beginnings.

    Any additional block- political “module” will be designed to be “self contained” & insulated & independent from the base module, to easily add or taken away when wanted or not wanted any more- without the need to change the base (trade)- shock absorbing all others!

    Lets hear if such political modular system is acceptable, an improvement, viable & desire able. If politicians & lawyers have a problem- we call upon the simple LEGO carpenters again to assist!

  82. Darren

    Hahaha if you actually read what I wrote you would know that I voted remain but democracy being democracy i accept the result. You are now hearing that from the leave campaign that they will have to accept that 52 to 48 is not a huge win and therefor for the sake of unity the remain voters have to have their view accounted for in the renegotiation.
    This is a lesson for the EU on how democracy works by not ignoring the minority and finding a balance that everyone can live with.
    In my view this will be a good thing for Europe and the UK we will still have what we have now but we won’t be in a political union which Britain never wanted.
    A lot of hysteria going on for something that is for the good of the EU and the UK.

    • catherine benning

      @ Darren:

      The hysteria is becasue they won’t have our money to fund their anti democratic policies. Policies that they knew and still know their citizenry don’t want.

      How many of their States people want mass immigration from outside their border. Millions of foreign cultures that cannot integrate with a system that proclaims equality for its people. The wierd decision to allow most of the thrid world to get into boats and swim into the arms of the already poverty stricken regions of Europe was taken by inept and possibly, maddened by power, leaders. Not once did they take into account the voice of the people who pay their wages. The citizens of Europe are these two faced goons employers. Remember that when you scramble for the crumbs dropping from the feasts they have on your tax bill.

      And, this is what happens. As in historical France under the cry for ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ it all ends with Madame Guillotine.

  83. Gyorgy

    Democracy is not referendums. Democracy is about electing and deposing leaders since the inception of democracy. That is democracy. As you may know even the current referendum is not legally binding. Only the Parliament’s decision is legally binding. It is the xenophobic corrupted adventurer anti-European gipsy Tories decision to follow through with it, otherwise it should only be advisory.

    • catherine benning


      I have been reading quite a bit of your thinking on here.

      And you are one heck of a d u m b-d u d e.

      Democracy is direct. One man one vote. Along with the absolute voice of, ‘no taxation without representation.’ If you want to be taxed to the hilt without being able to ‘VOTE’ against policies dictators want to push at you like them or not, then you should be wearing a sandwich board with, ‘PRIZE MUG,’ written on both sides of it.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Hi Catherine, Gyorgy or György seems to hail from Hungary. Hungarians are normally nice folks. When on the run from the Soviets in 1956 many fled to Austria & all over (even UK has ~50k) who granted many Hungarian shelter from the oppression of the USSR. Seems, some have forgotten when the Soviets imposed THEIR policies on them. Now it is the EU paradise. This guy is is full of beans- best to be ignored.

    • Gyorgy


      You have no ideea about European countries by listing this historical bullshit. Probably you are thinking they are like England but in a different language. It’s Europe now.

  84. Gyorgy

    Just blatant lies. The UK payed almost the same as Spain in the EU budget, at the fourth place of the top contributors. (First are Germany, France, Italy). As for democracy all EU officials are either elected or appointed by elected people, much like a million British civil servants.

    • catherine benning


      Wrong. First in Britain the name civil servant is a name given to all those who work in government funded outfits. It includes many part of the NHS.

      Next, the civil servants you are speaking of work in Whitehall, where they carry out the policies of the present government, whichever colour they may be, left or right of the political spectrum. They are, in effect, administrators that have no say in the direction the country is going.

      And last but not least the British pay this much to the EU. Like it or not. That is a fact. How much do you blood succours pay?

      And what else you should know about the legality of this union we have.

      However, that is not all you need to take into account. It is what this union is costing us all in the policy agenda they have. One of the major factors being uncontrolled immigration from unsuitable for integration countries, from outside its borders, who have millions of people unable to either read, write or have any connection to, and social cohesion with, our States.

      And then there is the unknown factors of what tomorrow will bring. There is no democracy and therefore no control over their policies. They are determined to reduce the common man of Europe to the level of paupers. And the open door policy, with ever expanding programmes from outside its borders, is a way of forcing our people into low wage street beggars.

