refugees_post_6UPDATE 26/11/2015: Is the ongoing refugee crisis turning people against the European Union? French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has told journalists that France will not accept more than 30’000 refugees over the next two years, otherwise people will say “enough of Europe”.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, there are widespread security fears over the influx of refugees (despite all of the attackers having been EU citizens). Already, some EU Member States have reintroduced border controls, temporarily suspending the passport-free Schengen zone.

Meanwhile, Germany is keen to push ahead with a controversial quota system that would see asylum seekers redistributed automatically throughout the EU. Indeed, this system is so important to the German government that Chancellor Angela Merkel believes the future of Schengen is at stake. But do ordinary European citizens agree with her? And can policymakers introduce the quota system without being met with a cry of “enough of Europe”?

ORIGINAL 26/08/2015: Germany has agreed to stop automatically deporting Syrian asylum seekers to other EU countries. The surprise move means that people fleeing the Syrian civil war will no longer be subject to the controversial ‘Dublin System’, which stipulates that asylum applicants should be processed in the country where they first arrived in the European Union.

Border countries within the EU, foremost among them Greece and Italy, have long argued they are unable to cope with the numbers of migrants arriving on their shores. However, proposals by the European Commission for a mandatory quota system to distribute refugees equitably among the 28 EU Member States were rejected earlier this year.

EU countries did eventually agree to distribute 32,500 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea over the following two years (though even that was revised down from the original proposal of 40,000). The scheme has been described as a ‘token gesture’, given that more than 600’000 migrants entered the EU last year, and the numbers this year are expected to be many times greater.

The migrant crisis has been provoked by a combination of factors, including conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, human rights abuses, extreme poverty, as well as instability in Libya that has allowed people smugglers to operate freely.

Should the EU adopt a quota system for refugees? Or should the burden fall on the countries where asylum seekers enter the EU? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    Gabčik Kubiš

    The quota has already been reached.
    Most of them are fake refugees, they are people who pay to reach Europe and then they throw away their documents not to be recognized. They just tell lies and they live on welfare and money that some European countries do not even have for their own citizens.

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    Maja Fenyvesi

    Even though I feel sorry for them we do not want them here in Hungary. The vast majority of people share my opinion. Migrants cause lots of trouble. Our life has been a total nightmare since they are here.

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      What about their lives? They are terrified for their lives, their safety, the safety of their children. Yes, welcoming in refugees is uncomfortable and not ideal for the host country, but is it not our responsibility as global citizens to help others? Is it not the only humane thing to do? Sacrificing your own comfort for the sake of others’ safety–it is more than worth it.

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      Nina Thiry

      I understand your point of view even if saying that “they are a nightmare” is quite denigrating and hard for them. Do you think they have decided to leave their country, family and friends? They are obliged to do so, and don’t have any other choice. They are forced to leave their roots and life. They arrive into a country where they don’t know anything about the culture, habits, lifestyle and where they don’t know anybody. I believe we all have to help each other and to be supportive. We all should have maturity, humanity and empathy for all of us.

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    Ivan Burrows


    You mean “Should the Schengen zone adopt a quota system for refugees” ?, not all countries in the EU were stupid enough to join it.

    They can adopt whatever they want, it does not mean the Nation States will accept them.

    But not to worry, Germany has said they will take them all & as long as Schengen exists they will all go to Germany so good news for everyone else in the idiotic Schengen zone, maybe not such good news for the German people.

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    Debby Ament Teusink

    Yes, ther should be quota, to evenly house these poor people in every country of the EU.

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      Stephen Pockley

      Not in the UK that’s why we opted out.We have enough immigrants from other EU countries as it is.But it’s upto you other EU countries really.But like I said UK will take none there not our problem.

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      They are refugees not migrants, that means they are fleeing for their life. No country can say that it’s not its problem, it’s actually a pretty global problem, Europe is just geographically closer although it was Lebanon and Israel the first to have been affected by refugee flows long before we ever were. This is like a natural disaster, it’s humanitarian aid that is needed.

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      I say, stop them coming in from anywhere.

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      Stephen Pockley

      Not in the UK they won’t.

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      hans van veen

      And what are You gonna do if the refugees DON`T want to go to for example Spain, Italy or Slovenia?
      In all media reports they shout We want to go to Germany and Sweden
      20/04/2017 Marina Watson Pelaez, a freelance journalist working in Lisbon and London, has responded to this comment.
      20/04/2017 Paul Ames, a freelance journalist who has written in Politico about the reluctance of refugees to come to Portugal, has responded to this comment.

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      May God bless you for saying that.

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    Paul X

    Its total insanity. The easier you make it for people to come the more that will come…that isn’t rocket science
    quote “more than 600’000 migrants entered the EU last year, and the numbers this year are expected to be many times greater”.. so next year 2M?… the year after 4M….. where does it end?… when each person in Europe don’t have a square metre of land left to stand on?… if the EU has any pretense of doing whats best for the people of Europe then it really needs to sort it’s priorities out

    Yes they deserve sympathy for what’s happening in their own country but its the root cause that need to be sorted not encouraging them to run away from it

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      I agree with Paul and have to add as a message to the UN. Human Rights are for all countries. I don’t understand why only European countries are expected to abide by these laws. The asylum seekers should be sent outside of the EU as well.

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      hans van veen

      Fully agree with Paul X

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      Stephen Pockley

      Absolutely not the UK wanted not one of these people ,as much as we sympathise with there plight it is not our problem .Nor are we part of the schengen agreement thank god .We are full as it is with social tensions towards other EU migrants as it is.The sooner we leave the EU and close our borders the better.

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    Artur Pereira

    Nato and E.E.C. (E:U.) are both responsible. A fair quota system is needed.And should send some of them to the U.S.A. .

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    Christian Weale

    Sadly I am unable to open the link but I believe the advantage of a Common Pan-European Immigration Policy would be that if each member state shares the responsibility of helping And meeting the needs of Asylum Applicants and Refugees, this would ease the pressure on Greece and Italy but also countries like Germany and Sweden who have shown the way in a moral and humanitarian approach to the suffering of those facing the profound effects of War, threat of death, persecution, discrimination and all encompassing poverty!

    To share the responsibility between member states would recognise both the strengths and limitations of each countries GDP, infrastructure and population when supporting those in need, this is the worst humanitarian crisis since WW11!

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      Stephen Pockley

      Your suggestion is foolish we are already full .I do feel sorry for them but they are not our problem or responsibility.
      I fear if we take any then riots and unrest will ensue in the UK .But I don’t think we will take any and I hope we don’t.

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      Irod Zcobmog

      “not our problem or responsibility” you say… Who bombed Lybia if not the UK and France? What is happening in the Middle East is linked with the acts of our governments…When there is already a big mess it’s easy just to leave and say it’s not our problem…

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    Kossack Nikko

    NO .. people entering Europe should follow the principles of seeking asylum to the nearest country. see Dublin3 and UN charter. Also the problem that we have has to be resolved at source… th EU is NOT the source. BUT the Inability of the EU leaders Top to bottom of facing up to the situation NOT just now but for YEARS this has been on the making. Hiding their heads in the sand. And is not good from Junker to Barroso to Von Rumpey to Shultz they are INCOMPETENT INCPAPABLE and TOTALLY out of their depth. Also letting people Who are culturalli diverse will only create ghetto which is what happened during the NAZI period, BUT that said the EU is constructed according to NAZI doctrine therefore another piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place. …. SHULTZ when are you going to build concentration camps and you can the be the Kapo as Berlusconi called you….

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    Marijus Stasiulis

    Why EU and not oil rich muslim countries in Middle East?
    Do we need people that start their days with AK-47 in their hands?

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    What is the problem that needs to be solved?
    I believe it is the whole world instability that is creating this tragedy. And if the EU also recognizes this as the problem, then it will not be solved by quotas and much less the “frontier countries” assuming the burden.
    Having said that,
    Should the EU adopt a quota system for refugees? – This is not a solution.
    Or should the burden fall on the countries where asylum seekers enter the EU? – this is absolutely preposterous!

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    Nando Aidos

    What is the problem that needs to be solved?
    I believe the problem to be solved is the whole world instability that is creating this tragedy. And if the EU also recognizes this as the problem, then it will not be solved by quotas and much less the “frontier countries” assuming the burden.

    Having said that,
    Should the EU adopt a quota system for refugees? – This is not a solution to the problem! This is a band-aid!
    Or should the burden fall on the countries where asylum seekers enter the EU? – this is absolutely preposterous!

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      I agree. We are being invaded by unknown people some of whom would have had involvement in the war.

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    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    First America and EE causes catastrophe,sells weapons and then they are humanitarian.Nothing is being checked in Greece and unknown people come.EE should do something because our patience is over and our nerves are like string underwear.We are going to start cutting necks after November.More than 120.000 came within a month.That’s enough.And if the goverment supports the Greek people in they majority don’t.We are starving and we can’t help them.Keep your European help for refugees and immigrants and take them away.

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    Mihai Rusu

    make EU army, ocupy Middle East, build infrastructe and schools, make them modern states.

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      Because this hasn’t been tried and tested, right?

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    Mahmoud Bay

    USA, UK, France and Germany represent and lead Western power. They opted to avoid halting the War in Syria so now they should share part of the consequences if their choice. Nothing is for free.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      lol.. so now countries are being blamed for creating problems by NOT getting involved in a war….just can’t win can we

    • avatar

      The West has to save all and be punished if it doesn’t…is that right Mahmoud? What about your Muslim brothers in the name of whom we are getting bombed and shot on trains? Do they have no responsibility?

    • avatar

      To Paul X and George

      No, they are being blamed because they are involved and not in a helpful way. Who is supplying these so-called rebels with weapons? Who has withdrawn recognition from the government of Syria? Who has sanctioned the Syrian republic? Who has assembled a rag-tag group of exiles under the banner of opposition groups? Who has refused to accept any solutions that do not remove the president of Syria from his post? It’s not about saving all, it’s about not interfering in the affairs of others if you do not have anything useful to add.

      Perhaps it’s hard for you to make the connection between the actions of your government and the conflicts in the middle east but I assure you, their hands are not clean. Whether you are unaware of this or choose to ignore it, I do not know.

    • avatar
      Paul X


      So tell me, exactly what weapons has the UK supplied to rebels?

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    Theodor Lazaridis

    Those people deserve dignity, and only common European policy could grand them this. But on the other hand Eu is not a Union really , it thinks that only Greece and Italy should bear the burden.

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      Stephen Pockley

      Not our problem we have enough EU immigrants thanks.Sooner were out the better.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No.NO and No we don’t want any in the UK thank you nor will we accept them.Also we don’t want to be called a union either that’s why we’re going to leave.

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    Pedro Ribeiro

    EU should focus and, finally, have balls to fight the roots of the migration issue… The instability in Lybia, Siria, Iraque & Egypt!! We are talking about desperate people running from them homes whilst EU watches and moan about the migration matter!

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    Kianglek Tan

    As difficult as it may turn out to be, I wonder if there is the remotest pathway to mould these migrants into adopting European values, diluting their native culture in the process?

    Perhaps even stemming the spread of fundamentalist ideologies amongst them?

