refugees_post_3Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. It feels like every week brings some new horror; new tales of refugees drowning, asphyxiating, freezing to death, or murdered by people smugglers while trying to breach ‘Fortress Europe’.

One falls from the landing gear of an aircraft. Nine are crushed to death trying to make it through the Channel Tunnel. Seventy-one are sealed in a truck without air holes and asphyxiate. 800 drown in the Mediterranean when they are locked below decks and their boat capsizes. It’s easy to forget that these aren’t just numbers, and that each digit represents an individual human life.

Some of our commenters have been quick to argue that most, or all, of these people are “fake refugees”, as if this somehow makes them deserving of their fate (despite the UN arguing that there is no such thing as a “fake refugee”). Perhaps this makes it easier to process so much misery. If we dehumanise refugees, then everything becomes less complicated.

But the current system is broken. Wherever you stand on the issue of asylum and migration, it is clear that things need to change. People are taking to the streets on both sides of the debate. In Germany, there have been anti-immigrant riots and arson attacks on refugee shelters over the summer.

Some in Germany have had enough. They have been holding rallies, unfurling banners that say asylum seekers are welcome, and even accepting refugees into their homes. A new project called “Refugees Welcome” has recently launched, described as an “Airbnb for refugees”. But should normal people step in when governments aren’t offering leadership? Or is it up to Europe’s politicians to take charge and tackle the crisis?

Are we in danger of forgetting that refugees are human? Are Europeans becoming desensitised to refugee deaths? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Ivan Burrows


    Of course not, but people are able to see though the media propaganda and see the root cause of the Schengen disaster.

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      What about the Dublin Accord? This situation would not be this out of control if the had followed both, plus, there wouldn’t be so many claiming to be refugees. If they had followed just the Dublin Accord, there would only have been about 100,000 or so refugees throughout the year. Far more manageable don’t you think?

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    James McManama

    If northern European countries want less migrants, then they should contribute more to border security in southern EU states. Or, more meaningfully, they should tackle push factors in countries like Syria.

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      Syria and these countries are bodies without brains. How many countries, Muslim and African with Muslim populations, allow a handful of religious zealots to completely and utterly undermine, destroy and control over 90% of their populations. Where is their responsibility in stopping these zealots from killing and imposing strict religious doctrine, murdering and raping their own people. Then there’s their young men. Cowards running away and hiding among refugees. These are 50,000 people terrorizing millions. Pathetic.

      I’d rather have no soul than no brain, spine and patriotism and love of my country and countrymen. We would never run, we would fight to the death to protect our country and the young and old in it.

      Westerners have been helping those in need for 100+ years, foreigners. How many foreigners, non-Muslims have Syrians and others helped.

      We’re tired of being guilted by the UN and media to help these refugees, but nobody cares we’re being abused by economic migrants to the tunes of billions. When is western charity ever enough.

      Where’s your soulless comment to Saudi Arabia and the UAE? Wealthy Muslim countries who do nothing can get away with anything. Only westerners are critized and called bigot and racist.

      Grow up!

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      would you be able to see your childrens and all of your family die. Having a soul is more important then having a brain. Having a soul makes you a human being.

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      So that body without a soul saved thousands of lives. That body without soul cares for others, and doesn’t just think about themselves. imagine you were a refugee Kristaq Jorgji! Europe just has to tighten security!

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    Fernando De Rojas Parets

    European People are answering with humanity and solidarity, but national governments and EU have a poor, cold and not humanity answer.

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      quite the opposite… governments have the responsability of imposing order and rule in their territory. If they dont and people take the initiative of welcoming ilegal immigrants, then they are the ones to blame for any European death that may come – that I´m aware four Europeans already died at the hands of ilegals (two in Sweden and two in Italy). How many more deaths are acceptable? ISIS already threaten to send 30.000 soldiers and it´s known that terrorist have been smuggled over the European frontier (the terrorists that attacked Tunisia arrived by boat in Italy). So I say refugees yes but not without order and rule.

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    Jason Picci

    Force those European and American zombies who were in favour of the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria to migrate to those places. And to Ukraine.

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      What about all those from Africa who aren’t refugees or from war torn countries? last count estimated that 70% might not even be refugees. Imagine how much easier things would have been processing only one third of these people instead of this onslaught. Blame those who are pretending to be Syrian and refugees.

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      Nina Thiry

      Totally agree with you, I think that everyone knows about refugees but some are more affected by that than others do. Some will help and give them a job and home and others will be closed minded and let them alone. In my opinion, we should all help them and try to make their lives better. Those people are obliged to leave their countries, families and homes due to war or conflicts in their country. These people come to a country where they don’t speak the language and where they are sometimes alone. We as Europeans have enough places to welcome them and to give them a new life for the future. We have to all help us between each other and make life easier for all of us. They are humans just like us and we have to help them because they don’t decided to be in such a situation.

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    Muscas Anne

    What about the wealthy oil producing middle eastern continent. They’ve got money manpower, oil, wealth well why are they? Blinking away? What’s going on why aren’t they interfering, to save their own kind? Go into Syria if that’s the problem… Resolve and save their people rather than demand from over loaded Europe, of different cultures customs. Why ship children and not create villages for them in the middle East. About time It s their call SAVE your own Muslim brothers! Where are you really?

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      The wealthy Arab countries don’t want them. They’re not the same kind of Muslims. Its flat out racism. They can do it, but white Europeans can’t. It is racial intolerance and you don’t see the UN pressuring or shaming Saudi Arabia or the UAE into taking any. Where’s the media? They’re only showing Europeans in a bad light, cherry picking photos of dead children to shame them. Ask yourself why the media distorts everything, lies and distorts the facts. The majority are young well dressed healthy looking men. Cell phones and smiling with money. That’s not a refugee, that’s an opportunist. Where’s the spotlight on that?

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      Saudi Arabia is not classifying their syrian brothers as ‘refugees’ as they are not part of the UN refugee system and don’t apply their classifications!
      Saudi Arabia’s help is a financial one, and they have tried throughout the whole conflict in Syria.

      I appriciate your questions, only if we ask, we can understand, but some questions can be solved by real interest, and some research. However, I am always interested in the sources of others, I am no expert, and I am dependent on sources I can find on the internet, trying to figure out which are good quality sources and which are not…. numbers are never completely relyable, but what we can learn is at least, that Saudi Arabi is not doing nothing…. as expected of one of the US allies in the area….

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      To late for anything, these countries most of them islam will have troble for next 1000 years, humans have done enough damage to the world, humans don’t come first in my books anymore the precious wildlife takes priority, wake up we are overcrowded the next wars will be over food not religion

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    Marijus Stasiulis

    Sweden is rape capital.
    (“It is rape victims (*womens) fault if she is raped, she should be stoned to death”. Are there any countries that obey such “laws” in 21st century and where women have no rights?)

    They have a lot of asylum seekers/refugees there.
    So best thing would be to send them to Sweden…

    *no political correctness here

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      Dylan Chhpoe

      You are sick

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      Where did Europe scums go when there were wars in Europe.To North Africa ,all Muslim countries.You heartless scum.

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    Ivan Burrows


    According to the European Commission +60% of the new arrivals in Schengen are financial migrants.

    Schengen is the magnet that draws the migrants so the solution is simple, End Schengen

    Only then can you deal with the ‘real’ refugee’s.

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      End Merkel, then reinstate Schengen. She’s the problem.

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    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Considering that, at least in Denmark, we are talking about “stemming the flow” like we’re diverting a river or redirecting a flock of migratory sea birds…

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    Pan Sol

    stop the reason to be refugees, take action against reasons and not result

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      Stop welfare for life, free housing. Freebies in general. Cripes they even give them each cell phones. So they can call all their so called families back home in war torn countries with great cell service and tell them to come for freebies.

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    Dolly Nedeva

    Bla- bla… Blaing… Humans ok- but why they choose Europe only, and in particular countries as Germany, Austria and Sweden? A person in need , running from war , terror, horror, is seeking just a place where to save his life! Those refugees are seeking not this exactly- they are seeking a rich place! Not merely to save life, but much more to escape from poverty without doing much in rerurn- for example they are ok with social benefits only! These are not refugees- political emigrants. These are economic emigrants- sorry but there are enough rich countries in the Middle EAst as well- for ” social” and economic emigrants.

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      Exactly. You hit the nail on the head. They’re going to Germany because Merkel told them their country would take them in (open doors). She forgot about the Dublin Accord and processing first. Then realized, oops, too many and shut her borders after giving Hungary grief for doing the same. So much for Schengen. France shut its border with Italy for the same thing, no processing of refugees. Many refugees have just disappeared. Wait till all hell breaks loose.

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      …because YOU know how it is running from a war saving your life ? Thought so…. ! I actually think it makes sense people coming to the richer countries first. Then again, you are clueless about the numbers of refugees saving them to Lebanon : over one million ( source ) ! this right wing populist arguments of yours getting ridiculous with the time and accessible FACTS tell you simply OFF.

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    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    The soluton is to open our borders and send them to other european countries.Then you will see the joy of it.Whithin a day half a million to European countries.To see the fun of it.People dying and Europe to be cold.Let’s bring the problem into your houses.

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      Really why is it that it is all men that want to come here

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    Weronika Natkaniec

    Stop this demographic warfare – ISIS soft power!
    Most of the refugees are young men of military age! European leader are very stupid. How many more refugees? 1 mln? 10 mln? 100 mln? From Sub-Saharan Africa? Kosovo? And 5 mln from Ukraine? 1 mln Moldova? What next? Kazachstan? Egypt? Please answer me one small question – why any Arab riich states take no one ???

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    Here’s the solution: let all the weapon industrialists in west take care of this human influx as they are the lobbyists who deliberately keep the conflict alive in middle east to sell their weapons. The uninformed never bothers to wonder where ISIS and other terrorists groups got all those modern weapons and training from!

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      Saudi Arabia finances most terrorists. Then the terrorists buy guns and such from Russia, China and the US.

      Nobody is bothering Saudi Arabia to take refugee Muslims because the US protects them and their other oil rich neighbours,

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      You forget the first part, the zealots. First you need the religious zealots to create the hate and conflict. If they don’t have guns they buy machete or swords from China really cheap. Fanatics and zealots in their zeal will kill with anything. Many guns also come from Russia and China as well.

      Most of the funding has been coming from Saudi Arabia. People forget about that bit of information. They fund most of the terrorism.

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      Be careful, Germany can still backslide to 1930’s thinking very quickly, as can Europe. There was ethnic cleansing not that long ago as well.

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    Andrian Marinov

    They are human but they have their own countries and their own wars to fight instead of running in Europe and demanding money, food and clothes…

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    Trayan Yonchev

    Yes they are, but they want only to live in rich countries /to use them/, not only to leave their own !

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      And they can’t wait to text or phone everyone back home and tell them where to go, what to say and how much these do gooders will bend over backward for you. That’s why there’s so many non refugees.

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    Galambos Lévi Zsolt

    Once a refugee settles in a country they are then an economic migrant…let’s not sugar coat this..the person at fault for this was the parent/guardian who put the child in the overcrowded boat…they were in Turkey…like the majority of other economic migrants..why is it that they are not busting the borders of Iran…Azerbaijan…Georgia…Saudi Arabia… They are flooding into France Italy Germany the UK…I wonder why that is

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      Welfare, free housing, etc. Plus the rich Arab countries won’t take them and they don’t want to go to other Muslim countries with only refugee camps. How can you best welfare for life?

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    Taline Babikian Angelidou

    It is a human shame for all these victims to die and wash on the shore…children,, adults..accepting refugees and asylum seekers is not a healthy solution in the long run..the countries who supported ISIL and still they are not contained or removed, have to face the results of the political decisions they took..M.East politics is not easy…not everywhere the modern democracy can be applied…supporting the Syrian uprising caused most of the refugees…Lebanon, a small country, is full of more than 1million refugees…no homes and no jobs..Lebanese themselves have huge problems with unemployment, corruption, economical crisis…it can’t absorb more. I agree to give the refugees humanitarian support, but the solution remains in their return to their country asap once the threat is gone. Interfering in Syrian politics from the West, or East (depending on the benefits of war) has resulted in beheading, torture, tyranny, ignorant rebels…and millions of refugees.:( and death of innocents.

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      They won’t return, not in those numbers. Stopping them to get in proved impossible exactly because European nation never forgot they are human beings. Getting them out will never happen. What is happening these days cannot be undone. The next refugees might be our children.

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      The problem is their men are cowards. The young men of fighting are hiding among refugees. In Afghanistan about a week ago, US trained and armed Afghani soldiers gave/sold their guns to ISIS and fled. Need I say more. They’d rather young American and Western men die for their countries. Every crazy zealot rises to power and destroys these people’s lives and they just keep letting it happen. Cowardice plain and simple.

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    Pavlis Stamatis

    Solution close now the borders take all the Muslims out give them money to their country’s
    ask for apology for messing it app
    1 take the money from the factory’s that build weapons and give them to rebuild their country like Syria Iran Irak

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    Yanni Sfyrides

    Question 1: Why all these people keep coming in Christian EU instead of going to UAE, Saudi Arabia etc which are reach countries with the same religion? And the problem is that whilst they prefer EU when their daughter has a flirt with lets say a German, they burn her alive!!! They prefer EU but when they come they want to change EU and make it as their own village!!!!! Question 2: Why they dont stay and fight in their countries the enemy?? Why they don t fight for their land,houses,women and their children?? Why they run away??? Question 3 : After the bombing of Serbia from USA no one came to the neighbour friendly GREECE!!! Why all these people are keeping drawning in the Aegean sea and come to EU??? Please answer to my questions THANK YOU.

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      hans van veen

      Don`t be surprised if there are sleeping cells among these people……they`ll will create a new Europe…..with fear we haven`t felt since many decades of EC………..

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      So is another third Reich!

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    Max Berre

    Europe was faced with the decision of whether try to manage the issues in the European neighborhood BEFORE it turned into a refugee crisis, or instead deal with the refugees. We can see which of those two options Europeans have chosen.

