When he took over the job in 2014, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pledged to pause EU expansion for the next five years. Negotiations will continue with candidate countries, but it is unlikely we will see any new EU members before 2020.

Nevertheless, the promise of entry to the 28-country club can be a powerful tool in EU diplomacy. Witness, for example, the 2015 promise made to Ankara to restart membership negotiations if Turkey helps to stem the flow of migrants into Europe.

One of our commenters, Giorgio, is worried that a “pause” on EU enlargement risks diminishing Europe’s influence in its neighbourhood. He believes that if the EU does not continue the enlargement process then candidate countries will start to look elsewhere. In particular, he thinks that the former Soviet countries could “fall back into the Russian influence”.

Need to refresh your memory on the current status of EU enlargement? Have a look at our infographic:
EU enlargement

To get a reaction we spoke to Štefan Füle, former EU Commissioner for Enlargement (2010-2014). He disagrees with the way that Giorgio has framed the question, arguing that he doesn’t see enlargement as a “geopolitical game” between Russia and the EU:

But isn’t there a risk that candidate countries might give up waiting? We had a comment sent in from Ai, who wondered what EU membership really offers countries in the Balkans:

citizen_icon_180x180Entering now in EU is like going to an expensive restaurant with no money in your pocket. Especially now, in this moment, when at that restaurant the staff are kicking out another costumer because he was unable to pay.

How would Štefan Füle, former EU Commissioner for Enlargement, respond to Ai?

Is EU enlargement the best way to curb Russian influence? If we don’t continue the process of EU expansion, will candidate countries give up waiting? Let us know your thoughts and comment in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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      Joe grixti

      Europe Without. Borders
      Hole Europe United States.

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      Very good question!
      These incompetent politicians still believe that communism is bound to come back from “that side of the fence”. And communists “eat our children for breakfast”…
      They forget that capitalism is the one “eating our children’s breakfast.”

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    Toni Muñiz

    Lets see, add Turkey to the EU or become allies and respect Russia? I say we create a Russian Spring and oust Putin, for curtailing democracy, supporting ISIS, promoting Islam, and allowing his territory to be used to feed ISIS. And using migration as an excuse to have Turkey enter the EU is such a poor excuse. We have existing borders, protect them. Pushing ur border to include Turkey is just nonsense. Then what? Pay Siria to control our migration?Pathetic. What we need to curb are the idiot politicians in the EU who obviously are incompetent.

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      …” curb our idiot politicians in the EU who obviously are incompetent.”

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      “What we need to curb are the idiot politicians in the EU who obviously are incompetent.” The only point that actually makes sense in your comment.
      You speak as if there was democracy in the EU and not in Russia. There’s no democracy anywhere… especially not in the EU. So don’t try to export something that you don’t even have in the first place. Putin supporting ISIS?! Turn off the TV my friend, you’re being brainwashed my lamestream media.. Putin is the only one that actually attacked ISIS! Putin was able, in two months, to destroy more ISIS targets and recover more territory previously controlled by ISIS than the US and its EU puppets manage to do in 4 years! Not by accident, actually the US created ISIS and continues to arm and finance them (through Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc). So it was never US/EU intent to destroy ISIS, it still isn’t, don’t get easily fooled.. ISIS would be off the map if that was US/EU intention. I don’t want Turkey to join the EU not because I have something against Turkish people, or any other people for that matter… I don’t want them to come to EU for their own sake! The EU project is a failure, only a madman would want to join a failed project. US/EU created the current Syrian war and the catastrophic refugee situation since day 1. This was predicted by many, and predictions came reality, and now we can be racist and xenophobes all we want, trying to prevent desperate people to come into our EU countries… but the reality is that their are only running away from our own bombs and destruction. Business as usual…

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    Dino Boy Mican

    Best way! The aquis communitaire must of course be applied, but it must not come in the way. Just as some older middle sized members have not yet applied what this entails (eg Greece), so new members should be allowed in without full implementation, for the he sake of pulling them as much as poss away feom Russia.

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    Sakis Pastras

    Russia is a former communist country like China…it takes China over 40 years to very steady become democratic and is impossible to simply change in just a couple of years see Arab Spring and its result!!!!!!!! Putin and China are doing just well to slowly bring change…they are changing in rapid moves…simply critizing with western standards is crazy…but that shows western mentality of flower power thoughts of changing the world…come and step into reality…if it wasn’t for Putin or China and simply let democracy rules we would have a 3rd world war for 20 years now!!!!!!

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Since when Turkey became European instead of Russia?! That’s not what we learned in geography..or the geographical books being rewritten in E.U. instructions by U.S. geostrategists? :-)

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      I wouldn’t be surprised. In the US the history books are criminal objects of “education”. History has been literally rewritten in US history books. It’s amazing how deep the indoctrination can go, and how deep and long the mass lies can prevail…

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    Paul X

    How about looking at it from the other side of the fence where EU expansionist ambitions are seen as a direct threat to Russia….

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      Absolutely correct!

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    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    ….i do not belive that European Union must think in the terms of the cold war. Turkey -a full member of European Union is the right thing ,becose Turkey is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Also European Union must not isolate Russia becose Russia is also in Europe and the lack of comunication,the lack of diplomacy generates tragedies like the one from Ukraine.many people point at Russia but fall to see that Russia is not the atheistic Soviet Union and Russia from this time is a country on the path of Democracy.

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    Nando Aidos

    Still thinking in Cold War terms? That is nuts!
    Besides the EU needs to stop this expansion craze and concentrate on consolidation of what we have and improvements on what we have.

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    Still thinking in Cold War terms? That is nuts!
    Besides the EU needs to stop this expansion craze and concentrate on consolidation of what we have and improvements on what we have.

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    Ivan Burrows


    Eu expansionism lead to the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine leading to the current crisis with Russia & the annexation of Crimea, the EU since the Lisbon Treaty (the rejected EU constitution) has created misery, mass unemployment, mistrust and disunity across Europe while stealing the dignity and democracy from the peoples in it.

