Diversity_18_integrationIn a 2012 poll, 80-95% of immigrants surveyed from 15 EU cities said they were (or wanted to become) long-term residents. They said they highly valued opportunities to learn the native language (in fact, immigrants generally speak more languages than the average person in their country of residence). A vast majority said they were interested in civic and political participation.

Despite this, the segregation and social exclusion of migrant communities can be a serious problem. In France, for example, there are 717 ‘sensitive urban zones’, mostly in the suburbs of large cities (known as ‘banlieuses‘). These neighbourhoods have twice the national rate of unemployment, over 35% of the inhabitants are below the national poverty line, and over 50% are of foreign origin. Ten years ago, in 2005, tensions boiled over into a series of riots in the banlieuses of Paris and other French cities.

Are efforts to integrate immigrant communities into European society failing? How can immigrants be better supported in their desires to integrate and be involved in their local community? And how can the concerns of European citizens about immigration and integration be addressed?

Curious to learn more about the integration of migrants across Europe? We’ve put together some facts and figures about discrimination, segregation, and integration in the EU in an infographic below (click for a larger image).


We had a comment sent in by Berings, arguing that attempts to integrate immigrant communities in Europe would inevitably be unsuccessful and would lead to rising xenophobia. He believed immigration was having a negative on European society and culture:

citizen_icon_180x180Many people I know do not support the far-right because of economic troubles, they support them because these politicians are the only politicians in touch with reality. No one ever signed up to this horrible ‘diversity’ project.

To get a response, we spoke to Karl-Heinz Florenz, a German Member of the European Parliament who sits with the Christian Democrats. What would he say to Berings?

We also had a comment sent in by Paulo, arguing that it’s fair to expect that immigrants, when they come to countries like France, should adopt French culture, French laws and become French people.

How would Karl-Heinz Florenz respond?

To get another perspective, we also put Paulo’s comment to Dr. Robin Wilson, a leading European policy analyst and expert on intercultural dialogue. What would he say to Paulo?

wilsonWell, this is a very French debate, and I would really encourage Paulo to think more widely on this one. There is still a residual idea in France that the way to deal with diversity is simply not to recognise its existence, and just to say everyone is a ‘citoyen’ the same as any other, and everyone must subscribe to the values of the république, period.

A better way to approach the question of diversity than assimilation has been the notion of interculturalism, which the Council of Europe has developed over the last decade or so. I’ve been one of the people working with the Council of Europe on this paradigm, and the emphasis is on managing diversity in a way that recognises it as a two-way street.

A better way to describe it than Paulo is the way Jürgen Habermas does; that is to say that it is perfectly reasonable for members of minority communities to make special claims, but they must do so in universal language that anybody else can understand and argue with or debate. In that context, I think it is possible to deal with France’s problems of diversity within society, and obviously you’ll be aware of those problems expressed in the banlieues and the riots ten years ago. So, I think that there is a need to go beyond the narrow French debate and to draw language from elsewhere in Europe to find better solutions.

How can Europe better integrate immigrants? How can European countries avoid the segregation and social exclusion of minorities? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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      el pas.

      Gotta say, I know how you feel – what occurred at this site is the general everyday situation in the country where I come from. That obscene way of acting and treating of public property is the majority of our “roma” community’s “normal” behavior.

      Believe me, many people here want to eradicate them somehow, as they are appalled and constantly angered by that attitude and the ugly way it leaves places where they’ve been/gone through looking – from houses they barge into and start living in, to the public transport, etc.

      It’s really disappointing what those people have caused at the memorial site, but just know that here this is literally everywhere you turn, and that’s rather depressing for most of the people around here.

      Unfortunately, to expect respectful attitude from people such as these I am speaking of, is rather naive and silly, just because – rather unfortunately – for the most part, they lack the value system to pay respect to just about anything but their basic biological needs: to sleep, to feed, and to breed (plus partying – they tend to love that around here; not to work though, strangely enough : } ).

      From what I’ve observed thus far, the only way to influence those people, is to get them into education and labor, as well as be incredibly strict with them, and possibly design specific laws that would suit their behavior, because here (Bulgaria) they don’t follow the general rules, don’t obey the law and constantly find ways to “get away with” crimes, such as stealing (including things like electricity, water, gas, etc.), or breaking other norms that all citizens live by.
      It’s a huge burden to our society, the “roma” problem, but their numbers keep growing (as well as their impact), whereas their “integration” is poor. We certainly have lots of work to do there….

      But, in our specific case, for them it seems rather impossible to be implemented in the existing “systems” (educational, juridical, social, etc.) – the only way to influence their community is by involving them into specifically-designed projects that would promote the organization of their whole lives, from a very, very early stage, as with them, basic nurturing/education in societal (state/democratic/civilized) norms and obligations, is a deficit. They have completely different mindsets and don’t find following the rules to be part of their value system.

      Of course, the problem runs much deeper, as they usually tend to live in slums and just have really poor living conditions, and are often associated with crime, but the fact is that even when presented the opportunity to behave “like the rest of society” – get schooled, employed, etc. – they prefer living off of welfare and trespassing the laws instead of integrating. So it’s truly “a cultural thing” – really heavy stuff.

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      don’t ever refer anyone to DM newspaper we all know is owned by Murdoch

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      Ivan Burrows can piss off

      never trust the vulgar newspaper that is the daily mail.

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    Kovács János

    Certainly not with the idea of multiculturalism as one of the main organizing principles of society. With multiculturalism immigrants don’t have to integrate, just live along their own standards and values…

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      el pas.

      Certainly – one of the aims of them coming here is to “learn some new ways”, for sure, and that would help improve their own countries’ state once the wars/terror are over, and the now fleeing people are free to go back home and resume their normal, peaceful lives. The experience and schooling in democratic values that they have the opportunity to obtain by residing in the EU (and being integrated into the hosting society and its affairs, done in an well-organized manner), will help them in building a different, more effective society back home, and actively engage in political concerns when their country is freed of the current “regime” it suffers from.

      But still, multiculturalism is a needed aspect of that integration, as those people should feel as equally “themselves”, as would any other citizen of the country they reside in, although certain cultural traits that those two groups would have will inevitably differ. But that doesn’t mean that immigrants should be denied the right to sustain their culture.

      Not only that, but I believe that residing countries (and the EU in its general policies regarding refugees/immigrants), should demonstrate a respectful interest in the cultural values and traits of those foreigners, and manage programs and ways of helping them, in return, educate the Western societies about Syriac, Afghan, etc. culture and ways of living.

      If they be engaged in such a way, those people would retain their culture and harness it, thus would feel more in contact with their places of origin, and I believe many of them wouldn’t mind going back home wen war is over.
      Such an initiative would also help them feel more accepted in the foreign society, as expressing interest in “the other” is actually truly courteous and helps them feel “at home” even if they’re actually “visitors”, encouraged to learn new ways and live among societies, quite different, in some regards, than the ones they originally came from.

      Dunno if you would agree to that..

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    Rick Wilmot

    There is a solution to the world’s problems. It will take 10 generations of inter-marriage!

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      Stephen Pockley

      That comment has just made me sick

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      So you suggest literally to make all Caucasians extinct as race, right?

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    James Campbell

    The real big issue is the lack of integration of the very cohesive Muslim community into the much less cohesive wider communities of European nations.

    Even if there is goodwill, the process of integration of people from a very different, strongly religious culture is extraordinarily difficult, and in most cases simply does not happen.

    We should be realistic and accept that the integration of Muslims who do not abandon their faith is, in the main, unlikely to happen. Unless we start from this reality on the ground, we are building castles in the air.

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      el pas.

      Well, what if they’re not “radical” islamists, but ordinary believers? Do you think that prevents them from being able to co-exist with people from other religious backgrounds, under the same state policies and in the same (non-Muslim) society?

      I come from a country that has Turks integrated in it “by design” (as a historical consequence of a 500-year slavery period), and though there truly are some radical opinions and agitations against that community, Bulgarian Turks are generally an integral part of Bulgarian society, and they don’t so much as to create impossible amounts of stress for the everyday co-existence between the Orthodox Christians and them to be possible.

      I don’t deny that there are some tensions, especially against the Turkish party that has always been quite influential in the government, and many people dislike the idea of that, stating that this destroys the homogeneity of the nation, but generally the two faiths coexist and Turks are quite integrated into the society – they aren’t much different than Bulgarians at the most part, especially by things like looks, ways of dressing, or even ways of expressing their religious beliefs, as many of them are just as secular as us Europeans are, and don’t hold such a strong sense of members of a Muslim community or anything. We also have a certain community of Muslims that haven’t “abandoned their religious beliefs”, but many of them aren’t being treated as non-believers, or problematic in any way, unless the fact that their votes are being easily bought by the Turkish party, which always ensures its entrance into the government, and people tend to dislike that fact. It may be said that Bulgarian society is more or less tolerant of Muslims and multiculturalism is indeed possible here, as a form of existence at that. (Of course, that specific problem is open for debate, undoubtedly, as it has many implications, etc.)

      I find that, instead, the problem here is the sole idea of “new” people “invading” the territory, as local people are just frightened of change, and also probably can’t imagine how refugees should be treated in the long term: what would they do for a living, how would they “learn our ways”, etc. But that is a thing that could be well enough organized and managed by some general EU regulations, I believe.

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      Ott Toomet

      I agree that the most problematic and visible groups tend to be moslims (at least according to media). However, why do you claim they are “very cohesive”?

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      The main issue is not the religion itself, it’s how devoted they are. As people from less developed areas tend to be, Arabs are more religious. Europe is largely a developed and educated region, this means people don’t care about religion. Technically, Christians too should cover up and not eat pork and a bunch of other things, we just don’t care.

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    Ricardo Costa Silva

    It’s simple integrate better migrants! We have to think they are human beings. The only difference from us is, they are running from war, and stupid dictators.

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      Steve P

      so what ,why should we take them

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      Paul X

      I think you will find that the majority of migrants currently making the headlines are purely economic, not displaced by conflict.
      People escaping war and persecution are refugees and there is a universal obligation regarding them, there is no obligation to someone who just wants to enter your country to make more money than they can get in their homeland

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      Stephen Pockley

      And that is our problem why?.Don’t want to seem harsh but Britain has taken way more than our share and I can tell you it has not been to British benefit at all.Massive civil tensions in most cases leading sometimes to violence .Also why do they want to come to Britain we arnt the first safe haven,yet other countries just them pass through .

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    Nikolas Kalaitzidis

    Ιιιmmigrants ? ???? Are you distracting the logic reality On Purpose??!!! You mean/ I understand / I see refugees all around our Seas in Meditteranean! Europe, should create (Right Away!) at African & Asian coastline and inner continental places Refugee Cities (not camps!!) in close conjuction with the european economic reality and needs and under the command of UN Peacekeeping. Out of those cities and at a later time catalogues should be creatd with “european needs” in Man/Woman/and Brain power !!!

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    Olivier Dutreil

    you mean migrants from europe or migrants from africa . Muslims or christian ? MOST MUSLIMS DONT WANT TO INTEGRATE EUROPE BUT WANT EUROPE TO integrate ISLAMIC STATE. I AM christian i have judeo christian culture i dont want islam in europe ! islam is not tolerant , islam is not pacific ,islam is not tolerant is not a peaceful religion . I WANT ISLAM OUT OF EUROPE

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      I slam

      Amen to that!

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      I can already see that u dont know s**t about islam. I am Christian to but all My friends are muslims u know why i rather han out With them then christians. Islam teaches peace no Killing no threating nothing of that you se is à muslim thing…people that Does it pretends to be muslims. Once upon à time à hacker hacked Banks and earned more Than 400 milion dollars and donated them all to africans (not to many people in africa are muslims). Goverments saw africans feeling good no starwing no deaths so they made so that they find him and hang him…what do u call à muslim that risk his own life to save milions.terrorist,theif?

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      Your logic is utterly wrong, surveys indicate that the vast majority of Muslim refugees/immigrants want to integrate in european societies. I too agree that Islam is not the most peacful religion ever but that doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists or deeply religious people! Most of them are well educated and capable to be incorporated into the work force. I don’t want Islam out of Europe, I want islamophobic rhetoric like yours eliminated.

      31/01/2017 Sayf Shemsuldin Hamid, an Iraqi refugee now working as an Arabic teacher in Brussels, has responded to this comment.

      31/01/2017 Zaid Khalid Mahmood, a 27-year-old musician (and refugee) originally from Mosul in Iraq, has responded to this comment.

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      Jim Panting

      Well said , it is the Islamification of Europe that worries most residents. If they want to integrate let them adopt the local religion as part of the deal. If not they should pick a country that is already Islamic.

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      el pas.

      *thumbs up* Yea.

      It’s a two-way effort, though, as EU citizens can, too, demonstrate much more tolerance, as well as interest in the cultural traits of those different people that come from the terror-ridden zones.

