Le choc! Quelle surprise! The far-right, anti-immigrant National Front (FN) topped the polls in the first round of regional elections in France on 6 December. Marine Le Pen, leader of the FN, is now hailing her party as the largest in France with 28% of the vote versus 27% for former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right Republicans. The ruling Socialist Party (PS) of François Hollande was unceremoniously bumped into third place with only 23.5%.

It was the first election since the Paris terror attacks in November, when gunmen with links to the so-called Islamic State killed 130 people. However, support for the FN has been growing for several years, helped by persistently high unemployment despite the efforts of President Hollande. It’s not the first poll that Le Pen’s party has won; they also came first in the European Parliament elections in May 2014.

So, should we prepare ourselves for President Le Pen in 2017? Not necessarily. There is still a second round of voting on 13 December, and the Socialists and Republicans could work together to block FN gains. Something similar happened in 2002, when Marine Le Pen’s father unexpectedly made it to the run-off against Jacques Chirac during the presidential elections. Then, too, tactical voting blocked the FN from power.

Last year, following the European Parliament elections in 2014, we spoke to François Beaudonnet, a French journalist working as Brussels correspondent for France 2. We asked him if he expected to see President Le Pen in 2017:

Beaudonnet2No, I don’t think so. It will be very different. [During the European Parliament elections] people thought they were allowed to vote Front National because it was a European election and would send a strong message but wouldn’t have a real impact. We will not have the same result at the national level, so there is no possibility of a French president coming from the Front National. I think we’re not there yet. Of course, if the French political situation keeps on deteriorating then the situation at the national level might be different in a few years. But, for the moment, I don’t think this vote can be reproduced at the national level. They are two different things.

Could Marine Le Pen be the next President of France? Or will tactical voting block her path to power? Is her recent electoral success only a protest vote in regional elections that won’t have a “real impact”? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Global Panorama

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    Emma Barnes-Lewis

    I really hope not, what a diaster that would be on so many fronts. However it’s looking more likely than ever………….

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      Vs dites n’importe quoi ! ns sommes déjà dans le mur ns n’irons pas plus loin ! et qui est au pouvoir depuis plus de 30 ans ?

  2. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Given the pro EU opposition she will be facing she can’t lose.

    Vive la révolution!

  3. avatar
    Jason Picci

    If she really begins to wipe out the USURERS and the BOOTLICKERS of the CABAL then so be it.

  4. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Of course she can be a next president. It is called “democracy”. Or should only the elitarian left decide how to define democracy?

    • avatar

      Nous voterons pour elle !

    • avatar
      Robert Pâté

      mdr non

  5. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    The liberal views that destroyed the traditional views curmbled. The world is turning back to it’s traditions and this process can only be guided but not stoped!

  6. avatar
    Jean Pierre Ellul

    it looks like she will and the EU will have to re think its whole policy and things will have to change or france will leave the eu crippiling the EURO

    • avatar
      Luc Broes

      The end of the EU and the rebirth of a Europe of free nations!

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Establishment of a Million man All professional EU Defense Force would end any chance of Le Pen becoming President of France, since France would be embedded firmly in the heart of the European Union. So if President Hollande and company in Paris want to end the Presidential chances of Le Pen , then a Million man all professional EU Defense Force must be created immediately within the next 3 months , when proposals are made soon to EU Heads of Government , to defend and protect the European Union from all external threats on France and the European Union that enhance the power of Le Pen. Turkeys aggression of the European Union and Le Pens Victory have created a dire EMERGENCY in the European Union that will only be addressed effectively with a million man all professional EU Defense Force.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      And who would be in charge of this “million man defense force”?

      The EU as a political organisation is too immature and incompetent to be trusted with such an army…give them control over such a force and we’d be at war with someone within a year

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      True or false?

      “Substantial military integration”- Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union could bring us all closer to a new war in Europe against….. ????????! Not the prevention of it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_of_the_European_Union

      ……Heil to “Gerry the great Greek Mav(e)rie(ck)”! Soon to be the most decorated General of JCJuncker’s WEHRMACHT!

