What went wrong? Why are citizens falling out of love with the EU? The rise of Eurosceptic parties across the EU suggests something has gone seriously wrong. Is it the failure to tackle unemployment and manage the economic crisis? Is it Europe’s chaotic response to the ongoing migrant crisis? Or all of the above, plus more?

On Debating Europe, we had a comment sent in from Mikko arguing that the main reason Eurosceptic parties are doing well is because normal citizens aren’t really aware of the EU. He believes the problem is not “mistrust or hatred”, but rather ambivalence and a lack of interest. Is Mikko right?

To get a response, we spoke to Cristina Marconi, an Italian freelance journalist who has covered EU politics for national newspapers such as Il Messaggero and Il Mattino. As a journalist, why did she think Europe was losing popular support?

marconiI think Europe is becoming growingly unpopular with the public because, over the past few years in particular, everything has been very much focused on bad news. Quite often the media tends to report bad news as the only news, so I think the issues of the economic crisis and of migration have completely upstaged all the good things that are being done all the time at the European level.

So, we don’t hear about everyday things such as consumer protection legislation. I have a small baby, and I know how safe European products are, but the spotlight has pretty much been only on negative things.

At the same time, we have social media, which means there is more information than ever about Europe, and it is sparking a debate which is unprecedented. In some sense, it’s as if people are discovering Europe for the first time. And the first impression can be very negative… But I think public opinion hasn’t reached its final conclusion yet. I think, in the long term, it will be positive.

To get another perspective, we also spoke to Jeffry Frieden, Professor of Government at Harvard University in the United States. He’s been looking at the question of public support for European integration as part of his academic research. What conclusions has he drawn?

frieden[…] It might surprise you to know that support for European integration and for monetary integration (that is, for the Euro) remains extremely high. We have very detailed survey data from all of the Member States in the European Union and – with the exception of the UK – European integration remains extremely popular, in the 60-70% range, varying from country to country.

[However], that is about the concept of European integration, and the concept of monetary integration in the euro, it’s not about the implementation. Because, at the same time as there is very, very broad support for European integration and the Euro, there has been, over the past 5 to 7 years, a very alarming and very dramatic loss of trust both in national governments and in the political institutions of the European Union.

So, if you ask people: “Do you support the Euro” or “Do you support European integration?”,  they say “Yes” in overwhelming numbers. But if you ask them: “Do you trust your government to do the right thing?” or “Do you trust the institutions of the European Union?”, they say overwhelmingly “No”.

Back ten years ago, trust in national governments and the EU institutions was 60%, 65%, 70% – in the higher range. Now it’s 10-15% of the population who have any faith. The disaster, and the danger, is not a loss of support for Europe… The disaster is in the loss of faith and confidence in governments and in the institutions of European integration. That’s where the problem lies…

How has Europe become so unpopular? Why are citizens falling out of love with the EU? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – EU Exposed

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What do YOU think?

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      Maria Greece

      EU was popular. Its popularity declines day by day due to the politicians who run the game.

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      Paul X

      ..and the sun never sets in fluffy bunny land where the elephants are pink and the pigs have wings…..

      Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

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      Chris Brown

      I don’t. love it, so that busts the “everybody loves it proposal.
      Europe? Fine. EU: Drastically gone wrong from the moment it wanted to be more than a free-trade area.
      In Britain it is very noticeable how many in the “Remain” camp have to say how much the EU needs reform at the same time as the recommend “don’t leave”..
      In the UK even its supporters don’t love it, but think it’s the least-worst option.

      I disagree with them.

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      In what world are you living in exactly…? Or are you part of the EU propaganda that you mention?…

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      @Chris Brown
      It has always been more than a free trade area

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      I agree! I want a better EU and want to contribute for it.

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      Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

      Indeed. This is pure propaganda, «post-fact» intoxication meant to back xenophobia and racism and far-right.

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      HAHAHAHA!!!! Thats funny. I think the main problems are that it is a bunch of unelected foreigners telling countries what they can and can not do. They are looking to turn Europe into a border free Socialist block, and the Muslim Immigrants are not helping. WHY would anyone like it? The banks are failing. The Euro is at a buck. The only stock market that is going up is the FTSE, and it only started going up AFTER Brexit.

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      I don’t like the EU! So don’t say everyone loves it.

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      a surrealistic gang of an old mean man, his puppet- a plagiarist (Daiselblum) running the Eurogroup and a drunkard who is in head of tax evasion within the EU (Junker) accompanied by the decadent lady across who desperately wants to go tan and was found guilty for fraud in France as a minister of finances (that’s Lagarde)

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      I bet EU does not respect Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights just like Police and government agencies in US; they are supposed to respect the Sovereigns but the do NOT because of their politics. Let us throw EU Nazis out of America too!

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      The EU is becoming, or already is, a dangerous bureaucracy. People sense this, that’s why the EU is considered an enemy (or ‘unpopular’ in EU lingo).

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      Antimiya Ivanova

      The EU have not Justice help for European citizens and the victim of heavy crime and Racism like me. Where is Humanity and laws in European Union? I still have not liberation and help of Institutions!

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      I agree with you

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      EU is the future. Your dream of British empire is the past. You are a relic a dangerous one but a relic. Good chance with Putin.

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      Milie Vojnovich

      I agree with Maria Greece. It’s about polititions. People don’t trust heir own governments. And Jeffry Frieden made a point. It’s about implementation. There is pratically no implementation of otherwise good initieves from the top of EC or the governments at the lowest level of local communities. So, the most citizens can’t really see any direct tangible interests for their benefit and are unsatisfied. Polititions are focused mostly at infrastructure projects, and big organizations on using these for their own benefit. People in micro local communities should be therefore more pro-active and self-organized to do the same not one by one but together in cooperation. However, rearly they are indeed doing it in this way. I doubt politicions would oppose this way directly. Yes, there would be some resistannce in the begging but not too much to overcome. So, whome to blame really? Selves or officials?

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    Valentin Rotaru

    NO, it’s just this page unpopular…and in general …I don’t know why the Europe pages and sites are unpopular….in the rest the main subject it’s the European comission,parliament…etc

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      Same thing the passengers of Titanic used to think about their “unsinkable” ship. Nah, just rumors, nothing to worry about.

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    Bart Van Damme

    Because not only does the European level contain the same lying, self-centered undemocratic politicians as the national level (which has been the subject of distrust for a very long time), people are also finally realizing that European policy happens very far above their heads, even more out of reach of democratic control. It’s not just the EU that is becoming very unpopular, it’s politics in general.

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      Chalks Corriette

      I think a key point here is that Politics is what is the problem. There is a need for a better system or process. One where the everyday citizen is able to prioritize the big issues for Europe. I love Europe as a concept, and the idea that we are part of a grouping where our everyday citizens can live, learn and love in any of 28 countries. The European officials spend far too much time on issues that everyday citizens are not, at least today, concerned about. If we could get focus on say the five biggest issues affecting Europeans, one would expect to see reform in the number of people working with the institutions and, I trust, a lot of proof of real welcome action at a local level in each and every European town/city. (Security, Transportation, Environment, Education, Work).

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    David Fuzzey

    Because it is arrogant,corrupt,wasteful and ignores and no votes like is is doing with Holland.

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      Especially the arrogant politicians and their arrogant posturing on serious issues.

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      RENE AGA

      Politicals of the EU may not be perfect, but politicals of member states are maybe worse. (See cases of corruption in Spain). We should not make europ too dependent of politicians. What we need is mor positive participation of the citizens. Not an egocentric participation. More in the sense of “what can I do to improve citizenship and cooperation in Europe”. To be e european citizen tou must be open to the citizens of other european countries. Travelling, learning languages, connecting, etc. Make friends…

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      because the EU has regulations for those who join but they keep adding regulations

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    Oliver Hauss

    Quite easy: National politicians love nothing more than to take responsibility for everything that works, even if it was decided on at the EU level, but everything that doesn’t is blamed onto the EU, as evidenced in the current UK debate where plenty of things are supposedly caused by Brussels that are based on local domestic decisions.

    Scapegoating is a “wonderful” thing, the problem is when it is done so consistently, a whole bunch of people is going to believe it.

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      Paul X

      Care to mention any of these things that are currently being debated in the UK that are being (incorrectly) being blamed on Brussels?

      But if ever there was an institution that “blows it’s own trumpet” about all the good it supposedly does it is the EU. I get fed up seeing all these blue starred propaganda plaques on various facilities claiming how EU funds have helped provide them. Our National government doesn’t feel the need to put a plaque on everything they provide funds for and at the end of the day any EU funds spent in the UK is just us getting some of out net contribution back, are we supposed to be grateful for that?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Oliver Hauss
      Hmmm, Goebbel’s-like propaganda….

      That is why the EU has become so unpopular!

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    Magaly Morales

    Too much power of the undemocratic European Council. Too little power of our democratically elected EU Parliament. Too much unaccountable power of USA and Multinationals underminding EU democracy, to many muslim immigrants

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      Democratically elected parliament? That is funny. Only 30-40% go to vote, mainly European federalists who likes Europe. The parliament does not represent the European people but mostly about 30%-40%. I am.glad that the European Council.takes care for a bit more balanced decision making instead of being led by Eurofile parliament

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    Sebastien Chopin

    Because of scapegoating definitely… and all nations try to cling on to the little power they have….not even counting all the twats that fall into the trap of going back to the old days… (like 1983 or 1976 – for god’s sake!!! some people should think about time, space and global reality or just put fucking socks in their mouths – lol)
    But also because it has the worst communication in the world and the people in place are too arrogant to see that…. journalists are oriented by their owners (journalistic deontology went out the window about 15 years ago) and there is no one to step up and defend it properly….
    I’m afraid to admit this but if there is one thing to keep after IS is dealt with definitively, its their communication strategy… lots to learn…

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      Paul X

      Your first sentence says everything we need to know about the typical europhile attitude
      Nations shouldn’t need to “try and cling onto the little power they have”, elected National governments should retain all the power they need to run their country in the best interest of the people who elect them and who they serve
      Notice I use the word “serve”..I seriously worry about anyone who considers the EU to be about “power”….. though unfortunately the institutions of Brussels are full of them

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      @Francesco Haag Bellini … if you don’t mind, I would love to know your description of “limited democracy”.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Bravo, excellent riposte!

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    Karel Van Isacker

    Well, people in the EP/EC decide on European citizens, taxing (in)directly the hell out of them and imposing various restrictions, while they themselves increase their salaries and bonuses and compensations. Furthermore, the EC/EP follows a political agenda which democratic referenda would most likely reject, yet those very same politicians call referenda undemocratic. So why has the EU become so unpopular? Well, because of the EU bureaucrats who are paid with our tax money and who basically spit in our faces by treating themselves as Kings and Queens, both financially as well as in terms of thinking themselves better than the average citizens.

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      Mattias Holm

      The EU budget levels are set by the prime ministers of each memberstate under unanimity vote, i.e. every PM (or president in some cases) has veto. Further, in the case of PMs they act under the mandate of their parliaments so it should be clear that the budget levels are actually set by the member states and thus the EU isn’t indirectly taxing the hell out of anyone. Also, the current budget is around 1% of GNI, which is hardly qualifying as “taxing the hell out of them”.

      In addition, benefits for EU staff has been continuously reduced for the last couple of years. There where also salary cutbacks in the last budget, not that it mattered for the budget itself as the salaries for EU staff is only a small fraction of the 1% budget, but it was an important political point for some member states to kick on the EU employees.

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      Mark Thorpe

      Mattias where have you got this 1% number from because I would love to know, the direct fee is well above 1% for Northern EU Countries who make a net contribution which means we pay in more than we get out. Central and Eastern Countries get far more than they take out so that alone collapses your statement. After the when including taxes rather than contributions I’m honestly surprised that Donald Trump was the first 1 to raise this lunatic attitude. How can EU get a virtually free trade deal with the US on cars (which is why US is flooded with European cars and not just top end luxury cars from U.K. but also semi luxurious cars from Germany and super cars from Italy. You would think this would be reciprocated but no, American cars are exported with a huge tax that’s why we don’t see many American made cars on EU roads. The people less inclined to look into this are told cause they are gas guzzlers with average tank size of 5litre. As you probably know I’m going to say this is wrong, many American manufacturers are making same engine sizes as European makers although I’m unsure if there are many 1-2 litre modals. The EU is hated by most Europeans with the ability to actually check on what Europhiles claim is a trait looked down upon because there are no arguments left for why have an EU. My favourite lie is without it there would have been war that I actually believe some of these Europhiles believe because when they are asked don’t they mean NATO it totally blows them away and exposes the major problem with the EU and that it’s based on pure propaganda and because they have been able to call someone racist most recently against the flood breaking in with even UN forced to admit 80%+ are not refugees and 86% of child refugees in Sweden first of all were not refugees secondly were not children. The EU has a small amount of time to mass deport or be removed by force by national elected governments and hopefully after the 3rd Muslim invasion that is going to be a war but an extremely deadly war like Syria as we will be fighting terrorists already here. It’s taken the Syrian Government nearly 7 years to put the terrorists backed by Europe and US down, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brussels finances the Jihadis in Europe cause they are realising unless European Armies are put down with force the EU is done. British army will not fight for Mrs May about actual British civilians and I hope when Macron orders French military cause he will I hope he is locked up with his favourite Bataclan terrorist, Belgium doesn’t have an army neither does Germany. After this has gone down which on the whole will likely not last beyond a year however during that year Erdogan will be pushing Jihadis and Turkish Military over the border that I hope Israel slaps down despite supporting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Then I’m hoping Junker is tried along with Merkel etc perhaps even Obama as there’s no doubt now he’s a schill for Muslim Brotherhood and tried to destroy America and democracy by using IRS/FBI/ATF/CIA/NSA/DOJ that we know of to subvert President Trumps election whose biggest pull in 2020 he did what he said he would vs Obama who may look like he kept 1-2 promises but digging deeper he kept done.

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    Bódis Kata

    Cause and effect. The EU policy makers in Brussels probably use too much cocaine or drink too much booze and they make cr*p policy.

    The neoliberal economic policies favor the concentration of economic power, while tax evasion is a sport for corporations. The banker gengsters got away unscratched with bonuses paid from the consolidation by the tax payers. Cronism is the biggest sport in Brussels. Meanwhile, political correctness is leading step by step to a new form of oppression. :P
    Choosing Juncker to lead the EC was a biggest mistake and he’s still in position.

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    Tadas Gyvas Tikras

    Youre not 100% right, Simona. Just look, for example, at organization “BritainFirst”. Their activity is based on russian news sources, on emotional manipulation, on your mentioned propaganda. Call me russophobic, but I see quite obvious links. Also, other radical parties gain their voice, and their support/aid is also a public secret. Also, hatred towards EU was fueled by poorly evaluated energy and ecology decissions-a lot of devices are of much lower quality, because they were designed in mind “to be recycled”, not “to last”, as to EU regulations, thus the quality was last in the list, “because you would recycle it anyway and then stuff your money into a new device”. Same with cars with their failing parts, especially those, responsible for ecology, like EGR valves, particulate filters (Oh and dont forget the VW emissions scandal). If you build a car that is both reliable and ecological, the price would be prohibitively high and noone would buy it. Also, “appliances with lowered consumption”, like vacuum cleaners with lower energy used-you would use the same amount of energy or even more, because it would operate so much worse. Dont forget incandescent lamp ban-CFLs were introduced, which were found out to shine UV rays, damage health by bad light spectrum, not even talking about mercury found inside. On the wide scale decissions were also badly weighed. Just remember Greece, their join the Union by counterfeiting the numbers (and then bust because the stick hit with the other end). Dont forget the refugee crisis, of whom many were economical immigrants, not refugees. If you accept them, you MUST already have a plan for them, because “good samaritan” doesnt work if the mass is big enough. Unfriendly forces also added to the crisis, by trying to destabilize EU as much as possible, spreading propaganda, financing my above mentioned political forces. And dont forget the greediness, the failure to tackle the 2008 financial crisis-many are sitting in a house, where fire was extinguished, but smoldering continues. And there you go-you get increasing euroscepticism, more and more unhappy voters. And the problem is not the Union-the problem is those, who poorly govern it, who first do, then think, who give in to selfish lobbyists.

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    Erik Jakub Citterberg

    EU regulations, ineffective policies, doing their best to solve problems that nobody cares for while doing basically nothing to actually help its citizens.

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    Angelos Papantoniou

    I recently found out that the EU is not committed to follow the legislations made by the European Parliament!
    So who runs EU if not the parliament members?
    What are we voting on the European elections ? Puppets?
    Is this democracy?
    Recently the Dutch voted against Ukraine. One would think that this would make the EU rethink the policy that they follow… Instead they announced that there are ways to bypass this “obstacle”!
    There is not going to be any Union if it isn’t a democratic one, run by the people. Not lobbyists.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Angelos Papantoniou
      Ah, so you’ve taken the red pill.

      Welcome to the dystopia that is the EU!

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      Mattias Holm

      The parliament does indeed not have the right to initiate legislation. However, there is a continuous debate about that they should have that right (the federalists certainly argue for this to be the case), the main sticking point is that this would undoubtedly also grant that right to the Council of Ministers, which is perhaps not what we want, unless the CoM is reformed in some significant ways. The main problem with the CoM is that the individual ministers are accountable to national parliaments, but the whole body isn’t accountable to anyone. This could be solved by making the CoM more independent, where the whole body would for example be elected by national parliaments at fixed times (say every 2 years or so).

      Run by the people would also imply that it is not run by the Dutch people but by all of the people. In reality, in the Dutch vote on the treaty with Ukraine, a whooping 0.5 % of the eligible voters in the whole Union voted against the treaty. So is that a mandate to scrap the treaty? I would say not, however, it may be a mandate to add some exceptions for the Netherlands and make things that aren’t part of the treaty explicit (e.g. the purpose of the treaty is not for the Ukraine to join the EU, which was apparently a major concern), and indeed this is exactly what is happening.

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    Olivier Dutreil

    Funny that you ask the question….EU was created to have peace and welfare..we have war against uslamust inside EU becauae you opened widely the borders wrhout control and we have debt unemployment and misery in siuthern europe.enlargment was a big mistake.national politicuan and technocrats failed on a powerfull political union.everything must be rebuilt with 8. To 10 countries…

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      Danny Cameron

      The EU is country club for the elite, how to become one of the elite is to say YES to everything the EU says if not you are just anti EU or racist! Why does MEPs kids need to go to private school for them to do their jobs? If the average citizen loses their job the redundence package is crap and that’s if you work for twenty plus years but they get a golden one for working just one year? Why do they need a wage, as they get allowances for everything anyway? They went on strike because their hours were going up half hour per day so they work the same hours as a full time EU peasant? They complain that they cannot get the right people because of less perks, I thought MEPs were in it for the good of Europe and not the money? They are just a bunch of self serving scum.