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    Arlinnda Kastrati

    Europe is being faced with another probation. Dealing with this issue will hardly leave Europe stabilized in the way it was before. Lets hope Germany and UK will try to manage this…

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    Cristina Powell

    Sadly what is acceptable is that on the back of this war there is this human traffic ing going on and the amount of money made by the trafficers. What the media and goverments dont tell us is that on those boats are people who can afford to pay and not always from war devastated countries and not neccessary the most in need of aid!

    These Wars should have not been started, people should have not become Armed forces there in the first place because they do not want to be like the “Western world” and religion has far greater influence which is leading to a double conflict!

    Personally those people deserve to be Helped rebuild a life in their own countries, as far as the ones that make it over I think in time will have a great impact on socio-cultural LifeStyle, and hopefully it will make us all more tolarable, more understanding and diverse.

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    Sadly the deliberately false propoganda that is being used to demonise Asylum Applicants and Refugees is something that we should all feel some degree of shame for? Let us not be under any illusions Syrian refugees are feeling the breath of Isis on their necks, these people are terrified and will risk death to flee certain death!
    I would also add that as a British European I find the British governments approach cowardly and utterly immoral!
    Giving into the Neo-Conservatives and the Far Right stance is idle politics that shows Britain up to be playing at political point scoring and populist and latent flirtation with a sinister rhetoric that I hoped I would never have to see again during my life time!

    Berlin and Stockholm are showing the way and is deserving of the moral high ground!

    I sincerely hope that as a country we will embrace an International approach that is in ethos equitable and drops the blame culture!

    While Britain has a tantrum and reacts with an inflated sense of importance people are dying!

    As a generation we can’t be responsible for the past but to deny it and not learn from our own bloody history then we are complicit and have learnt absolutely nothing!!!

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      I see you are willing to part with about 40% of your income to enable a more equitable worldwide division of wealth and resources? This is good, because that is exactly what is needed.

      Don’t be under the illusion that current western wealth levels can be maintained, they’ve always depended on the west’s ability to loot the rest of the world via colonialism (then) and via ‘free trade’ and the IMF/World Bank recipe (today). Once the serial looting of the rest by the west stops, the west will have to accept to be less wealthy.

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      In fact, most refugees interviewed complained about Assad, not Isis. That’s something to think about! The good head-choppers fighting bad secular dictator who forbade the veil in his nation’s universities.

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      Paul X

      Britain is putting billions of aid into helping Syrians in Syria while the rest of Europe is encouraging them to risk extremely dangerous journeys with promises of “quotas”….. so what you call a “tantrum” is just the UK doing the sensible thing (as usual)

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    Christian Weale

    Sadly yes, the deliberately false propoganda that is being used to demonise Asylum Applicants and Refugees is something that we should all feel some degree of shame for?

    Let us not be under any illusions Syrian refugees are feeling the breath of Isis on their necks, these people are terrified and will risk death to flee certain death!

    I would also add that as a British European I find the British governments approach cowardly and utterly immoral!

    Giving into the Neo-Conservatives and the Far Right stance is idle politics that shows Britain and other European countries up to be playing at political point scoring and populist and latent flirtation with a sinister rhetoric that I hoped I would never have to see again during my life time!

    Berlin and Stockholm are showing the way and is deserving of the moral high ground!

    I sincerely hope that as a country we will embrace an International approach that is in ethos equitable and drops the blame culture!

    While Britain has a tantrum and reacts with an inflated sense of importance people are dying!

    As a generation we can’t be responsible for the past but to deny it and not learn from our own bloody history then we are complicit and have learnt absolutely nothing!!!

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      hans van veen

      Then You must be able to tell me why these people REFUSE shelter in Hungary and all want to travel further to Germany, Sweden and even Your UK?

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      Britain is going broke supporting refugees who have been there for 10-15 years and are still unemployed. They have no pride living off taxpayers. Many families have added between 4-8 children to their families, but still won’t or can’t work.
      Just how much of a financial burden do you want to impose on hard working taxpayers.

      British people have to wait for low income housing, yet refugees don’t

      When Britain finally goes broke, its citizens start rioting are you still gonna worry about refugees.

      There are other countries that can and should take them.

      Stop allowing the media to guilt you. They’re good at it and are being manipulated by politicians and the 1%.

      The money spent on 1 refugee family in the west, can support 500 in their country or in refugee camps. We cannot bankrupt our countries with people who are unfortunately, illiterate and unskilled that will be on welfare for life.

      People are deluding themselves if they think Syrian refugees are going back after the war. Imagine the grief the press will have if after 5 years we start trying to send them back.

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    Nando Aidos

    The Europeans are DISGUSTED at the hypocrisy of all governments who sell arms to whomever pays the price, exploit poor countries under the protection of vicious governments who let themselves be corrupted by European companies and governments, all of which caused this crisis and then come out pretending they do not know what to do, except jail these people and erecting walls.

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      This portion has been edited out…
      Then these European governments come out pretending they do not know what to do, except jail these people and/or erect walls, and come out asking the European people to open their hearts.
      Please keep in mind that the European people are humanitarian beings but they are NOT puppets or blind!

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      Europeans are disgusted with all these refugees. Two very polar opinions of the same people. Well when the crime waves keep going up, the countries go bankrupt, taxes go through the roof, we’ll see how much sympathy they have then for them.

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      Nandos it doesn’t matter who sold guns…. the responsibility falls to those who decide to pick them up and kill…. I have knives in my kitchen if I use it to kill someone do I blame Ikea for selling the knife? The destabilisation of M.E countries have been going on for generations. That is why any leader has to be a dictator to stop them from killing each other. All outside interests such as Saudi and Turkey need to do is arm them. They destabilise their own country and create refugees… Most are coming from turkey where many have been there for years… turkey is a “safe” country, so effectively they are economic migrants before they put a foot on European soil.

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    Yasmina Beddar

    The European Community won’t be able to improve its foreign policy and its immigration policy as long as national governments do not deploy all the necessary ressources to help these population. Europe is still on construction. I read somewhere that Schengen is a disaster. What pitiful words when we know that Schengen is one of the most brilliant political instrument in the civilian, judicial & economic perspectives. Our European Union has an ambitious plan for humanity. Each head of national states should remember our European values; the Human Rights continent.

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      Sarah,I think it would be fair to say that there are Syrian refugees amongst those masses “invading Europe” ,If you are naive enough to believe that the thousands upon thousands of fit looking young men,many quite well dressed and all carrying mobile phones,( clearly no problem with roaming charges or getting a signal !) are ALL syrian refugees I think you need to take a long hard look at your definition of “Refugee” or maybe go out there and start asking why so few have documentation,identifying them or indeed refusing to say where they are from.
      Answer this and I may have more sympathy for real refugees,until then……………!

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    The Kissinger (USA) plan is rolling well !!!!!
    Talk to me after 2 generations wen all eu will be Islam and all our baby’s will killed by them !!!!

    Wen they start killing us cause the religion


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      In 2 generations or less, the EU will be broke, no more welfare and then they’ll leave. Meanwhile none of them will care about bankrupting all these nice people who are caring for them.

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      Trust me, Europe has its own way of getting rid of undesirables. Remember WWII, and the Jewish population were a peaceful, hard working people, integrated into the culture of Europe.

      Germans are all ready flipping out because Muslims aren’t and won’t mix or work, and they’re showing their propensity for violence. Not a good mix. Not an outcome anyone would ever want but the leaders seem to care nothing for the wishes of their people.

      The growing unemployment, poverty and over taxation mixed with the long term financial burden supporting these refugees/migrants does not bode well, and why should it.

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    The Europeans are DISGUSTED at the hypocrisy of all European governments who sell arms to whomever pays the price, exploit poor countries under the protection of vicious governments who let themselves be corrupted by European companies and governments, all of which caused this humanitarian crisis.

    Then these European governments come out pretending they do not know what to do, except jail these people and/or erect walls, and come out asking the European people to open their hearts.

    Please keep in mind that the European people are humanitarian beings but they are not puppets!

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      Nando, your text may be true for Western European governments, particularly German and French. But it is not true for Britain or Denmark which are not migration cheerleaders and it is not true for Eastern European nations.
      I seriously doubt that corrupt Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Bulgarian or Romanian companies are exploiting the Arab world, or that these nations have sold many weapons there, at least in recent years. These nations never colonized.
      In fact, it can be argued that they are subjects themselves of exploitation by Western companies. Also, some of them have been subjects of Muslim domination not so long ago.
      On hypocrisy & demagogy, nobody can beat Frau Merkel who invites everybody in only to send them by quotas in other countries.

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      Deborah Cady

      Germany’s Merkel showed great lack of foresight and experience when inviting refugees in. There seems to be many motives displayed on the faces of refugees. On the great numbers of boys and men it appears to be opportunism. Surely earlier film was just as revealing.
      We should all stop blaming historical occurrences for the opportunists of today looking for easy pickings in EU.

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    Rui Duarte

    Refugees are one thing, illegal migrants are another. Mixing the two may not help the case for refugees…

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    Rui Duarte

    Refugees are one thing, illegal migrants are another. Mixing the two may not help the case for refugees…

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      hans van veen


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    Engy Al Refaei

    Yeah lets forget how the Europeans migrated to America when there was no war… They weren’t peaceful Europeans… they were thefts, murders, animals

    • avatar

      The American Natives who conquered the people’s who lived there before them. They were conquerors themselves. They just don’t care to be the conquered, no one does.

      Europeans went to America because there was no land in England and Europe, and they were starving. England’s aristocracy and the wealthy owned all the land, that’s why settlers eked out a meagre existence at first. And then created their own 1% and the now own most of America.

      Those 1% create the instability, and profit off it.

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    Engy Al Refaei

    Yeah lets forget how the Europeans migrated to America when there was no war… They weren’t peaceful Europeans… they were thefts, murders, animals

    • avatar

      “they were thefts, murders, animals”?? you may be familiar with those kind of people but don´t even dare to name the Europeans that immigrated to America, they are the ones who founded America, a country of liberty,justice, safety and health. Can you say the same thing about muslims countries?

    • avatar

      Neither were natives. They were warring tribes who took slaves, murdered and stole. They had slaves long after it was abolished in 1865. Don’t make anyone out to be peaceful, its not in mans nature.

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    catherine benning

    The majority of the people trying to enter the EU are not refugees or asylum seekers. If they were they would not feel the need to burn or discard their papers to prevent recognition. That is done to prevent the authorities from proving they are none of the above or finding they are known to be part of organisations that mean Europeans no good.

    And when there are thousands of people lined up from all over the planet and mostly from Africa and Islamic countries, why, when they reach a European state are they then fleeing from that safe zone? They are obvious illegal migrants looking for a leg up from the European tax payer. Not people fleeing from any regime who is out to kill them.

    Example, Calais. Thousands of mostly African young, helathy not starving men are lined up wanting to flee France. Are you ‘do gooders’ belieivng they are being bombed and maimed in France? Or, is it they feel they will get an easier ride in the UK as our welfare benefits, they feel, are bettern than the ones offered in Calais. I pity the German tax payer. Anyone of their indigenous populatation needing help and assistance of care will be pushed further and further from the front line, until, like ours in the UK, they are forced into homelessness and destitution when they are severely mentally or physically ill. For that is what is taking place in my own country. The deaths of over two thousand sick people who were withdrawn from welfare is a scandal causing chaos here.

    I personally know an individual with sever Schizophrenia being told recently they are to be taken off of health care in order for the state to decline unemployment benenfit and housing.

    This person hears voices, has dramatic panic attacks and vomits feeling he must spend the night looking out for the welfare of people in our offices of power, as he feels he must tell them of the threats to us all. When he leaves his house he pours with sweat, has head ringing collapse and cries like a baby. Yet his doctor has been forced ‘by those upstairs’ as he calls it to send his patient away in order to be found fit for work. This person is 55 years old, worked from the age of sixteen until he collapsed at fifty with this condition and is now completely unemployable. That is illegal and the state should be charged with ‘Murder Under Trust.’ For there is no doubt this man will die from the stress of penury.

    This sad person is soon to be thrown out of his social housing home as his rent will be withdrawn. And all this is being done to make more available homes for immigrant invaders who may well turn out to be be more terrorists.

    This inability to protect the population who voted them in treason and those carrying out such acts should be charges with a criminal offece for ‘oberying orders.’

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      Sad, they’re evicting Germans from their homes in favour of refugees. Truly disrespectful to do this to your own people. But in most western countries refugees always go to the head of the line for housing. Only refugees can get lifetime welfare.

  34. avatar

    Let’s not forget that a part of the refugee crisis is directly attributable to the EU and its onerous CAP (agriculture) and CFP (fisheries) policies. The CAP exists to protect French farmers from competition from African farmers, and the absolutely most disgraceful part is that the EU says it CAN dump surpluses into Africa but African farmers cannot access EU countries’ markets without huge tariffs. One might almost argue that the CAP is a racist invention of Charles de Gaulle.

    The CFP does similar things, where France and Spain have bribed African leaders to allow Spanish and French fisheries fleets to essentially empty fishing waters on African coasts displacing the local African fishermen. Like with the farmers, these fisherman are driven out of business because of European greed. The EU, one must remember, is a customs union, not a free trade zone. See Bismarck as to what is the difference between the two.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Marcel:

      And the more migrants the more fish we will need. So, it will exacerbate the situation not remedy it.

  35. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    l europe a contribue a destabilise le regime d’assad nous en payons les consequences aujour dhui . LA veritable tragedie cest que les europeens seront des emmigres dans leur propre pays islamisé . pendant la deuxième guerre nous nous sommes battus pour recouvrer nos libertes . Que les syriens le erythreens , les soudananis se battent pour un avenir mailleur dans leur propre pays . ER QUE L4eUROPE LES AIDE en les armant .

    • avatar

      En Anglais Si vou plait.

  36. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    l europe a contribue a destabilise le regime d’assad nous en payons les consequences aujour dhui . LA veritable tragedie cest que les europeens seront des emmigres dans leur propre pays islamisé . pendant la deuxième guerre nous nous sommes battus pour recouvrer nos libertes . Que les syriens le erythreens , les soudananis se battent pour un avenir mailleur dans leur propre pays . ER QUE L4eUROPE LES AIDE en les armant .

