european-valuesWe hear a lot about the importance of European values. History can be divisive (Europeans have, after all, a long history of stabbing and shooting one another) and culture is often tied strongly to national identity. But values are supposedly shared across the continent by all Europeans.

But what ARE European values? Democracy, human rights, and solidarity are often cited as examples of European values, but each of them is almost as nebulous a term as ‘values’.

It’s true that all EU Member States are democracies, but there are apparently differences of opinion about the specifics (see, for example, rancorous disagreements between the European Commission and countries such as Poland and Hungary over constitutional tinkering).

Most Europeans could probably get behind ‘human rights’ as a value, but the refugee crisis has caused deep divisions over the ‘universality’ of these supposedly universal rights. And European ‘solidarity’ has been buckling under intense pressure from austerity and the long-running European debt crisis.

What do European values mean to YOU? Are values such as democracy, human rights, and solidarity enough to bind the continent together? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Xavier Schoumaker

    Fundamental rights and solidarity since the beginning.
    Although many populist currently try to say it is racial or religious, which goes against the pacific need there was for a united Europe after 2 world wars we started.

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      Everybody’s friend is actually nobodies friend. It is because he cannot discriminate between family, friends and strangers that he cannot be loyal.

      Words of solidarity coming from somebody without loyalty mean nothing. He will betray the interests of his closest the second he finds some random stranger apparently to be pitied.

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    José Bessa da Silva

    Too many. Each european nation as it’s set of values. Each individual as well. My values for instance tell me that I am nothing else other than portuguese to start with….

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      sad for you.

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      and a bad one by the looks of it because the Portuguese speak a romance language together with a number of other countries, after they dropped the Celtic one. so being Portuguese already puts you in 2 different wider cultural groups.

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    Fundamental rights and solidarity since the beginning.
    Although many populist currently try to say it is racial or religious, which goes against the pacific need there was for a united Europe after 2 world wars we started.

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    Bita Nahal Peace


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      I’m nothing like that… but I’m European, and I feel it.

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      Nikolay Karakolev

      Heil Bita!!!

      Shame on you…Really.

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      Adrian Limbidis

      “Western philosophies” ?
      Don’t make me laugh !

      protection of territories ?
      Islam is taking you over!
      Art and culture – again islam is taking you over.

      Preserving the indigenous race?
      haha whites are a minority – scratch that too.

      Not even Sweden has a majority of your “perfect” white blond blue eyes population.

      To hell with your ‘western values’.
      Your “western values” brought ISLAM in Europe while we slaved in the Eastern Europe for 600 YEARS to keep it out !

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Adrian Limbidis
      PLEASE try to be accurate when posting otherwise you do nought but degrade some of your [albeit overly emotional and indeed racist] points.

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      Marace Dareau

      So the writer does not have the freedom to write what he or she wants and there is no solidarity in this community to support that fundamental freedom?

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    Ivan Burrows


    There is no such thing as ‘European values’, there are however at least 50 sets of National values within Europe.

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      Mattias Holm

      There is not really any national values in Europe, which anyone who has lived in more than one member state will easily attest to. There are however national traditions, but that is a different thing.

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    Rogerio Coelho

    Democracy, human rights, solidarity, respect for the other’s opinion, christianity, family, equal rights and opportunities for men and women, safety.

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      Elina Maar

      Why christiantity? Freedom of religion should be a European value, sadly it isn’t…

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      Margarita Ozuna

      Elina Maar, Christianity being a value for Europeans is indeed NOT racist. Being Christian does not equal to oppressing other religions, it just means that Europe is mostly Christian and that being a value means it should be preserved.

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      It’s interesting to read it 5 years later.
      Respect for other’s opinion seems no more European value today, we have cancel culture. Mentioning christianity and family is mostly a far right idea. :(

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    Margaret Barahmandpour

    There are no European values. They are being destroyed by the Brussels dictatorship by changing the Europe we knew with its values and norms….into anarchic Eurabia!

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    Nico Selleslags

    Western cultur is based on individual rights. Everting starts from the idee that the individu is the most precious!

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    Luis Jorge

    Beginning from the most absolute respect of each other (splendidly represented in our motto United in diversity) and continuing by the real application of the basic respect to Human rights, solidarity, democracy and transparency in the political work. Finally I take the Erasmus generation one of the highest values of the current EU.

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      europe only values the rights of certain groups of people not all. for centuries european men owned slaves and gave them no rights. Similarily, during WW2 the jewish people were killed just because they were not “aryan” and they were treated as less than and given no rights. Europe prides themselves on non existent values.

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    I’d prefer us to talk about universal values and universal rights. Of course, Europe (and the countries and regions within it) have their particular and changing mix of languages, cultures, histories. Europe has a tradition of liberty and equality; but it also has history of war and oppression. Universal values of human dignity should apply to everyone everywhere, and belong to all people, nations, religions.

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    Stephen J Gorog

    Values start with the protection of Europian citizens.. Now the citizen is ranked second to the migrants! What do EU leaders think who are they representing, citizens rights should be first !!!

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    Secular societies, the rule of law, individualism and protestant work ethics are the most important values. However christian-conservative values fit perfectly into the mix, too, we should be proud of our cultural greatness and our separate national histories.

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    Ivan Vikalo

    European values can only be understood within the framework of our common heritage as that is the way we develop our thoughts/idea/values. This heritage begins in ancient greece and rome and continues further up to 2016

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      europe only values the rights of certain groups of people not all. for centuries european men owned slaves and gave them no rights. Similarily, during WW2 the jewish people were killed just because they were not “aryan” and they were treated as less than and given no rights. Europe prides themselves on non existent values. Even today, refugees have to flee their home due to violence and lack of human rights. The refugee crisis has been going on for years and Europe has still claimed they are “united” despite their people suffering.

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    Patricia Turco

    Peace is the fundamental objective of European Union: EU brings sustainable peace.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Patricia Turco
      You do of course mean NATO.

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      hans van veen

      Peace? I don`t know in which EU You live but , the NATO takes care of peace. Even when Van Rompuy and Co took mistakenly the credits for it.

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    Peace drove us together. It is evident that Social constructivism has trickeled down from academic discussions into a societal level, a counterreaction would be the appeal of populists who “protect” tradition. For now we have agreed that peace is better than war, everything else is up for discussion. I hope we can pick the traits that make so many cultures great and infuse them into a supranational identity… Maybe dreaming of a better world is something that we all share, even outside Europe.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Adrian Limbidis
      Romania is inferior to my country – financially, democratically, demographically and morally. Numerous sources like TI, IMF and Bloomberg will confirm my assertion.

      A country like Romania with a population c1/3rd that of the UK’s is NOT equal to the UK – that would be UNDEMOCRATIC!

      You do believe in democracy don’t you?

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    Pavel Lampa

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité; Secular democracy and free speech are superiour to totalitarian regimes and theocracies!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Pavel Lampa
      NO Latin nations feature in Transparency Transnationals’ 2015 Top Ten – The EU must be better than nations such as France with its extremist ‘Laïcité’ philosophy.

      The EU will fail if it looks to France and the other Club Med nations for leadership.

      Instead the EU should look to its 2 biggest donors (Germany and the UK), Scandinavia and the Netherlands for moral, cultural, political and economic guidance and foresight.

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      Adrian Limbidis

      The fact that a country PAYS more doesn’t give it more SAY in the EU – that’s what makes the EU …well..EQUAL or at least a semblance of…

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    Surely. Peace is a cardinal human value shared outside Europe. However, the legal personality of EU reinforce Peace.

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    Geo but not Gayo :-)

    …Must be the value of Europeans in terms of all those hundred of millions of Euro granted in and outside EU? Valuable? Hm? :-)

    Full Definition of value
    : a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged
    : the monetary worth of something : market price
    : relative worth, utility, or importance
    : a numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement
    : the relative duration of a musical note
    a : relative lightness or darkness of a color : luminosity
    b : the relation of one part in a picture to another with respect to lightness and darkness
    : something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable
    : denomination 2

    Now… Full definition of Europeans? :-)

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Marco Bianchi
      All of these values will be usurped by the TTIP!

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    Eugenia Serban

    Apparently, recently, NONE.
    Europe is so eager to give up all its hard earned freedom and civilization during 5-6 centuries just to accomodate Dark Ages Middle East population.

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    Wendy Harris

    No European country can claim to have worthy values while poverty and inequality exists across Europe. No country can claim to believe in democracy while surrendering its right to self-govern to bureaucrats. No country can claim to be free while its fate is forever shackled to the fate of other countries. We have thrown every good thing into a melting pot and produced a rancid brew.

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    Astrit Disha

    Does EU has any values left: Religion: Churches are more a tourist attraction rather than a worshipping place. Economy: Selling armaments to Greece while it was clear they can’t pay. Opening new factories but paying agencies to bring low cost employees from Mongolia. Culture: Love parade & models that starve to be slim. Humanity: Bombing Libya & Syria giving them hope for a better life and keeping them into imprisonment until paperwork is done…. Did I mentioned that for money we even cover statues when a Muslim leadership comes for a visit….anything left to call it still Europe!!!!!!

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    EU reform- proactive

    While human values evolved & kept changing since Adam & Eve or Abraham lived, the latest universal “European values” want be the last ones to change in future. The present European values are weighted (too) much in favor of a political correct agenda and heavily manipulated thinking!

    However, it is disturbing when our ancient, but simple human code (10 Commandments) are either being opposed or replaced by complicated legal jargon nobody seems to understand- least of all the present political clique who are at it to redraft, circumvent and breach them whenever it suits their political aim.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Well said!

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    Tuija Mustonen

    Culture (music, art, design, litterature, fashion, beauty, personality, quality, originality etc), freedom, equality, nature preservation. High tech, clean tech, peace.

