The number of asylum seekers reaching Germany has fallen dramatically in recent weeks. The Balkan route is now closed, there are NATO and Frontex naval patrols in the Mediterranean and Aegean, and a controversial deal is in place with Turkey, allowing Greece to automatically deport to Turkey all new “irregular migrants” arriving by boat (in return for the EU resettling an equal number of Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey).

But does this mean the migrant crisis is over? The underlying reasons causing people to leave their countries (war, terrorism, civil rights abuses, and poverty) still exist. The war against the so-called Islamic State grinds on, and the fragile ceasefire in Syria’s civil war is swiftly unravelling.

The Mediterranean is still a graveyard. In April, up to 500 migrants may have drowned when the boat carrying them to Europe capsized off the coast of Libya. Irregular migration is bound to continue, and the extra measures to prevent it may drive migrants to take bigger risks.

There are also question marks over the deal with Turkey. Is Turkey a safe country to deport irregular migrants to, given reports of widespread human rights abuses and concerns over press freedom? European countries are also reportedly getting cold feet over a visa-free short-term travel deal for Turkish citizens, offered in return for the EU-Turkey migrant agreement.

Is Europe’s migrant crisis finally under control? Has the EU put in place the right policies to finally end the crisis? Or are the root causes of the crisis still untreated? And has the crisis exposed Europe’s humanitarian principles as hypocrisy? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      D C Blommaert

      Of course not. Turkey will not join Schengen! If progressed as planned, Turkish citizens (only) will be able to visit Schengen countries with their (biometric) passport. No change for any other nationals.

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      Bert van Santen

      With walls, You`ll realise the first fence to prevend the extremists for travelling free through the EU and Europe

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      So why not leave your house door open at night?
      Or leave the store fronts open at night etc. etc.
      Borders exist for a reason, the problem and that reason is 1st to allow people to live on their lands and develop them and themselves according to their culture and what ressources etc are available.
      2nd to keep bad elements out, you cant keep everybody out that has bad intentions but many, thanks to mama merkel not enforcing the borders 1million+ muslims marched from the middle east war zones to Western Europe and mark my words the consequences of this will be desastrous for the security and freedom in Europe. Just look at the countries where they come from and you can see what the danger is for Europe as they will live how they were socialized back in their muslim countries.

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    Φωτεινή Μάρκου

    Is this fair for Cyprus? Turkey doesnt recognize cyprus republic and does not respect human rights. And yet Commission want to give the priviledge of visa free pass to Europe… Is Europe making a deal that declares its inability to control refugees crisis and its great need of Tyrkey’s help to stop people of coming to Europe… ? Instead of solving problem, which is to stop war and help rebuild Syria, it makes a very “superficial crisis management” of the problem

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    Francesco Haag Bellini

    Ah ah, till now just the beginning of problems generated by crazy EU government policy. They will discover that migration wrong management is a BOOMERANG

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    Claudio Bartoletti

    of course it is sorted out, all refugees are going to Italy so that settles that, truth is that the problem is far from solved and i pray that those countries blockading get swarmed in primis Germany.

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    Depends on what you believe over means. The process of letting in Europe all the Jihadists that will keep attacks like Paris and Brussels on the news is pretty much over, now that over 5000 operatives have entered europe we will probably have much bigger attacks happening on a regular basis. So the elites got what they wanted, another chance to get the news into fear mongering mode, create all the distractions they need to divide and conquer. Now we have an agreement with Turkey. EU at its best, the EU that can’t care less about the human drama that it helped create, as long as it far away from our borders. Easy, lets pay Turkey millions of euros for them to handle the human catastrophe for us. Out of sight, out of mind… right?

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    Rozalija Baricevic

    Under whose control? Surely not the EU control but Turkey’s. I am waiting for the very first and last crucial statement of yours: War in Syria is over! Let’s rebuild the country together! No matter the price! But as I can see, the least efforts are put into that issue. The EU is fading in front of our eyes.

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    Francio Marco

    Till in Siria there’ll be a war this crisis won’t stop because people want to live and where there is the war you can die every day so they want to escape from Siria to come in Europe.

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    Jude De Froissard

    As long as there are wars….nothing is solved. ..as long as there is intolerance and persecutions,greed and dictators, nothing is solved, as long as there is poverty and misery…nothing is solved.

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    Beside Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans here comes the Turks. No, the migrant crisis is far from over.