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    Robert Petroesc

    Russia with it’s main instruments – propaganda that is so present online nowadays and also funding of Eurosceptic parties in the EU.Of course it’s bad for Russia to have a strong union of countries at it’s borders and especially Nato, backed by the US. So the logical thing for Russia is to try to destabilize the EU and NATO, how else would they be able to annex more countries and bring back the “glorious” Soviet Union back? Also if we analyse the overall profile of euroscepticism you would find patterns : religious, nationalists, disappointed by “weak democratic” political leaders and praising of authoritarianism and authoritarian leaders like Putin, praising the “glorious past” and the “glorious deeds of the ancestors” that mainly included killing each other for the sake of nationalism, religion and/or cultural differences. And also one of the biggest problem lately is that almost every idiot has access to the internet and believes every information on every shady propaganda website, in Romania for example those sites are very present with extremely toxic ideas encouraging people to fear the “outsiders” and become intolerant to every “western” idea because it’s not part of the “national identity” and everyone else except them is naive, gay fascist, cultural marxist and “tainted” by the immoral west. Until now those currents could be easily crushed because idiots couldn’t voice their uneducated opinions so easily and their arguments were quickly crushed. As Umberto Eco said : “Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community. Then they were quickly silenced, but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the idiots.”

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Now I’ve heard it all.. so it’s actually Russia that is responsible for euro-scepticism rather than that bunch of over fed, over paid, profligate, incompetent , second rate politicians that (claim to) work in Brussels?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Robert- quite interesting!

      Should one dare to analyze you? Does one hear the neo liberal echo of an educated Erasmus graduate or convinced Europhile or a lamenting voice of an ex Comecon survivor?

      You speak so confidently & liberally about all the uneducated idiots around you- (do you refer to your Facebook compatriots?) crowding your sophisticated universe- shame!

      Would you mind and please disclose you’re citizenship or present residence- or kindly inform all on this forum where all the experience & wisdom emanates from?
      I am interested to hear more of your crushing truth- you think its worth my while?

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    Jose Silva

    The EU is unpopular only to facebook warriors, people who never lived abroad and never left his village and young kids..

    • avatar

      Get your facts right, i have lived abroad a lot of my life in various countries, the EU has become undemocratic and the UNELECTED heads of it have become like dictators, they have virtually stripped the UK of its sovereignty, they over ride our laws and justice system,taxes,they now want to take control of our welfare state and virtually destroyed our NHS,Britains are a strong proud people who value their freedom and independance,our forefathers fought in two world wars so we could stay free , and we do not want to lie down and surrender it ,It is a pity our Prime minister and his government do not respect or listen to the people,

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Quite what face book has to do with it is anyone’s guess?…….but I think you will find that a large majority of a countries population never live abroad and if you live in a decent country you have no incentive to move. Unfortunately the biggest beneficiaries of the EU are those that come from second rate countries and who cant wait to escape……. so in a way you are correct

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    Rui Ferreira

    corruption german gain a lot portuguese less and pay same taxes or more, must have equal income anda taxes in ue everywhere , the banqs must not be save by the states…

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    Simona Krasauskiene

    I think new EU could be reformed to countries around Baltic sea only. And instead of Brussels we can run it in Vilnius:)

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Simona Krasauskiene
      Nope! A vassal Russian state is even worse than the EU!

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    Marco Bianchi

    By following the foolish US’ foreign policy, by supporting Salafism, Brotherhood and Wahhabism instead of giving its support to the legitimate governments of the Arab countries, by supporting the neo-nazi government of Kiev, by selling weapons to the terrorist reign of Saudi Arabia, by destroying the economic ties with Russia and worsening the already bad economic situation of the EU countries.

  18. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    Nobody wants it to succeed, internal as well external enemies. Nation states using the EU as a scapegoat and their unwillingness to transfer power to make the EU work!

    • avatar

      Just curious, someone who doesn’t agree with the things are going on in Europe, is just a bolshevik on Putin’s payroll ? Funny thing, the opposing crew against Russia’s sanctions are the very same eurocrats. How’s that ?

  19. avatar

    I believe is due to the lack of loyalty of the national governments of the MSs: they prefered not to take their own responsabilities (with electoral aims) and accuse EU of being the cause of all the problems. Since the power of the EU mostly still relies on what the MSs allow, it had very few ways to defend itself from these attacks. EU is pretended to be (by some citizens) capable of solving countless problems, but actually it has not the means (because MSs didn’t gave them): this difference between what EU is pretended to be and what it actually is, is the space where euroscepticism can easily grow.

  20. avatar
    Oli Lau

    They tried to do too many things and thus failed in an impressive amount of matters. Stop Dictating the size of a banana or how a kitchen should be organized.

    • avatar

      Love it!

  21. avatar
    Yulia Amariei

    I do love Europe concept. Would prefer a World one but for now I’m agreeing still with an Europe.
    Further, I do agree with both meanings in the article:
    1. There may be more positive news about archivements that EU realise/realised/will realise.
    2. Gouvernements may be there more for people i.p.o. Coorporations, so that we can rebuild our trust in them.
    No way I wanna go back to a nationalistic way of thinking. OMG!!! 😮

    • avatar
      Mattias Holm

      Euro, is a major success for a lot of reasons, some things may not have been correctly designed initially, but this is a justification to fix the bugs, not just say it is a failure.

      Schengen, well this is actually a major success, living in a small country and having in-laws in the next one, I can guarantee you that this saves countless of hours of time that would otherwise be spent in queues. Not to forget that it reduces freight costs significantly.

      Fishing policy, not sure what is wrong with it, but maybe you can enlighten us?

      Your example of Strasbourg / Brussels is something that has been decided by memberstates and not by the European institutions. This is thus an example of why some additional powers should be transfered to the EU level, not an example of the EU being a failure, but rather the nation-state centric EU should be reformed to a more supernational structure.

      About number 5, looking at the project, this looks like it is from the regional funds portion of the budget, this budget is, surprise surprise, administered by individual member states.

      Number 6 is another one that cannot be attributed as a failure, the NATO and the EU has different purposes. NATO is about keeping the wolf at bay, and ensuring military deterrent against outside enemies, the EU is about ensuring that the peace achieved so far is lasting and maintainable. Both organisations have had their purpose for ensuring peace, NATO certainly ensured that the Soviet union stayed away from large parts of Europe after WWII, but the actual peace between EU members where built by the EU, and not by NATO. NATO says nothing about what to do if a member state attacks another one.

  22. avatar
    Magaly Morales

    Europe needs to substitute NATO, with a European Army. NATO is controlled by USA.
    Putting EU Security budget together we are spending more in defense than USA but our armies together have less capabilities. We are just financing USAs Defense.

  23. avatar
    Carlos Em Lisboa

    The Problem is not the ” EU ” itself , but its ” the missunderstanding/ignorance ” in ” issues ” that concerns the EU Citizens . So , for some EU citizans in some Countrys , allready with their national problems , they maybee ” feel ” missunderstood/not heard in the ” big EU Headquarters ” .

  24. avatar
    Magaly Morales

    And the first step to dismantling. NATO should be to expel Turkey from it.
    It is becoming clear to europeans that we have a EU-Turkey war. Better to prepare for it.

  25. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    The EU lost its bearings and became a power game by the elected politicians. A war game too…

  26. avatar

    The EU lost its bearings and became a power game by the elected politicians.
    A war game too…

  27. avatar
    John Vincent

    talking to people in this campaign, its seems to me – 1/3 don’t like it (or are just looking for a monster), 1/3 like what we have and can’t see what all the fuss is about and 1/3 couldn’t care less one way or the other they have bigger problems.

  28. avatar
    Robert Santa

    “It´s the immigration stupid”, Eurobarometer lists it as European citizens´ number one concern. While the economy is still fairly weak, this tells quite a story…

  29. avatar
    Leo Raffaele

    Too many nationalists insiede some European countries
    EU is not completely united yet
    European Commission is not eligible by people yet
    We are too much influenced by the USA
    And in particular, a lot of people think the crisis is hitting only Europe…

  30. avatar

    Because it is half-baked Union, where the states have their individual economic and power interests. It’s like a cow squeezed for milk by all the states. On the other side take the US for an example – federal government uniting the states under common interests and moving in common direction. Federal intelligence, federal defense, federal investigations. The US can protect themselves from threats that are rottening the EU. This type of union is not possible in the EU because of the self interest of each state. There is no WE as a Union, or at least it is not very popular. United interest and United defense are the keys.

  31. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    The antidemocratic and corporate agendas won in the battle with the people’s agenda.

  32. avatar
    Acsai György

    “By us, bureaucrats, for us, bureaucrats” has replaced “by the people, for the people.”

  33. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The EU is unpopular because it has been revealed by its own actions and policies that it’s values are with profit and big money at the expense of EU citizens and citizens globally. By forcing austerity, following economic policies of increasing debts and making them unpayable so banks can profit, both of which result in a declining economy for all EU member states. By complying with corporations low ethics of using exploited workers around the world to increase their profit margins, by allowing austerity to try and create similar conditions of lack of jobs, desperate workers perhaps to match the competitiveness of countries whose production costs are low due to slave or exploited labour. How can the EU even begin to deal with tax evading that has been established by colonial times, do they have a hold on the EU? Is the EU powerless and has to conform to big business and bankers? Or can the EU side with the people, protect the people, guarantee prosperity and stop buying products made or mined by human non EU slaves thereby forcing non-EU countries to abolish modern slavery and poverty globally that the corporations are enabling for an insatiable desire for more money and power. If you side with the people, you will be popular with the people. If you side with big business, you will be popular with big business. Can the EU find a balance to satisfy both?

    • avatar

      I agree 100% with you. The only thing you forgot to mention is that austerity is not for everyone, like European MPs who have massive privileges and salaries for having sold us to banks and multinationals. I hope the EU dies soon because changing it is impossible with the lazy and corrupt sponges who rule it,

  34. avatar
    Hani Abdo

    It’s no the EU that has become unpopular. It’s the current the system of governance that only changes superficially from one entity to another, whether they were national or supranational ones! Democracy itself is very outdated now and it is flawed in infinite ways, not to mention the democratic deficit the EU is heavily suffering from.

    Coming from an occupied third world country and living in Germany for one year to do graduate studies in European Studies, I have realized that most things on the legislative level were being prepared for the best case scenario and rarely prepared and for the bad things coming. For example, the refugee crisis is not met with supranational planning as it is supposed to be but rather influenced by national interests mostly. Having conflicting interests doesn’t help democracy -or at least the current use of it- in thriving and building a more united and more popular EU. I believe new supranational interests should be raised and discussed if the EU wants to succeed. And god, the EU needs so much work on building an identity more solid than the one existing now.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Hani, should you hail from Africa (?)- what do you think are the major differences between the two continents and what can/should the AU learn from the EU to avoid a costly copy? Is the AU ready- if not- when & its ideal concept?

    • avatar
      Hani Abdo

      Hey, actually I come from the Asia, the so-called middle east specifically. I’m no expert on the AU affairs but I think all unions regardless of their geopolitical or economical situation should take a step back and hold back on enlargement or any move that would take a step further, and rather focus on solving the problems at hand.

    • avatar
      Hani Abdo

      I apologize for the mistakes and typos. I just type in a rush because I have to get back to work immediately after posting lol

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Thanks Hani- a sensible approach!

  35. avatar
    Graziano Paul Mare

    It’s not working because of national governments who always blame the EU institutions in order to get more votes. Then due to some of the new countries and their egoism and xenophobia

  36. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Yes.but tge target was a political union we are far from that..and euro cannot work witout common economic social and tax policues which are far from being achieved..

  37. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    Because EU leaders as well as local leaders are betraying the citizens! The migrants are more important for them. They say it is a humanitarian question. What about being humanitarian with the poor people in the EU ??? Politicians today don’t care about the EU citizen, they are serving the “big money” in all possible ways!!!!!!

  38. avatar
    Blanka Kasza

    Because it serves certain interests rather then serving the people and people see that very clearly. Extreme inequality in wages, treatment of people, treatment of countries, rules and regulations in the union. The rules of living in another country vs home country, all the administration that still exist with europeans still paying a lot for all the services doesn’t prove that it makes it easier to move around. Extreme safety issues due to illegal entries, no protection against threats. No consequences for leadership mistakes. It’s clearly not working, it’s all about how the money goes around. None cares about people losing jobs who have worked hard and now get nothing in return. Now It makes no sense to move somewhere else as neither you own country nor the EU supports people. Greedy as it is. I don’t regret moving somewhere else, as it is a real eye opening. It’s a mixed experience as there are a lot of positives as well, and personal growth is worth it. Still have some negative feelings seeing the no consequence politics around Europe. Used to be a peaceful, thriving, free community that is now running to its end with a lightning speed. The sad reality it’s not just Europe..

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Great- another very well expressed, honest & solid opinion!

  39. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    SIMPLE ! Angela opened borders without to ask EU citizens , Greeks getting EU money and washing it to Switzerland , EU is saving banks and not making EU important investment example wind and solar .

  40. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    How? After many years of high unemployment, strict austerity measures, after feeling underestimated, humiliated and rejected it is impossible to see something positive in EU.

  41. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    in Italia ci sta un grande dibattito sulla UE e credo sia l’unico Paese in Europa che se ne sta parlando seriamente tra il popolo . Nell’opinione pubblica della gente ( non quello che dicono i media ) l’impopolarità della UE è dal 2010/11 in poi (ci sono state grandi colpe della UE ancor prima di questo periodo che ci hanno provocato danni e doori ma la gente non aveva capito cosa stava succedendo ) da quando ci hanno fatto il colpo di Stato, ( il secondo colpo di Stato , ne abbiamo subiti 2 ) togliendoci il governo Berlusconi e imponendoci personaggi che mai avremmo voluto al governo e l’entrata in scena del FMI sui salvataggi greci. Da li la gente ha capito che qualosa non andava non a livello nazionale ma da fuori e se ne parla molto

  42. avatar
    Tim Friedrich

    Europes Citizens fail to see that there is indeed a true European Identity which is not rejected butreinforced when referring to the national identity. It’s in a nutshell the
    failure to see culturally how
    national identities are embedded in European ones and its the political
    failure to superimpose policies with a undemocratic institutional engine. Yet, it is still the best chance to improve such settings and thereby to withdraw the dangerous tongue of national populism.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      There has never been a “European Identity” It is an invention of the EU to try and force people into feeling European rather than loyal to their country of birth

      Some countries have a history to be proud of and some don’t, and it is those that don’t who want to create a homogeneous landmass called Europe

      National populism is not dangerous…..trying to outlaw it is

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Tim, ……………..speaking about failures & identities………..

      * should you be German (?)- would you be able & so kind to explain the origins of all the enthusiasm why Germans are on the front lines to market this (G/US)- EU treaty concept so vigorously?

      * could you clarify why any truly sovereign country would name its Constitution “the Basic Law” (of the Federal Republic of Germany) and be required to have it “countersigned” by the western Allies (to gain approval & pass “their criteria”- not their citizens) to eventually become the Constitutional basis and effective on 23rd May 1949. (Illegally) amended more than 50x since than by a 2/3 Bundestag majority?

      *Is it possible that Germany may still be a- de facto occupied “entity” by the US?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………and to pour more fuel into the fire- how would you defend any accusation that Germany- after being “liberated” by the Allies from a totalitarian statehood between 1933-1945 could be viewed still a (different) totalitarian state today and using the EU to impose such model over the whole of Europe- by an “approving node” from the US? Ridiculous – or?

    • avatar

      Immigrants knocking at Europe’s doors are a reality, manage them, it’s a different thing.

  43. avatar
    Leonard Prifti

    It is because of euro cresses, the politics of taxes in some country, the refugees cresses etc, but EU is very popular in Albania, they can’t wait to get integrated on EU

  44. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    in Italia ci sta un grande dibattito sulla UE e credo sia l’unico Paese in Europa che se ne sta parlando seriamente tra il popolo . Nell’opinione pubblica della gente ( non quello che dicono i media ) l’impopolarità della UE è dal 2010/11 in poi (ci sono state grandi colpe della UE ancor prima di questo periodo che ci hanno provocato danni e dolori ma la gente non aveva capito cosa stava succedendo )poi da quando ci hanno fatto il colpo di Stato, ( il secondo colpo di Stato , ne abbiamo subiti 2, nella storia Repubblicana italiana entrambi legati o voluti dalla UE ) togliendoci il governo Berlusconi e imponendoci personaggi che mai avremmo voluto al governo e l’entrata in scena del FMI sui salvataggi greci. Da li la gente ha capito che qualosa non andava non a livello nazionale ma da fuori e se ne parla

  45. avatar
    René Aga

    Because many people are born after World War II and others died. People do not “feel” the reasons why the EU was constructed.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ………. René, you staunchly believe there can be only one side to a coin?

    • avatar

      Nothing to do with the sides of a coin. Would be simplistic to consider the question this way.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Rene, OK thanks- where the many metaphors also born after WWII or dead? Guess a majority in Europe however know about Adenauer, Winston, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman etc- its accepted & recorded history- or?

      But is that all to know & common knowledge?

  46. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    Stupidity of the ruling class, stupidity of the average citizens. Connectivity, this is the word. Awareness, Information, Common effort. We need concrete proposals, not naysayers like many of those who are writing here. Let’s make it work. There is too much at stake.

  47. avatar
    Lin Figueiredo

    When will EU care about its workers-taxpayers??? What kind of Europe is this that workers-taxpayers are second class citizens treated as slaves working hard and paying high taxes with no guarantee not even of a safe life because EU prioritizes foreigners and-or non-workers by taking a huge amount of our taxes to support them inside and outside Europe in total disregard for its workers-taxpayers lives and sacrifices? EU politicians want to keep a facade of a generous Europe to look nice in the picture to the world while squeezes its workers-taxpayers.

    Stop think about others at the expenses of workers-taxpayers lives. Workers-taxpayers are human too, they also have the human right to live safe, they also have the human right to work to support only their own livelihood and their own countries.

    European Parliament, stop enslaving workers-taxpayers who work so hard and make sacrifices to build and maintain this continent which you, politicians, have destroyed and taken from workers-taxpayers the right to enjoy it fully.

  48. avatar
    Danny Boy

    This whole E.U mess was never anything other than a fair weather project.The federalist lunatics(mostly French and German) who were the driving forces behind it dreamed of this giant cultureless super state to rival the U.S.A and the old soviet union.But instead what we’ve ended up with is looking more and more like a giant sized Yugoslavia,and look what happened to that.