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    Mariana Giozova

    What are European values? I bet the most important value in Europe is Christianity!! Muslims respect their religion and traditions. They killed,raped in the name of their god. So we have to unit around Christ.

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    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Respect, work, responsibility, honesty, equality, peace, very different of most 3rd. world countries and that is the reason 3rd. world countries just don’t develop, don’t evolve.

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    Good question! Does anyone know?

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    Europe is diverse, also with respect to “values”, at least if we consider values as priorities people share.
    See the empirical value map here:

    The point is, that values such as “democracy, human rights, and solidarity” are embedded in a broader constellation of values (see value map) which leads to different interpretations and normative actions when it comes to concrete policies.

    In other words, although on a very abstract level most will agree with the (top down) EU “European values”, in implementation they will not.
    This is very obvious in the current migration crisis.
    Hence, for keeping Europe together more important than “values” is focusing on the INTERESTS of its people (Hungarians, Germans, English etc.) and social classes.
    Other than values, interests are less prone for indoctrination.

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      Tarquin Farquhar


      I lost respect when I saw your survey is HQ-ed in Austria the home of Hitler [the founder of National Socialism] and PR-ed in Sweden the home of the non-violent but destructive political correctness zealots.

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    Sakis Tsoutsouligas

    Europe needs jobs employment in all countries that’s a united Europe wat are the beauracrats doing ….needs fresh politicians

  29. avatar

    Definitely those are Christian values (see a history book). Most of them are common for other religions, question of respecting each other …

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      Yes, Ángela Merkel is from Europa.

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    There are no values, just meaningless old belifs nicely wraped in fancy words. Who cares about “values” anyway ? The only thing that matter nowdays is the hive mentality (making sure the “Queen” is happy) mixed with blind obedience and imediate interests. Those are new appointed values. In rest we can canibalize each other because that is “politcally correct” under this “new management”.

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    María Elena Vergas Sánchez

    To be or not to be…to be money lovers or to be europeans…to love racism or to love mankind…to love consumerins or to love our old values…we can decide so we’ve got the power…I decide humanism, I decide freedom, I decide I solidarity; I reject what we are doing, and of course, I reject FMI, I reject european economical politicy. If we were not so selfish we all would have a place in this world and would live much better. And of course too, I dicide to have a nice walk under the san…

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    Bobbi Suzic

    For me values of humanity, compassion, striving to goodness, rule of law and separation of powers, respecting rights of all types of minorities.

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    Wilhelm Unrau

    Europe should not longer turn the advancement of productivity and efficiency of labor into unemployment und especially youth unemployment, then the question of european values will be spelled in an other way

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    Chris Ebejer

    What values when European civilisation is being esterminated gradually by 3world invaders.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Joe Grixti Tat-Topu
      …and my nightmare!

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    Alessandro Renesis

    there are no European values. There are Swedish values, German values, French values, etc… Europe isn’t and never will be, and must never be, a single country. Get this into your head. It’s like adamantly trying to create a new species by forcing a fish and a deer to have sex.

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    Mark Warner

    Europe is a utopian dream. People need an identity and being European is not enough

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    Marisa Quirolo

    better change Debating Europe into Destroying Europe ………..for that is exactly what you are doing :/ :'(

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    Paolo Viti

    There are no values left in the European Community! The only value left is to be politically correct and to accommodate the massive immigration! This is not the Europe I want!

    • avatar

      Mass immigration is caused by the UN human rights treaty of 1951 which has moved decision making about refugees from the Parliament to the Courts of law.

      In essence this is totally anti-democratic and turns receiving populations into forced servants of unfortunate people and those successfully posing as that.

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    Calin Delavale

    For me the most important value is to have the right to choose in order to have your voice and interests represented at political level in democracy supposed to be necessarily functional. I think at this level of European institution a lot of people voices are replaced by politician and party interest far away from people represented or allegedly being represented and more, there is no correction possible from people represented once the politician is elected.

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    Massimo Croce

    The main thing which European states have in common is that they all belong to a geographical continent with ambiguous and conventional borders.

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    Jose Luis Mata Rodriguez

    In the EU none of the Fundamental Human Rights are respected. Therefore, It is a society which lacks Values; it is a society ruled by the strongest ones, the owners of the great capital, The Markets!!!

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    Maris Jurjans

    european Values are based of Christianity, which is fucked in most ES..Only Christian country un Europe is Poland and Russia..Šo there will be no migrants ever..They knew how to protected themselves with fire and lead..

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    Elie Awad

    Start by :what is Europe ? The EU ? Or the geographic Europe ? I see that u consider Turkey as part Europe in all levels wich is politically and geographically wrong ,Russia as enemy of Europe wich is also wrong.what u try to call european values are not european ,they are common values in many places arround the world and even u try in anyhow to deny it but mostly it comes from the Christian culture but not only restricted to it .

    • avatar

      They are members is the Council of Europe ;) Do you know what is it?

    • avatar

      Defining Europe as a piece of land is meaningless. Nations consist of people, not of land, land is just territory occupied by a people.

  44. avatar
    Niky Alesandro

    Vaya mierda d portada. Los valores d Europa son los banqueros y los gobiernos pervertidos q raptan los ninos a las familias normales o meten en la carcel a los padres q no estan deacuerdo con l educacion sexual impuesta por la ideologia de genero.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Niky Alesandro
      You need to discover the etymology of the word BARBARIAN!

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    Ms Sher

    European values? 1/ Overwhelming individualism. 2/ Feeling superior over the east and other cultures without the slightest interest to get to know them 3/ The new idols: smart phones, fast cars, big houses and MONEY 4/ Becoming famous. No matter how miserably famous like taking part in reality shows just famous 5/ Mass media and the value system they convey. 6/ The vanishing importance of the family. 7/ Hunger for power
    Europe is my home. The continent I was born in. And an identity I often feel ashamed when witnessing the European attitude towards the rest of the world. Using modern technology and having white skin do not justify pride over other cultures.

  46. avatar

    Real democracy, human rights protection, rule of law, respect our multicultural socity, freedom of thinking, freedom of movement (maybe the most important, but I think it is important to put more effort in borders control…we may intensify borders controls without requiring the suspension of Schengen), respect others and try to create networks with the rest of the world (erasmus+ & international exchange are a great example) to solve the problems diplomatically and the enforcement of the European agreements and treaties for all countries of European Union or Council of Europe.

  47. avatar
    Frederic Hage

    Take Islam, invert everything and you get European Values…

  48. avatar
    Jeremy Bornstein

    Values long gone. This being nationalism,right of freedom and privacy, not forcing nations to take in immigrants, traditional family structures and peace for all.

  49. avatar
    Alin Marian

    Democracy is the main value and it is demonstrated to be the best humanity discovered so far. If you disagree, I wish you live 50 years of communism or experience nationalist “holiday camps” like Auschwitz. Democracy goes hand in hand with human rights BUT human rights and democracy fundamentally mean that you enjoy them without disturbing the people around you. Which is NOT the case of the animals we have seen in Koln or other places reached by some immigrants. Not all should be blamed though, as rights or responsibilities are individual, not collective. But the ones who are found disturbing the peace of the others, should be kicked out.

  50. avatar
    Alin Marian

    Democracy is the main value and it is demonstrated to be the best humanity discovered so far. If you disagree, I wish you live 50 years of communism or experience nationalist “holiday camps” like Auschwitz. Democracy goes hand in hand with human rights BUT human rights and democracy fundamentally mean that you enjoy them without disturbing the people around you. Which is NOT the case of the animals we have seen in Koln or other places reached by some immigrants. Not all should be blamed though, as rights or responsibilities are individual, not collective. But the ones who are found disturbing the peace of the others, should be kicked out.

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    Roberto Bonafè

    Mandare a casa i funzionari di Bruxelles che fino ad ora hanno preso decisioni contro il popolo europeo e adesso ci stanno rifilando il TTIP che darà il colpo di grazia a questo continente!

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    Faust Péter

    Ask the millions of Muslims. They’ll tell you what are European values. Then they lifted Europe. For Allah. Violence, terror, exploitation, deception, humiliation of indigenous Europeans. Today, these “European values”. There is no real democracy. The politicians do not represent the people, not serve.They shall rule over them! Parasitize them! I wonder whether the “free speech” even exists? (no, there is not) It is now Europe. What will happen tomorrow? I do not want to know.

  53. avatar
    Marco Muggia

    Disoccupazione, ricatto finanziario, scavalcamento della sovranità, riduzione dei diritti.

  54. avatar
    Magdalena Rybka

    I believe in democracy which I mean as respect for each other and our commonly agreed contract. I insist on open-mindedness and respect for different point of views and on wide debate, Without the debate there is no chance for progress and inspiration. I think that we should talk more about civic values and remember how the world may get distorted without them. This sort of education has been recently neglected, at least that’s what happened in Poland. We should be also able and ready to share with those in need, since we also needed help in the past and shall definitely need it again.

  55. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Ben Bijker
    Well said!

    • avatar
      Lars Brorson Fich

      Short and percise.

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    Patrizia Turco

    @ Roberto Bonafé: Siamo tutti migranti nel nostro intimo: Dobbiamo migrare da uno stato di paura ad uno stato di sagezza. Il progetto europeo deve esere un progetto di desiderio.Desiderio di Pace, toleranza, compasionne, solidarità, collaborazione, coherenza, amore e fraternità. La paura sottende il “no future” – che non è un’ alternativa à la nostra felicità.

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    Spyridon Pantelis

    There is probably a huge gap between theory and practice regarding European values. I don’t blame those serving powerful interests because I would probably and inevitably do the same in their position. I could likened EU like a middle age galera that is following the north star (values). Even though the destination is known (the ideal, the original and pure), the route though due to waves (challenges) won’t be direct but will change many times directions! Let’s just believe that the destination it is still the same ( solidarity, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, unity and humanitarianism)!

