Greece and Russia have long enjoyed close relations. Both share strong historical and cultural ties, including Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and both have common attitudes toward the Balkans (including opposition to Kosovo’s independence).

However, when Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visited Russian President Vladimir Putin on 8 April, Mr Tsipras denied that Greece was seeking financial aid from Moscow. Nevertheless, the trip sent a clear message that Greece considers its relationship with Russia a potential bargaining chip in its debt negotiations.

But would Russia really be willing to pay? In 2013, Cyprus sought Russian financial support for its banking system as an alternative to a bail-out deal with Brussels, but was unsuccessful. Today, the Russian economy is in dire straits, with the rouble in crisis and inflation at its highest rate for 13 years. Certainly, it’s unlikely that the Kremlin would commit to large sums.

And how would Greece’s EU partners react? Will Tsipras’ diplomatic gambit cause them to reconsider their stance on Greek austerity measures, or will it merely infuriate them and isolate Athens?

Should Greece ask Russia for financial support? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: Creative Commons BY 3.0 – The Kremlin

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What do YOU think?

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      I it a serious question?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Alex Tselentis
      You mean France & Germany want to protect their banks at the expense of Greek lives.

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    Why not, when at the brink of unsolvency & power game geo-energy-politics gaining major position in international relations, bilateral extra EU solutions can be part of an agenda

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    I think that Greece as indipendent nation can ask financial aid to whatever it wants.
    Furthermore the EU demonstrated all its limits because was enable to help a poor nation to ricovery from crisis, forcing austerity measures that did not solve any problems.

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    Stelios Koulouris

    Yes, they should get serious and do what Germany says in order for the unemployement to go over 50% (is only about 35% currently), for the debt to reach 200% of GDP and for more children to collapse in Schools due to malnutrition. I suppose then everyone will applaud the Greek Government as being “serious”. It is the “serious” approach like the participation of most EU countries in bombing Lybia and Irak, that has created such nice stable, peacefull and democratic conditions in these countries.

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    Nikos Trikilis

    There are $5 billion coming through as down payment on projected revenue from the Turkish Stream pipeline venture, whose agreement is due for signature within next week, and is estimated to create 2000 Greek jobs. The EU zombies did everything possible in the 2009-2014 period to thwart the South Stream pipeline project which envisaged a gas terminal installation in Greece, bringing much needed debt free liquidity and development. I similarly expect the same dickheads to align themselves against the realization of Turkish Stream.

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    Ibrahim Uzun

    No no no, and never . Germany’s action in the Second World War towards Greece is unacceptable , Greece had lost everything during the Second World War Greek economy collapsed and the country was push in the civil war and million people died Germany first of all should compensate Greece just with the way has compensate Israel .

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      Rifat Lica

      bravo…Jenny…e vero se la grecia chiede aiuto alla russia…si e finita…russia e gia in condizioni povere,e non può aiutare la grecia.

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    Joao Antonio Camoes

    Don’t we live in a free market? If we do, nations should be free to choose the best conditions market is offering.

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    Carlos Miranda

    Nobody gives a damn about Greece anymore except for some Greeks who come troll this page each time Greece is the subject. Debating Europe should stop posting stuff about Greece.

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    Juls Jay

    Not before my vacation there please! In case of russians getting mad and bombing greece for wrong terms and conditions ;)

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    George Koutsonikas

    an indipendent country collaborates with whoom she can find understanding and a spirit of true understanding. as of that nobody gives a damn about Greece , Greeks dont give a damn about the ones who conduct them to death….

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    Stanislav Máselník

    Definitely yes – if this is the only way to force the hand of those fiscal lunatics in Brussels and Berlin, so be it!

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    Stanislav Maselnik

    Definitely yes – if this is the only way to force the hand of those who sit in Berlin and Brussels and fanatically pursue the creed of fiscal orthodoxy, so be it. It is not just debtors but also creditors who should have taken hit. Instead we saw the (central) banks of Berlin or Amsterdam filled with revenues from the junk Greek debt, while it is only ordinary Greek citizens who are asked to take all the burden. Everyone knows the Greek debt cannot be repaid, yet the whole EU sings in unison the German mantra of austerity cuts. This is not a united Europe, this is indeed a transfer union, but such where the few live off from the misery of the many.

    Whether as a political move or as a real solution to cover short-term debt repayments before the EU returns to reason, Mr Putin comes off as a much better alternative.

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      J.M. Abildgaard

      Couldn’t agree more….maybe with the exception of your sentence. – quote “…before the EU returns to reason” end quote…..Do you really beleive this is possible Stanislav?? The EU returning to reason???? I sure have my doubts about that……zzzzz

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    Christos Saroglou

    No no no no Greece is a part of Europe and there has to be found the solution of our problems. Besides Russia is also in financial crisis and doesn’t have the funds to support Greece.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Why not? Greece is a sovereign nation and it can do business with whichever it decides… I can’t recall any of Greece’s European partners, from East or West, siding or supporting Greece on its national issues such as the Cyprus problem, the FYROM issue or Turkey. Each government is allowed to follow its own policies, according their interests and needs. Why Greece should be different? And since Europe is treating Greece like trash, then they are pushing the country right to the arms of Putin.. Greece’s fault? I don’t think so!!

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      So, has Russia helped Greece in any of those issues? Wasn’t Russia against the Greek Revolution to start with?

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      Opinion from somewhere

      Christos I think that Greece should also get financial support from Russia or the EU and put the country in order. Greece was a major investor in the Balkans countries like, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and they even expanded to Cyprus and Macedonia or FYROM.

      The Greeks had invested in many sectors in those countries and now since the crisis started they had to sell their assets in Macedonia and Bulgaria. I am sure that one day they will go back there though and in Cyprus. They just need to buy everything back from the Germans. They need to clear their debts and to be more correct that is all !!!

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    Fitimtar Huda

    asking Russia for financial support is like turning their back to the EU. Russia is not going to help greece because they care about greeks but because they want to have as much influence as they can around Europe.

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    Stavroula Gatsou

    why there is no question about changing (or better redefine) human values on the EU level, there is a human and humanist crisis not only in greece but also in other EU countries, poverty is gaining space and poverty drives people to be easily managed by extremist movements, the reason greece is searching for alternative solutions (if it is the case) or working on several levels on international ground is because of the unwillingness of some to discuss,

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    Leonardo Viola

    Greek government should stop chatting about buying anti-aircraft missiles from the russian regime with the money they lent by Europeans partners

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    Vassiliki Ougiaridou

    If EU is going to havw common policies in every matter in order to be USE, no, Geeece souldn’t. But I reverse the question: do EU has common policy in every matter? Why EU leaves to the countries of the South (SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE) to solve the immigration subject by themselves?

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      Agree with this comment. Greece’s financial problems are a result of the ridiculous assumption that you can have a common currency without having a unified fiscal policy. If people are not prepared to unify further, it is time to call it a day…

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      EU reform- proactive


      A “Fiscal Union” to solve dishonesty & massive corruption? Blame the Euro & the populace’s wish to belong ? Try to make the EU the “51st US (totalitarian) state?

      So lets rather call it a day then!

      All much too complicated-to simply demand a fiscal EU! Ever more democratic deficits instead of fiscal discipline as per the existing Stability and Growth Pact?

      Are the “ Bruegel (whiz) kids” trying to remove (prematurely) the last pillars of SOVEREIGNTY- (still) belonging to the 19 EMU states (never mind the rest)- without ANY chance of achieving nirvana?

      Private cross-border ownership of assets is one of several missing links of macroeconomic integration in Europe! What applies for a simple household is also applicable to national governments!

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      EU reform- proactive

      @DE moderators

      Your (unreasonable) screening program frequently locks/delays (my) comments when words (only) about the EU are detected- BESIDES attached links!

      A case of creeping xenophobic EU protectionism of our free speech?

      The EU Stability and Growth Pact allows for monitoring, prevention & correction.

      Does that by now also become applicable to our free (censored) speech (Pact)?
      A kind reminder about “Freedom of speech” around the world:

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      EU-Reform, the purpose of the introduction of the euro and indeed the whole creation of the EU was not to resolve the issues that you mention. But that is not what I am talking about here. What I have said, if you read carefully, is that you cannot have a common currency without a common fiscal policy and the way the Eurozone is organised does not take into consideration the cultural/historic factors that affect the economies of different countries in Europe. The economy of Greece and Germany were not going to be the same simply because of the introduction of a common currency for the two. I am not the only one saying this. It is common sense, as far as I am concerned, and is the reason certain countries, such as the UK opted to stay out of it.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Yvetta,

      The spotlight is on Greece! The incomplete present EU 145 Euro bn/annual bureaucratic monstrosity deserve a separate chapter!

