On 17 December 2015, EU leaders met in Brussels for the European Council. On the agenda was the planned referendum in the UK (date undecided) on British membership of the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron would like to secure an agreement on a “reformed European Union” ahead of his country’s plebiscite in order to reassure a broadly sceptical public. He believes that other EU countries (especially Eurozone countries) would also like to see fundamental changes to how the EU works, and he argues that his reforms are Britain’s price for deeper Eurozone integration.

Cameron set out four core areas in which he is seeking reforms: firstly, securing guarantees that non-euro countries won’t be disadvantaged in the Single Market; secondly, setting targets for the reduction of EU red tape; thirdly, strengthening the power of national parliaments; and finally, restricting EU migrants’ access to benefits.

Want to learn more about some of the proposed EU reforms? Have a look at our infographic (click on the image for a bigger version):


We had a comment sent in from Limbidis, asking what peoples’ ideal European Union would look like. If you could change something about the EU, what would it be?

To get a response, we spoke to Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform (CER). He believes that abolishing the European Parliament would be a very positive step. So, if he could wave a magic wand, would he would make the European Parliament disappear in a puff of smoke?

But EU reform is not just about the United Kingdom’s demands. What would other EU countries like to see? We had a comment sent in from Max, who believes that the EU cannot keep its monetary union without a full fiscal and political union. Is he right? Is fiscal union a necessary reform for a sustainable European Union?

We asked Charles Grant to respond:

To get another perspective, we also took Max’s comment to Dr. Tom Casier, Academic Director of the Brussels School of International Studies of the University of Kent. What would he say?

Finally, we had a comment from Proactive, who wonder what would happen if the rest of Europe gave the “cold shoulder” to Cameron’s reform agenda. Would Britain vote to leave the EU? And would Brexit be bad for Europe?

How would Dr. Tom Casier respond?

If you could change one thing about the EU, what would it be? Can Eurozone countries keep the Single Currency without also creating a full fiscal union? And how bad would it be for the rest of Europe if Britain left the EU? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      With Swiss Style Direct Democacy

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    Nando Aidos

    The ideal EU would have the following objectives:
    1 – Good health for all;
    2 – Good education for all;
    3 – Economic stability for all;
    4 – Security for all;
    5 – Political stability for all;
    With these objectives in mind, what would the ideal EU look like?
    Well we could all help figure it out, provided we could all agree on the objectives.

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      Switzerland is if not the perfect temPlate surely the next best, 4 Languages, 26 Cantons each have their own Parliament,Executive,Constitutions,Laws etc. and the have freedom, real democracy where citizens can decide important issues that they have to live with and a high level of security. And it would be great if the EU were neutral, ofcourse Empires usually arrent but if we want to behave differently from the US we really should consider this.

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      I would add to that list of goals for the new improved EU.
      6- everyone should have the right to abode
      7-everyone should have both the right and responsibility to contribute to their society (this would take some discussion and no doubt it would be difficult to agree on a best course, but people need to feel included if you want them to accept what is happening around them)
      8-religious freedom but, not shying away from enforcing the laws that are in place to protect society due to fear of appearing descriminatory against religious or racial groups. (after all recruiting someone to acts of violence is inciting violence under UK law and yet jihadist recruiters are never in the news for being arrested for this).
      10-society must provide a platform for a minimal standard of living regardless of they type of job people have.

      Saying economic stability is not enough. The economy only works when anyone and everyone who works full time I able to provide their family with a minimal lifestyle (which needs to include a degree of recreational activities, especially outdoor activities to help with health and welfare aspects). Having an EU gdp per capita of €250000 is meaningless if that translates into real life terms of the lowest earners making €20000 per annum and having minimum bills (including poor minimal diet and no ability to holiday or escape the routine of sleep, work, eat, bathe & repeat) being as much as they can afford. The economy will only work when the majority of people have spare income for luxury purchases (eating out, holidays, cinema, luxury items for the home etc.) otherwise the need for shops and takeaways across the country/region drops, the jobs those places create drop, and the wages those jobs generate lower, further reducing spare spending power and further jeopardising financial stability of the masses.

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    Dan Neat

    The ideal European Union would be one that is fair, stable and can act as a greater united global actor. The realisation, and something that must always be remembered is that 28 member states are going to have 28 different ideas. You will have groups of states with similar ideologies, but fundamentally, each state has its own agenda. The balance therefore is the difficulty, but leaving the EU is not an option, in my view.

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      The theoretical benefits are easy to sum up. The EU was originally intended as a way to fast track and speed up & therefore enhance trade between members.
      Now it is fast becoming the United States of Europe. The benefits of this are political muscle on a global front akin to that of the worlds other superpowers.
      But only stating the upsides of an idea leads to a very biased outlook. Please be careful when reading this (and other) information that you keep a critical eye and an open mind.

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    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    the ideal Europe and World is the one whout hipocrisy and corruption. We have all we need ,we have all the laws we need ,we know what to do ,the leaders even swear to do the good thing and respect the laws and then the hypocrisy generates corruption and feudalism. When there is hypocrisy the corruption rises and with corruption a society a nation becomes a feudal dark age unfaire nation. When there is no hypocrisy and people do what they say,swear,and sign thet they will do then the corruption does not exists and so Democracy is in the nation and all people live in a Just,Fair,Good,Decent,Respectful society in Peace,Prospertity,Happiness. We do not have to invent the wheel all the leaders must simply do what they sign,swear,and say that they will do.

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      Adrian Limbidis

      Yeah but some want more.
      Usually the UK.

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      @Victor, well said. Leaders now should mostly be safeguarding the laws and freedoms already in place, with a minimal degree of new legislation as new circumstances require it (laws regarding the new technology of commercial drones for example is something not covered previously).
      @Adrian, wow, what a racist thing to say! To imply that the UK has more greed and/or corruption proportionately to any other society in the world!?

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      The recent racism fuelled vote proved me right.

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    Massimo Ortale

    My ideal Eu should be a real federations of States, on the model of the USA. Where there is one President with the some power of the US president, one united Army, one united system of Intelligence on the model of the CIA, with a border and costal guard that should controll European’s external borders. And most of all with less burocrats that impose nonsense measures in economy and politics.

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      Paul X

      I assume you work for the EU ideas department?

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      Youre describing faschismn ot demcracy, one president for so many people is madness, its not 1776, a council is much better suited to govern so many people,.