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    Dobromir Panchev

    No, EU borders are not secure enough yet. If a group of thousands of migrants decide to enter all at the same time, they will enter EU and nothing can stop them at the moment. The war is Syria is not over, the whole region there is unstable. All migrants must be educated how to create democratic society and then sent back to Syria to rebuild the country after the war.

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    Elie Awad

    Why people focus on Syria ,there is more people coming from africa and north africa ,Afghanistan ,Iran and pakistan than Syrians ….

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    catherine benning

    Not even close. Another ridiculous question.

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Migrants are down for Germany and 70 million Turkish citizens with visa-free travel and fake passports for any terrorists who buy them from corrupt factions within Turkey will flow into the EU. The only reason I can see the EU allowing this is from lack of care about EU citizens safety and security and a desire for increased trade to Turkey, more workers for the EU to decrease job security, decrease wages to finally be able to compete with China and new fodder for an EU army. Then the Eu will either collapse and fail or become Dystopian and oppressive.

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    EU reform- proactive

    No- never! Is that what the EU cabal thought they have achieved with a few flying visits to Turkey and a lousy deal? Sorry, Ma Merkel, another wasted group photo with the Turks! When last & was JCJ ever involved in scoring points for the EU?

    Umpires verdict: the EU negotiators are a loosing team, are on the relegation list & soon to be demoted to play in the 2nd ranked local league.

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    Anne Voie

    The migrants will continue to come for as long as Europe maintains the current asylum system where you have to enter the territory before applying for asylum. Europe will probably eventually scrap this policy and instead take refugees directly from camps. But until then, the problem will continue.

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    Петър Йовчев

    what the big heads in Brussels are afraid of islamic migration is a paranoia , the real thread is cumming from black Africa where the population is mostly christian by fate, but less civilized then any syrian or iraqui people, and they are too many as 1 billion.

  16. avatar
    Paulo Lisboa

    I have lots of doubts about that.

  17. avatar
    Dalibor Medvedović

    Angela is a war Criminal, Beleeve or not, but Croatia was under suspicion of genocid for same tipe forced migration on ICI in Den Haag. Organisation of  migration was on Serbs, so we was not guilti, then cams a question of bombing (in Knin it was ten times less then in Vukovar) so we was not quilti, but… EU work a dirty job.

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    Marco Peel

    The term “Refugee Crisis” is already misleading. We have a Humanitarian Crisis due to wars in the Middle East, largely as a result of Western intervention. And now we are basically bribing Turkey to do what we legally and morally can’t do within the EU.
    Claiming that the “Refugee Crisis” is contained by closing borders, is like claiming a “Medical Crisis” is contained by closing hospital doors to those who are infected by an epidemic. Hubris and hypocrisy.

  19. avatar

    No as such a dictator who is not allowing freedom of speeach in his country and who is not able to stop terror is not acceptable. He is accepting so high level of women and children violence in Turkey. This agreement is not right. I m definitely AGAINST visa free entrance because it will make refugee problem much bigger. To accept their request about visa free entrance is very wrong decission.

  20. avatar
    Paul X

    It will never be under control until they get rid of Schengen. Even if the EU could stop external immigration at its borders, internal migration is still a major problem for some countries

    Quite what the naive idiots thought would happen when they dreamed up the open border policy…. even a 5 year old could have predicted that there would be mass migration from poorer countries to the richer ones

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Paul X

      Which goes to tell you it is deliberate. These people who run our lives are not fools and pretending they are refuses to accept the truth and make them accountable. They are traitors to their people and have been betraying them for years. This cannot be a mistake when a five year old could know the outcome.

      We in Europe, and the UK, have been gagged by gulag style political correctness, resulting in the fear to speak out. Which leads to what we have, it’s called collectively, Stockholm Syndrome.


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    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    HaHa,No.Wait until the weather is better.Is it safe for the illegal immigrants and the refugees to return to Turkey?No,but then EE doesn’t care.Could Turkey prevent the illegal immigrants and refugees to come to EE?Yes.Now they do.Why now?Because there is an agreement and EE gives them everything.Hypocrites.

  22. avatar

    The EU Commission itself seems to play a central role in producing the migrant crisis. Hence, from a member stae perspective more Europe is not the solution but in contrary inflates the problem even more.
    However, by sticking with this course the Commission might well dig its own grave. No European nation will accept such an attack on its identity.


    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Bastian:

      Clearly the man speaking in this opening video is delusional. And certainly has little or no knowledge of history and its compionent parts world wide. Also, he has rejected natures gift to which ensures our survival. We are being run by brainwashed creatures who cannot observe the obvious. “Stockholm Syndrome.”

