05---MoldovaOn 28 April 2015, European Council President Donald Tusk met with Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti to talk about closer cooperation between Moldova and the EU. Tusk referred to Moldova as a “key partner of the European Union”, but also urged the country to do more to fight corruption and to reform its judicial system.

The government of Moldova is actively pursuing EU membership, but it seems a distant prospect. With a GDP-per-capita of just €1,840, it is the poorest country in Europe; Freedom House gives Moldova low scores for democracy and rule of law indicators, and Moldova’s breakaway region Transnistria is better known for the 1,000 Russian troops permanently deployed there than for KVINT – the distillery that supposedly produces the best wine and cognac in the former Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, Moldova’s long-term EU ambitions have clearly displeased the Kremlin. Moldova is heavily dependent on imported energy and, with the Russian state-owned Gazprom currently the main supplier of gas to the country, gas prices have been rising ever since Moldova signed an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU back in June 2014.

Import bans on Moldovan wine and agricultural products, and new restrictions prohibiting Moldovan workers in Russia from sending home remittances have further hampered economic growth (remittances make up a staggering 30% of the country’s GDP, and up to 65% of these remittances come from Russia).

In an attempt to reduce dependency on Russia, a pipeline was constructed between the Romanian town of Iași and Ungheni in Moldova. Despite the fact that the pipeline is ready for use, Moldova announced last November that it has extended its gas contracts with Russia for another year. Should Europe be worried about Russian pressure on Moldova? And is EU membership the only alternative to Russian influence?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Eugen E. E. Caras, Ambassador of Moldova to the EU. After elections in 2014, the pro-Russian Socialist Party led by Igor Dodon became the biggest political party in the Moldovan parliament, followed by three pro-European parties. Does this mean that public opinion in Moldova favours stronger relations with Russia?

Eugen_CarasWell it’s probably normal to have differences of opinions on issues. The pro-European parties still got a larger amount of seats in the Parliament, 54 out of 101, following last year’s elections. Clearly this indicates that the population is looking for rapprochement with the European Union. The political parties are the ones representing this view of the citizen, so it’s clearly a pro-European choice. But this rapprochement doesn’t only mean seeking closer relations with the west. It’s about basically modernizing the country and developing the country in the spirit of European values and being attached to these values.

The outcome of the last elections [the Socialist Party as the biggest], is the view of a segment of citizens who are still looking Eastwards as a development strategy for the country. I think there is nothing tragic in this. This is an opinion that one should consider and respect. But what I think is important is that the society is well informed about the benefits of our relations with the EU to the whole country, and that our countrymen who looks more towards East are convinced with hard evidence that the benefits of rapprochement are there, and we just need to cherish these fruits.

In a previous debate, we had some users (including Costi and Ruy) arguing that Moldova should become a member of the EU before it becomes part of Russia. Ruy from Portugal wrote that bringing Moldova closer to the EU would do a lot for the Moldovan economy:

citizen_icon_180x180I am Portuguese and I think Moldova as the poorest country of Europe deserves a chance in the EU. Portugal before entering the EU was a miserable country. Now we are doing much better. Do you think entering the EU will do the same for Moldova?

We put these comments to Andi Cristea, a Romanian MEP and member of the EU Delegation to Moldova. As a citizen of Moldova’s neighbouring country and a Member of the European Parliament, does he think it is time for Moldova to join the EU before it is too late?

CristeaI think Moldova needs a European perspective. Moldova already made an important step by sighing the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreement. For Moldova, this is a step closer to the EU. For the time being, since the 1st of September last year, when the two agreements went into force provisionally, Moldova already succeeded in implementing almost 10% of the reforms part of the agreement. The next chapter is implementing the reforms of the Association agenda. Once they are implemented, I am sure they will become a candidate state.

We then asked the Moldovan Ambassador to respond to these comments. What would he say?

Eugen_CarasMoldova is a European state, by history, by civilization, by values and by the people we have. This is known both in Moldova and in the European Union, it is a matter of time, not a matter of peace. We will reach a point when we have enough of critical mass and implementation of the Association Agreement, and promotion of the reforms that we have committed to implement, when we would be eligible to make an application for membership. I hope this time will come rather soon. And I believe that this is quite feasible and possible, and it’s not about turning back to our Russian partners.

On the contrary – Moldova is a stable, predictable partner. And even if this should it meet the Russian interests, our choice was to develop the country according to EU standards, according to the EU way of doing business. This is how we see the development of the country and it’s our sovereign, free to choice to go ahead to the EU and one day to become a full-fledged member. Again, the membership perspective is very important in this respect, and I think one day we will be qualified to reply and to receive a positive answer from the European Union.

