UPDATE 24/11/2015: A Russian jet has been shot down by Turkish F-16s after allegedly violating Turkish airspace. Russia denies the plane was outside Syrian territory, and President Vladimir Putin has warned of ‘serious consequences’ and said that NATO should not become a tool of ISIL militants.

Turkey is a NATO Member State, and has requested an extraordinary meeting with other members of the alliance to discuss the situation. The fate of the two pilots is unclear, but unconfirmed reports suggest that one or both may have been killed.

The incident will raise questions about whether better coordination is needed between the various air campaigns taking place in the region. Analysts have warned, for example, of the possibility of a collision or altercation between Russian and US-led coalition airplanes. What should NATO do to de-escalate the situation in the short-term, and prevent something similar happening again over the long-term?

ORIGINAL 10/08/2015: The Russian bombing campaign in Syria is potentially a game-changer. The regime of Bashar al-Assad had come under serious pressure earlier this year, with a string of rebel gains in the north and south of the country. However, Russia’s intervention (almost exclusively targeting non-ISIS, anti-Assad rebels north of Homs) sends a clear signal that the Kremlin will not allow Syrian government forces to collapse.

NATO defence ministers are meeting in Brussels today to discuss their reaction to Moscow’s latest play. Turkey, a NATO Member State, has recently made allegations that Russian jets have violated its airspace, and will seek reassurances that it has the full support of the rest of NATO. In addition, Baltic Member States remain concerned about Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine.

The possibility of a collision or similar accident between Russian and US-led coalition airplanes over Syria is now very real. How can NATO react without escalating the conflict?

How should NATO respond to Russian bombing in Syria? Will Russian bombs and cruise missiles be enough to prevent the collapse of the al-Assad regime? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – poter.simon

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      EU reform- proactive

      ……..what a brain dead idea! Please set the example, invade, look behind you & see who will follow you. We hear good old Michael Schumacher is progressing-good luck!

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      Siegfried Kobler

      Xavier if you really believe this then you are a mad man.

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      Siegfried Kobler

      Xavier if you really mean this then you are a mad man.

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      This guy has a death wish.

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    I feel despondent about these events.
    My immediate reaction is – these idiot defense ministers have been part of the problem. They fix it or we run them out of office! As simple as that!
    That is how WE should fix the problem!

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    Ivan Burrows


    why, because Russia is attempting to solve a problem the west won’t ?

    Wouldn’t it be better to talk to Russia & work with Russia to end the war ?

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      EU reform- proactive

      ……yes of course, but such ‘degrading’ cooperation with Putin would be too “sensible”! It is against their NWO agenda- the EU concept & in competition with their combined regime change doctrine of the known empire builders like- US/NATO/EU/WB/IMF/ECB & all their political serfs!

      Go Russia go! Remove ISIL, all weapons from none governmental forces, form a government of national unity & rebuild Syria. At home- nationalize & fully control your own Central Bank- step on the Bilderbergers toes and kick the Rothschild bankers out! Only BRICS can muster & survive such global “regime change”!

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    Joao Antonio Camoes

    First and only question (no matter if we like or dislike Assad): the sirian gov is legal and internationaly recognised or not? If the answer is not we ti discuss this in the UN sec council in order to achieve and negotiate a solution. If the answer is Yes it’s up to sirian gov to request help to anyone in order to reestabliche peace. Dot.

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      Siegfried Kobler

      The Assad Gov is the legitimate Gov, the head cutters who a fighting him have no legitimacy, they are criminals, they are terrorist, in a Syria run by Jihadists women will lose their rights,yezidis,christians etc. will be perecuted and massakred, there is no alternative to the Govof Syria, whether Assad is President is irrelevant, the point is the Gov of Syria thatcame about through natural events must be allowed to continue to exist.

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      Good question

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    George Titkov

    Stop buying oil from ISIS, stop training and arming “moderate” rebels who then join ISIS. Stop interfering in internal affairs of sovereign countries without a UN SC sanction.

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    Rinder Razvan Catalin

    EU and the US were part of the coalition which destroyed Iraq and Syria. They should keep their mouth and let Russia to solve the problems they created.

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      Siegfried Kobler

      Well put, Putin is bombing terrorists that destroyed Syria, he is doing the right thing, its this or let Terrorists take over Syria and that is not a option. America should be ashamed that so close after 911 it is working together with Islamic terrorists again jus like it used to in afghanistan,Kosovo etc.

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    Néo La Rouge

    NATO should stop destabilizing our European east and our neighbourhood. thanks Russia for bringing back peace in the middle east. NATO should clean up Lybia an Irak from extremists and help rebuild self organized friend states

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    George Vakos

    Are they going to defend their allies in Syria, the Syrian opposition, the Alkaida branches etc.?

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    Let them do their job the worst the russians could do is to be as bad as what the US and nato have done in syria.

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    Chris Alexander Zervas

    Nato can practice in Nevada Desert … Lol!
    Nato missed the real target in Syria, for one whole year now!!! They need a lot of practice or new orders … You, the reader, has to decide!

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    Marius Iosif Todea

    It is Unacceptable what Russia is doing ! How do NATO let a single country to interveen military in another country without international agreement??? Hey NATO, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS ??? Be carreful with Putin’s MAD RUSSIA, DON’T LET THOSE IDIOTS TO RUIN THE WORLD !

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      Calm down, buddy, in Syria they have the request of the government of Syria. They don’t need any “international” agreement in this situation (you probably mean UN Security council resolution), the intervention is 100% legal. And Americans can’t make much noise about the international law, since they don’t give a damn about it. Last time they invaded Iraq the invasion was totally illegal as well as founded on lies.

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      Siegfried Kobler

      I concurr.

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    Thank god it is Russia….they are the only people who are destroying ISIS.

