5866027999_de8b72c3d5_bOur partners at the Student Forum Maastricht recently organized their annual Student Forum conference. The event brought together students from across Europe with policymakers at the Maastricht University Campus in Brussels, to debate and exchange ideas about the future direction of Europe.

The students formed five separate working groups, each focusing on a different policy area, in order to put together a series proposals for the European Commission, and Debating Europe was there to record a summary of each of the proposals. What do YOU think about these 5 ideas?

PROPOSAL 1: Create legal avenues for asylum seekers to enter the EU

The first student working group was focusing on EU asylum policy, and argued that any such policy should be based on the principle of solidarity. At the moment, 90% of asylum seekers reaching Europe arrive illegally, many of them crossing the Mediterranean by boat (often with deadly consequences). The working group argued that the EU should creating legal alternatives, deterring asylum seekers from choosing the more dangerous illegal routes.

In addition, they would like to see a pilot project in place that would implement a search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean, and relocate asylum seekers across Europe based on a mathematical formula determining how many each Memeber State can support. Finally, they would like to see an amendment to the current Visa Code, providing a more coherent and transparent definition of what amounts to humanitarian grounds.

PROPOSAL 2: Common EU standards for the minimum wage

This working group argued that income inequality is a pressing issue in Europe, with income levels varying widely across the EU. They would like to see common standards for minimum wages in all Member States, raising the minimum wage to 60% of the gross median wage per Member State. For those Member States where the minimum wage is very low, this commitment could be met gradually through a series of steps.

The entire process would be monitored at the EU level by the European semester. The working group hopes this policy would tackle income inequality, increase competitiveness, and boost the social dimension of the EU.

PROPOSAL 3: Stronger European cooperation in the energy sector

The third working group was looking at way to provide secure, affordable and sustainable energy to European consumers. They argued that a regional approach was needed, following the framework already used in Baltic region, and creating a South-Eastern Regional Cooperation in the energy sector.

This approach would be reinforced by three pillars: a physical pillar that would include transnational infrastructure projects; an economic pillar that would include more liberalisation and enhanced competition in the energy market; and a communication pillar that would include building legitimacy among stakeholders and public acceptance for these projects.

PROPOSAL 4: Create a formal mechanism for regions to declare independence

The fourth working group focsued on the question of independence and regions in the EU, particularly in light of regions such as Scotland, Catalonia and Flanders, where there are political movements calling for independence. The working group argued that this process needs to be formalised and handled in an orderly way, to protect citizens’ rights and reduce disruption.

They argued that the Treaty of Lisbon would need to be amended, and negotiations on EU membership should occur before any referendum on independence is held, guaranteeing almost automatic entrance into the EU.

PROPOSAL 5: Strengthen data protection authorities

The final working group focused on data protection, and balancing the human right to privacy with the need for innovation in the market and effectiveness of enforcement. They would like to see more powers given to data protection authorities across Europe, and enhanced cooperation take place between them. They would also like to see improved awareness among citizens, including better education and more transparency from applications and websites.

Would these five ideas make Europe a fairer, richer, safer place? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – bob

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What do YOU think?

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    I work in a factory in my area their are 2 English people and 70+eu nationals how on earth is a good idea being in the eu !!!! I just want a job where I’m spoke to in English considering we are in England !!!!

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      Natalie, given the number of mistakes in your posting, I can’t consider you as a proper native English speaker. And, yes, the EU is a good idea. Otherwise, there would have been only the two of you (English people) in your factory + plenty of immigrant workers from non-European origin. They might be English speakers but their non-European background will be dominant. I personally admire English but it is not the only language on earth.

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    Joana Vitorino Oliveira

    I think that proposals concerning some other subjets such as environment (water issues), commerce, energy, internal and external security, education and culture could make Europe a farirer, richer and safer place! :)

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    Ivan Burrows


    If the peoples of Europe are not prepared to sign up to a full political, fiscal & debt Union then the whole idea of the EU has no future.

