Many Europeans would consider ‘immigration’ to be one of their biggest concerns. The referendum debate in the UK, for example, has been dominated by discussion of Polish plumbers, Syrian refugees, and Turkish EU membership. The fine details often get lost in the scrum of public opinion; Asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants, EU migrants, and even ethnic minorities and second- or third-generation migrants all get swirled together into a great lump of “foreigners”.

There’s currently no real single EU immigration and asylum policy, but rather a mixed approach. For example, EU Member States have the right to determine admission rates for people coming from third countries to seek work (though an EU legal migration policy is currently under discussion). Likewise, although the EU has been building a Common European Asylum System since 1999, implementation is often patchy at best, particularly in the face of the current refugee and migrant crisis.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently called for a complete overhaul of EU migration rules. Given that immigration is a common European concern, should more effort be made to coordinate national policies, and to strengthen a common European response? If we all worked together, could migration and asylum flows be managed sustainably? Or is that just a high-minded liberal pipedream?

Curious to know more about migration policy in Europe? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).


We had a comment from Christos arguing that there should be a “common EU immigration policy, [which is] something that our leaders are failing to do and agree on”.

To get a rection, we put Christos’ comment to Kristof Tamas, Director, Head of Secretariat of Delmi, the Swedish-based Migration Studies Delegation. Is it accurate to talk about an “EU immigration policy”, or are there rather several national policies (often working at loggerheads)?

kristof-tamasI would say both exist in parallel. There is an EU policy from what is called the ‘EU acquis’, with Directives and Regulations at the EU level that EU Member States are bound to implement. But, at the same time, especially regarding labour immigration and regulations concerning the rules for family reunification, EU Member States still have their own legal frameworks in place. Also when it comes to integration, which is more an EU Member State competency. So, I would say both. They both exist in parallel.

To get another reaction, we also spoke to Benjamin Ward, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia Division. When it came to asylum policy, he argued that the theory was very different than the reality:

benjamin-wardWell, there is supposed to be a Common European Asylum System, and inherent in that is the notion of common standards of protection and processing across the EU-28. The reality is, as Christos suggests, rather different. And, certainly in the context of the last year or so, we have seen what we have described as a kind of ‘beggar thy neighbour’ approach, where individual Member States have sought, by building fences and putting into place abusive policies, to redirect flows of asylum seekers and migrants away from their territory and towards the territory of other Member States. That approach is not going to work in the long term, and what we actually need is a system of shared responsibility across the EU-28. And, in fact, if that happened – if it wasn’t the case that only a few countries bore the majority of the arrivals – then the numbers would be manageable. But, obviously, if you have a situation where Germany, Greece, Sweden, and a handful of others are taking everyone who arrives in the EU, then it’s not sustainable.

Does Europe need a common immigration policy? Do separate national policies lead to ‘beggar thy neighbour’ situations? Would greater coordination between EU Member States help everyone better manage migrant flows? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Europe needs to dust off those books on human dignity!
    Then we can talk about policies…

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The EU, together with the rest of the world, BRICS, the US, Canada, Australia and the rest should work together to create a policy for improving life and work conditions globally so there won’t be any economic migrants. Don’t just create trade deals where corporations abuse other countries low standard of living and bad work conditions. Create social trading policies that ban products made by these slave labour countries, sanction countries that do not guarantee a good standard of living for their population and workers. And create a global program to help these countries raise their standards of living and work conditions. None of the EU’s economic problems will get solved unless their is a global social policy plus regulations on exploiters of humanity.

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      most of the immigrants are coming from sub Saharan Africa and are not part of the lowest class but rather the middle class of Africa trying to reach higher opportunities in Europe. Why should Europe open its doors to a people that had told European refugees to leave after the second world war. Refugees from Eastern Europe in many sub Saharan African countries were told to leave once the war ended forcing those people to live in the communist dystopia that followed mostly because those people reminded them of the British and French occupiers. Now these people that have a history of genocide on other, for example Tanzania and the genocide on the Omani Arabs of the coast in 1964, or Uganda and the forced expulsion of the Indians in the 70s have no right to enter Europe especially since they are neither fleeing war nor destruction and are instead trying to get more money. It is telling that many of these people go to Germany and Sweden that offer far more in welfare than the Czech or Lithuanians ever could.

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    Dobromir Panchev

    Migration is mostly caused by poor/impossible living conditions and life threats. The problem can only be solved where its origins are.

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      Well, Sigmar Gabriel, is a bad example of the European Union.
      The Socialist parties in Europe are crazy anyway.
      And, I tell you why I think the whole EU has become crazy.
      Sigmar Gabriel told German socialist on a speech: “Only old man from Britain and Wales voted for the Brexit. Let us, German Socialists said, let us be for DUAL Citizenship – guaranteeing, that YOUNG Britains in Germany and Italy can still be EUROPEAN Citizens !
      Furthermore, Gabriel called the Brexit voters National egoists !
      People, wake up – LEAVE the EU, as Germany wants to be the greatest “hero” Country, just to have the alone power in the EU. And Gabriel was talking about
      EUROPEAN Citizen, he did not talk about German Citizens, or Italian citizens,
      etc., etc. – As well, when we are considered to be only EUROPEAN citizens,
      than we not far away of the NEW WORLD ORDER, or about the French Revolution, again. We are still GERMAN, Swiss, British, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Austrian – but we are NOT European citizens !
      To make all People same, means – to kill the individuality of People,
      that is brainwashing, mady by Mister Sigmar Gabriel and his united socialist in
      the EU. Stop this Socialist, or don’t you remember the National SOCIALISTS,
      the Nazis, in Germany ???

