UPDATE 02/03/2016: Eight of the twenty-six countries in the passport-free zone have re-introduced border checks since September 2015. The lack of solidarity between EU Member States in the face of an unprecedented migrant crisis has drawn condemnation from NGOs and aid agencies, who warn that a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Greece.

There are currently 24,000 people in need of shelter in Greece, many of them on the border with Macedonia, and an estimated 2,000 people are arriving every day, yet Western Balkan countries have sealed their borders at the urging of Austria, which does not wish to become a transit hub for refugees heading to Germany. Greece, which is already struggling to implement an austerity programme and cut public debt, warns that it will simply be unable to cope with the massive build-up of refugees on its territory if they are not allowed to continue their journey onwards. Can the Schengen zone survive?

ORIGINAL 10/05/2015: 2015 marked thirty years since the Schengen Agreement was first signed. Today, most Europeans are used to driving or taking a train between EU Member States effortlessly, without the hassle of queuing for passport checks and border controls. There are exceptions – Ireland and the UK have both opted-out of Schengen – and some countries are yet to join, but a borderless union is seen as one of the greatest achievements of the European dream.

However, Europe’s borders – both internal and external – have never been under as much pressure as they are right now. Recent weeks have seen several Member States reintroduce temporary border controls in an effort to cope with the scale of the ongoing refugee crisis. Is an agreement signed in the 1980s still relevant for the challenges of the 21st Century?

Is the dream of a borderless Europe failing? Could differences over the future of Schengen end up tearing the EU apart? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    Don’t you get it ???
    Islam want Europe !!!!!
    Forget borderless Europe , we want this Europe for our children’s , not Islam one !!!!

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      Shame! Shame! and only shame! Europe countries sells armement to the orient
      countries for more than 50 years. We have organize with the US the destruction of Syria, Irak and we leave Palestinian population die without moving … And today you claim our fear of Islam! Peaple dont come to Europe because they want to make you pray Allah….thay just dont want to be totured and to be killed …
      Dont forget what europe have done to million of juives during the last war…
      today you are doing the same mistake but the population has change: yes these refugees are arabs, some of them are muslims, others are Catholics BUT THEY ARE ALL HUMAINS . Instead of fear you should trie to better now other population and other religion before claiming they are dangerous!

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    Любомир Иванчев

    The idea of a borderless Europe between european countires is working perfectly fine. The problem comes when half of Africa and the Middle East want to also live in Europe.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!

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    Su La

    Thanks Germany and its borderless belief leadership there will be no more EU or schebgen

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    Max Berre

    I would say that it’s moreso the concept of european coordination and foreign policy which failed

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    John Slade

    it expanded far to quickly taking countries that were only just out of the soviet union. They brought all their prejudices and lacked any skills. Huge mistake.

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      Maia Alexandrova

      What do Eastern European countries have to do with this? It is Greece and Italy that are the weak links, disastrously failing to protect the Schengen Area and all Europe. Hungary and Bulgaria (which is not yet part of Schengen) are doing a much better job.

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    Paul X

    Removing borders was just another step in the Euro-fanatics dream of eradicating national identity and creating one homogenous grey superstate called Europe

    The dangers of removing borders far outweigh any benefits, I would imagine the majority of people in the EU rarely have a need to cross a border and for the minority who do, a passport check is hardly a major inconvenience when weighed up against the benefit it has in helping combat crime and terrorism

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      hans van veen

      Being a truckdriver, crossing European borders for more then 25 years, noticing at many national border checkpoints camera`s!
      Perhaps on paper the “borders” are gone, but in reality it`s a different story!
      And I `am glad the control is available!
      Not everyone passes the border with the good intentions!

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    Dorothea Einhorn

    Not the dream of a borderless Europe is failing but the dream of a democratic and human Europe. We have to find a compleately new way of living together in Europe, but with all the racists and conservative people that have fear for everything new, this will be a bit difficult. But in the end the dream of no borders, no wars, and equality for all the people in the world will be reality.