    With the latest revelations that Brussels is now siding with a supporter of Isis (Turkey) the EU has become the enemy of every nation fighting terrorism.

    Time to end the madness, End the EU.

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    Jozsef Erös

    In the future must Russia join to the EU ! After Putyins era of course !.Otherwise vould Russia get under China’s influence !

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    Stanislav Ivanov

    If this is the question then we may ask the opposite one as well: Is Russian expansion the best way to curb USA, EU and Islam’s influence?

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      Definitely. And with the EU going inevitably down, I wonder what’s the next power block… Also I wonder when will we realize that this way of managing society is not working very well…..

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    Stelios Bourodimos

    Νο,yes…that s not the point…under what conditions? In what kind of relationship? Parity or hegemony?And if the later,then again what kind of hegemony of brutal force and blackmail or of douceur and rule of law? Those are the questions, as I see it…

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    Max Berre

    Judging by the way things are going with Hungary, I’d say that the evidence speaks for itself. We’ve got a country which does nothing but cost us more money than greece, while embarrassing us internationally, and making love-overtures to putin.

    If we would start adding other “Borat-lands” in Hungary’s neighborhood, we’d just see more of the same.

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      “Us and them”. There will always be wars destruction and human suffering while the us-them mindset exists. Something for you to think about…
      Anyway, what country exactly costs “us” more money than Greece? Whoever “us” is?

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    Vinko Rajic

    NO , Russians are going to become our friends . EU should not have any conflict with Russia . Neither Russia nor EU citizens have any Hitler style ambitions . Problem created some people from West together with Putin but those problems don’t represent our interests .

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    Alex Casalboni

    The Russia is’nt an enemy ! It’s an important economic and politic partnership..but the USA wanted to destroy this important friendship and collaboration. The reason is: Divide et Impere ! The USA want to maintain the leadership on the world !

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    Nikos Tataris

    I think the EU can accept only Serbia and Montenegro. It’s high time we faced our own, interior problems!

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      And why only those two countries and not all the other candidates?

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    Breogán Costa

    I think Ukraine has a lot of problems, but it would be a valuable member. But NOT against Russia: Putin is too aggressive but his time is gonna finish someday (probably in less than 10 years), and due to Ukrainians and Russians have a lot in common, Ukraine could be the interface between the East and the West.

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      EU reform- proactive

      ………not enough- try think again!

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    catherine benning

    Once again back on the track of expansionism. Russia should be part of the EU, it being the only real friend we really have that is truly European.

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    Curb russian influence? Shouldnt brussels be more worried about turkey?
    I think were better of with the russians than with nato these days. Nato has turned rabid, with ergodan infecting the whole of the eu.
    Has anyone seen the pictures on tv with the thousands of tankers? Ergodan is a crook and nato his accomplices. Its real and its scary..
    Who the hell is running the blind nato fiasco?? The people of europe are being lied to.
    Americans screaming ergodan is a good guy and trustworthy and a good nato partner. What??? In the illegal oil trade?? Are they blind/stupid or just as bad?
    Russian influence , is that supposed to be a joke. We should be thanking the russians for exposing nato for what it is.
    And as far as eu enlargement goes, its brought no good to anybody. It shouldnt be enlargement it should be strategic dismantelment.
    I agree with catherine benning , russia is our only friend at the moment…!

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The EU should disolve, not enlarge. Russia is not our ennemy…the Ukranien movements where sponsored by USA and Merkel…and probably Russia is the only one wise enough to see where the danger is…in Turkey.

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      EU reform- proactive

      ……following the chartered trajectory by its “space engineers”- “THIS EU” is destined to disintegrate like a supernova- its newly born neutron star might harbor our final solution!

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    Borislav Valkov

    Russia had financed far wing parties(both right and left). There is no known good example of political partiy that have being supported by other state and have media misinformarion from that state and do good things(there is political party in my state with ties and money support in Moscow and have a media with only russian experts). Poland and the Baltic statets are afraid of Russia’s influence so much that Estonia builded a fence with Russia.

    Still Rusia is a very important economy ally to EU but economy and politics have ties and EU must set these ties before there is “best way to curb Russian influence”. Otherwise there is that: Russia is our ally/Russia is not our ally.

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    Tamás Kovács

    we should recover the friendship with Russia.. this sanctions are leading to nowhere.. just we get more enemies.. people needs jobs.. GDP growing is far too important.. we have no money to sanction Russia..

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    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    Not at all – and EU must continue to work with Russia and put off all the sanctions. Together we must destroy the new Axe of evil ISIS-US-Turkey.

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    Jude De Froissard

    Russia one day or another must be our european partner.It would be a mistake to keep them out….just look at history and anyone will understand why.Russia is the natural continuation of Europe. As for Turkey…look again at history and decide for what is obvious…turks are not europeans in many ways.

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    Dobromir Panchev

    Not enlargement, further integration between the EU states is the answer! Russia sees enlargement as a threat until we have normal relations and trust with them.

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      Threat, yeah. Why would enlargement be a /threat/ to Russia? Whoever is actually /threatening/ Russia? Why do the Russians constantly feel /threatened/? By whom? No one in the West is disputing their borders, no one is /threatening/ their sovereignty in any way, shape or form. Let’s drop that T-word already. It’s not about being threatened. We all know that. It’s about what they see as their natural, rightful sphere of influence and their god-given position as a super power. Here indeed pride doesn’t live up to facts. They just don’t cut it, by any hard standards.

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    Is EU enlargement the best way to curb Russian influence?

    No. US military capabilities enlargement is the best way to curb Russian influence in Europe.

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      EU reform- proactive

      No Sir, let these cowboys kill each other at home- the rest of the world should not be turned into their wild west!

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      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Sir, did you ever live in a country that have a direct border with Russia?

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      EU reform- proactive

      Sir, I lived in a country conquered and occupied by the former USSR!

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    further enlargement is the best way to finish off the EU. it is in its final days anyway, I am sorry to say. why does Russian influence have to be curbed though? Is it a bad thing?