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    Pan Sol

    NATO should help Russia to end evil state and let refugees go home

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    Márcia Condez

    Things have come to a point that I don’t know who are the bad guys or the good ones, everybody (USA, RUSSIA, ….) seem’s like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde…

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    Ben Barbash

    Sit back and watch the fireworks..We don’t NEED to do anything. Let Russia have their historical ally. We don’t need to police the syrians

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    Cristina Rodrigues Pereira

    I think the evil is the ISIS, I think evil is to believe that there is only one way and to destroy everything around, I think evil is to give up on civilization, evil is to abandon Syria and the Syrians, I think Russia is doing what must be done! I thnk the USA are selfish and are only concerned with their own profit ..Russia is not democratic and the are the USA democratic???

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    Gururaj Bhat

    Two gaint testing their weapon in some other nation to testify their strength in armony because these idiot coubtries are fighting for their own different sect of the same desert religion where prophet fought for bringing together these roughs together by killing the human beings .

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    Jason Picci

    Hardly anybody with an independent mind believes Western corporate media anymore.

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    Sorin Macreanu

    Is just easy to snow deň ar two kind of possibilities …
    One … Rusia won … until now … all that she wants … and will wants …
    Two :
    America fight to preserve her global power !

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    Maia Alexandrova

    Shock and awe! NATO doesn’t know how to respond! One way is to keep quiet and just watch. Another way is to co-operate with Russia, if NATO is really interested in restoring order in Syria.

    There are no NATO troops on the ground, so the organisation needs to choose which ground forces to support – those of Assad, or those of the Islamic State and its affiliated terrorist groups, because there is no “moderate opposition” in Syria. Before the Russian operation, the Pentagon was complaining how difficult it was to find moderate forces to train and equip to fight both Assad and the Islamic State. Now, suddenly, as if by magic, there is almost no Islamic State in Syria (even in Raqqa, Idlib or Palmyra) and everywhere it is flooded with moderate forces which the bad Russians are targeting… The lies and propaganda here are transparent – why should we believe them? It is obvious that USA is on the side of the Islamic State and wants to use it against Assad, this is why for a year the coalition just pretended to be bombing the extremists while actually it allowed them to expand to new territories, all in the hope that they will crush Assad’s army. But they missed the most important thing – what would happen, if Assad was ousted from power? I don’t think USA or NATO will ever have the vision to answer that question.

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    1. Enough already with these double standards and evasions.
    2 .In this conflict will not righteous. Neither Assad nor his opponents are Democrat or Saudi Arabia respects human rights, nor Iran deserves to drop sanctions nor Russia has a job there, nor Israel has the right to nuclear weapons and protection from America.
    3. The US and Russia are the Evil Empire, and Islam is a religion of fanaticism and war. I wonder where is and what is Europe? Europe me look like a whore, which is gobbling up gas pipes of Putin and Uncle Sam fix it behind.

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    Rene Jochems

    EU has no business in Syria, certainly no military business. If we want to help: let’s stop weapon delivery and start economic boycott.

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    George Kanev

    Obviously Putin challenges NATO with some military technology on the early level of the first gulf war, i.e. around 20 year behind and obviously want to see what will be the respond by NATO and the second more importantly aim is to make advertisement of his old military technology with hope to sell this weapons. I believe that NATO should strength defence capability against Russia in Europe and Turkish border with Syria, begin to build new military base in the Black sea cost in Romania and Bulgaria, apply strategic rockets against Siberia where are the main hidden weapon’s plans under the Ural mountain and finally to leave the Russians alone in civil war in Syria and support the opposition there.

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    Георги Кънев

    Obviously Putin challenges NATO with some military technology on the early level of the first gulf war, i.e. around 20 year behind and obviously want to see what will be the respond by NATO and the second more importantly aim is to make advertisement of his old military technology with hope to sell this weapons. I believe that NATO should strength defence capability against Russia in Europe and Turkish border with Syria, begin to build new military base in the Black sea cost in Romania and Bulgaria, apply strategic rockets against Siberia where are the main hidden weapon’s plans under the Ural mountain and finally to leave the Russians alone in civil war in Syria and support the opposition there.

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      By supporting opposition in Syria you mean US should be a sponsor state of terrorism, because that’s what the opposition in Syria is.

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    Toni Muñiz

    NATO should stay out. We already screwed it up by providing financing and weapons to the rebels/ISIS/other terrorists. Now that someone is trying to fix the chaos we supported, stay out. We should worry about the criminals and terrorists comming in to Europe.

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    Siegfried Kobler

    Syria is not Nato Territory, Nato has no right to tell anybody anything about Syria, Nato should bow its head in shame for what is has done to Syria, think of all the raped women and girls, the massacred christians, the genocide campaign of the Jihadists against anyone that isnt Sunni Muslim, Nato isresponsble because Nato armed and supporte Terrorists, Nato is a criminal organisation, they should be on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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      I agree whole heartedly we shoul leave nato

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    Mike Oxlittle

    We should be encouraging Putin to step up the Russian involvement in Syria by putting troops into the country.N.A.T.O should do as the allies did in the second world war,continue to bomb from the air while leaving the Russians to do the actual fighting on the ground(lets face it they are the ones who are expendable after all) i know it will mean Assad staying in power but this is the Arab world,there are no good guys or bad guys,just genocidal lunatics and even worse genocidal lunatics.And maybe these Arab hell-holes need a despot in charge,i mean can anyone seriously believe Iraq or Libya are better now than when Saddam and Gaddafi were in charge.

