We love a good Europe-focused debate here at Debating Europe. It’s in the name. So we often partner with European debating societies teaching young people the skills used in public debates.

On Tuesday 22 September, we partnered with IDEA, the Solvay Debate Society and the Brussels Debaters to host a “Speak Up!” debate at the ULB Campus in Brussels on the question of: “Is it Europe’s duty to accept all refugees?”

The team in favour of the motion argued that Europe had a historic duty to accept refugees, and that this should be seen in the context of what neighbouring countries are already doing:

citizen_icon_180x180Why is it Europe’s duty? It’s important to mention that neighbouring countries have already done their part of the job. Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan have already taken over 4.5 million refugees, representing over 95% of the total number of refugees. The amount of refugees coming to Europe represent between 250’000 to 500’000, which is a drop in the ocean of the over 500 million inhabitants of Europe.

Let’s not forget Europe’s role in the Middle East. During the last centuries, we helped write the entire history of both the Middle East and North Africa. We messed up a lot of things, and we can’t now just leave and say: ‘It’s your mess. You deal with it.’ We made this mess, so we have to clean it up.

Meanwhile, the opposition focused their argument on rejecting the idea that Europe has a duty to accept all refugees. They agreed that Europe should take some refugees, but argued that the Gulf States – such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia – should shoulder more of the blame for the current crisis:

citizen_icon_180x180It is not Europe’s duty to accept ALL refugees. Europe’s role in accepting refugees should be proportionate, should be sustainable, should be in line with the interest and the rights of the domestic population of Europe as well as the refugees…

Of course Europe should do what it can do, but Europe is not capable of doing everything.

See if the debaters can convince you in the video below:

The debate also involved interventions from several experts, giving their opinions on the arguments put forward by the two sides. See what they have to say in the video below:

Does Europe have a moral duty to accept all refugees? Does Europe share historic responsibility for the current violence in North Africa and the Middle East because of our colonial legacy? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Josh Zakary

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    Bita Nahal Peace

    Absolutely!! Just like how in iran we had moral duties to accept refugees from all our neighbouring countries and those who came to iran and Middle east post wwI and wwII

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      EU reform- proactive

      …….absolutely NOT!

      Sorry, but Europe is not a Muslim “neighboring country” like Iran, which borders on today’s predominantly (chaotic) Muslim middle east! Try & emulate an orderly, democratic but secular Europe in the whole of the middle east first!
      Surely, Europe will be willing to “brotherly” assist- if Sharia allows that!

    • avatar

      Bita the key word being NEIGHBOURS. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Syria, Libya etc. are not our neighbours, neither geographically nor culturally. They can get blankets, water purificiation devices etc. but NO massive migration of Muslim people to Christian countries, not as long as they treat women, gays, christians etc. the way they do.

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      Ich Will

      let me ask you all this, Is it morally even acceptable to reject homes to people suffering from terrorism , do we want history to rember us as we remember how the US sent back the jews fleeing nazi Germany? Do we want history to remember us as the rich bastards who are sitting behind our comfortable walls ignoring the suffering of these people? And all this when statistically even if we accepted all Syrians into Europe and 100% of them were muslim the muslim population in europe would rise from 5% to only about 6% the muslim ”threat” isn’t new or something to be afraid of, yes we do take some risks when accepting them to our country, but at the end of the day we’re all humans and should look out for each other.

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      sa ating Kristiyanong Diyos na pinagkakatiwalaan ko

      Well you have answered your own question they are your neighbors not our country, only a small number of middle eastern countries have taken in refugees not all why? It is far better surely for these so called refugees to go to a country where they have similar culture and that is not europe.

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    Ivan Burrows


    You mean ‘Schengen’, not Europe & not the EU, Europe is made up of 50 countries & only 26 are in the migrant magnet called Schengen.

    Just wait until the Turk’s start arriving, then it will get really interesting.

    Thank god we are leaving the pointless EU.

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    Alex Rot

    There is no duty.Duty would mean that you have to expect some negative consequences if you don’t do it,but since moral is man made and doesn’t follow any higher autority so what negative consequences could there be? Syria bombing us?^^

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      Yes there is a duty. The duty of the one who screwed things up; he now has to at least try and fix the situation.

      An example: in 1953 a democratically elected president of Iran (Mosaddegh) was overthrown by US and British inteligence agencies in a coup d’etat because he had wanted to limit the iranian oil trade with the abovementioned countries. They then put a absolut monarch into power which ruled for 26 years. Amnesty International report from 1976 states that Iran had the “highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. No country in the world has a worse record in human rights than Iran.”

      This affair lead to a general dissent against the USA in Iran and to several American civilians taken as hostages by islamist Iranis. Furthermore it destabilized a whole area and decouraged democratic ideologies throughout the Middle-east.

      This peace of history goes to show that many, many problems were caused by OUR greed for oil or money or whatever. So we now have to realise that our faults have to be repaired.

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      my friend you said Syria Bombing you??!!!
      strange all these weapons used to bomb Syria for over 10 years is not manufactured in Syria .
      What happened in Syria is shame for all the leaders and people of the World.
      we as Syrian feel all the World conspire on us and we were never thinking of moving out of our country if this War was not happened!!
      I would like to assure for you most of Syrian are hard workers wherever they went they created and make the society benefit.
      Thanks for reading my essay of defending Syrian.

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    Γιώργος Κοτλίδας

    with strict control only…and only if refugees accept to be returnt to their homes once the situation has dired down(as refugees are of temporary disposition)…not the same goes with economic migrants…those have to be accepted on a number that each country desires,and not on this large uncontrolled and violating state…

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    Stelios Bourodimos

    All the world, and indeed Europe, has a moral duty to accept them; to end the war in Syria, to end poverty and climate change that forces people to migrate or flee their home.

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      Judging by your name you would be a Greek, so how is that working out for you with all those refugees lol. And while youre at it why dont you volunteer to take up 1 muslim in your house im sure the Greek Authorities will welcome this. Or are you all talk and no action?

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    Giwrgos Filippatos

    Taking a fair amount of refugees according to each countries population is fine.THat being said Europe cant accept huge amounts of refugees.Better help those people solver their problems in their country.IN the longterm a massive amount of refugees in europe will cause a variaty of problerms

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      EU, of course, can not accept the all refugees. Just it should be accept according to thier capacity.

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      that same ‘interest’ has led to rape of the resources of some of the affected countries where refugees are fleeing.

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      John Rosen

      I agree. Europe is not a sovereign nation, it is many nations. If one chooses to accept refugees fine. It is definitely not the responsibility, duty or moral obligation of any nation of Europe to put the interests of a foreign people ahead of its own citizens. The European nations are not “open door” like the United States who takes in all of the cheap labor it can get and then does nothing when crime rates are through the roof. In Europe, the governments understand that they exists to serve the interests of their citizens, period. So no, the same reasons why Israel refuses to accept one refugee from the country it neighbors, also apply to the European nations, non of which are even close to syria

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    Bita Nahal Peace

    Outside religions and the notion of class system, we only have one world and it should be available accessible for all, equally.

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      Before getting access/receiving anything, one needs to give first…. If world is that equal, than lets just share our houses and belongings with some other people who need “equal access”…I disagree…even the laws of nature tell us : the strongest – wins, the weakest – falls; this is the law of evolution and even huge objects in the universe obey that…Fair – no! True – yes!
      Now, we are humans and we have qualities like compassion and mercy and so on – these are important. But always in the right ‘quantity’. Remember: humans appreciate something in direct proportion with the effort invested in getting that. We, the people of Europe, we should push/demonstrate/confront the politicians to resolve the Sirian crisis asap in order to avoid the gov spent on refugees. Thus the flux will stop. Otherwise, we will keep on spending and wasting resources both, on war and on refugees…. Also, to much of aggressive testosterone leading us currently….

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    Jaime Oliveira

    Yes, considering that refugees have the moral duty to adapt to any country that welcomes them & not be “offended” by its already existing costumes. This “moral duty” thing is a 2way road.

    • avatar

      Hm…adapting….some – might. Many – might. But…the mentality does not change through adapting. And the mentality of those people is far too different from European values. It is actually opposite 180 degrees. You give them shelter, they get better and than they victimize themselves asking for mosks asking for 5 stops a day for prayers and so on…others claim that they did not know that they could not rape girls (“they are cheaper than goats where we come from! aren’t they?!”) How can an EU country integrate that?! I think that what happened in UK is the direct result of this irresponsible way of dealing with refugee crisis. People voted against that, not against EU; not against immigration, but against the volume of it. As simple as that. Put control on that, and spirits will go down.

    • avatar

      Right with you there Bazyli

    • avatar

      Strong words but true words BK.