  58. avatar

    Democracy, human rights, solidarity, from my point of view are universal values on which we agreed after WWII and which are shared by the rest of world, almost in every continent.
    What it lacks in the current situation in the EU is that there is no such common interest for the EU for each country. We see politicians fighting for the benefit of their country , not for the common benefit – example again – Poland, Hungary, now Croatia.
    The countries need to realize that if they enjoyed and accepted the benefits of being part of EU they should also accept the challenges and responsibilities. Germany is not the EU, all of us are the EU and if we want to move forward , they only way is through cooperation.

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    The European society has not given attention in a World full of Oh hard tasks will change will happen The good conservation can draw attention of European nationalism

  60. avatar
    Dean Earwicker

    Imperialism, feudalism, deus vult.
    Abolishing serfdom and letting the colonies get out of hand was a mistake.

  61. avatar
    antonios forlidas

    Since the European leaders are the former employees of the IMF, ECB and Deutsche Bank who are licking the boots of America and Merkel΄ς dirty hands, there are not European values. Since Europe started participating with NATO to destroy countries and civilisations , there is no future for Europe and there are no values.

  62. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    There are no “European values”. The term is nothing more than a “no true scotsman” label, used to claim moral superiority and to brand people with differing opinions as asocial bastards. Ironically, of all the people who I find to be in favor of censorship, stigmatisation, and political persecution, most of them seem to claim things like “European values”, tolerance, and solidarity.

  63. avatar
    Sean Ronald Smith

    Europe loves to pat itself on the back and bandy about numerous ‘virtues’ and ‘values’ for self ingratiation purposes. However, at the end of the day, human nature is as it is. Draw from that what you will. Choose your evidence.

  64. avatar
    Maurizio Pregadio

    Before speaking about the values we have to find tools to create values.
    Many times we hear people, politicians, the worldwide diplomacy misuse terms like human rights, democracy, law, but most of them forget the best important word to establish and develop values. This word is RESPECT.
    Only respect human dignity, freedom and nature we can start to speak about contents.

  65. avatar

    I really dislike when some use the Terms EU & Europe interchangeably, the EU wishes to rule all of Europe but it doesnt.The refugee problem prooves that you must have limits for refugee numbers otherwise Europes values,security and the service to the refugees gets damaged.

  66. avatar

    The values of Europe used to be Christianity, Science and self-assertion.

    Then came Rousseau, Communism and the current age of Cultural Marxism.

    The values of Europe today are:

    Feminism (instead of humanism), antinatalism (population suicide), multiculturalism/balkanization/population replacement policies (instead of border control), xenofilie and Islamofilie, anti-(white) racism (racial quotas, propaganda for black man/white woman relationships often together with propaganda for the stereotype of ‘the eternal evil racist white man’), gender bending, etc….these are all signs of cultural decay. Europe values the weak, the ugly and the evil (Mohammedanism), while it hates the good and the strong. It needs to do this because its religion of cultural marxism requires it to view all group differences between sexes, ethnicity/races and even religions as caused by economic inequality or social injustices that it subsequently tries to stamp out with propaganda and discriminating laws.

    • avatar

      Hi man. We are making a radio broadcast about EU values. We would like to hear your opinion. Contact me at if you are interested. We are an online radio from Bulgaria sponsored by Erasmus+. Our name is radio E-volution.

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    Adrian Limbidis

    Values of Europe

    Bratty Britain wanting “special privileges” and threatening to leave unless they get it.
    And Tusk and the other buffoons caving in like cowards.

    Putting europeans below “refugees”. Same “refugees” who complained that “they cannot raise 7 kids like this”.
    Reality check, most europeans can’t either. Go back to whateverthefuckistan and breed like rabbits there.

    Curbing freedoms and safety meassures to appease “job creators” ) fancy word for RICH ASSHOLES and CORPORATIONS )

    STEALING from the citizens’ savings to save the rich investors – remember Cyprus?
    Oh you did?
    Well let me remind you of it.

    And so on.
    The EU has become increasingly neo-liberal and undemocratic. UK’s influence is a BIG reason why.
    THEY pushed this “too much regulation omg, we need to ease on the businesses.” crap.
    The same CRAP that witch Thatcher pulled off in their dump of a country.

  68. avatar
    George Yiannitsiotis

    European values are included in the European Convention of Human Rights ( ) and the Treaty System of the European Social Charter ( ). Both constitute obligations to be fulfilled-respected by all members of the Council of Europe (do not confuse this International / Regional Organization with the so-called “European Union”; they do not share but the name “European”).

    These values have been brutally violated by the German-led “EU” and the imposed to the PIIGS “policy of domestic devaluation”. Now, they are further undermined by the inhumane way Brussels and Berlin are handling the refugee crisis.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi George,

      All 28 EU members come from the same “stable” and are still remaining members of the Council of Europe (47). The European Convention on Human Rights & European Charter still applies to all. Their roles, functions and aims are however distinct but confusing and seemingly competitive in nature- for many observers.

      What is strange- that Islam Sharia (law) is practiced (unofficially) within the Council of Europe (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Turkey etc)- nobody so far has challenged the incompatible nature (discrimination of woman) contained therein in the ECHR or the HR Court? Is Islam a taboo subject with the ECHR? Or does it fall (conveniently) under the principle of proportionality & subsidiary as defined in Article 5 of the Treaty on European Union?

      Even Greece is in a clinch with Albania which has demanded since the 1940’s that Greece grant a “Right of Return” (see “Social Charter”) to the Muslim Cham Albanians, who were expelled from the Greek region of Epirus between 1944 and 1945, at the end of World War II. This demand was firmly (“brutally”?) rejected by the Greeks. Why?

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      1. All EU member-states are members of the Council of Europe; however, the supranational structure “EU-bureaucracy” does not adhere to the principles and rules of the Council of Europe and violates critical human values via imposing policies of domestic devaluation to bankrupt countries (PIGS)
      2. As a result, the 28 EU member-states find themselves into a peculiar situation: Human Rights in these states are pending to the economic status of the state, i.e. not being bankrupt and under Troica control
      3. Regarding Islamic Law (Sharia), there have been appeals to the ECHR against its implementation in W.Thrace (where it applies to the muslim minority in accordance of Lauzane Treaty 1923)
      4. The Cham question was over at the end of WW II. Chams agreed to flee to Albania in order to avoid prossecution for collaboration with the enemy and attrocities committed against local population in Epirus. They fled before EAM-ELAS reached them

  69. avatar
    catherine benning

    European values are not globally accepted or acceptable and therefore under a globalist mentality no European can expect to remain with the civilisation he/she grew up in, felt safe with and enjoyed. Unless Europe is disunited and the concept is recreated to suit those who are its founders you can forget European values.

    Mass immigration from past and present cannot allow the indigenous peoples of Europe to continue the way have to date as the intruders will have to change their cultures to abide by our standards. This is unacceptabel to them and therefore they are insisting it is changed to meet their requirements. Which is unacceptable to the European way of life.

  70. avatar

    Member states have different values than the ruling clan in brussels.
    Brussels or the aldegroup or eurogroup or whatever they call themselves, consists of bankers and american corporations whom dictate the day. Real european values are democratic, quite different than the values shown by these wannabe leaders.
    The people of europe believe in fairness , honesty ,hard work , and real values.
    Brussels or the above mentioned know nothing about values.
    Brussels denies people referendums and the right to chose thier own destiny..
    Brussels has a great reputation for backroom deals, lobbyist cash , power.
    Brussels pressures or punishes countries that sway from the federal path.
    Brussels has a plan to force intergration onto member states, (ca, 2017) is integration time, like it or not.
    Brussels is ruining eu culture.
    Brussels has destroyed the european democratic way of life. The only good thing to come out of the whole eu fiasco is the unveiling of their true colors.
    What brussels has created is an undemocratic mess with millions of europeans wanting change and a voice.
    Nothing good will come out of this eu experiment, just a lot of lost people.
    We , all of us want this runnaway eu train to stop. Stop the charade and give us our countries and our dignity back.

  71. avatar

    It is respective to each country and sometimes even to each individual. However, I think that we European are talking about common values, because we have developped a sense of unity and we have also reached some agreement points. Some of these may still be in development, neverthless they are a mixture of historical ideals and political interests. Brought up by some guideline nations, considered perfect European models and I am not sure that in the future we will still be able to talk about nationalism.

  72. avatar

    I think all of those things are European values but are at the same time just Western values.

    I think in order to understand European values we need to look at what differentiates us from American culture (and Oceanic but I don’t know enough there to comment)

    So one thing would be that Europe is one of the more environmentally and animal friendly places in the West

    We’re also hugely more sexually liberated, much less prudy about bodies, and the sexuality of others

    We generally believe in some form of welfare state, and believe in charity

    We value quality of life over professional development, generally

    We’re quite a secular people, overall

    We’re less tolerant of violence and quicker to forgive, eg the penal system

    Although this is changing we value privacy more, less likely to reveal all to the nation, and less likely to get involved in others affairs, both personally and internationally.

    We travel more, and have a more global perspective

    There are others I’m sure I’ve forgotten

    This is from someone who has lived in five European states and has American family.

  73. avatar
    David Joblin

    Those values are not only european ones, they should be universal. Thus, why should Europe monopilise them and build it’s identity on it.

    No identity without common culture, does such a common culture exist??