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    Nato is a corrupt for hire organization run by banking cartels.
    The whole middle east problem is a problem of greed, ands its instigators reside in washington. The goverments in the west are being strangled by corrupt banking cartels. Nato is forced to do thier dirty work. Hence the 1st world war and the second world war and we are on the way to a 3rd.
    The west is again caught up in cartel ponzi schemes/debt and the vicious circle is playing out. Look at shell/bp/total , all the majority shareholders are also the majority shareholders at the federal reserve , the ECB, and every major bank in the west and they also own the media , newspapers etc. They are after OIL/GAS/GOLD and the middle east has it.
    Control is everything , and nato is the tool ..
    Nato gets its orders from govts whom get thier orders from cartels.
    Nato is dangerous and out of control. The american banking cartels are ruthless, and with a tool like nato extremely dangerous.
    We all know that nato could have easily done what russia is doing in the same time but they didnt . Why??? Either they are useless, or corrupt, i wonder which one?
    Nato isnt right anymore. It lies and kills, but for who?
    Poetin had the guts to throw out the cartels a few years ago so in a way he is a hero. Poetin is the only one to succeed in nationalizing his banks and oil companies, gold etc and the others who tried paid the price (Kennedys).
    Notice the media blitz against russia, its the cartels whom own the media.
    The cartels want poetin gone , they want the gold/oil/gas and other riches in russia . Syria is paying the price because of a pipeline that the cartels wanted to put through syria and assad refused to work with them.
    The nato top brass are trigger happy phycopaths itching to start a war, and their cartel directors are more than happy to give the order..

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      catherine benning

      I mostly agree with Kalssen on this. Although it is even more dastardly than he describes.

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      You are 100 % correct
      It is some so knowledgable like you we need in government

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    Ibrahim Uzun

    Two big killers (nato/rusia) you have killed enough people so please Stop killing more,
    You destroy Libya,
    you destroy Syria
    If you fight each other Israel is the next super power to become in the world.

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      Maia Alexandrova

      And you, Turks, stop killing Kurds! Let them have their freedom and independence!

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    Анелия Георгиева

    I suggest NATO to explane and debate it’s numerous invasions in numerous Arabic countries first. Russia stayed and watched for too long. No wonder Arabic people move to Europe to save their lifes. They were threatened to be taken their organs alive too. Can NATO debate that too? After all its Putin birthday and why not exercise power after so many years it was your power all over the place. Cammon. What happened so much. It’s time for you to watch now.

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    Анелия Георгиева

    To the stupid people here. ISIS was created by NATO as a division inside of Arabic countries. Apperantly the plan to destruct Arabic countries was created first by using ISIS as a Troyan hourse. On TV ISIS decapitated a journalist of British origin. Were they saying they are against English speaking world. No. This is just hiding their intention in front of Arabic countries. ISIS is supported by NATO and its purpose is successful invasion of NATO in Arabic countries with purpose of oil and natural gas. This is my opinion. Tell me I am wrong.

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    Cooperate with minum forces in order to check them. Russia is not an enemy in this war.

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    Dino Boy Mican

    Russia is doing some cleaning up that America would rather avoid right now. Despite the tough anti-Assad words, quietly, America wishes his regime prevails.

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    Marco Tipaldi

    helping Russia, destroying ISIS, and just after that, discussing on the future of Siria… together!

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    Dino Boy Mican

    America is also hitting Germany with some under the belt blowes (uncovering VW scandal and quietly encouraging Greece to let a quarter of a million Muslims “slip” through and shuttle straight onto Germany).

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    Emil Pavlovich

    NATO is a weak,old fashioned organization with no real,independant power.Just serving the US the wrong way.

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    Davide Zoran Parenti

    Be serious. Are NATO (american) bombs really meant to be good while the russian ones are evil? As usual, here the only matter is that US want to continue to rule the world alone

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    Miguel Hilário

    If you want to start defeating ISIS insteand of fighting with your fists fight with your head. Sanction Turking for allowing them to sell oil. Fight them economically.

    For the ultimate capitalist country, USA sure seems to not paying attention to the money.

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    Fight “fire” with fire. Russians are breaking any possible agreements to save their position in Syria and to defend their mass killer Bashar Assad. If NATO even provoked will show no firm and strong reply to Russia, that should be considered the final and greatest mistake ever.

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    Larry Moffett

    Commission a study to analyze why millions of EU citizens enjoying all the benefits of democracy seem to worship Putin and condone his autocratic rule, denial of civil rights at home and reckless adventurism abroad.

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      EU might be a lot more like Putin’s Russia than meets the eye. On paper yes, we are democratic. In practice it’s a whole different story. When was the last time EU citizens were asked to vote if they wanted an ever closer union, no borders, unrestricted migration -within and without the EU, north Atlantic trade agreements, the routing of their national identities, so on and so forth? Never. On individual state level, if some parties do raise those issues they’re summarily branded “nationalist”, “racist”, “xenophobic” and all those adjectives the eurofascists hurl at their opposition to silence it.
      Take Ms. Merkel for instance. She blatantly disregards her constituency, her party, national law, EU law and basic human decency by inviting the world’s billions to come to Europe. Never mind that by choosing to come clandestinely they drown, lose their children, destroy families and make the trafficking mafia rich. With the exception of Cameron, Orban, and one or two more Eastern Europeans NOT one prime minister dared to voice an opposing view. Is this a democracy?
      At least we know where Putin stands.

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    EU reform- proactive

    @DE, thank you for removing my (offensive? or threatening?), but very critical post- “touchy”? Does it harm or transgress NATO’s pro in-tolerance & anti EU’s free speech code? Pleeeeease let me know- if you allow me to re post? An accident- like the Kunduz hospital?

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    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture Descayrac

    Nazism is nazism, allies concluded agreement even with Staline against such tyrannies, and now this not anymore Staline. What should we do more? Take the side of those who had sympathised?

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    EU reform- proactive


    How do you become a NATO Secretary General?

    Attending a Military Academy, or LOSING an election as a smooth & eager EU bureaucrat- becoming unemployed? Of course the latter! Even his prepared (doorstep) “statements” as NATO chief, are direct- “directed” from the Pentagon! What a soldier! A humble servant of the US (propaganda) State department!