  49. avatar
    Sten Hubinette

    Ignorance on one hand, and the desire for power on the other. No middle groung is being broadcast?

  50. avatar
    Ana Oliveira

    Institutional level, the leaders. Live in a different world. Mistakes are nort being responsabilized anylonger!. None seems to care about it. The worser the best! Being correct is not recognized the crook is accepted easier that the one that tries to be correct, the dull!

  51. avatar

    Where should I begin ? There are millions of reasons, mostly are austerity, security, fundamental rights, lack of vision and solutions related issues. People just lost their faith and patience.

  52. avatar
    Maros Podstupka

    Because the integration is halfway through at best, and people don’t acknowledge its authority as much as they observe the authorities at national level. Also, media do not feel any obligation to inform the public about positive impacts of work of EC and the Union, they often hyperbolize and over-criticize the negative matters. And then, there is this ugly wave of anti-intellectualism which appears to take place all over the western world, which may (or may not be) a consequence of our almost complete dependency on the internet and the online information (in place for over two decades), frustration from global corporatism (paradoxically, European Union is the most effective in keeping corporate monopolies in check by regulating them from the entire free world), resulting income inequalities, global and geopolitical challenges. EU needs to step up their game, get closer to people and better communicate the strategies. If it requires extra investments, so be it – but there will be no Union without support of its people.

  53. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    Well the illegal immigrants are more important than the the local european population. Merkel should asked first her country and after that the other european countries about invitng these people. Everything is full with corruption.But early or later we will vote again, and not allow spreading crime around.

  54. avatar
    Andrea Brown

    When you let neoliberal lunatics such as Charlie McCreevy, Cecilia Malmstrom and Mandelson rampage through Brussels changing every rule and proposal to only reflect what the largest and most corrupt want at the expense of the ordinary Europeans, you can not expect anyone to like the EU. The Eurocrats have done the damage by turning a brilliant organisation into a nightmare run by ideologically blinkered idiots. Erasmus, ITER, cross border science funding, etc are brilliant ideas. Neoliberalism is not.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ………….you surely getting closer……….!

  55. avatar
    Christian Nenanu

    Paternalism of citiziens, still undemocraticy “elections” in 2016, illegal immigration, uncritic about euro, destruction of EU-Money, no efforts to reformation. EU doesn’t represent a united europe it represents debt-socialism, capital and corruption… little brother of the US-System.

  56. avatar
    Peter Castermans

    1. Lack of Democracy.
    2. Too much bureaucracy.
    3. No social policy.
    4. Lazy parliaments.
    5. Too expensive.
    6. Economy before people. (ex. TTIP)

    Europe can still become a dream. But right now it’s not far from a nightmare. ( We are all Europeans and for me Europe may be a federal state, but it must be a democratic state for the people and not the multinationals. )

  57. avatar
    Roser Crosas

    EU leaders are a shame .. No human rights are respected.. EU leaders have abandoned refugees.. EU guilty of thousands of deaths and a lot of suffering ..corruption is not prosecuted.. shouthern countries led to a social an economical disaster.. laws for the rich and against the poor .. I’m completely ashamed to be european

  58. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Looking at all comments so far, it seems not more than ~20% (please check) are staunchly “Pro EU”- the rest is disappointed, skeptic or downright EU hostile. Is that unrepresentative coincidence?

    I agree- most of the orchestra stopped playing- its conductor carries on regardless! Beethoven is no more- his EU “hijacked” Ode to Joy from the Council of Europe deservedly should give way & be replaced by Mozart’s K626 in D minor – “Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine”

  59. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    It’s because Northern Nations is so much better than the Southern and Eastern European Nations. Great lack of harmony, prosperity and unity just naming three.

  60. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    It is too expensive and divisive to support NATO and AmeriKKKan middling in issues that are detrimental to European societies and harmony.

  61. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    It is too expensive and divisive to support NATO and AmeriKKKan middling in issues that are detrimental to European societies and harmony.

  62. avatar
    Catarina Fernandes

    I think it’s evident what failed. It failed to follow the morals that EU born standing for. It failed to protect minorities, protect humanity, protect freedom, respect it’s people. For the past years, the greed just won every debate, every decision, by helping corporations, by justifying war, by contributing for it, by stand aside USA on every stupid step they did in the middle orient. FMI, Troika, focused on profit, economy indicators, focused on North countries wealth leaving South countries full of austerity and pression. And so on, so on… How can Europe expect european citizens to believe in this community if it failed to stand for their beliefs?

  63. avatar
    Davide Zoran Parenti

    Because it lacks of ambition and ideals, because it seems to be so far from the interests of the common people and so close to the interests of big companies… Because it seems ever more a puppet in the hands of the US without an autonomous vision, because simply it doesn’t work… Just look at some topics, as for the immigration management or the euro, which is not bad as idea but totally bad managed over the years, increasing the economical differences between areas and states instead of decreasing them. EU is a very good idea in the origin, with the noble aim to unite the european people and erase the war from the continent, but so horribly put into effect… we need to rebuild it from the ground up, plain and simple.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      True, its too far from the people & to close to the US “doctrine machine” to bulldoze & dominate the world with all the good & bad they have in their (morally depleted) arsenal!

  64. avatar
    Giorgos Tsolakis

    Because any country joined EU they did it for economic reasons this is how EU established an economic union not a political union now there is not money as it used to be. Also it was popular in the first decades specially among poorer countries due to the labour movement to richer countries was easier but even that it is turns to be more difficult

  65. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    the answer is simple : to become unpopular, require to do something yourself in order to become unpopular. So, it is all EU’s fault that EU became unpopular. Eu members and authorities disregard the values this union was built upon

  66. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    EU is unpopular because when it faces a problem, it does not know what to do. There is lack of unity, political will and determination to act. It seems that fear and panic is what governs the chaotic actions of those at the top of EU, not knowledge, wisdom and vision for the future. They are out of touch with the tough reality, but also afraid to even listen to the ordinary people. Also their salaries are too big for the work they do, enough to make them feel too comfortable and self-secure and to numb their sensitivity to people’s worries and problems. Too much money is going into the administration of EU institutions, having in mind the poverty across the continent that has still not been successfully addressed. One always has to change and adapt, in order to survive. EU needs to do the same. Even if it breaks down, I think it will be replaced with something similar but on different terms that will satisfy everyone. The current terms seem to be outdated. EU needs to keep up with the fast changing reality, otherwise it will completely lose the trust of its people.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Maia, a sober & value based opinion, one comfortable can support, digest & sleep well on!

  67. avatar
    Stefanos Pasparakis

    I believe the main reason is that, appart from its purpose to protect Europeans from another war, the most powerful countries forced an economic union that wasn’t well thought and prepared, and as an idea unnatural, you can not have so different economies (like the Greek and German) share a common currency, because if worse comes to worse and an economic crisis happens the country with the smaller economy can’t use its only weapon, the devaluation of its currency, and has to keep up with its more powerfull partner. Also, in giving all their attention to the economic union they forgot all about the political side of the EU, the lack of political integration creates unsatisfied people, who feel each day more and more dostant from their fellow europeans, and who also work as a perfect audience for populist, xenophobic, far right, and all kinds of euroskeptic rhetoric.

  68. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    antidemocratica, austerity, troppe tasse , infinite regole spesso incongruenti (e sanzioni su sanzioni se sgarrano , Paesi trattati come del banditi se non le han capite ) poca trasparenza , capitalismo sfrenato , business, ecc… ecc… di positivo ha l’erasmus , che bella

  69. avatar
    Lynne Warner

    Trying to eliminate different cultures is a huge mistake. That’s the charm of Europe and it’s being discarded.

  70. avatar
    Theofanis Faid Koulouris

    Right now most european voters act like the teenage child who hates dad (while dad did the mistake to just throw money instead of raising a responsible young adult). EU needs a PR manager, a marketing expert and a family issues solver.

    • avatar
      Chris Brown

      No. It needs some hearing aids so it can actually listen to the European people.
      It needs to do a better job (or less of a job) rather than work at spin and trying to improve the image of the job it is doing.

  71. avatar
    Dom Byrne

    It has become increasingly clear that the EU only listens to its corporate sponsors. The botched response to the financial crisis is typical of the EU policy of putting the wealthy few ahead of the vast majority of EU citizens. There is also the EU’s contempt for democracy, a recent example is the ECI on TTIP, where the EU made it clear that if we ask it not to do something it won’t listen. Was the EU expecting us to collect signatures in order to pass on our congratulations? There is also the fact that by means of the Lisbon treaty the EU has swindled us out of our national sovereignty. As a result of this competency to negotiate trade deals without the approval of the 28 parliaments the EU may now sign up to several, without any democratic scrutiny. The EU is refusing to comment upon whether its “trade deals” (seen by others as an attack on EU standards and laws) are mixed or exclusive. Is this because coming out with the truth prior to the Brexit referendum on June 23rd would guarantee an exit from the EU? The EU requires serious change or the Brexit campaign is likely to inspire the other citizens of Europe, we’d like peace, prosperity and security and the more we see the EU failing at all three the less we want to stay.

  72. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    It started when changed the EEC into a political EU full of greedy, second class politicians, empty of ideas and interested only in using our money to fill their, and their friends, pokets, starting the war in Iuguslavie, Libia, Syria, Ukranie, etc…

  73. avatar
    Andrew Rout

    National governments blame all the bad things on EU and keep the credits for the positive things for themselves. National media support this trend. Misinformation, in order to make the national governments more likable, makes the EU looks bad.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      I think the EU makes a good job of making itself look bad without anyone’s help

  74. avatar
    Iosif Hamlatzis

    EU has become unpopular because it failed to become a true Union. It still remains an economic union and not a cultural one.

  75. avatar

    An example to follow for the EU: the Swiss Confederation. German, French, Italian, Roman people living together… Why not a European Confederation of States. “L’union fait la force” Motto of the Belgian Federal State o Flemish, French and German People.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Rene,

      ………………..Belgium to be be seen as an EU example- in which way?
      You think the “Swiss & their oath of allegiance”- who not only guard the pope but also themselves successfully should be copied by the EU? Mama mia!


  76. avatar
    catherine benning

    The concept was a magnificent dream of what could be if we held onto our civilisation and moved toward its natural objectives of mutual understanding and peace within nations that once warred relentlessly. The betrayal of those initial concepts and values was in the politics and the politicians being of inadequate vision and lack of loyalty to their fellow European.

    These puppets sold their own people down the river in a fit of such deep seated hatred of their origin they are now on a path of threatening them with retribution if they speak their truth. Going as far as shunning them for a growing evil that will insure the destruction and disintegration of our people. In other words, assisting the enemy by siding with them against their blood brothers.

    Unpopular is an understatement. They have held the evolution of mankind back for centuries with what they have done. How will they ever be held accountable?

  77. avatar
    Chris Brown

    Because it tried to be too much too soon, and rapidly turned into a situation where enthusiastic politicians had to stop listening to their own populations and instead had to start trying to drag them along.
    The treatment of the Irish population over the Lisbon Treaty is just one example.
    “Oh, you’ve voted? But you voted the wrong way! Now vote again until you give the proper answer.”

  78. avatar

    EU reform- proactive: Don’t see “your” problem with Brussels. Please make clear. Of course there are problems. If Britain leaves Europe. Will this solve its problems? Maybe it will have more problems outside than within Europe. That’s the opinion of many experts.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……………the Brits have an option (which others haven’t) to decide & they are quite capable to solve their problem- without the advice & fear mongering from outsiders!

    • avatar
      Chris Brown

      “Maybe it will have more problems outside than within Europe. ”
      Possibly, but I think the structural problems within the EU are likely to be worse,, not least the innate resistance to reform.
      It’s not difficult to find experts saying they think the EU is in deep trouble
      Start with George Soros?

  79. avatar
    Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto

    The European does not feel or do to be European this complex framework the economy to the political policy and our European identity apart from other very serious problems This sad history that Europe is experiencing is necessary for the furniture in order to renew marriage

  80. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    You want to keep us glued to our PCs and mob phones today to answer to this question?! No, I am going out to talk with people until we still have the EU and our countries. Do you there in your offices don’t know?

  81. avatar
    George Singleton

    Because its impossible to have an economic union without the same laws and without the same salaries.Its an economic union constracted to help the rich countries become richer and destroy the weaker .Has lost any humanitarian aim.Works like dictactoship and even though demands money its not trasparent on the expences..

  82. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Just by being the EU, only a handful of federalist fanatics want it..

    Nationalism rules, whether the federalists like the fact or not.

  83. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    You started the process of th egreedy System, and sent us into Recession. Now you ask, why people are disappointed, andd cannot trust in you? Start a welfare Vision, and frame for the people. http://www.WWSEEP.com .

  84. avatar
    streitenberger kurt

    Strange, we live in one of the richest countries of the world, we did not have war or natural desasters in the past decades, we have programs like Erasmus for our young people, we have a good protection of food quality and individual rights are safe.
    There are still people, who feel unsafe in our EU.
    I believe, one out of many reasons are local politicians in member states who have not yet grown out of their provincial way of thinking.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Ask the people of Greece if they feel rich?
      No war – thank NATO for that one
      Natural disasters – well not even the mighty EU can stop them
      Erasmus – for the privlidged few
      Food quality – I suspect a majority would prefer cheaper food over highly regulated food
      Individual rights- fine if you are a socialist, many on this planet aren’t

      It is not the politicians who are against the EU it is the people. Most politicians love the EU as that’s where they see their future, in Brussels with double their National salary and an enormous pension….It is people paying for their excesses and incompetence that are finally realising they are being taken for a ride

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      “We should not forget the reasons that moved Europeans to build a United Europe”

      * Discoveries of ALL facts & reasons could be a laborious endeavor- to be convincing- or?

      * Isolated end of war experiences are moving “blogs”. How relevant are they today? Similar tales equally exist not only from Tommy’s and Ami’s on the western front but also from Ivan’s on the eastern front. Jerry, the Germans were the villains- then!

      * Today, they are militarily contained but dominating the EU politically & economically (again). Some feel uneasy once more, since the US is on top & behind to give the whole world a dose of “US democracy” & the Brussels EU freely dishes out its “political, social & monetary enlargement present”.

      * US tacitly supports sinister third forces globally and Brussels/Germany once more “lonesome” decides on behalf of the other 27. This does not bode well for all 47 Members to live a fair, better, secure & comfortable European life!

      * so far- Rene failed to explain why the unresolved difficulties within Belgium’s diversity- can/should serve as a blueprint for the EU. It may show a piece of EU micro- cosmos, is a reflection & exposes some deep seated EU problems- but to serve as a “shining example”- I doubt it!

      *Actually, the whole of the 47 sovereign countries of Europe (820 mio) were meant to become united since 1949 under the umbrella of the “Council of Europe”! What happened? The EU disaster? http://www.coe.int/en/web/about-us/who-we-are

      The birth in Nov 1993 of the political-economic EU block- under the once more dominant leadership of Germany- seems to create more animosity & tensions within the 47 CoE Members & also within the present 28 EU Members. Any factual explanations?

    • avatar
      Mark Pead

      You mean YOUR way of thinking….

  85. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    Because some proeminent leaders of member nations made some mistakes and because propaganda directed by anti-EU powers (we all know which one, mainly) works perfectly at brainwashing morons

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Costi, please elaborate- we STILL practice freedom of speech. I wish to learn more about the real (EU) morons & all the anti EU powers- will you? The podium is yours!

  86. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    non ci sta niente che è andato storto. La UE risponde esattamente al motivo per la quale è stata creata. ( Distruggere , rubare e creare un nuovo modello di società )

  87. avatar
    Jeremy Bornstein

    Europe has become unpopular putting the needs of non Europeans before it’s own ,thus the EU is a failure.

  88. avatar

    The founding of the “problem with Europe” is based on the sceptism and the lack of trust Europen citizens feel towards these supranational institutions considered distant from the people and their claims and worries. They question the ability of the leaders of EU to agree on the main topics and hence to take effective decisions that may affect the every-life of the people.

  89. avatar

    Its always been unpopular in my house .Just about acceptable in the early days of the EEC but now completely unacceptable as a political union that has expanded into Eastern Europe . The euro done for some of the poorer countries ,mass immigration and free movement of jobless has done for the richer west .
    The EU were also very clever in setting up its government buildings in Brussels . A neutral safe city of no great threat to anyone .

    Can you imagine the feeling of Europe if the HQ were in the city of its controller,
    Berlin .

  90. avatar

    At least a very good choice: Brussels. Symbol of the peaceful living together of very different cultures (flemish and french). And not London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid… The little countries have the same dignity and rights as the big ones, and avoid that Europe be dominated by the latter. If a big country would like to impose its will to the other, than it should be better at the outside. Europe needs equilibrium. With Britain within the EU there is more equilibrium than if it is not. Separatism is going back in history.

  91. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Because of the policies of the European Commission and of the European Parliament. Because of the 3 ruling families – EPP, PES and ALDE.

  92. avatar
    Barrie Stubbs

    This is the best definition of the E.U. that I have ever seen, and I wish I had written it!, but no, its from a gentleman named Charles Moore. in the English Daily Telegraph in his Notebook column. I Quote:-
    “If there is one thing the EU is good at, it is providing career opportunities, summit meetings, conference circuits and pensions for administrative and political elites. Its fiercer critics say it is a dictatorship. They are wrong; if it were, its evil would be in plain view and we could get rid of it by getting rid of the dictator. No, the EU is an oligarchy – a form of permanent supranational government by a relatively small mutual support group of highly educated people which has worked out how to stay in power without the boring task of submitting itself to general elections.”
    Is this the state with wish you wish to live with? It is a fact that bureaucracy only gets larger and the individual smaller and where the individual expression of freedom decreases. As history has taught us and the people of Europe have suffered more than the United Kingdom has in many ways. Freedom is not ‘snatched away’ but gradually eroded until the situation becomes irreversible, only then do nations protest, usually too late. Soon England will have a chance to change itself, and with luck change the EU. Make this undemocratic, monolithic, bureaucratic structure called the EU, look at itself and also change. People who wish to stay in the EU talk of changing it from within. Nonsense, how can you change an unelected, unrepresentative. elite whose very position is based on positions of absolute power, remember up at the top level THERE IS NO VETO!
    Check out the organisational structure please.
    Regards Barrie Stubbs

    • avatar

      That’s it! And the outlook is not pretty unless we oppose it with all our might! The disillusion with the EU is palpable. The EU used to be a great ideal. Then it started becoming a nuisance and now it has become a disillusion, a pain in the you know what.

  93. avatar
    Mark Pead

    Because of unaccountable Lobbyists and flaccid, compromised decision making.

