Europe is facing its biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. In the first half of 2015 alone, almost half a million people crossed into Europe by boat, a 175% increase from the whole of last year. The largest group are Syrians fleeing their country’s brutal civil war, but there are also others fleeing wars in Libya and Afghanistan, or poverty and humans rights abuses in Eritrea, Somalia, and other sub-Saharan African countries. Meanwhile, political instability in Libya has been exacerbating the crisis, allowing people smugglers to operate freely. What should Europe do?

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Mike, arguing that European governments need to react decisively: “This is a humanitarian crisis. Winter is coming. Do we want to see children dying of cold on the streets of Europe?”

How would YOU solve the EU’s refugee crisis? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Martina Anderson (European Left), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:

andersonGUE-NGL, the group [in the European Parliament] that I’m a member of, has produced guidelines for an alternative policy on migration. And we’ve based those guidelines on human rights and solidarity, because we reject without doubt the repressive approach to immigration. We believe that Europe has a historical duty to develop a more comprehensive and reasonable migration policy that guarantees human rights.

Judith Sargentini (Group of the Greens), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:

Well, we’re now doing short-term humanitarian aid, giving people that arrive in Europe shelter; but what we need to do for the long term is look at labour migration. Europe is an aging society, and we’re surrounded by countries with very young populations. That is actually a very attractive match. We need to stop thinking that we can’t cope with migrants, and we need to understand that we should actually invite them.

Liberal Democrats
Philippe de Backer (ALDE), Member of the European Parliament:

de-backerThe refugee crisis will only be solved if the root causes are being solved, and that means the instability in countries like Syria, Libya, and others. So, I think that we as a European community really have to invest more to create peace in that region. That’s the only way to fundamentally solve the refugee crisis.

Secondly, I think that we as Europe have to try to do our best to make sure that people fleeing from war or political refugees recieve safe harbour. We should welcome them here and, maybe until the situation has stabilised, give them the possibility to find a new life here.

Thirdly, you need to have clear rules about who can enter and who cannot. And people who are not eligible for political asylum should be sent back. So, strong frontier protection is also important, and we need to find a common strategy to deal with economic migration.

Centre Right
Roberta Metsola (EPP), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:

Timothy Kirkhope (ECR), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:
Laura Ferrara (EFD), Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:

Laura FERRARA - 8th Parliamentary termThe ongoing migrant crisis has caused many human tragedies and continues to do so. In my opinion, Europe must provide for more legal ways to access the continent, in order to avoid the illegal traffic of human beings and the death of thousands of migrants travelling unsafely. It is also important to apply the principle of solidarity set in the Treaties and, in this connection, to provide for a permanent and compulsory mechanism of relocation.

In the long term, Europe must strengthen its cooperation for development programs within the countries affected by this phenomenon. Related to this, we must immediately stop the sales of arms to the countries involved in regional conflicts and civil wars.

Curious to learn more about Europe’s refugee crisis? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger image):

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    Stamatova Desislava

    ask what the needs of them,find home,even from one room,find the job for that people,they need to work to realise their skills!

    • avatar

      Stamatova,in view of the fact that unemployment in Europe is at an all time high,take the example of italy,spain ,greece to name only three.
      Where do you propose we employ all these people? there are educated graduates,engineers all over Europe without jobs,I am curious as to where these people will work.

    • avatar

      what about Europeans who have no home – even one room, no job, no money to live and no future? should they go to Saudi Arabia for help? or to Africa? no, they are at home and should find help here. You can’t help everybody, it’s impossible. First you should take care of your people, and then think about the others. Europe is too small to give home to all nations from other continents. If you spread illness everybody will be in danger – those who are healthy and those who are not. This is not the way to solve any problem. This is the best way to infect everybody.

    • avatar

      It would be very good of the European countries to help the immigrants by giving them jobs and shelters to stay in .However, I do think that these immigrants are an economic burden on the country they immigrate to. Therefore it is the job of their own government to provide good job opportunities and safety to its people. Steps should be taken to top wars and subdue rebels.

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    Tomasz Mazurek

    Close external border, send military to protect and if necessary use force, cancel all social benefits for non EU imigrants for first 10 years, kick off moonbats from local parlaments – that shoul help. Personaly I’m going to give my vote to right wing politician party

    • avatar

      totally agree

    • avatar

      From where do you take the right to have a home, get social benefits and live a good life while you deny this right for other human beings? What’s the difference between you and a refugee concerning human rights? Why do you earn them and a refugee doesn’t, in your opinion?

  3. avatar
    Bujari Muça

    Send them all to their country !
    If u not good for your country how can you be for foreign country!✌️

    • avatar
      Vicky P.

      So…if your country was at war, would you be considered to be bad for having to leave ? Oh my God! I am Greek and my grandpa was a refugee from Turkey back in 1922. He never managed to go back to his homeland although he died at an old age here in Greece. Does this mean that his parents, his brothers and himself were not good enough for his island (Island of Marmaras, Turkey)? He was deported!
      I wonder…would you say the same things if you could ever imagine being deported from your own country, having to flee because of WAR??????

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    Ermal Senior Luka

    If Europe is not capable to sort these problems then why is eu a good place to live as many say??the problem is they dont wanna solve the refuge problem cuz thats whats in they’r interes.

    • avatar

      I agree. No one thinks of a global community anymore and that is very sad. Every countries government only does what is in their interest and nationalism is spreading to a huge extent.

    • avatar

      Stop saling weopons is a great idea but how can you wait when thousand refugeees without home and nothing to eat risk their lives out there? It’s winter and we all don’t want more people to die, do we? So what we have to do is help them, right away! It might take a long time until war is over in Syria no matter if we send weapons there or not – during this time, we have to save as many lives as we can!

    • avatar

      Europe or any country has the right to choose to help or not help!
      But is just an idea to solve the issue of imigration to Europe or America
      Or any pat of the world..

      Europe should help all The inmigrants that arrive in Europe.
      And get them work and create a way to educate them to understand
      How to live in Europe with out being a burden to the cities, or places where they arrive
      And should don’t give any right to stay after the war or situation in their country
      Is over..when their country gets better they will be send back
      All..will be send back!

      No rights of European nationality ..but they will be help to live and stay in Europe until their country will get better for them to return..

      Not need to be aggressive to any imigrant ,because who knows you
      or we could be the next immigrants ..because inestability..a war
      or dictators ,or drastic changes in our own country

      Racism is a sickness ..but nationalism is an ideology of belong to a place
      But the world problems create the need to immigrate
      Immigrants should be treated more..Humane and educated

      And treat and use them in a way that benefit the guest country
      And allso to The immigrants.
      so wen they return to their country they will be more
      Educated and wise like the country who help them.
      They ….may welcome you and happy to see you in their country.
      and thank you for the way you treat them and the great help your country did for them when they need it!!

      But help them,and educate them and return them to their country
      when time is Right to their land and customs.. where they belong.

      No body wants to leave their land and customs jus for the fun…
      Like this morning I feel the urge to go to Japan I came regarles of imigration or borders or passports,I just want all my family and friends to immigrate to China just for the fun..or to create a mess in Italy, or to navigate
      To any part of Europe no rules will stop.. I will get a million immigrants and we go to Espain and create a mess.
      This do not sound logical to immigrate.
      Must be a great reason to do so..starvation,a dictator,a war, or a political persecution
      Or a religious persecution,or a nazis created
      And many more cases in the world.
      The world needs,how to solve the imigration,is not easy but we can
      If the country’s are willing to do so
      good luck!
      And share more ideas to solve those country’s problems
      so no more people needs to immigrate ,or exile their own country
      Just to be a burden in another country or suffer persecution or extermination.
      Just because you don’t belong there?
      And just to say ..many of us are immigrants who are living in a country that’s not our country
      But they help us and educate to live free and better.
      Thanks to them some of us now understand what real freedom and liberty means
      But allso missing our country our food even if we don’t need to came back is just part of what we are and. Where we belong we can go back any time but we are happy with the country who accept us..and we try to be the best we can be with out being a pest or burden to them.
      we respect them and thank them.
      Thank you for listening and have a nice day!

    • avatar

      Because the lives of people without university degrees nothing worth – or what?! What a disgusting idea to only choose the “most useful” ones – and let die the rest.

  5. avatar
    Penka David Rose

    Why we should answer that? We voted for the politicians to make our life better, they have huuuge salaries to work hard and to solve these problems. Our role is to kick their a…s to work better in our interest, not to fight with each other.

    • avatar

      I think you didn’t understand the principe of democracy… We, the citizens of Europe, are responsable of our future, not some politicians who do the whole job for us. You should be grateful they ask for your opinion.

    • avatar

      They don’t have a home. That’s the reason for their tragedy.

    • avatar
      Chris Grills

      The US didn’t start a war in Syria. Why doesn’t the population that is running like scared rabbits stand up and fight for their own country. Why should able bodied adults be allowed to take from the European countries. They want everyone else to fight their battles, educate them, give them homes and jobs. WHY? The Europeans and the Americans fought for freedom this is why we have it. The borderING Arabic countries are doing nothing to help their neighbors and yet the world expects the rest of us to clean up the mess. Obama and his team are on the way out. Voting Conservative is America’s way to say “Fight your own battles for a change”.

    • avatar
      Vicky P.

