Is Scandinavia the most tolerant and progressive place on Earth? New rules mean that asylum seekers arriving in Denmark could have valuables and other assets worth more than 1,340 euros confiscated in order to cover their housing and food costs while their applications are being processed. The legal changes also mean that asylum seekers will have to wait three years before their relatives can join them.

Whilst the move has been controversial, there have been similar schemes in place in other European countries, including Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Objects of sentimental value, such as wedding rings, are exempt from confiscation.

Scandinavian countries are struggling to cope with a massive influx of refugees since the crisis began. Sweden alone received more than 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015, more than any other EU state per capita. Denmark, Norway, and Finland have likewise been overwhelmed by the number of people seeking asylum.

Is confiscating the assets of asylum seekers in order to pay for their housing and upkeep a sensible policy? Or is it an example of populist politics, designed to send a message and encourage refugees to stay away?

To get a response, we spoke to Danish Social Democrat MEP Jeppe Kofod. What did he have to say?

KofodFirst of all, any refugee coming to Denmark, regardless of how rich or poor they are, will be provided with free healthcare like Danish citizens. They will be treated equally, they will be provided with free access to education, from primary school to the highest university level… Nobody is being asked to pay for healthcare, unlike other countries.

The only thing they can be asked to pay for – if they have assets – is their own housing and food. And that principle goes for Danes as well. And it’s actually with the same threshold, so if refugees have more than 1300 euros in assets then they will be asked to pay for their own housing and food – not healthcare or schools, just housing and food – while they are applying for asylum in Denmark. And the same goes for Danes without jobs or Danes who need direct financial support from the government, they also have the same threshold: 1300 euros. If they have more assets than that, they cannot get help from the Danish state, and the same goes for refugees.

So, there’s no discrimination, there’s an equal treatment and I think it’s very important that there’s equal treatment. And if you look in the case of Denmark, if you’re a family of four with two adults and two kids, then you need to have more than 5000 euros in money and assets before you can be asked to pay for your housing or food. In many other countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, the threshold is much lower. So, what we did in Denmark is to say that the same principles should apply to refugees as well as Danes, and thereby ensuring the egalitarian welfare state is for all.

We also had a comment sent in by Vinko, arguing that Scandinavian countries are renowned as some of the most tolerant and progressive on Earth. Yet many of these countries have seen recent victories by far-right, nationalist, populist political parties and movements. Why is the far-right on the rise in Scandinavia?

We put this question to Jeppe Kofod:

KofodWell, it’s because of the situation globally, with a lot of refugees today. There are around 16 million refugees in the world, and some of them are coming to Scandinavia exactly because those countries are perceived, rightly so, as very generous welfare states that will provide a lot services for free for their citizens and inhabitants. Regardless of your income you get free healthcare, education, elderly care, and many other services that in other countries you are asked to pay for. So, naturally, that attracts people.

We see that during this crisis now with the refugees, a large proportion of them are coming to Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and the problem is that because we are such a generous welfare state we have a lot of costs when people come into our countries because we have to provide all the services for free. We don’t want to treat our inhabitants differently, regardless of whether they’re a Dane or a refugee, so we treat them equally. But that is why Denmark is number two last year after Sweden if you look at the share of GDP we use for refugees. And therefore we have a limit on how many we can take.

And, of course, the populist parties are saying that the huge number of refugees are in a way dismantling our welfare state, and thereby hurting normal Danish citizens or even citizens who are unemployed or in a more vulnerable situation in Denmark. So, therefore, there’s a rise in populism because people are scared what will happen to our welfare state if the number of refugees and migrants keeps on growing. And the populist right use that to gain support, they scare people to gain support for their political purposes.

Why is the far-right on the rise in Scandinavia? Should assets be seized from migrants in order to pay for their healthcare and housing? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Katerina Kyriazi

    Because the indigenous people were forced to accept thousands upon thousands of unwanted people into their societies. Eventually this would inevitably lead to a right wing backlash which is spreading all over Europe

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    Karel Van Isacker

    People want their country back. They are not interested in being forced to change because of an intolerant minority which most Danish do not even want in their country. The same applies for all countries in fact that are flooded by so-called “refugees”.