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      hans van veen

      Oh so sorry to wake You up, mrs Einhorn, but the world isn`t like the 1950s-1970s era anymore.
      Today a country, all countries NEEDS borders! Check episodes from tv series as Border Control from Canada or Australia! It`s not just Otto Normalverbraucher who passes the border on his vacation
      With Schengen You`re providing an open port for drugs and criminals!
      It`s a wonderful dream of a borderless, crime free Europe.
      But some people feel the need to profit on someone else expense.
      Those people are everywhere, politics, industrials, bankers, etc et
      It has nothing to do with racists or conservatives, but every day live!

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    catherine benning

    The problem with Shengen is a result of stupid governance. That place in Brussels is filled with jevenile minds who simply do not have the experience or ability to foresee what their actions will create. And the mere fact that each state went along with it proves our politicians and legal departments are unfit for purpose.

    Firstly, the mere fact that all states are not equal regarding the ability to be able to afford welfare, benefits and the rights of the nation citizen equally across all States, could only have been missed by the inept. Just for us all to be able to vote for a governing body that suits our democratic status was ignored. And, on top of that, promoting immigration from outside its boarders from the third world, where the ability of the citizens within those countries to observe the laws of the European, on so very many extremely important issues, was unthinkable. In fact it was the logic of the mad.

    And as there was already a warning of the devastation created inside the USA can only bring us to a conclusion of a desire to exterminate the indigenous peoples of our collective continental countries and cause the EU to fail as a concept. So much so, that those who brought this into our lives should be incarcerated for not only carrying out such a grave act of destruction but for sanctioning the abuse of the citizen who tried so desperately to defend themselves from it. And, incidentally, are still facing horrific abuse for daring to raise the issue at all. Especially in my country, where the guilty cling to the
    notion of being right knowing it is the downfall of a united Europe. But then he is an American in the true sense of the situation. He did and still does, what he was told to do.

    And his governing of removing welfare from the poor.

    And here is why he did it.

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    Toni Muñiz

    I would love for the current EU to end, and add these worthless politicians to the unemployed line that many citizens stand in everyday. The reason? just for questions like this. If you are unable to differentiate from internal borders and external EU borders then we have a problem. Schengen if for free travel of EU citizens, not third country citizens, and definetely not illegal migrants to freely roam throughout the EU or enter our borders uncontrolled, as it is happening now.

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      catherine benning

      @Michelle Nocetti

      Be specific, give examples, don’t hide your feelings. Explain and counter. And then add what you believe is racism.

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      Michele,have you just woken up from a “month long sleep” are you blind.when people move legally from one country to another with identification and respect everything works fine.
      When millions of people move on mass from one country to another ,on the way,
      1) ignoring borders
      2) lying about their nationality
      3) using force to get what they want
      4) disrespecting the inhabitants of the country they have just entered illegally by beating down the door.
      5)stealing crops ,food,cars, in fact anything they can get their hands on.
      Have you been to any of the affected countries recently,I have,you are living in a bubble michele ,you haven’t the slightest idea what is going on.

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    Dimitra Freskaki

    No I don’t think so!

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      Seriously? After the First and Second World Wars and the Berlin Wall, the worst thing that ever happened to Europe is Schengen?

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    Its not about borders, its about building a fed . Borders or the lack thereof was implemented when the schengen accord took affect.
    The dream is one goverment and no sovereign states, or a dilution of independent govermental control. Borders or their removal was a basis to get the eu ball rolling. Teritorial integity has more or less been removed or will be removed by brussels in the next year or two. Some sovereign states like the Netherlands have already lost thier sovereignty and have more or less a defacto govt. Most others have no influence in brussels and the ruling heads of state are more like mayors or governors of a province.
    Even with fences its still borderless.

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    EU reform- proactive

    Serious? Never imagined that border less “electronic tagging” could work in the leaderless EU? What are sweet dreams made from? The EU gives (once more) its dreams away by imposing itself as chart leader of soon conquered Europe- full of subsist life! World Political Corporatism of wishful dreams, unhindered & self regulated! What a paradise would we be missing- if our magicians fail? Increase their salaries!

