On 5 July 2015, Greece held its first referendum since 1974. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asked citizens whether or not they would accept the bailout conditions proposed by the ‘Troika’ (a name we’re not supposed to use anymore), a group of creditors consisting of the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB). The “No” vote was the overwhelming victor, with 61% supporting a rejection of the bailout terms.

Eight days later, however, Greece adopted a bailout package containing even bigger cuts and tax hikes than the one rejected in the referendum. The country’s creditors had withdrawn their initial offer and refused to provide Greece with much-needed liquidity unless the government agreed to the humiliating turnaround.

Prime Minister Tsipras later reaffirmed his position by calling an early election and securing another mandate from the Greek people. But what was the point of the referendum? We had a comment from Martti arguing that the Greek referendum served no real purpose, and was merely an example of Tsipras irresponsibly “playing with the lives” of ordinary Greeks.

On 22 October 2015, our partner think-tank Friends of Europe held their annual ‘State of Europe‘ high-level roundtable, bringing together senior policymakers, civil society representatives, and business leaders to discuss the future direction of the continent. To get a response to Martti, we attended the State of Europe event and spoke to Zoe Konstantopoulou, a Greek Member of Parliament for the ruling SYRIZA party and former Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament.

Konstantopoulou argued that the referendum at least put the Greek people’s rejection of further cuts on the record, even if this rejection was not necessarily achieved in reality:

For another perspective, we also spoke to Maria Stratigaki, Athens Vice Mayor for Social Solidarity. She argued that not only did Prime Minister Tsipras not achieve anything positive with the referendum, it increased the costs for Greece substantially:

Finally, we also spoke to László Andor, former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. He also believed the referendum was counter-productive, and plunged Greece into a worse situation than it had been previously:

What did Greece actually achieve by holding a referendum? Was it worth holding the vote when the government would later accept an even worse bailout deal barely a week later? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Adolfo Lujan

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    Ivan Burrows


    Greece is now just a satellite ‘region’ of Berlin/Brussels.

    A proud Nation reduced to never ending misery by EU fanatics.

    • avatar
      Vicky P

      Well said, Ivan!

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Wrong Ivan, Tsipras and SYRIZA policies are run by the British Government , via Greek aristocrats who live in London !!!! Not the European Spirit, The British Government via their Greek Aristocrats in London have made the Greek Government conform to the demands of Paris and Berlin who are dressed up as Brussels, to draw investment capital to France Germany and Britain , away from Greece. via a higher tax and heavier bureaucratic regime installed by SYRIZA in Greece.

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    Spiros Agiovasiliotis

    The question is wrong per se. Such a referendum was not supposed to make the Eu offer better terms but to let people whether they wanted to stay in the Eurozone or not and whether they agreed with the continuing policies of the last five years. Despite massive propaganda from Medias NO won but the government ignored the result. Not surprisingly, former associates of Tsipras revealed that he wanted to lose the referendum and used it as an excuse for the U-turn he wanted to take.

    So, the question is fundamentally wrong.

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    Giulio Bianco

    They achieved nothing. But if Europe continues to care only of northern industries, it’s going to collapse.

  5. avatar
    Stathis Stathopoulos

    There is no sense in holding a referendum if the results are not respected. The Greek people thought they were voting NO and the government (a “left” government) converted this vote into a YES. In fact the referendum was purposely vague so that it could be interpretd any way one wants. Rightly the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) voted a double NO. NO to the Government plan and NO to the plan of the lenders (sic)

    • avatar
      Vicky P


  6. avatar
    Tassos Politis


  7. avatar
    Stefanos Karpenisiotis

    They showed to the rest of the world, that the EU is a failed oligarchic union that doesn’t share the values of freedom , independence, democracy and human rights. EU DELENDA EST.

  8. avatar
    Tobias Stricker

    They simply demonstrate that with confrontation and breaking all rules you will suffer more…

  9. avatar
    Stelios Bourodimos

    We achieved nothing. An even worse memorandum was enforced and political parties lost whatever face they had… Not only capitalism is bankcrupt, but also our political leaders are non grata populists. This kind of austerity together with unemployement and migration is becoming explosive…

  10. avatar
    George Papas

    The SYRIZA government hold a referentum, because at that time the were ready to dismandle as a party and as a government, since the pre-electional lies were starting to be exposed.
    So it hold the referentum in order to diviate the public opinion from the real issues. After a few months the same guy did elections for the same reason.