      And why do I say that. Well ‘equality’ to all is the mantra. So, they have to bring down the levels of salary to achieve this kind of equality for they cannot and do not want to raise. it. The only way they can raise the standard of living for all, is to impoverish the workforce by increasing their taxes so that they are unable to live at their present standard of living. The must work more hours, be paid less and face removal of their, pensions, health care, free education, social housing and neglect the infrastructure. Whilst those who are making all the profits from our labour in this move are refusing to pay the same tax level as the common man. Creating billionaires who want even more.

      As Warren Buffet said in an interview, he being a multi billionaire, ‘I pay less tax than my cleaner’.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Aghh siss- another fail!

      As said before, Stats are to be read & interpreted intelligently! If- than you would find that Spain (although contributing like everyone else) the “NET” effect is, that Spain is subsidized (also referred to as “beggar nation” by some) collectively by the ~10 EU “donors” or net contributors within the EU, expressed in EUR millions:

      3.811,7 in 2006, 3.651,8 in 2007, 2.813,2, in 2008, 1.181,7 in 2009, 4.100,9 in 2010, 2.995,0 in 2011, 3.999,0 in 2012, 3.058,3 in 2013 and 1.090,6 in 2014

      Can you understand that?

    • Gyorgy

      Catherine: the civil servants in Whitehall do very much have a say in the direction the country is going because the ministers themselves don’t have the professional qualities needed to make actual decisions. The actual decisions are made by advisors and bureaucrats. The elected politicians take their advice and communicate them to the people. The economy, running of public services are very much a science nowadays, with full university grade qualifications required to do run them.

  85. Andrewc

    Can’t wait for new(old) black passport now I’m a British citizen not eu

  86. GANI

    Osborne announced a tax increase in order to stabilize UKs financial situation after the Brexit!! Really necessary ?? :-(

    • catherine benning


      If you believe that you are deluded. Whitehall is run by the Globalists who are all over our Parliament, a huge contingent of them from outside the UK. In fact, the advisors you suggest are indeed Americans who are paid a fortune to tell us what to follow and how to work the markets and run our campaigns to fool the people. Just as they do it in the US. And they are furious with the out vote, it makes them look fools. So they resort to the old race card, 17.5 million Brits are racists and xenophobes who detest their country being turned into the hell holes of Mumbai. It is a mind game they are playing with us all. And it is aimed at the British culture to a point where we are being stifled by it.

      They are the minions who will do anything they are told. The Media, including BBC and Channel 4 especially, are likewise stooges of the Globalist power that has taken over our country but is kept very quiet indeed.That is until they have the balls to advertise openly for non white applicants. The journalists terrified to speak out and speak the truth. They are forbidden to reveal what they know, under threat of impoverishment if they do.

      Why do you think London voted in? It voted in because the majority who live there are immigrant or of immigrant descent. White flight has taken hold of that city to either the home counties or outer London boroughs., Which is why you will see from those areas they voted out, in the main.

      They had to leave London, but, be close enough to remain in their jobs. So they commute from miles away at a cost of half their earnings, as the life in London is so degrading and impossible to raise a family they cannot do anything else.

      This is why there was an out vote, because it could not be stood any more.

      And right across Europe they are lying about it. We have terrible and massive problems from this kind of immigration. Our children are being raped in their thousands in cities where they don’t want to discuss it. Women, immigrants, in their thousands are lined up at our hospitals with problems they are having to deal with from having been mutilated by female genital cutting. Honour killing is rampant. Domestic violence and child abuse is at levels we cannot sustain.

      Many entering our country are filled with all kinds of terrible disease like turberculosis and AIDS, along with rickets and birth defects from cultural interbreeding. This is not a handful of people, it is in the thousands and our NHS cannot take the strain. We are having to wait weeks to see our doctor, and if you have an urgent required surgery, it takes two months minimum for an appointment. The government has declined to give us medication needed to cure us of cancer, and yet, you think we are going to stay inside a group of the kind you have run by madmen, akin to Merkel. .