    Would all Don Quixote’s please remove all doors, windows & security from all EU institutions and the doors into the vaults of the money printing rooms so that everyone of us, fresh air and hurricanes can enter, revive & blow out all decaying corporate serfs. Totally free & granting indemnity to everyone, remove all sense, decency, morals, and responsibilities- just a totally free society- as it existed before Adam & Eve- also free of taxes & politicians! A true prehistoric EU paradise or paradox? Home sweet home! Thank for your music:

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    Ioanna Geor

    partialy yes partialy no. Managing borders is not a problem, it;s how you manage them. And by the way the EU is managing them- fences , cops ready to beat anyone, numbers and concetration camps- fails this dream of borderless Europe. It’s either going to be a bordered managed Europe or all people will walk free

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      hans van veen

      You`re mixing up, Europe and the EU.
      Do You think You`re able to travel between different European countries without being checked?
      The point is, if Your paperwork for Yourself, family and vehicle is completed and paid for, You`re able to travel through in Europe.
      But You`ll be checked, one way or the other.

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      Paul X

      “love the freedom to go from Copenhagen to Contanta by car without borders. I love Europe”

      So do terrorists, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants….

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      What `s the use of advertising for jobs all over Europe, when there is a huge difference in culture, language and habits?
      Each time I visit the Balkan or Greece, I adjust myself.
      In Malaga, in our Spanish office the same situation.

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    catherine benning

    This link looms large in our morning papers. I think to people are at last taking on board the horrendous betrayal they have had to suffer for some years now. What is going on with these Globalists? What is their agenda on the future for Europe? They must be forced out of the closet in order to speak the truth about what they plan for us all and reveal, at once, their true identities along with how they are controlling our politicians against the collective will of the electorate. How do they have such a stranglehold over us?

    • avatar

      Our so called politicians have thier hands tied by the banking cartels. On dutch tv they showed how the cartels/ecb/fed use ponzi schemes to strangle govts . Govts are slowley running out of money, services are being slashed, etc. These cartels are eating up the gdp of almost every western nation. Our govts are not allowed to print money, we are only allowed to use the cartel system at a price, so they print thier currency for us thereby creating shadow govts . Whats happening is our govt borrows to keep the system going, but borrow again to pay the interest on the loan ,then get caught in a never ending debt spiral. The result is we have debt ridden countries who must do as directed. Unions will be broken which is happening, health services degraded, schools , and so on. Now were at a point were indigenous peoples of europe are getting to expensive , hence the refugees. Germany sees the refugees as cheap labour.
      See what happened to greece , tspiras played the game for the banksters, he was in on the whole plot, one big puppet show.
      Local govts have thier hands tied, the globalists/cartels have won .
      The cartels go after a countries assets, power companies, gold , gas, oil, airports, media etc, like they did in russia until poetin kicked them out ( now they are in poetin removal mode) they want back what poetin took from them, they are ruthless and will stop at nothing.
      The cartels are in overdrive and it doesnt bode well for europeans.
      The whole syrian war is because of a pipeline which the cartels want to put through syria, the problem is assad doesnt want to bussiness with the cartels, so now nato (army for hire)says he has to go..
      The stanglehold is a financial one and its about to get a whole lot worse.
      I feel for the refugees we do need to help them!
      Its time nato did something usefull like cleaning up these gangster cartels instead of doing thier bidding.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi there, both your general direction is right- it needs to be X-haired! The biggest challenge is not climate change- this party- or that politician etc. but a long overdue change in the stranglehold by the Rothschild’s (since 1760)- their invisible control of the world’s Central Banks & MONEY.

      Is that possible? Nobody dares or want to tackle this phenomenon- why? The influential, the rich & co-opted politicians don’t want to loose their privileges & therefore vigorously promote the Rothschild’s empire (politically) consciously or unconsciously! Unfortunately, the EU is & has become a Rothschild creation! We common people have shown too little interest, knowledge or power! Checkmate!

      The World Bank – IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take the world over through money- and succeeded.

      Why should one not support the view that all CB’s should be nationalized and/or
      -“expropriated” by us the people through the ballot box? Can boldness, courage and a change in our country’s Constitution through a referendum achieve that? Why believe the fable that only the Rothschild’s are capable to be (“neutrally”) entrusted with all global money policies. Ridiculous! This family clan hijacked & convinced the whole world that governments cannot be trusted- meaning- its peoples and their representatives are too stupid- really? Sufficient number of laws, regulations & institutions have been created to support this evil & greedy money empire in the meantime! Nobody will reveal anything (honestly) to us- why should they?