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      I think that we shouldn’t have accepted a single refugee, but let us and Saudi Arabia fight the war with us to reduce risks of the crime moving to us, like Paris, Orlando, Houston, the mall in Germany today, Brussels, 9/11, San Bernadino, Garland, Pontland Somalia, Lyon France, Nice, Australia, Berlin and even more… Keep people in their current homes but fix the problems in places that have them. Fixing the problems where they are is how to prevent wars in general.

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    Tola La

    People say that Europe isn’t responsible for accepting refugees when throughout the various wars in Europe, Europeans refugees were accepted in other continents.

    Furthermore people say oh we don’t have a duty to accept all refugees, you realise that there at least 5 countries with more refugees than the entire EU combined? And those countries are not in Europe. I think it’s important to take ones head from the ground and look at the bigger picture here.

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    Wendy Harris

    Refugees should seek refuge in the first safe country and that country should be given financial assistance from countries all over the world to provide decent temporary accommodation. I would like to know why Islamic countries do so very little for their neighbours. Is this what their religion teaches?

    • avatar

      Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon have accepted far more refugees than Europe has. Even Pakistan have accepted 1,5 million refugees. Europe is supposed to be economically stronger – can’t they help more from a humanitarian perspective?

    • avatar
      Laiba Yaqub

      Ur so rude

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    Naira Vanbeginne

    Each country has a moral duty not to make a war in foreign countries and has no right to tell other countries how to live…. No war, no refugees

    • avatar

      There are civil wars also..

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    Ulf Skei

    There are no a priori values and duties. If there were they would firstly cater for the poor and homeless in Europe. Duty. What a silly idea.

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    Andrew Lally

    1) Given London hosted an arms fair where illegal torture equipment was openly sold (this being an invitation-only event, invitations sent out by the Foreign Office to representatives of dictators and tyrants) ;
    2) Given German companies are responsible for manufacturing the chemical weapons being used in Syria;
    3) Given Belgian treatment of Congolese;
    4) Given French treatment of Algerians;
    5) Given Sweden’s manufacture of weapons;
    6) Given Ireland’s computer chips being used in drones;
    7) Given Luxembourg’s tax haven for blood-money;
    8) Given Italy’s Mafia people-trafficking;
    9) Given Spanish havens for drug-smugglers;

    Given all this and more, when we fail to join the dots between action and reaction, between foreign policy and foreign events, between our past and our present, we deserve all the refugees that WE have created via butterfly effect and we deserve to have our cosy lives disrupted as much as WE have disrupted the lives of others. Europe has become feckless in exercising its democracy. Time to consider more carefully the political choices we make and the political accountability and reform required in our “democracies”.

    • avatar
      Jon J

      Intellectually incoherent garbage.

  14. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    The migrant crisis provoked by Turkey’s aggression against the European Union , has prompted the need for establishing a million man all professional EU Defense Force , to counter Turkeys attacks on the European Union. If you want Greece to keep the refugees then the European Union must provide Greece with €100 billion to build a New City of Preveza in Western Greece around the Gulf of Ambracia – https://www.facebook.com/%CE%9C%CE%B5%CE%B3%CE%B1%CE%BB%CF%8C%CF%80%CE%BF%CE%BB%CE%B7%CF%82-%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CE%A0%CF%81%CE%AD%CE%B2%CE%B5%CE%B6%CE%B1%CF%82-515871505261886/

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    Toni Muñiz

    I would ask. Does Europe have a moral duty to help European children in extreme poverty within europe? In Spain there are close to 2 million children in extreme poverty. I would assume in the states classified as PIGS there are similar numbers. And that is unacceptable and nothing is being done about it. And please, don’t tell me that EU and local governements provide money to charities so they can help. We are Europeans, we don’t need charity. We need politicians that find solutions to problems. Poverty must be arradicated through government welfare programs, not charity. As far as refugees. Yes legitimate refugees should be helped. But not how it is being done now. There is no point in relocating people that might never integrate, you are just delocalizing the problem from point A to point B,C,D,E etc. What must be done is set up camps with all necesities covered and help them there. But these refugees are more economic, than real refugees. And definetely, the best way to help is by not by promoting wars to overthrough a government. There is other ways to oust a dictator than arming rebels. But this is part of the bigger plan. The so called Arab springs where nothing more than a plan to create displacement and refugees so Europe could be diversified and multiculturized and lastly islamized to benefit the elite. Kalergi plan, by one of the elite founders of the EU, lays it all out in black and white.

  16. avatar
    Mille Radosi

    All states that are selling weapons to parties in war are obligated to accept refugees.

    • avatar

      States? Europe has countries and U.S.A has states…

  17. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    Morals are based on what is deemed “right” and “wrong”, and can differ from person to person. But this does imply that morals are the result of free will. Someone helping the poor because he feels it’s the right thing to do is applying his morals. Someone helping the poor because he is forced to is NOT applying his morals. “Moral duty” therefore is a contradiction. Duty implies something that you HAVE to do, which means it is not the result of free will.

    In addition, “Europe” is not a single sentient entity. At its foundation are its inhabitants, and the vast majority of them are not responsible for the wars waged in the Middle East or the riches plundered in colonial times. So in this context the average European also has no “moral duty” whatsoever.

    The term “moral duty”, just like “solidarity” or “democracy” is more than often abused to apply social pressure. Someone not acting according their “moral duty” can be branded a selfish bastard and can thus be sidelined (quite often, ironically, by those who like to call themselves “tolerant” and “social”).

    This being said, if “we” (as a country or continent) have the capacity and resources to help refugees, we should in my opinion do so. However, care must be taken: letting in all refugees without limitation or decent guidance most likely means that many (if not most) of them will end up in unemployment and poverty. And that will result in a whole new series of issues in a few years, both for the refugees and for the countries harboring them.

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    Yordan Vasilev

    I think, that Europe has moral duty to accept refugees, but so much that is its capacity. There are beggars and poor people all over the world, but we have no matters to help them.

    • avatar

      I think that you should help the countries in war, not spread that war.

  19. avatar
    Nesip Nalcıoğlu

    Yes, because nobody prefers to live their homeland, except in the case of some dire conditions. War in Syria was because of the west, imperialism and exploitation.

  20. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    No- that is a debate within the global community- represented by the UN!

    ……….and- please- stop acting like ‘Snidely Whiplash’ but become a ‘Dudley Do-Right’ for once! Who gave authority to the US, NATO, EU to decide above the heads of all other nations to bomb & kill at will?

    Yes, Mother EU and Debating Europe…………… ”it’s (all) in the name”!

    Why not consider meaningful “dialogue’ here & everywhere- instead debating the EU’s “ONE” only option? Or introduce direct electronic democracy instead? Would that be too “open ended” for some of the untouchable & well defended EU apparatchiks & treaties? The EU choice seems to debate till doomsday comes.

  21. avatar
    Ignacio C. Furfaro

    The real question is: Has the Middle East got a moral duty to accept Syrian refugees given that they are countries which share religious, moral, historical, cultural and linguistic aspects? And the answer is YES.

  22. avatar
    Nickson O Iyoha

    This question need not arise because “The happiness of a European child is at the expense of a malnourished, poverty stricken African and Middle Eastern child”. Refugees are the ones paying the price for European progress, Advancement and growth.so you must accept them.

    • avatar

      The idea that someone’s well-being is always paid for by someone else’s misery is the single most fundamentally wrong and sick notion ever conceived. There is no fundamental cap on human wealth, no finite “happiness” resource that is merely injustly distributed, hogged by the evil First World at the expense of the poor, suppressed Third World. If the shítholes in Africa and the Middle east didn’t exist, we wouldn’t miss them, and we’d be none the worse for it! Everyone developed, everyone happy! The bulk, the important business of mankind is conducted between developed nations.

  23. avatar
    Adri Hulshoff

    Of course we should host every refugee! It is a shame to notice that a lot of European citizens think different. We still are one of the richest places on earth. Furthermore.. our population is slowly decreasing, so there should be room for more! And yes, we are a little afraid about Daesh (the extremists in Syria/Irak dislike this name, that’s why I am using it), but aren’t 99.9% of the refugees either?
    In the 19th and first 60 years of the 20th century millions and millions of Europeans fled for poverty and war to the US, Canada, Australia, South-Africa, South-East Asia and South-America. What is the difference…?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……………shame! To think differently may be Europe’s ONLY solution!
      It proves, decades of EU political brainwashing was very successful!

      Good luck to you to believe in the fable that you can rely on your Mohamed- or whoever- to pay your future pension! Globally seen- the EU28 is/has become one growing totalitarian nationalistic movement under disguise of a free “Unites States of Europe”!