      How dare you or they threaten us with financial hardship when we decide to cut ourselves free of this madhouse. How dare they stand there and tell usl it is good for us. Who it is good for is them. They get cheap unpaid for gardeners, nannies, housekeepers, drivers and all the other little perks they get from having underlings doing their chores.

      They get people terrified to take time off whilst sick because they will have no job to return to if they do. And they have others who cannot get paid for hours spent at work because no customer came through the door on their shift. We are a third world country and we, the people, don’t want it.

  87. Paul S

    Well as a British Citizen I am deeply saddened by the last week. To all in Europe you are our friends please remember you are better off without us as we are worse off without you. A tory party issue, ukip taking votes, has back fired. We have to life with this now though.

  88. Victor Kogan-Yasny

    Probably, ordinary people will become a little more politically serious and responsible, politicians will become a little less self-confident. Difficulties are coming and will continue for every of them, for all of us, in the EU or far from it

  89. catherine benning

    Other than carrying out the Article 50 requirement, we need do nothing but continue our own policies. Example, close doors to any further migrants from in or outside the EU. As we certainly don’t need more human resources to bleed us dry in the UK. We are overrun. Simply disengage until and if Europe offers us a deal we like.

    There is no legal obligation for GB to do anything. We voted out. Which means all previous Treaty requirements are null and void.

    Presently the dummies we are being offered as leaders in the UK are unfit for purpose. Theresa May is a joke. Eagle, on the other team is a peculiar weeping lunatic and Boris Johnson needs to worry about his infantile clinging to fear of a decent hair cut. The men who are fit, for some reason, are being side tracked.

    So, article 50 is a must, after that, do what we feel we should.

    EU must understand and quick, that they are no longer the punch behind our policies. It is nothing to do with any of them what we decide is right for us. If Scotland want to keep their status within it,, then let them, Along with the Spanish group and all other breakaway groups who want to split from their governments. Let them all do their deals on the side, as they have no economy of consequence, except perhaps the Spanish sector.

    So, Juncker, and the rest of that unelected bunch of blood suckers, can go and play footsie under the table with whichever gender they have a penchant for. Turkey is begging you to take them. And once you have Syria in your grasp, via funding yanks behind it, Israel will be able to squeeze your balls the way they are longing to do, and have been longing to since 1945.

    Good luck.

    • Peter

      Murdoch zombieism on the move. Gimme brainz.

      I know it is not that easy, but please at least try to imagine what disadvantages nation-state-only or only-‘rich’-state ideologies have.

    • Peter

      Next up: referendums on mid-east policy, financial transaction tax and TTIP courts!

    • Gyorgy

      referendum on Scotland and Ireland. vote leave!

  90. Lore Schmid

    First 4 Brexit and now there’s all the time in the world….who knows perhaps we’ll witness an exit from the Brexit

  91. Mariana Giozova

    Well this is British decision. Everywhere people should be asked,what they really want. Politicians can not act instead their people. Good done Brits!

  92. Manuel Alegria

    what are they still here for???
    and why the delay on artº 50…
    UK where not in EU for real… nothing will be lost…

  93. Manuel Alegria

    what are they still here for???
    and why the delay on artº 50…
    UK where not in EU for real… nothing will be lost…

    • Paul X

      The UK can take as long as it wants, the referendum was an internal UK issue and the EU has no say on the matter until article 50 is invoked

      “nothing will be lost”…. well, not once they find another sucker country to fill the 8Bn Euro black hole that will be left in the EU budget

  94. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    It does seem the EU Parliament key members want them gone. is it because they are a hindrance in decision making insisting on unethical measures or preventing ethical or good for Europe measures? From what I have read the UK seems to want to align with the US and it’s unethical privatisation of health and prisons etc. It seems to want trade with countries that use exploited labour and lack regulations from agriculture to quality of products. If the EU wants to preserve it’s seemingly ethical values and the UK is preventing this-let them go. Although I feel sorry for the people of the UK. Also I read the city of London is running the British overseas tax haven network and most likely doesn’t want it regulated by the EU [George Monbiot article]:

  95. Andrei Alexandrov

    Everyone with a little knowledge in EU politics knows that this was the worst decision for UK and the time will prove that. Sadly, most of the UK people voted emotionally, without any knowledge about the real situation and the consequences that it will bring. Not EU should be worried about its future, UK should.