      A sustainable program could be designed that promotes a general method of integration that runs both ways: in both educating the foreigners in “local” (EU/democratic) values and culture, but also in showing interest in, (academically) researching, and simply being curious and accepting, eager to learn more about the ways of those immigrants, where they come from and what their cultures have to offer, that may prove to be intriguing and exciting, not necessarily a threat to the hosting society’s value system, or some argument like that.
      Imagine it as a sort of going on a journey or an expedition (anthropological one), but only the way to “travel” into the new culture is not by spatially crossing land, but rather by communicating with people coming from those lands; people who are already stressed by the terrors of war they’d gone through, and who’re trying to cope with a new (and not entirely accepting, at this point) reality: it would be comforting for them to speak about themselves and play out their personalities, what they feel as “themselves” (not specifically as “Muslims” or anything, but as “individuals”, though, yes, to some extent that would include their religious beliefs, as they inevitably define their cultural backgrounds; but it’s not limited to that), rather than feel alienated and negated because of their differences.

      That don’t mean they wouldn’t be encouraged to learn the local customs and ways (of thinking/being) as well. As I already said – it’s a two-way thing/process. But, from the viewpoint of successful integration, the best tactic to influence somebody is to make them feel comfortable and accepted, and also it’s only general courtesy showing interest in your “guests”. ;)

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Dan Florin
      EU values!? Corruption, lies and hate?!

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      el pas.

      By “EU values” I myself would suggest things like “democracy”, “equality”, “human rights”, etc.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @El Pas.
      UK and then Commonwealth values, then EU values…

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    Ívаn Lązóv

    If you want to be part of a certain society you should accept the rules there and try (do your best) to align with them – not walking on the streets and shouting about your religion and differences! I think EU should give those guys a choice – you want to stay here – okay – these are our rules – keep them! If you don’t want – get the heck out of here! As simple as that :)

    • avatar
      el pas.

      “not walking on the streets and shouting about your religion and differences”

      Seems legit. Though I don’t believe many of those people intend on conquering the EU in order to promote Islamic beliefs; rather, it feels like they seek a place to live, ’cause they can’t exist where they came from, because of constantly being under the attacks of terror there.

      Of course, coming here (to the EU, or anywhere else really), they would have to follow some general rules, as all citizens of the state they’ve been accepted into do – as every member of that society should, in fact. But that gives them equal rights to express themselves (their individuality) as well. That shouldn’t necessarily be done in a provocative or “loud” (in any sense) way, but it ought to be tolerated, accepted, as well as, to an extent, promoted: as a hosting society, we should express interest in our “guests'” culture, as well as “educate” them in our own ways. Don’t you agree?

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    Ferenc Lázár

    The only way to integrate is make them aware that once they came to European society, they have to respect and follow the cultural, religious, social and all other laws of these societies! When Europeans emigrated to U.S.A and south America- not so long ago- they had to follow those rules of their new home countries..

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      el pas.

      Religious? Oh, come on, if I am a Buddhist and come to an EU country, do you honestly believe that I have to change my religion in order to stay and live there? Nah, didn’t think so. “Respect” and “follow” are two very different things. For me “respect” is the actually necessary one, with the other being problematic. You can’t make ’em follow your religion, simply because they came to live where you do. And that shouldn’t be a bother to you, if they follow all other general rules, and treat you, your culture, and religion with the due respect – the same way that you should treat theirs.

      Religious beliefs could well enough co-exist – it ain’t necessary for them to clash, only ’cause they come from different backgrounds. (Not to mention that in Spirituality many more things unify people from different religions, rather than separate them. It all boils down to some “Universal” values, to which “human rights” may well enough be added. And let’s not forget that this is the main reason for those people to flee from their own lands – the lack of freedom to exercise their basic human rights, such as peace, and – rather brutal, but true nevertheless – life, their existence itself.)

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    Toni Muñiz

    Migrants need to integrate, not Europe integrate them. There is a difference. The first step to better integrate inmigrants is to screen them before they enter. If you plan to integrate people who come ilegally I have news for you. Next, don’t force their culture or religions upon natives, as is being done now. They must accept our cultures and respect our religions, which a huge mayority do not. And don’t provide welfare for them. A migrant that wants to integrate will not want to live off welfare, we don’t want welfare migrants either, which we have many. And this point of view is from a migrant who integrated into the USA and has become a US citizen. One of the first things the US asked when doing our paperwork to enter legally was to sign an affidavit that we would never live off the welfare system and needed to prove we had enough money to sustain ourselves in the US. This was in 1980 and things have changed, not for the better.

    • avatar
      el pas.

      “One of the first things the US asked when doing our paperwork to enter legally was to sign an affidavit that we would never live off the welfare system and needed to prove we had enough money to sustain ourselves in the US.”

      That is brilliant, but, then, what about all those refugees from the Middle East/African countries, who do not have the financial ability, nor the education needed to “sustain themselves”? What should they do? I do not wish to argue, but the truth is many of those people are poor, which nevertheless does not make them lesser people.

      The more important aspect is that they don’t just occasionally travel to Europe to seek “the better life” of an “American dream” of a type, but have, in most cases, been physically (and brutally) forced to flee from a land that is terrorized by organized groups, oppression, and wars. It’s not a matter of choice for them, they just try to find a place they can exist peacefully in.

      Truly, their integration must be well regulated, so that both their, and the rights to equality of the local members of society/the state be honored. Integration can not be a one-sided process; never. First there must be acceptance, as well as a genuine interest in the “other”, for the process of “communication” between the two parts to happen. And that means for “us” to respect the differences of those “others” as well, treating them as equals, and treating their cultures as equally important as our own, not merely demanding that they did so to us, as a hosting country.

      We may as well learn things for and from them, since they’ve come to our premises, not merely expect them to come and “learn our ways”, or become different people. They would change in the process, for sure, but they have the right to retain their sense of individuality, and that is a basic human right of theirs, too.

      And, what do you mean by “forc[ing] their culture or religions upon natives, as is being done now”? Where I come from there ain’t no such thing as that, and refugees are just some dark shadows that pass through the media as “news”, regarding metrics: statistics, numbers of “how many” have been caught by the police (legally or illegally) crossing the borders, etc, but never regarding their individuality, or their cultures.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ivan Burrows
      Well said!

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    Patricia López Muñoz

    I think it’s necessary to promote a big Plan of integration, but it must include to native population and migrants. The native population need to understand the new situation (maybe native would be migrants in future,too) and migrants have to understand there are rules to accept. And what about second-generation migrants? They would have the same rights that natives…but not to loose the identity. MORE AWARENESS IS NECESSARY AT PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS

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      el pas.

      *thumbs up*

    • avatar
      Joe Thorpe

      If they stopped behaving like animals & their kin stopped murdering non believers with terrorist acts we wouldnt need to treat them as though we expect them to be Terrorists & Murderers Oh & you forgot to mention Rapists & Paedophiles which a disproportionate number of this section of society has been engaged in in parts of the UK

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      Merci … Best reply I’ve seen so far .

    • avatar

      @Costi that is the best comment I’ve seen to date Merci. Moderator please remove comment on Joe’s reply made in error.

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    Jean Pierre Ellul

    first we must make sure that the immigrants want to integrate into a European culture and way of living including country traditions and way of life. immigrants must want to become part of the new society they are living in. Secondly they must be dispersed through out the land and large clusters avoided as not to create ghettos. when a large group of migrants take over an area they will not integrate. they will bring their couture to that section of the city this will be problematic for both the locals and the immigrants. we can not for the sake of integration let the locals become the minority because they will become scared of the new way of life and thus giving a culture shock to the locals. imigrants must keep in mind they are in a new land with different customs and they chose to live here so they are the ones who need to be educated and learn to live according to the new culture they are set in and not the locals.

    • avatar
      el pas.

      “locals become the minority because they will become scared of the new way of life and thus giving a culture shock to the locals”

      For our part (here in Bulgaria) thus far, the most frightening thing for locals is the sole fact that “someone” is to come and settle somewhere within the premises of the country, regardless of the details and actual aspects of their cultural background. I dare say that here people negate the Middle-East crisis refugees “by default”, not knowing anything about them, their cultural values, or even the personal reasons they’d left their homelands; people here tend to judge on the basis of prejudice rather than reason, which is unhealthy.

      The (mainly Syriac) refugees we’d accepted since the beginning of the immigrant wave from the Middle East, haven’t demonstrated any disturbing attitudes, nor have they paraded their identities/cultural differences in some way thus far. But Bulgarians still largely know nothing about Syria, its people and its culture, as well as (and that is quite shameful) about the true dimensions of the crisis that forces those people to flee their countries, and “keeps them coming” (especially the personal stories of the people who were terrorized by oppression and war in many different ways; alas, those “details”, locals here are turning a blind eye to – depersonalizing those human beings as merely a “threat to the local/national/European/etc. security or stability”, they overlook the fact that the people they negate didn’t choose to come here by freedom of choice, but were made to “run for their lives”, which I nevertheless find rather obvious a reason why European countries should be accepting of them and should make ways to better their integration into our society https://www.hrw.org/report/2015/06/25/mediterranean-migration-crisis/why-people-flee-what-eu-should-do).

    • avatar
      el pas.

      Not that simple, mate. Imagine you got “sent back” somewhere schools are getting bombed on a daily basis and people are afraid leaving their houses for whatever reason, as well as have no land to grow crops onto, ’cause everything around them is threatening their existence – mines, bombs, grenades, terrorists,……. Sucks, don’t it? Wouldn’t wanna go back there ’till it’s all over, ney? I know I wouldn’t.

    • avatar
      el pas.

      That truly sucks, and of course it is an actual threat, but even so it doesn’t justify a generally negative (in the sense @Costi Ciudin suggests) attitude towards all refugees from the Middle-Eastern/African countries. Right?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Jean-Michel Ober
      Let them assimilate by adopting Northern EU standards – not endemically corrupt Southern EU/Latin standards.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Flavio Sousa
      ‘Give’ them a decent job? Are you the fairy job mother?

    • avatar
      el pas.

      @Tarquin Farquhar

      Oh well, even though that objection is quite accurate, I still think that at least people can think in the direction of (somehow) implementing such people as workforce for their businesses, or certain projects people they might know are in progress of developing, let’s say, and thus helping them make use of their time(*). And still, having that “thread” (line of thought) in mind would surely increase the chances for finding a resolution to that problem (because, let’s be honest about it, employment is really problematic, and as equally important a thing for those “newcomers”, who want to become part of the local “system”, instead of being a “ghost figure”).

      (*) I speak out of personal observations over one of the refugee camps in the city I reside in, which is located just around the corner to my living quarters, and instead of being engaged in any activities, those people spent the entire time on the lawns outside the tightly-packed building, just “catching the sun”, but I’m sure some of them would have gladly went to work, in order to earn some money and feel useful, if they had the opportunity.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @El Pas
      What racist pap!

  12. avatar
    Jan Peter Schoffer Petricek

    1. overseeing the regular school-attendance of the immigrants’ children, 2. better educating the local indigenous population, 3. strict application of the rule of law!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Jan………great idea!

      Give every none EU family an EU pc nanny, every school an EU pc teacher, every village an EU pc village police man and subtract all these costs from ALL the EU pc politicians (income tax subsidized) salaries- starting at Mr. pc Junker with all his pc think tank collaborators incl all pc 750 LESS-EU skeptic parliamentarians.

  13. avatar
    Jan Peter Schoffer Petricek

    1. overseeing the regular school-attendance of the immigrants’ children, 2. better educating the local indigenous population, 3. strict application of the rule of law!

    • avatar
      Steve P

      No thanks to the educating the indigenous people UK is full we dont want them

  14. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    Many european must accept that they can not expect a prefered status just because they are «nationals». However, it is up to the migrants to integrate; and many do not want to integrate. Too many migrants come to europe to subvert our civilization, insteat of integrating it. THOSE are a problem that europe hasn’t yet come to terms with.

  15. avatar
    Rosa Sunna

    How can Europe better integrate politicians? Because as it is now, politicians live in their own parallel world with no connection to reality!

  16. avatar
    catherine benning

    First border control must refuse any migrants from outside Europe unless they have formally and legally applied to come here. Therefore an offshore location to do this must be set up.

    During their stay they must be seen to be and taught the lifestyle and expectations of Europes social views, especially in respect of FGM, arranged marriages, honour killing, homosexual human rights, secularism, sexual age of consent, equality of the sexes, animal slaughter, the extremes of religions being unacceptable, including Voodoo mutilation and killing, carrying weapons, the law on alcohol and pork. The rights of women not to be covered in any part of their body except their intimate areas. To have their hair waving in the wind and the rights to have sex with men they choose, regardless of their connection to them. One night stands, kissing in the street, swimming in communal pools of both sexes together. And that if they cannot accept these social activities it is better they choose another continent to raise their children and live their lives. And to prove they are joining this society, with open arms and honesty, to start right away to adhere to such behaviour in the environment they are placed whilst awaiting for acceptance. And inform them they will have to live that way for several years before entry.