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    Hugo Veloso

    It’s easier to think as refugees as an enemy than to confront what the real issues are, and how to fix them. This is not new, and it’s not just in Scandinavia.
    And even if we don’t accept them, what are the solutions? We just leave them there to die? All the possible scenarios are not good in the long term. We need to stop thinking about short term, that’s why we’re in this mess in the first place.
    Receiving a lot of refugees is also not wise, since climate change refugees are just at the very beginning.
    It’s scary to think that we’re ready to close borders and turn fascist at the first hint of stress in our apparent order.

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      Send them to other Arab countries where they can fell like in home.
      Richest Arab countries have not too any refuges

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    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Because Scandinavia was never a culture group that welcomed strangers, I think. We were always slow to accept the exotic, and the recent influx of refugees hasn’t helped. Fear has lent credence to the more extreme elements of our society, simply because they are the only ones who still try to offer a simple, easily groggable solution to this problem.
    There isn’t one, of course. This has become clear to the rest of our political set, so they attempt more complicated solutions. Which is why they are losing.

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    Bita Nahal Peace

    Open border policy and allow certain number of refugees and immigrants to enter your zone. This would eventually eradicate the surge of mass immigrations to Europe.

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    Ulf Skey

    Well, we have the problem here with people being murdered by the ‘children’ they work to help, and girls being attacked by groups of young men etc. No wonder they are less wanted here. Except by the authorities and apologists blaming the victim all the time.

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    Paul X

    The far right is on the rise in the whole of Europe not just Scandinavia, and it is down to the EU’s incompetent immigration policies

    Just like the far left has been on the rise due to the EU’s incompetent fiscal policies

    It’s not difficult to see there’s a trend developing here is it?

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    Can Gökçe


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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Can Gökçe
      Whenever the rate of immigration far and away exceeds the rate of integration then problems ensue!!!

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    Борис Темков Институт

    Failure of the Danish government to communicate clearly European values resulted in 400 jobs of far right voters as border police. Missed flights, delays to come in time for school and at the office are among the first registered problems. Far rights voters jobs are only the top of the current Tax office scandal, where the state lost xx billion krona. Eight tax ministers for four years cant explain the hole. Far right voters love scandal. And rubles

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    Horea Scalat

    Well, when you lump everything that isn’t far-left into one nicely packaged bundle and label it “far-right”, as it is so often the case nowadays, it’s no wonder they’re “on the rise”.
    And it’s exactly this type of attitude that pushes them towards the extreme end of the spectrum.

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    Francio Marco

    Because they are rich and they don’t want to share nothing with the other people even if this people come from country in war.

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      hans van veen

      Mr Marco, I have got some questions to You.

      It`s common knowledge the people responsable for all migrants moving from the Middle East towards NW Europe demands very much money for the passage to SE Europe.
      Question: How can they afford that? Even travelling with children.

      As soon they are in Greece, they are relative “save” . That means as long as they don`t out them selves, being gay, or another religious believe.
      They are travelling from Greece to NW Europe, passing half of Europe, with “Mutti Merkel ” as main target.
      As far as I haven`t heard any migrant telling he wants to go to Rayon or Hollande.
      When they arrive in for example Germany, the German newspapers are full of conflicts in so called migrant centres because suddenly they see war criminals from Syria, who have made the same journey;.

      I DOÑ`T claim EVERY migrant is not from a war situation but even our Dutch EU minister Timmermans had to admit that less then 60%of the migrants are from Syria.

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    Alexander Hristov

    Simply because they’re finally opening their eyes to the danger of becoming a minority in their own countries by people with cultures completely incompatible with their own.