      “Greece’s financial problems are a result of the ridiculous assumption that you can have a common currency without……………………” NO it was NOT!

      Clearly, it was the cumulative result of ongoing bad Greece internal political choices; prematurely (fraudulently) joining the EU, thereafter consistently ignoring & transgressing agreed EU guidelines- (see my above reference to the GSP) The questionable modern culture of creating limitless (FIAT) money backed by nothing else than more thin air Fiat money is/was most opportunistically welcomed by too many governments & global business!

      With that, you contribute to the prevailing & emotional confusion reflected by the majority of Greeks, their unwillingness & reluctance of taking full responsibility of THEIR bad political choices over decades and THEIR lack to demand accountability from THEIR (immoral & corrupt) governments- without any significant consequences for THEIR political leadership up to this day!

      Remember, after WWII, Greece suffered one civil war- tragically loosing ~100,000 lives and continued on a bumpy political & unstable ride since than! One can only wish the Greece folks a favorable outcome & good luck!

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      Opinion from nobody

      May I interrupt? Greece’s debt either has to be forgiven or cut in half there is no way Greece can pay this. They pooped themselves and now they cannot pay how can you take money from an empty country. Cyprus is in similar situation. The Greeks were major investors in South Eastern Europe and now look at them they own the Germans money.

      The Greeks have investments in Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Albania and a little bit in Macedonia. If they do not stabilize who will invest in those countries? If Russia can help financially Greece why not? Cyprus is also depending on Russian investments and not on the EU.

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      EU reform- proactive

      @Opinion From Nobody- Hi & most welcome!

      Ok, you propose a debt solution- without mentioning the “consequences” (as the Americans like to say)!

      Agreed, trying to flog a bankrupt country (citizens) is pointless- to flog (call to account, sue & liquidate) as many of the responsible gotten RICH ACTORS behind the scenes- (most are identifiable) however is! A further travesty of justice would be to charge every EU taxpayer between 80- 1,000 euro just to solve the Greece crises- never mind the coming Italian, Spanish..+ + +….call it the total financial EU empire & banking collapse! Where does it end? Those who call the shots have to bleed & be sequestrated (financially accountable)! Why always us simple citizens?

      Probably the ECB will print more “fiat” and give it to its greedy & reckless banks- without interest or ANY conditions- playing another round of roulette! The citizens will feel nothing from such injection expect more hardship! The savers & pensioners get punished once more with negative interest rates- the bankers & politicians continue their high life! The message “THEY” teach is: gamble, be reckless, spend, consume, don’t be prudent (stupid) & save! Philosophy of greed & no justice? My message would be: it has become too risky & costly to trust ANY bank with your money (“paying for it”)- rather put it under your pillow before “THEY” take it all!

      What has Russia to gain to assist the hostile EU (Greece is only an unstable pawn within this unfortunate EU experiment) after being hit by sanctions from the US & EU? My guess is zero! Surely, their interest will be to use their resources & money might and rather build the BRICS block and teach the US & its EU Askari a lesson the never forget!

      Here is a graphic illustration:

      “Greece owes $352.7 billion to foreign investors. It owes its top two foreign creditors – the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – roughly $264.5 million (75% of its total debt).” Stop this ECB & JCJ madness!

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      EU, excuse me, but you absolutely don’t seem to understand what you are reading and seem determined to carry on endlessly about whatever you want to carry on about without it necessarily having anything to do with what you are replying to. Sorry, but I don’t have the time for people like you that think that this page here is for psychotherapy purposes.

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      EU reform- proactive

      Dear Yvetta,

      Thank you for your valuable corrections and conclude this “Fiscal Union” debate- of “more EU, not less, more bureaucrats, stronger constraints, total centralized power and a TOTAL loss of sovereignty”- in a never never land!

      Let me frustrate you a bit more and expose your EU “Freudian slip” and refer you- and any rabid eurocract & blinded JCJ team supporters”- to some more Freudian psycho. Please urgently investigate any possibilities of being affected by the following eurocratic trauma:

      • the Ostrich effect
      • the Semmelweis reflex
      • the Dunning-Kruger effect

      Maybe the Greece problem could have been averted & instructed by mighty mouse Brussels to wait for a Fiscal Union- in 50-100 or (?) years? God bless Europe!

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    If the EU-partners let Greece suffer the way they do so many years now, it’s the Greek’s right to seek a solution elsewhere.

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    Gatis Gailitis

    No. Greece is desperate but shouldn’t get involved with Russia. That’s Greeces downfall. In no time you’ll have Russian minority and Russian president.

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    Alan Královec

    It’s Greeks’ problem from whom they borrow. But the real problem will occur if Putin says: “Either us or them.” like he did to Yanukovych.

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    Nando Aidos

    To the best of our knowledge, Greece’s problems are, at least, 40 years old.
    Corruption and all sorts of lobbying have settled in for at least this long.
    All real wealth has fled the country since, probably, WWII.
    Previous governments have done nothing to stop this for just as long.
    But the press and everyone who reads it seems to believe that a miracle should be happening within a week or less.
    Shouldn’t we all give Greece a chance? The benefit of time?
    Shouldn’t we all hope for a constructive solution? Not a miraculous TV show?
    Or, which I am afraid of, have we all become roman circus watchers and we are all hoping for “the more blood the better”? The sooner the better…
    Has the time value of the money for our tickets to the circus show dropped that drastically?

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    TJ Todorov

    Why No? Both are independent states, why not to have a mutual agreement on the needs, problems, solutions, …
    People, we are all humans, if we don’t communicate with each others … where do we go?

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      EU reform- proactive

      Are you (correctly) inferring that previous Greece’s governments/politicians enriched themselves at the cost of their (trusting?) voters- reducing them to a beggars nation today? Why not turn the table (sue & prosecute them) and restore your lost pride?

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    Ioanna Geor

    why not? is it a problem? I do not see how the Eu has helped Greece so far, so why not take money from somewhere else? How about China?

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    Yanis Sarto

    No although this current Greek administration seems very eager to become moscow’s puppy

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    Ilias Bafounis

    I think Greece has not asked for financial support from Russia. Russia’s economy is fragile after the sanctions imposed by the EU. My opinion is that Alexis Tsipra’s trip to Moscow was simply a communication and political trick to exercise pressure to the european governments and the USA. Like telling them: “You don’t want to give us financial support? Ok, let’s go to Moscow”

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    Ermal Sulaj

    The truth is that EU was watching for over 20 years the corruption in Greece and did nothing to fix it. Instead gave to the corrupted Greek state loan after loan for more than 25 years. While all politicians that pass from Greece collaborated with the Banks to put those money in their pocket now the poor people is called to pay them back through taxes. This is the truth. Now every kind of tactic to save people living in Greece from being robbed for second time is totally accepted.

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      EU reform- proactive

      NO- the EU is not supposed to be Greece’s nanny! It was the Greece voters who got bamboozled by their own politicians! Please call THEM to account and stop blaming the whole around you! When will you start?

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    Imane Majid

    No. Because back in the the end of the 1940s when Greece was getting support from Albania and other boarders countries Russia said it will only give its support if Greece became totally Communist. Which started a resistance movement (that failed at the end) in the country that endedvup killing many innocent civilian souls and led to the Pedomasoma. (Read book Eleni by Nicholas Gage)

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    Negro Maurizio

    la storia un pagliativo. Bisogna dire a Germania e ai suoi succubi che a fare i primi della classe si rischia di prendersela quel posto. Invece, se si crede in un progwetto comune, lo si deve condividere

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    Yordan Vasilev

    Yes, Tsipras will ask the money, because Greece has not another source. But Putin doesn’t give money in vain. He wants political influence in the Middle East and Northern Africa by Orthodox Church. This is a old strategy since the Stalin’s era.

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    Apolon Pireas

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      Blah, blah, blah, another “ridiculous comment”…

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      Ha ha ha, very well said, Dimitris…there is no such thing as free lunch…

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    Alessandro Santini

    I doubt that Russia is really in a position to support Greece. If they could, they would already have done it.

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    Petko Ivanov Prodanov

    well tell me why they do not have to do it? On what grounds? Yeah Why not?What is the problem whit Russia.Don`t tell me Ukraine!Russians do not began this.So why was recognized one came to power illegitimately nobody answers? Why Europe supports government not chosen by free and democratic elections????

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    Ed Cocks

    YES! The Greek people should share the bounty of Russia’s economy. Then the worker’s paradise can come to Greece and deliver thin soups, inflation and pre-stressed concrete architecture to the Greek society. Finally, some culture will come to Athens!

