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On 22 May 2015, Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote. Opponents of the move focused their campaigning on same-sex couples being able to use their new legal status to jointly adopt children, although Irish Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald argued that it was already possible under existing law for a single LGBT person to adopt, so this new law would only be recognising that reality.

In fact, the legal right of same-sex couples to adopt is slowly becoming more common in Europe. In January 2015, the Austrian Constitutional Court overturned a ban on adoption by same-sex couples. Last year, lawmakers in Finland, Malta and Luxembourg voted to recoginise gay adoption. A similar bill is currently making its way through the Slovenian parliament, and will likely come to a vote later in 2015.

Family law (including civil status, marriage, and the right to adoption) is currently decided at the national level by Member State governments, so different EU Member States can have different rules regarding civil status and adoption rights. However, as gay adoption is increasingly being recognised in many European countries, it can cause issues when people travel, potentially meaning that legal parenthood may not recognised when people go between countries.

Nevertheless, we had a comment from Tamás, arguing that:

citizen_icon_180x180This is a typical issue that should be kept at the national level. If we look at the USA – which is a much closer alliance of states than the EU – then we see that they also have different laws for gay marriage and gay civil union in different states… I think if [same-sex couples] want to marry and adopt a child, [they can] move to another EU country where it’s allowed. Just like they do it in the USA.

To get a reaction, we spoke to Anton Chromik of the Slovakian Alliance for the Family. What would he say?

chromikYes, it should be decided at the national level. But I would go even further; this is something that the people themselves must decide. So, this is an issue that should be decided by referendum. It cannot be imposed on people by the authorities, by elites, or by judges. People must decide themselves. It’s very important that people are able to decide for themselves if they want to preserve the institution of marriage between man and woman…

To get another perspective, we spoke to Ulrike Lunacek, an Austrian Green MEP, a Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Co-President of the LGBT Intergroup in the European Parliament. What would she say to Markus?

Should all EU states recognise gay adoption? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      Gay supporter

      i hope you don’t call yourself a good person, this clearly shows that your obviously not. i feel sorry for the people you meet in your time.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    If that would be forced to all E.U. members to recognise it would mean a “dictatorship” of E.U.Commission. The religion concerns , cultural behaviour of mediteran and east European countries has to be respected by the richest north European states who recognise such issues!

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      Emily Clayfield

      I think you mean central European (Germany, Poland) countries and some south European countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Romania).

      Why do you assume that same-sex couples are bad parents?

      Banning adoption, and especially adoption of partner’s children is not justified but anything but spite.

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      Manuel Valente

      Do you mean mediterranean countries like Spain? Southern ones like Portugal? Or were you thinking more along the lines of shared values (basically Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Greece) based on religion? Because we all know how well things turn out when christian sects (or others but others are not the majority in any of those countries) feel they can dictate intolerance and inequality but the countries can’t. We get spats of homophobia which joins up with xenophobia and racism. I must say that this is truer of various orthodox-nationalist eastern churches and of catholics in general but more acutely in the former communist countries. The split isn’t really rich North vs rest of EU. It’s West-East regardless of riches or lack thereof. Go figure…

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      Do you have reasons or are you just ignorant? Gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else! Why would you think that this wasn’t true?

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      Absolutely not . I cannot believe that this is actually happening :(

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    For starters all EU states MUST recognise gay marriage. No point of half of states recognising it, while others don’t. With free movement of people, if let’s say I marry my partner in one state and then we move on, our marriage won’t be recognised in our new home! This is ridiculous! And you want to have these mish mash European laws for adopting children? In one state I am the legal parent of a child, in the next one I am not! Where does this leave the child legally? Either in all or none! Start with gay marriage then proceed with adoption. Same rights for everyone across the EU ASAP!!

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    Ivan Burrows


    Surely that is for the people of each country to decide, not the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels.

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      Emily Clayfield

      What if own governments of gay people don’t recognise their relationships and don’t allow them to adopt children, including children of their partners as their own?