  96. Faddi Zsolt

    Britain will make an Union with the USA and Canada signing the TTIP. In Europe there will be massive reforms and decisionmaking goes back in the hands of national governments.

  97. Earl

    Could we please get one thing straight?
    Those who voted to leave were no more or less intelligent than those who voted to remain. None of us were fooled by lies from either side, neither were we all frightened by fear tactics. Some voted for what was best for them, some voted for what they thought was best for their country, the remainder also voted for what they thought was best for their country with emphasis on democracy.

    • Peter

      The problem is that it is very difficult to communicate something complex like the EU cooperations with all their advantages and disadvantages for a single person or the country in necessarily simplifying referendum campaigns. Additionally, there is a lot of reality you will block out in simple yes-no decisions. The criticism is on the campaigners, not on the voters.

      I would like to underline the above post, summing up again what Brexit stands for:

    • Earl

      “Simple yes-no decisions” So what would you suggest? Yes, No, Perhaps Yes, Perhaps No, Probably or Probably Not. All the so called facts, were NOT facts, they were and still are opinions and forecasts, many of which were from those with vested interests. One of my friends was voting to remain, when I asked him “why?” his reply was “I’ve got money in the stock market”
      The reality is, the E.U. has their agenda and there is no way that they are going to change it, slowly but surely they are eroding our democracy, all over Europe the people are disillusioned with the E.U.
      Sometimes there more important things than money, this time it was democracy and freedom.

    • Earl

      “Simple yes-no decisions” So what would you suggest? Yes, No, Perhaps Yes, Perhaps No, Probably or Probably Not. All the so called facts, were NOT facts, they were and still are opinions and forecasts, many of which were from those with vested interests. One of my friends was voting to remain, when I asked him “why?” his reply was “I’ve got money in the stock market”
      The reality is, the E.U. has their agenda and there is no way that they are going to change it, slowly but surely they are eroding our democracy, all over Europe the people are disillusioned with the E.U.
      Sometimes there’s more important things than money, this time it was democracy and freedom.

    • Peter

      Dear Earl,

      an alternative to an in/out referendum would have been a pooling with quite anglophile Germans/Dutch/Belgians/Irish/Scandinavians/Baltics/Central Europeans, but basically all other European governments, to push for more EU democracy as you want it (and we all here do).

      Another alternative would have been e.g. a referendum on whether the British want a stronger European Parliament, thus more democracy. That’s not what Cameron did. Why?

      The EU isn’t about stock markets, but about cooperation across borders (including regulating financial markets in order to not repeat 2008 crisis). Many problems don’t stop at the British coast. EU rights protect against some hire-and-fire policies and ensure several further social and many environmental standards which now can easily be abandoned by the British government in the interest of the bosses … ahem … people …

      British taxpayers have no problem of spending for development aid to third world countries and a huge high-tech army, but when it comes to the southern and central European neighbourhood, <1% of GDP EU-contribution is suddenly a huge waste of money? Please, how seriously is that?

      You chose following some racist agenda (e.g. Now quite a part of the British youth that wanted to remain is going to the streets as they feel cut from the continent and deprived of opportunities. Britain rather likely will not even gain any control 'back' (which it 'lost' before to many EU policy fields with British veto right or blocking possibility…) because of necessary future trade deals, meaning Britain lost influence maybe without gaining anything. Did you talk about that with your friends?

    • Earl

      “You chose following some racist agenda”
      Assumptions, assumptions, me thinks you assume too much. Many of my friends come from ethnic minorities, who also voted to leave, my Doctor is also, a better friend you couldn’t wish for. We’re not all racist, for years if anybody mentioned immigration you were immediately labelled as a racist, only recently did politicians listen to the arguments and actually debate it. Approximately 130 Conservative MPs backed Brexit, I suppose they are racist too?

