The heartbreaking images of Aylan Kurdi, the three year old boy found face down on a Turkish beach, shocked many in Europe, and prompted Chancellor Angela Merkel to open Germany’s borders to tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria. But Germany was soon overwhelmed by the scale of the human crisis, and felt that its EU partners were unwilling to shoulder their share of the burden. Border controls were quickly introduced.

Where do we go from here? Which vision for Europe will prevail, the open approach initially advocated by Germany? Or the closing of borders adopted by Denmark and Hungary? Should Europe provide asylum seekers with legal avenues into its territory? Should the Dublin regulations be scrapped?

These were the questions discussed during a live panel discussion in Malta on Friday 25th September 2015, at Dar l-Ewropa (“Europe House”). The event was organised by Debating Europe, in partnership with Leading Talks and Migrant Report.

Taking part in the debate were Mark Micallef, Chief Editor of Migrant Report, a non-profit organisation and website dedicated to migration issues;  Roberta Metsola, MEP for Malta, European People’s Party; Carmelo Abela, Malta’s Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, and Miriam Dalli, MEP for Malta, Socialists & Democrats.

You can see the full video of the event below:

How should Europe respond to the refugee crisis? Should Europe provide asylum seekers with legal avenues into its territory? Should the Dublin System be scrapped? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Michael Gubi

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    Mike Chambers

    The Dublin system should be scrapped. It has been shown not to work. Refugees should be able to register in the country where they settle, not in the first country that they arrive in. That puts too much pressure on the southern states of Italy and Greece. There should be an asylum system in place that realises that refugees will be travelling to different European countries. I think Guy Verhofstadt mentioned the ‘blue card’ system – similar to the USA ‘green card’. There should be an agreed status for refugees across Europe. Funding from the European Union should be made available to those organisations that are helping the refugees. Funding should also be provide to the individual governments to help find the resources to help and support these people. This is a humanitarian crisis. Winter is coming. Do we want to see children dying of cold on the streets of Europe ?

    06/04/2017 Marja Nyrhinen, Head Coordinator of Immigration Affairs at the City of Tampere, has responded to this comment.

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    Néo La Rouge

    the refugees must be sheltered while the war in their country goes on, after check in and legal registration as we can better help them now and send them back as soon as the war is over. the 70% of migrants that are healthy young men deserting their not at war countries for an easyer life elsewhere shall be stopped at the borders. those individualists letting the elders, women and children alone in their countries without any idea of what duty is are not welcome, our ancestors and us have built our countries with our blood and sweat for our childrens, not to give it to anyone that finds it better than its own without any notion of earning it. let those peoples do the same in their countries, build, enbetter and keep it in peace without religious and ethnic fights, as we do here, stop the bleeding of their young healthy men those lands need so much to work it out .

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      Julie Elliott

      Well said! Totally my thought as well. Why are able-bodied young men leaving wives and children behind if they are refugees?

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      Victor Ogunlowo

      From your point where you mentioned that your ancestors build your country with sweat and blood is wrong.
      Yes, they may have but you shouldn’t forget the fact that nations like UK, France, Spain,Holland and Portugal etc economy were built by does immigrants forefathers. Their forefathers and mother’s were unjustly enslaved and their resources strolen, looted to develop the majority of the economics of Europe and America.
      The trans-pacific slave trade which caused economic imbalances in all does countries.
      The current selling of weapons of mass destruction to foreign dictators and the toxic foreign policy of America and Europe is given ridiculous rise to unrest in places like Libya, Northern Nigeria, Dr Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.
      British government unwavering weapons multi – billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia whereby its military campaign in Yemen has caused humanitarian crisis.
      How will immigration reduce when the government in Europe and America create economic friendly foreign policy in does places
      Immigration will be stopped or reduced when European government and America stop government of does countries from laundering billions of dollars transfer, through foreign banks into their system.
      If this can be done and money is used to build a strong financial economy, develop our education system, build housing and agricultural projects people will find good opportunities to work and raise families without thinking of emigration.

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    Hugo Viriato Conceicao

    Europe should sendo them baço! This is just the Kalergi plano to wipe out the white people. Dont believe? Search. He also wrote a book where he explains.

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      Jakob Grit

      General agree. Stop overpopulation. No taboes on that matter!!
      Of together with working on ending growing of monopolies in e.g. science and production.