      And actually the commission is elected, by elected representatives for which you vote in elections.

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    Of course all EU states should recognise gay adoption – as they should recognise gay marriage and many other things.

    We pretend to live in a democratic EU, where the more ‘developed and open-minded’ nations (including USA) are trying to pass along to the newer democracies a model of equality, respect and tolerance vis-à-vis all kinds of issues, i.e. LGBT aspects, in this case.

    ‘Forcing’ the same sex partners to move to another state in order to adopt a child would limit all these rights and equalities, which will eventually undermine the notions of democracy.As Ulrike Lunacek was saying, even if USA is a trend-setter, we shouldn’t always take their example, as they have also taken some wrong turns throughout time.

    Plus, when mothers choose to leave their child in an orphanage (from various reasons, of course), why shouldn’t a loving and caring couple adopt it, no matter their background? Having any kind of family is better than having no family :)

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    Astrit Disha

    Yes there are many cons….but here is not the place to mention them. EU should not recognize Gay adoption.

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      Emily Clayfield

      Name one con that’s rational.

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      Miguel Laurito

      This *is* the place to disscuss them, this is a debate forum. Please, ffs

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    Sylvain Duret

    Should all EU states respects Human’s Rights ? Social progress is the goal of EU ! So all EU should do it !

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      Gavin Crowley

      It’s not a human right.

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      Limbidis Adrian

      Yes it is.

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    And also…it’s sad to see how people care more about politics rather than human beings, be the the orphan kids or the gay couples…or anyone, really.

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    Reno Zed

    It should be legal in a perfect world, but I think that each country should be free to decide. Backwards countries like Italy or Greece will need more time to become like Holland or Spain. What should be imposed is just law to prevent discrimination and homofobia.

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      I find it rather insulting that you regard Italy and Greece as backward.Different maybe with their own flaws but live long enough in the Netherlands or Spain and maybe you might find some flaws there too.Sometimes its good to reflect on the words we choose to describe people or other cutures.Definitely should be a YES.

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      Greece is the birthplace of everything how dare you call it backward!

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    Oli Lau

    Well the real issue. Why should the state have anything to say regarding such matters?

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    Nick Micu

    Greece or Romania it s not prepared to recognize nothing about gay subject! Because orthodox church from both these countries it s not agree nothing about gay rights! And politic zone it s not prepared to cross over the Orthodox Churh!

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      Does Pope permit Catholic Guy marriages ?

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      It has nothing to do with the Orthodox Church! Read your Ancient Greek history and you will see that Greece recognized homosexual love in ancient times! Do who’s backward now!

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      Emily Clayfield

      The church should never dictate anyone how to live. There are people in Romania or Greece who are not even Christians, or don’t believe in any religion.
      the Church shouldn’t force its opinions on others.

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    Richard Ogden

    Yes. Think of it from the perspective of a child adopted by same-sex parents (which by the way often happens after a heterosexual relationship between the child’s birth parents has come to an end). In their home country they may be recognised as a family equal with heterosexual parents; but when they move to another country, this recognition is not provided. This is not beneficial for the child.

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    Franco Suarez

    Adoption, like marriage is a legal transaction of property transfer nothing more, nothing less. But for real freedom to exist anarchy must prevail. For no man should be subservient to another because it claims authority.

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      Gavin Crowley

      Slavery is illegal. Children are not property. Adoption is not a property transfer.

      You do not know what you are talking about.

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    Ferenc Lázár

    Joana, it means that Portugal recognized it for financial reasons? As you say it is not a matter of rich or poor but Portugal, Spain and France did recognize such issues without asking their own citizens asIreland does! We certainly wouldn’t like to see some forced laws by richer states in E.U. when poorer states are in financial crises! And we all know that in northern E.U. countries there far more rich, intellectual people with high influences in politics..

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    Joshua May

    Please provide me with a single non-religious reason why they shouldn’t.

