UPDATE 09/03/2016: The EU has agreed the general outline of a deal with Turkey to address the ongoing migrant crisis. As part of the “one in, one out” plan, all Syrian asylum seekers arriving in Greece from Turkey would be automatically sent back, and in return a Syrian already in Turkey would be resettled in the European Union. The hope is that this will reduce irregular migration to the European Union (where asylum applicants are often undocumented), and instead encourage a more ordered approach, with applicants first processed in Turkey before even arriving in the EU.

However, there are still big question marks over the deal. Will Turkey want tangible progress towards EU membership in return? Will all 28 EU Member States agree? And is it a breach of international law to operate the type of automatic return policy being discussed? Especially to a country that is not a full member of the Geneva Convention, and which only one EU member – Bulgaria – considers a country of safe return?

ORIGINAL 16/02/2016: “We are living in the age of the mega-crises”. Those are the somewhat alarming words of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, but when you look at the figures it’s easy to see what he means. Despite a record $25 billion being raised from generous donors in 2015, we are seeing “125 million people in need [and] all-time-high numbers for the amounts of money requested through humanitarian appeals”.

A recent report suggests that the world is facing a $15 billion shortfall in financing for the various humanitarian crises that are playing out across the globe, including the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. One of the objectives of the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May is to address this financing gap (something that the UN argues is an achievable challenge in a global economy worth $78 trillion).

But can the global community really cope with an age of mega-crises? In the midst of a global economic slowdown, are we seeing “donor fatigue”? We had a comment sent in from Paulos arguing that the refugee crisis is pulling the EU apart and damaging “our humanitarian values”.

In January, our partner think-tank Friends of Europe hosted an event with EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva looking at the question of humanitarian financing. Commissioner Georgieva is a Vice President of the European Commission and Co-chair of the UN High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing. From 2010 to 2014 she was EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection. Did she think that the ongoing refugee crisis was eroding humanitarian principles in Europe?

Next up, we had a comment from Marc pointing out that the EU is (taken as a whole, including Member State aid budgets) the single largest donor of humanitarian aid on the planet.

With the rise of developing countries such as China and India, did Kristalina Georgieva expect this situation to change? Should developing (and newly-developed) economies start contributing more to humanitarian financing?

Finally, we had a comment from Mrs C asking why it is always a small number of EU countries, such as the UK, that contribute the most in terms of national humanitarian aid budgets. Shouldn’t other European countries step up to the plate?

Is the refugee crisis eroding Europe’s humanitarian values? Should developing countries contribute more humanitarian aid? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!


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      What is the point of humanitrarian values if they are always interpreted through the concept that they apply first to foreigners, I dont hear anybody talking about the human rights of the women and girls of Cologne and other parts of Germany and other West European countries to be safe from rape, robbery etc. It was a catastrophic mistake to interpret human rights as let eveybody in who is in a bad situation, and of all the people in the world we let in Millions of Muslims from the worst part of the world, they cant even live in pece where they come from and now we must take them up and at the same time ignore the problems that we have with muslims that are already here, it is ridiculous,and with very islamic terror attack where politicians will surely call for more police powers and searches,more spying etc. we will lose our freedoms,and with the rising crime we will lose our innocence,our security our human rights. I say it and say it without a bad feeling yes we should close the borders to these people,even to some child with a Toy car in his hands, we must nip this in th bud or else our children will suffer, and it is already happening.

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    Dan Florin

    Europe’s eroding herself. Migrants (not refugees) crisis was provoked by Germany, thus must be a bigger picture. Europe has to understand that you cannot treat somebody in a (social, cultural) way they’re not used to and expect them to answer back.

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    Marie-Thérèse Faidherbe

    No. It is the erosion of european values that made a crisis of a humanitarian situation. If well managed from the beginning we would have no crisis.

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      Such a absurd comment, no one is calling for mass murder of anybody so stop with this absurd comparison before you make yourself look like a imbecile.

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    Isabel Faria

    It is not the crisis …it’s lack of leadership at world level to deal with the crisis …

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    Rozalija Baricevic

    Extrem crisis needs extreem measures! Who is in charge to save Europe? Humanitarian values have their limits, too.

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    Stephen Panev

    No it is showing us that this values can be applied only under certain circumstances.

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    Cristina Powell

    I doesn’t, I think if anything it shows us that we have grown and despite being a large conglomerate of nations, most people are able to accept others in our counties rather than just giving money to different charity reliefs and hope that that will make the problem go away!

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    Europe’s humanitarian values eroded when Europe agreed to get into Iraq, into Syria, and not into Palestine or Lebanon. That was the beginning. The refugee crisis is just the result and a continuation of such erosion of values.

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    Nando Aidos

    Europe’s humanitarian values eroded when Europe agreed to get into Iraq, into Syria, and not into Palestine or Lebanon. That was the beginning. The refugee crisis is just the result and a continuation of such erosion of values.

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    Rozalija Baricevic

    The situation will be even more serious on Balkan. Powerful EU countries now want to keep immigrants far from their borders. A. Merkel has mentioned Balkan countries as potentionally dangerous place in near future. We will have to keep illegal immigrants as long as possible away from Austria-Germany etc. Onc again, Balkan is expected to save Europe from Islam.

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Europe still have humanitarien values but when is invaded because its politicien’s mediocrity and stupidity, keeps the values to herself.

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    Paul X

    Certainly not, peoples humanitarian values towards (genuine) refugees does not change whether it is 100,000’s or just a few 1000. What has changed is an acceptance that despite all the sympathy for their plight, there is a finite amount of refugees that can be absorbed into other countries. That and the fact a lot in the current crisis are economic migrants who don’t deserve humanitarian goodwill

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    Jo Meli

    The so called “crisis” is IMPOSED on us EUROPEANS by the Cabal of Brussels – the UNELECTED BASTARDS !!

