Mainstream European politics is in crisis. The most recent shock came during Austria’s presidential elections, during which establishment political parties found themselves shut out of the race by an independent supported by the Green Party, and a far-right candidate.

Across Europe, a wave of populist, anti-elite parties are rising in the polls, resulting in tied elections, minority governments, and unstable coalitions of the centre-left and centre-right. People are angry, and they (understandably) take that frustration out at the ballot box. Strong leaders, unafraid to say what they think, are in vogue. Compromise is viewed with suspicion, and the broader political process is often seen as slow and unresponsive.

One of our commenters, Stelios, suggests that we are witnessing a crisis of democracy. Is he right? Has democracy failed to deliver what people want? Or is the truth quite the opposite? Is the rise of populist parties a sign that democracy is working as intended?

To get a response, we spoke to Professor Katerina Kolozova, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities-Skopje, and a professor of philosophy, sociological theory and gender studies at the University American College-Skopje. Did she think democracy was delivering what people wanted?

KolozovaNo, democracy lately has not been delivering what people want. It has become a shallow form, and hardly worthy of the name ‘democracy’. Democracy – even representative democracy – should be as direct as possible, but that is not what we have… Instead, we have been witnessing a certain trend of some countries in Europe moving towards ‘illiberal democracy’. People dispute what that term means in theory, but in practice we do know what it means. This trend will spread and leave European democracy an empty shell, void of meaning, a mere show of parliamentary democracy.

This is a trend already spreading in Eastern Europe, in former communist countries, including my own county, which witnessed an authoritarian regime for almost ten years…But the trend is spreading even to Western Europe.

We also had a comment sent in from S.D., wondering what the rise of Donald Trump in the United States means for representative democracy. Would Professor Kolozova consider “Trumpism” part of the same trend she mentioned?

KolozovaI’m sure it’s part of the same trend… We’ve got Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, and I think Trump is going to be the American version. We’re going to witness this problem globally, and I think we’re in times when we should be seriously worried… This is not just a problem for countries in Eastern Europe. It is a global trend, and it has caught up to America as well.

Is democracy delivering what people want? Or has it failed to deliver economic prosperity and hope for the future? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Sebastien Chopin

    No we need to get rid of representation/politicians… they are now obsolete and promote backward non global ideas in favour of archaic concepts such as countries, culture (lol always a word I love)and traditions… all of which were pretty much outcast from reality by the internet – except for all local nazis

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      You want to do away with elected officials and parliamentarians but you offer no alternative. I am Swiss and in my country we do not simply vote once every 4 years and call that democracy and freedom we vote every year on a regular basis on all kinds of important issues that affect our day-to-day lives. Not too long ago I voted on extending a tram line over bridge in my city this extension will cost Millions but it was the will of the people of my area to do this, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of examples of Roads Bridges highways tunnels tram lines laws etcetera that we have voted on that I’ve had a direct effect in our daily lives not necessarily always to the positive but mostly we’ve done it pretty good, your problem is that you have never tasted the power if your own vote creating things in your own neighborhood in your own state in your own country on a national level. That is the real problem.

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      Swiss democracy:

      And your whole electorate is like that. A bunch of racist snobs who never tasted war and are swimming in drug money.

      It will be a cold day in hell when a swiss will lecture me on democracy!

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    Noia Blackcat

    it depends on which meaning you give to democracy, what price does democracy costs and to what does it lead in the end…

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      George Yiannitsiotis

      “Of course, leaders have to be great communicators, and powerful short statements can convey and immense message. Such as the famous phrase from Einstein: “things should be a simple as possible, but not simpler”. Please pay attention to Einstein’s “but not simpler” and project that on society. Problems and solutions are hardly ever coming from, one person, the other party, the EU, the US, one group the economy or foreigners. Stay vigilant and do not take at face value views without nuance.

      Think a bit more and have better conversations about substance to get better leaders. Let us know if you agree and what you think could stimulate this.”


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    Paul X

    Essentially people are sick to the back teeth of the PC attitude that dominates current thinking. Trump is a prize buffoon but he is not afraid to say what a silent majority, bullied by peer pressure, feel they cannot….. clearly people are voting for him and like it or not, that’s called democracy

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    Tom Featherstone

    So now that the left-wing establishment doesn’t like the outcome of the democratic proces all of the sudden there is a problem with democracy as a concept. A nice example of this is the recent Dutch referendum on the accession of the Ukraine to the EU. Although a (very) large majority voted against the treaty, the ruling left-wing establishment decided to flat out ignore the outcome of the referendum, an instrument that is truly democratic. By doing this they demonstrated their utter disregard for the democratic rights of the Dutch citizens. Democracy is nothing but a propaganda tool for these people, easily shoved aside when things aren’t going their way.

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      bert van santen

      First we, Dutch were told by the politicians, the treaty is standard, nothing unusual. But there are more pages and add. rules as with a standard treaty.
      As they realised the Dutch didn`t accepted that, we were explained how good the treaty was for the commerce between Ukraïn and the NL, and the EU.
      That there was business contact before 2016, was no reasonable answer.
      Finally Juncker threathened us (again) with the standard EU wisdoms:
      The lights are going out
      War is coming back
      Hell and devil will come over us.

      After 32% has voted no, we`ll have to wait for the Brexit before Rutte will take action.
      He violates with his action(s) against our laws.
      But who cares? All EU politicians are bending the EU rules and laws as they wish to do.
      Its called democracy in 2016.

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    Rui Correia

    Democracy ALWAYS delivers what people want… POLITICIANS DON’T… because they’re always thinking of themselves, and their next political career step… and they like to be “politically correct” – even when the people they’re supposed to serve and represent are tired, and fed up with their stupidity!!! :-(

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      It’s in every country. Voted by every country’s parliament.