      The only real hope & option that remains- hinges on BRICS- under Russia/China’s leadership who can mount such challenge. The ‘educated’ democracies in the west want even be able to get past a referendum to challenge its central bank status. We all made to believe over decades the good story of such dogma and concept- known as EU! Therefore, ALL, the US-NATO- EU- FED-ECB- WB-IMF are tools for a NWO or Rothschild’s global warriors!

      Ever wondered the reasons & why & where all the dirty campaigns of hate, accusations, pressure, sanctions and even of regime change against Russia is rooted? Why should Russia be quite, roll & hand over their sovereignty too- like we did- by stealth? Either you “allow” to be co-opted in or you will be persecuted!

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    What’s the reality of this problem? EU governments need to re-examine their politics about immigration and refugees. An EU borderless is a dream now. Our countries are morally obligated to take in refugees although we must be prepared for the tidal wave or rush people who want to have a better opportunity. Consider that.

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    Maia Alexandrova

    It is fine to have no internal borders but Schengen area has external borders which have to be protected. If this fails, then the whole area is compromised. Italy and Greece disastrously failed with this huge responsibility and proved that they should not have been accepted into Schengen and that it is unrealistic to expect these two countries to protect all Europe. May be in future there could be smaller borderless areas between close neighbours, for example: Sweden and Finland; Bulgaria and Romania; France, Germany and Austria. Some countries may choose to stay out of any borderless arrangements, if they think it is too risky. The most important thing is trust. It is the same as having no fence between yours and your neighbour’s garden. At the moment, there is no such level of trust between European states, so maintaining Schengen is not practicable.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …a rare voice of (European) reason! Constantly undermined by extreme Eurocratism!

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    Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto

    illegal immigration is a violation of mass rule of law immigration reduces wages working conditions and unemployment still exists European available that do the same job illegal immigrants can not be rewarded for breaking our European laws such as the cohesion and identity of our society flourish in such chaos

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    Peter Ponte

    Peripheral border protection. But EU apparently needs immigrants to counter demographic decline? And for a bigger active population.

  19. avatar

    I want Marine Le Pen to rule Europe and kick out all those nasty illegal migrants..We are a FAILED UNION,we don’t have :a)a common language-b)cultural backgrounds almost impossible to integrate (thin eastern europe)-c)taxpayers is wasted in Brussels when “our politicians “talk about TTIP on closed doors. The EU is a big MESS, but there was the need to take over government’s sovereignity, so the ECB,IMF,EC do whatever they want, don’t matter what the people say…look at Greece! We are no more in democracy since we joined this stupid currency and all the rest. ..s****

  20. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    The whole European experiment was not well planned nor well thought out, and the result is this invasion of foreign cultures that do not fit into the European way of life, culture, faith, nor law. The result is that after much suffering, and many years, a new tomorrow will be born… washing away human history.

  21. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    NO – the freedom of no borders within the EU is a success and is not failing BUT there may be a different answer about the outside borders of europe as a collective. Maybe the EU Commision should discuss about a new type of security, immigration, customs setup on the european borders.

  22. avatar
    Blanka Kasza

    Schengen agreement is valid between EU countries. Anyone else coming here to Europe still need to have their papers and able to show to authorities at the border. Its the same when EU citizens go to the US or elsewhere outside of Europe. The Schengen rule itself is working between OUR countries but we need to reinforce border control for everyone else. It has nothing to do directly with the strength of the EU as the rule works well inside the EU but still changes to be made for everyone else so they cannot bypass borders as they like. We simply need to say to the world: people coming here from outside of EU welcome, please prepare to show your papers, visa to authorities. Other continents do the same when protecting outside borders. We should not punish EU citizens for outsiders not keeping our rules. The other solution might be mandatory visa from outside EU.