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      I would say that the ancient Greek system has many merits in terms of government. But I will also say that in the Eutopia-Europia you need to fix more than the system of government. Education, emergency services (which needs to include the military, like with a fire brigade I would prefer to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it) and many socio-economic considerations need looking into. This type of massive overhaul of society needs to be inclusive of everyone in society, not the political elite and their social group of friends, financial backers and politics allies. It would require thousands of referendums to get something close to workable for everyone. Not an undertaking for the faint hearted. But it would be doable.

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    Duncan Melville

    One without the Tories and less neoliberalist economic policies, more transparency and more accountability!

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      I’d go further than that and say we need to scrap political parties as a concept! When the person you vote for to represent your area politically is in fact likely to be influenced by other areas representatives belonging to the same political party in order to put pressure on the opposing political party your area will not truly get the representation it deserves. Accountability, I love this idea, but as much as it should and must apply to the political elite and civil servants, I needs to apply in other areas and aspects of our society and communities as well. People should be accountable for their actions, inactions and decisions that affect those around them.

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    Ivan Burrows


    One that only exists in history books as another dream of domination defeated by the people.

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Step 1 for Britain – End the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974, which provides British Military bases in Cyprus a “security advantage” against American led forces that want to expel the British from Cyprus , and join a million man all professional EU Defense Force., which will provide British military bases a security advantage. Britain must stop sponsoring the Turkish Military occupation of EU member Cyprus.

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      James Campbell

      If I were a Cypriot, I am sure I would not want British bases in Cypriot territory. Having said that, I’ve never heard that the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 was sponsored by the UK. Is this a serious hypothesis?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki
      What question were you answering?

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      All my reading regarding the Cyprus-Turkish situation points to Greece as the aggressor and Turkey intervening in order to protect the political and civil rights of the Turk-Cypriot minority. Am I being mislead by the media, or do you have a bias on the subject? Furthermore those British bases you speak of have a history pre-dating the Turkish “invasion” of 1974. So do you have any evidence to support your allegation that the UK “sponsored” a Turkish Invasion in order to get military bases? Or is this your opinion/assumption rather than fact?

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    A Federal State. A Parliament with more powers than today. A Senate where all countries would be the same. A Government indicated by the Parliament or at least an indicated Prime Minister.

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      What about the proportionate representation issue? Some countries are vastly larger than others population wise, does their population count and give them bigger proportionate representation? Or does each country get equal voice in the EU? Both could be argued to be fair and unfair at the same time. So which way would you opt to handle this?

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      Fair enough.
      1 vote / 10 million people? Is that ok with you?

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    Marco Bianchi

    A federal state, with a central government elected by the EU citizens, with a ministry of economy, a ministry of defence, a foreign ministry and so forth so on.
    An most important of all, this federal state should be independent therefore it should quit from NATO.

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      NATO-European relationship should definitely be looked into if Europe did become a superstate. But it wouldn’t necessarily be in the best interests to leave and in essence scrap the alliance. Also let’s not forget NATO was created primarily to protect Europe from an aggressive Soviet State picking off small countries one by one. So your apparent dislike of the idea of keeping NATO for Europe seems puzzling.

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    Nathan Cornfield

    My ideal EU would be one where sovereign countries work together on global issues such that affect us all. I would refrain from infringing on national sovereignty and do away with the mantra of ever closer union. I would like to see my country remain pat of the EU but I am thoroughly convinced that reform is needed. I would also like to see democratically elected European commissioners.

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      So, like a trade-security Union with separate financial, judicial and political systems for member states? Don’t think that will work for the same reasons partial financial political integration isn’t working. Deficit of financial equality between member states. If say for example, Luxemburg was expected to contribute 5% of it’s budget to “the European defence pot, and that 5% was equal to $1bn US, and a country with a larger population was also giving 5% of budget to defence, but that worked out at say $780000 US. Then the people of Luxemburg would be unhappy at paying more per person on defence than this other member state (not least since Luxemburg is far less likely to face foreign invasion by non member state countries due to it’s geographical location. Resentment would be inevitable. The best hope for the SuperEuropeState is to long term remove completely internal distinctions no more separate member countries, just lots of small constituencies. You would also need a common language, currency and legal system. In order to eradicate the anti-union concepts of nationality within the Union. The United Kingdom’s past may be marked by violence and oppression, but the union that remains works because for the most part the distinction between being English, Welsh, or Scottish is a very minor one, if things had been done differently maybe the same could have been said for Northern Ireland too (which maybe would still just be a part of Ireland within the United Kingdom). If the EU wants examples of how to form a Union, the UK can be a source of inspiration in what to do as well as what not to do.

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    Jose Quintans

    More democratic and transparent, and Integrate banking sector, taxation, bonds, social security.
    This non democratic half-union is a shame.
    The question is “do EU leaders like democracy?”

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    Wendy Harris

    Europe as we dreamed it would be – a common market, that can import and export freely to each other without red tape and taxes or duties on goods. A European identity card that allows people to travel from one country to another to visit but a full passport is needed for non-Europeans. Temporary citizenship if one wishes to work in another country and full citizenship if one wishes to live permanently in another country. A European bill of human rights for the people of member states in the form of a binding treaty with a European court established to punish members that break it and gives people the right to call an election if their government is breaching those rights. A Europe with established borders, armed and patrolled to prevent invasion. A Europe where people sign up to speak a common language which must be taught in all schools. Controlled immigration for non-European people based on a points system. Protected refugee havens established with cities and homes for non-Europeans from war-torn countries.
    Finally we should have a European version of the koran and close down any mosque that preaches the non-European version and deport any clerics or followers of the non-European version. The non-European version must forbid the wearing of any garment that defines a person’s religion other than clerics of that religion or members of approved religious orders. The only way to prevent extremism is to impose a modern version of Islam and remove all passages that are unacceptable to western civilisation. This could all be agreed in a treaty to prevent the islamisation of Europe.
    …. and then I woke up and saw the monster that the EU has become.

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      Ann Coles

      Well said, Wendy. You have set out a fair future for each country to live as it needs but can still trade with the rest if the world. We should be so lucky!

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      Adrian Limbidis

      Free trade without intra EU free movement means slavery for easter Europe and unemployment for western Europe.
      This is what Cameron wants.