    UNLESS these Bastards are individualised, hunted down and given to the Europeans to be DRAWN HUNG and QUARTERED the so called “crises” will PERSIST to the Detriment of our Children and their children in the short term.

    ANY talk short of this superfluous !!

    Jo Meli – MALTA

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    catherein benning

    From my point of view the refugee crisis is a plot by those who rule to reduce Europe to third world status, as that is a good way to make money and demand we are watched everywhere on camera and reading our thoughts. .

    This story will explain why and how they do it. Which civilised country who did not desire the end of our way of life and values would open their arms to criminals who come to Europe to squeeze life from it?. The UK is part of the collusion and corruption. It cannot be otherwise.

    And the way they bring them in for us to pay through our noses in taxes..Now, why would any country want to accept this if they were not intent on cultural destruction of the indigenous population?

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    Darin Attard

    The question is – why is Europe giving America free reign to do what they like in the Arab region? The so called freedom is nothing more than a crime against humanity. Worst of all Europe has adopted the failed American model of life and helping them to achieve their aims. Look at the results – Iraq, Libya and Syria. Where next? Iran, Tunisa?

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    Charles Vee

    This forced integration with people who have no knowledge of how to behave in a civilized society is destroying Europe. If this continues the best way is to LEAVE the EU or for th EU not to exist anymore. We are European citizens and our European leaders are making us second class citizens in our own country!! If I say something against Muslims because they rape Christians because to them WE are infidel I am labelled a racist by the do gooder traitors!! One thing is for sure… to let an other culture to out-breed you in your own country is nothing to do with a good-deed… it just makes you a big stupid sucker!

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    Paolo Viti

    What I keep on saying is that it is normal that all those immigrants/clandestine are coming in mass since everything is free of charge for them but worse is that those people are coming in without any form of control! The ugly truth is that it is destroying our society all for political reasons! Simply we can’t go on like this!

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    Zoltan Kiss

    I think it time to say out! I hope Britain starts the process asap. Then Mama Merkel can sit down and think…..

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    Tobias Jetter

    The only way to solve this crisis is to work out a long-term solution to the problems in foreign EU politics and the lack of a Refugee-Policy for ALL of our countries.
    We won’t solve it by pointing fingers, insulting others or using violence.

    We need a strict front policy, combined with a clear-cut scheme that dictates which countries takes what much of a percentage of refugees. States that do not cooperate shall be immediately stripped of any financial aids and advantages.
    Refugees that aren’t allowed to enter shall be escorted to a camp in a Safe neighbour state.
    We need to registrate all of them immediately, unregistrated people shall be considered illegal. Also refugees should be obliged to sign the constution of every state they enter, so they can be Held accountable.
    We need to allow them to Do minor work and actually earn money themselves which will lead to a decrease in crimininality.
    Refugees that repeatedly perform crimininal acts on purpose are immediately to be Put in jail until their stay in this country is over.
    The Native People should be encouraged to get in touch with refugees, i
    e. By organized sport events, concerts, joint ventures to build stuff in the local area etc.
    We need to eliminate prejudice on both sides as far as possible.
    Then we have to Do everything that helps to end the war in Syria.

    It can be done, we just need to work together as European Brothers and Sisters.

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      Here is the problem Tobias,and I speak for only myself.
      I am not racist or prejudiced ,but, I just dont want to get involved with refugees,migrants ,immigrants whatever name tag you use,to be truthful I am just not that interested,I already have plenty of people whose company I enjoy.
      i also notice that you are against using violence and to engage with newcomers.
      When those newcomers think Rape,sexual assault ,stabbing and over running national borders by weight of numbers and violence,sorry but I for one lose all respect for them and am even less likely to engage with them at ay level.
      I dont need to change my behaviour in my country when those coming in dont even know how to behave in a civil manner

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    Martin Georgiev

    If you mean being “Humanitarian” for destroying the ethnic Europeans and Christianity throughout Europe just like in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar. :)

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    If a country,any country allows across its borders large numbers who consider life itself to be cheap or worthless,who consider women to be inferior,and do not have the intellect to discuss these issues intelligently and in addition believe they can get whatever they want by sheer weight of numbers or the use of violence,then why is anyone surprised when violence and public unrest ensue,the end game is civil war .

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    Wendy Harris

    Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. Even the people of EU countries have failed to integrate and still think of themselves as Greek or French or British or whatever who belong to the continent of Europe but not to the country of Europe that they have tried to create. The migrant crisis has merely served to highlight the differences between cultures and especially between civilisations that don’t even live in the same century.

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    Tobias Jetter

    We should really learn from history and stop all the xebophobia now.
    Or else a new Reich will be on the rise soon, although maybe not a German one.
    Fascists want to take advantage of the situation, it’s our duty to hold them off.
    It’s time for a debate free of hate and prejudice.

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    Roni Alasor

    let turks shout some more imig waves to the funky munky eu, instead that eu have to pay sooo much money, they who destroyed Syria have to pay the price for the crime…

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    Claudio Bartoletti

    europe must and has all the rights to protect itself against human invasion, most are opportunists wanting an easy life, apart from that what gets on my nerves and i cannot understand why certain so called refugees when arriving in europe instead of gratitude for what they get, little or large, do obscene acts of violence, rape and no respect for nothing,…..

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    Mario Mamo

    Sure. It is destroying our economy. It destroyed our peace. It has brought us fear second only to that of WWII. It has brought us humiliation. It has destroyed our most cherished Human Right: LIBERTY. All this thanks to Merkel and her ass lickers.

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    Guido Blokken

    make the next refugee camp in merkels backyard……the borders will be closed within 24 hours

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    Alfredo Iannuzzi

    Sorry, but which Humanitarian values are they talking about? I didn’t notice this values in the behavior of EU (Greece is a good example!)