    Is there not one brave heart politician in the whole of Europe to stand up and voice a different version than the- global- all dominating- US corporate one? Is there no end of the arrogance, boldness & stupidity we folks must accept & endure from Politicians cum soldiers and public servants refereeing their (own) fiefdoms?

    Not even at a rugby or soccer world cup are players allowed to referee their own game! They have to stick to strict rules- while politician make & break their own, cry foul and are jealous if the see another team playing (better)! Bombing a hospital, killing doctors & patients in Kunduz is considered unfortunate collateral damage. Russia bombing DAIISH targets is being exaggerated, condemned & labelled a global security- NATO member threat- believable? On who’s side is the mightiest army on earth? Both?

    Snail or no progress in the war against ISIS/ISIL in Iraq & Syria since 2011 raises the question if US/NATO ever figured- who & where to find their enemy? Let’s send them a hint: it should have been ISIS, ISIL or “DAIISH”- using mainly US hardware!

    If Palmyra wouldn’t be considered by the US Army “a worthless 4,000 year old heap of stones” but called Fort Knox instead- it would probably have been defended till the last man standing!

    What a bunch of hypocrites these LOSERS are!

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    Νίκος Γιαννίρης

    I don’t like Putin but in the problem of Syria he is right!!!!If Assad goes down is going to be hell in Middle East.So NATO stay back and let Assad with Putin to destroy once for ever the fucking ISIS!!!

  44. avatar

    The rebels in Syria are many and their alliances are a maze. Al Quaida, the Hezbolah, ISIL, the Syrian opposition and God knows who else. The only legitimate authority is that of president Assad. He might be brutal but at least he is someone you can negotiate with. If he falls Syria will end up like Libya, Somalia or Iraq. NATO have learned almost nothing from their past mistakes. How could they? Turkey, a member, is against Assad and pro Sunni rebels -including ISIL. The rest of the alliance have decided that the “good rebels” are those they arm and train. Except a) they are very few and b) not entirely trustworthy as they have their own agendas.

    Putin is a pragmatist. He intervened to support Assad, get rid of all militias, rebels and terrorists and restore order. NATO are kicking up a storm out of fear he might succeed where they have failed miserably. But if Putin succeeds thousands of Syrian lives will be spared and peace might eventually prevail.

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    EU reform- proactive

    The Syrian scorecard:

    Who has a clear UN mandate to intervene in Syria’s civil war? Nobody!

    Who took it upon themselves & called for regime change in Syria? The US!

    Who is using similar arguments as was used against Saddam (WMD) to invade Iraq- now Syria (chemical weapons)- by proxy? The US.

    Who suspended cooperation with Russia on the UN-mandated “International Security Assistance Force” (ISAF) led by NATO- from 2001 to 2014 in Afghanistan? US/NATO- citing the situation in Ukraine & the EU imposing sanctions against Russia.

    Who received the UN’s new NON-combat advisory mission “Resolute Support” in January 2015- leaving ~12,500 advisers in Afghanistan? US & NATO allies.

    Who blocked a UN Security Council resolution on the use of force by external actors in Syria? Russia & China. They don’t want US/NATO to interfere.

    Who recognized ONE of the four opposition parties in Syria- “The Syrian National Council”? Currently recognized or supported by 17 UN members. A 2/3 majority of 129 (out of 193) is needed in the UN General Assembly.

    Who did Syria’s Assad ask for help- (being the legitimate government)? Russia.

    TMO (television match official) verdict: A “TRY” has been awarded to RUSSIA!

    US/NATO lost & is eliminated! Game over- go home and/or start with “serious” negotiations- and end grandstanding!

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      No, they are doing what they did in Afghanistan all over again – support jihadists to fight the Russians. Doesn’t matter that it backfired, doesn’t matter nobody believes their lies anymore, not even their own people.

  46. avatar

    NATO should respond by stopping the supply of weapons to terrorists which they are doing using front-entities they claim to be “moderate groups”.
    NATO and US in particular should stop being state sponsors of terrorism in Syria. Also, they should stop the misinformation campaign they call “bombing ISIS”.
    Obviously they are not bombing ISIS, they only feign doing so. Otherwise it can’t be explained why the most powerful air force in the world has been bombing ISIS for more than a year with no result, the terror group actually thriving and expanding as it is being “bombed”.

  47. avatar
    catherine benning

    It appears to me the planet had a sleeping Tiger who has woken up just at the right time. Which was Israel’s purpose from the begninning. Syria is the US/NATO objective for the heavy funding policy in the region starting with a take over of Palestine. A coordinated ‘domino’ effect. Look at the map of the region from Turkey. Oil and the wealth it creates is at the back of all of this mayhem. World power cannot be completed without Russia and China in league and if they won’t play ball, then force is the answer to their lack of respect.

    Here is a sophisticated explanation, part 1 and 2 recorded in 2011 but proven by subsequent events.

    Part 2

    And the agenda that has been kept quiet for some time.

  48. avatar
    Rui Correia

    NATO should not respond. And it’s none of Europe’s business. We’ve had enough problems throughout our own history for centuries… please do not involve us in more trouble, bloodshed, problems etc… let’s close our borders and let them sort it all out themselves… that’s what we did in the past, right?

  49. avatar
    Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto

    Mr President Putin is unable to sustain its initial military advantage for a long time sooner or later Russia will have to negotiate with the West and its way out of the crisis it is time to give a chance to diplomacy and avoid military option would simply prolong the crisis with greater cost will be the price we have to pay to stop this disaster Stop War in Syria

  50. avatar

    By getting rid of the american cartels. The american cartels are supplying isis, theres new videos online going viral showing american food and weapons drops to isis. The real enemy sits in washington, they have destabilized the middle east to a point where its hard to turn back to civility. I hope that what they have done pays dividents for the shareholders, because the only ones whom will profit from this slaughter are the cartels ..
    Shame on you america.
    The whole middle east mess needs to be looked into and those accountable need to stand trial , regardless of whom they are , and they damn well know who they are. This has gone on long enough. Its time to clean up this mess!
    Why will the usa not work with russia?
    Why can russia work effectively, and all of nato cant?
    Its starting to smell like a big pile of bullshit.

