It’s difficult to say for certain whether any EU Member States are actively sending lethal aid to Ukraine. Certainly, there are no formal restrictions on doing so (the EU arms embargo against Ukraine is no longer in force, having been lifted in July 2014). Indeed, Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, has claimed that his country has already concluded deals with eleven EU countries to provide weapons.

Nevertheless, EU leaders are unlikely to want to escalate the conflict in Ukraine, and may be concerned that pouring weapons into Ukraine could lead to an arms race between the government and Moscow-backed eastern separatists.

Even the US is undecided on this issue. Despite the Senate recently passing a bill allocating 300 million dollars of military aid to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons, it is likely that President Obama will veto the bill.

Should Ukraine be given weapons? Or would that enflame tensions and lead to a regional arms race? Should EU arms exports to Ukraine be banned? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!


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    Shannon Kirley

    Should not every nation have the right and ability to defend itself from foreign aggressors and an insurgency armed by a foreign nation?

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      Bubach Kurt

      Who financed te maidan?
      Who gave the maidan sniper the gun to shoot protesters and police?
      Please Shannon, get a clue, this ws Regie Change,plain and simple, Old Man Janukovic didnt want to join the EU so they removed him.

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      Yes, but we do not have the right to decide for them

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    Ivan Burrows


    It was the expansionist policies of the EU that caused the Ukrainian conflict and supplying their puppet government in Kiev with arms will only lead to yet another ‘European’ War.

    Europeans have learn’t nothing from their history.

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    Vladis Dri

    No way! This idiots in Kiew will kill their own people whith this weapons and even sell this weapons to separatists and probably islamists! Europe have to demand a democratisation and to release all political prizoners in Ukraine!

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    Parászka Máté

    No.I think the best would be if europe and usa friends up with russia also, thats the only solution in my opinion.Ukraine has a fascist problem, and it’s also very corrupt so who knows where these weapons going to go.And because Ukraine has more ethnic groups, also from people who belong to the same ethnicity as their neighbours who are already in the e.u. they could make a regional conflict.This war needs to stop.So let’s help them but not with weapons.E.U. needs to have a good relation with russia.Russia belongs to europe as well as ukraine, so the only solution is peace.

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    Dimitris Atsalas

    More guns means no more talk and just full scale civil war
    They have to be forced to seat on table and talk that shit out.
    It is truly a same the stand of eu and most of international community !

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      Civil war between two sovereign countries ??? Russian agression is russian agression… There no civil war

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      At least someone clever in this brainwashed crowd

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    Should children be given lethal weapons ? Just saying…

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    Natasha Pikoul

    Should children be given weapons ? Good job nukes were taken from them after the collapse of the USSR…

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    Matt N Hopwood

    Should Syria be given weapons… should we give iran 2 fucking billion dollars… dumb questions

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    Ivan Burrows


    A brief ”European” history:

    +12 million dead in your Napoleonic wars to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    + 40 million dead in your First ‘European’ world war to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    +80 million dead in your Second ‘European’ world war to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    How many would you ‘Europeans’ like to kill in your Third ‘European’ world war to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma ?

    Fascism, Nazism, Communism & now Europeanism.

    Different flag, different anthems but the same crazed lust for power over the peoples of Europe.

    Thank god we are leaving the antidemocratic EU.


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    Breogán Costa

    Traditionally I would be against something like this, but now I really think that YES, they should receive weapons, now that, in theory, there’s peace, very well armed (guess by who) eastern rebel troops are attacking Ukraine areas, this is like a conquest. So, if we don’t want Ukraine fully occupied by Russia, which would continue with other States (baltic ones, members of EU, are an objective, remember the revision of Baltic Stastes independency that they are “doing”. The “Putain” Tzar want his empire, and that implies conquer of EU countries. And everybody against them, is shotted in the head, as you know (many Rusians were, the ones against the new Tzar).
    ** use French dictionary


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    James Jordam

    What was happened to modern Russia?The Kremlin’s network of professional propaganda-spewing internet trolls is large. There are thousands of Russians who work full-time jobs, publishing social media updates, internet comments and blog posts specifically designed to form abhorrence for the USA, EU, NATO, CIA and Ukraine. And their trolling may not be limited to the web. Please take a look this interesting video about the similar features of the Russian Internet propaganda trolls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlCx-TLTGpc&feature=youtu.be

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    Fares Alahmar

    Isn’t that what your governments did in Syria, and now doing ALREADY in Ukraine via Poland?! Remind me again how did it solve the problem?!

