At least 95,000 unaccompanied children are reported to have applied for asylum in Europe in 2015. These are among the most vulnerable of asylum seekers, and Europol estimated in January 2016 that at least 10,000 have gone missing after arriving in Europe, warning that some may have fallen prey to traffickers and criminal gangs.

In a recent vote in the British Parliament, the government defeated a move to force the UK to accept 3,000 child refugees from across continental Europe. The government warned that such a policy would create a “pull factor”, encouraging families to send their children out alone. Opposition parties, however, condemned the vote as inhumane, with Labour MP Yvette Cooper arguing that Britain should not be “turning its back” on “thousands of children… sleeping rough in Europe tonight, vulnerable to exploitation and abuse…”

So, what can European countries do? We had a comment sent in by Gabriel, saying: “Earlier this year, 10’000 refugee children were reported to have gone missing in the EU. What’s happening to them?”

To get a response, we put Gabriel’s question to Owen McCarthy from CalAid, a volunteer group working with people living in the refugee camps in Calais. What would he say to Gabriel?

For another perspective, we also spoke to Simon Ingram, Senior Communication Adviser, UNICEF Brussels. What would he say?

ingramWell, obviously we are aware of those reports and are immensely troubled by them. And what they really underline is that children are indeed the biggest victims of this situation… It also points to the fact that we do not currently have a system set up in any European country which is sufficiently vigorous and well-built that it can monitor and track children arriving on the shores of Europe. The number you refer to – 10,000 children – is little more than a guesstimate, and to this day we really cannot say for sure how many children have slipped through the net.

It’s important to understand the reasons why they do slip through the net. Sometimes it is wilful, it is deliberate, and it’s because many of these children are boys who have been sent by their families deliberately with a view that they would find work and send money home to their families. And if they fear that by being registered they will lose that opportunity or will not be able to travel to the parts of Europe where they believe they will get the best working opportunities, then they will deliberately avoid being registered or talking to social workers who they might come across.

Now, there are other cases where children may actually be led astray, or fall prey to traffickers and others. We do know, anecdotally,  that such criminal syndicates do operate in Europe. And we’re of course especially fearful of children who fall into the clutches of such organisations.

What can Europe do to help unaccompanied refugee children? Should more effort be made to monitor and track children applying for asylum in the EU? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Tarquin Farquhar


    The EU should shut borders and set up communities of refugee children in the EU basketcase/beggar nations as population growth increases economic activity and both the refugee children and the particular countries would benefit.

    The refugee children should be holistically cared for [health, education, etc etc] and made familiar with Northern EU standards, expectations and customs.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      So, you mean UK and the other Northern European countries should accept them all – that’s fine.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      Not quite, most EU basket cases are not classified as Northern European.

      The UK as the 2nd largest EU net contributor and the largest if you consider the RACIST FISH TAX the EU applies to the UK(c£3B-£6B/year) and the EU HEALTHCARD disparity (C£5B-£5B/year) is not quite a basketcase – the UK is the breadbasketcase if you will. ;)

    • avatar

      Unfortunately, Tarquin’s stereotyping and rude manner gets noticed more than the contents of his comments. Obviously, himself was never made aware of “the same standards, expectations and customs that he recommends others…

    • avatar

      This does not work in most cases as can be seen by the problems of these children

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    Rozalija Baricevic

    Many EU families want children. Save the children and let them have home in Europe. With Europeans. Their parents, relatives or fellow citizens don’t deserve them.

  3. avatar
    Shah Ji

    The irony is that even the east Europeans feel to be in a position to comment. Rozalija Baricevic I miss those good old times when your kids wanted to sneak into West Europe, then I didn’t hear any West European say “their parents, relatives or fellow citizens don’t deserve their kids”. The question is what will happen to YOU when the Union breaks!

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Eastern Europeans are EUROPEANS – regardless of whether they are in the EU, or not. They have every right to comment!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      Of course you do!