  74. avatar
    Fanis Papakostas

    We are still far from that…! We do not have a united Europe yet. There nis a long way to go. To me this could start with: Harmonized constitution, legislation, tax system base, currency, health care system, borders, police, military. Switzerland is an example of a region with common values (3 nations in one). United States could be another. I am not sure whether local parliaments have any reason to exist at all. Europe in the last five years is heading to a wrong direction and its administration set up is promoting re-separation. Europe lacks clarity, decisiveness and implementation capabilities. I am looking forward to a “United States” of Europe with harmonized systems while being proud of its cultural diversity which should keep and protect its European characteristics though…

  75. avatar

    Socialist Idealism of the EU has failed misreably and delivered poverty
    The EU is Useless
    EU is a military none entity totally dependent on NATO and the USA
    EU unable to respond effectively to any crisis
    EU delivered a basket case economy to many memeber states.
    EU has encouraged a mass invasion and migration
    EU unable to contol its borders
    EU cant even be bothered to produce audited accounts
    EU cant even be flexible enough to accommodate the varying desires of its member states or peoples.
    The so called EU values are a bogus and meaningless without delivring properity and happiness to its people

  76. avatar

    Moderation? you mean censorship

  77. avatar

    Liberty, Egality, Fraternity. More exactly, as we interpret them now: democracy, human rights, equality of all humans, solidarity within society. This assembly of values is Europe only: Russia or China does not recognize democracy, much of the Arabic world equality (especially gender equality), America solidarity. To these add diversity, classical, Christian and Enlightment heritage, and, most importantly, peace. In Europe we have built a peace both inside and outside that is unprecedented in history, and not evident in the rest of the world either, compare republican US or Putin’s war propaganda. These values need to be agreed on and protected – together.

  78. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Mass unemployment, misery, uncontrolled immigration, dictates from the unelected rulers in Brussels and having your democratic right to self determination destroyed are the true values of the EU..

    Hopefully it will collapse before it does any long term damage to the Nations in it.

  79. avatar

    How can one speak about European values when Europe is governed by a non democratic elected bunch of individuals who only defend the interests of big companies? Stop Europe as it is now !

  80. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    Europe is (one) of the cradles of civilisation. Values are what we’ve being building up with time and effort. Physical values like art and monuments or famous public buildings, music, poetry, technology findings. The Europeans are historically the ones that built up progress. Now unfortunately this Euro-centric world has disappeared. Reasons are many but lots of them can be found in the lack of objectives, motivation and discipline and hard work necessary to achieve it. We need strong leaders like Putin in Europe, to move the masses and spur them. We need to talk LESS about human rights and MORE about HUMAN DUTIES. Less hysteria about women, homosexuals, and the waste of time to achieve equality (which doesn’t exist even in mother nature) and spend more time on how to improve humanity. I’m not talking about National Socialism, but we should try all to resemble more stronger individuals than weaker ones. So it’s time for new collective myths, new superheroes, people should fight for achieving the ideal Übermensch, let’s stop with gay and feminist rallies and mass hysteria and stupidity, let’s bring forward the strength, the intelligence, the entrepreneurship and creativity that made once Europeans great.
    Let’s make Europe great again!

  81. avatar
    Ulf Skei

    It means good music, literature and art. It means top notch social security. It, moreover, implies interesting work and life shines. This is of course in Sweden, but we are part of the EU, so.

  82. avatar
    Jaime Oliveira

    The fact that I studied in 2 different countries and worked in 3 is helping me to build a good CV in terms of international experience, and I consider it a privilege – it would be a lot more difficult if I was not European. Everyone should be able to experience this!

  83. avatar
    Nikola Boskovic

    Degeneracy, dictatorship, disolution of national sovereignity, genocide of the native ethnhc groups and native population of Europe through mass immigration, Mass unemployment, misery, uncontrolled immigration, dictates from the unelected rulers in Brussels, NATO military occupation, disregard of traditions and values of individual peoples in Europe, lack of culture, economic slavery, brutal inhumane capitalism, immorality, etc.

  84. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    A code of ethics for all decision that guarantees no harm is ever caused as a result, and guaranteeing the wellbeing, safety, security and prosperity for all EU citizens. No collaborating or trade with unethical countries, no products that cause harm. No special rules or powers or influence to corporations. Tax the superrich and corporations not the people. A ‘people first’ EU.

  85. avatar
    Georgia Kanellopoulou

    European Union needs to reinvent itself,put stringent restrictions to avoid the Islamisation of EU countries and protect the ultimate European value: Christianity.

  86. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Christianity,freedom,democracy,free press,enterprise spirit,free education,solidarity, free medical insurance..

  87. avatar
    Jose Quintans

    Debating Europe, the question should be “What European Values Mean to EU Representatives”, given their acts and laws and the absolute disregard they showed until date.

  88. avatar
    Eternal Optimism

    (Important Disclosure: Words in quotation marks are double entendre and should be read at surface level 1st read)
    Is “Hope” (not the result of it) perfectly infinite?
    Ps. What can any human do without the “Trusted Practice” in “Hope” as “choice” first?

  89. avatar
    Amélia Costa-Pereira

    Professionalism, seriousness and, above all, anti-corruption. It is so sad to belong to a country where corruption is almost admired.

    The UE needs to make more referendums in all countries to determine if the citizens are interested that there are more interventions in our corrupt countries.

    For example: no politician should be tried for corruption and wrong-doing, in his country. The EU should have an european Court where all suspect politicians should be tried. That Court would have judges from countries where corruption is rated as non existent or almost non-existent. That is: that Court should have judges from denamrk, sweden, finland, but NO or very few judges from portugal, spain, italy, greece.

    There is SO MUCH MONEY corruptly handled in our countries.

    And the banking system and contracts signed by corrupt politicians, provoking damage to the tax-payers, should have more serious consequences.

  90. avatar
    Carsten Witt

    Democracy, human rights, solidarity are not nebulous terms, but the basics of civilizations and peace!

  91. avatar
    Emmanuel Rodríguez Belinchon

    I live in spain. South bordet of Europe… My country do ilegal departures to many people. Some time the police kill these guys… Is the same what happend in Greece. Where is the human rigths??? In spain we lost many industry… This companys go to Asia.
    My goverments dont care the people. Always doing las un favor to big companys.
    But i think this is for bar politics un Bruselas.
    The big lie was the Euro… Is like a Maffia… Who use a 500€ bills. In 15 years of these money i see 2. Where is the rest?? The big mens of bussines, for the normal people only hace missery salari and ver y bad job. Un spain the minimun salari is 600€. And to rent a house spend un Madrid no less of 500€. How you can do your live?? And if u can’t pay for any reasson, the bank and laws got your house, and you go to street. And the police attacks you whit several violence… If you try to help your nextdoor people u go to jail house…
    Un 1975 die F. Franco end of a several dictatorial rules, and start another dictatorial rules… USA, OTAN… And now the TTIP.
    Europe need stoppet this, take a breath, un think un the future, if we wanna be a puppets in hands of master of the world. We need independent of the banks, armys what ever.
    Thanks and sorry for my english.
    I think this page will be importante to connect diferents people of diferents country.

  92. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    the wish: individual freedom and equal opportunities and solidarity! the truth: greed and opression and segregation and marginalization of non mainstream individuals and groups!

  93. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    Are we still talking about European values ? Erdogan wants to imprison two journalists with life in prison only because they dare to expose Ankara’s links to ISIS. Press freedom is being outlawed in Turkey. This is the country that the EU is doing business with. The country that the EU wants to grant visa-free entry.

    Europeans are also facing pressure from government authorities to refrain from making any anti Islam statement. There is no longer freedom of speech. Europeans can only present viewpoints if it is in line with the government viewpoint. This is what the EU has become – a police state.

    Bottom-line: the EU has become morally bankrupt. The traditional European values have long gone, now being replaced by “values” that the local governments only approve of.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      The moral bankruptcy of the “EU” took place in May 2010 when it opted for the banks against the peoples of Europe. Now, even the “northern” EU members feel the frightening effects of that blunder!

    • avatar
      Philip Morgan

      Hi. Maybe this is why the UNHCR is being very restrictive on immigration criteria for admission into the U.K – seems to favour certain refugees over others. A little too conveniently exclusive. Thanks.

  94. avatar

    Chance for small, to become strong

  95. avatar
    Alexander Simon

    This became a buzzword as it was used by politicians to justify various means – without explicitly stating what values they refer to. I doubt that there is a finite list of European values that is guiding all (political) actions. Politicians shall express the core values they refer to when justifying actions explicitly – not let us guess.

  96. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    Well,as long as we have discrimination against EU citizens from Eastern European countries,discrimination that took place in the European Council’s recent decisions,we cannot guarantee principles of solidarity and human rights protection.For that matter I can say that EU is divided by economic groups of interests that circles the most powerful economic governments (UK,Germany,Holland etc)

    • avatar
      Honesty is a value

      Like what? Divide, conquer, and rule? Plus, look down upon others as a bonus? Jeez. You Brits need to get over yourselves.

  97. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    “European Values” are a set of values that exist across the continent an are as diverse as it could possibly be. “European Values” is the same as “African Values”, “Asian Values”, “American Values”, etc…

  98. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    EU values are : Greed, more greed, and power to the ultra-wealthy ones with no responsibility for the consequences..

  99. avatar
    Rock The Revolutionary

    In a Democracy the governments are those which are subordinate to the people and not the people to the governments. The ” foundation ” of any democratic society is Justice … witch alone can be the cause of both the best and the worst that can happen to a society of people . When a society is completely fair to its members, it is absolutely fair and for itself. When a society protects valiantly and the weakest of its members, it is understandable that it protects with the same bravery and itself against even from the most powerful enemy .
    In the Democracy of the Greeks corruption of puplic servants and the officials of the Republic was punishable by death . The Greeks punished corrupt officials without a second thought for the knowledge and compliance for the others.

  100. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    European values? Do as you are told and do not complain. If not you will be labeled a racist, intolerant, xenophobe and run to the ground with economic misery. We are being led to genocide of the European people but we must go to the slaughter house quietly.