  94. avatar
    Mark Pead

    Because of Loss of Sovereignty to Corruption.

  95. avatar
    Julie sadler

    My concern is that the European books have not been signed off for 19 years I believe. Companies in the UK would not be able to do this so why are they allowed to? Makes you wonder what’s happening to all the money we send.

  96. avatar
    Barrie Stubbs

    its far worse than that! The last lady accountant who was employed to complete the EU annual budget refused to sign it off saying, ‘I cannot account for MILLIONS of Euros!’. She was sacked and the reasons given were, ‘she brought the EU into disrepute, and was not considered to be a faithful servant’. Eventually after 2 years she was awarded thousands of Euros in compensation as she won her case. Then it gets even worse as the ‘rocks get lifted’. The recent case of Peter Skinner the MEP waiting to be sentence on April 29th. He defrauded the EU pf hundreds of thousands of Euros. Look up the internet and type his name. BUT – the interesting, (no frightening ) facts are when the English authorities went to the EU for facts on the amount of money claimed they were told byMr. Antoine-Poirel head of the Parliamentary Assistance and Members General Expenditure Unit,
    that he had never seen the bank accounts of Labour MP Skinner. When questioned he said that MEP’s were allowed to draw £120,000.00 in allowances with out proof of how the money is spent!!!! The EU, and I quote “it would create an administrative burden for members and the consequences on the freedom of actions for the members so we do not want to interfere with their detailed political activities”. Remember they are also paid a large salary. There are 751 MEP’s at the moment Julie! This does not account for the people at the top, there are thousands more on much bigger salaries etc. If you want further proof Google the EU parliament and its transfer once a year to Strasburg, costs Billions of Euros for no reason except politics.
    But enough is enough! I worry that my Grandchildren and their children will be sucked dry by this UNELECTED monster which at the moment is costing us £360 Million pounds a week, and this will get worse, there is only one chance, in June to do something, it will never come again!
    Regards Barrie Stubbs

    • avatar
      Julie sadler

      Thanks barrie I will share yoyr facts on my social media. It angers me so much that politicians think they can get away with mismanaging our money.

  97. avatar
    Digital Packet

    The EU lacks transperency. The perks enjoyed by top executives, the commission and mep’s is still a secret! The EU is far from united. Not two, but three and four speed Europe! We often hear of German-French summits! Five nation summits, Eurozone summits etc etc; different summits discussing common EU issues, but resolved according to the demands a few EU states, ignoring the others. Multinational buisnesses still lobby in the the EU parlament.

  98. avatar
    Digital Packet

    Not only the EU, but also all other countries, especially, the west, need a new world order. An overhaul of how diplomacy works, often slow, sluggish, bla bla and too little too late. Same with politics, international treaties, conventions, estabishment, regulations, directives etc Terrorists are taking advantage of too much burocracy, slow ineffective often, too late decisions . I do not agree with every issue of Donald Trump, but some of his line of tought is in the right direction, necessary. for this change!

    • avatar
      Barrie Stubbs

      Hi Rene, thought you might want to check this out. Google Info on OECD:-
      here is the interesting bit – seems the E.u. Commission, which is the top body of the E.U. has quite a hand in the OECD so its not surprising they would publish a detrimental report. Cut and pasted this from the OECD Website:-

      “In the Supplementary Protocol No. 1 to the Convention on the OECD of 14 December 1960, the signatories to the Convention agreed that the European Commission shall take part in the work of the OECD.

      European Commission representatives participate alongside Members in discussions on the OECD’s work programme, and are involved in the work of the entire Organisation and its different bodies.

      While the European Commission’s participation goes well beyond that of an observer, it does not have the right to vote and does not officially take part in the adoption of legal instruments submitted to the Council for adoption.”

      Regards Barrie

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Rene, re: OECD……….those who “religiously” believe everything will enter the EU heaven!

      How relevant is today’s outdated & overrated OECD? They seem to act as a trivial “lip service.com” or “statistics.com” where half of all members are violating their international obligations according to Transparency International!

      They meet on occasion; publish books & ALARMIST REPORTS to keep their flock together!

      The grandiose 1948 purchased Head Office “la Muette” in Paris- where the ghost of Baron Henri de Rothschild still resides (“Unity, Integrity, Diligence”) is a reminder of a past “feudal elitist hunting lodge”- being preserved for the elitist Club of corporate lobbyists to promote their global agenda.

      Its original purpose was to prepare & oversee the Marshall Plan under the name of the OEEC- it has long expired & is past its glory- which ended in 1952, making way for a more favorite NATO!

      Can the 1961 morphed “OECD ORG” with 34 “partially compliant” members of questionable ethical reputation be taken serious- & are they worth Euro 363 mio per year, employing 2,500?

      They can’t & are not worth it!

    • avatar
      RENE AGA

      You are right Barrie: “While the European Commission’s participation goes well beyond that of an observer, it does not have the right to vote and does not officially take part in the adoption of legal instruments submitted to the Council for adoption.” It has not the right to vote. But I understand that the UK is a full member with the right to vote and has not voted against this report. Seems that the UK government does not disagree too much with it.

  99. avatar
    Barrie Stubbs

    Dear Julie Sadler,
    I owe you an apology young lady! The move to Strasburg take place once per MONTH, not once a year as I stated. (Sorry, big fat fingers on the keys, they are going on a DIET!!!!) Also I have revised my research on the EU Annual Audit. There is an updated report only published this year, but started in 2014 by the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts, (i.e.Our lot!) titled Financial Management of the European Union Budget in 2014. Its the 37th Report of session 2015-16. To cut through the (rubbish!) it seems that the EU is getting better at managing its finances, but has still not been able to publish an Audited account even for this last year. They say its not possible, with such a large organisation to do this. So, it seems that an allowance is made for “errors and exceptions This isn a error level of 2% if below this level its acceptable. But hey, this for the year 2013 was 4.7% = around 4 Billion euros. The figures for 2014 is a bit of a guess but some estimates say 3.9%. Our NET contribution in 2015 was 8.5 Billion, expected to rise to 9.9 billion by 2020. These figures from the l;last report from the UK Treasury this year. More to think about folks.
    Regards Barrie

  100. avatar

    EU reform- Proactive: not only the OECD. Also Barack Obama, representing the USA, draws the same conclusion.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Rene you are right- but it only highlights the sad affairs of the present moral bankrupt US, its corrupt ruling establishment and all other complicit corporate empire builders, using THEIR political gladiators, liars & magicians- not to loose the global plot!

      Whoever and whatever someone predicts in future is based on certain assumptions. THEIR estimate is used for THEIR political agenda. The US president and the OECD’s opinions must be the same- because it is the “same org”. They are neither professional, neutral nor scientific in nature- only political motivated twaddle and therefore unimpressive and unimportant for some.

    • avatar
      RENE AGA

      If the UK is in disagreement with the predictions of the OECD or of the president of the USA, why does it not protest against them? Or why does it not try to demonstrate the contrary. If it maintains silence, then it means it agrees.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Rene, the “IF’s and “WHY’s” – i don’t know, don’t need to know- since they are low order priorities, speculations & of no interest (to me).

      One can only hope voters inform THEMSELVES THOROUGHLY. Ignore & critically scrutinize most of these political marketing gimmicks- in order to make the best choice on offer under the given circumstances- as a collective- on voting day.

      The labeled- as “rigged”- 1787 “Electoral College” is underway in the US & should produce a result in November and a referendum on June 16 in the UK. Hopefully both will be watershed outcomes to break the status quo & lead to overdue reforms.

  101. avatar

    Some of the causes emergy from its institutions:
    The European Council has too much power. The EU should become more democratic. There should be direct democracy.

    Some others are cultural:
    Europeans need to build a European identity. For that, I think we need to have a European public, a European audience. While there are plenty of political discussions in the media about the EU in each country, there are none on e European level. Basically, the political discussion on a European level sparked shortly only during the election campaign. That is not enough. Why don’t we see stakeholders from politics and media from different European countries having an arguments about the future of Europe (e. g. a political talk show)?

  102. avatar

    Totally agree Martin. Europe is not neither only a matter of politicians. The people is who makes Europe. Th Constitution of the USA begins with “We the People”… But than the people has to participate and not only put conditions. How many use this opportunity offered on the website of the EU? The majority probably don’t know about it. Here it is: http://europa.eu/eu-law/have-your-say/index_en.htm. Its efficiency will depend of the number of people using it.

  103. avatar
    catherine benning

    Although this video applies to the UK it also applies to all EU countries. Listen to the full argument so that you will be completely aware of at least some of the losses you have to look forward to.

    The video was made before mass immigration, which is allowed to take place in order to bankrupt the European continent and like Greece, the money men will come in and buy it up for peanuts. The lot of it. Then no democracy, no sovereignty of any kind, simply feudal takeover.


    And this guy beneath is a journalist, a profession that has enormous difficulty telling the truth. This man does, a rare honesty indeed.


    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Catherine thanks, this is a great post, video & eye-opener for those in doubt! Worth to be attached to every post!

      Nobody YET projected the planned future & “final EU”- which could be double the size of the present one- adding around 100- 400 mio more people from unstable countries! Even Morocco & Canada is not excluded! Lunatic JCJ & Merkel should realize- a futuristic EU president might be a Turk, Moroccan or Ukrainian! EU naivety overtaken by total madness- gone berserk!

      The US would never contemplate to copy such a crazy EU concept- doing a similar irrational “American Union” absurdity- which some feeble minded Europeans find so glorious! They rather control the lot using the UK & US occupied Germany instead.


  104. avatar
    Barrier Stubbs

    Hi Catherine,
    let me add my thanks as well. I was considering trying something like this video myself but this is so much better than any effort I could have made. This is the sort of information that MUST go out to the youth of this country. Please promote it further and get all your friends to send it out to their contacts as well.
    Best regards Barrie Stubbs

  105. avatar

    No as such a dictator who is not allowing freedom of speeach in his country and who is not able to stop terror is not acceptable. He is accepting so high level of women and children violence in Turkey. This agreement is not right. I m definitely AGAINST visa free entrance because it will make refugee problem much bigger. To accept their request about visa free entrance is very wrong decission.

  106. avatar

    The thing that also worries me apart from the more obvious arguments is will further integration into the EU mean that we finish up with an unelected politician as head of state ? Should this happen I do not bleieve that the people of the UK would be happy at the monarchy being ousted by a politician with an agenda ( they all seem to have one) The monarchy in the UK is obliged to be politically neutral, you never hear of the Queen expressing an opinion on politcal matters

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Barbara,

      the end game will be: no more sovereign European countries, with borders, separate cultures, parliaments or state competences- only regions or provinces!

      The whole local executive layer from local parliaments, local head of state, prime minister, ministers & deputies will become redundant and demoted to glorified provincial managers. Isn’t it a stark reminder to Pontius Pilatus in Judaea during Emperor Tiberius of the fallen Roman Empire? Just imagine JCJ as the modern Tiberius watching over treason trials and crucifixion of us revolutionary underlings- requesting referendums!

      Any still remaining ex feudal queens & kings in “EU Europe” would actually have enough funds to survive & kept alive as folklore for tourists and maybe on postage stamps.

      The Queen as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and present British monarch will probably remain strictly ceremonial and retreat into the catacombs as not to offend the untouchable future European Imams.

      The voting rights in any future EC/EP need to represent the “democratic” EU empires’ demographics- overwhelmed by non northern, central & some eastern European states, but the Balkans (e.g ~80 mioTurks), all ex east USSR Balkan & some north African states with their Muslim traditions.

      Any desire to help build, support & contribute to ones self destruction?

  107. avatar
    Claudio Bartoletti

    Elementary my dear Watso, does not take a genius to figure out why, i for one pray it will all come to an end ASAP.

  108. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    I will be repeating myself, but here goes…
    Does one need to ask?
    Well, here are some examples:
    Too many promises and too few results.
    Too much taxpayer money spent and too few public benefits.
    Too much corruption and very few punishments.
    Too much self interest and too little public service.
    … and the list goes on.

  109. avatar

    I will be repeating myself, but here goes…
    Does one need to ask?
    Well, here are some examples:
    Too many promises and too few results.
    Too much taxpayer money spent and too few public benefits.
    Too much corruption and very few punishments.
    Too much self interest and too little public service.
    … and the list goes on.

  110. avatar
    Diego José Costa Pérez

    Austerity, lack of real Union, lack of democracy, lack of consensus, TTIP, politicians who don’t listen to their people, original ideals of the project disappearing little by little and of course, Merkel’s 3rd Reich

  111. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    You cannot force on majority people something that they no like / want and expect to solut you (unless you are crazy not caring for democracy and freedom of speech dictator and send that do not agree and their families to labour camps)

  112. avatar
    Robert Santa

    Austerity, immigration levels, poor growth, high unemployment, lacklustre leadership, etc.?

  113. avatar
    Pieralessio Lamborghini

    Two simply words: politics and misinformation.

  114. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    because it doesn’t listen, citizens views are discarded. Read War on Want and the The Independent regarding accountability vis a vis TTIP, what a stupid question to ask. What about, what would the EU be like if the Commission accountable to parliament, the council of ministers and the courts of justice? How would it be different? Or what would the EU be like without Junker and Mittel Europe at the helm, scavenging, stealing and running everyone else into the ground? Stop asking stupid questions and start writing some decent articles

  115. avatar
    Nono Martínez Pascual

    Because : 1) how EU treat refugees 2) How EU are only thinking in Germany 3) How EU gives priority to money than people 4) How EU blackmailed to Greece when they talk about go out to of EU and now UK are doing the same but EU treat them in completely different way….nobody wants an union like that

  116. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The bad for the public outweighs the good. Corporations, profits, trade, fiscal policies are put above the wellbeing of the majority of the people. There is money for EU space projects, EU armies and oil subsidies but not enough money for the people. People are taxed and regulated but mega-corporations and the mega-rich are practically tax and interest-free and regulations are designed to suit them.

  117. avatar
    Φωτεινή Μάρκου

    Because there is no respect to the very values European union was build on: value of human life and dignity, the common well above member states’ economy, solidarity, prosperity for everybody. Where are all these? Some of us really believed that all europeans have common things in civilization although there are many differences in cultures and that we could have common vision. But when we see some member states value more their own countries economies and they insist on austerity and less support to the weakers ones, then.people loose their fate to the european common vision.

    • avatar
      Barrier Stubbs

      Sorry, I did not realise I could reply to you here! Look further down the column, 10 comments below, and you will see my reply to you there.
      Regards Barrie Stubbs

  118. avatar
    Hr Tom Mosen

    because EU is a club for greedy rich corrupt lobbyists and their masters, and not the general population.

  119. avatar
    Μιχάλης Ιακωβίδης

    Επειδή την καταντήσατε πιόνι στα χέρια των Γερμανών και των πολυεθνικών συμφερόντων που εξυπηρετείτε. Επειδή η δημοκρατία είναι για μας έννοια βαθιά ριζωμένη στη συνειδησή μας και όχι μέθοδος εξαπάτησης των κυβερνομένων. Επειδή η ελευθερία είναι πρωτίστης σημασίας για όλους τους ανθρώπους και επειδή η ρήση “πάντων χρημάτων μέτρον άνθρωπος” διαφαίνεται πλέον επιτακτική ανάγκη στο μπουρδέλο που στήσατε χωρίς να μας λογαριάσετε! Άντε γεια!

  120. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    The social dimension is lost, a minimum wage of €12.00 an hour EU wide would definitely help, first to cut poverty and second boost the economy.

  121. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    Imformation! For the first time in decades ONG’s and even Governments are starting to show how the EU really works. People are starting to understand the filth that runs in Brussels!

  122. avatar
    Barrier Stubbs

    Dear Φωτεινή Μάρκου,
    I can understand the desire to be in a world that you subscribe to. One where looking after each other is an aim. But that is not the aim of the EU. If it were it would be much more democratic. The EU at present is run, well let me add a description which I wish I had written but it was done by an English journalist and is the best description of the people who now control the EU.

    “If there is one thing the E.U. is good at, it is providing career opportunities, summit meetings, conference circuits, and pensions for administrative and political elites. Its fiercer critics say it is a dictatorship. They are wrong: if it were, its evil could be in plain view and we could get rid of it by getting rid of the dictator. No, the EU is an oligarchy – a form of permanent supranational government by a relatively small mutual support group of highly educated people, which has worked out how to stay in power without the boring task of submitting itself to general elections”
    This EU is about power and has nothing to do with looking after natio0ns, I wish it were, I would then support it. At 80 years old the EU will not have too long to affect me, but it will affect my children and Grandchildren, these I worry about. You must decide for yourself but ask your self this, Would you invest in a company with the financial record of the EU where corruption on a massive scale is endemic. Please do some research on the EU and how it handles its finance, then decide please?
    Regards Barrie Stubbs

    • avatar
      RENE AGA

      Dear Barrier,
      If Europe is not democratic, we all are guilty, because all we elected these “political elites”. I’m 81 years old and I hope my children and grandchildren will democratically elect the right people on the right place and give them the necessary power to take their responsabilities and organise the Union as a service to its citizens. The existence of political elites and lobbies is not only in the european institutions it is also a problem with the national ones (and maybe more with these than with the european). Electing the right people at the right place is in “our” hands.

  123. avatar
    Joseph Stack

    Because it no longer reflects the will of its citizens, rather it is a corrupt, power-grabbing institution that stifles the development of member states, keeping them in a cycle of dependency (I.e Greece)

  124. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Slow by slow anyone is getting clear, what is all about the big lie eu, eurocrats and eurocracy. Getting more and more squeezed, all are realising, that the eu is for its citizens rather a nightmare, than anything else.

  125. avatar
    T Nick Knight

    Ahh, certain people are leading an invasion and enforcing it on others. There is no democracy Wealthier countries try to walk all over weak ones. The entire set up is vile.

  126. avatar
    Bojan Janković

    The issues related to a real or perceived democratic deficit arising out of the structural arrangement and size of EU bureaucracy should have been addressed long time ago, not pushed under the carpet. Also, the EU has done very little if anything on imparting an EU identity that would to a greater degree supplant the individual national identities of member states.

  127. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    Only God knows……………………………..Here is God.Because you are incompetent,liars,unrelated to life and you exist just to get paid with fat salaries by the succers…………the people of EE.That’s Gods word. By the way,my words…………… it’s abnormal to expect people to fall inlove with you.See an expert.

  128. avatar
    Alex Bell

    let’s face it, Switzerland has all the good benefits of being in EU (like schengen) without the crap that comes with being a part of it

  129. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    1. Wealthy western EU and poor eastern EU; 2. Legal theft, robbery and plundering the estern EU countries by the western multi corporations and hiding their stolen money in offshore empires like Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Cyprus (or Panama etc.); 3. seeing no end of this, in fact, threatening posibility of worsening the situation; 4. TTIP and Monsanto; 5. Migrant crisis; 6. imperialistic attitude of the multinational corporations; and so on…

  130. avatar

    Just listen to us ,we don’t want more emigrants.