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      YES, you can not trust Brussel, and you can not trust Sigmar Gabriel,
      and all the Eurocrats – and shame on those British, who can not accept
      a democratic Referendum (Brexit). Shame on you, 52 % are enough.
      Point !

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    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    You must take under serious consideration the immigration policy except you have decided already to make Europe a multi-color diversity state…

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    Thomas Hou

    The problem we have to fix in Europe is nationalism and xenophobia, not immigration. Actually immigration is a solution against the demographic decline of Europe..

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Thomas Hou
      CONTROLLED IMMIGRATION is reasonable, to do otherwise means you challenge the ‘Malthusian’ Catastrophe and too encourage ‘survival of the sh1t#est’.

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      Paul X

      The problem with the demographic argument is…

      1. There will be an optimum number of migrants that any particular country can absorb before the benefits they bring start to be outweighed by the strain they put on the infrastructure of that country

      2. To be thriving and successful a population needs to include a wide range of people with a variety of skills, talents, abilities, attitudes, work ethics etc

      The reality of life is that to meet these criteria you need some form of immigration control or else you eventually end up with either an overcrowded under resourced country or one full of incompetent layabouts……or if your really unlucky… both

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      EU reform- proactive

      Sorry, that is only senseless pc talk! Robotics will cause the next wave of unemployment. The rest will be recruited when needed. The imminent EU collapse will add a few more excess politicians to the scrapheap. Any takers?

      It is not only “independence day” for the UK, but equally an encouragement for the rest of Europe to start and rebuild a Europe for Europeans- not the Bilderberg cabal.

      Thank you UK- “Europe” needs you more than ever in future!

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      Well, we Need tougher Immigration rules, like in Australia !
      So, the European Union is to blame, that they allow anybody to enter Europe !
      And the European Union is to blame that they call their citizens Europeans,
      instead of Germans, Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
      We are People of a certain Nation (we are NOT Europeans), so therefore we
      should be proud of our COUNTRY, but with that European idea, it all started to be mad ! – Stop the EU !

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    I agree with all arguments above, We have made human rights and we are meant to be treating everybody with care yet we don’t seem to be caring about the migrants enough. There is no sense of urgency they need help, and are in life threatening situations. Why are we even questioning if there should be policy’s? That’s not the issue, the only policy we need is to get as many migrants as possible to safety. There’s no argument against that we cant keep denying them from are country. We need to work together to bring the rest of the world into this and spread them out so we get to the point where the problem is solved. If transport, getting them over to the country, is a issue then we must find the money to do it. Even if it means stop working on the next flipping Effile tower (a random example) to get the money. Because lives should always come before anything else because trust me, they are more precious than pretty much anything else on this planet.

    • avatar

      NO, not all People who come to Europe are refugees !
      So, we really Need a tough Immigration law, like Australia !
      Otherwise, People who live in Europe are not safe,
      and that is the “failure” of the European Union,
      so it is Logical, that we are not Nationalists,
      but we care about our own Situation,
      and that is absolutely legal !
      Only the European Union is to blame,
      and its european-crazy politicians, like Juncker, Verhofstadt,
      Gabriel, Schulz, and Merkel as well …
      They are mostly German politicians, and Luxembourg politicians
      as well as the socialist “Hollande” – they have all become mad
      about a UNION State (greetings from the NEW WORLD ORDER
      to those, who still haven’t got the clue, what is Happening in Europe).

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    Paul X

    If you have rich countries and poor countries then remove any border controls between them it really isn’t rocket science to work out what is going to happen

    and idiots that still defend such a policy do not deserve to be in any position of responsibility

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    Pedro Vicente

    No, Portugal has closed ties with Brazil and other portuguese countries.We don’t need a central european rule saying where our immigrants should come from

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Pedro Vicente
      Well said.
      Brazil will get through its current troubles and lead the Lusophone peoples to prosperity!

    • avatar

      Yes, well said, we do NOT Need the EUropean Union.
      We do NOT Need Bruxelles, we do not Need GERMANY,
      we do not Need France.

      We are all human beings, and we are Swiss, Portuguese, etc.
      but we are NOT Europeans …
      we belong to ourselves …
      we do not have to follow Bruxelles …
      all countries in Europe shall be free, Independent from the EU
      LEAVE !!!!

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    Žarko Šindija

    But it asking if the Europe during a colonisation helped this people’s who are now immigrating in Europe?

  10. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    You are joking aren’t you, there is no way Eastern European Nations are going to agree to any barking mad idea from Brussels/Berlin.

    Vote Leave.