      But don’t you think that Eastern European nations have a moral obligation to take millions of unaccompanied refugee children given the massive Eastern European de-population due to economic migration to the superior (economically) Northern EU states?

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    Yanni Sfyrides

    ΕU should do everythin possible for the children.It should n t be a case of a debate.You can not ask questions for such a matter .The answer is obvious.

    • avatar

      WHo will take responsibility for the future problems with these children who will have psychological problems

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    Любомир Иванчев

    Children and their mothers should be a priority. They should be obliged to learn the local language and begin their integration in the European culture right away.
    There should be a more thorough and detailed screening process for male refugees though. It is not sexism, it is the reality of islamic and middle eastern culture and we should adapt our policies to it to protect our countries and our interests.

    • avatar

      We have proof in France that very few Muslim migrants integrate , even after 3 generations . So all refugees should be told that they will have to go home eventually

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    Vinko Rajic

    SIMPLE ! Build some accommodation for them in Syria or Turkey . Send food to them and after they finish fighting in Syria they can go back. Those people don’t like the EU and liberal democracy from the West . They don’t want to integrate . Why should all Muslims entering the EU get permanent citizenship and those starving children in Africa NOTHING :

    • avatar

      That is the worst thing to do , it does not work as has been seen in many EU countries

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    David Petty

    How the hell did children get here unaccompanied?

    04/10/2017 Dr. Claire Healy, Research Officer at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), has responded to this comment.

    • avatar

      Neither EU governments , the UN of NGOs want to ask such a delicate question .
      If these children are so vulnerable etc , how did they come all the way from Syria

    • avatar

      Some of their parents froze to death en route. Some of them were sent with other relatives or traffickers in a bid to save their lives and give them a future.

  8. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Don’t worry, they have just sent their kids ahead first, when they are given right of citizenship in an EU country their mothers, fathers, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc, etc will have a legal right to entry & will then follow.

    • avatar

      The legal right to entry for families is being changed and could be stopped alltogether

  9. avatar
    Maria Maria

    When the children enter Europe, their parents will then apply to join them. It’s not just a matter of helping the children, while denying their parents’ rights to join them by separating them This problem has to be thought of in family terms.

  10. avatar
    Emmanuel Rodríguez Belinchón

    I don’t know what laws have in another country.
    But the Spanish government don’t care about this childrens.
    The government of Valencia is ready to shipping to Greece and take some refugees. Onliy need a signature of M. Rajoy.
    Egoistic, Hypocrite.
    The Spanish people been too refugees.

    • avatar

      Spain like other countries has the sovereign right to decide who enters and who does not , people who think otherwise are either communists or Muslims

  11. avatar
    Nikos Themelis

    Maybe Europe should remember it’s values and stop acting stupid,dangerous,nationalistic,sociopathic. Maybe by NOT CLOSING the borders entrapping them less than healthy or safe situations in the first place. I have lost all faith in Europe and specially in Northern and central-easter europeans capacity to thing rationally and act compassionately.

    • avatar

      Compassion is finished in Europe , seeing the agressivity and violence that Muslim illegal migrants are showing

  12. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    Children can be thaught! Even though I’m completly against receiving the so called “refugees”, I would open an exception to this children. And I mean children, not teenagers and even less “parents” that would used their kids to request entrance later!

  13. avatar
    Carlos Em Lisboa

    Europe should get the Problem by the roots . What makes people want to flee from their home countrys besides war and leak of justice ? The people in other countrys have a essential need like people in ” devoleped ” countrys : Security , a fair income etc . As an old proverb says : Dont give them fish , teach them how to fishing !