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      Jakob Grit

      Errata : taboes = taboos
      Of = Of course

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    Paul X

    Merkel’s invitation was stupidity beyond belief. The message she basically gave is that if you are rich and fit enough to reach Europe, you can stay. The people who really need help are those too old, too Ill or two poor to go anywhere and are stuck suffering in Syria.
    The thousands of fit, fashionably dressed young men we see arriving at borders and train stations (not surprisingly most claiming they are “from Syria”) certainly don’t look as if they need any European taxpayers money wasted on them

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      Hans van Veen


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      You are so right. If those who really need the help can’t leave then we must send aid there. Deport these young men immediately and give temporary status only to those left with families. They also need to agree that they must leave when the war ends. They must sign documents agreeing to leave and that any children born here will not have legal status.

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      Gyorgy Gajdos

      Wrong. The Germans took off the burden from the unwilling nations.

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      Jakob Grit

      You mean: attracks,
      not ‘attacks’ (which is the opposit!) J.G.

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      Gyorgy Gajdos

      We need a common border institution, that’s what we need. A federal border with its own staff and facilities

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    catherine benning

    They should react by sending them all back from whence they came. Telling them to make an application from their place of origin. Because no one should have an opportunity to jump the queue by this kind of illegality or to make threats to those they are looking to feed and house them as we see on our TV news..

    They are not worth the effort. It is obvious by their behaviour they will not submit to the rule of our laws or be able to accept ‘our’ way of life. Just as we are already seeing in our communities now. And they should register with finger prints in their country of arrival and be deported immediately. Our Prime Minister is right in only accepting those from their place of origin who have been registered and checked. What Frau Merkel is doing is opening us all up to possible terrorism by her irresponsible actions in this matter.

    A street where I once lived as a student, it used to be the Jewish quarter then, has changed out of all recognition. It was a safe haven, a place where the local deli would never see you hungry. It has now been taken over by immigrants and anyone who goes there takes their life in their hands, it is referred to these days as murder mile. Gunshots, stabbings and all in the name of money and drugs. In fact the quiet vilage atmosphere it once had has been turned into a hell on earth. Similar to the infested ghetto’s of the USA.

    There is no reason whatsoever that any of us should have this pushed down our throats. There is a big world out there, Refugees should be thankful for any safe country, not make demands about which welfare ticket they think is the highest. They are supposed to be looking for safety not a gravy train.

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    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    The refugees should be helped, no doubt. But I would like to point out that the majority of this ”refugees” are actually economic immigrants. There are without a doubt refugees and possibly jihadists among them, but the real refugees are on the borders or just by the borders in the neighbouring countries of Syria. I would also like to point out that if the EU and its allies were to react when they should have, we wouldn’t have such a crisis.

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    Toni Muñiz

    Help TRUE refugees and those that can be identified with out doubt. However, integrating thwem into the population is not right. There should be camps set up with all the basic needs covered and these people, once conflict is over they should have to leave. Now they are given residence to live and compete for jobs. At least in Spain, that is all we need, more people for less jobs. Which might actually be the reason for all these politicians pushing for refugees. More cheap labor.

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      Alvaro Fuentes

      That sounds familiar…

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      Ignorance Killer

      A refugee’s needs are taken care of, but they aren’t happy with the camps and they treat it as a very temporary settlement. By the way, the more people you hav,e the more money that Spain will eventually recieve. Spain’s economy will eventually flourish. Most refugees do have high levels of skill. Better skill means better jobs.

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    Maia Alexandrova

    STEP 1 – Decide how to call all those people coming.

    At the moment some are talking about refugees and asylum seekers, others about illegal immigrants. You cannot work out a unified policy when you are talking about different things, or even don’t know what you are talking about. In my opinion, until they apply for asylum and receive refugee status, they should be called ILLEGAL TRAVELLERS. This is because they want to go to a specific country, crossing the borders of all transit safe countries illegally, without a passport or visa. We don’t know who they really are until their asylum applications are considered and proper checks are made.

    STEP 2 – Decide whether to allow illegal travel in EU and what to do with the new arrivals.