    • avatar

      Vote yourself out of here pls. This is a European site, underminers not welcome

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Gyorgy

      You seem to have adopted the intolerance of the EUSSR, prohibit freedom of assembly & freedom speech! Behind from which curtain to you hail from?

    • avatar

      YES, Stop the Invasion – send them back !

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    José Bessa da Silva

    No. What we need is borders. Each country has different views and needs and thus a common policy is as a big mistake as the common currency.

    • avatar

      YES, it is a big mistake – Before the EU was established,
      it was peace, and it was calm –
      and since the EU exists, there are only Problems !!!
      The European Union is ab BIG error, a big failure !
      You have to protect your own People in your Nation,
      that Comes first !
      All who care for others first, are damn traitors,
      German politicians who look more for Young British and for “false” refugees,
      are to condemn, as they do not help their own People in Germany,
      they do not help Germans. Some Germans in Spain yelled, as they lost their
      houses in Spain, because the crisis “Please Misses Merkel, help us !”.
      Well, These Germans have not yet understood, that Merkel has the EUROPEAN
      thinking adopted, Merkel is EUROPEAN, she is not German, therefore she has
      not to care for their citizens. I hope you understand what I mean …
      So therefore it is very easy, to say, “I am not responsible for my Country,
      it was somebody’s else’s fault”. Great, I guess Merkel did the ought on Europe
      instead of Germany, …

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    Chloe Mavrommati

    Words, words, and more words!!!! The present sutuation needs PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS!! Why don’t you come snd have a look at the old Athens airport where about 1000 immigrants are living in inhuman conditions????? Where are the “policies” I would like to know?!? Go and have a look at the Port of Piraeus, gate 1 and feast you eyes at the dirt, at the desperate humanity that lives in animal conditions…… And this is only a small part!!

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      Gyorgy Gajdos

      That’s why we need the European border control institutions. If we don’t have them then basically you’ll be left alone.

    • avatar

      NO, you do not Need EUROPEAN boarder controls !!!
      Close your boarder, Greece, please – and with GREECE Boarder controls …
      you are Independent Greece !!!
      Take it in your Hands and control your boarders !

    • avatar

      You should follow the example of HUNGARY !!!
      and for more the example of AUSTRALIA !!!
      Rigid boarder controls like in TEXAS !!!
      Build a Wall, stop Terrorism, stop false “economic” refugees,
      send them back home !

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    Francio Marco

    Europe needs common policy and common laws not only for the immigration but also for the rest, for job policies, taxes policies, economic policies, environmental policies. For everything.

    • avatar
      Gyorgy Gajdos


    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Francio Marco
      NOT if the laws are decided upon by an unelected cabal of corrupt officials.

      The UK has been the stablest country in the world for the last millennium, why should we have to be governed by the putative ‘Banana Federation’ that is the EU?!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Duirmuid Mac Sean
      Yes. We need a common immigration policy for EU in-continentals!

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    Gyorgy Gajdos

    If we want Schengen we have to have a common immigration policy. And a European border control institution with its own staff and migrant processing infrastructure at the Southern borders

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Great! Please first understand expressions like: “European” & “EU-border control” correctly. Than consult the ever changing but failed Dublin Regulations.

    • avatar

      YES, but the EUROPEAN UNION seems to like this unsolved Problems,
      and GERMANY seems to be a Country who likes cheap workers,
      so it is obvious to see that the EUropean Union is the NEW WORLD ORDER,
      the enemy of all People ! The EU will never work, so the only solution is
      VOTE to LEAVE (the EU), at once … then all this Eurocrats will fall, too,
      with their System. Just look, how nervous the Germans and the French
      politicians became, after the BREXIT – so they want to push the British !
      All citizens in Europe – VOTE to LEAVE – better an end with a short nightmare,
      than a neverending nightmare !!!

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    catherine benning

    Europe needs to close its doors to immigration from outside its borders and concentrate on the people who are their electorate. If Europe can’t do that, then stop taking the peoples money by taxation whilst pretending to be out for their welfare. That is fraud.

    • avatar

      Yes, I agree, if our countries (and of course our politicians) are NOT capable
      to protect us, then they have no right to take taxes …
      And … all the Money of the European Union (EU) goes to some strange Projects
      and criminals anyway … The EU supports Gangsters and supports uncertainty …instead of helping their own citizens … The POLITICIANS in the EU are to blame – and the EU itself is to blame.
      So the only solution is LEAVE the European Union … Vote to leave !!!
      in any european Country … If you only talk about the Problems in the EU,
      that will not help … it is up to you !!! Vote to leave ! Even Greece should vote to leave, if not, they shall not complain anymore !

    • avatar

      We do NOT Need any common Thing . Every Country Needs its own protection !

  16. avatar

    No, each state should stick with its own national interest migration policy. I totally disagree with an unelected European Commission (or Merkel, is the same thing) forcing any other sovereign nations to accept any kind and unlimited numbers of migrants

    • avatar

      Yes, I agree with you … the EU has gone mad !
      Merkel is responsible, and all These EU-dictatorship politicians
      (Juncker, Schulz, Gabriel, etc. etc. )

    • avatar

      Yes, because of that, send them home !
      Do not care about Merkel, Schulz, Gabriel of Germany …
      they are “traitors” of their own German citizens,
      and of all other European nations —
      as the “refugees” go from EU-Country to EU-Country,
      and rob, and steal and do not accept rules and laws.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Roberto Bonafè
      EU foreigners out of the UK!