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      There is no chance of that look at the UK most of them have not even tried to integrate and they never will.

    • avatar

      I don’t think so. In fact some of the radicals now taking up arms against the Western world were born in countries like the UK and Australia because their parents were accepted into these countries.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Yes immediately send them back.

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    Jason Cotterill-Attaway

    Legally, the burden is on the nation they enter to assess their needs and either grant refugee status or return to origin; only once granted refugee status can they cross international boarders, and that includes the internsl boarders within the EU. The EU is not a single state YET.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      And never will be HOPEFULLY!

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    Bahadır Mileri

    It is ironic to observe how people from eastern europe, ex-communist and the weakest links of the EU28 are more openents to multi-culturalism and solidarity than the ones in Sweden, UK, Ireland. Finland etc… Not only for this topic, but also in all similar debates the fact is that.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Uk is not a fan of multi-culturing either is just does not work one bit.

    • avatar

      They say that they are escaping the government forces though…so, go figure. Does that make them jihadis?

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    Eugenia Serban

    In my opinion Europe should not pay from its own european taxpayers money the cost of living of the migrants. No sharing guota, no distribution, no support of any kind for illegal entering a protected zone and continent.
    We pay taxes for the border control, and for our safety, maintenance of cities, …everything…, don t we ? And now we have to pay for Africa and Middle East helpless ?
    There are hundred of thousand of poor helpless people in Europe already, why not help them ?
    Please understand that European countries have made enourmous sacrifices during the past 3 centuries to reach the present living standard, and that s what other continents have to do so that their home countries democratic and developed.
    We can t fit 3 continents into one and share our hard earned way of life with all the planet, there aren t enough resources, it s just imposible.
    The poor and needy moving into the rich “houses” can never work, huge conflicts will arise, we don t need social and religious uprising on our land.
    So, better let s protect our borders and help the needy in their own countries not here.

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    Zbigniew Jankowski

    Something is wrong! My doubts are if they all are really asylum seekers, as they only seem to want to go to UK, Germany, France thus places where they get the highest amounts of cash and social support. So even if we implement a quota system it will mean that they can move freely around Europe and will live where they want and not where we tell them to. So the quota system is meaningless. On the other side if for example I would be running away to save my and my families lives I would appreciate if any village in Africa would want to give me a chance to live among them. This approach is not exactly what we see among asylum seekers invading Europe. We should and must try to help them, but …. we have to be reasonable.

  22. avatar
    Thomas Riley

    Do I feel sorry for them?Yes, do I feel sorry enough for them to take the risk of becoming instable like Lebanon?NO NO NO
    We should focus on Christians, let Mulim countries take up the Muslims,Sunnis to Sunni counties Shia to Shia, countries like Kuwait, UAE & Iran have more than enough Wealth to provide for millions of Asylum seekers, they speak the same language and come from the same culture, it makes much more sense for these people to go there than to Christian Western Europe.

    • avatar

      I tried on a similar discussion to point this out or similar to what you wrote, but it back fired. Just a note: Iran is not an Arabic country and they don’t speak Arabic.

  23. avatar
    Kovács János

    There is more to this question. It is easier to reach a consensus on the level of principles, yet it is far more difficult to present an effective action plan. Solidarity is a key to solve this problem, but there are other perspectives, and there are boundaries, restricts according to political will and the possibilities of civil aid.

  24. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    No! only non-obligatory, we are different countries and any one should have own migration politic – if need. Europe is different – dont forget! In varietate concordia! Please don`t do a one multicultural way for everyone. This Is The Beginning Of The End for Europe future.

  25. avatar
    Tamás Csiszár

    There are some really interesting and thoughtful comments. I agree who wrote, who interfered in the crisis in Middle East and Northern Africa (US, Germany, France, UK, NATO) should pay the bill. If Juncker from his cosy Luxemburg home wants to do solidarity, then open Luxemburg’s borders. This is by far not about humanitarian issues. These people are coming towards Europe organised. And for some strange reason most of them are going to UK, Germany, Sweden (welfare – or at least better – part of Europe) when they land in Greece or Italy, why they have to move towards north? As far as I know in Italy and Greece there is no ISIS or war?!
    This is a clear sign that Schengen policy failed. The borders need to be strengthened. Illegal immigration needs to be declared illegal, and treated accordingly. Limited access with European citizens, decreasing healthcare and pollution risks. Build welcoming camps on the borders of Europe and people can only be moving within these camp borders (they get healthcare, food, cleaning possibilities).

  26. avatar
    Alex Bell

    EU should spend money to open camps in 3rd countries. That means transporting refugees to African countries and offering financial and logistics support to them. This will ensure growth in those countries, and ease the pressure on the EU

    • avatar

      Yes. But they won’t go. They demand UK, France or Germany.

  27. avatar
    Ermal Senior Luka

    Behind all this ‘troubles’ that migrants r coasting,r some bigger problems that people have to worry about,in history of the world the notion of emigrants have existed all the time,and never has been a trouble for the world.

  28. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    The UN should organise global quota. All people are registered in a unique global system and distributed in accordance with agreed quota.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No not in the UK thank you we have enough immigrants as it is.

  29. avatar
    catherine benning

    The most reasonable approach to this migration of the world to Europe is to face up to the truth. And the truth is, this movement of people was created in the main by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The rest of it was by the old colonial past of the UK and other European countries, France being a big mover and shaker. Then the Commonwealth policy of British passports to those who lived in various parts of the planet they once ruled.

    That old colonial past that was cited as the destruction of countries and their natural evolution is still spouted by various ex colonists in our top universities today. Most recently in Oxford. Which incidently is filled with numerous Asian students. And has changed the landscape of those places of learning into a hybrid of ancient and modern culture, ending up in the lowering of aptitude and ability to reach the heights of performance they once had. Kept quiet by our leading bodies of course, as to tell the truth would ’cause’ offense. Governments seem to ignore these masses coming to our shores are in fact following their colonial past home.

    However, the only fair answer and of course correct use of common sense. would be to ship all the migrants coming via the war zones created by the following of US war mongering by the EU and the UK would be to ship them all to the USA. They wanted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, along with the globalist and multiculturalist policies.

    They also have huge areas of their States that are unpopulated. They don”t have a welfare system that is worth their tax payers money, so, there should be no noise from their remarkable population that is willing, en masss, to fund their military prowess but balk at the idea of any kind of welfare benefits for themselves, should they fall on hard times.

    The hard working, wonderful for their economic growth people, fleeing from their war zones would be a great asset to their empty states. And would therefore be seen by their public as a great addition to their growth prospects. In fact they should see them as assets. Isn’t that what their open door liberal thinkers tell us all we should adopt as a result of their military activity. .

    It may be of interest to people who read this web site that the British born young men and women are now very reluctant to join up to our services. You know the army, navy and air force, as they are now forced to serve under the growing American and globalist Chiefs of Staff. And the young immigrants either born in Europe or entering, of course, are far more inclined to join the seen by and referred to as ‘enemy’ than want to stand beside any European to fight for his/her adopted country.

    This welcome to America could be easily fulfilled. Warships could collect all the migrants entering Europe via the sea and surrounding states, and take them on a wonderful and thrilling ride to Ellis Island, where they will be quickly and easily given a health check, along with a US passport and sent on to the various states for ‘integration,’ into the American way of life. Safe from any further wars that government may want to launch.

    That way we can see they get their fair share of the benefits they are giving us Europeans.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      I can second that and suggest to provide one of the unused EU Parliaments- lets say the one in Brussels first (-to please the French-)- and house some say 20,000 unidentified illegal immigrants. Juncker & friends can fingerprint, feed them breakfast lunch and dinner & clean their toilets so long- until they found a better solution! In fact, one should suspend the EP indefinite to prepare Strasbourg as well- for the next wave! The next buildings should be the EHRC! Surely, they wouldn’t mind either- knowing their true obsession with human rights.

  30. avatar
    Flavio Sousa

    No quotas and the burden should fall on all countries. It’s a global problem, everyone has to help.

  31. avatar
    Bluto Blutarski

    and try a different policy? cooperation for peaceful progress, rather than selling deadly weapons?

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Agreed….but good luck getting anything out of Russia and China…

  32. avatar
    Gururaj Bhat

    These europian people are not like indians who are encircled with kota and reservation .we are best in introducing these things in our political system and even thoigh we are the largest refugees gave shelters of our neighbours

  33. avatar
    Suzie Szabo Newbury

    You only have to look at what is happening in Europe to know that the majority entertaining are not refugees! The people of Europe are going to end up voting in far right wing parties in order to get something done!

  34. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    The question should be where is the end to this mass migration,when the number hits one million?,ten million?, when the whole of Africa and the middle east are empty.And don’t anyone sympathize with the Germans in all this,they along with the French have been the driving force behind this freedom of movement nonsense.So it’s only right and fair that they are the ones struggling most at the moment.Any country that cannot defend it’s own borders and protect it’s citizens has ceased to be a nation.Just like the Euro the Schengan agreement has proven to be a disaster.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      That’s a silly quote then just a simple No we won’t take any of them if you want to stay European ,I think the UK will definately refuse to take any.

  35. avatar

    I don’t care, let Merkel and her apostles deal with it. She’s portrayed by their friendly media as “the strong leader” and the mother of all radical and painful solutions for the rest of Europe (with few exceptions, of course) after all. Why should I care ? Germany should accommodate them all. In “merkelish” should sound something like : – Deal with it ! By yourself ! Because you don’t get any help from nobody !

  36. avatar
    Luis Raposo

    I didn’t see the Europe make pressure at Bashar al-Assad, this man, have 2 years must be in jail, whoever he is in Siria, and create the chaos, and the chaos made this people come to Europe, the solution is create more pressure into country’s who have stupid government… our not?

  37. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Does political incorrect, flamboyant entrepreneur & aspiring US Republican Donald Trump has a point labeling (his compatriot) politicians unashamedly “stupid”! Are they- or is he?

    Do politicians suffer a superiority complex? In their eagerness, arrogance & ignorance why do they feel the need to control & own the world- be it in the name of a policy of containment, regime change, enlargement, huge army or any other grand idea- regardless its consequences!

    Presently, the EU Suzerain has to deal with its harvest (gone to weeds) it planted 65 years ago! A brewing disaster & costly repercussions and an uncertain future for us! A MESS of gigantic proportion!

    EU Regulations are a legal act of the European Union- not so? Interesting that one Member (Germany) alone can suspend or openly breach the “recast Dublin Regulation” and three other legal instruments which constitute the “Dublin System”: EU Regulation No. 603/2013 concerning the establishment of ‘Eurodac’ for the comparison of fingerprints and Regulation (EU) No. 118/2014 which amended Regulation (EC) No. 1560/2003 laying down detailed rules for the application of the recast Dublin Regulation- when its suits its almighty Suzerain in an instant moment.

    “Brussels even voiced support for the German initiative”- and are applauding the blatant breach of EU law by one of its own lawmakers- and exposes another EU folly that EU treaties, laws, doctrines, systems, regulations, directives- god knows what, what- are cast in granite for us to obey, but for the Suzerain to ignore at will! Another case of being caught in its own web of unworkable (over) regulation’s!