      Or…………………… are just brilliantly good in taking the mickey out of the EU & us?

  8. avatar
    João Carneiro

    The Neo-Liberal destruction of Europe’s Social model, what was done to Greece and a badly done Eurozone which only favours SOME would lead to this. And its far from over …

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    Stephen Panev

    I really hope so she wins. I’m fed up with all the mainstream parties, we need change.

    • avatar

      Entièrement d’accord avec vous ! car ns avons un gouvernement de corrompus !

    • avatar
      Robert Pâté

      Et une population d’abrutis. T’en es la preuve.

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    Galambos Lévi Zsolt

    Something is misunderstood here.Her party was reformed and developed hugely after the scandaous split with her father! Her views are different, can be called radical but not extremist at all.

    • avatar
      Robert Pâté


  11. avatar
    Rémi Martin

    She won’t never be! In France, only 6400000 people vote FN in maximum, impossible to get a majority!

  12. avatar
    James Campbell

    She’s entirely open about protecting the interests of France. At least this is easy for other nations to deal with.

  13. avatar
    catherine benning

    Well now, lets see! What is her party line?


    What is she saying that most French people would object to? Or, indeed many other of our collective States ordinary man on the ground, who never wanted the takeover of other cultures in the first place. But, was silenced by political correctness from voicing his demands.


    However, do not forget, this result in France is as a ‘direct result’ of European politicians not listening to their constituents. Had they brought in direct democracy, the kind the Swiss have, this may have been averted. But, they refuse even an idea of true democracy. So, the NF took up the space called a vacuum. Just as Islam is taking up the void produced by the removal of Christianity. When you leave an chasm it will often be filled by another altogether different master.

  14. avatar

    There are times when you need Leftists and times when you need the Right, and now with massive amounts of Muslim migrants entering Europe thanks to Mama Merkels insane no limits Asylum and Open Borders policies we absolutely need the Right to be elected so they can do what leftists will never do LOCK THE DAMN DOORS.

  15. avatar

    The rest of europe hopes so! All of europe needs hers now!!

  16. avatar

    Told you guys, Marine Le Pen filled the spot where the conservatives and socialists failed. The nationalist reaction (not just in France recetly hit by terrorist attacks) is just a direct consequence of “More Integration” policy. Who’s to blame? Y’all know the answer.

  17. avatar

    so, there are still doubts if she will be the next president? couse i would bet on that anytime. if this if good or not – this is another discussion, but her victory is beyond doubt.

  18. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Why not ?…France and the EU need a revulsive to shake up the corrupt politics and bring new and necessary ideas for a prosperous Europe.

  19. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    There’s a problem that’s bugging me far more serious than Marine Le Pen becoming president of France.Why the hell do most of the posts on this site keep repeating twice ???

  20. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    Well the reason why Mrs. Marine is ahead of right and left parties it’s that over the last 40 years the politicians failed to bring economic growth and security to a reasonable level in the French Republic .That’s why we see no name with no political program ahead of polls.

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    EU reform- proactive

    Whatever the French decide on voting day will hopefully reflect the unhappiness with the “EU concept” and accelerate serious reform or its well deserved downfall. That’s all positive.

    The 5 year democratic cycle will bring balance again. Brexit &/or Frexit could be a knockout punch and remind all that the success & advancements in the economy is the most important! Time is money!

    The Chinese system is working overtime to beat everyone in the meantime, while the EU apparatchiks are asleep, worry & argue.

  22. avatar
    Philip Sabev

    Well, if its a democracy then why not?
    Isn’t that the general idea of democracy, the right to choose any one you want for a 4 year term

  23. avatar
    Paolo Viti

    I think Le Pen will shake once for all the lethargic left that has only given us problems problems problems!

  24. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    She z àgainst:
    Women rights
    Àgainst euro and Europe
    Àgainst All foreign people incluant européens
    Àgainst négociations open mind exchange
    It Will be very bad if She gens
    She Will bring nothing
    She has no à économie plan.
    All false She puts on Europe and foreign people
    While it z not True àt All

  25. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    She z àgainst women and m’en e qualité
    Àgainst abortion
    And it z tragique!
    It z extrême party dangereuse. E spécial l’y for women rights

  26. avatar
    Vernon Vale

    I support 100% The National Front in France. Le Pen to be the greatest leader in history. Right thoughts and correct policies. Keep muslims out of Europe.