    • avatar

      Yes, send them out !

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Dominique Gobert
      Well said…almost!

      Parlez-vous anglais mon ami?

  17. avatar
    Marija Tomislava

    They should stay in their countries and defend them. And, if they really want others to do that instead of them, hope that will not be the Europeans. They should choose the neighbouring countries and their own continents, with same religion, same culture, similar languages….letters..

    • avatar

      Yes, they shall stay in their countries !

    • avatar

      You are out, and that is Great for Britain.
      Britain, Norway and Switzerland should unite for a strong and FREE Europe,
      with rigidly controlled boarderlines, NOT allowing People from the EU to enter
      their Country !
      Fight back against the EU, in it’s own aggressiv and blackmailing manner !

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    Slavica Andrić

    njihova politika prema izbjeglicama je stamotna, pojedinačno, ne vjerujem da bi imalo bolja bila i zajednička, evropa je inače stamotna kao takva

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    Gyorgy Gajdos

    We absolutely need a common policy on immigration . And Eu institutions regarding it to put that policy into place.

    • avatar

      A common policy on Immigration does not help at all,
      as the EU and ist countries do anyway, what they want,
      look at Greece, look at Hungary.
      The best is – to control the boarders !!!!

  20. avatar
    Andy Queen

    There does not seem to be any policy and the Dublin Agreement is in Tatters, as is Shengen. Just saying …

  21. avatar
    Ibrahim Ciise

    Europe is dead without immigrant an without Africa an middle east let the European stop destroying other countries

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……….please explain your comment in a more understandable English!

  22. avatar
    Tony Hale

    Have you been to Vote Leave yet ?
    The Leavers who have done their bit are counting on you.
    Why I Voted Leave this morning…

    For some good time the EU has been reeling from disaster to disaster like a punch drunk boxer, even Martin Schulz President of the European Parliament says it’s in a Dismal State.

    Eire, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Greece have all gone bankrupt and required bailing out at phenomenal cost.

    Greece is into indefinite bail outs, Spain, Italy and Portugal look likely to need bail outs before long, there’s no end in sight to it and things look worse rather than better.

    The accession countries Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Yes Turkey look to be further weak countries likely to go the same way as Greece, there really is no end in sight to it.

    The propensity for further financial disasters is 99.9% certain.

    But there have been other disasters too…

    The EU allowed (Invited even) Millions of economic migrants to walk in more or less totally unchecked and this is an absolute security disaster – ISIS even said that they’d exploit it !

    A class of nine year olds wouldn’t goof like it, and worse still the Schengen borderless area has allowed them free roam of the entire continent – Not only is it not known who they are but it’s also not known where they are. This degree of naivete is hard to believe but it is so.

    Many have made their ways directly to Calais with the intent of breaking into Britain illegally. They storm ships and the tunnel, they attack lorry drivers, they riot and fight with the French police, to say that they’re undesirables is to do a disservice to undesirables.

    There’s no sign of an end to any of these disasters, they are all certain to continue and in some cases get worse yet. The future of the EU is so disaster prone that it may well collapse.

    The future of the EU is so grim that getting Out now is the least worst option. I do not think that Out is wave a wand wonderland but I do think it’s a better option than staying in for more and more Catastrophe.

    The EU is a failed experiment that is failing disastrously, we are better off Out now.

    George Osborne should take short term measures to prevent George Soros style currency trading opportunism when the Leave result is announced.

    There should be a one term parliament of government of National Unity to oversee the transition from EU member to Independent Nation.

    I Voted Leave this morning to avoid sinking with the EU ship in the longer term, if you have not Voted Leave yet please dont let the rest of the Leavers down.

    Please feel free to share from my timeline.

  23. avatar
    Andre Mardaga

    Politically on the left,social justice,snowflake,hipster neighbourhoods in cities always say:
    YES for more migration because they have a (Donald trump invisible WALL)
    It’s called the high RENT wall.

  24. avatar
    Susan Hutchison

    Europe not botherd bout the mass imigratiion so long as they all end up in Britain …we have to look after the world and its mother ….EU wont change their policy on open borders so if the vote Remain wins then god help Btitain ….

  25. avatar
    George Grangeon-Amaral

    Waking up too late as always are we ? Wouldn’t be in this mess if the “EU” was accountable and representative ! This is not a question Europeans ask it’s a demand !

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Peter Jedrychowski
      I reckon the ‘Visegrad 4’ will be forced to take up to 50,000 immigrants by the German Empire I mean EU, possibly more!

    • avatar

      I agree, you Need tough restrictions , all over the world.
      I guess Australia has the best Immigration policy !

    • avatar

      Do you think that means no more immigration ? (from islamic countries i mean)

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @David Edwards

  26. avatar
    Geoffrey Price

    Looking forward to the border being shut from 0900. I came back from holiday in EC yesterday so not affected. The euros I brought back will make me financially secure for ever. What a load of nonsense.