    Ending it now would save a lot of pain later.

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    No,none of these ideas will do a thing to help,quite surprised to be honest anyone could think any of them would help.
    1) legal avenues to where exactly,the EU is not a place ,which COUNTRIES are you advocating these avenues go to ?
    2)minimum wage must be earned in work ,please explain where the jobs will come from,and also someone has to suply the money,where will this come from ?
    3) every country has different requirements and sources of power so ..make your own !
    4)independence ,brilliant idea,that would be called leaving the EU would it not ?
    5) this one leaves me speechless ,just how would this help at any level ?

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    p.1 – No, unless asylum seekers show solid proofs for being at risk in their home countries.
    p.2 – Yes,
    p.3 – Yes
    p.4 – No, two World Wars was enough, or wasn’t ?
    p.5 – No, thank you, I can protect myself.

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    Toni Muñiz

    Idiots, Idiots everywhere!!!! We talk about an European “Union”( which is absolutely worthless) and these idiots want mechanisms to facilitate independence? Catalua IS SPAIN!!!!! What independence?

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    Ivan Burrows


    PROPOSAL 1: Create legal avenues for asylum seekers to enter the EU

    Is not & never will be an EU competency so is meaningless.

    PROPOSAL 2: Common EU standards for the minimum wage

    Unworkable due to national issues (see Euro-crsis)

    PROPOSAL 3: Stronger European cooperation in the energy sector

    Draconian control over the live blood of nation States, should be fought against at all costs.

    PROPOSAL 4: Create a formal mechanism for regions to declare independence

    A tool to break up nation States and integrate selected parts into the antidemocratic EU.

    Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty will be followed and we will leave the EU before such a dictate can be agreed.

    PROPOSAL 5: Strengthen data protection authorities

    An attempt to centralise data control within the unelected & therefore antidemocratic European Commission ( de facto – Politburo / Stasi)

    Thank god we are leaving the ‘European’ madhouse.

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    Nando Aidos

    Prop 1 – interesting but does not solve the problem.
    Prop 2 – again this does not address the issue which is “a dignified living standard” for all people.
    Prop 3 – I could vote for that one.
    Prop 4 – what problem is this proposition trying to solve? Why are regions wanting independence? What is really annoying them? Those are the questions to address!
    Prop 5 – I could vote for this one… needs more detail, though…

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    Prop 1 – NO – interesting but does not solve the problem.
    Prop 2 – NO – again this does not address the issue which is “a dignified living standard” for all people.
    Prop 3 – YEP – I could vote for that one.
    Prop 4 – NO – what problem is this proposition trying to solve? Why are regions wanting independence? What is really annoying them? Those are the questions to address!
    Prop 5 – MAYBE – I could vote for this one… needs a lot more detail, though…

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Prop 1: Such legal avenues already exist.
    Prop 2: Common EU standards? What does that mean?
    Prop 3: NO.
    Prop 4: NO! This is a recipe for WW3.
    Prop 5: NO! The EU is too corrupt to be involved in such matters.

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    Mariana Leite

    Regarding independence of regions: the proposal does not deal with mechanisms to facilitate independence, but with mechanisms to facilitate the entrance in the EU in case independence happens (hence the need for consent of the parent state, aka full recognition).

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    EU reform- proactive

    Sorry, I am on strike! Passed this student- “storm and urge” epoch- suffering now from “storm and stress” being (miss) led by more peripheral issues (according to the “10 point Juncker plan”) All just smoke & mirror democracy! Real serious & worrying (but hidden) agendas are plans by JCJ like:

    * “Reviewing the laws that oblige the Commission to authorise genetically modified organisms (GMOs), even when a majority of national governments is against this.”
    Just a democratic slip or future precedent? Our (Brussels) TTIP future?

