The Paris and Brussels terror attacks have stunned Europe. The continent had experienced terrorism in the past (including the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris earlier that year), and attacks of a similar scale are depressingly common around the world (twin bombings in Lebanon killed up to 43 people the day before the Paris attacks). However, the recent attacks have brought home the reality of the fight against ISIS for many people.

All of the known Paris and Brussels attackers were EU citizens. However, some of them had apparently exploited Europe’s migration crisis in order to enter the EU undetected, using forged Syrian passports to pose as refugees. Some had previously visited Syria and been trained or radicalised there. With an estimated 5,000 EU citizens fighting for terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria, how can Europe protect itself from a repeat of Paris and Brussels?

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Ljubomir, asking simply: “What are you going to do to prevent such attacks in the future?”

We also had a comment from CL, arguing that a better approach is needed in the face of threats from so-called Islamic State and other terror groups: “The attacks of Paris have shown the vulnerabilities of the system, with two terrorists having used fake Syrian passports pretending to be refugees…”

How would YOU prevent another terrorist attack in Europe? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Tania González Peñas (GUE-NGL), Member of the European Parliament (NOTE: We contacted GUE-NGL MEPs for comment but they did not reply in time for publication. The below is from a statement made by Tania González Peñas MEP):

PenasThe EU’s deliberate strategy in the fight against terrorism is the restriction of democratic freedoms and individual liberties, based on a false dichotomy between freedom and security. These measures that undermine fundamental rights and freedoms go hand-in-hand with the increasing militarisation of international relations and interference in and destabilisation of sovereign states.

This approach feeds the growth of racist, xenophobic and fascist forces and their terrorist actions in Europe. Heinous crimes such as those perpetrated in Paris and those across the world require policies based on peace and respect for international law. We must put an end to interference in and aggression against sovereign states, particularly in the Middle East.

Rebecca Harms (Group of the Greens), Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance:

Rebecca HarmsTerrorism and asymmetric attacks against free and democratic societies are a real threat for those societies. There are ways to protect ourselves better. We could have better cooperation between police agencies… or we could do more to prosecute or monitor people who belong to or are associated with terror networks.

But, to be honest, there is no perfect solution against people who want to attack our free societies. In the case of France, for example, there needs to be more effort to integrate French citizens who have a migration background. The case of the French banlieues, or a places like Molenbeek [in Belgium], shows perfectly that something is wrong internally in our societies. So, we need to make more effort at integration.

Liberal Democrats
Cecilia Wikström (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

wikstromWell, the main duty for any government is to make sure that citizens are safe, and they can rest assured that the government is taking the appropriate measures to ensure security and stability. But I don’t like that we mix up refugees with the question of terrorism, because people who are fleeing from wars and persecution are just people like you are me. And the terrorists in the Paris attacks, of course, were born in France, so they have nothing to do with the refugees at all. Those are different issues…

Centre Right
Manfred Weber (EPP), Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the European People’s Party Group (NOTE: We contacted EPP MEPs for comment but they did not reply in time for publication. The below is from a statement made by Manfred Weber MEP):

weberWe need to act calmly but also be decisive in our actions. .. We need an agreement on PNR (Passenger Name Record), but we also need a review of the EU Data Protection Directive. We need EU data storage legislation and we need to stop the funding of terrorism. We need results. We know this is a challenge for Europe as a whole. It is now time for action, not just words. When I hear the French Socialist Government calling on the European Parliament to act on PNR at long last, I say to them: please talk to your Socialist colleagues in the European Parliament! The EPP Group is ready to deliver.

It is not Islam, not Muslim people that are the problem, it is these barbarous terrorists. Just like refugees coming into Europe are not the perpetrators of terrorism, they are its victims. The fact that certain politicians are trying to create a general climate of suspicion around Muslims and refugees is unacceptable.

Anna Fotyga (ECR), Member of the European Parliament:


Mike Hookem (EFD), Member of the European Parliament :

mike-hookemThere is never a simple answer to avoiding a terrorist attack as we saw in Paris but we have to have a series of combined solutions including a properly funded military and security services and the ability to know who is in our country.

We know from Paris that some of the murderers came into Europe by disguising themselves as refugees, taking advantage of the non existent border checks in Greece and Italy. We are vulnerable to these people who wish us harm too even outside of Schengen and we know there are people traffickers being paid thousands to get illegal migrants into the UK via Calais and now Belgium. We also know there are ISIS terrorists in these camps in northern France and also in the refugee camps where David Cameron said the refugees Britain would home would come from.

But we also know that we have a problem with home grown extremism and that is where UKIP believe that multiculturalism has failed. Everyone who lives in this country should assimilate into our society, accept our culture and our laws. We must end these Islamic schools and courts which treat women as second class citizens and we must stop ghettos which encourage extremist groups to flourish.