      Giorgos, come on !! Έλεος με αυτό που φόρτωσες για τον Αβραμόπουλο!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    a mon avis il faudrait les aider pour le temps de réfugie ( protection) mais une fois la guerre est finie il faudra plus voir une programme de repatriation. Sinon en attendant assurer l’École pour les enfants logement approprié à leur statut.Pas travail mais occupation. Ils peuvent plein de choses qui sont utile aux pays qui les accueillent. Ca peut etre culturel ou culinaire ou bien qqs petit travaux. pour ceux qui s’en sortent et qui souhaite vraiment rester et s’intégrer comme citoyen il faudra observer pendant qqs années par des trimestres ou semestres. et puis se décider sur leur sort.

    • avatar

      actually, in my village, there have been several proprietors of multi-family homes who have provided space to house refugees. Your claim that they want to be educated underscores that maybe you need a bit more education – of the refugees I am personally mentoring, one is an MD, one is a lawyer, one an engineer, one was studying economics and one is an IT specialist. And that’s very much representative for refugees from Syria.

      Likewise, your claim they want everything at the expense of others is pure bigotry. They are very eager to contribute their share if you let them. That requires, however, that they get the opportunity to learn the language and adapt their qualifications to local regulations, as EU regulations say, on electrical installations will differ from those of non-EU nations.

    • avatar

      Tu penses vraiment qu’une personne qui a survecu tellement de choses veut rentrer à son pays après tout? Je pense que nous devons les intégrer tout de suite… Seulement si nous les aidons à devenir citoyen et faire partie de notre societé, ils peuvent être utils pour l’Europe.

    • avatar

      Jean-Pierre ,I think you will find that most are not racist,they simply object to having tens of thousands of uninvited “guests” bullying their way into their countries with the expectation that they will be fed,clothed,educated and all at the expense of others.
      In a previous post I asked one contributor who expressed the same view as you,
      Where should we put these people ? I pointed out that I dont have any spare rooms in my home for any of these migrants,so I ask you, Do you,and are you prepared to hand over your home to those who come uninvited with no identification or papers ? If you havent got room in your home why do you assume others have ?
      It is not about race its about sheer living space,which bit of this do you not see ?

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      @mr Rosa,
      Sounds good, since the EU started I don`t feel European anymore.
      Just an almost 60 years social number, primairy used to pay Dutch and (even more and higher) EU taxes.

      Call me a racist, but I have my own opinion and thinking about issues, instead of joining the EU pont with political froggs all singing the same tune, directed by Berlin.

    • avatar

      @Hans Van Veen
      “primairy used to pay Dutch and (even more and higher) EU taxes.”

      And that right there is the hallmark of the Euroignorant, big on opinion and low on any actual knowledge about the EU. A big bloated sack of hot air, parroting prejudice without any actual grasp of the real world.

      There are no EU taxes.

  7. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    How can the problem be solved?
    1 – Define the current problem;
    2 – Define the current problem for each EU country;
    3 – Build an action plan for each EU country;
    … and then:
    4 – List the real causes (go as far back as necessary);
    5 – Define the future problem;
    6 – Take measures to avoid the humanitarian problem in the future.
    7 – Last but not least – gather the political will to do the above.

  8. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Easy; Legalise marijuana….. or cancel any form of social assistance for both locals and refugees and start a survival of the fittest economy… then we can get rid of all the useless slobs we have :) and be the best economic performing nation. Once we’ve done that, we can go to the countries the fugees are coming from and make them into our new holiday resorts once Putin’s made the whole area a giant sandpit.

    • avatar

      that is cruel heartless and stupid. you would be the first useless slob they get rid off !your idea will only lead to the destruction of humanity .

  9. avatar
    Dionìs KC

    Inform EU citizens about what refugees really need. Differently from people from other countries helping refugees, example Jordan or Turkey, citizens of the EU label them first as settlers or at least long term immigrants, creating with this a lot of unnecessary tension. With this label they give them, they end up neglecting what being a refugee is all about, which is needing a safe place/country during the war going on in home country, or during a persecution they are subject to (even when there is no war). What a refugee decides to do after the danger in his home country is finished, that is another phase which has different rules. The apparent lack of definitive rules also creates misconceptions for EU citizens on what to expect from this situation.

  10. avatar
    Nuno Oliveira

    Peace on middle east, with humanitarian and diplomatic support. A worlwide diplomatic summit in the region with the UN that would not be over until a solution is reached.

  11. avatar
    Anna Garner

    Prioritise! Mothers and children elderly, disabled, handicapped will and shall be sheltered… men should go back and fight for their country! Simple!

  12. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    How i would solve refugee crisis?
    Buy tickets for them and send them to US.
    They responsible for chaoes in Middle East (*don’t pretend that you don’t know that).
    “Arab spring” is their “fruit of succees”, so they should take them.

  13. avatar
    Joao Vaz

    We have so many empty buildings and villages in Portugal, why not not to take more of them ?

  14. avatar
    Jane Payet

    My friends its easy we create Kibbutz like they did in Israel with their own people

    • avatar
      Vicky P.

      Suggest ways to stop them at the Southern European borders in Italy and Greece (thousand miles at sea)!!!! What do you suggest???

  15. avatar
    Hugo Viriato Conceicao

    By putting all “refugees” back to their countries! Most of them are not from Syria so its easy ;) Or send them to America since was America who create all problems in Middle East.

  16. avatar
    catherine benning

    Send every one back to their country of origin or to a holding camp close to their country of origin and tell them to apply for refugee status once they can prove who they are and where they are from ‘legitimately.’

    Alternatively take an island in the med and ship them to it via warships and process them there. They are illlegal, they entered Europe illegally and we should not be accepting those who do not adhere to European law or believe they can ignore it.

    Additionally, all those from outside Europe who are in European jails for whatever crime they have been proven to have committed should likewise be returned to their country of origin. And if they destroyed their papers and have no identification, then send them to whatever country they say they came from.

    Our jails are too full of non European criminals and taking them into Europe will only exacerbate the influx just the way it has to date. We do not owe the world a living off of our taxes. We do owe a living to Europeans who fall on hard times. And I mean genuine born here Europeans, not pretend Europeans as we have in the UK. The pretend British who end up in Cuba for example and clearly are not and never were British.

    This crazed madness being carried out by our governments at EU request is creating a backlash that will annihilate Europe. Smash the union we have so far set up. Is this what you juvenile fools with idealistic lunacy want to produce. If not, get up off your butts and move now. The duty you owe is to the European Union and its people, not to the flim flam from other shores.

    • avatar

      Very well said

  17. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    It’s a disgrace. What are they doing in Europe and not the OPEC countries, rich oil countries help them and take then in. Or do they have some plans for Europe???? Really out with the truth!!!

  18. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    First of all….find out who is behind them,who is giving them money and weapons,who is making a big profit secretely… makes war go round…money ,profits , are the nerves of war.

  19. avatar
    Tgame Bond

    War us business for the western countries. produce gun for sell …No war gun business will stop. America & European ( UK key factor are responsible ..For this problems

  20. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    Simple – number1 is a must – STOP the flow of migrants from nigeria and other african counties from the south of europe AND the same from Syria and east turkey from the east of europe. It os impossible to solve anything until “THIS FLOW” continues!

  21. avatar
    Abanob Luiz William

    Collecting money from the affected countries and buying a greek Island for them. Two Problems solved. The refugees have a new home and greek some money :)

    • avatar
      Vicky P.

      How ‘clever’ indeed!! Some Greek islands are inhabited by the local population.The uninhabited ones – that you suggest Europeans buying- are either too small or simple rocky places with a few trees in the middle of the Aegean or the Ionian sea. Nobody can live there, let alone millions of refugees! Stop saying things without doing some basic research first!

    • avatar

      Very well said Constantinescu,I completely agree with you,and I have huge sympathy with countries on the Front line like Greece, Italy . Freedom of movement should only apply to those who respect frontiers and provide correct documentation.
      Bullying your way into another persons country by sheer force of numbers is an invasion,no other term can apply.
      Unconditional return to their country of origin where they should apply through the correct channels,including proof of nationality.

  22. avatar
    Diana Goldenstorm

    All along for some years now I scream my head off that the refugee crisis are the consequences of war and that they have to be stopped. All along I yell that the Security Council of the UN have to come into an arrangement, letting aside the ‘conventional’ and historical, and whatever have you, animosities which are basically between the US and Russia and their allies, and AGREE to stop the wars in Minor Asia from Iraq to Syria and Palestine and Israel. Then, perhaps then, and after some billions are availed for rebuilding the shuttered lands, the refugees would go back to reclaim peace. It is not as difficult as it sounds!!!!!

  23. avatar

    1. Get rid of Bashar al-Assad.
    2. Kick out Russia from Syria.
    3. Smoke ISIS.
    1. Join Putin army and terminate Bashar al-Assad moderate opposition.
    2. Allow Putin to control the flow of refugees toward Europe and ISIS terrorist activities against europeans.
    3. Acting like nothing happened.

  24. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    Ask, and provoke Martin Schulz, to pay the price for the so called TUTORIAL. This would be the only way to understand the actual “what to do” syndrom !

  25. avatar
    Paolo Viti

    I’m sorry people but this a problem created by the European Community! Soon the situation will be completely out of control! What you want me to say as already the situation is creating enormous problems and a lot of resentments flying around! They are simply too many!