    At the moment Germany and most EU countries say “yes” to illegal travel and in this way are encouraging millions more to consider coming to Europe and potentially lose their lives on the way. This is a very damaging, inhumane and cruel approach. It holds the hidden danger of terrorists infiltrating Europe, posing as asylum seekers. It is also undemocratic because it completely disregards the opinion of those Europeans who do not agree with accepting hostile cultures and religions into their society.

    Option 1 – If illegal travel is not allowed through transit countries, then what to do with approximately 10,000 new arrivals daily on EU shores?

    All member states, with the help of EU funding, could provide thousands of personnel to quickly process the arrivals and their applications for asylum to their CHOSEN country. This is the difference with the Dublin agreement where applicants cannot choose where to ask for asylum and all the burden falls on the receiving state.

    Where should they be accommodated while waiting to be processed?

    All EU countries can provide the necessary number of ships with accommodation and food where the travellers can wait for approval or rejection of their asylum claims. A target can be set of maximum one month waiting time. If there are not enough ships, then tents can be used on the island where they landed, or on other uninhabited islands, or in special SAFE ZONES outside EU, for example in Turkey or Lybia, established with EU help. Again, personnel is crucial, so each EU member state should contribute enough in order to speed up the process for asylum applications, not to have 2 officers registering 15,000 people blocked in a stadium, without food, water or toilets for days. The applicants in the safe zones outside Europe can then receive a benefit (from EU funds) to help them with their living expenses while they are waiting for a decision on their case (maximum a month, for example). For those within EU (on ships or in camps), there can be no travel to another country, or permission for work, but EU should take care of providing all the basics necessary for those people to live. I think this is the only solution to the crisis at the moment which can be agreed by all member states at some point in future (or when it becomes too hot under their feet!).

    Option 2 – If free illegal travel is allowed in EU, i.e. open door policy, then which country should process the new arrivals and what is the way ahead?

    This is the current policy of redistribution, or quota system, which has no future because it is limited, divides Europe and still encourages more people to risk their lives to come. I don’t see any potential for agreement or common approach to the crisis in this case. The reality is that Angela Merkel is inviting people to go to Germany but then insists that all other countries should process their asylum applications, even against their will. This is a form of dictatorship and reminds of a Nazi streak probably waking up in the German government. Nevertheless, if that quota system continues to be updated in future, this will only worsen the situation and even has the potential of breaking up EU. It is not a solution.

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      Alvaro Fuentes

      Well in their defense it sometimes takes years to get their asylum papers cheated and accepted. And then it may take a few years after that just to bring them to their designated country. Those refugees are fleeing death and destruct. We have a moral duty to help those in need.

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    Πόπη Γεωργοπούλου

    “Refugees” is the new tryck. People in Europe was fed up with islamic luben wild mass considered as multi-culti immigrants, so they invented “refugees crisis” exploiting in the most vulgar way babys’ s death. It does not exist such a thing as “refugee” at the age of 25-30 while their country is attacked. Send them back to syrian army. This is the honest answer to propaganda.Peace to Syria first.

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    Mike Oxlittle

    This entire crisis is completely Angela Merkel’s fault.If you issue an open invitation to all the poor and desperate people in the world to come to Europe can you be surprised when they do?.This was just her cynical way of making the Germans feel good about themselves,trying to erase their shameful history of the last century by showing the world they are now the good guys of Europe.Now when it’s finally dawned on them the enormity of their mistake they start insisting that other nations take a quota of migrants whether they want to or not.Merkel is basically saying ‘we have been stupid and naive, but you must show solidarity with us by being stupid and naive as well’.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Should close down all borders and each country should take the REAL REFUGEES from Turkey, Lebanon etc. Those who coming now uncontrolled in huge groups are not even 20% refugees, most of them sent by I.S. and Saudis to conquer Europe! The Hungary prime minister is right..

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      Siegfried Kobler

      If someone already got asylum in Lebanon they should stay there.

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    Georgios Vamvakas

    Whatever the decision is ,has to be taken fast .The winter is coming ,and lots of people are going to loose their lives ,due to cold

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      Siegfried Kobler

      They knew the risks, and they chose to take the risks.

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      They’re buying them. No one is forcing them. Saudi Arabia is funding most of these wars and the zealots and they will buy guns from any country. You don’t hear much about the Saudi’s part in this, only westerners. The same way the media doesn’t focus on how the rich Arab countries are ignoring refugees, only on Europe and North America and how they’re not doing enough.