  101. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    well at the moment they are about selling europe off to the highest bidder, destruction of decent food production, destruction of basic respect for human life and dignity (see treatment of Greece), expecting european taxpayers to fund an abysmal and increasingly unaccountable european commission that believes it is accountable to no one but the lobbyists…under Junker’s regime and that of Barroso before him…The EU is a dead duck, and empty shell that is only capable of doing more harm than good at this stage.

  102. avatar
    Honesty is a value

    There is no such thing as a European value. If there is, it goes “I like myself, I want to have a good life, have a couple of drinks in the weekend and make sure I am fine and happy, and the rest can go to hell”. At the governmental level and with the international politics it goes “I have to show the world that I care about human rights while I bomb other peoples’ countries at the same time under the pretence of protecting my own. I will create problems in other countries and then pretend to solve them and appear as if I am doing them a favor.” Get over yourselves already. And don’t pretend to be “democratic” or supporting “human rights”. Just don’t.

  103. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    unless you count selfishness, xenphobia, indifference to suffering and money grabbing as values.

  104. avatar
    Marco Peel

    European Values are apparently anything that can be converted into Euros. It used to be: LIBERTÉ, EGALITÉ & FRATERNITÉ, but that seems to have been translated somewhere along the line into: LIBERTINAGE, EGOTISM & FRAUDULENCE.
    If the EU, and our society itself, is to survive, we would do well to remember our founding principles of Democracy, Subsidiarity, Proportionality, Transparency, Cohesion, Sustainability, Freedom, Equality and Justice, all of which are slowly disappearing beneath muddy layers of bureaucracy, hypocrisy, corruption and incompetence. Surely we are better than that…

  105. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    I would say the focus on the rights of the individual (the “free man” of the old times or the “citizen” of the present). I would also refer a natural (and ancient) predisposition to a relative freedom and even promotion of ideological proficiency, that is why Europe gave the world Fascism and Democracy (not a “greek invention”, it was latent in every european society of the time, it was just that the “Athenian Way” served as model for contemporary Western Democracies); Comunism and Capitalism; etc etc

  106. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Christianity and laycism combined. It is the base. Religion in personal life, not in state policy.

  107. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Depends whether you’re talking about nazi countries like Austria, Denmark , Hungary and Poland or about the others which have values…
    I suppose the goodies have self respect, a mixture of secularity based on Christian upbringing, no death penalty, no right to arms, and a couple of the ten commandments, whereas the baddies, or Visegard group or XXIC Axis are a shame to humanity and to the original european idea… In their defence, AH got elected… :-P

  108. avatar
    Φωτεινή Μάρκου
    Is this fair for Cyprus? Turkey doesnt recognize cyprus republic and does not respect human rights. And yet Commission want to give the priviledge of visa free pass to Europe… Is Europe making a deal that declares its inability to control refugees crisis and its great need of Tyrkey’s help to stop people of coming to Europe… Instead of solving problem, that is stop war and help rebuild Syria, it makes a very “bad crisis management” of the problem

  109. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. ‘Rights’ only mean something if all people are entitled to them otherwise this is merely a word for ‘ticket’ or ‘pass’. When babies stop being legally aborted then the term ‘human rights’ might actually mean something. And I did not see the EU rush to the aid of Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East and so again the term needs inspecting. I felt no feelings of “solidarity” from very early on coming from across the EU.

    The EU also needs to respect individual member countries and not whitewash individual national peculiarities and by allowing the countries to keep those without behaving as if the history of these countries doesn’t matter at the sacrifice of being in the EU would demonstrate less arrogance and not show disrespect.

    There are certain values I hold dear but not sure if anyone else in the EU holds the same values as important: using apostrophes in the correct places; not using the word ‘disrespect’ as a verb; using correct grammar: “it’s as if” instead of the popular but incorrect: “like”; preservation of life and right to live as an absolute; free admission and right to work in any country in the EU on a long-term basis; freedom to worship and speak about religion; to be able to live with freewill that I was born with and not have my freedom encroached upon by oppressive-minded bureaucrats; to work for peace and shun bloody-mindedness; to have the right to work as opposed to being the slave of so-called work agencies (there’s the big one, right there) that have way too much power; the love of being around people instead of being stuck in a virtual world of online communication in a pretend existence – doh, here again! And more.



  110. avatar
    Leon Randell

    The free liberal democracies of Europe, will cease to exist in the next few decades as islam and sharia law establishes itself.

  111. avatar
    Oli Lau

    It used to be freedom and human rights. Now it is more and more collectivism under an ever growing authoritarian state.

    • avatar
      Timothy Roes

      Authoritarian state? If you live in Hungary, maybe.

    • avatar
      Oli Lau

      There is an ever growing legislation aimed at controling every single cm2 of your life. It is an authoritarian state using fines up to jail at every corner of your life.

    • avatar
      Antonio Usai

      Wish it would be like that. Miss the old USRR

    • avatar
      Oli Lau

      well with an increasing centralized power dictating almost everything you can produce, were aren’t that far Antonio.

  112. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    Today we can see only totalitarianism of the institutions and ignorance of the people…. oh, and lets not forget the WRONG suicide tolerance…

  113. avatar
    Stef Kostov

    Freedom of speach not silencing opinions different from yours, disagreeing sure, but without censure.

  114. avatar
    Jimi Sowa

    Do you mean either “european values” or “UE” values? UE values are: killing still not born peoples (abortion) kill old peoples (euthanasia), mixing not compatible cultures (multiculturalism), slavery (very huge taxes, overral taxes up to 90%), blocking free speach (political correctness, hate speach). European values are exactly opposite to UE values.

    • avatar
      Timothy Roes

      The EU does not impose taxes — I wish it would! — nor does it have anything to say over abortion or euthanasia. Get your facts straight. Are you thinking of the Court in Strasbourg, maybe? Reminder: that’s not part of the EU.

    • avatar
      Jimi Sowa

      Please exact understand the question about “values” not a “law”. It is not the same. UE law doesn’t include every “EU value” As for taxes – of course, UE impose minimum and maximum value of tax. If you want to know what EU really is (rather would like to be) please watch short brief of knowledge. English caption:

    • avatar
      Timothy Roes

      Jimi Sowa that is a strange video. Ok, Spinelli had some radical communist ideas. But to deduce from the fact that he is respected among pro-EU politicians that there is some sort of conspiracy to turn the EU into a collectivist, “bolshevik”, authoritarian organization that seeks to destroy national identities is absurd. I think most people would rather say that the EU lacks a hint of Spinelli’s socialism, since it tends to disproportionately favor large economic players. Stating that since the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty the EU can control all aspects of private and social life, prohibiting patriotism or conservatism,… that’s just factually wrong. The author of that video may have read the first provisions of that Treaty but clearly hasn’t studied the literature. This kind of videos is dangerous because it portrays the EU as some sort of evil empire, whereas it is actually the best check we have against the illiberal state.

  115. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Depends in which of the 51 European Nations you live in, there are no ‘European Values’ that span the whole continent.

  116. avatar
    Norbou Le Caribou

    It seems that in Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania, it’s to celebrate the wafen ss and Nazism. Do you endorse that, Debating Europe?
    If no, I remind you that a UE governments refuse to vote for the UN resolution to forbid this kind of celebration. UE, such a dream. Hahaha.

  117. avatar
    Αλέξανδρος Γεροφώτης

    Haven’t we yet figured this out yet? It looks to me that everyone knows which were the European Values, .i.e. basic human rights and solidarity-co-operation between european nations. The second part having gone down the drain, apparently the european values are under negotiation.

  118. avatar
    Ruairí Hallissey

    The supposed “values” of the European Union are just an attempt to shoe horn us into a multicultural lie. Other than that it has no values and actually hates the values of many of its member states. Its purely political organisation only concerned with maintaining power.

  119. avatar
    Miguel Cabrita

    Those are universal, depending on the conveniece of the moment, but nevertheless those are universal values.

  120. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    In the past: conquer and destroy everything what is not “European”. In the present: “Live and let live”.

    • avatar
      Paulo Guerreiro

      how many battles were fought between european countrys and kingdoms ??? More than we can count

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Paulo Guerreiro

      That’s why we invented NATO, to stop crazed Europeans with a flag & a plan to unite Europe from starting their bloody wars. But now the crazed Europeans in Brussels want their own army another European War is inevitable.

    • avatar
      Timothy Roes

      Ivan Burrows By that reasoning, the fact that the UK has an army implies that there’s going to be war between, say, Scotland and Wales? Of course not… The EU doesn’t even have its own police force, meaning that, when push comes to shove, it cannot enforce compliance with 99% of the rules that it has created. What are you so afraid of? I’d be much more afraid of my national government, which can actually seize my assets, lock me up, etc.

  121. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    How they re percieved from region to region differs. In some countries democracy goes hand in hand with the rule of law. In some others the two don’t go together. There is a clear geographic/cultural dividing line

  122. avatar

    Of course those we can find in the European Convention of Human Rights. It must be taught at school in my opinion !

  123. avatar

    Peace, collaboration and respect, these are our true values.
    The Erasmus program, the scientific community, the smiles across our borders. These is what we are becoming, united.
    Turning our backs and fall apart is anachronistic, unity is the only bright future

  124. avatar
    Αλεξάνδρα Γκόρου

    It is the right of access to medical services of all European people when in another European country the opportunity of studying and participating in career programs abroad (within europe/erasmus) and supporting young enterpreuners, the opportunity to travel and meet and learn about the different people cultures food music art history as well as share your own,to respect other ethnicities and to protect each other and help each other but without ever losing our own identity

  125. avatar
    Maria de Fátima Faria

    The problem is that Europe, once it has let money count more than people, has lost its values.
    Today we only talk about values, because of the economic crisis. If it did not exist nobody would remember them.
    I do not know if I want Europe to return to its values or create new values. What I do know is that to continue as we are, it will be us, human beings to blame for our own extinction.
    The greatest value and what is most forgotten is the value of solidarity, I ask whether Europe has ever really used this value.
    Our European society has to have a debate about the world we want in our present and what it wants to leave for our descendants in the future.