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      EU reform- proactive

      ………or- a less catastrophic but structured way: a) the member(s) of the EU receive a mandate (referendum) from their voters to exit- b) thereafter, under TEU Article 50 the government gives notice to the EC of its intention to withdraw & negotiates a “Withdrawal Agreement”. If several “net contributors” would do that simultaneously- it’s the end of the the present EU! But, there must be a Plan B- which is…..?

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    EU reform- proactive

    No! Strangely illogical, weird, destructive & counterproductive for Europeans!

    Here is a glimpse of the stealthy EU plan- our future has been predetermined! Bribing Turkey & offering NATO to Montenegro recently- another stab in our back.

    *Phase 1: The “Copenhagen criteria’ which promises: a free-market economy, a stable democracy, the rule of (EU) law, and the “acceptance of ALL EU legislation”. (“Convergence criteria”- sound great) All documents are ready- only to be pulled from JC Juncker’s top drawer- should he be sober to find them!

    *Phase 2: The candidacy for aspiring EU membership- using the “European Neighborhood Policy” (ENP) The Action Plans are ready & signed for: Israel, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Egypt and Lebanon. Who else want to become European? Just raise your hands please: Asia- Africa- South America, Antarctica….going cheap- not be missed on EU’s “black Friday” sale!

    These EU sellouts neglect & ignore geographic, cultural, and religious dimensions and- surprise, surprise they exclude RUSSIA completely! Trade mark- “Made in USA”! Russia has been eliminated from earth- the US has redrawn the maps!

    What is however predicted is that this evil US/EU conspiracy- WILL disintegrate around 2020-2030 anyway! It only needs to be helped along!

    Why continue? Voters can preempt this plan & demand a simple ~800 mio strong “EU47 “Council of Europe Trade Union”- which includes Russia & Turkey- but excludes any destructive social/monetary integration. Sorry USA- draw new maps!

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    Davide Zoran Parenti

    EU should be a friend of Russia… Stop to see Russia like an enemy just because US want this… And it’s time to realize that US and EU interests are far different…

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    Sarah EsEs

    Russians are loyal and people to count on! I really want that russia ans Europe have good relations

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      Really? History proves the opposite. Iron Curtain rings any bell?

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Sir. Nowadays we produce no more “iron”- but steel instead! History isn’t about angels only. ALL Europeans suffered- in various ways. World’s changing- lets move on, offload the old baggage & try to adjust- BECAUSE new & great challenges are confronting us!

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    Lucian Sarbu

    This is so stupid. Russia is part of Europe. Russia should be our friend, not our foe.

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    Ander Anderson

    The EU is big enough because there are too many problems with countries like Greece who refuse to control their own borders

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    Wendy Harris

    In a recent poll nearly 60% of Russians wanted the Soviet Union back. So I’m not sure why so many people think that Russia would even wish to be part of the EU, unless the EU is willing to become part of the Soviet Union this time. Hopefully the UK will bail out long before this question arises.

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    Stefanos Karpen

    Debating Europe has deleted the last week’s debate regarding the entrance of Turkey in the EU. This is not a good sign. Is there any specific reason for that action?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stefanos Karpen
      DE is a pro-EU mouthpiece and partisan censorship is par for the course.

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    Enlargement makes the EU weaker not stronger, also because it is weak states who want to join not strong ones (e.g. Switzerland or Norway). Instead of further enlargement the EU needs a restructuring which must return security, identity and optimism to European people.

    Without this neither from relations to Russia nor to the US benefits can be drawn. Unfortunately, current EU-Europe leaves the impression of becoming a victim again, a passive object on which Russia as well as US try to impose their will.

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    Costi Ciudin

    No, Eu needs to gain some strength before an eventual enlargement! The economic crisis, the migrant crisis, the terrorist threat let EU very vulnerable so it needs to reaffirm its values and gain strength

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    Lefteris Georgiadis

    Rushed enlargement has always been problematic. Look at what happened to the Eurozone. Stricter protection and promotion of human rights and progressive values, human rights accountability and due diligence, as well as a more efficient Common Foreign Security and Defense Policy are the key to prevent imperialist or nationalist/irredentist ideologies from once again plaguing Europe. At the same time, close cooperation with the Council of Europe (even an EU accession to the ECHR) will strengthen the stance against corrupt political circles in Russia and Turkey. Execution of ECtHR judgments supervised by the Committee of Ministers and regular visits from international observers will also help improve the domestic situation in these two countries.

  38. avatar

    Rushed enlargement has always been problematic. Look at what happened to the Eurozone. Stricter protection and promotion of human rights and progressive values, human rights accountability and due diligence, as well as a more efficient Common Foreign Security and Defense Policy are the key to prevent imperialist or nationalist/irredentist ideologies from once again plaguing Europe. At the same time, close cooperation with the Council of Europe (even an EU accession to the ECHR) will strengthen the stance against corrupt political circles in Russia and Turkey. Execution of ECtHR judgments supervised by the Committee of Ministers and regular visits from international observers will also help improve the domestic situation in these two countries.

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    Justyna Bartoszewska

    what a ” relationship building ” is ? searching for common values common experiences and common grounds , why don’t you create a healthy and working in two directions and benefitive to Russia and to EU relationship ? instead of searching all the time for the reasaons to fight each other or searching to fight in order to show who is stronger and has more power and influence over the other one ? International Relations and Diplomacy – their role is what it should be about – creating healthy, well functioning benefitting to all and peaceful partnerships !

  40. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    Russian culture is very ” present ” in the EU, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia etc. have Russian language and Russian culture as a part of their national ” indentity” = historical part and you cannot neglect it or get rid of it !

  41. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    Russian language is beautiful and Russian culture is beautiful as well and they have a lot to offer , my mum was a Russian teacher and Russian language and Russian stories ” skazki” she was reading them to me before I was going to sleep and I remember it as a an outstanding and amazing and interesting part of my childhood which built up my personality in my adulthood

  42. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    Metro in Moscau is the most amazing and of an autstanding beauty and outstanding safety – probably in the entire world !