    * “Finding ways to deepen cooperation between national parliaments and the Commission.”… consolation price- at (future EU army) gunpoint or how?

    * “Enlargement: I fully recognise that this has been an historic success that brought peace and stability to our continent.”…..Maybe “good neighborliness” would have done the trick also?

    * AND: on the drawing board & surprise X-mas gift: planning how best to convince everybody (by hook & by crook) to establish an EU ARMY- to protect us all from (EU) evil!

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    As a citizens Portuguese and European we must focus and take sustainable development is the economic and social environmental development contract with the state and good relations with neighbors

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    Eduardo Branco

    I would vote for all of them, even if prop1 is very far from addressing the problem. But prop4 deserves a special mention. In fact, people should be free to decide if they want to be in the EU as, for example, spaniards or as catalonians, or galicians or basques. As UK, or as Scotland or Wales. As France, or as Brittany, Normandy or Aquitaine. As Germany or as Saxony, etc etc. I believe the fact that EU let know that scottish or catalonians would only be allowed in it as british or as spanish (and so would have to leave EU if vote for independence was to win) had an important impact on the result oh the referendums. The Nation – State is being dissolved, not by the EU, but by the criminal world casino economy. The EU is the best solution to aglutinate all those little historical and traditional european regions, none of them coinciding with any nation-state today. There are two things we can be sure: the nation state as we know it will desappear, with or without EU; and the question stated in this brave and visionary prop4 will be one of the most proeminent issues in Europe in the next decades.

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    Ingemar Grahn

    Nr 1, 2 and 5 is long overdue were 1 and 5 is the must critical. A Facebook account or similar should have the same protection as your home have now. No entry without a court order unless u invite them or how u say on a time by time basis. So they have to ask for your predictions every time or get a court order every time they want access. And Bann all sort of spying without court order.

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    P1- Legal avenues for all the potential immigrenergy That would require welfare state reform and harmonisation. As unlikely as necessary.
    P2- No.
    P3- More liberalisation and competence in the eneegy sector? I would love to see that. How?
    P4- Useless but for the weakening of the.bigger member states, that might reinforce the EU institutions.
    P5- It depends, implementation?.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      So the big EU member states, fed you, clothed you and civilised you and yet you show such disdain?!?!?

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    Guillem Martí Bou

    If these proposals are the EU’s future policies, I’ll understand better yet, the UK independence desires…

    • avatar

      I doubt they are. But I think the UK would not be the only one packing its bags, especially over #1, #2 and #4

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    catherine benning

    This llist above has to be an illegal proposition. Not to mention only an idiot would really believe any of these proposals would result in a good outcome for Europe.

    Those entering Europe via any route, other than with documented permission to do so, are not ‘asylum’ seekers. They are fraudsters.

    Search and rescue is a policy that colludes with fraudsters and traffickers, as well as with those who earn the money to pay these criminals to ship them. And if they are all so hard up, how do they raise the cash, which is said to be £5,000 GBP per person in order to pay the arrangers? The people themselves are shown to be undesirables by taking such a route as they know full well it is not legal for them to do this.

    No State must consider or allow themselves to be forced into accepting criminals into their country. Which includes the children of such people.

    There are no grounds of humanity. The choice they took to board a leaky ship was intentional and contrived to make it impossible to stop the invasion. Illegals into any country cannot be legitimate no matter how you want to play it. What about humanity towards the people of Europe? These adventurers feel they have a right to act in this criminal way regardless of whether it is not in the best interests of Europeans. Europe to even consider taking them in, as they start out as criminals who are forcing themsleves onto this continent with no regard for the population and their society as they do so. They are simply economic benefit seekers who put thier childrens lives at risk to use them as pawns in their efforts to dupe us all. That in itself should raise questions of their suitability to be European. Who would do this as a means to an end. Think of the justice of Solomon.

    Lastly give a good reson why they have any right to achieve their illegal goal. To do so is the equivalent of condoning the actions of a murderer.