  131. avatar
    Liz Lyz

    Only the idiots and lazy people can’t love Europe! Europe is history, art, music … a Wonder of the world!

  132. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Liz, you are talking about our civilization that we all love, but they are asking about their bloody EU project.

  133. avatar
    Ana Oliveira

    A big gap between the decision making process and what real happens in each country. Too theoretical. Lack of understanding of the history, mentality and culture of each country that limits the decision process.

  134. avatar
    Mwenzi Morris

    Being paid off and black mailed by the US to agree to trade that will allow poisons into our food. Allow poisons onto our land and give control to large corporations. Killing the people, killing commerce for the average person. Ignoring local customs, Ignoring mass popular opinion. Siding with banks. Allowing our land to be stripped for mass profit with no thought of OUR futures or the planets. Crippling countries into compliance by withholding funding that the EU allowed the banks to get away with taking. Back hand payments, secret deals. The EU is far far far from being democratic and worse still and giving a damn about the welfare of the future of anyone other than where the money and power lays. The EU now fearing the uprising and pushing hard to more control, taking away more rights in each country in the hope of creating enough shackles that we will just shrug our shoulders and say… “it is just the way it is”…. and you ask?!?!?

  135. avatar
    Andy Sanders

    What went wrong? A lack of a social dimension and national governments happily blaming all that goes wrong on the EU while at the other side beg for more European money…

  136. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    Because Europeans must identify as Europeans, and not Germans, French, English, Portuguese, etc. Only with a true European Federation all the countries will pervail.

  137. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    Because the EU has become an evil alliance that wants total control on all of the EU citizens. EU citizens are no longer treated as individuals but as numbers that can be erased if they do no comply with EU rules.

  138. avatar
    Maros Podstupka

    Because they don’t understand how much they benefit from strong and (more or less) integrated Europe. They can’t comprehend what guarantees and supports their security and lifestyle. The only way they could really appreciate it is if they could experience life without it for a moment to compare it. But that’s not possible in reality. I mean it might be, but then it would not be possible to snap back to the good old, safe and prosperous Union. If people were able to understood that life is not only about immediate wealth and consumption, but it’s very much about values, they would not fall out of love with the EU. They would stop asking what it’s good for and rather ask how to make it even better.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Maros- interesting!

      You acknowledged seeing a trend of a return to the 30’s extreme politics in Eastern Europe? And- “If THEY would understand (better?) THEY would stop asking (many actually did analyze) what it’s good for and rather ask (ignored suggestions exist) how to make it even better”?

      You’re many references to “THEY” and your superior understandings about EU values- life & consumption beg for clarifications!

      Using Catherine’s attachment reference once more- (with her kind permission)- may broaden the “many in love EU” supporters & maybe THEIR EU horizon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv5O_Gq30ow

      Further, your background experience and opinions originate & seems based on a “below 40 year old” and (probably) successful Slovak/ Bratislava based SME- offering translation services- thanks to the EU!

      A recent history in brief: Slovakia became independent from the USSR (only) in 1993 and received full EU membership in 2004! Of course a tremendous positive change for Slovaks receiving a free upgrade- with other peoples money!

      Slovakia contributed a minuscule 0.55% in 2014 to the EU budget but was a net recipient since inception and received net 1,010 mio Euros in 2014. One can safely say- neighbor Austria subsidizes the present Slovaks happiness by 100%. Good reasons to have a party, & in blind love with the EU- or themselves- or?

      Using an “absurd” joke, sorry: why not suggest that in fact Slovakia has been “Hire- Purchased” by neighbor Austria over the years and by using the latest modern financial techniques of ECB “Helicopter money”- one could finally and totally re-purchase & rebuild the past Austrian-Hungarian empire? Combined it would receive a much greater “democratic vote” in the soon to be bankrupt & balkanised EU? Bad joke- ne? The historical balances are:

      Slovakia net receipts since 2006: 323,2 617,8 725,6 542,1 1.349,6 1.160,6 1.597,0 1.287,4 1.010,1

      Austria’s net contributions since 2006: -301,5 -563,2 -356,4 -402,1 -677,0 -805,1 -0.073,3 -1.251,7 -1.240,6


  139. avatar
    Brigitte Ventura

    The more important is the lost valours, no fraternité Between countries and many countries members EU, dont said the true on their oficial info before EU.

  140. avatar
    Mário Lima

    Because Eu decides against the people to protect banks and corruption. Also because the most important decisions are made by institutions that were not elected like the ECB.

  141. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    1)To much talking to little action
    2) burocracy
    3) corruption
    4)to much lobbying
    5) doesn’t solve problems
    6) doesn’t take pay attention to the needs of the smaller member states some time even tern against their national intrest of some of them (see fyrom issues or how eu is treating Turkey)

  142. avatar
    Dario Fè

    Perhaps, the fact that normal citizens aren’t really aware of the EU may actually be the reason why the Union is still so popular.

    I am from Italy and I live in Denmark, and I can tell you that the level of democracy in the decision making at the European level is much lower than what you can find both in Denmark and in Italy. The right to propose new law is reserved to the Commission (a few people, mostly not elected), citizens can’t make referendum at EU level, the only tool of direct democracy (ECI) only allows you to suggest measures to implement the treaties.

    Furthermore, the current political system (Parliament + Council + Commission) results in a slow and complicated decision making process, which is often conditioned by the interests and vetoes of the most powerful Governments.

    Unfortunately, people mostly follow the political debate when their personal interests are touched or when their wallets gets empty… and they started to complain only now.

    I think we need to:
    – Decide which matters should be treated at national level, and which issues should be treated at a European level.
    – Create an European political system that respect the separation of the political powers, with the Parliament at his center
    – Ensure that politicians do what people want (more debates, direct democracy tools, recall election)

    Hope some leaders will answer to this comment.

  143. avatar
    Tiago Miranda

    The EU is fading away from what the EU citizens hoped it to be. Just look at TTIP and seeing all the past efforts being thrown away for purely economic and financial benefit, disrespecting all the health, social, environmental, scientific and political arguments argument that backed current legislation. People are looking less to the EU as a representation of its people, and more as a private organization, that cares about itself more than their user base. It’s becoming less transparent, more distant, arrogant, lobbied, corrupted and inefficient. And people are losing trust on the EU as a result. And because of that, they vote less during EU elections, which backfire with more commitment from Eurosceptic and Nationalist citizens that use “the system” to destroy that same “the system”.

  144. avatar
    Aggelos Vilderis

    We have come to a dead end! There are 2 solutions! Either eu becomes one country (United States of Europe) or stop the eu idea!

    • avatar
      Barrie Stubbs

      This OECD has come up before and as I have said before, look at the list of subscribers, guess who supports the OECD!!!! It will take time to leave but if you want to know the real truth behind the EU follow this link to Youtube and watch the video!

      Regards Barrie Stubbs

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……..oh no- again? “To repeat is one thing; to know is another,”
      Ending being critical & inquisitive will destroy any youthful mind- whether twenty one or eighty one.

  145. avatar

    The UK is full member of the OECD. As far as I know, the UK government has not made any objection or criticism to the report. If I’m wrong I would like to know it.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Dear Rene, if one is immune to history, imagination, idioms, proverbs and metaphors- in the end one’s defense will be- but: “I followed orders”!
      “You can’t judge a book by its cover” & “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. You surely learned how to investigate & “google”- Good luck!

  146. avatar

    Apart from the wrong austerity policy of the last years (we need some bail-out!), I think the main problem is that the EU is run by national politicians responsible to their national voters, not to fellow Europeans. In the end neither the commision nor the European parliament has anything to say if the national statesmen/-women are against some policy. Imagine it would be like that in your countries: regional politicians could veto all kinds of policies. This should be balanced better.
    Another point: journalists report through their national views. That’s the colored filter people get the information through. EU-topics need a less biased communication.

  147. avatar

    Mrs Merkel only does what German polls tell her – except from Ukraine bail-out and last years refugee decisions (which I respect very much). If she would be a courageous European leader, she would have initialized discussions on the formation of a democratic European government. Instead she only sticks to her German national policies. OK, that’s what she is elected for at first glance, but today, Europes national leaders should better combine national and European interests. All these Camerons, Szidlows, Orbans etc. only followed her example.

  148. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    Simply because economic integration failed dramatically.Eastern European countries didn’t keep up with market economy competition rules and procedures,agriculture and industry collapsed,in this working market hiatus left by EU adhesion,came the workers migration to the West.The rest it’s history.

  149. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Is this any longer a question, and why are you asking, is this for serious? Open up your eyes to the eu-wide reality, but not that one, eurocrats and euroligarch are ready to accept, than you’d knew.

  150. avatar
    Mike Chambers

    A lack of communication to ordinary people. The EU appears to think that everyone in Europe is a French speaking political student. The EU referendum in the UK has revealed many of the benefits that affect normal people and many of the benefits to being a part of the European Union. It has taken a referendum to explain to the ordinary British people what the EU actually does for Europe.

  151. avatar
    Andrea Brown

    When a bunch of neoliberal lunatics get in charge of a project and ram neoliberalism down the throats of the poorest and weakest, there will be a reaction. The fact anyone needs to ask why at all is beyond my comprehension. If you want to fix Europe find every person who has been an EU commissionar in the last 20 years and deport them to Somewhere suitable such as Somalia or Afghanistan. As for TTIP, which is designed to kill every business that is not listed on the USA stock exchange, every person involved with that in any way should be taken as a threat to the people of Europe not looked after by the EU. The only things that have went right are Erasmus, ITER and ESA and their funding is being cut for not fitting a neoliberal agenda..

  152. avatar
    Andrea Scacchi

    Because is not a democracy? Because is there to help financial group, tycoon groups and everyone but the “people of europe”?
    What the things that unite us “european”? The euro?, the erasmus?

    I have nothing against french, britons, romenian. How can i have a quarrel against someone didn’t met yet. It’s the elite that suck.
    La culpa l’è de i ladr, mia de li püarec!

  153. avatar

    It is unpopular because the last years it has been acting more and more like a bank, than a socio-economical institution that was supposed to be created in order to achieve a REAL integration of the people of Europe.

  154. avatar
    Povil Ka

    started as business organisation, became social wellfare system. what would you expect ?

  155. avatar
    Blanka Kasza

    Lot of initiatives are positive about the EU. Anyone in Europe can go and work in member states and that’s something we didn’t have before. I grew up with holidays in Eastern Germany as we were not allowed to go west. Free trade helps countries better utilize their resources. On the other hand there is no political or economical unity. Member states kept the rights to decide on almost everything and surpass EU rules. This means the bureaucracy stayed and it’s a lot of extra cost to actually settle in a different country. Also significant gap in currency value and income between Eastern and Western states. This holds the development of Eastern states back. The migration crisis and bombings show this leadership is unable to handle the conflict and find a collective solution. After the bombings of Paris and Brussels the leadership should have resigned with serious consequences. Nothing happened. It looks like the EU is powerless with outside forces and issues. They are unable to protect people, though people pay incredibly high taxes for almost everything. It might look like for people that it’s an interest of some groups within the EU to keep it this way. In addition there was almost a Grexit, then might be a Brexit. This doesn’t show member states see benefits of being a member and shows lack of trust towards EU institutions.

  156. avatar
    Chris Haji-michael

    The EU has only partly fallen out of favour with everyone. The second problem is that those people most in favour of the EU, its biggest champions, are often working abroad and few of them vote.

    If EU foreign workers in the UK could vote, then the referendum would be a solid Remain. The UK Is the worst offender, after 15 years out of the country you cannot vote but it does not allow EU residence who have lived for 15 years in the UK to vote.

    This is the problem and until the EU does something about this and returns democracy to the liberals, then then EU may fail.

  157. avatar
    Adam Bxcz

    Leftism became almost insane in eu. Its not a coincidence that politicians in eu got way too far out of touch with reality. Classical absurd of the European Union is this -People liked when there was no borders within eu. But now that every moroccan can just loose passport and get into eu… And get a wellfare just like the eu citizen

  158. avatar
    Marco Bianchi

    By supporting the crazy foreign policy imposed by NATO, by backing clearly hypocritical policy that calls Assad a criminal, Putin a dictator and, at the same time, allows the EU’s countries to sell weapons to the wahabis in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE that are using them to slaughter the civilian population in Yemen and finance and arm the terrorists in Syria and Iraq!

  159. avatar
    Rémi Martin

    Tout simplement car elle prend des décisions qui vont à l’encontre de chacun des 28 peuples qui la composent!

  160. avatar
    Arlete Abano

    Went a pity … because the European project went delicious!! Now the project die everyday :(

  161. avatar
    Marco Peel

    The EU always had a democratic deficit, but it worked towards shared European ideals: cooperation, integration, cohesion, consensus, transparency, freedom, equality and justice. The last few years it has sold it’s soul piecemeal to the highest bidder, to promote competition, division, coercion, austerity, secrecy, subservience, inequality and expedience. The EU today wouldn’t be accepted into the EU. It has broken all its own rules to perpetuate a crisis that is nothing more than mass fraud in an unsustainable economic grabfest. If it cannot uphold its own founding principles, the EU it not only squanders popular support, it loses all legitimacy. Do something about it, instead of asking silly questions.

  162. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture

    “Who pay the more pay the less”, we have only establish rules to create the european space and economic bloc, discussing with the main financial lobbies. This is only on side of the coin. The other side, is “people happiness”, what are the EU values, to bring that response and the related micro economy, we want to set up, this can only be negotiated with the peoples themselves, the key NGOs representative and some key thinker and wise people working in that field. If this is antagonist to financial lobbies, do you know whom we should choose to keep people respect?

  163. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    It started collapsing when economic union decided it can tell member states what laws they should make and what should be legal or not in all union doesn’t matter separate countries opinions. You turned Union to Empire, and you could look at Soviet Union how “One union, one party, one idea” policy ends…

  164. avatar
    Ingo Vonsundahl

    Don’t tell me , you still do not know? The EU’s institutions are expensive, ineffective, anti-democratic and therefore obsolete

  165. avatar
    Francio Marco

    Because of austerity decided by politicians of the rich countries and because of politicians of the poor nations use the EU as an excuse to cover the corruption of their countries.

  166. avatar
    Gerard Donaghy

    I support the EU 100% against all the nationalists and fascists globally trying to break it up

  167. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    From a historical and dynamic systems perspective, this might just be a needed swing back of the pendulum. Europeans can’t be caring, collaborative, open-minded and peaceful all the time, perhaps there is a need for a reminder of what happens when we become self-absorbed, greedy, racist and nationalists. Mind you, that would seem to me mostly a failure of our education systems in passing the learnings of history. Perhaps too much business and engineering and not enough humanities make us fail as holistic thinkers?

  168. avatar
    Zoltan Kiss

    It’s happened with the arrogant and undemocratic attitude of EU leaders. They should be there to serve EU citizens in the first place not the banks and illegal migrants.

  169. avatar
    Marianne Smeding

    Stupid xenophobia, loss of compassion,loss of humanitarian values, divide and conquer politics, increasing nationalism, closed borders, and stupid EU politicians who are not doing the will of the voters but only think in numbers, not people!

  170. avatar
    D C Blommaert

    Over the last 8 years, Europe has faced some major crises: the financial crisis of 2008, now the migrant crisis. National govts are unable to address these alone. The impacts of these crises for citizens are significant, and create fear. The EU is best placed to ensure a global response – e.g. secure Schengen borders, rather than national measures. But 1) the EU is fighting with one hand tied behind its back as national govts don’t want to ” give national resources away” for a EU action, and 2) it’s so easy to use the EU as the scapegoat for national failures.
    Most people would agree that the EU has softened rather than exaggerated the crisis (E.g. Greeks so not seek a Brexit), but the picture often presented is very nationalistic and thus anti-EU.

  171. avatar
    Filipe Oliveira

    For the EU to survive there has to be a culture of true solidarity among all its countries. To promote growth and wellfare state through out all its regions. Once that was the case and many regions started step by step approaching EU’s average on main economic and social statistics. The euro and the GATT agreements and the enlargment to eastern europe changed that. Europe without solidarity will have a sad end.

  172. avatar
    Igor Mohorić

    Ask banksters and corporations. And wonder about multicultural assimilation of european nations…about nonelected European Commission but nepotistically selected that overrule EP which EU makes…a corporative fashism all in all.

  173. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    1)THE EURO .Nobody likes it unless he is a billionair
    2)OLIGARCHY ,the richest are ruling e.u
    3)LOBBYING .You know very well what i mean
    4)MARKETS ARE STRONGER THAN PEOPLE .You obey the market ,which lead us to enormous profits for the very rich
    5)IT BECOME TOO BIG ,begore it becomes more united

  174. avatar
    Robert Petroesc

    Because of the global market crash from 2008 and the austerity policies that followed. That allowed for nationalism, extremism, propaganda and xenophobia to rise, people need someone to hate and blame. Also the political leaders that could’ve done something to stop those stupid ideas didn’t do anything and they still don’t do anything, so people perceive them as weak and passive and they start idolizing characters like Putin. So austerity and weak/passive politicians is my answer.

  175. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Religious groups are the main reason ! Afghela opened borders to create right-wing in Germany just because they are together , Afghela is right wing , they are the same church gang . Christians can’t win with CDU/CSU but they are going to win with right-wing and Germans don’t understand that . They just did it in Croatia , Christians could’t win elections but they created one other group under different name , a new political party called MOST . After elections they created “coalition” , they are the same church gang . Before elections a new gang(MOST) was against Christian “HDZ” but after elections only silly joke . They destroyed democracy in Croatia , Afghela is going to do the same in Germany . Those Christian spiders are nothing but terrorists .

  176. avatar
    George Singleton

    Because the actions and the decision making is against the humanitarian civilisation dictated by a bunch of banksters..Very simple and without asking people what laws to do..Laws and policy are dictated by the money which the lawmakers through lobbies are receiving..

  177. avatar
    Jerry Gleeson

    Anti democratic corporate lackies. More interested in profits for big business than it’s “citizens”.

  178. avatar
    Valentin Rotaru

    EU NEVER was unpopular, it’s just that you left all the opportunities for turkish/arabic/extra-european people to PROFIT about it and ignored the european people! Now they have shops with shitty/expired products in them and everybody wants to get out of Europe because of this!