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    Iegor Bielikov

    are you already forgot about the millions of Europeans who was killed by russians, Europe? are you forgot about the millions of European women was raped by russians?

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      You must be confusing Russia with Nazi Germany , and therefore with Ukrainian Bandera nazi movement during the WW2. They are the ones, who have killed LOTS of Polish, Jews and Russians. History not learned is doomed to repeat itself.

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    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    No, like you didn’t give weapons to Croatia, and we were overrun by criminals and gun runners! Until today we are fighting the consequences of that “smart” move!

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    Andrian Marinov

    Yea, give them weapons! Let’s start the World War 3 already! What’s better then people killing people for a piece of land that no 1 can actually own… (we don’t own the planet, the planet owns us …We are just slowly killing it because we love it..)

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    Karel Van Isacker

    No, Ukraine is definitely not a stable state, and has proven in the past to be untrustworthy, in fact it is a rogue state. The fact that jihadi volunteer battalions are fighting on the side of Ukraine and are effectively used by the Ukranian government is a reason the more to not deliver weapons at all. Some examples are the Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion which operates throughout the conflict zone in the Donbas, the Sheikh Mansour battalion, which is based around Mariupol and splintered off from the Dudayev Battalion and the Crimea Battalion, which is based in Krematorsk. Then again Debating Europe, your question is outdated since various EU countries as well as the USA are already supplying weaponry. Furthermore, and in line with its wishes to import large quantities of weapons from various countries, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko signed a law earlier this year abolishing import taxation on foreign defense-related products, mostly from Western countries.

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    Joao Vaz

    No, weapons will fuel war and not finish it. The Russians will give also more weapons to the rebels.

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    EU/USA banksters playing politics ..
    The people of Ukraine dont fit into the agenda.. The EU/USA bansters want the gas and oil , thats it .
    In dutch forums they say Guy Verhofstadt recieves 190,000 euro a year from shady figures to push ttip and fracking in Ukraine and Greece (bailout?) , and there are more high ranking EU officials with backroom deals..
    These kinds of so called psuedo officals have no right representing anything and if they had a shred of decency they would go back to the rock they crawled out from under!
    So even to ask such a question as to wether Ukraine should get arms is ludacris at best.
    The EU really needs to get rid of these kinds of dubious figures before it before it can call itself credible enough to deal with these kinds of issues.
    The EU and its commision have started out on the wrong foot, they advocate democracy but sideline it for financial gain.
    The EU needs a restart, as does Ukraine!
    We all need a democratic reboot/rethink..
    All of us deserve better than this !!

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    Peter Castermans

    If they pay for them they can have them. Otherwise no. Ukraine is not the EU so they must keep their semi-russian hands of my money.

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    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    What kind of a question is that? Of course not.We should help them solve their problems through discussion.If we give weapons so will Russia and they will bloodshed each other.But that’s exactly what the EU wants.So stupid politicians.When Nikita Hruštšov gave the missiles το Cuba, Amerika got angry because it was at their back yard.Now Russia faces the same problem.They are right not to allow movements close to their country.But of course EU likes conflict.It exists for that.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Would definetly enflame tensions even further! Decision makers and Nato leaders should stop doing this, because it is very dangerous game, Ucraine is not Libia, it can easily lead to the 3.rd world war…

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    Xavi Otger Domingo

    Maybe the best is to do the same than europe did with spainish republic (democratic) in 1.936: to close the door to buy arms and guns….then Putin will have the field free….like Franco, and his aliates

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    Knut Arne Langås

    My answer is no- that will do this already serious situation even worse! Russia will not like it and this can be dangerous for whole of Europe!

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    Dino Boy Mican

    There is a dilemma here. I think that there s gonna be a timmid real support for Ukraine, albeit the big words to the press. Gas politics and geopolitics will determine western stance, not morals.