    • avatar

      Once again well done klasson
      I would be happy if you had a TV or radio slot every week ,in order to educate
      People in the truth. We have too many programs of propaganda (lies)

  51. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    yes……..”if it sounds like a lie, smells like a lie, looks like a lie, fly’s like a lie- it is a lie!”

    October 12, 2015: Headline reads: “America’s Aim is Destruction”- true- why not?

    March 19, 2015: “Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS”- true- why not?

    “THEY” are ALL complicit in the biggest fraud & lies in modern history: “US-NATO- EU” and they want to convince us- slumbering citizens- to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP! NO! NO! NO! They are not TRUSTED anymore!

    Declaring solidarity with all suffering Syrians & other Pentagon victims! Please inform yourselves and mistrust all known Eurocrates.

    Decent NATO countries need to query & seriously start an investigation into the underhand wheeling & dealings of these self appointed cheats!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Take a look at our Defence Minister for Europe!

      This mover and shaker of European defence doesn’t have an answer to simple questions and our lives are at stake under this nonentity.

      Talk about easy to deflect. NATO, and its movers, have no trouble selling this clown and through her us, down the river. What is it with the EU and their hatred of men leading to the appointment of the ridiculous? Remember the simpleton Baroness Ashton and her galavanting with the Ukraine coup? LOL

      There has to be a method for the citizens of Europe to call for a no confidence v ote on individuals not suitable for these posts. All members of a ruling elite should be prepared to accept the will of the people in a democracy. Trust in competence is a big issue for every one of us. Or, should be.


    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Catherine, the “Defense Ministry” is still a competence of every EU Members- not (yet) an EU one! Ursula Von Der Leyen (a medical doctor) is the German Defense minister & can (should) only speak on behalf of Germany. But in the peculiar EU everyone talks & speaks his pro EU pc opinion when ever asked! A real confusion!

      The “Lisbon treaty” explains all competences. However, ALL EC politicians & the 750 EP members are sold on the future & Utopian idea of one EU as one future country with one future army (in addition to NATO- to allow Juncker & Co to also “play war games”), financed by ever expanding debt (like the collapsed USSR) and burdening future generations- until everything implodes.

      All who joined the EU will eventually be enticed to hand over ALL their remaining sovereignty- until ALL their parliaments become obsolete. The EU will & cannot change from within- with all the binding treaties in place. Only a dissolution, initiated by members states exits can change the present trajectory into “paradise” & total suzerainty.

  52. avatar
    Анелия Георгиева

    Without the international control ISIs showed only bad side of its. I think if ISIS was good people would join freely and with a will. But now? They just travel away from this situation. And who wouldn’t.

  53. avatar

    It’s simple as that. Bashar al-Assad killed – no more russian military base in Syria.

  54. avatar

    All of us no matter where you live on this rock we call earth are stuck in the viscious cycle created by the powers that be. We are all being brainwashed into believing that the other guy is no good and must be eradicated.
    Has it come down to this again.
    I wonder when humanity will learn that we are all the same? Religion and racism are deviding factors which has seperated peoples for thousands of years..
    When will we stop listening the moneymongers in power and start believing in eachother. Human kind deserves a better deal than what the elite have programmed into our brains. Turn of the news, its all a load of BS.
    All through time hate has been created with false flags/propaganda the media and other nasty means to influence the masses ,like hearding cattle, the problem is once started its bloody hard to stop.
    We are going to a place no one wants to be , one mistake in syria and the world will be a very different place. I hope the yanks stop with the money mongering and come to thier senses, an escalation is in no ones interest.
    Americans should clean up thier govt, theve become a detriment to themselves and the rest of the world.
    As the ole saying goes, the only good american politician is one thats behind bars.

  55. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    The best way NATO can react to the Syrian Crisis , without escalating the conflict, is to have 3 Czech style VELVET DIVORCES to establish the Sovereign Federation Nation State of Kurdistan uniting the 3 Kurdish Regions of BAKUR ( occupied by Turkey) , BASUR ( occupied by Iraq) and ROJAVA ( occupied by Syria) into one Sovereign Kurdish Nation State allied to NATO.

  56. avatar
    Mahmoud Bay

    The undersigned originates from the war-torn country. The USA-dependent Europe, and since 4yrs, has been failing to find a reason to rescue either the human or the animals in Syria; what reason does Europe now have else than being jealous about the USA’s geostrategic interests in the Middle East? Why politics are still made with very little attention to humans?

  57. avatar
    Jason Picci

    80% of Brits are behind Russia, i suspect similar numbers for other Euro countries and in The US around Half the population. The central bankers, oil barons, military-industrial complex and their puppets have lost any poular mandate, if they ever had any at all, that is.

  58. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture Descayrac

    How should they answer to the 1.5 million death in the region? Since the U.S. Interventions. They should first ask UN who backup the Russian intervention and consult other allies who joinedRussia (china I think) second they should wonder about the choice between Al kaida and Assad, between nazism and other alternatives. There were already a coalition against nazism between Ww2 allies and Stalin and Putin is not Stalin. The same NATO should not sympathise with extremists and also defend Christan as Russia is doing.

  59. avatar
    Ricardo Costa Silva

    Why NATO should respond to Russia? If NATO want to make some thing it should have been done long time ago, now is to late. Let Russia bomb Syria. there are a lot of things to do until the end of this chapter. We can prepare the next chapter. The diplomacy chapter.