    The one and simple answer is, use the money to have warships pick them up or tug their boats right back to their place of departure. And set up an office for applications for permission to migrate. Other countries keep them out, when it is much easier to enter their lands from whence they come, how is it they don’t storm their borders?

    The other pitfall you will have to dwell on, is the threat to any officers granting visa’s from wherever they are going to seek such opportunity. Then of course the additional corruption of bribery so rampant throughout these cultures.

    Additionally, all immigration from outside Europe into it should be stopped immediately in order to set up proper informed legislation and control. Otherwise, be prepared for civil war that will effect you and your families as well as ours.

    What we need desperately are leaders who know how to lead.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Catherine! We hear some EU proposals to destroy the smugglers (empty) ships before they leave shore! Bravo- a good start! Why not throw some more non pc ideas into the ring- may I?

      Hope the EU don’t forget to obtain permission or/and even enter into a “Free Human Rescue Service Trade Pact” (FHRSTP- alias FTA) sought, instructed and compensated by: Libya, Tunisia, Eritrea, the Assad government, Somalia, Ghana, Nigeria etc or which ever citizen were mistreated by their own (so caring & capable) governments and by UN- not-sanctioned- NATO/US bombings & destruction. Latter appearing as the main cause of recent global destabilization & disintegration- due to the NWO- not so?! Just wait for the planned fireworks when Juncker’s EU mighty mouse army gets deployed! Double trouble!

      Plus, get a UN Resolution to legalize confiscation and liberate citizens assets globally- hiding in secrete bank accounts from corrupt politicians & the 1%- starting with banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Africa & Asia, all known global tax havens and hidy holes (please be just & ‘HR correct’ with US & EU smarties also!) Repatriate that illegal bounty into a UN controlled global rehabilitation fund for all “political disadvantaged” (refugees). It would be a caring gesture to show ‘Christian repentance’ to correct and compensate all effected for the inflicted damage presently & historical- but written off – for the “opposite push & pull- salve trade in the ~16th-18th century!

      So many politicians- so few good ideas!

  19. avatar

    Most of these proposals are not new ( European Convention on the Legal Status of Migrant Workers, Convention on the Participation of Foreigners in Public Life at Local Level, Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, ) and the access to ratifications is granted to states. Unfortunately, the EU is not a state.

  20. avatar

    “They would like to see common standards for minimum wages in all Member States, raising the minimum wage to 60% of the gross median wage per Member State.”

    What would that be good for? If everyone in one member Country earns at least 60 % of the median income in that Country – how can that Balance something? We Need to bring spending power in lower developped countries. How can it be done fast? Give the People Money!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU-Reform Proactive:

      I thought you would like this reminder of what the ‘Human Rights Legislation’ contains, but, which they somehow continuously dismiss as not applicable because it means we, the European people, also have rights.

      ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

      Article 8

      1. Indigenous individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.
      2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for :
      a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
      b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
      c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
      d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
      e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination against them; ‘

      Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Catherine- thank you!

      I have that important declaration (forgotten & ignored by the EC, all HR agencies & the UN) in my “archive”. Obviously, one loses one’s “Human rights protection” as soon as you ‘graduate’ to become a responsible nation, a stable country- undergo education apply due diligence, discipline & contribute as a responsible, hardworking & taxpaying citizen to the welfare of all who live in it! Just to be robbed in the end by a bunch of lunatics! I enjoy reading it every time I get reminded again!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …& further it follows:…………

      from the above readings- that all IP European’s could agree and would choose the option of “self-determination”- to consider themselves as indigenous to Europe- and demand full application and protection under UNDRIP.

      UNDRIP is being undermined, forgotten and ignored by our own political system, HR community, all the do goodies, certain NGO’s, the unavoidable trend by global business (NWO) and some singular but rabid politicians- dreaming, thinking & acting one dimensional & one directional. This unfortunate immigration tsunami is being triggered by clear determined issues beyond our indigenous borders and must not be allowed to burden Europeans to loose or alter their achieved & well deserved social fabric & balance.