      They are leading us into a continental European war which is being encouraged by US implants they have in their midst. Which was why it began with the Ukraine, leading it into a civil war. War is a big money making dance for those not in the battle first hand who exploit it to their hearts content. The citizen on the ground, of course, paying for it with their taxes whilst the continents elsewhere privately invest in the supply of its arms and the pillaging of its fine art and any other method of land grab.

      Read Barack Obama’s book and take in what is written between the lines, regarding his intense dislike of Britain and of the Anglo Saxon dwellers within this continent.


  23. avatar
    Bert van Santen

    No and never will, as long as Schengen is in place.

  24. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar


    Far too many EU foreigners are coming to the UK.

    Scrap Shengen, raise borders and distribute asylum seekers across the poor EU countries that need the financial boost that accompanies population growth.

    • avatar

      So are Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the EU? or do you mean to say, not enough Nigerians are coming to the UK?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      No, there are just too many EU foreigners arriving in the UK at present (hurting schools, hospitals, accommodation and community stability) – 75% of whom [according to Migration Observatory] would in all actuality NOT be allowed into the UK if a visa system was introduced.

      I have no issues with the colour of foreigners coming to the UK, I just want a visa system for control purposes and quality purposes.

      Unfortunately, I believe that Brexit will fail – so don’t worry your loo-cleaning job is as safe as sh#t houses.


    • avatar

      ha ha, tarquin, with the quality of your responses I think that you are the one cleaning loos, that’s why you are so angry because all these Romanians that you hate so much even they can get a better job than you…i’m actually sure that you are not even a good loo cleaner…so, are Nigerians better qualified than Romanians, according to you/

    • avatar

      EU citizens are not foreigners, according to the law. and I think this is the source of your anger. your comments are full of hatred and division because you want your own culture to dominate in the UK and not European, which is where the country actually finds itself.

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    Sherrie Heckendorn

    There are more displaced people now than during ww2. Maybe we need to try to fix the reason they are displaced. We are all human beings and when we see others as lesser or undeserved of help- we lose our humanity

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Sherrie,……………….and the reasons are? Why not give it a try!

      Could it be that history “unintentionally” replicates itself in a most peculiar way today by delineating Europe-Asia Minor & the whole globe- after the (failed) examples in Africa, the Middle East & elsewhere in the 19th century? It was equally “managed” by the ELITE- without consideration of the “people’s soul” or their consent.


      The Berlin Conference in 1885 was followed by WWI and WWII- named wars to end all wars- the Versailles Treaty in 1919, the Yalta & Potsdam Conference in 1945, the creation of the UN & eventual the never ending EU Treaties “forcing” everyone together. NOT to forget the most important but (failed) UNRATIFIED international treaty intended to create a “consolidated “EU CONSTITUTION”.

      Is the military the best diplomatic way to secure “eternal” peace by using NATO & Article 5? Or is it another set up to draw everyone into WWWIII?

      A pity one cannot consult with a Lawrence of Arabia or Gertrude Bell! Maybe send JCJ & the whole EC into the Arab desert to gain more experience?


    • avatar

      I think that radical Islam is the reason why. People don’t want it.

      And, honestly, that word “elite” is becoming so banal. What does it mean, btw? Whom are you referring to?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Yasmine- its true! However, why not coin your own reference to the ruling class to be found in Aristocracy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, inverted totalitarianism, Corporatocracy, Totalitarian democracy etc……….?


    • avatar

      EU, this is clearly a conspiracy theory that you have but is not anything concrete or objective. Do you think it adds value to your comments to keep referring to it?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Yasmine- for some, several things are more conclusive and revealing- by searching for historical relevance & facts- instead becoming blind & enthusiastic believers in derailed political concepts.

  26. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    No. When you make a deal with the devil, you always lose.

  27. avatar
    Sofía D'Aviri

    “The migrants trying to get to Europe right now are not about to raise up in arms, and Europe is not—thankfully—the Roman empire. But this story shows well that migration has always and will always be a part of our world. There are two ways to deal with refugees: one is to promote dialogue, and inclusion; the other to be unwelcoming and uncaring. The second has led to disaster before—and in one way or another, is sure to do so again.” Source: http://qz.com/677380/1700-years-ago-the-mismanagement-of-a-migrant-crisis-cost-rome-its-empire/

  28. avatar

    Yes, it is. As soon as borders were closed and the “refugees” were told that they are expected to comply with international refugee law they stopped coming. The questions is why they were allowed to move through Europe illegally without any papers. And also ask yourselves, if they really are escaping death why are they protesting and refusing to stay in Greece.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Yasmine- Yes? OMG! That simple? There is no “political the morning-after pill”- and even the real one has side affects. The political one enters history! The question however remains & adds to another grand EU/Merkel calamity!