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    Diogo Guerreiro [Portugal]

    Yes and no! Why? Well, in first appreciation, why do we need a globalization of values? The values of the center and north of europe aren’t the same in south. Why do we don’t allow such differences? They are cultural differences and europe is made of diversity. I don’t like the USA but look, they have their own differences state to state. In my humble opinion is better if no one impose such measure. Let’s ask the people. This theme isn’t political, is social and people have the right to express their view.
    In Portugal, gay marriage is legal. A rich achieve of fundamental rights under the constitution! But adoption, isn’t legal. However, gay people can adopt as one person, and bringing the child to home, where this person live with another one.
    Is right? I don’t know! But is the will of portuguese people, and for that point of view, for me, is right.
    What isn’t right? Impose a view for all states with considering the cultural differences that exist.

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    Two healthy people of the same sex are not able to have children together in a natural way and therefore them being parents to any child is not a natural/normal situation. Gay adoption should not be legal anywhere in the EU. People need to realise that they need a man or a woman for certain things in this life and if they don’t fancy that then they have to go without certain things. They have a choice. About time we stopped playing god and acting like we are over and above nature.

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      And yet it’s perfectly alright for a single mother or a single father to raise s child?

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      It’s not perfectly all right but it is natural. It happens.

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      Miguel Laurito

      But why?

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    Carlo Olivari Demanuele

    I was conceived, born and raised to be a responsible adult. If i am gay it is not a choice but a predefined natural thing. If children are raised to be responsible adults then parenthood should be for everyone. Unfortunately there are heterosexuals who think it is their sole purpose to educate and love children. What they don’t consider is that all gay people are born and bred in their own homes. It is through values that one raises children and not through sexuality. There should be no discrimination whatsoever.

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      Well said!

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    Dangelo Hermsdorff

    Ohhhh gosh. Soooo many small and poor minds over Europe. Please the ones that said no, get some studies, travel often, get culture and your mind will open,then , you will stop thinking about homossexuality as a sin or whatever. The children adopted by a gay people are there because straight people made them and left them there, alone…

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      Well said

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    Pedro Vicente

    So sad that many of those who are against gay adoption in these comments are from Eastern Europe

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    Vinko Rajic

    What about church ? BIG VICTORY ! Church making madness ! Catholic priest , one of their most important priests in Croatia proud over BIG victory . Victory is actually ” referendum against gay marriage ” . In just a few Years time they are going to tell that they had nothing to do with it and that they are gays by themselves . They are going to tell :” Do you know how many priest are homosexuals , our bishops are gays , why should we be against gays ? “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P65RYs4A8g

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    Alex Lexva

    It would be nice, but this should be decided by the relevant country I believe

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    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Eventually, yes, but not before everyone is comfortable with it. This is the kind of thing that’ll really inspire hate if it’s introduced prematurely. So until the hatred is considered the crazy fringe, this would be too early.

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    Aris Georgiadis

    Of course not.. A child rised in “gay” family is there a possibility to be free and become straight ? I mean will ever have the option to choose when he is rised by a gay family ?

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      Emma Grabbert

      Of course there is a possibility to be straight. Kids from straight parents can be gay too, where is the difference? The only thing that will change is that the child grows up in a more openminded society.

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    Danai Bogiatzi

    It is very difficult to decide. Usually it does not work, but maybe is better for a child to have a home, any home, instead off being abontened….

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    Hulusi Kilim

    Why this question about the rights of human beings is being asked to other human beings? It isn’t something to be decided by others just because they don’t fall into the same “category”… It is well established that human rights are universal and applies to every single human being on this planet, therefore should be implemented universally. If EU states take such a step, good for all. It isn’t a matter of SHOULD WE or SHOULD WE NOT!

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    Gatis Gailitis

    Yes. Some families raise their kids under a bridge. Some kids are living with their drug addict parents. Getting more kids off the taxpayers shoulders and giving them future in a family regardless of their sexual orientation is something that we should do.