Curious to know more about terrorism in the EU? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

IMAGE CREDIT: CC / Flickr – Sr. X
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    “How would you prevent another terrorist attack in Europe?”

    Wishful thinking. Unfortunately we can’t.

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      I take no pleasure in doing it, but I told you so.

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      sam hocevar


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      Prevention isn’t always about reducing the chance to 0, that is the ideal goal, but any efforts made towards this goal will result in an overall reduction and this is a good thing. Just because the end target may be unachievable doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

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    Stefania Portici

    gli attacchi di Parigi e non solo , hanno dimostrato la debolezza dell’Unioe Europea ma ha anche svelato al mondo che per prevenire non bisogna eregere muri , basta smetterla con le politiche imperialiste da parte di chi ? Usa, Inghilterra e Francia dovrebbero smetterla di creare guerre per i loro profitti. Se la smettono può darsi che anche gli attacchi terroristici finiscono. La loro arroganza ci sta trascinando nell’abisso a tutti

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    Margaret Barahmandpour

    By first of all getting the hell out of the EU (Evil Union)….se we can ensure that the borders are closed and we put our own national and border security on top of our own self governing agendas. To hell with the Euroidiots and their pompous clueless ideas re security

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    Andrej Němec

    You need to be practical an effective in the first place. The first step is prevention: most of the recruitment is done on social media like Facebook itself, What’s App chats, Skype, all sort of communication means that link people that are not sitting in the same room. So only by means of a massive surveillance campaign (A European version of the NSA) we can be effective in preventing both the recruitment of potential terrorist and the planning of attacks. Data protection and Privacy should be ALWAYS subordinated to public security. The second step is repression: I would suggest an iron fist policy exactly like in Israel. Terrorists should live in total terror. Their relatives should fear being deported, their houses demolished or confiscated. Terrorists should know that they could be tortured or even eliminated without trial, secret services could very well do their job like Mossad is doing for decades. You can only fight violence with MORE violence and terror. A civil society will remain always vulnerable if the potential terrorists know that they can get away with a public trial and some years in prison. This can apply to common criminals or even common murderers, but terrorists who take the lives of many innocents, should be regarded as mass murderers and punished the same way the Nazi war criminals were punished after WWI by War Courts. A third step to undertake would be giving an alternative to those youngsters that are more likely to be recruited: special re-educational programmes, school camps, vocational training. Only by applying the carrot and the stick policy we can eradicate this plague.

    21/09/2017 Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo, Researcher Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, has responded to this comment.

    21/09/2017 Dr. John Guelke, Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, has responded to this comment.

    31/01/2018 Marit Hansen, Data Protection Officer for the German state of Schleswig-Holstei, has responded to this comment.

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      There is much simpler solution than massive police state apparatus to deal with that. Do not allow islam and muslims in your country.

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    Gustaaf Van den Boeynants

    Stop bombarding other country’s and get out of NATO in the first place. Stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and recognize a Palestinian state…

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    Dobromir Panchev

    I agree with Andrej and would add that we need strict control on all chemical substances that can be used to prepare explosives and on automatic guns. If EU borders are not secure, anyone can import money, weapons and terrorists inside EU. We should trace all money transfers and the secret services should investigate who is sending the money, who is receiving and for what purpose. Money can be used to recruit people for criminal activities such as terrorism. Religions communities must be under control and anyone who urges other people to kill each other in the name of any religion should be in prison. We need to ensure protection for the whole family of anyone who provides information regarding terrorists propaganda and the information is confirmed. Education is the vaccine against being recruited by terrorists. EU citizens can be educated from early age in such a way that they find flaws in terrorist ideology and propaganda. For example, a person who understands that human life is most valuable will not believe the terrorists and will not go killing other people for ISIS. It’s all about values and moral. Governments need to help and control easy targets for terrorist propaganda such as people whose expectations have failed, who are desperate and angry, who did not achieve the EU way of life after coming to EU and live in poor conditions.

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      Long live UK

      It doesn’t matter what you teach if there family thinks otherwise. Plus Christianity isn’t a threat to Europe its the backbone of Europe. If people come to live in Europe they should adopt our ways or be made to leave .

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    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    Intervene with military and stabilise the Syrian region. Then people will have a reason to stay there! They deserve democracy. Assad is dangerous as well as ISIS

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    Mario Ghezzi

    Per prevenire attacchi dei terroristi islamici, occorre bloccare l’afflusso di clandestini, ristabilire le frontiere e relativi controlli. Altro che Schengen!!!!