      Europe as an immigration destination surely has only space for tolerant, adaptable, similar, well educated & modern skilled immigrants (numbers & kind to be determined) who are needed & will easily be absorbed without local disruptions, without a demand for special treatment & without the formation of new foreign tribal ghettos in our midst.

      An oath of cultural & spiritual allegiance to Europe and to their new country of their final accommodation- is a PREREQUISITE! Not just a piece of paper!

      The mainly single male, young, penniless, unskilled and un-educated future (time bomb) ‘colonialists’ are an unfortunately but unsuitable addition. It is a further burden to our fragile welfare system reducing the GDP earnings ratio and living standards of our nations! Although having an aging population the a.m. addition cannot assist or change the fact that Europe is an inventive, highly educated, skilled & advanced civilization and past the stage of a cheap factory production venue!

      Sorry, we Europeans cannot yet immigrate to Mars- but need to stand our ground in Europe!

  21. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    We need a leading system, which cares for the people. Min. social and environmental standards. And strive for the welfare of the people, not the big Lobbies. That’s on what the EU, and most states, suffers. Let us define the leading system. http://www.WWSEEP.com . World Wide Social Economical Ecological Partnership. This would be fine. Our greedy, Potential destroying logic shall become obsolete.

  22. avatar
    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    The most debatable is point 4. Too sensitive and dangerous for an united Europe, so I’d drop the subject permanently.

    • avatar
      Doina-Mihaela Popescu

      Totally agree!

  23. avatar
    Paul X

    No 1 is naive beyond belief

    So you set up a legal avenue, then what?..do you allow everyone who wants to come to Europe in?………because if you don’t then the ones refused the “legal avenue” are in exactly the same situation as they currently are and will continue to get on overloaded boats and drown

  24. avatar
    catherine benning

    @EU Reform-Proactive:

    I feel a case should be brought to courts on the grounds of the above UN article.

    The massive ageing you mention is in large part due to immigrant populations entering our States either already sick, and as adults, being nationalised and then applying for their elderly and sick relatives to join them. Our age concern is not all indiginous peaoples of our states. And thousands more are entering each year. Most are unlikely to pay full tax and health insurance to cover the costs of their welfare. Therefore they become a further burden on European tax payers. The most frightening is, no one will put a number on the amount still to be alloed entry and a clear figure on how many are already here.

    This is undermining our indigenous population as well as our culterural heritage. And the propaganda in order to force us to accept this must be unlawful.

    All borders must be closed to enable us to take stock of the position we are in.

    Plus, all those politicians who are advocating this open door policy on immigration from outside Europe, must be allocated housing for their families within the heavily immigrant populated locations and must be forced to remain their for a minimum of five years.Their children must attend the local State schools and also have to be treated at those local hospitals. It must be mandatory for all who believe this is the future of Europe. For without the experience of what it is they condone they cannot possibly be equipped of the outcome in order to make a case for it.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Catherine Benning

      Yes, all our shared issues remain documented facts, are reasonable & defensible concerns to guarantee our future existence as a diversified but homogeneous entity, guaranteeing the survival of the most advanced global culture- created by all Europeans over time!

      It would need one or more courageous local political parties to be incorporated into their main agenda- avoiding smearing & labeling of any kind by opponents- to make it the LONG, OBSTRUCTIVE but UNDEMOCRATIC way onto the EP agenda- to receive recognition, attention & action.

      Your ‘recall idea’ of all these ‘rampant, but thoughtless professional politicians’ to experience first hand reality- would be a welcome addition and wake up call. VOLUNTARY relocation- for at least their term in office- would enhance their integrity! Who would have such decency, showing integrity & courage?