  26. avatar
    Blind Buddy Blues

    There are only two solutions. That are actually one. Peace & equality. No peace, no equality, no justice, no solutions. People are gonna keep escaping from places WE made unliveable. No way. We better understand that, because, folks, it’s already Too late

    • avatar
      Demeter D.

      People aren’t equal. One is black, the other is white. One is stupid, the other is smart. It is up to these people to rebuild their countries. It is up to the USA who started most of the wars in the Near East.

    • avatar

      WE have not made the Arab world unlivable. Arab dictators, oligarchs, religious fanaticism and sectarian militancy have.

  27. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Sorry, but none of the different spectra & members in the EP presented here, have a compact & solid solution! Not impressive– not worth a vote!

    • Once the EU is confronted with unforeseen & unplanned events- its weaknesses show up. Order, common sense & balance vanish- EU bureaucrats can find nothing in their rule book to recite, only boring, unattractive goody, holy pc talk.

    • For the EU to copy or duplicate UN regulations & already laid down guidelines- established by many good people in the past- is a waste, because all regulations do exist- somebody must just coordinate & implement them- in cooperation with the UN!

    • In the end, it all comes down to costs ($). How much is affordable & reasonable to burden Member states with & how to split the eventual total costs. Not human quotas, but financial quotas.

    • The existing UN rules are clear. War refugees to be guided & to seek shelter in the nearest safe country. No picking & choosing or opportunistic escapes by con immigration or migration- exploiting the chaos & setting dangerous precedence’s! Too difficult & costly to rectify later!

    • All discussions, solutions & decisions agreed to be held at UN level- not by an unprepared EU in consternation & chaos.

    • In the case of the Syrian civil war, immediate neighbors like Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon and/or other willing countries need all monetary assistance available- collected & managed by the UN. Global cooperation & pooling assistance to build all required infrastructure suitable for new refugee cities- for the expected numbers & the estimated time duration of such wars.

    * Prevent, do not instigate wars. Stop with regime chance & dirty politics. All such instigators to be summonsed to the International Court of Justice.

    • EU outer border countries like Greece & Italy need total EU support- financed from an available European disaster fund. Personnel reinforcements to be seconded voluntary or paid for from all over the EU to assist- to erect screening, registration, repatriation centers & holding shelters. Not a chaotic ping pong pilgrimage across a flabbergasted Europe.

    • To confuse & compromise such situation with an infamous EU “labor shortage” (10%-12% existing unemployment) or the infamous EU fear of an “aging EU” is totally misplaced and a separate issue. Countries with such fears have ample opportunities to publicize, recruit & select the right caliber workers over time!

  28. avatar
    Ferdy Araujo

    Send them all to the rich countries they wanna live in. It is where they are going to anyway quota or no quota imposed.

  29. avatar
    Randall Paul

    go to the source and straighten up there governments with sanctions on trade if they dont get with a humanitarian program

  30. avatar
    Filippo De Pillis

    Maybe with the annihilation of all religions, creation of industries and economic growth in the Middle East and a more serious and United Europe. Oh and go vegan. That will help.

  31. avatar
    Koblos Arpad Gavrila

    Mit keres az azsiai,vagy afrikai menekult europaba?Hogy johet be a zoldhataron iratok nelkul?Ez vizioszeru,egy rossz alom.Tuntetni kell minden orszagba,hogy akik ezt csinaltak mondjanak le.

  32. avatar
    Koblos Arpad Gavrila

    Mit keres az azsiai,vagy afrikai menekult europaba?Hogy johet be a zoldhataron iratok nelkul?Ez vizioszeru,egy rossz alom.Tuntetni kell minden orszagba,hogy akik ezt csinaltak mondjanak le.

  33. avatar

    Refugees are protected by international law – it is therefore our duty, as civilized people, to provide them with asylum and to intervene and make their countries safe again for them to return to. The first is relatively easy. The second is not because their homelands are seriously screwed up.
    We must start with guarding the EU borders. Arrest, detain and deport those entering illegally. Trafficking, illegal entry and benefits shopping MUST be discouraged at all costs. Introduce an EU wide plan for the relocation and integration of refugees based on the ability of each state to handle them. Airlift genuine refugees from camps to Europe in an organized fashion. Cooperate with neighboring countries to improve conditions in the existing refugee camps, create new ones if necessary and help finance them.
    Those who have already come to Europe illegally must be weeded out. The bogus ones and the trouble makers should be swiftly deported or forced to leave (by denying them benefits and working permits). The rest should be strongly encouraged to integrate because it would be naive to believe they will return to their homelands after five or ten years in Europe. The French example of banning burqas, niqabs and the rest from public places should be adopted by the entire EU. Religious fanaticism and sectarian violence must be dealt with ZERO tolerance. That’s why we pay to have jails.
    And, finally, decisions must be made democratically. Merkel is using the economic clout of Germany to strong-arm everybody into accepting her ill conceived, emotionally laden and catastrophic policies. Europe cannot be the refugee camp of the planet and neither can it be the global unemployment office. There’s a limit to everything. The trouble is, if you’re a self centered, delusional and sheltered from the real world fat cat politician -like Merkel and most EU leaders are- your limits differ from those of the ordinary taxpayer.

  34. avatar
    Xavier Schoumaker

    It’s not an “EU” problem, it’s a global problem. We need to stop giving money to Saudi Arabia (ISIS, Al-Qaeda & Boko Haram are all Wahhabi derivatives). And stop to ignore human rights, otherwise the very basis of the EU (the fundamental rights) is worth nothing. We have to stop the spread of autocratic leaders in the EU using immigration as an excuse to de-democratise society, it has to STOP.

  35. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    They are not refugees but illegal migrants or travellers (in the case of transit countries), the majority of them being very aggressive men, including criminals and terrorists who are a grave security threat to the whole EU. A small number are women and children. They are refugees only when they go into a country bordering a conflict, i.e. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan. In Europe they are NOT refugees, especially when their applications for asylum have not even been considered. They keep on coming because Merkel invited them. Until EU continues to follow Merkel’s misguided and short-sighted policy of “everybody welcome”, people will continue to arrive and the problem will not be solved on a European level – simply because more will be encouraged to come (and die on the way), so the situation can only become worse. At the moment, unfortunately, EU has not changed this approach and still through its actions and the words of its politicians, is inviting more migrants. This is why individual countries should try and save themselves through adopting and applying their own policies, such as closed borders and fences, for example. In this way migrant flow will shift to those who are welcoming them with open arms, calling everyone “refugee” (before even knowing who they are) and who refuse to acknowledge the severity of the threat they pose. Also, EU cannot demand from governments to provide illegal migrants with everything (for free) and treat them better than its own citizens – this is discrimination against Europeans and will only increase the problem. So the solution is for Merkel to understand that she is wrong (or step down) and for the EU to stop following her approach and be wiser. Listen more to countries who have already experienced foreign occupations, especially forced Islamic rule, such as Hungary and Bulgaria, for example. Otherwise, the same fate will reach others. It took Bulgaria 500 years and the help of Russia to gain its freedom from the barbaric, Islamic State-like rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1878. Bulgarians are strongly against another invasion by aggressive Muslims, regardless of what Merkel or EU think. Experience is everything.

    28/08/2017 Boldizsár Nagy, Associate Professor of International Relations at the Central European University in Hungary, has responded to this comment.

  36. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    First of all we have to understand the “crisis” as an opportunity for us “rich” Europeans to give back the wealth that we have made from exploiting the rest of world. Its also an opportunity to overcome fear of the strange and unknown and to learn to live on this Earth together, overcoming fences, protection etc. Also we should forbid the industries that make profit from the weapons they sell to these countries and shut up in one room all the involved parties until they have found a solution without killing eachothers. And this in general from the beginning of a war or conflict, not after the country is compleately destroyed. (ok, I know, that we people on earth are so stupid we will never be able to do this). All the money that is spent on people that had to flee from their homes and for protection of castle Europe could be given to start to erase injustice in the world (another utopic solution, who of us “rich” people is willing to equalize wealth on earth).

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Madam, while you are not wrong highlighting the exploitation’s of the past- today’s world has changed and the average European will show little understanding that e.g. a Leopold II of Belgium massacred 10 mio Africans in the Congo and amassed an immense PERSONAL fortune in the process. What a “coincidence” that Brussels today has been chosen the “capital” of the EU- while some are being reminded of such unenviable past- every time Brussels or Belgium in association with the EU is mentioned!

      Even the rich today wish to become richer- opposing every move for a more equitable & progressive tax system. Inventing loopholes & trying to avoid tax altogether. Such message should be addressed to the Royal European & global elites first. These elites will never come up with a solution- destructive to their lifestyles- isn’t that what today’s struggle is all about? Designing a “modern & subtle Congo all over”- on a global scale!

      Personal generosity & charity should remain personal and separated. Sovereign government responsibilities to their voters are different & based by sharing their “tithing” brought into their “storehouse” fair, square & just- to be spend on their community needs first & foremost!

      While feeling compassion with all genuine refugees- the next option available is: instead to encourage to empty the middle east & integrate the “majority” of Arab Muslim into Europe (destroy Europe in the process)- why not take Europe’s “Secularism” & structures to the Arab world instead? All with the peoples consent, UN assistance & peacefully! They all say Europe is so wonderful- time for drastic changes!