    Unfortunately, we as citizen have no right to propose changes in EU law- only the EC has such monopoly to introduce proposals & changes in legislation into the legislative process! Sorry dear EU magicians- you are on your own now! Just set more examples and keep breaking your own treaties & regulations & what, what!

    The ONLY proper & legal assistance we can offer: we demand- soonest- 28 new- IN / OUT- referendums from our home parliaments- to assist you & start afresh!

  38. avatar
    David Fernandes Coelho

    If Syria was very rich in minerals I am sure the conflict would have already been minimised or eradicated. We need to give them conditions to live in their countries. The same goes for the EU countries.

  39. avatar
    Harald Heidegger

    We need quotations. It is not possible that people having the luck to be able to flew with the whole country into EU are no screaming for closed borders. They have to take their share of refugees otherwise the old members should take their share of supporting payments.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No thank you we don’t want any of them.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      Having the luck? There are media reports (not shown on the mainstream pro EU ofcourse…) that these “refugees ” pay up to €6000,00 for their “travel”
      Currently a “famous” tweet on twitter is the guy walking on the traintrack, claiming to be from Syria, but actually from the UAE!!!
      This has nothing to do with refugees!

  40. avatar
    Enzo Balluku

    a quota in this period of caos and mass flee is very necessary. it might sound seriosly harsh but there has nothing to do with racism or denying human rights as well as might sound that EU is turning against the elimination of any borders.
    refugees are desperate. and with their own will. thery’re denying their lifedoing so. EU should help creating organisations wich create a special assistance in their own country and in the most low level of life disperation.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Enzo Balluku- interesting, you probably realize it’s difficult to decipher the meaning of your English comment- but let’s see & try if we can communicate?

      For clarity- are you willing to disclose your origin? Are you: a refugee, an EU taxpayer, which country & its dominant religious background? It seems YOU:

      • want EU quotas & consider them necessary- why?
      • say- quotas are non racial matters, are not infringing on human rights? On who’s citizens HR are they not infringing?
      • worry & hope that EU borders will not be re-instated? (What would be the problem- if -& why not?)
      • refer to ‘desperate Refugees’: meaning mainly Syrians (lately) but also Iraqis , Pakistani, Afghans, Eritreans etc- all mainly from the (Muslim) Arab League countries- correct?- or? and why so?
      • say they are sacrificing and leaving their ‘life achievements’ behind? Is that forced upon them due to war, corrupt politics, or their free & own choice to obtain a better economical future in the EU? Temporary or permanent?
      • say- the (secular but predominantly Christian) EU should come & ‘fix’ or restructure all these- mostly failed (Arab League/Muslim) states to help the poor? Why? How is that practically possible? Who should decide, who “physically” should go there and do it & who eventually should carry the financial burden?

  41. avatar
    Francisco Miguel Sousa

    By legalising immigrants just because they came by boat, is complementing the mafia around human traffic. Every day people die because of this system. We need to adopt quota for the people located in their home countries applying for it. Embassies can co-operate with agencies and re-locate in a efficient way to each European country the quota needed.
    For the ones coming by desperation, EU should have a huge mobilisation of returning them and guarantee the minimum conditions in their home countries. Quota? Yes of course. Complementing the mafia and the system that kills and torture people? No!

    • avatar

      Good point.

  42. avatar
    Sylwester Malanowski

    We need responsibliti and faith to do European Union more flexibility for another problems like a migration and war crimes

  43. avatar
    Erik Citterberg

    Should the EU adopt a quota system for refugees? Or should the burden fall on the countries where asylum seekers enter the EU?
    Or maybe none of the two!
    We should definitely help the countries where migrants enter the EU but the quota system in a form that was proposed was absurd. You can not unfairly distribute human beings all around Europe with no regards to economic and other factors, base just on the size of the population of said country.
    How can you expect still developing countries, some of which have barely any experience in regards to migration of this size into their country, to help in the same extent as to fully developed countries with vastly bigger resources and experiences.
    Either you have to take into consideration real capacities of the countries that you want force the quotas upon or the more developed countries have to buckle up and help some countries to help.

  44. avatar
    Marco Franck

    enough is enough, we EU citizens for a great majority are seeing refugees as a portal for the Islamic state, we should adopt the same response as the minister of Australia, go home. We will notice the extreme right political parties rise more and more!

    • avatar

      Even Australia is forced to take in genuine asylum seekers, but they are now processed off-shore. They sheisters get sent home.

  45. avatar
    Alex Van Daniken

    Just bild a fuckin wall and send an eu border patrol officers to the southern borders of the continent oh yeah and end the welfare in eu so whoever wanna go and work to go and work and do something useful for the country that he is in and himself and the rest that are abusing the system to dont have a say so and if the wanna be on welfare to go back to their home countries

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Incomplete- collapse (through 28 in/out referendums), than re-structure & prepare the new EU- “of the sovereign, the willing & the enlightened”- for the challenges of a resurrected, better Europe & global future!

      Rest assured Mrs. Merkel, “Nobody WILL or DOES questions the dignity of others, nor our willingness to help- only the sanity, the common sense & timely preparation of the responsible EC politicians- now in ever deeper trouble! Just all meaningless pc talk! Where is the EU president hiding- off sick?

  46. avatar

    Yes, there should be. However, no more Muslims in the EU, please. They should be encouraged to seek asylum in other affluent Muslim countries like Dubai for example. Another point to note, the people invading Greece at the moment are coming from Turkey, where there is no war. So not sure that asylum seekers is the right term for them. From the moment they leave Turkey they are illegal immigrants, right?

    • avatar

      Yep. Right.

  47. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    How can a quota system help, if this year 1 million come, next year – 5 million, then 10 million? Will the quota matter? It is useless! The more are allowed, the more will come. It cannot continue like that. The borders should be closed and people (except persecuted Christians) sent back to wealthy Arab countries or other safe zones in the region where camps can be set up with EU help. War benefit and other support could be given to those affected by conflicts, otherwise they will still want to come to Europe to receive benefits and help. EU needs to realise that the problem is not how to help a few thousand people, but how to react to the invasion of Europe that is happening right now! It is the “reward” that comes after the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the other military involvements of European countries in the Middle East and Africa. The governments need to realise that there is a connection between bombing a country and refugees, between weapons and refugees and stop these activities, stop sending arms to conflict zones and interfering because this is what created the refugee crisis in the first place! 1.5 million people were killed only in Iraq and how many more displaced? What do we expect then? Happiness and prosperity? Europe should start helping people where they are, so they would not want to leave their country in the first place! How can billions be spent so easily on weapons to kill people but it is so difficult to give a few millions to help them, instead? What a hypocrisy!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Very well said! There remains still lots of common sense in Europe- but not allowed to enter the gates of the EU palatial (un)democratic chambers!

  48. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No quota. Refugees should seek nearest country which offers protection. A refugee camp should be set up and these people should be confined to it until screened. I don’t understand refugees fleeing and traveling all over Europe. What is the point? Going to the country which offers more benefits? The way I see it, if I am fleeing a war, I won’t risk my life traveling in containers and such through several countries. I would cross the border nearest to my country and ask for refuge. Why are they crossing so many countries?

    • avatar

      You are absolutely right. People in Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey or Iran are refugees. People who cross the sea and travel all the way to Germany are migrants, not refugees. Notice that they chose the West Balkans route to far away Germany but avoid – thank God for that – nearer places such as Romania and Bulgaria. Because they’re poor and they know it.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Gabriel, refugees were not avoiding Bulgaria before. In 2014 Bulgaria experienced the same crisis as the one we see now throughout Europe. Towards the end, between 150 and 300 people were entering the country illegally from Turkey every day. In addition, whenever they moved to another European state, they were immediately sent back to Bulgaria as a result of the Dublin Agreement. For a very short time, the total number of refugees in Bulgaria reached 10,000. The authorities could not cope but EU was not helping (they even advised us that migrants are a way to tackle population decline, so we should accept them), whereas the rich countries were simply returning them back to Bulgaria and thinking that the problem was solved. Meanwhile, there were a few cases of robberies and murders perpetrated by migrants. People were angry that this situation had been allowed to develop. Then the government decided to send more police to guard the borders and in addition, a wall was built. The wall is still not completed because the purpose is to cover the whole border between Bulgaria and Turkey, but the measures are already having effect. There are almost no illegal crossings now. Instead, the migrant flow has moved westwards to Macedonia and Serbia. All of those who are already in Bulgaria had to make asylum claims and are not allowed to leave the country while their applications are being considered (which can take many months). Most of them are living in asylum centres.

  49. avatar
    July Robin

    I agree with the comment made by Alex Bell above , the EU and another countries should help by transporting the war refugees to third countries( temporarely ) and made a deal with those countries , for example african countries with few population. and help them economically .

    Like for example Namibia ( wich only have 3 million people population ) and a huge territory or Angola ( also with a huge territory and and only 24 million population also the majority of the population are also muslim ).

    The EU and other nation should help transporting the refugees there and install camps and give them help and assintance and when the conflicts in their countries are over ( the wars are ended in their nations ) they can return to their countries( Syria , Libya etc ).

  50. avatar

    Incredible how inadequate EU reactions can be. They debate quotas, instead of debating how to stop the flow of people coming in.
    If they keep coming on foot through the Balkans & Hungary, they’ll freeze to death by the thousands in 2 – 3 months from now!
    Even if small nations like Greece, Macedonia, Serbia & Hungary had the money and the will to help, at the expense of their own poor, there still would be no way to provide adequate winter shelter for a thousands upon thousands of people coming in every day.
    So, unless the flow of migrants stops soon, we’ll see an impressive death toll, particularly among the little ones.
    Frost bites have a way of making people mad, so desperation will probably push them to break into the home of the locals in West Balkans & Hungary seeking shelter. Then, the bloodshed will start.
    If that happens, small nations like Hungarians, Macedonians or Serbs will be found to be criminal for defending their citizens, not the great powers responsible for the crisis in the Middle East (Iraq invasion in 2003 which is basically the reason why ISIS exists) & guilty for irresponsibly encouraging the “Arab spring” just like they did in Kiev.
    Who bombed Gaddafi out of power? There we are: no more Gaddafi, Libya in anarchy, nobody to keep migrants from Africa in.
    Dictators in the Middle East and Africa are not responsible for this: Assad family has been in charge in Syria for a very long time and no migration crisis happened. With Saddam in Iraq, there was no Isis.
    Something needs to be done quickly, before winter setting in the Balkans & Central Europe.
    What’s to be done in the short run?
    They should do in the Mediterranean what they did in Somali waters: bring war ships from all nations – even Russia if willing – and treat people smugglers as Somali pirates: don’t allow them to leave the coasts. Forbid them access to the sea.
    Also, all civilized nations having still access in the Middle East (perhaps Turkey should play a big role in this) should campaign to inform people there about the usual weather conditions in Europe during winter and explain to them that the cold will kill them just as surely as the bullets, except slower. They should at least wait for the next spring.

    • avatar

      Gabriel, I was thinking the same thing about the how will they handle the cold. People who have come from the Middle East and heading straight to Northern Europe. Get ready for the next outpouring of tragic media shots; frozen families huddling in the snow, demanding housing in Northern Europe.