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    Antoine Che

    This right should be sold , together with the babies , on the order form of the web site !!! (y)

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    Roza Puzio

    oh yes. It’s not about parents’ right to adopt, it is about children right to be adopted. And they should have right to be adopted by loving people.

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      Gavin Crowley

      …and a right to a mother and a father?

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    Roza P

    Yes so called “gay-adoption” should be allowed. It is not about parents’ right to adopt, it is about children right to be adopted. It is our duty to make sure that children are growing up in families, that they have somebody who loves them, that they are not alone. Having two loving mothers is a dream for a child who has noone.

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      Seriously you re quoting the daily fail?!! Grow up and read a real newspaper!

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Its not an EU decision, its down to individual states.

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    Georgiou Julian

    Yes any person is allowed to adopt a child regardless of his political views, skin color, ethnicity or sexual orientation

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    Paula Mompalao De Piro

    Why not. Most kids’ parents are divorced nowadays. They’re being brought up by one parent. Better two parents, whatever gender. Why don’t we live and let life.

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    Ion Virtaci

    Yes. It’s a human rights issue, and the fact that it’s 2015 and it’s up for debate is scary, in fact. I’ve heard arguments considering the children. If you’re concerned about them, just think about the ones who aren’t adopted today because we are still debating this issue. Or make stricter policies to make sure their parents take care of them properly. Their sexual orientation shouldn’t be a factor in this, though. There is plenty of evidence that gay parents are no different than straight parents. Please, just stop this charade, and let’s make the World a better place.

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      Gavin Crowley

      It’s a human rights issue for the children – not for the prospective parents, who have no rights because it’s not about them.

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    Maria Krasteva

    A thousand times yes. Marriage and adoption should not depend on gender or sexual preference, it’s ridiculous and outdated. I can’t believe that in this day and age, leaving a child in an adoption center/orphanage is preferable to having them be a part of a family, of two people loving each other and wanting to give that child a home.

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    David Petty

    Isn’t Adoption supposed to be for the benefit of the child? In that case isn’t it best for a child to have both a mother and a father?

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      Fotinie L

      What if a child has neither?

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      Or a mother & a mother or a father & a father? Two loving parents…or even one loving parent!

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    Maria Krasteva

    Also, it is laughable that people should decide on other people’s marriage. Did we vote on hetero marriage? No. Why should anyone get to vote on ours?

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    Paul Moldovan

    No. Its against nature. People who want to live like this are ok, everybody should respect their choice. But the law should reflect normality.

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    It’s a very difficult question to answer. And not of course because of “nature”, or like it is a kind of contagious disease, and all that crap!
    I am concerned about if it’s the best choice for the kid. In a society of complete tolerance, that should be most welcome. But in a society of discrimination and bullying that could make kid’s life, Insufferable!

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    Andrew William Pantlin

    Can people please wake up and realise that men and women arnt as different as people used to think. A man or a woman can give 100% of what a child needs. But there are always friends, brothers and sisters and other family members that can help.

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      Gavin Crowley

      not 100%. Perhaps 80%

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    Talis Briedis

    Some are still in the dark ages when it comes to gay rights. Latvia is one of them. Right now legislation is pending that would basically prohibit gay adoption. Latvia is still in the old soviet mentality. Little exoerience and a vaccum of information. So, basically if people are not iformed, better to be against it.The large Russian population (pro-kremlin goons) are obviously dead set against it, and very vocal about it with the usual putin based phoney claims how bad it is and it will result in the end of civilisation O.o

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    Fotinie L

    Personally, I agree completely with the recognision of gay marriage and adoption. I think that it is a matter of equality and also, it makes no sense to deprive of a child the opportunity to find a loving home. If a single person can have a baby, then why gay couples shouldn’t? However i am worried that some states may not be ready for this law yet. So before the EU tries to impose it, there should be conversation across all countries and then a vote in the european parliament.

