refugees_post_2EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has given his ‘State of the Union’ speech in Strasbourg. This is Juncker’s first such speech to the European Parliament since it elected him in 2014, and the refugee crisis dominated the agenda.

Referring to EU Member States that would prefer to take in only Christian refugees, Juncker said: “There is no religion, no belief, no philosophy when it comes to saving refugees. These are human beings.”

He added that Europeans have often been refugees themselves, including during and immediately after World War II, and reminded Eastern European Member States that it was not long ago that their own citizens were fleeing oppression to claim the right of asylum in the West.

Juncker also argued that frontline EU Member States such as Italy, Greece, and Hungary cannot be left to deal with the challenge alone. He announced proposals for a system of mandatory quotas to distribute some 160’000 refugees throughout the European Union, as well a permanent relocation mechanism for future crises. He underlined that there will be no distinction based on religious criteria.

Arguing that “relocation alone will not solve the issue,” Juncker also announced a “common EU list of safe countries” that migrants can be sent back to if they don’t qualify for asylum. He also said there should be a common EU asylum policy, and that he would push to fundamentally overhaul the so-called Dublin System, adding that legislation needs to be amended to allow asylum seekers to work in the EU while their application is being processed.

Juncker insisted that the Schengen system of free movement in Europe was here to stay, and resisted calls for it to be dismantled. Instead, he would like to see the EU’s common external border strengthened, and wants to significantly increase the budget of the EU’s border agency, Frontex. The Commission will apparently table a proposal for a dedicated European coastguard before the end of the year.

In addition, the Commission is preparing a package of legislation for early 2016 that would open “legal channels for migration” into Europe. Juncker hopes that this will help cut down on the number of refugees and migrants making the dangerous Mediterranean crossing each year.

Finally, Juncker argued that European foreign policy must be “more assertive” in dealing with crisis hotspots in neighbouring countries, including Syria and North Africa. The Commission is proposing 1.8 billion euros to address instability and conflict in North Africa, and Juncker will push for development aid to be increased. Juncker also announced that the EU is planning to begin intercepting and destroying smugglers’ vessels and prosecuting criminal networks of smugglers.

Will Jean-Claude Juncker’s proposals help end the refugee crisis? What did you think of Juncker’s first ‘State of the Union’ speech? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: European Parliament

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What do YOU think?

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      Adrian Limbidis

      They are economic migrants.
      Eurostat says so.

      Same as many of us.
      Except we come based on a legal system, the EU. And they do not.

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    Alexandre Caldeira

    Yes. I belive European values exist, and they were well spoken. Inagine is was you, and your children. This is our values, receive with promiss of education and freedom with equality. I found there was a lack of proposals to prevent isis menbers to enter also. Alow refugees in. Persecute isis members

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      The problem Alexandre ,is that there is no way to differentiate between ,refugees,migrants,illegal immigrants,economic migrants and terrorists,there are pakistanis in the crowd as well.
      How can anyone tell who is from where and who is telling the truth or lying.
      Sadly stopping everyone is the only solution,because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.
      My compassion only goes so far when I see thousands of people basically storming the southern borders Hungary,Greece and Italy.

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      That’s what we are thinking of us and our children for thousands of years the Middle East has been divided and at war the Middle East proves beyond doubt that multiculturalism does not work now Europe has enough of it’s own divisions of this continues Europe will emplode from with just like the Middle and Islam is a threat to European culture

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    Ferenc Lázár

    How would you know who was isis members, when they revolt against registering and fingerprint takings at the Hungary border?! And certainly the liberals of Europe and refugee civil right activists making them to revolt with their media lies…the ISIS issuing original Syrian passports as well, they have the technology! Welcome to reality Alexander..

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      The argument is obsolete, they obviously don’t care, they are not accountable any more than Assad is in Syria or Stalin. It is certain that ISIS fighters are among them, they even announced it.
      Don’t worry, if that happens, Junker and the rest of the gang will be there to explain to us that not all Muslims are terrorists.
      Also, I’m sure Junker will show compassion to the victims of ISIS in Europe. They are such compassionate people!