    • avatar

      The problem in all Muslim nations is the centuries old Sunni – Shia conflict . Muslims cannot get on together , let alone with Europeans.
      Most Muslim countries were colonies with functioning economies , they destroyed this , and now complain . Look at history

  14. avatar
    Danny Boy

    Set up temporary hostels and schools on the Greek islands,do not allow any of the migrant children(most of which are actually 15,16 and 17 year old men)to leave for the mainland,make it clear to them they will be immediately returned to Turkey if they do.Once word gets back to the families that their is no chance the ‘children’ can get into Europe and any hope of them following behind they will stop sending them ahead.

    • avatar

      Muslims are responsible for most of the conflicts in their countries , and the poverty and failed economies

  15. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Firstly Europe needs to help its own children! We have a lot of poor and homeless people already…

    • avatar

      The UN and NGOs have never helped the Children of Europe or the 20+ million unemployed , many of whom who have lost their homes , do not have access to healthcare or enough to eat , and now they wonder why their is hostility the illegal migrants , the UN and NGOS

  16. avatar

    Firstly how many of these alleged “children” actually are children? Most seem to be young men in their twenties claiming to be teenagers:

    It’s very hard to believe that child refugees would have the money or wherewithal
    to arrange for smugglers to bring them to Europe. Most are almost certainly accompanied, if not by parents by older brothers uncles or cousins, and have been told to pretend to be unaccompanied to gain asylum, then to *find* their lost relative later.

    So IMO only pre pubertal children should be considered. Others should be placed in camps in Turkey until such time as they can be returned safely to Syria.

    Any younger children should be questioned very thoroughly, their possessions and phones examined to discover their contacts and sources of money and if found to be genuine orphan children then they should be put up for adoption by European couples (including gay where that is the law of the land).

    My guess is there are very few indeed would fall into this category.

    • avatar

      Yes, as usual the media takes photos of the only children in the swarm, the 1% of the migrants. While if you actually look at the actual migrants walking the highways of Europe, you will see only young men. It is soviet-style propaganda.

    • avatar

      No send them home

  17. avatar
    catherine benning

    There is no such thing as unaccompanied children. Someone has to accompany them.

    Pretend teenagers of 41 years, who pretend to be children are ridiculous and take you all for fools. Real teenagers from 13 on are also a plant and if they can make it alone to Europe where did they get the money. If they managed that, then they also are not children. So stop playing idiotice and transparent games.

  18. avatar
    Maria Maria

    Taline Babikiann Angelidou. You should set an example. Take them home. I believe you also speak the language being from Lebanon. It’s not fair on the Europeans either to get all these problems without being consulted. But volunteers like you can add a lot of human help to this situation.

    • avatar

      Even those with families in Europe , have become a problem

  19. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    This is part of the Plan: send unaccompanied children, send more of them, so that european weak hearted people should feel sorry about them, should give them shelter and home. In the meantime this mercy-industry would push all tools of family reunification, as these children would need their own parents and families. The Kalergi-Plan, flooding Europe with more than 290.000.000 invaders untill 2025.

    • avatar

      like closed borders , there will be family reunions in the future

    • avatar
      Judith Danvers

      I think a solution would be to issue a different status of document that allows the child to live in Europe just until any family are located. Once family are located the only option should be for the child to be returned rather than the family apply to come to Europe. We have had an assumption for a long time that integration is a given if enough time passes. However this is increasingly appearing to be an incorrect assumption. It seems that once children are trained from babyhood to see themselves as fundamentally different from other groups (i.e. muslim/christian sunni/shia) the majority retain this thinking for life and become symbiotically attached to the belief structure they have.

  20. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    They are not ‘missing’, their parents know exactly where they are & will follow on when their kids have gained residency in Schengen, the European Courts of Human rights will demand the EU accept their parents.

  21. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    What does the law say about this issue? I believe the children are not missing. They are with refugees/immigrants who claim the children are theirs, they have changed their names and collect benefits. Peep in the mosques.

  22. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    There are 44 million Muslims in Europe. Surely they can come forward and offer homes to the children?

