Is there a link between economic crises and rising xenophobia? In the wake of the European economic crisis, many commentators have drawn parallels with the situation in the 1930s, when the Great Depression led to the rise of fascism across Europe (and, ultimately, to the horrors of the Second World War). But is this too simplistic an analysis?

Certainly, xenophobia is at worrying levels in Europe today. Over 1 in 4 Europeans from an ethnic minority background reported that they had been discriminated against in 2012, while 1 in 3 European Jews said they had faced physical or verbal violence because they were Jewish in 2013.

To give you a better idea about the scale of xenophobia and intolerance in Europe, we’ve put together some facts and figures about discrimination in the EU in an infographic below (click for a larger image).

Is Europe growing more xenophobic? And, if so, why? We had a comment sent in by Christos arguing that rising intolerance was being caused by the economic crisis (coupled with a long history of what Christos saw as largely-ineffective integration policies).

To get a response to Christos, we also put his comment to Emanuel Ksiazkiewicz, a young Swedish politician with the Social Democrat party in Botkyrka municipality, near Stockholm. What would he say to Christos?

KsiazkiewiczI totally share Christos’ assessment of the issue. I believe, as Christos does, that we experience racism mostly in times of need, where there are scarce resources that we have to fight over. And if we have a better economy then it’s easier for us to fight xenophobia. For example, our best weapon against xenophobia is education, and it is much easier to have a well-structured education system in a good economy where you don’t have cuts to budgets.

But, there are also some challenges to this statement. For example, if you take my own municipality of Botkyrka, the parts where the most people vote for xenophobic parties are in pretty well-off neighbourhoods. And that sort of goes against Christos’ statement. But, then, there are several factors which come into play.

To get another perspective, we also put Christos’ comment to Dr. Robin Wilson, a leading European policy analyst and expert on intercultural dialogue. What would he say to Christos?

wilsonI think the first thing I’d say to Christos is that it’s very difficult to generalise. Undoubedtly, there has been a rise in far-right populist movements across Europe in recent decades, but to some extent that predated the economic crisis – though it may have been worsened by it. And, obviously in Greece itself we’ve seen the rise of Golden Dawn, which has very much been linked to the austerity that Greece has undergone. But I think it’s important not to assume that we can say there is an archetypal European who is either more or less xenophobic than they were. There are strong distinctions, and of course we’ve also seen the rise of movements like Syriza in Greece on the other side of the spectrum.

Also, the evidence we have from opinion surveys is that people will very often give different answers if asked different questions. If you ask people: ‘Are there too many Muslims in Europe?’, most people who are not Muslims will say ‘Yes’. But if you ask people: “Do more religions in a country makes it culturally richer?’, most people will say ‘Yes’.

So, the issue there really becomes how political leaders frame discussion about diversity in Europe, and, of course, some of them have been framing it in a very irresponsible way, which has fostered xenophobic sentiments. Whereas, if they were willing to give leadership in a more positive way they could achieve a different outcome.

We also had a comment sent in by Berings, arguing that rising xenophobia in Europe has nothing to do with the economy. Berings argued that the root cause was the impact that immigration was having on European society and culture:

citizen_icon_180x180Many people I know do not support the far-right because of economic troubles, they support them because these politicians are the only politicians in touch with reality. No one ever signed up to this horrible ‘diversity’ project.

How would Emanuel Ksiazkiewicz respond to Bergins?

KsiazkiewiczWell, we live in a globalised world, and whether we like it or not it’s going to get even more globalised. Our borders are becoming more and more like drawings on a map that don’t exist in the real world; it’s much easier and cheaper to travel these days, it’s much easier to get in touch with people from other countries and other cultures.

Of course, this will impact society. Of course, you will notice change. But change isn’t always bad; change has always occurred and change will always occur. So, it’s about embracing this change and making it into something positive and into something you believe in, because you cannot fight change. Change will happen.

Finally, what would Dr. Robin Wilson say?

wilsonWell, as I was saying, it is too simplistic to reduce intolerance to economic factors. And, by the same token, that gives Berings no excuse for being intolerant, which he may need to think about. What we also know about xenophobia in Europe is that xenophobia tells us very little about those social groups who are the target of intolerance, but it tells us a great deal about those who are the perpetrators of intolerance. And those who are intolerant tend to be intolerant across the board, towards the whole range of ‘others’ and, ironically, the less they know about the ‘other’ the more intolerant they often are.

So, for example, we know from evidence in the UK that the largest support for the so-called UK Independence Party – which is the far-right anti-immigrant party there – comes from those people who don’t know any immigrants whatsoever. And the smallest support is in those cities, like in London, which are very globalised cities.

Does high unemployment make people more racist? Is there a link between the economy and tolerance of other cultures? Or is root cause the impact that immigration is having on European society and culture? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Héctor de Pereda

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      Fascism is the merger of corporate and government power. What you see now in European countries with central banks and governments dancing to the tune of banks and corporations.

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    Michel Percan

    True, just look South Africa. After end of aparheid crimes and high unemployment appeared, and they are getting more racist against whites by each day.

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      EU reform- proactive

      …..yes, but a correction please: local Africans are randomly attacking their “African & Asian” (partly legal & illegal migrant “brothers”)- not whites! There are too many “illegals”, due to a lack of proper border control & corruption! “Whites” do not compete with “street vendors”. POLITICIANS naturally “blame” criminal elements first, than xenophobia- never their inability to govern efficiently & implement the law!

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    John Flerianos

    There’s a link between horrible cultures, mass immigration from said cultures, and hatred of them by others

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      catherine benning

      @ Luca Argalia:

      I find ‘mass’ immigration of different cultures, creates hatred of the host nation by the immigrant, who once settled, find they cannot abide to live under the rule of those who have a lifestyle or ethos they object to and greatly despise.

      Mass immigration into my country, the UK, has seen the growth of honour killings, FGM, polygamy, worship of voodoo and its practice of mutilation, rape and sexual attacks on females and children, abuse of women in general, anti semitsm, hatred of Christian teachings, as well as open abuse should a member of the host community object to these sinister and primitive customs brought into our borders. I also believe these practices are promoted and spread as a way of forcing the host society into accepting these abhorrent alternative lifestyles, to the point of changing our civilisation into something we cannot fathom or want to embrace.

      To despise these changes to our way of life is not ‘racism,’ as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘race’ of the immigrant, or, the ‘colour’ of their skin. It is purely the result of finding the cultural practices they bring with them abhorrent especially and they flaunt it in alarming way. It is as if they want to rub our noses, and our childrens noses, in it.

      Politicians are totally to blame for what is happening in our societies today, as it is solely their decision to not only allow an invasion of our lands, but an encouragement of it without at any time being voted to do so. It was hidden from the electorate and denied when questioned. In an unprecedented attack on our way of life, our deeply held beliefs and our safety we were led, like lemmings, into the destruction of our European civilisation.

      This is called treason. And the laws against acts of treason were removed from our statutes by these same politicians as they took the action. So, those in office proceeding with this policy, new full well that what they doing was against not only the wishes of the people they govern but was and act of treason against our established law against such an action.

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    Kovács János

    Not racist, but desperate. Losing your job often means losing your confidence, self-esteem, health insurance, your ability to be autonomous, and to support your family. Desperation and helplessness are powerful emotions. When circumstances determines one’s future instead of choices, resilience and hard work, anger always follows…

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    Marcel Mensch

    Ich weiß nicht aber Arbeit ist auch nicht das Allheilmittel für alles also auch wenn die Leute Arbeit haben bleiben sie Autoritäre Menschen

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    It makes them angry and desperate… And thus more prone to take this anger on the most vulnerable: the minorities and the migrants!

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    Vinko Rajic

    YES! If you can’t find a job and they even import workers or outsource our jobs than people don’t like immigrants .

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    David Petty

    Mabey, but then you have to look at the causes, mass immigration wasn’t intended to help the poor and disenfranchised, it was set up as cheap labour for the political elite to exploit!

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    Nando Aidos

    Obviously! Maybe not in their hearts but in their behavior!
    High unemployment means higher competition for jobs and the less skilled the worse. Anyone, but particularly from outside is a threat to success (meager as it may be) in getting a job. Politicians should know this! This is elementary human behavior!

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    Katerina Giuttari Lickovski

    Yes because people fall for fear mongering politics and become mere puppets to government propaganda which takes away the real blame for unemployment and places it on immigrants when it is the government itself

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    Jorge Lux

    People are not racist! You must understand that Islam immigration is bad for democracy, woman rights, homo rights and for our traditions. We don’t want Muslim immigration! That’s it.

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    Dionìs Koçi

    Is there a connection between high demand of labor force and immigration (and eventually, a positive attitude towards immigrants)? If yes, then I’m afraid we have to be prepared for the downside of the ”demand” circle. Things that might connect you to the new country are different: good economical conditions, liking the culture, any political policies, you socializing with people, ecc. Therefore, if the thing/things that connect you to the country, change, than you are obviously affected by that change. PS: I’m an immigrant.

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    It is not a question in principle, of racism, but xenophobia. When Europe is the highest economic zone with unemployment, when our youths have high rates of unemployment, when at the same time Governments prolong the working life to retire later, admitting immigrants of course it produces xenophobia. No wonder the extreme right parties are growing. Immigration only benefits the right wing parties because they supply the companies cheap labour willing to work without rights and conditions. The Left tied up to its Marxism origins and the “internationalism” of “proletarians all over the world unite!” do not support measures of defending their own national workers leaving an empty space for the far-right to take advantage.

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    Racism is in all eu

    no country have the same opportunities as the other ,

    they never stop talk about Greece badly

    They never stop saying that Germany and friendly countries is the best

    About jobs …. You must have one first

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    Sérgio Ferreira Cardoso

    People don’t have a clue about how the economy works and then think immigration is the problem. Immigrants are not refugees. Immigrants move to other countries to fill vacant work positions.