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    Dino Boy Mican

    I think we got a taste of Yalta: Russia was asked to stay out of (vulnerable) wrecked Greece in exchange for the West letting Russia have the upper hand around Novorussia (aka SE Ukraine).

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    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    No arms, no US basis, this irresponsible and dement, only democracy and plan to reimburse debts and fight against corruption. Ukraine is not part of EU. We built EU for stabilisation and peace, not for conflict and wars in the region.

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    Vaggelis Kontogiannis

    it’s quite pathetic that europe has no problem in providing ukraine weapons, but in case of Greece in order to give o “loan” demands the starvation of an entire population

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    Jacob JJacob Marris

    Yeah just send there anything that will blow up the region and let the oligarchs of Brussels and Berlin make more money.

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    Ron C Renfro

    KEEP OUR BUSINESS HERE We have more problems, with our GOV sending money, sending sending sending and we all 310 Million of US Need Repair OUR PROBLEMS……….

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    Cristian G. Dinu

    Ukraine is already being given weapons. The far right fighting the regime has got brand new Western weapons, of course in order to protect from the communist invaders in the East :D Give them more weapons so that Ukraine would become a true failed state, a combination of Iraq and Libya in Europe.

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    Marina Pikoul

    No, the Ukraine should absolutely NOT be given weapons. Killing women and children is NEVER an answer to any political crisis,especially as stupid as this one.It only serves those, who become more rich on this war business. I am surprised some people are still(!!!) debating the obvious.

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    Paul Niland

    Yes, is the simple answer. Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are unprovoked. Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine as a state despite having been party to many agreements to and guarantees of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in the last. Example, in late July Ukraine’s armed forces were retaking territory that had been seized by force by Russian citizens Igor Bezler and Igor Strelkov, these Russians and their highly trained mini army had fled from places like Slovyansk and been beaten away from cities like Mariupol. Ukraine’s armed forces were pushing to encircle them and retake control over the border areas so Russia bombed Ukrainian forces inside Ukrainian territory from across their border. The evidence is irrefutable. This is what stopped Ukraine’s armed forces from ending this one year ago.

    Now, ask me again if Ukraine deserves to receive military assistance. Yes, again, is the simple answer.

    The following is an analysis of impact crater sites inside of Ukraine, the direction of fire can be determined from the shape of the craters (thousands of them!) and then the line of fire can be traced back to firing sites inside of Russia where vehicle tracks and rocket exhaust marks are on the ground. Then there is geolocated footage of those missiles actually being filmed by ordinary Russian citizens on their mobile phones as well.

    Should Ukraine receive military assistance? Yes.


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    Florent Pirot

    Most modern missiles and bombs used by the US, like Javelin missiles, include depleted uranium, toxic and carcinogenic. It should never be used anywhere, for the sake of the health of civilians (google “Fallujah Babies” if you don’t know)… And soldiers’ health.

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    Ricardo Costa Silva

    You are looking to Ukrane in a wrong way. Do you remember that video from young student Yulia Marushevska? Do you remember the mensage? The Ukranians they weren’t against Viktor Yushchenko because he was pro-russian, they were against Viktor Yushchenko because he stolen the Ukranian people not only in gold but also in democracy, justice and freedom.

    Here i leave a link to the video of Yulia Marushevska:


    Remember Ukrane need help from E.U. and Russia for instal a better Justice, democracy and freedom of speech!

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    Sylvain Duret

    Russia make war to democracy ( in built in ukraine). We should defend democracy, so help ukraine.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Vilnis Peimanis, the memorandum in Budapest also made statement that NATO would not expand its territory further more towards ex Soviet countries! This was signed by USA and the other transatlantic European states, which leaded to this war! I think the Ukrainian people were fooled by E.U. promise that they will have a better life joining E.U. but that is vanishing with all what they see with Greece and all others, so the Ukrainian fighters will soon realise there won’t be stability and wealth…what will happen to those who “masterminded” this war?!