  11. avatar

    The main reason it happened, it was because the government was hopping for a YES vote, so they can make the turn without anyone blaming them. The people proved to be a little more silly, and voted NO, they didn’t expect that.
    It was a silly referendum, the NO option was if they want to be much poorer, if they want more unemployment etc, cover the whole NO package in anti-austerity rhetoric, national pride etc, and the majority of people voted in favor of being poorer.

  12. avatar
    Aris Kourelis

    This was a coup of eu.Same situation with the 1967 dictatorship stpported by USA.Same game, other supporters.

  13. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    That memorandum was just a smart move by a quakie SYRIZA gvt aimed at bolstering support at home and defusing popular discontent. The question was smartly posed, so that the result (which was by majority a “no”) could be interpreted both ways. It was manipulative and the people were manipulated. A sham for democracy.

  14. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    The gvt won time as the people angered by the recession and by a shameful memorandum, calmed down for a bit. It was a calculated move.

  15. avatar
    Theodoros N Pitikaris

    It seems that austerity is the Supreme value within EU… The legitimacy of European project is no more…. The ruling of the supreme elite has been established over the rule of law… Sad and shameful outcome…. The finance ministers had set the Anivas under portas….

  16. avatar
    Γιώργος Κοτλίδας

    it actually showed out the willingness of the Greek -and on extent,the european- people,to have a new EU…one freed from the technocratic chains of “the markets”…it also proved,through the later extortion of Greece by the troika,the true face of the real powerhouses in Europe,that would easily disregard democracy and pride in favor of profit…nonetheless,I believe it could become the cornerstone of the change of Europe the following years,given actual willingness of its leaders to hear their citizens

  17. avatar
    Betty Syrigou

    They achieved to deteriorate Greece’s economy and bring it to a state much worse and far beyond the chimerical promises with which they had lured and misled the shortsighted voters

  18. avatar
    Ikaros Kratsas

    That referendum was completely useless. It was not to strengthen Greeces position in the negotiations. European leaders have their own voters to answer to and could not just back down to our demands. All that refferendum did was to strengthen Tsipras’ position against the opposition and marxists in his own political party (Andreas Lafazanis, Lapavitsas and that bunch). The question was misleading as we all know there was no way to reject the deal without rejecting membership in the Eurozone, it was somewhat unconstitutional, the Constitution forbids holding a referendum about fiscal and taxation issues…because people will never agree to more taxes or lower pensions.

  19. avatar
    Fiona Paterson Galemetakis

    It achieved more bailouts,more taxes,lower pensions!and more misery! And capital controls on Greek banks who have been robbing us for years!

  20. avatar

    The referendum was very good. The new deal is a lot better that the one in the referendum because it lasts for three years.

    • avatar
      Vicky P

      You are absolutely right! I also wonder what will happen with Brexit now. Will they accept this NO in the long run?

  21. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    Actually the referendum was the wrong way round.It should have been held in the other Euro zone countries to ask their citizens if they wish to continue to finance a bankrupt and ungrateful nation,that doesn’t even have the courage to admit it’s bankrupt and quit a currency union it should never have joined in the first place.What do you think the result of that referendum would have been??.

  22. avatar
    Nicolas Bloudanis

    This article begins with a lie, presenting Mrs. Konstantopoulou as SYRIZA “member of parliament”… she is neither current member of SYRIZA, nor a member of the Parliament… I think that this error is not “innocent” and, in my opinion, that invalidates the whole content…

  23. avatar
    Sakis A

    It served as a great proof that Greece and Democracy have been divorced.

    While in countries such as Switzerland referendums are common, in Greece they were openly perceived as a taboo from 1974 till now (2015).

  24. avatar
    Sakis Agorastos

    It served as a great proof that Greece and Democracy have been divorced.

    While in countries such as Switzerland referendums are common, in Greece they were openly perceived as a taboo from 1974 till now (2015).

  25. avatar
    Constantino Taoulas

    I read all kinds of nonsense by people who I doubt if they understand anything about politics. Tsipras was in a difficult position. Because he saw that no matter how reasonable his proposed policies might be, he was being blackmailed and pressed to accept the European directorate’s positions. Through the referendum he managed, as a first step, to get rid of his main opponent, former p.m. Samaras, and send his rivals in constant turmoil. So far he plays alone. He certainly changed his path but managed to stay in power, when all conservative Europe plotted to bring him down. With Syriza down, no democratic changes in Europe would be possible. Many left parties of Europe acknowledge this. Plus, even if he is forced to enforce a third memorandum, it is much better that this will be enforced by a democratic government with certain sensibility towards the weak ones, that the corrupt system that brought the country down. So far Syriza proves to be more efficient and serious and swift in their actions, than the people who destroyed us. And you know. They did not just change policy. They put this change under people’s choice. And the people spoke in their favor. So now we have a really democratic government with really good intentions. We do not have corrupt vultures after our flesh.