  43. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    compared to the metro in Moscau – when you take the ride you experience beauty and safety if you take the ride with the metro in Brussels or in Paris or in another European countries you experience something dirty, stinking and you are not feeling safe there at all

  44. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    if I would have to take the metro to get to work everyday – well I would definitely choose the metro in Moscau – because everybody has the right to choose the best for them – because what is the best for each of us is the best for all of us

  45. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    if your are unable to create and maintain a healthy and working “international relationship” between the EU and between Russia then it means that you lack people who are able to do this- skilled and couragious diplomats and government workers – this is the truth if you want to know it

  46. avatar
    Justyna Bartoszewska

    each war beginned with a ” missunderstanding ” or with the lack of ” understanding ” and ” cooperation”

  47. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Diplomacy, cooperation, and understanding needs of each country is better than trying to control it by being the Bully On The Block, and overthrowing governments, killing or imprisoning leaders, and silencing voices of opposition… for the simple reason that goes down eventually comes around — not good for anybody.

  48. avatar
    Simeon Milanov

    At the moment sadly russian influence is more european than the influence of Brussels. By the way in the countries where Russia is influential you can’t stop it because that influence was bought with blood :) it’s not fake and imposed from above like the other one (from beyond the ocean)

  49. avatar
    Suzie Szabo Newbury

    Russia are defending the Syrian people against Isis! You need to ask where they Isis are getting their funding, arms and training from! If you don’t know there is plenty of information on social media coming out of the woodwork!

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    Miroslav Nikola Ćurić

    biggest problem in europe always begin when we are violently disconnected from russia, all wars and world wars showed that.. its not our interest.. russia is as much part of europe as we are.. we should shake off influence and puppet master USA

  51. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    No, ‘Europeans’ are doing what they always do & we can only hope the EU collapses before they start another of their bloody wars.

    Fascism, Nazism, Communism & now Europeanism. Different flags & different anthems but the same crazed antidemocratic lust to control the Nation States of Europe.

  52. avatar
    Umberto Banchieri

    Enlargement? Yes, but only with more federal power in foreign politics and security to EU. If not is only more anarchy that help the cleptocracy of Moscow to destroy the EU from the inside.

  53. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Yes, continue believing the United States that Russia wants to start a war.
    In the meantime, ISIS is growing even more everyday – killing innocent people, but as if the European Union cares about that…
    The European Union is already going to break apart, so stop acting like “Saints” and listen about the worries and wishes of the Europeans!

  54. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Yes, continue believing the United States that Russia wants to start a war.
    In the meantime, ISIS is growing even more everyday – killing innocent people, but as if the European Union cares about that…
    The European Union is already going to break apart, so stop acting like “Saints” and listen about the worries and wishes of the Europeans!

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    Pan Sol

    Enlargement, how much more you want??? You have already 2 million Enlargements annually, expecting per year one more million Kurds, with these definitely you will curb Russians

  56. avatar
    Pan Sol

    Enlargement, how much more you want??? You have already 2 million Enlargements annually, expecting per year one more million Kurds, with these definitely you will curb Russians

  57. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    not enlargement, enstrongerment (if that is a correct English word…). We should make the EU stronger instead of letting it get weakened by ultraright parties who are being (partially) funded by Putin’s friends. By the way, I would suggest stop saying Russia(n)(s) they are not the enemy. Putin is!

  58. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Answer: a straightforward and down-to-earth “NO”. For **** sake, get a world map, please! Isn’t the EU supposed to stand for “EUROPEAN Union”… like… EUROPE…??? What’s next? Some islands in the Pacific???? :-P Let’s make ourselves stronger, not bigger… Quality over quantity, please… the USA + NATO are important key allies to keep global balance, but the Americas are not Europe, and Russians are not the enemy… Stop being hysterical… no enlargement, and no “shrinking”… how about “keep it as it is, and make it better and stronger”, hmm????

  59. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture

    No the best way might be and should be envisaged to put the European defense under responsibility of strictly and only the EU member states who are at risk militarily and financially (not US, Turquia, or Ukraine). The too strong or increasing influence from other non EU countries, could lead to conflicts just by increasing tensions and preparing the final cooking. Therefore going that direction, it might be more and more difficult to curb any influence or decision with Russia, it might be worst. It is important that EU member state can pilot their own destiny and make their own choices and negotiate their own strategy directly useful for the EU citizen and prosperity and only enlarge with countries who have good relations and are fair both with EU MS and Russia.

  60. avatar
    Doru Adonis Izuel

    Yes, i agree with a E.U. enlargement ! We need to build the European Federation and create a bright future for all the european citizens. And maybe someday, in 50 years, Russia would be ready to join the Federation too.

  61. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Enlargement ? Maybe if you think merging with Russia and looking forward, not backward. Looks like Germany still have a thorn in its foot.

  62. avatar
    Sara Dias

    Of course! And fight those who do not want to enter and those who want to leave and those who want a change!

  63. avatar
    Manolis Karras

    There are many meanings in ” enlargement” and ” curb” and very dangerous ones. Russia is a free market now, I would have Russia in the EU tomorrow morning. However we have dangerous games with power as to whose oil pipeline is going to go through which country. Thus this chaos of war in the middle -east. The only thing that must be curbed immediately are the dangerous politicians on corporate pay making the lives of millions meaningless and thier countries as well.

  64. avatar
    Mohammad Azher

    EU should negotiates and shouldn’t consider Russia as their enemy. Friendships, mutual understandings, economic intergovernmental relationships, economic integrations, respect for each other rather propaganda against to demolished each other. EU and Russian can
    both benefits and also EU should consider to bring russia closer to bring Peace and prosperity in the world.

  65. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    WRONG question – not to curb russian influence – but – to better protect the EU burger!

  66. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    am I the only one that when I hear “grabbing merging getting larger etc, “my mind goes to the 3rd Reich?after all they also wanted to be enlarged… any way why we wanted to grab something From Russia in first place?

  67. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    4th Reich, Soviet Union of Europe, Islamic caliphate – Take your pick it will be one thing or the other ruled by a brutal dictatorship. Europe is sleepwalking out of democracy and this time there will be no one to liberate her.