After Ukraine, could Moldova be the next country in Russia’s sights? Does the geopolitical jostling over Moldova prove that a new “Iron Curtain” is descending across Europe? And is EU membership the right alternative to Russian pressure? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Marco Fieber

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    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    Whatever country Russia deals business with, at the end of the day, if they don’t cooperate they ended up being invaded (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova). Countries like Greece keep on hoping in such Fascist regimes which aim in the destabilization of our European Union!

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    Ivan Burrows


    You have that the wrong way round, it is the antidemocratic EU that has its eyes on both Ukraine & Moldova.

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      I think you are wrong. The West has its eyes on Russia. Ukraine and Moldova are just stops along the road to Moscow and beyond. Dreams of a disintegrated Russia are nobody’s secret: see Stratfor’s decade forecast for instance. That is to say plan. Russians must flex their military muscle, without their military Russia would be history just like the Soviet Union – with benevolent Western assistance, of course.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Ivan, you see it clearly! Ucraine or Moldova will never have better life in E.U. than they had it under Soviets…

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    Paul X

    “Ruy from Portugal wrote that bringing Moldova closer to the EU would do a lot for the Moldovan economy”

    Yes “Ruy” I’m sure it will…..but maybe the taxpayers from the net contributing countries of the EU should have some say if they want more of their money poured into another poor and corrupt economy

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    Ferenc Lázár

    I am not saying the Soviet regime wad right, but the E.U. is becoming similar in manx ways, especially for wick economies. There is no solidarity in E.U.!

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    Angelo Davaris

    Too small market for Europe, Ukraine has popoulation of 42 million and most of them pro German. Good opportunity. Better shots with Turkey, 72 million people

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    Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Isn’t it ment to be a free world? If parts of Moldova want to join the outdated Soviet union then they should be welcomed to it and never let back to join Moldova again! The same goes for Easter Ukraine, they should be able to join Russia by voting rights like Scotland did! Is called free world not only for some!
    If the speak Russian language there is more reason to encourage them to join Russia!
    Never hold a population hostage to political correctness of the western world look what they done to Albania in the last two centuries by giving 70% of its land to its neighbours and today we Albanians living everywhere in Balkan, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece! And so called free Europe is standing on the way of unification of Albania with Kosovo
    Call that a free world? Dictatorship i think

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    Ibrahim Uzun

    Moldova and Ukraine
    You can choose:
    If you choose with EU you will die but slowly slowly from economic crisis or at the end you comit suicide,
    If you choose with RUSIA:
    They pick you up midnight the next morning you are dead,
    The choose IS YOURS !

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      They won’t die either way. They may lose their national identity in time, in the EU in particular. Life goes on, we are used to miserable government in Eastern Europe, so Brussels or Moscow is just a matter of fashion.

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    Nick Knight

    They already have. Russia has been bulling for a long time. Its just now the world is paying attention.

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      Yup, it definetely is. But European politicians and western media, led and dicated by the most aggressive power since NAZI Germany wants you to believe otherwise.

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    “After Ukraine, is Moldova the next country in Russia’s sights?”

    We’ll see. It depends because Moldova at this moment is quite in the middle of storm’s eye. The forces pushing and pulling in various directions around this quite small country are way above poor native moldovans will. With more than a third of native population deported in Gulag and replaced with ethnic russians in the past, Moldova’s reluctance to dramatic changes is understandable.

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    The pipeline is between the city of “Iaşi”, not “Lasi”

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      Debating Europe

      Apologies, we have corrected this now!

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    Antoine Che

    Hopefully, the presence of Russian troops will prevent Transnitria from being bombed the way Novorossiya is…

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    Antoine Che

    Hopefully, the presence of Russian troops will prevent Transnitria from being bombed the way Novorossiya is…

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    I don’t think Moldova “per se” is of much interest to Russia. It is only a pawn in the game for Odessa and the Danube.

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    Carmen Dunbar

    Why does the west always find fault with what Russia does? Do we believe that we are God’s envoys to promote peace?

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      We never found any fault in our creation of 4 failed states (Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan) and millions of dead, injured and tens of millions affected and fleeing.

      We never take any credit for that, and certainly find no fault in our own actions and support of the US, which directly led to that.

      Without European support, US global fascism has no chance. It is only with out support that they can kill and wage war across the world.

      When will European claim independence and build a European defence for European needs?

      As long as we are invaded by the US we can never strenghten our defence or distribute it strategically based on defending Europe.

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    Tn Nvc

    Vor si in stare sa fure, sa urasc?, s? cotropeasc?, s? ?i bat? joc de tot ce apar?ine Moldovei… ns? niciodat? nu vor fi n stare s? iubeasc? acest p?mnt a?a cum l iubim noi!…

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    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    Moldova is Romania. They speak Romanian. After Russia stole Moldova from Romania,many Russian speakers were taken to Moldova and Romanian speakers were deported. Today the result is Moldova 70% Romanian and 30% Russian. But historricaly they belong to us and we belong to them. Moldova is Romania and Romania is Moldova. Western Europe should learn eastern Europe history before acting… If Russia attack Moldova, Romania will start war. We have to admit that we will not stand and dont do anithing. We are historically obliged to repair history errors. And that is letting Russia take part of Romania in the 2nd WW. And that is Moldova!