  27. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    We need to move the hole thing to eu. Witch means that the European Parliament will make the decision and not the countries. Cuse as seen its not sustainable to allow them to do that. We can’t force the border countries to have the soule responsibility while others do not need to take any responsibility at all.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn
      Clearly, the concept of democracy is an anathema to you!

    • avatar

      YES, indeed …
      They have no solution, and even get paid for that shit !
      The EU does not bring us PEACE,
      the EU brings war !

      The EU has to control the boarders, at once !
      and not let in anyone of “Terror” Background !
      So do not let in People from Terrorist countries, like Syria, Turkey, etc.
      and do not give them any European passport –
      they shall stay in their Country – they are not European !

    • avatar

      Minus Scotland, minus Scotland, minus Scotland

  28. avatar
    Guy Willetts

    I’m sorry, being British means that as of this morning I have no voice in this discussion. In fact, on devrait debattre dans une autre langue

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Guy Willetts
      Au revoir!

    • avatar

      That is NONSENSE, everybody has a VOICE.
      And if EU excludes People from other European Countries,
      like Norway, Great Britain or Switzerland –
      so we have to rise our Voice and Claim our governments
      to take countermeasurements !

      Close the British boarder, Close the Norway boarder,
      Close the Swiss boarder
      and not let in anyone – anymore !
      especially not to work !

      Switzerland ‘s Swiss National Bank buys Euros to push up the Euro’s value,
      that is nonsense. They shall stop doing that.

  29. avatar
    Pete Glaze

    Right now can anyone give me 3 good reasons why we should join the european union

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ G:

      And how is Scotland going to support itself? The oil price has dropped so low it relies almost entirely on English largesse. Of course the EU can pick up the tab for them and Northern Ireland as well, but, there will be no return, the immigrants don’t want to settle in Scotland. And the Scots are not so happy about it being filled by millions of migrants any more than Great Britain is.

      Here are some statistics. When you read it in full the situation is untenable.

    • avatar

      Hi Pete, I can only give you more than 3 good reasons NOT to join the EU !
      LEAVE the EU ! Or better, never ever get into it, once into it, you get blackmailed.
      Well, anyway, Switzerland is not in the EU and gets blackmailed by the EU, too.
      The only Thing we all could do, is NOT automatically adapte the nonsense
      EU-laws ! And we do not Need “free People movement” – that only helps weak countries like Poland. And why do Polish People go to Britain to work, instead to work in their own Country, Poland ??? A big Question !
      Guess, they are a Kind of oppurtunists there, not ???
      So, Britain, please Close your Boarders immediately, also the tunnel from France to Britain !

  30. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Immigration has been a big problem to the souht countries for more then 20 years, and nobody took any notice until the thousends of the near East flocked into Greece to cross up the continent. The policy should be: safe them, cure them, and send them back.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Enric Mestres Girbal
      What ‘South’ do you live in?

      Spain and Portugal actively advertise for UK OAPs to live in the respective countries – and prop up the economy!

  31. avatar
    EU reform- proactive


    Does one still need to worry about was the EU Suzerain says- whatever it may be? Continue to play tough or start listening? One down- needs only another ~30-40% contribution go AWOL to make the EU dream collapse! Please select a country from below to be next:

    75% of the EU net contributions come from only 6 countries: (Germany 21.4%, France 15.7%, UK 12.6%, Italy 11.5%, Spain 8.1%, & Netherlands 5.8%) After this morning JCJ can subtract the UK’s 12% in future. It either has to be shared by the rest- or EU Father X-mas must reduce his presents to everyone remaining. All salaries & perks for EU bureaucrats have to be reduced by 12% as well to balance the budget. And there is more to come in future! Rather invest in gold not in the EU!

    Article 50 must IMMIDIATELY be submitted by UK’s Mr Cameron!

  32. avatar
    Gina Stodinetchi

    Because votes were almost equal in the two sides, the British people will always wonder if they made the best choice. If things go wrong will end up to hate each other, to accuse each other for their choice, as in my country Romania. When a nation is divided it will be easier to be destroyed.

    • avatar

      if things go wrong they’ll blame Europe.

  33. avatar

    Of course. Italy, Spain and Greece should not be left alone. We are one Europe.

  34. avatar
    catherine benning

    They have changed policy

  35. avatar
    Jasper Luiten

    No brainer, yes it does. But europe also needs politicians who have the courage to make this into a priority. They lack skills to deliberate on difficult issues like immigration- and hence falling prey to populist opposition who utilizes every moment to gain power, no matter what the consequences are

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Jasper Luiten:

      The only reason they have difficulty is because they have made speaking about anything at all virtually forbidden. Political correct nonsense is making communication on an honest level virtually impossible. The offshoot of that, being unable to solve problems as you cannot speak of it with any sense of reality.

  36. avatar

    In my opinion, it should have a common position first, instead of rejecting the responsibility to each other. Then, and only then, will we be able to build a common policy. We are far away from that right not, but I don’t dispear. The debate need to be lead with serenity, and, as Jasper wrote it, with courage.