  179. avatar
    Rangel Pereira

    Because its facebook, and most in facebook are ignorant.
    You think reality TV shows like Big Brother are famous because the people who watch it are intelligent? You think trolls like Farage are watched because they are interesting? They are watched because the people feeds on hate and anger and paranoia and sex. You think Le Pen is a politician? If Europe fails its because of the “little” people, the nationalists, the ones who are incapable of buying a plane ticket at 100euros but waste 90 euros on 300 cable channels and complain the EU doesnt bring anything to them while the EU is the one who guarantees their home country is forced to pay senior pensions, and when the politicians back home steal their pensions its the EU’s fault lol. Its not the EU that should “F*** OFF”, its the people. If it fails, its because the old people who still vote on the same populists and fascists, still has the same rational, still believes nothing will change.

  180. avatar
    Tom Mogensen

    Because Merkel can drive everybody to total collaps of all the unified cultures in EU.

  181. avatar
    Charly Dan

    There is only very very very few civil servants who explained well what they do and why they do it to their own families. I once heard people in the EP saying they would not share the commercials about voting with their own people because it felt like propaganda. When employees of a company do not even support the company’s goal it means there is a HUGE need to address the issue. Starting by giving employees a sense of purpose – firing the ones who do not look for the vision or actively try to undermine it and we will at least reconnect with a huge part of the spirit and the conviction power of the project.

  182. avatar

    There is only very very very few civil servants who explained well what they do and why they do it to their own families. I once heard people in the EP saying they would not share the commercials about voting with their own people because it felt like propaganda. When employees of a company do not even support the company’s goal it means there is a HUGE need to address the issue. Starting by giving employees a sense of purpose – firing the ones who do not look for the vision or actively try to undermine it and we will at least reconnect with a huge part of the spirit and the conviction power of the project.

  183. avatar
    Donna Wreford

    For me it’s the ineffective so called elected MEP’s. Perhaps if they had more back bone and stood up for UK rights more we wouldn’t be falling out of love with the EU.

  184. avatar
    Dagmar Ueberfeld-Lang

    The EU focussed for much too long on the idea of creating one economic market and ignored for much too long the profound differences amongst the ever growing number of EU members when it comes to social, socio-economic, cultural and political values. Although we have long recognized that, the EU is heavily divided how to bridge those divides. Where money and the power of corporations are paramount but the plight of the people does not mean much, any great idea will eventually fail.

  185. avatar
    Andrian Marinov

    Because the EU is bringing the end of White Europe? Because its an apocalypse for our own race? Or because its stealing resources from the east for the west of it..

  186. avatar
    Moti Szamo

    If Romania and Bulgaria are kicked out of the EU the union will get back its popularity!

  187. avatar
    Rui Correia

    I cannot believe EU politicians are so blind… In one way or another, everybody in the EU benefits from free trading and free movement, that is a fact… But there are still 3 big issues that keep destroying the EU: 1st) Excessive geopolitical ambition: EU politicians insist on making the EU bigger, not better!! Throughout history, by now they should have learnt that quality always triumphs over quantity in some specific things, like these… 2nd) They don’t listen: Nobody likes to be dictated what to do, or how to do it, so please STOP; example: if a country doesn’t want to accept more immigrants, refuges, or if a country doesn’t want to do “this or that”, please DO RESPECT THAT… do not impose decisions, nor punish countries with stupid fines, political penalties, social burdens, etc etc… 3rd) Border controls and lack of common immigration policies, DEFENDING THE BEST INTEREST OF AVERAGE/NORMAL/MIDDLE-CLASS EUROPEANS: Different EU countries have different histories, went through different stages, different periods, different specific events in past history, etc etc, and (unfortunately!!) had different prior agreements in place with Non-European territories… and Europe still has lots of immigration from some of those territories, in addition to all kinds of migration movements within Europe, and general immigration into Europe from outside… Schengen is already a big mess, a “free for all”… nobody controls anything anymore!!… it’s chaos out there… Europeans feel like a minority, feel “invaded”, “occupied”, etc… And now Turkey, and their demands for “visa-free travel”… (not sure, but I think my native -10million people country already has a similar experience, an agreement with +200million people Brazil, and generally lots of Brazilians come to Portugal/Europe as tourists, and they just disappear under the radar, after 90 days they don’t go back, and lots of them force themselves in, overstaying and looking desperately for a job in Portugal or elsewhere in the Schengen area, with a contract that allows them to legalize their status – but that desperation leads to lower standards and lower wages in vulnerable lines of work, so… not good for the general public!)… so… Border controls and immigration controls (and restrictions) are needed at an European level… much like in Australia or USA, for example… maybe?? – Food for thought…

  188. avatar
    Alexander Grech

    Because of bureaucracy,red tape and taxes,All of you can’t feel it,because you are on the gravy train.

  189. avatar
    Zbigniew Jankowski

    Weak in quality, not trustful politicians and focusing to much on minorities and not on the main stream problems lead to dislike of EU. Also the organisation structure and hugh disproportions between countries, economies and societies is wrong and to complicated for and average citizen to understand.

  190. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Because those bureacratic monsters are killing democracy ,protecting and feeding greed without giving a …… about the pursue of happiness and the future of the population.The idea of europe has been totally derailed by these unscrupulous leeches.

  191. avatar
    Radoslav S. Bozov

    Life cannot be integrated prior to its proper differentiation through constant compression of J-R matrices, observable parameters, emerging out of space-energy/consciousness dynamics. The EU agenda for infiltrating governmental and various institutions of none governmental origin remains elusive due lack of clear view onto economical algorithms implementation. Therefore the EU has kept feed forwarding wolfs within skin of lambs. There was a great debate held by Next Giants determining fate of future societies on premises of information. That is the new Maxuell demon at work! The EU commission member bodies and their partners have been lacking a clear view of sets of mechanisms orchestrating future endeavour primarily due incompetence in three main factors: 1. Lack of control bodies in implementing real time expert work in order to have reforming judicial and social system in a deductive manner, but inductive manipulative information shaping down unsustainable economy of super production of material goods. It has lost its spiritual value of a unity due allowance of manipulation of order, ignorance, and cheating of parties. It two words SYSTEMATIC FRAUD! Secondly, the EU plan for economical processes ignore modern state of art Nobel awards of behavioral science including all youth under a nominator of consumption that we disagree of being a part of economical values. The state of mind of varieties of youth waves swapping through pieces of spaces, strikes, against the singularity of governmental irrational, I repeat, irrational objectivity towards manipulating the system itself for productive values of our lives. Thirdly, there was a debate where a lady said, that if problem couldn’t be solved by money, problems would be solved by lots of money holds no water. The EU organs including consulting bodies behind shades of public people do not grasp the concept of money and value of space and time! As a result economy has been given in hands of policy makers that derail the human value of organizational systems. It has failed in complexity stagnation rather than objecting towards simple and effective system. And all that is a political agenda of singularity hammer through middle east – eu relations , in support of we all know what!

  192. avatar
    Pedro Castro

    Becouse, due to the liberties provided by our freedom of speech and others, politicians can be as populists as they want without restrain or common sense. Take the british prime for example, makes a career boosting a referendum and all the iliterates vote for him and now, realizing that leaving ue is hust gonna leave uk in it’s birthday suit during an acid shower is trying his best against what he promoted so far. Stupid and iliterate people following individuals with their own agenda is what is killing the european dream.

    The example given is uk but the same can be said about every other country.

    Giving decisory powers to iliterate and non cultured people has these issues. Subproducts of the democratic solution we have here on europe. There’s nowhere else i’d rather be thou.

  193. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    The entire EU project went south when it started to initiate the foundation for a political union and subjugating all its EU member states under Brussels control.

  194. avatar
    Chris Pavlides

    Local production: closed. Local commerce: killed. Local food: from tastful quality independance & exports, to dependance on tastless dummy synthetcs, Local labour: unemployeed, Local eunterpreneuriship: heros wih short life expectancy, Local taxation: zero ROI / the cow is dead but they still ask for more, Local demographics: negative to extintion, Local civilization: under globilization, Local vision: shift to union, Union vision: unknown…. Sorry, we have only 1 Life! Together we could do much better!

  195. avatar
    Jose Quintans

    EU did many good things, but the cowards and puppets in charge showed no respect for Europeans and European Traditions.

    We wanted a better Europe and more freedom for the European peoples. Something we could be proud of.

    Europeans are the best asset we have, but WE CANNOT BE PROUD OF THE EU.

  196. avatar

    EU did many good things, but the cowards and puppets in charge showed no respect for Europeans and European Traditions.

    We wanted a better Europe and more freedom for the European peoples. Something we could be proud of.

    Europeans are the best asset we have, but WE CANNOT BE PROUD OF THE EU.

  197. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    Not just the european but the american one it’s a common ground for me. About European and American administrative systems I let the colleagues from the ALDE IM to explain to you about my competence.

  198. avatar
    Iri Beris

    I dont trust any organization or country with stars int their flags. That is the anti euorpean ethinicity symbol. Since WWII we were conquered by countries carrying that symbols in their flags, Europe will be free again when the impose the cross over the stars.

  199. avatar
    Chris Ridder

    It’s fairly simple. The EU is destroying countries by flooding it with immigrants. And when asked for a solution the EU hides behind 60 year old treaties.

  200. avatar

    It is very simple. Europeans across Europe are seeing the EU for what it is ..a juggernaut, a huge deceit, a vehicle for the global, financial and corporate Elite to railroad over the Governments of national states, to change the complexion and cultures of the continent and to render the citizens into austerity. It is to create a conflict whereby many will be living in constant anxiety. TTIP, CETA, Jensen – all conducted in secercy with private interests, banks and corporates. Merkel invited millions of Islamic people into the country and ordered everyone else to take them. Then creates a new visa-less system to allow 75m more of them in. Meanwhile, whistleblowers are slurred and slandered, are called racists and non-Europeans because they don;t want to enslave their peoples and want to keep each of the EU nations’ identities. The Euro crash has meant 50% of Spanish youth cannot even find jobs there. (comparisons can be made for Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal) This is NOT the EU I want to part of.

  201. avatar
    Dario Fè

    Do our leaders actually read these messages?
    Is there a place where we can read their answer to this topic?
    Have they ever answered to a comment posted on this website?

    If the answer to these questions is “no”, that could be one of the reason why they (and the institutions they represent) are becoming very unpopular?

  202. avatar

    Seriously people there are many successful countries that are not part of the EU, yet you see all these Brits mourning as if its the end of the world. For people outside the EU its clear that the EU is a German run affair.

  203. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    Illegal migration, stupid multiculturalism, minority mass promotion, negation traditional issues, and other like economical

  204. avatar
    Massimo Ortale

    I think mainly because it doesn’t have a good governance. There isn’ t any central minister of economy. There isn’t a coordination in fiscal and welfare policies. It lacks of a single Army that could face problems such as the refugees crisis. It is also seen as too much burocratic and ineffective, with so much burocrats that are unable to solve the problems of European citizens.

  205. avatar
    Su La

    Since you didn’t put EU citizen first and since you forced us to open our door for terrorists

  206. avatar
    Marco Musazzi

    Inability to act. There is not enough Europe, and those who are suffering this are those at the bot tom of the pyramid

  207. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    When the EU elite ‘assumed’ that the people of Nation States wanted to be integrated into one they signed the death certificate of the EU, everything Brussels did after that assumption was another nail in its coffin.

    Nationalism Rules, always as, always will.

  208. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Look around, see what you are ignoring.
    Hear what you have long time ignored.
    Do all this, if you would feel able to see, hear, understand, resuming the right reaction on all that. If not? Stay on fb and ask more questions like this.

  209. avatar
    Peter Castermans

    Like erhofstad said finally after all these years . “People don’t dislike Europe, they dislike this Europe.” And that’s true, we need a reformed Europe wich can handle problems like migration.

  210. avatar
    Kovács János

    Because it’s a soulless project. There is a growing gap between the ‘institutinal Europe’ and the ‘cultural Europe’. Europe has lost it’s own identity, it is ruled by bureaucrats and clearly it has no respect for national souveregnity. Bruxelles doesn’t care about the European citizens, it’s all about firms, banks, irrational rules, propaganda and promoting multiculturalism. Without a fundamental change, this project is doomed to fail.

  211. avatar
    Μάρκος Κουντουρούδας

    You Destroyed a whole member-state like Greece and it’s people, and you ask…”Why ?!!!”…. And you expected that with this Ruthless attitude towards Greece and Greeks the other People of the other member-states, like in South-E.U and the UK, they haven’t Fear that a Doom will come to them also ? …..To Hell this Tyrannic-E.U. !

  212. avatar
    Krystyna Wróblewska

    Beacause people do not see that Europe is about values. Because it is not translated enough to citizens. Because people take good things for granted and do not associate it with the EU. Because negative things sell so well in media and simplifications in everyday life. Because populism rules. Because education is not sufficient.

  213. avatar
    Silvia Johnson

    Sorry but i cant imagine that marine le pen and all those eurosceptic have any problem with the economic issues.
    Im spanish and I still believe in the UE, no matter how many problems we must solve now, the future is going to be better if we work together

  214. avatar
    Bódis Kata


    Juncker has a great deal of responsibility in it. The man is incompletent and an irritation; the European Commission is gravely mismanaged.

  215. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    You all EU bureaucrats think we have no idea of the Kalergi plan put in place by Angela Merkel (beneficiary of the Codenhove Kalergi Prize in 2010) and by Jean Claude Juncker (beneficiary of the Codenhove Kalergi Prize in 2014) for changing the face of Europe by bringing africans and asians……What these morrons do not understand is that Kalergi has not taken in consideration that these migrants will not adapt to european values and they will become gheto islamic societies opposed to democracy and everything that Europe stands for, your Merkel and Juncker are bringing in enemies of Europe… So because we LOVE Europe We OPPOSE your EU lead by Kalergi planners…. Merkel and Juncker imediate resignation

  216. avatar
    Jonathan Gaskell

    Lack of education in what the EU does and the fact that it has taken the blame for the issues of the national governments for years for short term political gain.

  217. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    impossibile amare la UE . O fai come dice lei ( austerità, disoccupazione lacrime e sangue ) , o ti butta via il governo e fai lo stesso come dice lei .

  218. avatar

    Now that GB has voted to left, I feel more federalism i my veins for a European Union. That the Scottish and the North-Irelanders want to stay, shows that EU is still a thing many people want.

    Yes there is democratics issue and missing information about EU, but that is something we need to work for.

    I think that GB will dissolve into three nations in the future

    England & Wales
    North-Ireland (maybe united with Ireland)

    Then comes the islands, and also Australia’s and New Zealand’s connection to Great Britain may as well change.

    Need to point out, leaving EU doesn’t mean that less people immigrate to GB. As long there is the war in Syria it continues, GB is now alone with the refugees. They are independent you know. So EU has no obligation to take refugees from GB anymore.

    As for future aspects for the young Brites, who wants to travel and study abroud, they now have to pay to study on 27 nations, where they could before with Erasmus program study for free..

    Seems like people only look at the bad things of EU, and not the benefits. Maybe because they do not know they exists or they hate EU so much that it has become a principle not to use any of the benefits EU gives.

    Also my having common politics EU secure that

    – Productions of food and consumer products are under the same law
    – You can go choose to get treatment in any hospital
    – Erasmus let you be able to attend a university within the member states
    – EU motto is: United in Diversity, which mean there is a lot a cultural support for the nation’s culture, which you can apply for.
    – EU gives support for farming, so there is a more fair competition between the nations.
    – EU have a common institution (Europol) to fight crime, and member states can together control the policy of the institution
    – You can apply for a patent via EU and it counts in all the member states, so you don’t have to apply for each nation.
    – You can freely move between the nations, so if you decide to live in another nation you can do that, and in fact many are doing this.
    – Thanks to back in 2000 we got many new Eastern Europeans nations in, it has been though, but see how the Ukraine crisis went. Many more of these nations could maybe have wanted to go back to a “sjovet russia”.

    So there is many benefits of EU. And for the critics you can make a union only based on trade, without politics. Just see how much China actually owns the USA. And if we don’t stay together, many individual nations will also left power to China.

  219. avatar
    Louise Borg

    Lack of knowledge of European history and why the EU was founded, lack of knowledge about EU affairs in general – people only hear about failures (which are usually not even the EU’s fault). The EU is used as a scapegoat by politicians. On the part of the EU they have to listen to what the citizens are saying and respond to their fears in layman’s terms not with political rhetoric!

  220. avatar
    Christina Kler

    Did not become unpopular the politicians made it unpopular ! When they don’t want to hear people but all they care is the wishes of the few , well what gives around comes around !

  221. avatar
    Sérgio Videira

    Europäische Projekt braucht Zeit um zu blühen und Investoren brauchen Investitionen Rückkehr aus dieser Zeit und nicht die Geduld zu warten.

  222. avatar
    José Lambrux Gonçalves

    The European Union is not popular because it does all the contrary, instead of helping their weaker economies explores them , instead of helping Europeans struggling ignore them and help others. It is anything but not a union .

  223. avatar
    Sento Pop

    I’m pro EU, but what I can see is EU is not concern so much about the rights of an individual citizen and enforcing the laws! For example: Why a worker has to work many times a lot more then 40 hours o week, and nobody come to enforce the labour law and punish that company?! Or, why EU allows the huge discrepancy between the prices and the minimum wages in eastern countries?! That’s why we need to emigrate in West and then countries like UK want to get out of EU..based on reason like “to many emigrants”….

  224. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Anghela is the main reason . If they don’t remove Afghela than the EU is going to collapse

  225. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    Easily. Look at the policies of EE and we will not understand . Xaxa, beca use if you undestood this thing wouldn’t happen. It’s an economic union for the profit of Germany and the rest countries suffer or will suffer. That’why we all have to leave. We have to save ourselves. The Germans didn’t win the war of 1940 but they win this war. The economic one. They never forgot.

  226. avatar
    Buj Alex

    US corporate espionage, intervening with the media and gouvernments, for US corporate profit!! this has been in other forms or shapes true since de begining of free market economy, since Ford built the European Branch … but now it is very visible and it annoys everyone!! you have Assange, Snowden incidents colaborating with other economic intrests, and it’s all so evident, that it’s all about the money !! NOBODY counts, NOBODY matters, it’s all about the money and influence … the free market economy, transformed itself to serv a capitalist agenda, which now is written by the banks, which in reality are owned by some old usurer jew clans … who benefited from a stupid catholic – Vatican policy … at the begining of MONEY !! it is to TRANSPARENT and it buggs everyone !! it is evident that it has always been so, and that only some worldy military conflagrations made some mild changes, but it never benefited the PEOPLE, it never benefited a society !! only the ones who enpowered thoes who wanted MONEY!! the “CAPITAL” that gave them the POWER to rule, to inform, to CONTROL !! we are being controled and WE DON’T like it !! and now WE KNOW !!!