  126. avatar
    Alexandre Caldeira

    Live in full Human Rigths + Equality among EU citizenship + path of comum prosperity for Countrys + Peace and harmonization of foreign relationships

  127. avatar
    nicolas Ballester

    Hey guys stop crying, we europeans are the inventors of (western) democracy (our idea of equality is fairness f.ex. parting from french revolution, there is no other democracy yet). We europeans stand for seeing things in their complexity, as we have gone to great cultural revolutions in forms of vanguardist movements, be it the russian constructivism or the italian futurism, the bestimmung des menschen by fichte, or any other (we europeans rule with our philosophers). All of them great but not able to live under one roof. That´s why in my opinion european values are the cult for vanguardist movements, even if there has been no new ones (and probably won´t really be any “cultural revolutions as such”) and the desire to put into practice a political movement which replaces the metaphisical revolution in form of vanguardia (like perry anderson says in answer to marshall bergman) and allows us to live a life of rich personal development.

  128. avatar
    Carmelo A. Costanza

    From a continent of having an influential role in western civilization and ravaged by dynastic wars and conquests for millennia to peace and progressive prosperity, European values entail rational and realistic fundamental values of respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      True, regarding the Council of Europe.

      Fakse, should you refer to the “European Union”

  129. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    Freedom of thought, speech and press, equal civil rights and freedom of and from religion. These are the basic values that define the modern European/Western civilization.

    • avatar
      Zille Vuk

      On the paper only !

  130. avatar
    Matteo Magni

    we need not only common values but almost more thing in common

  131. avatar
    Miguel Sedamano

    Individual freedom, liberty of conscience, intellectual self reliance, political pluralism, social tolerance, in order words, the spirit of the enlightenment.

    • avatar
      Miguel Sedamano

      That is the purpose of life. Keep fighting, and keep supporting values of liberty, equality, freedom, opportunities, and life.

    • avatar
      Zille Vuk

      For ECB banks … Jess, for people…NO

    • avatar
      Zille Vuk

      Importing middle east stupid/retared people with 1gram of brain cels wich caal us “europeans” retarded,rasist,islamopfobic,and all kind of bullshitt they try to impress as with.. Soon EU wont have gouts walking free in nature because of this people.. Amen !

  132. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    70% core values (see the EU Charter of Fundament Rights), 30% rubbery bs used for political propaganda. :)

    • avatar
      Ante Radnić

      Yes… pile of lazy bastards. Starting from my country all way down to your.

    • avatar
      Dietmar Hartmann

      You should distinguish: it´s not Euro day or EU-day! And btw there are also much poorer countries then greece and some of them have to pay for you twice! once out of the Euro group and second as member of EU! So don´t give us here the victims, OK?

    • avatar
      Dietmar Hartmann

      that´s a point! They prefer migrants without education.

  133. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    Yeah dudes… rights… values… just try to say something about gay or muslims and and your freedom of speech is ended   The Brussels technocrats (you can read this as idiots as well) tells you what are the right thought and what is the political correct speech. Equal rights, you wish – women (although miles better then the Middle East) in 21st century still don’t have same rights and now white homosexual man is also discriminated. European values – the power of the money!

  134. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    A fair [in relation to wealth distribution and subsidies for the people too with their own tax money] and social [in relation to equal minimum wages, benefits, pensions or a Guaranteed minimum income] system EU wide.

  135. avatar
    Ether Traveler

    For me:
    European values are steps forward towards the UNIFICATION of human Souls into ONE BEing while in Love & Appreciation of each’s Uniqueness & Vision upon Life on this planet.
    Nobody said it will be easy…
    Let’s keep going that way!

  136. avatar
    Ether Traveler

    For me:
    European values are steps forward towards the UNIFICATION of human Souls into ONE BEing while in Love & Appreciation of each’s Uniqueness & Vision upon Life on this planet.
    Nobody said it will be easy…
    Let’s keep going that way!

  137. avatar
    Ether Traveler

    For me:
    European values are steps forward towards the UNIFICATION of human Souls into ONE BEing while in Love & Appreciation of each’s Uniqueness & Vision upon Life on this planet.
    Nobody said it will be easy…
    Let’s keep going that way!

  138. avatar
    Ether Traveler

    For me:
    European values are steps forward towards the UNIFICATION of human Souls into ONE BEing while in Love & Appreciation of each’s Uniqueness & Vision upon Life on this planet.
    Nobody said it will be easy…
    Let’s keep going that way!

  139. avatar
    Ether Traveler

    For me:
    European values are steps forward towards the UNIFICATION of human Souls into ONE BEing while in Love & Appreciation of each’s Uniqueness & Vision upon Life on this planet.
    Nobody said it will be easy…
    Let’s keep going that way!

  140. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Happy Europe Day there is not bill to leave is a matter of respecting the existing agreements you would make a deal with someone who does not respect the existing business EU and UK should build bridges and not walls

    • avatar
      Manuel Alegria

      but EU Parliament and Comition are still in the hands of IMF, G.Sachs, Wall Street and other criminals

  141. avatar
    Stephen Pockley

    Threats,debt, forced unwanted asylum policies because Adolf Merkel demands it.
    Last but not least The death of the nation state.

  142. avatar
    George Ferentinos

    Ask the victims of the first and second world wars or the jews, gipsies etc about the european principles!!!!(about100000000 people dead)!!!

  143. avatar
    Marius Popescu

    Even if I am not a religious person I am aware that European civilization was build and grows on a Christian foundation .Of course it was enriched by other religions and filosofical currents but the roots are Christian .

  144. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    in moment: surveillance, paternalism, oppression, economical growth for the chosen few, austerity, free trade no rules! on wishlist: human rights, open society, individual freedom and equal opportunities!

  145. avatar
    Desmond Moore

    I believe in the EU project but would be hard pressed to defend its actions against the values it holds. I believe in the EU project because I think it is the best way to prevent another war in Europe as in the last century. Each action that the EU takes should be assessed to ensure that it is not promoting a situation that would lead to a repeat of any European wars. Sadly they have not been successful in doing so. The rise of extremist groups within Europe in several countries is a consequence of EU actions. The EU had its part to play in the war in Ukraine. Inequality In Europe is having a negative effect on democracy as increasingly the middle class become commoner class and the elite class become more powerful. Only by having a strong educated middle class, involved in politics will democracy thrive. This ( I believe) is the reason that there has been a backlash against the elite class in the US and the EU. The elite class has to much influence on politics and some clever thinking is needed to remove money from politics.
    I live in Ireland and have recently read that out prime minister has resigned ( the one that resides over severe austerity cuts in Ireland over the last decade) only to hear that he will receive a large cash pension payout and a yearly pension due to the very favourable tax arrangement for politicians in Ireland; this is at a time when they are increasing the pension age for citizens and trying to squeeze every last drop out of citizens pensions. This gives the wrong impression about politicians and pushes the commoners to revolt.

    • avatar
      Amphib Ian

      so, secularism? Or do you mean a sort of frenzied discrimination against Muslims?

  146. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    There is another more pertinent question to be asked:
    – What do we, individually and collectively, want European values and Europe to be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? What Europe do we want for ourselves and our descendants?

  147. avatar

    There is another more pertinent question to be asked:
    – What do we, individually and collectively, want European values and Europe to be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? What Europe do we want for ourselves and our descendants?

    • avatar
      Dario Amendola

      I was joking. Colonialism isn’t a value obviously :)
      Why do you think Europe is getting colonised?

    • avatar
      J M Perz Gnlz

      By CETA, by TTIP, by asian work force dumping? Choose whatever you want.

  148. avatar
    Heba Elshazly

    An interesting question ! What are the European values?! And are they only for European or for every human being ?!

  149. avatar
    Nicolas Meier

    Free movement of individuals, workers, services, kapital and since recently data

  150. avatar
    Joerg Sp

    Austerity and the unbridled profit motive mostly. Not much else to be honest. A least not much else is manifest in daily political decision making. Different values are on paper though.

  151. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    European values are simply libertarian values:human rights, free market, free speech, independent and impartial justice system, small and effective federal government of 12 commissioners, European army,European border guard,European Supreme Court formed of 9 elected judges, eliminating directives that kills free trade and entrepreneurial spirit.

    • avatar
      J M Perz Gnlz

      What about european fiscal rules identical in all 28 members?

    • avatar
      Valentin Nebunescu

      Good idea.But with ammendment :government spending to decrese,we don’t need new level of burocracy servants but just highly competent federal management at the European Commission ,as an executive body.

  152. avatar
    Alkis Mavridis

    Women are allowed to drive. Both cars and bikes.
    And where short clothes too.
    Boys can love boys and girls can love girls. And people can love each other whithout a certificate.
    And we vote for our reptesentatives. And police does not kill people with wrong skin color. Etc. Etc.
    EDIT: you can speak against your government too and stay free and safe.

  153. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    The European values are freedom, democracy and market economy.

  154. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    European values are for sure the values each of the compounding nations have, when we talk about people’s values. On a sidenote, it’s worth keeping in mind that Europe is not a continent, but the territory of a group of people who share similarities. While regarding civic values exported abroad, I could name human rights, freedom, free thinking, women’s rights, right of education, minorities rigts (be them religious, or ethnic minorities), laicism, science, western art , antiracism, worldwide prohibition of colonialism, banning of slavery, accepting all foreign cultures without discrimination- almost all these values are made somewhere in Europe and not few of them exist almost only in Europe (give or take some country in the New Continents) and there are more values, of course.

  155. avatar
    Piedade Luisa Pinho

    Freedom of speech; equality between man and woman; responsability; religious freedom; you work, you earn money. Knowledge, education; citizenship.