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      @Wendy, banning religious clothing is not necessary, nor is a reformed version of the Koran. In fact you seem a bit of an islamaphobe. The ways to address Islamic extremism are numerous, no one of them will work without the others. The Koran is in many ways no different to the bible, or other forms of religious text. It’s how it gets used by people that is the problem. To kill is murder, murder is wrong. These are words you can translate from the Koran, Thou shalt not kill. A direct bit of text of the english version of the bible. And yet, throughout history people have gone to war and murdered I.e. Killed in the name of protecting the faith whose texts condemn you for such actions. You want Islamic extremism to go away? Do (and get everyone else to do the same) the following;
      1) integrate. Don’t support, insist upon or condone people living side by side not speaking to one another and socialising based on skin colour or where they prey or if they don’t prey at all.
      2) understand and accept each other. In a world where everyone’s views and opinions are respected even when you disagree it is easier o get along.
      3) state law must take precedence in any and ALL situations over religious law. Any religious group not willing to accept this must not try to live in that state, and any state willing to impose religious laws on everyone In a mixed religious state I would call a dictatorship.
      4)laws regarding conspiracy to commit murder or inciting violence must be policed more aggressively and actively, and if need be with more severe punishments involved until we live in a world where nobody wants to encourage others to kill for a cause.
      5) stop giving islamic people a reason to hate you more, this will reduce the likelihood of muslim extremist groups abroad from wanting to instigate attacks against you, and reduce your nations Muslims likelihood of being recruited to extremist ideals. It would also be able to form the bedrock of future relations between ‘western’ and muslim cultures.
      6) stop the sensationalism of modern journalism. Focussing on shock factor for ratings as apposed to giving us unopinionated news is to blame for bad feeling on both sides. And frankly while we’re at it
      7)take any and all measures to erode this concept of there being a side to take.

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    Shakeel Sheikh

    Clean and Clear Shining Bright Like a Star , Progressing Peacefully on Saudi Green 1320 Foundation Forever

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    John O'Leary

    “What would your ideal European Union look like?” Over the hills and far away!

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      Adrian Limbidis

      Oh, very clever John!
      Eat any good book lately?

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    Shakeel Sheikh

    I Would Not Support A Single Penny Of Envestments in Europe From Code Orange , Code Black And Or Code Qatar Forever

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The ECM was very good until some corrupt idiots decided to mixt politics and convert Europe in the world’s laughing stok

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    Petr Horak

    Centralized government (directives, communications), foreign agenda, common market and schooling system, decentralized local authorities (in NUTS2 regions) deciding on all important local issues, size of unconditional basic income etc. IHMO the politics should be semi-elective career process of public administrators as you couldn’t be elected EC president without life long career in European administration (not in politics of some member state).

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    Dagmar Ueberfeld-Lang

    Whichever reform we agree on, we need an inclusive EU, not one that tiers citizens into first, second and third class citizens within their own national borders. A EU that does not value its people based on religion or race, and shares common values.

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    It would be a grave mistake to let Turkey become a EU Member,Turkey is not Europe, Turkish people and I see many of them in Europe,I went to School with them etc. I can say based on experience that they are not Europeans, surely some can learn to become Europeans but not the whole of Turkey with 75Million Turkish, many of them very conservative Muslims with a anti Western World view, to me letting Turkey join would be like injecting a healthy body with Cancer cells ofcourse in case of the EU you cant speak of a healthy body, but the point remains.We should learn from the mistake with Rumania, I read all the time in Newspapers about Rumanians committing crimes in Germany,Switzerland,Brittain etc., I dont deny that Romania has good people but this country was not ready and now the rest of Europe must tolerate this kind of behaviour of the Romas and others.

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      I guess the Muslims wouldn’t be a problem if eu had strict Muslim laws. Strict which means with respect to other people and human rights and banning everything against it. If we are about freedom and human rights we should have courage to protect it, not replace it with fear of cultural intake. Eu should have laws that would at least coordinate homeland security agencies to infiltrate illegal religious gatherings and control the information flow in Muslim societies. It is said that Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars to fund fundamentalism propaganda, how much do we spend to control information amongst Muslims? That way fundamentalists spread their influence in Europe while it should be otherwise and we should control Muslims in Saudi Arabia

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      Adrian Limbidis

      “Roma” or gypsies are a group of people existing in AL of Europe not just Romania.
      We happen to have more.
      And they can’t integrate.

      France after bashing us realized that not even HEM with better resources cannot integrate them all.
      Most of them, like Muslims, don’ WANT to integrate.

      For the record my English teacher was a gypsy so there are exceptions.

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    Hristo Iliev

    One official language for all the members plus keeping the local languages on a national level, so at least two official languages in each country.

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    Bálint Mészáros

    In the long run, a federal arrangement, probably modeled on the current Swiss Confederation, would benefit the European nations the most.
    For that achieve, probably the first steps should be a less hypocratic, more transparent, and engaging EU would be necessary, with a more thorough PR department to help the citizens understand the working of EU instituations and agenda.

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    Zoltan Kiss

    More democracy, less bureaucracy. More support for EU populations. Less immigration from countries with totally different cultural back grounds. Less totalitarian decisions, more say to the people. EU is a nicely coated dictatorship at the moment.

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    Dennis Martin

    EU should be about EU and it’s citizens only … All those in Europe never got anything easy WE have all got over tribal wars AS being part of civil sociarty is key to any future success … be nice if we could of all run of to better counties BUT such Luxuries as never been the case for the MEN WOMEN who’s backs dream was built on.

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      Adrian Limbidis

      Free trade cannot work without free movement of labor

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      @Adrian, why not? Lots of people make this claim, but give me one example to support your premise please? So far as I can tell free movement and free trade merely benefit corporate conglomeration, not trade itself.

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      And free trade without free movement benefits the richer nation.
      They destroy the weaker economy and the poorer people are stuck in the disaster that is created.

      TRADE in its essence is the problem. Free or not.
      It is the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. In this case nations.

      I am on a phone so i can’t go into detail but there is a LOT to say on this subject.

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    Paddy O'Brien

    An EU that allows us to continue moving around, one that values diversity (language, traditions, etc), keeps control of external borders, democratically elected commissioners, even distribution of economic development and one where countries are seen as equals at the table and not dominated by Germany and France for example. Better monitoring of our fisheries and a stronger commitment to protecting our environment

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    Evangelos Koumentakos

    Europe should defend it’s social, environmental and democratic values vis à vis its global partners.

    At the moment I would say that it is being absorbed more that it influences and frankly I think that is it difficult that this will change.

    Bring down the fictitious boarders that keep us united as consumers and divided as citizens!

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    In my opinion what we need is a European identity. Institutions, policies, economy issues, crisis management, external action…everything would come smoother, if based on a shared identity, which includes the national ones, and links together the aspects we have in common, rather than those that divide us. Building awareness in the public opinion about the importance of the European Union can only be done through education and media. If people knew the history and the project behind it, and if they knew the ideas of visionaries like Robert Schuman, they would realize how precious the EU is, even though it has still many flaws. But in order to build a common identity, we need European media and European education. The Tindemans Report, father of the Erasmus project and of the European citizenship, was a great step forward, but it is still not enough. I would like European history to be taught in schools, not only at the university level, for example.