  34. avatar
    Jason Pi

    The IMF is concerned about the progress of the negotiations with Greece and “the spread” on Greek bonds rears its montrous head again. A film already seen time and time again – in Greece and elsewhere so as to impose undemocratic unelected ‘financial’ governments – a film which always works perfectly for the usurers’ kleptocracy nevertheless. A state and a population under constant blackmail! So yes, welcome Vlad and BRICS.

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    Russia is orthodox and friends with Greece …. Germany always want to rule Europe with two wars and one economic now … WHAT IS THAT YOU PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND ?????

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      EU reform- proactive

      ……….is that how you (people) understand this situation? Emotional?

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    Stefania Portici

    La Germania fa la sua politica che va bene per lei ma strangola altri Paesi. Non vedo perch la Grecia non dovrebbe trovare una politica diversa che libererebbe anche noi da questo inferno la UE un inferno e se potessimo stampare moneta senza prenderla in prestito alla BCE non ci sarebbe bisogno di chiedere aiuti a nessuno.

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    Konstantin Manev

    Lazy greeks.., they don’t want to work, they want to have money for not working, they don’t want to return their loans, they want to have 14 salaries per year…!!! Lazy, lazy greeks.., or geeks :))

    • avatar
      Dimitris Managoudis

      Do you really believe this is the truth? Have you read any real statistic and serious newpapers? Reality is tottaly different. Better check before post.

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    Jaroslav Aliasevic

    Sorry Why Not? The EU policy getting more terror and not equal democracy way!!! Should Greeks knows that taking the money first or than supposed give back!!! & not sirtaky…

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    Stanley Jr Obinna Ibe

    Greek cannot stay alonne without the Ue they no that….. but their leader is playing a mature game on the foreign affairs… Let see how things will evolve….

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    Dimitris Managoudis

    Why does it matter for you so much anyway? EU Countries are obliged to get money only under EU terms and conditions? How much more should some countries profit from other’s debts?

  41. avatar

    No point…Russia is unable to help, as it has its own financial problems. It has already refused to help Cyprus when it was in the same situation as Greece and, indeed, Russia has failed Greece repeatedly throughout history. Mr Tsipras’ trip to Russia, unfortunately, is a testament to his own limitations as a politician and a diplomat…a complete waste of time and money at a time when Greece needs to act quickly and save money, but an exciting event for him and his wife, for sure…

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    Lee Tong

    Greece should start to understand how loans work they think if they borrow form Russia they dont have to pay it back or smt ? LOL

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    catherine benning

    As Europe has turned its back on all European countries and their people by their unacceptable lack of democratic principle, not just Greece is in trouble. All twently seven states should be looking elsewhere to assert their future as sovereign nations.

    Greece has no alternative but to look outside Europe in order to raise itself from surfdom and be free of policies to destroy it. The European leadership has been willingly usurped by financial overseers, through their personal greed and lack of intelligence, they have no understanding of how this kind of coup came about, or, indeed what to do about it. Therefore all States should be seeking a way out of the mess this has produced if they want to save their citizens from further abuse.

    Whether Greece or any other State leaders speak to Russia, or any other country, has absolutely nothing to do with those who placed Greece in this position to begin with. The Greek people democratically voted for Syriza, which was the best move they could make in their circumstances. Which has made me realise, the UK also must remove itself from this group of demonic straightjacket makers in Brussels if it too wants to survive. That is, if we want to be free from unfettered servitude and politically engineered morons from running our lives.

  44. avatar
    J P Schoffer Y Petriček

    Look, most Europeans feel that Greece is not any more an added value in the Union. It has become a burden and trouble-maker – just as Serbia in the Nineties. So to say with a negative added value. It would, I am afraid to say, be a relief for many, many Europeans, if Greece left the Union and the NATO, altogether. Many, if not most, Europeans do simply not want to have a failed State, just as say Sudam and Somalia, amidst its ranks.

  45. avatar
    John Zammit

    Ivan Burrows my dear you better take care of your health. Such a fit might be hazardous to your health.

    Pardon pardon your idea of europe is based on british selfish. But we are in 2015 keep paying for your frilly queen, and your robust camillas. You sound like a gust of wind, but you shall never rule the waves again.

  46. avatar

    Should Greece ask Russia for financial support?

    Greece should do whatever it takes to slap Merkel.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      But Sir, one never slaps a lady!

  47. avatar
    Christina Kler

    ! It’s not a nuclear science answer ! you get the help you can get ! I don’t see why the “good Germans…etc …” Have a problem with that ! To make it clear for the people with limited thinking : example – if the state of California has a problem , the state is not kicked out , gets help from Washington ! That is how it goes . Finally European union us a big fiasco , and it should break ! to finish Greece is not the problem ! France and Spain is the big problem ! Greece has the least of the problems in Europe ! Now I have a question if they don’t want greece to get help from the “bad russians ” they shou tell us where to get the money from ! People should do a good research to know the truth about what is really is going on .

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Christina Kler

      * the EU is not (yet) US-
      * Greece is not being kicked out- it did receive EU assistance in the past-
      * yes, the EU is a fiasco- has too many ‘children’- but still too undemocratic to
      allow it to break up- maybe it will morph?
      * Greece is and has a problem-
      * Spain was recently hailed as a ‘recuperating’ sick EU ‘child’-
      * France & Spain were a problem, when superpower Spain beat France over Italy
      in the 16th century- seeding the Italian Renaissance in Western Europe. Today
      it is role reversal- with the French force de frappe!
      * “least”?- reported Greece debt/GDP stood at 174%, the EU28 average at 88% &
      mighty US at 101%. No problem?
      * best to ask magician Mr. Yanis Varoufakis- he knows!

  48. avatar

    Even if Greece does it, I don’t think that Russia will support them with money. Russia is now weakened by sanction imposed by European countries. They have a problem with providing even basic products for they citizens so I don’t think that they would support Greece. In this case asking Russia fro money has no sense.

  49. avatar
    Merche Vamps

    Miss Kler why Spain is the problem? Spain did not need the millions loan from Eu as Greece….. we have an economical problem in Spain: yes. We have a bad government: yes… but we do NOT have the same prooblems as Greeks, please just read newspapers and as the French say ” don’t put every body in the same bag”. If Eu is a fealure in your opinion, why a lot of European States just want to be Members. You do not like Eu, ok. We live in democracy and anyone can have his hers opinions, but do not write nonsenses because you cannot compare California/Usa to Greece/Eu. Just in case you do not know California is part of a sovereign state called United States of America. Greece is a sovereing state by itself as all the Eu members States…….

  50. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    No greeces hope for survival is to count only on her forces as everytime on the past.not russia not eu thats an illusion.there is no peoples eu only bankers eu

  51. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    If the Eurozone won’t look after the ‘citizens’ of one of its members then the Greek government has no choice but to look elsewhere.

    The whole Euro farce does expose the lie of ‘European solidarity’ though.

  52. avatar
    Nikolas Kontogiannis

    Greece had survive 6000 years thats just a bad face and it will pass, there are thousands years more to come and thrive !,,, You should have this fear for young and insignificant Nations that for then a situation like that means there end…..

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    Rüdiger Lohf

    It is an independent country – but of course the action they take spreads different opinions about Greece in different countries. They should never forget responsibility.

  54. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    Turkey has been looking Greece for more than five hundred years Greece has grown up in Turkeys shoulder,
    Tsipras should go to his father ERDOGAN FOR HELP tsipras :
    Father baba Erdogan give me money,
    Erdogan: no money no honey only If you work hard with us to make us became again othomani you get the money.

  55. avatar
    Boštjan Franc Avguštin

    this is total insane, any debt must be erased, the world is not in the position to make future generations as us too, a monetary debt slaves because of corrupted elites and fucked up politicans and history terror

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      No, it is however insane to install these Greece’s f.** up politicians in the first place!
      What did you do to stop them- when you had a chance at your past elections?

  56. avatar
    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    the truth is that Grece is in European Union and NATO and was saved by European Union after the political learder’s from Grece destruction of economy via corruption. It is also a truth that the red pharoh vladimir putin who seeks the destruction of EU and the world domiunation has atacked Grece with all sorts of plots -riots-kgb agents infiltared in politics ,sindicates,civil organisation and so this new leder has rised to power in Grece and he is just a pupet of the red pharoh vladimir putin and he has sold Grece to vladimir putin .so the political leaders from Grece will not do what is right thay will do what the red pharoh vladimir putin wants. vladimir putin just like the pharoh form Moses ,he belives does God not exists and putin belives he is a god and so he atacks with plots all the ones who belive in God and he atacks the democracy and freedom. Just like the ancient pharoh from Moses times ,the red pharoh vladimir putin will learn that God exists and that an unffaire life ,plots ,despicable way of life ,tyrany,invasions,oppression ,atacks of inncoents ,all his injustice is his way to hell and this life pass fast 10-20-30-40-50 years seems to pass in a second if we look back and in 2 seconds we all will be in front of God to be juged.