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    Building refugee camps of course. It’s a working system in Africa and Middle East for decades under UN patronage. Refugees should lower their expectations and europeans their fears.

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      Yavor Hadzhiev

      This could be a solution, at least to better manage the flux initially.

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    Vinko Rajic

    NO , EU should not allow big groups of emigrants to enter the EU . For the most if they are organised about religion or ideology . Example : Arab Muslims , African Christians , Indian Hindus or North Koreans communists . We have big problem with religious groups in many countries and they destroy our democracy . Example Croatia , Catholic church call Catholics to elections and they go all together to vote church candidate . That is not democracy , church choose person they should elect . Think if you have big number Muslims in the EU ! The end for our democracy ! You can’t allow big groups to destroy our democracy , democracy in Croatia is bad working because of Catholic church .

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    Dionìs KC

    Will the eventual response of the EU be more effective then its response to the Greek crisis?

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    Yavor Hadzhiev

    International Law makes it an obligation for most countries in the World to keep their borders open for refugees (the Geneva Convetion from 1951). Before we discuss if we should or should not welcome refugees, we should just know that refugees have a legal claims-right to asylum.

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      Siegfried Kobler

      Wrong! The Geneva convention does give asylum rights but each nation decides how they enact this, a nation could be restrictve, a nation could close its boders ut of national security, a nation can refuse to take men of fighting age, this is all legal. And no nation can be expected to commit suicide with a open borders policy.

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    A three year old boy lies face down on a beach in Turkey. He looks like he’s sleeping, his small face buried in the sand. Grimly, tenderly, a Turkish police officer collects the body and carries it away.

    Manipulation from the start. Exploitation of children as propaganda tools. Nothing about the same children raped in refugee camps by the poor suffering migrants. Why don’t you have compassion for children and women raped by migrants in camps?
    Also, there no “refugee” crisis, it’s an invasion.
    I’m from Romania and I can vouch that I haven’t seen since the fall of the communist regime such a campaign of systematic distortion of reality as the one staged by mainstream media – CNN, BBC, Euronews, etc. – to whitewash the image of the migrants. These TV stations can compete with the Romanian Television in the times of the Socialist Republic of Romania in terms and propaganda and they are probably better at it.
    All you see is children suffering, desperate mothers, the classic propaganda. No bad info about migrants would reach the public if it were up to these guys. But the golden age of such propagandists are over, thanks to the internet.
    Here is another migrant child in Budapest showing you that he wants to cut your throat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=zi-nhO77uvo
    Here is another refugee also in Budapest who wants to cut some throat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=23&v=TUcIHufy85Q
    Or here are some refugees making camp in a cemetery in Croatia – omen for the future of Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=CcdgMnOSx1A
    So Europe should not do a thing about the refugees. The best thing EU can do is disappear and let the nations of Europe defend themselves.

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    Muscas Anne

    And now four years
    USA Russia Iran and Turkey.
    Hell they’re causing it ;;;

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    Siegfried Kobler

    If I was the Minister responsible for dealing with this I would deal with the crisis in the following ways #1 Registration of Everybody, #2 I would create giant Refugee camps where they would receive shelter,clothing,medical care,food etc., #3 These camps would be run by multiple governments and they would be mandatory and they will remain there until the war is over, no welfare, no living in Paris,London,Malmö etc.,after the war is over they go back and rebuild their villages and countries, by force if necessary #4 I would put massive pressure on the USA and UK that are secretely supporting Islamic Terrorists in Syria to stop doing so or face the Hague, #5 I would support Assad, the head cutters of Is & co are no alternative to suit wearing Assad the Opthalmologist, he is the President of Syria, nobody knows his country better than his Armed forces, I say help them kill the Jihad head cutters and especially the ones with western passports.

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    Darin Attard

    A crisis created by America & Europe, meddling with their politics and piliging their resources in the name of Corporations. Now Europe, is taking them as Refugees. Change the way you do politics and stop robbing them of resouces as a start. Coming here in Europe wouldn`t change anything. First a political approach to end conflicts and then invest in these people.

    • avatar

      They agreed to sell their oil. Its just another trade deal. The unfortunate part is these countries don’t do much with the wealth to help their people. Like many other third world countries, only a few benefit while the others stay poor.