  68. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    no, eu enlargement should not be predicated upon reacting to Putin. EU is enlarged enough. It has already expanded too quickly and too fast, producing a two-tier Europe which has resulted in the severe undermining of labour laws in western europe and t he rapid demise of services and safety nets previously available to eastern europe. If this is to work then we must give those eastern european states time to become equal partners economically, so that migration goes two ways rather than one, and ensure that EU directives relating to some of the free market principles, free movement of people and rights and responsibility of government and people are in good working order, which they are not. The EU cannot even make the protected and privileged cast of notaries in Italy, obey EU laws on free market principles, never mind cope with a large country like the Ukraine which can’t even hold a government together without shenanigans going on. If the EU cares about democracy and fairness and has a will to work towards that, then it must consolidate and do that within all current member states, if it wants to become the tail of the American dog and simply wind up PUtin, then it is clearly not fit for purpose either and maybe we should all go our separate ways. The Ukraine could always join the U.S. (after all Alaska and Hawaii are not connected to the U.S. land mass), otherwise work with the Ukraine and when it is fit for purpose, then it can join.

  69. avatar
    Michael O'Dwyer Connolly

    We need to work with Russia, the U.S. tries to control and influence us and turn us against Russia. All they want is to be left alone, without NATO bases surrounding their borders.

    02/09/2017 Afzal Khan, a British Labour MEP and Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, has responded to this comment.

    02/09/2017 Hilde Vautmans, a Belgian MEP with the liberal Flemish VLD party and a member of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, has responded to this comment.

  70. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    We MUST curb USA influence first. If we ever want a unified Europe, we must start acting as an independent international actor. Europe should be the 4th superpower.

  71. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Well it certainly would be a thorn in Putins foot… unfortunately as most people don’t see further than the ends of their noses and backyards for the lucky ones… its difficult to get ideas across… especially as far as international relations are concerned…
    It reminds me of when you could hear commentators say things like football is a sport with 60000 managers for each team but only one chooses the line up… with the age of internet, politics has become the sport of 742.5 million managers in Europe… with only one to take the decision… the main problem being in both cases that the chosen one is informed of all the details (normally) whereas the others clearly aren’t… which is why referenda as attractive as they may seem, are often counter productive and suicidal…. and whatever the outcome, influenced by uninformed idiots… I would even call that a delusion of democracy

  72. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    EU enlargement SHOULD INCLUDE Russia. Are we talking about islamic Turkey and not Russia?? At least we should all have the closest cooperation, especially these hard times.

  73. avatar
    Ian Culpin

    I see little point further enlargement until a proper federal Europe is established, which quite possibly would not include all existing members.

  74. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    EU expansion into ‘Europe’ is guaranteed to start a war with Russia, it is the ‘European’ way.

  75. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    This will never happen.Russia will influence countries for the simple reason that EE doesn’t work properly.The European citizens are not happy with how things are going and no one can know if there will be a EE in the future.

  76. avatar
    Leo Raffaele

    The first step EU should follow is to become a Federal State with common external borders, value, rules, policy, army and laws, then it could include countries like Iceland, Kosovo and Albania, and absolutely not Turkey with Erdogan, then it should have less cooperation with the USA and more with Russia (maybe not if Bernie Sanders wins).

  77. avatar
    Kyle Kristopher McIlwraith

    Russias economy is shrinking(smaller than Italy’s), its currency struggling, it’s political influence reducing due to EU expansion, Putin himself has said Russia needs to update it’s military. People need to stop worrying about Russia, it really isn’t what it once was. Please note it has never gone for an EU or NATO nation.

  78. avatar
    Fernando Leite Velho

    Why the Eu must curb russian influence in our thays??
    There are people thinking like on the colonial era. So stupid minds and politics in the UE.

  79. avatar
    Φιλικη Εταιρια

    U.S. with no reason destroyed Iraq , Yugoslavia , Libya , Syria , Afghanistan , and so many other countries in order to control the area of mediterranean and the petrol in middle east and E.U. and NATO helped them to do it . Now Europe have to deal and control with the biggest problem of 21th century by helping millions of refugees and immigrants . First of all the biggest country of terrorist thieves and murders in the history U.S.A. created ISIS and now Europeans have to solve this problem … i saw only Russians to try to destroy ISIS and to report 40 countries that help and support ISIS and among them are some countries from G20 as Russians report . U.S.A . and TURKEY is one of the biggest supporters of ISIS …. I hope that Europeans understand one day that Russians are our friends but i cannot imagine that happens now because there are so many Europeans countries that profit by selling weapons on ISIS ….Germany , France , England , Belgium … are among them so be prepared Europeans because U.S.A. and Germany of course for one more time will lead us to WW3 .

  80. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Russian influence is not bad and Russia is the only country which back christiamity…enlargement was the beginning of the end of the european dont enlarge something which is a complete failure.if,you think about Turkey.answer is No,Never…

  81. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The EU should only be interested in trade, not curbing geopolitical influences. Do great trade deals with each country and let countries decide for them selves who they want to align with politically. If you don’t like Russian influence put them in the same boat as the oil industry and go green energy to lessen their influence. If you are worried about BRICS trade increase regulations for the standards their produce are grown in and also demand fair-trade or else their product will not qualify for EU trade. The end. Stop trying to bring too many countries into the EU. They each have changing governments with changing agendas. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Enough countries.

  82. avatar
    João Roque

    In my opinion we should partition Europe in three blocks, the core EU countries in a Federation, a greater expanded area that has economic and other levels of integration like in the EEC and Russia

  83. avatar
    Claudio Bartoletti

    i think that euro should be dismantled and we all live like before and not under german dictatorship, europe can never work, europeans dont all think the same, you have the cold northern europeans that may be efficient but are lifeless robots compared to the latin european countries that know how to live life, as for Russia it would be an asset to have such a strong economic power to team up with europe, but America is shitting themselves and will continue to cause as many problems as possible, strange the Panama leak comes to mind.