    • Peter

      @ Earl

      Maybe I didn’t formulate clear enough. This Mrs Bramall who financed almost a quarter of the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign is a former member of the British Nationalist Party and you probably know what their agenda is. It’s not very credible if she anounces that she didn’t know that she was party member while her husband is an BNP activist…

      I don’t think at all that all or only a majority of Brexit voters are racists, but that racists took and take a huge influence on Britains present policy. But that is only one of my many points. Don’t you see any advantages in European cooperation? That would be really astonishing.

    • Earl

      Don’t you see any advantages in European cooperation?
      Well of course I do, we should work with all countries around the world including European countries, cooperation is fine, we have no gripe with any of the people who live in Europe, they have the same problems as we do, some are far worse off than we are and I feel for them but, their and our situation isn’t getting any better being ruled by Brussels, if that wasn’t the case, why are so many people in Europe so disillusioned with the E.U. and calling for referendums?
      What we object to is having our democracy taken away, and being ruled by unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. Look up word “Democracy” on the web, and then tell me the E.U. is democratic, IT’S NOT.
      With ref. the B.N.P. article, corruption is rife in this country, we see it every day in the news papers.
      And finally, had the result of referendum been to “Remain” would you still be looking for ways discredit the campaigns? I admit it was far from honest on either side but, that’s life, sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.

  98. Dimitrie-dan Vorobchievici

    look at putin tells everyone exactly who created isis

    1. where is the truth?
    what opinion have the parts?
    what opinion have the parts implicated in the conflicts?

    2. it s look like u.s. and russia, have any more silent common understandings?
    when was the issue of ukraine i had the feeling that russia has fallen scapegoat of the tacit understanding (in terms of conflicts and arms sales, ……….) that thay was haved with u.s.a and practical u.s.a.. he turned his back on russia’s tacit understanding
    u.s.a. practicaly becoming more powerful compared with russia with a market stronger in e.u., ………., influence, ……….

    3. the next step was u.k.
    a weakening of the u.k. and strengthening, reinforcement at the u.s.a?
    a weakening’s of the e.u. and strengthening, reinforcement at the u.s.a?

    which is the u.e. interest?
    which is the u.s.a. interest?
    which is the russia’s interest?
    which is the u.k. interest?
    which is the ……………….. interest?

    which are the next steps on your strategy?

  99. The UK made a mistake

    we are all gunna die!

    • Peter

      You’re right. We don’t need any hysteria here. Let’s make the best possible out of the situation now.

  100. Gavin Dyball

    A poor England and Wales. Wales economy don’t contribute hardly anything to the coffers. Large corporations and companies are relocating to EU states that will reduce our tax revenues massively. The pound has lost 30%of its value. Billions have been lost in the stock exchange. The construction industry has all but stopped. Wages will fall prices will rise. Less money for defence and security. Bye bye aircraft carriers destroyers trident (not that we need it anyway) and the raf will have ten planes. No Hunter subs. Less money for the NHS thus third world medical services or even the death of the NHS. The biggest tax contributors are all going. A ll you leave voters on benefits if I was you I’d be very concerned. Food stamps and trailer parks for you. England and Wales could not afford the standard of living we now enjoy. No money for science and technology and medical research and less for schools and universities. Sound good, well that is what you are going to get when not if the UK disintegrates which it is as they have already made abundantly clear. Happy independence all. What a tragedy! I seriously hope that the EU do not abandon the half of the UK and take notice. They must reform and create a more democratic process and give us the power to refuse entry to criminals and non EU nationals. Imposing quotas while a Noble idea was suicidal and a big reason behind the result as I’m sure that it was in the back of peoples minds when they voted. The EU isn’t perfect but we should be leading it into a acceptable Union not be outside with no say at all. I hope that the Muslim community do not feel hated, marginalised and as unequal citizens and I hope that our failing democracy does not swing to the right. History has taught us a big lesson there. Equal rights and opportunities for all is the only way to run a society. Reform please EU is what we want, now listen the UK has spoken. I voted remain and want to be in the EU as a proud European and I want to see the UK engage more and contribute to a new treaty that is acceptable and democratic. Let’s lead not hide. They have to make concessions as it’s original purpose was to prevent wars and promote integration and equity and justice and tolerance and the fair distribution of wealth.