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      George Yiannitsiotis

      Thanks to the grand mothers at Sykamia, Lesvos, Greece rests a beacon in the EU darkness on the matter. The way financially bankrupt Greeks helped and are helping refugees smuggled through the 475nm long naval Greek(EU)-Turkish borders by the Turkish mafia and MIT, is the exception to the rule of inhumane treatment of these battered people at the borders of third countries (like FYRoM) or other EU-member states like Hungary, Slovenja, Croatia, Austria, the Czec Republic, Slovakia, Poland and the Baltic states (the latter violate HR with regard to their own mostly Russian minority; accepting alliens in their sacred soil? NO!)

      Of course, the Greek authorities have been left alone (EU solidarity!) to cope with the situation. 2.5bn euros/year is the cost to guard the naval frontier with Turkey and rescue those desperate people from the sea. 3bn euros are being given to Turkey to “hold them” on its territory. Solidarity? Human values? Not suitable for the EU credit-cards bureaucracy.-

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    Alex Rot

    Actually the easiest way to sort this issue out would be for greece to bring all the people coming over the water back to turkey. I mean you can’t tell me that you don’t see the people coming if there are kilometers of open water and most of them are sitting in coloured floatboats… It can’t get any easier then this. Comparing this to the green borders inside Europe, where people can go over fields or thorugh forests and everything it is so much harder to control, but imho if the greek can’t even handle such an easy task it’s not about unable, but about unwilling.

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      George Yiannitsiotis

      1. The problem is that though there is a bilateral agreement between Greeece and Turkey for re-procession of illegal imigrants/refugees back to Turkey, this agreement was never enforced. Turkey understands only the rule of power; not the rule of law.
      2. Technical matters:
      a) the naval frontier between Greece and Turkey is 475nm long from Evros river to Kastellorizo island
      b) most of the Greek front-line islands stand at a distance of 0.5-8nm from the Turkish coasts. In fact, most of them are 2-4nm.
      c) patroling such a vast area without aerial support (the aerial means where down since 2010 due to cuts imposed by Memorandum I on the national defence budget) makes impossible to stop this current of floatign refugees
      d) since refugees sail off the Turkish coast (mostly at night) it takes them less than half an hour to be in Greek territorial waters. Then, they sink their boat and, in accordance to maritime law, Greece has to rescue them from the sea.
      e) due to bad relations between Greece and Turkey (Turkey raises territorial questions over Greek rocky islands since Jan.30, 1996 and the EU is absent in support of its own “territory” and borders), the bilateral agreement (1) is not implemented.
      3. It’s much easier to patrol a land-border than a naval one. Land borders can be sealed off by errecting a fence (like in Evros river; NE Greek-Turkish borders or the Turkish-Bulgarian, the Serbian-Hungarian borders etc.). No one can errect a fence at sea.

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    Humanitarian ? How about the poor Europeans ?

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    Pasquale Grillo

    Te question is if all european countries agree with th idea of accepting refugees in their territory or not

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      Good comment.

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    Nicholas Farrugia

    The mega-crisis are artificially and deliberately made. Add to them some TTIP and ISDS and you have the perfect recipy for the annilhation of society as we know it . Thanks to political correctness and the most corrupt and pathetic politicians of the century.

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    Mike Oxlittle

    Peoples humanitarian values aren’t being eroded,it’s there patience that’s being eroded.They have seen there so called leaders for what they are. a bunch of weak and pathetic nobodies who wont admit the open borders policy is a disastrous mistake,and to preserve it they are prepared to put at risk not only the safety of women but the continent’s entire cultural history.It comes to a point when someone like Victor Orban is seen as the strong and sensible leader in Europe.

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    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Precaution-self-preservation-responsibility(especially for your own children) are very human. Help others at the point that you damage yourself or those you love(even the future of your children) is not human, it’s just very stupid.
    Btw, europeans are human too, they have human rights like self-preservation, to live safe and work to support only their own livelihood, and they have the human obligation of preserving their children and their furture too.

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    EU reform- proactive

    As long as the mega powerful (US) doesn’t apply fair play in the global political arena (avoiding the UN etc.)- acting as self appointed arbitrator in world affairs, using their mega egos, arrogance & armies- human suffering and the erosion of humanitarian principles will continue everywhere.

    Europe, through the creation of the (US inspired) EU & being part of US controlled NATO will remain a convenient tool (serf) & subservient to US interests until a different dispensation is found.

    The created refugee crisis in the EU is but one of the many global US misdemeanors’ in the name of spreading “US democracy”. All costs should therefore be born by the US treasury & all co opted NATO members- who so willingly assist. Obviously, not to be shared by any other (European) countries.

    It is preposterous & laughable to assume that developing countries, China or India would & should finance such (US/NATO) or global “NWO” adventures!

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    Al Spiteri

    Europe’s history is war, invasions, persecutions, genocide, imperialism, slavery, abuse and an infinite list of other sub-human activities. What humanitarian values???

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    Al Spiteri

    Mathias leaders do not fall from heaven. They are the images of whichever society they represent. Europe has the leadership Europeans deserve.

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    Tobias Jetter

    Spit hate all you want, you are not Europe and You’ll never be.
    We, the European people, are peaceful and progressive.

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    Elena Vder

    i totally agree with Mike Oxlittle, it’s Patience that has been eroded! Europe CANNOT sustain all these people because citizens of the European Union, have enough problems to deal with. Even though, all of us have to try and help the refugees (who have to respect the country they enter) it cannot continue forever. I think that from now on, it’s the responsibility of the great powers to end the war in syria..It’s the ONLY way. But it’s not going to happen as they have to sell their weapons…So, people just try to help as much as you can, because we are all humans- we could be refugees as well!

  39. avatar
    Elena Vder

    Most probably it’s the humanitarian values of the politicians that have been eroded!