      Just imagine the burden per 1 mio refugees being housed in cold Europe according to “first” world SOCIAL standards. It is estimated to cost ~€15 billion per year- paid from our “storehouse”! Or King Leopold II & his storehouse?

      George Soros demands EU to accept 1 Million Refugees- as “punishment” for the EU chaos! And we citizen are forced to pay up and have to take responsibility for a EU/US Suzerain mess- causing all that chaos?

      “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion…”- never ever by force from a Suzerain! Yes Mr. Soros, set an example & finance what you propose!

  37. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Behind every single EU issue- looms its creator’s ghost and a big DILEMMA! Driven by its breathless desire that Europe via the EU should/must become ONE country (eventually)- why should it? Is there still a political necessity to avoid a war between European sovereign nations in 2015? NO- this pretext has fallen away- the cards are differently stacked today!

    The present middle eastern wars & resultant refugee crises highlights this problem- that the EU & EEA is NOT one country, but morphed into a NWO dream by a group of (well known) empire builders, a concept, club, somehow a legal entity, a representative body, supporter of multilateralism- acting as “meeter- greeter- sometimes speaker for 28 Members” at the global scene & UN! Is there not an alternative- better one? Those who seek- will find one!

    The EU cannot be a UN member and has only observer status. Only sovereign countries have UN membership and a vote. The EU is an unfortunate premature born political baby on permanent life support!

    Has the EU ever received a mandate from all its EU Members to speak on their behalf in the UN? Y/N?

  38. avatar
    Siegfried Kobler

    Are they citizens of European countries?NO, so close the border to them, enforce it with border guards but send the military if necessary to assist, and the use of deadly force must be authorised if people storm the border in an effort to destroy the borders order like what we are seing right now. Im serious, shoot to kill, once a half dozen people get shot and its all over the news the message will be received loud and clear and that is dont come,you have no chance to enter, and if you try it you will face the consequences. Our way of life is wonderful, we are free, democratic and safe, but understand this everything has a limit, a point where it can be threatened, these refugees come from a alien culture and religion, in their countries christians are persecuted and killed, they cant live in peace in their own countries and there are already increasing signs in France,Germany,UK,Netherlands,Belgium,Switzerland etc. that they are repeating the same mistakes in the European countries that take them up, if the decision is helping them and risking our freeom and peace vs closing the border I say close the border, lets face the criticism, lets accept to be called bad names as long as our countries dont become like the countries that these people are escaping from.

  39. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    After learning about the targets of the American-led coalition, now I know that the refugee flow will not stop until USA stops bombing Syria and Iraq. Many have asked “Why now?”, regarding the refugee crisis. The answer is simple – because for a whole year the coalition has been systematically destroying civilian infrastructure such as power plants, water stations, bridges and other installations which are vital for the population. USA has been depriving town after town and village after village from electricity, water, sewerage, transport links and means to provide food and medical supplies. This made life impossible for people, so they decided to leave. Regardless of any measures adopted by EU to stop the migrant flow, they will not work until the USA-led coalition stops its air strikes over vital civilian infrastructure. This is an absolute must, otherwise more people will be leaving for Europe. No one can live without electricity, water and food. USA is only creating a humanitarian crisis with its actions, it is the main reason for the refugee exodus in 2015. EU and the international community need to pressure and force USA to stop its bombing campaign in the Middle East! Otherwise, prepare for millions more migrants to come!

    • avatar

      is that latest news from putin’s tv channel/

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova


    • avatar
      Chris Grills

      And Russia is not bombing…Please

  40. avatar
    Goksun Birgül

    if european countries stop to give arms to ethnic terror groups and create civil war in the other countries you won’t have refugee crisis but still europeans continue to give arms and funds terror groups with europeans tax money

  41. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    The World Leading states must take care that wars are avoided. The UN is in responsibility for peace. We need Religions, political Systems which allows people to live together. We need a new, global discussion about how states must be organised. Democracy is a human right. this ia the challenge for 3rd millenium. But all over the World we go into a direction of hegemony, or dictatories. A very dangerous development, because conflict will become drivers, not cooperation, and tolerance. Discuss this different ways. Cooperation must win. . Fear is not the good, human way.

  42. avatar
    Helena Gonçalves

    Don’t close the borders, neves. Te hospitality os a duty, we have the obligation to give to te refugees a home. If we don’t do receive them, we are not civilized people at all. The history give us lessons. And today they need us, tomorrow it will be the contrary. This countries were the refugee for so many people at the second great war. Today is our turn…I agree with the philosophers like Levinas and J.Derrida about the idea of hospitality, and the ethic of hospitality. This must be unconditional and after that we must trust in our criativity to build solutions.

    • avatar

      Agreeing with philosophers wont create room in a country that has finite resources,Germany is very rapidly becoming divided over the recent decision by Merkel to open its borders to so many .Hospitality only works if there is “room at the inn” overcrowding creates tension,aggression and violence.
      What is happening in Europe is akin to a very large group of squatters battering down Your front door and taking up residence in your home without an invitation.
      You can dress it up how you like but people who have no documents cannot prove where they come from and cannot be trusted to tell the truth….Why ?
      Because they have a vested interest in NOT going home,its very simple.

  43. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    The €3 billion going to Turkey could be better spent policing land and maritime border(s) between Europe and Turkey.

    €3 billion would easily pay for permanent maritime Naval presence…playing big role in circumnavigating people-traffickers and people-smugglers illegal business in swamping Europe with economic-migrants, political-refugees and asylum-seekers.

  44. avatar
    Nikolas Lodakis

    I think Mr. Foufoutos is offering the best solution together with the EU leaders. For more info about him contact your local MP.

  45. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    The goal is to ensure the safety and order at national borders and at the EU border at the same time provide treatment humane of emigrants and do not slam the door on people who are victims of regional conflicts Stop War in Syria

  46. avatar

    The EU doesn’t “face a refugee crisis” but a migration crisis. Alreday the use of the term is here an attempt to manipulate public opinion and hence doomed to fail. This adds to the already existing legitimazy crisis of the EU establishment. The only politicians who are gaining are those like Victor Orban in Hungary, because his kind recognize reality and responsibility for Europe.

    The deals now under negotiation with Turkey seem to become another betrayal of the hard working EU taxpayers (Turkey already receives Billions of pre-accession funds.) Instead we would need a rigorous regime of the EU external borders, something we were promised when joining Schengen. A state, a political Union who is not able to protect its borders has lost its raison d’etre. Or in another word “surrender monkeys”. This is certainly not the EU promised in 1992 (Maastricht) and 2002 (Constitutional Convention). By the way, it is probably the first time that many people in the West are glad that the EU has members like Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland who are resisting to join the walk of the lemmings lead by Angela Merkel, the German Chancler.

  47. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    As i see it there are two options here,(1) We continue with the present insane policy of allowing anybody who makes it to the borders of the E.U to simply cross over various countries until they reach the rich northern nations.(2) Or we face up to the fact that this so-called European unity is a myth and every country is just in it for what they can get out of it.So as long as places like Italy and Greece know the migrants are just passing through there is no incentive for them to close their borders,if France and Austria were to close their borders with Italy and Macedonia and Bulgaria do the same with Greece it will force those two nations do deal with any migrants at the point of entry as the Dublin agreement set out.

    • avatar

      Many of the islanders in Greece are profiting from the migrants and therefore have no real incentive to stop the flow. In addition, Greece’s leftist government are open border advocates and as long as the vast majority of the migrants are just passing through they don’t care.
      The migrant crisis -and particularly the way it has been handled by the German government- has exposed the democratic deficit in the EU. Merkel acts like an empress and does not give a damn what a large number of her constituents and the majority of the rest of Europeans think. “We can do it” she says, now here’s the bill, pay up.
      Thanks, but no thanks. This is no European Union, this has become a German empire. We fought two world wars to not have one.

    • avatar
      Mike Oxlittle

      What i meant to put is that it’s now basically every country for itself,the only way to stop the invasion in the Balkans is to stop the ferries from the Greek islands to the mainland,effectively trapping the migrants on the islands where the agencies and charities can take care of them,once the word get’s back to Turkey the hundreds of thousands still waiting to cross will probably not risk the journey and a lot of poor Turkish people traffickers will lose a lot of money.

    • avatar

      I totally agree with Duke. But there is another aspect to this. That these people risk their lives to get to Germany. Germany could process their asylum applications in Turkey and let them travel to Germany in safety so that Germany can get its cheap labour. Germany is exploiting those people too. They are being treated like animals.

  48. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The european leaders should be tried as traitors. They are giving our mother land to inmigrants and open the doors to the turks. Don’t be silly…no matter how much money you give away, migrants will continue to flock into Europe.

  49. avatar

    Interesting that there isn’t an option to vote if one is eurosceptic and believes in border closure,not saying I would go that way but there seems to be a deliberate policy to NOT give people the right to vote in a way that the EU does not want them to vote.
    This is absolutely typical of the Brussels machine

    • avatar
      Paul X

      And even when permitted to vote against the EU’s wishes you are simply told to go away and vote again until you get it “right”

    • avatar

      They don’t give a damn what we think. The EU is pretend democracy. The continentals, and especially the states in the eurozone, have limited options as it would be too complicated to bid Brussels farewell. The UK does and should take the opportunity he referendum offers to leave.