  27. avatar
    Per Johansson

    If people are hell bent on repeating the great grand parents mistakes in the 1930’s.

  28. avatar
    Didier Cosse

    Never! There will be a civil war in France if that assumption would become reality in 2017:-(

  29. avatar
    Paul X

    If the majority of French people want her to be then yes…. that is what’s called democracy……. but we all know how much the EU elite dislike (and routinely ignore) the opinions of the general public, and that is exactly the reason those such as Le Penn and Farage have gained so much popularity

  30. avatar
    Rubén David Costa

    Yes, of course. Hitler arrived to the power by elections, if the French people vote her, obvously. i
    It seems that in Europe, we forget our own history and we dont learn anything troughout the time…

  31. avatar
    Marie-Christine Dubois

    Amis français, il faut que je vous raconte la visite qu’elle a effectuée chez nous (à Anvers) il y a environ deux mois, à l’invitation du Vlaams Belang, parti extrémiste du même bord que le FN, qui bien entendu souhaite la mort de la Belgique. A un certain moment, le chef de ce parti s’est adressé à elle en lui disant (dans un français parfait je précise) : Chère madame Le Pen, nous espérons que la prochaine fois où nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueillir chez nous, ce sera en tant que présidente de la France !!!! Et là vous auriez dû voir la mine épanouie qu’elle a eue …. sidérant, c’est là qu’on comprend qu’elle ne rêve que de ça : arriver en 2017 aux commandes de votre pays. Imaginez la catastrophe !

  32. avatar
    Frank Huber

    If she ever becomes president, I’m leaving France. Probably, many other expats and French will do the same. A disaster for the economy. Voting FN into power would amount to national suicide.

  33. avatar
    Belinda Little

    She would be the worst thing it could happen to France in her entire history! For the EU would be a catastrophe! There’s nothing french i her ideas of state. France would definitely lose its values that it is so proud of and also exported them in the entire world. Let’s hope french people will do the right thing the next round of elections and not fall for her fake propaganda!

  34. avatar

    This woman is very shrewd and, -by all that is right and fair- quite clever, but she’s not the true believer [in the fcuked up doctrine] that her father was. If I had to draw a historic parallel, I’d say she’s the Joseph Fouché of the present. She’s in it for the career and the money and the thrill. Ultimately she’s just milking the the good old Pork Cycle in politics and economy. Give her any real power and she’ll revert to republican mainstream without batting an eye.

  35. avatar
    Simeon Milanov

    Even if she becomes and it is a disaster for the EU I don’t see a problem. Like all such things the EU is temporary. European civilization on the other hand is not. So for the sake of our civiliztion and our survival I hope she becomes french president. It is time to have independant and strong Europe that acts according to its people’s wishes and interests. Down with the cabinet statuquo politicians that serve only non-european interests!

  36. avatar
    Popa Constantin

    Speriamo che diventi presidente della Francia . E metta in opera tutto ciò che ha promesso ! ! ! Auguri

  37. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    The Front National is a product of of the European union just like the Northern league in Italy,UKIP in Britain even the AFD in Germany,nationalism is on the rise everywhere.None of these parties would need to exist if the frustrated and angry populations of those countries thought their own national governments could do anything to alter the suicidal path the European union is on right now.

    • avatar

      Front National was founded way before the EU came into existence. Rest assured, populations always were “frustrated and angry” even without an EU around. Now they just have a handy scapegoat to yell at. Do you seriously think there would’t be anything like a UKIP or an AFD without the EU?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      To call the EU a scapegoat implies that it is blameless for all the current problems within Europe…The EU has spent decades trying to establish itself as the central hub of all things European and now it has, it should stand up and accept responsibility for the state of things. To me it seems to have attitude of a very poor manager, full of self importance and blowing it’s own trumpet when things go well but immediately looking to blame a subordinate as soon as it all goes wrong.
      Agreed, parties similar to UKIP and AFD may well have existed without the EU but the reason these parties have gained such popular support is fairly and squarely the fault of the EU and the way it conducts it’s business

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      While the NF is strictly not a product of the EU- but of French revolutionary history- the UNDENIABLE negative sentiment against the EU is however represented within the less radicalized NF- since the “Angel of the Republic” took over in 2011 from the former “Devil”- who founded the “Blue-White-Red rally” recently.