    To medically testeach of them to keep a tab on how many have contageous illness as well as long term conditions that will need medical help for life. If they are suffering from mental illness and to run a criminal profile on each and every one before they are allowed to enter Europe at all.

    That they can speak the language of the country they will be settled in, and that they are capable of working full time from day one. To tell them that they will have to be in Europe once they are given right to reside for at least a minimum of seven years of no criminal convictions, otherwise they will be deported without redress the minute they are found guilty of any crime.

    That having family already in Europe does not give them the right to reside. They must be taught that abusing children under European law is unacceptable and they must live their life accordingly or again, be deported with their entire family. That they once again will have no redress should they not accept these conditions.

    No social housing for seven years, no welfare benefits ditto, no free health cover ditto. And on and on until they have paid their way applicably.

    On the other hand, European migrants must receive the same welfare rights in each of their countries of origin before they can apply for any kind of benefit from the state they move to. And that must be for the duration of their own state’s inadequate policies. No matter how many years they take.

    Thgis would be a good start, I am sure there are many more could be added by those who visit this website.

  17. avatar
    Mike Oxlittle

    It is not the business of Europe to try to integrate immigrants.It’s up to immigrants to integrate into Europe.

  18. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Ivan Burrows, even the single nation states have their own values, just as U.K. has, and we also share some common values, for example being human, being christian, celebrating Christmas and we always oppose and fight against tyranny! These are common European values which don’t really exist in Asia or Africa- so being an eurosceptic myself, doesn’t mean that i deny some common values we share! We should fight together against E.U. Commission tyranny and their unelected leaders, should fight for a 27 free member states Europe as it was planned at the beginning! I believe there is no other future for U.K. as well or your nation will vanish among Asian and African immigrants..

    • avatar
      Steve P

      We wont vanish among asian and african .The bad feeling towards all things foriegn is starting to rise in Britain now ,which is unfortunate.But that is the way it is we will simple close our borders ,and life will become very difficult for them.

  19. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    Integration implies clear values. Most countries in the EU think that to integrate immigrants one has to abdicate from the countries values.

  20. avatar
    James Campbell

    We can talk about how to ensure integration until the cows come home but it hasn’t happened for the last 50 years among most Muslims. Why should it get better now? Over this time, Europe has become less cohesive and immigrant ghettoes have mushroomed. New laws won’t effect serious change by themselves. We are way beyond that.

  21. avatar
    Jivko Danev

    there is a critical number of mass, the problem is that eu is not ruled by the eu…

  22. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Yes Vicente Silva Tavares, – it would be high time all disconnected EU myrmidons would read more Shari’a doctrine instead EU pc suicidal brainwash!
    Quote: Islam permits devout Muslims to lie, cheat, and deliberately bluff non-Muslims to protect or promote his religion of Islam, anytime, anywhere. And this tactic is know as “Islamic Taqiyya” (read: Islamic deception), and was originally used by the Prophet of Islam to fool, and later subjugate and destroy enemies of Islam. As Prophet of Islam repeatedly asserted: “War is a deception” and with this holy-tactic, Prophet of Islam established his most intolerant religion of violence (by 80 plus bloody battles) which he later named as: “religion of peace”!


    It exposes the EU 28’s overall trajectory into eternal unhappiness, instead allow a grouping of max. 17 happiest European countries into a more sensible HAPPY union. http://worldhappiness.report/

  23. avatar
    Rui Correia

    We can’t…
    How can Europe better integrate immigrants, if we are still migrating ourselves between European countries, struggling to survive???

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ilias Xerovasilas
      You ARE oversimplifying.

    • avatar
      Olaf Erikssen

      I am from Canada and even here we are not managing to integrate teh Mahometans. It is amazing that a culture which manages to screw up every place they take over, feels itself suprior to others and thinks that we should submit to their dark practices.

  24. avatar
    Wahid Khaan

    Well I’m sure that if Europeans were able to integrate themselves into lands in South America, Central America, North America, Australasia, and the Pacific, the Europeans will have no problems integrating other peoples from those lands into Europe!

    • avatar
      James Campbell

      Europeans colonised those lands, driving out and killing many natives. European culture was then imposed. This is not an example of cultural integration.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Łëø Rąffaelę Dønadeö
      Yes quite right – ONE language, ONE law (common-law) and one set of values – ie the values of Northern EU net contributing countries and NOT the Club Med countries.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      Or dont do it at all,UK needs to leave and leave now.

  25. avatar

    I think the problem is much more fundamental,In order to integrate there must be room in the countries the migrants want to live in.
    In Britain we have a chronic housing shortage,overcrowded schools,excessive demand on health care provision,we have reach peak car,that is our roads are choked with traffic.
    Where exactly do these imigrants think they are going to live,we have already got a ludicrous situation of migrants being housed in hotels and guest houses.
    Its not about integration ,its about sheer living space.
    Finally to all you bleeding heart liberals,before screaming “human rights” please be good enough to address the above points

  26. avatar
    Alexandra Botea

    By treating them as people with equal rights and obligations, same as any other citizen of the destination country. Stop being racist, or just plain old xenophobic. That should do the trick.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Alexandra Botes:

      Your post sounds like an excuse for, open door, anyone will do, politically correct nonsense to me. Why is that? Why do you feel the European tax payer should foot the bill for this kind of acceptance of all and sundry regardless of their worth and cost? What is your agenda?

      And lastly,m if you feel Europe is not the place for you, as it has standards for the tolerance it offers, why don’t you think about living on other continents where the lifestyle that suits you best is practiced? You know those wonderful places outside of Europe where you can do as you please with no expectations of responsibility are placed on you to live by.

  27. avatar
    el pas.

    I truly believe that refugees should be more openly accepted in EU societies, despite troubles inhabitants of the EU countries may have about “having” them here.

    Many of those people are, in fact, no more different than us here – they have dreams, aspirations, emotions and wishes, like the one to get educated, or simply to live in peace – those basic human rights that people, living in peaceful societies are regularly neglecting as really valuable, though they are such, as they make up a person’s life (but unfortunately, one clearly understands that only once deprived of it, or if in direct contact with such a crisis, as the one the world is facing today, and that is the cause for the current debate – war, oppression, terrorism).

    If one is having such thoughts, let them just imagine life in those war-ridden zones from the perspective of any of those refugees – as though they were a citizen in such an area themselves. What would they do then? What would they want? Most likely the same as those refugees that they so much negate and, in a sense, are frightened of now, and don’t want to tolerate and accept in their own societies/countries at this point.

    It’s really refreshing obtaining that perspective, ’cause otherwise we’re just being narrow-minded. Get a glimpse at what refugees tell interviewers from the Human Rights Watch: https://www.hrw.org/report/2015/06/25/mediterranean-migration-crisis/why-people-flee-what-eu-should-do

    Things like that quote are really capable of putting one to their senses, if they negate those people’s right to seek asylum and flee from those devastatingly war-torn regions they come from. Please, read on:

    “A 15-year-old Afghan boy we interviewed shortly after his arrival on Lesbos said his parents borrowed money to send him to a better, freer future:

    I was born in Iran, two years after my parents left Kabul after the Taliban took power. In Tehran, we lived like small animals in our home. We were afraid to go out. We had no documentation. You could not walk in the streets. If they catch you, they will deport you to Afghanistan. Refugees are also not allowed to study in university in Iran, so I decided for my future to go somewhere else. I didn’t want to go back to Afghanistan. Every day we heard about suicide bombings and someone or some group of people losing their life, even in Kabul. Everyday there is a bomb blast. If I went back there, I imagine a dark future. If I have a chance to continue my studies, I want to become a doctor or an engineer. I just want to have a chance to continue my education, nothing more. [32]”

    It’s a real problem that Europe doesn’t have a general concept of how to deal with the immigrants. Of course it’s clear that this isn’t an easy-to-solve issue, but still, some general (common/global) solutions/ideas should be set for all of the EU, and every country ought to participate in accepting those people and aiding them in the best possible way. I believe this should be funded by the EU funds in some generally set scheme, applied to every member of the Union.

    What those people need, in my view, is not merely a place to live, but truly learning a foreign language (in my viewpoint the best choice is to opt for English, simply because it’s the most commonly used language in the world today, and refugees speaking it can operate freely even outside of their country of residence that has accepted them as immigrants into its premises) and by that being able to (and also encouraged to do so, again by a commonly set EU programme/frame) participate more fully in the community, which means, to some of those people, to adopt additional (different from their own) cultural values and perspectives.
    That is crucial for the later development of those communities and the future of those people and the countries they come from, because, i believe, getting schooled into better politically, economically, legally, etc. organised countries/societies, and being engaged in those foreign ideas and structures of thought/ways to act (set by the law, or by cultural values), will help promote a faster resolution to the wars and crisis in the regions where those refugees come from, as many of them undoubtedly wouldn’t mind, having the proper education and support, to actively participate in EU/wolrd policies and actions against the war and terrorism in the area, as well as to go back to their homes once the life-threatening conditions are overcome (that would undoubtedly happen sooner or later, even if years may pass in the fight for that freedom); and when freedom comes, well-schooled people are going to be needed to head those states and bring them to better development, preventing the same fate as many of the African and Arab countries face now – oppressive governments, or other forms of terror against the basic human rights of whole nations/peoples at a time.

    So, in response to the question posed by Paulo, yes, refugees should certainly be schooled in the cultural values of accepting countries: in the EU values, in the democratic values, human rights values, etc. That is what they are coming to “us” for, and not merely “to save their lives” and “sit around waiting to be fed by our countries”, or some sort of such ridiculous argument some people tend to pose into the open when the refugee debate breaks open in certain accepring countries (my personal example is from Bulgari, where I come from, and where there have been many attacks against accepting immigrants with locals refusing to reside in a single village with Syriac people, which lead to those people being transferred to a different village, although some of them had already paid their rents, with no “return” policy – simply put, they were cheated, their money was taken and then they got kicked out of the village, called Rozino. It was an ugly and shameful act, in my view.)
    No. Rather, we should make a well-organized scheme for treating those same asylum-seekers, such that would cover not merely their accommodation, but promote that same (cultural) integration process, as many of them are actually wanting to learn and develop (and this is their human right as well), and surely harness the wish to be capable of influencing the state of things at their home-countries, if given the chance to do so in some peaceful manner; and what is better than being educated and knowing of some forms of state policies and organization that could be applied there; of ways of thinking that promote economic, cultural, etc. development, in the way that those same people would eagerly engage in the re-building of their own countries once they’re freed of the death-threats war and terrorism pose onto people there at this point in time.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      Well let the EU countries with low population take them UK is full,but we must then stop them travelling on to the UK then.

    • avatar

      How about this for an honest answer: we do not want them. Period.

    • avatar

      That’s what the Include Network http://www.includenetwork.eu is starting languages a a support for social and active integration

    • avatar

      I absolutely agree with you, especially with education part of yyour comment. I am sure that educating the immigrants and I might add to some extent the locals – in terms of multi-cultural coexistance – can be an important solution.
      At the some time, many do not realize that Europe has a serious demographic crisis, namely the population, especially in western and northern Europe as well as in the former socialist countries , is getting older and older and less and less younger generation is there support this up-sidedown demogration tree. It seems that without extensive immigration, Europe’s population will dramatically decrease in the next 3-4 decades. This will effect Europe’s pension system: because in most countries you don’t pay your own future pension but the older generation’s. So, if there’s less and less younger generation, who is going to pay our pension? We simply need to boost up the young generation part of the “age tree”, or else the whole pension system will collapse in certain countries….

    • avatar

      @ Marcel The world isn’t yours. You might not want them near you but that’s simply not up to you to decide.
      Look at it from this perspective: We’re all humans born on earth and we have a right to live where we want to, as long as we intent to coexist peacefully.

      How about this for an honest answer: try to coexist peacefully or *you’re* part of the problem. Period.

  28. avatar
    Zbigniew Jankowski

    There are many reasons and types of immigration, which is also a form of isolation. Therefore there is no prescription for integration.

  29. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    show off to the world how your country celebrates Diwali and Chinese new year or nothing hill carnival, yet blame all the ills and flaws of politicians and the host country on immigrants and migrants :)

  30. avatar
    Lesley McDade

    Stop the illegal immigrants by getting them to write their life story and do a CV in the country they want to reside in’s language – then they can be assessed and processed. They will be given a reason why they are not acceptable to the host country if they fail the test. If they make the test and pass then they should be processed to areas of need for their skills or to rural areas where there are places in schools for children, not to much demand on the hospitals and public services and they should be given a temporary passport for their host country of 5 years minimum. In that time they can work or do education and training to upskill. At the end of 5 years they should be re-assessed and if they pass they should get a permanent passport otherwise they should be returned to their own country as upskilled people who should be prepared to do reciprocity with their host country so that they can train and upskill their own people. This would assist third world development.

    The host country should create call centres out of international aid funding – charity starts at home – where people of different nationalities can learn to do business with their country in their own language and assist the host country to do exports and distribution agreements.