  37. avatar

    No. EU countries should adopt a minimum standard but not be restricted by a Europe wide policy. Migrants create wealth, Australia, Canada, south America and the USA are all immigrant based economies. Or atleast they were until the fascists and xenophobes gained traction.

    Some EU countries have very little diversity and low populations.

    Some are perceived to be ‘overpopulated’ but these are created problems, like in the UK where only 10% of the habitable land is urbanised due to UK gov planning restrictions.

    • avatar

      I will also point out the UK, as an example is a damn island. There is no such thing as a indigenous Englishman. Only a racist with a short memory and a lack of respect for his own foreign ancestors.

    • avatar
      Simple solutions

      Most immigrants in Europe are low to non-educated, even often illiterate, so please enlighten me how they create wealth before their 5th generation of spouse or so. (And even then, you still see a considerable difference compared to national standard in terms of education levels, unemployment, average income, crime rates and such).

      The countries you mention ALL have verry strict immigration policies, based on shortages in their labour force. Furthermore they only provide temporary immigration permits. One only becomes a permanent resident after some 5-7 years and only if shown to be a succesful citizin ie speak the language, have a job adopt local/national habbits etc. I.e. each and every immigrant is forced to do their very best to integrate in society. If one fails, the permit is simple withdrawn and one has to leave the country within weeks. During the temporary status social security (if any) is hardly accessible for immigrants. I.e. no back-up plan and one has to work hard for a permanent status.

      This is exactly what is lacking in each and every country in Europe and why immigration in many if not all countries in Europe is such a big concern. There are hardly any restrictions to education levels or profession, no rules to become a permanent resident and worst of all social security is almost immediately available… That’s not an invitation for succes, but a recipe for failure.

      TLDRL WIth good immigration policies you attract those you want. With good social policies you attract scum.

  38. avatar

    Well, I am from Switzerland, and I am in favour, that every Country Needs its own Immigration law System, to protect their own citizens from People, that only leave their Country for economic reason. The biggest failure of the European Union is the threat to European Countries (towards countries like Norway, England and Switzerland), that they are forced to let all People in, according to that “free movement of People”, which the EU calls one of the
    “Basic freedoms”. What has this Point to do with freedom. As the European Union (EU) did not exist, every european Nation had its own currency, its own borderlines – well, when a Swiss wanted to cross the German border then,
    for example, he had to Show his passport to the German Border Control officer,
    or to the Austrian, if he travelled to Austria. NOW, as the EU exists, I have never really seen any German Border officer control the German Border, when I went from Switzerland to Germany ! So, that really frightens me, as everybody can easily pass the boarder now, without showing documents (as they do no control !). I prefer countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, where they strictly do rigid boarder controls !!! – I can really not find words for the “Free boarders, like they exist in the European Union”, These free boarders are the most crazy Thing existing in the world !!! So, the enemies just walk into the European countries easily passing the boarder lines, without any control,
    or the pass the boarderlines of Europe easily as so called “refugees”- many of them are not really refugees, and they have more rights than citizens in Europe,
    as they can freely move and get paid by social wellfare. And, on top, the refugees do not pay taxes. One guy, who entered Canada , many years ago,
    told me – that he had at least to pay 6’000 Canadian Dollars – to be granted being a “refugee” in Canada, as a Serbian. That’s good, so – In my opinion, also refugees have to contribute to a Country – if not, they are only such called
    People who leave their Country by economic reason.
    Well, the only Thing that I do not like about some rigid Immigration Systems is the following: You can only enter Canada if you are a worker, whose Profession is really required in Canada – example: You will not find a Job as a banker or a bus Driver in Canada, being a foreigner ! – In Canada there is also the principle,
    that you Need a Company who gives you Support (and you only get the Job,
    if not a Canadian could do this Job, too !). So, what I do not really understand,
    that you can only move to Canada, if you are a worker or if you are an Investor.
    The mean Thing of this is, a worker does not have to invest – meanwhile an Investor contributes much more in a Country. At least, in Canada, both worker or Investor have to obey the law System – and that is a great Thing – meanwhile in Europe, there are cases, where People come in freely as so called “refugees”,
    to threaten and rob People – or they do criminal things and are paid by the wellfare. You see, that is an unfair System. Citizens in Europe have to pay for
    false “refugees”, which are much more criminals !!! and they do not contribute
    to the Country, the do cost any European Country a lot, and are a threat to any
    European citizen. The 2nd bad Thing is, once These so called “refugees” become a European passport, they have any rights, without contributing to a country’s economic.

    I guess, the best Thing was, like Donald Trump said in one of his speech:
    You should only allow People to enter your Country, who are not in war with your Country, and – above all – In my opinion: You should not let in People who are only false refugees, you should not let in People who are Terrorist and criminals of any Kind, BUT, we should not always make the Point, if somebody is a worker or not – I do not understand, why , for example, a Swiss Banker should not be allowed to work in Canada, only because of the Job is not on the “required Jobs – list”. I also do not understand, why you have to be a worker, that you are welcomed in Canada – meanwhile , example – as a bus Driver (you will not be wellcomed, and do not have a Chance at all to live in Canada). – I guess, the most important Thing should be, that you are really honest, that you really want to work, that you really want to pay taxes,
    that you really want to contribute to a foreign Country – there should not be a difference, if you are rich or not (Investor) – or if you are a worker (or not).