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    Jaime Martins

    Our house was already messed up, someone decided to make it worse, we’ll see what happens.

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    catherine benning

    I ask Mr Juncker directly,’what sacrifices are you making’ personally? Are you willing to hand over your job and your home to help out and take the suffering with the rest of us? Are you willing to go without the booze and the gourmet meals? If the answer to these question is yes, tell me when you plan to give in your notice to quit?

    Show us your long term sacrifice. Ten years in the wilderness, move out of your house, let go of your nice expensive, driven car. Come on, put your money where you mouth is. And move into the locations set aside for the influx. Send your Grandchildren to the schools with them as you do ours. Hands on Juncker. Live it and love it when you do. That way we will all know you mean what you say. That you are true to your word.

    Or, are you simply an empty vessel like the rest of your ilk? Paid for stooges. Liars and cheats. We did not vote for this or you. And we will not pay for your madness.

    Will it be you who’ll turn the guns on the natives of these states when they refuse to be the ones to foot the bill in order to persuade them to see it your way? Will you be using our men to kill the indiginous toin order to save the body of the invader? Make sure the Auchlander lives, and the native dies?

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    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    I proposed on the 15th of August to the European Union that there needs to be a fair distribution of refugees in the European Union,and 2 weeks later the European Union announced that it was formulating a plan to address the refugee issue that is effecting EU member Greece and the Balkans. Three weeks after my proposal of a fair distribution of refugees in the EU , Germany announced that it would take 800,000 refugees and put aside 6.6 billion US dollars to address the requirements. Until then there was no discussion on the issue. Not bad you could say on the EU responding to a EU Citizens Initiative. Now is the time for action. There must be a fleet of aircraft from Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa , Air France , British Airways , and SAS Airlines , waiting at the airports on the Greek Islands to take the refugees to Northern Europe where there are the economic resources and the infrastructure to be able to deal effectively with the issue.. I hope we do not have to wait long for the airlift to begin. According to media reports there are 1.5 million people waiting in Turkey to enter the European Union. Germany said it will absorb 1 million of these refugees. That leaves 500,000 for the rest of the 26 member states, which comes to 19230 refugees per EU member State.outside Germany.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Very bad idea!
      Prior to your proposal I suggested to the EC to negotiate the use of one of the many uninhabited islands belonging to e.g: Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Yemen, Kuwait, and Indonesia. (many more available!) If one is generous & supplies every “seeker” with ~500 m2 land per person- for each 1 million seekers one needs approx 50,000 hectares. Thereafter, one can hire all available & idle Greek fishing boats of any size for transport!

      Any volunteers- or must I call JCJ to issue an executive order?

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    Cristina Powell

    Germany is not daft, they are well prepared to deal with refugees( camps- learn the language- work)- they need fresh young workforce as is the rest of Europe which is why they are taking in this many!
    The question is what is the rest of the world doing to help not just Europe and by the time it is all done and dusted will there be any people left is Syria or Libia or will the western world turn those countries into holiday destination?

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    Su La

    and after those 160k refugees to be relocated? What then…thousands keep coming and you relocate them?

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    The man is clearly Deluded,he hasn’t a clue,I agree with the Hungarian PM,without strong border controls around Europe,the schengen agreement is worthless.
    How can it possibly right that we in Europe have to provide passports and documents to travel,yet anyone can come to Europe ,march across borders ,basically bullying their way into our countries and expect to be looked after,
    Hungary should be given as much help to shut its border completely by any and all member states who also fear for their people.
    Mass migration,call it what you want will lead to anger,reprisals,violence and disease .
    It has already started.
    No country can cope with this influx,not even Germany.

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    I’ve seen similar population movements enforced on us by the Soviets after WWII. Except then they were moving people away from Romania into the Gulag (especially Germans). Not even the Soviets coerced us to take people in, not on Romanian territory.