    If illegal immigrants have successfully reached European shores there is nothing to suggest that they have done so for the purpose of being a failure – so some ways need to be found to assist them to be successful for the host country. Turn a potential burden into a benefit and an asset to a country and the world. Everyone at the end of the day is a human being.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      Or just stop helping them reach the European shores ,that would be a start

    • avatar
      Ott Toomet

      “in the country they want to reside in’s language…” If you ask people with different langugage background to communicate in your native language, you can hardly be on equal foot. You will always be better in communication and hence in an advantaged position. In this sense more English use might help a bit.

  31. avatar
    Lesley McDade

    Every European Countries international aid fund could be used to do – charity at home. So for example countries like Greece, Italy, France, Germany that are destination areas for migrants could use the fund to build hostels and processing centres. It is not acceptable in 21st century for Calais to have a tent city which has been there for more than 10 years. That is inhumane. If some of the international aid budget was done to process people via charity at home, it would mean business to all the little supply agencies that are currently having to deal with the problem. Yesterday on the news it said that 150 immigrants caused disruption to the railways – this is a cost burden to the tax payers of France including to their police and security as well as the railways. This all has to be paid for so set up a proper processing centre – give the immigrants access to computers and telephones which you can monitor for security reasons – give the processing centre second hand books so that immigrants have something to do during the day instead of disrupting convoys of lorries and getting into areas they should not be.

  32. avatar
    Theodoros Kondakos

    By stop selling weapons to Africa and Asia.Thats the best and safest way. Also, since we finish messing with our own cases here in Europe, we should start helping Africans to stop the civil wars which we ( Europeans) and Americans created at the first place.

  33. avatar
    Theodoros Kondakos

    By stop selling weapons to Africa and Asia.Thats the best and safest way. Also, since we finish messing with our own cases here in Europe, we should start helping Africans to stop the civil wars which we ( Europeans) and Americans created at the first place.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      Think you will find ,most weapons in africa are bought of the Chinese (i.e. Chinese AK replicas)

  34. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    End the idiotic Schengen area and enforce the Dublin agreement with extreme prejudice.

  35. avatar
    Alex Borg

    Design a structured programme about norms, laws, customs, do’s and donts about living in the EU, including and especially human rights. We have to make them understand that these norms were the result of struggles, wars and social conquests, and that they therefore cannot expect to continue with norms representative of the subjugation of women and children, that are out of touch with secular Europe. If they don’t like it they should not migrate to the EU.

  36. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    It’s impossible.They are too many.In Greece we suffer because they are the immigrants and reffuges too many.We are a very poor country and we can’t ever feed ourselves.The economy of Europe is not in the best shape.The only way to help them is by making their countries a safe place to live.

  37. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    Who cannot integrate? Muslims and Roma Indians from South-Eastern Europe. Why can’t they integrate? Because they think they are greater humans who deserve the privilege to impose their values on others. Many of them think Europeans are stupid and are not worthy of their respect. This is why Muslim immigrants have to be informed in advance about the laws, the culture, what is acceptable and what not in Europe, so they can decide if this clashes with their beliefs, in which case they should be denied entry. With Roma gypsies the only sensible repatriation can be to India where they came from 1000 years ago, however this is not possible now as they have European citizenship. This is why the best way to integrate them would be to apply the law to them strictly – arrest them and sentence them to unpaid work or prison every time they violate public order or the law in any way, for example making illegal camps in parks, desecrating memorials or graves, pickpocketing, etc. At the moment those criminals are not persecuted which is why they continue their criminal lifestyles and are like a cancer to any European society, but particularly damaging for Bulgaria and Romania. There have even been protests recently in Bulgaria against the tolerance of Roma crimes by the authorities. The problem with Roma integration in South-Eastern Europe is as serious and potentially explosive as the problem with Muslim integration in Western Europe. The answer to that is applying the law strictly to anyone who does not respect it, regardless of their cultural or religious grounds. These are simply used as an excuse to violate European laws which cannot continue to be tolerated.

  38. avatar
    Theoni Kapeta

    Is this question in regards to the refugee problem in Italy and Greece? I thought the Free roaming was more important. These people whether they be immigrants or refugees are foremost people and they need to be treated like human beings. They need to be helped by providing them shelter, food and a chance to survive. I am sure that in Germany, Austria and Belgium there are more than enough resources to help in this matter. But foolish me. What am I saying Germany Belgium and Austria are more concerned about destroying Europe. Immigrants and refugees do not have ID’s and they can’t pay taxes.

    04/10/2017 Peter Hacker, Refugee Coordinator of the City of Vienna, has responded to this comment.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      But where do you draw the line?…because no matter how charitable you think we should be there is a saturation point where a country just physically cannot take any more people (though the country will be financially crippled long before that)

      The more you look after them the more that will want to come, it will never end as long as they keep breeding and see a better life in another country

      I don’t know what your vision of a “good” European country is, but I hope to god I’m no longer around to experience it

  39. avatar
    Fernanda de Oliveira

    Solving the cause and not the effects. And the cause is Europe and the USA’s exploitation of the country where immigrants come from.

  40. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Stop illegal migration and screen and control legal migration. So only people that will integrate are allowed in.

  41. avatar
    Paul X

    The solution is not to make things better for people who run away from from their home country but to help them sort out their country so they can stay there, otherwise the stream of refugees will never end.

    The UK has is the second largest provider of overseas aid after the US, maybe the rest of the EU should stop whining about the UK’s attitude to immigrants and start putting their money with their mouth is

  42. avatar
    Steffen Ehrecke

    Get them to learn the language and let them enter the job market. If they have sets of skills recognize them and if need be certificate them. In short history teaches me, that those empires that tried desperately to keep others at bay eventually collapsed. Those that made use of the newcomers and saw them as an asset instead of a risk prospered.

  43. avatar
    Paul Galliano

    For all of Europe’s high minded idealism, and criticism of the United States for being racist I can’t help but think that Europe’s problem with racism and xenophobia runs much deeper. I think that the problem is that many countries choose to have a static national identity that presents an “either or” choice for immigrants between their native culture and the culture of the European country they live in. This comes as opposed to allowing imigrants to integrate their native culture into their European identity so that they do not see themselves as outsiders. For all of the United States’s flaws, this is something that we do better than Europe (though you would not know by our media, which is trapped in an image of America which is 50 years out of date). Because we do not juxapose immigrant’s cultural identity with being American it makes integration easier. This is why for example: my girlfriend who was born in Vietnam identifies as strongly with being an American as I do, myself being third generation born in the USA.

    But what do I know after all I am just a “dumb American”.

    • avatar
      Ott Toomet

      I have been foreigner both in Europe and US. Agree with you.

      What you call the “static national identity” immediately puts foreigners in a disadvantaged position, on top of imperfect language skills.

      US is also more heterogeneous and more mobile and so americans are more used to communicate to people with different background. I would also stress language advantage here—people understand English even if spoken with an impossible accent. For most European languages this is not true.

    • avatar

      There is no ‘European identity’. And where our culture is superior, we most certainly should not ‘adjust’ ours to that of immigrants who come from cultures where women are considered inferior, or where a 7th century warmonger and murderer is glorified as the ‘perfect man’.

  44. avatar
    Joe Ugly

    It can’t. They need to be returned to their countries of origin, as they are too many to be absorbed now…

  45. avatar
    Ott Toomet

    The question above can be undeerstood in many different ways. “Immigrants” is a very heterogeneous group with very different interests and capabilities for integration. The “culture of the host country” is also a wide mixture of very different people.

    In terms of social integration—I would like to look at the existing success stories and try to generalize from that. My own experience suggests that being away from home and friends (in particular for natives) makes people more willing to communicate. There should be plenty of opportunity to talk and common problems to solve. Mixed workteams may function like that. Do not enstrengthen the divide by placing natinves in one and immigrants in another group.

  46. avatar
    Henri Masson

    Unua historiisto de Esperanto, Adam Zakrzewski (1856-1921) kutimis respondi en Esperanto al tiuj, kiuj opiniis, ke Esperanto estas mortnaskita :

    “Mi ĉiam opinias, ke lingvo mortinta estas estas tiu, kiun oni ne plu uzas por ĉiutagaj bezonoj. Vi ja vidas, ke Esperanto vivas, ĉar mi uzas ĝin por diri al vi, ke vi ne estas tre spritaj“.

    Premier historien de l’espéranto, Adam Zakrzewski (1856-1921) avait l’habitude de répondre en espéranto à ceux qui pensaient que l’espéranto était une langue morte :

    “Je pense toujours qu’une langue morte est celle que l’on n’utilise plus pour les besoins quotidiens. Vous voyez certes que l’espéranto vit parce que je l’utilise pour vous dire que vous n’êtes pas très spirituels“.

  47. avatar

    I cannot understand why people leave a country in turmoil (mainly from the East) to live a better life, and then want to recreate all the turmoil in their new country. If you come to the UK, you need to respect that this is a traditionally christian country with christian values that you are moving to. We dont want to become islamic, we dont need to be muslims, we are very happy westerners living in a western society that is our home. If you dont like our way of life, dont come here. Stay put in your own chaotic cultural led countries

  48. avatar

    Well you could start by reinstating the borders of European countries so we know where immigrants are in the first place . Also adhere to international accords like the Dublin agreement on refugees . These two steps will halt the thousands of displaced people wandering around Europe . It will also allow European countries to better manage the numbers they take in as it is only by managing numbers that integration is possible

  49. avatar

    Integration doesn’t exist. Take the example of the turkish population that live in Germany. They came here in the 60’s and they are still not integrated. Even among the young turkish people that were borne in Germany and speak the language perfectly. They don’t have any german friends and they prefere to stick to their own family and traditions. I am myself an immigrant and eventhoug I speak the language, have a respectable job, I only feel tolerated. I came from East Europe, I am a medical doctor and a christian. My cultural background ist not that different than the german’s, I respect the laws of the country, I pay Taxes and contribute to the society and my religious beliefs are identical to theirs. So where’s the problem? The truth ist that the “native” population refuses to integrate the “strangers”, so the only option is to stik to your own kind because there is the only place where one can find acceptance. So how it’s going to work out with the refugees from Syria and Iran?…

    • avatar
      Ott Toomet

      Lot of truth in it… This is a group that causes only few issues and hence we don’t hear about their problems. But what you describe seems to be rather common.

      There was a nice article some years ago about professionals with Turkish background in the Netherlands. They did not managed to get accepted into the Dutch mainstream society, they did not want to get “integrated” into the Dutch low-skilled Turkish community, and hence many of them ended up moving to Istanbul.

  50. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    So if the whole world wants to come to Europe……we accept ? That’s a strange policy or no policy at all.How can Europe survive with all of these things.If Europe wants to get destroyed, do it ,it’s democracy but stay away from us with your ridicilous European laws.

  51. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    Simple, build them , mosques, wear burkas and they will feel at home, and by the way, remove any crucifix from schools and public places such as Government Departments…… In a Few Years… We will Be Emigrating !!!

  52. avatar
    Gabčik Kubiš

    Again with the same question? Immigrants are the ones who need to integrate themselves, not the other way around.
    If you chose to move to another country you also accept to follow their rules and cultures, you cannot really pretend anything.

  53. avatar
    Anuja Punj Prashar

    A whole new rethink and approach is required. The mass migration of 21st C (which I believe is only just beginning) is not simply a European issue. It is a world issue because mass migration is occurring in many parts of the world.

    I also think simply taking people in without a planned & structured integration program which supports & encourages asylum seekers to become productive citizens will generate challenges. Integration must be a 2 way process. The scenes from Eastern Europe is an example of how hostile treatment towards refugees is not helping anyone!

    EU is best placed to lead on the global discussion in terms of legitimacy (as effective transnational practitioners) & urgency ( We are unable to stem the tide of mass movement, without going against our own values). Taking people in only to create segregated ghettos is counter productive.

    11/06/2018 Louise Arbour, UN Special Representative for International Migration, has responded to this comment.

    11/06/2018 Lloyd Axworthy, Chair of the World Refugee Council and a former Canadian minister of foreign affairs, has responded to this comment.

  54. avatar
    Philippa Jane Dewar

    Dorraine Chatelain I can’t link this into our conversation. Can you do it, please. I think it is really important that we all respond to this! Cheers!

  55. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    By sending them to islamic country. Why?
    First of all, most of them don’t want to integrate.
    They don’t want their children to get normal education, they want islamic “education”.
    They don’t want to obey “human made laws”, they want Sharia Laws and their own courts.
    Islam is more ideology, than religion.
    I did not seen any country in EU where they are integrated, i have seen some people, but it is 3rd or 4th generation.

  56. avatar
    Stavroula Pesonis

    first of all we should not panic and next i am sure that these people slowly slowly will integrate themselves. they are human being and they need our tolerance let alone our respect. they are not invaders by no means. they are tired, poor people who have been through a great deal.