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    Matt Freeman

    An EU which allows the UK:

    To have the supremacy of UK law on our own soil.

    To have more freedom to strike bilateral trade deals with non-EU states.

    To have the right to determine who can settle on our territory.

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      Adrian Limbidis

      Scratch the 3rd one when applied to EU members and you got a deal.

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      “To have the supremacy of UK law on our own soil.”

      In other words, be member of the club, but when club rules rules incur consequences you deem unpleasant, you’d like to be able to ignore them at your discretion.

      “To have more freedom to strike bilateral trade deals with non-EU states.”

      In other words, be seen as part of the EU trade bloc, but be given leave to ignore its constraints whenever you see fit.

      “To have the right to determine who can settle on our territory.”

      In other words, be part of the single market but be allowed to unilaterally suspend the freedoms granted by it when you feel there’s too many bloody foreigners.

      What you want is best achieved by leaving. Remember you’ll have a vote soon; make it happen.

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    James Campbell

    We need a stable forum for intergovernmental collaboration for mutual benefit. Nations need to build trust freely, which the EU does not permit.If individual nations want to go further and pool sovereignty irrevocably, then they can do so. But as we’ve seen with the eurozone, irreversible decisions often create tensions later on.

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      Intergovernmental collaboration works well in low-order technical domains with little potential for conflict and with no potential at all for any discord in ideology.

      It fails completely for any sort of hard issue that requires individual interests to be constrained by majority consent, relying on the fact that the necessary balancing of interests will be taken care of only in the long run; the Eurozone being a good example here.

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      You mean so fast that the unwilling citizens of the eu cannot stop it? Typical dictatorial response from people who are afraid of democracy

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    Sorin Guiman

    Ethical, but military and economic power corrupts, and weak EC politicians will always reach the worse compromise; the funny thing is that they’ll be so persuasive.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Go back urgently to the 1970-s E.U. ideas and less comission control, otherwise the Union will collapse!

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    Rui Duarte

    An ideal EU would maintain a policy of full-employment, freedom to shop wherever people want (citizens wouldn’t be «a fiscal feud» of his An ideal EU

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    EU reform- proactive

    Correction please: it is more than ONE thing that needs to change- sorry!
    “EU reform or deform”- by vox populi- Chapter 1.
    Advice sorted by internal & external factors:

    A) INTERNAL- the trade offs would be:

    * A return to honesty, ethics, transparency, accountability & fairness- benefiting the populi- not global business & shrewd bankers.
    * Politicians to submit to lie detecting testing if & when ordered by a court.
    * Corruption & white collar crime to become major offences- no golden handshakes & retirements- but treason charges (a- la ‘CHINA’)!
    * Investigate different Union models- give & propagate ‘variety’ – not the EU-ONE option only. Offer to return everyone’s full sovereignty, if demanded. Limit the number of parliamentarians for each party substantially. Use latest communication e-technology and introduce e-direct democracy.
    * Political party names, their various aims & constitutions to be synchronized, renamed so as to correspond with the parties at home and in the EP- to avoid horse trading, corruption and bullying to form groupings & conform to EP rules.
    * A fiscal union is rejected since it demands further & deeper integration- which through its infancy stage- has been proven as unworkable & destructive.
    * Stop further enlargement, coerced integration, secretly inviting Arab & African countries, selling out Europe’s culture & future. Re-test through referendums.
    * Indebted countries cannot spend what they don’t have & earn. Invest in real production at home first- not abroad. Nor in social engineering, promises & illusions.
    * State indebtedness & borrowings from banks – a matter of last resort only. Do not destroy & bankrupt future generation by- “live today, tomorrow never comes”.
    * Interference by & bailing out private Banks to be outlawed. Bankers to be prosecuted. Do not set unrealistic limits (60% GDP debt ratio & 3% deficit) which are ignored and excused.
    * Bankers losses never ever to become to big to fail & transferred to the state as taxpayers liabilities- burdening future generations. This is criminal.
    * Private control over Central Banks and ownership via private shareholders & invisible links to cease! (Rothschild’s)
    * Banks prevented from “unlimited” money creation- “gone wild fractional reserve banking” to be restricted & controlled by State.
    * “TRADING”: derivatives, options, swaps, forex, food & other human necessities to be isolated and classified as a gambling activity- needing a casino license & heavily taxed.
    * Support of viable PPP’s, investments in cutting edge innovation hubs, science & technology, sustainable development- not in financial engineering, gambling by investment banksters- who are masters in tax evasion.
    * Affordable but quality social, health care, labor benefits etc. only available to own citizens! The free for all- who come, collect & cheat- to be strictly controlled.
    * Stop privatizing- “stealing”- former state/citizens assets! Resulting in consequential reduction of services & increase in cost under false pretenses. Marketed as cheaper solutions by the neocons in cahoots with corrupt politicians!
    * Each sovereign country to determine their own “social affordability” model- neither prescribed by a suzerain, nor to subside the planet.

    B) EXTERNAL: (short list)

    *EU “liberated & decolonized” from all dominating US money & global political shenanigans.
    * If brotherly undermined by the US & the $- opt to counter by cooperating with BRICS & Yuan.
    *Revival of the 47 sovereign members of the “Council of Europe” to create a huge free trading block (only) of 800mio.
    *Europe NATO alliance separated from US direct command & control to avoid global conflicts. If impossible, ex European NATO members to become independent, mainly to protect members borders, assist in natural disasters & calamities- not to be used for EU enlargement & other EU/US geopolitical adventures.
    * All disputes to be settled via UN- no more self appointments as world judges to punish others, “repeat after the US” or demand regime change at will.

    That will do for starters and end 2015 on a high note & lots of homework for the EC!

  33. avatar

    The problem with eu is that it’s leaders think of it as a economic trade pact while it’s people expect the leaders to treat it as people’s federation that would care about their security. That’s the irony. Because now majority of people in eu are concerned about terrorist attacks security and dangerous sharia law that self imposes harsh power over others. Eu does nothing to maintain security and stability in the region and that’s how it’s citizens feel inside eu. Eu should show its citizens that the union is the only organisation that can maintain stability in their homeland. Deportation laws, securing borders and control regilations over sharia laws should be very strict and policed and monitored like nuclear weapons. Security is most important topic for Europeans today. Noone cares how many immigrants will come Europeans care only if the security and stability can be maintained. If eu citizens won’t find security in eu they will deconstruct it and look for it somewhere else this is time to act and get things done.