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    Radoslav S. Bozov (@Radobozov)

    I have kept reading hypocritical calculations on what a human being is in terms of distributing the money of the psychological nature of refugee, or as we prefer calling the term an asylum instead of a refugee, a political one indeed! Not surprise that the German capitalism is indeed hitting to take advantage of the deal in order to keep up positioning itself for balancing bunch of experimental process due diligence of social abuses. It is an ironic movie to see a lack of commodity of a economic perspectives where consumers are needed to foster a fragile economy left of 20th century successfully delivering the illusion of purposeful life! It is probably the easy way to deal with those kind problems, veiled behind political plagiarism of realistically valued human beings. What a game of what? I would say, fuck your language, a stupid Chomsky idea of none existing theory, work so that swines can eat grains, so called animmalistic minimalist treat, please, deliver my pizza, so that I can watch after my show!
    There is a need of an working agency, a real one, that is in complete awareness of what a human being is in terms of a biological unit, but a consumer piece of flesh. That agency must deal much more effectively than that of homeland security. You could make those refugees hate you, or make them love you! It is your choice! However, considering Eu members chauvinism and nationalistic mix to religious grounds, it is highly predictable that segregation would be a possible outcome due idiotic agencies dealing within each national border line, of a delusional language barrier set of self sustained problems!

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      Radoslav,you use a lot of complicated phrases and words,why ?
      Its very simple actually,whether people CARE or not is to a large degree irrelevant.
      We live on a VERY over populated planet and the simple ,unavoidable ,indesputible fact is that you cannot move millions of people from one country to another country if there is no room at the inn when they finally reach the end of their journey.
      It isnt about prejudice,it isnt about religion,nor is it about creed,colour,or any other vague parameters you can think of.
      It IS about sheer,uncomplicated living space,the availability of housing ,food shelter ,medicine……in fact anything you care to mention.
      Too many people in a small area WILL fight ,argue,and eventually kill one another.
      There are countries in this world that are virtually empty,there are others at bursting point.
      I dont want refugees,migrants immigrants call them what you will….to love me.
      I want them to go somewhere ,where there is ROOM for them .Its very very simple,why do so many of you not see that…?!

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      Living space? Where have I heard that before. Oh, right. “Lebensraum”. That was it.

      And, yeah, there are huge, empty parts of the world out there. Sure, maybe there’s a reason they’re empty – but who cares?! Let’s start shipping all the refugees out to Siberia! Or we could just march them into the desert. It’s not our problem!

      Not like we have any responsibility. The UK had anything to do with the war in Syria! *Cough* Iraq War *cough*

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      James,I didnt say it wasnt our problem,personally I didnt go to war and dont support intervention of that kind.long and complicated and for another debate.
      But even if we accept that it is our fault where do you propose to put everybody.Do you have room in your home that you are prepared to give up,I dont.
      The last time I looked there werent rows of empty houses ,schools ,hospitals anything you care to mention in fact.
      Do you really think the NHS has staff sitting Round with nothing to do.The problem really comes down to this…..even if all this was our fault and even if everyone from north africa turned up on our doorstep ,I will ask you again,Where do you put them all .
      Until you can answer that question you simply cannot offer the world a home.
      Right minded people want to do just that but thats not practicable,show me an honest workable solution,thought out and do-able,not an emotional response that isnt ,and I will listen,until then………………

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      Well said

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    Darin Attard

    It will protect those who meddle with their politics, economy and theft of their resources, at the hands of corporations both American and European. It shows the level of hypocrisy that Europe has achieved, by making it a humanitarian crisis.

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    Vinko Rajic

    Arabs like Saudis don’t want to take own refugees but atheist nations like Sweden accepted more than any other country/citizen . It could be that atheists follow words of God better then very religious people : One of the central principles of Islam is helping others. While some perceive Islam as a faith that encourages violence rather than positive contributions to society, the Qur’an and especially the hadith highlight how helping another human being is a fundamental aspect of Islam. Muslims’ primary goal is to worship God, but this is done not only through rituals like prayer and fasting but also through treatment of other people.

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    Ed Cocks

    No, ths action will encourage more and more people seeking better lives to give up and find their way to Europe.