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    Faddi Zsolt

    There is a man somewhere in the newer EU countries who is a multilingual translator. His employer is a german company. His salary is 500 euros. This is democracy!!!

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      His salary might be peanuts compared to a Western European salary but so are his living costs. One can ask the question if we truly believe that different economies can serve everybody the same? No

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      For some: salary issues=questions about democracy.
      It is also their country that voted for a government that raised the minimum capital requirement to about 8 thousand Euros. needless to say they are one of the poorest if not the poorest EU country.

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    Of course not! It has been seriously hijacked by the political mafia!

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      Really? This mafia modifies the votes or what? Or it is just the voters not keeping up with sophisticated nature of today’s economics, social issues, foreign politics?

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    EU reform- proactive

    “……democracy– should be AS DIRECT as possible….” says Professor Katerina Kolozova quite correctly- which is surprisingly not EU’s pc talk!

    But doesn’t she contradict herself somehow by referring to & excluding the EU from a “problem globally”? How can a direct democracy- only practiced in Switzerland- ever be compared to a representative indirect or supranational democracy- assumed superior?

    If one refers to a global democratic deficit- naming Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, American Trump- one must not forget to add the EU’s Juncker- actually Germany’s Merkel assistant- to the same “League of Nations” as well. By excluding or protecting the EU from similar criticism indicates prejudice! More reasons to be “seriously worried”.

    SD is assumed Swiss & the Swiss are a shinning example who practice direct democracy- being the only full sovereign nation in Europe doing so.

    Q: “Is democracy delivering what people want?”
    A: Democracy (any variation of) alone cannot deliver economic prosperity- especially not the EU version- but it can bring hope for a better future in an advanced Europe!

    China is not a democracy, but its economy lifted 500- 700 mio out of poverty.
    EU, eat your heart out!

    So, why not introduce direct democracy- at least in part of an advanced Europe- dare the establishment & “rattle them thoroughly”!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      I wonder if the celebrated Professor or indeed her educational establishment receives the EU shilling?

      If so, that might explain her selective blindness re the lack of democracy in the EU.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Tarquin, indeed it is!

      The Curse of The 30 Pieces of Silver- as true today and as old as history!
      …………..”and didst thou not kiss me, and bid me fetch thee thirty shillings?”

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    Omid Danesh Khorak

    Ask it from European Commision, European Parliament, City of Bruxelles, Idiots of national European Parliaments … DEMOCRACY MY ASS (said Mr. Donald J. Trump) 8-)

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    Yannick Cornet

    I’m more concerned whether it delivers what future generations would want. Seems our fixation with the here-and-now is seriously undermining their chance of being there in the first place. The problem is perhaps not with democracy per se, but instead with how to include the voices of all stakeholders, including those in the future.

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    Vinko Rajic

    YES, but they very often sabotage democracy . They sabotage elections using religious hate , farming some strange groups and using nationalists . I hope FDP is going to become strong in Germany . There is a bad problem to have strong Christians and right-wing on one side against Socialists and left wing on the other side . That is destroying Croatia for over 100 Years . Christians are corrupt and very rich spiders , left-wing is very bad for economy . Croatia is poor just because those two fight for power . They don’t fight against corruption and for development , they only fight for power . They just finish like this :

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Vinko Rajic
      Croatia is poor because its population is according to TI very corrupt and IMHO very tribalist, I mean ‘blood-feuds’;what religion or political party does that evil philosophy pertain to?

      Your disgusting comments fall foul of the EU hate speech “code of conduct” – DISGRACEFUL!

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      @Tarquin AND YOURS DOES NOT !?!?

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      Tarquin Farquhar



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      “They sabotage elections using religious hate” That’s what you trying to doing. WE not falling for that anymore. What you write is how you are.

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    If democracy doesn’t deliver what peoples really want, than what are the alternatives ?

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    We need a pro-people and pro-environment ethical code that all politicians and country leaders must adhere to or get fired. No political parties and certainly not be at the mercy of an individual politician or country leader’s level of ethics.

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    catherine benning

    What we have in the EU is not close to democracy. It is an unelected duplicitous group who are appointed to carry out the policies of globalists, called financiers and oligarchs. And ‘we the people’ have been telling you on this forum this fact for years. Naturally, it is not want you want to hear, and why would you. The gravy train is so widespread and free of tax nothing could compete with it. All paid for by us.

    Direct Democracy is the only true democracy on the planet, and this must be adopted at once. As not to do so will see the end of this union.

    And how the Swiss have had a Democracy they would never part with.

    And the smart guy who told us this was the way to go, may years ago. (However, you will note the music tells you they don’t want us to hear it)

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      John DeTroye

      “Pure Democracy ” is three wolves and two sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

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      The swiss democracy gave us this racist poster.

      It’s uneducated mob rule, whipped into a frenzy by the media and right wing populists.

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    Demetrius Skortou

    Demetrius Skortou,

    Has anyone from the Leave campaign asked anyone from the EU/Remain camp exactly what the future aims & objectives of the European Union are going to be in policy terms?

    Do the EU want:

    • A Euro Army, Police force, Intelligence agency?

    • Further integration into the EU and what would that actually mean?

    • A further increase in the number of asylum seekers, migrants & refugees and
    by how many for each year?

    • Complete tax harmonisation across the whole of the EU countries?

    • An increase in Britain’s net contribution (which is already costing the taxpayers
    £250 million pounds each week) into the EU and by how much?

    • Will the British taxpayer have to continue to bail out the bankrupt Euro-zone
    nations like; Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and by how much?