  24. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    The US has also very big and maybe the biggest moral duty! All together yes not EU Its own!!!!!

  25. avatar
    Eugene Markow

    The EU has no moral duty to accept “all” refugees. This was purely Merkel’s initiative, and now she and her colleagues are attempting to coerce (and in some cases blackmail, by withholding EU structural funds) other countries to accept them.

    Let every EU country make their own decision on whether to accept (and how many) refugees and if they wish to reject economic migrants. The EU has no right to force member countries on the issue of refugees.

    • avatar

      This is so wrong!! What if no country of the EU accepts refugees, they will all end up in Greece and Italy!! When people are fleeing because of war, you cannot say “oh I don;t want them” then you probably are not european, closing the door to refugees is not part of our civilisation! This is wrong towards both the refugees (the actual ones, not the economic immigrants-and the fellow european countries hat have to deal with a huge problem!! If you think EU has no word in a situation like this than where do you think it has word, after all? If nowhere then why be a part of it?? you either want to cooperate or not!!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      A moral DUTY one normally has towards your family. To accept refugees- has to do with political obligations as laid down by the UDHR charter!

    • avatar

      I choose my morality as it suits my needs, only a fool would do something to damage his own interests in order to help foreigners of a alien culture that we are at war with.

  26. avatar

    It is Europe duty to welcome the refugees but according to its capacity of doing so. At the moment, those capacities are overrun – unless some generous souls agree to house them and feed them at their own expense – as we are overwhelmed with applications and as irresponsible promises by some prominent politicians reinforce the migratory pressure to peak levels. It is therefore necessary to select carefully and only welcome those who are most in need, provided that the necessary checks are being made, which is far from being the case. This indeed requires investment in human resources and more solidarity to effectively check EU external borders. Moreover, the attacks of Paris have shown the vulnerabilities of the system, with 2 terrorists having used fake Syrian passeports pretending to be refugees. Protecting the persecuted must not be at the expense of the protection of their hosts.

  27. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Refugees should stop at the nearest safe country …Have a look at a Map and will realise they are not refugees, they are migrants invading Europe.

  28. avatar
    Shakeel Sheikh

    Europe is Just doing a great favour to the Citizen’s of Syria in their time of need Which every Citizen of Syria to return this favour back to Europe by building a great Saudi Green 1320 Europe Which would be a symbol of Peace progress and prosperity

  29. avatar
    Charo Gutierrez

    Moral, and legal. But that would be in case most europeans had any moral at all (which I doubt more and more) and in case we were not habitual offenders of the law

  30. avatar

    Does Europe have a moral duty to accept all refugees?

    No. Refugees should be accepted based on social absorption and accommodation capabilities of each nation separately, and not on “moral duty” of a “rich, generous and democratic” continent assumption. I don’t feel any kind of guilt if the country I reside cannot afford any refugee.

  31. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    The Eastern European countries have no colonial past and have not contributed to the mess in the Middle East throughout history. They have no moral obligation to accept any migrants from there. Eastern European countries have already suffered from a brutal Islamic State-type of rule during the Ottoman Empire and do not want history to be repeated. Their moral duty is to protect their citizens from another Muslim invasion and enslavement, even if it is masked as a peaceful mass migration from wars. In fact, the migrants will bring the war with them into Europe – they cannot escape from the mindset that brought about the conflicts in their countries. This mindset is something like “My needs and desires are the most important, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, I must get what I want at all costs, I will fight for it, I am ready to die or kill anyone who is in my way”. These people carry Medieval values that cannot be integrated into European societies, just like fish cannot be taught to breathe air. All Islamic countries have the moral obligation to accept and accommodate their brothers in faith, not Europe. The best Europe can do is give financial help, but not take people in like a Trojan horse.

    • avatar
      Jon J


  32. avatar
    Max Berre

    Well, the most important thing to consider is the PRACTICAL obligation we’ve all got. 1 million refugees are here now. and as long as there’s still a war in syria, this number is only going to grow.

    And they most likely aren’t going to leave on their own volition. So, we have to deal with it one way or another. We should have thought about that when we were busy ignoring the start of the syrian war, in the 1st place.

  33. avatar
    Pavel Ševela

    No, EU doesn´t have moral duty to accept all refugees…this is juts leading EU to split-up when each country could decide about these issues individually.

  34. avatar
    Paul X

    “Let’s not forget Europe’s role in the Middle East. During the last centuries, we helped write the entire history of both the Middle East and North Africa. We messed up a lot of things, and we can’t now just leave and say: ‘It’s your mess. You deal with it.’ We made this mess, so we have to clean it up”

    Lets not forget Europeans also introduced a lot of positive things to the middle east it wasn’t all a one way street……….. and just how many more hundreds of years have to go by before people stop using the tired excuse of how much the west “owes” third world countries that were colonised many generations ago?

    • avatar

      To support your view: The continues repetition of “the West owes” doesn’t make this drivel more true. The sad thing, it is often Western intellectuals who spread this ideological message. Just imagine no steam engine, no train, no electricity, no airplane, no internet etc. … who owns whom?

  35. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Moral duty to help them…… and to help them return to the country they left with regret and that most of them love…..because these people want to stay there..their roots are there.very few refugees leave their countries because they want to….moral duty also not to create problems because some misanthropic bunch of people want it their way.

  36. avatar
    Antonio Borroni

    Sure, and what kind of life could we guarantee to them in Italy when we have: 44,2% unemployed young people , a negative level of economic development, fiscal oppression (46% of my salary is taken from the government), economy destroyed by corruption and Mafia, our students get very often the worst results during international scholastic competitions, if you need an examination in a public hospital you should wait for 8/9 months….is my country ready for welcoming refugees?? I don’t think so….

  37. avatar
    Higaara Nakamura

    Of course not. Morality is intrinsically dependent on the survival ability of an individual or comunity.

  38. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    No Europe doesnt have a moral duty to accept the refugees .. There are many other countries in the Middle, East region they can go too..

  39. avatar
    Germanu Lloa

    This is an awful but real question. I tend to minimize things: 1) if my brother or friend had some calamity and one day he and his family had no place to sleep, would I accept them even knowing my house would be noise and all? Now… Let´s see it the other way: if you were the one without money or a place to live, ad you looked at your kids starving, would you beg for ac place to live and some soup?. Does my government had some responsibility for ignoring its diplomatic ties, as UN, OTAN, Commerce pacts,etc as to put pressure on the people handling a country govt that made people flew away? This is a hard choice no matter on which side you are. If you are a fireman or a scuba diver, they tell you to keep yourself at safe while saving people, you even knock out a person in danger as to be able to save him or her. How far can europe go? How much are their citizens to do to support this in terms of safety, food, povertu rates, employment etc? . Hard times. But it is very important to define right now a plan to cope with this in the future. I think

  40. avatar
    Viviana Piedade

    Todas as pessoas têm direito a viver num país que os respeitem enquanto pessoas. A Europa nem nenhum país tem o direito de recusar a liberdade a um ser humano. O desafio e a única discussão possivel é saber como integrar os emigrantes na Europa!

  41. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    YES – and – NO . . . we as christian based europe DO have a moral duty to help genuine and sincere migrants fleeing war and seeking asiel – BUT – only those genuine and sincere. Leaving any homeland country in search of pure ‘economic’ gain has no meaning within our european ‘moral duty’

  42. avatar

    “Does Europe have a moral duty to accept all refugees?”

    In my opinion not! Moral is an ideological not a political category. Good politics builds on INTERESTS not on moral. I am missing this with the current EU establishment.
    Hence, the better question: Is it in the interest of Germans, English, Slovaks, Italians etc. to permit mass immigration into their countries?

  43. avatar
    Alessandra Fiore Salvatori

    In Eu all Nations must help…. Have we noticed that there are wars and victimes around us? Ask them to follow our Civilised rules meanwhile we let them in…. We are the democracity and we are ahead ….

  44. avatar

    We have a moral obligation because one the are refugees fleeing war or human rights violations. Two, because if we deny these refugees their entry in to our lands it plays in to terrorists’ hands.

    • avatar

      In their own country!

  45. avatar
    Pedro Asti

    We can blame Europe for basically… Everything! We just have to figure out if we want to solve the problem or arguing until an hypothetical end.

  46. avatar
    Víctor Fernández Martínez

    No es una cuestión moral, sino técnica. No se puede decir que entren y no darles condiciones de vida dignas. Y esto no es posible, porque no se pueden hacer millones de viviendas ni en un día ni en un año.

    • avatar

      Mostly atheists arguing with christianity beautiful.