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    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Well it’s an easy solution:
    We tranfer the asylum to EU level. We create an asylum institution in eu were the asylumseeker apply and will be handeld. After the asylum is proseed they will be sign to a country that he can choose from. We have an minimum requierment that the countries have to give to the refugees. after a country rech 0,5% of its population its blocked frem the least of choosebul countries. when all have reatch 0,5% then its reised to 1% and all are choosebul again. its then repet it self again and everytime allt quoatas is full it reised by 0,5%. You can then apply by visas allreddy in the refugees camps all over the have the EU taking over the asylum part will make a big save on money by having 1 institution and not 29 as of today.

    if a county that Libanon can take in many % of refugees of its population we can handel also minimum of 10% a year since we have mutch more resorsers. If we then can make this on Fn level too the refugee camps will be on a memmory.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Utter rubbish! No, Njet! Seems easy to some confused supporters of failed USSR soviet Marxism? Rather seek asylum in North Korea’s centralized paradise!

      A comparative progression before the fall of the USSR in 1991- coinciding with the Maastricht EU launch in 1993 & the begin of European neo- Marxism (“EU democratic centralism”)

      Soviet USSR: 1917 Communist state (“democratic centralism”), – Socialist state, – – Soviet democracy, 1991 collapse & rebirth of 14 Parliamentary republics.

      EU: before 1993 thriving 28 Parliamentary republics, – 1993 Maastricht, start of Soviet type democracy,- EU Soviet type Socialist state,- EU Communist state (totalitarianism)- EU revolution when?

    • avatar

      @ EU Reform – Proactive

      Yes, EU is EUSSR, except less functional for now and more bureaucratic (others say it’s the 4th Reich, but it’s not necessarily a contradiction between the two).
      It is obviously ruled by cultural Marxists who ignore the will of the people. They aren’t even interested to know it – they know what’s good and they want to impose it on us.
      Also, some Western leaders are blackmailers. The chancellor of Austria, Werner Faymann, proposed a cut in the structural funds for nations that oppose the quotas.
      What’s worrying about this proposal is the fact that, at least the way it’s been reported in Romania, it seems to be addressing not nations who refuse to apply a EU regulation in force, but the way the nations’ representatives are voting before the proposed regulation becomes law.
      If indeed that is what mr. Faymann did – that is to threaten our representatives to vote yes or else – he should be charged with blackmail under the provisions of the Criminal Code.
      Romania is still a corrupt country, but it has energetic anti-corruption institutions. In my country, people and especially civil servants and politicians risk jail for that kind of threats.
      As far as the funds are concerned, we should tell them to insert them where the sun don’t shine.
      The problem with these funds is that they are used to legally bribe people to be pro-EU, especially members of the elite. The beneficiaries of most of these funds are aggressive because of their strong financial motivation. People should realize that many pro-European voices in Romania and probably other nations in the EU are taking money one way or another for their stands. This is true in particular for the NGOs and people working with them.

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      EU reform- proactive

      OK Gabriel, after all has been said, analyzed and broad consensus reached- how to translate that by way of “traditional democratic” corrective actions- starting at home, altering the EP majority, consolidating all splinter parties & finally overcome the mighty EC? Sure, this secretive acting, scheming & muddling along has to stop! Your plan of improving/saving the present EU would be as follows:………?

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    Célia Grimaneza

    Shouldn’t we be concern about helping first the unemployed and the poor in our own countries, then helping others? Are they all running from war or have other things in mind, because I’ve seen some disturbing videos that this, so called refugees, are destroying, stealing and planting chaos in France and Greece, what comes next?

  16. avatar

    No, the crisis is because they keep coming in bigger numbers than we can cope with. So, unless they stop coming, the crisis will not end.

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    Europe Direct Koroška

    No… The difference between the EU leaders and its Citizens is too big. This will not end up well. It can not end well…

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      catherine benning

      @Europe Direct Koroska

      This mandatory emoting has now reached an insane apotheosis in the great migration battle, to where today, this crazed individual, Juncker, has adopted a policy of seeking consent by European citizens to approve an event of auto mass extinction.

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    Ivan Burrows


    A simple business root cause analysis tool that explains the Schengen crisis.