    • avatar

      Muslims do not get on with other Muslims , look at the centuries old shia – Sunni conflict

  23. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    God Bless all children refugee of the World

  24. avatar
    Jamshid Azizi

    We are the sheeps , We are not asylum seekers in Greece. Turkey made a good business about sheeps and benefits a lot money and free visa to EU, 1951 Geniva conventional meaningless, 21 century the most dangerous political players drinking the blood of humen, My name is Jamshid azizi former NATO translator in Afghanistan and now asylum seekers in Greece Athens with thousands asylum seekers in the camp like prison … when i worked with Nato ISAF as linguist translated for Afghan people human rights democracy freedom of speech but this was all deceiving and killing the people Since I stept in to EU and Greece. with countries Direct contract Netherlands , Hungarian and US Law Enforcement Professional ,US army and assisted German forces … no one is helping me , what happened to me i have documentations … my wife and my 16 months son in Afghanistan , Is it life ? is it human behavior ? 0030 6951020149 my phone ! any body who show his humen feeling and sympathy please free me from this camp please! I am also a human and wish to live with baby and wife together like you please ! my life 10 years serving for NATO and the gift for in return separated and displaced with my lovely family the ((( white wolves and black wolves are going to eat me and my family ))) !!! is there human right office let them know please

    • avatar

      Fight for your country and rights , do not come to Europe and demand rights , there are now none and borders are closed

  25. avatar
    Liz burr

    This is going to be a long term problem a lot of these children will have huge problems. Where is the money and support coming from these children will have life time problems. This will not be a happy outcome. We are bringing children with lots of problems. We are encouraging more and more parents to send children.

  26. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    A crackdown on pedophile rings must be instigated and become permanent. The EU must protect all vulnerable children. If there are declining jobs in consumerism create jobs that help to protect the vulnerable.

  27. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    It’s the last moment to act professionally about this topic. Don’t play hide and seek with us asking silly questions. It gives a very dilettante picture about the EU.

  28. avatar
    Luigia Capasso

    I totally agree with you Rozalija Baricevic: asking silly questions is only a waste of precious time

  29. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Behind many such cases lies a typical immigrant trick (speed issuing of relocation papers on basis of family reunion). 90% of migrants applying for a pass is on these grounds (family reunion)

  30. avatar
    Lara Leykina

    Где брать деньги на их обучение воспитание и прочее…а рабочие места?

  31. avatar
    Catia Pereira

    There should be a program to foster this children and youth with families all over Europe asap.From the north to the south of Europe. The program should embrace all types of families including mono-parental.

  32. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Must be orphans so keep them in protecting places with schools.If we send them back muslims rerrorists took them as soldiers to kill…..children are not killers..they destroy them. But if kurdish and christians women fight and battle for their life against fashism … all the others should stay too. Expept those who are in great danger and should give them asylum dirrectly.

  33. avatar
    Konstantinos Kassos

    Yes keep talking while people die. We became hypocrits we say to ourselved that the big heads are talking to save they live their rich lifes and arguing which countries will take them like trash to keep on their garbage cans… while countries like Austria Germany and many more are closing borders. But selling guns as europe to extremist and taking blood money is good and ethical..

    Europe. The definition of hypocrisy.

  34. avatar
    Μάνος Μορφέας

    Dressed them, Feed them and give them money to go back ! Also stop Monsanto GMO ffod cultivation in Africa and give to the Libya migrants free land and houses to cultivate ORGANIC food !! Do you want to solve the problem or NOT??

  35. avatar
    Marko Martinović

    Who started them on this journey? Many countries on their path offer asylums and safety like mine. Why do they keep going? Who is pushing them forward trough all those safe countries?

  36. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    While the europeans can´t afford to have kids because we can´t afford to offer them a proper care (- because of all the taxes and long daily working schedules that are imposed to us- ) you are asking us to feed others children ?? while they reproduce like rabbits??? Force birth control on them!! No money to feed them – no kids!!