    • Will Britain have to adopt a Euro currency and when?

    • How many and what kind of new EU laws, rules and regulations will the EU
    want the British people to accept?

    I have not heard a word from anyone within the EU or the remain camp, on where the EU wants to go from here.

    Surely, the EU must have some kind of vision for the future of the EU?

    Political parties in Britain have to compile a party manifesto during election time, setting out clearly their policy objectives for the next 5 years!

    What exactly are the EU’s policies for the next 5 years or so????

    Why won’t President Junker come to Britain and explain to the British people what kind of European Union he wants the British people to accept??

    If both those in the Remain camp or the EU itself refuse to tell the British people exactly what kind of EU they want the British people to vote for. then, why should anyone want to sign some kind of EU contract, sight unseen????

    It seems to me, that those in the remain camp have been campaigning on a ticket of deception, as well as scaremongering, in the hope that no one will ask them the basic, simple question;

    What kind of EU are you asking the British people to vote for??????????

    Kind Regards

    Demetrius Skortou

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Might I refer DE to:

    Pastor Martin Niemöller

    re your disturbing censorship?

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    Stefania Portici

    questa chiusura del Brennero lo possono fare ? A me risulta di no per cui , se fosse vero la gente è presa in giro . Non mi soffermo sul Brennero se sia giusto o no ,quello cui voglio mettere all’ attenzione è che la gente è presa in giro dal teatrino nazionale cui è stato tolto tutto dalla UE ANTIDEMOCRATICA e qualcosa dovrà pur dire per avere consensi ! A noi il teatrino nazionale per avere consensi ci aveva detto di uscire dall’euro e invece siamo qua ….imbrogliati

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    Anti-EU Citizen



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      Speak for yourself and your country but I’m Swiss and we votes about many important things every year that affect our day-to-day lives. You have a deficit of democracy. That’s why you feel the way that you do. Advise you to push for direct Democratic rights in your country.

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    Asoka Ishaya

    ha ha ha democracy? Most people see democracy as almost non existant now. So no its not delivering what people want more like what governments etc want.

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    The problem is that there is no real democracy. There is a lot of populism and censorship of opinions, as we have seen on here as well. People should be free to speak their minds and voice their concerns in a sociable manner and then be prepared to receive a response as well. Education is part of the problem. How many people are taught about democracy at school, its roots and how it works? How many people truly understand the concept of freedom of speech?

    The pre-occupation with referendums also is a sign of decline of democracy. How and why can a commoner with limited understanding of situations make an informed and intelligent decision? People haven’t got the full facts but just repeat the same propaganda-style phrases that lack any substance. Sometimes the full information is intentionally withheld from the public. When asked to explain their claims people just repeat them again…they are unable to explain or show a direct connection between things. These are the people that will be casting votes and deciding? A major failure.

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      catherine benning

      @ Yasmine:

      And you feel you have an intellect worth listening to?

      For a person who feels you should be heard, yet deny others have intelligence enough to vote is an enigma. Do you seriously believe an incontinent drunk barely able to stand on his feet at meetings is fit to lead a whole continent of Europeans to destruction, is the way to go. (Juncker) Or, for that matter, a women with serious problems of rejection as a previous refugee is fit to decide on the slaughter of her country, regardless of the consequences, is also the right person to run the same show with that previously mentioned drunk. If you feel they have more intelligence than the ordinary man and woman in the street then you are as deluded as they are.

      You say you feel we are not being educated in the political ethos therefore not suitable to vote, then take up the cudgel and explain what you are getting at. I don’t see any explanation for your position. Put us all straight, where is it you want to be taken and why? Assuming you dislike the idea of Direct Democracy as that leaves the country open to wrong judgement.

      As a footnote, Switzerland appears to be doing far better then the EU at deciding what is right for their life and country by voting on every level they feel a need to via their direct democratic vote.

    • avatar

      Catherine, I’ve only read the first line of your response. The answer is in the fact that you have taken the time to respond to it…having read and watched some of the videos you have posted previously, I am sorry, but I will not be bothering further…

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    Debating Europe, what Donald Trump has to do with “democracy not delivering what people want” in Europe ? Why Trump picture and not Angela’s Merkel ?

    • avatar

      Because Merkel is not the Queen/President/whatever ruler of Europe. Trump might become “leader” of the Western world…

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    Rui Correia

    Democracy ALWAYS delivers what people want, what people yearn, what people are eager for… Politicians often do not!!! :-(

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    catherine benning

    First of all, the EU is NOT democratic in any way. It cannot be as its set up is via appointment. The only people who voted for Juncker are? Put me right, as I know I had no vote in it. Did you? Merkel likewise. She is the leader of German voters, not the leader of the European citizens as a whole. Not one of them are or ever can be the way it is regulated.

    Democracy, on the other hand, Swiss style, always delivers democratically as the people have Direct Democracy. We, across Europe, do not have it in respect of those who I feel illegally control our states. Their set up is totally undemocratic.

    However, Trump appears to be giving the American people what they want because he was a rank outsider who, regardless of all the shite fired at him, looks as if he will be the next US President. Although, that said, he is not and cannot ever be the leader of the so called free world because those outside the US don’t get a vote on who is their US head of state. And neither should we it is the business of the American people. As long as they keep their big noses out of our democratic process and affairs.

    That said, Hilary Clinton, is the nastiest piece of work that could ever be in charge of that place. She being so big on forcing the rest of the world to say, How High, when they ask us to jump to their tune. Even revels in hearing of dead men does she. Pretends she is a feminist when she is an outright dominatrix.