    —- 5-whys Analysis —-

    The problem : – Mass migration into Schengen zone countries.

    1st Why? – No internal borders.

    2nd Why? – Required as part of EU membership .

    3rd Why? – To create a single space for citizens of continental Europe to travel, work & live.

    4th Why? – To create an environment that would bypass the requirement for National States to hold referendums for ever closer ‘European integration.

    5th Why? & Root Cause – The architects & custodians of ‘European integration’ knew the peoples of Europe would not accept it if they were given the choice.


    The peoples of Europe have been lied to.

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    Yordan Vasilev

    The decision of the crisis is a long and complicated process. At first the migrants should be accommodated and after this the politicians and the arms should decide the problem with the peace in Syria herself.

    • avatar

      Thats very commendable Yordan,but it really doesnt address the simple question of WHERE they should be accomodated.
      Are you proposing building houses for them or taking them into our homes or giving them tents or allowing them to build shanty towns in every city they arrive in.This point hasn’t been addressed and it seems that no one likes the very simple response that there isnt room for them .
      If you think there is please tell me.

  20. avatar
    Elisa Curri

    I am surprised by the fact that in such cases everybody turns into a “humanitarian” on social media. I wonder how many of these idealists would actually open their doors to a refugee?
    The refugee crisis is an international crisis, it doesn’t only concern Europe.
    The fact that Europe is more easily accessible by the refugees does not mean that we have to take all the responsibility. There should be some kind of international mobilisation and refugees should be equally divided between countries that have the capacity to “feed” them without having to take the food out of their citizens’ mouths.
    While Europe deals with the refugee crisis, according to the polls americans are voting for Donald Trump to be their next president. And I think we’ve all heard his opinion on refugees. America is trying to avoid the refugee crisis while it should be cooperating with Europe to solve it.

  21. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    Let’s face up to a few facts here.Once these refugees/migrants manage to get into Europe and settle there is no way they will ever return to their native countries they simply wont go.So in the near future we’re going to have to get used to suddenly having a huge increase in the muslim population of Europe with all the problems that could bring.I don’t just mean on the infrastructure of countries,like hospitals or schools,I mean what about when this population start demanding the building of extra mosques or muslim only schools to cope with the huge new numbers,are any of you happy to use your taxes to pay for that?,this increasingly looks to me like a disaster waiting to happen.

  22. avatar

    Romania must not apply Junker’s proposal even if it becomes law, because it is against art. 3 (4) of the Constitution of Romania: Art. 3 (4) No foreign populations may be displaced or colonized on the territory of the Romanian State.“.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Adrian

      Also we are not in schengen.
      Thank you for veto-ing our admission GERMANY AND NETHERLANDS.
      Hahaha enjoy the Islamic wave.

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    EU reform- proactive

    Great! After the horse has bolted- our “Concept” President without a real country- suffering equally from refugee sickness- JC Juncker- has given, has said, has added, has announced, has argued, has insisted, has ordered- all within expected pc parameters- legislation to be amended, overhauled and panel-beated- to hide a horrendous crash and embarrassment! Much too little too late!

    The Commission has lots of experience in treati-ng papers, but unable managing real calamities! “Ja, its all the fault of the member states who want listen to me”!

  24. avatar

    James,I didnt say it wasnt our problem,personally I didnt go to war and dont support intervention of that kind.long and complicated and for another debate.
    But even if we accept that it is our fault where do you propose to put everybody.Do you have room in your home that you are prepared to give up,I dont.
    The last time I looked there werent rows of empty houses ,schools ,hospitals anything you care to mention in fact.
    Do you really think the NHS has staff sitting Round with nothing to do.The problem really comes down to this…..even if all this was our fault and even if everyone from north africa turned up on our doorstep ,I will ask you again,Where do you put them all .
    Until you can answer that question you simply cannot offer the world a home.
    Right minded people want to do just that but thats not practicable,show me an honest workable solution,thought out and do-able,not an emotional response that isnt ,and I will listen,until then……………………?