      He compares to Robert Mugabe- a well preserved mummy!
      The posed question by the DE is a test to feel the pulse within the “Empire”!
      “The Force Awakens”.

  38. avatar
    Mario Ghezzi

    Je l’espère vivement!
    Allez Marine! Il faudra trouver un travail pour les bureaucrates de Bruxelles

  39. avatar
    Inmaculada Rozadilla

    I don’t like that woman at all and I hope she won’t be the President of France, they deserve some one better than her!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………why not make a list and write down ALL prominent but incompetent, corrupt, ignorant, bad, brutal, stupid & sociopath politician since 1900- than judge again?

  40. avatar
    Brian Huebner

    The internet really seems to be the place where cowards become brave. No, France, you know very well that you would pay a very high price if that pathological liar were to win.
    Don’t even think about it.
    You don’t want to go there.

  41. avatar
    Chelli Raniero

    Please don’t forget that only 50% of the French citizens actually voted. That means that 15% of The population actually voted for her. We have no clue of what half of the voters think.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      That’s a higher percentage of French citizens then have turned out to vote for that last four EU elections so she certainly has more legitimacy in France then the EU

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Be patient- 2017 will reveal the truth!

  42. avatar
    Rene Volger

    I prefer her to Sarkozy who in many ways is more conservative than she (e.g. gay rights)

  43. avatar
    Jenifer Muñoz

    As it is a democracy, she will if French citizens vote her, but I think they will be intelligent and they won’t vote for the FN.

  44. avatar
    Fabien Laiche

    yes why not is about democracy and the choice of a big country & people & population wo decide ok respect

  45. avatar
    Solstis Bust Olive

    I really hope so, Europe needs her… We live under such oppression under an illusion that the world is becoming such a nice place, BS…

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Ja, das ist dein Recht & deine Wahl- auch wenn………………………..!

  46. avatar
    Paolo Marcotulli

    mi auguro proprio di no.
    Attenzione alle cure peggiori del male …………..
    Oltre al fatto che non vi sembra un po’ islamica in qualche punto del suo programma?
    Ma, a parte il filo islamismo e/o filo Putin, , all’Europa non e’ bastata l’esperienza nazifascista del secolo scorso?
    Ci riprova…………….Da non credere !

  47. avatar

    She may well be. No one knows. But people have had enough of Mohammed and of being gagged out of saying it. We formed the EU because we want to be European not because we want to become something else…

  48. avatar
    paolo marcotulli

    mi auguro proprio di no.
    Attenzione alle cure peggiori del male …………..
    Oltre al fatto che non vi sembra un po’ islamica in qualche punto del suo programma?
    Ma, a parte il filo islamismo e/o filo Putin, , all’Europa non e’ bastata l’esperienza nazifascista del secolo scorso?

  49. avatar
    Naira Vanbeginne

    Yes, she will be and nathionalists will win in many other European countries…. What’s wrong with it?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Caniaux Michel

      To apply your statement to today’s domestic French/EU linked politics is: incorrect, sloganeering, alarmist, sensational, a fallacy, & outdated! Why? A few reasons:

      * France attained full statehood- long ago.
      * It has no stated territorial ambitions within Europe based on previous injustices, ancestral demands or a policy of expansionism.
      * It (still) cooperates well within a questionable supranational EU framework- maybe with growing resentment- mainly due to overambitious Suzerain behavior.
      * Healthy nationalistic sentiment is harmless & acknowledges: past achievements, pays respect & honors its great citizens. It is simply part of historic decency!
      * It is no “war crime” to lobby for a different EU concept!