  57. avatar
    Franck Legon

    A simple plan that could suit everybody: 1- emergency refugee burden at first, refugee status should be defined as temporary and ending the day the situation will be restored to their countries of origin , until, they depend on their consulates and embassies for their recpectives administration, subsistence and accommodation, and their unborn children are not covered by the law of the soil and are considered born in the national territory of their embassy. they will return as soon as the fighting in their countries ends. 2- allies (Europe, USA, partners) land and militarily regain control of the countries concerned, for which all migrants in military age are trained and equipped to participate in the liberation of their countries in the troops of the country of Refuge on the model used during the 2nd World War which allowed the French and other Europeans to participate in the landing. Allies delimit areas they manage and secure for decades to come together with the new local authorities established by them and choosen from migrants fighters . 3- homecoming of all migrants and using standard plan “Marshall Plan” for the reconstruction and stabilization of currently occupied by the EI -ISIS countries

  58. avatar
    Diana Goldenstorm

    the problem now is not integration, It is just to offer safety and help and try to end the war in Syria, Irak with whatever it takes. Afterwards they would decide whether to go back and rebuild their country or …integrate…

  59. avatar
    Kimmo Heiskanen

    They are grasshoppers and wherever they goes, they eat everything and when they leave, they left behind the burning lands

  60. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    The best way is the U.K. system, they don’t lie like the German leaders, they just take few hundreds but those are provided with jobs and housing..German chancellor is saying to take 800.000 although there are other thousand immigrants in Germany, who live in camps and unemployment benefits..and german people hate them, but tgey never show that in media..

  61. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    And I don’t think that leaders of country such as Merkel have the right to decide instead of citizens who worked hard for their good social life for generations! Should be the votes of citizens to decide, because they will have to live with the immigrants for generations, therefore it should be voting in all E.U. countries on this matter!

  62. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Do you really think that muslims can be integrated, or that they are here to be integrated?


  63. avatar
    Suzie Szabo Newbury

    They don’t want to be integrated! The tide won’t stop. You are putting every European in danger. Things are coming to a head in every European country and there is going to be be civil unrest. It’s already a them and us mentality with regards to law.

  64. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    When the British people say they don’t want mass immigration & forced integration from Europe the pro EU fanatics including those on this page call us racists, but now it is happening to Europe it’s OK to question it ? !

    Hypocaust of the highest order.

    You wanted free movement across Europe now you must live with the consequences, maybe next time you will listen ….. but I doubt it.


  65. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    I wish really these people PEACE HAPPINESS FAMILY THEIR COUNTRY SAFE!! And just stop doing war.. have a big dinner of peace and say letz stop!! And they will see nothin is better then the peace at their home land!!

  66. avatar
    Den Ise

    Better if Europe STOPS that freaking insane war!!!!!!! That would work!!

  67. avatar
    Jean-Pierre Rosa

    This is hilarious. One upon a time christian nations evangelized the world by genocide but now you cry like little bitches if immigrants want to keep their traditions and beliefs? READ A HISTORY BOOK.

  68. avatar
    Dutoiu Catalin

    The situation must be resolved in their countries otherwise you can not , the UN must destroy ISIS quickly, may have to send them back where safe.

  69. avatar
    Nash Pangcoga

    very simple! don’t destroy their home! no imgrants!! stop the war overseas in the name of their resources!!

  70. avatar
    Kossack Nikko

    Who is manipulating this. And why. The EU is at fault for not stopping this at source. The media is being managed all stage managed for maximum impact

  71. avatar
    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Do we need to integrate refugees, technically? Presumably, they’ll return to their homeland once the civil war is over (assuming we are talking about Syrians). Now, I’m not saying we should keep them all in ghettos and wait for the problem to solve itself, and there’s lots of people who will decide to make a life where they end up and never return. But I presume most of them consider this whole thing to be temporary. So why don’t we hold off on making any panicky and rash decisions until the civil war is over and we figure out just how big the problem actually is?
    And incidentally, to all the people bitching about how this question has been asked and answered before, it’s obviously still a problem, so quit your wining and offer a couple of novel ideas that you didn’t offer last time they asked if you mean to help.

  72. avatar
    Kossack Nikko

    Jan Pierre war refugee bollocks. Start doing research. Then why none from Syria have gone to Saudi Dubai kwait plan etc. Same religion. And war refugee with cash in their pockets. News I manipulated for gullible people

  73. avatar
    Kossack Nikko

    Jrsn Pierre and the unhcr pays. How many have been taken in Saudi kwaut ima USA Canada. And don’t call me stupid . Wikipedia is an opinion start reading and researching before you write

  74. avatar
    Fred Harvey

    Integration is a two way street What makes you sure they will even try to integrate. The ghetto existence is one they have deliberately built for themselves

  75. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Many ways, but integration can be achieved by calling them refugees from the chaos cased by us, the west, instead of immigrants.

  76. avatar

    Many ways, but integration can be achieved by calling them refugees from the chaos cased by us, the west, instead of immigrants.

    • avatar

      Shame is they will not all stay there. Most of the German immigrants will come to Britain as soon as they win the right to do so! They all speak English while none speak German.

  77. avatar
    Paul Reichberg

    One has to distinguish between immigrants and refugees.
    An immigrant is a person who voluntarily made a decision to move to another country.
    A refugee is a person who felt that he/she was living under oppression facing death.
    These persons must be given the same human rights in the new country.
    Housing, jobbs, ducation and social rights.

    • avatar

      Shame there is no way of telling them apart!

  78. avatar
    Tuija Mustonen

    Language teaching both ways. Person to person contacts, common activities, hobby circles with both natives and newcomers. Children to schools with locals. Food culture events like restaurant day, Ravintolapäivä. Music and art events. Discussion forums and open follow-up meetings. Asking people how is life, often enough.

  79. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    In Germany i have 2 cousins since 1992, they say the reality about the situation- there are attempts, set fire camps of immigrants every week! What you see in the media is only lies of politicians like Shulz and Merkel, who want to regain their popularity worldwide after they’ve lost it in Greece problems.. I feel sorry for Syrian immigrants, because they are fooled- they loose all their money on smugglers to arrive in Germany, than they will never be integrated! The solution would be to occupy back the lands from ISIs, build their new homes, Europe should spend money on that, not on stupid media lies…

  80. avatar
    Ilinca Derpina

    How about making them understand they need to obey our rules if they like it or not….if not take them back

  81. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Hard to integrate people that do not want to integrate but impose their way of life. We are witnessing the fall of Europe. Our childrens children will be reading about this period. Nazism all over again, except this time, we loose. Thanks to politicians pushing their own agenda that nobody voted for.

  82. avatar
    Kossack Nikko

    Jean p when intelligence wad given out you were not available and you are sitting on that chicken be as in you have. Hoew many had the Arab league got nine how many canavda and USA vibe so fick off

  83. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    What we see now is the stealing of a country, the stealing of lands with fooling them to say they will have a better life in Germany…

  84. avatar
    Horatiu Octavian

    some european contrys cant even help europen immigrants to integrate in another european state . There are a bunch of bureaucratic laws that do not help you get a job even dow you what to work , this whole European community its a joke for the lower class and middle class . Should it bother more to help the common man who pays taxes and is a citizen of the community and then the rest .

  85. avatar
    Skordi Smaragda

    The first thing they need is to feel safe.They need a home and food of course.Basic needs.Integration means first of all respect of their origins and their religious beliefs. Helping adults to find work and children to go to school. I agree with those who talk about stopping the war.But,untill then,we have to face immigrants’problems keeping humans in the center of our interventions. Humanitarian principles and respect of human rights.

  86. avatar
    Marius Iosif Todea

    You should done more to stop that criminal Bashr Al Assad & regime + Putin’s russian help ,to kill those hundred thousends of people in Syria …and help the rise of most horrible terrorist organisation of our times ISIS….!

  87. avatar
    Sofi Hara

    Gather all the heads of weapon companies around the table,force them to sign an agreement to stop selling weapons for a period of time to both sides and give them funds to produce something else like medical equipment for example

  88. avatar
    Ady Paslaru

    In Romania se numesc COLINDATORI, deci pregatim o COLINDA pentru Sarbatorile de IARNA!?

  89. avatar
    Alexandre Caldeira

    Better or worst depend on the country capacity. But more we should, and can.
    Nations receive refugee,and EU has the duty to search for possible Isis menbers within the refugee .

  90. avatar

    1. cross cultural understanding,they have different culture,they might find origin country culture and europe country culture is wrong,is sinner,its a Mamoth country,this kinds thing gonna make trouble.
    2.just be think twice to give them political rights,or equality citizenship.
    3.Change what his beliefs into 1 perception what europe country build and founding before.
    4.provide them with good life care,health care and jobs,doesnt mean you have to make them your country citizen.
    5.make them european,not what they coming from..

  91. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    Go back to the past 30-40 years in France and Germany and you can see that intigration is failing I Today when Islam became very radical, can anybody believe that the surge of imigrants will bring peace in Europe! Thats almost impossible when millions of people are still on the way and the good can’t be devidid from the bad boys!

  92. avatar
    Ovidiu Catrina

    Xtianity is xenophobic at its core. Europe needs to o give that up first.
    At least the xtian extremists need to be silenced.

  93. avatar
    Flavio Sousa

    First and foremost, tear down the walls in Hungary. The Berlin wall didn’t work and neither will these. Then, treat them like human beings and don’t send them to concentration camps. Finally, teach them the local costums and language and give them a fair chance to start a new life.

  94. avatar
    Sándor Daniel


  95. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    How about not integrating ‘them’, but everyone integrating together, all the while valuing diversity instead? Look at how Canada does it. Europe has much to learn on that front.

  96. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    The mix of a generally christian or non believer europe has a very different culture than those used to a warm climate, Islam religion and different cultural history. For the “integration” to work these immigrants must be spread widely over the whole of europe AND within the eu countries also spread out otherwise we are creating ‘segregation’ which is not the correct meaning when we say we will help. IF we give any assistance to migrants they MUST understand that they eventually need to integrate to “our” culture and way of life, our language, our holiday periods like at christmas, our clothes style especially for girls and women and that we believe in “equality” for men and women, homosexuals, lesbiens, and all skin colours or beliefs are welcome. What has been going wrong in the past few years is that immigrants are coming, having their babies, bringing up their children in a different way, language, food, feast days (no christmas but ramadan instead) – and now as those children grow up and marry ‘our’ culture is eroding away slowly. This change is making many feel ‘anxious’ and uneasy as would be the same for us as migrants in their countries. This is only some of my opinion and I am NOT speaking in any ‘racist’ meaning.

  97. avatar

    The question itself is symptomatic of everything wrong with Europe as it stands. Do you think the UAE asks how it can better integrate immigrants? Or how about one of the 50+ middle eastern Islamic theocracies taking on some of their own co-religionist migrants for a change? The question should be how THEY can better integrate with US!

  98. avatar
    Steffan Chrestensen

    You can’t immigrate true believing muslims end of story. Else it is not hard at all. Don’t let them gather in getho’s, no special treatment and made to obey the law. Extra attension and weeding out the 15-25% that is making anti-democratic propaganda, and don’t tolerate terrorisme act. (Hard punishment hole family cusins etc out of the country if not officially denouncing the person or reporting him before act.

  99. avatar
    Susanne David

    Germany (Mrs. Merkel) refuses to accept that this invasion of immigrants cannot be integrated! It is already too late!

  100. avatar
    Ainhoa Lizar

    Send them back to their own country! Europe already has enough diversity. There are 28 nations in the EU and a few more countries on the continent. Why are they forcing this scum into Europe?

  101. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Who has determined that it is an obligation to integrate invaders? They have to go home to their land, their culture, their history, and fight for it — that is what every peoples do around the globe and throughout history. They are running away, and bringing their problems with them like a virus to infect the rest o the world.

  102. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    To leave them our Europe and all Europeans to go find a new home on another continent.
    One things is to have tolerance but to protect your Homeland and a completely different thing is to be Too Much Tolerant and to Sell your Homeland…
    Every European is working very hard to make his Motherland a better place, while these people just want everything ready on a plate. They won’t change no matter how tolerant were to them.
    If they want better lives – they should try to make their home countries better – just like our Forefathers gave their lives and energy to make Europe a better place for their children and grandchildren – the Europeans.

  103. avatar
    Andre Mardaga

    Europe should convert to there religion then the economy will become nothing but screaming complaining shouting no time to work. Then Europeans have option to go live in third world since there is no difference between places. Better weather at least.

  104. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Integration stops where people refuse to accept there is more to the world then shouting Allah for about everything. What are all those young MALE refugees doing in fact? Cowardly abonding their families instead of protecting them. And then shouting in our streets how we need to embrace and accept their savage cults and laws. There is only integration where people accept the new country and work hard to speak the language, get a job and totally abstain from expressing savage Islam cult practices and respect the new country in every aspect of their life. Only a minority in this respect will integrate. And even then, only real refugees of war that respected Dublin immigration agreement should stay. All the rest ought to be sent back upon arrival at EU border. That would make the wave a small swirl in the water. And if Frau Merkel still believes this is wrong, well let them have all in Germany, build walls around Germany and see how long Frau Merkel’s paradise will endure.