  26. avatar
    Paris Kavallaris

    In UK they are preparing for a referendum that will take place in 2016 from 2014. In Scotland they had a year to discuss. In Greece we had 7 days. It was a rape of democracy by a left government that does not like democracy. No left regime is in favour of democracy because they hate to hear the opposite opinions. Same in Greece. The left goverment considers enemy whoever has an oposite opinion.

  27. avatar
    Paris Kavallaris

    In UK they are preparing for a referendum that will take place in 2016 from 2014. In Scotland they had a year to discuss. In Greece we had 7 days. It was a rape of democracy by a left government that does not like democracy. No left regime is in favour of democracy because they hate to hear the opposite opinions. Same in Greece. The left goverment considers enemy whoever has an oposite opinion.

  28. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    Commited suicide.The Greek government , my government are a bunch of idiots.They destroyed the country.Recently they sold out all Banks fo peanuts.

    • avatar
      Constantinos Taoulas

      You are deeply misinformed. The greek banks have been bankrupt since many years. Their value is less than zero. To recapitalize them, so that the people would not loose their depositions we needed 25 billions, again, because all previous recapitalizations ended in people withdrawing them and keeping the money at home. Now the necessary funds for recapitalization were about 25 billions. WOuld it be better if the state borrowed 25 billions or now that 18 billions were invested by private investors, so they will not increase the countries debt? As about the value of the banks it kept deteriorating all these five years of the crisis. You really think it was Tsipras fault that two recapitalizations and about 100 billions that we borrowed to save them went down the drain and brought their value to zero? Misinformed or simply preoccupied my firend!!!

  29. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    «Mesmo na noite mais triste, em tempo de servidão, há sempre alguém que resiste, há sempre aguém que diz “não”» Manuel Alegre

  30. avatar
    Maria Karagianni

    I think that we have achieved nothing. A big whole in the water and the worst part is the illusions we have about it. When i voted no I personally meant no to the humiliation i felt and still feel now. I am not treated as an equal I feel that I am beneath compared to a woman leaving in Germany or France and my life doesn’t worth anything. That was the statement i wanted to make when i voted no. Have i , have we succeeded no. Do i feel free in my country no, am i thinking of migrating… no i want to fight for what is wortly mine for my generation.. Greece doesn’t just need help it needs to wake up and reclaim her position in Europe.

  31. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Just nothing concrete seing the aftermath…..but it is a strong warning to all those who think that they will always have it their way because they have financial power…..for now.A consumer’s society with poor and unsatisfied consumers is prone to be destabilised or destroyed in time.

  32. avatar
    Philipp Gor

    The referendum was a big political flop. From one side it was intended to create a solid reaction against strictly planned measures, but on the other side it was doomed to be pointless considering the political reality of a bankrupt state. It was totaly misplaced and that was proven so the day after. Tsipras managed nothing from it and the NO voters were immediately obliged to sit back and face reality. There was no choice from the start. A referendum that decides one thing and the next day accepts another is the proof of how powerless and to what extent greeks live in an utopia of theory. The reality is that, at this point, greeks no longer decide for their fate and surely their elected representatives are powerless (and inexperienced) to govern.

  33. avatar

    What did Greece actually achieve by holding a referendum?

    The same thing only 300 Spartans achieve at Thermopylae. The collective memory will mention Greece as the only brave nation who stood up against Merkel’s Empire for the sake of Democracy, voting.

  34. avatar
    Vassilis Vassiliou

    The worst Greek administration since 1821… He should be tried for high treason….. History will remember him as the modern days Efialtis….

  35. avatar

    They gain was exposure. A majority of europeans now see the eu for what it really is.
    Brussels has been exposed!
    I dare Timmermans or Junker to go for eu referendums before thier planned forced intergration, be democratic, put your money were your mouth is.
    We all know they wont give the peoples of europe a say in thier own destiny!!
    But we do have a positive note, the eu is slowley coming apart at the seams..
    just not fast enough::

  36. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Profits are privatized, debts are made common. Simple strategy. But people suffer. We need positive welfare targets, and measures for the people. . People must be heared, and find positive living conditions. Not exhausting ones.