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    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    Moldova is Romania. They speak Romanian. After Russia stole Moldova from Romania,many Russian speakers were taken to Moldova and Romanian speakers were deported. Today the result is Moldova 70% Romanian and 30% Russian. But historricaly they belong to us and we belong to them. Moldova is Romania and Romania is Moldova. Western Europe should learn eastern Europe history before acting… If Russia attack Moldova, Romania will start war. We have to admit that we will not stand and dont do anithing. We are historically obliged to repair history errors. And that is letting Russia take part of Romania in the 2nd WW. And that is Moldova!

    • avatar

      Thank Germany for that one, oh and at the time Moldova (Bessarabia) was created it had been a vassal of the Ottoman Empire, long predating the Soviet Union.

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    Jokera Jokerov

    I`ve been there a couple of times. Moldova is not Romania. At least no more than Macedonia is Bulgaria or Austria is Germany. next country will be Germany.

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    Vinko Rajic

    I think I know what is all about , I am not sure but it could be like this : Putin is going to start some new conflict to “protect” Russian minority but that is all about to keep patriotism alive . He needs conflict because he can win elections like “protector” of Russian people from evil . It is all about to keep power , win elections , make guns and get people to forget everything else . Bad evil is attacking and I am your guardian , I know that from ex. Yugoslavia .

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    Natasha Antonie

    we are all just pretending..as we’re not all aware of the political insights..Romania cannot support Moldova as much as we want to hope or believe..Romania has itself its problems with corruption and political disorder..Romania doesn’t have the military resources to intervene in case of war..Romania has been always a slave of the bigger military forces. Ro has been intelligently choose to be an ally of the most powerful country, but always following its own interests

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    Aaron Kavanagh

    I think all Eastern European countries who democratically desire membership of the European Union should sign further EU Association Agreements Then they should be allowed to succeed to the union on full completion of the requirements.

    • avatar

      No one can ‘democratically’ desire membership of the EU because the EU itself is undemocratic, politically resembling a sort of Occident version of the old Soviet Union.

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh

      Wow… You are very delusional, Europe is the location of the birth of democracy. For you to call the EU undemocratic is absurd. Yes maybe European Commissioners aren’t directly elected, they are chosen by other elected officials. But the EU is democratic and always will be and can’t possibly be compared to a communist Soviet Union.

    • avatar

      Aaron. democracy doesnt really exist in todays world. The closes thing you have is Switzerland and they are not really fully a democracy either.

      Others are miles away and far from having democracy. Closest to Switzerland is the Scandinavian countries followed by Germany and then the most of rest of Europe.

      In a league of their own at the bottom of countries in Europe and North America who claims they have democracy is US, Russia, UK and France who are all democracies only in their own claims, but in actuality has very little in common with democracy.

      But because the EU has double layers of this so-called democracy it as an entity is the closest thing we have to democracy in Europe, behind Switzerland.

      Unfortunately the EU can only be as democratic as their members, and the member states of the EU are not very democratic. So in essence you are both right.

      Europe is not democratic, but the EU is the most democratic thing about Europe, ofcourse aside from Switzerland where the people actually has some (but limited) power and influence.

      Just because our leaders and government claim we have democracy does not mean it is so. “Democracy” actually means something and its pretty different from the concept that our governments try to pass as being democracy.

      I ofcourse wish for real democracy, it is actually possible in this day and age.

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    Roman Ialcic

    I want see how Rumania will make war against Russia :).. Since 1992 already I heard people talking about how Moldavia want join to Romania!! And what ??? Nothing happened!!! Because Romanian government don’t want to take Moldavia back, because it’s too poor, and needed huge investment… We don’t need to talk about corruption in this country what’s will not survive if Moldavia will join to EU.. Also no one political person will REALLY support this… Russia don’t have directly Board with Moldavia, so they will need to take other part from Ukraine to make way to Moldova??? I think it’s to much si-if…

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    opinion from nowhere

    Moldova is the punishment to Romania from USSR for the alliance between the Romanian Government and NAZI Germany. The Soviet Union made and artificial country just like Yugoslavia Made Macedonia!!!

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    Silvia Chirila

    A truth remains a truth forever Republic of Moldova is a long term consequence of the year 1812 (when Russian Empire wanted to occupy the teritorry of both Romanian countries, but after long negociations with Ottoman Empire, annexed just the land between Nistru and Prut, called later Bassarabia), followed by 1940 (when Stalin founded Soviet Moldova and reorganized its territory as he wanted).