  51. avatar

    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are nice countries, Schengen too.

  52. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    No réfugié please! Do sthin!! I m really scared of these arabian people who come and who explose the explosions. Tday i saw 2 arabs reclaiming their allocation refugees.. weared up as stars they are very rude they watch very badly.. it z scareful! Why Europe have to accept them?? they will always hate europeans!! Bcause of cultural différence

    • avatar

      Yep, lock up your daughters because the Arabic men think an unveiled woman is asking for it.

  53. avatar

    The EU should adress the real problem. The fight against ISIS and Boko Haram. We should be making sure that people wouldn’t have to flee from their homes. Mindless accepting asylum seekers will change nothing.

  54. avatar
    catherine benning

    Will the people in this European parliament please tell the citizens of this continent why, why, why, you want to have open doors here for the rest of the planet to come and have us take care of them?

    What is your purpose? Why do you believe these people should have this right?

    You are very aware it is a small minority thoughout our continent that wanted this in the firlst place, and now we are seeing demonstrations throughout most states telling you they don’t want more of these people coming into our communities. Yet you continue with it regardless. What makes you feel you have a right to do this? What makes you feel that without the consent of the public, you have the right to import millions of people who will, without doubt, change the social cohesion of the indigenous? This in fact is unlawful. To deliberately set about changing a society from one set of people to another is unlawful.

    Why do you keep having the media and the newspapers selling this line that we must be responsible for all these people who have no care in the world about the legality of our lifestyle? Why do you feel this is the ‘right thing to do’ as you tell us repeatedly? Where does that notion spring from in your minds?

    Christianity and the line of the ‘good samaritan’ was written before the human population had any idea of the 9 billion human beings this planet would breed. And they could never have envisaged such a rampant influx of people moving to one part of it with the intention of being fed and housed by others. It is unprecedented.

    What are you playing at? Only human beings with the mind of children could accept this political doctrine without one shred of sanction from those they lead. And you simply have no right in lawy to do this.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Catherine, one does not need to be religious but do you remember the words: “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven”, and whatever you loosen on earth will be loosened in heaven”?

      This ungodly EU concept supersedes even a 2,000 year old Christian philosophy! What has been bound by the EC- can only be unbound by the EC! All legal EU laws acts etc. are a monopoly of the EC- to bind or to loosen! No citizen lobbying, EP suggestions or WHATEVER- can change that- never ever!

      Unfortunately, the motion of: “Let us know your thoughts and comments………” is democratic marketing & a farce- at best a “valve” to let off steam & utterly disingenuous!

      ONLY successful OUT referendums in enough important Member countries will get this Suzerain heaven (laws & acts) deactivated & make its Apostles to heel to us stupid earthlings!

    • avatar

      The Soviet Union became extinct after all members of the union declared independence. That happened after the people in most of the USSR overwhelmingly approved the continuation of the union in a referendum. Only a few tiny republics (I think the Baltic republics and Moldova) refused the poll.
      The Soviet Union had the most powerful army on Earth and it was the natural successor of the Russian Empire, so not at all an artificial state. And it still dissolved.
      Why is EU still existing? Have Europeans decided on that in a referendum? It’s simple: EU states must declare independence like the soviet republics did an retake charge of their national territory.
      It seems that mainstream political parties won’t do it, except maybe conservatives in Britain. Communists won’t do it. So, with deep regret, we might have to vote far right for that to happen.
      The union is toxic and dysfunctional. Mostly due to its activity (together with US & Russia in the East), we have no less than 5 nations in Europe which effectively are no longer in control of their territory: Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine. Maybe even 6 if you count Italy which is more or less in the same predicament.

  55. avatar

    I feel compassion for the victims of the conflicts in the Middle East, I really do. Even if I’m sure most of the people coming in are migrants, not refugees.
    Still, there are a few problems:
    1) Europe is not an empty place waiting for them. Maybe it needs fresh people in, but not with their background, not this way and not so many at a time.
    2) One thing troubles me: most migrants/refugees I heard on TV complained about Assad, not ISIS.
    What kind of values do they have if head-chopping doesn’t bother them, instead they have a problem with whoever’s fighting the head-choppers?
    Do they want Sharia?
    How do we know Europe is not in fact invaded by undercover jihadists as we speak?
    3) Why other conflicts, just as bloody, failed to generate such an inflow of “refugees”?
    Why don’t we have a similar inflow of people from say … Gaza or Ukraine? Or previous wars in Lebanon or Iraq?
    What if this wave of people has been generated and facilitated so that tens of thousands of jihadists can get to Europe, mixing among other people, so that ISIS attempts to accomplish its mad global goals?
    I would send packing every single male coming in, although having a family is no guarantee either.

    • avatar

      There is a video of a boat of ‘asylum seekers’ being turned back to Indonesia from Australia. They shouted ‘f**k you Australia. Threatened the Navy police and taunted something like, “You deserve Sept 11”. It was aired on ABC news. These guys did not recant or see how inappropriate their raging was.

      BTW, I am hearing and seeing many ‘asylum seekers, who don’t appear to be Syrian.

  56. avatar

    No, no qouta without referendum.

    When we joined Schengen people have been promised secure external borders for abandoning national stop and go regimes. As often with the EU the opposite came out. It is, for example, amazing to watch how the government of such a great nation like the Italian has been made unable (or unwilling?) by the EU system to secure its own borders. What can we expect in the case of a military aggression then?

    It seems to me that Hungary ist currently the only Schengen member who takes the promis of rule of law serious when confronted with mainly young male migrants who have already forced their way through a number of secure countries (among them EU member Greece) to reach the obviously believed social security Eldorados in the EU center and north.

    In a phase of economic and social development where the more developed parts of the EU are entering Industry 4.0 (no need for low qualified labour) it is absurd and completely irresponsible towards the future of our own children to foster mass immigration and open borders.

    In such a situation the only immigration reasonable is one based on demand of labourmarket (Blue Card etc.).

    Hence, no mass immigration and no quota, but rule of law and a reasonable and responsible overall national and EU policy. Don’t follow those who foster the illusion that the EU are the chosen people to save the World.

  57. avatar

    This phenomenon that Europe didn’t see since the Roman Empire, has to be carefully tackled. It’s a very complex process involving more then simplistic yes or no answers. There is no solution out there to stop them coming, having nothing to loose. It reminds me of goths in the 4-th century, from refugees they become the conquerors of the Roman Empire. Building barb wire fences or modifying legislation looks just quick fixes not real solutions. Most migrants seems to prefer Germany as destination, then Germany should be prepared to accommodate them. Isn’t ironic ? Working hard for decades and building a functional social system, probably one of the best in EU, and suddenly in a Thursday afternoon, hordes of refugees braking the well calibrated social balance. Unprecedented.

  58. avatar
    Stephen Pockley

    No quotas we don’t want them we have way too many immigrants as it is from EU and non EU countries ,sooner we leave the better.

  59. avatar

    I say good old Germany,keep taking in all the Migrants,support open borders,and I would be prepared to bet it wont be much longer before the people of Germany whom I have a great deal of respect for ,start questioning in pretty graphic language why their country is at bursting point,once and for all it isn’t about individuals its about sheer living space.Very soon Africa is going to be empty !

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      I don’t know if that is going to happen. Our news today in the UK told us Ms Merkel has told them the majority of German people are demonstrating for the immigrant population to be treated well and that there should be an open door policy for them.

      The news also show German demonstrators saying they don’t want more, but, according to what Ms Merkel says, it is far more of their citizens that want to welcome these populations than those who don’t.

      Which soon of course will prove the prediction correct, for as their immigrant populations grows so they will be in a very short space of time, the majority of the voters and they will use that vote to increase their numbers even more.

      It is imperative, if we do not want to see European genocide, to vote out those who are bring this destruction of Europe in their wake. And they should be required to live in the predominently immigrant community, the same way they are forcing it on our indeginous people.

      Both the main parties in my country, as well as the Scottish SNP, are promoting more immigration under the same banner as Merkel, all these people are an asset. Although Conservatives pretend they are not doing this. Yet London, after five years of that party is majority immigrant population, with those whose families have lived there for centuries all trying as hard as they can to move away. The poor being left to live in it as they don’t have the money to get out.

      However, it is not only London it is now right across the country. And there is no political party who spouts the policies to stop it. Not even UKIP as they have backed down for fear of being jumped all over. It is, onece again genocide of the European people. And as Gaddaffi said, without one shot fired.

      It’s strange this stance written above for I see it as the leaders who are pushing this down our throats as the ones who hate and are racist, because clearly, they are moving to eliminate the European culture and race. There can be no question about it. As they do know what they are doing and of the outcome of their policies.

    • avatar

      It is in the interest of Germany to “take the lead ” they have effectively backed themselves into a corner.How can they be seen to close borders and Not welcome all comers,whilst at the same time being the biggest advocates of free movement.The intention is simply to embarrass the rest of Europe into doing as they do.
      I have a suspicion, and I may be completely wrong ,that there is a great deal more discontent within Germany , to mass immigration than Merkel will allow to
      be shown.I personally feel we in the UK should maintain our position.Allow others ,if they so wish ,welcome these people.I just dont feel any obligation to them,that must make me a bad person.

  60. avatar
    Adam Paddick

    But a quota system might put a limit on such expulsions. Is military force the solution?

  61. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    If Germany wants to commit suicide that is up to them but only a fool would follow them.

    End Schengen = Problem solved.

    • avatar

      Yes. Euro countries should have their own say; their own control.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      How exactly have you been struggling with “European refugees”? Easily integrated, hard-working, not with many children, less likely to claim benefits, less unemployed – you are inventing a problem out of nothing and trying to divert the attention from the real problem for your country and for Europe – non-EU migrants!

    • avatar
      Steve P

      No im sorry Maia ,Ivan is right we have had mass immigration for years and not all EU migrants are good for us in fact far from it.This will be the disiding factor in the up coming Referendum and at present not looking good for the vote to remain in .

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Steve P, are all non-EU immigrants good for you, then? Muslim extremists, terrorists, benefit spongers with 5-10 children in their families? Is that not a problem for you that you are so much against Europeans? Or is it that you simply don’t know them because Britain never colonised any European state, so you are afraid of them? There is just no logic to be against people who are peaceful, respectful, much more similar to you and easier to live with but instead you want to replace them with distant, more aggressive cultures who pose a greater danger to your country and identity? Besides, you never count the hundreds of thousands of unqualified illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia who overstay their tourist visas and then start work in UK. Is that a minor issue? I can’t understand what is your problem with Europeans – they just complement and help you, rather than being an obstacle for development and progress!

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Oh no Mail you mi understand I’m against ALL mass immigration full stop.We should only take who we need and mass unskilled is not one of them.Also to do with Muslim extremism in my view only Christianity should be allowed in Europe .But this is just my view.I am not against Europeans just against wave after wave coming and as for you saying I’m afraid of them that’s laughable I’m afraid for them if this carries on because things are starting to get very nasty in alot of towns and cities in the UK.Maybe not in London because I doubt it is even British anymore such is the decline in social status.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Stephen, you seem to assume that all Europeans coming to UK are just masses of unskilled people? Why do you think so? The evidence is on the contrary – there is currently a brain drain in Eastern European countries which means that the best qualified people move abroad to live and work. And how exactly are they turning towns and cities in UK nasty? Is it simply by being present there? Where is the problem?