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    Enric Mestres Girbal

    They are migrants…Europe changed their names to assylum seekers to let them go freely trough borders. Asian and african are muslims invading Europe and all men between 20/40 should be rejected and send back to fight for their country. Europe is blind behind US policies but at the moment Russia is the only one wise enough to see the solution…massif help to Al-Assad.

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    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Yes it’s time to move on and let Eu Handel the hole asylum process. The eu will the be responsible for the refugees until they get asylum and then can be pleased in a country. We also need to include climate refugees and make it a lot easier to get. Working visa. Or even better get rith of visas as a hole. As long they pay for Their own visit they should be allowed to stay in Eu without visa unless they apply for asylum or citizenship.

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      EU reform- proactive

      …………unfortunately, you once more wish for utopia, mistake & elevate the present “EU” to a ‘functioning’ government! Wrong- it isn’t- it is only a “concept”! Judged by many as an unworkable one- gone too far! Stick to a well organized economic & trading block- that will do- which should create work, wealth & hopefully less dishonest, stupid political meddling & bullying.

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      Gyorgy Gajdos

      Yes we need EU policy and institutions on this

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    Toni Muñiz

    The EU leaders want to eliminate European nationalism. They want to create a multicultural, multi-ethnic “United States of Europe.” Of course, creating a multicultural, multi-racial society requires the dissolution of European ethnic groups.

    According to the UN, this is genocide.
    From the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide:
    “Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to
    bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;”

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      Anti-EU Citizen

      Exactly my thoughts too

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    Yavor Hadzhiev

    I can’t believe how much xenophobia is being spit out here…

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    Anita Nitya

    Those two are making difference between true and untrue refugees based on their looks and gadgets (esp those who wonder how refugees have smartphones and are not weak and tin) – please, first of all, read what refugee means. To put it short, refugees are not people below the poverty line (subsaharian africa) but those who are in life danger and/or facing persecution in home countries that do not protect their basic human rights any more.

    And to answer the big question: Yes. We should help all the refugees. Look back at our history and check how many movements of tribes and people we had, even before nations were established. Then take a short look at the history of culture: its changement is its permanent status. Fear the fear ;)

    • avatar

      Why are you cultural Marxists so brave requiring others to change their lives for the worse? Instead of cheerleading migrants rebranded as refugees (the Muslim migrants, not other, because you dislike Eastern European migrants), why don’t you bleeding hearts migrate to help those people in need in their countries?

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    Anita Nitya

    Btw, 3 million Yugoslavs were recognized refugee status all across Europe in 1990s, tens of millions fled Europe during and after the WW1. Now we are talking about 5 to 8 hundred thousand. Relax, old continent.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Anita Nitya:

      Your figures are a gross underestimate. Migrants from the most violent places on earth entering Europe now is expected to be around 35 million.


      Secondly, Europeans moving from one part of Europe to another is not an increase in European population. Never was and isn’t now.

      The tribes you refer to who entered various countries of Europe, ie the Vikings etc., again were Europeans moving from one area to another. Quite a different prospect to millions from other alien cultures. And when these peoples of Europe moved around this continent the population was miniscule, so we were not over populated to the point of destruction the way this ghastly influx is proving to be.

      And tell me this, why should Europeans be ashamed to protect their culture and heritage from the kind of desecration we are witnessing at the hands of those who enter and want to change it from the ‘haven’ they asked to come to. Thereby forcing on us the horror they left behind? You are asking us to commit genocide on our own citizens. In fact to consent to our own demise. That is madness and I don’t see any other continent on the planet proposing to do that, do you?

      If you feel what this invasion will produce the society you want to live in, then join with others who feel as you and migrate to the places the millions are fleeing from. That way you will be satisfied with such a way of life and so will those who love their European way of life be content with its lifestyle when you and your fellow discontents have departed.

      Then explain why you feel we should be helping all refugees? Why isn’t the rest of the planet helping all these refugees? I will add that two thirds of all people entering Europe presently are not refugees and are not from Syria. Do your homework if you want to make comments and be taken seriously.

    • avatar

      Every country has the right to choose who they let in. Its not Merkel’s decision to impose refugee numbers on sovereign countries. Its a democracy not a dictatorship.