  84. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    building up a strong democratic europe based on the european human rights convention is the key, not a union of states. and more freedom to the citizens and better regulations for business corporations like banks or multinational companies. in moment it is the other way round.

  85. avatar

    Absolutely not! ΕU is crolling down after the admision of the slavic countries. EU needs leaders and not puppies to reinforce democracy first of all or EU ends!

  86. avatar
    Claudiu Popa

    EU should work more with Russia, especially in the economy sector. Now, if the US has issues with Russia, let them work it out, no point to drag EU down.

  87. avatar
    Buj Alex

    ??? how would it do that , when near europe countries submit tu American influence

  88. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    No. Best way is to improve current economical situation in Eastern Europe. There is no other way.

  89. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Whatever the EU touches turns to dust and misery & war will follow.

    Enlargement would just make a very bad situation far worse.

  90. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Amicable politics would serve the purpose much better.

    The transatlantic oligarchs want to gain control of the eastern markets and the eastern oligarchs with Putin stand in the way. The oligarchs have too much influence on EU politics.

  91. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    A federalist EU is the best way to dialogue with Russia, two lungs must be equal in size to breath freely

  92. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Ι am sorry to say that you guys in Brussels you have a real mental problem.. Instead to maintain a good friendly and productive policy with Russia for Europe’s intrests you follow a hostile cold war policy Expansion is not necessary now unless EU arrange first and solve its own problems before any expansion avoiding by any menng countries like Turkey thats blackmailing EU…

  93. avatar
    Boerge R. Jensen

    Which Russian influence? Given Russia is a neighbor and a large country, the Russian influence in Europe is very limited.

    I live in a small EU member state in Western Europe. Russian movies, news and other broadcasts are very rare in tv, and russian music are very rare in radio. The only song available from the Russian singer Polina Gagarina is the one found on the album with music from the Eurovision song contest. In most news media, statements against Russia are very common.

    Thinking about it, the same is true for most other members of the EU. Besides domestic culture, German, British and American movies, news, other broadcasts and music are very common, while movies, news, other broadcasts and music from the rest of Europe are rare.

  94. avatar
    Aristides Liakopoulos

    Russians are Europeans and Christians, Turks are Muslims and Mongols. This is the truth and you can’t change it.

  95. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf?
    This sounds like a “common enemy syndrome”. EU politicians do not seem to be able to put their house in order and so they look for a “common enemy”, a “fear factor” to divert attention from the very real internal problems.
    This insistence on “outside enemies” is so pathetic it borderlines on dementia. It all sounds like Georgie Bush and his WMD obsession.
    Beware of the hornets’ nest!

  96. avatar
    George Ferentinos

    Russia ! Though it has been second strongest power in europe for centuries and world power as a soviet Union !!!!!never caused any major war in Europe !!!!!on the contrary Europe was devastated in the past. by wars made by nations belonging in Eu (germany France austria, Italy etc).

  97. avatar

    This sounds like a “common enemy syndrome”. EU politicians do not seem to be able to put their house in order and so they look for a “common enemy”, a “fear factor” to divert attention from the real internal problems.
    The insistence on “outside enemies” is so pathetic it borderlines on dementia.

  98. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    Problem with the Russians ??? WTF … Russians do not blow themselves in the hart of EU or drive trucks over the celebrating crowd or do mass shooting cause they do not like a caricature or want Russians religious rules imposed on the majority and others minorities or attack/rape women in front of cathedral on new years eve …

    If you want it hard enough you can get fair deal for both sides with Russians … Trust me I’m Bulgarian we deal fairly with Rusians for close to 1000 years (We teach them how to read and write)… Here majoirty of people will lough if you start talking about Russian threat… Over one sociological study there several times more people that fear Americans (14% – mostly old people which are teached to duck and cover from the bomb during cold war) than Russians (under 2% which is under percent of error of the study )

    P.S Everything will come in place when Donald Trump become a leader of the Free World in November

  99. avatar
    Marco Peel

    One should address quality before quantity. Enhancement – making the EU better and more attractive – before enlargement. With the EU losing popular support, moral authority and general sense of direction, enlargement only amounts to making a problem bigger.

  100. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    The best way to curb Russian influence is to curb USA influence. Leave the NATO, make a EU force and unite Europe. BAM neither Russian and especially not USA influence.

  101. avatar
    Giannis Dimitrakis

    Sure, curb Russian influence. At the same time, American influence is welcome, right? What a marvelous dream, this “independent” Europe. :P

  102. avatar
    Milos Kostovski

    What Russian influence are you talking about? This is a “cold war” mentality that Western countries are sustaining. First you need to deconstruct what “Russian influence” means nowadays and then open a debate.

  103. avatar
    Giannis Dimitrakis

    Time to change the name European Union to United American States of Europe. This way, you can have your posts written directly by the department of State, without having to hide behind a fake mask like “debating Europe”.

  104. avatar
    Mário Lobo

    Real question should be:
    What is the European urge to terminate Russian influence?

  105. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    It stopped being a cold-war..
    Now things are going on.. but worse rather than better…no communications..everybody the high schools..
    in the shopping malls.. even in the blog.
    You know what to do.
    This is the war of the fucking money..more you get more you fly..

  106. avatar
    Michelle Maria

    except serbia into the eu and you will receive an aggresive russian trojan so far up your arse … to the likes of the 1990’s when they waged wars of genocide on serveral countries who declared their independence from a russian held artificial yugoslavia

  107. avatar
    Dimitar Peev

    Absolutely no. Enlargement without principles and only for temporarily political reasons will be bad idea.

  108. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    What has Russia ever done that would not make it a good partner for europe? In many cases their strategy is smarter than that of the US.

  109. avatar
    Matthieu Chatelin

    And what if Russia was equally a natural part of Europe! I mean why not? Okay, the Russian Government may not have always been or may not be perfect but so is it true of every country! Even though Russia may have some reconciliation to do with some people(Baltic countries, Poland…) the Russian people are perhaps not ONLY Europeans but what is sure is that they have always been europeans:)

  110. avatar
    Kristian Dawson

    When the French wanted to drop an embargo on certian Russian goods, the French were told by John McCain that the US would decide when they could drop their embargo. Can you imagine what the response would have been if the French had demanded similar from the US ? How about the EU and Russia start to unite and put years of stupid mistrust behind them.