    • avatar

      Nice liberal rant, buddy. It has nothing to do with the EU telling the British press to lie about Muslim terrorists being Muslim. Nothing to do with Germany covering up crimes as serious as rape by newly vetted immigrants… Nope…Its Assad. The only reason RUSSIA( not the US) is working so hard to keep Assad is to not give Arab Spring yet another country. Sorry, but Jihadists are real, and real unpopular.

  227. avatar
    Filipe Oliveira

    Because european union nowadays only cares for the rich. For instance the GATT agreements for international trade were made on the basis they were good for all. But everyone knew that southern countries would face fierce competition from Asian countries, namely China. The countries getting the benefits like Germany, do not care if southern european countries get the pains. And that’s not right, because the agreements germany and other northern countries made were only possible because those countries were in the pack! Either there is a federal butget, or ther has to be european debt, or the european union will disappear. I hope ther is a referendum here. I’ll vote to get out of this anedocte.

  228. avatar
    Gohar Sargsyan

    Europe still is popular and strong. Europe has the most democratic way of politics in the world. Europe has the most strong social security system to support the poor.

  229. avatar

    The EU has failed. It’s objective was to unite the peoples of Europe well in all my 50 years I have never seen Britain so divided.
    So why has it failed? In my view it has failed to realise that Capatilism has also failed, democracy is failing and religion has shattered into a million pieces.
    We now live in a world run by big business it matters not who and what you vote for they will always have the last say.
    We need to stabilise the situation quickly for the short term and we need to start having the debate about a new system, we need to unify science and religion and create a unity of purpose.
    Our world is run by greed, the greediest wins how sad is that. The American dream is a fraud that the masses have fallen for. The Elite have amassed massive wealth and the masses have accumulated massive debt(national debts soaring)
    It is down to us the people to recognise the problem and change this as our politicians have totally lost touch.
    We need to stand together and turn of the money taps we need to get out in our 10’s of millions and demand change before the elite turn us against each other.
    The clock is ticking and the faint drums of war are starting to appear

  230. avatar
    Akos Tarkanyi

    Introduction of euro and of Treaty of Lissabon against people’s will and without referenda. Giving up the right to veto in the Council.

  231. avatar
    Akos Tarkanyi

    Introduction of euro and of Treaty of Lissabon against people’s will and without referenda. Giving up the right to veto in the Council.

  232. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    How? Look at the all EU, nobody understands how it works, 7 institutions and nobody is elected by the people.

  233. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    How? Look at the all EU, nobody understands how it works, 7 institutions and nobody is elected by the people.

  234. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    Arrogant , anti democratic , corrupt , wasteful ,cares nothing for what people want, interfering.

  235. avatar
    Valentin Rotaru

    As a citizen: I always felt out of this discussion, like someone said here you guys chose for everybody what you think it’s the best without our permission but then…I think it’s somehow better , LOOK what they chose in Britain!

  236. avatar
    Rob Moss

    It’s comforting to see fellow Europeans agreeing with the British view on the EU hierarchy. Junker+Merkel should shoulder a large portion of the blame for Brexit. We didn’t vote to leave Europe we voted to leave Brussels 👍

  237. avatar
    Kevin Brindley

    The EU does not know why it has become unpopular? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……If they need to ask then you have your answer right there.

  238. avatar
    Azad Maruf

    That is politically motivated union to treat the 2nd world wars divisions and to compensate that serious damages on one hand and then to creat a stronger union, as an extra achievement. But the way British independacy seekers focusing on their the 2nd World wars economy that was not damaged , as the rest of Europe, is an attack on that unions foundations. UK is aiming to have a stronger own economy, again, as has done through its long war and occupations related unions called as “Common Wealth”. As the E.U. s best intentions was to treat some sorts of caused poverty, the E.U. is able to remain on the same direction with the altrenatives but that does not help U.K. not on that European level and never on its own Common Wealth levels….British cultural clashes is not expected to resettle again but soon you will find out that they will complaining again…..Do not expect that G.B. to gain the victory and the dreams Independacy campeigners are sleeping on.

  239. avatar
    Marco Bianchi

    By supporting a stupid agenda coming from the other side of the Ocean! The EU is for the European people not for somebody else’s interests! Sadly this simple thing is not understood by our politicians!
    Stop the current crazy foreign policy! Get us out from NATO and give back the EU to the European people!

  240. avatar
    Makis Kafetzidakis

    Over the last few years we’ve been watching the European MP’s having dinners and laughing while they’re making decisions that are destroying EU citizens’ lives. in my view, that’s not the best way to become popular among millions of desperate people.

  241. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    YOU should ask…what have we done wrong? because the failure of the EU is due to YOU, gready, corrupt, second class politicians in the hands of capitalism.

  242. avatar
    Mihail Bidzhov

    We told you,no more refugees -you said More, we said that we would never accept TTIP -you are trying and trying to make us accept it, we said that Merkel not Germany was ruling like dictator you continiued to praise her.

  243. avatar
    Richard Tomes

    DEMOCRACY: a system of government in which all the people of a state or nation are involved in making decisions about its affairs.

  244. avatar

    There’s Three reasons one lies with the EU the second with humans being humans and the third with national politicians.

    1: The FAILURE of democracy, not because of undemocratic organisations, but because of uninformed, uninterested, extremely narrow-minded people that are easy prey for manipulative popularist national politicians that currently seem to make up for the majority of the voter-base.

    The EU is a very big and complex organ and only a relatively small proportion of the population actually have a good understanding of what the EU means for them, what it has brought Europe and what it could bring Europe in the future. I’m not saying the EU is perfect, far from in fact, but I’ll get to that later. The problem is, they’re not even interested in being told about it.

    People are very critical, but seem to lack the crucial critical thinking. They’re not interested in actually learning about the things they’re so critical about on an independent basis but simply ‘educate’ themselves with things they’re being told. In this case the source, argumentation or credibility doesn’t really matter. If a statement lines up with the receivers current ideas it must be true, no matter how baseless the argument, anything trying to debunk such statement is automatically untrue. This makes voters very easy prey for nationalist politicians, con artists and upcoming dictators willing to manipulate people for their own personal gains.

    2. National politics. I think national politicians lost the understanding of what they should be doing. Getting re-elected seems to be getting priority above serving the country and leaving the judgement to the people. Of-course getting voters sadly means manipulating people by making false promises that cannot be kept, (as long as people want it, they won’t check if it’s actually possible), reducing what should be a fact-driven rational debate about cause and effect into a melee brawl of onelines, slander and outright lies and letting people with close to zero understanding dictate, instead of judge policy.

    Now, how to manipulate a crowd? a 1-0-1:

    2a. Bullshitting: It seems to be the latest fad in national politics. (Trump anyone?) It doesn’t really matter if what you say is actually true people will believe is if it coheres with their own views. Of course your baseless crap will be debunked by people with rational arguments but as long as your spew out more nonsense than they can debunk you’ll come out on top. By the way, your fanboys won’t be receptive of their actions anyway.

    2b: Never nuance, never relativate, never tell the other side of the story. Your word is truth and the only truth everyone else simply lies, do not respond to them with rational argument, just spew out more one-liners and lies. Never provide context either.

    2c: Search for a scapegoat. You are blameless, your path and vision are perfect. And if something is wrong blame someone else, regardless of whether it is true. Al dictators do it, so can you. Just find something big, preferably something people feel they can do little about. Like a large multinational body or a large wave of immigrants. Oh and never mention if by chance they do something good.

    2d: Make a public enemy and provide a ‘simple’ solution, even when in reality there is no such thing. ‘Leave’ seems to work. ‘Wall’ seems to work as well. So leave the EU, leave the Euro and stop all immigrants and tell the people it will be better that way with more one-lines and false promises.

    2e: Never stop dividing. Other minded-people are evil and their opinions are stupid and untrue. The more you convince your cronies the others are very different and bad the more receptive your cronies will be of your arguments and the less receptive they’ll be of anything different, thus you need to worry less about what you say it true. So call the ‘others’ corrupt, leftist, elitist, arrogant, radical, rapist, terrorist, non-conformative, (Muslim will do fine as well). It does not have to be true. Oh and do tell your people the others are a threat to society, and no it does not have to be true either.

    2f: Once you get elected, solidify your rule and clamp down on truth. Censor media, gain more power, diminish opposition and the stuff. And do whatever you want.

    Now if anyone recognizes these things in one of their politicians, or their cronie followers with one-liners. Yes every country has them.

    Short Version: The EU receives a lot more crap than it deserves, and much less credit.

    3: The EU, now by this time I think most of you must have identified me as a dangerous lunatic ‘europhile’, which is partially true. But I have a very large dosis of criticism on the EU as most ‘europhiles’ actually have. The EU has some serious shortcomings:

    A lack of decisiveness and unity in dealing with very important matters. The immigrant crisis is a disaster because the EU was unprepared and unable to provide a common solution to the problem. As a staunch socialist (yes leftist) I am of the opinion the EU should have simply ignored national sovereignty and shoved the fact that we are going to provide shelter for the refugee’s down their throats simply because it is a basic human right and nothing short of common decency. Keep the debate about how we can effectively provide shelter and integration for these people to minimize negative effects and do debate about how their home countries can be fixed so they can return. By treating them well we could actually create a country of more western-minded, well educated people in a very anti-european middle-east. Instead we now threat them as pariahs and almost less-than-human.

    Greece should’ve never been in the Euro, period. Both the Greek government and the EU are to blame here.

    The influence of banks is far too big and a stubborn neo-liberalist economic policy of austerity measures that time and time again prove they simply do not work. I am not an economist, my basic knowledge of the economy consists of middle-school economics some common sense and some readings of books written by economists in my own past time. But even I, eight years ago when I was still in middle-school and the crisis hit I could predict austerity measures were not going to fix any economy in times of a crisis. I am not brilliant, but I like to think I was right to this day. You cannot fix an economy by providing LESS money. What does the EU do? Greece cannot pay it’s rents so it needs a bailout, otherwise banks will lose money. So Europe uses ‘taxpayer money’ for a bailout just enough so Greece can pay the banks and demand further austerity measures. Next term to their surprise Greece’s economy will have shrunk again and it’s rinse and repeat. For EIGHT STRAIGHT years and the EU either, still hasn’t figured it out (which seems extremely unlikely, or simply doesn’t care.) Austerity measures should be taken in times of economic boon to cut-of excesses and prevent bubbles from forming (but then again, banks do like bubbles) and in times of crisis additional funding needs to be provided to stimulate the economy, not the other way around. It’s common sense, heck it’s even in the Bible. (am I really saying this?)

    Of course nationalist politicians will spin this story differently. ‘Corrupt EU politicians’ provide ‘tax payer’ money to ‘lazy Greeks’ instead of ‘providing healthcare’ for our ‘poor elderly people’ (who doesn’t like elderly people?)

    So in short the formula is simple the: EU is failing on many fronts which gets exaggerated and misused by manipulative populist national politicians to enrage a large uninformed, uninterested population which is more interested in nagging about things than actually fixing things.

    Now for those who hate me I’ll end with a simple, imaginative, othering and dividing narrative. The EU is a sinking ship, now difference between europhiles and ‘sensible people’ is the solution. Europhiles, though still debating about whether it is actually sinking or just making water, agree that the best solution is to patch up the ship and make it float simply because they are on it whereas other may think its best to brave the sea in a life-raft and brave the seas.

  245. avatar
    Fazil Es

    The EU is far from perfect and it requires a lot of reflection. However, it is being used as a scapegoat as well, for the impact of: 1. the mismanagement (governments, companies and individuals) that led to the crisis and, 2. the impact of globalization. The crisis has happened and the world is changing due to globalization and technological advances. This we cannot stop and by working together we are better suited to have a prosperous future. We should focus the EU much more on collaborating as people and less on funds. This will bring us closer together as people and at low cost we can share knowledge and best practice across the continent. The EU has brought peace, collaboration and prosperity we should cherish and improve that.

  246. avatar
    Андони Андреев

    In my opinion, the EU has become so unpopular because nowadays nobody remembers the horrors of The Second World War. Yes, we see them on movies, we read about them, we commemorate some events, we put flowers on monuments… and that’s all ! Nowadays nobody knows (and thanks God that doesn’t) what is a full-scale war… And not only that – nowadays nobody knows even what “border control” and visas are (except those who travel beyond the part of the globe, known as The West).
    The EU was originally created for peace in Europe. In its heart was the idea that collaborating nations will not go to war and will have mutual interest in the well-being of the other. And the wealth Western Europe has today, is because of this collaboration.
    There are also many other reasons for the unpopularity of the EU, like far-left and far-right populist politicians, foreign propaganda, EU-wide fear of refugees from nations with non-European culture, and so on. Also, everybody thinks that the EU is all-mighty and that the EU does whatever it wants… but actually, if we accept the assertion that “Money is power”, than the “might” of the EU equals only 1% of GDP of Member-states. With that minor budget, that’s all we can get from the EU… and it’s far from nothing – we get peace, free movement, international guarantee for our rights and private possessions, stable currency (that’s right ! – thanks to the EU, hyperinflation is a thing of the past) , EU co-funding for infrastructure, science and innovation, renovations of public buildings, youth and unemployment, Erasmus+ programme and many more! I can’t explain to myself why more and more people hate the EU – probably because they need something to transfer the guilt to for their own incompetence, personal failures and laziness… and the EU is the perfect target for the job – it’s defenseless. The defense of the EU depends on us – it’s citizens.

    • avatar

      Explain how making a European Union has brought about any peace? People are being attacked by immigrants on their own land. There is such a thing as too much tolerance, just as there is such a thing as too much intolerance. This is NOT a balanced solution. Don’t slam the USA. Until we elected Trump, we were in just as much trouble as you were. My great grandparents lost their families in WW2. They lived in Poland, some fled into Russia, some into England. So what? That doesn’t mean that all immigrants to everywhere should be accepted. Refugees that endanger citizens can not be allowed in.

  247. avatar
    Андони Андреев

    In my opinion, the EU has become so unpopular because nowadays nobody remembers the horrors of The Second World War. Yes, we see them on movies, we read about them, we commemorate some events, we put flowers on monuments… and that’s all ! Nowadays nobody knows (and thanks God that doesn’t) what is a full-scale war… And not only that – nowadays nobody knows even what “border control” and visas are (except those who travel beyond the part of the globe, known as The West).
    The EU was originally created for peace in Europe. In its heart was the idea that collaborating nations will not go to war and will have mutual interest in the well-being of the other. And the wealth Western Europe has today, is because of this collaboration.
    There are also many other reasons for the unpopularity of the EU, like far-left and far-right populist politicians, foreign propaganda, EU-wide fear of refugees from nations with non-European culture, and so on. Also, everybody thinks that the EU is all-mighty and that the EU does whatever it wants… but actually, if we accept the assertion that “Money is power”, than the “might” of the EU equals only 1% of GDP of Member-states. With that minor budget, that’s all we can get from the EU… and it’s far from nothing – we get peace, free movement, international guarantee for our rights and private possessions, stable currency (that’s right ! – thanks to the EU, hyperinflation is a thing of the past) , EU co-funding for infrastructure, science and innovation, renovations of public buildings, youth and unemployment, Erasmus+ programme and many more! I can’t explain to myself why more and more people hate the EU – probably because they need something to transfer the guilt to for their own incompetence, personal failures and laziness… and the EU is the perfect target for the job – it’s defenseless. The defense of the EU depends on us – it’s citizens.

  248. avatar
    Theo Frastanlis

    first of all the eu is run by germany which is very un – union like.
    north eu acts as if south eu are corrupt ignorant monkeys when I fact the north is quite competent as well in corrupting and exploiting them(volkswagen,siemens, ferostahl..lux leaks scandal etc etc.)
    thus political leaders lose credibility trust and tolerance…I think it’s almost autistic to be considering the 2nd world war when you re hungry so this “be happy you re not at war argument ” I believe would be impossible for many people. so what is Europe’s moto then..

  249. avatar
    Ivan of Bulgaria

    The EU is not flexible enough. It is too slow and senile. It is overly complicated. I studied EU for two semesters in University and I still don’t entirely understand how the EU actually works. How do you expect common citizens to understand? A new treaty might help. Disband the current institutions, build new ones that are more democratic and accountable to the people. I don’t say you should be ruled by the street but you should listen to it from time to time. Eurocrats behave as if there is not a single migrant in Europe. They debate problems that are of no concern to the ordinary citizen. And they don’t even try to explain themselves to the public. They also use all those cliches. Absolutely disgusting! If I could I would ban using cliches. Unless you begin representing the people we will lose the EU. And I am pan-European federalist by conviction! But the EU should look nothing like it does now. Something has gone terribly wrong and the project must be restarted NOW!

  250. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Why??? Look at the British example… AND START LISTENING… AND TAKING NOTES… EU politicians (and most politicians in general, to be honest!), you are so so so high up, with your heads up each other’s arses, and licking each other’s boots, that you don’t even know the day-to-day reality of the people you were supposed to represent… you don’t even know (nor understand) real lives of real people with real difficulties… You just think about your little trade deals and vested interests with third-parties, and keep a convenient supply of cheap people and cheap labour coming into Europe… EU bureaucrats can’t even be sacked directly by the European people, no matter what crap they do!!! And NOW, I even get a Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker and a Donald Tusk (or a Martin Schultz) saying things like “oooh, this divorce between the UK and EU (NOT EUROPE) is not amicable or friendly”… BUT OF COURSE IT IS… OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE… AND IT SHOULD BE!!! Why do these guys have problems when it comes to respecting other people’s choices without any kind of bitterness????? For f***’s sake, they look worse than my bitter ex-wife… damn… RESPECT THE BRITISH AND CARRY ON BEING FRIENDLY… Don’t make life difficult for the British!! YOU (EU bureaucrats & politicians) DO NOT SPEAK ON MY BEHALF, YOU DO NOT!! :-( The British trusted other European Governments (and especially Southern European Governments) with their house’s front door keys… and what did they do??? THEY ABUSED IT… not nice…

  251. avatar
    Arlindo Machado Mourão Pereira

    Beacouse it beacome in a less-democratic organization; Beacouse my vote is no more important; Beacouse the violence agaist another members by German people – reamember Grece – and the violence agaist the most poors; And beacouse the insensability of the EU.

  252. avatar
    Matt Kennedy

    The EU is arguably the best even Europe has experienced in several decades. Let’s hope Brexit is reversed, somehow, someway.

  253. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    EU is all about privileges for a few rich apatrids (legalizing tax escape and so on) and evergrowing duties for the citizens which hard labour is vampirized and which only have drawbacks while all the progress is confiscated, how could it be popular ?