  60. avatar
    David Fernandes Coelho

    If NATO had taken care of the matter Russia would not have bombed, but NATO should now learn of the Russian ability to go to war and prepare itself to counter act otherwise we will really have a world problem.

  61. avatar
    Dimitar Petrov Tsvetkov

    Oh, yes! I forgot, NATO is the Supreme leader! We all should bow and obey….How should other countries respond to NATO bombings and invasion? It’s all about respect, unity, cooperation…..

  62. avatar
    Andrian Marinov

    You are asking “How”????? Help them destroy ISIS so we can throw back the potential terrorists of course….

  63. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Because the European Union and the United Nations really want to stop the War!
    No one has interests to prevent the war, maybe than Russia.

  64. avatar
    Darin Attard

    NATO is just an extended arm of America. Completes the black ops of political meddling in the Far East. How should Europe & NATO respond – help Russia.

  65. avatar
    Mugur Cristian

    There is no EU. We have Mrs Mogerini as EU foreign minister but she is basicaly non-existent. Putin is only dealing with Merkel and Hollande.

  66. avatar
    Robb Smith

    NATO should de-moblise as an organisation. Its very existence is a threat to world peace and security. It is a pugnacious cold war organisation that should NOT interfere in global matters. It’s antagonising Russia and looking for a provocation in return.

    • avatar

      Excellent comment from robb

  67. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Russia is destroying rebels and IS fighters, and as such does a good job to allow the country to be stabilised. Something which obviously is not the aim of USA and Middle East military support to terrorists (rebels and IS). So the EU better realise that Russia is an ally. Not the enemy like the USA wants us to believe.

  68. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Why whats wrong with Russia bombing mopping up organ eating lunatic Jihadist terrorists ?? NATO should shut its mouth and THANK RUSSIA thats what it should do.

  69. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    Putin has done more to stop isis than obummer and the eu have in years…Good for Putin.

  70. avatar
    Joao Yohanan

    And why not help Russia also with total conquering of the Ukraine while we are at it?
    Yep, Puttin is really a bright frikking light to follow as a respect for sovereign Countries!
    Nothing like a dictator helping tk support another dictator, when all the proves point to them bombing mainly the rebels against the dictator and not the IS fuckers.
    And even in the meantime invading every chance they can Turkey sovereign air space!

  71. avatar
    Constantin Rusu

    NATO must asks for diplomatic solutions of ONU-Security Council! EU can be an important link between US and Russia.

  72. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    NATO needs to change its posture and meet its oficial role as peacekeeper instead of being an instrument of imperialistic desires. Russia has been doing in Syria what NATO should have done a long time ago!

  73. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Russia, once again, show’s Europe how little she is. European politicians are clowns.

  74. avatar
    Hugo Viriato Conceicao

    Hell yeah!!!! US did create the whole situation just because Mr.Rothschild doesnt control the central bank of syria and also because of a damm pipeline, so yes! Now Russia needs to clean the shity mess that USA create!

  75. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ANY ARAB-MUSLIM COUNTRY AGAIN. I would never touch any Arab country or better any Muslim county . You can never install democracy to them like they did in many countries after WW2 in Europe , Japan, Asia . What you can do there is to spend money and our solders . Worst of all you are going to be guilty and they are going to tell that you destroyed everything that was very good there and killed poor children . After that you have to accept their refugees and give your own country because you have “destroyed” their very good country .

  76. avatar

    Well… The “coalition” has been bombarding in Syria for more than one year and no one saw a problem with that, right? They are more interested in having Assad out, and having the gas pipeline their way in Syria, and that is the central issue in all this “war”. Energy, gas, Middle East control.
    For more than one year they have been bombarding, but ISIS has opposition only in Assad’s army. Something is strange, right?

  77. avatar
    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    As far as I know, America and the whole world like to eliminate ISIS, who kill people in front of a camera. So, Russia is just doing what the West should have done till now,… unless there is more behind it. So, to answer corerectly to the above question we must have correct and full information first.

  78. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    NATO should be responding to ISIS, not to Russia! Someone must have the balls and there are the russians…

  79. avatar
    Flaviu Amarandei

    I think NATO should bomb Assad’s forces to restore previous status quo. Europe needs to give these fanatics a reason and sufficient time to fight each other. More fanatics involve in this war mean a quite time for civilized Europe.

    PS: I sincerely regret the dramas lived by the innocents.

  80. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Stay out of it and leave Russia to clean up the ISIS mess, or go in and fight alongside the Russians. The target is finishing off ISIS and their taste for blood. In any case, stop the comments from the peanut gallery… it serves noone.

  81. avatar
    Fernanda Lopes

    Do nothing!!!! They have already done the worse they could have done. Help Russia or stay put!

  82. avatar
    Knut Arne Langås

    Send in NATO-forces at the ground in Syria and Iraq and take out ISIS! EU talks too much- do something as the Russians do now. The enemy in Syria is the muslim extremists- not the Asssad-regime and the Russians!

  83. avatar

    Simple,we get together with Russia,we agree to wipe ISIS off the face of the planet,we agree to discuss the Syrian leadership AFTER isis is gone,we agree to differ and life goes on.

  84. avatar
    Nikolay Georgiev

    Хаххахаха … Бе НАТО досега къде беше… Колко хора се изклаха, колко хора се изселиха, НАТО е въздух под малягане с цел военни поръчки за заводите на САЩ… Много сте зле и вие от западна в
    Европа, че ви водят за носа. Проблема е САЩ не Русия.