  34. avatar

    I wonder why French prime minister didn’t push whole Europe to send one United military response in Syria after the attack. I’m not French but felt the blow was to whole Europe not just France. Eu could be a federation but it’s leaders doesn’t act or doesn’t know how to act as federation leaders

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      EU reform- proactive

      So sure- or a sure wish?
      It may suggest that the EC still believes in the “flat earth theory”?. What can’t be seen from the 13th floor in the Berlaymont building- just does not exist?

      High probability: the mountain of treaties, refreshments & lack of foresight is blocking the view to our spheroid- or?

    • avatar

      Proactive – what? The only part of those incoherent ramblings that had any discernible meaning was the full stop.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Dave, sticks & guns when EU’s Dublin, Schengen & diplomacy fail- or what? Consternation & blame, more regulations, more EU, more EU saber rattling instead of prompt burden sharing with Greece & Italy- or what? Injured EU pride- or what?

  35. avatar

    To keep things short a perfect eu would be a federation with its own centralised intelligence agency and it’s military expeditionary force. Come to think of that if every country would send just one or two planes to combat is is the whole campaign would look a whole lot different on our side, nato would seem a much more organised pact thanks to it. Perfect eu would be a federation for me with English as main official language and others as desired. I am for strict homeland security control and huge investments in technology especially in car and airplane propulsion. I think that broad “one europe” strategy would be to unify regulations regarding strict control of religious groups so that extremism and fundamentalism groups would be strictly monitored and controlled.

    • avatar

      Whilst there is no democratic control of tgr executive then there should never be access to military or paramilitary forces – especially not expeditionary forces.

      No to an eu army or centrally controlled police/border force.

  36. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    we need to change the elektionprosess of the commition. Is need to be the parlement ond not the countries that elect it. Also tranfer migration ane more to be sloley under EU

  37. avatar
    Akos Tarkanyi

    It would be a Europe of the Nations: a Confederation, with a right to veto any decision of the Council by any Member State.

    • avatar

      Look up the definition of “confederation”.

      You have yet to realize that the lowest common denomitator in interests is equal to perpetual standstill.

  38. avatar
    Antonio Picone

    I would like have a federal Europa where all euopean are equal. Where memenber states have the europea parliament and federal Police.

  39. avatar
    hans van veen

    The (almost ) ideal form of working together on European level was left behind on Jan 1rst 2002.
    Build up since the 50`s and has grown and proven to be succesful.
    The EU and euro have proven to be socially and economically a large mistake.
    No one can be kept responsable for another men`s mistakes in finance or lpolitics.
    The EU in it`s current form requires that.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      …..apart from , terrorism, drug smuggling, arm’s smuggling, people trafficking, tax evasion

    • avatar

      @Xavier so you re calling for every Afghan,Saudi,Pakistani and Somali to have free anytime access to Europe, just go to the airport and book a flight type of access THIS IS MADNESS. This Utopian idea would be great in a perfect world but we dont live in a pefect world, we live in a world where if you did this Al Qaeda,Isis,Russian Mafia etc. would exploit this with disastrous concequences.

  40. avatar
    George Yiannitsiotis

    Keeping in mind that the German-centric “EU” is not a real European Union, I state the following prerequisites for a true European Union:
    1. Respect of fundamental human rights (as stated and protected by the Council of Europe) – these rights can not be neglected on economic-monetary grounds
    2. Respect of the principle of equality among all member-states and the principle of DEMOCRACY. Coup-d’etat like the one imposed by the German-led gang (ECB-ECommission) on the Greek people last summer, should never happen in a real European Union
    3. Repsect of the principle of solidarity: this means collective security and defense of the external borders of the Union. The case of leaving the burden on the shoulders of weak peripheral member-states (as it is the case in the Aegean Sea; Greek-Turkish borders) is at least dirty
    4. Respect of the International Law and International Institutions (primarily the UN and the Council of Europe)
    5. A new economic order fit for all member-states with guarantees that prevent the imposition of the German economic order on the other member-states (as it is the case with the euro-mark system)
    6. A strategy of containment regarding the main enemy of a true European Union, namely neo-nazionalist Germany.

  41. avatar

    For starters, byby brussels.

    This is how it should look, but sadly it doesnt.
    Free indepedant nations, respect for borders. Each individual country able to invest in inovation ,social welfare, equality, human rights, healthcare etc. Fair trade between nations.

    This is how it looks now..

    Strategic depopulation of the middle east..used to build a fed with merkels help..
    Forced integration.
    Corporate lobbying.
    Forced gmos. American poison.
    Endless useless eu regulation.
    Disfunctional eu beurocrates with exorborant salaries, 1700eu pm for a pencil?
    A reckless ecb endebting every nation and full well knowing theve created a debt spiral, also used for fed building.
    Poverty, collapse of healthcare systems across europe, now happening.
    The lies, propagada, and the continous threat of war if a fed is not realized. Also now happening.

    Thats for starters….

    Which one would you choose?

    A federal govt in brussels would be a disaster for the free people of europe.
    Theres a lot at stake for all of us.
    Think people….!

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      There is a lot at stakes? not for the new holly roman empire of the german nation! (disguised as “European Union”)

  42. avatar
    Massimo Ortale

    My ideal Europe would be a one more harmonized. With the same fiscal, taxation, walfare rules around the different states. Where every citizens have the same rights and the same duties. Where there should be no difference between an Italian or a Greek citizen that currently don’t receive almost any social help for their governments and a Finnish that receive 800 euros for doing nothing. I would like a Europe where the level of taxation on companies are the same to avoid competition between member states. I would like to see a Europe that when there is an international crisis should respond unitely with one voice, with one army, not following simply what the US make. A Europe that is able to work togheter, to share the migrants, to control it’s external borders having a single visa system, and able to help every member in difficult economic situation, without making stupid burocrat calculations.

  43. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    An European Union ruled by citizens directly, not by banks, politics, corporations, or USA.

    • avatar

      If only that would be allowed to work!

  44. avatar
    Ahmet Tcdd

    All politics should be talked in the assambly in public, no closed door politics whatsoever!

  45. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    My ideal Europe is equality, justice and opportunities for all members. Is partnership, cooperation, respect of cultural diversity, support but not only by funds. Cultural wealth of Europe is its strength

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stella Kontogianni
      FTR, Utopia does NOT exist.