  37. avatar
    Aldo Pitisci

    Fine dividing line between humanity, dealing erith the cause (not just the after effects of the root cause) and capacity
    Europe is no different from anywhere else, it has a finite resource. Just taking in refugees is not the answer.
    Deal with the problem and then no-one would have a refugee problem
    In the meantime just taking in refugees will lead to increased desensitisation towards these human beings
    Another negative effect is an increase in racism.
    Need to find a long term solution to the cause and short term solution to stem the influx, but support humanity.

  38. avatar
    Aldo Pitisci

    Fine dividing line between humanity, dealing erith the cause (not just the after effects of the root cause) and capacity
    Europe is no different from anywhere else, it has a finite resource. Just taking in refugees is not the answer.
    Deal with the problem and then no-one would have a refugee problem
    In the meantime just taking in refugees will lead to increased desensitisation towards these human beings
    Another negative effect is an increase in racism.
    Need to find a long term solution to the cause and short term solution to stem the influx, but support humanity.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Well, Irene, if this is the worst you have ever seen concerning human suffering the answer is to offer your home and your income to a family of say, five or six, That way you and your friends can make a real difference. You then can have honest humane contact with a sample of these destitute people and together you can go out to raise funds to rent the rest of their friends shelter and food.

      There is nothing like a hands on effort when your heart is bleeding from mans inhumanity to man.

      However, remember, when this act places you in penury not one living state leader will be looking out to feed you or anyone close to you You will be on your own. See how comfortable that is and how your morality will see you through by putting food in your homeless belly..

  39. avatar
    Πόπη Γεωργοπούλου

    European people used to welcome refugees from cruel regimes or cases like Palaistinians or Kurds. Now is different. The West is the reason of expatriation. The West defaces countries, commits genocide in Syria and then criminalize the civilians as desensitised… European people is confused and does not trust the tears of media….

  40. avatar
    JP Faure

    Btw, where’s UNHCR in this? Does the UN think this is a European crisis?? Wow!

  41. avatar
    Νίκος Σωτηρίου

    History can teach us …a lot of civilizations and empires in the past were destroyed from moving populations that were searching for a better place to live..

  42. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    There is a certain revival of almost extremist right wing views in many parts of Europe – all the nationalist parties in certain European countries. Not having empathy for other people because they are “foreigners”, or because they have a different religion or education or upbringing definitely goes hand in hand with right wing extremism… but then again, the new European phobia of foreigners, if tied to the rise of 21st century nationalism, might be a direct result of the recent economic crisis. I’m hopeful that once we can put the crisis behind us and we no longer need scapegoats for our economic misfortunes, some of these xenophobic attitudes will also dissipate.

    • avatar

      Well, Costin, if you’re so empathetic, why don’t you take home some of them? Or volunteer to help. But perhaps if you had them in your yard like some people had them in Gevgelija, the way I heard, or all over your town pooping everywhere, or devastating your trains and your crops, you would lose some of that empathy.
      Or maybe if you watched the footage I’ve watched with them refusing food from the Red Cross in Macedonia and clearly shouting “no cross!”, you might also change your mind.

      21/02/2017 Thomas Fabian, Deputy Mayor of Leipzig, has responded to this comment.

  43. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    These people currently in Hungary are primarily from Syria and that nation is being ripped apart by a brutal civil war and attacks from ISIS terrorists.Now I have no problem with the women and children seeking asylum in Europe,but take a look at the news footage of the people,they are overwhelmingly young men in their 20s and early 30s,now these are men of military age their country is at war,the only way the conflict in Syria will end is when one of the sides wins,so these men must be returned to Syria told to pick a side to fight on and show some loyalty to their country instead of fleeing like cowards.

    • avatar

      Maybe some of them picked a side already and the enemy is us. I notice the excellent shape of some or them after such a grueling migration – in fact, some are in far better shape than I am. I’m 40 and I couldn’t perform all that fence-jumping and running I’ve seen, outrunning in fact the Hungarian police.

    • avatar
      Man with Opinion

      That’s the problem with the young of this generation. Unfortunately freedom, stability, and peace are not achieved by sitting on your fanny and looking at you IPhone all day at all the nice pictures of the West. It takes hard work and sometimes blood shed. Many of these same men were cheering “Down with Assad” during the early stages of the Arab Spring. Now they are selling their fake Rolex watches and phones to get across the Med. Take a side and fight. America had its civil war where you could not run. It was eventually ended and we learned from our mistakes. Syria is in school right now.

  44. avatar
    Marco Franck

    we are not ignoring these are humans, abd this is not the problem to solve, EU and United Arab states need to solve this problem from the root cause so that imigration stops. Why do these refugees choose EU rather than another friendly neighboring countries? Iran? UAE? Why choose EU ? Our culture, and values are far different from theirs for most a chock and far to difficult for them to adopt unless they have a diverse cultural back ground. Last but not least saddenly ISIS is using the imigration croud to filter in. These are all serious concerns EU is not handling with enough long term thinking. Fix the root cause. Re think.

  45. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    Common citizens do not forget that refugees are humans, but governments tend to. That is a problem , that EU has not stated a common policy on what to do with refugees and where those refugees will live and go. Moreover, after the recent photos of kids drowing, makes me feel that governments do not have an interest in helping those people

    21/02/2017 Thomas Fabian, Deputy Mayor of Leipzig, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @Ianna Geor:

      These two beautiful litte boys were murdered by their father.

      He, his wife and two children were safe in Turkey. They were being taken care of in a refugee camp, his life was not in danger, but, his sister in Canada had a place for him in her house and it was taking too long for his eager aspiration. So, he put them in a leaking boat to travel to the EU posthaste. He knew just exactly what he was doing and of the risk to their lives. Perhaps he felt they were worth it.

      Had any European white, Chrisitan family taken such a risk with their childrens life, they would have been charged on the spot. Funny how it is different laws for different people. Under any guise they come up with.

  46. avatar

    We’re not forgetting that and they know it full well. In fact, they are counting on it. This is why they are able to enter country after country against the law without European nations using whatever means necessary to defend their territory and enforce the law. This whole migration relies on us treating them like human beings and this is why it continues.
    In fact, this humane treatment might do more harm than good: perhaps a less humane treatment would have stopped the migration thus saving thousands of lives that were lost at sea or on land. Thousands died on the way north that might have been alive today if they stayed home.
    I’m not so sure they are not forgetting themselves sometimes they are human beings. People smugglers treat them like merchandise and they accept it, even pay for it. They squeeze inside inappropriate means of transportation which leads to their death sometimes. But I haven’t heard of anything indicating that they are being abducted and forced into those death cars or boats. They are doing it to themselves and their children.
    Sometimes they use their children as human shields to force their way in. I’ve seen a few minutes earlier on Euronews things that no parents should do to their children – a couple throwing themselves on the train tracks in Hungary with their terrified toddler in the middle.
    Seeing a dead child on the beach is heart-breaking, at least for me as I am a father myself. Nevertheless, the parents and the people smugglers are the main culprits for what’s happening to the children, not Europeans. It wasn’t the Greeks who sunk that boat, it wasn’t Europeans who put them on the boat. In fact, although Erdogan is making accusations, the Turkish authorities might share some of the guilt for not doing their job.
    Parents should never put their kids in such danger – we would call them unfit parents here, just as that woman throwing herself with the toddler in her arms on train tracks in Hungary is an unfit mother. We are talking about people who illegally left Turkey for Greece, it’s not as if they left the Syrian coast dodging bullets on whatever boat they could find.
    I hear 11000 people in Iceland offered to host refugees. Well, good for them. In the meanwhile, people in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary have their property trespassed and deteriorated, their towns turned into slums, their crops plundered, dirt everywhere.
    If Germany is so welcoming, why don’t they organize the migration by boat or plane from its source straight to Germany, leaving the human smugglers out of business?

  47. avatar
    Lynn Best

    I think we are God forbid there is life on another planet we cannot even show love and compassion to our own human race

    • avatar

      That’s our problem. We feel sorry for everyone. Murders, rapists, psycho, serial killers, its always some bleeding heart trying to extol virtues in these savages crying about not killing them. Crying over Africans who overpopulated their continent. We as a race must wake up and realize that everyone from Asia, Africa, middle east want to go to the west. Sure let’s just take 2 billion for now. They keep reproducing and in another 50 years we’ll take more.

      Meanwhile there’s no water, the fish are gone, we’ve destroyed the planet but hey, these bleeding hearts can sleep at night and know that God will welcome them in heaven. Grow Up!

      We owe it to our planet and all its creatures, not just humans. We’re not that special. Many people need to learn to stand on their own.

  48. avatar
    Dogaru Adrian

    Members of the Eu should take care of the refugees.
    .but that does not mean that the EU countries should take them with no my opinion Hungary and Austria did the right thing .Among the refugees are other people who seek to get in the western part of Europe,therefore all of them should be checked,or else Eu countries might face social,economical…or worse extremist islamist problems.

  49. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should have a group of experts and together with NATO solve that problem. It should be some smarter way to solve that problem. YES , EU should help them but not for any costs , then I think what if that policy could destroy the EU . Just one example , bad immigration policy resulted in rise of SD in Sweden , they have about 20% of voters now and they are against EU and Euro . One thing I am really scared of is what if UK citizens vote for to leave EU because of immigration . I could find out that British are against such a big immigration and if EU allow that kind of immigration than you have big percentage of British against EU . What is some party like Swedish – SD win elections in Germany ? You can collapse EU with immigrants . I think it could be some way to help refugees without collapsing EU .

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …..experts in what- funny- or? All “expertise” has been outsourced, privatized, very expensive & given a “dirty” name like NL or NC! Worried about an EU collapse? No worries, only better to follow & an deserving end to a nightmare- only jubilation! Seems only Hungary applies EU laws & talks common sense?

  50. avatar
    Nena Abreu

    The ones that made this happen are those who sold guns and bombs to the fundamentalist worriers. Those supporting the IA are responsible for all the deaths, first of all. There is no democracy, in this issue, all are interested only in oil, gaz and more territories, everybody has the right to choose which religion they want. If they come to Europe, they have to obey to european laws, and forget the islamic laws. Religion has nothing to do with, Europe organization. They think they are special, but we have no obligation to give them what we do not have ourselves. In Portugal, there are many umemployed people, many people dont have homes and no money to buy food. We are in a critical situation, they come and already are claiming for everything.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      Go ahead, but don`t be surprised for any sleeping cells among these people. Why do they all wish to travel to Germany etc? Why not ask asylum on the Balkan? It`s “safe ” there too.

  51. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    European countries who took part in conflicts in the Middle East and Africa first HAD TO forget that humans were living there, in order to take the decision to drop bombs over them and send weapons there for more killing to be made. There were no humans, just military targets, collateral damage and political games. Nothing else. Now the game has suddenly turned into a reality and the “collateral damage” is coming to haunt them! They are crying over the image of a drowned toddler, but were not crying when children in Iraq were decapitated by bombs and their bodies were lying dismembered on the ground! They did not see any picture of that, did they? Now it is like a sick dream where you watch a horror movie but at one point you find yourself in the movie! This is what Europe has to go through!

  52. avatar

    Migrants and refugees are 2 different things. Migrants are permanent whereas refugees might not. Migrants are related to national policy whereas refugees, in fact, should come under a world policy.

    Solidarity and human rights are the values that we should uphold at world level. It’s unfair to assume EU’s role of taking up all the refugees during this crisis, simply because they’re closer neighbors geographically. EU should receive them at this critical moment but shouldn’t have the full responsibility of it. Other developed countries, in particular, should play a role of it as well. And the international organization, such as the U.N. should also take this case into discussion and resolve it at the world level.

    On the migration issue, since EU has been operating in a Schengen system, either the Schengen states should form a common migration policy or EU as a whole should have a common one. The migration policy should be clearly defined-whether it’s to deal with refugees of any kind or other sort of potential migration cases, taking into account all the social and public interests in the societies.

    EU leaders and councilors should work together as a team, instead of blaming each other or trying to shovel off the responsibility. First, there is no time for this. Second, either you call yourself a European citizen or you quit.

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      You are very right. The UN sanctioned the wars except the Bush/Blair farce in Iraq. So the world should be taking these people they are so worried about, should they not? Where are they?

      Doesn’t it remind you of the childrens story of Little Red Hen.
      The Little Red Hen

      Little Red Hen Activities
      More Stories

      Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived on a farm . She was friends with a lazy dog , a sleepy cat , and a noisy yellow duck .

      One day the little red hen found some seeds on the ground. The little red hen had an idea. She would plant the seeds .

      The little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me plant the seeds ?”

      “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
      “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
      “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

      “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen planted the seeds all by herself.

      When the seeds had grown, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me cut the wheat ?”

      “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
      “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
      “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

      “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen cut the wheat all by herself.

      When all the wheat was cut, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me take the wheat to the mill to be ground into flour ?”

      “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
      “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
      “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

      “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen brought the wheat to the mill all by herself, ground the wheat into flour , and carried the heavy sack of flour back to the farm .

      The tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me bake the bread ?”

      “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
      “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
      “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

      “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen baked the bread all by herself.

      When the bread was finished, the tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me eat the bread ?”

      “I will,” barked the lazy dog .
      “I will,” purred the sleepy cat .
      “I will,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

      “No!” said the little red hen . “I will.” And the little red hen ate the bread all by herself.

  53. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    No- but this question is psychological blackmail & part of the EU’s collective dirty political spin and blame game- deflecting THEIR responsibilities & accountability on to us!

    Citizens can only be blamed for voting for the wrong parties- not for the resultant consequential damage of the Suzerain’s political choices! Not even showing ANY remorse- shame!

    God knows what all these >half a dozen EU/Euro top bureaucrats- called “PRESIDENTS” are doing? Please count them: JC Juncker, D. Tusk, J. Dijsselbloem, M. Schulz, the 6 monthly rotating President of the Council of the EU, ECB’s M. Draghi, Auditor V.M. da Silva Caldeira…..+there are some more hidden!