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    Armand Koca

    :P :P :P After Ukraine, could Moldova be the next country in EU / USA sights ?! ?! ?! :P :P :P

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    Maia Alexandrova

    Let’s look in the crystal ball…. Well, it looks like next is not Moldova, but Brussels, Paris and Berlin. It would, therefore, be advisable for the EU to devise some evacuation plans and drills for the citizens of those cities, so they are prepared when the invasion begins. Also a guide “What to Do When Russia Attacks” would be helpful. Digging trenches and construction of nuclear-proof bunkers for the population should also begin without delay.

    • avatar
      Alin Roman

      Well then… so should yours. M.A.D ;)

    • avatar

      If that is what passes for thinking in Eastern Europe, then the Iron Curtain cannot be restored fast enough. Not Russia, but the USA is the prime agressor of the 21st century (and committed by far the most war crimes and torture).

  28. avatar
    catherine benning

    So, from the heading of this thread, I can take it the Americans have lined up Moldova to create more chaos and yet another civil war, to enable their expansionist tactics to nail the Russian Federation once again as bully boys, in order to promote the unacceptalbe scenario of war in Europe. Good for the yanks, no risk to their lands and loads of doe to be made in the dealing of their super arms economy, of who the shareholders take a large cut.

    I am now sure the European Parliament is fully in on the game and like the Ukrainian plaited one, along with the peculiar and sinister face of the other freak they have in there making deals with the Obama administration. They are making a great deal of money at the expense of the indiginous people of the area. Just as the Russian oligarchs, who robbed the Russian oil money did, as theyhit the road for the UK and the West once they were in complete control of the billions. These billions, of course, by rights, belonging to the Russian people. How Putin let them away with that is an enigma to me.


    However, what is kept very quiet indeed, is the exact same process went on in the UK and I assume throughout Europe. Therebye robbing every single tax payer the way they did with the banking fraud.

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh

      The cause of the Ukraine crisis I believe is mainly an unfair previous president and the Ukrainian rebels. All great nations once had a period of war. But the USA is most certainly not to blame for this crisis. You really cannot possibly compare the European Debt Crisis to a civil war in Ukraine either… shame on you!

    • avatar


      Ukraine fits perfectly fine in the clear straight line which moves from 2001 through Afghanistan and Iraq with traditional warfare and continues into Syria, Libya and other countries with assymetrical warfare, western support of terrorists and uprising in those countries and overthrowing of governments etc.

      Ukraine is a clear evolution of the new US warfare which is clearly evident and have been seen other places.

      The US is the biggest fascist threat of the 21st century, and if you people dont want up, then we will end up supporting the NAZI Germany of the 21st century.

      Most misconceptions are ofcourse based on our western propaganda media, with their prejudice, disregard for facts, incorporation of false presumptions as facts, lack of investigational journalism, lack of critical thinkning and questioning and all the core tasks of the free media we used to have in the past.

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh


      Firstly what do you mean by western support of terrorism ? Are you implying western governments ?

      I do believe that the “revolution” in Ukraine would have happened regardless of western or Russian influence, all countries usually have wars. Therefore it is an internal problem.
      Also the overthrow of for example the corrupt Taliban government in Afghanistan was necessary for both the western world and the afghan people to be freed from a cruel regime.

      Next I will say … How dare you make such an absurd claim that the USA is to be compared to a German Nazi regime which resulted in World War II and was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people.
      I agree with you on maybe their are misconceptions on the actual situation in Ukraine. But bias and propaganda has always existed, it’s up to people to differentiate the opions from facts. The Western world wasn’t even involved in the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, the Ukrainian people led the overthrow of their corrupt president and wanted to be pro-Europe. #THE PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT!

    • avatar

      Aaron. Unfortunately everyone is blind to see that the US is the main fascist threat of the 21st century, just like Germany was of the 20th century.

      If they opened their eyes and looked at the trail of devestation the US has left behind since 2001 instead of ignring it, they would also see it. US has created many failed states, they have created ISIS, killed more than a million in war, injured and ruined the lives of tens of millions, drivens tens of millions to flee their homes. For what? US is by far the most violent and aggressive country in the world today, and we are allied with them. Its a HUGE shame, alike to being allied with NAZI Germany in 1941.

      Do you go around believing the US is a democracy and ruled by the people? Then its time you wake up. The US is a police state where people have lost most of their rights and freedoms and the country is mainly run by corporations with the help of those insane politicians who manage to buy, lie and manipulate their way into power. Extremists rule the US political system and they are not working for the people, they work for the corporations.

      US undoubtfully wants to dictate what all other countries do, and if they do not get to, those countries should expect to be bombed back to the stoneage. US also breaks international law at its own will and as you probably know has an enourmous overweight of focus on the military and waging war.

      In essence, the US has their forces around the world and topple any government who do not support the US, they buy/blackmail poor countries votes in the UN and keep trying to expand their iron fist and US tyrrany over the whole world. Their goal is nothing short of global US dictatorship in any way they can accomplish it.

