On 22 March, more than 30 people were killed and over 200 injured when three bombs exploded in Brussels. The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Belgian capital. Two suicide bombers struck Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and a third detonated an explosive device at Maelbeek / Maalbeek metro station in Brussels at the height of rush-hour.

This is an open thread to discuss your reactions to the Brussels attacks. What are your thoughts about the future, and what happens next? Should we be afraid? Should we continue on as before, and refuse to let such attacks terrify us into changing our way of life?

What are your thoughts after the Brussels attacks? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below.

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    I am just wondering what we can do in order to prevent such attacks in the future?
    We may have a level 4 of security, but is it enough though? My point is that if a terrorist wants to commit an attack, he will do it no matter what, so what are the solutions remaining? Yes, we can go and fight them, but they are numerous potential terrorist that are already on our soil, carrying fake IDs etc,… so how can we regulate their controls… I am very confused after all these events.

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      Same thing with me. I think the best solution fot these people is education but a lot of them are too brainwashed for any kind of education…

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      We could start by stopping to bomb Middle Easern Countries to smithereens for the profit of private companies, particularly oil and arms dealers.

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    Nando Aidos

    That this violence is condemnable, and we still need lots of good minds openly at work around the real causes of all this violence!
    The official rhetoric does not hold water!

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The EU should become a global ethical force for good, tackle the root cause of terrorism, the root cause of poverty, the root cause of economic decline. My fears are if the EU over militarizes that it will push terroists into small local areas like a cross between the IRA and US lone gunmen attacks. Obviously security should be improved at airports etc but the root cause needs to be dealt to ensure long-term safety and peace.

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      Carla Niculescu

      I agree with you, but EU’s position is very weak in those days…it lacks of political power and many EU members behave like they are not suposed to follow EU law. With this shortcoming in polical power it’s impossible to imagine EU such a force. Like you underlined one of the reason of the incresing importance of these jihadists is poverty and inequality which in many areas of the planet. I think that after all these attacks we cannot turn our blind eye.

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    That this violence is condemnable and disgusting, and that we still need lots of good open minds openly at work around the real causes of all this violence!
    The worn out official rhetoric does not hold water!

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    Deep sorrow and sadness, but somehow I’m not surprised. Why ISIS is still breathing ? Why radical islamists are at large and not under close surveillance or deported yet ?

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    Φιλικη Εταιρια

    what about the war in Iraq ? in Afghanistan ? in Yugoslavia ? in Libye ? in Syria ? EU helped USA to murder so many innocent people and now EU pay the price … WHY IN 21 CENTURY HUMANS NEED THE WEAPONS ??? ARE WE AFRAID OF AN ALIEN ATTACK ? WHY WE CANNOT LIVE ALL IN PEACE ? WE ARE THE WORST ANIMAL IN PLANET EARTH AND IF WE DONT STOP KILLING ITS OTHER OUR END IS COMING SOON…

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    Vlasta Peric


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      Paul X

      The UK has a very imperialistic past but you don’t see many people from it’s ex colonies blowing themselves up at airports…..stop trying to use the past as an excuse for the current crop of mindless idiots…..Islam has always been here, nutters strapping explosives to themselves have not

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    Richard Osborne

    I have two questions,….and so far have not been able to get an answer from a reliable or unbiased source and I think we have a right/need to know. The first is what is the ratio of Islamic extremist to moderate Islam and what is the ratio of refugee to immigrant. People talk about extremism being a minority and I fully agree,….But how BIG is that minority?….after all, 49% is still a minority.

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      Carla Niculescu

      In my opinion the problem between extremist and moderate Islam is that the second one is unable and maybe unwilling to oppose successfully to the first one. How many famous moderate Islamists do we know? Any writer? For the reformation of the catholic chruch it was necessary the birth of the Protestant religion; consider that now in Italy it is forbbiden to celebrate the mass in Latin…
      I think that we should foster the moderated Islamists. Unfortunately in western countries Islam is mainly associated with extremist, hate and jihad. And young muslims feel discriminated by such a behaviour.