  254. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Ask yourself. The rich won, the middle class, and lower class lost. Who are more, which suffer by the pressure of economy? We had good economic conditions before we joined the EU. Now we have a lsot youth generation, poverty when old, Austrity everywhere, and corrupts (sorry – Lobbies) which earn the big money. So why is EU so unpopular ??? Your burocrats don’t understand. The EVP don’t understand. But the right wing parties understand to make the marketing with your management mistakes. And this is very, very sad, and dangerous. Please work for the welfare of the people. http://www.WWSEEP.com . Start protecting the people, not the concerns, or the rich, or Lobbies.

  255. avatar
    Popa Victor Tudor

    Signs are old, but policymakers do not care. They live in a parallel world, they want really, desperately this federal union because privileges for developed EU countries, to the detriment of other less developed countries. They seek cheap human resources, trained and ready new markets. The idea of a European federal state, based only on the commercial unit may not lead to a viable community, for a simple reason: traditions, history and people are not merchandise. UNION started here. As in a marriage: if we do not know to respect our history and traditions of the people of each state component, really, for what we are each, we trust each other, and marriage will not last! Debating Europe knows the reactions, most often negative, questions that you put on facebook, linked to EU issues. I have to stop answering questions here … it does not seem to make any sense.

  256. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Les français on voté non au traité de Lisbonne et celui-ci a toutefois été approuvé par leurs dirigeants. Les irlandais ont été obligés de revoter suite à leur premier non.

    L’Europe ne sert que les intérêts de la finance et se fout des peuples.

    Les peuples rejetteront l’Europe, tous, comme les britanniques.

  257. avatar
    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    because EU makes rules that it doesn’t apply to every member country in the same way… and because the burocrats forgot that EU is made by people in the first place, then banks.

  258. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    because they just csre sbout money euro and depths and not for the person out education and our health and happiness. Banks what you buy and migrands are the only … joy we have. a nightmare ..

  259. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Simply because the whole EU experiment is a solution to a 1930’s problem that has no relevance in the 21st century. The sooner it is consigned to the dustbin of history the better.

  260. avatar
    Francisco Miguel Sousa

    So many:
    1.Distance between institutions and citizens.
    2. Country leaders as Min. Finance of Germany talking in a different way to countries as Portugal and for example Spain or France.
    3. Very low budget to discuss Europe and give voice to all citizens.

  261. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    Can’t have a government (UNELECTED EU COMMISSION) which governs as a dictactorship and against Europeans. EU is more worried about promoting Islam in Europe and welfare of non Europeans than with Europeans. You can’t force countries into budget cuts, fine them when not reached, allow millions of people to be unemployed and without help, millions of European children living below poverty level etc. etc. with no help. Then you wonder why EU is becoming unpopular? The EU as is must end or it must become a democratic system like USA. WHere all Europeans elect our governing body. It is a scam in the current system where commissioner are elect by only voters from their nation. And thats why we have total incompetents like Federica Morgherini, to name but one, which is a promoter of Islam and political islam in Europe, and would never make it to the EU if she was up for elections in entire EU as it should be.

  262. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    Barbalian austerity,abolition of basic human rights,social deterioration and total lack of democratic functioning of various EUs bodies.Most extraordinary, violation of every rule, the unchallenged behaviour of mr Schauble(ignorant of economics petty-lawyer) as quasi-leader of EU dictating (catastrophic) policies to everyone from citizens to countries to E.C. to E.C.B. even to USA!

  263. avatar
    Rogerio Coelho

    Angela Merkel invited all migrants to Germany and next used her clout to distribute them around Europe. Of all the irresponsible decisions taken in recent years by european politicians, none was worst to the EU and for the refugees than Merkel’s grandstanding in 2015. Torn out the Dublin Convention and halted the distinction between refugee and economic immigrant, that was good for people-traffickers not for refugees. Her words incited those who can pay to traffickers, not the most vulnerable people traped in war zones and was responsible for the boost of support for anti-refugees parties while people and companies in EU, like ORS Service, see a financial opportunity in the process, fueled by unethically journalists. The problem was created by Merkel, i think.

  264. avatar
    Luís Quiroz

    Well lest start with Durão Barroso. But are other case.

    Went politicians change the public sfere for the private. Or the fact TTIP or CETA. Two big bull:)

  265. avatar
    Louise Borg

    Lack of proper communication. Only things that seem ‘unpleasant’ come out in the open. ALL the good stuff and the benefits that EU regulation brings about are never spoken about. The EU needs commissioners and representatives that are good public speakers. Some are terrible communicators and no one can understand them. They cannot even read statements in a coherent way. People hear and know only about ‘tough’ measures – the rest remains obscure. There is need for Commissioner/Representatives who can listen to the public but who can also counter dispute claims that are often half truths or blatant lies, made by those who want to see an end to European unity. Why do you think Farage attracted so many followers – because of the gift of the gab that he enjoys! That aside, the EU has to show SOLIDARITY with fellow Europeans because sometimes, it appears to show more solidarity with 3rd countries than it does with Member States. It has to listen to the common citizens too. On the other hand, Leaders of Member States have to learn to shoulder their mistakes without using the EU as a scapegoat every time they cannot keep their house in order. It is the leaders of Member States who have to bring Europe to their people because after all that is what the EU is – it’s a group of united countries, not a single detached god.

  266. avatar
    T Nick Knight

    Immigrant invasion, No rule of Law, Domination by a few countries, no accountability. The list goes on and on!

  267. avatar
    Stanko Majcen

    Europe is not unpoppular at all. At least not in my eyes! The European union and its causes are driving us into a new future. Into a world of common order, unity and justice. I hope, that one day EU will become so strong, that will oversieze the power of corrupted people all around the globe. You have to be aware, that this is MY STATE, and i will defend and support that in a ways, that you maybe can not even imagine. Have a nice weekend.

  268. avatar
    Stanko Majcen

    Europe is not unpoppular at all. At least not in my eyes! The European union and its causes are driving us into a new future. Into a world of common order, unity and justice. I hope, that one day EU will become so strong, that will oversieze the power of corrupted people all around the globe. You have to be aware, that this is MY STATE, and i will defend and support that in a ways, that you maybe can not even imagine. Have a nice weekend.

  269. avatar
    Nuno Ribeiro Palha

    European institutions are unpopular because they are out of touch with reality. With the recent Brexit crisis, economic decadence if not crisis, austerity failures, the ECOFIN and the commission still want to apply sanctions to Portugal and Spain for not having done all they wanted. They forget the ongoing political crisis in both countries consequence of the economic one . They are aggravating it instead of helping. And there is the absolute arrogance of M Schauble that thinks he is the dictator-in-chief. Europe is unpopular because it has become a pale image of the expectations of us all.

  270. avatar
    Nuno Ribeiro Palha

    European institutions are unpopular because they are out of touch with reality. With the recent Brexit crisis, economic decadence if not crisis, austerity failures, the ECOFIN and the commission still want to apply sanctions to Portugal and Spain for not having done all they wanted. They forget the ongoing political crisis in both countries consequence of the economic one . They are aggravating it instead of helping. And there is the absolute arrogance of M Schauble that thinks he is the dictator-in-chief. Europe is unpopular because it has become a pale image of the expectations of us all.

  271. avatar
    Christina Pontiki

    As an idea or a thought or as a strategy EU is not unpopular. Unfortunately politician’s following the wrong way or to be more specific some of them. We have 27 ( 28) different countries with different needs and culture. Nobody works about it they work for the banks and how people being more insecure and poore.
    Europe is my home and I won’t stop waiting better days.

  272. avatar
    Christina Pontiki

    As an idea or a thought or as a strategy EU is not unpopular. Unfortunately politician’s following the wrong way or to be more specific some of them. We have 27 ( 28) different countries with different needs and culture. Nobody works about it they work for the banks and how people being more insecure and poore.
    Europe is my home and I won’t stop waiting better days.

  273. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    One main reason is that the Elite and their 10,000 plus army, impose tens of thousands of laws, against it’s own citizens, making life hard for everyone such as the middle class and the the minimum wage earners and the our old age pensioners. It must change completely for every citizen or else make the so called European Union thrown in the dustbin of history.

  274. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    One main reason is that the Elite and their 10,000 plus army, impose tens of thousands of laws, against it’s own citizens, making life hard for everyone such as the middle class and the the minimum wage earners and the our old age pensioners. It must change completely for every citizen or else make the so called European Union thrown in the dustbin of history.

  275. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    …and Varoufakis….he has many interesting things to say and maybe puts words on all of our experiences. We have an incompetent commissioner who has no respect for democracy, his country has just jailed a whistleblower and is one of the biggest tax havens –which to me seems incompatible…the devastation and starvation of Greece (this would never have happened under a commissioner like Prodi whatever else he is or is not he is a democrat), the devastation without pity of Southern Europe and Ireland. Impacting on real lives and the squeezed middle. I personally think we should fight to get our europe back, but to do so German government and its industrialist friends must stop sacrificing the wellbeing of europe’s children, elderly and young people to feed that monster. Nuff said? YOu keep asking the same question and getting the same answers…is anyone up there listening at all?

  276. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    You dont protect european citizens and european interests..you produce toi much regulations against european citizens which are not applied to the test of the world.you are unelected and un democratic.you failed to build common policies for tax social charges défense external policy…..you dis not do the job Monnet wanted….

  277. avatar
    Christina Stockinger

    the EU was much too long an elite project which was hardly communicated to the population because of the stupid idea that mere economical advantages are enough for “the people” to be contend with. The effort was hardly ever made to explain what the project inititially was designed for (peace amongst Europeans after a century of horrific atrocities).

  278. avatar
    Erik Jakub Citterberg

    For gods sake, just get a proper marketing company to run you a proper PR, fire the guy who comes up with ideas for these, because they only aggravate people anyway and make your presence less intrusive in EEU.

  279. avatar
    Mónica Rodrigues Amaral

    It’s all about money, not the people. We are far from the native values of the UE. The countries are not equal. People want change and this project has to change if it wants to go ahead

  280. avatar
    Carine Versari

    Barroso chez Goldman Sachs! Et vous vous demandez encore pourquoi l’Europe est devenue si impopulaire?! C’est de la naïveté ou de l’aveuglement ou de la mauvaise foi???

  281. avatar
    Ricardo Vieira

    Because the central group took over all the decisions…it’s a union, but more of it to some…take Brexit for instance…what if Portugal decides to leave the EU? Would it be that simple? Would not the EU take charges against the “small one”?
    The debts of Belgium, France, and even Germany are way way bigger than the portuguese one…but that’s the european law right now, take it all from the small guys!

  282. avatar
    Joaquim M Pinto

    Maybe because Goldman Sachs is in control
    Former UE president is now president of Goldman Sachs you got to laugh. We are being squeeze of our rights loosing sovereignty to save the banks. They provoque the crisis to lend us more money to buy to the countries with superavit. One day it will end and all the Mercedes and audis will go no where.

  283. avatar
    Amer Bouzan

    We dont know really but you guys in Brussels you are responsible to anwser to the question…..

  284. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    EU fanatics claim the EU is beneficial but now ex European Commission Present Barroso has join Goldman Sachs proving Brussels is just one massive lobby con for the banks.

    vive la liberté !

  285. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    Anti Democratic,authoritarian,unaccountable,arrogant,corrupt,cares nothing for what people want,incompetent,wasteful.

  286. avatar
    Philippa Jane Dewar

    It is not perfect and comes across as being unfair and out of touch, but the biggest problem is the way that the EU communicates with its citizens. It allows individual national governments to control the dialogue. So if something is popular ‘we did it’ or ‘we showed the EU’ if it is unpopular it is ‘being hoisted on us by the EU’. How long did the leaders of Europe think they could get away with doing this before there was a backlash? Unfortunately there does not appear to be any interest by the EU to change the status quo.

  287. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    by being so undemocratic and by legalizing tax escape for the richests letting the average people pay it all to balance it.

  288. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    not true…
    EU is not unpopular… EU is great and the future…
    what is unpopular is Central Bankers, IMF, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and other criminals, in charge of peoples lifes…

  289. avatar
    Sofia-Maria Prentou

    Well, I think it’s not the EU per se that’s not popular. It’s the current economic and political elites that are not popular. You can say anything about Brexit, or Grexit, you can define us as PIGS, but you cannot deny that what’s happening is madness! The banks are above people and the middle class is literally squeezed. No, I don’t want this EU, and to be honest I don’t want to be a part of it anymore… I am disappointed that Monet and Schuman’s dream is ending up in shambles…

  290. avatar
    Петър Йовчев

    EU is not popular, but crossing freely the borders, using the same currancy without customs, without visas, without labor permissions and regulated ownership is mostly popular. Just turn back 30 years ago and let’s speak again.

  291. avatar
    Ana Fonseca

    Porque só serve os interesses do dinheiro, perdeu os seus valores morais e éticos, tornou-se um antro de corrupção extremamente descredibilizado. Os cidadãos de cada país já perceberam há muito que as instituições europeias não os servem a eles mas apenas as grandes corporações e a Alemanha. Veja-se o TTIP. Todos sabemos que a Alemanha quer vender o pouco que resta da ética e saude europeia aos Americanos para poder ter os seus carrinhos à venda nos EUA. Todos sabemos que as crises dos países do sul foram deliberadamente criadas para injectar dinheiro na economia alemã e nos Panamás deste mundo. Todos sabemos que qualquer país onde a democracia seja a escolha dos cidadãos será espezinhado pelo FMI e afins. Todos sabemos que os políticos de topo são aqueles que mais provas deram de amoralidade e de serem capazes de aniquilar os seus próprios países para servir interesses obscuros. E agora traduzam que o português também é uma língua europeia.

  292. avatar
    Tim Raemdonck

    Make more positive things clear. Do propaganda on what we achieve. Solidarity is the key but has to come from every country equally. People do not want a government controlled from an ivory tower. More and more people want to take part trough referendums.

  293. avatar
    Rock The Revolutionary

    The great ” feast ” comes to an end and the bill will go to those who have to pay !

    Entire nations are plunged into disaster. Entire social classes are sentenced to extreme poverty. Families are torn apart. People are left destitute. Young people are turning to drugs. Crime rates sore. People are committing suicide.

    When the way an economy functions brings such tragic results we are not talking about an economy any more but war. We are not talking about real competition but premeditated murder. Given that the entire situation is a result of the decisions made by some people, it is only natural that we can talk about crimes against humanity.

  294. avatar
    Takis Karpoutzoglou

    Can you name one artist that somehow symbolizes/expresses a quintessential “European” in mass culture? A name that will pop in your head, as quickly, as “Kim Kardashian”? Can you name instead, off-hand, popular artists from the 27 respective countries (the UK notwithstanding)? Well, there’s your answer. Europe has failed to produce culture and create a cultural identity. Even worse, where culture with a global appeal blossomed before the EU, (Italy, France, Spain) it has altogether been reduced to local eversince. So all Europe stands for is a dull, impersonal and authoritarian bureacracy. There’s no melting pot. And even worse, each respective country suffocates both under the subsidies that make-up for the lack of significant cultural production and also from the larger-than-life overseas cultural product. So it’s either do-it-like-America or do-it-unlike-America and in either case there’s only reaction but no real voice and identity. So it’s a flop–speaking in movies terms.

  295. avatar
    João Carneiro

    Why ?! Because if you are a large country, you get away with anything (in the words of Mr Juncker when questioned why is France not subject to sanctions he awnsers : “Because France is France!”), whereas in my corner of Europe, where we had until a recently a government that did EVERYTHING asked by Berlin and Bruxelles, we are under threat of punishment. Well, we had the nerve of changing to a new government last year that has some left-wing twists. Rebellions in outlying provinces must be dealt swiftly or the empire might collapse …

  296. avatar
    Franco Alajmo

    Let me try to answere with different questions. Why has France become so unpopular? Why has Italy become so unpopular? Why has UK (or Austria or Greece or Germany etc) become so unpopular? I mean their own political leaders to citizens?

  297. avatar
    JC Martínez

    Remember sick criminal Victoria Nuland saying #FuckTheEU? That will give you and idea…You are a bunch of sick bastards working for a criminal org.

  298. avatar
    Emil Pavlovich

    By trying to unify and centralize its government policies with ridiculous rules,laws and totalitarian structure.It seems that it is like a big bank that gives but if you don’t follow their orders they take it back with interest and control the policies of the countries.

  299. avatar
    Arlindo V

    The virulence and nationalistic hate spouted by some show why the nation state needs to go the way of the dodo. Moreover it will go the way of the dodo. The coming 50/100 years will be about global challenges, issues that are going to affect everyone cross border. The idea that we will be able to retreat into our nation and be protected from these issues is at the least wishful thinking. Or we are going to learn to govern ourselves on a global scale or we are going to go extinct.

    This leads me to the EUs greatest problem. The fact that power rests in the hands of the council and not the parliament means that most decisions are taken according to national interests and not collective interests. Too many times individual member states egotistical choices have paralysed and hamstrung the EU.

  300. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    If you were honest you would not ask the question because any idiot knows the answer…BECAUSE OF YOU, CORRUPT SECOND CLASS POLITICIANS, How many of you have become milionaires with OUR money, while the PEOPLE are more and more poor and we live in a EUdictatorship?

  301. avatar
    Helio Pires

    Because there’s been an excessive focus on the economic benefits of the EU and not enough on a European identity, creating a narrative that’s more about financial self-interest and has very little in the way of greater ideals and projects. At least when it comes to the bulk of the European citizens. So if an economic crisis eliminates part of those benefits – and worst, the EU is seen as imposing additional financial hardships – it is only natural that it will become less popular and people end up retreating to their more deeply rooted national identities.

    A related motive is the way European Union has been organizing itself. It was one thing when it had just six or twelve member-States with their own currencies and borders, but with 28 countries (soon to be 27), 19 of which share a currency and 26 make up a free movement area, the insistence on an intergovernmental system means that the EU lacks the expediency, depth and simplicity that would make it a functional organization people could relate with, see themselves as a part of and a source of solutions, not problems.

    So until there’s an actual common European government with federal mechanisms and a full democratic mandate from all of the EU citizens – and not just a mere sum of national governments and mandates – the Union will continue to fall short in times of crisis and people will always have a hard time identifying themselves as *politically* Europeans, instead seeing the Union as little more than a common source of revenue that naturally becomes unpopular when it asks more then it can give.

    • avatar
      RENE AGA

      Europe is maybe repeating problems that already exist within some European countries: excess of bureaucracy, excess of centralization, duplication of services, a Europe of officials, etc. Also within several countries there are big differences among the regions, north and south, rich and poor. Centralization should be restricted to matters that concern all the people i