      Free media? Forget it, its more like the propaganda network bordering to brainwashing.

      In fact, there is not much positive going on in the US at all. Perhaps you are in denial of the situation. In fact, denial is the first and most powerful of a humans psychological defences mechanisms.

      Personally I dont know how Europe can support something like this, but I would not be surprised if the so-called “Eurocrisis” was manufactured to blackmail Europe into doing whatever the US dictate on US. When I saw the Eurocrisis unfolding it looked more like a media imposed self fullfilling prophesy than a crisis which had root in anything real and factual. In fact, looking at the numbers of economics there should rather have been a crisis in the US than in Europe.

      Shame on us for not standing up and reclaiming our independence, freedom and dignity from something for whatever reason, is clearly a US dictate over Europe.

      We are nothing but puppets, but there is an alternative. We can have a strong and independent Europe with our own defences based on European needs and strategies whos aim is ONLY to defend Europe, nt to partake in the fascism of this century.

      Anyways, US global fascism cannot continue without European support, so the shame is extra big.

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh

      People like you are people who lead us all into a delusional world where we champion people who aren’t in it for the long term, they are in it for their own agenda. Take Barack Obama (the current U.S. President) he has done nothing but an amazing job while in office, he has ended two wars, albeit the current war on ISIS.
      The USA has done nothing but stand by Europe, take World War Two, they stood by Europe and helped to rebuild its broken economy caused by Nazi Germany, which the USA is most cetainly not.

      Let me explain what a democracy is….. Well it’s a system is government whereby the people are free to vote in elections for elected officials. All member countries in the EU anyway are democracies and the USA is most certainly a democracy.

      The USA and its allies has made mistakes, but to protect our freedom, our cultures, and indeed our society.

      Europe has its own voice in all affairs, take for example the Mediterranean migrant crisis, the EU is leading the way in resolving it and saving lives, the USA is not influencing us in any way.

      All of your other DELIROUS points are going to be ignored by me, they are exactly that. Misinformed, delusional, controlling and basically disgraceful to the soldiers who lost their lives in the war on terror.
      Europe…The EU is the biggest economy in the world, this cannot be achieved on its own, interdependency is how it happened and how the world is going to go places. Your callous comments are not right and should not be tolerated and I find them offensive to be speaking to someone, well basically like a dictator!!!

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    EU reform- proactive

    What makes Moldova so attractive to the (undemocratic) EU- instigating once more against Russia? http://eeas.europa.eu/moldova/index_en.htm

    What is behind the EU’s fatal attraction to select the poorest, most ‘priceless’ & troubled countries available in (E)-Europe? Might it be (geo)political NATO/US interests- undiscovered minerals & oil- a missionary, ‘heavenly’ human duty- what?

    Is it maybe the world’s biggest (state owned) wine collection with its ~200 km long natural wine cellar which attracted the taste buds of the EU elite? Which of the many (dis-) honest banks & oligarchs are already ‘at it’ to loan them money & confiscate their shares- becoming stinking rich in the process? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mile%C8%99tii_Mici_(winery)

    By the way- who just stole nearly 1 bio Dollar or ~13% of Moldova’s GDP?

    • avatar

      The EU is basically a vassal to the USA, that’s how it always seems to behave, all these unelected EU-ites dream of a photo op with Barack Obama or whoever is US president at the time. They so desperately want to be relevant yet they hate democracy and are dedicated to destroy it by transferring powers to the undemocratic EU.

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh

      The European Union is great and amazing and always will be! No point in trying to make up absurd conspiracy claims! And by the way the “elite” didn’t just have wealth handed to them either, they worked for it! #EU

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Aaron Kavanagh- Hi there,

      “Europe is great & will always be- not the EU”!

      The concern & critique (or lack of it) around the EU- a “suzerain” or in the old days also referred to “dynastic marriage” (due to a lack of any established & proper description) splits people into several camps. The EP has undergone constant evolution from appointed to elected Members- to some neither an overly fair nor a democratic process- which is continuing……………….:

      While you use your right (rather religiously) to defend & represent the majority view of the “Pro EU” faction- others chose to do the opposite! The forum questions raised here- highlights the dangerous EU game of “Balkanization” (or enlargement) & empire building efforts- by the EC tail wagging the EP- and the threats its poses to the old & stable EEC core members- relentlessly & incrementally changing the goalposts- until all Members sovereignty & parliaments have been totally abolished & absorbed into a suzerain EU! An essay worth reading:

      “Privatization” must not be confused with theories of conspiracy- but seen (partly) as an opportunistic pretext during political & financial upheavals- by certain “elites & empowered cliques”- having all the insider knowledge, resources & connections- to enrich themselves unfairly- highlighted in this article:

    • avatar
      Aaron Kavanagh

      @eu reform proactive

      I a clearly stating my opinion and as are you, which I respect.
      But after all a continent which was raged by war 100 years ago, now a peaceful continent others aspire to be. Yes I understand your issues you raise concerning privatisation etc. Maybe the EU could introduce further legislation regarding selling semi state companies, to further benefit the citizens of The EU.