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    Charo Gutierrez

    Should Europe abide by the law or only sometimes? Just for me to know whether I can do the same

    • avatar
      C Proctor

      Evidence please. And please look up the word fascism, I think you may have been falsely informed on its true meaning.

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    C Popa

    Obviously, everyone should be registered. I admire Hungary for the stoicism showned at the border. The fact that you’re running from war does not mean that you can pass without any verification and registration. What i see today is that all treaties and agreemensts are broken because of “solidarity”. This solidarity wasn’t there when the hungarians, bulgarians, romanians and other europeans not living in the “european union” were trying to reach to another place in Europe! No, they had to wait for the accesion mechanism to work in their favor, besides tons of ruls and regulations to follow in order to travel. So i think the first priority should be registration and a fast procedure for those who DO have the right to be called refugees. The rest (pakistani, bangladesh, and a bunch of african countries), should be considered economic migrants and if they don’t have the resources of subsistence in the host country ( adress and an income) send them back where they came from. It’s easy as that .

    • avatar

      Nothing of that is easy. How will we tell one from another? European nations should defend their borders even if at the cost of human lives if that’s the only way.
      Every person without proper identity papers shouldn’t even be allowed to cross the border. It’s not possible that all of those hundreds of thousands lost their papers. They are destroying them on purpose to hide their identity, how can anyone even think about social integration of such people?

  29. avatar
    catherine benning

    This weekend on UK TV two members of our Parliament voiced what I have known instinctively and feared for so long.. And it was told to us by stealth as if it was a mistake or a slip in the secrecy they were told to keep. Except of course when on the Andrew Marr show our Prime Minister openly told us it was ‘in fact’ us the British pushing for and succeeding to promote and enforce TTIP in Europe. I felt physically sick watching this oink creep have the nerve to tell us this now without once informing us before the May general election that this is what he and his comrades were up to. The British government once again making treasonous moves against its own people.

    The other two, both on political awareness shows spilling the beans that A) We, the UK, do not see ourselves as European at all, but are in fact, Americans.This guy spilled this when on the Daily Politics show blabbed about us voting ourselves out of the EU when questioned on what we would do should the vote be for out.

    And lastly but even more terrifying, was the clueless clown that has been taken into the new Corbyn Shadow Cabinet for the left wing of our politics, when she alos decided to confess that no matter how the British electorate voted and what they voted for, it would first have to have the consent of the ‘Globalists’ before it could be put into practice. And who do you believe are the movers and shakers of thse so called Globalists? As they are secret it is hard to tell, but one can guess it is the big money brigade. That unelected unseen unknown nasty pieces of work who fear shoiwng their faces to the world. For they are at the back of this mass movement of people coming to our shores in order to reduce our ability to excel on any level.

    These links will show it for what it is.


    Daily Politics


    Sunday Politics.


  30. avatar

    Turkey should be nominated as the only country of entry to the EU, of course with the economic support from the EU. All the refugee, at any point of entry to any EU country should be re-directed to Turkey where with the supervision of the EU, UN etc. From here, the refugee should be selected and sent to the EU countries. Each EU country should take their share, (whatever it may be). The Refugee/Migrants that are not in title to the “selection”, should be repatriated at the first opportune moment. A strong campaign should be followed simultaneously to put the message across to the people that intend to undertake the refugees/migrants routes. We will have to bear in mind that more bombing will create yet more refugees.

    Every country in the EU should take their share of refugee/Migrants

  31. avatar

    I think that they should just Help or at least home! they can’t sleep on the streets for the winter. they are people man GOSH!

  32. avatar

    I think that they should just Help or at least give them a home! they can’t sleep on the streets for the winter. they are people man GOSH!

  33. avatar

    This is extremeli smart movement of Islam/ISIS to plant Islam in whole Europe, Take Europe over with out armii, with out weapon, with out fight and much less casualties. This is INVASION – People wake up !!!!!!!!!!!! All Leaders of country’s not european only – wake up!!!!!!!! What the heck You doing !!!!!!!
    Actually it is to late even now. You all ready have got hundreds of terrorist as a refugees. Those ” refugees” do not practise birth control – soon you going to have hundreds of thousands oft them plus they will bring few wives each and you people will pay for that with your tax money. It is more then stupid, this is sue side .!!!!!!!!!!. You going to pay highest price for your Big, Good Harts. They do not respect human rights they will cut your throats !