    Trump and his politically incorrect rhetoric has to be easier to stand than that Easter Island harridan Wall Street has rigged for their main player. However, does Trump mean to be anti correctness and bring about real change? Or, is he another wolf in sheeps clothing? Remember what a wonder Obama was going to be as he was a man of colour and freedom his mantra. LOL

    • avatar

      Actually, Merkel is not even the leader of German voters. Last election as well as two general elections before, there was a left-wing majority in German parliament. Because of personal problems in the leaderships of ‘the Left’-party and the social democrats, no majority government was formed and the social democrats sided with the conservatives…

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    Another idiotic question .
    The word democracy doesnt exist in the eu.
    Forced integration and corporate rule is the way the these europhiles play the game.
    Democracy = Referendums, and that will never happen in mainland europe.
    Europhiles have created this mess, theve screwed up big time . We the people are left to clean up thier multi billion euro mess.
    Now the europhiles are trying to change the rule on referendums, and if the UK votes out they will automatically speedup forced integration, and punish countries whom want something better.
    Europhiles/dictators are running scared. How they will lash out when cornered is anyones quess. Will they back down and let democracy work or will they pursue the beaten unwanted hated path? I have the feeling were in for some interesting but troublesome times!
    No referendums, pulic/referendums ignord.
    Meddeling, dictates.
    Billions lost?
    ETC ETC, you could go on. What do they expect, democratic medals?

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Klassen:

      The answer is for all states to call for an In/Out referendum and see how their people vote. That is democracy.

      If they are not given the right to vote on their future this way, all you need to know is, why? It would only be because they know their game is up.

      Here is one piece of news that should tell all about what the EU really is. In Northern Ireland today they have war criminal Blair and John Major, ex bad British PM, together calling for an in vote to our people. Shows how they are scraping the very bottom of the dirty barrel when a murderous war machine, Blair, gets in bed with arms dealer, Major, to call for in. I wonder what is in it for those two? Could it be more war, more sales of arms along with big kick backs them for doing so?

      I tell you this, after these two joining up to beg our citizens to give their trousers a refill, you have to know the rest in Europe are equally as evil. They would never get my vote again under any circumstances.

      But to make it clear, I wish the EU was as I always believed it would be, for the good of the European citizen and that I could still vote for IN. But it isn’t, the EU I believed in no longer exists. It has been diminished and dismantles by the back room boys, the ones with the evil mind set of Blair and Obama. Only to be followed by a possible Clinton or Trump White house. ( They openly call themselves the leaders of the free world. Unelected by that free world of course) Think about that. She is an outright war monger who gets off on the death of men and Europe is her fun theatre, remember Fuck the EU, Victoria Nuland. Trump is an unknown, but he is a Republican. The Bush group are Republicans.

      When the British take an In/Out vote, we will also be voting on being crushed under the thumb of the USA. As well as that Wall Street mob and the surrounding Globalists who only want to suck the citizens of our continent dry.

      If a split could get shot of these two beasts, then let it be.

  25. avatar
    Pierre De Bozzi

    I advise you to read the last book of a former French MEP Philippe de Villiers, “le moment est venu de dire ce que j’ai vu” Ed. Albin Michel. You’ll find the answer there.

  26. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The European constitution was rejected by the people but Brussels renamed it & forced it onto 500 million people anyway, so the EU’s version of democracy is actually a dictatorship.

  27. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The European constitution was rejected by the people but Brussels renamed it & forced it onto 500 million people anyway, so the EU’s version of democracy is actually a dictatorship.

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    Ainhoa Lizar

    If voting would mean anything than it would not be allowed! All the system is a lie!! Wake up people!

  29. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    Yes if it’s real …. If you left a ruling party to fake elections and to use law enforcement against media and eventually maybe kill journalist that expose that government … and EU say nothing not …

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    EU is in crisis because you treat people as menthaly handicaped and rob our money to feed foreign countries….Turkey, Libya and now the subsaharian countries…without talking about the huge salaries you, your secretaries, and staff gets. It’s not surprising Europe is turning to the right, honest parties.

  31. avatar
    catherine benning

    I found this comment in the Independent paper this morning. I wonder why we don’t hear much about it?


    HIS IS WHAT YOU WILL BE LEAVING. They do not tell you this in MSM

    On May 31, the European Union, in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online in Europe. Critics say the initiative amounts to an assault on free speech in Europe because the EU’s definition of “hate speech” and “incitement to violence” is so vague that it could include virtually anything deemed politically incorrect by European authorities, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the European Union itself.

    On May 24, the unelected president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker,vowed to use sanctions to isolate far-right or populist governments that are swept into office on the wave of popular anger against migration. Under powers granted to the European Commission in 2014, Juncker can trigger a “rule of law alert” for countries that depart from “the common constitutional traditions of all member states.” Rather than accepting the will of the people at the voting booth, Juncker can impose sanctions to address “systemic deficiencies” in EU member states.

    On May 4, Juncker warned that EU countries that failed to “show solidarity” by refusing take in migrants would face a fine of €250,000 ($285,000) per migrant.

    On April 20, the European Political Strategy Centre, an in-house EU think tank that reports directly to Juncker, proposed that the European Union establish its own central intelligence agency, which would answer only to unelected bureaucrats. According to the plan, the 28 EU member states would have a “legally binding duty to share information.”

    From Gatestone Institute 8224. Look it up.