  50. avatar
    Ecs Ferreira

    Priority for no muslins, for those in medle est suffered from muslims intolerance, for couples with childrens

  51. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    The first commitment of a politician is to support his/her own country culture surviving. We are being invaded by people that do not want to integrate, that refuses our laws, and belive in a religion that says they have the task to convert the infidels or kill them. Is this what we are opening our doors? The enemy inside? The misogynists? The supporters of stoning women? The honour killings? The death sentence? The hands cutting? The female genital mutilation? I wonder how Europe will be in a few tens of years. I hope my descendants migrate from here.

  52. avatar

    I put a comment in a few days back. however, today this is not here…obviously, there is no real interest in how the average European wants this artificial crisis resolved and there is no real democracy or freedom of speech. quite the opposite, our views and our will are being actively silenced as being inappropriate/ or something else. would really like to get a comment and an explanation from debating Europe on this. the EU is very obviously living on borrowed time. it no longer represents the views of its citizens.

    • avatar

      nor is it interested in them

  53. avatar

    my latest comment has been posted without the need for moderation. however, my original one, which I have tried to repost, is 2awaiting moderation2. so any comment that contains the m-religion word is being moderated. you figure out for yourselves how democratic this website and the EU which it is supposed to be representing are and whose interests they are protecting. not mine.

  54. avatar

    in any case, I would send all opponents of the M religion back to their countries of origin where that religion is being practiced. thanks.

  55. avatar

    is the word Christian being moderated/

  56. avatar

    no, anyone can say what they want about Christians. you work out the implications of this. await a formal explanation. thanks.

  57. avatar
    Mihai Rusu

    Who agrees with refugees should pay a special tax to for them. Easy to be socialist when your a student and on benefits.

  58. avatar
    Michel Neutz

    Due to the fact that this is an enormous phenomenon that could generate instability on a continent still sensitive on the ethnicity matters and a pretty unstable economic environment, I would suggest that EU should plan funds for renting an important piece of land in a warmer climate country, secure it and isolate it properly, build a decent temporary housing infrastructure, basic social services, build a strong law and order enforcement corp with personnel from entire EU, build a basic non religious educational and administrative system, also with EU personnel and a logistic park with factories for those able and willing to win some more than the daily food. This center should be supposed to be a temporary solution until the conflict is over or until the refugee is able to prove his asylum request. I know it sounds very cynical, but it’s an extraordinary situation and it needs radical solutions.
    About the administration, I would like to mention that unworthy behavior towards the host authorities or towards the countries that they represent, should be punished with deportation in the homeland or, in the situation of not being declared, with complete isolation (prison).

  59. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    First step: make A.Merkel step down from her present position – she has made a “suicidal” decision on her own….the unlimited number of immigrants…..?!? And other EU member states are forced to accept not only total change of life style, culture and security level but also rioting, unrest etc. comung from own citizens–chaos

  60. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    All this is a premeditated and organized plan to destroy Europe and Europeans! This people are not our responsibility! They do not belong here! They have to be sent back to their own country and rebuild it according to their culture and values!

  61. avatar
    Nada Lubay

    Angela Merkel made a terrible mistake by deciding on her own for all the member states of the EU–Citizens of Germany have not consulted before Merkel decided to let the unlimited number of refugees in the EU..Has she ever analyzed the culture, the mentality of people coming from Pakistan, Afganistan,Iraq..their willingness to assimilate into the “Christian” (i.e. multiculturalism, tolerance) civilisation, their stubborn opposition to all “western”…their lack of even elementary education…their proved agressive ways..Angel insisted on “humanity” towards immigrants while in practice denying the same right to own people and other poor, unemployed, homeless, desperate EU citizens…What happened to her allegedly notorious “pragmatism”..? She jumped into a crazy adventure never checking up nor “seeing” warnings coming from Sweden, UK, France etc. which countries suffer under the burden of increased crime rate (from 2% to 34% in Sweden) and open disrespect towards native Swedish and government and media..same happens in UK and is one of causes UKIP wants UK out of the EU…UK doesn’t not want. any immigrant (quote)..Angela says that refugees will solve demographic “problem” in (Germany ? May be there only,,) Croatia which has 4 million inhabitants only and during last few years over 110 thousand mainly university educated young intellectuals left their native country looking for job elsewhere..Croatia has 320.000 blocked consumers (bank loans with extremely high interest rate which same banks do not apply in Germany!) who cannot repay their loans and are at the risk of loosing even their homes..Croatia is hugely indebted..Croatia still has many mine-fields and is still “licking” the wounds from brutal war -the only EU country which was in war after 1945. How come anybody who is able to reason logically expect Croatia to be included in “suicidal” refugee policy of A.Merkel ? Only one who wants Croatia destroyed ! Why ? Croatia’s birth rate is drastically low and still receding—The craziest idea is to “import” different race and culture into 85% Catholic Croatia..Refugees usually have 5 or more children per family….Recently a Crotian was beheaded in Egypt by Isis…Even if Croatian government seems willing to accept refugees – people will revolt…. In 25 years Croatians (Catholics) and other Christian minorities in Croatia would be the minority in their own country–If Turkey gets into the EU–i.e. 75 millions Turks of different culture mentality and religion (beware of religious antagonism on their side , especially people coming from Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq) that would be the end of the European civilization…Refugees (Muslims) do not assimilate (only few may be)…How long and unsuccessful process of integration would be ? Why should one nation give up their tradition, culture, even religion in order to be multicultural and tolerant towards people of different -precisely : non-tolerant. hostile and agressive mentality (proves are found in Sweden, UK.Denmark, France, Italy… This is common knowledge..What has happened to EU “leaders” i.e. to Merkel ? She has no support in her CDU neither in her country–it is only a question of time when “right wings” parties will come to the surface in member states thanks to Merkel’s irresponsible immigration policy…which has cause chaos and revolt…To be humane is absolutely right and just : to take care of refugees and be generous on the territory where refugees do not cause total cultural and religious “upside-down” ? Why do not place them in Arab rich countries, or in Turkey or anywhere in same religious environment where there should not be clashes and conflicts and deep and extreme dislike they feel towards the non-Muslims? Has ever a Christian minority, a church or group been welcomed in their midst ? Ever ? They do not allow Christians into their culture- Christians have to convert if they come to their country…willingly or not …IT IS OBVIOUS THAT A.MERKEL KNOWS LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY AND THAT IS CRUCIAL..She should not hide behind her Balkan war threats –she has caused the problems which she is unable to solve.Let “small and weak” member states find their own wise way out and let A.Merkel and other blind politicians and ignorant brain washed EU citizens hit a wall called reality..(EU is obviously decadent – unable to think and act logically and the situation is MORE THAN ALARMING)

  62. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Send the men 20/40 to fight for their country, and when Syria is in peace, send the rest of the families. As for Irakies and Afgans, they have many safe countries around, a lot nearer then Europe.

  63. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    get out of NATO, stop following USA’s “diplomacy”, keep peace in our neighborhood instead of destabilizing it, stop acting like a few’s profit is every europeans’ sake as it is not. send the male refugees age 18 to 50 that arrived in Europe fight back for their countries under our commandement, they are 20 times more than EI members, just for this 9 months .

  64. avatar
    William Healey

    I’m completely sure the debate will be completely reasonable and not have any borderline fascist suggestions…

  65. avatar
    Dalibor Medvedović

    Stop invited them. This Immigration deregulate Harmonisation, and any contract between countries. We could not help Assad on this way.

  66. avatar
    Rita Barsoumian

    Stop interfering politically by supporting minorities . Financing the few thousand fanatic , and uneducated Muslims supplying them with all the latest equipments and heavy armament .what about the millions of Syrians who were living peacefully? To stop the flow of refugees,leave Syria alone , BASHAR AZAD should and must stay .otherwise the jehadist will continue there massacre of
    Christians with the full support of turkey Saudi and Katharine .

  67. avatar

    People should be able to move or settle wherever they want to, as long as they conform with laws of that place. In order to avoid overcrowding of economic refugees in Europe, the EU should take more aggressive measures to stop corruption in the developing countries. People fleeing war zones must be supported. EU can associate european funds for individual Member States to the number of refugees -from war zones- that settle.

  68. avatar
    Tomasz Mazurek

    hahahaha all these MEPs say same thing: allow people to come.
    Central Europe will never agree to take any significant number of imigrants from Middle East and Africa.
    The only way to stop it is not to create any “programs” but to send military to protect our borders. Navy from different EU member states should patrol Mediterranean Sea and intercept boats with imigrants. Boats along with imigrants should be escorted back out of EU waters to Middle East and Africa.

  69. avatar
    Joaquim M Pinto

    First they sell weapons and destroy there countries rob the oil and then they ask for solutions. Hypocrisy has limits.

  70. avatar
    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    The only solution is integration. This can be done with the resources currently spent mending the financial system. This should be made under the direction of the EU itself. As xenophobia is incompatible with the EU treaties, all xenophobic reactions should be disregarded.

  71. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Control our borders,train young syrians to fight support them in syria with weapons and finance,bring back all boats to turkey,and send good signals

  72. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    All illegal immigrants to be sent back at their countries, it is true that most of them are from Asia and Africa. They want better and easier life. Most of people in Europe are not refugees. Europe is not obligated to take them ,they are of distant countries.It there is still a place of war and conflict they should be sent in the closest country, next to country of their origin.