  25. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Prop 1 ? interesting but does not solve the problem.
    Prop 2 ? again this does not address the issue which is ?a dignified living standard? for all people.
    Prop 3 ? I could vote for that one.
    Prop 4 ? what problem is this proposition trying to solve? Why are regions wanting independence? What is really annoying them? Those are the questions to address!
    Prop 5 ? I could vote for this one? needs more detail, though?

  26. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    1. No
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No
    5. No

    The only thing to make Europe a ‘fairer, richer, safer place’ would be to dissolve the antidemocratic EU.

  27. avatar
    John Flerianos

    lol. i’m sure the first thing europe wants more of is ‘asylum seekers’ who demand change in western culture to accommodate their archaic beliefs.

  28. avatar
    Peter Josika

    Yes to 1, 3, 4 and 5. No to 2 as a minimum wage across Europe would seriously weaken the competetiveness of many regions and of Europe as a whole. Job losses would be the result.

  29. avatar
    Robert Santa

    No to 1 (the idea in itself is good, but the EU should not be allowed to dictate immigration policies… if one hears EU officials declarations on the topic, you can clearly see there is a lack of expertise on demographic and migration policy at EU level), 2 (unrealistic after 2004 expansions), 4 (a recipe for chaos surely, and can possibly lead to greater fragmentation in the most fragmented continent in the world) and partially 5 (a good idea, but it needs to avoid becoming a generator of new excessive regulation)..

  30. avatar

    Idea 1 in itself is good, but does one really want to allow the EU to dictate immigration policies? Europe has the worse “native”/immigrant attainment gaps in education and employment in the developed world (save the UK, Luxembourg and Hungary). The principle is fine, but the states should set the numbers and criteria, and furthermore, the implications should be clearly thought through, as integration is one point in which Europe is good at failing.
    2 is a no-started after the 2004 expansions, as the differences between members are too big.
    3 this is possibly a good idea in the current geopolitical context.
    4 is a really bad idea IMHO. The instability that could result and the blatant encroachment on the sovereignty of essentially democratic states is pretty poor. Also, it can be repeated ad infinitum. What if a city wants to secede from a freshly separated region? Is it not the same principle?
    5 this is a potentially good idea if it does not generate red tape or limit access to online services available in the US or other countries.

  31. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    This is very good : PROPOSAL 3: Stronger European cooperation in the energy sector . EU should build power network and connect solar south to wind power from the Baltic . EU should’t import dirty energy , we don’t need it .

  32. avatar

    Yes, they would probably help, including the last one.

    Not a drop of blood must be shed in order to draw arbitrary boundaries between people.

  33. avatar
    Duncan Sillars

    Interesting points, interesting discussions. I can’t help but think if there was less talk and a little more action more good would be done. Creative people know the way to make things is only done by making mistakes. These waste of spaces in Europe spend time implementing unworkable rubbish which they refuse to amend. Please, let’s leave them to their nonsense.

  34. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    About Asylum Seekers. Sweden tried first idea.
    Now in that country rape rate is highest in Europe.
    Not all people from different cultures wan’t to integrate and not everybody fits in other societies.
    BTW lot of ISIS fighters are from Europe.

  35. avatar
    Darin Attard

    Make it a federal state, as the founders of the European Union once dreamed about. There is mobility, only to the elites. Create a miminum European wage that is designed as a living wage. Invest in 3rd World countries, so that illegal emigration will end.

  36. avatar
    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    yes. Also the corruption must end becose corrution brings up the feudalism and destroyes the democracy. With the billions of euros recuperated from the corrupts the small busnusess can be upgraded and so new jobs will be created. In my oppinion the first on the list to receve help must be the people whu have bussines in agriculture and the ones who are in echo-energy field. Also there is a country who can bring prosperity for all European Union ,a country wich is already in NATO and it is a brige between EU and Asia and the middle east ,so make Turkey a full EU member!