    • avatar
      C Proctor

      evidence please for this invasion. Give it. This is a huge and dangerous claim. You’d better have some incredible evidence to back it up.

      They do not practice birth control. Again, evidence.

  34. avatar

    Bring more muslim terorists in europe then do not complaint about rapes and terrorist acts …

  35. avatar

    We should not be bombing Syria. I would rather that all of us died right now than all of us and al of ISIS and all of Syria died right now. War and fighting is not right, innocent people are dying and it is not acceptable! Anyone who disagrees should be jailed. That is final!

  36. avatar
    C Proctor

    No. This is not final. People, when will you start to learn that just because people do not agree with you, or are critical about your views, jailing/silencing them is most certainly not the correct strategy for dealing with them?

    I agree, we should not be bombing Syria. But neither should you use a refugee debate platform to insert a platitude only indirectly linked to the discussion at hand. Be reasonable, please.

  37. avatar

    Let’s agree that a US president who did not realize that grade school students in London, UK were not american citizen’s actions pushed this snowball down the hill and separate the initiation of the problem into steps to get through this emergency. Bad things happening over there do have severe impact here and we are still dealing with our own poor handling of inrush of various religions and ethnicity in the US.

    We killed many of the Chjnese and Irish immigrants that came to build our railroads. Their remaining populations became very insular and especially with the Chinese it has been a very long road to assimilation since the Irish eventually were able to hide in a forest of similar looking people when they adopted local accents.

    Europe has made so many improvements to society over the last few years that I would like to see the US adopt. But, I fear that without the vast resources that were available for our northwest european immigrants in the second half of the 1800’s that the US would not have faired well with that level of inrush in society.

    Inrush occurs in multiple fields of science, in electricity it is lightning, in hydrology it is a damburst, in ocean waves it is a tsunami. Immigration is a good thing. Just take steps to control it and smooth the rate of change and great advantages can be taken.

    It is not just the vast amount of population change that Europe has to deal with. Europe’s treatment of women’s rights is probably the most amazing thing that Europe has accomplished in my lifetime. I am very concerned that all that progress will be wiped out in fifteen years along with ethical medical care that Americans may never even get a shot at if you lose yours.

    Not helping someone floating in the ocean when you pass by on a ship is criminal. We all have the responsibility to get that person to the nearest safe port on our journey. There is no requirement for a permanent berth on the boat.

    China currently has several prebuilt and unused cities ready to take tens of millions of people. I suggest considering contracting with China to take in all the immigrants into these cities and set up each city as a microcosm of the country that the migrants are trying to go. In each of these cities, the migrants could be taught the language and customs of the people that they wish to join and be allowed to transit to the desired country when they meet criteria set by that country. Then, much like introducing new fish into an aquarium, the new population is brought in at the same temperature as the current population and there is less shock.

    Another scenario would be to let those workers help build and maintain solar arrays in the north central African desert after completing their transition training. Building and maintaining such a system would be good for the planet and provide meaningful jobs for a large number of people and support communities for over a century.

  38. avatar
    Philip Morgan

    Hi. If you looked up some Catholic online journalistic resources you’d see even more images from way before that image was taken, which are just as heart-wrenching, and almost unbearable to view in comparison. But then the U.K is covered by a blanket of agenda-based reporting; however, yes, that image was very sad too. I’m just surprised it took this long to react considering that terrible things have been happening to people in the Middle East since a long, long time ago. I do wish people would respond with genuine concern rather than band-wagon nationalistic hysteria. And the reason I can differentiate is because people have been suffering for so long over there and simply been ignored by the media and majority population. It appears to be convenient to care sometimes and not at others. Genuine concern is not overly selective.

    How to respond: with open-hearted kindness. If people can stretch that far.


  39. avatar
    Victor toks

    We have seen the crisis and problems of taken in millions of refugees from Middle east and Syria by Germany,France since 2014.Increase in crimes,rape ,break down of law and order in the places where refugees are thousands of citizens are bearing the pain. How many children of politicians are affected?
    How many people or families or government leaders are killed?
    Everyone should no that Europe doesn’t have the resources and money to catering for people who they’re taking in . Let’s face it,people in Europe have sympathy towards the refugees especially young children.
    But our politicians are not telling us the whole story.