  57. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    Imagine EU is as the human body and a member is sick ; if the rest of the body cannot provide a fast remedy (which seems to be the case ) then the whole body function will be hampered and will malperform !!!Expecting external help from Russia or anyone else is EU inability to act properly.

  58. avatar
    Ahmed Agibä

    I don’t think so. I think Greece should rely only on Europe and USA to avoid a catastrophic economic crisis in the near future. This is the only way for Greece. Russia doesn’t give anything for free

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……….. “neither a borrower nor a lender be”………… payday is upon thee!”

  59. avatar
    Nikos Trikilis

    Lending even one cent from anyone will make no material difference to a single Greek citizen, as any such funds go straight to repaying debt and do not find a way to the real economy. These are pointless accounting exercises. Best for the people for Greece to disengage altogether, nothing worth saving by blindly hanging on.

  60. avatar
    Damianakis Minas

    Don’t talk about survival for Greece. Greece exists at least 5000 years I don’t believe it would have problems now.

  61. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    We don’t want money..we want good relations collaborations and Greeks can create money if they don’t want NOW their money without any care about the life of ALL EUROPEANS. Bankers give money-Ylis-and want them back DOUBLE. This is the problima if behaviour the ones european to the other. Every country is not the same with the others taktiki..logiki and meaning of how europeans continue their future. Buisness money cars or universities new agriculture new relations between humans? Rusia and europe must find a bridge of collaboration. We don’t want money for noone……….we want our dignity first and respect of our lives

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Yes it’s tragic! Your elected Greece politicians took an “advance” on the present & next generations living standard and took & ‘wasted’ your/their cash- in exchange of “issued papers” called government bonds and various loans from willing banks. THEY committed all Greeks to huge debt which they knew were not affordable! It’s interests rate is linked to the perceived risk- determined by the global financial community- being the credit rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch – not your fellow neighbors!

  62. avatar
    Rui David

    I doubt it. There is not the slightest evidence to support the illusion that Russia would in any circumstance be a more compassive ally than Europe.
    Off course, the way that Europe keeps behaving towards Greece, while its face will be that of Mr. Schauble, behaving more like a foreclosure lawyer than an leader looking for cohesion and compromise, it seems to voluntarily push the Greeks to such acts of despair, bad for Greece, but also bad for Europe.

  63. avatar
    Louis Cesar

    whole europe will fall and illegal immigrants and terrorists will invade europe european union should find a solution

  64. avatar
    Ignacio C. Furfaro

    I am so completely fed up with this Greek issue. Their economy was finally growing again, all their hard effort was starting to pay and they just went and voted for Mr. Stipras magical world. Honestly, what did they expect? For problems just to vanish?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Yes, lets hope they don’t flock their sun, blue sea & islands as well- would limit the choice of global holiday destinations!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ……sorry to all sensitive English folks for my “transgression”- it is of course “flog”! No use to flog a “dead horse or & bankrupt Greece”!

  65. avatar
    Giorgos Christeas

    …..??? for ~ 5 bn.E’s yes Russia is……for the 30-40 bn /2017 and at ~ 1% is Europe again as it was for the ~ 170 bn. already since 2004!!!xaxaxaxa…….AND ~ 110 bn. for their Banks in Greece!!!…..The money till July at once!!…….

  66. avatar
    Regina Petreikienė

    Em, Russia supporting Greece? How about Russia supports itself and it’s own economy? I think they need it more.

  67. avatar
    Pan Sol

    is better EU delete Greek debt in order to keep Greece into west alliance, otherwise Russia will get control of meditterranean and destroy NATO for ever , and also is moral and legal Germany to return there debt and WWII compansations to Greece

  68. avatar
    Melios Nicolaou

    I think they should leave the euro and return to the drachma! The whole euro thing was a mistake in the first place! The eu is making countries and nations crumble to their knees! Back in the 40s it was wars and dictatorships but that cost to much! Now they found a easier way with economics! Just for the rich to become richer and the poor poorer! Austerity is not the way for development!

    • avatar
      Opinion from nobody

      Greece should stabilize and return as an in investor in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and they can even expand to Cyprus. Greece also invested in Macedonia as well. Greeks should get their compensation for the Second World War and their debt should be reduced or forgiven. Russia had always had good relations with Serbia and Greece more than with any other Balkan country.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………….unfortunately- it IS the forum question!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      ………….the Oracle of Delphi was always a great help!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      …………say no to dishonesty!

  69. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    If Russia wants to be an option for Greece, then an option for Greece it is. Greece should gather all the options and then decide the best viable ones in accordance to the need of Greece and by Greece, I mean the people; by Russia, I mean the people i.e. not the different layers of money sinks that do nothing else, but take your money in exchange of mere words.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      True for all, but how deep is (your liking of) the “historical feudal clique” (invisibly) invested in Wall Street?

  70. avatar
    Sylvain Duret

    Nope, Europe should help Greece, not our ennemies, ennemies of democracy (russia and stupids europeans bureaucrates)

  71. avatar
    Franco Suarez

    Greece is not in need of money, it is in need of trade and of fair lending practices from the “EU partners”, who are proving to be a threat to the survival of the Greek people and an additional threat to peace and humanity as co-conspirators of war crimes with Amerikkka. EUROPE; Don’t forget who your friends are! The Netherlands Invasion Act is a US law defying international Law and Justice.

  72. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    Hard to tell. I think a close collaboration between Greece and Russia would be harmful for EU. A good argument is Hungary.

  73. avatar
    David Varandas

    Greece IS Europe… We must to do !!! For Greece continue to be Europe… All of us … We are European People … If we lost Greece… We are so poor.

  74. avatar
    Pier Dal Ri

    Not with this government, they will never pay it back, they just spend the money for more public emploiees

  75. avatar
    Duarte Moreira

    financialy? i dont think so. But Russia can “help” in other areas, like natural gas supply.

  76. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    Greece will survive in any case. Greece is Europe’s last chance to survive… Europe without Greece is like a child without a birth certificate..

  77. avatar
    Rudi Špoljarec

    Maybe , but where does it end ?. Russia , China , Europe? What is the difference? Maybe , if Russia gives interest rate 1 % ? I don’t think so .But does Greece intend to grow in order to be able to pay back all the credit step by step.?

  78. avatar
    Alex Borg

    This a world increasingly dominated by Anglo-Saxon finance and economic models. The EU once had a social conscience which it is fast losing as it is subjugated by these models. Much as I regret the entry of Greece within Russia’s sphere of influence, I don’t blame them, and I am actually following closely what they are doing. The world cannot continue following these absurd models that dehumanise labour. We need a new world order, but Anglo-Saxon finance still wields too much power to resist it or to help work towards it. We will learn when disaster will strike through war, mass demographic change, climate change and global warming due to carbon emissions, etc.

  79. avatar
    Armand Koca

    Is Russia Greece’s last hope of survival ?! ?! ?! :) YES YES YES :) but not only Russia. Everybody helped and help Greece. East and West. But in Greece HEALTH and EDUCATION have complex problems :( Lying, theft, prostitution, trafficking, murder :( the lack of money, the lack of drinking water, the lack of electricity, the lack of old original documents, and sale of every moral value, :( causing DESTRUCTION and DEATH of the INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY and NATURE , and it must STOP here and now :(

  80. avatar
    Pedro Jorge Lemos

    Russians are the only paying fair in this dirty game.. we are being contaminated with lies. European development is only possible with russia as beforethe stupidity of the sanctions based on fake facts.. as we saw and our governs too. The enemy is not russia.. look around and will be easy to discover it

  81. avatar
    Pedro Jorge Lemos

    Russians are the only paying fair in this dirty game.. we are being contaminated with lies. European development is only possible with russia as beforethe stupidity of the sanctions based on fake facts.. as we saw and our governs too. The enemy is not russia.. look around and will be easy to discover it

  82. avatar
    Rui Guilherme Araújo

    It depends on Greece’s future “road”.
    On one hand, if Greece wants to keep going in the Europe project, they should stay with the EU and deny any aproach from Russia. EU won’t let Greece fall down if they keep respecting the negotiations and pay the debt in time. But, if Greece keeps communicating with Russia, this won’t happen, EU will let them fall or be helped by the russians, for obvious political reasons.
    On the other hand, if Greece has given up on the EU project and doesn’t see any advantages on keep running it, Russia will for certain be a powerful allie, politically or even economically.