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    Sofi Hara

    All citizens of EU must demand
    1.EU to stop funding military operarions
    2.EU to fund countries with weapon industries in order to prevent contribution to war by selling weapons to other countries
    3.EU stop encourage the blackmail of Turkey by funding them to stop the floods
    4.EU must fund a EU coast guards without any involvement of Turkey or any other non EU country to stop the floods in the Aegean sea
    5.Rescue only refugees straight from Syria and only certain numbers that will be transferred straight to the countries that agree to accept them
    6.The countries that have weapon industries must not have the right to refuse number of refugees

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    Carlos Trocado Ferreira

    … Europe has been into war since ever… Why the hell it would be different now? Europe have been developing and achieved high levels of civilization comparing with other continents, and suddenly, some poorer and less developed (some even did not bath themselves) invaders (they called at time barbarians) created enough war turbulence and the civilized ones were ‘captured’… Europe needs to rethink itself at a lower level of people because on top they are not ‘really close to reality’. Our standards are not sustainable for long and that’s why we see extremists growing everywhere.

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    Naira Vanbeginne

    What are our thoughts? We feel sorry for the innocent people who died, we understand that none of us can feel what their relatives feel now… And what is more important we can’t understand WHY SHOULD INNOCENT PEOPLE SUFFER…. These people have nothing to do with the mistakes made by some politicians…

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    Dan Florin

    this should never happen again… but, if we take into account that EU is at war with IS, then this is their response. It’s more important to notice that these terrorists are not the first generation of refugees, but the second or the third. Maybe the way of life in Europe is something they are not capable to stand and there must be done something in terms of integration. Just letting them settle in Europe is definitely not working for some of them.

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    Philipp Kretzschmar

    There’s a considerable alliance of men and women with the common goal of destroying in an instant what reasonable men and women have been building during decades. We always need to remember that islamic terrorism and ultra-nationalist populist movements are friends in mind. They even share a common view of “the Islam”. They commonly neclect it’s diversity and focus on what some extremists are yelling in the internet. Both groups aim at destabalizing our societies, at setting our hearts on fire, at building fences and re-arming our societies to the teeth. If we did so, they had won. But they won’t succeed in squeezing our diverse cultures and colourful lifes into their destructive ideologies. Europe will stand together in diversity.

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    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    I forgot to mention that it is now obvious that Turkey has no place in the EU either via visa-free travel or as an EU member state due to it’s geographical position as an easy route for terrorists to enter the EU plus those that are corrupt supplying terrorists with fake passports let alone the human rights violations of people in Turkey and Internationally. If the EU grants visa-free travel to Turkey there is no point asking for our feedback anymore on FB as the EU will be responsible for the deaths of EU citizens from terror attacks from that point onward.

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    João Pires

    Diplomatic efforts must be made to cut relations world wide with Saudi Arabia while they don’t respect human rights, secretly fund terrorists and spread violent doctrine among Europe’s mosques, and comprehend Turkey’s intentions about this conflict.

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    Dean Plassaras

    The EU is a failed concept and it only exists to facilitate german trade surpluses. We need impose a very heavy tariff in all german exports.

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    Toni Muñiz

    What are my thoughts? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Another muslim attack in Europe. Yet the problem is not Islam. Another attack that proves that the EU is worthless. So much police presence and still an attack took place. It is obvious, and only those who choose not to see it don’t, that we have a major problem in the EU. And having politicians that blame Europeans for this and who promote Islam in Europe sitting in the EU parliament is a big part of the problem. It is blatently obvious that more attacks don’t happen just because they are not doing them. These people, as well as illegals, roam freely through the EU with no control, no security. The EU can’t be a free for all and cant be governed with a liberal do good open door policy. Politicians are to quick to defend Islam and make worthless excuses.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Toni- ……history- true! The rest is confusing!…… “Yet the problem is not Islam-(Muslims)” ?? ….to “promote Islam in Europe is the problem”?? Aren’t Muslims (“these people”) followers of Islam- one and the same? You believe than, Islam is a religion of peace & compatible with Christianity?

      What is/are the real problem(s) than- besides the one thing we/most agree on- our many silly (political over correct) politicians from national to the EP level & the present EU suzerain structure- or?.

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    This is awfull !!
    What a mess, this eu experiment has gone on long enough. We need border controls, real border controls . I believe that real refugees from real war zones need help, put yourself in thier shoes.
    But what pisses me of is countries like saudi arabia , kuwait, bahrain, uae, oman, quatar etc, refuse to take ONE refugee WHY. Bad for thier bottom line, or thier gas pipeline through syria?
    Europe should stop all arms sales and break ties with these greedy selfish useless money mongers.
    Its time somebody called them out to do thier part and help these people.
    The eu fed plans are of course shelved (i hope)and borders are being slowley restored ..
    The whole eu elite project is a mess and now the faults are becoming more and more evident. Now ergodan whom is not to be trusted is blackmailing europe, what a fiasco.. And frau merkel , do yourself a favor and step down, go away , get lost and dont come back, dont call us we”ll call you, byby. The biggest “screwup” in the last 50 years, a case of opening mouth before engaging brain, foot in mouth desease,wow.
    I dont like donald trump but my god i wish he was president now.
    This has to stop somehow…