      In my personal opinion I favour further intergration of current EU member states.

      After World War Two, the then British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, favoured a United European Sates.


      After all we’re better United than separated.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Aaron- thank you,

      ‘we’ all are made to (‘undemocratic ally’) GUESS the planned “FINAL EU” masterminded by a very “influential” group (some call it the EC or EP)- i doubt it!
      Yes, historically, it started with an “Economic (Steel) Union” (Schuman, Churchill, Adenauer etc) but, with due respect to them, even they are fallible & could not foresee what the real end game should/could be ~70 to 100 years fast forward!

      Their idea of a “United States of Europe”- within a global environment after WWII in the 1950- was different to what politicians have in mind (and is acceptable by today’s electorate) and equally understood to qualify as being (sensibly) “UNITED”!

      As it develops, it seems to end with an “undemocratic-ally” enforced SOCIAL, FISCAL, BANKING, POLITICAL, distant & diluted ELECTORAL, MILITARY but ONLY a voluntary economic union. A one state suzerain solution, without a clear Constitution (except a myriad of complicated patchwork treaties) unable to resolve the still big EU inequality differentials and the slow progress of a painless absorption in a setting of globalism, privatization, uncontrolled immigration, crime, failing states in Africa & Asia & an ever lesser demand for low skilled labor & more.

      The fairest decision by today’s political architects in Brussels would be to demonstrate honesty, courage & go back to each Member State’s electorate, lay out THEIR final “ROADPLAN” & get a new mandate through referendums! If they ignore that, a GREXIT, BREXIT, ITALEXIT, IBEREXIT etc could FORCE the inflexible EU’s failure in its present form- gripping all with a chaotic panic- and a call back to the drawing boards. Requiring a replacement of the old with a new breed of politicians!

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    Merkel tell you to ask those questions ?

    This questions and many more you do here is made from German politics in all eu tv , they want to tell to all that Russia and some others like my country is bad ,,,, is German good and fare to all eu countries ? Why German is leader wen the debt they have is the higher in all eu ?

    I have a 1000 questions for your “Debating” …. Questions you never ask our opinion !!!!!!

  31. avatar
    Ivan Čorak

    Even if Transnistria wanted to secede, there’d be no way it could connect with Russian territory, which would be neccesary in order to attain economic viability (you can bet that Moldova/Ukraine would do whatever to hamper or even suffocate Transnistrian economy).

  32. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The new iron curtain started to fall the day the undemocratic Lisbon treaty was signed, and we are on the wrong side of it.

  33. avatar
    Melios Nicolaou

    Propaganda why do brainwash people with things like that when there is more serious things to deal with!

  34. avatar
    Юлиан Начев

    why NATO continues to build bases in the east?! not the “cold war” has ended?! or NATO military machine of the “New World Order”?! … the only obstacle is Russia … that we want military hegemony of a handful of people control the NATO ?!…

    • avatar

      What the warmongering Americans want is control of Russia’s resources. Americans call it bringing freedom, but in reality it is massively impoverishing everyone except the elites (that would be pro-USA), see tons of countries around the world for evidence of this American pro-rich anti-everyone else mentality.

  35. avatar
    Peter Josika

    I don?t think so. It’s too far from Russia and there is no real historic connection with Russia other than the Soviet period. The Russian speaking majority in parts of Moldova is solely a product of Soviet migration policy.

  36. avatar
    Cirstea Robert

    Moldova is Romania, Russia never can have Moldova, only if starts world war 3, and Russia need to know that Romania have no fear we are prepared and i hope our aliats will respond quickly in case of war…

  37. avatar

    We don’t want Moldova in the EU because the last thing we need is thousands of more beggar-poor coming to undercut us for jobs here, driving wages further down. Nor do we want Ukraine (neither with nor without its pro-nazi government) or Turkey or anymore beggar-type countries that just want to suck up more of our money. The EU is a disaster for everyone here in western Europe except the rich.

  38. avatar

    After regime change in Ukraine, is Russia the next country where the USA plants to rule-by-proxy?

  39. avatar

    By the way, who is this Donald Tusk? I can’t remember him being voted for or getting a popular mandate to speak on our behalf. He represents no one but a discredited neo-Soviet structure in Brussels that is 100% undemocratic.

    • avatar

      You clearly do not understand the EU. The EU is only as democratic as its member states. In fact, the EU is double “democratic” (in claim) in that any EU policies are assigned by member states and then cannot be approved without not only every (so-called democratic) country agreeing, but also requiring agreement from a second level elected EU parliament.