  73. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    As I always said. Illegal refugees should be deported immediatly. That way this problem was already solved. The fault was from Merkel discurse when she said she was going to accept 1 Million. She should go get them in the refugees fields in Syria

  74. avatar
    مشیر بارسلونا

    “Arbeit Macht Frei”; send them to hard labor, rest would be discouraged. And criminals among refugees like rapists and murderers may be taken to the final solution.

  75. avatar
    Luca Argalia

    Ridiculous question! Stop Isis and send back home all the illegal immigration and guest just the real refugees

  76. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    No pro EU MEP can have a solution because MEP’s are a part of the problem.

    Ending Schengen is the only solution.

  77. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    by not letting them in, and driving back out those who entrered the EU without an official request from a boss which engages in employing them. the imigrants should have a month to get out of EU after their job is finished, prior to this, the jobs a boss can ask an imigrant to come for in EU must have been proposed to EU citizens and returned no available candidat for a while.

  78. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    With assad no christian have been killed,now they are massively killed..with assad father i travelled to syria which was peacefull…i know assad regime was tough but do you really think that middle east countries are ready for democracy??/. Jordan is not really a democracy but us i think that all opponents should negociate with assad and fight IS.

  79. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    France was invaded by germans. We did not escaped.and when we had support of uk and russia and usa then some fought to recover their soverainety.migration is not the solution…never..this call for democracy everywhere brings muslims brothers or islamist to be realistic…

  80. avatar
    Πόπη Γεωργοπούλου

    The solution is victory to syrian army, extermination of islamofascists, some trillion $ compensation to the syrian people, international court for US, public apology. In 1-2 months after that the refugee crisis will be history.

  81. avatar
    Ridwan Kadar

    The refugee those have Negative result for their interview it must be deported immediately, that is the solution of the controlling and minimizing the current flow of middle east and african refugee’s

  82. avatar
    Aleksandrs Frederiks Znovs

    At first, not to let new refugees in. Then to deport all refugees and immigrants who even has a citizenship back to their origin countries, if they have had any single crime, penalty or any intolerant behavior against Europe, European culture, language, white people or any other people who are Europeans, as well in case if these immigrants don’t have a legal workplace and paying taxes. They, who will stay, must be very strictly monitored and after any above mentioned problem deported.

    • avatar

      “Everybody is equal in front of the law.” Ever heard this phrase?

  83. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Send them to NATO camps in the proximity of their countries.
    So they can return home as soon as the crisis clears

  84. avatar

    EU has to help. Not only the politicians with their diplomatic solutions etc. but also every citizen in every EU country, by doing simple things: offer some food, home…WE ARE ALL HUMANS. We could be refugees as well. Every country should accept refugees! Every country has its problems, but that doesn’t mean they cannot sustain a certain percentage of refugees(this is the job of the councils, to create a plan for a fair distribution). Then this percentage of people in each country, could start with help from the people of that country(there are plenty of charitable organisations), their small communities in various places, and each community should have a doctor, a teacher,etc, who is a refugee, and take care especially the children. At the same time, food and water can be provided by organisations, or the government, or simply people who are willing to help. The refugees will have to respect and follow the rules of the country, and begin to learn the language with the help of the natives. That’s how they will integrate. As for the employment, i believe that the natives should have the priority, but that doesn’t mean that the refugees should not be accepted if they have the qualifications. Also they could work on their own to improve their small communities and try to use their skills to find ways to sustain themselves by exchanging services. All these are not a long term solution, because its obvious that Europe won’t be able to help everybody forever and because these people shall return at some point where they belong. To achieve this the politicians have to find a solution that will bring PEACE, either a diplomatic solution or by just using military forces, because this wars have to STOP.

  85. avatar
    Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

    There is a compelling case for dialogue with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil or Daesh), the Taliban,and other insurgent groups to end wars that are driving people into exile. While the US-led coalition and Russian air-strikes may have relatively degraded Isil in Syria, they have not defeated the militant group. Unless the root causes of the refugee crisis are tackled head-on, there is a risk of the problem lasting an entire generation. In Chapter 11 of my book, The Migrant Crisis 2013-2016: How have democracies responded? I make a well-researched case for dialogue with the insurgents to end the crisis.

  86. avatar
    PES Crete Activists scholarships for refugees ..let’s use universities as a life vest let’s create safe and legal paths for young men and women that are fleeing war

  87. avatar

    I don’t think the EU is ready to take in so many uneducated low-skill workers. That being said there’s a thing the EU could do.

    Instead of relocating them in the EU we should create safe zones in syria and libya etc. These zones should be protected by european armies. Also the EU most take care of the aid, we should make sure the refugees have food and warmth.

    By making these safe zones in their own countries we take away the incentive to make the dangerous trip across the sea.

    Starting with just a tentcamp together with these refugees we can build a small village with little houses and try to make that safe zone a new place where instead of being afraid they can work and develop.

  88. avatar
    Alexander Simon

    What we currently see is the vanguard of anticipated migration processes of up to 2 Billion people within the next 20-30 years due to issues of safety, climate changes, water shortage, pollution, starvation and more. So it needs a long term solution beside the current short term solutions / counter actions that are currently being implemented across EU – often specific by nations. Those counteractions including the EU-Turkey deal, closing borders and enforcing asylum laws are rational and necessary but can’t be seen as a final solution measured against the aforementioned dimensions.
    Migration processes anticipated for the next 20-30 years are a global issue, hence need to be addressed globally. So beside the EU further instituions (e.g. UN) and platforms (e.g. G20) need to be involved. EU and its member states need not act as supplicants as other actors are involved or even have contributed to the situation as well. That is no surprise as we live in a globalized multilateral world.
    Preferred course of action should be the goal to solve issues in the regions of origin and migrants shall be involved in those processes. This implies according capacity building on-site but also in safe zones and also in the countries that grant them asylum (meant in the wider sense, also including subsidiary protection etc).
    Safe zones shall be created near the countries of origin. They of course need to adhere to international standards and laws.
    And it needs to be clarified that asylum is temporary, i.e. the goal shall remain to solve the issues in the countries of origin wherever possible while involving the migrants (see above suggestions).
    Some of them of course may succeed in integrating within respective consumption societies and that of course is to be appreciated. However there is no use to consider Europe to be “Utopia” and interpret the “Open Society” some aim for as the ultimate solution providing home and resources “for all” as this will rather lead to precariat than to a successful highly diversified society.
    In fact the EU was promoted to be necessary to protect Europe’s wealth in a globalized world. Now it’s time for EU politicians to redeem that claim.

  89. avatar
    Gyorgy Gajdos

    We very clearly need a common southern border and a common army to manage it. Even if its just 70 thousand people that’s perfect for start. It does not takes more 15 thousand to police the southern Greek, southern Italian and Spanish borders. Doubter countries (eg UK) should be left out from this scheme and we should just get on and get it done for us.

  90. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    What refugees 20%, this is a migration 80% problem!!! Close all borders and allow only “real” refugees to enter! The EU leaders and Merkel are creating a “war” situation that will hit every country in Europe soon!

  91. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Simple! Nearby the refugees have rich country’s with the same culture and the same habits like Arabia, so why the hell they don’t go there? We have nothing in common with that people and worse, we have nothing to offer. No jobs, no money and for sure not a culture that permits his fully integration and happiness.

  92. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    The policy of the open borders done by Greek PM Mr.Tsipras had a big impact for the accumulation of refugees – migrants to the European continent ..This is a big threat to the Western civilisation so we urgently need decent, moderate leaders who recognise this danger and can proudly retell the story of our civilisation. Otherwise, we get unpleasant, immoderate leaders who do it in their own, wrong way then the problem deteriorates…

  93. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    Sent division of tanks with artilery and air support in 8 weeks all if syria is free …free it and sent back the refugees in their own country to live in a country to be rebuilt with internationals funds.same with libya

  94. avatar
    Marinos Ioannou

    All countries have large amounts of land which are empty. Create small cities for the refugees. By keeping them blocked in the borders or by sending them back you don’t solve the issue.let them contribute in the country. Don’t forget.they are not gypsies.they are refugees. They used to have their house.they used to work

  95. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    SIMPLE ! Send them back to Turkey , Tunis and Egypt. They have many hotels and tourists are not going there now , also they can use those hotels until they stop fighting . They did the same in Croatia , when they started fighting all tourists left , they could accommodate refugees in the empty hotels that was in safe areas of Croatia .

  96. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Refugee selection (real refugee, economic migrant without work visa) should take place outside of the EU borders. The relocation and legal travel of real refugees should be coordinated by the UN, internationally, and security checks should be included in the process as other times before in the 20th century.

  97. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    How would I solve the EU refugee crisis?
    Why doesn’t the EU get it?

  98. avatar

    How would I solve the EU refugee crisis?
    Why doesn’t the EU get it?

  99. avatar
    Zbigniew Jankowski

    If they like our type of democracy so much, we should take care of their families, but all those young men should undergo an obligatory military service, after which they should be sent back to their home countries to fight for the same type of democracy that we have in Europe. If they’ll win, they’ll be grateful and we in Europe will have no problem to establish and maintain good relations with them. If they ask why such a solution is best then we have a very simple answer. The type of democracy we currently have in Europe cost millions of lives in the last century wars. That is how it was established and sometimes that is the only way.

  100. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    By sending all illegal immigrants back at home.Lets be not stupid, real refugees are minority, the other are economic illegal immigrants that wanna invade our cities.