      The opposite can however be argued that the EU may be a greater danger and higher risk to create a new type of unrest in Europe! Why?

      * It HAS a stated goal to become ONE “national” super state (aka “Super NAZI” status), having no statehood yet. Undoubtedly super “Nationalistic” ambitions & desires!
      * It HAS territorial plans to subjugate all former sovereign states (except Russia- why?) within Europe under the disguise & influence of a combined force driven by: a destructive capitalistic NWO , an “invisible” elite of influential families, Banks, a serf relationship to US’s global interests & on a mission to take away ALL competences of former sovereign European countries.
      * It is being dragged by US/NATO ambitions in global- but irregular warfare.
      * Irregular, UN unsanctioned & private wars is criminal.
      * It HAS a policy to remove “close democracy” by estranging it to Brussels & falsely renaming it a more inclusive, representative EU democracy.
      * Not everyone agrees to its price, being: to abdicate full sovereignty, cultural identity, language, history, customs & traditional beliefs- by “friendly” coercion.

      *It is NOT the best model to unite ALL of Europe!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Many good points – as per usual.

      Prediction: The EU Nazi Empire will coerce ‘neutral’ EU states like Ireland to be, shall we say ‘non-neutral’.

      This is the way of the EU Nazi Empire, its word is law and laws can be bent. Praise be the EU Nazi Empire!

  50. avatar
    Caniaux Michel

    Nationalism means you’re superior to other peoples, untermenschen, you belong to the race of Lords.
    You mistake nationalism to patriotism. You can love your country without contempt to others. History already taught us that, but people don’t care about History…

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Patriots or nationalists- both are a dangerous semantic mishmash to defend ones theory. Supporters of both could be or become terrorists. Today’s unfolding scenario & context is what determines the difference- not the past.

      “Our true nationality is mankind.”……… ( H.G. Wells)
      “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” .. ( Oscar Wilde)

      Plain common sense however knows the difference!

  51. avatar
    Caniaux Michel

    Siamo noi la Europa : spetta a noi di costruirla ! somos la Europa : toca a nosotros de construirle ! we are Europe : it’s up to us to build it ! wir sind Europa : es legt an uns, das zu bauen !

  52. avatar
    Chris Klr-Kst

    Le gène de la connerie et de l’incompétence s’exprime dans toute la lignée des Le Pen…

  53. avatar
    Isabelle Le Mest

    As a French woman, I could say I hope French people keep being machos and so we could avoid Le pen as president…

  54. avatar
    Ibda Ibda

    Never be président for some reasons :
    First her ideas are so old and extremist . Secondly, her idealogy and politicals may lead to a civil war in french because french population never accept her nonsense . Finally, she has no magic solution to change the current situation. Furthermore, extremists are much in french but they are not majority.

  55. avatar
    Patrick Gervais

    Le seul vrai parti à voter si vous ne voulez pas retourner dans le même système, c’est le Front National, vive Marion, vive Marine ⚓

  56. avatar
    Louis Portner

    Vive le FN et la fin des magouilleurs des
    Bons à rien dehors les merdeux!!!
    Et vous les étrangers occuper vous de vos pays !!!!

  57. avatar
    Gunn Peter

    Quand je vois ça, je suis à deux doigts de penser que les gens ont raison d’avoir peur du FN. Entre ceux qui l’acclament sans le connaître et les autres qui tapent sur les étrangers mais devraient leur être reconnaissants…

  58. avatar
    Gunn Peter

    I think some of non-french people should acquire a little bit of french culture and History first in order to know what FN really is…

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Peter, that’s the advantage or disadvantage of being part of a “supranational” conglomerate where 27 other nationalities can, will & may stick their nose into everybody else’s national family issue- regardless how informed or not! There are options!

  59. avatar
    Madeleine Hervé de Sigalony

    If she is, it would be difficult for her to do anything without a majority at the National Assembly. So she won’t change things or she would have to be very carefull to have the support of most deputies despite their parties. Someone should ask her how she wants to lead France with so few deputies from her party (now they’re just 2!).