  85. avatar
    Davide Zoran Parenti

    Help our russian friends to finally beat and annihilate the so-called ISIS or rebels or called them how you prefer… But, wait, maybe this is not what the US (the NATO owner) actually wants

  86. avatar

    How should NATO react? How did Russia react to the coalition forces entering Sadam Hussain,s Iraq. They did not. There seems to be some sort of underlying wording in western media reporting that goes along the lines of Russia doing things, meddling even, in ways that might not be appropriate because they do not perfectly align with the perspective held by some western leaders and therefore how should western powers react. When western powers undertake military action, do they clear it, in every detail first, with the Kremlin? If not, how should Russia react? It is sometimes rather comical watching the so called unbiased western media, such as the BBC, who talk in such terms as , so what,s Russia,s real intentions. When did you ever hear that expression used in relation to a press statement from a western leader. So just heard the American president making an announcement, but what is his real intention. Sorry, but if it has ever been said on the so unbiased BBC, I must have blinked and missed it.

  87. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    It´s a shame that white men are dying in Syria while the Syrian rats are having full paid holidays in Europe and murdering Europeans! They must be sent back to fight for their own country!

  88. avatar
    Ivan Kovač

    Well, the situation in Syria is about US vs Russian influence in the area, Turkey got tired of participating in their little charade, especially with the pressure put from the EU about refugees and increasing safety risks because they border with Syria (war, ISIS)

  89. avatar
    Frank Holiday

    Russia will continue to insist it was shot down by rebels, they don’t have another viable option, no problem.

  90. avatar
    Emr Tan

    full solidarity. “Whatever the weather, we must stand together”

  91. avatar
    Jason Picci

    Althogh the Turkish masons and the military are upset at not being able to buy supercheap oilf rom Isis anymore since the Russians have intervened, this desperate action revealing who they really supporting from under the mask, this is predominantly a TRAP. Russian intel eats these things for breakfast. Moscow will retaliate, but it will be further on down the road; carefully calculated, unconventional, unexpected and swift. The Erdogan racket and his Nato-fed donmehs won’t know what hit them, but they will be nevertheless happy as their sorry indebted rumps want war anyway.

  92. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Nothing…let’s hope there is some inteligence in the NATO not to get involved. Turkey was (maybe) necessary 30 years ago but now is a menace to the EU.

  93. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    why should NATO de-escalate tensions between Turkey and Russia? Let them knock eachother down

  94. avatar
    Pan Sol

    Any interference in the war between Russia – Turkey will cause WWIII and shortly to world nuclear disaster, let turkey to pay alone the price for arming and supporting ISIS

  95. avatar
    Stavroula Pesonis

    I can only hope that this is quickly solved and no more deaths occur. What should be done is that Russia has to explain why flying in Turkey without permission and Turkey to apologise if it was an accident.

  96. avatar
    Darrell Mennie

    the narrative here in the EU and from the Turkish BBC liaison is that Turkey warned the Fighter it was to close, not violating. Russia claims proof as well for not violating airspace. Turkey keeps saying to close, then changes to violated, then in off handed talk the fight was to close… might look like nothing but those are massive differences in terminology and could be bad for Turkey. It all feels like Turkey is trying to drag NATO into a fight for its own agenda

  97. avatar
    Giwrgos Filippatos

    Taking into account Turkey supports Isis by buying their OIl.THey should kick Turkey from NATO, simple as that

  98. avatar
    Chris Alexander Zervas


  99. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Stop siding with that ISIS loving dog Erdogan .. Kick Turkey out of NATO ASAP or send Erdogan to the Hague for his crimes supporting ISIS for years !!!!

  100. avatar
    Rémi Martin

    NATO should collapse!!! What is the reason for it to be? Russia is fighting IS, NATO not?

  101. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    I m very angry. Together àgainst terrorisme! Turkey s position is really not clear! I deduce that they support isis

  102. avatar
    Ivan Enchev

    If the shooting is not approved by NATO, then they have to take measures against Turkey. If it turns out Erdogan i s helping DAESH, they need be kicked out of all unions and embargoed.

  103. avatar
    Dan George Danescu Ciocodeica

    stop blaming the innocents about the facts that are being done by the well “trained” and not at all innocents rich people from the rich countries such as France or Belgium or USA ..or should I say about the dictators from Russia and China and the oppression from this communist countries ..should I continue..

  104. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    NATO should have kept Turkey under control for Erdogan was known as Isil’s (secret) fan……..We should not trust Turkey

  105. avatar
    Larry Moffett

    Debating Europe, judging from the comments you’ve distracted many people from their wargaming. Better leave them alone in their fantasy world.

  106. avatar
    Etienne Vincent

    Turkey out of NATO! Not an islamic country to defend the EU! We can do it ourselves even in the Mediterrean Sea!

  107. avatar
    Alkis Karydis

    Turkey is trying to involve NATO (the west) in the conflict in order to serve its own interests. Turkey is the buying 90% of ISS’s oil production supporting them economically. Turkey should become isolated.

  108. avatar
    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    Turkei was the partner of USA in the area, untill they decided to become the dominant islamic country in the Near East. Does it remind you anything? Would you like to be reminded what happened with all supported islamic identities in this area like Talemban, ISIS, etc. by the US? Everybody knows what should be done but nobody will act differently , at least not now. So therefore, the question is out of reality!

  109. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    If the primary goal of NATO is to guarantee the security of Europe, it should make sure that the relationships with Russia are kept under control and not allow escalating of the problem.

  110. avatar
    Bujari Muça

    Let’s hope Russia have learned the lesson that’s wrong invading others spase without permission🎩

  111. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Who is buying the Daesh oil? Turkey! Who is supplying them of food and other goods? Turkey! Who booed in the football match between Turkey and Greek in the 1 minute of silence in honour of the victims of Paris terror attacks? Turkish people. Is Turkey on our side or in the side of Daesh?

  112. avatar
    Jose Quintans

    Russia is bombing ISIS while Turkey is enjoying how ISIS is making Turkey a favor fighting with the PKK.
    We expect the EU leaders to be willing to use some of EU’s soft power against Turkey.