  83. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Greece must respect its commitments Eurogroup we are expecting that

  84. avatar

    The level of masochist feeling in Greece is astoundingly high.

    Why on earth are they trying to stay in the Euro, at all costs? I do not understand it. They keep clinging to the illusion that the Euro has made things better for them when it is so blindingly obvious that the Euro is their main problem.

    But hey, if they want to have ten more years of austerity in order to subsidize French and German banks, I’m not going to try and stop them.

    They’re better off without the Euro, but apparently they prefer to be worse off in order to have this illusion of ‘Europe’.

  85. avatar
    Bertrand Mercadier

    If there are no agreements with Europe for next loan, yes. They might have no other option, and our friend Putin would be too happy to get closer to Greece as V sign for Europe.
    If Greece leaves the Euro, they will then have to print their own money. Now I am not an expert and I am just supposing here, but as this whole process of money printing will take time and be cloudy , we can reasonably think that the reaction would be fear and that everybody is gonna withdraw as much euro as they can from their banks. Then this might just finish to crush their economy

    • avatar

      Right now, the Euro is destroying their economy, and the IMF/ECB just pile on the pressure.

      For six years everything has been focused on preserving the wealth of the rich and austerity-izing everyone else. But like I said, if they want more of that, they’re welcome to it. We won’t pay their debts that is for sure.

  86. avatar

    Why not, when in trouble you can ask whoever it may be willing to get you out of trouble in a manner that is acceptable to you.

  87. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    I don’t think it’s allowed no trade no growth, no investments are allowed just a lending machine is the eu… banksters, I don’t see anything else in the EU.
    Where’s the EEC the common market. Common ideals…

  88. avatar
    Rene Jochems

    if the EU has fallen so low to abandon one of its own members … Greece should turn to Russia, and the blame lies with the undemocratic controlled europe.

  89. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Why not? Is the EU trying to create another iron curtain? Or is the EU taking the leadership in a really globalized world? The EU wants to get paid, does not let Greece develop its financial capabilities and does not want Greece to go to other financial markets/opportunities?
    What kind of economics/politics is that?
    We need answers to these questions? Serious answers! Not platitudes! Or political small talk.

  90. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Rusia must stop the aggressive against West countries. We want east and west Europe with no borders…Berlin or Ucrania walls. Only economic support we need now is to buy our fruits because european dont support our market.

  91. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    They should turn anywhere they want to…. EU membership hasn’t stopped France selling arms to Russia or anybody else from doing business with other countries…

  92. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The EU has destroyed Greece & they have to find help from somewhere so yes they should.

  93. avatar
    Alexandros Apostolidis

    You are not well informed. The Memorandum (the treaty Greece has signed with IMF, ECB and the rest of the EU) explicitely prohibits that Greece takes loans from other countries, so that Greece can never exercise any pressure against its creditors. So, this conversation is either way pointless, like it or not.

  94. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    It seems that two world wars were not enough for some people to learn to not overwhelm all others. The mentality of the XX century is still the rule. For when a Europe of the people and not for the money?

  95. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    Money is free of trade. Yes france still does business on a government level to make money. To save your behind gives you a bigger reason.

  96. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    Some in this Europe, so called, democratic and fair, clame: “Greece, you have to put all your efforts in paying your huge debts and lends, but, hey! you are not allowed to finance yourself”. So smart.

  97. avatar
    Parthena Papadopoulou

    Greece must fills her role on EU. Her future belongs in EU, belongs in EU has responsibility in EU, must show commitment in EU What else to say?

  98. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    Nooooo! It’s not about Russophobia, but please focus in getting advise and receiving help from west!! The Russians have and are always playing the double agent cards.

  99. avatar
    Daniele Scaramelli

    Russia does not have the money and would do it only to annoy the EU and in any case it would be enough for a few months. As for Greece, it already owns hundreds of billions of Euro and turning to Russia would make its position in the EU very difficult, if not impossible.

  100. avatar
    Matthew Gwynn

    Out the EU first, default, regain drachma, devalue drachma and start trading again. Won’t need russian money

  101. avatar

    Yes, because Greece have to give up on the EU project as doesn’t see any advantages on keep running it, Russia and China and not the us, will for certain be a powerful allie, politically or even economically.

  102. avatar
    Luis Terra

    As long Greece doesn’t follow Putin’s way of rule. We don’t need another fascist/racist European Country.

  103. avatar
    Rui Daniel

    I dont think there is any line of text in the treaties, that prevent a good relationship with Russia.

  104. avatar
    Bipul Mohanto

    why not!!! For a country how it will improve its financial is most important, of course considering future policy with consideration. As far I know, China already giving Greece a huge financial support, so why not Russia.

  105. avatar
    Orestis Matsoukas

    Becaus of its terms, in that case Memorandum would automatically be canceled.
    However that would turn Greece into a Russia’s puppet-state.

  106. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    No … Because this money will go to Germany as all our money , as all our gold .
    And if Germany pay the money from 2d world war , if Mercedes and BMW in Greece pay the taxes as we GREEKS pay and if the German company who make the Athens airport pay THAN YOU WILL SEE NO DEBT IN GREECE !!!!!!!!

    Also if Germans work the same hrs as we work and if they pay the same taxes than they can talk about us !!!! As long we work more than them and we pay double and more taxes the best they have to do is to show respect to the country who let them come down from the trees !!!!!

    Enough to kill my country and dare to talk dirty about us !!!!

  107. avatar
    Jesper Schou Hansen

    As if Russia had any money they could support Greece with. Even if they had Greece still need to make reforms. They cant keep on borrowing money.

  108. avatar
    Nikolas Kontogiannis

    Greece is not a colony of Europe and specialy Germany, the last 5 years Germans had shown there real face of oppression and exploration, there humiliated the greek people again after the 2 www and there policy brought desaster and deth …all that is not what we The Greeks had created Europe …Europe is solidarity, humanism, culture, and respect, something that the Germans dont seem to have…

  109. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Well ,for the same reason that France and Germany were selling guns to Iran,to ISIS and to whoever they want even if it was prohibited by UN .
    I m glad to see thought many anti-eu comments ,not that the people are against e.u ,but becouse of austerity policies ..It s about time to change those ,you fucking fascists bureaucrats in Bruxxels ,burn in hell…

  110. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    That’s the point you miss : they must pay but they don’t !!!!!!!!! The same time we must pay the loan germans take without interest but we pay with interest ….until 2014 we have pay 4 times our debt !!!!!!!

  111. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    I think Europe should not demonize Russia, just because Americans want to defeat them! Russia was always and still is part of Europe and should act together in partnership, Europe will never manage to be leading power without them. They already made a strong deal of resources trade with China, just because Europe is under U.S. control, so we are in the 24-th hour of standing up and taking the good opportunity of partnership with our neighbour Russia!

  112. avatar
    Lucian Caprariu

    What do You want money for? For sustaing the bugdetary expences! It’s obvious, You need to do some reforms. Tsipras can’t do those reforms due to all the promises he made in his campaign. No reforms, no money but blame the ones with money! Pure eastern socialism!

  113. avatar
    Perttu Saraniva

    No. Russia is in Trouble too and it’s undemocratic country, not western/liberal democracy. They attacked Ukraine. Eu has trade sanctions.

  114. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    The German-led Europeans are treating Greece as an enemy to be destroyed. The whole economic crisis was a set-up-job, designed to give the “foreigners” control of the resources of the country for give-away prices!!! The actions of Germany and the rest of Europe, and Mrs. Laguarde of the IMF, show no empathy for the country that gave the foundations to modern society — disgusting!!! Russia and the other BRICS countries (of which Germany is a member) is a fine alternative!!! YES, if the EE and the IMF don’t get in line with better behavior and tactics, they can crawl back into the hole from which they came. Regardless what the leaders agree to, eventually, the Greeks and the friends of Greece will come back to haunt them.

  115. avatar
    Irina Bandrabur

    not if they want to become more of a puppet than they, sadly, already are. im sorry, I love Greece but pull yourself together.

  116. avatar
    Flavio Madaleno

    Todo o apoio é sempre bem vindo mas mas provavelmente vai ter que ter assinatura dos avós defuntos dos pais filhos dos filhos dos filhos e o pior de tudo vai ter que pensar com as cabeças da família putine sem direito à palco mas sim a sepultura abraço

  117. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Anyway….europe without russia is not complete…and will aways be a colony of the us…whereas europe with russia and european knowhow…just imagine.!

  118. avatar
    Lena Kostazou Oberg

    It was Russia that was will willing to give a loan to Greece and annex it to the BRICS . It is the banks that bombard their clients to take more loans.

  119. avatar
    Hélder Vieira

    Between the russians and the reich… Hmm.. Yes, Greece should definitely turn to Russia for financial support.