    • avatar

      Maia,it is you who misunderstands.You dont seem capable of seeing the very obvious difference between manageable numbers of skilled people from ANY country,and the influx of huge numbers of people,the majority of which are most definately unskilled.You are also clearly totally unaware of the acute housing shortage in the UK,the acute shortage of hospital beds,The acute shortage of school places and despite the relative health of the UK economy there are still 3 million unemployed.You also seem completely ignorant of the very simple fact that Britain has a very high population and according to most statistics the land area of the British mainland isn’t actually getting any bigger any time soon.When will people like you stop going on about economic benefits and look at the very simple fact that our infrastructure is at breaking point,sorry to be so blunt but you just dont “get it ” do you ?

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Ericbanner, you clearly do not know anything about European citizens working in UK, if you think that they are mostly unskilled. Just because you hate EU doesn’t mean that what you want to be true, is actually true. Just think – how can all those mobs of EU dumbs (as you imagine them to be) find jobs so quickly, “steal” them from you, if they are mostly unskilled and criminals, as your UKIP MP was claiming? Are British employers now opting for staff with no knowledge and skills, even for criminals? This is just ridiculous!

      Also, if immigration is so manageable with border controls, then why do you have 197,000 (net) non-EU migrants, as opposed to 178,000 from EU? Where is the border control??? I would call it manageable, if non-EU migration was, say, no more than 50,000 a year. Then you could talk about a problem with EU. Right now, it is just lies repeated thousands of times and a lot of undeserved mean attitude towards the hard-working people from Europe, just because you are losing the competition with them on the job market due to lack of sufficient skills and motivation to succeed! Look in the mirror, before blaming others for your own flaws!

      One more thing – do you really think that if visas were introduced for Europeans, the total migration to UK would drop below 100,000 a year? In my opinion, this is a very unrealistic expectation. It could only be achieved if, for example, UK stops issuing any student and work visas, which will not happen.

  62. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    Helping our fellow human beings is a moral obligation, no matter their origin. But. We should only help others in the measure that we can without affecting our citizens’ life.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      True my friend and the UK is full so good look to the other EU countries.

    • avatar

      Absolutely right,despite what many have been saying about Greece and how they have managed their economy,they seem to be very resilient and are doing their best in very hard times.
      But to watch their people struggling in poverty only to have hoardes of migrants landing on their shores uninvited is appalling.My sympathy is with the Greek people I’m afraid.

    • avatar

      Yes. Give as is within your means to do so. And that also means considering how the immigration will impact your society in the future. Countries owe it to their citizens to first make sure their own homeless, elderly, disabled, disaffected and poor are looked after before adding more. There are already enough street gangs, homeless people and disaffected youth in countries like Britain.

    • avatar

      You can call it what you want,its not about Race ,its about Space, get it ?

    • avatar

      I don’t have a problem admitting race is an issue because it IS an issue. Wether we like it or not, it always comes into play in societies. Look at how most gangs are formed. When we live in Eutopia, we can ignore race, but in most cases different races bring diverse and conflicting beliefs and values. That’s where the conflict rises. What is more human beings are usually drawn to like minded peoples so you do get racial enclaves. No one can deny that. You see them everywhere. No one says, “Hey, you’re being racist because you all choose to live in the same neighbourhood”. But it happens.

  63. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    The EU has a moral obligation to STOP all wars and destabilization that are the sources of all these refugees.
    Does the EU believe these people want to leave their country, their friends, their families, their schools, their businesses, in order to start all over in a foreign country? Better think again.
    To be a refugee is an act of despair, when absolutely all else fails!
    We should help these people but this is not a lasting solution, it is a band-aid for a much bigger problem – war, plundering of their own countries and destabilization.

  64. avatar

    The EU has a moral obligation to STOP all wars, country plundering and destabilization. These are the causes of all these refugees.

    Does the EU believe these people want to leave their country, their friends, their families, their schools, their businesses, in order to start all over in a foreign country? Better think again!

    To become a refugee is an act of despair, when absolutely all else fails!

    We should help these people but this is not a lasting solution, it is a band-aid for a much bigger problem – war, plundering of their own countries and destabilization.

  65. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No we do not have a moral duty. Maybe the politicians with their hands in this mess do, but I as a citizen do not. But we should help those who flee a war both EU and USA supported by arming and financing rebels. But what should be done is set up camps to house the refugees in proper conditions and do all that must be done to stop the war in Syria so these people can return to their homes.

  66. avatar
    Alexander Grech

    YES. BUT NOT MALTA.we are to small 17 by 9 miles.
    13/07/2017 Jean-Pierre Gauci, Director and Founder of the People for Change Foundation, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar

      Oh cute. Malta. I am coming. I might one day be a refugee fleeing Europe, at the rate it’s going.

  67. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    No! Why don’ t arab countries take them? They will be safe there too. They are not refugees from the regime and ID but economical immigrants. Even chinese and african migrants call themselves Syrian now. All of them should be sent back to their peaceful neighbours.

  68. avatar
    João Oakenspeare

    We can’t really call it an obligation, but it would be a good way of showing that a little nobility still remains in our blood. Europe gave birth to democracy, to the Enlightenment, and most of the humanism which we still claim to uphold. Those people are trying to escape misery, war and persecution. Should we have denied the Jews a way out of Nazi Germany? Seriously, those of you arguing against doing all we can to help because “it’s not our problem” should take a long hard look in the mirror

    • avatar

      I have seen people in India living in squalour with their children dying of dysentry and other diseases. How are they any different? People suffer all over the world. Can we invite them ALL to live in our country. Will we spread the wealth or share the poverty.

  69. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    Before thinking about the quota, we have to answer some other questions first:
    1) How many refugees are expected to arrive?
    2) How many is Europe able to absorb and integrate?
    3) Then it is your question – will a quota be necessary?
    4) Will the problem be solved by taking in all refugees? Will this make people stop risking their lives to travel to Europe to ask for help?

    My answers are:

    1) We should expect at least 10 million people to arrive in the next few years. This is because the total population of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is 86 million. If only 10% of them travel to Europe, that would mean 8.6 million. We can also expect many Africans, so around 10 million new arrivals is a realistic number.

    2) Probably no more than 1 million, since Germany is ready to accept 800,000.

    3) Migrants want to go only to certain countries. Even though a quota may enforce their temporary stay in a country different from their choice, if they receive refugee status, they will move to where they initially wanted to go, so the rich EU countries will end up taking in the largest number of people.

    4) Definitely not. To make people stop coming to Europe to ask for help, Europe has to go to them and offer that help first – in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, North Africa. EU could also establish refugee camps in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other safe places in co-operation with their governments. All kinds of support could be given to the refugees, including war benefit, if EU, the wealthy Arab countries and USA decide to help and work together for that.

    Then we come to the main problem – who wants to help refugees living outside their own country’s borders? I think this could be addressed through a UN resolution which makes it obligatory on every country in the world to devote to the UN Refugee Agency the same amount of money it uses to buy weapons. In this way, if a country makes a purchase of weapons for, say, 100 million dollars, it should send immediately another 100 million to the UNHCR fund. This would make it easier to help refugees and rebuild countries destroyed by wars, but at the same it will be more difficult to buy weapons, so governments will think twice before deciding to wage a war somewhere. If a country refuses to pay its humanitarian tax to UN, then there would be international sanctions, banning the sale of weapons to its government. The main thing is for humanity to understand that there are unintended consequences of wars that could be too much or too heavy burden to bear, so instead of bombing, there should be talking and non-military measures to address problems. Wars should be an outdated method of conflict resolution in 21st century.

    So, as we see, the problem is much deeper than simply the quotas!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Quite correct Maia, Catherine & others,

      To add- it’s difficult to gauge the real sentiment of the majority of the “German Volk”- hardly represented on this forum. Maybe a “Gallup poll” could shed more light on their real sentiment & disprove the immigration glorification by politicians- who are naturally defending their EU treaties & their personally invested political “honor”.

      All major German parties like CDU & SPD are ALL Pro EU supporters (like in other states- which highlights the absurdity of the selection of EP parties)- but are NOT necessarily in favor of:

      -pro mass asylum, pro mass immigration, pro unemployed strangers in every park & street corner, pro Islamism, pro mosques, support for medieval Sharia who denies basic rights for all emancipated European woman, pro polygamy, pro child marriage, pro chauvinism, pro intolerance to everything not Sharia/Muslim (except the handful Christian asylum seekers), pro additional costs & taxes to eventually pay for this political folly & whatever goes with a non European culture………… and eventually the very thick & unhappy ending in years to come!

      Europeans in general are too well off and many feel genuine pity for those who are made to flee. It is probably more an act of positive human spontaneity- seeing & hearing all those horrible pictures on their TV’s- but forgetting & ignoring it’s actual origin, negative future consequences & the instability being imported with it. All that has nothing to do to prevent a future war in Europe as per original “Schuman” design- the opposite may be nearer to the truth!

      The concept of asylum as laid down by the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951 under which a person persecuted by their own country may be protected by another SOVEREIGN foreign country (EU is not “sovereign”), or church sanctuaries- is only “temporary” (but silently becoming permanent)- until stability returns (when?). All affected countries need to plan & provide more civil & social infrastructure and build “asylum cities”- surely negatively affecting it’s economies with all taxpayers to carry this dead weight- in a stagnant global economical environment!

      What will happen if Europe is befallen be a mega natural disaster or other unforeseen mishap- having exhausted all & every reserve to care for its own citizens?

  70. avatar
    Larry Moffett

    Not only a moral duty but also a legal obligation under international law, and a liability for having contributed to the crisis through its willing participation in disastrously misguided military interventions.

  71. avatar
    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    yes! All countries from EU signed in the UN Charta that will respect and protect the Human Rights! In the UN Charta it is written -it is our duty to protect all people from the calamity of war’ -so the poltical leaders must sckip the natzi mentality and the hypcorisy and they all have to start to respect and keep their word and signature,even if some of them are atheists and they have cold hearts,Turkey feeds and gives homes for over 2 milions refugees every day and if there are some political leaders from USA and EU who do not know what to do they shold go to Turkey and see how good hearts and faith brings Peace and Harmony,Hope and Protection for all the refugges.
    Germany also helps the refugges and the good actions of the german nation are a lesson for all the countries from EU.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      yes Victor, that is exemplary, the sensible & right thing to do! Turkey, as an adjoining & Muslim neighbor need to be assisted by the global UN community to shoulder ALL these costs! That is where the UN community need to apportion & decide on FINANCIAL QUOTAS- starting with the richest countries like US (as the instigator of wars) & EU first & foremost!

      Instead of every political faction holding sentimental & useless pc speeches- the UN collectively must take the lead, appeal, muster & send (social) peace corps- together with all those enthusiastic & eager “European welcome parties”- (celebrating all refugees as “heroes”)- to give massive assistance to Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Italy & others already stretched to their limit!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Victor Sorin Popaliciu

      #These countries you speak of signed without the consent of or any reference to the people they lead through democratic elections.