  23. avatar
    Stelios Peppas

    That dream is shattered by the rediscovery of failed and obscure national pride of European countries. It is a joke to discuss about European culture today, we have returned to 60es…

  24. avatar
    Nikolay Petrov Petrov

    Before helping 3d world immigrants, it is good to first help poor Europeans – for example Bulgarians ((The Oldest People in Europe -Pelasti/Pelasgi/Belgi/Bolgi, Thracians/Thraco-Macedonians, Moesians/Getae/Scythians/Sclavus/Slavs, (H)uns and BuLGars)), and Old Russians – Ukrainians (Northern Thracians/Scythians) get rid of post communist bolshevik (Moskel Ugro Finn Tataro Mongol New Great Russian) corruption resulting in injustice and poverty. Looks like Europeans are so stupid!

  25. avatar
    Cagri Oncel

    My name is Cagri Öncel, I’m a dentist and also a periodontist from Denizli ,Turkey, my wife Kamelya is also a dentist and a prosthodontist, we both have doctorate degrees in dentistry. We have a son Kaan Bilge,eight years old. I think you or your advisors are following what’s going on in Turkey, a serious fascist regime is growing day by day in Turkey, the justice mechanism is in a miserable sitiuation, the opposing media and the newspapers are really in danger. And European presidents, comissions etc. are still in silence. Don’t you think millions of Turkish refugees will come to your borders in a close future like syrians? or is that exactly what you want? best wishes.

    • avatar

      I agree , the problem is that EU hasn’t a common foreign policy.

  26. avatar

    To me the real problem is the lack of a European foreign policy. What have we done until today to protect our borders? Nothing, that is the truth. We left Italy alone, dealing with the immigrant crisis during two years. We did nothing to avoid the expansion of ISIS. We stood powerless looking at Turkey, while Erdogan was taking power. We didn’t worked together to stabilize the North African countries. Perhaps people are unhappy, beacause the European Union is unable to solve our problems. We need more Europe, not less cooperation.

  27. avatar
    Annika Kirfel

    I cannot imagine an Europe with border controls! Remaining borderless should be one of the most important aspects of future EU politics!
    Until now it really worked perfectly fine and definitely will in the future! #NoDoubts

  28. avatar
    Spencer Tasker

    Years ago when I first started looking at Schengen I was struck by the fact that without a common border and policy with respect to the rest of the world that European borders became only as strong as their weakest link. The migrant crisis has thrown into stark relief not only that this is a real problem but also that the obligation to deal with asylum-seekers at their point of entry to the EU has not received any real support. Europe deserves better from its leaders.

  29. avatar
    Christian Weale

    No, I don’t believe it is failing, but there are challenges too achieving this ideal!

    Sadly with a small but loud number of Ultra-Nationalists repeating the ideologies of the past, a refugee crisis and the world wide economic crash Europe faces numerous obstacles.

  30. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Outer borders must be supportted by all countries not only by the ones on the outer border. When Spain, Italy and Greece complained about having to support all expenses, Germany & Co did not listen. Now they will suffer.

  31. avatar
    Павел Манев

    Vicente Silva Tavares, please don’t leave Bulgaria out, we also suffer the flow from Turkey, although not as much….for now. Borderless Europe for EU citizens is the way it should be. However, for people coming from the outside there should be draconian rules in place before they meet the requirements if they do at all.

  32. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    At the moment with so many thousands of migrants streaming towards europe – WITHOUT strict eu border controls is a big threat to our freedom of movement in Schengen countries. Without european outer borders having immigration control to check the paperwork is not false – should suggest each country in Schengen must reinstate their own border controls temporarily

  33. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Borders should be open only to comercial traffic (lorries) and trains (with active control on board). At the moment the EU is, as we say in Spain, a ·”brodell without a madame”.

  34. avatar
    Estefania Mascolo

    It is a huge mistake to go back with the process of integration. It means we built new steps on weak basis

  35. avatar

    The idea of having a borderless Europe is ideal, assuming everyone moving around behaves per EU’s standards. Unfortunately, the reality is far from that, given:
    1/ the people who move around in EU are not only restricted to the EU citizen/residence. That means, the background, purpose and motive of the people actually moving around in EU is dynamic and complex.
    2/ the first Schengen country where people enter is not able to carry a consistent identity or security check as the passport/security control is leaving in the hands of individual country -of which- some countries implement a more stricter check whereas others are really loose.