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    Davide Zoran Parenti

    More humanitarian efforts from USA, Russia, Turkey and Arab Emirates (they are mostly responsible for that is happening) and less from Europe that now has other problems to solve, all internal at the EU, and even humanitarian like for example in Greece!

  41. avatar
    Valentino Celeghin

    Has the EU been digging its own grave and now trying to climb its way out? Don’t bother to answer…it’s rethorical…

  42. avatar
    Mordor Molle

    Yes , and we : the European citizens need to get armed , unite and start a revolution ! We need to kick those corrupt politicians out of the office and start cleaning the streets of those so called fake ‘refugees’ !

  43. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    how is eroding something that never existed or has been eroded decades ago???

  44. avatar
    John Saguato

    Yes is damaging the EU bat lets spell the fact this crises was created by the USA starting with the war in Iraq – Libya and so on and on in all the EU tray is best to managing the refugee crises and i know is not good enough to me the culprit should pay the cost no the innocent EU Members

  45. avatar
    Roy Nygaard

    No, because national, European values should come first. The priority of any national government is the welfare of its citizens. Care can and should be paid to others but not at the expense of citizens.

  46. avatar
    Riccardo Coletta

    European’s values? Are there? Have there ever been there? We sell weapons to poors and then we refuse poors to flee from wars. Europe is the second most important responsable of the situation but doesn’t want to deal with it

  47. avatar
    Anu Ramsino

    The human race will never see the end unless great thinker’s are made kings or king become great thinker’s everybody is one so if another is facing political unrest then the EU should help in addition the UN have aganisation to solve this problems

  48. avatar
    Besim Buric

    DA KAO U LOGORIMA SMRTI 1940-45 GODINA, samo zica druga i nema kula s mitraljezima

  49. avatar
    Besim Buric

    DA KAO U LOGORIMA SMRTI 1940-45 GODINA, samo zica druga i nema kula s mitraljezima

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    Norman E Grech

    Who can possibly be worried about our humanitarian values right now? I honestly think that these same values have rendered us weak and utterly stupid!!

  51. avatar
    Norman E Grech

    Who can possibly be worried about our humanitarian values right now? I honestly think that these same values have rendered us weak and utterly stupid!!

  52. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    There are no “Eurpoean values”. It is an invention, used to claim the moral high ground, to try and make people feel guilty, to point fngers and call others asocial or inhumane. We are talking about the same Europe which was thinking about kicking out Greece the moment it got into trouble. The same Europe that didn’t give a rat’s arse about the opinion of the people when it adopted the Lisbon constitution. The same Europe that bailed out the banks and let the people pay the bills. What fucking values are you talking about?

  53. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    There are no “Eurpoean values”. It is an invention, used to claim the moral high ground, to try and make people feel guilty, to point fngers and call others asocial or inhumane. We are talking about the same Europe which was thinking about kicking out Greece the moment it got into trouble. The same Europe that didn’t give a rat’s arse about the opinion of the people when it adopted the Lisbon constitution. The same Europe that bailed out the banks and let the people pay the bills. What fucking values are you talking about?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Bart Van Damme
      Bravo, well said!

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    Margaret Barahmandpour

    No it is just destroying Europe per se. It is eroding Europe’s values and culture and this is being done thanks to the EU’s highly idiotic politically correct leftist delusional policies…of people with their heads in the sand and their ass in the air! Brexit come on perhaps it will give way to a domino reaction. The day all EU MS will gain their freedom from Brussels….and will retake control over their own countries….putting state sovereignty as top of the agenda….Europe will start stabilizing itself once again. Obviously this has to be done with a mass repariation of illegal immigrants who for no reason whatsoever have qualified for protection!

  55. avatar
    Maria Diakoumi

    all of europe was supporting the “arabian spring”…now it has to get ready for a long and extremely harsh…”winter”!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maria Diakoumi
      Perhaps ‘Arabian Summer’ is more apposite?

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    John Fyates

    Are a farce how can eu countries take quaters of people when there is no boarders to stop them moving around the eu it seems to me that eu ministers want to go back to the real school of life and yes it will make a big change to the Eu

  57. avatar
    Jeanne Griffin

    The fact that nearly all the “refugees” fleeing Africa and the Middle East are men of military age should ring some alarm bells on our self-defence switchboard.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Jeanne yes, what’s in the pipeline and not yet in the public spotlight are the reasons why these alarm bells have DELIBERATELY been switched off by the “Suzerain” in Brussels.

      Europeans are made deliberately defenseless by creating dependency on Brussels!

      Sovereignty & its national service fostered national unity, provided a variety of useful skills and assisted the youth in their formative years (even if was against their youthful wishes), helpful in reducing high youth unemployment, maintained a minimum active Military, Civil protection and Peace corpse- on call for its citizens- and promoted equality among all Citizens. Certainly seen as incompatible with EU treaties, their principles & in need to be eliminated!

      All these (past) sovereign attributes are a hindrance to NATO, the planned EU(US) “professional” defense force- cum contractor- handing indirect control to the US through these PMC’s & PMF’s. It is a deliberate move to create a (tool) to establish a private mercenary force for the Brussels bureaucrats. It allows “them” to act without conscience, any sovereign allegiance- except us “dutifully” financing this madness to assist global corporatism, geopolitical interests & global adventurism.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Interesting post old bean, however, how would PMCs relate to the EU today?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Very much so today- and more so in future!
      My island friend, to discuss details here would take too long! Check out your knighted “Major” David Stirling who formed Watchguard International Ltd & Great Britain 75 and was an early architect of PMC’s.

      EU members WILL “eventually vote” & hand over all direct control of their military to the EU (“EU phantom Army”)- with dire consequences! You cannot swear TRUE military allegiance (“a soldier’s oath”) to an abstract EU concept- lacking any sovereignty (only some artificial legality). Cameron’s temporary “negotiated victory” now- will be short lived! The taste of the whole EU (cherry tree) is different.
      What’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander? Ain’t not? Its harvest time- all other must now start cherry picking as well!