  46. avatar
    Joaquim M Pinto

    Letting the countries build there economies and there freedom. With no rules that benefict only the major economies. And most off all with a justice system that arrest the bankers.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Joaquim M Pinto
      The little crappy EU countries already benefit too much from the EU when contrasted with the EU CORE FOUR!

  47. avatar

    Une intégration plus rapide au niveau fiscal et social en adoptant une sorte de ‘serpent’ fiscal et social européen comme à l’époque du serpent monétaire.
    Doubler les bourses Erasmus.
    Une politique culturelle favorisant moins les grandes institutions et plus les créateurs avec un Erasmus culturel.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      C’est ne pas une question culturelle. C’est une question de domination allemande en Europe. L’ “EU” n’est pas Europe. C’est, de facto, un apparatus contre les Droits de l’Homme; contre les peuples de l’Europe; pour les banques privates; pour la domination de force economique; contre la Democracie.
      (experience Grec)

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @George Yiannitsiotis
      Culture does play a part!

      For instance, how can a country that founded the very ideal of democracy, has a great reputation for producing intelligent academics be so corrupt?

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      @ Tarquin Farquhar With the support of corrupt instutions like the EU Commission, infamous mainly German MNCs. Corruption went hand-by-hand with the process of buying support for the EEC back in the 1980s. More than 2/3 of the Hellenic Citizens were against joining the EEC in 1981. A clever demagoge, Andreas Papandreou, managed to turn this majority to pro-EEC applause via spreading EEC money. The EEC bureaucracy colaborated to this profitable business. Now, when the tall story EU=welfare collapsed (along with democracy and human rights in Greece), the majority of the people are again, against austerity imposed by the troica (61% no in last July referendum) posing a direct threat to the luxurious EU business for a bunch of thieves in Greece and many more in Brussels and Berlin.

  48. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Europe would be a single entity without German hegemony, equally spreading the culture and wealth of the nations involved without diminishing the importance or individuality of any of them. It would be a CHRISTIAN group of nations under ONE GOD, the creator of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ariste Arvanitides
      I don;t mind my country (the UK) helping poor Club Med countries, so long as said countries identify themselves as CHARITY CASES.

  49. avatar
    Petr Stephan

    Common border guard, common army, better and quick decision making, building highways and speed railways all across the Europe, no internal borders, more transparent democratic process, less bureaucracy, less stupid laws, better level of subsidiarity.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Petr Stephan
      Of course any such common army would speak English and would be UK-Germany based/inspired.

  50. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    lavoro con tutti i diritti dei lavoratori, scuola , sanità, cura del bene pubblico. Come è possibile raggiungere questi obiettivi nella UE che mira al mercato libero , privatizzazioni, liberalizzazioni ? Due guerre mondiali ci sono volute per scrivere le nostre Costituzioni che ci hanno assicurato una buona vita e pace fra popoli e la UE ha rimesso tutto in subbuglio. La UE è malsana per i cittadini mentre è utile alla finanza , alle speculazioni ai grandi capitali Forse sarebbe bene ritornare alla CEE . Non avevamo bisogno della UE , non i popoli .

  51. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    As it is the EU should be dismantlled because is a corrupt and capitalist dictatorship, with thousands of “good for nothing” politics. Since the EU the normal people have become les free and more miserable…Lets go back to separate states and keep only the ECM.

  52. avatar
    Rui Gordini

    a Federal Union where solidarity and common spirit prevail regardless of their political orientation ! It might seem somewhat naive or too simple but that is my thought !

  53. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    I dream EU as the most powerful economic center in the world by Internet democracy the highest level of the innovations and the technologies and not at last, one EU army and external boarders police.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Yordan Vasilev
      Keep dreaming.

      The EU is too small to be a big player.

      Already its GDP has been surpassed by the USA, soon China too, soon ASEAN.

      EU – RIP!

  54. avatar
    Ruben de Koe

    The United States of Europe, one Federal government and reduced Power of national governments. Time to set the technocracy in motion!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Χρήστος Τούμπας
      Believe it or not, the UK prefers the likes of Germany to many crappy Club Med nations as EVEN Germany is less corrupt than ANY Club Med nation!

  55. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    wise and competent EU leaders—not these who are responsible for immigration chaos

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Wiktoria Anilom
      That’s good for the politicians BUT not for the peoples!

  56. avatar
    Daniele Laganà

    As Switzerland: one national identity, many cultural identities and the right power to the territories. :)

  57. avatar

    Good Health System for all of Europe
    School System rebuild all European countries Schools 1.start at the same age
    2. You go to your nearest Nursery and Primary school but it doesn’t need to take your Children to your nearest Secondary School
    3. Three Times Zones
    Easton European Time
    Centeral European Time
    Western European Time
    4. English and French are Main Langage and must be leaned by all European countries 2 Other Languages are optional chooseern by each European countries
    5. Anyone who lives in Europe has a right to live in any European countries
    6.European Air Traffic Control System needs to be created
    7 European Rail Control system
    8 European Space international Control centre
    9. A European Police warrent
    10 European Television and Radio Brodcasting control Centre including any sterming website or Audio
    For Example Radio player, TV Player,Netflix,Amazon Prime Insent Videos,You Tube,Google Tv and Movies,ITunes,Now Tv,BT Sports app,RTE Player,Tv 3 Player,Bbc I Player,ITV Hub
    All 4,5 Demand and have a European Television and Radio Brodcasting Lieance
    11. European Standards for Houses from Windows Doors,Vents,Air conditioning Units, Underflooring Heating Standed,Water Standed be able to re used water,Electronic Standed for all Electronics Devices connect wireless wired Soled power or Wind Power or Wave Power
    12.Dab +Rollout across all European countries
    13 A European Firewall to protect countrys in the Eu
    14. European Cybersecurity Control Centre
    15 All Work Places in whatever Job must have at least 2 hours of excising for example using a gym or going Swimming
    16.If a country has more than one main languages all Sighs must be in Both Langages
    17. Company will get fined if they are blocked FireExsits and force to Closed until moved
    18 European Food Standed Rating if a Business has a rating of 0 or 1 can Not Open if a rating of 2 they are closed for 48 hours Rating of 3,4 or 5 they will be allowed to open and operated as usual Every Company has it rates every 2 Years if passed inculeds College Restaurants and Schools,Hospitals,Care Homes Private and and Council owned,
    19 Only Guide Dogs are allowed in Bus Stations/Rail Stations/Shopping Centres/Leciser Centres/Libraries/Schools/Hospitals/Conor Shops/Chip Shops,Markets/Public Transport/Baber Shops,TakeAway Restaurants/DIY Stores,Clothing Stores/Game Stores/Beach Cafés/Supermarkets/Mini Supermarkets like Alidi or Lidi/Must have a Guide Dog Vest on any other animals will be ejected with or without a owner consent from Shop Premies
    20 No Smoking on Roads that have a Nursery Primary school Secondary school on
    Including E Cigarettes Onlying E Cigarettes can be used on College and Universities Premies Any one Caught Smoking in a Bus Shelters or Train Shelters will be Fined
    21 Brands that refuse to cut down on Salt and Suger could be band from selling any of there brand unless it’s Still Water across Europe
    22. All Cars must be Hybrid or Electric by 2035 including Buses,Cochers,Taxis, Trains,Mini Buses,Helicopters ,Police Cars Ambulances,Fire engines,Planes,Fam Equipment Tactor,Harvest Machine,Land Rover,BMX Bike Council Lawn Mower,Lorries
    23 Copyright Law extends to all European countries
    24 All European countries must respect other European countries Borders

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      French NO – Spanish YES!