    • avatar

      No politicians or the UN and NGOs want to talk about this as it shows their incompetence and corruption

  37. avatar
    Ane Arruabarrena Iturbide

    Estoy viviendo una esquizofrenia en todo este tema. Europa como continente y sus ciudadanos por otro. Desde mi punto de vista, los ciudadanos estamos respondiendo a los refugiados con muchas medidas solidarias. La buena gente hacemos esas cosas por humanidad y empatía. Sinceramente, no sé que más podemos hacer; yo me pregono totalmente impotente. Por otro lado, están los países y sus gobiernos que son en gran medida quienes están poniendo todo tipo de trabas a la resolución de este holocausto del siglo XXI y quiero explicar que no únicamente no tienen la menor intención de resolverlo sino que más bien lo promueven con total descaro.Nosotros, la buena gente estamos ahí y seguimos estando ahí quienes no están son toda la clase política europea a quienes nosotros y los refugiados les importamos NADA.

  38. avatar
    Aliki Petridi

    don”t send them to Europe…… Is it possible to raise this question ? —unaccompanied refugee children ? who sent them and how they arrived the borders ???? it:s crasy to talk about it —the refugee themselfs doing that ? is it a question of caring of children ???

  39. avatar
    Ana Spínola

    So sad to read these comments…. If there are European values and principles, “people” who express themselves about children like this shouldn’t be European citizens: Shame on you!

  40. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Unacompanied or orphans? There is a big diference. Probably the first could be alloted in small camps under syrian management. (supose there are teachers, doctors, etc…among the refugees.

  41. avatar
    Matej Mlinarič

    There are no lonely children…. cause none is physically capable to survive this without someone watching after them. So lets get that part straight and even more to this there were those like 40 classified as “children”. So all of this is nothing but propaganda for sympathy to allow this invasion to continue…..

  42. avatar
    Alfredo Iannuzzi

    It’s a shame! There are a lot of organizations asking for money to take care of children, including UNICEF. Where are they?
    They should be organized at the arriving point to receive and take care of them in separate structures from the adults to avoid they go missing and fall in the hand of traffickers.

  43. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    As for the infants orphans (up to 4 maybe?) they could be alloted to responsible families all aroud Europe, without ties to their past.

  44. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    They should be given an identity, even if they came with no papers, and put into orphanages financed by Merkel and the USA because they bombed these children into their new refugee status.

  45. avatar
    Nicholas Farrugia

    Many so called minors are actually young adults who give a lower age by a few years to make sure they are not sent back.

  46. avatar
    Μαίρη Αναστασίου

    Ως και τα παιδια, χρησιμοποιηθηκαν!!! Τι φταινε αυτα για της αποφασεις των μεγαλων??? Ποσα και ποσοι πνιγηκαν!!!! Λυπαμαι γι αυτους που δεν προλαβαν να πατησουν στην καινουργια γη!!! Αλλα πιο πολυ τα παιδακια!!!! Τι φρικτες μνημες θα φερουν σε ολη τους την ζωη!!!!

  47. avatar
    Marina Vella

    Think that they will grow😉and we help clones of those who hate us. Mentality won’t change. Majority of them will go back to thought of us killing their families. No matter how children they are today, when they will understand who is making the war who transformed them into unaccompanied refugees, they will hate us. It is an illusion to think of the opposite. The truth is that wars destroy their families, their roots, their everything.
    Don’t help the unaccompanied children of the wars, once their parents are dead. Help their parents in not dying. Stop the wars. All together we should. Marching for peace everywhere in the world.

  48. avatar
    Anthony Hughes

    What a pathetic photo for sympathy and propaganda STOP being soft soaps the children they are talking of are fifteen and over ?? And indoctrinated leave we’ll be ,or will you open another pandoras box ??