    • avatar
      catherine bennin

      @ Bastian:

      And once Merkel has settled the 800,000 she intends to take into her country this year, with what she says is the consent and good wishes of the German people, next time there is a statistics check it will be 49% disagree with her. The following year, when another 800,000 find there way ther, it will be 30% disagree with Merkel and so on. Until all German people love the influx of an alternative lifestyle.

      But, even more important is, once Merkel and the German people give them papers and the right to free movement, they will start the march to Sweden and the UK. As the German people do insist on ‘arbeit’ for every man/woman. T
      he British on the other hand are willing and do give welfare over and above anything they give the indigenous people. They ‘quite literally’ presently watch our poor and disabled starve. Those who are the off spring of the men who fought for our nation when asked are thrown aside for the life of the foreigner.

      However, the underlying question is this. The vast majority of the people coming in from wherever they are fleeing, are young healthy men. It is odd that no one isasking why these men are not expected to fight to preserve their country of origin, just as European men fought for theirs in order to have the civilisation we all presently live with. Had our men deserted this continent during the time of our need we would still be in the dark ages. Why would Europe want to take in such men who are of no use to any country? There is something that smells very stinky in all of this shove for massive foreign invasion into our culture. Not only that, it is time to concentrate on what this mass movement agenda is and by whom.

      Note, the USA this morning says it is willing to take up to ‘ten thousand’ genuine refugees. This wonderful submission when their country is virtually empty, with states that have literally zero population.Additionally, before any of these people can go and settle there, they have to be ‘properly registered.’ So, the military machine in the country of the warring perpetrator, doesn’t want the flotsum and jetsum to reach their shores, only ours. Could they be wanting to see the end of Europe as we know it?

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @Ivan Burrows:

      There are not enough young Europeans across our continent worthy of the expensive training they deperately need to fill these vacancies. As the prejudice against them, their race and their heritage, is papable in what Merkal is saying in this link you put up. .

  25. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    This is madness! Of course it will not work! It is not even a solution to the crisis, let alone workable! These illegal immigrants are ready to kill to get what they want, let’s have no illusions about that! First, some of them pushed Christians out of the boats (there were such reports), then they are refusing to be registered and fingerprinted, storming police and running away from registration camps. If eventually they receive European passports, they might want to establish Sharia law in Europe and if rejected, to start a jihad against Christians! But right now they want to go to Germany, UK and Sweden where the money is and will find a way to do that, legally or illegally. There is no point in their forced distribution elsewhere in Europe. I would suggest as an immediate measure to address the situation, to close European borders and relocate immediately any arriving immigrants straight away to Southern Iraq where there is no war and is safe (this would not pass without a fight from the refugees, so national armies might need to be employed in the operation). A camp could be set up near the border with Saudi Arabia, and the refugees provided with a monthly benefit so that they can support themselves until returning to their original homes. If ever they feel threatened, they could ask Saudi Arabia or other rich close neighbours for asylum, not take perilous journeys for thousands of miles to reach a continent with culture, way of life, religion, laws and rules so alien and distant from their own. EU, USA and other rich nations should provide all the financing necessary for these refugees to live in the camp or elsewhere, but not in Europe – this is a security threat! The numbers of unidentifiable individuals of fighting age, arriving as refugees are too great to be ignored! Decisions should not be based on bare and naive assumptions that all of them are just Syrian refugees running from war! Some of them surely ARE Islamic State terrorists taking their war with them to Europe and until there is no mechanism to distinguish them from the rest, no one should be allowed in! This will also discourage others who are planning to do the same and will avoid future deaths from drowning. Since they want money and safety, Europe shoud give them money and safety, but not our land!

  26. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    How to save Europe from disintegration by EU’s foolish polices?

    When will the EP muster enough courage, wake up and start the process of “democratically un-electing” JCJuncker & Co & replace him with a interim body?

    When will similar processes start- initiated by voters in most or all 28 member states & granted by their parliaments- to either demand in/out referendums or convince the majority parties to suspend support for the EU on its present trajectory into oblivion & insecurity? But-please ignore Junckers obvious dictatorial reply!