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    Direct solution for war on terror can be found in history..
    This threat is 21.cty problem, where classic police and army can’t do a thing to prevent it, it’s ordinary man, on a mission, can’t be traced predicted or stopped..
    During American Revolution there was a group of soldiers called “minute man”
    Ordinary people, who would took up their guns when needed, return to they life when not needed
    So, if we organize new branch of police people who carry weapons 0/24 live their normal lifes, and if in.. “opportunity” to guard the peace and law, do so.. If not, just live like a normal citizens

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Condolences to Belgium BUT I fear that Belgium and Brussels in particular have more days of such terrible barbarity to come.

    What has happened in Brussels is a perfect microcosm of the EU – too many chiefs, too many languages, too much talk and too little money.

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    Pun Dil

    Deep condolence and prayers to the victims and their families.
    Everyone should stand together and be stronger. Security level must be increased than usual now onwards, so that everyone feels safe.

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    This was not unexpected. I fear more but we have to go on. These terrorists are from areas where they are easy targets to be radicalised as they have nothing to lose. More should be done to help educate the children and make them feel part of the community.

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    Papaioannou Giannis

    I wonder how many guns has sold the FN (Fabrique National) to ISIS…? Innocent people were killed at Belgium for profit/power…

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    We need establishment of a million man EU Defense Force to guard and protect the borders of the European Union from external interference.

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    Roderick Beck

    High unemployment rates make these countries vulnerable. Hence minorities have limited stake in the system and hence are seduced by extremism.

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    Al Belegratis

    Η Ευρώπη Όχι η νομισματική Ένωση είναι υπεύθυνη για τις πράξεις της. Όσο απομακρύνεται από τις αρχές της τόσο οι πολυεθνικές εταιρείες θα επηρεάζουν τους πολιτικούς της με τα γνωστά αποτελέσματα. Γράφω Ελληνικά για τη κατά την περίοδο της αναγέννησης μας είχαν ξεχάσει υπό οθωμανική κατοχή. Ξανάρχονται φιλέλληνες να γράψουν ποιήματα. Αλίμονο στα σύνορα μας.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Al Belegratis
      The EU has played its part in the Brussels terrorist abominations but it looks like Belgium has been lax beyond belief,

      Brussels should cut its bureaucracy, professionalize its security forces and pay more to keep its citizens safe.

      PS: I believe Greece is no longer occupied by the now defunct Ottoman empire.

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    Codrin Cernăuțianu

    We gots to be carefullz with them peoples of a-rab religion and muzlim nationality … or is it the other way around !
    Anyway, vote Trump as EU president !

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    Rui Sancho

    I think they’re just testing us. I have some research to do, but I believe that there’s a patern on the attacks and they’re probably analysing all the data so that someday they can go big and blow up a stadium or some national parliament. And the “best” part is, they don’t need to actually be there to observe, for we are televising every single detail, doing the analysis in live… Pretty much doing all the work for them.
    I believe it would be easy for a half-smart terrorist to take out 2 or 3 European governments, if provided with the time and equipment.

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    We need leaders like Churchill and Adenauer. Real men, both saw wars and death and know the price of life. And these fluffy leaders of the EU, impotent and arrogant. Ask us to be more tolerant when the people we tolerate kill us. Look at the recent terrorists. They were born in Europe, in France and Belgium. And they hate the people who created this prosperous union. I cannot bear this. I am not tolerant anymore.

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    EU reform- proactive

    My thoughts are many…………

    Sorry & r.i.p. all past, present & future innocent victims of political CAUSE & EFFECT.

    * “Peaceful coexistence” was advocated long time ago- not by the victorious West- but surprisingly before & during the cold war by the USSR- who was & remains demonized by the US & EU till today.

    *The struggle between capitalism and communism raged and continues despite the USSR imploded & became Russia.

    *Europe morphed into the capitalist enlargement seeking EU and carbon US copy.

    *Kennedy already said: that the “task is to do all in our power to see that the changes taking place . . . in the Soviet empire, on all continents . . . leading to more FREEDOM for more men and to world PEACE”. He declared that he would “pursue a policy of patiently encouraging freedom and carefully pressuring tyranny” towards the socialist countries in Eastern Europe, so as to provide “free choice” for the people of those countries and told the USSR to only look to its national interest (forget global ambitions) and to provide a better life for its people.