  101. avatar
    Ricardo Nuno

    Stop aiding the two major problems of the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Israel and demanding both to fullfill all international agreements and laws. Would be a much safer world.

  102. avatar
    Sofia-Maria Prentou

    Stop making the Middle East West’s punching bag!! It is unstable mainly because of West Europe and USA’s interventions over the decades. Let’s remember how the Talibans became Talibans in the first place. This hypocrisy really astounds me!

  103. avatar
    Thomas Hou

    What crisis? Europe is born thanks to migrations. Racism is the crisis, not immigration.

  104. avatar
    Konstantinos Anst

    Stop messing with their countries and instead try to fix the situation there so that they don’t have many reasons to leave in the first place.

    But even if that happens (who knows when), there are hundreds of millions of potential migrants and by no means should they be just let in uncontrolled. This will become a timing bomb for Europe, metaphorically and literally.

  105. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    By deleting any messages written on here that does not agree with page monitors predefined pro EU opinion ?

  106. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    1. Open the borders. 2. Build more “another-culture” place of worship, 3. Free flats and houses for every migrants family. 4. More free social benefits for migranst. 5. Free cable and satelite TV (with free porn chanells) for all migrants (with 50“ good brand LED TV). 6. Free “PS 4” for everyone migrants. 7. Free and donated by social benefits family reunifications 8. Free new car for everyone migrants male. 9. Tolerating theft, beatings, minor crimes – the presumption of innocence of immigrants. 10. As the promotion of minorities 51% of the vote in national parliaments for immigrants.

  107. avatar

    Step one: let’s stop invading their countries.

    You’ll be surprised how many people want to stay in their own homes if they are not risking their lives.

  108. avatar
    Sandu Leiter

    I suggest that, starting from what a reffugee status means, european countries should join their forces financially and hire a certain surface of land in a secure and warm country where to build a number of camps for refugees in order to provide them decent conditions of life and safety from outside and, obviously, from inside. These camps should be armed guarded by an multinational military force and in the same way should function the in camp police force. The law applyable should be a commonly agreed european law. These camps will function for as long the conflict in the countries in crisis persists and at the end of that conflicts their purpose will be accomplished.

  109. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    That’s because many of the country in
    the Southern Globe should became a Desertification as soon as possible.
    By this.. many of these refugees lost their job alongside the fields and farms as well.and the agriculture
    will dropping out.
    It’s time to move until is
    too late.

  110. avatar
    Gabriella Anderson

    Since this is really NOT a refugee crisis, i wouls seal the borders of the EU watertight. People who are really refugees should apply for entry permits to the choice of their destination from the next safe country, e.g. Turkey Exactly how it was done previously. Why would the middle easterners enjoy previliges over other nation’s economic migrants? The other solution: the west should stop its forceful democracy export and its wars and justuce over other nations.

  111. avatar

    This is a great opportunity for Europe to increase the population growth that it will desperately need in the future. We should definitely integrate refugees via jobs that Europeans need, such as farming for example. BUT we should ONLY accept those willing to accept our culture as it is, this means that if a refugee starts to try to impose their religion (such as the hijab) he/she will get DEPORTED. At the same time we need 0 tolerance with these people when it comes to crime, you do a crime you get out, as simple as that, if they don’t have respect for our culture and society then they have no place in the EU.

  112. avatar
    James Jasaki

    the clash of civilization…Europe will rue the day it allowed these much Muslims into its territories.

  113. avatar
    Darco Tania

    Stop the war. Stop conflicts.. Everyone should have the right to live in his /her own country..

  114. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Make every country take in 5% of its population a year of refugees. If Libanon can take 40% then we Ritch Europeans cam take 5-10%. To make it cheaper all of the refugees out of war or unrest regions get automatically citizenship. Put the proofburden on the government that they not need asylum an not on the refugee.

    Also includes environment as a valid reson of refugee.

    Move the hole process to Eu so they are applying asylum to eu. Eu will handel the papers. Then is it mutch cheaper and efficient than having every country doing it.

  115. avatar
    Irena Leibovici

    By helping them to have back a home in their own country . Most of them are not feeling well where they arrived !

  116. avatar
    Cristina Powell

    Anyone in the right mind understands that there wouldn’t be a crisis if the West would’ve kept their nose out of Libia, Syria and the rest, but the cheap oil and gases are needed at any cost, yet we are led to believe otherwise.
    Yesterday Afganistan, today Syria tomorrow Iran …..Until westerners stand together united against war there will be no peace!

    05/06/2018 Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, has responded to this comment.

    05/06/2018 Mitchell Belfer, Director of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre, has responded to this comment.

    05/06/2018 Ali Vaez, Iran Project Director for the International Crisis Group, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar

      you are completely correct.

  117. avatar
    Ştefan Schindele

    Rebuild the bombed towns and secure them for the residents until the plans for the resolution of the armed conflict are drafted, put to motion and proven fruitful.

  118. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    Bring back Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi…with them on power there would be no refugees, islamic populations needs military tyrants to keep their religious genocidal agenda in check.

    • avatar

      very correct

  119. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    End Schengen, put back ‘real’ borders between Nation States = migrant problem solved.

  120. avatar
    Andreia Fonseca

    European factories of guns, weapons and other type of war equipment should be forbitten to sell them to middle east and arabic countries. The surrounding countries as Saudi arabia have been feeding this conflict. Our society should not be oil driven. The haunger for cheap oil motivated the iraq war and destroyed a country starting a dangerous dominó. We should punish the creators of this dominó. The responsible European and American leaders should be trialed in the Hague.

  121. avatar
    Isabelle Ancelet

    Taking them back their country, instead of staying there to beg for, waiting to take the power thanks to their number. The Kurds did not flee and fight ISIS with success. Are the Syrians less good-for-nothing than a Kurds. Apparently, yes!

  122. avatar
    Christine Kokka

    1. Creating war, so as to get cheap workers – migrants is not only idiotic, but also immoral, distorted and unscrupulous.
    2.Stop all negotiations with Erdoğan.Spend the same amount of money and even more as humane aid to the bombarded cities. Put an end to this foolish war for good and re- build their cities. YES. Rebuild them. And send the migrants BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY.
    3.No refugees to be allowed to enter the Greek sea borders.The moment they approach, ANY TIME OF DAY AND NIGHT -24h surveillance – they are immediately sent back to Turkey.This way they cannot plea for asylum, according to the Dublin III agreement.

  123. avatar
    Andre Lopes

    Stop spending money in wars. Stop treating people with you excell sheet. Stop overanalising the obvious. Be human instead of political source of the problem. Isis is not the problem, it is a part of the problem. Refugees are people, keep that in your agenda……….

  124. avatar
    Iván Marsh Whateley

    Europe should stop bombing their countries… if someone makes an attentat just judge him don t bomb a country related… invest in education here to avoid racism and corruption and there to avoid radicalisation.

  125. avatar
    Pedro Pinheiro Augusto

    Stop the wars, make the peace, give money, tools and materials for rebuild, launch agricultural and industrial start ups. Give give give back all you’ve taken.

  126. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    Stop destroying their homes. Educate own populace to prevent outbursts of ignorance, racism and violence, ensure a future for those that are already here so they will have a reason and motivation to assimilate. Oh, and prioritise the country’s own people first. Repairing the roof of a building will solve nothing if the foundations are crumbling.

  127. avatar
    Yanni Sfyrides

    a) Βy safe guarding EU borders- especially huge sea borders of Greece b) by treating illegally border transpassing refugees in such way -sending them back immediately-that ia message goes to future comers c) by implementing a strategic plan , how many people EU need as woerkers etc and accepting equal number of refugees and treat them well, house,job , social security etc.Of course we should treat all refugees that are already here with great care, they are mothers,children,sick people etc.BUT A MESSAGE SHOULD BE SENT ACROSS THE SEA- SEE ALSO AUSTRALIAN POLICY IN THIS MATTER!

  128. avatar
    Boyko Vesselinov

    Walls at external borders, strict enforcement of constitutional duty of guarding national borders.

  129. avatar
    Kristian Dawson

    We need to work on global inequality. We need to bring the standard of living up in all countries – as we see other peoples problems are becoming our own because we live an integral world. We need to stop pursuing violent foreign policies and we need to start kicking people like George Soros out of politics.

  130. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Stop wars (stop selling them weapons, ammo) and change legislation to stop encourage illegal migration. The relocation of real war refugees should be coordinated internationally by the UN, all others should get visas or go to the consulates to take care of the paperwork. This indiscriminate influx of crowds is madness, and real refugees suffer the most as a result.

  131. avatar
    Bart Vd B

    Here’s a weird idea: Hold those who made them refugees responsible….

  132. avatar
    Asuman Keleşoğlu

    Silah satislarini ve teröristlere destek verilmezse,bu ülkelerde ic savaş cikarilmazsa,kimse vatanini terketmez.,,mülteci durumuna düşüp aşağilanmaz.Bir zamanlar onlarinda evleri normal hayatlari vardi.Neden bu duruma düştüler,,,bunlari sorgulamak lazim.oralarda savas durursa herkes Vatanlarina döner.

  133. avatar
    Christian Morresi

    In my opinion, we need a Common European Asylum System to speed up the examination of asylum requests and the repatriation of those whose who do not get the status. The EU should negotiate repatriation agreements with other countries and ensure a stable and cooperative environment in the MENA countries. Those who get the status, instead, should be relocated within the EU according to quotas. Countries should be able to swap compulsory quotas with additional contributions.