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    Ferenc Lázár

    And also why was asked Ukraine to join Nato, before they can join the E.U.? If that wasn’t required, it wouldn’t be this war, as the Russians are strongly opposed Nato to expand in former Soviet territories, when they agreed in Budapest about Poland, Romania and all east European countries joined the Nato! There are other E.U. countries like Sweden and Austria, which didn’t join Nato, so why is not an option for Ucraine? I’ll tell you- because they wanted this war with Russia, so they can sell their weapons…

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    Gatis Gailitis

    Yes they should have full European support. In this situation could be anyone no matter were you’re from.

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    Myron Kanakis

    you gave them already the 70 billions for the imf payment.And of course you fascists burrreaucrats neonazis are supporting the neonazis from ukrain,that’s the reason you want to finance them…

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    Pavel Francuzov

    No, Ukraine should not have such support from NATO un USA! It will escalate the situation in this region!

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    Rui Duarte

    They should be SOLD weapons, if they want to buy them. And Ukranians are adult enough to know if they want to use weapons or not. HOWEVER, they should not moan if their targets fight back… that’s usually what happens when someone uses a weapon…

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    Ed Cocks

    Ukraine is fighting to maintain their country’s sovreignity. They need modern weapons, better training and leadership to regain their lost territory.

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    Tuija Mustonen

    Ukraina should be given support to permanent peace, from all surrounding countries, and more. Help them create a civilised functional society of developed human beings, not fight like… Primitive species. You can behave nicely to each other, even if you own a gun or a gun factory. Or oil. Or anything. You can learn to behave nicely, you can. Yes, you all.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    I’m afraid the masterminds” of this Ucraine war do not understand the soul, the psychological situation of Ukrainian and Russian people! They just used the poverty of those to attract them to war, but those guys will soon turn their weapons towards west, when they realise they’ve been fooled with promises..just watch what I said, because I have many friends in west of Ucraine, i know how they feel! The problem is, those warlords will all be watching from Washington, as war will escalate towards neighbours like Poland, Germany, Romania…

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    Toni Muñiz

    No, stay out of Ukraine, EU has done enough to screw it up already by supporting a government coup.

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    Eugenia Serban

    Ukraine is invaded and destroyed in front of the world and “we” ask IF WE SHOULD HELP THEM ?
    How can they they fight the Russian super power without proper weapons ?
    With sticks and stones ?!!

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    Armand Koca

    HEALTH and EDUCATION have complex problems :( Lying, theft, prostitution, trafficking, murder :( the lack of money, the lack of drinking water, the lack of electricity, the lack of old original documents, and sale of every moral value, :( causing DESTRUCTION and DEATH of the INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY and NATURE , and it must STOP here and now :(

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    Ferenc Lázár

    What the western media and Debating Europe doesn’t talk about, is one major aggression which happened 2weeks ago in western Ucraine! One gang with modern weaponry-about 8 or 10 young fighters from a town there returned for “holiday rest” with their recently given American jeeps, weapons and small artillery- they called the local gangster “politician” for a chat and they’re asking him for “share the benefits” of smuggling, prostitution, black income! Because he wasn’t used with this kind of treatment, he denied, so those “good patriotic fighters” shoot down his bodx guard and startedvto shoot to local police with artillery, many were injured and 3 deaths. This is the future of “weaponry trained” Ucrainians and the neighbourhood…

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    Ott Toomet

    I think a good answer to the Ukrainian conflict is to strengthen EU defense dimension, including in fields of foreign policy and energy market. An European army is an utopia but you can still imagine—if we had something comparable to the US Army just next door… But common foreign policy is possible, and I would also love if the energy contracts were not signed between Russia and individual member states but Russia and EU instead. That would give Europeans substantially more leverage at negotiations.

  50. avatar
    Weronika Natkaniec

    Weapons for 5-th word arms exporter? Never. Save Donbass People, Mr Poroshenko Stop murder russian-speaking people!

  51. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    YES if there is evidence that Russians send weapons to Ukraine and they are trying to take more land in Ukraine . NO if Russians stop sending weapons to Ukraine and if they stop any offensive in Ukraine .