    But greater people than overrated US politicians had more wisdom:

    “The pursuit of truth does not permit violence being inflicted on one’s opponent.” (Mahatma Gandhi) & “Toleration is the best religion.” (Victor Hugo)

    *The Qu-ran: “All people are a single nation.” Its belief is- EVERYONE is originally born a Muslim (…………and should die a Muslim).

    *The Bible: Everyone is created in the image of God.

    What philosophy sounds more like peaceful coexistence & tolerance? Again- resultant cause & effect!

    *By using a medical metaphor in politics- the US’s Kennedy doctrine is implanted into the EU of “patiently encouraging freedom & pressuring (national) states”. It is injected as an EU Political Placebo to make us European feel over the moon!
    Or is it under the influence of US’s destructive capitalism- with deadly consequences! Thank you US & EU for all the (enforced) peace & free choices!

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      I don’t see much tolerance at all,,Muslim attacks on anyone Non-Muslim is indefensible!! World peace will forever remain a dream!! Doctrine can never be forced down my throat!! No one has the right to come into a host country and start making demands!! Enough already!!

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Phillip,
      Not sure through what size window you’ve choosen to view our world & figure how we may have arrived at this mess? Only an open minded diagnosis will make one arrive at the correct antidode. It appears you did not understand my post! Maybe try again? You may ask!

      Some use a big- others smaller hammers to drive the truth. Eventually, everyone need to arrive at their own (informed) conclusion(s)- not so? Hope so!

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    Gabriela Teixeira

    I think that the european politicians are the responsibles for these atttacks.they want peace in europe and war in more question.the belgian authorities knew where the terrorists live and didnt do they crie.tears of crocodile.

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    Cláudio Tom Hughs Li

    I would like to say to the people of Bruxelas that I am very sad with this news… That is the Truth. And would like to ask our politicians to look outside of the box and find the origins of the Hate. Also is not possible eternal growth and there urgente needs in the country s where this people come originaly… The people with good hearts and understand ing should get together to direct the political decisions the right way.

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    Fausto Carreira

    If the US didn’t make wars everywhere, exploited the natural resources of other peoples, manipulated governments, destabilized regions and created terrorist groups (!), this and many other cruel realities wouldn’t take place. Let us look for the source instead of just crying upon the tragedy, when it takes place.

    The US external policy has always been at the service of its energy and military complex. No one US President really rules. Just marionettes. How is that Iraq is today’s US ally and the following day the enemy…. the same with Iran…Afghanistan.. Syria…. Al-Qaeda, ISIS…. were created by the US intelligence services to combat the ruling powers of the time!! Then control is lost and they become enemies.

    And England/France/Italy/Spain and other European asshole governments have always sided this US policies.

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    Margaret Barahmandpour

    That the EU has become a self destructive entity….which is destroying each EU MS and its citizens. The EU with its stupid tolerance of intolerance has blood of innocent people on its hands. To hell with the EU

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    Fernando Leite Velho

    Quando se abre um vespeiro é de esperar picaduras, o Buch, Blair, Aznar que respondam penalmente por crimes de guerra e abrir o vespeiro, são estes os responsáveis por todas as mortes desde aquele momento.

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    Audrey Ellis

    Definitely agree with Rui Sancho Television and the media feeds these people doing these atrocities all the information they need ,
    they must be laughing at them.

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    Jamil Maqsood

    The security apparatus should trace and dismantle sleeper cells of these terrorist and extremists mobsters, they have inflicted irreparable loss to this peaceful land.

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    Jamil Maqsood

    The security apparatus of Belgium & EU must trace the sleeper cells of these terrorists and dismantle them. The only solution tolerance for such monsters ..

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    Valentin Rotaru

    my thoughts? hmm, yeah, you can think many things in the first instance, but things must be analised…but there also must be some action against those kind of things!

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    Sanam Quraishi


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    Regina Alves

    I’m so schoked I hardly can express my thoughts. Europe is a space of peace and tolerance. How can we understand this “barbarie”?

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      You are so right!!

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    Gerard Francois

    I note that all these “thoughts” are negative Accusations, blame, finger pointing etc.. That is why you are victims. Fight back. Eradicate ISIS. Train young Arab dropouts in your cities. Give them jobs. Get rid of salafist preachers .

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      Train Arab dropouts, you have to be joking!! We have a massive problem with unemployment ourselves combined with the worst austerity measures and we must train and develop foreigners!!! We can’t even help ourselves but because of the Greek filotimo we save thousands from drowning,, keep them alive and they turn around to make demands!!! I think not!!!!