      This is double so-called democracy. Not that it is democracy, because it isnt. None of the stuff that we self proclaim as democracy in the west is really democracy if you know the meaning of the word.

      No country in the world has democracy, and the only countries close to having democracy is Switzerland which most likely is closest to democracy of all countries, without actually having it. It is followed by the Scandinavian countries who are followed by Germany and then most other European countries. The least democratic NATO+Russia countries are ofcourse Russia, US, UK and France, who are all actually very far from having a democracy.

      That is if you think of democracy of what it actually is, not a slogan that the politican repeat to brainwash you to believe some insane dysfunctional system where people have little or no influence, is democracy.

      But hey, people are suckers, they are willing to believe their psychopaths in power.

  40. avatar

    Reality about Moldova is they want the EU ‘benefits’ and love Russia.
    Yeah sure the YOUNG love the EU and mainly they want reunification with Romania.
    But the old fossils who won’t die already still run the show.
    Their ‘socialist party’ is nothing like the socialists of Europe, it is more like a mafia clan or stalinist socialist party.

    There are a lot of moldavians who want romanian citizenship so they can get in the EU but in secret love Russia.
    The old people.

    The young want reunification with Romania – i think they just had a big protest calling for this just a few days ago , google it you will see – and admittance into the EU.

  41. avatar
    Prince du Sang

    They are Romanians though.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Romania is ready to accept them, but they have to WANT it.
      So far their idiotic indecisiveness about going the EU way or the Russia way has annoyed us all.

  42. avatar

    Don’t think Moldova should worry about Russian. Think it should worry more about the eu.

  43. avatar
    Jerald Newman

    I think for Moldova things are easier than for Georgia, who became a victim not only of the Russian aggression but became dependent of EU-Ukrainian relationship as well. Moldova was lucky to get further with EU before the severe crisis in Ukraine, now EU cannot give Ukrainians visa-free regime due to the large population and Georgia has to be in the same basket. Moldova is closer to Europe due to the cultural ties with Romania, significant minorities from Bulgaria are also asset for the European Integration process.

  44. avatar
    David Petty

    Europe is building it! When the wall came down it didn’t let freedom in, it let tyranny out!

  45. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The EU is not a beacon of democracy, it is ruled by an unelected commission in the same way as the Politburo use to run the old USSR, except with fewer commissioners. .

    It is unwarranted EU expansionist policies that are causing the problems.

    Rule without consent is a dictatorship, not a democracy.

  46. avatar
    Nikos Trikilis

    How about facing up to that any substantial future growth in Europe can only take place by including Russia as a prime commercial partner? This would diffuse any number of crises i.e. Ukraine in an instant.

  47. avatar
    Nikos Trikilis

    How about facing up to that any substantial future growth in Europe can only take place by including Russia as a prime commercial partner? This would diffuse any number of crises i.e. Ukraine in an instant.

  48. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    Hey, Europe… You better take care for the EU countries, and for the ongoing separation process in UK, Spain, Italy,.. First make your own business going smooth, then start worries about Moldova :)

  49. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    Hey, Europe… You better take care for the EU countries, and for the ongoing separation process in UK, Spain, Italy,.. First make your own business going smooth, then start worries about Moldova :)

  50. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    The EU is missing a major threat to their economy, security and stability. Get used to ghettos, oligarchy and asteady diet of propaganda because that is looming in your future.

  51. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    The EU is missing a major threat to their economy, security and stability. Get used to ghettos, oligarchy and asteady diet of propaganda because that is looming in your future.

  52. avatar
    Antoine Che

    :o !!! The Bolsheviks are back !!!
    Ooops! Actually a parliamentary democracy with an elected leader unlike the European Commission, European Council of ministers, European Union president etc…

  53. avatar
    Antoine Che

    :o !!! The Bolsheviks are back !!!
    Ooops! Actually a parliamentary democracy with an elected leader unlike the European Commission, European Council of ministers, European Union president etc…

  54. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    The European socialists together with Juncker trying to expand their “dictatorship” towards east, because they see the traditional “western” countries like Spain, U.K., Greece had inoff and tge citizens are revolting! My opinion, Cameron is right- if they don’t change the policies and the E.U. is continuing to dictate their members the foreign policy, the immigration policy as well as war policy(dictated to Merkel from Washington) than look it up: it won’t be Russia, it will be the E.U. which will badly collapse…

  55. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    David Dávid Juraj Szücs, are you one of those Soros foundation educated, brainwashed youngsters of American so called “open universities”?! Our economy has risen 45percent since we aren’t leaded by post communist socialists! Those so called “liberal issues” towards banks and corporations has caused all recession of Europe…

  56. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    Unfortunately things look like that way. Moldova is a small country. It should solve her problems the way baltic countries did. But I think they are still thinking about the way to go with. Some want to go with the civilized world, some want to go with Russia.