  111. avatar
    Grant Scott

    We should build relationships with Russia, we’re not at war but if this keeps up we will be

  112. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    E.U expansion,….curbing russian influence….by proxy that says that russian influence is a bad thing. I live in Lithuania, next to Russia and have many Russian friends. They’re probably more loyal and more genuine than many, if not most, Europeans I’ve met. we don’t need to curb anything. We need to work and understand more.

  113. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    How did the enlargement of EU by insertion of Ukraine went lads ? Has it curbed the russian influence or increased it ?

  114. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    EU bureaucrats should be more concerned with the insertion of terrorist and barbarians wich is curbing quite drastically the EU influence on member nations.

  115. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    The insertion of new member state from the east is not aimed to decrease russian influence as long as the new states from the east are actually naturally against your plans of destroying them by insertion of the islamist cancer. Your pro jihad policy makes THE Bruxelles Curbe their influence on member states new and old, you are your own DEMISE.

  116. avatar
    Gabrielón Griever Lorenzoni

    russia’s huge natural resources cooperating with europe’s manufacturing will create a very big problem for USA influence in the world, that’s why EU is a branch of USA policy that doesn’t want to lose its power

  117. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    It’s a provocative question, too! The powers in the world affecting each other in many ways. The most sifnificant influence is of economic kind. I think that we can not repel any influences today, thanx to globalisation. We must learn how to live with foreign influences. We are EU. We don’t have other choices. My oppinion is, that is better to undergo to russian influence as to american.

  118. avatar
    Jason Picci

    We need more Russian influence, music, symphonies and more hot Siberian birds as well, so only Gawd knows what you’re on about. Abolish Visas now!

  119. avatar
    Deividas Juodkojis

    I think EU should do more sanctions. It will be more efektive. Or isolate from the world. And the best scenario take out Putin goverment from Kreml

  120. avatar
    Yiannis Clerides

    this is BS – if US chooses to push the borders and take Ukraine and Georgia as members of North atlantic and all these countries that have been a part of Russia, the USSR this is a third world war -enough –

  121. avatar
    Tantos Leones

    As long as the European Union doesn’t become a disgusting group of hipercompetitive countries stabbing eachother and kneeling to bussiness influence… sure, why not.

  122. avatar
    Piedade Luisa Pinho

    Putin is right in every word he says about europe. The european politicians want to destroy every value. Family, sexual, religious, moral, ethic… actually we only have -God help us!!!! – two relevant political figures:Trump and Putin. Even the God’s Church is falling… no we don’t need to be afraid of Russian’s influence. We MUST be afraid of the liberals, Merkl’s and Vatican’s influence.

    • avatar
      Miguel Hilário

      What a bigoted and xenophobic thing to say… catch up with the world.

    • avatar
      Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      I do agree that Putin is right about more things than anyone gives him credit for, but don’t bring your god and personal bigotry into politics

    • avatar
      Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Miguel Hilario, good luck for you, in that “Admirável mundo novo”… grow up.

    • avatar
      Pedro Castro

      No you don’t Piedade Luisa Pinho. If you did you wouldn’t support Putin who doesn’t!

      What you support is others that share your PoV!

    • avatar
      Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Pedro, I only said that Putin is right when he talks about europe. There is many things about his politic i do not agree

  123. avatar
    Raf Naegels

    Stop meddling in Russian affairs. and the reciprocal meddling in elections and change of public view by meme-warfare will cease.

    • avatar
      Pedro Castro

      As soon as they’re back within their borders, sure

  124. avatar
    Boyko Vesselinov

    Best way is to stop buying russian gas and go back to burning wood and steam endgines. Alternatively, buy gas from USA 3 times more expensively.

  125. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    This page is hilarious. Every single question that is asked relies on some absurd assumption, which is clearly not supported by the majority of the readership. Good to read the comments, though.

    • avatar
      João Machado

      EU propaganda is great isn’t it? ;)

    • avatar
      Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Because Russia has always been the USA’s thorn in its side. And the EU is a US bitch at this point.

    • avatar
      Ângelo Do Carmo

      I think it’s a little bitte more complex then that. but anyway, EU should be seeking a good relationship with russia, not problems.

  126. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    The EU is a corrupt and undemocratic institution where an non elected body dares to call “ridiculous” to the only elected body (even though the last has a profoundly unfair way of being electef and no real power over what matters). So no, the EU enlargement is not the way to curb Russian influence, it’s just another way to become like Russia.

  127. avatar
    Juliusz Lichwa

    When I read “Let’s be friends with Russia” posts:

    Russia literally kill opposition members and journalists, opress LGBT community, invaded two european states, occupy they territory and support millitants on that territories, annexed Crimea, shot down from the sky airliner with almost 200 Dutch on it, permanently point missiles at 80% of Poland and yearly exercise in Belarus a nuclear strike on Warsaw.

    Yeah, let’s be friends.

    • avatar
      Stephen Panev

      And Muslims rape and kill how many innocent why are they welcome?

    • avatar
      Juliusz Lichwa

      Stephen Panev I didn’t mention any muslims nor migrants so I have no idea what are you talking about.

  128. avatar
    Besnik Mufali

    europe is undemocratic , this sort of logic is unfair . so albania which is not a slavic nation and does not risk falling into rusian influence should wait forever.

  129. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    Any excuse will serve to make the monster even bigger and to reduce a citizen’s influence even more. You cannot curb Russian influence by turning into a USSR.

  130. avatar
    Julian M Perez

    Russia is great , Stop getting brainwashed by the MSM … Western Europe should learn a lot from them.