  47. avatar
    Ivan Zilic

    Es fehlt nur noch Präsident der Europäischen Kommission Jean-Claude Juncker – Luxleaks Mafiaboss.
    “Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will” Juncker sei “stockbetrunken” gewesen: “Halb torkelnd trat er hinter seinem von Akten und Zeitungen überladenen Schreibtisch hervor”, notierte der Ex-Agent. Ohne viel “einleitende Worte” habe er angefangen, Mille zu beleidigen: “Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will, hast Du mich verstanden. Auch du könntest ficken, aber du kannst es ja gar nicht, deine deutsche Genauigkeit… verbietet es dir.”

  48. avatar

    I do not accept a moral duty to help eople that come from a part of the world where they discriminate christians and other minorieties, if we let them come in masses we will see these same problems here, and its already happenening, sunnis threatening christians in asylum facilities in germany, afghans vs syrians fighting etc., we must cherrish our freedom by closing the borders to protect it, let these people wait out the war in one of the safe middle eastern countries like Jordan or Turkey but not Europe.

  49. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    No no and NO! Europe has the moral and duty to first help it’s citizens. But reality show that the Eurocrats don’t care about us,they are Obama’s puppets

  50. avatar
    Tomas Kronas

    Wtf is moral duty in the jungle world? If Europe thinks too much about moral duties and not about its interests it will be wiped out. Europe must help as much as it can, but it has to be pragmatic.

  51. avatar
    Nicola Tosolini

    Whe have the moral duty to help every one who is in need but also whe have the duty to help solving situations that is causing this people too flee their homeland.

  52. avatar
    Brian Jones

    All nations under international law have a legal obligation to accept all refugees under the 1951 refugee act!

  53. avatar

    Totally, Europe has its duty towards the refugee population as Europe played a key role as a factor of destabilization of the Middle East in terms of all interventions done so far including the illegal invasion of Irak. Nevertheless, Europe has a greater duty towards ir citizens whose interests must be protected and whose needs must be satisfied. Nowadays, a great part of the European population sees no satusfaction of their needs, many have no job and no capability to sustain their families. Therefore, our duty towards the refugees its limited by the duty towarda our own citizens. The solution it is not to accept as many as we can in miserable conditions, but to accept a rational amount of refugees as we try to stop the conflict that makes them flee from their home. That’s the solution and the most efficient way out of this crisis.
    04/05/2017 Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of the Polish city of Gdańsk, has responded to this comment.

  54. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    No, times are tough, different, Europe has an obligation to it’s own citizens. Just like the middle East should look after it’s own people. If this influx invasion won’t stop it will be a disaster finally for all.
    04/05/2017 Pawe? Adamowicz, Mayor of the Polish city of Gda?sk, has responded to this comment.

  55. avatar
    Zbigniew Jankowski

    To Muscas Anne. Y can’t be half drowned … and no-one in Europe is prepared to stop anyone who unprepared wants to risk his life and swim over canal La Manche. We europeans are free and know what responsible freedom means. I also want to make a few more notes. It seems that everybody is so right, so good, so well knowing what to do. I admire those people for being co certain to know who deserves what and why and I pay a lot in taxes supporting those decisions. However, when my home country in Europe fought for it’s freedom (not many years ago) .. we did not have any privilege of an option to escape anywhere and therefore we fought for it to become free. We won and are free and we well know what price we paid for it. In the last century the wars for the today’s European so precious and desired even by all refugees values wasted many millions (check it) of our lives. We paid the price in real blood of our families and honestly speaking that’s the only way to do it, but one has to grow up first to understand it. No-one can tel all those refugees what to do, they have to know it. Therefore if today all those people who risk their lives to sail to Europe and lot of them (not all) do it only because they have such an option and seem to prefer it more than to fight for their freedom in their home country, they must respect us and our european values. It looks also that the eventual and silly death in waves of the sea seems for them more attractive than death in the fight for their country. Europe helps a lot, maybe someone will say it’s not not enough, but it will not accept that all thoes people who flee to Europe come here and demand us to adjust and to change Europe so it’s more acceptable to all those people who come here as refugees. They may stay, welcome and live, be free, but have to respect our law, rights, customs, freedom and style of life. Otherwise its does not make sense for all those refugees and they’ll never escape / free themselves from all those issue from which they are running away. We already suffer from bombings, terrorist acts, pay a blood price in Europe for their freedom and right to live here.

    • avatar

      You talked of all the refugees coming, but you noticed they are MEN of fighting age who are the vast majority of the “refugees?” Their wives and children have been left back home, to suffer the wrath of the invaders. This is fair? This is moral? No. I do not think a multitude of men who should be fighting to keep their country should have any support from anyone in trying to leave their country.

  56. avatar
    catherine benning

    Europe has only one moral duty and that is to the people of Europe. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  57. avatar

    No. It has a moral duty to protect its own citizens from any more jihad being waged in its streets.

  58. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    Europe is legally and morally obliged to defend and protect European culture…European core values ideals and (democratic) principles.

    Erode those things and you destroy Europe.

    Erode European civil societies common understanding of shared common heritage and you destroy Europe – It’s as simple as that!

  59. avatar
    Wolfgang Winkler

    “Moral” is allways a killing arument of another opinion. What does it mean? Very often this is a camouflage for a behaviour that is useful for opinon makers in all cultures, so there was even burning of whitches a “moral duty”. So, a much better way is to ask what is fairplay, because it switches not off clear thinking as moral might do. If the house of your neighbor is burning you will help him to blow out the fire. If the house is completely damaged you will give him available space and food for a time. But if you see that he is not interested to rebuild his house and not further prepared to work because he gets everything from you for free, than you will not accept it on a longer term. So everything is not an one-way and help can only be a support and start-up for self-preservation and is not an allowance for the poor guest to take over the whole country and the culture. Of course an open society should give chances to everybody, but not a guarantee to get everything for free. Furthermore we have legal requirements everyone has to follow. There is no moral requirement that allows any government to break laws. The damaging of a state of law is one of the worsest crime any government can do for whatever reason. It is the duty of all politician in Europe to serve the European and state laws this includes the protection of borders independently of the meaning of any NGO or philantrop. Sometimes NGOs and philantrops think in reality more on their own business than on their alleged mission. Politicians that are not willing to follow their duties should be brought to court.

    • avatar

      Excellent comment, Wolfgang! I totally agree with what you are saying there…This is exactly the issue…I do not wish to sound racist; I just think that culture and religion can shape people in many hideous ways ….this being said I don’t think that Middle East people understand through their mentality what “responsible freedom” means…It is quite hard to get that, if the mentality is “to receive things for free”…and then victimize oneself against the person/state who provided the help/service… More than that, being a woman, I am really concerned about all these Islamic ideas…also, Islamism is not a religion of tolerance, not at all…I know many would disagree, but it is really not…:( Another interesting fact: why they come to Europe still thinking that installing Sharia Law is the best way in life…why not stay in your own country then??? So they are coming here to “comfort themselves and make use” of what democracy created but they condemn the people who created democracy and everything about it…it makes no sense at all…Then stay in your country! Do not come to “Pegan” countries as they call them…

  60. avatar
    Gabor Molnar

    Not really. Where that idea comes from? Europe is a place were people built for theirself a more or less comfortable life by working hard for many years. Why they should give it away now to people ho mostly haven’t done anything for that?

  61. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    NO, send them back . Those people are just going to support Christians in their fight against human rights and democracy. Just one example , Croatia has big number Catholics , they fight for power in Croatia using scam . What if Croatia receive radical Muslims ? Croats are never going to have democratic elections again , elections are going to become madness forever . We don’t need more enemies in the EU , we have to much , EU is not stable and can collapse . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQjL31sdtzo&feature=youtu.com&t=1m20s

  62. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Europe have the duty to Stop crimes and criminals who put them in boats… the bases are known but they cant confrond the idiots who send them here so they took their land

  63. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    The Greek-Islands, Islets, and Rock-Peaks out of the Aegean-Sea, mark delineate the maritime border between Europe and (Asia-Minor) Anatolia, Turkey.

    When this (maritime) border is under stress, and when Greece has been systematically weakened economically and militarily…Europe has a Moral duty to assist Greece in maintaining order.

    No person of worth in the west, from politics diplomacy or academia, expects Greece to cope with the number(s). The sheer volume of (i) political-refugees, (ii) asylum-seekers, (iii) economic-migrants, and (iv) illegal-immigrants, entering the Greek-Islands was off-scale, totally unimaginable! Merkel’s global media welcome message(s) did not help either…in fact they hindered and added to the problem.

  64. avatar
    Joaquim M Pinto

    Stop selling weapons stop feeding the weapon industry. Yes the UE has responsibilities and big ones.