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      Paul X

      If you can tell me which country has zero unemployment and a surplus of vacant work positions then you may have a point

      Immigration only benefits the employers by reducing their wage bill so even if the immigrant is paying tax (cash in hand being the preferred method), this will be less tax than if it was a local worker getting the acceptable going rate for the job. So just how does this help the economy?

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      I agree there is a strong link,but scapegoat,I dont think so.
      I have no idea where you live Melanie,but where I live I have seen the numbers of people applying for individual jobs increase by several hundred percent per vacancy,and in addition the numbers of those people applying are immigrants ,nothing wrong with that you may say,but when supply of increasingly cheap labour literally swamps the supply you have to ask why we keep importing people when there is already an unemployment problem.
      Immigration only exacerbates the problem and reduces the odds of getting a job from “very unlikely” to damn near impossible.
      Are you surprised at this phenomenon,when all are in competition then those with the least history of contributing to any given economy will of course be resented.
      When I worked in the factories ,if there were layoffs it was “last in first out” and I have to say I agree with that view in an increasingly over crowded country.

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    Paul X

    Why is the question “does high unemployment make people more racist” yet the rest of the ramblings refer to xenophobia? Despite what some like to think these are two completely different things

    Racism is a dislike and abuse of someone because of their nationality/colour and to most normal people is completely unacceptable in any form

    Xenophobia is the (irrational) fear of people who are different, but it doesn’t mean you go around abusing them. There is no doubt that there are xenophobes who are also racist but merely being xenophobic doesn’t harm anyone

    With regards to unemployment then xenophobia is not a term that should be used because it is a real fear that immigration is impacting on jobs, not an irrational one

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    Massimo Ortale

    When there is little employment for the people that are born in a particular place, I think it’s normal that they want a job primaly for them and then for the others. In Europe the problem is linked to the fact that same countries accept a lot of migrants others almost none. There should be more cooperation in this subject

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    The problem of EU-Europe is not “xenophobia” but a politically imposed xenophilia, an irrational and arrogant claim that everything “diverse” (“tolerant”) is good and culturally homogenous societies are “backward” and “bad”.
    As far as people are concerned, the labour market argument is rather of secondary relevance, not so with the politicians.

    Here it is important to recognize some fork-tongued characters in the controversy, as those who support “diversity” (immigration, minorities etc.) usually at the same time pursue the making of a uniform, single European citizen replacing the existing diversity of cultural personalities (Swedes, Greeks, English, Germans etc.) by a faceless mass society suited for economic exploitation only.

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      Prince du Sang

      Yes, I agree.
      France, for example was already a diverse country to begin with, as it had cultures such as the; Bretons, Basques, Catalans, Provencals, Picards, Flemish, Alsatians, Occitans, Normans, Gascons, etc. who all at one time had diverse cultures and sometimes quite distinct languages. However, politicians in Paris could not care less about most of these groups who have existed in France for centuries. Instead, they want to promote different cultures (Islam, etc.), and when asked about these former “French” cultures they reply they are anachronistic, ancient, or irrelevant to “modern France”. How hypocritical are they!!

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    Ed Cocks

    No, it’s just a coincidental factor, much like nationalism, that seems to come from the situation.

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    Dennis Stoertebecker

    There is a big advantage for the elites as long people think the problem of our decreasing economy are members of other ethnical groups.

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    Toni Muñiz

    No, experiences with bad migrants makes people less tolerant. Especially when nationals are being put second to migrants, even illegal migrants.

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    The “emigrants” taking natives jobs is just a false sense of fear cultivated lately by populist politicians. There is a kind of social darwinism sorting things naturally without populist involvement. Unskilled or low skilled natives are usually the most vocal ones against immigrants. I see it as quite natural jealousy reaction, but in long term the big picture might be quite different. Economic progress and development (read quality medical, school and social services for natives) require more and more highly skilled professionals and is much cheaper (according to free market based economy) for a nation to import them (plug and play) from all over the world instead of (high local prices) schooling natives.

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      Paul X

      The problem with employing “qualified” overseas people is websites like this, and there are many to choose from


      God knows how many dangerously unqualified people there are in the UK particularly in the NHS

      At least verifying a native’s qualifications is only a phone call away

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    Alexandra Ulloa

    Yes, although the racism is sometimes understandable if not justified when many economic problems are caused by the government favoring to provide welfare for racial “minorities” and immigrants over the native citizens.

  23. avatar
    Helas George

    Classic education vs open education and connectivity in finance approach through it as a cycle .because measures of finance benefits covers political and finance “standards”. ….

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    Βαγγέλης Ευαγγελίδης

    It’s not absolutely relevant with each other. Though there is a thought that immigrants (at least legal ones) take work places in the country they now live in (normal and of course accepted). So some think, beiing unable to find work at their country due to the financial crisis, that immigrants actually somehow ‘steal’ them. And thats how racism tends are created. But i think these people are a minority of the Eu 😊

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    Μάριος Γεωργίου

    1) The purpose of the introduction of foreign workers is the maintenance of slavery and the cancellation of all claims of local workers on wages and working conditions.
    2) The migrant worker competes with local and slowly elevate the wages to his level. It is the most effective weapon of capital.
    3) Immigration divides the working class of the host country in so many hostile camps and ethnoracial groups because each one understands herself. By preventing workers revolution and perpetuate capitalist domination.
    4) Illegal immigration is used both as strikebreaking mechanism with other workers’ overpopulation – surplus creates throws the standard of living in a state serf.
    5) The first International Workers’ Union put an end to the practical approaches industrialists and oblige unions to expel foreign workers back to their countries with the first boat.
    6) The immigration laws are the manifestos of Manufactures
    7) In simple words: The foreign worker who works at a lower wage, will get the job of the local, locals will indignation be developed racism and chauvinism among peoples and nations, and the capitalism will continue uninterrupted the impoverishment of peoples and plans accumulation of wealth in a few hands.
    “Anyone who criticizes the plutocracy while accepting immigration, where the working class is the first victim, better to keep quiet. Anyone who criticize immigration while does not say anything about the plutocracy better to do the same. “

  26. avatar
    Anatilde Alves

    Yes ignorant people with no qualifications to get a nice job , think immigrants took their chances away ;-) :-D

  27. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    No it doesn’t but for those with low education and poor sense of perspective it may give birth to xenophobic feelings out sheer ignorance.

  28. avatar
    catherine benning

    In addition to the post I wrote above as an answer to, Luca Agalaia, the political notion and spouting that ‘mass’ immigration is good for the economy is not only nonsense it is irrelevant.

    A people of our States or a civilisation is based on far more than its economy. In fact its economy evolves from its heritage, culture and way of life. Hence the immigrant is fleeing a culture that he/she feels is not working and cannot work for their economical well being. Therebye proving the culture or way of life imposed by their leaders, does not function with their aspitrations or expectation of future prosperity.

    However, the problem arises when those immigrants, allowed to invade unobstructed, are not content in the host culture and the way it derives its economy and practices, and regardless of that same host cultures evolution and wishes, wants to remove that civilisation from its present lifestyle to another they prefer to live by. And their alternative lifestyle and culture does not adjust to or fit with the ethos of the people they have pushed themselves onto.

    My instinct tell me, there is going to be a dramatic change in attitudes as a result of this imposition by our politicians and it is one they will find difficult to overcome. They only have themselves and their immature fantasy policies to blame.

    And they should be accountable.

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    Eva Benko Zoltan

    Yes it does, but the rich are to blame for lowering incomes and leading politics of high unimployment.

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    I’ll take any bet that most people who were racist/bigoted against jews were muslims. Bank on it.

  31. avatar
    John Flerianos

    it depends on the culture. if we’re talking about shit cultures that hate the west but very so suspiciously want to immigrate to it, yes. The only culture you don’t seem to care about is the culture of the countries of Europe.

  32. avatar
    Christopher Kwadwo Svanefalk

    Unemployment makes people feel hopeless and threatened, and hopeless and threatened human beings tend to shift the blame elsewhere. It happens everywhere and is not bound by culture. Here in Sweden there has been a massive increase in support for anti-immigration parties due to fluctuations in the economy and labour market.

  33. avatar
    Robert Santa

    Yes and no. Spain is more tolerant than many countries with far lower immigration rates. I think unemployment does play a role, but the success of the immigration process itself plays a key role too. You won´t see far right parties gaining ground in Canada any time soon, even if unemployment rises.

  34. avatar
    Μάριος Γεωργίου

    1) The purpose of the introduction of foreign workers is the maintenance of slavery and the cancellation of all claims of local workers on wages and working conditions.
    2) The migrant worker competes with local and slowly elevate the wages to his level. It is the most effective weapon of capital.
    3) Immigration divides the working class of the host country in so many hostile camps and ethnoracial groups because each one understands herself. By preventing workers revolution and perpetuate capitalist domination.
    4) Illegal immigration is used both as strikebreaking mechanism with other workers’ overpopulation – surplus creates throws the standard of living in a state serf.
    5) The first International Workers’ Union put an end to the practical approaches industrialists and oblige unions to expel foreign workers back to their countries with the first boat.
    6) The immigration laws are the manifestos of Manufactures
    7) In simple words: The foreign worker who works at a lower wage, will get the job of the local, locals will indignation be developed racism and chauvinism among peoples and nations, and the capitalism will continue uninterrupted the impoverishment of peoples and plans accumulation of wealth in a few hands.
    “Anyone who criticizes the plutocracy while accepting immigration, where the working class is the first victim, better to keep quiet. Anyone who criticize immigration while does not say anything about the plutocracy better to do the same. “

  35. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    As long as there is no link between economy and demand for more labor force, I guess the answer to this question is also NO.

  36. avatar
    Saul Sales Diaz

    Not really. Take a look at Spain. Crappy economy with (still) highest levels of tolerance towards migrants, homosexuals, etc. among member-states.