    I think the real question is not whether EU should continue with the borderless Schengen policy or not. Rather, we have to think about designing new procedures that work (while it facilitates the mobility of the EU citizen, it forestalls potential security threats).

  36. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    Yees! It’s failed, unidentified refugees rushing through Europe have destroyed Europe!! Let them go back along with their terrorists. We have to save us from Islam and Merkel!!

  37. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    Nope… no problem at all…

    We just need to ACT so that We can continue to TRUST the UE and its member States!

  38. avatar
    New Politic and Economic Thinking - Independent Government Agenda

    Inequalities, genocide and wars grows worldwide .. why ?? This is what i suggest to G8 – G20 since 2008 any year several times and .. we are almost at the same point .. It’s time now that International organizations , g20, UN , World Bank, IMF, IFC should start to coordinate their operations and act .. not only represents countries .. please take a look :

  39. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    There is a huge difference between a borderless Europe among the Europeans and a borderless Europe for all the terrorists, illegal immigrants and foes of Europe!

  40. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Yes , because of Germany or better Angela Merkel. EU is not working if one country can bring millions of foreign citizens and give EU citizenship to them . Any country that joined the EU had to change to become EU state . What about big immigration ? Greece could example bring all Christians to all other EU members from Egypt . Or example Dutch could bring one million girls from Thailand and give to all of them EU citizenship . What is the problem ? This :

  41. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Establishment of a all professional million man EU DEFENSE FORCE backed by French Nuclear Weapons , will defend and protect a key pillar of the European Union. – Schegen. Turkey has declared war on the European Union and is attacking the European Union via the flooding of illegal immigrants to destroy the critical Schegen component of the European Union. EU Economic , Political and Military Sanctions on Turkey. A EU DEFENSE FORCE will also the British State Sponsored Turkish Military Occupation of EU Member Cyprus since 1974, which provides a security advantage for the British Military Bases in Cyprus against American efforts to expel the British From Cyprus since 1950s. The European Union urgently needs a Million man all professional EU Defense Force.

  42. avatar
    Dino Boy Mican

    Borderless Europe could have been just fine had the countries at the outside border done their job for a change instead of enjoying siestas in the sun

  43. avatar
    Eugene Markow

    Borderless Europe (The Schengen Zone) would have functioned well if the borderless laws applied only to EU citizens, within the EU. The external border of the EU (the border which spans the water and non-EU country land mass) should have never been opened to anyone accept current EU citizens.

  44. avatar
    Paddy O'Brien

    Pity. I travelled around Europe this year. Not having to stop at every border was great, although our bus was pulled in and passports checked by police on two occasions.

  45. avatar
    Ana Gomes de Almeida

    Reading these comments scares me. I had thought that racism and xenophobia were going to be in our past.
    We’re presented, for the first time in decades, with a real challenge with this refugee crisis, and we show the world we had all been hypocrites when we thought of ourselves as “European Citizens”. We don’t accept and understand each other, we don’t stand all together. I fear that the dream of a borderless (within EU, that is) Europe, inside of which we can move freely, is indeed failing. But not because of the “threat” of the refugees. Fundamentally because of our own prejudices, our lack of awareness, our quickness to hate and our hypocrisy mean that our differences become an insurmountable obstacle instead of a wonderful advantage.
    Thus being said, I don’t believe we should abandon border control with countries outside of the EU, nor proper surveillance. And, most importantly, we need a common policy. We need to speak at one voice (preferably, a reasonable, kind and intelligent voice).

  46. avatar
    Paulo Neves Cortesao

    “EU – European Union”, how much is united?
    There is an European identity? European culture? I think yes, it is. It’s at the beginning but there is, need to change but there is, need to have rules with some range of autonomy but there is.
    History teach union make you more strong, more in a global world like today. How can some small nation in EU make extern political?
    EU need to control her borders with an EU force and every nations in EU need to control her territory, because if you control who came in but you don’t control who you have insieme, we will never maintain a good level of security and freedom.
    EU was created to haven’t more wars in EU zone, but if in this zone the politics aren’t good enough for create a health European culture and identity, EU will lose the sense to exist…

  47. avatar
    Jean Pierre Ellul

    the borderless EU failed becouse we did not properly controle the borders outside the EU. non EU citizens should not be left to roam freely from one border to the next

  48. avatar
    Iegor Bielikov

    no, it’s the policy of receiving of hundreds of thousands refugees and the general policy of multiculturalism failed

  49. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    if turkey is the norder of we will be EYRASIA without democracy respect… women sell slaves 12$ and christians children became jenitsaroi…. so what is Europes values. Who knows….realy???