    In the end- THEY still need a speaker- who obviously is “Angela the brave”!
    What a shameful disaster! Resignations or several impeachments should follow!

    • avatar

      Yes they have. And despite that the EU is part of the cause (considering the odious CAP and CFP, plus individual countries arms industries) they are now cynically trying to seize powers for themselves on the backs of these poor people.

      Remember these are unelected tax-exempt politicians who contribute nothing to society yet now once again say that you and I must contribute more.

  54. avatar
    Chris Alexander Zervas


  55. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No, not desensitised, just tired of being fed BS. A refugee flees to a safe border country. Once in a safe country if you keep traveling you are not a refugee but a migrant. Why do “refugees from Iraq want to reach Germany, Europe why not flee to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dabi, Dubai? Benefits maybe? To me true refugees are those that fled to neighboring countries that border Siria and looking to return. Not the one paying and protesting so they can be taken to Europe, Germany, UK and so forth. My province will receive 300 refugees. These people will end up living better than a working family due to the benefits they will receive, with no time limit. And not just housing and food, but even extracurricular activities will be paid for and anything else they need. Which can total thousands of € a month doubling or tripling and at times quadruple a working families income. A few years ago we had some Cuban refugees that were enjoying their benefits. We had a change of government and the new government decided to cut them off due to the fact they where not looking for jobs or integrating. Guess what they did. Yeah, protest the benefits got cut off and go back to Cuba. What a SCAM!!!

    • avatar

      Go to Canada. They only give refugees welfare for one year. The cost to bring them over, set them up is a loan they have to repay as are all the application fees to process them. Over 80% repay these loans. However, Canada does cherry pick who they get but even then they are a drain on other services like food banks and low cost housing.

      Too bad Merkel couldn’t bother considering its people first.

  56. avatar

    Still, about some of these guys’ humanity I’m starting to have some doubts.
    For instance:
    Can you believe Erdogan’s chutzpah? Europe’s response to crisis is crime against humanity?
    No mr. Ergogan, it’s a crime against European citizens. Out of sheer humanity, European nations fail to defend their territory. Technically, it would be easy for them to stem the flow of people. For reasons of humanity they aren’t doing it, at the cost of their own citizens.
    A few days ago, we were told my country (which is poor and a source of migration itself) was going to have quota of 1700. Since yesterday, the quota changed without anyone telling us to 7000. The leaders of my country found out from newspapers, just like us. Is this not outrageous?
    Erdogan’s numbers are all wrong. Europe doesn’t host only 200.000 refugees.
    He declared himself shaken by that kid’s death. So Europe is to blame! Have you no shame, mister? The boat left your country for Europe. Greeks didn’t sink it. It sunk on its own. The people smugglers are operating in your country. Your country’s police is not doing its job but Europe is to blame?
    Also, they were a Kurdish family. Not long ago, you, mister Erdogan, declared your country was at war with them. You and your country, not EU.
    Also, your air force has been bombing them, acting as a de facto ISIS ally, not EU.
    Have you no shame, mr. Erdogan?
    And this kind of chutzpah goes unsanctioned! No European leader responded!

    Also, the child’s father has blamed Canada for refusing him. So now it’s Canada’s fault.
    Everybody is to blame: Europe, Canada, probably US.
    But not the parties involved. Not Turkey which is unable or unwilling to stop human traffic but it’s bombing Kurdistan. Not the people smugglers. Not Abdullah Kurdi – the father. Not ISIS. Not their “brothers and sisters” in the rich Gulf nations where, for some reason, refugees chose not to go.
    Perhaps because they know their “brothers and sisters” are no kidding about guarding their borders and crossing them illegally would probably result in being shot to death?

    • avatar

      They found the people smugglers responsible for the deaths in the Kurdi family. How about it? The main culprits were Syrians. They found them in a matter of days which shows that Turkish Police can do its job. But Turkish authorities tolerate people smuggling (if not encourage it). It couldn’t happen on that scale without their cooperation. And Turkey actually has a working government, unlike Lybia. (OK, Europe & USA are responsible for involvement in the Arab spring, for stupidly supporting riots – they didn’t start them, though. But what happened after – sectarian & tribal violence – cannot be blamed on them).

  57. avatar

    One more thought on the refugee humanity issue: if we go to their countries even as paying customers of their tourism industry (or guests), we risk losing our heads or being shot dead on some beach. If they come to our countries breaking the law and paying us nothing, they are getting shelter, food, education, health care, benefits &/or jobs.
    Who’s forgetting whose humanity?

    • avatar
      katherine garelli

      We should give help to women and children . These throngs of able body young men fleeing their country instead of fighting for it are cowards. They should be ashamed ! The Kurdish women are fighting !

  58. avatar

    Feed them shelter them but be prepared for terrorism they are bringing in their heads.

  59. avatar
    Regina Contumélias

    By being hated are we or are we not helping terrorits groups like the one of ISIS? And do we or do we not want to prevent radicalisation of young european muslims? In what measure being in contradiction with our own moral values can compromise our identity, puts at risk the european project itself and helps to increase european jihadits number ? So yes, the way I see it we are in danger. As an advanced culture, its up to us find intelligent strategies to be well succeed in dealing with the problem.

  60. avatar
    Regina Contumélias

    Evan if I had a freudian slip reading a question you don´t do, I insist in responding like this: by being hated are we or are we not helping terrorits groups like the one of ISIS? And do we or do we not want to prevent radicalisation of young european muslims? In what measure being in contradiction with our own moral values can compromise our identity, puts at risk the european project itself and helps to increase european jihadits number ? So yes, the way I see it we are in danger but not the one of forgetting that refugees are human. The behaviour of some european liders in migration matters until now only highlights our own human condition (the bad one),on being afraid of the others, on thinking in our own interets, on being cynical, on finding the easy way solutions. As an advanced culture, its up to us find intelligent strategies to be well succeed in dealing with the problem.

    • avatar

      As an advanced culture, its up to us find intelligent strategies to be well succeed in dealing with the problem.
      What is this, “Star Trek: the next generation”? We are the Federation and they are the Ferengi? If you are so advanced, why don’t you come up with the solution?
      Speaking of intelligence, in your magnanimity you offended them by declaring your culture “advanced” (as opposed to theirs I suppose) which might not bring you much love.
      We live in the real world not in the movies. Embarrassing slogans aren’t going to help us. They only work on the movie set.
      I’m not going to give up the little I have so that I’m not hated. Sometimes, being hated is not up to you, it’s up to the hater. He might hate you no matter what. If you go visit one of the Arab countries, or even in your own country, they might behead you, shoot you on the beach, stab you only because you are not muslim. Should they worry you might hate them?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      UN reports vary from ~43 to 60+ million victims of conflict and persecution worldwide. Concerning for Europe should be the reported but alarming number of ~100 million Christians being persecuted globally! This begs to suggest a silent but raging religious war between Muslim & Christians! The Aggressor is obvious!

      Looking at some reports of general global persecutions: (it appears UN, Amnesty International etc cannot keep up adjusting their ever growing figures)

      Whilst witnessing these massive global (political) disasters and the resultant chaos and hardship it is creating, it does challenge the entire international and supranational framework of all UN/EU structures- installed mainly after WWII.

      The present political stress test shows the many weaknesses of our political constructs, unworkable treaties, bad political choices, their hypocrisies, lack of (brilliant) leadership & wisdom and the global corporate interference’s of which many EU politicians are succumbing & guilty of. Many are unsuitable, arrogant, dishonest, overpaid, but (unfortunately) put in charge through questionable “democratic machinations” & dubious designs on “our” behalf!

      Most international laws- within the established UN legal envelope- to whom all signatories are obliged to comply- does exist and should be remembered by everybody. After all, Europe (until not so long ago) still remains a shining light & considered the best place on this planet. This however needs to be critically guarded, protected & defended by choosing the most suitable political system- benefiting European citizens first & foremost- without much sentimentalism!

      The following info contains a good X-section of them:

      Please let’s hear more of your Freudian slips and your proposed intelligent strategies & solutions!

  61. avatar

    so what? We invite the world to come live with us? Europe is one of the most over-populated regions in the world.

    Asylum seekers must stay in the first safe country. Europe sends financial aid to these countries to support camps that provide the basic needs for these people. This is enough.

    It is an absolute liberty for them to come into Europe and then for our governments to welcome them against most peoples will is an absolute disgrace and reason for growing resentment of the EU which if continued will spell the end of the EU as member countries return to full independence.

    People are people, so what. We do enough, no more!

    • avatar
      katherine garelli

      Read Christopher Hitchens take on Islam on youtube!

  62. avatar

    Europe’s future is dark. You are loosing in a demographic jehad. You all realize that this was a big mistake. There are 6 billion people outside Europe. Should we all come to Europe??

    • avatar

      If people from outside kept coming at the same pace, in a few decades there would be no more reason to come because Europe will be the same as Africa, only with cold winters. My grandsons might want to migrate to Russia, as by that time it could be a better place.

  63. avatar

    Finally, someone seems to be addressing the root of the problem: “US Secretary of State John Kerry warned his Russian counterpart over unconfirmed reports of Moscow’s plans to directly intervene in the Syrian conflict, in a phone call on Saturday.

    ( )

    EU was created to prevent further conflict in Europe and it managed that by debilitating EU-nations and making them unable to respond to threats.
    What the current crisis highlighted is the inability of Europe to defend itself, its inability to even identify threats, as well as the drift between politicians, media and establishment as a whole on the one side and people on the other.
    EU politicians & bureaucrats are no more accountable than Assad is in Syria. They couldn’t give a damn about what people want or about what member nations want.
    There is nothing like Brussels incompetence and unaccountability.

    So this inept bureaucracy can do nothing and in fact it doesn’t know what to do except that inept quota proposal. They can’t even agree on the fact that nations like Greece or Hungary are under threat. They don’t give a damn about Greece or Hungary, but I’m sure they’ll be there to blame them if things go wrong and end in bloodshed which in my opinion is unavoidable if things continue the same way.

    So now somebody from outside EU is trying to do something to end the conflict in Syria without an ISIS victory.
    I expect inept EU bureaucrats & politicians to follow the US in warning and punishing Russia and find in this actions the energy they lacked in finding solutions of their own for the refugee issue.

    By the way, US reaction is showing things as they are: they are willing to accept an ISIS victory as a solution if that’s what it takes to get rid if Assad. This strengthens my suspicion that in fact feign the fight with ISIS.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Gabriel, playing big power politics- let me clarify: mine & probably your suggestion is, that the policy of “Regime change” in Syria- foolishly championed by the US & dutifully followed by all EU serfs- to be scrapped & replaced with the long held stance proposed by the more level headed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and adopted by a Resolution of the UN Security Council & implemented.

      The US need to make a 180 degree U-turn and agree & cooperate (for once) with the more sensible Russian stance to rather reaffirm & support Syria’s Assad (as the lesser evil) and bring to an end the civil war in Syria- with a defeat & disarmament of everyone else involved! Thereafter finance & start rebuild (incl. the Arab League) the whole country immediately! This will solve the present EU Syrian refugee crises, EU quotas and shorten their “temporary” protection given to them in the EU. Except, the US planers of its NWO agenda will suffer a severe headache!

      BTW- Europe is “contracted” to NATO! Subject to NATO Articles 4 & 5- stating that an armed attack against one member is an attack against all and sets in motion the possibility of collective self-defense!

      To look at this world (differently), including the sinister planned “New World Order”- you can enjoy endless themes & articles on “Critical Issues” here:

    • avatar

      @ EU Reform – Proactive
      BTW- Europe is “contracted” to NATO! Subject to NATO Articles 4 & 5- stating that an armed attack against one member is an attack against all and sets in motion the possibility of collective self-defense!
      Which shows NATO is outdated. Greece and Hungary, but also others are the victims of an “unarmed attack“. Just because the invader has no weapons and uses children as human shields doesn’t mean it’s not an invasion. Both Greece and Hungary are nations under attack, except they are not attacked by another nation.
      As far as Russians are concerned, I don’t think they’ll push too hard because they would be exposing themselves to great risk if they become directly involved in the war. They are in an economic crisis, they risk getting caught in a quagmire, stabilizing Syria is not really in their national interest given the way EU has been treating them and I’m not sure Tartus base is that important to them. The only serious reason to act would be a possible ISIS threat in northern Caucasus.

  64. avatar
    Nick the Greek

    Displaced Syrian refugees now number >4 Millions. They are currently housed in refugee camps located in neighbouring Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Turkey wants them shifted from border areas in order to create no-mans land dead-zone between Turkey and Syria…a process which began mass movement of peoples across Anatolia towards Europe.

    Clearly, Europe needs to police and secure it’s external borders. Clear demarcations, delineation of air land and sea borders are in order. Next step…build entry-point structures where asylum-seekers, economic-migrants, and displaced [political] refugees could register their applications to enter Europe, in orderly civilized way.

    When Italy and Greece first proposed Comprehensive Pan-European response to migrant crisis – big players Germany France and UK turned their heads…now they turn pages in their national Cheque books paying emergency response efforts.

  65. avatar

    “Are we in danger of forgetting that refugees are human?”

    Based on the respondents here–yes! Any may you all go straight to your own version of hell!

    • avatar

      Try living with them, then judge.

    • avatar

      I see you are very generous at the expense of others.

  66. avatar

    No i dont think so..
    I think the majority of europeans are good hard working people , willing to help those in need .
    But the flip side is , weve been lied to , dictated to , our countries stripped away and told we cant do a damn thing about it.. Gmo,s soon to line the landscapes with poison crops. Lobbyists paying the same EU officials to rip us off . And theres lots more.. They have removed democracy from the agenda for profit.
    So i fear this is a ploy to use these good people as cheap labour, yes we in northern europe are getting to expensive.
    In germany they are waiting for the import of cheap labour.. Lets face it with merkel theres always a snake in the grass..
    I sincerly hope these people get equal wages and treatment, whilst not forgetting the indigenous folks. People are people .
    We all need to help them, period!
    On the other hand you have kuwait, bahrain, saudi arabia etc, whom refuse to take in refugees , and it seems to me they are fiscally in better shape than us to do so, whats up with that??