  37. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    I’m pretty sure it does: I’m from an area that in the past produced a lot of emigrants (who are immigrants in other places), but in the last 20 years also received a lot of immigrants due to an improvement economical situation. I would say that we should not be racists (we have 250.000 people from my region in Switzerland, including myself, and around the same number in France and Germany, and a lot of years ago, 500.000 had migrated to Argentina)…
    Now, with the crisis, problems and unemployment come back, and some people (not a lot, but much than it should, even some returned emigrants) reacted being racist to immigrants.
    That was for me difficult to understand, specially when now and again, we exported like 200.000 young people to another countries, now being many of them highly qualified, and some people use that to say “they just want to work hard improve their careers”… well, others I do believe just want to do the same. At least, I work in a R&D center in Switzerland, but probably if I had similar opportunities in my area (where my family and most friends are) I would stay there, so, what’s the difference? I think we are the same.
    Anyway, I also believe that immigration should be controlled: no borders is an utopia that I think wouldn’t work in true life. Other programs like improving with investments and social programs in the origin countries should be done: not give money for free: give a good education to intelligent and honest people and invest in their ideas: nobody better than them to know their situation, study how to fix it and change their countries. Also, in that collaboration way, collaboration and friendship links would be done and peace would come.

  38. avatar
    Bipul Mohanto

    Definitely. It all about human psychology deep in mind (or in any hidden neuron in brain). There is an exponential ratio between unemployment and all kind of social anarchy and tolerance of other cultures is only one parameter in it. Imagine a scenario, some hyenas found a dead buffalo (just an example); here the Hyenas are the native people, dead buffalo is the unemployment situation), now if some other scavengers, for example a vulture comes to take that dead buffalo as they are also hungry, a fight is a must because there are not any other food even for anyone. But if there are plenty of food all around, may be the Hyenas or vulture can look for that without any crash to each other and that is called tolerance.

  39. avatar
    Yorgos Koutroupis

    The thing is EU suffers from population decline.Birth rate in most european countries has dropped drastically rending post WW2 retirement and social security plans as we’ve known them unsustainable in the long run.Europe needs immigrants in order to prosper as much as immigrants need Europe.


  40. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    Among many other reasons YES it does and RIGHTFULLY so!!! Immigrants are deploying our social welfare, they are taking away jobs (one way or another, even “unwanted” jobs could be replaced if there was not such a vast bucket of low cost hands) but worse of all THEY EXPLICITLY STATE THEIR WISH TO DOMINATE EUROPE AND BRING SHARIA AND ISLAM!!!

  41. avatar
    Cila Gonçalves

    que pergunta desnecessária. políticos europeus, se nas vossas habitações os vossos hóspedes tiverem regalias que vocês não têm o que fazem!?

  42. avatar
    Udo Seiwert- Fauti

    can youi tell me where you see a current European economic crisis? do research before bringing in “British” thinking…..

  43. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    You are doing a great job, with your austerity across Europe, you’re still join another explosive condition. What do you really want for the future of Europe?

  44. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No, there is a link between tolerance and other cultures that behave uncivilized and uncivilized people in general. There is however a problem when you see more migrants employed in a time of crisis and those migrants are underpayed and at times ilegal migrants. So yes, it is not because the migrant is of another culture, but because they generally take less pay, accept worse working conditions and work illegally.

  45. avatar
    Claudia Elena

    Indirectly. There´s a link between one´s well-being and tolerance towards immigrants, usually ¨justified¨ on the argument that inmigrants take the good jobs in one´s country. And i guess we have the right wing parties to thank for that -irony mode ON-

  46. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    The decision is economic growth, education and multicultural, and multireligious dialogue.

  47. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    No, but it is often a misinterpreted symptom of a poor economy that existing workers/citizens are agitated when the supply of workers is increased. Thanks to media which alternates between greed and bias we are stuck with the pronouncements and judgements of poor journalism.

  48. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    No, but it is often a misinterpreted symptom of a poor economy that existing workers/citizens are agitated when the supply of workers is increased. Thanks to media which alternates between greed and bias we are stuck with the pronouncements and judgements of poor journalism.

  49. avatar
    Zaheer Abbas Kazmi

    Yes because everyone know that there is some dirty fishes who make’s the the whole sea dirty other wise humanity is the more than every thing respect to each other then everyday we come close closer closest 💖

  50. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    Somehow yes. When economy works well and people’s life is good, they should be more tolerant. As a metter of fact, different cultures are making interesting those people. If someone is not happy with his life, he will look for someone to be guilty for that situation. People who are from different culture are best candidates for that.

  51. avatar
    Max Berre

    im not sure. let’s ask golden dawn. failing that…we can also try asking the nazis

    • avatar

      LOL! An excellent point!

  52. avatar
    Sergio Monava

    Maybe because that represents, in a culture, an ice head and rational supported thoughts, some kind of well organized social structure, but not always an open arms is a good decision. One take care of us, not of them.

  53. avatar
    Любомир Иванчев

    Unemployment makes people socially and financially dependent on the state and society. When someone has been in this situation a long time, they begin to blame different outside factors other than themselves, becase they don’t feel they have control over their life and welfare anymore. Hence they blame for their problems the state, the politicians or society as a whole. And if the country happens to have a lot of immigrants as well – they also take the blame, because unemployed people see them as competition. In my opinion it is indeed the politicians job to resolve these social issues. That is the main reason they are being elected into office – to solve problems. It’s ridiculous for any struggling economy with high unemployment to take on new and new immigrants and give them social welfare (because they can’t give them jobs), instead of temporarily stopping immigration and relocating resources to fix the problems and get the engine running smoothly again. The social state has to have its limmits, because it can practically exist only where there is a stable and growing economy. Otherwise it’s impossible to support all of the related costs.

  54. avatar
    Lu Ka

    Yes when the prejudice, division and scapegoating is perpetuated by the media.

  55. avatar
    Lu Ka

    Yes when the prejudice, division and scapegoating is perpetuated by the media.

  56. avatar

    The unemployed are not necessarilly more racist. What triggers growth in racism is the generalised climate of desesperation and lack of prospects generated by the economic crisis, and by the political hate speech which diverts attention from politicians’ faluts and powerlessness and give symbolic permission to racists to speak out

  57. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Europe is being invaded by Barbarians like in the last times of the Roman Empire. Our children, our our children’s children, will enter a new Dark Age era.. Europe is sucidal mode ruled by international corporations.

  58. avatar
    Vitor F Veiga

    Yes. And in my country long austerity and crisis… I see a lot more intolerance between nationals..in general and not particularly against foreigners..its so sad really..

  59. avatar
    Su La

    DEFINITELY, look to east europe, they are less tolerant in many ways due to unemployment and poverty level. They have time to think about others and hate them more :(

  60. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    Second and third spoiled generations whom jump into religion the fanatic way without being serious about it in a peaceful way.

  61. avatar
    Nik Nenkov

    if you want to be accepted in society maybe … just maybe … I don’t know …
    uhmm… maybe you SHOULD NOT HIDE YOUR F*%#!NG FACE ??!!?!?

  62. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    Its a matter of how to survive in a hostile environment. Through all centuries moements of large groups of people to Europe lead to conflicts. It is important to take action to illegal imigration now

  63. avatar
    Geoffrey Howard

    No Human is illegal. But it would be of advantage, for the EU to tackle the issues at hand, at home, ……before trying to save the world.

  64. avatar
    Firas Moka

    I think it is the matter of the bad economic situation and the horrible competition on the life resources.

  65. avatar
    Valeria Greenhouse

    Yes of course. Because of the economic situation and of the huge amount of immigrants coming from countries in wars…!

  66. avatar
    Carolina Muro Rosa

    Not just the economy, old Europe had grown up to learn from its mistakes and became more humane and in general with great level of democracy and values we could all relate to. Suddenly all that got jeopardised by cultures that move in but won’t really integrate in the main culture, and instead want to change it to something others might not fully understand or be willing to live with. Islamism for instances, is quite clashy with its extremely old fashion and retrograde values. Is like wanting to mix olive oil and vinegre. All the terrorism we suddenly went through stole our freedom, now we can’t even walk trough an airport without taking our shoes off. We no longer feel we are living in a safe world and that will in fact make us more hostile.

  67. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Xenophobic – no.
    More protective and defensive – yes, definitely!
    And that’s a good thing!
    That’s what happens when you become older, wiser, and more experienced in life, as a person, as a nation or as group of nations.
    You go through ups and downs, as a person or as a nation, and you learn… (although some never do).
    I met several older gentlemen, throughout my life, and I listened… and I saw the look in their eyes as they shared experiences and much of recent history, “here and there”…
    Something tells me they’ve been there before because experience makes you wise, in the long run… longterm…
    Basic rules for me:
    – WE run our own Europe. Period. I don’t care from which country our leaders are from, as long as they are true Europeans.
    – You want to move into Europe? Great. We don’t care about the colour of your skin. You’re a human being, you have rights, but you also have obligations, duties and responsabilities – and you’ll be accountable for that.
    You must add value with your work, skills, investment, whatever… but you must add value, and I don’t care if you’re male or female..
    And you must live according to our rules, our ways, our traditions, our past heritage, etc…
    If you want to impose your b***sh** on us, please do go back to where you came from.
    And that’s valid for each individual… not necessarily for his/her 500 brothers or 700 cousins…
    Lessons learned…
    We must not kill people, like the nazis did…
    We must respect other people’s borders…
    We must not invade foreign territories…
    I believe the real Europeans just want to be left alone, in their own homes, work their way up again after this austerity, and carry on building our Europe according to our common values and principles.
    So… you can drop all the “xenophobic chit-chat” once and for all.
    We’re the peaceful ones now. But we’re not that soft-hearted and stupid anymore.