  50. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Millions of people put in danger just so a few EU fanatics can pretend the EU is one country.

    The sooner Schengen is dismantled and the National borders go back up the better.

  51. avatar
    Krol Henri Richard

    i think their ideologies are good but looking at reality is different they are failing to protect the EU citizens as well as their own citizen something should be improved or changed if we wanna keep this policy and if its to hard … go back to the way it was !!! their is no 300 solutions

  52. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Do you mean Europe of 50 Nation States or the decaying EU of 28 (soon to be 26) Nation States ?

  53. avatar
    Christian Chopin

    No its not it should be kept borderless with free movement of people and merchandise… one of the cornerstones of eu integration .. and we should not give in to fanatics nor to the cowardice of far right wing parties such as ukip or the fn…

  54. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Multiculturalism is the best and most successful thing out … unless you never studied or been on erasmus or connected with all those around you- due to fear, misunderstanding and misplaced arrogance-.. in which case you dont know what youre talking about and have no idea of how to act socially…

  55. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Failing ?, Watching the EU is like watching the death of a old donkey, the only thing left to do is for the peoples of Schengen to bury it.

  56. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    No it’s not. Bickering about 2 million refugees in a continent with 500 million is ridiculous. What it’s needed is to create a mini-Schengen area with the core Countries and let in only the Member States that meet strict requirements. The EU needs just to be redesigned not to die. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathater!

  57. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    unfortunately yes.. is the result of pseudo patriotic, populist policies and unrealistic design of EUR it self, I only hope we don’t facing the prelude of a new European war

  58. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    Europe is failing, because it has lost its humanity (at least I thought, that it should be a Europe that regards the human rights). Europe was always only for business, nothing else. Also I always had to show my passport, so it never was free movement.

  59. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    It is ridiculous for an aging society to make such a fuss about a few million people. In some villages in Europe already more than 50% of people are over 60. But Europeans rather face dying out than accept foreigners. It is not going to work!

  60. avatar
    George Ferentinos

    European Union! A dream that turned out to a nightmare for the people of europe!!!It’s time to touch down on earth!!!to go back to the completely sovereign state nation with our own borders and laws! Go back to the democracy and to our temperate traditional lifes!

  61. avatar
    Alexander Ellul

    Security remains a primary issue, Schenghen is a secondary issue, it can be reactivated any time in the future, when at least we can understand what on earth is going on!

  62. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Yes, as you well say, is a dream. But YOU estarted the problem when neglected to protect our EXTERN borders. Schenghen was meant for free travelling INside Europe.

  63. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    The dream was about no borders between european countries and so far it has actually worked very well. The dream was never about letting in Europe anyone from anywhere whenever they want for whatever reason.

  64. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should keep together, only together they can efficient solve Arab problem . Millions are coming , only together we can secure accommodation to all of them . All Muslims should be moved to some safe place and the EU was safe place .

  65. avatar
    Margaret Barahmandpour

    EU is finally falling apart….hope this will give way to damn permanently closed borders….and reinstating the concept of the nation state….which will be able to enact it own laws….not in the grip of euro technocrats who do not have any idea of “on the ground” situations. I look forward to permanent closed borders, autonomy for individual states to re-enact their own laws….respecting the importance and the need of individual state security. Who knows….perhaps the defregmentation of the EU with a possible Brexit will give way to a domino reaction….no schengen….no eu….no euro!!! But once again being able to say “my state….my country….my language….my culture….my traditions….my currency….my closed borders…! This is not just my dream….but the dream of thousands and thousands around Europe

  66. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The idea of a borderless Europe was ment between european countries, not for people or goods from outside. Europe, as it’s now reminds me of a “brothel without madame”. The only way to survive is going back to the ECM…free movement for goods but border control for people.