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    Bart Van Damme

    You cannot stop terrorism. You cannot stop people from getting into the country. You can only give some of them less reason to attack you, or less reason to attack you instead of the others.

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    José Jurado

    Terrorism is created by the proper western countries to destroy and to expoiled oil from middle east countries Stop bombing Siria.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    1…Scrap the Schengen Agreement.

    2…Control intra-EU immigration.

    3…Introduce border checks throughout the EU.

    4…Seriously consider moving some of the poor asylum seekers to the basketcase EU nations as the benefits of doing so for said countries would be manifold – increased population ==> increased GDP ==> increased wealth and diluted endemic corruption.

    5…Educate all asylum seekers on what they can and cannot do.

    6…Educate all EU citizens about the good [we already tend to know] and the bad [we are often under-informed regarding same] relating to Islam.

    7…Keep all national power grids independent.

    8…Keep all national computer systems independent.

    9…Encourage all EU nations to spy on each other – oops scrub that one it;s already the case!

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    Antonios Forlidas

    You hypocrites of the E.U. You first lick the testicles of America and the bankers, then you make wars , exterminating countries and civilizations, causing death, destruction, misery and refugees, and you are wondering afterwards, how you will stop terrorism. You jeopardizing the lives and the safety of your citizens , and you pretend that you belong to the civilized Europe of the Enlighntment, the Ideals and the Human values. It;s no use crying over spilled milk.

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    Μιχάλης Σίμος

    In principle , Europe shouldn’t be involved in the internal affairs of other countries. All European member states should immediately decide on a peaceful or neutral policy and this should be communicated globally. Furthermore, Europe should focus on the sustainable development and growth of Europe’s economy. The economy growth should rely on viable policies friendly and compatible with our environment, if we seek a better future for the human race and a good chance of survival on this planet.
    If the rest of the states globally realize that Europe works to create a better future for the humanity, then, we have a lot of chances to keep terrorism outside of our Continent.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Μιχάλης Σίμος
      Pacifism would NOT have defeated Naziism!

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Care to name one country NATO has attacked?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      @ Catherine

      Complete garbage from conspiracy theorists and you tube warriors. Nobody denies US is a major force in NATO but there never been an attack on a country by a NATO force

      The UK was a member of NATO when it assaulted the Falklands, was that a NATO attack as well or does the logic only apply for the anti-US brigade?

  14. avatar
    Paolo Viti

    By closing for good the borders, doing carpet inspection with immigrants/clandestine and kick out illegals but above all making sure that there are laws that exist!

  15. avatar

    You cant completely prevent these terrible things but you can do somehthing to lessen the chance of it happening. #1Confront the backward views some muslims have about Jews etc. from a young age,#2have a immigration and asylum policy that limits muslim migration to small neglible numbers,#3end the importation of foreign husbands and wives,if they want to marry let them marry one if us and integrate into our society and for some this is also a backdoor way of immigration so again we must stop this,#3 we must ban foreign imams as they were not socialized in western countries and as such they carry views and styles of preaching that will lead to serious problems for community cohesion.#4have more public programmes on tv etc and talking about how backward it is to kill in the name of GOD and ridiculing this just as we would if Christians were doing it, #5we must remove those muslims who carry extreme views from our countries when these views become public knowledge, #6we must tell the public that islam is a ideology that preaches hate against Chritins,Jews,Yezidis etc., its so called propet muhammad was war lord,murderer,mass murderer,rapist and child molester, to follow the teachings of such a man is to walk step by step into the gates of Hell.#7We must bury politicall correctness as it is preventing us from naming the threat and taking the necessary actions against it. Call me the Anti Merkel I dont care, my actions ill protect us and our children her actions have endangered the future of Europe, we may see a Syria style Civil war in Europe in 50-100years a war that could have been prevented if common sense had prevailed.

  16. avatar
    Siva Nesan Jesu

    Terrorism is a natural phenomenon inherent and inbuilt in the unnatural brutal cult called islam, which had Christian Mother Church encouragement from the very beginning.

  17. avatar
    catherine benning

    Remove all immigrants and naturalised people from the last 75 years and send them back from where they came.

    That would open up millions of jobs, houses, schools, colleges, NHS places, and so on, for the indigenous and return the cultural expectations of a once civilised forward thinking nation. Remove all of those who despise what we offer and return them to the kind of society they wish to promote here. That way, those here who hate our way of life and find it evil would be happy and those who are happy with our way of life could return to contentment.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Sorry- being a bit of topic- but bear with me.

      Dear Catherine, please don’t prohibit (true) love! Once Cupid or Eros have released their arrows- most earthly governments allow for such godly choices by legalizing what would be to harsh to be downright prohibited by you today. You realize- 75 years are ~2 generations and a long period of denied love!