  131. avatar
    Christina Kler

    I never understood why the Russian influence is bad versus to the GOOOD American or European …. after all the atrocities ……

    • avatar
      Victor Torba

      u just read some history books and visit eastern europe, thats all

  132. avatar
    Josh Mueller

    no, EU first needs internal reforms, than the correct way forward to tackle russia is through diplomacy and maybe an offer of more openness and not only the lifting of sanctions should Russia meet western demands on Ukrain (which it never will, ie the west is very limited)

    but aggressive expansion is never a way to make friends, well, good neighbours

    • avatar
      István Simon

      I think the crimean crisis will end, when belorussia pay for the gas wht they consumed in the lasz couple of decades.

      another worlds: You like to sell something, then a customer coming, and take your goods, then forget to pay.. You so hardly like to work for free?

      what is crisis? who’s crisis?

    • avatar
      Fabrice Bordier

      I am not aware of that, but I think a normalization of the relationship with Russia can only be beneficial for the EU. And it can only be reached by the eu if the USA let the EU deal with it.
      We need to be clear with Putin, and he needs to be clear with us. And there are no reasons not to be able to find agreement, if both sides are ready for compromise.

  133. avatar
    Jean Charles Branco

    why worry about “curb russia” thats russiafobie. the USA zog army occupation shuld end, usa army go home ur not welcome in europe, never was never will be.

  134. avatar
    István Simon

    I think the russians are coming.
    nothing can stop them.
    the question is: the EU silly enough to decline – it will cause some war, or the EU is smart enough, to bargain with them, – it will cause some prosperity..

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      its funny that you think the russians accept the EU or the US

  135. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The EU has chosen a path but it doesn’t have to stay on it. It could become a force for good anytime. Sooner, rather than later. Before it’s too late.

  136. avatar
    Alessandro Urso

    Europe needs a real European Union not an aggregate of mostly corrupt states bound by the power of the banks .
    Then a real European government elected by a real European electorate under real elections with a European army and a European justice will make under one common language a Country called Europe.
    Only then crooks like Putin and Trump will be facing reality : however …where are the founders of the new Europe?

  137. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    Let Serbia in and keep national vetoes on foreign policy. That’s definitely a great way to “curb” Russian influence

  138. avatar
    Jean Charles Branco

    europe dont need to “curb russia”. russia is european nation. we shuld help russia. the USA zog army need to leave europe.

  139. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Europe is a powerless roll of toilet paper without Russia, sanctions on Russia (US sanctions) has hurt Europe more than Russia, thank god Russia doesnt hold anything against Europe and understands the EU is PAWNING itself to please Murica.

  140. avatar
    Galffi Dezso

    i think the best way is to make europe closer to russia and try to not stop the enlargment. Then we will be between the us and russia. I think russia want to be closer to the eu economically and allso politically as vell

  141. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    No, the enlargement goes hand in hand with NATO membership which Russia considers a threat. With all these problems in EU we still cannot solve, more countries mean more opinions and we will never be able to agree on important topics.

  142. avatar
    Gino Ronzitti

    Yea, sure. Maybe enlargement will give “balls” to the EU so that they may get Crimea back. Jokers.

  143. avatar
    Katerina Mpakirtzi

    Turkish influence in the area is more dangerous but you dont care that they invate to other vountries or for 180000 prisoners that torture them. Rusia and turkish ”love”is a bomb for many idigenous that dictator Erdogan wants to murder…

  144. avatar
    Yavor Hadzhiev

    I do not fully agree with Mr. Füle on the issue of countries joining the EU. They will not just stop “knocking on our door” if the accession process takes more time. It is supposed to take time, it is an important step in those countries’ life and the life of the EU. I think that this is the point he is making in the second video, which I think makes more sense to me.

    Enlargement should not be rushed – bigger is not always better. Yet, what can guarantee that countries such as those in Eastern Europe are to remain interested and committed to joining the EU is a strong and successful Union – a community, a republic of countries and citizens, that talks the talk and walks the walk of the values mentioned by Mr. Füle in his second video.

    Do away with poverty in the EU, do away with corruption, do away with illegitimate lobbying, do away with inequality of opportunity, do away with homelessness. (In fact, this is what the West promised those ex-communist countries if they embraced liberal values and forms of government and economic organization.) Then it won’t be governments of countries knocking on the EU’s doors – it will be the electors of these governments the ones forcing them to keep knocking indefinitely and improving standards of living and governance, until they get the chance to live the European dream as EU citizens.

    Enlarging too quickly: will weaken the Union; slow down its overall integration; and provide reasons for following a two-speed model for the bloc. This, in the long run, will cement the inequalities between member-states and weaken their sense of belonging to the Project. This can very well trigger the beginning of the end of the EU as we would like it to be.

    On the other hand, it seems to me that the cultural properties, geographical proximity and economical dependence on the EU of many of the countries mentioned will not let them easily align with Moscow. Turkey is aspiring to the role of a local superpower in the Middle East, so it is unlikely that it will always agree with Russia. On the other hand, it is becoming consensual that the current Turkish government does not have regard to the values of the EU, which is the most important reason, if not the only, not to contemplate its accession, at least for the decades to come.

  145. avatar

    You are unable to keep the ones you have and even so you are considering an enlargement?? Wake up

  146. avatar

    What is that mythical “russian influence” you are insinuating about?
    Please… explain.

  147. avatar

    What about Macron’s influence? Things are horroble in France now..

  148. avatar

    Just wait some time before doing that again..

  149. avatar

    No, that has so far led to internal Russian collaboration

  150. avatar

    Germany does €57 billion in trade turnover (including export and import) with Russia and here we are talking about hysterionics about Russian influence. Cool story bro.

  151. avatar

    That’s not why the EU needs enlargement, but it’s certainly the best way to curb Russia. A Russia that is not curbed will continue to try to destabilize Europe. They are bad neighbors, insecure, poor and authoritarian, but we have to live with them.

  152. avatar

    No, Russian enlargement is the best way to curb EU influence.

  153. avatar

    Influence???? Seriously???start fixing EU and stop looking someone else to blame..EU better stay away American meddljng politics

    • avatar

      Fully agree. Using enlargement to curb Russian influence is stupid for over expansion would collapse EU itself.

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