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    Børge Rahbech Jensen

    No, Scandinavia is probably not the most progressive place on Earth anymore. The current debates and politics in Denmark are more like statements from the 70s and 80s mixed with economical concerns. To me it looks much like the ideas from the 70s are finally implemented to the parts of the society in control of society. Furthermore, I have a bad feeling that the present attitude against muslims has to do with the strength of Islam after September 11, 2001 which can’t be ignored even by those using minorities to make their points. People who were young activists in the 70s have become elder and wealthy now, and some of their successors who were taught to fight for their own ideas are powerful positions in the society now.

    The new rules for asylseekers in Denmark are just a minor topic. More important changes to the Danish society are hinted by the vast majority in favor of the laws in the parliament as well as the uniformity among the Danish news media. It feels like most politcians, media and even experts suddenly have got the same attitudes to most important topics and the media are the ones educating both the politicians and the people for a kind of dictatorship. Arguments and topics not fitting the general ideas are often ignores by both media and the parliament. In fact, it often seems like the parliament has second to none idea to what is going on in the society but rely much on news media and economic models when making decisions. Furthermore, several media have news rooms inside the parliament building and politicians often take parts in debates in media giving journalists easy access to the politicians and in control of information between the parliament and the society. The government administration is nearly invisible to the public, mwaning the public has second to none idea to how and by whom the laws and other decisions in the parliament are made. Journalists tend not to harm their best sources and not ask question which are not of interest to any of the political parties in the parliament.

    Other popular topics are replays from the 70s or 80s, too. One such topic is the fear of the internet and social media. Another one is the debate on whether green energy is good or bad for the Danish economy.

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    Luca Argalia

    Our life style is totally incompatible with these people from M.O. and Africa, Check Bruxelles and Paris

    • avatar

      Exactly )
      Different people
      Different culture and IQ

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      Who knows. The spread of the far-right might not be Finnished yet.

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    Max Berre

    It’s basically a result of having failed to prevent the situation in Syria and Iraq (and Libya) from turning into a full-blown refugee crisis.

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    No wonder all kind of reactions bursts all over Europe. Scandinavia is no exception. Irritation mixed with fear is a deadly combination for collective perception. When things seems out of control (gypsies, war refugees, aggressive Russia, austerity, etc ) natural instincts tend to gather people and most extreme ideas and attitudes comes as the logical and rational “solutions”. Scandinavia used to be a model of tolerance and social harmony, in order to understand the magnitude of the issues that brought northern nations at such degree of imbalance, we should ask our “beloved” leaders.

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    Zoltan Kiss

    Because the left has abandoned their own people and jeopardized the safety of citizens with reckless illegal immigration policies. The left deserves its fate and I truly hope their only way is OUT.

  18. avatar

    People don’t want Mohammed and they’ve had enough of someone trying to tell them that they are racist because they don’t and that their comment has been “moderated” for not meeting the community standards? Really? Which community’s standards?

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    Mike Oxlittle

    Scandinavia tolerant and progressive?, don’t make me laugh!,there’s nothing tolerant or progressive about surrendering control of your borders and allowing a horde of foreigners to simply walk in.Now these invaders aren’t the ancient Greeks bringing democracy and enlightenment,they’re mostly unskilled,uneducated young men raised in a culture and religion that hasn’t progressed from the dark ages,and i’m afraid it’s the young women and girls of these countries that are going to have to live with the consequences of their weak and pathetic governments actions.

    • avatar

      They’re Way more educated then you. Obviously you’re not educated at all since you haven’t learned anything it seems

    • avatar

      Let me ask you , how many nobel prizes they won recently ??
      Educated lot ?

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    Saad Ahmad

    It is the fear of unknown, diversity gives birth to more diverse solutions, and its time for the people of northern europe to believe that they can deal with the situation and manage it with more smarter solutions. They will use more resources to try control the inevitable influx, whereas same resources can be used to progressively channel them for greater scandanivian impact on the world. Give birth to new forms of culture and life when the resource is in hand. Castles never save the cities and never hold forever.

  21. avatar
    Alin Marian

    Because Vladimir is financing their success. Not only in North Europe, in other countries as well.