      Such (rare) unions are a one on one contract and cannot be compared with the “welcome ALL” utterances by (maybe a hormone challenged) Ma Merkel – attaching NO condition & breaching EU treaties & common sense! The EU/EC was afraid to criticize its almighty but unwritten pc agenda- but had no fear or hesitation breaching their own law in form of the Dublin accord!

      Please let’s be reasonable, celebrate the 14th of February and accept what other lawmakers before us have already (wisely) allowed- severe conditions do apply!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Catherine, sorry i attach my response under your original column!

      “Too much agreement kills a chat”!

      Dear Catherine, of course you’re concerns are valid & shared- the description you connect love to……is not to “love”- but connected to a perversion of a philosophy preached & enforced by certain domineering, disturbed, chauvinistic type of men, dressed un-mistakenly and the continuous, but estranged usage of ancient barbarian habits labelled as culture- again affecting ONLY women negatively.

      Differences in religion breed quarrels- add all differences in politics- it produces a concoction which is deadly chaos! We only can rectify- in a limited way- what’s wrong with present politics- and remain true to our inherited true Christian values.

      Will you let me fail in my diplomacy- or can we look at the more sunny side of life (at times) and wish every Romeo to find her Juliet & vice versa- despite all difficulties?

  18. avatar
    Floarea Cazangiu

    I do not know what to say but feel anger you can not describe in words they hear or see written word terrorism is a reality. Destroyed two countries and others to some extent. Terrorism has become an octopus. These terrorists stroll from one country to another and nobody can stop them. Instead other citizens of other states who come in peace, in holidays or visits, or simple trips to visit countries are not only restricted to the naked granite. Care must be taken in this regard and these refugees or immigrants sent back because it is among those fanatical Islamists.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Dear EU Reform -Proactive:

      As much as I admire your posts and greatly respect your advice and knowledge, on this I am looking from the outside and in the round.

      It has taken 75 years of growing mass immigration to fill our countries with horrors of the planet we didn’t, in the main, even know existed. Examples:

      Love and honour killing
      Love and female genital mutilation
      Love and polygamy being an accepted way of life for the state to provide welfare for umpteen wives and their children.
      Love and the open subjugation of women being forced to block sunlight from their skin
      Love and the voodoo mutilation of children as witches, leaving their totured bodies to float in the Thames
      Love and the hideous stultification of a progressive nation through enforced PC
      Love and the lining up of British families and their children at food banks in order to feed the foreigner
      Love and the forced homelessness of the poor and disabled in order to give our homes to those who enter our country either legally or illegally
      Love and the pouring of acid in the faces of young women or wives who decide they can take no more abuse.
      Love and multiple rape of white children in areas where the majority of foreign imported men find them evil for wearing a tight T Shirt or a desire to move from childhood to womanhood with free pubic expectation
      Love and the hospitals filled with masses of diseased people who, although they detest our lifestyle, pray on our tolerance and compassion to take the sick beds of those who built the system for their families and kin folk
      Love and the demand we change our way of modern tolerance to ancient barbarism
      Love and the Saturday night rape brigade who shit in our swimming pools where women wear bikinis and find the excrement float into their mouths
      Love and the rape of our male children in those same swimming pools, making it impossible to allow us and them to have the long fought for freedom we once knew would be ours forever.

      We, my dear EU Pro have given Love a very long chance. 75 years returns us back to WWII when all this hypocricy began to rise from the ashes of a smashed people.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Catherine, in case you look for my (humble) response- please return to your original posting- yours landed by mistake under Floarea C- thanks!

  19. avatar
    catherine benning

    Here is another reason we have and back terrorists.

    ””’NATO has totally changed from what was a completely reasonable defensive organisation in 1948, just after WWII, to a totally aggressive American attack dog, against the entire World. It serves no useful purpose whatsoever. It is directly responsible for the death and mutilation of Millions of innocent people who posed no threat to any country in Europe or North America. Russia poses absolutely no threat to Europe or North America either, and simply wants to be our peaceful trading partner. The American coup in The Ukraine, and resulting sanctions on Russia, was a deliberate American attempt to weaken not just Russia, but also Europe. The sanctions that have been imposed are a direct economic attack on Europe just as much as they are on Russia.

    The EU has also become an American controlled Dictatorship. European leaders are not working for the people of their own countries – they are working for The USA.

    The best thing that could happen to the UK and Europe, is the end of NATO and the end of the EU. Both are totally corrupt, and impossible to reform.

    The best thing Americans can do is go home and sort their own mess out in their own country, and stop trying to start a Nuclear WWIII – cos that will be the end of us all.”””’