      Some info for you:

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    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    how did business with Kantafi? how was supporting us policy in Middle East? how wanted Turkey to be part of Europe?? how still allow erdogan to drawn people in the sea??? how is building walls around the Greek borders??it’s hypocrisy to speak about “European values “

  59. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    how did business with Kantafi? how was supporting us policy in Middle East? how wanted Turkey to be part of Europe?? how still allow erdogan to drawn people in the sea??? how is building walls around the Greek borders??it’s hypocrisy to speak about “European values “

  60. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    My old company recently got me back in touch with an American colleague I worked with when I was based there in the nineties,I hadn’t spoken to him in 15 years.
    His first question was not about old friends or how the family was,it was about the migrant crisis that’s all over the news there,more so than here.After lecturing me for twenty minutes about what gullible idiots we are he finished with a telling statement ‘you know Mike if the U.S had removed their borders at the same time the Europeans did,all of Mexico and most of central america would be deserted today.Makes you think hey??

  61. avatar
    Alan Rutherford

    Don’t give a damn about Europeans moving around Europe, but open borders with the rest of the islamic world is why I will vote NO to Europe – the economic migrant crises is destroyed Europe – NO deal will fix that.

  62. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    Question: How would you solve the EU’s refugee crisis?

    Simple – I would send every available and imaginable maritime craft, for example, ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft etc, to the source of the problem…Turkey!

    Europeans, if they really wanted it, could stop incoming refugees, asylum- seekers, economic-migrants, illegal-migrants, by blocking Europe’s easternmost maritime border with Turkey – the source of the problem.

    The Greek-Islands, Islets, and Rock-Peaks protruding out from the Aegean-Sea, mark and delineate Europe’s maritime border with Turkey. Police these waters properly and you solve many many problems at once.

    You cannot build fences in the Aegean-Sea…but you can block, seal, police, protect Europe’s maritime border with Turkey, by using the idea above!

    Go tell the Visegrad 4 – Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians, to think like Europeans…and not like closet communists, thinking only to carve-up Europe at the FYRoM – Bulgarian border, resulting in the isolation of Greece.

  63. avatar
    JC Martínez

    Why Yurope is part of this huge business and allow Turkey blackmail us? How many people are making big profict out of this scandal? Why there is Isreal “NGOs” in Lesbos helping “refugees” instead of help the Palestinians?

  64. avatar
    Marco Franck

    our values culture are at stake as more immigrants arrive. Face it we have hundreds of years of fast evolution. Many third world countries and Arab countries are not ready yet to enter into a new era they must be prepared and willing to accept change as it’s all about it.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Muhammad Mohsin Saleem Wattu
      Who knows?

      In the UK, we are sick and tired of economic migrants coming to the UK from the EU as it is. Any more migrants even kosher refugees are unfortunately lumped in as one and treated [disappointingly] disparagingly.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      If they were Christians they would have the same values Europe already has. Christians ended head chopping centuries ago.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Even the date can’t hide the difference: Jumada Al-Awwal 1437 A.H.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Catherine Benning
      France only abandoned the guillotine last century!
      France is not one of the top exemplars of ‘values’ created by European countries.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      My dear island friend, your love affair with France is a “known public affair”. However, “a State death penalty” (see Amnesty International) was & is in a total different category (US) than any be-headings by murderess Jihadists which are ONLY inspired by a demonic religion or killings by other gone mad cults.

  65. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    They are not refugees to provide humanitarian values in Europe but it is the entire system to erode humanity.

  66. avatar
    Kevin Brindley

    BYE BYE eu ….sick to the back teeth of you. I hope the English leaving you will be the start of your death.

  67. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    no more people, refugees… .. there’s no America or new Zealand or Australia, the refugee issue had been settled. They built these continents… Now the middle East is a great big continent with great potentials what the hell are they all doing. Lots of oil. The OPEC countries… Why in the world are they going to Europe or snuggled to EU with no identities… A continent which has history culture heritage historical values and cannot take in such an influx of millions of Arabs or any more people of any Creed!! Are Germans in their right senses. Merkel what the f*ck is going on. Control the SIX year #war in Syria and that’s the main issue!! Enough with all the #EU leadership puppets just destroying people’s lives!