  120. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Real question is why not ?? EU is doing EVERYTHING it can to blackmail and force Greece to default on bogus illegal debts, their loyal Greek partners wracked up, so why not ??

  121. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    Sure, Russia needs still another failing economy to participate in their grand victory. If Greece wants out of the EU, let them go and wave goodbye, then replace them with Turkey.

  122. avatar

    Greece should better start balancing the books properly. Enough is enough with spending millions. Also instead of looking for allies abroad, we should just imprison the ones that embezzled government money for the past 20-30 years and take back the fortune they made ripping the country off

  123. avatar
    European Choice Ukraine

    Looking at the situation in Greece from an outsider’s point of view, it seems to be a multi-faceted problematic situation. Greece is in a similar financial situation as Ukraine – at the brink of bankruptcy. Reforms are crucial. For the EU to give extended loans, it wants to see reforms implemented and sustained. Greece seems to be in such a bad place that reforms will take too long to solve the short-term problems.

    On the other hand, as some are suggesting in previous comments, leaving the EU/Euro zone would most certainly bankrupt the country. It will cost enormous amounts of money returning to the Drachmer, to reverse laws and regulations, not to speak of loosing the free trade within the EU zone.

    As the EU is hesitant to keep opening the purse to Greece, the country is looking for other solutions – a perfectly normal reaction in a dire situation. However, to partner up with Russia might not be the best choice today. Not only because of the ongoing sanctions by the EU against Russia, but because the country is in economic and financial swing. The ruble is free floating, the international reserves are dangerously low (~$350bn), and Russia has just begun to buy up to $200 million a day from the domestic currency market in order to replenish the country’s international reserves. On top of this, Russia is paying vast amounts of money to the transformation of Crimea to be incorporated into the Russian Federation, and to the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine. Not saying this because it happens to be Ukraine that is exposed to the Russian aggression, these are economical facts.

    Today’s Russia is simply put not a reliable financial partner. The EU should do its utmost to support Greece in order to avoid external funding that might cause new and long-lasting problems further on.

  124. avatar
    George Kazalas

    Greece must deal within european union rules unless there are second thoughts behind the lines and to exploit the poverty of the nation inthe name of the real bosses…in order to servive you are entittled to do everything…but if if agreements are frank ….to allow growth and development greece sould do all is done all dekates….joins west to protect greekeromian civilisation

  125. avatar
    Fátima Pio

    yes! If they cannot have help in their own home, they must try to find it in another place. That’s just simple as that. Our union is just a North union living with south resources and cheap labor

  126. avatar
    Scott Parkhurst

    Ummmmm, they can do whatever the hell they want…! Sheesh…
    We need to stay out of people’s business…!

  127. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    They should stay in the Eurozone, default on all of their debt and let the other Euro countries pay it off for them.

    Share the currency, share the debt, share the pain.

  128. avatar
    Bobbi Suzic

    Pointless question. Russia does not have any money. They needed big loan from imf after taking crimea.

  129. avatar
    Paolo Pedone

    Nevermore…! Putin is only joking with the greek failure , looking for push off all UE & USA sanctions.., but he knows very very much as avoid another russian economic failure…( the day after ) …! He isn’t an idiot…

  130. avatar
    Vangelis Mansoudis

    geopolitical games… Greece is in a kind of slavery since the reborn of the country… it will be the same kind of slavery if Greece start looking at Russia.
    the point is that all the small countries are always prostitutes to the bigger ones, the smarter prostitute just knows to sell herself better… or is more sexy in a gepolitical way… so…. Greece must find the ideal client….
    (sorry for some words, i hope there are not offencve for some people)

  131. avatar
    DC Griffis

    The Greek clowns got elected on a B.S. platform. Idiots believed them and now they can’t deliver. They’re in a high stakes game and holding a losing hand. Desperate people do desperate things.

  132. avatar
    Serge Lauer

    Europe with its single currency needs a fiscal union and a treasury. The U.S. did not reject Detroit because of its bankrupcy nor told the U.S to the people of Detroit to get the money elsewhere. Greece IS Europe. That’s clear.

  133. avatar
    Serge Lauer

    Europe with its single currency needs a fiscal union and a treasury. The U.S. did not reject Detroit because of its bankrupcy nor told the U.S to the people of Detroit to get the money elsewhere. Greece IS Europe. That’s clear.

  134. avatar
    Stefano Angeli

    I don’t think that Putin has interest in losing money on Greece, and probably he can’t even afford that at the moment

  135. avatar
    Lazaros Lazarou

    sure if europe doesn’t want to helpo greece the way the greeks will live their daily life with indignity and not other austerity measures!

  136. avatar
    Buj Alex

    that is liberal capitalism … the West wouldn’t be the West without the East !!! for EU financial health … it is mandatory that some sort of alternate banking sistem should exist … we can no longer live as slaves of the Central Bank and FMI(wich is a total scam ) !! that is primitive imperialism … with the mask of a democratic regime !!!

  137. avatar
    Russell Furlong

    Having been to Greece I am not the least bit shocked to see the country bankrupt, they hardly work, take extended breaks and are generally lazy. No wonder other economies have to carry them.

  138. avatar
    David Gazdag

    Sure! And also introduce rubel! Give Russian salary to the teachers! What a great idea two bankrupt country helping out each other!

  139. avatar
    Antonio Borges

    A Alemanha terá a seu tempo a devida resposta por parte da Grécia, não se humilha um povo que foi um dos berços da civilização ocidental.

  140. avatar
    Mike Kourouklaris

    Yes… next question… oh, and Ellas can pay off loan… by using German debt as security… and calling in the bailiffs… reposess German wealth aquired at the expense of Hellas

  141. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    Germany should pay to Greece the compensation for the occupation during the Second World War .
    Forget Russia

  142. avatar
    Nikos Sarigiannis

    Of course Russia should help Greece they are like our Orthodox brothers and the same way Greeks feel about Serbia. We in Greece do not want to be a poor Balkan country like Bulgaria and Romania which have a very big problem now in Europe with their Gypsies. Look at The Kosovar Albanians they are involved with all sort illegal and criminal activity in Europe. In Sweden one the Kosovo Albanians are a criminal problem since they became refugees there from the Yugoslav war.

  143. avatar
    Γιάννης Οικονομόπουλος

    Konstantinos Karamanlis,a famous greek politician once said that “Greece belongs to the West”. It is the only way for us to move forward into the future. But since now our government is headed by a man who is reminiscent of the Soviet regime,supported by a man that thinks we should align with the Russians because we are orthodox brothers we will have to suck up to the East and burn our bridges with the West for the time being.

  144. avatar
    Maria Helena Neto

    Greece should ask financial support to anyone who can help without interfere with their political choices.

  145. avatar
    Gio Dimitriadis

    Russia will not give financial support anyway. Russian officials said two days ago “Greece should achieve the agreement with EU”. I think that statement makes Russian plans pretty clear….

  146. avatar
    Νίκος Στεργιωνίδης

    Russia would never risk the EU market for such a small unimportant country as Greece. These illusions are just for public consume, to make greeks feel better. If greece don’t change its economic structure, and its way of thinking, neither 10 Russias won;t help.

  147. avatar
    Μαικ Λεβεντης

    Sick of this lazy shit journalism, what historical and cultural ties? Orthodoxy? so what? The far left and commies run Greece, so pretty ironic to be throwing Orthodoxy in there…

  148. avatar
    Chris Alexander Zervas

    Well. RUSSIA, BRICS OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY IS WELCOME FOR NEW COMMERCIAL AGREEMENTS… But… Greece has to find a solution with her Own house that is Europe and additionally has to achieve & get the 340 Billion Euros from the NewGermans who Pretend that know nothing regarding the REPARATIONS OF THE CRIMES COMMITED BY THEIR NAZZI ANCESTORS, DURING THE II W. W. TO THE GREEK POPULATION!

  149. avatar
    Steven Marcus

    I think Greece should sell some of its islands to Germany because Greece owes a lot of money to Germany

    • avatar

      wtf …. !?

  150. avatar
    Mihai Rusu

    Greek people should at least start emitting receipts when buying something, nobody pays taxes there.

  151. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    No ! Greece is under Germany’s occupation Germany should leave Greece alone and paid its compensation for the Second World War,
    when Greeks money dried up than the EU start to kick the Greeks in the hearts?
    This they call it stabbed in the back .
    Greece has follow the EU rules embargo not to do business with Russia today the same EU is asking Greece to go and be saved by Russia ,
    This is where has end up today the double standards EU policy.