  113. avatar
    Jose Quintans

    Russia is bombing ISIS while Turkey is enjoying how ISIS is making Turkey a favor fighting with the PKK.
    We expect the EU leaders to be willing to use some of EU’s soft power against Turkey.

  114. avatar
    Franck Néo Legon

    depuis quand le nord de la Syrie fait partie de l’espace aerien turc ? ils considerent comme déja annexé le terrain gagné par leurs alliés de l’EI ? les positions des avions ont été enregistrées pas satelittes, il n’y a aucun doute que la Turquie essaie d’étendre le conflit en attaquant la Russie et en impliquant l’OTAN. Ce sont des fous dangereux .

  115. avatar
    Nichole Griffith

    start doing the right thing in International Law, yes that means stop acting like you make the rules

  116. avatar
    Ikaros Kratsas

    Turkey is a valuable NATO ally in the region but it has been pursuing a national agenda with complete disregard for the implications for the alliance and world peace. First they initiated action against ISIS but have been mostly bombing the Kurds…now they are provoking Russia. Other NATO members must make it clear to Turkey that there is a point beyond which this cannot be allowed to go…Turkey cannot use the alliances support to establish hegemony in the middle east and risk starting WW3. They are most clearly exploiting the fact Europe needs them to cull the refugee current…we must pressure that faschist Erdogan into following suite.

  117. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    in this case stand with, infront and behind of Turkey! If Turkey feels attacked or violated then they have the right to defend their country. Even if wasn’t really a danger. Putin will have to back down as he has to understand that he is NOT the boss of the world and he can’t intimidate every single country as he pleases! Off topic. When Russia has a leader like Gorbatsjov and Jeltsin we will have to get back to the Russians asap and provide them help and a membership of NATO.

  118. avatar
    Francesco Pazienza

    Turks always lie. The new class of political leaders that will emerge from this amorphe aggregate of states called Europe will show the middle finger to Washington

  119. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    I juste hâte thèse terrorists. What they want is to kill humanity. Peace! Love! Respect! Human women Children rights! Europe! Brotherhood !! And they want t install théir horror! ? I SAY NO! We must stand All Together àgainst and protect our freedom ! Turkey is Just a really not loyal country: Yes is not True! I m traumatisé by paris attacks.. All i say no any more plus.

  120. avatar
    Ecs Ferreira

    Less air strike. More work in itch coutry: more controle on mosques, madrassas, aide of minorities,…

  121. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Whoever made a mistake….just apologize…we have enough problems today trying to survive a financial – economical crisis…nobody needs another problem….nobody of goodwill i mean.Some others live with the misfortune and grief of oters.

  122. avatar
    Geoffrey Howard

    Russia was not an enemy of Turkey. That was an epic mistake to shoot down that aircraft. De-escalation is the only path.

  123. avatar
    George Kanev

    The problem with refuges and their radicalization comes from the Syrian dictator there…if Syrian become democratic country again, then we can return these refuges again in their home country where they will be happy. But now there does exist one obstruction and this is present of Putin in the Middle East thousands of kilometers from his country borders!
    The Middle East crisis gradually turning out of control which is very dangerously of course, but why we are in maze there? I remind about before Russian aggression there and afterward….before USA led coalition didn’t attach directly within, because this is muslem religion war and that should be decided by themselves…but then appear two very radically regimes: Syria and Iran where is nailing Putin hopefully to win some prestige in his country (if it is possible at all), but this is in nature a new crusader campaign against Muslems, but not against some concrete person, which is absolute wrong! So this man Putin must to be invited courteously to leave Middle East together with his army, or to be abandon alone there. In my view the coalition forces by GB and France should approach towards over throne Syrian dictator there no matter whether it is liked by Putin or not. His army and his bombers and jet fighters are on the level of the soviet time……metal fuselage without any heat radiation protection……it is easier target for any even ordinary weapons…….are there in Russia anybody who can to say to this technically backward president Putin, that he must to resign immediately……

  124. avatar
    Emil Panayotoff

    Turkey should have never downed the Russian plane. Nothing really justifies this. However, I hope for the de – escalating of the situation and the wisdom from both sides and especially Russia.

  125. avatar
    Arif Jamil

    EU & NATO are not the back of ISIS , they will must warn Turkey for shot down the Russian plane hope fully …

  126. avatar
    Nikolay Kosev

    I, as a Bulgarian, would never back up Turkey against Russia! I don’t see Greeks backing up Turkey against Russia too.

  127. avatar
    Nikolay Kosev

    The only logical and normal thing that NATO can do right now is to exclude Turkey from the alliance and say they have nothing to do with it. Otherwise, it will look like NATO wants to start a war with Russia.

  128. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    Turkey did in on purpose—USA should clearly say-emphasize that it was the terrible mistake and distance itself from such “unilateral” dangerous irresponsible acts

  129. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    Turkey did in on purpose—USA should clearly say-emphasize that it was the terrible mistake and distance itself from such “unilateral” dangerous irresponsible acts

  130. avatar

    Europeans should follow their position on this, not a NATO position. And we should make a deal with Assad-Russian side

  131. avatar

    VLADIMIR Putin said backing Assad was the only way to defeat the terrorism rapidly growing in the area.The superpower has brought in 28 fighter aircraft and thousands of soldiers to the war-torn Middle East country to support the Assad regime.That puts Russia in direct opposition to a US-led coalition which has brought military action against the Syrian government…The US led war against the Islamic State is a big lie.America’s “anti-terrorist campaign’ consists in supporting a so-called “moderate” Al Qaeda entity (Al Nusra, now renamed) with a view to going after another al Qaeda entity entitled The Islamic State, formerly designated as Al Qaeda in Iraq, and both wings of al Qaeda are supported covertly by US intelligence…The Islamic State is protected by the US and its allies. If they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have “carpet” bombed their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq in June. ..

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