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    Dimitris Kasapakis

    You fed them, your armed them, you financed them, find a way to deal with it. And its not just the jihadists. You are doing the same thing with the Ukrainian neonazis.
    We have had enough with the European hypocrites, who help all those who attack the continent and then behave as in shock and as if they dont know how it happened.
    You are the ones who armed the terrorists. Stop arming them and stop using the people of Europe.

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    Kirkos Pa

    Fanatism, whether regarding football, religion, or whatever, is ALWAYS something truely BAD!!! Enough said!

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    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    “the bad days are gone, the worst are coming “…..i can’t help myself being very skeptical about how is possible to happen something like this,also I think that the impact of this attacks will be deeper than we think and am afraid will change Europe to the worst

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    Lynda Germon

    Close the borders …be over zealous at fronteiras …and be careful who you accepted as a political refrugee

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    Giannis Papamixail

    the meteor step towards integration of the European Union is in danger to collapse completely! Rising nationalist formation is almost certain and the pressure for entrenchment will increase! The decision-making will become even more difficult and the national competition will increase in the name of safety! the coming years the streams of immigrants will constantly growing! Measures should be taken in two directions! measures for integrating migrants and refugees in European societies! measures to build adequate standard of living in the areas from where the immigrants come!

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    After our mourning (again), citizens of Europe should be asking our politicians “Why are we under attack?”

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    Κώστας Τσαμπάς

    Unite Eu as a single entity both politically and economically. Protect its citizens at all costs. Eu is going down by trying to be extremely tolerant to intolerant people

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    Valentin Nebunescu

    We need two measures to taking at European Parliament:
    1.Any convicted terrorist will lose European countries citizenship.
    2.Establishing European counterterrorism agency with competence across EU in the matter of preventing terrorist groups and illegal immigrants.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Valentin Nebunescu
      Unfortunately, too many EU states are either untrustworthy or crap or indeed BOTH!

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    Clinton Ashworth

    My thoughts? Bombing, killing people isn’t going to encourage me to embrace your beliefs, your religion or your culture with open arms. It does the opposite. It polarizes me against these things. Killing another countries citizens isn’t a sacred act. It is an act of war. If you were to perform acts of self mortification perhaps then people would be more inclined to lend you their support. It’s a shame that a different path has been chosen and people are suffering for it.

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      Well said!!

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    Well, hopefully the somewhat naive view that you only need to be tolerant, open-minded and embrace each and every effrontery as “diversity” and you’ll be answered in kind should slowly begin to waver.

    Maybe more people will begin to ask themselves more openly why such furious hatred, total lack of morality, barbaric violence and total intolerance are so highly concentrated in some religous and cultural spheres and not others, and if soft-spoken chants and pleas of tolerance really are the right answer to categorical, fundamental intolerance. Whether in our commendable attempt to extend our ideas of freedom and diversity into fundamentally incompatible spheres is such a good idea.

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    Marko Martinović

    First accept truth. Second stop inviting people over who obviously have a problem with “Infidels” and our way of life. Third and most important we need Free speech! Fourth learn from countries that have successfully fought terrorism.

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    Graziano Paul Mare

    1 Acknowledge the mistakes of the past: war in Iraq-Libya, injustice created by the richer. 2: Tackle the immigration question TOGETHER and together share the burden. 3: Have a joint foreign and security policy to act as a global power and REALLY solve problems. 4: Stop bickering with each other and cooperate as true Europeans.

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    Jason Picci

    Firstly Europe needs a Nürenberg 2.0 to try and lock up those who favoured and executed Iraqi and Libyan campaigns (also the European/Nato tools who continue to instigate the fallacious Syrian, Yemenite and Ukranian interventions, financing Isis and Azov Regiments. Then Europe may cleanse itself and possibly move on. Until then this Europe remains a grotesque fool with a putrefying disease.

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    Shah Ji

    Let me begin with condemning these barbaric attacks. Nothing justifies terror and such violent acts against innocent people. When it comes to blame games, general statements are the easiest to give. The bottom line is how come it is so damn easy to brainwash French and Belgian citizens into such barbaric acts for a terrorist organization which is sitting on other side of the world? There has to be something seriously wrong in these societies when it comes to minority treatment. Politics of segregation, superiority and elitism and indirect systematic discrimination against your own citizens based on race, religion and color must be addressed openly. Intelligence standards must be improved, you need 3-months to spot one guy who was hiding in heart of such a tiny country and then you got no idea about such a dangerous planned activity, I mean C’mon work for those taxes a bit more efficiently.