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      This can’t happen while the likes of Paul X and “totally native” Tarquin here still get a say.
      They want special rights and they are willing to destroy everything to get them.

  58. avatar
    Marco Franck

    A United States of Europe . one President one voice and a place on the planetary scene. In the absence of a leading strategic effort EU will no longer exist within 10 years.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Adrian Limbidis
      In answer to the question, my ideal EU would feature no beggar nations [ie EU net contribution spongers] like, erm where do you hail from again my man?

  59. avatar
    catherine benning

    The EU is not a democracy. It is secretive, divisive and deceitful. The population are ignored in favour of whatever is required by the Globalist manipulators. And the politicians and administrators within in are corruptly colluding in the swindle.

    The only way Europe could be saved is if, like Switzerland and we had direct democracy, and even then it would have to be seen not to be rigged, then we would have a chance of redemption. For just about every UK vote presently is rigged in some way or other. Either by propagander, outright lies or fiddled counting in some way.

    However, what makes sense is the basic living expectation they have in Finland. Where everyone can expect a living income a month. And from that base, build their lives.

    Another good way to stop Cameron and other pricks centering on enslaveing the European workers whilst taking their tax money to feed off themselves, would be for every single European State to have an identical welfare and benefits sytem the level of the UK or Sweden. Which would end the Shengen problem on different states having such low level lifestyles or income their population have to move, en masse, to the others states where people have a reasonable standard of living. Additionally all of European law forces those governments, akin to UK capitalists or Conservatives from reducing their lifestyle and work benefits to zero, thereby returning them to the starvation of the Victorian times. Or more plainly to thrid world conditions.

    Millions of people in the UK are at or appraoching starvation levels and it is denied and hidden by not only our governments but by the journalists in the media. Yet the EU won’t even address the fact openly. Europe must conform to an across the board standard of living for all it’s states and all equally at the top rate.

    Additionally it must change legislation with regard to allowing companies and corporations to outsource industry to countries that do not have a standard of living that is acceptable to European lifestyle or expectation. And they must be denied the right to import or ship those goods into European borders. Thereby making sure Europeans have a way to remain employed and able to survive without drastic inequality. .

    Off shore tax havens must be outlawed if they want access to the European markets.

    Is any of this likely to happen? I don’t think so, the only other option therefore, is to disband a United Europe and return to sovereign status.

    And as a PS, not Merkel or any other politician or leader, had any right to introduce millions of immigrants into the European nations without first going to the ballot box. And prior to offering it to a vote, explaining in full and in absolute truth what the effect of that principle would have on their indiginous citizens, our culture and way of life. As it is presently the lies being told on the changes taking place and what can be done about it is extraordinary and deliberately misleading. The denial of all the consequences to date and for the future should be made a criminal offecce equal to the denail of the holocaust. For until we have honesty, Europe is dead. No matter how many ballots are rigged or how much indoctrination is forced out in our schools. The statitics make what we are being told obvious lies. And, the other question that needs asking and answering is, why is it being accepted by any of us?

  60. avatar
    Adrian Limbidis

    If the UK gets any concessions then the EU is as good as dead.
    Right now all countries are equal….But some are more equal than others.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Adrian Limbidis
      ALL EU countries are NOT equal.
      For example YOUR country is smaller than the UK BOTH demographically and financially.

      YOUR country is MORE corrupt than the UK – according to Transparemcy International.

      YOUR country begs for money from the likes of the EU CORE FOUR, my country helps pay for YOUR country’s food,education, civility and power!


    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Then the EU is dead practically.
      Might as well come out and say and let eastern Europe go alone if you won’t play at our level.

      Oh we will be nationalizing every industry as we leave too.
      Can’t have in foreign hands now can we.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Adrian Limbidis
      If you don’t like the EU or you feel that the EU does not like your country. You should seriously consider forming your own trade/political bloc with countries of a similar ilk to yours. For example Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, North Korea…

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Those will be the UK’s options once we boot you out.

  61. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    ………and last not least – the unique, united and tolerant spirit of Christians & others to be respected throughout- by ALL & wherever- specifically by those who are utmost intolerant and consider themselves as god appointed judges to decide as who is an infidel or not. Its time to remember:


  62. avatar
    Tiago Raimundo

    A Confederation with an elected President, with a common strategy of safety and health and with the same degree of integration for all member-states. All countries with same currency, and more democracy.

  63. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    It would be a strong committee of the regions, decentralisation, a brand new political system based on internet forums in which each vote is important but weighted according to competency among other things, evolving around a series of inalienable rules, getting rid of useless representation, lobbying, corruption.. and preventing the emergeance of non progressive scum

  64. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    In other words creating a new form of society and governance in a new multicultural world; the utopia we should be aiming for… not going backwards like some people try and suggest..

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal are too small to be cut into pieces (“regions”). Your ideas are fit for big states like France, Germany, Italy. Rethink your Utopia (ΟΥ ΤΟΠΟΣ) and land on earth.

  65. avatar
    Adrian Limbidis

    Germany just announced it will support the UK in limiting benefits to European migrants.
    Meanwhile every non European is welcomed.

    So with two major players we will see a cut in intra EU benefits probably and more Islamic ass kissing.

    Change the EU??
    this is not what I had in mind.

    I wanted a federation of Europe. Not a free for all but the members area.

    Maybe it would be best if you let eastern Europe go.
    We are not considered equal and until you do this charade is just getting stale.

    • avatar

      Well, the UK’s quite likely going to leave, so that’s all a bit moot.