  49. avatar
    Audrey Ellis

    If I was a Syrian and didn’t have the means to leave ,I wouldn’t dream of sending my children alone to goodness knows what , on the other hand if they are orphans , again who is responsible for sending all these children alone , no one basically is doing anything up to now only trying to shove responsibility on to someone else , As these children arrive they should be registered
    and put into safe homes in which ever country they may arrive in,regardless of what nationality
    they are . Personally my opinion for what it’s worth
    all Europe is opening a big can of worms ,
    Hopefully we all pray for Peace in the world and let this stupidity ,one country fighting against another , come to an end ,
    come to an end .

  50. avatar
    Antonios Forlidas

    We hypocrites of the so called civilized West. We are all prtetending that we feel mercy for the missing children but we all know that most of them are victims of pedophiles and victims of the known clinics in Kosovo where they are taking out their organs. We all know that we are the ones who destroyed the countries where they are coming from. Νά χέσω τόν πολιτισμό μας καργιόληδες.

  51. avatar
    Jose Martin Gomez

    Adopción y cariño. Son como los nuestros. Enrriquecerán nuestro suelo, alegraran nuestros corazones, la globalización es cosa de todos, son polvo de estrellas, con un soplo divino, son los verdaderos ángeles.

  52. avatar
    Christodoulos Vletsas

    Νομίζω ότι οι πρεσβυρες όλου του κόσμου θα μπορούσαν να υιοθετήσουν απο ενα παιδάκι.

  53. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    It’s a shame sacrificing children to get yourself to Europe, impose birth control!!!

  54. avatar
    Carlos Bosch

    We are willing to adopt or be fosterparents. Blaming kids for the decisions of adults is cheap.

  55. avatar
    Melen Domondon Xikidi

    Greece is already suffering with its own problem, and we are flooded by illegal immigrants and refugees..
    We could hardly feed ours.

    • avatar

      Perhaps the PM of Greece should have considered this before he started inviting them with his public statements.

    • avatar

      Probably their parents are already dead and/or found themselves in such a desperate situation that they only managed to pay the traffickers enough money to save their child. These children are the real refugees.

  56. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    ~70% of refugees are males between age 20 – 35 years.
    I don’t understand why they need to go to Sweden when there are a lot of Islamic countries.

    • avatar

      That is what the UNs job is to maintain peace and it has failed miserably because of the Muslim against Muslim conflicts across the world , the current wars are all Muslim problems

  57. avatar

    I think that they should have been given priority a long long time ago and already been processed for adoption. They need families as probably have lost their own.

  58. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Send them immediately und undoubtedly back, as they (not they, but their pseudo helper) would pretend to bring their families too, for reunification and enjoying the benefits of so called “welfare” states.

    • avatar

      What about the Arab and Asian nations , especially the Muslim ones who do nothing , GET THE FACTS RIGHT

  59. avatar
    Isabel Cruz

    Create foster homes for them, there are many good people who are willing to help and to take care of them!!

  60. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    This is an inane question.
    What can the EU do? Everything! Anything!
    These children need everything! They have nothing!
    And we, the forever unsatisfied privileged people of the EU, we have everything!

  61. avatar

    This is an inane question.
    What can the EU do? Everything! Anything!
    These children need everything! They have nothing!
    And we, the forever unsatisfied privileged people of the EU, we have everything!

  62. avatar
    Elle Wilky

    So how do 95,000 ‘unaccompanied’ children make their own way to Europe in the first place? It’s all bullshit, they do not make their way on their own, someone is bringing them here on the sole purpose of bring hundreds of thousands more immigrants into Europe. They are bringing these so-called unaccompanied children so that all of the bleeding hearts will feel sorry for them and take them in, then all of a sudden, oh, their families of eleven or so members suddenly turn up and all expect housing, all nicely furnished and carpeted etc., Sky TV, the lot for them. NO!

    • avatar

      I agree , its all bullshit and manipulation , and there will be payback time in the very near future

  63. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Please do not send them to UK care homes. The UK needs to sort out their child abuse problems first. Just divide them up between all the EU countries with trustworthy care homes.