  68. avatar
    Gonçalo Hall

    Well not in my country, Portugal is still a paradise for a mix of people. But in countries like France, Norway, and even england.. Yes definitly.

  69. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Yes. More and more each day Europeans are being discriminated against and bullied.

  70. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Yes, Europe for centuries had lived in fear for neighbours and other foreigners. Maybe it has to do with the agitated and many wars of the past. It have to be reminded europeans that emigrations is a normal thing and it always happened…

  71. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    Some so-called «immigrants» are really colonists, and no people likes to be colonized. Those who do not come to europe to share our values and become «europeans» should plainly sent back; not because any jobs scarcity or any other «excuse», but because they come to subvert our civilization.

  72. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    there is no xenophobia in europe just a fear of islam of which few principles are against our rules and our democracy . we should read the coran otherwise debate is useless.

  73. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    Not really, most Europeans always were racists, xenophobic and intolerant but after WW2 we realized what these things lead to and tried to contain them by making ourselves believe those are things of the past. Now we just started to realize we were just trying to fool ourselves and we saw it was just hypocrisy, as those things were always there, but we tried to put them under the carpet of liberal attitude and civilization achieved by education; now we see that attitude, civilization and education starting to fail till they will eventually collapse.

  74. avatar

    History tells us that every time economic crisis happened, the hypocrites blamed the minorities as they are the easy targets. Besides it’s too easy to brainwash the uninformed ones by selling the fear to fuel ‘xenophobia’.

  75. avatar
    Eva Benko Zoltan

    They do. There are no jobs and people with the stomach empty, are angry.The power let in a lot of inmigrents , to lower salaries. Now they realise that in Spain for instance , they came because they new that they will get 800 euros per month fror doing nothing. 200 for lodging, and 600 for living. many workers don’t get that salary, after 8 houra of hard labour.

  76. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    LOL jesus christ with the question this page asks. Is Europe Intolerant, is Europe xenophobic…..why don’t you just come out and say it? Europeans are unwilling to be forced multiculturalism that brings nothing but problems.

  77. avatar
    Vidosaurus Daniel

    Why is it called xenophobia when you want to protect ur loved ones, your identity and your way of life? A better term would be xenoamor-loving what you have and willing to stand up for it. If you dont marxists win. You want that?

  78. avatar
    simon farrell

    I would say yes.
    If people are faced with a problem that is out of their hands and they cannot do anything about, inevitably this will lead to anger.
    People have to find something to blame, and this quite often is other people who look different from them. So it is easier for a group of angry people to victimise the minority in society, very much like the school bully picking on the little kid.
    Also having a real tangible enemy to focus your hate upon is easier than the real enemy which in intangible.

  79. avatar
    Joachim Finlay

    Yes, Europe does seem to be more (openly) xenophobic these days. My guess would be that it’s because of the crisis – it’s a lot easier to blame foreigners than it is to take a deep look at yourself and fix the real problems.

  80. avatar
    Emil Pavlovich

    Unfortunately it is normal when a man becomes poor to look for a reason why is he poor and to hate others who are not which escalades in hatred and rascism overall.

  81. avatar
    Sevastiyan Kostov

    Europe desperatly tries to defend itself by forcefull islamisation imposed by politics. Thats it. Europe will either defend itself, or will be no Europe anymore but probably Europstan!

  82. avatar
    José Tiago Sousa

    One word: Crisis!

    Since the moment this crisis is finished We’ll live again very happy and supporting diversity of cultures and the EU etc etc. Until… The Next crisis.

  83. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Of course not but we are not obliged to import cheap products from china which do not respect any regulations and unskill workers . We must contol our future like australia and canada do very well

  84. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Are you british ? I understand . I want a united federal europe with 8 members with common tax economic social policies and associate countries . Butthis europe we have is a complete desaster

  85. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    No just me ! Am not sure there is a majority for that. . Of course not in UK but maybe with germany italy benelux spain danemark france. That s enough

  86. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    The choice is no europe or united europe . But the british view of a unique market without common policies is a failure

  87. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Euro can not work without common tax social economic policy . But you are not concerned by euro which was successfull to avoid competitive devaluation . We go further or we go back to. The old system

  88. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    I want schengen for europeans not for the outside . Schengen is a failure because europe is weak. . France too i know -f you have a Tatcher to export i take her

  89. avatar
    Elias Tenkanen

    I always find the discussion about the European integration and EU unintelligent. The euro has had it’s good points, but the current economic crisis shows that the bad outweigh the good, and that something has to be done about it. The EU has been much more successful, even though it is incomplete like the euro. One of the problems is that the Union doesn’t follow it’s own rules, the big countries like France and Germany act according to their own mind, and it leads to others following the example, “why should we obey the rules, if the big guys don’t either?”

  90. avatar
    Elias Tenkanen

    As for Brexit, I’m very tired of that discussion. Britain should quickly decide what does it want from the Union. I don’t think either Britain nor EU will benefit, if Britain would grudginly hang on to the Union and slow down reforms. I see two paths the EU can go, either no EU or a strong EU, I believe the latter is better. A divided Europe is weak, the former days of glory and greatness only exist in my history books. Eurocentrism is stupid, the fastest growing economies are all outside of Europe. But yeah, the problems and flaws of the EU have to be corrected, and I view that as a challenge that is necessary.

  91. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    Yes and its the governments’ fault. No coherence at all. Instead of keeping track of the countries and European’s values they tend to “adapt” to other values, afraid of being called racist islamophobic or anti-semitic…

  92. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    If we want a better Europe must practice the ethical and moral respect tolerance friendship as we the values of European freedom when more people make more real cultural change for the better can happen is easier to create a society full of respect and freer

  93. avatar
    Marco Franck

    obviously as for the past40 years EU countries have made bad decisions EU state members pay the price, worse continue like this and face serious issues with ISIS. EUhas no voice and believes in a world of peace, provides safe haven to terrorists thanks to our human rights. Stand Up create a one voice President and show who is strong, army strong! Or face the consequences in the long run.

  94. avatar

    At this stage there must be harmonized, clear and stricter laws against ‘xenophobia’ at the EU level as certain member states have clearly failed to control it under their national laws. Also a major substantial hindrance to inter-community trade.

  95. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    Hope not. Xenofobia shouldn’t make any sense in a EU made from many different cultures.

  96. avatar
    Elias Tenkanen

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone. By saying that the discussion about the EU is unintelligent, I mean that the people discussing don’t have much information about the EU. Most people get their knowledge from the media, which is often anti-EU. Many people only know of the negative parts, and on top of it all seem to have false information or images. For example on being undemocratic, following the treaties of Maastricht and LIsbon, the Union has become more democratic, wikipedia is an easy place to find information.

  97. avatar
    Elias Tenkanen

    If you think about it, how could EU become more democratic? For example by moving powers from the Council to the Parliament. Who loses? The governments of the individual states and ministers, for example David Cameron :P Of course the Comission could also be made more democratic, I think that way the Commissioners are chosen could be more democratic.

  98. avatar
    Joao Vaz

    Unfortunately when things dont go so well, foreigners are the first to blame.

  99. avatar
    Gonzalo Rouco

    Que complicado se vuelve el compartir. Todos nos miramos el ombligo.
    Nos daremos cuenta algún día que si no salimos todos juntos, y juntos no es sólo Europa o Inglaterra, siempre estaremos creando xenophobia ?.
    Siempre vemos un enemigo, nunca vemos un igual.
    Mientras esa sea la percepción de la realidad las crisis se sucederán una detrás de las otras.

  100. avatar
    Lynda Germon

    I think the main problem is most countries don’t have much in common with each other … As for equal pay , taxes etc. It just doesn’t existe !!!!¡

  101. avatar
    Lynda Germon

    I think the main problem is most countries don’t have much in common with each other … As for equal pay , taxes etc. It just doesn’t existe !!!!¡

  102. avatar
    Rick Wilmot

    Never mind race and culture, it can all be integrated for the benefit of everybody. We need a system of ethical capitalism. I realises that is a contradiction in terms but unless capitalism changes fundamentally the whole world, not just Europe, is doomed!

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Wow go find a tree to hug ,integration doesn’t work and never will.

  103. avatar
    Ad Seelt

    No, but there is a link between racism and cunning politicians.

  104. avatar
    Rick Wilmot

    I don’t buy this ‘high unemployment’. I know someone working for a bus company in London where there is a shortage of around 100 drivers.

  105. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    No, the link is between the democratic deficit in Europe ‘and’ the power grab of the lunatics who dream of a united states of Europe , your claimed rise in ‘xenophobia’ is the result.

    The more the EU elite force their unwanted ideology of ever more integration onto the peoples of Europe the more the people will resist it.

    There can be only one of two outcomes, either the EU is dismantled or civil war will break out in Europe.


  106. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    No, the link is between the democratic deficit in Europe ‘and’ the power grab of the lunatics who dream of a united states of Europe , your claimed rise in ‘xenophobia’ is the result.

    The more the EU elite force their unwanted ideology of ever more integration onto the peoples of Europe the more the people will resist it.

    There can be only one of two outcomes, either the EU is dismantled or civil war will break out in Europe.


  107. avatar
    Max Berre

    it certainly seems that way. at any rate it is pretty easy for the intellectually lazy to blame immigrants, foreigners, gays (and others in general) for their problems.

    Additionally, blaming immigrants has the benefit that the immigrants cannot use the ballot box to punish bigotry.

  108. avatar
    Max Berre

    it certainly seems that way. at any rate it is pretty easy for the intellectually lazy to blame immigrants, foreigners, gays (and others in general) for their problems.

    Additionally, blaming immigrants has the benefit that the immigrants cannot use the ballot box to punish bigotry.