      They did not truthfully inform their electorate, as had they done so, they knew it would not get them the office they wanted. In fact they lied to the people to get voted in and live off of our largesse through our taxation.

      What they are doing under UN law is illegal. To replace an indigenous population by an invading other people is illegal. It is genocide. The UK over the last twenty years has taken in 10 million people from various parts of the planet. In twenty years time that population will be more than thirty million. And this is if we stop mass immigration today. This is a country that a short while ago had a population of fifty million.

      Read through this booklet of the UN that explains what genocide is. And when it becomes a denial by those creating it through the back door as this policy, we are witnessing is Europe is doing.

      And we might want to look at and see the denial of the genocide taking place in Gaza.

  72. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    Xavier, there are rich islamic countries. Why not there? And what about Turkey? Why they don’t stay there but leave?

  73. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    I will be happy to see you having some of these gipsies living in your backyard and throwing garbage wherever they like. Then I will believe in your deep humanity.

  74. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    Yes Ivan, but my countrymen work there for their living while these won’t do anything but live on your back.

  75. avatar
    Tony Goulart

    so many lives have been lost by the war machine runned by the few hands that rule over the large economies of the modern world. Its time to give back.

  76. avatar
    Vasilis Kateris

    hypocritical europe…..u cant be the solution and the cause at the same time! Choose yr side at last….

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      If Schengen has them, they will come to Britain.

  77. avatar
    Hélder Ramos

    ok… but, remember when italy france and company bombed Lybia? were they helpin lybians? LOL ofc not… egypt and tunisia were getting the same problem and no1 cared abt them… EU were lookin for the lybian oil to (keep) feed italy… now why EU and USA dont go to combat ISIS??? they are making troubles there… syria, iraq, etc… wait, I remember…. syria doesnt sell oil! and till now, ISIS didnt atack any lybian oil factories… so… well…

  78. avatar
    Irena Leibovici

    NO! An expert to check the real Syrians and the real refugees! MOST OF THEM ARE VERY WELL TRAINED! Pity for the real refugees, they have no money to come, and when they will succeed somehow to come, they will have no place! Europe should help to be relocated in another Arab country!

    • avatar

      Good luck trying to find an Aboriginal in the crowd. I feel for the original inhabitants who don’t even get a say.

  79. avatar
    John Morton

    I don’t see why they need to be specifically Syrian. Lots of nasty stuff going on elsewhere around there too – we should take them wherever they come from.

  80. avatar
    Peter Grom

    No. We have some legal rules in the EU and they are supposed to be obeyed. I am sick and tired of this topic, I don’t even have the power to bring all the arguments up again.

    • avatar

      Well noted, Suzie.

  81. avatar
    Tgame Bond

    Not only syrains. ..They should still consider other Africa country. .This is discrimination. .

  82. avatar
    Diana Cristina

    That moral obligation shouldn’t trump, the obligation the EU has for the security and well being of its citizens. We already have problems with the minorities we have here. On the other hand we are already facing a delicate situation with Russia, and there are signs of another economic crisis heading our way. Simply put, this is not the time to welcome more trouble. Europe should think first at its own people.

  83. avatar
    Ivan R Nunes

    “We won’t give you loans, and we will cripple your local economies with our trade regulations, and a currency too strong for your GDP. But hey, you should really be taking more people.” – Germany.

  84. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    YES , EU should help them but not for any costs , then I think what if that policy could destroy the EU . Just one example , bad immigration policy resulted in rise of SD in Sweden , they have about 20% of voters now and they are against EU and Euro . One thing I am really scared of is what if UK citizens vote for to live EU because of immigration . I could find out that British are against such a big immigration and if EU allow that kind of immigration than you have big percentage of British against EU . What is some party like Swedish – SD win elections in Germany ? You can collapse EU with immigrants . I think it could be some way to help refugees without collapsing EU .

  85. avatar
    Thomas Koehnlein

    Why not destroy those that are making Syrains run from their country. Instead of fixing the leaking dam, we stick a finger in the hole .

  86. avatar
    Panayiota Alexandrou

    Hey, the western governments caused the problems in the countries these people are fleeing from, so yes they should. Or help stop the wars so they can return to their homes!

  87. avatar
    Ecs Ferreira

    Yes, but begining with the cristians, azaris, woman with children, who acept being identifided and submited to a inquiary ( if he repect the EU, the democracy, pluralism ofreligian and beavior, …), acept return to his country after the war,…

  88. avatar
    Venko Drumchiyski

    EU have old population and need by young people. If they work and live legally and pay tax like every European. Why do not stay? We are all brothers and sisters.Yes we should help them

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Venko- NO! Consider the following: future hi-tech innovations & robotics will probably lessen the demand on jobs in general and create even more unemployment- mainly within all wrongly or lesser skilled workers in Europe.

      The EU political propaganda of an aging population is exaggerated & only serves to justify “un-selected mass migration” from overpopulated & unstable non European countries. The past complacency to rely solely on Governments to guarantee your social benefits like a “full” Pension & Medical Aid cannot be solved that way & will in future require more personal responsibility & self-reliance on your own initiatives to think, save & invest- starting from an early age to safeguard your retirement! Such systems are already common place outside Europe and another social evolution awaiting most Europeans!

      Unskilled, semi educated & manual labor is NOT needed in Europe- be they young or semi young! Any required skills shortages can be obtained locally (the EU has ~10% unemployment), through proper planning by re-training local workers or attracting workers from the global labor market- if & when required- without blindly flooding Europe! Most manual & low skilled labor has been exported to Asia- did you miss that?

      If you need to buy 2 liter milk per week- you wouldn’t buy a whole farm or a whole cow- would you?

  89. avatar

    EU officials should admit that they are overwhelmed and that EU doesen`t have a sollution right now regarding this crisis.

  90. avatar
    Ivan Fadiga

    Even if we adopted the quota system there is no guarantee that they would not move to a country that has more benefits for refugees. Also since I am from Croatia I know that a lot of young ppl are leaving the country because of high unemployment what prospect would a refugee have in a country with over 300,000 ppl unemployed that are registered, the number is probably higher.

  91. avatar
    Marina Peliz

    Europe has te moral duty to try and stop this dramatic situation. The question is not to accept more People, Syrians or no Syrians. The question is to stop this dramatic exodus

  92. avatar
    Antonio Pinheiro

    We have to find a solution to the very complex problem of the migrants that see EU as a chance for a New start in their lives for their families. Solidarity, Human rights and democracy are EU groundbreaking values. We cant tolerate that states escape from welcoming these migrants. EU institutions need to ACT fast, focused and with clear messages, like talking the money language that some states understand better then other argumentos.
    Meanwhile Nato forces should ACT imediattly on countries like Libya to stop the outrages business of people smuggling to EU. There is always a solution and EU needs to Work as one.

  93. avatar
    Hugo Cunha

    Devia haver corredores criados pela EU para transportar os refugiados e emigrantes que querem vir para cá de forma a retirar as redes de tráfico humano do caminho.
    Mais do que receber os refugiados devíamos ir lá buscar.

  94. avatar
    Ivan Terziyski

    Very soon most of EU should be as poor as Bulgaria is. Ooo well…… welcome to EU.
    Please, stay away from the poorest country in EU – BULGARIA.

  95. avatar

    During the wars, many europeans were refugees and accepted as such in other countries without many questions asked. We are a wealthy continent, so we need to show our compassio now, because we can. And because it’s our humanitarian duty

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Taking all of them in would just encourage hundreds of thousands more to undertake a dangerous journey to Europe and in this way we will see many more drowned children in the sea, or suffocated people in lorries, or crushed men under lorries or trains. In your opinion, is that humane? EU should be more proactive and help them in the countries where they are now, so they don’t have to cross seas and mountains just to come and ask for help!

  96. avatar
    Elisabeth Marroqui

    We have to be solidary. EU suffered the horror of the war twice. We must understand how difficult is that situation and open our arms to those who need it. It is unacceptable how EU countries are facing this problem. We need to help Refugees.

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      We need to help them, but in their own countries, not by taking them all in Europe!

  97. avatar
    Oli Lau

    a continent has no moral duty, it is not a being. it makes no sense to consider it as a being. only individuals have a moral duty.

  98. avatar
    bebe sonatu

    No quota’s, but lots of questions instead. I don’t know what possesses frau Merkel & Germany to take responsability for the syrian war, but i foresee terrible trouble in the future. Germany should deal with them. Why others don’t do the same? Why doesn’t US send his carriers to take them to US? Why don’t they go to rich arab states,sure it would be easier&closer? Why do they choose to take such a long and perilous journey, across two continents? Why don’t they stay in Turkey, afterall they share more values. Aren’t they, in this case, at least some of them, economic migrants? Why are the most of them young healthy males? How can we know for certain that no isis terrorists find themselves among them? Why are they mostly complaining about assad instead of isis? Do they prefer the barbars? What about all those other people from afghanistan, pakistan, & all africa?

  99. avatar
    Daniela Mois

    Yes, of course! We have to be solidary. EU suffered the horror of the war twice. We must understand how difficult is that situation and open our arms to those who need it. We need to help Refugees. EU have old population and need young people. If they work and live legally and pay tax like every European.

  100. avatar
    Daniela Moiş

    Yes, of course! We have to be solidary. EU suffered the horror of the war twice. We must understand how difficult is that situation and open our arms to those who need it. We need to help Refugees. EU have old population and need young people. If they work and live legally and pay tax like every European.

  101. avatar
    Marina Natalia

    The question of morality is long debated. I strongly believe in the idea of solidarity between communities in Europe and outside Europe. The problem nowadays is that there are countries that are playing the ‘ victims game’ at EU’s door.

  102. avatar
    Marina Natalia

    The question of morality is long debated. I strongly believe in the idea of solidarity between communities in Europe and outside Europe. The problem nowadays is that there are countries that are playing the ‘ victims game’ at EU’s door.

  103. avatar

    People fail to realize that, apart from the civil wars and unstability, many countries are poor simply because ‘we’ are rich. In fact our disproportional wealth requires that others be disproportionally poor.

    Resources are limited. One might be able to feed 10 billion people , but 10 billion people with a western lifestyle, the resources for that simply don’t exist. In fact, less than 1.5 billion people have what is a western lifestyle or something comparable. More people than that live just above, on or just under the absolute poverty line.

    Development aid, the IMF and the World Bank exist to make sure that we continue to have a situation that resources in African countries disproportionately benefit western companies and western consumers. Of the socalled IMF model, only western companies and countries, plus the local elites in Africa (propped up by the west) benefit. How else do you explain that the richest continent in terms of resources, is the poorest in terms of GDP?

    For longer term structural solutions the western world likely has to ‘give up wealth’. How many of the progressives displaying support for the refugees etc… would be willing to surrender 40% or so of their wealth to provide a longer lasting more equitable worldwide division of wealth and resources? And how many people are aware that current western wealth levels are unsustainable unless you want to turn everything into a neo-colonial fortress?

    28/05/2018 Marta Messa, EU Liaison Officer for Slow Food, has responded to this comment.