    I found this written by a person named Tony. He had put it in the comments section of the Independent.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Catherine,

      Undeniably, the US rules the roost- other fall in line! To follow the US presidential primary is therefore of great interest for (some of) us. The fear in the US of a breakdown of society due to the- for ever entrenched duo US super parties- can & should teach us a few things in Europe!

      Interesting to note is that “Noam Chomsky” prefers Democrat Bernie Sanders, but has & will settle for another Clinton instead, since he knows Sanders cannot win. He seems to avoid Republican Trump, considering him a bad solution. Is Chomsky maybe a victim of his own loyalty to the Democrats – like so many other historic examples before him?

      Since all- Dem & Rep (except Trump) are “Wall-street” compromised candidates, nobody will be able to rejuvenate their parties or the US- and the status quo (of the establishment) will prevail. The Rep party will have a severe containment job on their hands- should Trump win- but he want be a pushover (like the others) and has by far the strongest personality- which might be a welcome change- essential for a US & global reorientation!

  20. avatar
    Santomasi "Pig head" Simone

    the best way to stop the terrorism is don’t leave it to scary us, we have to live reminding the victims and fighting with the fear of these crazy people; their God don’t want this from them, but now they can’t understant the true God’s wish anymore.

  21. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    By controlling immigration closing radical mosk expelling radical imams suppress double nationality,suppress right of soil and replace it by right of blood.easy but europe is impotent naive stupid

    • avatar

      First step is to end all further immigration!
      And your other measures to follow Oliver Dutriel.
      Add to that expulsion without appeal of all illegal immigrants and foreign born criminals upon release from prison.

    • avatar

      I totally agree with you! Our euro and national government are just not interested as long as they are not the targets, Isis will not target them because they are protected, the general public are just nobodies. It’s way past time to start rounding those that are known to have radical views and interning them or deporting them.

  22. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    You can’t prevent terrorism. We are currently facing global Islamic terrorism. The first step would be to identify the enemy by name – Islamic extremists.

  23. avatar

    I would start by not giving these people good reasons to attack us.
    EU’s foreign policy gives people reasons to attack us.
    Nato gives reasons for people to attack us.
    Individual EU countries, such as France, gives reasons for people to attack us.
    Supporting USA’s foreign policies gives people reasons to attack us.

  24. avatar

    Though I do agree with all of Marcel’s points I fear it is too late to amend the wests foreign policies which are dictated by
    The USA. We have to face the fact that certain sections of the Muslim community are at war with our societies, these sections are growing by the day and will not go away.
    So how can we stop them?

    1: Accept that this is a global war
    2: As in the last 2 world wars, intern those who support/sympathise with radical Islam
    3: Prevent radical imans from traveling and preaching hate
    4: As a united front seek out and destroy isis and other factions who follow the path of terror where ever they may be
    5: Force Israel to treat the Palestinians with respect and humanity, give them hope and support
    6: Islam must be reformed from within the Muslim community and realise we are no longer live in the 6th century, this is possible because it happened within the Christian religion.

  25. avatar

    Oh I forgot a very very important point! The most important!!!!

    Tony Blair and George Bush Jr should be tried for war crimes, the war in Iraq was illegal, they are both war criminals.

  26. avatar
    Alexander Simon

    Terrorism is a complex phenomenom that needs to be tackled on several layers. First of all terrorism is not new to Belgium and Western Europe as can be derived from the “background report” issued by the University of Maryland (just to pick one source):

    It is important to note that tactics is attacking soft targets in order to accomplish a high body count. Typically islamic extremist organisations (“Islamists”) claim their responsibility for those attacks. Recruiting often is done via the Web and other channels. This results in threats from “Homegrown terrorism” and returning “Foreign Fighters”. This is important to note because threat can start out from people living in Europe (even those having undergone “European Education”, as Mr Juncker called it in a recent interview). So one of the assumptions of the European Soft-Power Model, i.e. the assumption that people just need to live in Europe in order to develop preference for the European lifestyle and values can’t be kept under every circumstances.

    The “last defence line” against terrorism are of course Anti-Terror Units. European Anti Terror Units maintain high standards – however their resources are limitted and prioritization depends on intelligence information. Pooling & sharing of Resources is overdue – based on the fact that terrorism is not new to Europe (pls. refer to the aforementioned background report) it also needs to be questioned why the implementation was delayed. Probably that reveals further delayed action points that should be revisited and implemented.

    Intelligence service and investigation depends on collaboration with society. Anti-Terrorist experts recommend that civil society remains calm: I see the point but would add awareness and vigilance in order to sense suspect activity (such as potential radicalization in the neighbourhood). That however implies the openess of police and other institutions to listen to people that sense and report criminal activity – and not just assume prejudices.