  64. avatar
    Mille Radosi

    dont sell guns to countries at war. if you still do, accept all refugees as if they are your brothers!

  65. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Refugees are selfish! Refugees usually accuse-blame-complain-demand, instead of accusing and demanding anything from europeans, refugees should accuse and demand from refugees to behave better, to be grateful for any help they get here because all and every help costs european taxpayers’ money, demand from refugees to make efforts and sacrifices to integrate, learn, work and contribute, demand from refugees to stop being so selfish because the troubles they create here(and wherever they arrive) from demands-complains and even crimes show that, once they are safe, they don’t mind about the other millions who still are in need around the world. I’ve seen refugees complaining in Sweden even because the rice+chicken+salad arrive to them served in the same plastic plate, because internet is slow, because they don’t have money to buy CIGARETTES!!! This is ABUSE and SELFISHNESS!!!

    • avatar

      The UN and NGOs refuse to tell asylum seekers that they do not just have rights they have obligations

    • avatar

      No they are from EU citizens who are fed up with having to accept Muslims , when Muslim countries do nothing

  66. avatar
    Philip Morgan


    Q: What can Europe do to help?!

    A: Grant them homes.


  67. avatar

    Personally I believe that the people of this generation are extremely selfish. They are not thinking about how we owe the other countries in Europe at all. They are just worrying about themselves. We actually owe them for the past when they helped us in war but we are just worrying about our own economy and not thinking at all about the immigrant’s. We have been too distracted on the EU debate to realise that there is actually over 2 million homeless people living in appalling conditions. Also there is some extremely rude people who don’t give a blimming DAMN about the immigrants and only care about there own lives. Not to name any names or anything but certain people get on my nerves and I just wanted to raise awareness about it.

    • avatar

      What about the 20+ million EU citizens who have lost their jobs and many have lost their homes , do not have enough to eat or access to healthcare , EU CITIZENS COME FIRST , not people who refuse to fight for their rights and their countries and then come here and do not integrate , are violent and agressive

  68. avatar
    Katerina Kyriazi

    Provide them refugee in homes until they reach 18, then deportation. No family unification should be allowed because that is a pull factor for the developing world to send their underage kids here.

    • avatar

      The war is a Muslim problem as Muslim are not capable of getting on with other Muslims . The UN is responsible for maintaining peace , not the EU

  69. avatar
    David Petty

    Europe is a continent, now if you mean the EU please refer to it as the EU not Europe 😕

  70. avatar
    Adam Bxcz

    Young single violent males with radical ideology are imported just like that while children have to suffer. And they are asking whats the problem lol

  71. avatar

    It is becoming very obvious , that many underage illegal migrants , are or will become a major security risk for all EU countries . Not only are there more and more cases of child migrants with psychological problems , there is a clear indication of lack of integration . Refugees should be told that , when there is no longer a problem in their country they will be returned there , and should not expect to be supported for life in a foreign country .
    The current international agreements concerning Asylum , and refugee status are out of date , as are the agreements concerning underage migrants . These agreements were made when massive illegal migration did not exist , and there was less of a problem with the Muslim community .
    Unless there is a harder line taken with illegal migrants , and refugees , there will be major problems especially in the EU as citizens refuse to accept people who in their vast majority will never integrate , and as in France create major problems in society .
    The UN and International NGOs have to be made legally accountable for their decisions and actions in a court of law , as it can be seen today that many of their decisions and actions have resulted in the problems with migrants today across the world . And the UN has failed miserably in its primary purpose of peacekeeping , and should shut down all other activities until it can fulfill this primary purpose .

  72. avatar

    We now have proof that these unaccompanied children can be used by ISIL in the future as terrorists . Turkey did not realise the problem and now there are deaths because of it.
    It is stupid to accept unaccompanied children who have been traumatized by war etc , they will be a problem in the future

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