  67. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    The closure of border with France was a stupid move from Belgium as from any other Country that put in place similar measures. The European Union MUST survive and the Schengen free movement area is an integral part of the European project. the alternative is CHAOS and FRAGMENTATION, that equals to being swallowed up by bigger superpowers..

  68. avatar
    Francesco Haag Bellini

    Of course is necessary to check every one, if one side has no controls than all Europe has problems. Then is right to stop who has no rights to be in Europe

  69. avatar
    Richard Renckens

    It isn’t failing, it is temporarely adjusted to face a challenge. It is good to see governments have the flexibility to adjust policy’s as situations change

  70. avatar
    Vassilis Ioannidis


  71. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Yes achengen without controlled outside border canno work as euro without tax and social policies cannot work too..germany killed schengen…

  72. avatar
    Wolf Achim Wiegand

    Well, the DREAM of a borderless Europe goes on and will never die.

    The question is: what happens in reality? And: do we already live in a border-controlls-accepting public atmosphere?

    But we could steer against the tide. What I propose or demand is a huge cross political parties pro-European movement.

    We should not leave the streets to populist loudspeaker- Lets voice our wish and will, to live in a world free of restrictions?

    In my opinion borders are an old hat of yesteryear and an anachronism in the globalized world we all live in.

  73. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    We are leving in a Berlin wall of the dream and the battle is great hope that our policians have an environmental behavior in its rule of law

  74. avatar
    Marianne Smeding

    There should be only ONE case on the EU agenda: how we help Greece with the 70.000 refugees who will be stuck in Greece before the end of March. Shame on you who let Greece bear the burden all alone by closing your borders, by refusing to send help, by your refuse to send funds, by your lack of interest in the human disaster. SHAME on you! And you have to realize that history will judge merciless about all of you who turn their back.

  75. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    Yes, the dream of borderless EU is failing. People have been warning the EU institutions but they are blind and deaf. The only thing that remains is: wait and you will see!

  76. avatar
    Abaris Hiperboreus

    When all the countries of the EU will going to respect the Schengen directives – and being not been bullied by some inner countries as Germany – then it might survive.

  77. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    Yes, it can and it must survive. Countries like Italy and Spain or Portugal are isolated and have natural borders anyway, but can you imagine placing again a border between Belgium and the Netherlands or Germany? It would affect so badly everyday life (travelling and trade) that the negative side effects would outnumber the positive aspects. We need to find quick solutions to the migration problem, possibly start using tracking devices for migrants and coercive measures aimed at preserving the current structure of the Schengen Free Movement Area.

  78. avatar
    Davide Zoran Parenti

    Must survive. In the very same moment that Schengen officially dies, EU makes nomore sense to exist and must be abolished

  79. avatar
    Lynda Germon

    I don’t think it should … too many people are crossing borders with God only knows !!!

  80. avatar
    Olga Gramma

    Europe is dying anyway. There is no need to worry about the schengen zone, or the reffugees coming to your country. We, the lazy greeks, who some people still accuse , are helping them, feeding them and giving them a shelter. Because this is who we are, and this is what we do .. we give lessons. Are you people willing to learn? Got to go now, I am on my way to Idomeni. Enjoy your peace.

  81. avatar
    Joseph Stack

    Nope; it is a failing, useless project, much like the rest of the EU. Both will soon be a thing of the past. The EU as a free trade area was a great idea, as differing nation states tried to get back on their feet following the war, but in the world we live in today, it is a declining trade bloc, ruined by red tape and over-regulation, and is trying to move towards a centralised, federalised European superstate as a way of saving itself; this will never happen, the people of the different nation states that make up the EU have for more pride and sense than to fall in to such a horrible situation.

  82. avatar
    Mavis Allen

    We are BRITISH, we will be far better Out proving that we are a strong and powerful nation.

  83. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    NO, better not…and NOR the EU. Stop fibbing yourselves. The EU és the worst thing ever happen to Europe. Have you asked yourselves why the right (some people say nazism) is growing in the EU countries?. because of your policies.

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