  156. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    If you do not know or you have serious doubts, ask your grandpa/grandma! They will explain what european countries have in common, their differences and the absolute need of working together respecting differences and sovereignty.

  157. avatar
    Marios Tsamandouras

    Self government, open mind, free speach and polytheism. Not neonazism and economic political totalitarianism as we see in modern eurosoviet EU.

  158. avatar
    Róbert Bogdán

    Individual freedom, personal responsibility and judeo-christian morality. Rejecting collectivism and big government.

    • avatar
      Cristina Micsa

      When did Europe fight for those things?

    • avatar
      Róbert Bogdán

      I’m European, and so are my values. So were John Locke, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Gibbon, Hume, Robertson, Bolingbroke, Montesquieu, and Voltaire. They fought for those things. Of course, all are dead now.

    • avatar
      Cristina Micsa

      Those are individuals. They are in the minority. We are talking about a whole continent. When did any country in Europe fight for those values you mention? Never. In general, Europeans love big government.

    • avatar
      Róbert Bogdán

      I can’t argue with that, it’s a sad fact. Neo-marxism has a powerful attraction. Everybody wants something for nothing, and for a short period, it can actually work. But in the end, everything has a price. Freedom has a high price, healthcare, education, safety, you name it. And the ultimate price is slavery.

    • avatar
      Cristina Micsa

      Exactly. Look at the laws of every European country. None of them promote the values you mention.

    • avatar
      Róbert Bogdán

      The French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen: “No one is to be disquieted because of his opinions, even religious, provided their manifestation does not disturb the public order established bu law.” vs. The US Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This are resembling but are very different though.

    • avatar
      Róbert Bogdán

      It’s don’t break the law vs. don’t make he law. It’s an explicit protection of individual freedom against the majority.

    • avatar
      Cristina Micsa

      I don’t see it that way. Don’t break the law made by an elite who doesn’t care about the individual freedom. The laws established can and usually does violate individual freedom.

  159. avatar
    Jean Charles Branco

    europe is fascist and we love fascism. in america the freaks can go to america and have freedom to be freaks. here its europe, you dont like our values go to america. if amish are not welcome in europe, do u think the freaks are welcome? think again. support ur local nationalist party. no surrender. here its not america.

  160. avatar
    Kokonas George

    To Restore Democracy back to its original authentic means! The conspiracy of the “idiots” its about time that finished for good.
    Pericles, as a “chief designer” of Democracy, will take the place he deserves in world history and the famous “dogs” of democracy will be lost in oblivion.

  161. avatar
    Elia Atanas

    faggots, that s what … hurry up now, block me just like the other faggot pages, smh

  162. avatar
    Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Economic measures against people. Bankers sell us money without control or..mind and then force us or kill us

  163. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Secular Christian societies, white race, charity, love for the family, the extended family, for your city and your country.

    • avatar
      Sorin Costea

      The other continents don’t have their fair share of such? Wow.

    • avatar
      Marius Popescu

      Here we talk about Europe .Capra vecinului nu are relevanta .

    • avatar
      Sorin Costea

      Christian values. I cringed so much..

    • avatar
      Isabel Metello

      Sorin Costea, like it or not Western societies matrix is Judeo-Christian so…

  164. avatar
    Mark Sjøberg

    Free and equal education and healthcare for all. Transparency of legitimate, and publicly elected governments and extremely low corruption and tax evasion, while still keeping bureaucracy at reasonable levels. Industrious and innovative infrastructure and business. Severe limitations on extreme wealth accumulation, both personal and corporate. Secure borders and decent military capabilities, reasonable limits on immigration, so we Europeans have more time to get used to each other. Set an example for the world and make a real effort to help refugees and regions in chaos instead of just paying to keep them away or hold them in camps. Focus on knowledge, science, space exploration and higher quality of living while making the world cleaner and greener all the time. Make Europe worth fighting for and a beacon of hope in these trying days.

    • avatar
      Tiromanzino May

      Indeed. Secure borders and stop ilegal immigration.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Many countries around the world have those values so they are not specifically European values.

    • avatar
      Lucy Prelevic-Popova

      The rest of the world in chaos unfortunatelly is mostly us&europuan product

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Lucy Prelevic-Popova Not the English speaking parts :)

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Some english speaking parts of the world would desagree with you…like Guyana, Jamaica, Balize, Tanzania, Kenya or even India…

  165. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    Ideally, freedom, science, the Enlightenment, fairness, rule of law. That is assuming we uphold the post-war values… not the pre-war values.

    • avatar
      Mark Jankoit

      That`s why we are having this conversation. Logical, innit?

  166. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    There is no such thing as ‘European values’, values held by the Germans will be different to those held by the Spanish which will be different to those held by the Polish which will be different to those held by the Turks etc. Animal cruelty being the obvious one.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Leonardo Monteiro Morning troll, care to explain why you think I am wrong or are you just spamming again ?

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      Because all those nations share values derived from the judeo christean, roman and enlightenment tradition: Individuality, rationality, liberty, rule of law. But now you consider Turkey in Europe? Always learning…

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Leonardo Monteiro The ‘world’ considers Turkey to be in Europe, find a map & take a look, there are 51 Nations in ‘Europe’ & not just the 27 in the EU.

      Using your logic you could argue that because mankind started in Africa they are actually African traditions.

      The first ‘modern’ interpretation of those values can be found in Magna Carta – 1215 so again, British.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Albania is european and yet muslim. Kosovo is european and yet muslim. And the list goes on. I am european and atheist and I can not avoid laughing with that “judeo christian” argument. By that logic we share “european values” with the Americas, most of subsaharan africa, Israel, etc, etc, etc.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      I would say Turkey has terrotory in Europe. They are definatly not european.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva
      Sorry but it really does not matter what you say, geographically Turkey is part of ‘Europe’, whether people like the fact or not.

      Why does it bother you so much ?

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Gographically Turkey is not part of Europe. Geographically part of Turkey is part of Europe. Noticed the difference? Part of the UK is part of Africa, is the UK part of Africa? Certainly not. It is not a question of being bothered, it is simply a question of being logic.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva How can Turkey not be part of Europe but part of Europe ??! lol, it makes no sense. You will be saying Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan are not in Europe next.

      Why does it bother you so much ?

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      How can the UK not be part of Africa and yet have part of it in Africa? Why don’t you embrace the africaness in you? Turkey is not european because most of it’s people live in asia and so is 95% of it’s territory. And yes, Kazakistan is not european and even less Azerbaijan independently of being part of the “eurovision”. Even Russia would not be European would’t it be the fact that it’s european part is half of the european peninsula and most of it’s population lives in it. Cyprus is not european either, it is asian, as well as Malta is african. The real difference between me and you is that I actually follow geographical facts under a mathmatic porportionality logic. PS: Why does it bother you so much the fact that Turkey is an asian country?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva
      Very few things bother me but then I live in reality and not some strange version of it.

      The definition of a ‘continent’ is a large landmass surrounded by water.

      Great Britain is an island off the cost of the Eurasian peninsular called ‘Europe’, how you think it is part of Africa is just bizarre.

      Here is a map that may explain it to you.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Santa Helena, Ascenção, Tristão da Cunha, etc, are part of the UK (no one spoke about Great Britain). Islands belong to the continents that hold their “continental plate”. The islands and archipelagos I mentioned are in the continental african plate and therefore the UK as well. By your own logic the UK is therefore as african as Turkey is european. That is the real world lad. PS: The definition of continents is not the same in every culture. In mine for instance there is only one America, not two of them. Eurasia is a recent concept adopted in our education (when I studied Europe and Asia were still devided). And so on and so forth…

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva Great Britain is on the Eurasian plate, not the African plate & Turkey is part of the ‘Europe’ peninsula of the Eurasian continent. Which part of this simple fact are you having a problem with ?

      Santa Helena, Ascensão, Tristão da Cunha are British ‘overseas’ territories which does not mean Great Britain is African, with your logic Great Britain is part of every continent on the planet..

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Mark Jankoit

      That is a map of the EU, not ‘Europe’. The EU is a part of Europe it is not Europe. Try again.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Again, you’re the one from the UK and you don’t understand the difference between UK and Great Britain? Something is wrong with your education. “Overseas” or not they are part of the UK and therefore, following your logic (not mine unlike what you’re trying to say), the UK is an african country.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva

      Which would make Spain, Portugal, France, etc all African because they have overseas territories ? , if you say so lol

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      No, that is what YOU say when you claim that Turkey is european. What I say is that France, Portugal and the UK are european because most of their territory and population is in Europe and that Turkey is asian because most of it’s territory and population is in Asia. That is what I say, but I can see you’re not grasping the implications of neither my logic nor yours.

    • avatar
      Mark Jankoit

      Ivan Burrows When did Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Norway, Moldova, Serbia become a part of the EU?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva
      I do not claim anything, the cartographers do. Funny that you think that because Britain has overseas territories its not in ‘Europe’, but then GB has territories on every continent on earth so maybe we should just rename the planet Great Britain and be done with it lol

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Which cartographers? Not in my nation and we pretty much invented cartography…Lad, again, because you seem a bit slow today, I will repeat myself. I do not think the UK is not european and Great Britain is not the same thing as the UK. Are you ok today? You really are getting everything wrong!