    • avatar

      Remember all this in the next elections and vote for those who will deal with them. And screw the UN.

  67. avatar
    catherine benning

    Refugees are of course human, that is not the issue. It is the content of the character and the calibre of the refugee that is the burning question. Isn’t it? Or are we supposed to pretend there is no difference in the expectations and aspirations of such a diverse society to the point where we want to be forced to adopt their aims within our own culture, by introducing an expansion which will exclude the evolved culture of the host people.

    Here in this video is some food for thought. Listen to it in full, it has a lot of insights clearly needed by all of us.

    Are you prepared to see our host countries policeman, being ordered from above, to shoot demonstrators who are opposed to embracing a people that are unlikely to adopt the society they are entering? Which is the next move when you have an invasion of the kind we are witnessing today.

    Or, is the purpose of this diverse intrusion really to create another civil war, akin to the kind we see taking place in the Ukraine? Because that is the possible outcome of these foolish decisions taken by parliaments we presently are led by.

    What is being asked of the European citizen, by the leaders who are pushing this invasion of our states, is auto-genocide. It is the equivalent of the cult leader who ask his followers to die for his cause.

    Think about it. If all these young men we see fleeing their country of origin are not willing to fight for it, against those who are attacking them, why should they expect another people to do it for them? When we had to fight in European wars, what would the outcome have been had we all fled like these mainly healthy young men? To encourage this movement is a backward step on the road to an evolved civilisation. To embrace the expectations of a five hundred year old philosophy is a step no advanced nation can be asked to accept.

  68. avatar

    >Are we in danger of forgetting that refugees are human?

    I severely doubt that.

    We may, however, be in danger of forgetting that some of the people showing up on the borders are only human after all. Currently they’re more or less issued blank cheques for moral integrity solely based on their refugee status.

    If I’d just barely escaped the scorching hell that is Syria, I’d be more than happy with being received and given shelter in Hungary – that’s EU, after all. What’s wrong with Hungary? I don’t think I’d throw a tantrum, trying to emotionally blackmail the local authorities to expede me to Germany (where, alledgedly, I will be given money) and throw away the food offered me:

  69. avatar

    When they start fighting police because they don’t want to be moved or registered or want to board a ferry boat that doesn’t have tickets for them it becomes very difficult to have any sympathy for them. Apart from the fact that they look like tourists with their mobile phones and clothing…

  70. avatar

    I feel sorry for the innocent but we have our own problems in our countries to deal with and everyone is forgetting about them. I constantly see people living on the streets of there own country and no one is helping them. But now we all have to help all these people while there own country is targeting the rest of the world and we are opening our doors and welcoming them all…by this means we are welcoming the innocent and the terrorists which are probably majority of them. All I see is that by helping this “refugees” we are putting all Europe in danger, is it worth it?

  71. avatar

    There is a “catchy” slogan going around: “We are all migrants
    That is a lie and it’s personally offending given my family history. Nobody in my family that I know of – that is in the last 140 years I can trace back my relatives – was a migrant, although I am Romanian and many Romanians migrate indeed. Not something to be proud of.
    During WWI, the city where all my known ancestors were living – Braila – was occupied by German, Turkish and Bulgarian troops. It was close to the front line. To make things worse, there was a horrific typhus epidemic caused by the miseries of war. Nevertheless, none of them migrated. Not even internally, to other regions of Romania. Also, there have been foreign troops there during WWII.
    Still, even today, most of my family is living in Braila, although I moved to Bucharest, also in Romania.
    That is why I find that slogan personally offending. I AM NOT A MIGRANT!

  72. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    ‘Europeans’ ?, the fact the Germans love migrants and the Poles, Hungarians,Slovaks, etc don’t proves just how pointless the term ‘European’ is.

  73. avatar
    Magaly Morales

    Europeans are struggling between their own security and the refugees. EU is showing very poor leadership and send contradictory messages to the citizens. No one knows if they are doing something to prevent terrorist from entering together with the refugees.

  74. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    Well if we had protected borders , smart policies and competent leaders, we would be able to show our humanity and heart. In the current circumstances we need to worry about our security first. First make sure that there is a door and a working lock. Then we can let people in. But then it will be our decision in stead of complete anarchy.

  75. avatar
    κατερινα νομικου

    Why don’t those people be sent first to the Middle East which us very close to them ie Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, which are filthy rich countries and they are sent to Europe? Has someone a reply to this???

  76. avatar
    Luis Castro

    Are we in danger of forgetting the refugees are Human? No. But we have forgotten that Terrorists, Fundamentalists, Radicals, Illegal Emigrants, Criminals are Human too…. Can you spot any difference?

    • avatar
      Deborah Cady

      I would vote for this if I could.

  77. avatar
    Deborah Cady

    The single boys and men are behaving like a pack of wild dogs on the sent of meat with Germany the meat and Germany’s social benefits the fat. They are opportunists energetically running rough shod through countries that can ill afford them. They are robbing local farms of their crops and causing their financial destitution.
    The families with children are another story, maybe. Their motives are hopefully outside their personal comfort.

  78. avatar
    Constantin Escu

    This question is not right! Why should Europe be the one who must take care of Africans and Middle East in 21 century? Why Arabian brothers don’t do anything? Maybe history will tell…

  79. avatar
    Inês Beato

    Syria war has been going on for years but people only decided to care now because the media exploited the death of that little boy and now people are using these tragedies as political weapons. At the same time how many children die in other places from hunger and war and are met with international silence? People only care because it affects them directly this time, they shouldn’t pretend to be morally superior to the ones they’re assuming “don’t care about refugees”.
    I don’t have a problem with refugees but I have a problem with the way the EU is handling this whole mess! It’s very bad, they don’t have any kind of plan. The way things are now it won’t solve anything and eventually there won’t be space and resources for the refugees, we need to have some border control to separate the refugees from other migrants and terrorists.
    I’d say we should act at the source of the problem but the only military intervention in Syria should be supporting Assad against ISIS and the FSA, but anyone informed knows it’s in EU’s economic interest to topple Assad, if the EU went there they would indirectly help ISIS instead of figthing them.

  80. avatar
    Amalia Esteban

    Por favor en España hay tiempos de espera muy largos en sanidad,muchas personas mueren mientras esperan pruebas o intervenciones
    Hay tasas muy altas de desempleo y personas en el umbral de la pobreza
    Como vamos ha agravar aún más todo estos graves roblemas acogiendo a refugiados.Ruego soliradidad con los graves problemas que padecemos
    Busquen soluciones en origen y en los ricos payses arabes

  81. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Yes they are human beings. Why those refugees do not choose their better countries? Sunnis to the rich oil Middle East Countries. Shias to Iran. Christians to Europe, Yazidis have not other place to go, so we may accept them if they agree in respecting democracy and not beat their wives.

  82. avatar

    These are the same people who threw christian refugees off a boat heading to Italy. They reject science and logic and live off the Koran. There is a reason why thier countries suck and they refuse to change. Hard to feel all that sympathetic especially when they try and dictate the aid they recieve.

  83. avatar

    Well the problem is that the media says “many flee danger and war” – sure but it forgets to mention that MOST are seeking welfare benefits and / or just a nicer life (African countries, Albania, Kosovo, etc). That’s pretty much abusing any asylum (for life endangered refugees) system and seeing them cross borders of safe countries or leaving for example Finland because it’s not up to their standards makes any rational person doubt the real danger they were in, in the first place.
    And yes empathy is a weird thing: our monkey brains care about close relationships and people we identify with at most. An army of Muslim men who by any standard don’t have the best rep in Europe is leaving most westerners in doubt, fear and rejection.
    Lastly I want to add that the whole “we should care about every single human life” is so feigned. We never did, people are not born equal and we value humans by their contribution to humanity in a very brutal capitalistic way. I draw my hat to anyone who feels real empathy for strangers and not just because their corpses were flooded ashore to our vacation beaches. Because most people don’t. The sad truth is the masses of uneducated man, of which many can’t even read or write will have a hard time finding any kind of job, not to mention they will need to learn the native language first. Celebrating them as a work force to pay the retirements of our elders is just one big lie. They are dragging the social system down and with their numbers it’s just a matter of time until it will break.
    Why is it all right for them to behave economically and seek grander wealth, while it is not ok for us to defend ours? Maybe some of us would rather see the money invested in better family politics to stimulate population growth and education of our own people. Seeing the governments suddenly ease up billions of euros that were missing before, makes you wonder whether our politicians care more about Syrians than us.

  84. avatar

    Instead of leaving their own countries, why don’t they fight to make their countries better? It’s too much of a strain on the in-taking countries. At some point it has to stop and the “refugees” need to take responsibility for their own countries.

  85. avatar
    Penka David Rose

    These people are signing the death sentence of Europe! Madness! Why do you thing Gulf states are keeping their borders closed for them, a?

  86. avatar
    Oli Lau

    And the taxpayers are as well. they aren’t the serfs of the states. Immigrants should be free to move and taxpayers should have the right to keep their hard won money and to show solidarity only with the ones they have chosen. Otherwise you create xenophobia.

  87. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Many innocent Christians and Muslims are being killed everyday across the arab countries. For Christians not believing in Allah and as for the innocent Muslims – not wearing a hijab, not thinking of taking over the World and for not following the ways of their Prophet.
    But do they care for those people – NO! They kill everybody, who is different from them!
    And here in Europe our Politicians are forcing us to start liking our future killers and enslavers.
    This “refugees” do not care about Europe, our people, our Fate and our peaceful lives… They are here only for stealing our money and destroying the Christian Europe…
    Just see how bad are things now in England, Sweden and Denmark…
    An interesting fact is that Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar have money and are Muslims countries, where these “refugees” would have felt much better than here. But they are just saying that Europe must do their dirty work – I am affraid that they are not showing to much Empathy or brotherly love and condolence.
    Moreover, these “refugees” have nothing in common with the nice, polite, educated, modern Turkish and Jordan people, who I know. They are mostly Muslims but they respect our Fate and are fascinated by the history and culture of our Europe, not wanting us to convert to Islam our change our ways of living. Respect and be nice to those good-natured, educated Muslims – Not these terrorists and economical leeches!
    They are arrogant, violent, vain and very radical…
    Just think about that. :)

  88. avatar
    Alex Bell

    If one smells like an animal and behaves like an animal, is opressive like an animal, one is an animal

  89. avatar
    Rahma Softspot

    Are we in danger of forgetting that refugees left their home because of “terrorism” ?!

  90. avatar
    Ryan Marcotte

    I agree it needs to change, we need to help the refugees who need it.
    At the same time, there has been claims and even brags from ISIS that they have smuggled soldiers with the refugees because it’s easy. There have been threats and attacks in Europe. Threats towards the US. I am from Canada and since the election we went from accepting 25,000 by the end of 2016 to accepting that 25,000 by the end of this year.
    I want to help, but logically the easiest way to attack the west is claim asylum and take advantage of Canada-US open border.
    Where is the line? Close the border, open it right up?
    The only logical way to protect our own people and country and still help is at least do good proper background checks, monitor the ones that are setting off any sort of flags.
    I know our policy is freedom and to treat people equal here, but the fact is if an extremist entered as a refugee our system allows him to disappear, and not turn up to his final court hearing about his asylum claim when it’s done. He wouldn’t care and since holding or turning them away until the claims done is not humane he’s living at a friends with no way to find him.
    How can we really demand to help them all blindly when the risks are so possible and real.

  91. avatar


    • avatar

      You are a racist man

  92. avatar

    Imagine if you were born in Syria in a poor family that has nothing to eat and has to leave his country to stay alive. You can’t say these peaple are not humain you can’t juge the whole country for a few maniacks.

  93. avatar

    Europe will be enriched into becoming the middle east… where will the poor Syrian Refugees flee to then?

  94. avatar
    Christina Stockinger

    we do not only forget that refugees are human, above all we forget that we all are human beings and deserve to be treated in a human way

  95. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Every bidy know there are human..they can solve their problem at home as european did by fighting by making revolutions.we european cannot do the job for them and when we do it they call us colonialists

  96. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    E.U. must organize safe travel of migrants from Tutkey to their destinations in order to end the travel in shaterred vessels of human traffickers to Greek Islands and the loss of thousands of lifes in Aegean Sea.Every day 2000-3000 migrants are transported fron Lesvos and Chios to Piraeus in human and safe conditions.The same must be done from Turkish ports.

  97. avatar
    Magaly Morales

    We should also prioritize our own security, especially women, children and gays. It is not only terrorism, it is really bad people coming into Europe.

  98. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    Europe enforces the Germany’s decisions so the real question is: are we forgetting what EU is? The different views and actions towards the refugees is a simple act of rebelion do continue and EU will fall apart!

  99. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    In the UK, it is hard to feel sympathy for foreigners when so many of our own people are struggling to survive – thousands of sick and disabled people are being persecuted and driven to suicide by cruel austerity policies, our health service is falling apart and treatments are being denied to thousands, hundreds of thousands of families are homeless or living in squalor and a million people depend on charity for food.
    The refugees are human but so are we and self-preservation is a human instinct. These vast numbers of people threaten the very fabric of our society and pose the very real danger of civil war. If we try to absorb them we will perish. Building safe havens beyond Europe’s borders is the only answer to the crisis.

  100. avatar
    Zoltan Kiss

    Are we in danger of forgetting that most of these illegal migrants are grown men with built up sexual tension coming from countries that totally reject and despise our way of life? You liberals can post whatever, the vast majority of Europeans know the real danger of illegal migration and the day will come when we vote………and it will mean OUT.

  101. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    Like these so called `refugees` act like civilized people…oh wait…..they don`t.

  102. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Denmark is a fucking disgrace to democracy and Louis Michel is right to say that its not up to cops to decide how much sentimental value goes into jewellery…especially as it will bring in next to nothing… This is robbery with violence.. and that the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs is presided by a Hungarian Nazi is a bloody joke…That wasn’t a debate it was rubbish

  103. avatar
    John Cullen

    We are in danger of forgetting that humans can be bad people and I mean really bad people, and considering their current situation, they are a potential threat. They have no love for our way of living and majority of them will bring crime. They are taking our kindness as weakness, so why do we want to let these people in? It’s time to make Europe safe again !!