    28/05/2018 Rodrigo De Lapuerta, Director of the Liaison Office with the EU and Belgium at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar

      Marcel, the Soviet Union ceased to exist, you can stop uttering this anti-capitalist neo-colonial mantra. The Muslim world is not an innocent victim of the West.
      Until recently they were conquerors. They still practice slavery of the black people here and there. Remember Darfur?
      Until early 19th century, they were wreaking havoc with the Mediterranean and even Atlantic Coast taking millions of Christians into slavery.
      My country as well as all others in the Balkans and Hungary spent centuries enslaved by Muslims – not to mention Spain. Romania only became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1877, so only 138 years ago, after about four centuries.
      Ukraine and Russia both shared the “Tatar (muslim) yoke”, also for centuries.
      So you should spare us the whining about how exploited the Muslims are after only a few decades of colonial rule. Not so long ago they were the exploiters and if they are no longer in that position, it’s not because they don’t want to.

  104. avatar
    Theodora Chronopoulou

    Yes but this shouldn’t be their priority!!We should all work together in order to end the war!!!Syrians and all the other refugees should be able to find peace and decent living conditions in their own country!!!

  105. avatar
    Kostas Ravanis

    Thank God that they are potential because some of the worst terrorists are between us and look like us.

  106. avatar

    Are you kidding me ? The makers and supporters of the so called “Arab Spring” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc, should pay the bill and clean the mess. All of it. You expect me to feel guilty for their actions ? I don’t.

  107. avatar

    And I’m quite sure refugees assigned to Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Slovakia will stay there forever… /s

    And eastern Europe doesn’t want them, judging by some of the comments here. What a bunch of hypocrites. They’re happily stealing our money and flooding our labor markets with cheap labor, but now that they themselves would have the same thing happen to them, they whinge and cry about it.

    Of course they will all head to western Europe.

    • avatar

      Marcel, it’s hypocritical and an abusive to reject the Romanian and Bulgarian bid to join Schengen Agreement but demand them to take in refugees from Schengen Area nations (in case of Romania, a larger quota than rich Schengen nations like Belgium or Austria).
      Also, it’s demagogical to welcome refugees but then ask them to go to another country, as well as asking another country to take them although it’s you, not that country, who welcomed them and basically called them in.
      I already stated in other comments that I think every country should have the right to decide who gets in, so I’m not complaining about Schengen. Also, migration from Romania has been devastating to Romania itself – but that is another issue and it’s off-topic.
      But don’t expect me to take refugees who want to go to your country while at the same time you deny my country’s bid for Schengen.
      It would be a minimal gesture of national dignity to refuse. Schengen isn’t even that important and these days it’s been good anyway NOT to be in Schengen.
      Stealing money is another topic but don’t even get me started about dubious privatizations in favor of Western companies, dubious Government procurement from huge Western companies (some of which are currently under investigation), dubious mineral resources exploitation also in favor of Western companies some of which caused large protests or the fact that, as a result of Romania joining EU, at least 10% of its land is already owned by foreigners, most of which Western (who are buying it at about 1/10 of its price in the West).
      Not to mention the huge social & financial cost of reforms necessary for us to be accepted in the EU, which I opposed, by the way, or the cost of complying to all sorts of idiotic EU regulations.
      So, overall, I don’t think it was such a good deal for us (but it’s too late to back down) and it’s getting worse by the day. As one other Romanian commentator put it, I’d rather eat “soy salami” again (that is to say I’d rather live in Socialism again) than have Sharia on the streets.
      By the way, we are going to take as many refugees as we can accomodate, but that’s about 1500, not 6000 which appears to be our quota.

  108. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    How would a quota system ever work in the EU,you have 22 core members of the Schengen area,fair enough you can allocate migrants to these countries based on population numbers,they were stupid enough to join so they can’t complain,but how do select which migrants go to which country?by lottery?,with the lucky ones going to Germany and Sweden and the unlucky ones going to Slovakia and Poland?.And what about the countries in Schengen but not in the EU like Norway and Switzerland,or others like Ireland or the U.K who had the good sense not to join in the first place,how do you force them to take anyone?.

  109. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture Descayrac

    Germany has reach their quota, they need workers, nevertheless we can guess, they will stop from now, this is the reason now they turn their face to other countries asking they do the same even if they have already serious immigrant social problems. The first problem are the media which are not playing a fair game. They confuse migrants and refugees and they confuse families and single men just moving for social profit advantages. Media do not give any statistics, on the respective ratios. On the ratios also between countries of origins, ethnic and religion communities of origins. For the refugess they might not but for the migrants they should. Media should be even more sensitive on data and issues, if they really want to inform us daily and not only wash our brain daily.

    • avatar

      Bang on. I have been watching BBC and they are shameless. Don’t let any facts get in the way of a good but untrue story. Now they have asked the immigrants (their definition) to email in stories and pictures. You can see it on the BBC news site. I wo der how many of these stories are being validated. Of course there may be genuine refugees but it should not be assumed.

  110. avatar
    Iain Henderson

    How can people justify travelling thousands of miles (and spending thousands of pounds) to claim asylum in northern European countries? The people arriving now in Germany are economic migrants not refugees. They are mostly young men who believe – probably rightly – that they will be allowed to settle there whether or not their claim is judged to be well-founded. The genuine refugees are in camps in countries bordering Syria waiting for the conflict to end so they can return.

    The current British policy is correct and should be adopted throughout the EU: only those who have been proven to have suffered torture or who are too sick or old to look after themselves properly in the camps should be admitted. The rest should stay in nations bordering Syria, and financial help should be given to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan etc to deal with them.

    And wealthy Muslim countries in the Middle East should be doing much more. Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain all have higher per capita GDP than Germany, Sweden or the UK.

  111. avatar
    Paul X

    To anyone who agrees with quotas just answer one simple question…

    How are these these quotas enforced with consideration to the Schengen Agreement?

    Who is going to stop the “quota” imposed on Greece just upping sticks and moving across a border less EU to Germany?

  112. avatar
    Iain Henderson

    To have any chance of even partial success with a quota system full border controls would have to be reintroduced throughout the EU. Are European leaders prepared to do that?

  113. avatar

    I can’t believe the kind of chutzpah these people at the Commission display. They want to enforce quotas on non-Schengen EU members such as Romania and Bulgaria.
    So we are not good enough to travel freely in Europe (I admit every nation should have the right to decide who gets in so I’m not complaining about that). But we are good enough to take in 6000 refugees or so from within Schengen Area which “Mama Merkel” welcomed, not us.
    This is the way EU works: Germany welcomes them without asking the rest of us, but it wants to send them to us also without asking if we agree or if the refugees themselves agree (which sounds rather like deportation).
    I mean why welcome refugees/migrants if you want to send them packing somewhere else? Is this not misleading and demagogic behavior?
    Refugees don’t want in Romania and we don’t want them here, but Mama Merkel wants them here.
    These people put themselves and their children at great risk to go to Germany where Mama Merkel announced that there is no legal limit to how many asylum seekers can be taken. Some people even died on the way because Germany encouraged them to come.
    To put a face on this drama as people like to say in Western media, do you think Abdullah Kurdi’s family took such risks to go to Romania, where the situation is no better than in Turkey where they already were? Imagine this happening to some 6000 Abdullah Kurdis.
    Also, if the numbers are correct, we will be required to take in more than Belgium, Sweden or Austria, much richer nations.

  114. avatar

    Don’t worry, Romania is going to accept all EU is pushing down its throat, as usual. According to, the Romanian Goverment is looking for available accommodation space. So the Ministry of Education required county school inspectorates and universities to report available room in high school and student dorm!
    So these criminals are willing to host potential ISIS terrorists near Romanian high schools!

  115. avatar
    Daniela Mois

    Gabriel@ am impresia că eşti pur şi simplu imbecil. Ce surse deschise, de toată jena, ai consultat ?

  116. avatar
    Daniela Mois

    Gabriel, am impresia că eşti total dezinformat, mai consultă şi alte surse deschise ( pentru a te scuti de un efort îţi voi rezuma esenţialul: “astazi a avut loc o sedinta a Consiliului de Administratie UB si s-a luat decizia ca niciun imigrant sirian sa nu primeasca loc in caminele oferite de universitatea noastra.”). Iar apelativul “madame” nu îşi are rostul.

    • avatar

      Mrs. Mois, I think what you are implying here is that Euractiv as well as all the press in Romania – all of it – is misinforming and you are the only one holding the truth. I couldn’t find any open source of information to prove your claim but let’s say it’s true. How is that against what I wrote above? OK, so let’s say the board of Bucharest University is opposed to hosting Muslim refugees (in fact migrants) in their university dorms.
      But the Ministry of Education required that report about available room from them as well as county School Inspectorates, so clearly some in the Romanian Government – at least the minister of education – is contemplating the idea of hosting Muslim migrants in high school and university dorms – that is to have them mixing with Romanian youth ranging from 14 – 15 years old kids to young people in their early early twenties. This is what bothers me and I think whoever came up with this idea is a very deranged person.
      Also, I’m urging you to write in English or stop replying to me because it is deeply impolite to have a controversy here that only Romanians can understand and, frankly, I’m embarrassed.

  117. avatar
    Adrian Limbidis

    End discussion.

    NO quotas, NO refugees – nothing.
    Europe is CLOSED to outsiders until we reach unemployment 0-3%

    Until then we don’t NEED “more workers”, we need more JOBS !!!

  118. avatar
    like a star

    I think they should adopt quota system. This is global problem and right now everything is on EU backs, and its not fair.

    Also, refugees and immigrants have two different meanings (google it). Every country should accept some refugees. Let me remind you all, refugees are people who running from a war, guns and bombs.

    Turning our backs to them is Not A Option!

    We are in this situation because we have been following US blindly. I hope after war in Syria ends that more countries will try to find another solution to end a conflict and left war as last last option.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Personally I hope they are cared for just not in the UK were full and not our probl end of.

  119. avatar

    What a mess Europe will be in 5 years time when it struggles with having to deal with the social and economic results of today’s weakness.
    As long as they are accomodated, they will come. And then they will send for their relatives. And then they will vote, their way.
    Australia went crazy when the Labour govt opened our doors.
    Sadly, there will always be another war somewhere, so there will always be a ew lot of refugees. Why not let the starving multitudes in? They do it just as tough in many countries. Then we can all fight and starve and there will be no more refugees because there will be no safe countries. Problem solved.

  120. avatar

    Eureform-proactive…how come you are so right. Why aren’t you in charge?

  121. avatar
    corrado prizio-biroli

    Given the lack of a political union, the best that the EU can currently do is to stick to the Dublin agreement, which stipulates that asylum applicants should be processed in the country where they first arrived in the European Union. As this puts the burden on different MS at different times (e.g; a Russian failed state would cause a wave of refugees towards Finland, the Visegrad countries, Germany and Austria) and requires the solidarity of the EU in paying for the necessary infrastructure where necessary. When the first country of refugee arrival is actually outside the EU, this is where their requests for asylum should be processed. (most Middle-East refugees are actually in M-E countries such as Jordan and Turkey). In this connection, it would be a responsibility of the international community to help to temporarily settle them. Talk about preventing a sudden refugee flow via development cooperation with the countries of origin is of little help, because this is a long-term affair. More relevant is the need to recognize the special responsibility of those industrial countries that have contributed to create instability by intervening in countries that were ruled, albeit undemocratically (such as Libya and Iraq), and hence the need to contribute more than others to deal with the refugee problem. Quotas are a bad idea, as long as the EU is disunited as at present, lacking a political union, a banking union, a fiscal union, and with a trivial EU budget that cannot be relied on to deal with unpredictable political adversities and unforeseen financial demands. For that, the minimum requirement would be to allow the EU to get the necessary additional funding through loans guaranteed on the EU budget resources.