  105. avatar
    Jeanette devereux

    Respect country you come into. Be eager 2 learn our ways, e.g. U.K. and be lawful.
    If you can’t change go home.

  106. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    By keeping the chinese and Japanese away from RULLING over rest of us!! or anyone who is only loyal to chinese race and gets into the power but follow orders and instructions from China

  107. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    You can’t integrate islamic values into european liberal values. The two contradict eachother. Immigrants need to choose. If they want to live in Europe, they need to drop their islamic values and start respecting the rights and laws of human and gender equality, animal rights, etc. Otherwise they should go back to their countries of origin.

  108. avatar
    Arnaud Louis Muller

    No co-existence possible. The horrific events in Germany are not a problem of integration, there are fundamental divergences in our culture, and it’s stupid and cynical to deny that. Our Eastern European brothers already understood it. It’s Germany’s fault for accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants for heap labour force. They now have to bear the consequences. But I wish they wouldn’t drag the rest of Europe with them.

  109. avatar
    Mikaël Florent Darsigny

    Just to be human with them its the best gift that we can make to those whom their home have been destroyed. It’s not the responsibility or the government only but each one of us.

  110. avatar
    Daniele Pollicino

    Time is over since you let them in!…they do not want to integrate..they just want us to ‘integrate’ to their so called ‘religion’ to rule all western Countries..

  111. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    @William Stanley Never judge the norms and values of another culture by the norms and values of your own culture. Eurocrats will never admit they did this and it was a mistake. These men, their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers have grown up and lived in a Sharia culture … a culture whose religion teaches not to respect any other religion and regards non-Muslim women as sexual fair-game deserving exploitation. What makes the Eurocrats think they will come to Europe and change … to miraculously adopt European culture and values?


  112. avatar
    Birute Markeviciute

    Deport those criminals. This is best. Another thing – they should be told to follow our tules and traditions, no rights without responsibilities. Now our guests are attacking the home owners

  113. avatar
    Olivier Gbezera

    Sexual harassment wasn’t brought in Europe by immigrants, nor was general sexism, racism, antisemitism, homophobia or general intolerance. White europeans have been sexually abusing women for centuries, in Europe and around the world. How do we integrate them?

  114. avatar
    Ikaros Kratsas

    I think that the main issue here is different attitudes and separation of church and state. When refugees and immigrants enter a country it has to be made crystal clear to them that they must abide by the law and social rules set by the state they are entering. Going to a country as a refugee and then asking for Sharia law is completely unacceptable. Religious freedom is a fundamental right in any western country but it has to be practiced within the boundaries set by the law and protection of human rights. Any religious practice that infringes on human rights should not be tolerated. The people who come to Europe fleeing war and death are most welcome, the ideology that led to war and death and caused all sorts of human rights infringements in their home countries should not be. Adapting Islam to European standards and making sure it stays within the borders set by state law requires time, money a better understanding of immigrant cultures. attitudes and religions so we can spot things that are dangerous for order and the cooperation of prominent figures within their communities. I think there should be special integration/educational programs that clarify things for them and that they should not be isolated in special parts of town in Ghettos. We have to be really careful and maintain balance between giving newcomers the freedom that is required by human rights law, chances that will help with integration and making sure that that is not wasted and used to the detriment of European society.

  115. avatar
    Χρήστος Τούμπας


  116. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    To integrate means to mingle without being undifferentiated. That is the melting pot policy that created United States where several communities gave their contributions. Multiculturalism supports the isolation of the different communities as single cultures living in the same territory but not mingling. Let’s not forget that the Multiculturalism is an Anglo-Saxon theory derived from the colonial British rule of separated development, that kept communities apart under the British dominance. This policy gave us the apartheid in South Africa and the separation and discrimination in all now white dominated British colonies as in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Event today there are the natives with a different legal status and the others. And, the others, are also separated. I have been an immigrant in Australia and I still remember that there was the aboriginals with different laws and rights, the Australians (also known as aussies or skippies), the Irish-Australians, the Italian-Australians, the Chinese-Australians and so on. This multicultural policy in the end is a racist policy since their supporters do not want to mix neither culturally neither by inter-marriages. For communities with a very different culture, it is very hard to integrate, because there is no encouragement of mingling. Of course Muslims, because of religion, women misogyny and food tabus, are extremely difficult to integrate in the Western societies. Their values oppose completely our values of democracy, gender equality, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Therefore, I am very pessimist about the integration of Muslims in Europe. It is much easier a black African and Christian to integrate than a white Muslim. The question is not racism, is cultural. Muslims willing to migrate to Europe should sign under oath a declaration of accepting European laws under the risk of being expelled out of Europe. USA and Canada expel migrants that have committed crimes and nobody consider them less democratic because of that.

  117. avatar
    Mariano Gonçalves

    En: Giving them an expiring date to adopt and follow the country’s rules/laws, speak their language (enough to at least be able to communicate and be understood) and integrate themselves into the society. Let’s say you got 3yrs to reach the goals. If, by the end of the “probation period”, you haven’t reached the standards then you “fail” and you’re sent back to where you belong! And this should also be applied to us, immigrants from the EU.

    Pt: Dando-lhes uma data de validade para adotar e seguir regras/leis do país, falar sua língua (o suficiente para, pelo menos, ser capaz de comunicar e ser entendido) e integrar-se na sociedade. Por exemplo, digamos que você tem 3 anos para alcançar a meta. Se, no final do “período probatório” você não atingir os padrões então você “falha” e você é enviado de volta para onde você pertence! E isso também deveria ser aplicado para nós, imigrantes da União Europeia!

  118. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    ABSOLUTELY – paedophile Catholic priests should be returned to the Vatican and US child abusing soldiers should be banished –

    Except sex crimes have no skin colour and know no cultural boundary.

    Sex criminals do not just come from Syria!
    Just remember that when you talk about Syrians “not integrating properly” into “our values”.

    “there “were at least 1,584 substantiated cases of military dependents being sexually abused between fiscal years 2010 and 2014, according to the data. Enlisted service members sexually abused children in 840 cases. Family members of the victims accounted for the second largest category with 332 cases.

    “Most of the enlisted offenders were males whose ranks ranged between E-4 and E-6. In the Marine Corps and Army, for example, those troops are corporals, sergeants, and staff sergeants. Officers were involved in 49 of the cases. The victims were overwhelmingly female.”


  119. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    they rape sell women 12$ and europe dont say anything so they came in our homes and countries..Gynaikoktoni racists and lovers”who stolen others men.. women for their xarems

  120. avatar
    Peter Ponte

    So what are we talking about? Refugees or immigrants? Germany and the EU wants to make these people EU citizens or do they just give temporary humanitarian aid to the refugees and will the immigrants be sent back? Or will the usefull immigrants be filtered out? The ones with skills/higher education/potential are allowed to stay? Is there even a clear policy?

  121. avatar
    Nagy Katalin

    Azt csinálnak, ami nekik tetszik, mindent megadtak nekik, hogy így viselkedjenek! Nemsokára ők fognak irányítani – mindenütt! Már késő! 1000 év sem lesz elég, hogy innen elmenjenek….

  122. avatar
    David Fuzzey


  123. avatar
    مشیر بارسلونا

    Psychological screen testing should be made essential before allowing an immigrant to stay in the EU. Else, send them to mental hospital if keeping them is so important and save the EU culture. I’m saying that because I’m also an immigrant and I can say that because I fully integrated in this new home we call EU.

  124. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    They do the same in Greece – the media do not report this. When you have a situation like this you need a plan and a system. We accept illegal immigrants with no plan, no checks, no system, there is no integration in the society, they do not know the language, they belong to a totally foreign culture. Thank God they are muslims (they are not Syrians btw, cut the crap), and not immigrants (sorry, “refugees”) from a man eating society.

  125. avatar
    Gerald Taraj


  126. avatar
    Hugo Viriato Conceicao

    Integration costs money, lifes, troubles! So! No Integration send them back to Middle East were they belong ;) Saudi Arabia for example…

  127. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    It’s not a question of cultural coexistance. There are laws and values in EU countries. Those who do not learn them and abide by them should be kicked out. Stop the politically correct. The culture of some of these people are not compatible with EU laws. Men were doing this in Egypt two years ago. They do the same here because politicians don’t pick them up and parachutte them back in their countries. Do that once and you’ll see how quick they learn the european values and the respect for women.

  128. avatar
    Tobias Weihmann

    Actually, it’s not really the time. We need to wait until virtual hysteria and mob have calmed down.

  129. avatar
    Wiktoria Anilom

    it is clear another way to attack our values, but the ones who are perretating this assault are probably the same that organize themselves to bomb and kill people. Let’s face it, EU hasn’t contributed to peace so know we are shameful of seeing thousands of people crossing our borders and we feel we have to assist them. Of course we have to, but the rooten apple is entering too, when there is caos that is what happens. Bigger effords in finding solutions and condemning the acts and sent them to prison or back to their countries. Actually, in times of war, I would take all women and children and let men fight among theirselves, they star the war, they should do it. We would see what would happen if we took their women and children and put them in a safer place…the war would end in hours.

  130. avatar
    Rosół Mateusz

    Let it be, like John Lennon said. Wait for more terrorists, rapes and violence. Than put emergency state in All Europeans counters. Let the army go on the streets. Than you can debate. Until now it is ok. Raping, killing is all right.

  131. avatar
    Rosół Mateusz

    Let it be, like John Lennon said. Wait for more terrorists, rapes and violence. Than put emergency state in All Europeans counters. Let the army go on the streets. Than you can debate. Until now it is ok. Raping, killing is all right.

  132. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    Migrants should accept the language, the culture and the laws of their new mother country.

  133. avatar
    Matt Dovey

    Could have better Integration by not having them in your country all together

  134. avatar
    Michael Duffy

    We, the indigenous folk of these lands do not want then to integrate. The time has come to repatriate. Nothing else will do.

  135. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    As the old saying goes the World is a hell state of Union is full of good intentions in search of a multicultural world and cultural concerning supposed to eliminate global radicalism

  136. avatar

    I would like to ask Dr.Wilson,
    What does this “they must do so(ie(ie the migrant minority communities must make special claims) in universal language that anybody else can understand and argue with or debate” mean in everyday life? What special claims are you talking about? A mosque? Hijab?
    Pls refer us to a more detailed proposal. Just 2 phrase answer is unacceptable.

  137. avatar

    Its very clear how Europe can integrate immigrants – stop importing more. Immigrants tend to integrate when they are forced to do so, when their numbers are small enough that they cannot a enjoya good quality of life isolated within theiir own “community”. Allow enough of them in and there is no such pressure.

  138. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    By accepting people’s right for safety and protections equally to all citizens within a democracy, their right to progress and their pursuit in bettering their own life through skills and capabilities/ passion and interests they have without any political or religious discriminations. equal opportunity to ALL nationalities, colours, sexes, single person, single parents, gay community and etc… a classless – class free society which your level of income, connections or educations should not determine your level of intelligence and the intellectual abilities for reason and choices based on what’s BEST for ones sanity, survival and progress!! Less poking into people’s life as if most Middle eastern or Africans are enemies of Europe and west and humanity at large!! By keeping the exact style of equality for scrutiny and rights to progress, freedom of choice which western country provides a separate policy in favour of Chinese and Japanese people, at the exact same level with rest of the community and immigrants!! by learning and welcoming the diversity people bring from all nationalities to their new home. By not fearing to share your home or dinner table or a cup of coffee at your kitchen with people who have just came to make a new home at a new spot of the world.. to have a genuine ability to teach people newer/ fresher or easier concept in a loving and caring manner, through the eye of empathy and sister / brotherhood love and not to afraid of getting too close to migrants in case they would have a life threatening illness diseases… To treat everyone like human but off course, always keep an alert mind…

  139. avatar
    Mariana Giozova

    The question is, if they want to be integrated in a sociaty that is absolutely different of theirs. Are they ready to accept and keep European values and laws. What is their will? If Europe enforce them nothing good will happen. But if they do not want to be integrated than good bye:)

  140. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    Do / did first generations of Chinese and Japanese “immediately” became integrated with all western countries?!!! Even when they marry with a western spouses, they stay either alone within their own family and bring their parents from China or Japan to look after them, or their maximum share of integration is to attend church on Sundays, some art activities and volunteering for charity shops, which frankly, as a second generation who lived and grew up and educated in the west, I’ve done and contributed far more than most wesrerners, be it immigrants, but I’ve been accused by western and British zionists spies of “not integrating enough”! I happen to know few Chinese and Japanese people in uk actually who married with British men but they stay at home to look after their children and their “mum and dad”, which is traditionally is looked after by the daughter or their elder children, and this way they have excused their integrations to western culture!!

  141. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    The process of integration will never works if the refugees don’t take their responsibilities and make efforts to integrate; if refugees keep demanding, blaming, accusing instead of appreciating the new opportunity in a peaceful country; if refugees are not grateful enough to respect and have consideration for the work and sacrifices of taxpayers who have worked hard and payed high taxes to build this nice-peaceful country and also to receive and support refugees.