    • Earl

      Gavin Dyball
      “it’s original purpose was to prevent wars and promote integration and equity and justice and tolerance and the fair distribution of wealth”.
      That’s what they told you and you fell for it and still believe it. The E.U. agenda is to take away each countries sovereignty and democracy, and be ruled by a Brussel’s dictatorship. They are already calling for an E.U. army, next would be to disband our army and eventually disolve our Parliament. All across Europe people are disillusioned with the E.U. and calling for reform but, will they listen, NO! It’s simply NOT in their agenda. The E.U. works on the principal ” if you want to boil a frog, do it slowly, that way they don’t know they’re being cooked”

    • Peter

      @ Earl

      Do you honestly believe in what you write? In what way is the EU a dictatorship? There is no Kim Yong Juncker … He has much more limited powers than any national executive and he has to answer the European Parliament and Council, both democratically elected chambers, just as your Prime minister has to answer your House of Commons and House of Lords. Well, one could reasonably argue that the Council is more democratic than House of Lords lifetime peers…

      EU will never disband national Parliaments.

      An EU army would be very reasonable in my view, but as it seems they already shy away further integration here except minor cooperation. We waste billions for national arms industries and parallel military structures!

      People increasingly realize EU benefits. We should be grateful that English Brexitism stymies right wing ‘populists’ all over Europe ( I feel only sorry for the British people, esp. non-elite remainers as leavers that will notice joblessness and falling real wages first.

    • Earl

      So, you’d be happy to have an E.U. army, then it follows our army would be surplus to requirements, would it?
      Anyway, it isn’t going to happen, give it a few more years and there won’t be an E.U. at least not in it’s present form.
      Re. “joblessness and falling wages” tell that to France, Italy and Greece.

    • Peter

      @ Earl

      It is hypthetical post-Brexit, but British (and French) Navy and Air Force could remain leading parts so that e.g. German army could reduce forces there and specialize in other branches needed, whatever pooling would be reasonable. I hope the remaining EU will continue with that.

      Apart from that: I absolutely don’t want to imagine what the 2% of German and others GDP should be spend on. It would mean an almost doubling of German military spending up to Russian levels! Meanwhile our schools and universities starve and in 10 years there will be a huge gap in pensions system. That’s insane! But I am not at all surprised that jelly Merkel bowed to Obamas pressure here.

      Austerity policies are another Merkel madness. While they make sense in general, they must not stall investment. Anyhow jobless rates in Greece and Spain fell at least somewhat in recent years (

  101. Sheffield

    Really sad that this has happened – I feel part of the European Union but best get on with dealing with the consequences.

  102. Gavin Dyball

    Please please please not Brexit. What will happen to social justice and human development And social mobility. Our largest tax payers and jumping ship, less wealth and jobs. Break up of the UK and civil strife. Illigimate referendum due to the demagogue politicians stirring up hatred and fear and their contempt of the advice of experts. Come on this is a representative democracy and direct democracy is mob rule as it disregards minority ethnic groups etc and gives rise to the right and dictatorship. Band together you who value peace prosperity social justice and mobility and human development. If we let these ideologues win then blood will be spilt and our lives as we know it are no more. Rise, fight for justice equity and every good thing. Love Britain and Europe for we are one.

    • Gavin Dyball

      Let’s nip the right in the bud NOW. Before they grow in power
      Love not hatred.

  103. Peter

    As oppurtunistic as they may be, Leadsom and Johnson after all announced that EU nationals should stay in the UK, so that UK can stay part of the single market. At least some faint light on the horizon as the discussion turns!

    • catherine benning

      @ Peter:

      Opportunism is more on the side of May. The worst Home Secretary the country has had to swallow for a years. She is the establishment choice, which means more of the same. No change and lots more falsification of facts.

      And of course a great deal more collusion in the demise of opposition.

  104. Marco Peel

    The real question is why the EU so easily accepts the results of a barely conclusive 51.9% “leave” result in the UK, while it just as easily ignored a clear 61.3% “no” result on austerity in Greece (2015).
    Why this sudden haste? A lot can change in the coming years of negotiations…

    • Peter

      The EU had respected the Greek “no”, it was the Tsipras government that chose austerity in exchange for new loans. They could have respected the people’s vote with the consequence that Greece would have had to exit the EU. But they did not.