  65. avatar
    Sami Nevalainen

    No, all arabic countries have. USA is creating war in Middle East so ppl seek refugee in Europe. Europe is in turmoil after unrest and racial fights emerge. Europe is thus more easier to conquer when Russia/USA rolls tanks… we do not have anymore “Iron Curtain”. It is “Iron Mountain” and Earths supernations tries to claim it own

  66. avatar
    Robin Euro Rose

    no, it doesn´t, There is just so much Europe can afford, morally and financially an religiously

  67. avatar
    Mikey Smith

    How many times are you going to ask the same question???? The people’s of Europe don’t want them here. Listen to the people!!!

  68. avatar
    Χαρωπός ευρωτρεϊλερό πουστας

    Europe has a moral duty to stop the war in Syria and the support to the terrorism, ISIS and Turkey. There are not refugees, there are deserters. Which is the moral lesson to the rest of us europeans if a war comes to the central Europe? To abandon our homelands?

  69. avatar
    Chris Alexander Zervas

    The moral duty is a concept for those who created this huge problem to these people … Investigate who really did and follow the money as well . . . Now YOU KNOW!!!

  70. avatar
    Szőcs Ferike

    Not we caused it,but some idiot in Brussels and USA,so not our problem.If the migrants number will reach 10.000.000, Europe will collapse …

  71. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    No, any moral duty. Please stop produce a stupid propaganda. Do you Accept knife in your heart? Stop be stupid!

  72. avatar

    I’m in for Europe to accept and help refugees. It’s a moral duty because they are refugees, not economic immigrants. They left their country and homes because they had been suffering an endless war for years. So what Europe has to do is not close the doors to refugees nor postpone the Schengen Treaty, the administrative authorities have to control respectfully and with solidarity the people who come from the countries in war and finally we, as EU citizens have to accept these people and help them adapt to the new word they arrived. Also, according to Schengen Treaty and something I read in a comment above, refugees have to be divided to all EU countries. Even those who have not signed the Schengen Treaty and I think this is the right thing. The refugees problem is the only chance for EU to show that isn’t only an economic union and still has humanitarian morals and values.

    • avatar

      morroco etc. is the very peacifull country – look on the globe – Why they come from Morroco via Turkey and Greece here?

    • avatar

      Really? Are you sure this is the right thing to do??? we have a moral duty in Europe to accept refugees who left their countries and homes because ???? ah, wait! poor them: they have been suffering and therefore they decided ….to find some happy ends in Europe by raping douzines and hundreds of innocent European women and girls in Sweden and in Germany and God knows where…Also, they are so much suffering as you say , that they start fighting with the police and trying to break with force through the borders, throwing the food volunteers bring…and most of all 78% of them are young men..I wonder where the women and kids are…WAKE UP, EUROPE! WAKE UP ! Before we reach the point of “no return” – wake up…..

  73. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    They are not refugees, they are migrants. Refugees should stop at the first peaceful country outside their own. The moral should be for the men (20/40) to go back and fight for their land.

    • avatar

      very true

  74. avatar
    Isabella Helmeczi

    Accepting all the refugees is the humane thing to do, but that does not mean that Europe has a duty of any kind toward the citizens of another state. The European Union is only responsible for its own citizens.

  75. avatar
    Erik Boariu

    Not while their women are fighting against the terrorists in their own country

  76. avatar
    Paulo Neves Cortesao

    EU is political zone in European continent, based in some rules created to maintain democratic regimes in all EU countries.
    I think EU must accept who run away from wars but this people need to accept to live by EU law, rules and need to respect.
    If they don’t respect it, they don’t deserve this quality of life…

  77. avatar
    Paulo Neves Cortesao

    And of course different EU had an important role to create this situation in Nord Africa and Middle East, but today EU need stronger common external and internal politic for maintain an internal high quality of life, but also help and having an active rule to try to resolve this political problems in Africa in middle east

  78. avatar
    Cesar Coll

    If the goal is to help as many people as possible, Wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend the entire “refugee budget” on sponsoring refugee camps in near-by countries? Transporting people is expensive for both gevernments and refugees, and they end up in a place where food and housing is way more expensive. Just simple math; nothing to do with cultural differences (although, it might be easier for somewant to integrate in a new country if the culture is not as different)

    • avatar
      Paul X

      That is perfectly logical and is precisely what the UK is doing

      …..and it is precisely what the rest of the EU severely critisised the UK for doing….. they all preferred to spinelessly pander to Merkel and her idiotic “come one come all” policy

  79. avatar

    I think that the biggest fear people in Europe have is not the economic impact….Despite all odds, I don’t think that is the problem for us…I believe that all of us we do feel sorry for them and if we could do something as individuals to help, we would have done it in order to ease their sufferance….The real problem here is that we Europeans we fear the “culture” difference which is quite important… First of all, we all had the taste of real democracy and freedom of speech and so many freedoms which EU provided….These people come from a completely different environment, with a completely different idea of what a society should look and act like and the worst is that their beliefs are fed by some religious convictions which do not harmonize with the functioning of the democracy itself…and most of all that they are intolerant to other cultures and we all know that if we give them way, they would install Sharia law the next minute without any second thought that “hey, I am actually a guest here in a stranger’s home”….We European citizens, we want to have freedom of dressing as we want, expressing our opinions, having our women work and vote and be themselves, etc etc…Well, with Sharia law – that might be a little bit … IMPOSSIBLE !!! And what bothers most is that if the situation was the other way around, we would have all witnessed that they have zero tolerance to other cultures and they would have not treated blond Nordic girls by far as well as European countries do…European “refugee policy” would seem a luxury…

  80. avatar
    Sándor Simon

    NO and YES!

    There is one thing that seems to be overlooked: a man or woman whose life is threatened in his or her country and is fleeing away is refugee in ALL ADJACENT COUNTRIES ONLY and he or she is entitled to enter these countries without passport or visa according to international treaties. In the case of Syria this means Turkey, Jordan and the other adjacent countries.
    For all countries including EU they are foreign citizens and therefore they need the usual documents to enter the territory of any of these countries. And it is up to the respective states to grant or deny the right to enter its territory. If you don’t get a visa for – let us say – the USA then you may not travel to this country. However, if you manage it somehow after all then you are an illegal migrant.
    The EU has, of course, the necessary regulations, and if I’m not mistaken, even a directive to punish those airlines and ship lines who permit anyone from third countries to board without a visa the airplane or ship destined for an EU country. Such a person will be sent back to the country of origin and the costs are charged to the company in question (that is why the migrants currently have no other choice than to take the sea and land route at much higher costs and dangers).
    So NO means forbidding illegal entry and anyone trying it should be sent back to the country where he or she came from automatically. This seems brutal but it is absolutely necessary so that nobody should set off to the EU without a valid visa. Otherwise it can and – I suppose will – happen that millions get under headway and the EU will collapse under the enormous strains.

    So how can the EU live up to its values and help the refugees as much as possible?
    There are several aspects and some of them are already on their way because the situation demands them.
    First of all support the refugee camps with money to make life there as tolerable as possible (better accomodition, food, education for the children, and jobs for adults). Of course, this should be part of a UN undertaking. The aim is to keep as much refugees near their country as possible while not overburdening the recipient countries.
    The second measure should be that all countries of the world willing to accept refugees set up their agency in the relevant refugee camps where people willing to migrate to that particular country can apply for a “refugee” visa. There may be conditions for granting the visa, first of all to learn the language of the respective country at the necessary level, possibly free of charge and a profession that has good chances to get a job with. This way the accepted refugees can travel by the normal way and after arrival in the respective country will be able quite soon begin working and supporting himself or herself. This way the problem of overloading the “rich” countries (Germany, Sweden, Austria) can be solved because a refugee’s life is just as safe in Finland or Romania as it is in Sweden.
    As far as I know roughly that’s what the Australian government did: they automatically reject illegal migrants while raising the number of migrants legally accepted.

  81. avatar
    Oli Lau

    europe isn’t a person. only individuals have moral duties. it is incredible the way you talk about it. it is like a deity of the ancient times or something.

    • avatar

      Great answer. while accepting refugees does not get to the root cause, questions like these that have emerged, highlight the need to understand the real causes of problems causing people to flee in the various troubled regions. This of course beyond shallow media headlines.

  82. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture

    Indeed this is opposite. It is quite immoral to accept all as majority of migrant are not conflict refugees but economic refugees coming for EU for social advantages. This is penalizing EU natives who have been already taxed all their life and are going to pay the bill. This also would be immoral as it would raise drastic social issues, such change of culture balances leading in particular to more violence, sexism, racism against white and christian or jew peoples as we have seen in 2015 through all attentats under middle east influence and origins, so this is a clear threatening to our peace and democracy. One million migrant s for 2015, will be more, if we do take appropriate steps, in particular against “collaboration regimes” not following any european democratic values, but getting their finding and blessing and having doubles, corrupted or destructives agendas. Parlementary commissions should be nominated to examined all these situations and wrong doing, in particular before any Nato decision are taken under wrong or manipulated decision are taken. http://sputniknews.com/europe/20151222/1032126314/turkey-heroin-europe.html

  83. avatar
    Sin János

    Nations should vote about it, Not the EU parliament!