  134. avatar
    Massimo Pesavento

    You just can’t “solve” this crisis.

    as long as those people will be able to solve simple calculations, they will see the pros and the cons of migrating.

    And every other problem they’ll have to face if migrating is just nuts if, on the “pros” side, you read “avoid certain death”

    As long as there will be a wealth difference / more well-being in europe than in africa or asia or anywhere, migration will always occur.

    Only a diffused and distributed wealth/well-being will be able to stop this crisis.

    Of course it stars with making any war stop.

  135. avatar
    Horea Scalat

    Here’s a novel idea: scale down the welfare state or dismantle it completely, thereby getting rid of the major incentive for immigration it represents. Allow free movement of labour across national borders for those who actually are interested in working, let the market decide whether or not their skill-set is required or not.

  136. avatar
    Takis Karpoutzoglou

    if we stopped calling them “refugees”,there wouldn’t be a “refugee” crisis. they are simply people who have relocated in the global village. very much like any other expatriate does regularly.if they get any special treatment that’s tangent to ethnic discrimination or to privilege. if they get special treatment, then everyone will want the same privileges. they pushed of course the old kyphotic german cow to approve of some extra funds, but this humanitarian business is rather unprostestant… just call them syrian “expatriates”, stop spending EU taxpayers’ money on hot-spots, that benefit only a handful of developers and for the rest let them learn the ropes and figure out what they’ll do for a living in the context of EU laws (burkini notwithstanding)

  137. avatar
    Krystian Krawczyk

    We must build European Armed Forces, European Border Guard and the Union shall have exclusive legislative power with respect to: freedom of movement, passports, residency registration and identity cards, immigration, emigration and extradition; protection by the European Police Office (Europol) against the dangers of international terrorism when a threat transcends the boundary of one Member State, when the jurisdiction of a Member State’s police authorities cannot be perceived, or when the highest authority of an individual Member State requests the assumption of european responsibility;

  138. avatar
    Hector Niehues-Jeuffroy

    Here’s what I would do:
    (1) Zero tolerance for illegal immigration. If a person immigrates into Europe without valid documentation, he or she should be interned, given food, shelter and emergency healthcare, have his fingerprints and other identity marks be registered and be sent back to the last country it came from. Likewise, the acquisition of citizenship should be revocable ex post for up to 10 years after immigration if the initial immigration turns out to have been illegal. If the same person repeatedly tries to immigrate, first send her to jail and then deport her.
    (2) Reform the process to apply for asylum. If a person is persecuted because of his/her political views, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., that person should only be able to apply for asylum at EU members’ foreign embassies and never in Europe. This removes the incentive for asylum seekers to cross the Mediterranean to seek refuge in Europe. Coordinate across EU members to streamline applications, i.e., make it possible to apply for asylum in any EU country at any European embassy (but let the process be handled by the respective administrations).
    (3) War refugees aren’t entitled to asylum, but they are entitled to humanitarian assistance. Greatly increase aid flows to countries who shelter refugees (e.g. Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon) in order to alleviate the burden of supplying the refugees, but ensure that the aid reaches the refugee camps and doesn’t trickle into foreign officials’ pockets. If possible, try to provide young refugees with basic education and vocational training. Improve coordination and cooperation with the UNHCR and relevant NGOs. Make it clear to war refugees that they will be rejected if they try to illegally immigrate into the EU (e.g. through ads in selected newspapers).
    (4) Put a Greencard system into place that allows privileged access to the EU labour market for high-skilled and well-educated war refugees. Allow firms to waive the requirement of preferred employment of EU citizens for these Greencard holders so that they can compete for jobs on par with regular EU citizens. These people shouldn’t be wasting their talents, ambitions and education in refugee camps.
    (5) Drop agricultural subsidies within the EU that make it impossible for developing countries’ farmers to effectively compete with EU farmers. Most developing countries have a comparative advantage in agriculture relative to Western countries; allow them to use it in order to develop. It is farcical that industrialized countries export their agricultural surplus to developing countries.
    (6) Similar to the Greencard program for war refugees, allow fixed quotas of skilled workers from developing countries to come to work in industrialized countries as guest workers for 4-5 years terms. This will allow them to increase their incomes and human capital and contribute via remittances to their home countries’ development.
    (7) Improve the recognition of foreign degrees. This doesn’t mean that it should necessarily be easier to convert a foreign degree into a domestic one, but that there should be ready-made examinations, which – once passed – certify that there is equivalence. Non-recognition of this equivalence by employers should be a valid reason for litigation.
    (8) Any immigrant – whether through asylum or work-related Greencard programs – should be required to speak a minimum of English or the language of the country he or she is immigrating into and pass an integration class. If necessary, language courses should be provided and their passing should be a requirement to complete immigration. Integration classes should last 1-2 months and familiarize immigrants with the laws and customs of the countries they are immigrating into. At the end of these classes, immigrants should pass an examination in which they are required to show that they have a basic understanding of the laws, customs and culture of their destination countries and the reasoning behind them (probably most European natives would also benefit from taking such classes…). It should be made clear to immigrants that their immigration implies that they accept these laws and will abide by them. Deportation should be mandatory for serious violent crimes or repeated petty crimes.
    (9) Perhaps controversially, peace and stability should take precedence over democratization and freedom. People in a dictatorship with decent living standards are much better off than people in a country torn apart by five years of civil war. Let’s face it, Syria won’t become a democracy today, tomorrow or within the next decade. In the case of Syria, it is apparent to even the last nitwit that the Syrian Civil War isn’t mainly driven by Syrian domestic interests. At the beginning, it was a proxy war between Iran and the Gulf States, but since 2015 it also actively involves Turkish and Western geopolitical interests. The West should negotiate with Assad about a partition of the country in order to create safe areas for Syrian refugees to return to. The buffer zone should between the different parts should be demilitarized and put under UN control.
    (10) Considerably increase the resources for Frontex, the European border control agency. Negotiate with EU member states to hand over the control of their non-EU borders to Frontex and ensure that the agency doesn’t depend on local resources. It is ridiculous to expect a country like Greece to handle a large wave of immigrants while at the same time experiencing its worst economic depression since WW2. The northern EU members cannot simply wash their hands off the immigration problem and let the southern members shoulder the burden alone.

  139. avatar
    Andreas Agathokleous

    What refugee crisis? Syria is already empty. Vast majority of them are migrants who exploit the situation and get in our countries without checks without even knowing who they are and what their intentions are. And this is not the EU’s crisis. They could find shelter in other Middle Eastern safe countries. When people from my country were refugees (!) they migrated legally with their passports and a ticket in their hand. A good start would be to stop sending ships to act as a free taxi for them. You are not helping; you are making the situation worse for both them and the EU.

    P.S. The US is hugely to blame for the situation in Syria – along with Turkey which ”secretly” supports ISIS.

  140. avatar
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  141. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    the only way to stop refugees fleeing to Europe is help to restore peace in their countrys, with no impossing our kind of democracies…
    All of those countrys have frontiers made by Europe pencils 150 years ago

  142. avatar
    Francesco Vasata

    Easy, send them home! Right now, no buts or ifs! And put minefields all around Turkey and north Africa. Inxpensive and very efficient.

  143. avatar
    Mavis Allen

    Just close our borders. Then send people who should not be in the uk home. Especially criminals. Find them and get them out……..

  144. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Give them your countries and your women and accept Allah as your god, you self-destructive fools. Otherwise grow some balls and kick them out.

  145. avatar
    Jeremy Bornstein

    Stopping marxism and all it’s variants (feminism,PC culture,protected classes) as an ideology being instilled on the youth of Europe so they can grow up into proud patriots ,economy being strong ,men being masculine and women being feminine ,then kicking the invaders out

  146. avatar
    Eric Simmons

    Surely, something must be immediately done to dampen the flow of refugees! First, I think it must be clear to all of them that no one will be able immediately to be on the path to the EU citizenship. And next, there needs to be communication among Europeans and Americans about immigration management and sharing of responsibilities. It is not honorable if most part of all refugees and immigrants end up only in European countries!

  147. avatar
    Alyson McVitty

    NATO/USA should stop bombing, interfering in other countries.
    NATO should be disbanded
    USA should leave all its military bases and go home
    UK, France, Germany should be ashamed of their war actions
    UK should be brought to the court of human rights for its actions in Iraq
    ditto with France in Libya
    All of Europe should be honest about their connivance with this “war on terror”
    Think of the money that would be saved and could be used for poverty at home and abroad.

    • avatar
      Colin McRedneck

      Do you think that international politics is just as simple…?! Do you really believe that tens of thousands of intelligence personnel and military experts are just a bunch of idiots that have nothing to do but play war games…? Do you really believe that the other countries that you perceive as victims are big scale monasteries driven by saints…?

  148. avatar
    Nicolas Graf

    1 day of global strike on september 1st if not world peace and free kurdistan until then take it or leave it we have to save the climate!

  149. avatar
    Mehran Ebrahimi

    The only answer is that European governments like France musnt interfere with other countries domestic affairs, help terrorism, and start wars in those countries. Now you wont see any refugees at all. All peoples love their homelands except when there is war. I hope my comment is read, and please be honest with yourself and dont make dirty money out of useless wars in poor countries

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