    “Let us know your thoughts and comments……………”

    • avatar
      Limbidis Adrian

      I’m curious. You have the “reform” word in there….but want a complete destruction of the EU.
      Which is to be “remade differently” – as you put in another comment.

      How would your new EU look like?

      15/12/2015 Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform (CER), has responded to this comment.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Adrian, in very broad terms- my suggested scenario & of course open for broad negotiations & betterment- (of course unacceptable by the present Suzerain):

      Remove most present aggravating issues. Return to the original & previous concept of a strong European trading block ONLY. Design policies & aim for a max of 5% unemployment within, restore all & full sovereign-ties to all. EU structures to be scrapped and what was very good to be selectively used. Future decision making processes by the willing, the enlightened and similar equal & “advanced” members- by consensus. No suzerain to dictate- using minimum bureaucracy. Aim to hold most discussion with partners via latest electronic video conferencing techniques from home parliaments & offices- cutting down on travelling & accommodation. Brussels & Strasbourg pomp & luxury becomes obsolete or a museum of past glory & wishful thinking.

      Create incentives to produce locally before relocating production to the cheapest global destination- in pursuit of “comparative advantages”. All CB’s to be publicly owned by each government- full control of banks and not the other way around.
      The first 14 core Members would be invited to join in discussions for an advanced & “superior trading union” only- (no baggage, no social engineering, etc)- based on the philosophy of the independently developed qualifying criteria’s contained in: No political scheming possible. They would be:

      Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium. United Kingdom, Germany, France.
      The rest has to be advance up the ladder using own initiatives, disciplines & good governance to progress towards a “happier nation”! A multi tear system approach to assist in their advancements naturally & over time.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Adrian

      Sounds a bit like the “two speed Europe” idea.
      What makes you think the poor east will ever catch up to the rich west?
      “Good governance” does break or make a country?

      Out of curiosity, which country are you from?
      Judging by the “trade bloc only” rhetoric, I’d say UK….but I’ll wait for your reply.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Did you THOROUGHLY study & understand the in & outs in the “worldhappiness report” & the resulting classification?

      ….a) absolute- maybe multi speed. What did other countries around the world do & achieve what the European East can/could not do equally- or better- after being similarly on the bottom? Catch up to YOUR full potential first. Nearly 25 years passed.

      ….b) your guess is wrong! If credit card ratings would apply & limited to 11 for EU “Platinum” membership, my country can be found within this group! The UK, Germany & France “only” make “Gold” Membership (12-15)!

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      In other words an EUropean apartheid, between the western masters and the eastern slaves.
      Thank you for your clarification.


  27. avatar

    This is a recent report by a major German TV channel (ZDF) about the state of migration in Germany.

    Summary: Migration segregates our society and creates new types of conflicts.
    We can expect that the current mass immigration will potentiate this situation, increase the formation of ethnic ghettos and intensivy the conflicts between ethnic groups (e.g. between Muslims and Christians from the Near East).

    Several times in this ZDF report immigrants consider Germans (and their authorities) as naive and rebuff the German constitution.

    Juncker’s proposal obviously intends to spread the German model of welcoming migrants without reflecting the consequences (decreasing social cohesion and increasing chaos) to the rest of the EU.

  28. avatar
    catherine benning

    This video tells us why we are not getting the policies we want when we try to vote fpr wht we want. And Juncker is in cahoots with all our politicians. They are not telling us the truth.


  29. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    In the above picture is Juncker bonking a blue-hued woman?

    That wouldn’t surprise me!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU Reform-Proactive

      Thank you so much for the assistance, that was kind of you, I didn’t realise it hadn’t given the entire video.