  84. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The EU moral duty is towards its citizens, not to migrans. All those invading Europe are not refugees. They can be help, saved, cured….bat after that should be send back.

  85. avatar

    All refugees need to have a refuge. If it is possible not to fare from their home. And some Occidental countries have to stop their refugees policy. USA ask 48 months to open the door to them even they have a special responsibility !

  86. avatar
    MA GS

    Yes we have it. We are getting things better to our society, little by little, and we have to reflect it all over the world. If not what is the point of being democratic and respectful to human rigths but not to help others? I am not saying that we have to do it careless and uncontrolled.. But we cannot just be inside our own bubble and live happily ever after.. The monsters which are behind all this masive migration are coming to us as well. And the sirian government is almost as bad as the rebels. We need to help the innocents wherever they come from. And put the bases to respectful and democratic society everywhere we can. Please, let´s make things better..

  87. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Good Luck to all people seeking new storm of European Union in the United States

  88. avatar
    Χρήστος Τούμπας

    no it had moral duty to support president Assad against terrorist, and no refuge will ever left Syria. But eu decided instead to support ISIS, great political thinking of a decadent EU

  89. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    No. The refugees should be distributed mainly to the countries with the same culture as them, like Saudi Arabia, Quatar, UEA, and other arabian countries, and how many refugees goes there? Zero.

  90. avatar

    No , the refugees should go to neighboring countries like Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Bahrein , Arab Emirates United (UEA ) because they have the same culture , the same traditionsalmost the same language ,the same laws acording to their religion ( The Sharia Law wich doesn’t separate church from State) also this countries are richer than Europe ( in Europe there is to much unemployment , a lot of economic problems ) for this arab countries is their duty to accept their brothers in religion , give them a place to stay next to the city of Meca , so they can stay there , this countries are rich and have a lot of resources than Europe

    Also Israel should accept this people because they are more near .

    Europe have to first solve their problems because we are still in an economic crisis and mus help the european citizens first .

  91. avatar

    bat les couilles l’offre et la demande

  92. avatar

    NO, the refugees can go temporarely to the unhabited islands of Indonesia ,rent some unhabited islands( they have unhabited islands there) for a period of time, also Indonesia is a country that has Islam as the main language they will feel more confortable there sharing common values with them( specially religion ), they can stay there until the conflic in their country is over, the European Union is having a lot of troubles right now , mass unemployment , poverty because of the 2008 crisis the EU has a lot of problems, it has to solve its own problems right now and help its own people.

    You can’t expect that EU has to solve all the problems , nowadays you have more alternatives , MERCOSUR ( in South America ) the Euroasian Union ,( Russia, Kazajstan, Uzbekistan etc) , The rich Arab Gulf Countries, UniteD states of America and Canada are also alternatives.

  93. avatar

    Would Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Syria, Bangladesh accept boat loads of desperate Italians, British, Swedes, Dutch, Greeks etc I doubt it. They may accept a few on humanitarian reasons. Why don’t the Africans go to Botswana which is quite stable, The Syrians to UAE? Could the answer be benefits once they reach UK? It’s like a Frenchman jumping on a boat to Sierra Leone and take a low paid job learning the local language, shagging the local women and thinking he is Sierra Leonese. Africa, India and Syria are NOT on the EU.This granting asylum too easily has got to stop. What about Europes pensioners and pur young, we should be looking after our own. Europe should stop giving asylum send back some of those thatare already here, and threaten to stop their aid if they dont stop. Some migrants outside of the EU are not that worse off. How do they afford their passage? Think about it.

    • avatar

      the answer lies in history.boatloads did go to those countries as well as to many others where they plundered, divided and left a mess of things. thats the legacy that lives on today…

  94. avatar
    love debatting with 4different subjects

    yes Europe have a moral duty to accept all refugees because the refugees are not the problem the problem is that their houses are getting bombed and they don’t have anywhere to live. In other words they are fleeing from hell.

    • avatar
      racnov skick

      i think europe government have righ to isist for accepting refugees because of some reason. like other muslim brother making trouble sometimes when they are staying in one place.

  95. avatar
    Oli Lau

    No. An organization has no morality, it isn’t a being. only individuals have morality.

  96. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Neither moral, nor other duty, as these are no refugees. They themselves are less or more conscious about their stand of tools of tried repopulation – kalergi plan, georgsoros ngo, a.s.o…

  97. avatar
    Acsai György

    Does Africa have a moral duty to accept all refugees?

    Does Australia have…?

    Does Asia have…?

    Does North America have…?

    Does South America have…?

    Don’t ask Antarctica.

  98. avatar
    Noia Blackcat

    it seems like EU has a moral duty to everybody but European citizens… it should really think twice before it claims for itself the role of peacekeeper with some others once again… we can accept refugees (not clandestines) as long as we’re able to give them something… Here in Italy, in something like a week we had 12000 new arrivals … how are we going to help those who need? how long can we keep on going like this? we can’t take no more, and I’m not giving a moral speech but talking about pure and simple maths.

  99. avatar
    Radu Holenda

    Not Europe. Just Holland,France,Spain,Italy,Belgium,Germany,UK…these are the colonialist countries who occupied and killed alot of africans and not only. That are ,my friends, the countries wich have to take it all…what goes around comes around. Why should my country take responsability. My country has never been colonialist, my country never went to Africa for oil. So fck off Germany and all the other colonialists

  100. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Why only Europe? Whatever happened to all the other continents?
    A flight ticket to the other side of the planet costs less than the fees of human trafficking organised crime.

  101. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Of course not..we have a moral duty to free all colonies .they wanted freedom they built inferno…i dont ses any reason to take them at home.they will destroy us the same way they destroy thèse former colonies…

  102. avatar
    Miguel Cruz

    European institutions have the obligation to protect european citizens from all threaths, foreign and domestic. Since we have no internal borders, this is a very serious security issue. Any one who enters an european contry can easely access any other european country. Please stop this false humanitarian morality, Europe, and please do your job!

  103. avatar
    Serge Jochheim

    The only duty Europe has, is to not participate on illegal wars based on lies, which by the way where discovered by Mme Carla del Ponte. UN emissary in Syria. She uncovered the lies, which was that apparently Assad attacked his own people. Even gased them. All evidences conclued that he didn’t perpetrate these attacks, but western payed “oppositions parties”.
    This a fact. But who cares!? As long as the corporate owned media are selling lies…. nothing will change.

  104. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Europe also has the moral duty to reject military operations (Iraq war as a starter but not inconsequential) that will cause harm to other nations.
    Blind warmongering will always come home to roost.
    Regardless of how Europe handles the refugee situation, it is paying a high price for its aggression and idiotic collaboration with deranged foreign politicians in foreign lands.
    Europe must start seriously considering consequences of past actions to guide us into the future.

  105. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    questo aveva chiesto alla UE il nostro governo anni fa. La UE ha ignorato l’appello italiano e ci ha fatto dimettere il governo sostituendolo con uomini non eletti della Trilaterale . Ecco cosa diceva “Il caos Libico, e il ritorno del radicalismo islamico ci porteranno ondate di rifugiati senza precedenti, disperazione che alimenterà altro terrorismo e radicalismo, coi criminali che ne traggono vantaggio”

    “Possiamo arginare questo disastro con tre pilastri: Vera assistenza economica a quei Paesi, fratellanza politica e inclusione sociale.”

    “In pratica che significa? Soprattutto un piano di aiuti per creare OCCUPAZIONE in quei Paesi. Inutile dire che chiedo che la UE aumenti il suo budget per le risorse necessarie a questo piano per i posti di lavoro in loco.”

    “La nostra partnership coi Paesi nord africani deve includere: progetti di sviluppo marittimo per loro, di sviluppo stradale, piani energetici di energia rinnovabile, aiuti allo sviluppo della loro piccola-media impresa, e la creazione di un grande progetto di Istruzione superiore Euro-Mediterranea.”

    “Ma dovremmo andare anche molto oltre: parlo di un vero Piano Marshall sponsorizzato dalla UE, dal Fondo Monetario Internazionale, dalla Banca Mondiale, e dalle maggiori potenze economiche. Questo piano Marshall oltre all’occupazione, dovrebbe portare una forte stabilità a quei Paesi, e deve essere nell’ordine di miliardi di euro, non meno. Qui la cooperazione degli USA è vitale, anche perché dobbiamo abolire le barriere doganali che sbarrano la strada allo sviluppo del Mediterraneo del Sud.”