  109. avatar
    Silviu C. Stănculescu

    Yes unemployment makes them racist. But even more so benefits that keeps them out of work makes them even more racist…tossers

  110. avatar
    Silviu C. Stănculescu

    Yes unemployment makes them racist. But even more so benefits that keeps them out of work makes them even more racist…tossers

  111. avatar
    Hugo Couto

    Clearly , politicians promote xenophobia everyday as a tool for popularity. Such happens because there is a sense of crisis, and so “fear from the unknown” is used as a political weapon everyday (Striking example:UK)

  112. avatar
    Peter J. Bury

    obviously, but governments don’t take it seriously enough and start educating their citizens that a few immigrants more only enrich society as it has almost always done.

  113. avatar

    Yes, there definitely is, because current unemployment is caused by enterprises dismissing qualified “native” employees and hiring lower paid immigrants or taking these jobs to countries where the minimum salary (if it exists) is much lower than in Europe.
    THAT is the reality!
    This causes resentment towards those who come into the EU from foreign lands and are prepared to work for less money, taking the “natives” jobs. Resentment leads to vengeful attitudes, to xenophobia, which is just a symptom of a deeper problem – planned unemployment.
    It is a very simple equation!

  114. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Yes, there definitely is, because current unemployment is caused by enterprises dismissing qualified “native” employees and hiring lower paid immigrants or taking these jobs to countries where the minimum salary (if it exists) is much lower than in Europe.
    THAT is the reality!
    This causes resentment towards those who come into the EU from foreign lands and are prepared to work for less money, taking the “natives” jobs. Resentment leads to vengeful attitudes, to xenophobia, which is just a symptom of a deeper problem – planned unemployment.
    It is a very simple equation!

  115. avatar

    Isn’t it evident from the dark history of Europe? Every time economic crisis took place minorities were targeted. The pertinent question is: should stricter and uniform laws be introduced across EU against Xenophobia whether in daily life, at work or when seeking employment.

  116. avatar
    Javier Ortiz

    No. Current German xenophobia has nothing to do with high unemployment and neither does racism in America. Where is the extreme xenophobia in Spain? cultures reacting differently to circumstances.

  117. avatar
    Miguel Ferreira

    as if “xenophobia” isn’t the natural reaction of EVERY country to massive unsustainable immigration. “xenophobia” is newspeak for Love thy country

  118. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    Too many immigrants and refugees in Europe.I don’t dare to speak about my country as soon as we will be a minority.It’s not only unemloyment there are many issues.But unemployment is a basic one.

  119. avatar
    Nena Abreu

    This question is unnecessary ok ? When people is in a difficult economic situation as in south European countries and then you ask us this, how should you react ?? We go all sleep under the moon just because nobody takes action to stop ridiculous wars, we had nothing to do with it.

  120. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    We are not living in the age of “Employment” or “Unemployment.” The working world is based on “Cheaployment,” and that is what make Racism bold and powerful for future. Now what does it all have to do with Xenophobia, you tell me what connects your picture to your title !

  121. avatar
    Anibal Matos

    Se não há referência Ética , é claro que sim ! Os Europeus mataram DEUS : que resta? A cultura de Morte : matam-se seres inocentes – Aborto ; matam-se os indefesos – velhos e doentes incuráveis ou cujo tratamento é tornado caro pelas Farmacêuticas em conluio com as Seguradoras e a Segurança Social ; culto do Edonismo , “coisificando”o Outro ; o Mal banalizou-se ( Hannah Arendt ) . Não valerá a pena falar da Corrupção ,da Homossexualidade e dos “casamentos” que não reproduzem e por aí adiante ! Não queremos uma sociedade moralista mas Moral , porque fundada ,sempre , na Ética ! Converter – nos e voltar a nossa face para a Transcendência que nos habita ! Vamos a tempo de nos Reconstruirmos e tornar Solidários !

  122. avatar
    Santiago Sanchez Martinez

    Of course: it is thought the migrants accept the lower wages for the same not qualified jobs. In crises times that matter generates xenophobia.

  123. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    “IF” in the democratic developed capitalist west the general rule that with good schooling over many years and often further study to university degree level then the better the chance of a secure fair paid job and similarly without a basic education the likelyhood of a more low paid job or unemployment. The work market chooses and sets the bar height (^__~)

  124. avatar
    Sergio Rodrigues

    Obviously it does.This is what the extreme rigth wing was waiting for,now they are going sky high for shure…

  125. avatar
    Christos Pavlides

    Xeno-invasion causes xeno-phovia. 9 million Greeks within EU forced to accept 3-4 million eastern aristocrats & now another 4 million Syrians +other from bagladesh, pakistan etc. This is a demografic crime planned and executed by highly symblegmatic minds.

  126. avatar
    Jean-Jacques Eiza Lauture Descayrac

    Indeed we are concern there is a growing racism against vulnerable native white, which become a new minority in the unemployment queue. Statistics on rape in EU raise also a similar kind of racism and sexism against white women. As these issues are real, we need these statistics and debate clearly established, because unfortunately this is not politically correct and until this is not debated, nothing will change also for these victims.

  127. avatar
    Fabrice Youmssi

    They hiding behind this unemployment issue to find a reason to be racist. But we all know that they are all already racists. This is just the beginning of the Karma.

  128. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    class inequality causes people to misidentify the causes of their problems, so skin colour is easy to spot – not so easy to spot is joining the dots between government pro-corporate and pro-wealth policies and inevitable outcomes like racism – it’s not a race war – it ought to be a class war.

  129. avatar
    Ioanna Flouri

    I believe that yes it does.. When other people come at your country for a better life, this means that they need a job. In the case that we speak for a large amount of people, if all of them get jobs, citizens of the country will find it more difficult to find a job for themselves and so blame them…

  130. avatar
    Venko Drumchiyski

    Are You forgot in wich century we live? – Tehnology, dinamic, ambiguity surroundings. So If we speek about work…for any work people need today by good information, good skills for this job. Competition today is on a world level, not locally. Competition today is on a world level, not locally. Education makes people xenophobes. Education which treats different, unknown as a threat to the individual or to society. On the other hand there are selfish and purely mathematical advantage for individuals with less competition have lower criteria and higher salary ie with less effort to obtain a more favorable result in this sense stands behind xenophobia economic motive.

  131. avatar

    It’s about intelligence. The correlation is between the un-intelligence and the unemployment. These kind of people have already bad thoughts about a lot of things, and keeping them for themselves, but if there is an occasion, they are happy to have an opportunity to spread their thoughts. So, answering the question, in my opinion, people are first racist and second (as the result of un-intelligence) are they unemployed. Also if you are more likely be thinking, that you don’t have to do much to get a good job, and then you don’t get one, you start thinking someone else is responsible for that, and need to find an enemy, that you can hate for that, more likely then being not lazy to do more – way of thinking unintelligent people do. In countries with less intelligent/smart/hard-working population, racism is easier to can get stronger.

  132. avatar
    Alexandre Caldeira

    Xenophobia is the most evident symptom that Europe is not educating their citozens. Increase Erasmus program. Increase tv shows showing europe to the europeans. Financial Crises? ? Well the money was not burned… it only changed owner.. does EU know where the money went?? I guess that does not interest much to investigate..

  133. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    In northern europe yes, in southern europe no. Thats a fact. Politicians started very cheap politcs, the blame game, since 9/11…ever since we have the worst politicians with some exemptions to be fair. Not in europe though! No visionairs, like Helmut Schidt or Charles de Gaulles exist in europe. You only have out of their head students that are prepared for politics, to serve the happy few. People are stupid for not seeing this, extremely stupid and take part in the blame game, those dumb fench, lazy greeks and bastards in germany…yeah add some middle eastern wars to it and than you have a perfect salad for rasicm…stupidity is the enemy…

  134. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    No.islam is just not compatible with our laws and culture.read Coran instead of blablating without knowledge

  135. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    Ignorant and morally bankrupted Europeans are racists and xenophobic regardless of a labor market or economic prosperity. If being employed eliminated malicious people willing to harm and malign others on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual preference we would not have media sources dispensing hateful propaganda, policing profiteers, o incompetent politicians pandering to an already mentally deficient populous starving for hate and violence. We are just too dishonest and coward to recognize that we would not like to receive what we, so generously, give to others with our comfortable superiority and KKKristian values.

  136. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The EU is creating hatred & xenophobia on a scale not seen since 1939 with its ideology of forced economic & political union.

  137. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Not racist but people are not happy to receive refugees and migrants if they don’t have job and accommodation . EU give special rights to Arabs EU citizens don’t have . How many homeless people you have in the EU , many of them was paying tax to the EU and who cares for them .

  138. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Europe has been built on christianiry.we give a lot to the whole underdevelopped world and are paid in return by hate .. Yes you make me selfish and racist..go to helk and afeica and middle east solve your problems by yourself…

  139. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Africans wanted to get rid of colonisation and europeans.they have been free for 60 years.why they now love us so much? Just because they are unable to rule their country and now they want to benefit from our level if life we get from our work and intelligence.do they contribute to anything? No they are like grass hoppers in a cirn field.eniugh us enough.we are just tired to care about these capricuous vabies.everybody home….is what they want.now this us what we want…

  140. avatar
    Javier Ortiz

    No….. Just look at Spain. But,this may vary from ethnicity to ethnicity. I am not so sure that nothern European countries would react the same way. Are you?

  141. avatar
    Javier Ortiz

    Reading some of the other comments, it is clear that even high unemployment is no prerequisite for Xenophobia, racism and fascist behavior!

  142. avatar
    Hugo Viriato Conceicao

    Racism has nothing to do with race or anything else you ignorants! Racism its a word created by Leon Trostky to intimidate communist opposition!!!

  143. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Put this another way. If you are a starving prisoner in a cell with 10 other starving prisoners isn’t it natural to resent more prisoners being added to your cell if no extra food is given? Would it matter one bit what race those extra prisoners were?
    Europe is in the grip of austerity measures that are hurting people. More people are just making that bad situation worse.