      But BTW the real issue here was not the UK being forced to constantly aliment people who just chose to show up in the UK – the EU rules are quite clear, of course you can’t simply move to country X and claim benefit there without ever having contributed to the local system. That held for the UK as much as it did for any other member.

      What the “eurosceptic” UK took exception to is that their “in-work benefits” applied to UK nationals as well as they did to EU citizens; aka, to the very fundamental and very much non-negotiable principle that even within a single economic entity, you can set up local preferences like giving out housing benefits; but you can’t give them out selectively depending on what section of the single market you’re from, be it Poland or the Midlands.

    • avatar

      Moderator, what’s the problem?

  66. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I hope that Brussels may have new view of the new situation it will offer new opportunities Happy 2016 to all who seek change

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Hope die hard! However, the EU-ECB-IMF gang continues its relentless, ruthless attack against human rights in Greece. Who is next? Portugal, Italy, France and the other weak peripheral states of the new Holly Roman Empire of the German Nation (4th Reich)…

  67. avatar
    Nikos Themelis

    The experience in Greece the 7 years shows that unfortunately the EU is a German club that we are welcome in it only if we serve German interests absolutely.
    In addition,the EU is undemocratic,totalitarian,interested only in the profits of the richest and the corporations at the expense of the average citizen.
    In my ideal EU there would be no German or other nations total dominance,no rising inequality,not stubborn eurocrats like Disselbloem and the rest etc.
    Unfortunately,the ideal EU is no EU at all.
    It ended up a failed experiment that divided the continent,enriched the few,impoverished the many,it brought lots of misfortunes,trapped nations in debt slavery.
    I don’t want the current europe and i don’t think another union is necessary or desirable.

  68. avatar
    Michaela Sauer

    a Virtual Business Coin to the corrupt tax and Black POS System to take on a leash! And to Divide also to private and business!

  69. avatar
    Barnaba Pawelczak

    Change in to democratic federation not quasi-federation ruled by thieves and international – mafia and dilusional biurocrates

  70. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Order solar panels in value of 1000 billion Euro and give it for free to all EU citizens that want to install it . EU could order over 1500 gigawatt and that could solve EU energy problem once forever . That would create big development in the EU for electrical cars and batteries.

  71. avatar
    Peter Sincak

    Every EU citizen should sign a proclamation of EU rights – about equality between male and female and accept that wants to be an EU citizen – European and support European values … Migration policy should be under very strong observation and carefull consideration if let a migrant to come to EU or not …

  72. avatar
    Ivan Čorak

    More coherent policy making. What we really need the most is unity and cohesion.

  73. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Unfortunatly we can not desintegrate the EU, but I sugest to cut half its expenses: half politicians, half burocracy, made everyone to pay for his/hers expenses, etc..etc…and give that money to the people in need.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      EU has enough unemployment as it is. We don’t need MORE.

  74. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    A Pan European Television like Euronews broadcasting with subtitles in every Member State informing people about each other’s lives. Only by better knowing others (other EU MS) the EU can survive.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Very true it’s what I want too.
      None of this United States of Europe rubbish.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      The EU will move forward.
      Either accept progress or get out and ROT on your damned island.

      Europe is sick to death of the “whiner of Europe” !

  75. avatar
    martijn berk

    South European weather with the Northern social and Economic wealth .

    • avatar
      Peter Smith

      Would it be too much to expect ALL members to abide by the rules of the club?

  76. avatar
    Peter Smith

    Is there anyone in Europe who can give a good reason to keep the Common Agricultural Policy when it costs 45% of the EU budget but only employs 5% of the population and generates only 1.6% of the EU GDP.

    • avatar
      Peter Smith

      The EU finances are not audited and published WHY?

  77. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. There is no such reality as Utopia without a fear-induced system in place. But there can be a system that is not fear-based but gives the best opportunity to live without fear and be ‘happy’ – whatever that word means to the majority.

    – An EU that is singular in mind to industry initiatives that have a direct result on employment with a stronger Employer-Employee relationship as opposed to middle-man agents and the civil service holding too much sway.

    – An EU that redefines ‘equality’ to actually mean equality, but equality that leans towards the most vulnerable being priority, rather than the strongest. And for ‘human rights’ to cover this aspect.

    – For Human Rights to protect against human trafficking and violation of personal rights (I’m thinking of women and children here) that ought to come under greater protection against abuse.

    – An EU that allows for the free movement of people without too much restriction on the means to learn, work and train in all countries.

    – An EU that not only looks to unity but seeks to promote the individual value of each country with its own peculiarities and history so that the EU is a sum of many parts and not one bland identification.

    – An EU that recognises its Christian origins and always seeks to make room for dialogue, free thought, open (and truthful) education, and conscientious decision-making.

    – An EU that seeks to close its wealth divide.

    – An EU that doesn’t lie to the public or hide behind layers of spin.

    – An EU that has closer ties with the citizens of each member country rather than being made up simply of ex-politicians who fancy a chance at making lots of money after their spell in national government – career climbers – with use of an honest and public-oriented selection process.

    – An EU of lessened bureaucracy and more public-voting, carried out with complete transparency, and with certain directives written in stone that can’t be unwritten, protecting for all time against power-seeking ‘leaders’, so that there is never a chance of an iron-wall system – a system whereby all political decisions come to be through transparent processes that can be challenged at any time and not just by more bureaucrats.

    – An EU in which opportunity, though it can never be an absolute guarantee, is actually prospective.

    – An EU in which global concern is not put ahead of more immediate needs.

    – An EU that would not impede national businesses and organisations but promote them.

    – An EU that acknowledges the Catholic Church as beyond its directives, and on the contrary, makes sure that no directives go against the free worship of any religious people.

    – An EU that recognises freedom and civilisation as being thanks largely to Christian heritage – an EU that has recourse to the Church on subjects concerning morality and is open to dialogue with other religions too especially when seeking council on strategies for peaceful relations with all member countries and those outside.

    – An EU that encourages integration between member countries.

    – An EU that allows freedom of speech but without going to the extreme as in the US, and the ridding of political-correct jargon that does nothing but create paperwork and misjudge people’s intentions.


  78. avatar
    Enea Agolli

    The ideal European Union would be free from prejudices, from Islamophobia, from discrimination, a United, strong and solidarity Europe, a Europe of freedom of speech and free for everyone who wants a new life in Europe.

  79. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    The ideal EU would be a confederation in the model of Switzerland.

    Where each member would keep having a vote in most matters and rule itself leaving to the EU the formulation of foreign policies and “national”, those encompassing all members.

    With a kind of government like this, We could expect decisions on a local level as well as in a all European one if the gravity/severity was enough to attract it’s notice.

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