    “Tutto ciò porterebbe vera sostanza al principio di partenariato alla pari fra UE e Nord Africa. Anche le politiche di sicurezza devono essere sviluppate assieme, così che le nazioni nord africane divengano produttori di stabilità.”

  106. avatar

    Europe also has the moral duty to reject military operations (Iraq war as a starter but not inconsequential) that will cause harm to other nations.
    Blind warmongering will always come home to roost.
    Regardless of how Europe handles the refugee situation, it is paying a high price for its aggression and idiotic collaboration with deranged foreign politicians in foreign lands.
    Europe must start seriously considering consequences of past actions to guide us in the future.

  107. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    The real question is “Why do refugees flee to Europe and not to Islam countries like UAE or Saudi Arabia? They have the same culture and it’s nearer.

  108. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    A moral duty? Why? Starting with that EU and some EU countries are part of the problem for bombing countries like Lybia, Syria, Iraq, and arming rebels to overthrow governments. No, we don’t have a moral duty to do anything but remove the worthless warmonger politicians from our governments, especially the worthless corrupt dictatorship called the EU. Which is nothing more than the machine to finish the Kalergi plan of cultural Marxism for Europe. As I said, if Europeans have any moral obligations, it is to jail these politicians, deport all illegals, protect our borders and secure a future for our own children so in the future they will not be the refugees. Bringing all these people in, with retrograde cultures and violent intolerant ideologies such as Islam, only endangers our future. Just look at their countries and how ours are going with their influx already. So our moral duty is to protect our nations and future generations and stop intruding in other nations own problems, as we only make it worse.

  109. avatar
    Marko Conlacappa

    NO, it does not !
    Those who have been “EXPORTING DEMOCRACY” are welcome to IMPORT the PRODUCT. (UK included)

  110. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    No way!!! Most of them are muslims! Where are the christians? They do not want to be integrated in our sociaty. They just want to kill and rape and live on our back.

  111. avatar
    Diana Goldenstorm

    That is the wrong question you pose above. It should be: ‘Does Europe have a moral duty to contribute to achieve peace around the world? Does Europe defy her moral duty to humanity by contributing to civil unrest and armed crises? Does Europe sell arms to fractions and governments fighting to topple each other in neighborhoud areas?…’ and so on.

  112. avatar
    Jozsef Erös

    USA , Kanada, Australia and a lot of other countries around the world have the same moral duty , not only EU ! So EU alone do not have moral duty ! So simple !

  113. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    We have the duty to care for them until they go back to their country…..nobody likes to be a refugee… and everybody is responsible for this war..because nobody seems to care about humans ,but more about greed,power, finance,economics .

  114. avatar
    Jerry Low

    I think Europe, NATO should start organizing the refugee camps into military camps. Train these people to go take their countries back.

  115. avatar

    If we only consider law or economics I can’t argue that EU should or even can accept all migrants. However as a political super-being upholder of Human Rights we need to be an entity that stands for more than just economics…
    It’s not only a matter about what we created in the past or whose fault it is the world is that way. If we count down people, categorize the good from the bad migrants and start choosing who lives and who dies, we stop being a democracy. We stop being Humans.
    I want to believe that Europe stands for more than just a few countries allied by a market.
    Europe is also a lesson of Humanity standing together after a terrible tragedy that showed us all to what extend hate and cruelty can go. We need to be heroes, always, but especially in the most difficult of times, when faced with hard choice. We have to be the better people, otherwise it was all for nothing. Otherwise we don’t deserve the name of Europe.

  116. avatar
    Maria Diakoumi

    well since europe(a.k.a. the white man) is responsible for what is happening in the middle east as well as the rest of the world( africa , upper east -pakistan , india etc as well as south america)… ithink europe should bend over and take its punishment like a…”man” assuming europe has any!…men i mean!

  117. avatar
    Graziano Paul Mare

    The post doesn’t say the EU, it says Europe! YESSS! And so do the US! If we are rich, it’s because they are dying!!

  118. avatar
    José Bessa da Silva

    No, it does not. My famaly was expelled without anything from an african country by those same that now want to come to my country. No moral duty!

  119. avatar
    Graça Raquel Bragança Soares

    Of course not!!! Europe should Welcome refugees yes, but there are other parts of the World which should Welcome them as well with the same criteria and duty as the Europeans!!!

  120. avatar
    Moreno Mox Mariani

    Europe should help the syrian refugees instead of leaving them alone. Moreover the EU should push on stopping the war there.
    Regarding the immigrstion from africa, there should be a limit. Europe cannot receive all of them.

  121. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    Need to periodical help! This is not moral duty, this is pure humanitarian act. Saudi Arabia (and other) dosen`t help. They send weapons to Syria.

  122. avatar
    Ana Anna

    Absolutely not! Dubai should welcome them instead. They are richer than Europe!

  123. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Do arabs and africans have a moral duty to stop making wars, stop teaching hatred-violence to their children(who grow up to make wars), making so many children, making so much corruption??? Do arabs and africans have a moral duty to start being responsible, to work and build their lives and countries for their own sake and for the sake of their own children and their future???

  124. avatar
    Taline Babikian Angelidou

    Some Arabic nations should take a share too..only 2/3 Arabic countries are supporting the refugees and they cant do more..it would also help if there were slow reforms applied..so that in due time they would have less social problems etc…it would also help…if some countries realise that their kind of ‘freedom and demacracy’ cant be applies everywhere just like that…too extreme life style..different culture and values cant ve changed immediately…nor supporting opposition will bring peace…

  125. avatar
    Mille Radosi

    all countries that are producing and selling weapons has a duty to accept refugees from countries at war

  126. avatar
    Yulia Amariei

    We ALL only have the moral duty to live Happy, Freely and in Peace on this Earth and Univers Around & Behind! That’s all.
    For those that find my signaal too abstract: Yes, is our moral duty! Not because some take immoral decissions that we don’t have to engage in the effect of those decissions. Ofcourse, it was more moral to stop those that make arms, sustain armies for wars, induce poverty and manipulate societies and erc…etc…where to stop?! 😯

  127. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    No, there should be safe havens built in their own countries and protected by the UN.
    Radical Islam is a threat to our democracies and the wet left are aiding and abetting it, causing a lurch to the far-right that will soon be unstoppable. Is that what you want?

  128. avatar
    Christina Kler

    Of course we do ! since the other rich countries of the middle east don’t have moral but only money ! They are human beings as long as they respect our rules and OUR traditions , they choose to live with us they will have to get adapted to us not us to them ! Then we can all live in peace . It very simple

    • avatar

      Christina, respect has a different meaning in their acceptance…oh yes! An Eritrean man would “respect” you in a total different manner than an “European” one. so let’s see…because you are a lady, you would be next to his goat – first the goat and than a lady….beating ladies is normal, forcing them to slaughter their body with 5-6 kids against their will is ok ….and so on. Respect is different in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Who says we would educate them is like saying we would educate a lion not to eat meat…. Colonial past?! if we did not have colonies, others would have had them…this is the game of power and human nature – it is , it was and it will always be like that and we should not make Europe “pay” the price for that. Europe needs to put an end to this and act like it is in reality – a strong Europe. But no…Europe chose to commit suicide because of the sins of the whole world :(

  129. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    Do we have a moral duty to protect other human beings in need?
    Of course not.
    We all grew up on uninhabited islands and educated ourselves, taking no knowledge in from any other nations or civilisations. All we have accomplished is through our hard work with our own hands. We have raised the sheep, milked it , slaughtered it and made clothes from it with bone needles and cat guts. We have absolutely never been dependent on the work of people in other countries, or these horrible Muslims who did nothing but cause trouble with their algebra, soap and insistence on cleanliness.
    So, we must stay on our own lonely island…. and die alone in the universe…

  130. avatar
    T Nick Knight

    Hell no, we have no duty to take in any, much less the millions that are decimating the indigenous culture.

  131. avatar
    Isabelle Ancelet

    No! Most of the time, if their countries know the war or the poverty, it is their fault. We do not due anything to them. If they want to live in peace and prosperity, they must stay in their countries and to do the job.