    • avatar
      Marie Bella

      The most unfortunate thing about EU is that Germany is part of it.
      We should have an EU without them in it.
      Let’s try this formula rather. Germany cannot help themselves.
      Wherever they are they have the need to dominate.
      Even when on vacation they take over the beaches. They inherited them from God. God’s gift to them

  152. avatar
    Μάριος Γεωργίου

    1)Greece must ask financial support to anyone. However troika must decrease taxes and government decrease so big public sector due to creates bureaucracy.

  153. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The Eurozone countries will not help them so they must ask Russia or China for help, it does prove that ‘European Solidarity’ is a lie though.

    Or is the Eurozone prepared to heap yet more misery onto the Greek people by blocking them ?

  154. avatar
    Dan Stanciu

    Russia’s money is like the poisoned good-looking apple in that fairytale with the 7 imps.

  155. avatar
    Dan Stanciu

    + Russia’s interest is to divide the EU in order to show his own subjects how mighty & extraordinarly His Majesty (Putin – which I am 100% sure in the past he murderer people btw) is

  156. avatar
    ελενη χρυσομαλακου

    Russia has and will have close economic ties with Greece as long as Greece stays in EZ and EU. I cannot imagine why Russians would bother to build a pipeline to transfer russian gas through Greece if it was to stop to the Greek-Albanian border.

  157. avatar
    Jaroslaw Wanczewski

    if it is peally profitable for greece why not? if there are addtitional conditions which much worsening profit, then ..no.

  158. avatar
    Jaroslaw Wanczewski

    as i know russia is able sometimes pay a lot for “glory” and showing they are big player. greece can try use it

  159. avatar
    Max Berre

    In terms of Greece’s national interest, they don’t seem to have much to lose at this point from doing so.

    Europe should think about that.

  160. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    No. Russian’s “support” means slavery. We in the Eastern Europe know that very well.

  161. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    Greece is a sovereign country, its only obligation is to serve and protect its citizens, and as the British German and American politicians often declared, there are no friends and allies in politics, only interests

  162. avatar
    Paul Reichberg

    Greece must learn to take care of its own business and the EU must learn not to accept membership applications from countries (Greece) with inferior economic capabilities to be members of the EU

  163. avatar

    Absolutelly Yes ! This sanctions have no sense and it was decided ONLY by USA to weak the Europe and to make a more strong USA, for continuing to controll the world !

  164. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Yes, why not? But very sad that Greece has turn its face towards Russia at this dictatorial conflictual times! EU should keep its self a bit away from the becoming communistic Greece.

  165. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Probably, Russia focus its money now on its economics and military, not on “friends” like Greece. But lets faces it, Russia of our days is a long list of vain promises, all it can give to Europe and the world is war. :(

  166. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    I am not sure if EU and the world is opened for refugee from Russia and its regions…but I think we should be open for them!! More and more are caught in the propaganda for war in Russia and even those who live abroad. We should do smth. for it until it is not too late!

  167. avatar
    Nikolay Petrov Petrov

    Then Greeks should pay Bulgarians for taking much of the Balkans 3000 years ago from the local population, because Pelasgians/ Pelagri/ Belgi/ Bolgi (Fir Bolg in Eire), Thraco-Macedonians, Moesians (Tribali, from 3 times greater in Bulgarian), Gethae (from the Indo Aryan gayate – to glorify, that is proSLAVyam in Bulgarian), Scythians (from the Bulgarian skitam se – to wander/ walk about), Sclavus/ Sklaveni (the c/k as 2nd letter was artifucially added), (H)uns (from the Old Bulgarian Church Sklavonic unii – better) and BuLGars/ BLuGari / BLGari (from the Indo Aryan root word blg, blk, blh – noble, bright, are all the same people. The BuLGars were local people from South East Europe who had went East as Scythians and other Thraco Macedonians, and have returned as BuLGars – liberators of their ancient homeland in the Balkans. Greeks, the 2nd Rome, and then the Tataro Mongol Muscovite so called Great New Russians (as opposed to the Old Russians – the Ukrainians) , pretending to be the 3d Rome, have always lied about the Thraco->Slavo-Bulgarian history making Bulgarians barbarians and vulgars from Asia, while the barbarians have been the pirates Greeks and the Muscovite Hord! Shame on the Greeks, Shame on the Russians!

  168. avatar
    Daniele Scaramelli

    Well, if Greece gets out of the EU, It can do everything, ask the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…

  169. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Condidence between the voracious state system,unpredictable and absurd, and its citizens plus an idiotic paralysing and unecessary bureaucracy are the main and most important problems of greece.
    Trust and efficency….2 highly important factors.

  170. avatar
    Criton Tzavellas

    Μόνο ένας ηλίθιος θα ήθελε εξάρτηση απο τη Ρωσία , μόνο για πιόνι της μας θέλει

  171. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    Europe should be debating «what europe should do», not what member-states should do once europe has failed them.

  172. avatar
    Egon Witte

    take the money from the rich in Greece..That will do..Cut their balls..Russia is ok..Ask them later..

  173. avatar
    Jonathan Hibberd

    There should be consequences for Greece if they do. I am already boycotting Greek products over their government’s links with Russia. Greeks may have suffered, but Ukrainians have died by the thousands because of Russian aggression.

  174. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    I hope so! And more than that I hope Russia pitches in to help them out! Greece needs a lesson on the price of failure.

  175. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    Russia is a friend (religion is a strong political card here too) and an ally but the real Greek family is European! That being said, we must all understand Greek perceptions and delusions as well as Greeks eventually taking responsibility for financial/historical mistakes! Right?

  176. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    it is EU who has to resolve the monetary crisis with the euro that Greece cause by their lack of poor controls of spending and lending. Russia supporting the euro means only one thing, they will try to torpedo its financial stability at the worst possible moment.

  177. avatar
    Matt Kennedy

    Greece is making a mistake – if it accepts financial assistance from Russia. Moscow will employ a related arrangement to Athens’ diplomatic/monetary detriment and Russia’s strategic benefit. Greece’s best approach is to resolve its differences with the Eurozone.

  178. avatar
    mike hadjiloizou

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras know very well that the gun has no bullets this is why he play Russian roulette! In Grexit is certain that Spain economy will not last, so there will be DOMINO collapse in Eurozone plus What Europe and NATO fear most are the future bonding between Greece and Russia! Geopolitical shifts are coming in the near future…is a bullet in Eu gun not very wise to play Russian roulette with Greece

  179. avatar
    Ariste Arvanitides

    Όταν οι ΕΕ θέλει να καταστρέψειι την Ελλάδα και φέρνει οικονομική γενοκτονεία στον λαό των Ελλήνων, πρέπει να την πολεμήσουμε με κάθε δύναμη μας, εντός και εκτός ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ!!! Ο Πούτιν φαίνεται πιό συνεργάσημος, η ΕΕ απόδειξαν την τάση για καταστροφή μας. Εσύ τί λες?

  180. avatar
    Xavier Schoumaker

    The Kremlin gang is already doing this accross East & South Europe, look at Hungary and Italy, so it will do the same with all the left-right populists who will always blame others (immigration, “Europe”) but never the banking and financial system – call ’em psychopathic puppets.

  181. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    The question is.. Should Europe solve its internal problems quickly and efficiently before it pushes more states to seek financial assistance elsewhere?

  182. avatar
    Mark Jacko Jackson

    Laughable -moan about EU lack of Democracy yet whore themselves to China and Russia BUT don’t try to fix their own problems.

  183. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    Shut your mouth !!!! We are not begging !!!!!

  184. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    We collaborate and having good relations with ALL EUROPEAN.RUSIA is Europe. The economic situation of Rusia is not able to help Greece and we try to send there our wonderfull fruits and salats because West europeans prefer to..panish us for getting more money that borrow to us for taken back the DOUBLE than create a tecnical support of agriculture or buying our products or the tourism. Our studies of ancient Greek belong to everyone and its an offer without…money or depts

  185. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris





    • avatar
      Marie Bella

      That is right.
      Let’s have the Germans pay their debts first.
      Enough is enough. We’ve been paying for them for more that 100 years.
      Three generations of us and counting.

  186. avatar
    Joey Stack

    They might not have a choice; the euro has ruined them, and the fact that if they default on this loan repayment they might have to leave the euro and then the EU could be a blessing in disguise; the EU have completely miscalculated greece’s ability to pay back its loan, and as a result has ruined a country’s economy and the lives of a great number of its people; so much for the financially savvy people in the IMF having a clue what they’re doing; what the EU has done to Greece is nothing short of cruel

  187. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    I suggest Greece Borrow our Famous Minister of Finance… Professor Edward Scicluna, and Will Be Out Of The RED in 6 Months :)

  188. avatar
    Louis Cesar

    Yes of course why they should ask the german government was never a good friend of greece

  189. avatar
    Antons Zaharankas

    russlan hat kein geld für Griechenland. russland hat kein geld für russland lol ))))griechiesche regierung ist dumm . gr hat selbst probleme erstellt .