  144. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    When European politicians are sold to the big corporations implementing ppolicies that favours industry dislocation to Asia and having at the same time, the lowest custom duties in the world, of course EU is exporting our jobs, creating unemployment and lowering the level of salaries. Immigration just add more pressure on the job market and when part of this immigration do not integrate due to their cultural traits and live on the back of the tax payers, of course it create anti-corps. Pikkety in his book The Capital says we are at the level of 1923 in what concerns wealth distribution. We know what happenned in the following decades. History repeats itself in cycles. We are going to see ahead social unrest times, with the increase of populist movements, reinforced by the islamo-fascism groups. This is economics, not racism and the authors, the culprits, are the EU politicians who are destroying the economy of Europe in the long term. Do not wonder why the far right and left are growing.

  145. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    If someone invite himself at your home and slightly ask you to change your food want a special room to pray want your daughter to hide herself because he feel attract by her want to slaughter a lamb in your bathroom to celebrate aid,ask you to support him and always tells you that he does not like you then yes you become racist and start thinking to getting rid of him

  146. avatar
    Πόπη Γεωργοπούλου

    No xenophobia, no islamophobia, no racism, nothing of the sort. False accusations against european people who unfortunately accepts and tolerates all the geopoliticall US crimes (islamization, islamic colonization of Europe, replacement of native population, violence, terrorist’ s attacks, barbarism, poverty, propaganda, etc).

  147. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    I think is not racism or xenophobia, nor unemployement. I believe is more a feeling amongst europeans ,that inmigrants get more benefits and social help from their governments.

  148. avatar
    Tobias Jetter

    Xebophobia is as much danger to our society as the crisis itself.
    We Germans already learned that the hard way, while the other European countries appearently still have a lot of learning to do.

  149. avatar
    Margaret Barahmandpour

    No xenophobia is a term invented by the EU to blame those who do not agree with its demented leftist free for all policies.

  150. avatar

    Yes, because then we think about rational usage of our taxes. I want my taxes to be used for schools etc., but not for people who do not want to work and rely only on governmental support.

  151. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    This word is used by the people who want to look more democratic than the others.When someone disagree about issues like immigration or refugees we call them Facists and the ”rest”.It’s an easy word Xenophobia,a GREEK Word,that makes you feel guilts and you do not say anything when you disagree.EU democracy. A,by the way,this is a GREEK Word too.

  152. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    Quando si formò il fascismo che sistema capitalista ci stava ? Non era il neoliberismo che ha creato la depressione !? L’immigrato serve al sistema per uccidere i diritti SOCIALI dei lavoratori conquistate dopo 2 guerre mondiali. Siamo di nuovo daccapo ?

  153. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    the economy does, not xenophobia but the suffering of all peoples. We could all feel good, live in peace in our land and move to the will not to despair, and instead the system requires us hunger, war turmoil. Fascism is a cancer, was born as a response to that system

  154. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    The economic crisis existed long before the refugees. I would say xenophobia got worse with each new country joining the EU then people from poorer EU countries coming into more prosperous countries for work, the subsequent drop in wages, worker rights due to the higher number of workers. plus the corporations taking advantage of the abundance of new workers that have a nice little racket of hiring people on a three month trial, then letting them go and hiring new people for a 3 month trial and effectively bypassing hiring anyone permanently. People lose, corporations gain and xenophobia develops when people are blaming the innocent people instead of those responsible.

  155. avatar
    Steph Wave

    Is Europe growing xenofobic?yes since EU is growing hypocrit pretender in its aim of false benevolence

  156. avatar
    Milos Kostovski

    Because of all the foreigners? The word is self-explanatory! Brace yourselves for Greeks claiming rights to the word Xenophobia.

  157. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    so 3 of 100 indecent assaults in Cologne on NYE were perpetrated by refugees and you ask why is Europe more xenophobic? well, mass hysteria for one

    28/02/2017 Elizaveta Khan, Managing Director of Integrationshaus e.V., an organisation committed to greater participation and fairness in society, has responded to this comment.

  158. avatar
    JC Martínez

    Why Yurope and NATO support ISIS & co against Syria Government? 3 million christians living in Syria support President Bashar.

  159. avatar
    Panos Krist

    It’s an uncertain world out there. Western democracies are under threat from a resurgent Russia, unrest around the Middle East, terrorism, nuclear rogue states.

  160. avatar
    Elena Vder

    of course europian people become more xenophobic…. Every day more and more refugees enter european countries…Different culures, poverty, unemployment. Europe’s motto “united in diversity” is maybe not completely true

    • avatar
      Monique Saby

      Not at all ! What you could have is a core of Member States with more integration on fiscal, defence, social policies and around a Europe “à la carte”.

  161. avatar
    David Petty

    It’s not racist to be concerned about mass immigration, be sensible and immigration can be managed for the betterment of both the immigrant and the people.

  162. avatar
    Andrea Brown

    If you create a situation where you deliberately create mass unemployment due to blinkered ideology, then invite in millions to compete for the bottom jobs, then you are deliberately creating racism.

  163. avatar
    Su La

    Unemployment is rising and Merkel still imports more people with no future and with different backgrounds :(

    • avatar
      Monique Saby

      Come on not EU but global finance and tax iniquity

  164. avatar
    Mario Kurzio Scortichini

    is this a democracy or a dictatorship? no because we are forced to welcome and we are forced to appreciate them no-matter-what. Isn’t my right to have a damn of an opinion about migrants? am I not allowed NOT to like them?? when the hell will you start respecting OUR opinions too??

  165. avatar
    Liz Lyz

    Ignorance makes people racists! Don’t get into a big debate or try to educate them, they’ll be forever idiots.

  166. avatar
    Zoltan Kiss

    Sorry but I find other races a lot more racist than white people. In many parts of the world I’ll be simply killed, beaten or robbed solely due to the colour of my skin. Fact.

  167. avatar
    Boerge R. Jensen

    In a way, the analysis is probably too simple. From my point of view, the unemployed and other people with low income might not be the most intolerant against foreigners, but some of the most intolerant against LGBTs. It doesn’t make much sense feeling threaded by people at the same or lower social status than yourself unless you are told to. It makes a lot more sense for wealty people to respond to threads to their economy and social status, and one answer to such threads might be propaganda suggesting attacks on the thread.

    One major difference from ethnic minorities to LGBTs is LGBTs’ marketing their lifestyle as better than heterosexual lifestyles and literally declared war on heterosexual people. Nobody would like their sexuality or lifestyle attacked even by others with the same sexuality in support of a minority which seems wealty and popular.

    One major difference from the 30s fascism in Europe and the current situation in Europe is the fact that the fascism in the 1930s was about national identity and pride while the current xenophobia in Europe is about uniformity and keeping societies together.

  168. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    No, but europeans, who are concerned about “racism”, they never ever have faced that rough racism, white people have to face it – worldwide everywhere, without any exception where, when, why, no matter if tourist or working abroad.

  169. avatar
    Ishar Wyrm

    Scarcity of resources makes humans more wary of other humans, if they are different than their usual “kin” more. For those who say here that racism is worse outside their contries, go out and live the world…

  170. avatar
    George Singleton

    Νο all the unemployments are feeling great and enjoy their holidays permanently .Its perfect not to be able to pay electricity food telephone and to hang around all day.We are very lucky to have such a perfect European Parliament that even if they are paid from us they are not working either and have destroyed the economies..Great job finally free from property and labour slavery!!Keep up the good work!!

  171. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    From what I have read unemployment and poverty causes some people to blame others or revolt against their governments. History repeats itself, don’t let it get to that point over and over. Abolish poverty and guarantee peoples basic needs via an unconditional guaranteed minimum income. No more benefits, pension or social insurance contributions. People will retire early or stay home with children freeing up jobs. Create fewer working hours. Inspire and enable budding entrepreneurs. Boost the economy with more people spending.

  172. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Corporate welfare, subsidies, grants, space exploration, defence bills and everything else are all paid by working taxpayers. The mega-rich and corporations get tax breaks, tax avoidance and tax evasion. Stop giving thousands, millions and billions those that already have too much money and use societies money to abolish poverty and homelessness and help those that don’t.

  173. avatar
    Hector Niehues-Jeuffroy

    I don’t think that high unemployment “makes” people more racist, at least not directly. You either have racist preconceptions or you have not. What high unemployment causes, however, is (a) a decrease in the standard of living of the unemployed, (b) a threat to the economic prospects of the employed, and (c) an increase in income and wealth inequality within societies. These economic effects in turn make people more susceptible to “us vs. them” explanations that scapegoat minority groups, e.g. ethnic minorities, for complex economic problems. The result is a climate wherein racist and xenophobic people become more vocal in expressing their opinions because they themselves feel threatened.

  174. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto vestias

    It is clear that the European representative democracy must discipline states and reassure the markets a bif of humanism Will be a good beginning for a new European impulse

  175. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Don’t understand what employment has to do with race or being more racist. It does however influence or migration. Our country had a 25% unemployment rate, yet you kept seeing migrants getting jobs. Including employment offers only for migrants. Talk about racism.

  176. avatar
    Dagmar Ueberfeld-Lang

    from what I’m reading, it is one factor but not the only factor. In times of economic constraints, when people worry about their future, their own survival, whether they will be able to care for their own, they looks for reasons for their own plight, for someone to blame. It’s probably the human condition that we need someone or a situation we can hold responsible, when our own circumstances are not good. Unfortunately, our own fears will be picked up by lobby groups and politicians and misused for their own agenda. We have seen this in the far-right anti-immigration movement in a number of EU countries in recent times, even in countries which are, or have been economically more stable than others.