    • avatar

      It’s not only Merkel. Alex Tsipras has also invited the supposed refugees to come but for some reason that hasn’t made the headlines.

  29. avatar

    Second generation immigrants come to protest against other immigrants… really? Are you serious?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      You seem to have a rather poor memory.

  30. avatar

    second generation immigrants should be expected to integrate and not try and bring here and recreate the culture of the country of origin of their parents or change the identity of the country that has welcomed them. If they prefer the country of origin of their parents and their allegiance lies there, they should be encouraged to go and live there. we have allowed too many people in that are not with us but are against us.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Reading this article in our press today, we find the Swedish police blame their countries women are the reason and the fault of migrant rape.


      Enjoy the attacks ladies, it is the beginning of you having to adorn yourself from top to toe for being born with a vagina. You see, if you are a pure and natural creature you deserve to be shat on.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …. “SHOULD be expected…”? Of course: should, should, should……….!

      Some are still unsure, keep pondering, wondering and quote from the rules book- while it has been proven that most of these “guests” detest our human rights, our unwritten rules, our culture & our religions. Representatives of these mainly tribal, foreign & Muslim cultures staunchly believe in their tribal traditions, their Quran, their religion and their Cairo declaration- and will never integrate- regardless!

      Most critical Europeans SHOULD by now have figured this “open secret” and their protest reminded the bunch of pc politicians who have either not yet figured it, ignored it, refused to acknowledge it, being cowards, mistrusted & deservedly destined to eventually lose their political influence & majority.

    • avatar

      Yes, I think that things are coming to a head, But I disagree that it is purely a Muslim thing.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……….it’s of course NOT that simple- otherwise more Pro EU supporters would quicker understand! The difference in approach might be: you appear a committed supporter of such concept :


      …….& I am NOT!

    • avatar

      EU, sorry but I find it difficult to understand your comments. I am assuming that you are simply translating from some kind of German, and I am not a good guesser, so I am unable to reply to you more specifically. But reading your comments here overall, I would say, You concentrate far too much on labelling and name-calling rather than look at the substance of things and your views are far too theoretical. it’s not about being committed or not. For some people, esp,younger and/or around my age, the EU is not a project or concept but it is a reality that exists on the ground. it is just a matter of formulating it accurately and for this the cooperation of everyone is needed. there are people whose parents are from different countries, they have lived in several different European countries, they travel constantly, they study European culture..you understand. This is a small continent and people have already married each other and interacted with each other for far to long to start talking about withdrawing and isolating ourselves now. It wouldn’t work in a million years. But I can understand where you are coming from as well because I know how my grandparents thought. I don’t think that approach works. It’s produced a few wars and the EU was created in an attempt to counter such attitudes and prevent future wars between its members.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………………..don’t worry, one day you might! Read some Antoine de Saint-Exupery- it may help!

  31. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. “Under control”? By this question, you mean either: has ISIL been stopped in their barbaric termination of anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology – at present, the war continues and so does the Genocide?!; has the EU and the UN done all it can to help all refugees without political agenda involved to make certain that these people are safe, looked after and accounted for – to be of that opinion would be living in fantasy land. So the answer has to be ‘no’. Thanks.

  32. avatar

    Fallen dramatically? I don’t see it this way.

    The fact is that the Mediterranean deaths would be over when all shipwrecked people get returned where they came from. The deaths of the Mediterranean are the deaths of the Strassbourg Court judges.

    So what could we do to change the situation?

  33. avatar
    fixedunicorn/clayton bredensteiner

    I think that they have better control than before, but there is still many things they need to work on.

  34. avatar

    Just kidding there never going to have it under complete control.

  35. avatar

    It is just starting it not even close to being done.

  36. avatar
    Valery Valdez

    I think the migration crisis is always going to be a problem. Like slavery it still happening yet we can’t really solve it. Greece and Europe have it under control, but they completely stop it.

  37. avatar
    Madison R.

    I think the European Migration Crisis is in control because there is no longer a big fight over what country will take in who and most migrants have found a new home in another country.

  38. avatar

    We still need common external border, border force, border infrastructure etc and a common army of say 200 thousand soldiers.

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