  37. avatar
    Dimitrios Drivelas

    By holding this referendum Greece took away the self destructive ensticts of Greek citizens,for two years I guess. A clever move,by an ancient school of politics.

  38. avatar
    Edgar Joycey

    Yet again a Euro cock-up. They make mistakes and then won’t admit it. Look at the might action issue. Merkel says come. We have no borders. You don’t have to stay in Greece. Hungary, etc., break Schengan rules and build fences. Greece doesn’t. Merkel says enough, no more migrants an has border controls – breaks Schengen. Greece doesn’t. Greece trys to keep migrants in place of landing even though the EU has strangled it economically and Merkel said come. Now EU wants migrants to stay in Greece and that Greece isn’t doing enough. EU blackmailers threaten Greece with expulsion from Schengen to cover their mess. The EU dictators are either stupid or incompetent or EVIL.

  39. avatar
    Angie Par

    Tsipras thought he was a new Che Guevara. He believed that a no from Greece would start a revolution against the rich eu countries in unity with other countries, like Spain and Portugal. He also thought he could gain popularity amongst Greeks and unity for his party. He failed tragically. If you ask me, he means well, he’s not as secretive and corrupted as previous prime ministers, but he is way more incompetent, and too ambitious. He can’t lead a country. He has a gift in the sense he can make himself popular and liked and trusted by people, but he’s unable to support the country’s interests against other interests.

    • avatar

      He’s a good demagogue, in other words. It is a skill in high demand!

  40. avatar
    Lisa Inegli

    a big left dick right in the….that’s what we ve achieved…by Tsipras vevaios vevaios…

  41. avatar
    Stathis Stathopoulos

    The point is that at least in Greece we have tried one after the other all the pro-capitalist parties (and personalities). It is time that we (the workers) take things in our hands. Otherwise what? Leventis? More ND? More PASOK? SYRIZA again? and then pali apo tin archi. Waiting for ependiseis. Something like “Waiting for Godot”!

  42. avatar

    So why do you guys vote for that party?

  43. avatar

    Greece managed to up the bill and its deficit by paying for a pointless referendum. The goal was to blackmail the EU with the threat of an exit from the Eurozone but the plan backfired and now Greece has the worst bail-out ever. A making of Mr Tsipras purely.

  44. avatar
    Paris Stergiou

    The referendum was absolutely necessary, it showed people all over the world who is in charge of democratic Europe….. The Bank’s

  45. avatar
    Lila Pissalidou

    In this referendum no one knew what he was voting for. What did “NO” meant? No to any bailout package?No to the Juncker bailout package? No to Europe? No to Tsipras? And what a “YES” vote meant? Yes to anything? Yes to Europe? I still have no idea! But I had to vote…It was a huge mistake. No one won,except maybe Mr Tsipras himself. As for the “bad” banks who rule the world, if you think that you can change the world by voting you are mistaken…..Try living without banks! In a world of globalization it’ s an illusion. And we cannot survive based on illusions.

  46. avatar
    Νικόλαος Σαουλίδης

    Nothing. This referendum was a terrible idea. The only thing it achieved is to divide us. The most worrying thing however is that this party was reelected. What have people of my country have in their minds…

  47. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    Schauble and E.C.ordered referendum expecting to win Greeks approval to their plans because are politically short-shighters and away from European citizens expectations.After the stroke of 80% against their policities ignored the result and overthrow Syriza s Left goverment and created ….a SYRIZA s new- liberal government from repended Tsipras and MPs.

  48. avatar
    Panayotis Moutafidis

    As you said it was since 1974 and that is good thing of course in future need more clear spot like like in or out EU, probably no and yes mout of voters prefere to stay in side EU smithing you can see in results of last elections where the parties who want EU h totally have the most voters

  49. avatar
    Nikolas Lodakis

    Nothing only missery and tears and a hated government which is a total failure to its people and to their expectations. A bunch of idiots followed by more idiots.

  50. avatar

    Referendums are useful in a Democracy . The system we call now a democracy is really an oligarchy . The fact that you vote for representatives and then you can’t control them with any way leads to the illusion of modern Democracy . People doesn’t matter nowadays only banks and big corporations . We don’t have a Democracy , you can vote someone to do one thing and he make the exact opposite and there isn’t a way to force him to keep his election promises neither to recall him as your representative. Referendums are essential and a fundamental characteristic of REAL DEMOCRACY .