  177. avatar
    Monique Saby

    It will be in French ! Il est évident que nous sommes en pleine mutation sociale ; pour citez A. Touraine “c’est la fin du paradigme social et des valeurs protestantes du travail”. La globalisation de la finance et du K volatil ne créent pas de travail pour les “low skills” puisqu’elle les met en concurrence et les TICS conduisent à une inadéquation entre O/D du travail. ainsi qu’à une raréfaction. Le lien social se distend. On peut comprendre que ces travailleurs disqualifiés voient l’arrivée des immigrés comme des concurrents potentiels. Idem pour les Seniors des Trente Glorieuses qui ne voient pas d’avenir pour leurs enfants. Guy Standing parle d’ailleurs de Précariat. L’écart de bien être et de revenu entre générations n’a jamais été aussi élevé en Occident. Pourtant, il existe un paradoxe c’est le cas du Canada où cet écart n’existe pas car les jeunes sont une préoccupation majeure de la politique et du gouvernement. Nous devons donc nous en inspirer plutôt que de proposer une allocation universelle “Universal Basic Income” qui ne résout en rien le problème d’insertion sociétal.

  178. avatar
    James Watts

    I think that xenophobia, racism are part of the tools used by politicians and leaders to distract people about their bad management and leadership, they will try to fracture the society and reap what they can, and is also linked with corruption and fraud; It’s a way to say: “I didn’t do anything wrong and won’t do anything to resolve it, but you can distract yourselves hating [put something].”

    Fiscally speaking, immigrants should have no reason to impact negatively the economy because increase the amount of people paying taxes and makes money flow (and everyone pays taxes in different ways, even by shopping to the local store you are paying to the country).

    The problems might arise when the resources are not being well managed, when the leaders and bureocrats can’t handle the added load, or when they just want to work for a very selected group instead of the whole country.

  179. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    You are far to simplistic in your assumption. It is peoples frustration at being ignored and ruled over by a out of touch political & none political elite that drives anger leading to hate.

    Calling it racism is just a convenient smokescreen to hide this fact & keep the elite untouched.

  180. avatar
    Marco Peel

    Banks bash big business – big business bashes the EU – EU bashes local governments – local governments bash taxpayers – taxpayers look for someone else to bash… Any more questions? An unfair and violent economy creates an unfair and violent society.
    An economy based on cheap resources is an economy of plunder that thrives on crisis.
    Quit hiding behind the crisis to ignore the opportunity – it is time to change the system to foster fair trade and sustainable development. The economy, like society and democracy, is about people, not profits.

  181. avatar
    Giulia Noia Dipresa

    maybe, here in Italy people say ‘what’s the point in going and get people directly from inside Lybia borders spending millions when, once they are here, they have to live at our expense in camps?’ … who can blame them? How can a country spend billions to GO AND GET people when their own people are not doing so fine? I know, you may say ‘what should we do? let em drown?’ I didn’t say so, but we surely can’t import them all here… British ships, Norvegian ships, Spanish ships they all get them and take them here. There’s no more room, first aid structure are collapsing… “migrants” are getting angry, italian people are getting angry… how do you think it is going to end?

  182. avatar
    カメニャク マリオ

    It’s sad that in the modern day people rather turn right and fight foreigners than turn left and fight the capitalist elite(that caused the problems happening in the foreigners countries as well).

  183. avatar
    Nicolas Auzanneau

    Is thre a link between the lack of ethic of former political leaders using their political experience obtained by public mandates to make dirty money – Schröder, Blair, Sarkozy, Barroso, Kroes etc. and the current democratical breakdown ?

  184. avatar
    Kate Traditionog

    Hate Is What Human Are Born With But Preventing Persons, Who Can Never be reformed Spiritually,Socially Mentally Economically Must Not Be Allowed to Hold Public offices. Is One Key, Everyone can see How evil Is Spreading Too Much Unfairness Against Blacks Ranging From .False Accusation Threats Obstruction Of Movements Decent Jobs And The Same Time Creating Policies To Block Manufacturing.Tourism .

  185. avatar
    Yulia Amariei

    Thomas Freudenthal,
    As I do not agree with the whole point of view in their explanation, but that’s what I’ve just been telling you. I hope you do not mind tagging you in this post.
    If so, I do apologize and would like to know if it did, in order to do not do it again. 😊

  186. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    No. The so called economical crisis should have distracted peoples attention from the intended invasion of the troops. Both are now mutually uprising each other.

  187. avatar

    Europe’s economic growth is concentrated to few north countries , that means that the other countries members have less resources , that makes unstable economic environment and reshaping the economic model of the non privileged countries. When this happens in a country, government has to make dramatic changes to her economic policy , people are worried about their salaries ,their jobs and their future . Economic immigrants ,refugees (potential future workers) in a country with financial problems are the first to be blamed by natives because they can work more hours with the half of a native’s salary , so they broke the balance . The last part is what the far right parties claim to bring hate, but also the left parties are trying to create a workers conscience in immigrants using that argument.
    At the other hand , low paid workers , foreign or not will make the economy of a country stronger , and more competitive (against china :p ) as any goverment claims lately .. So I think it has nothing to do about xenophobia and racism , I has to do with the late globalization policy , about money abuse ,about governments who are willing make profit of any worst possible scenario . Do you really think that a low education working class man or woman , with a decent salary ,making dreams about their children’s future, will be annoyed about a different colored man/woman’s beliefs or culture ??

  188. avatar

    От съществено значение е на какъв език се води дебата. В това отношение европейските институции за недостъпни за мнозинството европейски граждани като комуникират с гражданите предимно на английски език, а това не роден език на мнозина граждани. Е тогава как да бъде разбран ЕС, след Европейската комисия се държи високомерно и неразбираемо. Време да се вземат поуки и от факта, че европейските институции останаха неразбираеми и за самите англичани, а какво остава за гражданите от останалите нации, които трябва да използват google translator за получат недобър превод на европейски официален документ.

  189. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    Sure there is a connection.
    The ppl have anger because of the declining standard of living and lose faith in governing, they turn on each other, and demagogues like Trump (and other extremists) provide them with enemies.
    However, the real cuplrits are the oligarchs, especially the transnational oligarchs who control economic policy and the global economy and make more and more profit every year, to the deriment of the declining middle classes and struggling low-income classes.
    The oligarchs have an economic interest in spreading internationalism (liberalism > neoliberal economic policy > the ability to use their competitive advangate), so the ppl who place themself against the abuse by oligarchs (and internationalists) end up being nationalistic. Everything is connected with everything..

  190. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Of course it has. Xenophobia of the West against Eastern Europeans is disgusting, cruel, constant, primitive and permanently inflamed by the media and certain politicians.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Better still close all Schengen internal borders.

    • avatar
      Weronika Natkaniec

      Burrows Ok and freedom of money transfer without taxes inside EU :)

    • avatar
      Weronika Natkaniec

      Jean-Pierre Rosa I Don`t know? If you really want, we can organize a meeting, but please remember there’s no step back… Beat a woman in the morning … The standard behavior of Jean-Pierre Rosa ?

    • avatar
      Graça Soares

      Weronika Natkaniec don’t listen to that guy! He is a disgusting Communist/ Socialist!
      I usually comment on this page, but I already decided to block him…

  191. avatar
    Daniel Parvanov

    Are EU bureaucracy even listen what people want ? Or that is not Important… and every one ho do not agree 100% with liberal left are just racist and bigots and xenophobes … That is the tactic Hillary Clinton supporters use… +100% of mainstream media bashing against any other opinion… we know where it leed

    • avatar
      Jean-Pierre Rosa

      Its not even a question of liberalism. Your intolerance is not welcomed in a modern society. Feel free to move to an American red state.

    • avatar
      Michael Šimková

      The trouble is that economic instability is our new normal.

  192. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    People need to stop confusing xenophobia with Islamophobia. Do I have a fear of Europeans? No. Do I fear radical Islam? Yes. And with good cause. Third world Muslims are incompatible with the West. They are spreading their virus of hatred and their brutal version of Islam all over Europe and infecting westernised Muslims who are just as afraid of them as anyone else but dare not speak their fear.
    Don’t be fooled by the deflectors who talk of racism and bigotry. Radical Islam is a barbaric cult and not a race or a colour. It is a threat to all non-Muslims, irrespective of origin. If you tolerate what is intolerable, if you empower and sanction this dangerous dogma, then you had better be ready to face the consequences.

    • avatar
      Michael Šimková

      Wendy I don’t know where you’re from, but in UK they are assaulting people on metro speaking foreign language and leaving threatening notes in Polish cultural centre. So how is that about radical Islam?

    • avatar
      Graça Soares

      There’s no Radical Islam. There is Islam. And Islam doesn’t seppare Political Issues from State issues from Religion from Individual and Social Behaviors…. In sum: No Freedom for each category…They are ALL COMBINED….

  193. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    Part of it is economic upheaval. Part of it is extremists are exploiting disaffection to deliberately create strife. This has been the case for Muslim extremists and now also for the neo-Nazis. Part of it is that old prescriptions for these problems are not working and the prescribers have stubbornly refused to accept it, gasping at every shocking upset that no one could have foreseen this when many of have been saying for years now that following these policies in these conditions will lead to a huge surge in extremism.

  194. avatar
    Jean-Pierre Rosa

    Of course. Those responsible tend to deflect responsibility and blame minorities. Text book political practice of populists. The trump campaign is a fine example of that.

  195. avatar
    Александър Михайлов

    Probably economic crises are caused by flooding a country with economic migrants, who either receive welfare and burden the tax payer, or work in the gray sector, drive wages down, and don’t pay into the system, or both, and maybe people see this, feel it in their pockets, and decide they don’t like economic migrants, and liberal leftist communist fascist socialists and social justice warriors call that xenophobia

  196. avatar
    Zoltan Maurer

    Eastern Europe have practically no experience with terrorism because there is not many of this community… can’t say about Germany,France,England,Belgium…..

  197. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    There is no xenophobia! There is a giant gap between the cultures. Economic crises are made by speculators of the market. Kill ’em all!