    The most important Thing is: NO open boarderlines – NO free movement of People – A controlled labour market (but not a restricted one) –
    You should give everybody the Chance to prove, that he would like to contribute
    the Country. If he Fails, you can still kick him out !

  39. avatar

    Well, the whole Thing of the European Union is a failure.
    This System will never work – “Free movement of People”
    is the biggest error of all times.

    And it is a EU dictatorship, that countries like Norway, Britain and Switzerland
    get forced to accept “free People movement” – if they want to do trade with the
    EU. That is simply “blackmail” by the EU.

  40. avatar

    “Free movement of People” – like EU calls it a “Basic freedom right”,
    has to be stopped at once !!!
    If the European Union still Blackmails Norway, Britain and Switzerland to
    accept “free movement of People”, than Norway, Britain and Switzerland
    should Change their Immigration policies towards the European Union,
    and then Norway, Britain and Switzerland should work together,
    and NOT allow People from the EU to work or stay in Norway, Britain
    and Switzerland.

  41. avatar

    Some nations in the EU, especially those in the east,
    like Hungary, do their own Thing anyway,
    and I really understand them …

    We do NOT Need a State Union,
    we Need free Nations !!!
    so, therefore, we do NOT Need a common Immigration policy.

    But, it should be clear, that this madness “free movement of People”
    has to be STOPPED, AT ONCE !!
    No open boarderlines !

  42. avatar

    I never believed in this f***ing European Union,
    it only causes Trouble.

    I guess, I better prepare to LEAVE Europe, can not hear this shit
    from the EU parliament dictatorship, anymore.

    Every days news: the madness News of the EU, the madness News of USA,
    refugees News …

    I just think about even to leave Switzerland, I guess it has getting very bad here,
    too. To many foreigners here in Switzerland, who do not contribute to the Country, and to many socialist Party and labour Party members, who even want
    to let more People to immigrate to Switzerland. The whole EU madness is to blame ! Stop the EU – fight against the EU . LEAVE the European Union, NOW !

    Where shall i go to ??? To Canada, or to Australia ??? or to New Zealand ???
    Well, that is all far away from Europe.
    Trudeau of Canada welcomes refugees from muslim countriey, Pakis, etc.
    Not good at all – and he does treaties with Mexico and China .
    Money talks ! Business Counts, People do not Count !

    Hmh ??? Well, so I guess, maybe Australia is the better solution,
    but you Need tons of Money .. Money talks …
    So, Phil Collins song is right “Too many People making too many Problems,
    cause the logical’s round – this is a land of confusion”
    The whole Europe is a confusion !

  43. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Yes defiantly, the EU needs millions of migrants from the middle east & Turkey and your unelected president Juncker will ensure you get them. :)

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      In the USA the people vote for their President.

      In Columbia, the people vote for their President.

      In the EU the people did NOT vote for their president.

      Juncker didn’t even bother to visit London (the richest city in the EU) or the UK the 2nd biggest EU net contributor in the last EU election.

      EU Democracy, shamocracy!

    • avatar

      @ Tarquin Farquhar

      In the EU the people voted for the Parliament which voted for Juncker. That’s representative democracy by definition. It is not so different from most EU member state heads of government including the British one.

      I certainly don’t want to defend Juncker in person (the questionable LuxLeaks, his secret service affair, his partially ‘top-down appearance’, …), but I am also not happy with my national head of government. However, that doesn’t mean that I question German democracy.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      If the EU could ‘up’ its democracy to that of say Columbia [that paragon, nay bastion of democracy] when it comes to electing a president I would feel better about the 5 EU Presidents.

      Until then, my point stand.

      BTW, we in the UK play a game called:

      “Name the 5 EU presidents”.

      Its very hard, as we didn’t elect any of them – they were not even on ballot papers and some didn’t even bother to go on the hustings in the UK.


  44. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Given the tendency to disregard all forms of rationality in the common policies regarding this topic: no way, never.

  45. avatar
    Marco Peel

    One cannot have a fair game or open market without common policies. If everyone plays by their own rules, the dirtiest players win and everyone else loses. This applies to the free movement of people as well.
    But while migration is largely an economic issue, asylum is a humanitarian emergency – we shouldn’t confuse the two. It’s not always about what we want, but what is right.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Michael O’Dwyer Connolly

  46. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    The Eu parliament is having a much better approach than most countries. Sweden also gave ut to early and toast the pressure on other countries they should have maid the opposite with automatic citizenship if passing the security control and an obligation to search apployment in all of Eu.

  47. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    No. Not while that policy is run according to EU commission and Merkel. Which is open borders, “rescuing” migrants off coast of Africa, non deportation of illegals, even serial criminals who are illegal. And not while they support uncontrolled mass migration without any interest in protecting our culture, security or future generations of Europeans.