  57. avatar
    khush dad

    yes Moldova has sovereign right to get closer to European Union but the Sovereign right goes to back seat wherever major powers interests clashes. Regressive and hast attempt to bring Moldova in EU would be mistake because it may prompt Russia

  58. avatar
    Timmys Flies

    I think Europe is gone big enough for now, how can we afford to take in anymore. Especially when England may pull out of it. It will destabilise it

  59. avatar

    Moldova will join the EU, just as Ukraine will.Most probably in the same aderation wave. Of course, the Schengen agreement will follow, the whole perspective must be considered on a long term.After all, Moldova is a part of Romania.

  60. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    David Dávid Juraj Szücs, i do not beleive you! If you’re making judge about my country just after what some liberal media opinions you must be very brainwashed! Orbán has taxed the big banks and corporations first among E.U. countries, that is the main reason why he is being permanently attacked by those lying media and the social liberals of Europe! However i heard that Prague had also started some taxing the banks and big corporations- you are welcome to follow our way to taxing those financial institutions who caused the recession- not the ordinary citizens! ALL EUROPE SHOULD FOLLOW THOSE STEPS THAN WE WOULD BE OUT OF RECESSION WITHOUT WARS…

  61. avatar
    Alessandro Tavazza

    Moldova is part of romania separated by Russians. . So it is logical for Moscow to have it by his side.. and divide in two Ukraine

  62. avatar
    Alessandro Tavazza

    Moldova is part of romania separated by Russians. . So it is logical for Moscow to have it by his side.. and divide in two Ukraine

  63. avatar
    Rui Correia

    That’s Moldova’s and Russia’s problem.
    We have our own issues to take care of.
    I think some “B’EUrocrats” have nothing better to do…
    Stop messing with Putin’s issues, meddling with others.
    They are all grown ups, let them sort out their own issues.
    Stop antagonizing Russia – let the “American cowboys” do that… we have better things to do now, seriously.

    • avatar
      Luis Lourenco

      I guess the EU needs to understand that Russia is part of Europe.
      And this fight of interests is nothing but the geopolitical fight started by the USA. They cannot control the world without Europe.
      And Europe in my opinion is under the USA paw

  64. avatar
    Luis Lourenco

    I’m Portuguese and I completely disagree. Portugal used to be a happy and peaceful country. I grew up without drugs. Now the youth smokes ash on the street. European values for sure.
    We had a small fishing industry. GONE. We had textiles. GONE. Local production of food typical of Portugal GONE due to European regulations that favor the multi- national corporations.
    Yes we do have better roads better, auto park and a prime minister in jail because all the politicians were bought to favor the interest groups.
    Now in Portugal the people are poorer and very unhappy.
    The power of buying is gone.
    Concluding a new elite came up and the people is suffering.
    European values? Ok give every citizen of EU the same minimum salary that they have in Germany.
    Then we talking EU values

  65. avatar
    Andrea Jay

    As a Moldovan citizen , I trully hope my country get a chance at possibly a better life . It is easy to be German or English or French of any other country that is already a part of the EU and say ” no ! They should not join” but it is , Like all other countries , full of people who just want a chance at a better life , and Russian will always threaten that. The EU poses as somewhat a saver, because we hope it will help all of us in some way or another . Moldova , just like any other country, deserves a chance.

  66. avatar

    Expansion of the European Union harmful.

  67. avatar
    Marcel from malta

    Referring to the the guy from Portugal, Moldavians are lovely people but with all respect, you can’t compare Portugal vs Moldova it doesn’t have the beauty or the nature which Portugal has ?

  68. avatar

    Moldova is part of Romania that was occupied by Russians since the WW2. So naturally it should unify with Romania and become part of EU. Russia should stop their military invasion to Eastern Ukraine and give back the occupied Crimean peninsula to Kyiv. Russia has enough of its own territory to play with, it has absolutely no rights to invade and destroy smaller European countries, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The eastern bully must be stopped until it’s too late.

  69. avatar

    Idiotic title to suggest that Russia is looking to invade European countries. What happened in Kiev was a USA sponsored Coup. If we are talking about aggressive invaders, then USA comes top of the list. If you think that their missile base in Romania is truly a “defense shield” then you have a few screws lose

    • avatar

      Fully agreed. Russia has been driving forward very hard to rebuild the country as the US has not stopped challenging the country politically, economically and militarily. Putin had already told Macron that Russian people want to rebuild a friend relationship with Europe. Russia is a member of European states. This reality cannot be denied. To secure peace and stability of Europe, Europe cannot join the US to attack Russia and making Europe a battle ground for US great again. EU has the duty and responsibility to warn Ukraine not to challenge Russia with US military support. War between Ukraine and US would unavoidably drag EU into war with Russia under NATO.

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