    04/03/2017 Joseph Downing, an expert in French nationalism and identity, an Associate at the London School of Economic?s European Institute and a Marie Curie Fellow at Aix-Marseille University in France, has responded to this comment.
    04/03/2017 Guillaume Liegey, a European Young Leader 2014 and co-founder of Liegey Muller Pons, a political strategy firm that has been working with the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, has responded to this comment.
    04/03/2017 Clementine Forissier, a European Young Leader 2015-2016 and Editor-in-Chief of Contexte, an online newspaper focusing on French and European public policy, has responded to this comment.

  60. avatar
    Caniaux Michel

    Si chacun y met du sien, ça peut continuer pour le bien de nos enfants et petits -enfants.

  61. avatar
    Colette Pelletier

    oh no no no we have enough problems , we do not need the extreme right , we want to keep our freedom , our way of living , protesting bashing , we want to make streets ours when necessary ,

  62. avatar
    Colette Pelletier

    tomorrow we’re voting , I do not like the person we will vote for but unfortunately we do have the choice ” but as we say here ” entre la peste et le choléra “etc etc anyway we’ll vote to eliminate the extreme right

  63. avatar
    Joseph Saade

    S’il existe encore des francais comme Colette Pelletier la catastrophe va être épouvantable et les dégâts vont être plus garnis… Cette espèce de libertins n’ont rien compris et vont être illimines non pas par Marine politiquement mais par daeche physiquement…!

  64. avatar
    Joseph Saade

    Ce qui arrive ne laisse pas le choix à une réflexion sereine ni pour ni contre … Il faut trancher et malheureusement pour les uns et heureusement pour les autres on ne peut trancher qu’avec Marine

  65. avatar
    LeCécé DesRabous

    La réflexion sereine de l’extrême droite : les arts à la poubelle si ce n’est pas “FN” correct ; les cantines interdites aux personnes en recherche d’un emploi ; les tarifs municipaux qui ont augmenté notamment pour les plus défavorisés ; la préférence nationale, la sortie de l’euro : un Argentine bis ? Les délits de sale gueule, la montée de l’extrémisme, le populisme et la démagogie ; les allocs pour les femmes qui restent au foyer alors que certains ont déjà du mal à s’en sortir en travaillant à deux ; la fin du planning familial et/ou de lVG ; le retour à la peine de mort. Vous avez raison le FN : une réflexion sereine… Et fort heureusement il y a des Colette qui pensent non seulement à leur avenir mais à l’avenir de leurs enfants et petits enfants. #jesuiscolette

  66. avatar
    André Jabbour

    Yes she can and she will be a great president of France as well as Donald Trump in USA !

    28/03/2017 Francois Godement, French historian and professor of political science at Sciences Po, has responded to this comment.
    28/03/2017 Christine Ockrent, a journalist who has worked for many years in French radio and TV, has responded to this comment.

  67. avatar
    Maekel Bailli

    Il ya des hommes qui sont mort pour la France pour qu’elle existe et maintenant bande de casuce bande denculer vous voter fn……

  68. avatar
    Pierre Fran Podevin

    Pourquoi vous en avez tant peur ? Car vous ne savez rien ,même la Suisse pays neutre dis que c’est notre seul chance de s’en sortir

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Pierre Fran Podevin
      Any argument that slates the counterpoint as ‘knowing nothing’ has lost the argument.

  69. avatar

    Personally, I believe Marine Le Pen is a tad too extreme. This is fast becoming the politics of fear, and this type of sensationalist politics is only bound to lead to bad things.

  70. avatar
    Nikos Themelis

    If enough people vote for her,yes,she could be the next President of France. That’s what a modern democracy is about after all.

  71. avatar
    Philip Morgan


    I respect verbal extremism not quite as little as I do physical extremism, only because one is more imminent, though both inevitably lead to the same end.

    So, no, not in favour of far-right extremism or its famed proponents.


  72. avatar

    I don’t think Le Pen will get in, but ONLY if people go out there AND VOTE. Francais, s’il vous plait, pas d’abstemptions!!!

  73. avatar

    Et souvenez-vous, une vote pour Mme. Le Pen est une vote pour Poutine!

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