  22. avatar
    Alin Marian

    Because Vladimir is financing their success. Not only in North Europe, in other countries as well.

  23. avatar
    Merja Ellefson

    In Sweden a race biological association was founded in 1908 and the Race Biological Institute existed 1922-1956 when it became part of Institute for medical genetics. Sweden still has large collections of sculls and bones. Such racist heritage doesn’t just disappear over night. In Finland the movement is fueled by the heritage is political nationalism, important parts of it were right-wing.

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    mustafa copur

    swedan is secret enemy of humanity in our world.look in their country only one mucis tv canal and 4 radio station then they use same kind of refugee but enemy for their family culture where they came from they play gitar instrument that in surie irag in turkey kurdistan the huamn been againsth music,this kind of darknes countries will charge asylum matter.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Assalamu’ alikum- Mustafa!

      …not quite certain what you try to convey to us? I guess Egyptians are much better to decode their ancient hieroglyphs- than me your broken English!

      Could you please disclose how long and in which dark European country you are?
      Maybe there is some help to lighten up the darkness which surrounds you? It must be quite a surprise and disappointment for Arabs not to encounter the same mentality, culture & religion in our dark European continent, than at home- isn’t it?

      Can I expect more details & a reply- which is in a more understandable English?

  25. avatar
    mustafa copur

    if you look at in turkey 30 music canal in irag 15 in egyipt 50 in kurdistan 20 this is proof that this europeen kill our love in europa.following they use such things which is the unlikely like swedish behavior.
    interes nothing else

  26. avatar
    Georgios Okeopoulos

    What is said about the health care system and the refugees in Denmark is a lie…. The asylum seekers in Denmark they have the obligation to stay inside the asylum centers until the process is done… That means several years in many cases. At this time, they don’t have access to the public health system except some basics, and their kids cannot go to the school… So please, with this argumentation.

    • avatar

      You are the one lying… If a refugee is ill he or she will be seen by a doctor without cost, just like a dane would. If a refugee is seriously ill or injured they will be taken to the hospital free of charge, just like a dane would.

    • avatar

      Georgios You are a Lair.. and a bad one!

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    Yordan Vasilev

    The refugees became a big proportion of the native population in Scandinavia and the progress of the far-right is the defensive reaction of the society.

    • avatar

      Cause the refugees never mix with their society.
      Like oil and water , if I migrate to Iran , I would obey their law and culture , simple is it ?
      Why it’s not other way round ??

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    Olivier Dutreil

    Europe should start facing reality,and rhink about interests of his own citizens first who are the most taxed on our planet

  29. avatar

    Those who had been in a refugee situation experience in his life can understand how painful it is. those who run away from their countries would like their countries but, they were forced by the situation.
    Most of the Scandanivian became refugees and they must treat the refugees well according to humanity and the international laws.
    God created human with the same values but not decrimination and disrespected .
    JESUS said “Help those in need”

  30. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    Because intergration has failed and cannot be mended which ppl understand. This has lead to other problems which ppl are tired of, and so ppl ask themselves why they would put up for more, and since the right wing is the only option, then ppl vote for them. This has nothing to do with racism but pragmatic realism, and passivity by politics, especially in Sweden

  31. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    Because intergration has failed and cannot be mended which ppl understand. This has lead to other problems which ppl are tired of, and so ppl ask themselves why they would put up for more, and since the right wing is the only option, then ppl vote for them. This has nothing to do with racism but pragmatic realism, and passivity by politics, especially in Sweden

    • avatar

      Seems like it is they only way nowdays .
      I think brexit and Trump win means that western civilisation is waking up .
      We can’t help everyone as well , I work my hands to the bone and I have nothing fir free , so equal right for everyone.

  32. avatar
    Kalle Salo

    Well, the most simple piece of reality is that people at large oscillate between left and right. Up to now, Scandinavia has been a playground of the socialists and the leftists, and as they’ve run everything to the ground, the winds change. That’s what you get for dickin’ around.