  30. avatar
    Artem Chebanenko

    Dear gentlemen! My name is Artyem Chebanenko. I am an entrepreneur from the Republic of Belarus and a founder of a start-up company Atrium Technologies. This letter is a business proposition that can bring monetary value to investors and at the same time help people in need. Every day I am reading news about a problem of refugees… Here what is on offer: my company mastered the production of prefabricated domed houses (pictures are available in Appendix 1). While these houses possess all qualities of traditional buildings, there are also some obvious advantages, including: • Swiftness of Installation (2 persons are able to install a house in 3 weeks) • Low Cost – the cost compare to analogous constructions is approximately 25 percent lower (400 euro per square meter as per prices in the Republic of Belarus) • Energy Saving – 0.038W/m*K. To compare, wood is 0.15W/m*K • A possibility for people in need to learn the construction technique and therefore, install houses independently • Reliability of construction – standard lifetime is 80 years. I am proposing to install domed houses for people in need. I suggest my team of highly skilled professionals will build the first few homes and then we will start training potential residents, so they will be able to install houses themselves. Atrium Technologies will provide the necessary training. The training will speed up the process and people in need will get their homes faster. I would like to highlight that domed houses can be used for various purposes, e.g. medical centers, training centers, playrooms for children. The idea of helping people and at the same time generating revenue came to me by itself. While I am very excited about it, I need support to turn this initiative into a real project. I am pleading for your consideration and hoping for future cooperation. In order to receive detailed information of this project, please make an appointment by calling +375(29) 6139470. I will be delighted to meet you in my office in person at the following address: 90 Harkovskaya street, Minks, Belarus. We speak English, Russian and Belarusian! Sincerely Yours, Artyem Артем Чебаненко

  31. avatar
    Adrian Limbidis


  32. avatar
    Paul X

    Junker’s speech just confirms what a complete incompetent buffoon he is. Even a 5 year old can see the fundamental flaw in proposing quotas whilst supporting Schengen
    Dump 10,000 refugees in a country where they don’t want to be and who exactly is going to stop them marching across a border-less Europe to where they do want to be?

    • avatar
      hans van veen


  33. avatar

    The profound disconnect between those supposedly ‘in charge’ and those that are ‘being told what they have to accept’. That summarizes the Juncker speech. Others above mention this as well.

    Its that moment you know it is over. In Roman Empire terms, the EU is in the year 470. In Soviet Union terms, its 1985. In the terms of the Russian/German/Ottoman/Austro-Hungarian empires its 1913.
    In the years mentioned, no one would have believed the empires in question would disappear. And yet they all did.

    The EU will, of course, linger. It might do so even a few decades, considering how much of our wealth politicians seem willing to sacrifice to keep it alive. But the game is up. The EU’s demise can be delayed, but it is inevitable.

    I will not miss the EU.

    • avatar

      Hey, be optimistic! You can make a new union with the Arabs you people in the West like so much. Once politically united with the Arab world, you can be politically correct all you want with them – you aren’t with us in Eastern Europe anyway: your political correctness is Muslim-oriented and black oriented. You say the color of the skin doesn’t matter but it does: to get compassion from you one needs dark skin. Also, one needs another religion, preferably Islam.
      Political correctness is a cultural Marxist concept, therefor aimed at undermining capitalism. This is why the beneficiaries of your political correctness are those who can bring down the West.
      Once united, you can give back all you imagine you robbed from them.
      Make a new Schengen to include Syria, Turkey, Lybia, Egypt and Algeria – you let them travel freely anyway. You even pay them to.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Bastian:

      Our media in the UK are not showing this. They are only showing what the Hungarian police did to stop these aggressive, all male migrants, from breaking through the barrier and attacking those there to stop them. They only show the tear gas being fired and water being poured out. The journalists are being totally dishonest. They are not showing these men pushing their very young children in front of the gates. This is a set up to force this mass migration on to the European people.

      They are telling us it is the fault of Hungary because they will not let any more through their borders and that the UN is against stopping the invasion we are seeing with our own eyes. They are telling us we must take them even though they are covering their faces and making it obvious they are planning to create havoc here. It is orchestrated.

  34. avatar
    Paul X

    This is just an example of how blinded by the EU dream Juncker and his minions have become…

    Never have so many EU countries disagreed so strongly with each other and Slovakia is even looking to legally challange a EU decision yet we hear “EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker described the talks as “excellent”

  35. avatar
    martijn berk

    Why don’t we (Europe) involve Russia in this ??

  36. avatar

    Juncker is a drunkard and irresponsible , and should be removed from office

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