    There should also be awareness that “European education” is not the only source for ideas youth is exposed to: I already mentioned the Web (“Open Source Jihad”), recruiters (can be peers) and more. This of course can include radical preachers in mosques and sometimes even religious education. This does not mean that religion is a bad thing per se – but it can be utilized as a vehicle to transport radical ideas. I suggest to put an emphasis on secularism: In a pluralistic society people have the freedom to chose their faith – but confessions need to be kept in a minority position. Furthermore no confession should be advantaged. Lobbying activities of confessions in the Europen Parliament (but not just there) should be questioned under that light.

    Integration is mentioned to be key. European “leaders” aim for the so called “Open Society”, i.e. praise it as a vehicle to not just cope with a globalized world but even gain advantage from it. Community Psychology shows that integration means efforts (IC training, language courses just to mention a few obvious means). That implies investing resources and resources are limited (willingness of civil society to contribute to that change is just one of those “resources”), hence integration efforts are limited – thus implying a “maximum number” (not an exact figure) of people that can be integrated in a given period of time, especially if they were socialized in a culture “more far” from the European Cultures (there are results that suggest that there are different distances among cultures. Apparently it is not easy to get in-depth research funded as such research very soon gets tags such as “discrimination” or -even worse- “Islam Bashing”).

    What I want to come to is that reducing the probability of terrorist plots can mean to give up “holy-grails” praised by Europen Intellecutals with the backing of Pro-European Politicians that instead suggest disarming civil society and blame civil societies for a lack of integration efforts (for instance Mr Juncker in one of his recent interviews).

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Alexander- good try though! To be short & sweet:

      The problematic Islamic ideologue need to be confronted head on & brought urgently before the UNHRC & EHRC!

      *Where is/are the elusive brave & fearless movement to initiate to declare Islam a crime against humanity- similar to Apartheid? No pussy footing around this mess!
      Please forget EU collaborates, blame sifters & shifters like JCJ & Co!

  27. avatar
    Bert van Santen

    Sorry, but no one can anymore.

    By introducing Schengen the EU politicians have provided the best possible solution for terrorists Europe wide.
    Without any control they could travel anywhere they wished for.
    The open Merkel invitation to all migrants did the rest.
    Check the travel the Belgian bombers followed . From East to West Europe.
    No worries, no one will check ANYTHING.
    With the European involvement in places like Syria etc, those people say simply…You hurt us, we`ll hurt You.
    Numerous times the politicians have been warned for attacks, but the pink EU glasses are still in use.

    The feeling of a free safe common EC has changed into a diverted EU, thanks to politicians.
    But these people refused to learn from their mistakes.

    • avatar

      Europe and more importantly the UK needs a leader like Donald Trump, someone who says it as it is and tells the truth, who isn’t politically correct.

  28. avatar
    Rui Correia

    “Best policies to tackle terrorism in Europe”?!? Seriously?!? – so so so out of touch… start by not imposing more and more people on poorer countries already facing tough challenges at so many levels… start by strengthening external borders, checks and controls, background checks, and also restoring internal borders as “internal layers of security” between partners/neighbours of good faith.

  29. avatar
    Rui Correia

    “Best policies to tackle terrorism in Europe”?!? Seriously?!? – so so so out of touch… start by not imposing more and more people on poorer countries already facing tough challenges at so many levels… start by strengthening external borders, checks and controls, background checks, and also restoring internal borders as “internal layers of security” between partners/neighbours of good faith.

  30. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Absolutely none! They all talk about the symptoms not the causes. You can’t fix symptoms and hope the problem goes away. But that is what these politicians have been doing all along.
    For starters, Italy, France, Spain and the UK have had the most attacks. Why?

  31. avatar

    Absolutely none!
    They all talk about the symptoms not the causes. You can’t fix symptoms and hope the problem goes away. But that is what these politicians have been doing all along. All of them.
    For starters, according to the info-graphic, Italy, France, Spain and the UK have had the most attacks. Why?

  32. avatar

    I wonder if it’s possible to live in a world without wars or terrorist attack but we know that it’s impossible. That’s sad to think this way but this represenst the reality of our society. Governments always speak about new things and progress to detect criminal acts or people but nothing change. This is just blabla to rassur population after a new problem. So even if we made real changement I think taht it’s impossible to read into one human so to arrest terrorisms attacks.

  33. avatar

    The 3452 increased military presence, however, didn t prevent another attack months later. Hollande decided to deploy more soldiers after the March 22 bombings in Brussels.