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  33. avatar

    It is all about humanity, so that we need to develope the sense of humor & tolerance and stretch our hands to the needy so as to avoid human catastrophe & vanish.

    • avatar

      Could not agree more

  34. avatar
    Ellen Eley

    good politics is centre and it is not far right to stop being invaded by another race and religion

  35. avatar
    Matthew Ciavola

    I live in sweden and i can assure you that sweden is not racist and neither a far right country .. there is a very tolerant freedom of speech and the laws apply for all without exceptions , the reason why sweden is becoming tougher with the refugee situation is because sweden has already taken so much in the last years and not only 2015 and today is running out of resources to make sure the refugees accepted will have the same level of living like all other citizens as well as to make sure that the integration progress will work as it should.

  36. avatar
    André Capitão

    In Finland, the far right is losing ground, I don’t get where your got your ideas from. Finns are in general peaceful and tolerant people, you can’t judge a whole nation by a vocal minority.

  37. avatar
    mustafa copur

    europeen without any testamony they are thinging jesus is with them.jesus doesnt follow self interes human been
    ather things europeen can not tell me salaykum aleykum.this is you can eachather can say in europe god peace on you.
    l do suffer many years in europe reason of cheath and lie againsth me but jesus is not witgh europeen with me

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Selam, – you seem an angry fellow and complain to be cheated by all what is European? The wrong music, the wrong people, the wrong employment, the wrong friends, the wrong country- what else? Have you still got a homeland, a passport and where do you perceive are your roots? Please tell your whole story ‘coherently’ please!

    • avatar

      Exactly )
      I’m German and all we want is to keep our cultures and traditions.
      Multi kulti is bull crap

  38. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    It is very simple – if governments don’t hear people when they are talking, they will start screaming. People become extreme because of frustration that their opinion is being ignored and when their human rights are violated and injustices are done, this is considered acceptable by the authorities… But what is “far right”? Is it seizing assets from arriving asylum seekers? I don’t think so. The policy is just a practical solution, due to the large number of arrivals and lack of resources to address their needs. This is not far right. However, if someone refers to Christians as “non-believers” and has a humiliating attitude towards them, if someone attacks Christian women just because they are women, degrading them as human beings, this is most certainly far right and extreme Christianophobia. Is it on the rise in Europe? Most definitely!

  39. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    The chosen theme of question suggests that the EU leadership still didn’t get & might never do so!

    Who maintains this stale phrase (media or politicians?) of far right wing, when the EPP is political right- but wrong and need to be criticized? The SD is left but also wrong? In fact, too many are wrong except a peripheral handful.

    Who & where is the MIDDLE? Has the European center been eliminated?

  40. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Because democratic parties are no supporting their own People. When rape crime soars to 500% in Sweden in the last years, what did the Government has done? When nobody feels safe and cannot go out at night alone, who should we blame? Social Democrats parties are failing to their own People. No wonder the Far Right grows. In France, workers that used to vote on PCF now vote in the Front National. Why do you think this happened?

  41. avatar
    Enrique Tessieri

    Because there has always an undercurrent of ethnic intolerance in the Nordic region. When the right conditions appear we have far-right parties popping up throughout the region. Simple as that.

  42. avatar

    There is just one world, people! Their problem is our problem, and our problem is theirs too. We have to give hands and work on a solution for every country and every people.

  43. avatar
    Melker Gustavsson

    The far right is not! Sweds are socialists maby national socialists but thats not far right.far right are anarkists and sweds like rulers!

  44. avatar
    Steve Hale

    The “far right” in Norway is still left of center. I can’t tell you how many people, who live nowhere near here, have told me about all kinds of horror stories going on right here in my home. Somehow there are no victims, no evidence of any of it, no local police aware of any of it. Still, they keep showing me “proof”

  45. avatar
    Marcus Petsen

    Cuz socialism cannot defend their own people and they are driving sweden further back then stoneage

  46. avatar
    Mustafa Copur

    not only we can blame on the europa every where same shitt killing thisturbing rasism human rights violation war conflickt

  47. avatar
    Jeremy Bornstein

    Because freedom isn’t free ,people wake up when their communities become dangerous and ghettoized

  48. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Scandinavian countries fomented, fermented and foisted this problem upon their own populations by not allowing their media to discuss the immigration and integration issues that have been building up for years.