  51. avatar
    Piper FreedomIn OurMinds

    Referendums are useful in a Democracy . The system we call now a democracy is really an oligarchy . The fact that you vote for representatives and then you can’t control them with any way leads to the illusion of modern Democracy . People doesn’t matter nowadays only banks and big corporations . We don’t have a Democracy , you can vote someone to do one thing and he make the exact opposite and there isn’t a way to force him to keep his election promises neither to recall him as your representative. Referendums are essential and a fundamental characteristic of REAL DEMOCRACY .

  52. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    a reality with less illusions I hope.. otherwise, we are not only doomed, but are destined to be doomed

  53. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    a reality with less illusions I hope.. otherwise, we are not only doomed, but are destined to be doomed

  54. avatar

    The referendum was another trap for the Greeks to pay more ….In 10 years Greece will not exist as a country and all Greeks wonder who is behind these filthy practices.

  55. avatar
    Peter Watson-Wemyss

    I’ve never seen a political decision like that blow up in a Prime Minister’s face so quickly. It achieved the precise opposite,if not worse,than what it was supposed to achieve. But at least we all got to know what Greek people think!

  56. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    Truth.You see who they really are.You vote ”No” it becomes not ”Yes” because if it was ”Yes” it would be 7 billion to give.It became 14 billion to give and we got even bigger poverty and destruction.

  57. avatar
    An Opinion From Bulgaria

    If you ask me I feel sorry for the EU want to help Greece. Greeks do not want to work and they want their huge debt to be forgiven.. Why on what basis.

    I would not give the Greeks a parking lot to secure, since they cannot be trusted.

    I think that Turkey deserves more the EU membership than Greece.

    If the EU wants to solve its problems with all the poor countries that have joined the EU in 2004, 2007 and 2013, it should make a very good offer to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein since they can put a lot in the EU.

    I think that Greeks are just trying to do everything as possible, but not to accept the bailout conditions. If so I would let them bankrupt just like they did before 3 times in their history.

    They should be thrown out of the EU !!!

  58. avatar
    Hugo Veloso

    It made the point that the EU, foreign banks and instituitions are in charge , so that people can start understanding that the financial rules and tools in the EU are to blame if people see their economies shrinking, and not just national politics. Unfortunately it didn’t work.
    The countries in the south will impoverish their countries with austerity, and their economies will just shrink, so we won’t be able to “pay the debt” (which was really imposed on us)
    And with left wing policies their deficit will continue to go up.
    So I think the only way for countries like Greece and Portugal to survive is to renegotiate, it’s not left wing or right wing politics because the problem is not just national.
    The problem is that Brussels doesn’t want to face the reality that these economic policies won’t work. Greece had a very good finance minister, Varoufakis, the only guy in Europe who talked about this, but he was treated like a maverick so now Greece will do the austerity until the predicted European Crisis hits , and then probably EU will kick them out Schengen space and probably the Euro.
    I’m from Portugal, and with this new left wing government we tried to change some stuff, and this week we started being blackmailed to accept austerity.

  59. avatar
    Sara Dias

    It shows who really rules! And without surprises the governments are not in the control!!

  60. avatar
    Matt Dovey

    The referendum showed that greeces government doesn’t run the country and the will of the people is meaningless. That’s what being in the eu means, for every country not just Greece

  61. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Greece lost its oportunity to become a FREE country…LOOK at them, now, Greece and the Balkans should move towards Russia.

  62. avatar
    Florin Onciu Cosmin

    it was the smartest way for politicians to defend themselves, pretending to let people decide what EU probably has already decided for them :))

  63. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    Nothing, nothing at all. We are a ruined country, without future, without any opportutity. It is all our fault.

  64. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    It was a farce that showed that not all Countries are equal. But it also showed that hardworking and disciplined nations like Germans and Northern European ones, despite the critics at the end of day rule. The doers rule. Hard work pays. Probably the Greeks should resemble more the Germans, talk less and act more.

  65. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    It simply shows the truth that the EU is the most antidemocratic organisation of the last 70 years.

    Thank god we are leaving.

  66. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    il referendum greco può sembrare inutile ma non lo è stato. Ha mandato un messaggio forte ai Paesi UE. In nome dei ” creditori” ( adesso la Troika si chiama cosi’ ) si sacrifica la democrazia , la volontà dei cittadini e i diritti sociali. E’ finito il sogno

  67. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    First time in my life l have seen a prime minister to ask his citizens to STRIKE .

  68. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    nothing because tsipras was a chicken, he should respect the Greek people wish – that is what we call democracy!! back then the people was ready to go as far as it takes ,was ready for a real fight, now after that pussy Tsipras betrayed hes own people, Greeks can’t trust anyone anymore..