  52. avatar
    Blagovest Blagoev

    Yes! Not only weapons but a full scale military aid in case such is asked by the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian people suffer for their desire to be part of the European family, so it is our duty to help them stay out of Putin’s fascist grab.

  53. avatar
    Pirvulescu Florin

    YES, Ukraine should be given weapons, trainers and money to fund it`s economy and armed forces.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum ! This is the only message Russia is capable of understanding, we should respond them in kindness !

  54. avatar
    Domi Nykas

    Yes, because it’s only way to say Putin we are with Ukraine in his language…

  55. avatar
    Luis Raposo

    European Union, don’t will survive more than 10 years. if survive, it will be one government of fascism.

  56. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    Are 6500 dead not enough for you? Do you crave more blood and severed children’s bodies? Do you want a completely destroyed and bankrupt Ukraine with people dying on the streets from starvation? If yes, then more weapons is your answer.

  57. avatar

    Absolutely. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” And in more pragmatic terms, I think it’s in Europe interest to have a strong (more economically than military) buffer zone in relation with russian aggressive behavior. Historically, Russia since Napoleon and Crimean Wars is pushing and expanding westward relentless. In their heads, russians are nothing less than “The citizens of The New Eastern Orthodox Roman Empire” ( symbolized by Byzantine Double-Headed Eagle ) with all superiority over “democracy rotten western unfaithful barbarians” that derive from that. A weak Ukraine is just a more powerful and influent Russia in the region.

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    EU reform- proactive

    NO! A disingenuous question! Voters handed over their countries “combined sovereignty” (by deceit & lack of foresight) to a TRIUMVIRATE called EC, US & NATO.

    Remember, some time ago NATO’s Rasmussen tailored a package of “MEASURES” which also included the donation of 15 million Euros to Kiev“. At the moment the EC uses friendly coercion” on reluctant members to comply to its 2% defense budget target (to assist EC/US/NATO adventures). Wait until the EU fiscal union & EU army is implemented- it than becomes mandatory- and no wining than!

    As usual, the US uses its assortment of trickery like private military contractors and third parties to deliver arms to Kiev. THEY decide- not the EU & never us voters!


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    July Robin

    No , because that could lead to a major war in Europe , ( war that may profit countries outside Europe , like the U.S.A , selling advance weapons and drones and helping only its economic interests ).

    I welcome Ukraine as a member of the EU but without entering Nato , like for examples of Finland, Sweden ,Austria , wich are in the EU but they are not in Nato.

    As for the separatist Pro russian regions OF Ukraine they must re-integrate into Ukraine in a more Federal Status ( like for example Québec in Cánada , or Greenland in the case of Denmark ).

    In the time of the Cold War the world was divided into a western block , the eastern block ( comunist countries inside the Warsaw Pact and China ,Vietnam and other SE cumunist countries ) and also there were the Non-Aligned Countries Movement( countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, India , Yugoslavia ) that were not inside the other two blocks, it was a third block

    I wish that the EU were like those Non-aligned countries and had it’s own vision and view and way of doing things. We are still recovering from the 2 World War ,( psychologicaly speaking) , If World War 3 begins let it star in another place ( continent) not Europe ,otherwise it would be really ,pathetic , sad and dumb in the history books that a third world war started in Europe also . The EU did his job well stopping France and Germany killing each other one more time , so now it must stop other countries to throw Europe into a suicide war with Russia.( for their personal and economic interests ).

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      If your grandfathers would have said
      “Let’s not fight Hitler, let him have Poland and Half of Europe, because we don’t want to start a war”.

      If a dictators wants war then WAR WILL START regardless !

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    Adrian Limbidis

    Ukraine doesn’t have to “win” against Russia, just cause enough casualties to make the people at home “sick of war”.
    A few tech weapons and those shinny new tanks of Putler will be sent home as scrap metal and the families will start asking questions.

    The only way to break a dictator is from below.
    And to do that the “below” must be made angry at him. VERY angry at him.

    Besides we need Ukraine intact as a bullwark against Russia anyway.
    Unless you want them at our doorstep.