  49. avatar

    Opposition against a further influx of colonists is not extreem-right. ‘far-right’ means Nazi’s and dead camps. Not letting people into your country has nothing to do with that.

    The way the word ‘populist’ is disdainfully used is very telling because it obviously means ‘democratic’ and democracy is not something that multiculturalistic totalitarians really appreciate as soon as the will of the people asserts itself in service of its own self interest. Yes, as soon as you try to stand up for yourself and your people you are branded a far right extremist, you’re only a good boy if you sheepishly stand while you are being taken advantage of.

  50. avatar
    catherine benning

    Because the Scandinavians are seeing for themselves the loss of their culture and civilisation as they once knew it, which is not an acceptable way of life for them or their children.

    I read women can no longer go to the local swimming pools there as immigrant males in large groups get into the pool and use it to dump their body waste as the women swim. Not to mention Saturday night rape fests.

    Of course it is trying to be covered up just as in my country the rapes and molestation of children was covered for years in Rochdale and still is today.

    And they continue to cover it was white children and girls they targeted in the hundreds. A betrayal of us all in every way.

  51. avatar
    Horea Scalat

    Maybe because when everything that’s not 100% in agreement with the ruling far-left is labeled far-right eventually even some of the moderates end up radicalised, especially in times of turmoil such as these? Just a thought.

  52. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    An anti-immigrant movement (specific immigrants, I guess they are not against Fins or Norwegians moving in..) cannot simply be dubbed as “far-right”. Europeans and Northern Europeans in particular are quite tolerant as a matter of fact, often even too much. In Brussels where I live you experience behaviours from Norhern African immigrants that make you think twice before accepting them in your community. Now, this can of course change and it’s advisable as we should aim at peaceful cohabitation of different ethnic groups. Is it possible? Yes. Take Russia and even former Soviet Union and you will see that Muslims are far better integrated there than in Western Europe. This is because the red line has been drawn much earlier and people are Russians citizens in the first place and then Muslims, Christians or Jews. Only with a strong state using the iron fist when it’s needed you can achieve that. The alternative is racist movements like PEGIDA with the well known consequences for public order. To the Far West I prefer the East..

  53. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Because the lefties-liberals couldn’t hide the reality of their irresponsible-dangerous migration policy.

  54. avatar
    catherine benning

    This Austrian man in this article, and his team, have the only sane idea. The men who committed these crimes in Europe would have faced death in their country of origin. Therefore the justice levied toward them in Europe is laughable to them. In my view they believe we secretly want this practice here or that we will put up with anything to bring about an ideology of mad multiculturalism.

    Read and be aware

    And another

    Why are these people not being immediately deported for savage abuse? To keep them in Europe is condoning their actions against Europes women and chidlren and is an insult to us all. Additionally, those who feel this is acceptable and that we should turn a blind eye to it should likewise be deported with them to the countries of these mens origin.

    Want to stop them all coming here. Make it mandatory that any woman or girl entering Europe in any of the States must remove all scarves covering hair and all burques before they can cross the borders. It is an insult to European women to have to face this offensive practice of subjugation on a daily basis.

    Would Jews or people of colour be forced to accept the wearing of the Ku Klux Clan in the streets? But women, who are considered second class citizens here, must put up with this every day of their lives.

  55. avatar

    it is now obvious that refugees are not satisfied————- and are demonstrating violently against their hosts.
    This element is third world and unable to appreciate the hospitality that has been offered.

  56. avatar

    Mass immigration

    Tragic and unnecessary death caused by the open invitation from Germany , EU, UN, the British government labour, BBC ,UN , human rights lawyers.

    They should all be in the dock for aiding and abetting human trafficking and manslaughter.