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      1. Syria does not have oil fields like S.Arabia. In fact, there are some oil fields close to the Syrian-Iraqi border under the control of ISIS (Sunni Arab Muslims).
      2. Syria was a “multi-ethnic”, “multi-cultural” traditional oriental society where christians (mainly Copts) co-existed with Alawite (moderate secularist Muslims) as well as Sunni and Shia Muslims (more traditional-backward in religious affection-fanatism); in the NE were the Kurds (scattered also in N.Iraq and SE Turkey)
      3. Assad’s regime (a secularist-populist state) based its power on the moderate Alawites and Copts oppressing the rest. All went well for the regime till the collapse of the Berlin Wall that caused major geostrategic imbalances not only in Europe but also in the Balkans and the M.East.
      4. The Arab spring (that almost brought islamic fundamentalists on power in Egypt Algeria and Tynisia 5 years ago; scattered Libya and dumped Syria to “civil war”) came as a result of a US strategic blunder (2nd Iraq war 2003; invasion & occupation till 2009) that Obama Administration tried to heal via “democracy-spreading” process.
      5. The core EU countries warmingly supported Obama’s “Arab democracy” agenda extending it to areas like Ukraine to the detriment of Sun Zu and Clausewitz advice on the “culminating point of victory”. In both cases (Ukraine and the Arab world) extremists took advantage and seezed power via coup d’etat (like in Ukraine. 2014) or elections (like in Egypt and almost in Tynisia) causing counter-reaction from within (coup-d’etat in Egypt and semi-dictatorial regime; civil war in Libya and Syria, dissolution of Iraq and civil war etc)
      6. Though political stability in Egypt was guaranteed by the Army, in Syria the situation was much more complex (since there had been no democratic transition and Assad stick to power using military force to oppress the Opposition groups).
      7. The situation in Syria deteriorated further when a group called “Daesh” (ISIS) launched an all-out war in Iraq against the federal government in Bagdad (mainly Shia in coalition with the Iraqi Kurds). Finding no resistance, ISIS managed to grab not only the oil fields in Mosul (N.Iraq) but crossed into Syria to help Sunni Syrian “brothers” in their fight against the infidels. Beheadings shocked the world.
      8 The Gini was out of the bottle and the Western powers decided a two-folded strategy: to continue supporting the “moderate opposition” to the Assad regime via Turkey (arming them) and to start bombing ISIS. However, ISIS had the oil and money power to buy the Western supplies from the “moderate opposition” and advance up to Palmyra, destroying everyone & everything considered as an insult to Allah. Medieval crusade ressurection from a muslim perspective.
      9. What Germany and the rest of core-EU countries did was to turn a blind eye to the situation till Moscow intervened to re-establish a military balance between the Syrian regime and ISIS, reinstating its military presence in the M.East (vital to its security concerns regarding Black-Sea free naval access to the Mediterranean Sea)
      10. All these years (at least 10 for Greeks), people where trying to cross into the safe heaven “EU” via Turkey. Most of them were Afgans and Iraqis but in 2012 included Syrians as the main group. Battered Greece (due to the financial crisis and Merkel’s blunder to take nazionalist advantage to the expense of a real European Union back in 2010), took all the burden without any substantial help from the EU till 2015 when there has been a 800% increase of refugee influx via the 475nm long naval frontier with Turkey.
      11. Though it is obvious that Turkey is behind this organized push of refugees to Greece, the EU tried to put the blame on Greece who treated these poor people with HUMAN DIGNITY though pressed to drown them into the Aegean Sea (in direct violation of maritime law).
      12. The continuous hostile to Greece (EU member-state) nazionalist policy followed by the Vizegrad group and Austria that aims at fencing off Greece from “Europe” in order not-to-disrupt core-EU countries lives, is the GRAVE of United Europe.
      13. Our lives have been disrupted long ago, when neo-nazionalist Germany supported the dissolution of Yugoslavia and Greece became (back in the 1990s) a main refugee-host country. Then came Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011) and Syria (2012) to flood Greece with more than 2.5mn refugees the last 10years.
      Come to your senses! Be EUROPEAN! Not BARBARIAN Allemand, Goth, Viking etc.

  68. avatar
    catherine benning

    What every European parent must read before they choose a child minder. This is the ‘humanitarian values’ our politicians must take into account and act on before they decide what is right for our lives and do it without our collective consent.

    Every politician must be held responsible and accountable for deaths and any terror acts caused by their position and votes over mass open door immigration into our borders from outside.

  69. avatar

    Is the mess in Africa created by EU alone? Does the international community of state (UN) has no responsibility on refugee problem? This is a transnational issue which ought to be resolved through international effort, which is UN needs to make it a duty of all member states.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      1. Is the EU a UNION or NOT?
      2. If yes, the EU should deal with the issue of refugees entering its territory.
      3. If no, then call the UN to deal with the issue.

  70. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    SIMPLE ! Build some accommodation for them in Syria or Turkey . Send food to them and after they finish fighting in Syria they can go back. Those people don’t like the EU and liberal democracy from the West . They don’t want to integrate . Why should all Muslims entering the EU get permanent citizenship and those starving children in Africa NOTHING :

  71. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    We (Europeans) should start a second wave of colonisation in the Middle East and North Africa. Our know-how, their natural resources. We could create jobs for both us and them and rather than having them knocking at our door they would have us there to create prosperity and wealth. Countries like Morocco or Tunisia greatly benefited from the French colonisation, they took the language, culture, technology and standards. Israel is a success story of European know-how brought to a desert land that otherwise would have been hopeless.

  72. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Now, lets see…the EU politicians agree with Turkey: I send 1 back and you send me 1 At the same time I give you 6.000 milions € AND give permission for the turcs invade Europe. I think the EU is looking for trouble 1939-2019 ?.

  73. avatar
    Tony Gallardo Campos

    Es una verguenza que se haya mirado al otro lado en el caso de la guerra de Siria y ahora se haga lo mismo con sus victimas inocentes .Europa no estuvo ni esta a la altura de los principios morales de una sociedad civilizada . Que acaben con los paraisos fiscales y con el tráfico de armas que son los verdaderos causantes de esta ignominia

  74. avatar
    Pedro Gregório

    Fighting one of the most powerfull industries in the world! stop selling weapons to other countries! thatis the only solution!

  75. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    No, it doesn’t. The EU can handle it. What about illegal immigrants? What about debating to STOP THAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST? Or you and we, Europeans, are not competent enough?

  76. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    We all want to respect humanitarian values but we first must address the European public concerns. Why do you think that far-right parties are rising throughout Europe? It is because some EU leaders refuse to listen to their own electorate.

  77. avatar
    Voula Thomacos-Lagonas

    When banks became more important than PEOPLE, that is when the EE …DIED and lost its HUMANITY……now all they are ……Enoneni Eglimaties

  78. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    What is happening erodes humanitariam values but also other values …but it’s not the refugees fault but Europe’s …and it’s not in general …there are names and faces behind the lack of strategy and behind the lack of adequate measures to receive and integrate migrants respecting Europe’s values. The same people are responsible for the raise of racism, discrimination and extremism and for the raise of right-wing parties everywhere.

  79. avatar
    Elena Salinas Martínez

    Of course it is. Us, europeans, iin generall, we are more concern about our belly bottom than realising the massive problem that is knocking on our door. We have proved not being generous or kind, by being afraid of the wrong people.