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    Vytautas Vėžys

    My thoughts literally: “Let natural selection do the job”.
    When you give people unlimited freedom you get anarchy.. Seriously, What EU politicians thought? That people of different races, religions and cultures will dance around Christmas tree holding hands because you let them live in one place?

    It’s sad that people must die, but for centuries it’s how it was.
    Politicians make decisions and poor people must fight and die.

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    Paolo Viti

    The European Community has to wake up instead of being so politically correct and absolutely close the borders to the massive influx of so called immigrants/clandestine that is devastating our countries!

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    Lynne Warner

    The more Europe tries to hold the heads of innocent cultures under the water, to defend radicals, the angrier us innocents will become and when we rise it will be as a tsunami.

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    Antonios Forlidas

    Before the civilized West overthrows Saddam, Nadjibullah, Gandaffi, Assad, we did not have any problems with refugees influx and rarely terrorism to this extend.

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    Paul X

    Strange how many people still rant on about US & European policy being the to blame for all the current terrorist issues…what’s conveniently forgotten is how much Russia has been involved in the middle east in the past and in the present, yet they do not suffer similar attacks to their infrastructure….could this be why…

    Europe is weak, it is run by weak, politically correct politicians who are too concerned about their own careers to speak out in the best interest of the people they are supposed to serve…..Farage is a Buffoon….Trump is a buffoon…. but their rise in popularity is because they say what others are too scared to say….all we need is some serious, competent politicians who can show a bit of strength without being branded racist, xenophobic etc …etc..zZzzZ

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Paul. With your first diagnosis I respectfully & strongly disagree!
      The second one rings true- but please name a few of those illusive non baffoons?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ Eu Reform-Proactive
      You are totally within your rights to disagree but I still stand by my opinion that Russia knows how to handle terrorists while the west is too busy trying to be the good guys whilst continuing to come off second best

      Read the part how Russia handled the kidnapping of diplomats which to me is the way to handle things, playing “by the rules” is a sign of weakness to the mindless idiots of Daesh, essentially you have to fight fire with fire

      Regarding your second point, unfortunately I cannot name any one and to be honest I’m not sure if one even exists….which is why were stuck in the current situation of spineless PC idiots on one side and buffoons on the other

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Paul,- confused comment?

      “Strange how many people still rant……”
      Q: who are these ranting people (or countries) & what could be the CAUSE?

      Is it plain unjustified “ranting” or reasonable critique, commenting on evolving facts- be they aggressive US global expansion of US brand “democracy”- linked with EU’s (both political & NATO’s) obedient support? Plus EU’s many unpopular policies- e.g. its rabid enlargement, “paradise like virtual/imagined” open borders- better suited for nirvana but not a real Europe- and a chronic paralysis to act appropriately- despite a “library” of EU treaties?

      You infer that the CAUSE of US/EU & I add (US lead NATO) policies of interference (globally) in the many Arab (Muslim) countries has no EFFECT?? Shouldn’t you rather rephrase & rethink?

      What you tried to highlight is that Russia is much more “efficient” in dealing with the EFFECT- the mess US/EU/NATO has created. Many of us will agree with that and can thank Russia (not boycott them) for their decisive intervention which can & will spell ISIL’s end. It will be the Putin- Assad axis and not the devious US/NATO- Turkey axis to bring positive change.

      If not convinced please explain who created this global mess (CAUSE) in the first place. I give you a hint:

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ EU reform- proactive
      It is not me who is confused, perhaps you are reading things into my posts which are not there?

      The “ranting people” refers to people on these forums, surely you cannot have failed to notice the regular (usually in capitals) “Stop the US/EU bombing blah blah” as though it is only the US and Europe who have been killing people in the Middle East?

      I have never disputed how much US bombing has fuelled terrorism, so a (somewhat patronising) hint is quite unnecessary, but Russia has also expended a fair amount of ordinance in various Middle Eastern campaigns (Afghanistan, currently Syria etc) yet they do not seem to be experiencing the same level of Islamic inspired terrorist threat as the west, and it is this point alone that I was making

      The crux of my post is an opinion that this is because Russia has a more ruthless way of dealing with terrorists and the West is seen as a soft target in trying to play by the rules, and as far as this discussion goes, this is really all that needs to be agreed or disagreed with

  62. avatar
    Eduardo Nuno Barros Mascarenhas

    In the past 45 years, there have been more than 16,000 terror attacks in Western Europe, an average of more than 350 per year, according to the Global Terrorism Database, maintained by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. The peak was reached in 1979, when 1,019 attacks were perpetrated in Europe, but all through the 1970s, 1980s, and mid-1990s attacks occurred with an average frequency of about 10 per week. Since 1997, the trend line has been even lower.