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    Beny Simko

    How about healthy gays and lesbians tried to “make” the baby the natural way, the way their parents did..and their parents…and their parents…and their parents… Ah, stupid nature is in the way. Let’s ban nature throughout Europe as it obviously discriminates against LG! Eggs, sperms, womb should be given out regardles of sex, shouldn’t it, dear social engineers?

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    Kovács Andor

    Yes,there is absolutely no reason for allowing certain states to continue discriminating against people.If u can adopt in one member state,why shouldnt u be allowed to adopt in another?

  44. avatar
    Ruben Ramos

    why not? if they pay the same taxes and must respect the same laws, why they are discriminated?

  45. avatar

    All people wishing to adopt should be taken (Im sure they are) case by case and or course whats always in the best interests of the child . I see no reason why gay couples should be excluded from that process .

    • avatar
      Gavin Crowley

      I would want my children adopted by somebody like me. Same religion, same genders, same language … or as close to that as could be managed.

  46. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    If this is a way to make sure that every child gets a lovely home, then it is not a question of should we do it, but when we do it.

  47. avatar
    Paola Odorico

    No, we all came into the world by a father and mother, therefore we need both to rise children. That’s equality in reality!

  48. avatar
    Natasa Jevtovic

    No. And those who have should reconsider. Adopting orphans is never easy and those children always keep on looking for their biological parents, so donating egg cells anonymously shoumd never, never be legalized. As for the orphans they have been traumatized enough and should be adopted by families with no issues. The simple fact that homosexuals organise gay pride shows that they consider their choice as an issue and need the approbation of the community to comfort them in what is, after all, their free choice.

    • avatar

      Gay pride is organized to show the world that they are ‘normal’ people not bigoted or biased as you seem to be ‘gay’ people have been raised by heterosexuals so why should heterosexuals not be raised by homosexuals?

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    Todor Borissov

    Hey, gays are abnormal, an exception, they are not supposed to have marriage for other than tax and inheriting reasons.
    Don’t ask for my opinion, give me research results that prove it is not dangerous for the psichics of the children!
    I think it is dangerous and it hurts children creating lesser members of the society out of innocent children!
    A sex practice considered abnormal that is tolerated by the society has gone way too far! If they want families and children they should turn to the other sex or stay gay and be alone!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      I am with you Todor Borissove, at least in most part on this issue.

      What is astonishing in this thread is no one has any research or comes up with links to back up their stance on the issue as big and potentially detrimental to our society as this coiuld be.

      Lets start with my stand on the issue of homosexuality. I do not believe any people, no matter their sexual inclination, should be shunned, except those who use children as a way to get off. That is dispicable. However, that said, I am absolutely against same sex marriage and adoption of any kind and my reasons are based on the health of the nation and the right of men and women to have confirmation of their marriage, separate from and free of deviant groups claiming they are ‘the same as.’ They are not the same as, they are different, they are two people of one sex, not a union of two opposing sexes. And nothing in the world can change that. Not cross dressing, genital mutilation or any other form of it. Two men are two men and two women are two women. It may be uncomfortable for them but that is the root of the problem. It is not a reason to remove the human right of a man and a woman from a celebration of their unique union. And likewise with adoption of children, who were brought about by the mating of two separate genders, not one gender.

      If nature made it a condition of procreation that two different genders were needed to deliver a human child, then it is two separate genders that are an optimum necessity to raise that child in a well balanced and healthy way.

      Now here is some back up for my belief.

      First is the liklihood of sexual molestation of a child raised in a heterosexual union as opposed to a homosexual union. Although the Stonewall group will spend thousands of pounds trying to stop you from ever seeing these cases.
      The facts offered show that the proportion of homosexual molestation of children and young people is much higher than in heterosexual groups.







      And the misery of children raised in a homosexual family that are afraid to speak out against it as they are stifled by the ‘parents’ for daring to reject their favouredl stance on the matter. Give it another ten years and the devastation will be far more out in the open.




      I could come up with a lot more and have put this many here as a result of the pretense that it is only a few and not representatvie of the homosexual community as a whole.