  190. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    Russia is the richest coyntry in the world….and the most powerful….everybody must respect russia so why should not greece ask for a new collaboration with this nation.. In the end greece has many commons with russia….orthodox nation too as well as many traditions and enemies in the area in common…

  191. avatar
    Luís Torre

    Depends! They must choose quickly…one side or other….both it’s impossible….

  192. avatar
    Cllr Chris Cooke

    Upon reviewing the latest Government debt figures I’m wondering is perhaps Russia might consider offering us some financial support?

  193. avatar
    Nikolas Kalaitzidis

    But not now! On September, timing would be more proper..after summer vacation! But after all then who should care but greeks ehh?

  194. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Greece like Hungary, there are a danger for EU! Both do badly economically, but that does not mean to turn their back to EU in favour of Russia, which is not a democratic country at this moment. Russia needs to prove that they care, so they should help financial Greece! I am in doubt they will do so, they don’t have enough money for themselves and militarisation. :(

  195. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    YES! The Greek government will not let the Greek people fall into abject poverty and will take all the actions it feels necessary to avoid a serious catastrophe which is what the EU financial ministers are pushing for.
    If Greece does get financial support from Russia the EU financial ministers are the only ones to blame.

  196. avatar
    Emilio de Cesare

    must do it.Putin is more thrusting than Europe.european parlament is the slave of bilderberg,massoneria and dark economy power.criminal imperialist people.

  197. avatar
    Stelios Peppas

    Greece always was and is a geostrategic crossroad for the Western Politics development. It is obscure to say that EU and US (NATO alliance) will accept to lose such a strategic partner, especially as a base for their influencial and war policies in Middle East. On the other hand, Russia had historical want to find an exit to Mediterranean sea and Greece seems the most convenient partner to happen that after at least 400 years of that historical need.

  198. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    No! Russia historically has been unreliable! Greece is a European country and it belongs to the EU team! That being said EU must allow for another massive debt haircut and Tsipras must start being a bit more reasonable!

  199. avatar
    Sylvain Duret

    EU should help Greece, not destroy this country ! Stupid bureaucrats put greece in arms of our common ennemy : the neo-fascism of putin.

  200. avatar
    Gent Sinani

    This would be a very dangerous game Greece part of EU that play this way… I think the Greeks politicians have to increase the taxes for the rich, to bloc the fiscal evasion, and to arrest the old political class that have en-debted Greece. is not the fault of the people, always is the fault of the politicians…

  201. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    That is Greek problem . It could be better if they take even some money from Putin and transfer it to Switzerland not just from EU . I hope Putin is not going to invade them : The Tax Justice Network has said that there are over €20 billion in Swiss bank accounts held by Greeks. The former Finance Minister of Greece, Evangelos Venizelos, was quoted as saying “Around 15,000 individuals and companies owe the taxman 37 billion euros”. A study by researchers from the University of Chicago concluded that tax evasion in 2009 by self-employed professionals alone in Greece (accountants, dentists, lawyers, doctors, personal tutors and independent financial advisers) was €28 billion or 31% of the budget deficit that year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Greece#Tax_evasion

  202. avatar
    Shakeel Sheikh

    Hard working intelligent Citizens of Greece can turn the economy of Greece by themselves without outside support.

  203. avatar
    Pier Dal Ri

    Not even greeks lends money to their government, they asked russia, but a big niet was the answer

  204. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    Anyone stupid enough to turn to the Russians for financial help deserves what happens next.

  205. avatar
    Michalis Pouros

    Why not? … and Liliana Ramsing Europe is very democratic? The only elected body of EU the European Parliament has no power…. this is what you call democracy???

  206. avatar
    Buj Alex

    if someone should bale them out they should take that someone into consideration !! free trade … free market !!! that is capitalism at its best and how it can help democracy …

  207. avatar
    Buj Alex

    if someone should bale them out they should take that someone into consideration !! free trade … free market !!! that is capitalism at its best and how it can help democracy …

  208. avatar
    Marco Franck

    that is strategically bad for the EU zone and NATO. We already have enough troubles with the Syrian border across of Greece and now you want to give Putin such an advantage? NUTS

  209. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Hahaha, so you suggesting Greece to blackmail the E.U. nations of getting money from Russiavif we don’t pay their debts?!

  210. avatar
    Miguel Silva

    Sure and maybe Russia can add to the bill one or two rusty submarines or some ice breakers as well.

  211. avatar

    That’s a great theme for debate. This being said, it deserves better set of assumptions, less intentionally connecting these countries culturally and politically.
    If the Orthodox faith is no sin, if Gr and RU national interest resonate in certain foreign policies aspects, and if speculative interpretations do not prevail facts,
    Then it will be interesting to answer how currently accountable Greece administration will sort-out their nation difficult situation and still keep unaltered their international commitments.

  212. avatar
    Alex Borg

    What Greece is doing makes perfect sense. Reminds me of Malta’s Dom Mintoff’s brinkmanship with the British in 1979. At the time the subtle threat was of granting the Soviets a base in Malta if the British did not grant a handsome negotiating package to allow Malta to diversify its economy. It’s an interesting case study.

    • avatar

      Some people in Brussels want a global world but a global world with some arbitrarily defined pariahs…

  213. avatar
    George Alexandrides

    I want to ask European policy makers: is the zeitgeist movement an utopia? Where is the flaw in their thinking? Can Europe take a leading role so that we build a sustainable world without human suffering? Can we transfer by humane means all people from the worlds warzones to our capitals and give them shelter? Who or what is preventing us from doing it? Money?

  214. avatar
    Egon Witte

    They surely did..but Russia is decent and clever…Greece is witty..which is neither nor…

  215. avatar

    Russia is already in dire straits, and trying to assist Greece will in no way be a saving grace for either one.

  216. avatar

    yes, and i’m sorry that our (russian) government still didn’t offer any support for Greece

  217. avatar


  218. avatar
    Marie Bella

    Yes, I think that Grrece should pursue closer ties with Russia.
    There are strong historical and religious ties between the two nations and
    a precedent of co operation. Greece could play an influential part in building bridges between Russia and the EU. Tsipras’s approach should be viewed as an alternative approach to that taken towards Rssia previously.

    • avatar

      I like that way of thinking!

  219. avatar
    Anchit Jasuja

    The relations of the west and Russia are the worst since the end of the cold war ( because of Ukraine ). Knowing that Greece is very closely tied and dependent on the EU till now to provide massive bailouts it is stupid for Greece to ask Russia to help it. This will scar EU- Greece relations and despite being bound by a unified currency western powers will probably not consider helping Greece with the enthusiasm it showed before. Also as mention above Russia itself is going through economic turmoil which is why they won’t provide a bailout of even as half of what the EU could. Therefore it is very wise for Greece to stay well united with EU in times of trouble.

  220. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    Greece is ambivalent..reluctant to leave the EU..but wants to in order to avoid repayments of a huge loan…

  221. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    We are under sadistics rools who pains a lot our country and trade us as allies..economica and geopilitika pkaying with our lifes to get morw money..their buisness is more important from humans and happiness. So as the first Christians in the world the creators of Biblos we tell you Happiness Clean hards and gifts of love..Life is a cekebration and not ylistics atomistic thinks. If west attack us and attact east eueope should rwmember the millions of deads…European during the last wars and stop to save moneys for their companies without science letterary and new orizontes except destroy planeti and make pyriniki energeia..nuclear weapons

  222. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Do we want a global world? Or do we want a global world except for a few pariahs that we arbitrarily decide who they are?

  223. avatar

    Do we want a global world? Or do we want a global world except for a few pariahs that we arbitrarily decide who they are?

  224. avatar
    Marie Bella

    I think that the European Union is an invention to appease Germany and
    not have them repeat their past atrocities. But of course the Germans have
    not changed. They are seeking ways to do their thing, willy-nilly.
    You cannot have a global world when you have that sort lurking around.

  225. avatar
    Marie Bella

    Pay attention to what the old Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, says.
    Pay attention to what the present Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, says.
    They make the point well. The culprits are in Germany. Make no mistake.
    Only when we deal with that skirmish of an entity will we be in able to advance
    the cause of a united Europe. The Germans are holding us back. When will you all realise that.

  226. avatar
    Marie Bella

    Pay attention to what the old Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is saying.
    Pay attention to what the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is saying.
    They make the point well. The culprits are in Germany. Only when we deal with them will we be able to advance the cause of Europe.
    When will you all realize that.

  227. avatar

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