    • avatar

      Let’s list some “humans”; Pol Pot, Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Mao, Darmer ….
      Some humans are more than delighted to slit your head from your shoulders. The beief that we are all brothers is romantic crap.

  104. avatar
    Luke Stenner

    The Danish unemployed already have too do this, yet half of you are shouting the fascist left wing card!

  105. avatar
    Doru Adonis Izuel

    Christian Europe at it’s best … 2000 years of Christianity (at least in some parts of Europe, barbarians from the frozen north, still have 1000 more to go till they reach 2000) and this is the reactions we get to the biggest humanitarian crisis after WW2.

  106. avatar
    Jeremy Bornstein

    Are we also in danger of forgetting resource scarcity and that young unemployed Europeans are also human?

    • avatar

      Sadly our kids don’t count. We are supposed to throw our babies from the nest while the cookoo moves in.

  107. avatar

    Some most definitely are NOT human. Anyone who can beat up a woman, stone someone to death, decapitate with glee, or have sex with a child is not human.

  108. avatar
    Lucas Resende Martins

    “In danger”? Haven’t we already forgotten? I mean, we’ve just turned Turkey into a huge wall so that, even though it won’t solve the problem, at least we won’t be forced to see it and acknowledge it.

  109. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    We all know.but we have forgottenthat they are muslims and a threat for our future.we just give 6 billions.stop talking nonsense and welcome them in european parliament in strasburg

  110. avatar
    Katerina Kyriazi

    Europeans are also human and the vast majority of the populace are against this massive influx of people. Do we still have democracy in EU? Probably not as the leaders are fundamentally changing the continent against the wishes of the electorate.

  111. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Muslims do not adapt themselves to our society but will force us to adapt us to the charia..this is a threat. Christians and atheist are welcomed.i claim for discrimination

  112. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    we are in danger because the stupid European politicians still open our doors to all this persons.

  113. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Best way to integrate all immigrants from the Middle East , is to make all immigrants that come to the EU , be required to convert to Christianity. Out the door if they dont convert to Christianity.

  114. avatar
    Sofi Hara

    We are in danger because the austerity broke peoples lives.EU keeps funding military operations but when it comes to the consequences of these actions(floods of refugees)they don’t want to spend money,turning EU people against each other or against the refugees.

  115. avatar
    Kathleen Alexander

    The EU can’t possibly take in the numbers of people who want to come here it is economically and socially destabilizing, even if the people were 1,6 million Californians. On top of it the asylum seekers who do come are not interested in any European country, they want to go to Northern Europe. Their hopes are normal and understandable, we would probably want the same. But realistically speaking this will not be possible, even if Merkel forces it, Germany and Sweden are going through very unstable moments, the regular citizens and the migrants seem somehow pitted against each other, the situation in unfair for both groups. Gulf Arab nations have not taken refugees, linguistically and culturally it would make a lot of sense for a large part of migrants to go there. Why does no one debate that?

  116. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Those wars are stupid. And done of behalf of democracy .we should let the peoples solve their own problems….but all states on this planet control their borders except EU.all states can choose whom they want to welcome but EU..Eu now dont protect european citizens and bring home poverty,insecurity,unfair competition, and depravation…

  117. avatar
    Andon Bici

    Why All of them are coming in Europe there so many other rich Countries UAE Qatar Singapore Australia Europe has more than 2000 years of wars just to protect each others country borders and not to allow invasion and now we are just allowing anyone to come will we become same like USA mixed races no history no identity just w8 some day foreigners to overtake your own country cz of this stupid European politics

  118. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Statistically less muslims we have less terroeists we shall have.sorry ro say but 90 pc of terrorists in europe are muslims.and every day more than 10 peoples are killed in the world by terrorist in the name of Allah. Peacefull muslims dont move the Coran…everything is in….

  119. avatar
    Winston Zhang

    Yes refugees are human. The EU should have thought of it before following blindly US interventionist foreign policy. The current refugee crisis stemming from the MENA region is a direct consequence of the West meddling into the domestic political affairs of Arab nations.

  120. avatar
    Jaime Oliveira

    Oh, that’s a good question. Another: are we in danger of forgetting the difference between migrants and colonizers?

    • avatar

      Learn from India a peaceful tolerant country also developing fast.

  121. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    this question is so out of date, as the Eu already considers them not to be humans…. they forgot that EU citizens are humans imagine that!

  122. avatar
    Blanka Kasza

    We need to work on the root causes instead of trying to treat the symptoms. Why they are choosing Europe and not other continents? This deal is shameful, does not make us proud Europeans nor does it represent European values. It does represent how Europe and the EU works today, everybody for themselves. 1. They are indeed human, so you can’t exchange them between countries. These people are suffering, coming from an unstable situation to an even more unstable situation. 2. Again Western Europe wins as the deal makes sure the refugees stay in either Turkey or Eastern Europe, so the West doesn’t need to be dealing with them any more. Greedy countries still come out rich at the end. Shameful. 3. It’s now a global problem, and whenever there is a war it should be treated globally to be able to keep global peace.

  123. avatar
    Ivan Giankovits

    We must do us greeks did!!! We all humans and religion is not a question or the colour !!! What we Will say to Them when its us bomb there homes!!! What We Will say to Them if they have to move because the global Warming !!! People be open to enyone open the borders !!!! Germany Will like to have 500000 thousands working hands the next 10 years because they need Them , germany Can rent planes and get this people with out this tragedy we live write now!!!

  124. avatar
    Su La

    Don’t worry Turkey took money broke the agreement and they are coming in thousands even today ..
    Say goodbye to EU and welcome radicals invasion :)

  125. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    SIMPLE ! Build some accommodation for them in Syria or Turkey . Send food to them and after they finish fighting in Syria they can go back. Those people don’t like the EU and liberal democracy from the West . They don’t want to integrate . Why should all Muslims entering the EU get permanent citizenship and those starving children in Africa NOTHING :

  126. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    yes absolutely. The Roman Empire was more inclusive and cosmopolitan than some of the mindsets we are seeing. However, I do think part of the problem is the current diabolical leadership of the EU. Shengen should be disbanded while the Terror crisis continues. Refugees must be properly checked (terrorists will, being the perverse bodies that they are, come in on a wave of mass asylum seeking). The EU itself needs to help fund countries like Greece in handling the current crisis they are faced with. Germany’s lead of providing some clear social educative boundaries, voluntary local language teaching, etc., should be in place. If this happens I think people can be resettled temporarily or permanently without the current problems due to an incompetent leadership at the head of the commission in my opinion.

  127. avatar
    Manolis Karras

    It is in our DNA to help them, however they are the cause of a problem. How about focusing on what made them leave their country and solving the problem. Using this problem, every economic migrant from Afghanistan to Morocco has entered Europe. If you ask one question who benefits, many of your answers will be solved, and you will find the root of the problem.

  128. avatar

    Learn from India. It welcomes everyone. A tolerant peaceful country also developing fast.

  129. avatar
    Francio Marco

    Yes we are: 500.000.000 of europeans 5.000.000 of e stimate migrants. 1%. The only problem is that rich people become more rich and they order to the politicians, expecially of the right side, to cover this fact and to give all the responsability of the crisis to the migrants and a lot of stupid people believe to them.

  130. avatar
    Francio Marco

    Yes we are: 500.000.000 of europeans 5.000.000 of e stimate migrants. 1%. The only problem is that rich people become more rich and they order to the politicians, expecially of the right side, to cover this fact and to give all the responsability of the crisis to the migrants and a lot of stupid people believe to them.

  131. avatar
    David Allgayer

    The deal between the EU and Turkey is absolutely disgusting. The fact that a lot of European countries, most of them countries that only recently joined the EU and had a lot of their citizens migrate to other EU countries, shut out refugees completely is beyond comprehension.
    I’m having a very hard time believing that I live in the “developed” world. It seems the development and talk of globalisation only holds as long as the cash flows into Europe and everybody has a good life there. As soon as it’s time to share, we all revert back to villagers who want nothing to do with the outsider.

  132. avatar
    Little Oldbird

    Greece has its own problems. We can’t handle such a massive continuous invasion. Greeks are good hearted and stupid enough. This ridiculous government won’t protect properly the borders. Migrants and refugees should be confined until all their documents are examined. This is very convenient for all those who plan to profit in various ways. It’s disgusting.

  133. avatar
    Margaret Barahmandpour

    This is a farce depicted by the money loving euroidiots in brussels. Instead of blabbing incessantly re human right of alleged refugees….especially since 99% of them lie thru their filthy teeth….why didn’t the EU ever try to help these people by tackling issues in their countries of origin….and going against the traffickers? Answer is: Because had the EU helped these people in their country of origin and gone against the smugglers….the EU would have lost most of its alleged ‘champion of human rights, it wouls have lost the limelight….and most of all….the EU would have lost most of its money making possibilities’. We are neither amused nor impressed any more by this false do gooder attitude emanat8ng from Brussels extending to various money loving NGOs….who are now even paying immigrants to play the “dead” role, so that they will have pics to sell for a good story promoting unneccessary pity with all its financial repercussions.

  134. avatar
    George Singleton

    Turkey has not respected already the treat of Shengen which has signed at 2003 and even if the europeans could travel without passport for turist reasons was not accepting back refugees that was passing for their borders the last 10 years.The mechanism of the
    transportation was the same
    Turkish official that today aresigning the new treaty.How can a european go to
    Afganistan or siria by foot
    through the turkish militariswd borders without the permission of the Turks?So Eu gives money to a state for rewarding itcause has not respected the already signed treats.Meanwhile Eu has destroyed the Greek economy that for 10 years soends a hell of the money for suporting refugess and protecting the birders.You are all hypocrits and you are cheating european people with a lot of wrong data.

  135. avatar
    George Singleton

    Also refugges must take back their homes and be paid by who has caused the war in acoordance with international law.Could you answer at this?Who has caused the war?

  136. avatar
    Peter Jedrychowski

    That it doesn’t work because we can’t trust Turkey at all … Naive it is to soft word … stupidity is looking well.

  137. avatar

    Reading through the comments to this ubiquitous yet thought-evoking question has left me sitting behind my computer in silence.
    How can humans be so inhumane?
    Some may call my attitude emotional, I call it realistic.
    If one were to speak based on facts and not mere corrupt opinions, they would see that the largest deaths caused by ISIS are not in fact upon westerners, or Christians, or Europeans…but upon Muslims (mainly from countries that they are based in such as Syria).
    Now why is this? Because they are EXTREMISTS (kinda in the name). They are not normal, or average, or common Muslims. They are extremists who also happen to be Muslims.
    Islam is as much to do with ISIS as Christianity is to the with the KKK.
    I am not defending terrorists, I condemn them with all my mind no matter what religion or cause they work for. I am defending humans, who flee terrorists only to face vexatious people who (out of their lack of knowledge) suspect them to be terrorists also.
    Let me leave you with one question…
    Say I was to murder a person, or even to bomb a whole city, and said I was doing it in the name of Mickey Mouse. Who would be condemned for it? Me or Mickey?
    Similarly, if a terrorist is savage enough to kill a fellow human being, they are evil, not the Allah that they claim their actions to be in the name of.
    (P.S. before saying something stupid like “violence is in the Quran”, go and try reading it (if you are smart enough to learn one of the world’s most complex/ancient languages which you probably are not considering intelligent people don’t make such iniquitous comments. And only then will you see that it isn’t).
    To the cognizant few, thank you. To the ignorant many go and educate yourselves by watching this video
    You’re welcome.

  138. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    No we are not in danger of forgetting this. We however would like to see a door to europe that can be closed or opened in lline with our laws, but as long as there is no door and everybody can just walk in the population will resist unorganised influx of foreigners. Europe is the problem, not the people.

  139. avatar
    Kovács János

    We are in danger of forgetting our own cultural identity and giving up the security of the European citizens.

  140. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    Don’t be pathetic reminding us about ” tragedy after tragedy after tragedy”… we are all living witnesses! Let’s debate about stopping the war! Unfortunately, you, same as we, don’t have the power to do that. The longer the war lasts, the more questions you are going to ask us. This is the way Debating Europe exists. And many other organizations. Our voice is not important. The EU is teaching us to forget how to build a future for next generations of Europeans.

  141. avatar
    Francio Marco

    Yes, we are in danger of forgetting that refugees are human and we are in danger of forgetting that there is a war to stop.

  142. avatar
    Tina Clark

    No we just forgetting the 1000s children in care.
    Homeless people
    Older people freezing to death.
    Not helping British people as well. That for me is the problem.

  143. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No. The problem is EU politicians and the way they handle the situation. Starting by supporting rebels in Siria.

  144. avatar
    Christina Kler

    We better change passports in order to have rights and get help And be considered humans ! syrian passports on sale in black market in Turkey !

  145. avatar
    Su La

    Killers and stabbers or assassins Jihadi are not humans. Turkey opened for them doors as you and everyday explosions

  146. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    yes we are and we forget that we Europeans are responsible for almost all reasons why they are refugees. unfair trade, wrong politics (just based on economical interests, not values), subsidize robbing off fishing grounds, supporting dictators, playing warmongers, selling weapons…

  147. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Immigrant crisis in Europe has two main implications isthe large chessboard wests strategy in Eurasia and the Middle East second global climate change

  148. avatar
    Claudio Bartoletti

    this really gets on my bloody nerves are we talking about refugees or people taking a chance which accounts for 90% of them, politicians, organisations etc are getting wealthy on this and the european people are suffering because of this invasion, when refugees start behaving like humans then we might remember they human, but as long as they continue to Rape, KilL, Rob, Use violence, have no respect for anything ,, and refuse to integrate then i dont want to regard them as anything but a destabalising effect to our society.

  149. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    We know they are humans… But you should remind that to their brothers in Dubai, Qatar, Arabia … I think they don´t care much…

  150. avatar
    Graziano Paul Mare

    Refugees are humans and welcome! The countries not willing to accept defined amounts should get less money out of the cohesion funds.