    The system is wrong in the early start when it receives refugees and continues to treat them as poor miserable victims, instead of making clear to them that they are luck-fortunate to have reached a peaceful country and they must appreciate and be grateful for the help they get because it comes from the work of others; they should be learned very early that they have the responsibility to work to take care of their shelter, having only 1 employee to supervise that they really take care of the place, they should never get help-money for free; any kind of violence among them should be reason enough not to get the visa.

    Those not seriously wanting to integrate and make good use of the opportunity should be out because also they just waste resources which are necessary to give opportunity to others who really just want one chance in life. In the situation today with 60 million displaced people and so much misery in the world, we can afford to waste time and money with people who don’t want to take the opportunity seriously to impprove and contribute, even the opposite, those are the one to also create more problems(and costs) like criminality really disturbing the society.

  142. avatar
    Bence Szilágyi

    Need enormus resources to integrate them,it’s not worth+cultural differences…Money can’t solve every problem.And it’s totally disgusting,that they recieve better treatment than the eastern europeans,who has eu citizenship,and proper studies behind them.And that’s only the first wave…will the Eu do,on the upcomming summer?I mean come on,they’re on foot,they don’t have weapons,or vehicles.Just sheer numbers and some politicans who want to let them in.What is more disgusting,that we pay Turkey for the dirty work.Who’s an antidemocratic state,supports terrorisim,and almost committed genocide against the kurds.We showed weakness in the eyes of our international partners.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      This !
      This is exactly why eastern Europe is RAGING at the monumental hypocrisy of the EU !

  143. avatar
    Frederic Hage

    Convince them to abandon Islam. Islam, and Islam only is preventing them to accept our society and from being accepted by our society. By escaping from muslim land they should understand that they are also escaping from Islam. And when they will quit Islam they will be far happier.

  144. avatar
    Khalid Miah

    This debate is not just about the people coming to Europe, but of the generations that have followed as a result of migration and ensuring that they too are part of the European ‘story’. There are websites that give the opportunity for people to discover their roots, their ancestors and forbears, and thus reinforce a national identity that ties them into the history of Europe. Where does the story begin for the children of migrants? There are no such websites for them that connect them to the lands of their (European) birth nor give them that sense of belonging, thereby pushing them to seek their identity elsewhere. Give the immigrants and their children a sense of belonging, bring them into the national and European stories, discover the contributions that their ancestors have made to Europe, change the narrative and we will have generations that will be proud to call themselves European.

    • avatar


  145. avatar
    Daniel Pluskota

    by preventing their cumulation in one zone -> dissipate them equally in big communities instead of locating them one near another

  146. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    To semi integrate them, they should come in small numbers and, little by little respect -both sides- would grow. Now they are INVADING Europa.

  147. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    By the way…having a look at Syrias map, one can realise that war, destruction and death are mainly on the north and west, but south and east are relativaly calm….why don’t they go that way instead of flokking on the turkish border?

    • avatar

      I think we know the answer to that Enric!
      They want to live in Europe!

  148. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    How can you integrate people who have so little love for their country of origin that they will not find a way to fight for it? There are two superpowers involved that they could fight alongside but instead 11 million Syrians (half the population) are now either dead or displaced and their country has become a chessboard for proxy war games and will eventually cease to exist. One thing that defines Europeans is their love of country and willingness to defend to the death. If a European seeks refuge it is only in order to turn and fight and reclaim his country.

  149. avatar

    EU has to help. Not only the politicians with their diplomatic solutions etc. but also every citizen in every EU country, by doing simple things: offer some food, home…WE ARE ALL HUMANS. We could be refugees as well. Every country should accept refugees! Every country has its problems, but that doesn’t mean they cannot sustain a certain percentage of refugees(this is the job of the councils, to create a plan for a fair distribution). Then this percentage of people in each country, could start with help from the people of that country(there are plenty of charitable organisations), their small communities in various places, and each community should have a doctor, a teacher,etc, who is a refugee, and take care especially the children. At the same time, food and water can be provided by organisations, or the government, or simply people who are willing to help. The refugees will have to respect and follow the rules of the country, and begin to learn the language with the help of the natives. That’s how they will integrate. As for the employment, i believe that the natives should have the priority, but that doesn’t mean that the refugees should not be accepted if they have the qualifications. Also they could work on their own to improve their small communities and try to use their skills to find ways to sustain themselves by exchanging services. All these are not a long term solution, because its obvious that Europe won’t be able to help everybody forever and because these people shall return at some point where they belong. To achieve this the politicians have to find a solution that will bring PEACE, either a diplomatic solution or by just using military forces, because this wars have to STOP.

  150. avatar

    No Everyone doesn’t have to help. You help if you want to. Send them your money. Home them in your house, but do not presume to tell other people who disagree with you that we must help them too. What have you actually done to help them anyway Ms Self Righteous?

    Rich Muslim countries should help them. They are not Europeans and not a European responsibility. Our politicians can try to bring about peace but they should not be rehomed here because if we let them in they will never go back. Most of the invaders are not even refugees, they are jut jumping on the bandwagon and using the Syrian situation to break in to Europe.

    If there is one sensible thing Cameron has done its stand up against taking more invaders! We have way too many immigrants already.

  151. avatar

    Is anyone really surprised by this?
    When has immigration ever worked when on mass and in a short amount of time.
    The US and the rest of the world has taken in next to 0 while Europe shouldered the burden.
    With immigration slow and steady wins the race.
    Integration is key. So is making sure large amounts of imigrints do not congregate/live in the same area.
    The more they are scattered the more they will seek to integrate rather than stick to there own.
    Another thing, Asylum is only supposed to be a temporary measure from the original conflict before heading back.
    If migrants want to stay long term they should have to apply for citizenship like everybody else. Asylum is not and should not be used for life.
    Frontex needs to step up its game, all migrants should come with identification and be age checked and only set numbers per year should be allowed in.

  152. avatar
    Satsuma Angel

    give them language training, help them find jobs and stop racist abuse. Stop ‘tolerating’ them and start ‘accepting’ them.

  153. avatar
    Vlasta Peric


  154. avatar
    Sonia Castiella

    Como puede Europa integrar a los inmigrantes ,preguntan y la respuesta está en la misma pregunta :
    Solo integrando en la sociedad europea y en su cultura a quienes de verdad quieren ser integrados .

  155. avatar
    Gur Khan

    Perhaps if existing authorities focused more on inclusion policies rather than integrate anyone…

  156. avatar
    David Dreghorn

    They do the same thing we have to do when we go to their country, follow the local custom, except who we are and become part of our culture rather than forcing us to change. If we have to behave a set way when we are in their country, they should do the same when they come here.

  157. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    They should teach them like this in all EU schools :

    Religion Harms Society | Oxford Union :

    Church is selling “the truth” that is impossible : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ssHb6nI-Bo

    Don’t be afraid to cancel your church membership , church is collapsing : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_the_European_Union

    God’s justice is impossible to have today : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YamgndPI5eI

    Christians are right wing – conservative or reactionary : The Deutsche Christen (English: German Christians) were a pressure group and movement within German Protestantism aligned towards the antisemitic and Führerprinzip ideological principles of Nazism with the goal to align German Protestantism as a whole towards those principles. Their advocacy of these principles led to a schism within 23 of the initially 28 regional church bodies (Landeskirchen) in Germany and the attendant foundation of the Confessing Church.

    Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

  158. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    No no no. WORNG question. The correct one would be: why should Europe continue to support actions in the East that causes things like this in the first place? I’m looking at you, America.

    • avatar

      The real problem in the East is the centuries old Sunni/Chia conflict which has created most of the instability . Islam should get its act together and stop fighting amongst themselves , and also accept that the world has changed , and they have to adapt .

  159. avatar
    Jennipher M. Kasemire

    It’s not about how Europe can integrate immigrants. It’s how immigrants can intergrate into Europe and how how well Europe can help them do that! There has to be willingness and where there is willingness there will always be ways to help/assist

  160. avatar
    Claudio Bartoletti

    what a lot of bullshit propaganda, they want to be involved in politics, of course they do so they can form their own political party and get even mor perks than they already do, they have no intention of adopting our traditions it is a lot of bullshit , best way to inegrate them is to keep them in their respective countries, they just a burden and nothing more, sad but true

  161. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    In any free society you can’t ‘integrate them’, they will keep their own standards, rituals & laws and simply create their own society within the host Nation.

    If this is parasitic behaviour or not is open to debate.

    • avatar

      France is proof that 4 th and 5 th generation have not intregrated

  162. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    “On porterait des jugements moins sévères sur autrui si l’on se donnait la peine de l’écouter.”
    Citation de Goswin de Stassart ; Pensées et maximes (1780-1854)

  163. avatar

    “On porterait des jugements moins sévères sur autrui si l’on se donnait la peine de l’écouter.”
    Citation de Goswin de Stassart ; Pensées et maximes (1780-1854)

    • avatar

      Europe does not need immigration , it is the wish of the political elite to have them to keep the current economic and financial models afloat . This elite refuses all change to the financial and business models that will be necessary for the future of the world , where consumption and waste will have to be significantly reduced , and countries will have to become sustainable , which starts with a sustainable population , then food and water resources .

  164. avatar
    Lin Figueiredo

    The process of integration will never work if the refugees don’t take their responsibilities and make efforts to integrate; if refugees keep demanding, blaming, accusing instead of appreciating the new opportunity in a peaceful country; if refugees are not grateful enough to respect and have consideration for the work and sacrifices of taxpayers who have worked hard and payed high taxes to build this nice-peaceful country and also to receive and support refugees.

    The system is wrong in the early start when it receives refugees and continues to treat them as poor miserable victims, instead of making clear to them that they are luck-fortunate to have reached a peaceful country and they must appreciate and be grateful for the help they get because it comes from the work of others; they should be learned very early that they have the responsibility to work to take care of their shelter, having only 1 employee to supervise that they really take care of the place, they should never get help-money for free; any kind of violence among them should be reason enough not to get the visa; it would be very fair to workers-taxpayers to work 6 hours/day with 3 hours/day of help from those living on social contributions who would learn a profession, would integrate faster, would learn that social contributions come from the work of others and it’s not for free.

  165. avatar
    Cabdisemed Cirro

    For me i have very bad exprience to be Refugee in Europe i’m tellinig you i came when i was 19 yrs old , I got in ver bad situation first you have to start asylum processes, in the process may be it take a time to get interviews about you case, almost 6month to one year or may be more than .
    at that point in these situations you don’t have any right like to get education and as well you can’t work .
    may be they give you laguage courses , but its just for beginner or just the base, like alphabet an so on.
    the who come today and those are in the courses almost a years have same subjects and its to difficult to learn the language of that country .

    may be your refugee processing take a long time you cant integrate the community because you must stay in these rufugee Centres outside of the town .
    they will never allow you or give you any chance to develope your life.
    most of youth they got disappointing and stress because of these very wrong policies which europeans are managed to face the immigrants

    i don’t know why you can’t give any apportunity for the migrant youth those are early 20s may be the will help the country and as well they create economy and they are force Labour.
    give them chance first the key they must get laguage courses just level B2 .
    then give them some professional skills still when they are in the process i am sure whenever they got the status soon after they can start work directly .

    for me in to be in Refugee camp’s or Centres in Europe is like being in jail which you can get in ,out.

  166. avatar
    Nuno Menano

    The question is wrongly posted should be exactly the opposite “how immigrants can better integrate in Europe?”

  167. avatar
    Davide Zoran Parenti

    Less immigrants, chosen on clear basis, involving their strong availability to integrate even giving up on some parts of their original culture, particularly for which it concerns religion… All those parts that crashes on our way of life and on our western freedoms and rights. Every immigrant must sign a declaration of good willingness about this and must be checked that they respect this declaration. We also have to check the way they educate their children, that has to be compliant with this declaration. They can gain EU citizenship only after 20 years of proven good conduct and their children must become citizen not when they born but only when they become adults, after have checked that they are not involved in extremist illegal practices

  168. avatar
    Leonard Prifti

    It depends from the Immigrants, if they are Islamic they don’t want to be integrated. If immigrants are from eastern Europe or Africa is very easy to be integrated

  169. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Bring peace to the world, and to the countries of the immigrants, and send them home. The bright ideas of cheap labor of a few greedy persons have deshtrpyed the world so many times in the past, have we evolved enough to olive in peace? Forced immigration is serving no purpose except to bring chaos into the world. Nobody wants it, nobody needs it, and nobody is going along with it.

  170. avatar
    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    We DO NOT! Help them build there houses again, open their factories or businesses, shops and fields. DO NOT integrate such a different people to the culture so far away form what they are raised in!