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    Vinko Rajic

    YES , the only problem is they use scam to sabotage democracy . Church with right-wing extremists and nationalist is our biggest problem. Left-wing is destroyed and they are not really problem now . Church and nationalist have money and good network , they sabotage democracy , elections and justice . Germany , Croatia , Hungary and Poland have similar problem .
    Germans should vote for FDP !
    Angela opened borders to create right-wing in Germany just because they are together , Afghela is right wing , they are the same church gang . Christians can’t win with CDU/CSU but they are going to win with right-wing and Germans don’t understand that . They just did it in Croatia , Christians could’t win elections but they created one other group under different name , a new political party called MOST . After elections they created “coalition” , they are the same church gang . Before elections a new gang(MOST) was against Christian “HDZ” but after elections only stupid joke . They destroyed democracy in Croatia , Afghela is going to do the same in Germany . Those Christian spiders are nothing but terrorists . There is a bad problem to have strong Christians and right-wing on one side against Socialists and left wing on the other side . That is destroying Croatia for over 100 Years . Christians are corrupt and very rich spiders , left-wing is very bad for economy . Croatia is poor just because those two fight for power . They don’t fight against corruption and for development , they only fight for power . They just finish like this :

  33. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    You shouldn’t suggest that people need tyranny because they can’t handle democracy

  34. avatar
    Francio Marco

    Democracy has a lot of problems to solve now all around the world. One of these problems are people that think that the vote doesn’t means nothing. I wish this people will live one month in a dictatorship so they understand the importance of voting.

  35. avatar
    Peter Castermans

    No the European people missed a chance by dismissing the European constitution which gave more power to the parliament and lesser to the commission. Not that it solved the issue, but it was a step in the right direction. Another problem is the bureaucracy in Europe. We don’t want the end like the Austrian-Hungarian Empire i hope.

  36. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    Yes! People wants what they are told/instructed and strongly explained by the media. If media decide to suport Mr X for president, the media will explain this the only and credible choice! Any other choice will be the apocalypse! After 6 intensive months of coordinated propaganda people are requested to choose freely

  37. avatar
    Gerard Donaghy

    to be honest sometimes people want stupid things, the populists know that, its why everything in the UK is about immigration at present and life costing cuts to public spending can be pushed through with it as a distraction

  38. avatar
    Giorgos Mos

    Few people they try to befool a lot of people with unfinished promises

  39. avatar
    Ana Lúcia Sttau Monteiro

    Since there is NO Democracy how can it deliver anything at all? The blame is not Democracy, the blame the corruption behind it and the games of power.

  40. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    The European sovereign national states are about to sacrifice democracy and rule of law for the sake of their own survival.

  41. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    Democracy is wrong in principle: letting decide people who have no clue about the matter. It would be good to have a knowledge test and assigning a coefficient (from 0 to 1 for example 0,1 0,2 0,3 etc.) when counting the votes so that the Manchester plumber’s vote with no clue about international trade cannot have the same weight as the London School of Economics’ Dean one when deciding upon Brexit. Only by a deep reform of the voting system and access to politics (public administration schools like ENA in France should be a prerequisite to access to decision making positions) can deliver an efficient and high quality administration. The one person one vote is not realistic and very dangerous (populism).

  42. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    Democracy is wrong in principle: letting decide people who have no clue about the matter. It would be good to have a knowledge test and assigning a coefficient (from 0 to 1 for example 0,1 0,2 0,3 etc.) when counting the votes so that the Manchester plumber’s vote with no clue about international trade cannot have the same weight as the London School of Economics’ Dean one when deciding upon Brexit. Only by a deep reform of the voting system and access to politics (public administration schools like ENA in France should be a prerequisite to access to decision making positions) can deliver an efficient and high quality administration. The one person one vote is not realistic and very dangerous (populism).

  43. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Is this “charade they made out of a real democracy” delivering what people want? The answer is a resounding NO!

  44. avatar

    Is this “charade they made out of a real democracy” delivering what people want?
    The answer is a resounding NO!

  45. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    The democracy we know and live today is just a smokescreen to make you believe you make a difference. I’ve seen it time and again how the voice of the people was run over by the interest of the powerful

  46. avatar
    Francio Marco

    We live in difficoult and dangerous times but we cannot forget what happened 75/80 years ago when an economic crisis put Europe and world in the worst war ever. We must fight for a better democrazy especially remebering that richness is always going in few people hands and the rest of the world is getting poorer. Reditribution of money is the key, if we go in dictatorships we are going to give more money and more power to people that now already have.

  47. avatar
    Alex Lomoro

    Absolutely not. democracy deliver what the powerful wants, turning the least of our society against each other.

  48. avatar
    Daniel Faria

    Democracy is good but people never really had a choise, only the illusion of choise. We vote in people we’ve never met, based on things they say(written by others).. The powerful become more powerful. The most important Central banks, health and food organizations being controled by a few dozen of people.. We live in a dangerous time, there has never been so much killing, terrorism and wars for a long time. And all this will lead to people doubting their own government. That’s why Trump is winning in america. They all know Hillary is controlled and controls all media which is biased. People want someone who can actually say whats on their mind.. For as crazy as it may be

  49. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    A pro-people ethical code is required instead of this silliness with political parties and unethical leaders. An admin department that serves all the people and the planet as a priority , that cannot make decisions that violate the ethical code.

  50. avatar
    Matej Mlinarič

    Brussels is the real problem cause all you do create a problem and then justify it to force others to do what you want against interest of the native population. This is your biggest mistake of all importing masses of muslims. Allow them to establish no-go zones and allow them to get away with assaults, rapes and even killings.

    Just what you fail to realize is this you don’t need subversion or threats or doomsday scenarios for masses to realize that islamism must be dealt with eventually. In our countries and globally. Cause that is only to stop islamic terrorism all across planet that is systematically getting rid of all non-muslims. So if you really want to secure this whole planet from islamic terrorism then stop helping them and allow their destruction where ever is needed. Any islamic country that dare to shelter them should be dealt with so they can never pose any threat again.