  151. avatar
    Jim Dixon

    Don’t blame the fugees, its the politicians who lure them in.

  152. avatar
    Jim Dixon


    Is there such thing as a bogus asylum seeker; as in
    one who tells lies to gain asylum? UNHCR, the UN
    Refugee Agency say, in their website “There is no
    such thing as a bogus asylum seeker or an illegal
    asylum seeker.” Oh really? Well, if they say so…
    Still, the fact that one often has to, shall we say;
    stretch the truth a bit, in order to gain the fruits of
    making the claim might just, in some cases, cause
    people who might otherwise be law-abiding citizens,
    bringing prosperity to their own poor countries, to
    commit what would be called fraud if I did it. Do
    Western governments really think they’re helping
    the Third World by luring away its wealthier, more
    intelligent young men?
    Most of the asylum seekers
    who make it to the West are
    young, male and talented.
    Surely they know that most of the asylum seekers
    who actually make it to the 1st World are talented
    young males. For one thing, it is risky business,
    which would deter women and other vulnerable
    people. If you are coming from a poor country,
    travel expenses are proportionally higher. So, you
    must have a lot of money, or brains, to make it to
    the West. In some cases, the family might pool their
    resources to send a son to the West, but they will
    send the brightest son, not the dim one, who is more
    vulnerable. In fact the vulnerable people, like the
    crippled, elderly and handicapped, in most cases,
    never make it to the West, many stay in the troubled
    areas. A good idea, in areas where there really is a
    problem, is to have refugee camps which are
    accessible to even the highly vulnerable. So the real
    refugees have places to go. Furthermore, if such
    places close down when the problem is over, the
    refugees are likely to return home and be of benefit
    to their communities. Australia recently passed a
    new policy, to separate the rich seekers from the
    poor seekers. If the seekers arrive by boat, they are
    sent to Papua NG, where they do their processing
    time and, if they get refugee status, can live in
    Papua. However, if they arrive by air plane, they get
    to do it all in Aus. If you are going to lure seekers to
    your land, it’s a much better idea to lure the
    wealthier, more talented ones, yes? Furthermore,
    taking the brains away from a region makes it easier
    to control that region. For example; Africa is very
    rich in resources. Some businessmen from rich
    countries want to farm it and mine it. They want
    cheap labour too. Of course the Africans are going
    to want their fair share. It will be easier to control
    them, and negotiate cheaper prices, if their best
    thinkers are not in Africa. Once the brains are in the
    West, it is easy to steal their thoughts by
    bombarding them with stressful messages which
    divert their thoughts to other things. And, while the
    politicians might be leading us to believe that they,
    and we – via our taxes – are being charitable and
    humanitarian in luring them over here – they are
    leaving women, children, elderly, handicapped and
    crippled people in the countries where so many of
    the bright young men are harvested from.
    Still, as for those brave young men, who crossed the
    Sahara and paid for risky rides on over-loaded ships,
    all I can say is: I don’t blame them. If I were in their
    shoes, I’d do the same thing – and I’m sure you
    would too – I’d be pretty stupid not to. I knew an
    American who was thinking of claiming asylum in
    Denmark. I knew a Dutchman who claimed asylum
    in Norway – and was well rewarded with money and
    accommodation while his claim was being
    processed. Even though he never gained the much
    prized refugee status, he got more money, while he
    was waiting, than I typically make in a year with my
    paper business. In fact, if I wasn’t a dual-national, I
    would seriously think of claiming asylum myself. It
    would be far more moral, from the point of a middle
    aged, unemployed guy to do that, than for a talented
    young man, who would otherwise be working in,
    and hence helping, the 3rd world.
    And who suffers as a result this two-faced
    benevolence? Many of those asylum seekers end up
    on welfare and/or selling drugs. What a waste. They
    might have been doctors, lawyers and technicians in
    their own countries. While there have been reports
    of seekers coming to the West with the intention of
    getting welfare, I’m sure many of these young men
    come here with the intention of getting a better
    paying job. Many are skilled professionals.
    However, getting a job in a rich country is highly
    competitive – and let’s face facts, no one likes to
    admit that they cannot compete, or are otherwise
    deficient in talent. Many of these men, who held
    professional posts in their own countries, might end
    up being cleaners in the West. There are numerous
    stories in the media which will lead them to believe
    the bad jobs are a result of discrimination on the
    part of Westerners. Many of them are likely to
    become resentful, drop out, get on welfare and into
    crime. In which case, there will be – and are –
    hostile, intelligent criminals.
    It’s the vulnerable, and the
    poor, who pay the price.
    Many of the guys who make it here were quite
    comfortable where they were. They were able to
    raise, or be given, very large sums of money. E.g. I
    was in Indonesia in 2000. At that time, there were
    reports that many Indonesians struggled to survive
    on less than a dollar a day. One many days, I lived
    quite comfortably on less than a dollar. It’s an
    inexpensive place. Employers don’t need to pay
    people much. At that time, a cheap flight to Europe,
    from Indonesia, or sub-Saharan Africa, cost around
    600 dollars. In Indonesia, it was easy to get a job as
    an English teacher. There was very little
    competition. Wages were low and didn’t lure much
    competition. I taught there and found I was good at
    it. So, I later went to Japan, where the money is, and
    attempted to teach there. The competition was fierce
    – even before the recession. I met a Canadian guy
    there who had managed to find such a job – but a
    very undesirable position. He blamed his inability to
    compete on age prejudice (ageism). He was 38.
    Ethiopia is number one among the top 10 countries
    facing the world’s biggest brain drains. Ethiopia’s
    best and brightest have not been sticking around
    after graduation. It has lost about 75% of it’s skilled
    professionals over the past ten years. This exodus of
    highly qualified professionals has had a huge impact
    on the country, leaving it with too few physicians,
    engineers and scientists to fill positions the country
    desperately needs to thrive economically. Number
    two is Nigeria, another African nation that has
    suffered due to a massive brain drain. With much of
    Nigeria still essentially a developing nation with
    unreliable power and few resources, higher level
    science, engineering and medical professionals often
    find little to motivate them into staying. Today, over
    2 million Nigerians live in the U.S. alone, and of
    these about 20,000 are doctors and over 10,000 are
    academics. That’s a heavy loss for a nation that so
    desperately needs qualified professionals to build
    and improve its own resources. Number three is
    Still, the numbers are growing. In the past decade,
    the number of highly educated immigrants in the
    rich countries has been rising sharply. That means
    that there will be less skilled people to properly
    spread, and implement, aid money which is sent to
    the 3rd World. Hey, what if you were in Africa, and
    suddenly found yourself in need of a good doctor? If
    you really want to help real refugees, get your
    governments to divert all that money, which is spent
    on asylum seekers in the West, to refugee centres in
    places where there are serious problems. Luring
    seekers here uses up money which could be used to
    help real refugees. Will many refugees make a lot of
    money in the West and send it home? Many ablebodied
    young official refugees – and failed asylum
    seekers failed asylum seekers – end up crowding into
    emergency shelters and soup kitchens which are
    intended for old, handicapped, or otherwise infirm,
    homeless people. In the past few years, there has
    been a large increase in able bodied men, of working
    age, making use of homeless centres, in
    Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm an many other
    European cities. Most of them are OK, but some
    don’t seem to appreciate these services, and make
    trouble there. Like cutting in front old men in the
    food lines, starting quarrels with the homeless
    people for petty reasons, and mentioning historic
    oppression by Europeans, to homeless European
    people – as if to implicate them. These thugs started
    making trouble in a homeless centre I attended in
    Stockholm where the homeless could get a lunch for
    only 10 Kr, ($1.50) or for a small service, if they
    had no money. The day centre closed not long after
    these incidents started occurring. This hurt them, as
    well as the poor and homeless. To criticize
    oppression, while abusing the oppressed, is
    hypocritical. Some of the seekers complained of
    being poor. Cutting food lines is stealing from the
    poor. Homeless people are amongst the most
    marginalised and discriminated against people in the
    world as it is, without being accused of, and abused
    for, oppression which they had nothing to do with. If
    you regard yourself as marginalised, then you
    should know better than to abuse them.
    Furthermore, pestering the homeless to buy drugs,
    because you stereotype them as potential buyers, is
    prejudiced. At the end of the day, it’s the vulnerable,
    and the poor, who pay the price. How benevolent is
    that? –JD

  153. avatar
    Jim Dixon

    The “advantages” of asylum policies are that they might enrich Western culture and provide a way for the brightest sons of a 3rd World faqmilies to make money and send it home.

    As for enriching our culture, what benifit is that for common folk? Is it really educational to be able to talk to refugees? Do they have useful things to share with us? Maybe a few do. However, many of them will give us little more than stress. Stress hampers innovation. To come up with useful new technologies, one should have a clear mind. If one is stressed, it can be hard to focus one’s mind on highly technical ideas.

    Sure, some of the new arrivals might send money home but will this be much money? And how long will the support last? They might be willing to support their mom, dad and family members whom they know personally but what about subsequent generations? Will they support more distant relatives – many of whom they hardly know?

  154. avatar
    Jim Dixon


    If you trawl for tuna fish in shark infested waters, you’ll probaly net a few sharks too. Its interesting that most of the fugees are lured from places with high homicide rates and/or places with highly oppressive governments. It is interesting that many oppressive governments, in such places, are replaced by other repressive governments – as that’s the only way to keep order in such places. Its interesting that many fugees must commit fraud to gain asylum – so criminal behaviour is encouraged from the start. Its interesting that mainstream media, and even the school systems will encourage them to hate Westerners via one-sided propaganda. And we, the public, are discouraged from speaking openly about this. I wonder; do the politicians hope to use them to spread fear and enable the politicians to pass more laws and build more prisons? Divide and rule is an ancient stratagy. Fear is a very powerful tool for controlling the masses.

  155. avatar
    Jim Dixon

    Do Western governments really think they’re helping
    the Third World by luring away its wealthier, more
    intelligent young men?
    Most of the asylum seekers
    who make it to the West are
    young, male and talented.
    Surely they know that most of the asylum seekers
    who actually make it to the 1st World are talented
    young males. For one thing, it is risky business,
    which would deter women and other vulnerable
    people. If you are coming from a poor country,
    travel expenses are proportionally higher. So, you
    must have a lot of money, or brains, to make it to
    the West. In some cases, the family might pool their
    resources to send a son to the West, but they will
    send the brightest son, not the dim one, who is more
    vulnerable. In fact the vulnerable people, like the
    crippled, elderly and handicapped, in most cases,
    never make it to the West, many stay in the troubled
    areas. A good idea, in areas where there really is a
    problem, is to have refugee camps which are
    accessible to even the highly vulnerable. So the real
    refugees have places to go. Furthermore, if such
    places close down when the problem is over, the
    refugees are likely to return home and be of benefit
    to their communities.

  156. avatar
    Jim Dixon


    Taking the brains away from a region makes it easier
    to control that region. For example; Africa is very
    rich in resources. Some businessmen from rich
    countries want to farm it and mine it. They want
    cheap labour too. Of course the Africans are going
    to want their fair share. It will be easier to control
    them, and negotiate cheaper prices, if their best
    thinkers are not in Africa. Once the brains are in the
    West, it is easy to steal their thoughts by
    bombarding them with stressful messages which
    divert their thoughts to other things. And, while the
    politicians might be leading us to believe that they,
    and we – via our taxes – are being charitable and
    humanitarian in luring them over here – they are
    leaving women, children, elderly, handicapped and
    crippled people in the countries where so many of
    the bright young men are harvested from.

  157. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    What about the tragedy that is occurring in countries throughout the EU? Migrants behaving like wild animals while the police and the authorities do nothing and the media conceals the truth. How can people debate Europe when the full tragedy of what is really happening in EU countries is being kept from them?

  158. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    Αre they EU active leadership who think are not human all European citizens and create harsh conditons for people whith there inhuman policies using even brutal force against them as in France,Belgium ,Greece etc

  159. avatar
    Claudio Bartoletti

    looking at the way these refugees behave i have a problem calling them human, its more like a barbaric invasion, in fact that is a perfect example, am i wrong ?

  160. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.”

    Winston Churchill

  161. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    Do you want Europeans accept the war as a permanent condition? And participate in it? How long do you think it will last? What is the EU doing to finish it? World wars lasted shorter.

  162. avatar
    Noia Blackcat

    now, aren’t we overusing the word ‘refugee’ while most of them are in fact clandestines…

  163. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Churchill quotes are a great read. This one is brilliant:

    “If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire.” / Winston Churchill

  164. avatar
    Miguel Cruz

    We are all human! What kind of question is that? Even ISIS members are human! If you are mugged on the streets, it woun’t be by a cat or a parrot! It will be by humans! That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect yourself nor take measures to avoid it!

  165. avatar
    Andreas Agathokleous

    No, but they are not all refugees. Open your eyes and see the truth. Economic migrants exploit the Syrian situation and this is at the real refugees’ expense! As long as you send ships in Africa to rescue them they will never stop coming. The EU is not solving the problem, it’s making it worse by actually helping the smugglers.

  166. avatar
    Adnan Soysal

    as long as europe is stucked with social / welfare state,
    it has no chance but to refuse asylum seekers, refugees.

    the primary concerns of public opinion here is that THEY WILL EAT OUR MONEY. and that is the precise point where racism starts.

    by the way, europe is debating 10 days for 10 refugees,
    while providing 10 billion euros to corrupt greece, in 10 minutes.

    tragic-comedy of eu.

  167. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    You simply should stop trying to sell us as stupid! They are no refugees in the right meaning of the word. They are simply benefit-seekers guided by georgsoros and his so-called “humanitary ngo”s. As not work willing, they are just flooding the eu-member countries, they are worldwide known as well fare states.

  168. avatar
    Nikola Boskovic

    “Refugees” are rapists, jihadists, mujahedeens, terrorists, murderers and ISIS members from Afghanistan, N.Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. They are foreign invaders, nothing more.