  132. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Wow… let me think, hmm… it depends… if/when the sh** hits the fan in Europe, who’s going to take us in??? Does any country feel the moral duty to accept us, if/when we’re the ones in trouble???… I would love some reciprocity, mutuality, some sort of “parity feeling” with someone, or some country outside Europe… Soooooo… let’s see… We (Europe) have spent the last decades (or arguably more, depending on the country) accepting people from all corners of the world into Europe… more and more and more… either for “this reason or that reason”, for legal reasons, or legal loopholes, sometimes even because some sort of “guilt complex” from our colonial times… you name it… but I’m starting to believe that enough is enough!… If some people in some countries can’t seem to be capable of organising themselves and live peacefuly under democratic regimes, and build stuff the best they can, with what they have… is it still our fault??? For how long do we have to be disrespected and take the blame for almost everything that went wrong with the world’s history??? What’s next??? Do we have to kill ourselves???… COME ON, WAKE UP… former colonies, now independent countries, keep talking rubbish about us!!… they hate us, try to eat us alive, and they’re even much more selfish and racist towards us than we ever were towards them… and the same could go to lots of other countries throughout the world… people are only interested in our standards of life, our resources and our money (the little that some people might have left)… WE CANNOT FIT A HUGE NUMBER OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION INTO EUROPE… it’s maths… the issue is numbers… end of!! – and if our political elites are stupid enough to keep pumping people into Europe, or simply letting everybody in, their only motivation is to get cheap labour, keep salaries/wages low, lowering all types of standards, suffocating working people, feeding the systems in place artificially, while preserving themselves and living off those same systems, working on their unrealistic budgets and numbers and having an almost unlimited supply of desperate cheap labour… oh yes… it’s all way too complex to put here… oh well… tea, cake and biscuits, anyone?? And meanwhile, please, could you shut the front door?? Because you never know who might come in, while you’re having your tea… :-P (irony & sarcasm)

    • avatar

      well said!

    • avatar

      Politicians , the UN and International NGOs are not educated enough to understand sustainability and the consequences of climate change

  133. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    morally speaking USA has the moral duty to accept any refugees! on practical level eu should be ready for the waves of refugees that was coming _eu wasn’t ready for that and they did terrible mistakes.. we have to be honest young people are blessing but they have to have jobs and they have to become part of the local sociality otherwise they will become a major problem as we Greeks say a”double edged knife ”

    • avatar

      Why should the EU be ready when many Arab and Asian nations have refused all Muslim migrnats

  134. avatar
    Manuela Mc Moura

    How about Saudi Arabia, Bahrein , Abou Dahbi,’katar, etc…plus the USA and the UK who have destabelized the Eastern Mediterraneum…

  135. avatar
    János Sin

    Each Nation has it’s own right decide whether is wants/able to live with muslims or not. The EP should consider…. and has no right to force anything. The EP should be for european Nations and not the Nations for the EP, if I’m right.

  136. avatar
    Sylvain Duret

    These who accept values of equal rights and respect of diversity should be accept. These who spread conservatives values SHOULD NOT PASS !!! (hey i’m Gandalf :D )

  137. avatar
    Malik Sajjad

    People who are suffering from war in there home country
    Help them
    When there are peace They will go back to home country

  138. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. People in help require that which they need: help. The EU believes in this ‘we-are-all-equal’ business while not establishing true equality. I happen to believe that the vulnerable are always the priority. Just as a baby demands attention and rightly so, so it is, the most vulnerable demand attention, because it is their natural right, and therefore, it is the moral duty of everyone else to care, and help. Thanks.

  139. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    …typo monster: people in NEED require that which they need: help. (Gasp).

  140. avatar

    My only question is that if they had done the same thing in Europe, would they accept refugees. I support them because they need a home to be protected from ISIS, but their is a risk within the people that they may be bad people. I mean we don’t have criminal records of refugees because they are in a corrupt country and anything could happen. I think that we should have Muslim represented embassies, and Islamic history is written in books by Muslims. But we should have sent our people and poured a ton of money into their economy like South Korea, so we can get more of the products we love and a bigger economy.

    So what I am saying is that, just fight the war where it is, not give a chance to the war to move into our homes in Europe and North America.

    • avatar

      This article refers to refugees , which is not the case of 90% of those that come , as they have not even applied for asylum , once again a biased report unable to offer correct information , and understand what is asylum and refugee status .
      Also until all countries of the world accept asylum seekers then the West has no obligation to do that .

    • avatar

      ISIL is not in all the countries these people come from , so get the facts right

  141. avatar

    446467 1940You produced some decent points there. I looked online towards the concern and discovered a lot of people is going in addition to employing your internet site. 397553

  142. avatar
    Jessica T

    Absolutely not! We have nothing in common with these people, they don’t respect our way of life, women, gays, etc. Who will support them, feed them, cloth them, send their kids to school, pay for their medical, qualify them for jobs,etc. On taxpayers money? These people have tons of kids, nobody can keep up with them, in 2 generations the European population will be muslim if they come to stay. If for a while until the war is over, which will probably be a long time,then it should be very controlled and as many as each country can afford.

  143. avatar

    It is very clear that many people in Europe , UN officials , International NGO employees have never actually lived independently in a Muslim country , and do not really understand how things work , especially for non-Muslims . Non-Muslims are second class citizens . The educational level in many countries is very low , with basically religious dictatorships , many with ongoing problems concerning the centuries old Sunni – Shia conflict .
    Islam does not allow integration into other countries cultures and customs , so all talk of integration is rubbish .
    Then there is the EU problem of checks for people entering the EU via legal channels and those entering illegally who are not verified , this shows political and civil service incompetence

  144. avatar

    Refugees have been told , even by Merkel , that they will have to go home on day , But journalists , rescuers , UN and NGOs refuse to tell them this , which shows hidden agendas which will be the downfall of the EU and its political system

  145. avatar

    Why only Europe? Why not Aisa? Why not the Middle East? Why not the USA, why not Australia, Canada or any other countries. Europe can’t take in everyone from the world. Have these countries taken in Europeans during World War 2? If not, why do Europeans have a duty, why not Asia, or Australia etc.

  146. avatar
    Robert Black

    Europe does definitely have a responsibility because of the huge mess they made in north Africa and the Middle East and anyway Europe has to take them in because it is an international law. However, the gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar also need to take in some of them since they have taken in none of them.

  147. avatar
    Cliff Wilson

    Refugees increase Migration figures. In the UK we have had millions of EU and other migrants enter in recent years. We now have a crumbling Health Service, too few homes, Creaking transport systems and a huge cost of Welfare to the state. This was unsustainable and it led to the UK voting to leave the EU. It will only be a matter of time before others do the same unless the EU accepts the reality of its Shengen weaknesses. If it does accept the reality the UK may be interested in being part of it again. First the EU needs great reform which was not considered when the UK were negotiating changes.

  148. avatar
    Fluffy Rabbit

    Only if the refugees will leave when the crisis is over. Injecting foreign cultures into a country is never a good thing. “Diversity” seriously? Muslims are already pushing to change European lifestyle. Demanding more mosques. Introduction of more Halal etc. Ethnic tensions will just rise and when the muslim population rises to the point where people find it unbearable, they’re going to vote for right-wing parties. Liberals are probably going to label people and right-wing parties as islamophobic, racist. Ethnic tensions, left-right wing conflicts, social divide. If this refugee crisis goes south, the Europeans brought this upon themselves.

    • avatar
      Fluffy Rabbit

      My answer to the question is Yes but only if their stay is temporary

  149. avatar
    Chris Brown

    I am sorry but it is up to the people of the middle east. As long as other countries are involved there will be no solution to the current problem. Throughout history every country has been influenced by others for good and bad. However at the end of the day it is up to the people of the individual countries and cultures to solve there current problems. What most of you are saying is that if you had a hard or even bad childhood someone else has to step in to fix your problems. This simply is not true and it’s 100% up to the individual. I’m not saying that people or countries don’t need help from time to time, however it is not help they are asking for. Most of these countries just want all of us to leave them alone. It’s absurd that we think we know better then them. It’s also funny that the majority of these “refugees” are male between the ages of 20 to 35. They leave there horribly oppressive country in order to survive because of the threat of imminent death, but forget to bring there wives and children. Honestly are we that big of fools to believe this?

  150. avatar
    Nihad Qader

    yes of course they should accpet them. because its humanitarian duty ,
    how they can leave them to being die, without any help.

  151. avatar
    Roberto Guzman

    I agree with both sides. 1. Why should the countries that are doing good in this world have to babysit the countries that are trying to come back together? Europe has had their downfall but they are building it right back up. In my opinion it looks the next World War. The Middle East is having their downfall, but will Russia, United State, or any other country looking to expand, go into the Middle East with their big armies and take over the land? This world has became very greedy now. The countries forgot that they need to make the peoples lives better not theirs.

  152. avatar

    These stupid white men and women are talking shit and its their fucking leaders who pose noses into other countries’ affairs leading to civil wars.

  153. avatar

    Europe has the moral duty to stop America from waging war in the Euroasia continent. When there is no war, why people need to flee their homeland?

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