  198. avatar
    Federico Amorino

    Panem et circenses, the latin used to say. Bread and games. 21st century’s bread is employment. If people are unemployment they get angry, thus racist, populist and so on. We need jobs!

  199. avatar
    Lucas Benitez

    No, but people will wonder why they don’t get almost any help from the government while economic migrants do, like in Spanish case.

  200. avatar
    Nicola Piazzalunga

    When people feel insecure, even economically insecure, human fisiology apparently indicates a surge in certain hormones that inhibit complex thinking and boost quick and simple reasoning. This means, among other, narrower and more homogeneous societies (xenophobia and racism).

  201. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    No but importing millions of low paid financial migrants to take their jobs does.

  202. avatar
    Robert Santa

    I think denial of a poor integration trackrecord makes people xenophobic. Racism is probably cultural tho.

  203. avatar
    Chris Pavlides

    PAS MI ELLIN VARVAROS – ANY NON GREEK BARBARIAN. Truth well told before Christ from real citizens = wealthy, fully educated by top teachers, thinkers & doers, front liners at war, aiming the best for their own people and state. So unemployment is irrelevant. What is relevant is the over taxation of inhabitants to finance illegal economic immigrants scandal multi support.

  204. avatar
    Chris Pavlides

    PAS MI ELLIN VARVAROS – ANY NON GREEK BARBARIAN. Truth well told before Christ from real citizens = wealthy, fully educated by top teachers, thinkers & doers, front liners at war, aiming the best for their own people and state. So unemployment is irrelevant. What is relevant is the over taxation of inhabitants to finance illegal economic immigrants scandal multi support.

  205. avatar
    Partnership Model

    Ennahda currently divided into two parts: the first are the arriistes and works for the destruction of Tunisia and the destruction of all institutions of the state as a whole, while the second is really wants the country and its people and Work very hard, but are marginalized from political life as is the case with the large majority of Nida Tuness! . The question arises whether the process of agreement is established between Nida Tuness and the first part of Ennahda! Then it is The great disaster and the coming revolution again inevitably !!!

  206. avatar
    Window to our world today through Islam

    Our world today is witnessing the so-called Democratic and political Islam, which has nothing to do with religion and is considered a form of trade!

    As for religion, it is manifested, for example, in the process [of creation and growth in the life] that the scientific base: [Period of Time instance] which has been mentioned by Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran clearly. For more knowledge please continue..

  207. avatar
    Made-in America

    Yes, the world will face a tough four years to repair the corrupted including to the issue of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples! But those who do not understand what happened to stand against the reform project of President Trump.

  208. avatar
    David Whittington

    Yes… people who are disgruntled by leaders, who only want more power for themselves and less for everyone else, become more open to hateful propaganda. Due to the masses are more easily led by appealing to their animal hatreds, then dealing with the complications of putting things right….

  209. avatar
    Rui Daniel

    In reality, we see the opposite. In the case of Western Europe at least. The most intolerant movements have gained more political victories in the richest countries.

  210. avatar
    Nick Komselis

    High unemployment makes people less racist. Let’s see the reason. People who are unemployed travel less, go out less, so the odds are that they won’t be killed/injured in a terrorist attack. :-)

  211. avatar
    Christine Clifford

    Only when immigration is used to blame economic and other woes by government and MSM
    Folk probably have to be racist to begin with but pretty well buried. It’s scapegoating. Any group can be othered.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Any group can be ‘othered’ only when they chose not to assimilate. If they create a society inside the larger society then they are the racists, not the people who invited them.

  212. avatar
    Jay Tee

    OMG! IS DEBTINGEUROP properly stupid or what? ofcourse thats not what´s causing it. if by “racist” you mean “not liking all the new immigrants” then the cause is new arrivals using european taxpayer money in benefits/services. If you don´t work and you don´t take money from the public funds then why would anyone care? they wouldn´t. They care that extra people are taking the precious houses. The elites of europe seem oblivious to the fact that there ISN´T ENOUGH GOOD HOUSING!! and they care that the newcomers are infecting european culture. I mean jeeeze what is so hard to understand? seriously? do you have to have had a lobotomy to work in government?

  213. avatar
    Octavian Cadar

    We saw that in history, the unemployment rate and poverty had a really big support for extremist party to take the power, but today not just the unemployment is a cause, the fear for local citizens of a country to lose their job in exchange of less paid immigrant troubles him. Even the cultural differences can be a cause, some of them trying to maintain the status quo of the country society.

  214. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    European moral bankruptcy has little to do with unemployment to a population mongered with hateful xenophobia by politicians passing it as policies, and manipulative media passing propaganda, as news. There is no European country which has not experienced an exodus of its people as refugees for political and economic unrest caused by wealthy and powerful Europeans inflicting pain for religious intolerance, famine, subversion of neighboring countries and war as means for profit. Today, and in the future unemployment will be, even more of a challenge, because of robotics, artificial intelligence and globalization, under the leadership of dogmatic individuals, who think we are too many with too few resources to let the poor, the sick and the elderly live for too long. These new European REFUGEES will meet the cruelty and indecency created by long standing misery profiteering families and corporations, who will make us wish for the good ol days in Gulags for Palestine occupiers. So, let’s not argue about our politicians enslaving us with taxation and laws denying us true freedom, and life itself! Let’s argue about immigration and race.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Could you explain they why most xenophobia is seen ‘between’ immigrant communities and not from community of the host Nation ? For instance Indian communities and Pakistani communities ‘hate’ each other with a vengeance or are you saying that also a ‘European moral bankruptcy’ ?

    • avatar
      Franco Suarez

      Ivan Burrows I do not understand your English or your understanding of geography. Are India and Pakistan in Europe and are these countries members of the European Union? But, I must say, you are a good example of European moral bankruptcy.

    • avatar
      Franco Suarez

      By the way; I do not know Indians and Pakistanis who hate each others. Could you, please, introduce me to those you know in such situation?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Franco Suarez Of course India and Pakistan are not in Europe, but millions of Pakistanis and Indians are and they hate each other which is the very definition of xenophobia and racism, are you really saying only Europeans can be racists ?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Franco Suarez What the hell as the elderly using NHS got to do with it ? lol. But thanks for the insult, a pity it’s all you communists have left.

  215. avatar
    Doru Beldiman

    When you see people from other countries try to change your life, your habits, when they try to impose their life-stile, what would you think about?

  216. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    When workers see the foreigners to compete for the few jobs available, when they see wages getting lower because there is too much labour force in the market, when they see the foreign migrants getting free houses while they are struggling to pay the mortgage, when they see them to get benefits of all types without having ever contributed to social security, when they see them not respecting the laws of the country and getting in ghettoes refusing to integrate, when they see the criminality increasing, while many live on welfare, no wonder the voters of Labour go to UKIP, or the French communists go to FN, or social democrats in Germany go to AFL, and so on. Xenophobia is on increase, the far right is on increase and all coincide with this wave of migrants, unskilled, with a very different culture and religion that refuse our values of freedom of speech and tolerance. The mainstream parties are trying to not see the reality, loosing electorate and opening the gates to all kind of populisms right or left. Dark days are coming to Europe. You are the culprits.

  217. avatar
    Róbert Bogdán

    Yes, when it’s correlated to illegal immigration or unreasonably high numbers of legal immigration. Immigrant status and a path to citizenship should be offered only to those who have a real chance to assimilate, not only to integrate.

  218. avatar
    Lynne Warner

    Not racist but definitely protectionist. You feed your own first then those who are asking for assistance. Common sense, if you starve your own , who then will feed the rest?

  219. avatar
    Arnout Posthumus

    Like in ww2 economic downfall creates it. For some reason hate is easily channeled from banks to immigrants.

    The crises gives austerity and people get mad because they get fcked and apparently cant put the anger to the actual people who caused it.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      ‘economic downfall’ did not create WW2, some lunatic Europeans with a flag and a plan to unite Europe did, does it sound familiar ?

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Ivan trololollololololololollollollolol go back to russia.

      Oh look we have peace does that sound familiar?

      Does the uk flag sound familiar in slave trade? XD

    • avatar
      Arnout Posthumus

      Yea by losing the war to america xD couldnt realy have use of slaves on the mainland. You would have voted bexit back then.

      Its hilarious that you take pride in ending it while there where nations that never took part in it. What a white washing pride xD hitler also ended the war! He must be a hero now rofl.

      No slave trade is a black stain on our history that we all got rich off. We never repaid them we just took. Yet you dare stuff this in their face.

  220. avatar
    Anatilde Alves

    No! People are already racist, and they use economic problems to justify. There are still alot of racists here.

  221. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Amongst the unemployed, yes. Just create a universal basic income so corporations stay competitive with the help of subsidised wages, and people stay happy with their new fellow citizens. And abolish poverty, increase spending, encourage entrepreneurship blah blah blah

  222. avatar
    Amalia Esteban

    racistas…los que cometen crimenes de odio contra los seres humanos de los paises que les acogen

  223. avatar
    Andrés Herrera

    In uk it has grown even if unemployment figures are not bad. Other than main university cities, not very welcoming at all.

  224. avatar
    Simeon Milanov

    Probably has something to do with affirmative action, discrimination against indigenous European population in favour of aliens? With stupid government and EU politics? With the increasing feeling among local peoples, that they are being replaced by foreigners? Dunno, countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan or CHina are very xenophobic and intolerant but they don’t have high unemployment….

  225. avatar

    Unemployment itself would not turn to racism. Be very careful, when politicians start to use race, ideologies, hatred that means they cannot do anything on unemployment. By diverting attention and find scapegoat, these politicians are actually cheating.

  226. avatar

    This is a wrong hypothesis. By linking up unemployment with racism is similar to linking up democracy with affluence. As we can see the lighthouse of democracy, the once land of liberty, the America has been relying on raising debts and printing money to survive for decades.

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