  171. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    Pay $50 Mio once, and get The Turotial for EP-members, and recognize that day as the International His Highness Day 8-)

  172. avatar
    Erik Jakub Citterberg

    Well, do not create ghettos for starters? Do not put big number of them in one place, that just gives them opportunity to exist without any integration.
    Do punish them for committing crimes and do not tolerate a behavior that is against law and norms of a society they live in, when then the native population sees this, they will never ever view them as just another one of them, since you will put them in a special position from get go.
    Do not grant citizenship, nor long-term visas to anyone who has not been integrated.

    Educating them instead of providing them with an opportunity to live in their own parallel world would be also pretty cool. Make them feel safe but not in a way that makes natives feel threatened.

  173. avatar
    Isabelle Ancelet

    When they are religious, we can’t integrate them, because their islamic religion forbids them. Read the Koran and the Hadiths. You will be see at last how they are against us, the unbelivers. More, many of them hate the country where they live because it is an ancient colony. They continue by their attitude the colonial wars. More, since the beginning of the islam, they make a religious war between them, the sunnis and shiites, and against us. Their religion encourage them to do that. Moreover, when they lived in their original dictature, the police was very repressive. The parents have learnt that to their children and most of them can’t think today that it is in reality a protection for people. For them, as police is equal to the laws, they can’t respect them. More, many of them think that the scraft is a liberty and the democracy a dictature. Their jugement about our society is completly inverted. Where we see protection, they see repression, where we see liberty, they see submission, where we see tolerance, they see intolerance. So long as they continue to transmit those values to their children, they will be never integrated and never became Europeans. The states which encourage the building of mosquees and finance associations which only interest the muslims are criminals who shoot themselves in the foot. It’s time to be conscious that the muslims are became a state in the state and that they are a true danger if we want to build a humanist Europe. So long as they will not understand that to live in peace, the religion must stays at home and that it have not to be a politic party, they always will be foreigners. The solution? To educate them, among their parents, among their Koran and for a stronger Europe.

  174. avatar
    Wolfgang Mizelli

    simply solve the problems most people have: lack of income, no proper housing, deterioating social and health system…..to put it short: change the religion from capitalism and neolibralism to the belief in equal opportunities and individual freedom.

  175. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Everyone wants a pass for the free stuf a global Europe the political instability and migration and insecurity are inssues that relate globalization The nation has the right to control who enters the country is a short extendend stay visit or status consider what the applicant brings to the nation to do it now our cultural identity may be lost

    • avatar

      It is for immigrants to integrate into EU countries , not for Europeans to integrate them . Also mass immigration is not sustainable , and all refugees and Asylum seekers should be told that it will be a temporary status , and they will be expected to return to their countries in the long term .

  176. avatar
    Maja Heider

    You can’t allow migrants to come and form an isolated community within the country they decide to live in (in Europe) There has to be a 2 way process- they must integrate into European society by taking in their culture and values BUT should also be allowed to retain their own traditional values and heritage, something which they can contribute to their new European community, to help expand the definition of both their cultures. This doesn’t necessary mean a conflict of interest as such a cultural exchange can be really beneficial, and is probably essential as we become more globalised. BUT immigrants must see themselves FIRST as citizens of the country they have become a part of and THEN whatever religion or culture they come from.

  177. avatar

    This is the major problem of Muslim migrants , they form groups in cities , and isolate themselves from EU culture and customs , and very few know how to take advantage of the education systems. Also there is proof in France that the first and second generations of past immigrants managed to integrate , and the problem is the later generations . So why do these children of migrants not go back to their countries of origin if they are not happy .

  178. avatar

    It is for migrants to integrate , not for Europe to integrate migrants , this is the real problem . Add to this an excessive number of migrants , 70% of which will be refused asylum , and because of bad UN agreements , cannot be deported .
    The real blame for this problem lies with the UN and its outdated and badly formulated agreements , and its incapacity to do its primary function of peacekeeping .

  179. avatar
    Eleonora P.

    there is enough space for everybody in the internet.

    just think about it: for almost no money at all, you can now not only take virtual tours, but also learn in online courses, create businesses, create art content, communicate freely with people from around the globe, dig in all the visual information about the habitat we live in, and culture, as well as probably any other subject out there.

    the only “tools” needed for that exciting experience are basic knowledge and understanding of computers, programs and internet, English language and interst to explore.

    it’s more simple to teach people those skills, than try and “integrate” them by posing onto them foreign values right from the start. values are something that needs to be developed, they don’t just occur overnight. so it would be best to teach those, foreign to our culture(s), not our entire classics, but a way of exploration, in their own stead. it’s best to teach them what’s newest, and proves to be very accessible for little to (relatively) no money at all!

    marginal groups should have access to the medium of internet, because that’s a space where a person can gain much, much more for much, much less money than it would take them in the physical reality. virtual travelling, art, communication, learning, business – you name it. it’s all out there, available to anyone who has the above mentioned “tools” (English + computer skills).

    it’s a space that has therapeutic effect on people who have a sence of lack in their life. if you lack any of those things – visiting new places, meeting your acquaintances or new people, going around the world, being in touch with new trends in art, fashion, world news and politics, etc, etc. – you may find solace in the net, because that’s all out there right at your fingertips.

    and that commodity helps resolve desire or craving for gaining physical goods, because it helps a person gain much more spiritual goods (in the form of different cultural products, like art for example, and different experiences – like virtual “travelling”, communication, learning, etc.)

    i think every being should have access to those things. and we ought not fear “what might happen” if we give immigrants the “tools” we’re freely now using, out of fear that they may use them against us. just think of the ways they may use them “for us” – how much more content will be created and how much more cultural values will we be able to observe displayed in the internet space freely. there will be new pieces of artwork in every artistic field, there may be interesting political thoughts going around, there may be interesting (not necessarily threatening) spiritual values going around.

    let us not underestimate the creative potential of those immigrants, just because they come from a background of “not having” (they are the “have-nots”). just give them means of expression and observe a miracle – how they become stable and strong, and how much better they get integrated than when being forced some values in a hard-to-deal-with way.

  180. avatar
    Eleonora P.

    and read Victor Hugo’s poetry. a lot!

    (please, bare with my translation. *sorry but i couldn’t find the original poem in the net so i’m taking it out of the book that i’ve been reading.)

    In our nails Africa agonizes
    and all the people moan in want of bread and peace.
    Oran is starving, Algeria is starving.
    – That is what the much-revered France brings us! –
    they say there. The Arabian man is eating grass, begging
    and becomes frightening, then gets mad…

    this is the original text of the poem, in Bulgarian (use google translate to read this quote, please)

    Във ноктите ни Африка агонизира
    и стене цял народ и иска хляб и мир.
    Гладуват във Оран, гладуват във Алжир.
    – Прехвалената Франция това ни носи! –
    си казват там. Трева яде арабът, проси
    и става страшен, полудява след това…

  181. avatar

    i am refugee from syria . i have read many of euro citizens comments. who like or dislike us. any way . it is highly important to mention that the majority of refugees were forced to live in europe as an exile escaping form strssful circumstancess . So , in conjunction with this bad conditions they feel indirectly a racism and social exclusion ;consequently , that will negatively affect their bielefs and sensatios as a humans and will maybe create radicalisation , exenophobia , ,and autism , that will deeply isolate the new residers from the natives.
    Moreover , many of us refugees i have met in camps said : we wish from westren union to stop exporting weapons and end their interference in the affairs of our countries , so many will surely note a remarkable decrease in wars and revolutions as well.
    Furthermore . even if a cohosive integration has been tried to get achieved , many of europ capita do not trust in refugee because their of religion so this attempt to integrate them in their native society are based on uncertainty and doubts as well , eventually it will not success in its smogy wills.

  182. avatar
    Elisha Gay Hidalgo

    communication, mutual respect, and an open mind would really help, from both sides.

  183. avatar
    Mary Annabel Curtis Rice

    I agree with Elisha. Both sides need to respect each other and their beliefs. Our priority in life should be to help others. Religion and race don’t matter. When it comes down to it, we are all humans which already gives us something in common! Please don’t judge people until you have met them. Do you really think all our problems will be solved if we all just live where we were born. The integration of different cultures has faciliated our modern way of living. Never forget you can make a difference as an individual, just by the way you behave around others…

  184. avatar
    Jim Panting

    If I moved to another country , I would endeavour to integrate fully . Adopt the national religion and rule of law. I would not insist on Sharia if it was not already part of the nations religion. I would learn the language. I would dress in the same manner as the locals . I would go out of my way to not stick out as an immigrant. If a country had taken me in I would be eternally grateful . I would NOT try to have sections of my home area morph into my old homeland.

  185. avatar
    julian taylor

    i have been studying various publications on islam and especially the book “Women and Shari’a Law” by Elham Manea.i would like peoples’ response to the question “IS THE MUSLIM RELIGION AND SHARIA LAW COMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN RIGHTS?”I am making a study of this subject and would be most grateful for your comments. It appears that Sharia Law is practiced in the uk although it is not generally acknowledged. regards julian

  186. avatar

    Christmas is coming.

    i propose the European Commission regard the policy of engaging refugees and other immigrants in the festivity and cheer of this Holiday, for many a reason:

    (number 1) the BEST way to integrate anyone is by means of Cultural Integration (i am currently studying for a MA degree in Cultural Studies, feel free to ask my professors);
    engaging in artistic endeavors is health-beneficial and very Easy to accomplish; it smoothly provides interaction and obtaining a sense of an alien (distant) culture and being “schooled” into opposing values to your present beliefs, for example; Art is non-judgemental (it isn’t ‘mental’, at all, really) – it connects us through the Heart/Soul (and Christmas in Catolicism is celebrated by means of actively engaging in public festivities in the form of symphonic concerts and choir concerts – in churches, on the street or elsewhere). it would by insanely easy to gather a few music teachers/choir conductors or volunteers who can sing and work w/ people, to engage refugees (children AND adults) in rehearsing and learning Christmas carols that would be sung throughout December festivities, after the 21st December, let’s say);
    meanwhile workshops in greeting cards w/ European Christmas symbols can be orgnized and the people in the camps to be engged in the Holiday Spirit, associated w/ The Birth of Christ;
    so while crafting small greeting cards and/or gifts (from simple basic materials), refugees and immigrants can get a sense of the culture they have come into, feel inspired of the Joy and Cheer and get information about Christianity – in the form of n interactive ‘course’ which engages their senses and it’s sort of working (psychologically) with their memories of childhood (associated usually w/ feelings such as being carefree, vigorous, creative, energetic, happy, joyous and so on);
    singing Christmas Carols will help in both getting a better understanding on the foreign language the immigrant has the need to learn in their new setting, and (see music and dance theory for expanded info an that) will physically plus subconsciously engage them in understanding this new culture on an emotional level (*this, ALSO, is a form of music therapy, vital for post-war stress and mental trauma, so *win-win*)

    i hope someone of the Commission sees that and engages the structures in active implementation of such simple thing – everyone know these Carols so volunteers can be me, you and our parents, grandparent or even our children. engaging our Family (EU Family, as well as individual families within this grand cultural community) is just about ALL immigrants need in order to feel valued, thus obtain a moral duty for the Family tht they have been MADE PART OF, by virtue of this kind of social engagement with them by the members of society in the most prominent, and Family (Community)-building of all Festivals (Holidays) of Christianity – the Birth of the Son of God.

    wishing all a pleasant holiday, and many virtuous activities ( ~ ) EU, please, Share and Spread the LOVE of Christ <3
    (i am not a prominent Christian, but a practical Spiritual person, so that's what motivates my current inquiry – Unify; Christ Consciousness resides in ALL of Us, even in us Muslims (and people with Muslim-descent, like myself). it's the time to spread Unity in Love, with lack of separation and distancing between one another on the grounds of doctrines, such as religion, race, gender, or nationality. i'm as much Christian as am a Buddhist, and that's the state of the world To-day, so we can do a lot more together than any other time in the past, right NOW. Christmas Binds everyone Together let's help integrate immigrants on this specific Holiday, by engaging them in our shared culture, moral and values: for the Love of God).

  187. avatar

    Send them back to their home nations!

  188. avatar

    Every race that came to Canada had to assimulate right away and they wanted to out of respect for our nation but most were from Europe. Now rude immigrants ome they are greedy selfish and do not care ur our culture, ways, holidays, they still keep their foreign culture that most of us have no clue about. many in Canada have been here 400 years and have not travelled outside north america how do we know about these people? The men are sexist but the women are jealous and selfish and insecure I see it everyday in Ottawa. Funny thing is I lived in 6 other places in Canada and never had that issue in other places why is this?? My canadian friend and I want to leave its horrible here for us now how we are treated in this city as canadian women. We want to live in canadian culture. Heck we would even move to America!

  189. avatar
    Paul Rice

    It is up to migrants to integrate into European countries , not Europeans to adapt to migrants. These people have to accept European customs , culture and laws , otherwise they are not welcome .
    Also they have to accept that many jobs in the EU will be automated , and there will be less jobs , and that the 50+ million unemployed EU citizens , and the 100+ million living in poverty will get help first , not migrants .
    They will also have to accept that there will be problems of food and water resources in the EU as climate change kicks in , and they will find the same problems as in their countries

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