  34. avatar
    Caitlin Angelita Salinas

    I think if we the United states never started a war then their would never have been as much terrorism as there is now. The main issue that people need to start realizing is that its the government who is putting us through all of this. They have been supporting and supplying Saudis militarily. Furthermore, if every country just keep only their own people in their own countries less chaos would happen. Lastly, another reason why those terrorists are mad is because us as the united states have been trying to steal their natural gases and oil from their countries. The United states is going into more and more debt every time they let in 100,000 people a year into their country. Some of these people that our coming into the country don’t even have records of themselves so how are we supposed to tell who’s a criminal and who’s not well simple all we have to do is keep everyone in their own countries to avoid conflict.

  35. avatar
    Caitlin Angelita Salinas

    Wake up and realize that the main issue is the fact of people going in to countries besides their own like i said before IF COUNTRIES JUST STOP LETTING PEOPLE IN AND KEEP PEOPLE STAYING IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES THEIR WOULD BE NO PROBLEM THEIR WOULD BE NO CHAOS!!!!

  36. avatar

    1 only allow woman and children to seek assylum in europe. 2 send men back with weapons to fight thrir own war.

  37. avatar

    I would suggest that Continue in becoming as 1 in EU but close all the borders and daily security check so that Terrorism would be prevented

  38. avatar

    Leaders in European countries should read the books:
    1. A God who Hates
    2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

    Those books will open their eyes to know the real root causes for Islamic violence. They will learn about the history of Islamic conquest around the world and the implications it has in today’s age.

    My conclusions after reading those books is that the Arab Muslim society and culture is so problematic and so stubborn that it will be almost impossible to reeducate them to respect other human beings. The only solution is to get Islam out of Europe. Close down all mosques, all madrasas, and open only other types of schools. Secular, Christian, or Jewish are fine – but ban Muslim schools. Islam should be banned. Ban the Koran, ban their clothing, their special food.
    The result – those who want to stay Muslim will have to leave the country, and those who want to try to be civilized, law abiding citizens will leave Islam.
    I know it’s hard, and there will be riots – but it’s the only way.

  39. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    A lot is already being done, and that is good. More can be done.

    A European-level intelligence system would be a positive development.

    Screening war refugees for extremist beliefs or sympathies.

    Implementing life in prison sentences for murder and rape, and much more severe sentences for sexual harassment of any kind. No way should Breivik ever be allowed out of prison.

    People caught planning a terrorist attack which is thwarted should be sentenced as if they had carried it out so that they can never get back on the street to try again.

    People who have travelled to Syria to fight for jihadi groups or attempted to travel to Syria to fight for jihadi groups should always be sentenced to life in prison.

    In refugee camps anyone found guilty of sexual harassment, rape or attempted rape, murder or attempted murder, or who advocates murder, or who advocates sharia or islamic rule, or who threatens personnel, the host country or other refugees in any way, should automatically have their asylum applications immediately rejected, be fingerprinted, iris-scanned and DNA-printed with the data stored in a centralised database, given any appropriate legal punishment and then, if released, be sent back home for life. If they attempt to re-enter, use the biometric data to identify them and block their entry. Make sure that refugee centres are safe for all inhabitants by unapologetically and relentless pursuing any predators.

    Rapists should ideally also be castrated and sterilised so that they can never have children or reoffend. Furthermore, anyone advocating rape or defending rape of anyone for any reason whatsoever, or implying that victims of rape should be punished in some way and perpetrators of rape exonerated, should be treated as an enemy, fingerprinted, iris-scanned, DNA-printed and immediately expelled for life with asylum application rejected. Anyone advocating or implying that killing is ever justifiable to ‘defend islam’ or to punish those who ‘insult islam’ should be treated likewise.

    There is a need for European-level solutions here if Schengen is to survive, because as it stands we are all affected by the actions – or inaction – of other states. We’ve already seen Schengen partially collapse for this reason and, ironically, Merkel’s Germany itself has been the first horse to bolt out of the gate.

  40. avatar
    Asuman Keleşoğlu

    Teröre,elleri kanli Teröristlere,onlari destekleyenlere ,silah verenlere yardim ve yataklik edenlere Lanetler olsun.

  41. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    stop imigration, send back migrants without an employment promess, restric religious signs and behaviours to private life only, protect childrens from endoctrinment in the name of freedom of belief, rebuilt national customs at borders, arrest any migrant that are not here with an employment promess from a company that doesn’t prior find an european to do the job and fill a legal form to have them come in, send them back when the job’s over.

  42. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    It is impossible to stop terrorists but Brussels could restrict their movement by ending Shcengen, never going to happen though as their empire building is far more important to EU fanatics than the lives of the people they claim to represent.

    The situation will only get worse as Turkey is given access to the EU or they allow the migrant march to begin again.