    During this time period, there were 1083 Islamic attacks in 48 countries, in which 10156 people were killed and 12119 injured.

    Just you still want to pretend that this multiculture was ever anything positive or that islam is not about global domination under sharia law.

    all of this can be avoided just you don’t want to do that

  51. avatar
    Lars Jorgensen

    Geht zum Teufel; aber lasst Schottland, Wales und Nordirland ihren eigenen Weg gehen und in der EU bleiben. Ihr könnt die Teile des uk, die nicht english sind ja majorisieren. Es muss ein neues Referendum her, dass die Leute ihre eigene Zukunft wählen können.

  52. avatar

    The problem with the EU is that it doesn’t seem to understand how democracy actually works in a stable form. For example at the moment in the eu and the usa for that matter we have had a succession of liberal leaning philosophies. They have completly ignored the concerns of the people about immigration for example and have pressed on with their policies regardless, each year the opposition has got stronger and they still ignore it but now it’s threatening to break the Union apart. To run a democracy successfully you must also take into account the minority view,you must have balance. There is no balance in the EU.
    This complete lack of balance then forces them to rush things to get their way, they then seem to ignore the will of the people. Do this in any democracy at your peril because it leads to one thing every time the rise of the extremes, this breaks unity everytime. If we look at immigration for example, EU immigration has caused so many problems that were unnecessary due to the haste of EU expansion. If the EU had taken in one country at a time and then all existing members invested in this country until it was a net contributer before the next country was admitted we woudn’t find ourselves in the position we are today. Whether on a global level, a national level or a personal level balance is essential tilt the scales and who knows what will happen but I can guarantee that none of us will like it.

  53. avatar

    We need to introduce political sciences in the schools, just like mathematics. People ought to have comprehensive and systematic knowledge on how a democratic society works. How elections came about, how the millions of civil servants came about, who we elect and so on. And obviously those priceless comments where by economic state of someone equates to “democracy”

  54. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    One American supreme court judge described democracy like this: “Democracy is about getting the people what they want, my job is to bring them to whatever they want. AND IF THE PEOPLE WANT TO GO TO HELL, I WILL BRING THEM THERE! “

  55. avatar
    Miguel Verissimo

    Wrong question!
    Democracy wasn’t created to deliver anything but democracy and a fair part of the sharing portion!
    But western bourgeoisie is confusing welfare and growth with exploiting the rest of the world
    It’s urgent a balance of remain resources putting a fair prize-tags on it, and act to a Global redistribution following the sentence – Nobody Left Behind… and everybody must work equally to the same income and responsibility….

  56. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    Nope. Even if we ignore the demagogy and populism that have taken over western society, democracy is nothing more than a method for making decisions. It doesn’t guarantee that every decision will be the correct one. Democracy only guarantees a relative political stability, because it ensures that most interest groups and parties in one society have had their voices heard and have taken their part in the decision making.

  57. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    The open rule of the transnational oligarchs would be so much better, right?
    Democracy is still the best system we have, only lobbying should be eliminated from the picture: it’s simply too harmful, and the consequences look like Trumps.

  58. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    The today meaning of the word democracy missuses the real meaning, it only justifies the way eu politicians are acting. Nowadays eurocrats are tools of few very powerful elements, their autocracy is not reflecting people intentions at all.
    Real democracy would deliver even that, what eurocrats and their string pullers are really fearing.

  59. avatar

    In the question there is a semantics problem!
    This so called “democracy”, as practiced by EU leaders, and not to be confused with the “real democracy”, in NOT delivering what people NEED, much less what people want.

  60. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    In the question there is a semantics problem!
    This so called “democracy”, as practiced by EU leaders, and not to be confused with the “real democracy”, in NOT delivering what people NEED, much less what people want.

  61. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Democracy today is the name given to a system in which people are led to believe their vote counts when in fact all they do is validate the dictatorship of a group of people for a given moment in time.
    The fact that these groups occasionally lose one or another election means there is a turnover of the people in power but the reality is that most of the members of these groups were educated and brought up together, sit on most boards…. and the power is only shared between 2-3 groups/parties….
    Because of the evolution of society and the ever growing expectations of the people, representative democracy is reaching its limits as not only are the people in power incapable of taking decisions against multinational companies and liberal trade markets alone (because companies can just travel to another country) but also their arrogance and hunger for power blinds them into ruthless rash decisions… which then imply a lot of lying…
    It may be time to start thinking of moving on to another system…
    But that will probably mean taking down the establishment as a whole as they won’t give up their privileges without a fight

  62. avatar
    Georgi Krestanov

    Today we live whit strog cencoorship – from international and national media – they cold this censorship – political corectness …But democracy is stronger – the breakthrow come from GB – and when continue in US – the way for democracy ill be open

  63. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    more transparency re what decisions are being discussed, more interim voting on performance of the commission. More prosperity not austerity – top down is fine, now we need bottom up! Simples!!!!

  64. avatar
    Kate Traditionog

    Banned Trump And Seized Trump Assets To Compensate Those He Stole From He Raped Abused Trumpp Is A thief Ready To Destroyed America Europe He Is the New Global Leader Of The terrorist Group Headed By A Racist.,Bin Laden Putin Isis Boko Haram Tea Party And Now Trump Terrorist Group.

  65. avatar
    Gerard Donaghy

    A better question would be can it deliver and if it cant could anything else deliver in its place, I think the people have wild and unclear expectations and democracy, nor anything else could really deliver what they feel they want

  66. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    People want what’s best for them. If the mainstream politicians are failing why would the people want them? The elite is failing and populists are on the rise so if someone want to save democracy then the best course is to fight the status quo.