  40. avatar
    Victor toks

    Hmmmm ,I just observing the whole refugees situation since all this year’s.Thousands upon thousands of thousands of people flowing into Europe for a better future.Well there’s nothing bad in it ,but we people of Europe have been falling for our government propaganda and lies about the main reason they’re are letting in millions of refugees at the cost of taxpayers money.European government especially Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is Lording overall the other Sovereign European nations.People have been feed wrong information about helping refugees,through social media,wrong facts and hidden,half truths.
    Million of Europe children still go hungry every day and night,we still have our own problems,unemployment,housing crisis,crimes e.g knifepoint crimes in London.We have human trafficking ,child pornography,many problems which need attention.But the government hides the problems under propaganda and lies.
    Another thing is ask the Europe government and leaders what have they done to stop the Syria War,Why did Tony Blair invaded Iraq in the early 1990s with USA.
    Why did they overthrow Gaddffif in Libya.Why are they bombing innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq.I don’t understand why European politicians are playing politicians in Afghanistan,Africa and middle east.The solution that will stop refugees crisis is by development of the countries where the refugees are coming from,investment in the industrial sector’s,Agricultural,sector’s,partnerships with their government and stabilize government.
    European apologizes need to tell their government to stop invening into the matters,if they will listen other Sovereign countries.Europe and USA should stop trying to frustrate good government in other countries because of their own advantage or self interest under wrong forgien policies.
    And lastly Europe and other world powers should stop training militants,freedom fighters and supporting dictatorship in Third world countries with cash and weapons of mass destruction..

  41. avatar
    Paul Rice

    There is a big difference between asylum seekers and unauthorised migrants .
    Most of the people today trying to enter the EU cannot claim asylum , and those that can refuse to accept the fact that asylum and refugee status are for temporary protection , not immigration , and they are expected to go home in the future. There is a massive misuse of asylum , and then there are those who want to claim asylum in a specific country , which is NOT aloud .
    These people expect jobs etc , and are incapable of understanding that many jobs in the EU will be automated in the near future .
    They also refuse to understand that there are 50+ million unemployed EU citizens , and 100+ million living in poverty , and that the EU has no need of additional populations as it will be effected by climate change and there will be problems of food and water across the EU

  42. avatar
    Paul Rice

    Europe will have to close its borders in the near future in order top make EU countries have sustainable populations as climate change reduces food and water resources.
    Also there will be no jobs for migrants as automation increases , and Europe should be helping the 50+ million unemployed EU citizens , and the 100+ million living in poverty . EU citizens should come first . If unauthorised migration continues , there will be massive civil unrest across the EU , and governments will fall ( and probably the EU and the Euro ) , and borders will be closed .

  43. avatar
    Paul Rice

    Why do committees and groups supporting so-called asylum seekers , see the misuse of the agreements , and the fact that European populations have to be maintained at a sustainable level , especially as climate change will make food and water resources scarce across the EU .
    It would appear that all the groups supporting migration are in a minority , and as they are in democratic countries understand that majority opinion wins .

    There are 50+ million EU unemployed citizens and 100+ million living in poverty , they should come first and get help , NOT MIGRANTs

    • avatar

      Thanks for replying. I am in the US so I will not pretend to know more about Europe than Europeans and those islands off the west coast of Europe who get pissed at me if I call them Europeans. Perhaps you could answer several questions? Does it seem to you that the young women are being left behind? Does it appear that the women are being sold to pay for passage of the males and elderly women?

      I think that it is wonderful that Europeans and inhabitants of the western islands can change so freely between languages. However, I fear that Europe may face a crisis that we have here where people immigrating from the south do not even attempt to learn English. To me, splits in a country’s population are bad and it is almost as though Spanish is a slave language here. The Netherlands has a rule that an immigrant has to view a picture of a woman on the beach without gasping (I may not be completely accurate here, please feel free to correct me). With these waves of people, shouldn’t those seeking to go to a European country go to a holding area where they learn at least basic part of the local language and have confirmed that they are comfortable with local customs such as female teachers for any gender, understanding that not all westernly dressed women are prostitutes, and that women have the right to say no without any male relative’s backing? Would it be wrong to arrange an area in southern Africa, or northeastern Africa that they could go to for safe asylum and cultural training? (Also, I am no expert on Africa)

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