      Before you decide on how you will vote on serious issues like this, think of it this way. If you were in a relationship where you had children and were suddenly unable to care for them as parents, would you want them to be adopted or fostered by two homosexual men or two lesbian women? And then research the likely life they would lead if you did. Taking into account that a lot of politicians do not want to be held accountable for their decisions to make such a profound change to our society, which turned out to be disastrous.

      The other question we should be asking and discussing is, what proportion of political representatives we presently have are gay? Is it the 1% to 3% of the population as a whole? Or, is it much higher? In the UK it appears to be much much higher. And as a result at present we have a very strange situation, where a cover up is being investigated as a result of many many accusations against those in office, being part of a child sexual abuse ring that rampantly assaulted boys as young as seven. And guess what, they can’t find a person in our present parliament who is not considered too close to the accused to be trusted to head the inquisition. Which means, they have had to look outside our country to Australia to find someone acceptable. How about that scenario? Are these people in our UK government really unbiased enough to be deciding on matters of same sex marriage and adoption? I don’t think so.

    • avatar

      Do either of you actually know any gay people? Are you aware that 1 in 3 people are gay? Yes that’s real look around you at people instead of quoting falsehoods from the Internet – I could say that most catholic priests are paedophiles does that make it true? And if it does should we then ban the Catholic Church or catholic priests? Obviously no one would want a paedophile to raise their child but you have to get out of your bigotry and realise that homosexuals are NOT paedophiles but loving caring individuals raised in a heterosexual family!

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    Don Sin Din

    Don’t you think it is absolutely pointless to ask this question to all EU citizens as a whole? I mean… It feels to me like it’s the same as asking in Australia and in Indonesia at the same time… POINTLESS

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    Ivan Pernev

    If the european union was limited to West europe then probably yes. But in Eastern Europe people are still very conservative in that matter. So much so that we can say they belong to a different civilization. Some people I know in my country (Bulgaria) still think gay people should be sent to labour camps the way they were during the communist regime. And most are against gay prides. And even the gay people I know (and I know quite a lot) do not support gay marriage or adoption, they only want to have the freedom to exist undiscriminated in our society. I personally am quite liberal and respect gay people but living in a conservative society I think that they shouldn’t be granted any more rights than they currently have. There is no point in granting somebody anything by law when the society itself does not recognize that law as just and necessary. There is no point in allowing gay marriage if the gay couple gets beaten by skinheads and the police does nothing to avert this. Now liberal idealists would say “then do something, you stupid bigots”. Well it is not that easy – many people would say that this is the liberal tyranny of Brussels. We already have enough trouble enduring the Roma minority and the anti-discrimination organizations are not making things any better. I don’t know how things are going in France or the UK or Greece, I don’t know people of these nationalities personally, but I can state with a high degree of certainty that many if not most people in Bulgaria are now euro-sceptics. Maybe because they are not educated enough in the way the EU works or maybe because they haven’t seen any practical benefit from joining the EU (I don’t say there isn’t any, I say many people don’t see it) and finally maybe because of the “liberal tyranny” of the West more and more people are taking an anti-EU stance. Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis things have become even worse because of the natural rusophilia of the bulgarian people. Many among the poorest and least educated but also some among the elite are calling for going out of the EU and joining the Eurasian Union. I believe that having all these problems we should try to unite rather than fight about issues like gay rights. It is time to be pragmatic and realistic, not time to wage the liberal crusade, a result from the post-cold war ultraliberal dellusion that democracy has finally won and will forever endure.

  52. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    The trend to follow the globalization of ethical & moral values- spearheaded by “specialists” like lawyers in Constitutional Courts may be modern & political correct- pity that these affected young children cannot yet understand, speak out and have a vote too- if it suits them! Its an “undemocratic” burden for children to carry!

    Wasting time or intended diversions from more burning issues? Choosing “ADULT BEDROOM” politics plus support for pot smoking, instead legislating against unethical & immoral ‘BANKERS BOARD ROOM” politics and promotion of anti smoking for better health? The future for children to be children is bleak indeed.