      Pressure for haste is mainly due to the old saying that uncertainty is toxic for the economy I would assume, maybe together with a pinch of malice for the trouble Cameron caused with his power play on the expense of the EU. Investment is already on hold and consumer trust fell sharply. That will probably be felt on the British labour market soon.

  105. Peter

    Mayday, mayday! Newest Brexi-Fleer: Leadsom No. 3 downing street democracy ;)

    Time to continue Thatcher-Cameron games with Europeans …

  106. Yasmin

    I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading on the topic trying to figure out what the potential impact of Brexit might be… Since different facts and data were all over the Internet, I decided to create an infographic that summarises the most trustworthy information I collected from top media. You can view the infographic here –, its focus is How Could Brexit Affect Careers & Education, but also businesses. I’d be more than happy to hear your opinion and feedback!

  107. Roger Bylèhn

    To be honest, now we wait and see what the upper classes decides are best for them…I mean the country.

    God Jul!

  108. Nando Aidos

    Now? I want one of those umbrellas! Just to remind us that flags are to protect us from the rain and not to hit each other with.
    (I know, the preposition is not well placed, but it gets the point across)

    • Stephen Pockley

      Why won’t it??
      Please give your reasons

    • Wolfgang Mizelli

      call it a shrewed suspicion! But there are some signs! first there is to much fuzz about the hows and whens, second there is a court ruling pending, third it will ruin uk and eu. any politician without sucidial tendencies won’t risk that. and still there are negotiations to come. and we can’t simply afford it. non of us!

    • Wolfgang Mizelli

      Rémi Martin a lot can happen until 2019!

    • Robin Coates

      stop paying in jan 01, we’d soon be thrown out ?

    • Wendy Harris

      You don’t understand the British people if you think Brexit won’t happen. This has become a fight for freedom and we are quite good at that sort of thing. Plus we don’t take kindly to being bullied by a little upstart from a country with a population the size of one of our towns. The more Juncker threatens the more he exposes the dictatorship the EU has become. The question next year will be whether the freedom fighters of France will find the courage to strike the fatal blow to this corrupt institution of elites.

    • Wolfgang Mizelli

      Wendy Harris sorry, but it’s bloody Jingoism, working for peace and freedom looks a bit different.

    • Stephen Pockley

      Wolfgang Mizelli I think you massively underestimate the Anti EU feeling in the UK.Besides all hell will break loose if this gets blocked.

    • Ntinos Gotzis

      no, are underestimated all the anti EU feelings in every country

    • Rémi Martin

      C’est plutôt toi qui rêve que la dictature européenne va vivre éternellement, atterris!

  109. Andrew Potts

    The reaction by the EU leadership to Britain a multicultural democracy leaving the EU is ” there is something wrong with them” the truth is they should be looking at themselves and saying ” how did we lose the trust of our fellow Europeans” Juncker should resign and the EU should start looking after European interests.

    • Jean-Pierre Rosa

      They did not loose the trust, they could just not counter the level of ignorance of the masses

    • Wendy Harris

      You mean the masses have not been brainwashed as effectively as you have.

    • David Fuzzey

      Actually we voted to leave hell.

    • Iasen Kostov

      What are you waiting for ?

    • Tazul Kazal

      Just leave now and Why are crying for?
      India is much better off British, 5 th largest Economy globally and
      UE will be the same much better off UK.
      You have to put a billboard : Too Late The United Kingdom. (so call UK)

    • Tazul Kazal

      The Door is open and Just leave now.
      Why do British people are asking for another Referendum???
      Why do your leaders say it will take 10 years??
      The World will better off ” Brexit”

  110. Stan Slavov

    The moment uk 🇬🇧 leave eu and all migrants go home is the moment of realising the big f up ….

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  111. Andrew Potts

    They did not lose trust ? Dream on Jean its not ignorance its judging the facts and coming to a different conclusion then the EU leadership. Unfortunately like you they pass off a different view point as ignorance instead of asking does it have merit.

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