    Nobody wants these people and they lose their lives encouraged by the British political elite labour party, UN , asylum laws and human rights lawyers who encourage them to flee their own countries seeking a better life elsewhere.

    None of the well paid politicians figured out the whole world may want to move and the taxpayer will have to pay for it.

    Asylum should be stopped. people must be encouraged to stay and fight to change their horrible countries and we must help them there,. Fleeing is not the answer.

    A sensible approach No to mass immigration,

    The UN should establish safe places for them in their country of origin, if necessary authorising military action to impose this by force ,

  57. avatar
    Michael Jordan

    Europe is a great place to live in.

  58. avatar

    Because no-one asked the native population if they wanted or minded having thousands of “others” literally dumped upon them,in their towns ,in their villages,and in some cases in their homes.
    Those who come seem to get protection,money housing,healthcare.
    Those who have to watch them arrive are criticized if they object,are ignored if they are victims of the newcomers and are told to tolerate the newcomers “habits” its interesting that ” newcomers” are treated with care for fear of causing offence,but the natives are subject to the full force of the law if they dare to rebel.

  59. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. There will always be extremists, whether violent ones, or ‘legal’ ones (far right political parties and far left) – both are unpleasant extremes. I personally think it was a mistake for the Vikings to ever have based themselves as far up on the planet where there is too little sunshine. The answer is combined: by ignoring extremists Scandinavia is not wallowing in the darkness.

    In terms of making refugees/immigrants pay for things…well, they will probably have to at some point, but they can’t pay with what they don’t have. No one ought to be bullied. The region invited them and when you give a gift it is not polite to take it back; in fact, it isn’t one’s right to do that. If poor people were invited there then those who invited them need to keep on making sure those immigrants are alright. If they have nothing to pay with then all participating host nations need to be lenient, compassionate, and help.


  60. avatar
    Gyorgy Gajdos

    We must introduce in the schools, political sciences, just like we teach mathematics or literature. Our population must have quite a detailed systematic knowledge on how democratic societies work. Who do we elect and why (not to actually do the job themselves) what’s the role of experts and civil servants who are not elected, how nationalism inhibits talking about ones mistakes etc.

  61. avatar
    Russ Littler

    No European country will ever sort out the mess made by the EU, unless they create their own “national” parties (funded by the people) and vote for them at every given opportunity. Until you have your own people in power, the “establishment” political elite will sell you out, just as they have always done., and that goes for the UK and every other nation in Europe.

  62. avatar

    Standing up to terrorism means drawing red lines and enforcing them. Much of what we are seeing in Europe is a result of the Obama administrations failed policies. Thinking that dictators would come to love the United States just because the Obama administration made an effort to be humble on the world stage was a gross mistake. Now countries all over Europe have a problem they won’t be able to fix unless extraordinary measures are taken. It’ll be a tremendous drain on financial resources either way. Good Luck!

  63. avatar

    Because it is obvious that we don’t have a common external border and anyone can come in (such as Pakistanis, Tunisians etc) and there is no authority that ejects them if their asylum claim is rejected. They just linger around even without approval. We must have a working border plus institutions that manage this migration issue. Not having it will push Europe towards the far right.

  64. avatar

    Sudden influx of people from conflicting zones would destabilize social, political and economic structure of a country. The wise way is not to block the influx but to stop war. Nevertheless, Europe has mixed up the cause and the consequence and many foreign polices are actually fueling the process.

  65. avatar

    Infected by Trump, Bannon and Pompeo virus!

  66. avatar

    When universal suffrage arrives, when too many people are play politics to earn a living, when there are not sufficient space on the political spectrum to outstanding oneself and win. People can only develop towards the extremes. Once the far-right on the rise, far-left can develop. When politicians are turning themselves as commodities for sale during election campaigns, nothing is not impossible, as we have seen Trump can win the presidency and even lost, he and Sleepy Joe won most support in the American history. Modern democracy seems to be heading towards irreversible decline, if development continues on such a pathological path.

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