  80. avatar
    Boris Valenčič

    Največja SVINJARIJA za VATIKAN je, da Vatikan sploh še obstaja!

    Velikokrat slišim, kako se kriminalna slovenska politika iz vrst krščanskih strank opira na povsem neuravnovešena dejstva, da je Vatikan prvi priznal Slovenijo, zatem pa so mu sledile druge države!

    Tudi danes, ko je Jože Horvat iz NSI to razlagal v škodo Erjavca sem to slišal ponovno. Zaradi tega sem se odločil, da če že sami Slovenci tega ne razumete, da vam to zadevo pojasnim.

    Namreč svetovno evolucijo ali revolucijo sem v 1990 letih sprožil jaz z dejanskim pričetkom 25.12.1987 in z odločilnim udarcem 25.5.1988 v Ženevi. (berite: Seveda sem bil politični emigrant že od leta 1976 in se občasno tudi vračal v Slovenijo.

    Razvil sem tudi teorijo samostojnosti in svobode narodov ter posameznika, to pa predstavil pod imenom SEDEM KRAKA ZVEZDA. Tedanje razmere v svetu niso bile nikakor naklonjene narodom in dejanski politični svobodi. Zahod se je na staromoden način predstavljal za naprednejšo družbo od vzhodnega socialističnega sveta. Edina nacija, katera se je izpostavljala so bili lahko Židi, Izrael, vse druge nacije pa so bile lahko poteptane ali totalno mešane iz celotnega sveta, kot je primer USA.

    Takrat v letih 1988 ko sem pričel delovati v Italiji, s tezo o samostojnosti in neodvisnosti narodov so me označili za NACISTA. Bil pa sem tudi antikomunist, edino to me je reševalo, sicer bi že končal v kakšnem zaporu kot privrženec Mussolinija in Hitlerja, čeprav to nikoli nisem bil. Italijanom se je kar trgalo, ko so pomislili, da bi se lahko Italija razpadla na več delov.

    S svojo predstavljeno teorijo SEDEM KARKE ZVEZDE sem presegel vse Vatikanske in tedanje svetovne nacionalne, politične in gospodarske razmere v svetu. Razpadi držav so se resnično pričeli udejanjati, tudi politične in gospodarske spremembe na bolje. Vzhodno evropske države so pričele napredovati, čeprav jih je zatečene hotel zahod podjarmiti.

    Vatikan je tako kot duhovni center sveta naenkrat postal okostenel, zastarel in povsem nepotreben, saj je v trenutku postal povsem zaostala duhovna vrednota in teorija, več ni predstavljal ničesar alternativnega in koristnega.

    Tudi povsem miren razpad Jugoslavije je bil zaradi moje dejavnosti povsem neizbežen. Vse to so še kako dobro vedeli tako slovenski levičarji in ta politična naplavina, katera se je deklarirala v Sloveniji za desnico. Torej so vse te zasluge za vidne spremembe v razpustitvi vhodnega bloka, na nacionalne države pripadle meni. Ker pa se s tem v Sloveniji in na Hrvaškem niso hoteli sprijazniti, da bodo ostali brez HEROJSTVA in zaslug, so namerno zanetili umetno vojno z JNA, naprej v Sloveniji, zatem v Hrvaški, kar pa je imelo grozovite posledice.

    Slovenski levi in „desni“ politiki so raje izdali mene, to je od njih zahteval VATIKAN, CIA in drugi IMPERIALISTI. Tako niso šle zasluge SLOVENIJI za padec berlinskega zidu, ampak povsem drugim, kateri res niso imeli z globalnimi spremembami ničesar skupnega.

    V nadaljevanju pa so SLOVENCI zaradi istega vzroka izdali še ves SLOVENSKI narod in ga povsem razkradli, kar so lahko naredili v tej “civilizirani“ Evropi, kot zasluga za njihovo hlapčevstvo imperialistom.

    Še preden so zanetili to 10 dnevno „osvobodilno“ puškarjenje, sem vse opozarjal naj tega nikar ne počnejo, da se ne bo dobro končalo za nikogar, naj ne trgajo gospodarskih vezi z drugimi balkanskimi narodi. Tedaj, v letih 90 sem bil vključen v bivši SDZ tudi jaz, vsi takratni in današnji „veljaki“ pa so trdili, da je potrebno vse uničiti in da ima Evropa že vse na novo pripravljeno za nas. Napisal sem 10 strani izstopne izjave in naj jo le predstavijo javnosti, Janez Janša in njegovi, če si to upajo – dajmo na dan z arhivi in pravo besedo!

    Več kot 30 let se trudim za napredek v Sloveniji in ne morem zaradi cenzure medijev, ponorelih oblasti držcev ter obupno zakrknjenega slovenskega ljudstva, preiti ponovno na vodilno pozicijo, kot takrat v letih 1990.

    Slovenija pa vse bolj tone v popoln prepad.

    Vatikan je tako kot muslimanski svet, še vedno povsem brez enakopravnosti žensk z moškimi, utaplja pa se zaradi tega v številnih pedofilskih aferah po vsem svetu. Že to vam veliko pove, da je njihova praksa zasnovana proti naravno. V številnih deželah, katere obišče Papež, se zgodijo prej negativne kot pozitivne stvari, le besedičenje je eno, dejstva so povsem nekaj drugega!

    Torej zahvalite se VATIKANU, za vaša današnja “crkavanja” sveta in domovine!