  43. avatar
    Miroslav Mavroff

    Preventing a terrorist attack is actually wishful thinking. We can take actions to minimize the risk and they can be decided in 2 main groups:

    1. Minimize the risk of an attack occurring through:
    a. A EU centralized intelligence agency sharing the information between local organizations and tracking the funding and movement of terrorist organizations and their recruiters.
    b. A stronger integration of Muslim minorities across Europe.Most of the home grown terrorists come form closed Muslim communities discriminated or just left to fend for themselves by the central government. This needs to be tackled by preventing the creations of such places for terrorism recruitment. The best way for that is removing religion as much as possible from social life and emphasizing on a collective and inclusive community that guarantees the right and freedoms of all it’s members on a local level.
    c. The regulation of financial transactions to block as much as possible the movement of funds by terrorist organisations. A cross EU law setting up a procedure for accessing the necessary information to track these transactions.

    2. Minimize the impact of future attacks:
    a. A better funded and EU coordinated police force
    b. A EU coordinated Special Response Force including both security and emergency services.
    c. More social education on the threats and ways to counter terrorism based not on social profiling but on actual systems and threats.

    In the end if we coordinate better our security and create a better integration system for our minorities we can minimize the risks of terror attacks without turning into a xenophobic police state. In the long term the fight will still be between ideas the idea of a free society that gives the chance to every individual Vs the Us and them model that ISIS has created. I really hope that we will mange to prevent the main goal of ISIS of turning them slowly into them.

  44. avatar
    Angelos Stamatiou

    Stop invading mid eastern countries and stop selling them weapons.oh,but wait,this is against free market and capitalism.cant stop the blood tide that is coming.

  45. avatar
    Angelos Stamatiou

    Stop invading mid eastern countries and stop selling them weapons.oh,but wait,this is against free market and capitalism.cant stop the blood tide that is coming.

  46. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    How would I prevent another attack? First and foremost get rid of the islamoapoligistic government we have in the EU. And then start mass arrest, zero tolerance and deportations. Every single terrorist was on a watch list and known to the authorities. Well, start deporting them and their families.

  47. avatar
    Evangelos Koumentakos

    Close the borders with Greece and up support nationalist and iredentist govs in the Balkans. ..among other the continuation of bombing in Syria is one thing an of course do not forget to have all GONGOs fighting for animal rights.

  48. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    Agree.. is danger in every corner but
    I am OK..walking through the wall
    trying to forget yesterday.
    The wall does worth

  49. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    Radio is broadcasting that
    alongside both Slovenian Croatian borders.. there’are a bunch of refugees waiting to come in.

  50. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    Open external borders for everyone, especially for people without pass and any ID carts :) …and make free for all automatic weapons…

  51. avatar
    Peter Nicko'lay Canseeheart

    We can only minimize the risk no matter is the level of those acts zero. It is the same about everywhere. It depends of common and personal goals and acts that keep on the needs of life – labor, intimacy, wealth, health, nature time.

  52. avatar
    Francesco Vasata

    stop debating … send ALL muslims home … that’s no problem, they made the same thing to us in Lybia, Algeria and Rhodesia … just to mention fw cases.

  53. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    Step 1: Invite more immigrants
    Step 2: Don’t require identification
    Step 3: Forcefully Spread muslims to christian areas to promote diversity
    Step 4. Build more Mosques
    Step 5. Give them more free money so they don’t have to work to eat
    Step 6. …
    Step 7. No more terrorist attacks under Sharia law in Europe…

  54. avatar
    Ida Kolls

    I believe that the attacks are false flag attacks, therefor I would arrest all MOSSAD
    and CIA agents and jail them. Then I would complain to Israel and thr US

  55. avatar
    Ida Kolls

    I am convinced that all these attacks in Europe are false flag attacks instigated by MOSSAD and the CIA. Because it is in the best interest of Israel to stir up trouble for the world’s Muslim population.
    I would arrest all foreign agents, throw them in jail indefinitely until their countries
    have owned up. The world should realize how the US and Israeli spy agencies work.
    THEY ARE THE ENEMY, NOT THE MUSLIMS. Why do you think, as of Aug 4th, the US and their allies continue bombing Syrian civilians in Raqqa? Because they are Muslims first, not because Syrian government troops!
    Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with conspiracy but just plain facts.

  56. avatar

    A very simple policy… any terrorist that is captured will be publicly emasculated, penis and testicles removed with a knife, no pain relief then stitched up and incarcerated for the rest of his life… The VIDEO of his private parts being lopped off will be put on line beside his picture and the parts will be displayed in a jar of preservative in a case in the city hall in a display case. Once this has been done a few times, you can expect the number of repeat offences to drop rather substantially…

  57. avatar

    You are a RAVING hate filled jew hating anti semite….

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