  69. avatar
    george servetas

    Nothing. Greek people voted NO to more austerity measures and to the Euro – single currency. I am a supporter of the Euro, but I believe a cheap currency may have helped the weak Greek economy to grow. For the Greek economy to become competitive corruption will have to be eliminated and bureaucracy will have to be diminished. Not sure though if this will ever happen unless someone else, outside Greek politics governs Greece.

  70. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Greece is now just a satellite state of Berlin.

    Democracy is dead, All Hail the EU !

  71. avatar
    George Singleton

    Its not what Greece achieved but what EU achieved by imposing with force measures of thieves against the will of a Nation…Eu achieved to show that is an antidemocratic imposer institution of loan sharks..

  72. avatar
    George Singleton

    Eu is a fraud cause they want to unify countries by a common currency and not by a common law,nor common salaries,nor common standards of living..So thr most strong countries are impossing a collonialism policy to the weaker ..

  73. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    Greece has a government and the big part of other parties totally in favor of EU s policies and orders in spite of the will of Greek cirtizens who reject EU because has destroyed Greece with its “bail out” programs of the last 7 years.

  74. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    The Greek referendum in 2015 of NO Austerityto , translated into a YES to suit the EE., woke the citizens of Europe to the reality that Europe does not care what the citizens want or vote for because it is directed to a One World Dictatorship when citizens are stripped of property, human rights, and democracy… in favor of profits for the corporations.

  75. avatar
    eleni chryssomalakou

    The way the referendum was announced with only one week’s time for informing people,the absurdity of the question itself and finally the fact that eventually the greek government did not respect the result ,had at least two major consequences:1) It has been a very serious blow to democracy and 2)Greeks have realized the fact of TINA.

  76. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Referendum in Greece was parody and the first thing EU wiil should do it was to supend and kick off Greece from the EU instantly . Unlikely you guys in Brussels you have allowed a young man to blackmail not only you but the whole international community with your wishes caressing his ears to calm him down… You have or you dont have rules and regulations in EU to punish the naughty members of EU but in case of Greece you didnt … You are funny very funny …If you wish to have ab Europe equal with principals to compy with all the EU laws and resolutions must treat the members accordngly…..

  77. avatar
    Joaquim M Pinto

    Greece was crushed by the Humanitarian democracy of the UE. Democracy doesn’t work if you are against them they will finish you. That has another name is dictatorship.

  78. avatar

    The actions of the past year have just re-inforced the flawed and incompatible French Style Closed and protectionist economic communist system in Greece , to drive away much needed global investment capital so as to generate economic recovery in Greece via job creation and economic growth. towards the larger EU centers like Germany and France. This French Style Closed and protectionist economic communist system in Greece is denying the Greek economy 300 billion euros in economic investment which would trigger 9 trillion euros in global economic growth.

  79. avatar
    Manolis Karras

    What did Greece achieve by not prosecuting the politicians who received illegal commissions in millions on the Greek people’s back? Excellent holidays for their family and a great future while 10000 committed suicide, 450000 left to find a job overseas and half of Greece;s business’s closing down.

  80. avatar
    Ikaros Kratsas

    The only tangible outcome of this referendum was Tsipras getting rid of his opponents in SYRIZA. Technically he did not vouch to leave the EU if NO won but he did say he would bring a better deal than the one he urged the people to reject (I don’t think he did that). Technically, the deal the Greeks rejected was no longer on the table and even if it was, the cinstitution strictly forbids holding a referendum over fiscal policy measures. This referendum was as bogus as it gets!

  81. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU collapse is impossible to prevent but we can punish those responsible for our tragedy and they are : “Arabs, Germans and church” . After EU collapse we can simple import solar panels and electric cars from US , Japan and China . The tariffs on Chinese made solar panels range from 100% to 110% , we can have it 0% and 0% on electric cars . We don’t need Germany : Chinese cars are superior to German cars and we don’t need Arab oil, PLEASE cancel your church membership and register as atheist , Germans manufacture dirty and expensive garbage compared to this :

  82. avatar
    Ralf Kissel

    Greece wanted European money and stay part of the EU. So you accept the rules. Do not like? Can leave whenever you want to…

  83. avatar
    Marco Peel

    The Greek referendum ensured that Democracy was buried where it was born.

  84. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    we try to send a message to all eu that we are dont want to be germans bitches …… but they own all tv stations in eu so everybody see other things

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