  67. avatar
    Poppy Economoy

    Greece’s contribution to modern politics is democracy,which is-with its defaults- still the best system we have.Why the brilliant minds of western europe and of the U.S haven’t come up with anything better than this?Just because there is not one.Any other political system is worse than democracy,so that alone makes it the best.

  68. avatar
    Konstantinos Anst

    The world has become too complicated and interconnected for the obsolete parliamentary democracy systems.
    And people across Europe are instinctively reacting against the overwhelming effects of globalization

  69. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    as long as IMF, ECB, Goldman S. and other criminal in charge, Europe will still be in crisis…

  70. avatar
    Anatilde Alves

    Politics has nothing to do with the growth of these far right wingers. This only goes to show that there is alot of fucktards in Europe to support this behaviour that is ridiculous.

  71. avatar

    Yes, in the end it does. May democracy bring us the next round of dictators the people so desperately seem to want so they can regain their sanity and critical-thinking.

    Damn history, we’re at it again.

  72. avatar
    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    EU ha been for decades saving freedom, democracy, prosperity and peace in Europe. Of course, there remains a statistic probability of some galactic sutidity.

  73. avatar
    Dionysis Kontarinis

    So much misunderstanding regarding the notion of democracy… Please read the basic sources: Aristotle, Plato to clear things up.

  74. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    Often it is necessary to be unpopular do not to deliver anti-popular decisions, unfortunately this is not the time for that.

  75. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    Mostly no. At the moment it is delivering carefully designed delusions. People need to wake up and start to think about democratic socialism, eurosocialism or anarcho-communism.

  76. avatar
    Paulius Paždagis

    Not 100%. Look, if we call it Democracy, then Populism shouldn’t take part. Some people don’t know what they want, and they are gullible enough to fall for ideas from 20th century. Some people don’t have what it takes to make a conscious decision. IMO, the education system should look into what they can do about that.

  77. avatar
    Zisis Poimenidis

    Democracy, a composite Greek word, from Demos= the sum of the citizens and Cratos= power. Due to the size of our modern societies democracy has taken the form of the “representative democracy “. Unless democracy it self can somehow rationalize and secure with new criteria, the channels and the prosedures from which and by which candidates of any kind emerge, then and only then democracy will actually serve and fulfill its purpose. I think i am clear and i dont have to refer to the dependency of politicians and politics to various interests.

  78. avatar
    Diaconu George Razvan

    Corruption is the big problem in Europe , from Brussels to national governments to local authorities , the corruption is huge!

  79. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    non tutto quello che la gente vuole ma è democrazia tutto quello che non contrasta con le norme e i principi delle nostre Costituzioni. Cambiarcela senza NESSUN CONSENSO è da terroristi. Provate a dire alla gente che la Costituzione non è più quella che hanno scritto i nostri padri costituenti ma è il Trattato di Lisbona……ma come vi siete permessi ???

    not everything that people want democracy but all that does not conflict with the rules and principles of our Constitutions. Cambiarcela at NO CONSENSUS is to be terrorists. Try to tell people that the Constitution is not what they have written our founding fathers but the Lisbon Treaty …… but how did you ??? permits

  80. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Whenever the people are asked they reject the Brussels dictatorship, it is just a matter of time before they bury the EU’s rotting corpse. So clearly democracy works, its just the antidemocratic EU fanatics who hate it.

  81. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    ooh my comment vanished…. let me put it up again Wallonia is seriously undermining the sovereignty argument and what with Mayism and the Kim Jung Tories attempting to rid England of the house of Lords?

  82. avatar
    Miro Šarić

    Who choose those two? What kind of liberty is choosing between two evils?? Two sides of a same coin??

  83. avatar
    Ntinos Gotzis

    “democracy” is delivering coups (Ukraine, Syria, GREECE!), TTIPs, TTPs, CETAs, transformation of private depts in publics….

  84. avatar
    GonEprata Megarp

    Democracy? You mean fuking plutocratic capitalism is the true ruler of democracy…have we not pass square one yet?

  85. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    people wants notting, people is dumb, people loves to cry for help after wrong doing, but will do it again and again

  86. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    The democracy is in a crisis, because right and left populists are struggling to take the power. They manipulate the voters and Europe and Northern America are in a danger to have such governments. May be we will see the end of the liberal democracy.

  87. avatar

    I have two words for you all: WRONG QUESTION.
    Gjergji Vurmo said it, already, and I agree:
    Instead of asking if democracy is delivering what people want, we should start thinking:
    Are we informed enough to make choices in a democracy?

    T H I N K A B O U T I T

  88. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    You killing me, now the election system is not right because can bring someone that you don’t like? But when is what you want the “democracy” works just fine :)
    Well… No, the ancient Greeks said it: “The majority is not guarantee for the rightness of the decision”, but there is noting better yet!

    • avatar
      Angelos Papantoniou

      I agree!! Further more, the campaign in Sicily (415bc) stands as an example that democracy (majority) doesn’t always make the best decisions.
      It is however the fairest system of government.

    • avatar
      Ion Marian

      We, in Europe don’t live in democracy/ Germany, france, Ostrich are taking the decisions, the others just need to conform with that.
      What is it, Mme Merkel said, when there were risen concerns about the migrant flood ? We have to deal with it !

    • avatar
      Duarte Moreira

      True. And lets not forget that this political economy is breaking the EU apart.

  89. avatar
    Blagovest Blagoev

    It is… Exactly for this reason democracy could be its own worst enemy, perfectly representing this same tendency found in many people.

  90. avatar
    Tamás Kovács

    Democracy cannot protect itself.. it gives opportunity to destroy itself because people has their democratic right to vote for somebody start to restrict democratic itself.