  122. avatar

    Just to clarify what I wrote previously. Since the liberal govt was elected under Tony Abbott, no one coming illegally gets to set foot in Australia. They get processed offshore and either sent back or settled elsewhere. It sounds tough and it is, but it means that Australia only takes it’s refugees from those waiting their turn in authorized refugee camps. Good news for those refugees.

  123. avatar

    So now Malcom Turnbull is the new Australian PM and the pressure is on for him to open the floodgates on illegal immigration. Interestingly the media describes his position as being a choice “between border control and a more humanitarian approach”. Loaded words from the media, as it implies trying to manage and maintain order as unhumanitarian. Perhaps the leaders of countries also have humanitarian responsibilities first to the citizens of their own country.
    Also many of those demanding a weakening of Australia’s immigration policy are themselves new immigrants. I hope MT maintains order.

  124. avatar

    The quota proposal is already outdated since the migratory flow switched towards Croatia, Slovenia and it’s likely it will move towards Romania & Bulgaria.
    It is becoming clear that fences and walls aren’t the answer. Some borders are too long, the Danube river bank cannot be fenced, although the river can easily be crossed by boat.
    Some nations are doing little or nothing to police their borders such as Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey & Greece. These nations practically cooperate and provide logistical support for the migration instead of shutting it down on the Turkish shores and Turkish continental border, or at least at the southern borders off Serbia or Macedonia. I suppose the Serbs are taking revenge for what the West did to them in the Yugoslav wars and the Greeks for their debt crisis.
    So if walls & fences aren’t the solution, there is only one left for nations in the Balkans to defend themselves and provide security for their citizens: to use lethal force against the invading migrants by opening fire.
    Sooner or later someone will have to open fire in the Balkans, and that might be the migrants themselves at some point. A lone terrorist, a Molotov cocktail would be enough to completely change the picture.
    The Merkel jerk will be there to blame us and punish – whoever it’s going to be – Croats, Slovenians, Hungarians, Romanians or Bulgarians. Although she has so much to blame herself for. It is increasingly obvious what hugely wrong choices we’ve made in the last 20 years.

  125. avatar

    I can tell you that America is very happy that Europe gets these Muslim immigrants. From Years The Americans see the EU as a threat just like the USSR. The Europeans must brake ties with America since the Saudi Arabian King’s son who is actually Osama Bin Laden\s brother is with good ties with America and of course you know Bin Laden was against the US. I suspect that these refugees are not at all the people who they claim they are, rather than that they are terrorists ready to make Europe Muslim within !!!

    • avatar

      This summer France closed a beach on the French Riviera so that the Saudi king could have it to himself and his entourage. The locals protested but local govt permission was still granted.

  126. avatar
    Nadia Dereguardati

    the rich western countries must change their views towards the other countries!by chosing peace instead using wars!…stop the wars and refugees never arrive !…

  127. avatar
    Mark Anders

    The important is the effectiveness and the speed of the identification of the people.

  128. avatar
    Dominique Couturier

    Non, il ne faut pas de quotas. Manuel Valls est un descendant de réfugiés Catalans, il ferait bien de se le rappeler. Mais c’est aussi une saleté de politicien, dans un monde ou les “élites” sont de plus en plus démagogues et acceptent l’impuissance politique.
    PS: je refuse de me plier à l’obligation d’anglais, langue que l’on m’a enseignée sans que personne dans le monde ne l’ait jamais “voté”. La seule langue véritablement internationale,c’est l’espéranto.

  129. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    How is that quota system made up and why do you think the poorer E.U. nations should adopt, the richer ones like U.K
    can choose their “refugees” directly from Turkey camps?! All that quota system is against the sovereignty law of any European country, but we got used with E
    U. rules against sovereignty, don’t we?

  130. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    No way!!! Some invited them and the others should accept??Quota is the most undemocratic, stupid idea that Eu leaders try to push on Eu members, calling it solidarity! That is a real joke!!!

  131. avatar
    Kapás Gergely

    The ideal quota system would be this: Refuggees stop in the first safe country they find outside their own war torn countries, then ask for help and wait there till they get help. European states then estimate how many people they want and how many people they can safely take in. Each European country must deicide this for their own. Then they hold a national referendum, to see if the people of that country approve or disapprove of the number of refugees they are willing to take in. If they disapprove, they compromise till they are in agreement (like maybe they don’t want thousands of refugees maybe just a few hundreds). If they approve, then they send planes to to those camps where the refugees are waiting for their new host countries, and the host countries pick up as many as was allowed to them by the referendum.

    I know it sounds harsh on those that are left behind, but Europe has its limits as well.

    And the countries that do not want a single refuggee/immigrant, their opinion needs to be respected as well. Because this is basically charity that they are doing, and charity cannot be forced upon nobody.

  132. avatar
    Zoltan Kiss

    We need an Australian style refugee policy. Selling out the homeland and our way of life is non-optional. Politicians will have to accept this at certain point. Only question is if they are going to wait until European citizens turn “ugly”…..

  133. avatar

    You may be arguing that the attackers were EU citizens but you can’t deny the fact that 99% of terrorists with EU passports come from a middle eastern back ground. Do we seriously want even more fighters living in our doorsteps in 20-30 years. I’m sorry but I don’t want my children to become refugees in their own homeland. I don’t want the same destiny for myself when I’m old. Multiculturalism does NOT work. These people need to be helped. This is our humanitarian duty. But we have to help them at home. If we take them in they MUST go home once the conflict is over. They mustn’t be allowed to stay indefinitely unless they pass an Australian styled points system proving that they’ll be useful members of society…….It is high time EU leaders started representing us the ordinary EU citizens for a change!

  134. avatar
    Nikolay Kosev

    For the last time, NO! Keep the refugees for yourselves. You invited them. You take them. We don’t want them. The refugees are NOT welcomed in Bulgaria. Judge us as much as you want, call us “racists” or whatever. That wont make us to want them more. The answer is ne.

  135. avatar
    Jason Picci

    First stop the LSD sanctions on Russia then we may talk about this other stuff.

  136. avatar
    Roderick Beck

    Well, offer a solution that is consistent with Europe’s rhetoric about European values, Monsieur Valls. Might want to consider the fact Europe’s birth rate is well below replacement and nearly 25% of population is already over 65 and growing.

  137. avatar
    János Tokai

    Why does anybody think that, Europe suppose to feed all poor people of the world?

  138. avatar
    Greg Little

    I do not get how one person for twenty others could be a problem. If you have enough for twenty, you shurely have enough for twenty-one…

  139. avatar
    Luis Alberto Peñafiel Palmer

    Why let in people who hate us, dont want to integrate or work. I dont want to live in Europe like Israel every 5 years Intifadas or killing innocents with bombs, cars or knifes. Remember that 17% of the refugees is Ok with the Daesh.

  140. avatar
    Dimitris Tsekouras

    Then bring peace to these countries!
    Payback all the bullshit that Europeans done there, built everything new, ask for forgiveness and stop to complain. ..European countries, in association with USA, are the biggest criminals of history. ..

  141. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    Mass immigration must stop! It z impossible i worry à lot for thé future. All i want is peace and safety life.

  142. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    Peace must be back in that région Quickly and they must return. It z better for everybody. Let z Lear to love care respect each ôthers culture and then migrateurs and live Together. For instance if it z to mâke war And terrorise us no please go back

  143. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    They must Know that here we do many things that théir religion doesnt accept. So it Will isolate them and then it turns bad. They dont party dont eat pork dont wear normal wears. Dont drink alcool they must pray they néed mosquée etc. Différent mentality différent codes.. Peace must be back and they must be happy in théir homeland

  144. avatar
    Barry Adams

    MEPs have ruined Europe in a mattter of a months, by letting migrants in, in massive numbers, very few are refugees.. All the single guys (100s of 1000s) should be consrcipted to fight in an armed brigade and sent to defend their country.

  145. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Yes and the quota should be zero. All migration should be halted and all borders closed until ISIL are defeated. We are at war. Refugees should be placed in safe camps near their own countries. Give them the tools and let them build their own shelters, markets, mosques whatever, instead of sitting around like beggars demanding to be fed. Teach the young men to fight so they are ready to join ground troops. Teach them democracy by letting them vote for their own leaders. In short, prepare them to take back their own country and make it more like a European country. Stop the Islamification of Europe and start the Europeanisation of Arab countries, starting with Syria. All members of the UN should join the fight to assist but they must also fight themselves as the Syrian Liberation Army that draws from all Muslims and not one particular branch of the faith. We should be galvanizing these people, not nursing them.

  146. avatar
    Nick Knight

    Of course , however for now they have to go to countries that invited the tsunami of immigrants

  147. avatar
    Thomas Reichpietsch

    Only accept those who are in real need: war-refugees, children, those that flee from the oppression of Islam. Distribute them evenly across Europe, don’t let countries like Germany and France pay for everything. Make sure that these asylum seekers accept that we live in an open and tolerant society and that they should adapt. Help them, educate them, give them the chance to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Economic migrants and religious fanatics should be kept outside.

  148. avatar

    No, no quotas for EU countries.

    If one wants by any means some quotas, I would suggest quotas for the migration source countries. If a country’s population (taking into account both inside and outside of its borders) exceeds the quota – then, sorry, we do not give (more) asylum for people from that courty.. We (should) prefer countries which have success in stopping over-population.

  149. avatar

    I think adopting a quota system could be a good idea in the possibilities of each country. For exemple France is able to asylum more refugees than Belgium because of the country’s resources.

  150. avatar

    I think it is necessary, because the mixture of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants may put great pressure on the social systems of many countries and pose special challenges for governments.

  151. avatar

    Definitely, EU should adopt a quota system for asylum seekers. It would restrict the number of asylum seekers that countries can support. Since every country does not have that many resources to support everyone who wants to live in Europe.

  152. avatar

    Definitely, we should adopt a quota system for asylum seekers. It would restrict the number of asylum seekers that the country can support. Since every country does not have that many resources to support everyone who wants to live in Europe.

  153. avatar

    I think we should adopt a quota because of course that we are welcoming lots of refugees but I do not think that Europe is in the force of giving asylum seekers for everyone. Europe is already opening its doors for refugees. That is not the problem. The problem is the Europeans citizens.

  154. avatar

    I think we should adopt a quota because of course that we are welcoming lots of refugees but I do not think that Europe is in the force of giving asylum seekers for everyone. Europe is already opening its doors for refugees. That is not the problem. The problem is the European citizens.

  155. avatar

    We probably should because, I would restrict the numbers of asylum seekers for each country. Not each country has infinite money to provide for every refugee.

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