    Boris Valenčič, 1. slovenski KRALJ –

    music by Blaž Svetek:

  81. avatar
    Sophie Gialamas

    Europe and humanitarian values? Lets clear the screen please. Lets face the History. Through 20th century, in this european soil, took place the greatest wars in the history of man. One european country, Germany was the main actor. A lethal one, I could say. About 150 millions of dead people in only 35 years! Not to mention the Yugoslavian war of the 90s, the IRA war against Britain, the Basque War against the spanish goverment and so on. Europe seems to be a battlefield since the day of Charlemagne. Only the last 25 years after Maastricht treaty European union has started to talk about this certain Union…Lets be pragmatic. The philosophy of the Greeks, the art of the Italians, the artistic taste of the French and the power of the Germans, are really not enough to create a pure humanitarian landscape. We have to re-evaluate our selves again and again. We have to read History. We have to travel. We have to learn. We, Europeans, have to understand that we must live side by side. We have to re-invent everything just right from the start. If we learn how to be humans, we maybe, turn out to be Europeans….

  82. avatar
    Audrey Ellis

    So many immigrants the worst is yet to come .
    When this happens the big boys will be sitting pretty , they will have their little hideaways ,
    It is you and I. That will take the Brunt , Till then. we can only wait .

  83. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    The Agreement is a complete failure , because it does not address the issue at its core, which is stopping Turkeys aggression against the European Union , with the flooding of illegal immigrants that will not conform to the VALUES of the European Union. Establishment of a all professional EU Defense Force is that only way to effectively protect our EU Schengen Institution , which is a critical component of the architecture of the European Union, and is what gives meaning to being a European.citizen. Partners don’t violate the sovereignty of fellow partners like Turkey is doing against EU members Greece and Cyprus which are a part of the European Union. Partners don’t make territorial claims on fellow Partners like Turkey is doing against EU members Greece and Cyprus which are a part of the European Union. Partners do not occupy territory with military force of fellow Partners.which Turkey is doing , through the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus which is a part of the European Union..Partners do not violate the national airspace and Flight Information Region of fellow Partners like Turkey is doing with the National Airspace of Greece and Cyprus, which are both members of the European Union. Where was the EU insistence on Turkey to end the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974. The only effective solution is to establish a million man all professional EU Defense Force to create an IRON SHIELD at the Aegean Sea Borders between Greece and Turkey.

  84. avatar
    Naresh K. Moorjani

    Coruption, greed along with capitalism has killed all human values long time bak in europe…laws are made by the corupt to protect themselves…its happening everywhere…Europe presumes of a mature human first world but reality is it has degraded big time…

  85. avatar
    Agla Ntouni

    And surely is ! We Europeans citizens will need to redefine human values and that another has to do with the human condition and not only the economy !

  86. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    Some idiot people call the rational citizens islamofobic- refugee- fobic etc.If you feed me 25 gallons of water by force, i will say STOP,but i m not hydrophobic.Everything has its limits.Perhaps you can feed a refugee in your house, and this is what we all should do, to help these people,but you cannot feed 100 people in your house.This is the same in a country -level.We should help by all means those already entered EU but we should say a big NO (like Australia said) to anybody thinks he can invade illegally in EU . We should accept what we can afford-

  87. avatar
    Stavroula Pesonis

    I thought that there were humanitarian values that are to be applied everywhere. Why is the question about europe’s humanitarian values? Or is this discrimination only because europe’s values are non existant?

  88. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    I would like to read responses to this questions by immigrants and refugees. Ask them, please. Don’t think that they don’t know much about the EU.

  89. avatar
    Antonios Forlidas

    As long as European Union is the puppet of the american aggressive foreign policy and participating militarily in destroying countries where the refugees come from, then it;s no use crying over spilled milk. As long as E.U is dealing with Turkey which was supporting ISIS, then there is no any hope.

  90. avatar
    Mark Griffith

    The refugee/migrant crisis might be undermining Europe’s _illusions_ about humanitarian values, and this ultimately might be rather a good thing.

  91. avatar
    Kristel R. Sitz

    No, refugees per se, do not. But islam does. And so does the political correctness that forbids people to critisize the practices of islam that erode European humanist values (secular civil society, equality of sexes, freedom of religion (including leaving a religion), rights of minorities etc.)

  92. avatar
    Larry Moffett

    It has revealed that Europe’s humanitarian values are a mile wide and an inch deep. It’s easy to profess such values when times are good and they don’t cost anything. And when the going gets tough, it’s easy to forget those lofty principles, abandon the moral high ground and go crawl under a rock.

  93. avatar
    Makis Zakkas

    EU??? What EU??? U is for United!!! where is the Union. All I see is 28 guys playing the every one for himself game. If you think that 500 million Europeans cannot pet 4 million Refugees…… and fighting who’s gonna take the few!!!!! Its at least pathetic.

  94. avatar
    PES Crete Activists

    Let’s create some safe and legal paths for young refugees ..let’s use universities as a life vest ..that’s progressive ! #univest Scholarships for young refugees to come and study to our Union

    • avatar

      NO PES Crete Activists, lets not encourage refugees. A third of all jobs are likely to disappear in the next two decades. We do not have enough work of our own people. Also Europeans are dying out, we are not replacing ourselves! We do not need other people competing for resources, Europeans need to be able to get the birthrate back up to replacement levels of 2.1 children per woman.

  95. avatar
    Zoran Ravlic

    This is not “the refugee crisis”,this is fuckin’ plan to destroy our civilization and turn us directly into Orwell’s nightmare New World order chaos playground.Thank crooked bitch Angela for tis hell on arrival…

  96. avatar
    Stathis Stathopoulos

    Since it took part in creating the refugees by supporting the wars against their countries … what is left to erode?

  97. avatar

    Agree with you Zoran Ravlic.
    Europeans have been encouraged not to breed, women made to feel guilty if they don’t work, so cannot cope with larger families, house prices rising (at least in Britain) so people cannot afford a family sized home, then fast breeding young foreigners are being brought in to replace us.

  98. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. ‘Humanitarian’ is a very convenient politically-‘correct’ word belonging to the dictionary of obfuscatory language that in effect deflects attention away from specifics which, if scrutinized, would lead to the very obvious realisation that it is only with these scrutinized specifics that any sense of value can be discovered. Thanks.

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