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva I didn’t say they were ?, have another go. It’s your denial that the rest of the human race says Turkey is part of ‘Europe’ that is funny.The fact ‘Europe’ contains 51 Nations is your problem, not mine.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      The rest of the world is pretty much irrelevant to me and if they say Turkey is european while the UK is not african (which most actually don’t), then they are clearly wrong and do not know how to use logic. Geography and logic say that the UK is european and Turkey is asian, those that say otherwise are wrong.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva ‘The rest of the world is pretty much irrelevant to me ??! pretty much sums you up lol

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Just because most people say they are right, that does not make them right. In this regard my country is clearly the one holding the light…

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva Clearly you live on another planet with tangerine trees and marmalade skies, but I’m sure its a very nice place :)

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      We do have tangerine trees. Do you know why are they called “tangerine”? Because my country decided to grow them in Tanger, in what is today Morocco, in order to sell them after in Lisbon instead to having to bring them from China every time. We also have “marmelade” (not skies though), and it is called like that because it is made with “marmelos” (quince), unfortunatly you fellow friends in the UK did not get the logic of the name and made “marmelade” with oranges…uff… ;)

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva Does that make you African ?

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Why? I’m not maroccan nor does my country has any territory in mainland Africa. This assuming you’re using your own logic. If you would actually use mine the answer would be certainly not and the question senseless. Like in the case of “marmelade” you did not understand the logic yet…nor the sarcasm in the privious comment, or the irony in your stubborness.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      José Bessa da Silva Your comments thus far make it impossible to follow your logic.

  167. avatar
    Akis Muto

    There are no specific european values. People thought differently 1000 or 500 years ago and differently now

  168. avatar
    Leonardo Monteiro

    Values derived from the judeo christean, roman and enlightenment tradition: Individuality, rationality, liberty, rule of law.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      All those values are held by every English speaking country in the world so how are they ‘European’ ? If anything they are British values.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      Im atheist, which proves you’re wrong. There is no “european values” and the EU certainly does not abide by rationality or liberty and it’s rule of law is made on Bayer, VW and Deutchbank’s behalf. Legalized corruption is more on line of the “values” that the EU follows.

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      I am atheist too. So, you dont celebrate christmas?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Leonardo Monteiro Zimbabwe has 16 official languages & it was less chaotic before the ethnic cleansing. Try again ?

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      It was a country dominated by the Enlgish. What happened, didnt rub “your” values?

    • avatar
      Mark Jankoit

      José Bessa da Silva It does not matter if you are atheist or not. You still live in a society mainly influenced by religion. And it`s the same in every part in the world.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      No, I celebrate the family day, which is on the 25th of Decembrer, just like all the pre-christian celebrations. You see, “christianity” did not create anything. Do you know why we have the 1rst of November? Because in Portugal we have Samaín, known in Lisbon as “Dia das Bruxas”. As christians could not get rid of such practices they decided to make their own day around that time with another name “Dia de Todos os Santos” was born. Yet insted of ending the 31rst of October they actually made a 3 day long trations that ends in the second of November with “Dia dos Finados”, another pagan day. Every major christian holyfay is a fraud, like any religion in fact.

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      I know all that – but you and i still celebrate the holidays, even if they are hogwash. Its in our culture.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Leonardo Monteiro

      What happened is simple, When it was run by the British it was one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, take away those British ‘values’ and you have anarchy. Next question please.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      No, I celebrate the family day, not the “birth of christ”. There is a substantial difference.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      No, he means british values. There is no such thing as “european values”.

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      Yes because our values are very different than English, or Spanish ,or French or German.

    • avatar
      Leonardo Monteiro

      Or alternatively, we can say that there are no values, after all even both of us are portuguese and we dont have the same values, lots of brits dont share the same values, too.

    • avatar
      José Bessa da Silva

      I would agree with your “no values” rather than your “european values”. To start with your “european values” are shared by the entire continent of America, many countries in Africa and even in Asia, which makes them rather “international” instead of “european”.

  169. avatar
    Kokonas George

    The system can not defeat the people in a direct conflict with them. The system is imposed only when the people are ignorant and trapped. Only when the people do not know what to do and what to ask for. If the people know what they want, they have the power to take it. The people are the Force and the expressing power is Democracy.

  170. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    Each european state has it’s general values and each person within those states as well. All those are “european”. If you ask if there are any pan-european values than the answer is obviously not.

    • avatar
      João Mascarenhas

      Christianity and Nationalism? You are an ignorant fool. And either you are full of hatred or know shit about the world.

    • avatar
      João Mascarenhas

      and the cliche “wake up”. funny how it’s the most paranoid ignorants that tell others to wake up. go to sleep, you need it

    • avatar
      Antonio De Simone

      Keep all immigrants locked within Italy… e poi buttano via la chiave…

  171. avatar
    Viorika Motoi

    We need social politics and justis and a good deplomacy whit Africa we need to keap the identity of oll of one European contry!

  172. avatar
    Lars Brorson Fich

    I am Danish. We use to think, that ‘Danishness’ is something special. But when I come to think about it, it’s hard to come up with any special Danish values or sepcial danish culture, that could have existed without influence from outside – to an overwhelming extent from other European countries. This leaves one with the paradox, that to be Danish, and continously to develop the Danish national charater, we must be part of Europe.

  173. avatar
    Yves Lainé

    It’s only in the name of values that we will be able to move forward. I am surprised by the poor litterature we find on this theme. But…the European Commission has issued, as of may, 2012, an interesting research called The European values ( Eurobaromètre Standard 77) and nearly 33000 persons from 27 countries were scrutinized. Strange that interested states have made such little use of this ! I think goodwill Europeans should unite in order to further work on this theme…

  174. avatar
    Joe Hodson

    This is the wrong way to ask the question, surely. I believe what I believe not because it is European, or British or attached to places and cultures near me but because it’s what seems most persuasive. I can’t advocate anyone from anywhere to simply rubber stamp what their society already thinks unless it happens to be really, really good. We should ask not what European values are but what the right values are, independently of culture and demographics.

  175. avatar
    Yannis Karamitsios

    Secularism. The mutual control of three powers (executive, legislative, judiciary). The three generations of human rights and freedoms. The Idea of Progress. Solidarity. The social contract. And the principle of good neighborhood and peaceful co-existence of nations. All these are born and grown in Europe, and deserve the tag of “European values”.

    • avatar

      I’d be curious: how would you define “Christian values”?

    • avatar

      John McTavish we have something called the Ten Commandments.

  176. avatar

    Je ne vois pas comment les écossais pourront rester européens mais ce serait un sacré pied de nez aux britanniques …

  177. avatar

    Enlightenment values – separation of powers, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of the press .. and dare I say: freedom of movement?

  178. avatar

    Freedom to choose your life partner, freedom to have a private life of your own choice. Respect for women, the weak, the elderly. Enlightenment values, The Pursuit of Happiness, Christian kindness and compassion. Aristotle!

  179. avatar

    Unelected president Juncker has made it very clear what the EU’s values are, they are Marxist values. The pro EU fanatics have learnt nothing from their history and are destined to repeat it.

  180. avatar

    Sorry, I need to rant for a moment. One: the EU is not Europe, just a regional association. Two: there are no European values. Our values are also those of Australia, Canada, Japan, Chile, Ghana and many others. Three: the EU can be modestly pleased with itself. It has peace, free trade, open borders, the right to live and work anywhere in the region, reasonable social security and a pretty good standard of living. Happy Europe Day.

  181. avatar

    Liberalism, rationalism, human rights.

    Democratic rule of law with institutional separation of powers, fair and free multi-party elections, an at least minimum social safety net and freedom of speech.

    Origins of our ideas: mainly Greek
    Origins of our law and politics: mainly Roman
    Origins of our ethics: mainly Judeo-Christian (much stronger in the past)

    Non-European Western values are predominantly Anglo-Saxon and may include libertarianism, law before legislation and full personal responsibility – no safety net.

    Tolerance and acceptance of the Other is an “auxiliary” value: important but purely derivative of all the above.

  182. avatar
    Alex G

    Greek guy here and obviously biased as Greek…But having lived in Greece and in Europe, I realized that there s no such thing as European values….Europeans have looted the planet for centuries…They left the Byzantine Greeks to the Ottomans for centuries, before that Romans also looted Greeks…. They have centuries to pay with the same coin to proclaim that they have “values”….

  183. avatar

    What makes ‘European Values’ European is nothing to do with who created these values, or who now practices them. Their uniqueness lies in the facts that

    (a) they are codified in the European Charter of Human Rights (organised by the Council of Europe, which is different from tje European Union), to which every state in Europe (bar Belarus, and more recently Russia) is a signatory; and

    (b) there is a supranational court, the European Court of Human Rights, which adjudicates on allegations of breaches of the Charter, and to which the member states of the Council are obliged to respond.

    This acknowledgement of the supra-national nature of these rights is unique in the world, and what makes the Convention and these rights ‘European’.
    Anyone, anywhere in the world, can accept and acknowledge these rights – you don’t have to accept them as European – but you should be aware that they have supra-national standing to the member states.

    What are the values?

    * Representative Liberal Democracy, with a regulated constitutional division of powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary
    * The supremacy of the rule of law (that laws are made in a particular manner, applicable to all citizens, and administered by an independent judiciary – and more – look up the ‘The Venice Commission’)
    These two structural values provide the framework and support for the fundamental human rights values –

    – of tolerance of diversity
    – respect for the value of life
    – respect for other cultures
    – protecting the safety of others
    – promoting social inclusion
    – outlawing the death penalty in all circumstances
    – prohibiting cruel and unusual punishments, torture, etc

    These values are not comprehensive and permanent – they change and modify as we learn more …. they are applied through the processes of
    * establishing freedoms (of speech, religion and belief , dress, protest, thought, information, etc)
    * establishing rights that protect our various characteristics – gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, national origin, disability etc)
    * providing with state support the structures of social solidarity – economic support for those in need (social security, pensions, etc), access to free education, healthcare provision, environmental protection, clean water, public transport, sustainable development, trade union rights, etc.

    This is just a summary of all these rights – but they are only ‘European’ in the sense that the European members of the Council of Europe have had the good sense to codify them, and to agree that they should be followed and overseen by an international supra-national authority.
    They may not always do it well, or di it consistently, or without complaining about them – but at least they try.

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