  169. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    The wars in Iraq, Syria, Lybia and other arab countries were made by the US. The mob which is plundering and raping troughout the European countries are everything but fugitives. The real fugitives makes out small percentage of the raiding mass, and they must be saved, but not the barbarians, who are artificially infiltrated into EU. The real victims, the real refugees are only tools in the hands of the imperialistic corporatocracy who want more and more cheap workers at any costs.

  170. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    We are in danger of forgetting that us, Europeans, are human and have rights in our countries.

    No more freedom and a lot of fear since refugees invaded Europe.

  171. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    First you must separated migrants from refugees… second.. You must clarify if Europeans accpt them… third … Why Europe must be the place accepting diversity nationals with unknown origination that easily could be transform into radicals.. Fourth… Why every tribe must come to Europe and why they dont go to other afiliate countries they have access in language and easy communication….. I can see them in a day basis laying under the trees opposite of my house playing with their mobiles still some volunteers. provide them with necesities some others are fed up with them.. EU along with NATO must find out ways to stop immigation also The EU must stand united in the requirements of the times and not to succumb to blackmail….

  172. avatar
    Jimi Sowa

    Stupid European left don’t understand that there are zero refugees in europe. All they are invaders still without weapon.

  173. avatar
    Joananna Farrugia

    Yes they re humans and they re not forgotten but these people (not all of them) doesnt accept others cultures. They are arrogant demanding everything for free while they re working like me. They use the fact that they re refugees while they re clandestines. What the eu is doing??? Just debating and want the rest of us to accept them. These people will never change. On this issue eu lost all creditbility. Dont blame us blame eu on this issue

  174. avatar
    Peter Castermans

    As long as the war is busy we need to seek food, drink, shelter and education for them (last one for the kids), but at the end of the war every refugee should return to their homeland. No regularizations. Does that mean we will send them back to ruins. No a marshallplan for Syria is needed too.

    • avatar
      P. Morgan

      Hi. I agree and that is because they will want to return, and definitely cannot be left to rebuild their homes and lives, and bury the dead on their own. Thanks.

  175. avatar
    P. Morgan

    Hi. No, I don’t think we are in danger of forgetting that refugees are human but we might be in danger of forgetting that we ourselves, who are not refugees, are human, going by some of the reactions of the public at the idea of helping the refugees and by the slowness of response on the part of our politicians.

    On the contrary, the refugee crisis is all about being human: war, death, suffering, tragedy, appeal, longing, care and compassion, awakening, tears, relief, help, rescue, ignorance, tears, solidarity, empathy, struggle – these refugees are at present more human than many of us at home having to the watch the world go by from a laptop and not be where it matters. No. These refugees are definitely human, but the cold reactions and dreadfully slow responses, by the West and the EU, could be considered inhuman.

    Let’s not forget the people still in those places of persecution and in hiding from ISIL. There are Christian refugees and others too still in those places requiring help. Not everyone has escaped yet.

    • avatar
      P. Morgan

      Sorry: “there are Christians and others too still in those places requiring help.” (TYPO).

      Check out the ‘Aid To The Church In Need’ website to read the news and you will see the inside info.


  176. avatar
    Tomas Mzr

    That is so sad, really, I’m shocked … but you know what – this is how this world works. We are not responsible for these people. Europe is not responsible for entire world and European politicians should at first place put good of European citizens before they will agree to accept millions of barbarians from Africa and Middle East. Should we help ? sure, but not by bringing them here, not by creating multicultural Europe because it leads only to more problems. Sending food, clothes, medicine maybe even some peace keeping forces – Yes. Accepting millions of immigrants who will destabilize our societies and will be endless burden to our social systems (which will lead to tax increase) – NO ! NEVER ! because we are not running world’s almshouse.

  177. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Not at all, but then we all know the vast majority are financial migrants and NOT refugees.

    But they are coming to Schengen anyway and there is nothing you can do about it.

  178. avatar
    Kovács János

    This question stinks of propaganda. We are in danger of forgetting our own cultural identity. The ‘open doors’ policy is a faliure and it is unsustainable. Only a fool thinks that we have a moral obligation to take everyone in.

  179. avatar
    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    Common people surely haven’t… they see them every day in the streets… go ask Eu burocrats, they were the ones making plans with Turkey, exchanging people for billions.
    Also, I would like to remind anyone who’s reading that some time ago these people would have been called clandestines since most of them didn’t hve any asylum rights… nowadays they’re all just “refugees” to make us (the people) feel sorry for what our western countries did to their homelands.

  180. avatar

    All I am saying, to deal and resolve violent extremism or the act of terror, there shall need calm and acute minds, the officials on alert and officials working round the clock. Promptly, prudently, fairly and inclusively.

    I deeply understand that during the time of uncertainty and the time of fear that sudden horror can unexpectedly happen for several times, the minds of citizens can get caught in panick and shock. Seeking certain factors to blame is one thing; playing blame and fear politics is another. Whereas genuine concerns need to be addressed and tackled, the open and democratic debates seeking balanced, responsible and well-thought out solutions cannot be taken lightly. I have read that Germany has done that although the recent horror in Germany discourage, divide and depress leaders of Germany on the issue of refugee acceptance.

    Also, any advanced countries with strong democracies would not want to fall victims and vulnerable to citizens hating and attacking one another because of different views and political tendency, wouldn’t they?

    To be honestly speaking, say, you show me the refugee registry system, and I shall want to register and be qualified as a refugee. But please, as I raise above: promptly, prudently, fairly and inclusively. Thank you.

  181. avatar
    Fernando Nabais

    What a stupid topic. Being human doesn’t mean it has to come to Europe. There are other solutions to deal with real refugees (most of them are false refugees). Since terrorists are also humans, must we open borders to terrorists?

  182. avatar
    Jaime Oliveira

    Stop calling people that cross several “safe” countries to reach the “wealthiest” ones Refugees!!

  183. avatar
    Harald Schmitt

    imagine 2 million Nudist come to a moslem country to stay for ever like 2 million who hate our way of life install themself into our way of life ,however those coming to europe to escape the war should have the right of protection ,but on the end of the conflict they should return and build up their country again , contrary many refugees are fake refugees who flee poverty in their country ,many young men in their 20 th have done so ,our politicians should wake up and stop referring to their christian standarts ,

  184. avatar
    Tamás Kovács

    We start to forget all Euroepan citizens are actually also humans.. they are getting less and less important just start to become a tool to help others.. but nobody cares about them.. it is a shame.. this is why EU is getting less and less popular because it started to forget about its own citizens.. and they do not feel EU would look after them.. they are being used to pay others and they can be sacrificed..

  185. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    These 2-6 millions we are facing them since summer 2015 are simply INVADERS, flooding our social systems, seeking their benefits, the fairy well fare state. Really refugees are mainly in the close area their origins, seeking the soonest possible return in their homelands. So stop fooling yourself and so many millions of naive people!

  186. avatar
    Deniss K Victorovich

    We are in Danger for forgeting that we are human too not only taxpayers who has no right to say, we all have citizeships and we lost some of our freedoms to gain rights, no taxetion without reperesantation

  187. avatar
    Deniss K Victorovich

    We are in Danger for forgeting that we are human too not only taxpayers who has no right to say, we all have citizeships and we lost some of our freedoms to gain rights, no taxetion without reperesantation

  188. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    I live in Normandie Where world wars happenned thé most horrible way. i hv lovely old neighbours who love talking about war. And they never refuged soooo far! Théy were refuging just 30 or 40 km. thèse refugees are migrants. And we re not responsable of this. They must go àway. We will help them once they finish théir war but not by welcoming them.

  189. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    We have cités 90% destroyed during war. And i say again they never left to go to ànother country. Thèse refugees not only country but traverse continents.

  190. avatar
    Nathanaël Breuil

    We are in danger of understanding refugees as people having exactly the same culture and mentalities as mass of people in europe only educated by TV and mass-media, we are in danger of understanding culture alterity as nonsense, that is the real danger : UNDERSTANDING REFUGEES AS HUMAN OVNIS.

  191. avatar

    The word refugees is being misused . The vast majority of the illegal migrants have not applied for asylum , and many others are just asylum seekers , so I wish that writers would understand the legal difference and stop writing rubbish .
    AND refugees and asylum seekers have obligations , not just rights , and they have shown again and again their violence and agressivity towards Europe , and for that should have their rights removed . Also the International agreements concerning asylum have to be respected , especially first safe haven , otherwise these illegal migrants lose all rights .
    Countries who refuse to accept their citizens back who have failed asylum , should be sanctioned .
    Sorry to say that EU government officials should be charged with treason , as they have refused to uphold the rule of law , and punishment should be exemplary.
    All EU citizens support illegal migration should be required to house one family in their home , or shut up .

  192. avatar

    The problem is that the people you are talking about are not REFUGEES , as they have not even applied for asylum yet .
    SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT and stop talking rubbish

  193. avatar
    Bertrum P.

    I believe that the EU is blind to see the true problem. They say they want to make the world in general a better place. If they say that, then why don’t they do anything about it. The answer: THEY DON’T CARE! They sit in their comfy chairs and they do nothing. They hear about all these refugee deaths and, being the lazy pigs they are, watch these events like it was a movie. The least anyone could do would be to help these poor people, migrants or refugees, out. These people could be scared to live where they came from and want to seek safety from these hellish terrors they have faced. But the politicians want this to stop. For all their talk of dreams, they are the architects behind so many nightmares. If they keep this up, terrible consequences will come with it. If there is another terrorist attack in Europe, then I blame the politicians for it.

  194. avatar

    The problem is not to accept refugees by sacrificing the stability of oneself. Without war, there will be no refugees, there will be human and social development in the Mid-East and Africa. What Europe has to see very carefully is that regional instability is a consequence that the more “advanced” Western states have been trying to toppling traditional regimes disregarding the importance of a rapid collapse of a social, economic and political structural force would definitely lead to chaos and wars…If Europe really respect refugees as human, and respect cultural traditions of late developed countries by stopping viewing political system of others with hostility…

    • avatar

      …late-developed countries ought to enjoy their right on nation-building, whether it is a bitter or easy one, it is their choice and opportunity for a nation to learn. It is through this way, a nation is built.

  195. avatar

    I think EU ought to establish itself an army to safeguard peace and security of Europe and the world. NATO is an outdated organization representing war and US interests. NATO’s mission on collective security is accomplished for the world system has been transformed to a global system, in which all nations are in the same boat, survival depends on collective efforts to overcome problems are unavoidably transcending national boundaries.

  196. avatar

    Yes. There is no denying that most of the refugees are pathetic and homeless. But after all, these refugees are human beings, and they cannot be perfect. In recent years, there have been some scandals about refugee robberies.

  197. avatar

    I personally do not think that I will forget that refugees are human. I would love to help them all. But the fact that not everyone has the same thought as mine. People mainly in Europe are really racist and do not understand why all these refugees are coming here. The problem now is that we are so close-minded. If we would have been more open-minded to understand that it is not their willingness to come here and leave everything they have. They are obliged to leave behind everything. We should all help each other with the same rights.

  198. avatar

    Do not divert attention! It is a consequence of aggressive foreign policy and continuously wars to overthrow government and make way for the establishment of proxy government so as to control Middle East states.

  199. avatar

    Refugees are created by the US or NATO directly and indirectly to secure US dominance rather than European security. Poor states of the Middle East have no way to threaten security of Europe. Why it is only Europe that has to bear the responsibility, Where is the US, Europe’s ally over this issue of refugees? .

  200. avatar

    After China’s rejected to accept BNO as eligible passport, BNO holders tried to enter Germany appeared to be rejected as well. For UK does not accept BNO holders as British nationals and has not granted permanent residence in the UK. Boris Johnson has just claimed that there are CPC spies entered the UK with BNO, which is, very likely, the UK is prepared to reject many of these BNO holders by reason of suspected ” CPC spies”. As a matter of fact, some of them are trained and paid to do riots. Thus rejecting BNO should be able to protect EU from having too many paid rioters. However, there is information circulating that Lithuania welcome HK people immigrants and probably including these BNO holders. In this way, Lithuania is able to issue visa for these rioters to travel within EU. As many paid rioters are being mixed up in this group, many of these people are not able to find residence for they cannot find guarantees. Moreover, they are of low education level and cannot even master the English language. Many of them are unable to pay for their insurance or cannot find school for their children. They cannot even pay for the application of visa in the UK. They have already formed pressure group(s) led by HK people to pressurize the British government for social and welfare support. As Lithuania is trying involving in Taiwan independent issue and taking the same stance of the USA, EU must look into the real intention and planning of Lithuania. If EU is offering financial support to Lithuania, it might be necessary for EU to examine carefully and see whether Lithuania becomes a loophole for collective security of the EU family.

  201. avatar

    Refugees are victims. As the damage is done, we have to help them on humanitarian grounds. However, people broken bail and escape elsewhere are suspected of some offences. Need to distinguish.

  202. avatar

    It is learned that Lithuania is inviting immigrants from Hong Kong. EU has so many refugees, why EU does not send some more victims to Lithuania but allow rioters to enter EU from Lithuania? Would this threaten security of EU countries?

  203. avatar

    Lithuania has become a new for refugees from Central Asia to EU from Belarus when Lithuania has announced to open for HK migrants without a visa. EU is going to have another influx of refugees.

  204. avatar

    It appears that there are many more refugees rushing to the Balkan states. EU must be aware of this. Some of the terrorists of Afghanistan/freedom fighters of the USA ought to have mixed up with the refugees. Many of them might be highly politcized non-military individuals and groups. As there are many HK rioters and highly politicized people of the US sponsored NGOs and other infiltrated at various sectors have also fled to the UK. Some HK people have already formed their union and started fighting for their rights and benefits from the British government. To secure peace, EU ought to place the politicization and radicalization by these “refugees” at higher priority.

  205. avatar

    Yes, refugees are human but two EU members states, Poland and Lithuania are using water cannon to stop these refugees from crossing the border and soldier sending dogs to threaten and attack these human, while the US which has created all these refugees has abandoned all these democracy loving people for EU to take care of. Even more hypocritical, the US is calling the EU to have a summit on democracy. Shame to all you democratically elected political leaders, politicians and NGOs waving banners of democracy without even respecting democracy.

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