  61. avatar

    Yes, for sure… “The number 1,240 has special significance for Mr. Poroshenko. He says that was the number of nuclear warheads Ukraine gave up under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, jointly signed by the U.S., Britain and Russia. “Ukraine voluntarily gave up its nuclear arsenal,” Mr. Poroshenko says, “and in exchange for that the United States of America and Great Britain . . . promised to guarantee our sovereignty and territorial integrity.” President Poroshenko (The WSJ.)

  62. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    What a disgraceful question!

    Is DE in favour of war?

    Indeed, is DE pro WW3?!!

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      What do you propose?
      We let Putler take half of Ukraine?

      Your kind would have let Hitler take over France and Poland “so as to not start war” !

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    Annoyed Citizen

    No, anyone remotely familiar with the idiots in charge of Ukraine would know that giving them weapons to further encourage their conscripted soldiers to rush in and get killed out in the field is a terrible idea.

    But if we want to talk about weapons, how’s that study on who hired the snipers on the Maidan going? Think we might actually get to see that one sometime in the next century?

  64. avatar
    Xurxo C.

    I really think they should. Ukraine and Georgia are culturally European countries. But they are partly occupied by foreign (Russian) forces, who (unofficially) gave weapons (remember the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 almost sure shot by a Buk surface-to-air missile, SA-11: see link 1 [1]) and it is a fact that Russia is sending mercenaries and soldiers [2][3] (as it happened in Crimea, confirmed by Putin [4]), plus a strong brain washing through propaganda [4][5][6]: it looks like in rebel areas, Ukrainian and International media were turned off, and Russian propaganda media was put in their place (before people felt Ukrainian, now a strong Russian nationalism is up [8]; and if you think different, you know what is going to happen with you -they attacked journalists in Donetsk); and I heard similar things about filtering the Internet access, as they do in Russia [9].
    The problem is that Putin want to rebuild Russian Empire, and that includes Kiev [10], Baltic countries and probably Poland and even Finland (St. Petersburg was Fins’ land -some still there, others were sent to Siberia by Stalin) [11]. We should stop this before it’s too late.

    Supporting information:
    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_17
    [2] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/19/russia-official-silence-for-families-troops-killed-in-ukraine
    [3] http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/27/us-ukraine-crisis-russia-military-idUSKBN0OC2K820150527
    [4] http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/vladimir-putin-admits-for-first-time-russian-troops-took-over-crimea-refuses-to-rule-out-intervention-in-donetsk
    [5] http://www.baltictimes.com/news/articles/34554/
    [6] http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/03/ukraine-putin-tv-and-the-big-lie-104261.html#.Vb8WGfmqpBc
    [7] http://www.stopfake.org/en/russia-s-top-100-lies-about-ukraine/
    [8] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_pro-Russian_unrest_in_Ukraine
    [9] http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/russia-controls-internet/
    [10] http://curiousmatic.com/russia-ukraine-conflict-explained-10-maps/
    [11] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-wants-to-regain-finland-for-russia-adviser-says-9224273.html

  65. avatar

    Something is terribly wrong in europe . The tides are changing fast and not for the better..
    The eu is rotten at the top.
    Shame !!

  66. avatar
    July Robin

    Why would Russia wanted to invade Finland, Poland, The Baltic Countries ? do they have big natural resources like oil ,gas, coltan? , are this countries rich as the belgian Congo is ? this countries are now in the EU and they only have angry people towars russian citizens , so Russia would only get trouble from this and also Russia already has it’s only natural resources.

    I don´t want to have a war in Europe because of the Ukraine conflict not because I consider myself coward is because I am not fool. european people don’t want that , and we are not prepared for such a thing

    The United States is right now heading towards a new economic depression and when a big crisis like these one appears , many want to get out using the easy way , and that is a big war outside their country ( so they don’t get any destruction and their economy won’t be damaged because of the battles ) and also sell their weapons and military equipments.

    That happened during WW1 and WW2 , Europe, Africa, Asia were damaged ,destroyed but not
    America ( both NorthAmerica (U.S.A , Canada) and SouthAmerica.) They just want usefull fools ,so they can have their war in Europe once again and not in America , so their country would not suffer any destruction and recover rapidly from this new Great Depression , that started not in Europe but in America.