  63. avatar
    Marion Charbel Haykal

    Europe should be dismantled and all countries should be allowed to run as they want to and not to be dictated by Merkel, as this is the reason why Europe is in this mess , before the EU we never had any of these problems , free movement was supposed to be for the Europeans not to let anyone in , Merkel should resign or be sacked!!!!

  64. avatar
    Šnicl Beti

    We need to take a closer look of Turkey. They supply weapons for Belgium terrorists.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @George Papas
      Logically and factually incorrect!

    • avatar

      It feels like we have given citizenship to the wrong people

  65. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    Politicians and corporations’ executive boards sign for war and weapons trades in middle east. Civilians pay for it with their lives. So, the logic answer to that question what would be?

  66. avatar
    Lino Galveias

    EU is also to blame for having allowed and supported the Iraq invasion that sparked the existence of this group… we need bridges and to stop selling guns and buying oil from the middle-east, which only feed the trolls.

  67. avatar
    Leo Raffaele

    When will we be UNITED for real?!
    We need an European nation…
    This is the second time we cry for Europe, This is not right!

    Populists are going to “eat” a lot on this other matter…
    When do you decide to act?!
    When do you decide to found only one great and united European country which act as one!?

    We want Europe, not a “War zone”…
    It is an attack against our principles!!!

    This is what i thought…

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Care to explain just how a more “united Europe” will prevent attacks like this?

      Single European State=bigger external border=less immigration control+Schengen=disaster

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Leo Raffaele

      We have a German Eurozone and look how democratic and protective that is!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Too much Erasmus schooling? Do you maybe realize:

      • There is & will never be one (united) European nation.
      • These attacks are inspired by a violent & fragmented ideology at war with itself and all around them since 632. You think Islam has respect for Christianity or democracy? Sorry, they & others laugh at your ignorance!

  68. avatar
    Rita Ciuchetti

    after Paris, Tunisia, Brussels the so called EU politicians are always there in long processions, repeating the same rethorical spechees, some twitting, some fighting with half-mast.flags, some wiith chalks, some with flowers, Mogherini even cried…. I think any terrorist, even the most stupid, has been laughing at EU buried dignity

  69. avatar
    Kathryn Garofalakis

    Ι totally agree with Rita Ciuchetti. One more comment EU only gets her act together when it is time to save the banks

  70. avatar
    María Elena Vergas Sánchez

    I think it’s happening in all around the world. Why is it happening? What’s Europe doing wrong? Why only cry for european killed people? Is my life better than a palestinian or a turkish life? Why don’t we say enough is enough? Why markets are driving our lifes? We must say stop hipocresy, stop our stupid way of life… We all deserve to be happy, we ougth to change…

  71. avatar
    Ivan Giankovits

    We are not safe!!! Stop the war !!! Open the borders and help those people!!! This is not united Europe !!! Where is our values ?

    • avatar
      Bert van Santen

      The politicians destroyed them together with the national coins and borders in 2002.
      For the rest, politicians have proven not to be able to secure on EU level our borders and citizens, for which Frontex was intendend.
      So, Schengen for Industrial matters and for private personal travels: CLOSE the borders!!!

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Open the borders?
      Why should we ?
      Greeks are unemployed !
      ALL OF EUROPE has INSANE levels of unemployment. Where are we going to HIRE these new arriivals?
      Oh right, you don’t know.

      The problem with the “humanitarians” is they only BABBLE but it is the common man on the ground who foots the bill, not the rich bastards.

      Watch from 58:00

  72. avatar
    Bruno J. De Cordier

    “The anarchy that threatens a degrading society is not its punishment, but its remedy” (Nicolás Gómez Dávila)

  73. avatar
    JC Martínez

    “This man is what I call “hijo de puta” ! He encouraged people to fight the syrian people and government ! And armed “rebels” of Daesh with his friend hollande and Fabius”. Le ministre fait la différence entre ces personnes et celles combattant aux côtés du régime du président syrien Bachar al-Assad. Ces dernières devront “être envoyées devant la Cour pénale internationale”. Il fait aussi la distinction avec “ces jeunes qui, peut-être par idéalisme, vont travailler dans l’humanitaire ou se battre aux côtés de l’armée syrienne de libération ; on leur construira peut-être un monument comme héros d’une révolution”.