  48. avatar

    EU-Turk agreement and sea patrols have reduced immigration of Asians from hundred thousands to rather hundreds in recent months (

    Similar agreements with North African states are in the pipeline. The difference for African immigrants remains the lacking statehood of Libya. Since 3 years, arrivals of Eritreans, Nigerians, Somalis, Sudanese, etc fleeing authoritarian regimes or terrorism or simply seeking work are almost constant in the order of several thousands a month.

    Apart from immigration reduction measurements, we urgently need fairer European asylum and labour market agreements, accompanied by increased canvass for open-mindedness of the native people!

  49. avatar
    Alfredo Coelho

    Uncontroled immigration needs to stop. If a worker can’t find a job, he must leave and return to his country. This includes refugees, no job no benefits.

  50. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    No. Not if it’s anything like we have now, which is simply madness. I mean come on. We are at the coast of Africa picking up people and bringing them here, by the thousands, weekly.what’s the point of having borders if we don’t protect them? They are porous, and as I said, we help them violate our borders and laws. So no. No common migration policies. Unless it means border control and stopping flow of illegal migration. Even the one disguised as refugees.

  51. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    Now, when one sided decision called millions of unidentified immigrants to Europe, you ask questions about “Common policy”.
    These questions should have been discussed before opening borders and calling everyone without passport to come in…
    Now it’s your problem, don’t try to force nations who were against immigration to take load from you.

  52. avatar
    Petio Peshov

    EU could evaluate the needs of their LAbour market and after orientation service , every country could propose an opportunities to the refugees. If they don t want, there are not a refugees but immigrants. EU could check, create database, identity cards with bio metrical data and EU database for refugees and do this on the Bulgarian and Greek borders. EU has the money and the technology to do this. Most of the EU citizens already have a bio metrical ID cards, driver license and passports so it is possible. We cannot oblige people who want to help refugees not to do it and we cannot oblige people who don t want to help, to host them. We have to find a compromise. Nobody speaks about the refugee camps that already exists and there are people not willing to immigrate there, just waiting the war to finish and get back home. In those camps there are NGOs which help in different ways: food, clothes, education, health and others. But the medias are not showing their work and they are showing just the violence and the desperate people crossing the borders. So, let us try to help them because some of our countries are bombing their homes where Daech is but how these people will come back when their homes are destroyed and they lost everything. Who will rebuild? Today it s them but who will guarantee that will not happen tomorrow with us? We are a small continent and everything could happen. And already a lot of young Europeans leave their countries to look for opportunities knowing that around 20% of them are unemployed because of bad campaigns in education and employment and no jobs in their fields. It is immigration too.

  53. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    ‘The EU’ already has a common immigration policy, just do as Merkel & Erdogan tell you to do..

    Thank god we are leaving the madhouse.

  54. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    YES but make it simple . Simple send all Arab-Muslims back . The best would be if we could send all Christians with them and give them chance to make great love and peace together somewhere there . When they make it really fine and just we are going to find out the truth and accept all that .

  55. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Number 1 – it needs to fix the reasons for all the immigration.
    Number 2 – it needs to stop indulging in those reasons.
    If rule number 2 fails, see rule number 1.

  56. avatar

    Number 1 – it needs to fix the reasons for all the immigration.
    Number 2 – it needs to stop indulging in those reasons.
    If rule number 2 fails, see rule number 1.

  57. avatar
    Graça Raquel Bragança Soares

    Of course NOT.
    Each country should be TOTALLY FREE to decide what immigration Policy they want to follow.
    Imposing the same Immigration Policy to ALL Member States isnt Democracy.
    Each Member State has its own NATIONAL Sovereignty and Sovereignty is ALL. That must be respected! Not Imposed!
    Otherwise, EU is not Democracy but tirany!

  58. avatar
    Luis García

    Has Europa the same immigration problem in every state? the same level of people without work? the same corruption? etc..

  59. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Common policy …no ….because not all have same needs,possibilities, future outlook, interests. Cooperation yes….we could help each other to find solutions and even help these people to remain in their countries…not all come from warzones….each country should be free to choose its policy.

  60. avatar
    Efthymios Zindros

    Funny question to ask two years deep in the refugee crisis. Just asking this question now, shows how much out of sync the eu institutions are from reality

  61. avatar
    Φωτεινή Μάρκου

    Firstly, Europe needs a common policy about ending war in Midle East, especially in Syria. And then it needs a common policy for immigration. If any member state puts its own rules, then there is no union, only states’ interest.

  62. avatar
    Simion Truta

    We need money to move in their countries and learn from the locals to be locals coz we are bored anyway! and you could use them as locals here!

  63. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Not a common the eu need to take it over completely and lay directly under the Parliament not the commission or the council. They will apply asylum directly to Eu migrationboard they will handel the application and then send place the refugee in a country of he’s choice depending on availability. The eu will handel the costs until it’s approve.

    The roule will also be that we will have to prove that they not need an asylum and not them need to prove that they need it.

  64. avatar

    There can be no overall policy for immigration across the EU , as the economies and countries themselves are so different .

  65. avatar

    The EU wants EU wide policies for many things , but not the important things .

  66. avatar
    Michael B

    Does anyone think that if the stay vote of brexit won 51 % to 49% we would be hearing as much about it through the media.

    • avatar
      Michael B

      I think not.

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