    We on the contrary will see our factories, industries been destroyed , our wealth will be demolished ,the few things that we produce and built reduce to ashes , our economies in bankrupcy because weapon expenses , our countries been force to recibe refugees from eastern european countries and this will be a huge burden for our economies ( we have already to much trouble and costs reciving refugees from Lubya , Syria etc) many deaths.

    If capitalism is the best system ( the least worse some would say ) we don’t need another war to get out of this depression , we need intelligent solutions.

    If the United States wants to fight with Russia , it can do it with the help of their satellites countries , Mexico and all the Central American countries ( Guatemala, Salvador, Belize , Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua) and some south american countries ,british Guyana, Suriname , Chile , Perú, Brasil etc)


  67. avatar

    Tout ce qui pourra ralentir la politique extensioniste de Poutine est bon pour l’Europe

  68. avatar
    Alexander Blums

    I would say no, however I think sufficient amounts of well planned economic aid would be needed. Otherwise it will be hard for a stable government to exist, which in turn would make the country more vulnerable to hybrid warfare.

  69. avatar

    It shouldn’t be given weapons, but who could blame one selling them guns? Of course, giving Ukraine guns is supplying its neo-nazi gangs with guns, but why should the world not do one more stupid thing like that?
    You think it possible for Russia to be defeated by Ukraine? The Russians are condemned to escalate and win by any means necessary, otherwise they would lose their own country. Besides, under the pressure of plummeting energy resources prices, a large scale war might be just the thing for Putin to fight dissent in Russia.

  70. avatar

    No . All possible diplomatic efforts should be made through the UN to solve the Ukraine /Russia disputes . The EU should keep well out of this as they should have done from the start instead of supporting the government coup there which was the ignition to the recent problems . Indeed the EU could maybe help by declaring that the Ukraine will never be considered for EU membership thus removing Russian fears of the west on its doorstep and false expectations of the Ukrainians .

  71. avatar
    Lamborghini P.

    Absolutely no. It’s better not creating further tensions with Russia.

  72. avatar
    Deniz Ender Ümit

    Ukraine has no future with Europe, they are too far from the economic center of europe. Europeans don’t care all that much about Ukrainians either, it might be bad for western interests but Ukraine can be much better off with Russia.

  73. avatar
    Gosse Vuijk

    The UK and US have an obligation to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrety under the Budapest Treaty, so they should give Ukraine all necessary military means to establish its territory again.

  74. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    If you have evidence that Russia send tanks to Ukraine and they try to take more land than EU and US should give weapons for free to Ukraine . If they stop invasion and respect peace than don’t send weapons .

  75. avatar
    Danna Caraian

    NO! It is a civil war, fraticid. Referendum IS HOLY. People have the right to choose if they want to be an idependent region.

  76. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    You better ask; “Should Ukraine be given Ballot Box, so states that want separate from Ukraine could have their independence ?” ;-)

  77. avatar
    Antti Häikiö

    What a question? Giving arms causing peace and balance? Somebody in his/her first summer job? 😀

  78. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture Descayrac

    We should not give weapons to Ukraine, but make a referendum on the Est side as did Vaclav Havel in his wise and anticipating geopolitical understanding. This is a paradox that a president on one hand is promising autonomy that he never gives and with the other hand he is imploring arms. Is he going to fight is own uncontrolled nationalists? (More than several hundreds to 1 millions refugees which have fled to Russia, du to the bombs which always come from paramilitary nationalists, even not controlled by Porochenko) Do we wants more anarchy? Do we want the press, check and confirm the humanitarian issues and these true figures, on the number of east ukrainian russian speaking refugees, loosing everything and going to Russia, make a status on the number of refugees, the civil and familly victims, and finally say it?

  79. avatar
    Tony Fischetti

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko s name but also Russian President Vladimir Putin s. The agreement would have given considerable autonomy to the separatist-controlled Donbas while allowing Ukraine to resecure its border. When it comes to facing Russian President Vladimir Putin, the black-and-white debate descends into Should we impose more sanctions on Moscow?

  80. avatar

    In postwar history, annexation of a part of a sovereign
    country’s territory to aggressor state has no precedent.

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