  74. avatar
    Yulia Amariei

    That I’m sick and tired to see, each time, the dirty game of Coorporations and Gouvernements usining diversity as separation. That there is time for social-economic change without inutil loose of human lifes. Therefore education in truth, transparency and inner human values is an obvious starting point. So, let’s do it!

  75. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Petros Lyrantonakis no more multiculturism but that s gonna leave out much, maybe that will leave you out as well

    • avatar

      Right. As did France, the UK and all other countries where young muslims, all 2nd and 3rd generation, have turned and are turning berserk, presumably out of being neglegted and disadvantaged.

      Why it’s singularly the muslim youth, and not any of the other minorities, all of whom integrate more or less seamlessly and successfully, remains a mystery.

      To some.

  76. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    If we are to immunise Europe we have to decide what it is, what it includes where it starts and then we can say from this point onwards noone xan tresspass. No kous kous, no belly dance, no donner kebab feom this point onwards. Immunise Europe from everything that comes from the east or south of that point. Just organ music, waltz and yolla.

  77. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    keep calm! don’t panic! start interreligious dialogue and intercultural learning both ways! that we are told in all EU youth programs since I know them. So get started! NOW!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Wolfgang, and you believe these EU youth programs have only one innocent purpose to teach “independent” thinking & learning or could the heinous aim be maybe only “repeat after me” or “dependent” thinking- called brainwashing? Ever considered that?

  78. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Honestly, two separate thoughts: 1st) deep sadness and frustration, as an European… 2nd) after his words, I would like to see my native country’s current PM stripped down of his Portuguese/European nationality, and deported to… wherever (I don’t care where)

  79. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Honestly, two separate thoughts: 1st) deep sadness and frustration, as an European… 2nd) after his words, I would like to see my native country’s current PM stripped down of his Portuguese/European nationality, and deported to… wherever (I don’t care where)

  80. avatar
    Niámh Sweeney

    Firstly,condolences to the families 😔,secondly,this needs to stop !..we as nation need to put an end to all the killing/terrorism/living in fear!.It just can’t continue but unfortunately not much is being done to stop these terrorists.Each country is instead just protecting their own citizens or at least trying to !

  81. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Μerkel wanted new blood for her buoyant economy that would work to pay for a very generous welfare and for millions and millions of new pensioners comi g out by the… second. It s no wonder that she softened her stance on Greek economics in return for that Greece opening its borders to let a million of immigrants. The US was also favourable in this respect. But Merkel has to keep her far left in check. Hence the reversal. Greece got mixed up in a game that will leave it wounded.

  82. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Μerkel wanted new blood for her buoyant economy a workforce that would pay the very generous german welfare system and for the millions and millions of new pensions given out. It s no wonder that she softened her stance on Greek economics in return for Greece opening its borders to let a million of immigrants. The US was also favourable in this respect. But Merkel has to keep her far left in check. Hence the reversal. Greece got mixed up in a game that will leave it wounded.

  83. avatar
    Gilgit Baltistan Youths

    What #ImamKhamenei predicted the 2nd of june 2014 has become reality in Europe.

    Imam Khamenei: In the present time, a number of regional countries are supporting the crimes of takfiri groups in Syria with their assistance. But in the not too distant future, these groups will be the ruin of the countries which are supporting them and in the end, they will have to destroy them by paying a high price.

  84. avatar

    The people don’t want to hear that our security forces are tracking or keeping close tabs on whoever ,that they are watching suspected terrorists , arrest them , now.
    End Schengen and install proper border controls ,honestly we don’t mind waiting 20 minutes to show our passports .

  85. avatar

    Firstly, we must stop bombing the middle east to the bennifit of our arms companies.

    Secondly, we must incorparate secularism into our political offices and schools so as not to segregate religious individuals in a radical echo chamber.

    Thirdly, Frontex (our border agency) must evolve to be more effective and we must have our own seprate EU military instead of just nato allowing us to better control borders and help with security.

    Fourth, we must have member states share security info with each other and Europe in an EU database maybe even an central EU intelligence agency like the US’s FBI.

    Fifth, we must have better integration policy across EU member states for migrants and not group them in the same areas not taking to many at once to any individual member state.

  86. avatar

    no tolerance to intolerance. only people who are integrated should be granted citizenship. those who fail to integrate within a certain amount of time should be deported, as they are potentially dangerous. this page itself follows the same policy of misconceived political correctness that has lead to giving refuge to the enemy and the deaths of some many people. because we have harboured those who hates us and we have offered them protection. this page does the same.

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