  37. avatar
    Marçal Puigdefàbregas

    1. Does not solve the problem and I am sure it would be a call making immigration increase, and even immigration is not bad we would not be capable of integrating and absorbing all of this people.
    2. It is a really good idea to accomplish equality among Europeans, there is only one problem, this increase of wage would provoke a loss of jobs specially in the western and even southern countries whose industrial economy lay on. Therefore this should be accompanied with giving facilities to the industries and regulating imports.
    3. Almost a big yes. I am not a big fan of liberalisation, specially in basic services so I think it should be really regulated. Besides that I truly think Europe should (and is) capable of producing its own energy via sustainable ways.
    4. I do not really see the point here, though a Europe of regions is more likely to be governable.
    5. Yes, we need to protect our data.

  38. avatar
    john bevegaard.

    hi i Think eu is a strong union iit has to be a soft Power a strong eu in the World with green ecofriensdlier economy more sustaiable etc defence battle Groupss to protect us and a great big union go europe…..eu johnnyb.

  39. avatar

    1 set immigration quotas for the uneducated to zero, across the board, we don’t need more unskilled people
    2 General McAuliffe once used the word ‘nuts’, it applies here too. Something always has to give way, which in this case would be a downward pressure on minimum wage in western Europe
    3 can be done intergovernmentally, undemocratic EU not needed
    4 not needed, abolishing the EU would also help
    5 the Americans will not allow their Euro vassals do anything of the sort

  40. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    PROPOSAL 1: No, this will never be an EU competency & the EU as no popular support for it.

    PROPOSAL 2: No, this will never be an EU competency and the only thing it would achieve is driving down wagers in a race to the bottom.

    PROPOSAL 3: No, this will never be an EU competency and the only thing it will achieve is driving up the cost of fuel and drive down wagers to pay for it .

    PROPOSAL 4: No, this will never be an EU competency , it rightly rests with the member States. It would be unwarranted interference in National Sovereignty in an attempt to give the EU a ‘National identity’.

    PROPOSAL 5: No, the EU does not have a mandate for this and given EU incompetence any such action would be a disaster.

    * Could you possible come up with a ‘new’ subject, you have covered this one several times before..

    Could I suggest a ‘debate’ on the continuing Euro crisis ?


  41. avatar
    Dan Stanciu

    1) Get involved in northern Mediterranean, in institutional capacity-building; 2) Juncker plan to finance big infrastructure projects, coordinated by an EU agency; 3) Less bureaucracy and faster decision-making; 4) Have the possibility to significantly increase its budget, maybe through selling its know-how to non-EU members; 5) Support European entrepreneurs through programmes similar to Erasmus for “Young entrepreneurs” much more richer & encouraged to fund their startups/businesses from the financial markets (such as guaranteed loans)

  42. avatar
    Ermal Senior Luka

    Eu will never be safe rich place,becouse,lots of states ruled by one makes a big mess and its to dangerouse……even if not ruled by one now itll be in few years time

  43. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    This one is the most important : PROPOSAL 3: Stronger European cooperation in the energy sector The next one I like is : PROPOSAL 4: Create a formal mechanism for regions to declare independence , Yes this one is very good : PROPOSAL 5: Strengthen data protection authorities

  44. avatar
    Lidia Están Arias

    I think these ideas are well-intended, but a few are a bit naive and utopic… A common minimum wage is impossible at the moment, but an equal percentage of the country’s average salary is possible. Getting involved in regional problems shouldn’t be an EU competence and it would encourage separatism.

  45. avatar
    Lidia Están Arias

    And helping certain EU members to solve their crisis, finding mechanisms to work towards equality among the EU members and common values and policies should be as important as making things easier for asylum seekers, regarding solidarity and identity.

  46. avatar
    Lidia Están Arias

    Also, commerce. In my humble opinion, favouring other members trade should be essential, instead of the greed of going for cheap labor in Asia leaving the European families unemployed; the same applies to consumers.

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