    Mainstream European Politics is in crises because they simple cannot believe that people actually would elect less democratic people to lead the country.. If they don`t consider to listen to citizens they will vote for somebody who does.. this is the main power of populist politician they knew they cannot deliver all their promises but after you are elected it does not really matter..

  91. avatar
    Zisis Poimenidis

    In order for democracy to fully serve its purpose, it should be combined with meritocracy. But even without that it is the best we have up to now.

  92. avatar
    Mihai Petru Ceuca

    The white kids are a minority today in USA. The white population will be in 4 years a (old) minority. It’s the same as the Brexit vote.

  93. avatar
    Georgia Sigala

    The question is: Is capitalism failing? Democracy has been absent for a great many years now.

  94. avatar
    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    since democracy means that people can choose who they want probably yes… we Europeans don’t know well about it… if we talk about Italy then our democracy seems to be getting so far away from people…

  95. avatar
    Xavier Otenblaaum

    what would have happened if the choice was between Trump and Sanders? Would the results be different? What if Obama delivered some sort of relief for students, financial metering, and actual social benefit to the majority of us citizens? The problem does not lie in the citizens, the problem is that the professional politicians who don’t seem to understand what their blatant giveaway will produce in the long term

  96. avatar
    Radka Brhlikova

    People are loosing trust in democracy, when politicians does not listen to people but corporations and banks

  97. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    So, you don’t like Trump or Brexit, thus democracy is bad??? Seriously, you guys give the impresssion that you need to intervene whenever you don’t like the outcome. That is just pathetically sick!

  98. avatar
    Andre Lopes

    When political system is democratic and fail consistently rising up the facism, the democracy it is actually their legal “weapon” to get elected by a rising fascism in a country.

    Democracy it is NOT ONLY WHEN PEOPLE VOTE, Democracy stands up until the day of the elections. -> this is logical but it’s not happening since ever!!!!!

    Trump subnormal it’s just the begin…. Look at the fascists around the globe congrating him for the elections.. and this world literally SUCKS, as much as Goldman SUCKS!

  99. avatar
    Thomas Krikonis

    Apparently not any more …maybe there too much democracy…just check Sokrates ancient Greek philosopher and you get the answer

  100. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    Actually – not. But this is a problem of the political system itself. If the choice is between Trump and Clinton, so there is a problem in the System. Democracy must go through some evolutionary changes to survive.

  101. avatar
    Barbara Szela Lesniak

    It didn’t happen because Trump was so good; it was because Clinton was such a bad choice – remember the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% vs 1% ? People no longer trust politicians who care only about money and power.

    • avatar
      jane tse

      If want is infinitive, people is almost infinitive, without financial support, what the government/politician can deliver to earn their votes? This is how democracy functioning.

  102. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    what democracy???
    you want to talk democracy and post Trump face!!!
    since when is America a democracy???

  103. avatar
    Mattia Albanese

    I believe the crisis that Occidental democracies are living is mainly due to the fact that, in the last thirty years, all countries have lived a profound split between political establishment and the majority of citizens. Citizens have stopped getting themselves involved into politics, causing a stronger isolation of the establishment.I my opinion, the greatest problem is that politics is becoming more similar to a show than to reality. Citizens are no more political individuals, but have become consumers of this new kind of entertainment. I hope Europe can find his own way thanks to his culture and history. Innovation must be the fruit of our debate, of a new interpretation of the relationships between institutions and citizens. Democracy must change to save herself from populism and degeneration.

  104. avatar
    Vasiliki Xifteri

    You can not have a democracy if you do not have a demos=people acting with the common good in mind. The challenge will be to find one state that actually works like that.

  105. avatar
    jane tse

    Only idiot would have such believe! Democracy emphasizes individuals rights and freedoms rather than that of the collective. When there are millions of individuals, how can government deliver what people want? Who are the people? What kind of people whose voice can be heard? More importantly, “want” is an infinitive. How can a government met the infinitive wants of millions and millions of individual? So, it is time to think of the collective goods rather than individual goods. When the collective prosper, individuals would be taken care of. Not the contrary.

  106. avatar
    jane tse

    Please do not cheat ourselves. When does democracy deliver what people want? Democracy is a bargaining of powers and on allocation of public resources. When do you see politicians visit the poor people and ask for their votes? Do you think that poor people would think of casting their vote when they have tons of problems to confront? How can limited resources can satisfy unlimited wants of individuals/the people?

  107. avatar
    jane tse

    How can democracy be “as direct as possible” when millions of people are involved? It is only small country like Swiss or Iceland direct democracy is possible. Representative democracy is a product of modern societies, a way democracy to survive the modern era. When one is speaking by a representative, one has no choice after casting their vote. Anyway, democracy is only one of the many forms of political system. Do not have unrealistic hope for a system created by man. Besides, democracy ought to evolve with time and space.

  108. avatar

    “Democracy is about engaged people, about informed citizens”? This is a lie. Engaging whose “people”? It appears that Trump had been engaging on PRC people rather than the American people. And EU leaders, they are engaging Trump rather than their own people. In the face of a crazy US president, beating everywhere all over the world, where are EU leaders? Where were EU leaders and “informed”people of democracy? When people are “informed”, where are their free will people in a democracy ought to be entitled for? However, when every individual can act according to their free will and not submit to rules and government. Society becomes anarchic. If democracy can only repeat old theories and ideologies, it should be buried in history.

  109. avatar

    Democracy is about party competition. It is about to object for objection reason so as to prevent governing party from delivering good governance so the opposition would be able to win the next election. This is what current democracies are doing. In such circumstances, I cannot see what democracy can deliver what people want.

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