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurtoe

    I am against ne for Gay adoption does not make sense in the world there is Adam and Eve is not human rights are rights that society should vote referendum in the states of Europe

  54. avatar
    Emma Grabbert

    I would like that but I think that we have to do it the democratic way. The member states have to decide on their own.

  55. avatar

    And I am so tired of those Adam and Eve arguments.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      No. And I am so tired with the people who have wanted to and did stifle discusion and debate on this threat to family life in the UK.

      They shoved it through under the table because they knew full well it wouldn’t have floated with a referdndum.

      I have to give it to the Debating Europe team for having the bravery to allow this discussion on here. It has taken courage on their part.


      Yet, Croatia had a referendum on this, but not in the UK or France. In the US it is being forced on the people in some states and guess what, in that country they have begun teaching 5 year olds about homosexual behaviour between adults. Without the parents consent. If they object they are imprisoned. Where is this coming from? Check it out.


      The West is not as it is referred to, more liberal, they simply have not been given the option to vote. Except Scotland. And the vote went for it. Or, did it? There was no referendum, it was passed by politicians against the wishes of the people .

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      We are living in times where huge deviations from normal & accepted human behavioral standards (‘abnormalities’) are pronounced as equally normal by pc politicians & their lawyers by undemocratically legalizing something which by comparison and throughout our human history will remain eternally unequal and its supporters remain a minority of below 5% at best


      Long live the preservation of all “natural” family unions & NORMALITY. All other participants deviating from that norm- through whatever reason- should be grateful of the understanding and TOLERANCE of the 95% majority!

    • avatar

      I don’t understand why are you referring to normality in heterosexual relationships. I believe that being a normal couple doesn’t have anything to do with sex of your partner. :) if they want to adopt a child, and of course if the social service evaluates that they are capable of rising it, they should definitely have a right to.

  56. avatar

    No, it should be up to the individual nation states. If the Polish want it and the Dutch dont, then that is how it should be. No country should have to do anything they dont want just because their neighbours are doing it

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @EU Reform-Proactive:

      I reseached a little on what I mused on earlier on this thread and I am astounded at what I have read.

      Here in this link it can be seen that our UK Parliament is heavily homosexual and in places of extreme importance. They far outweigh the population figure of 1.5% of the country. Which has lead me to wonder if it is the same right across Europe. Are all the leaders proportionally homosexual in comparison to the citizens or are they disproportionate in their persuasion?


      Should such a small proportion of our society be in the position of imposing on the general public laws and acceptance of matters such as Gay marriage and adoption without having a nationwude referenduum?. Especially when we now are seeing the enforced propaganda of such an act on our children as young as five years old in schools. Without the consent of their families and guardians.


      If the number is as vast as is being suggested, this is not democracy. And cannot be construed as such.


    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive


      Your fear is justified! Reading my attached “demographics link” shows % figures in several countries & the UK. A 2014 research update generally found:

      “Homosexual/gay identity was more common among men with tertiary education and living in cities and less common among men with blue-collar jobs.” All politicians are highly educated- coming from many of your famous but segregated (boys) schools.

      We would need a late Alfred Kinsey to penetrate & investigate the sexual orientation of the British boy’s club- your parliamentarian clique! They would however be careful not to divulge their deepest secretes!

      It would be up to the local constituencies to early select their representatives wisely- before they become too powerful and able to collectively subvert a countries social fabric!

  57. avatar

    I don’t agree with Tamas. What kind of an attitude is “if you don’t like the laws of this country – go to another”? Even with all the unification of the EU, it’s not so easy to pick up your bags and move to another country, learn a new language and culture, use a different currency… to name a few. And I don’t agree with Mr. Chromik that this is something that the people should decide. Why don’t we have a referendum to make income tax 0.5% and VAT 1.2% or to choose our healthcare system or to retirement age? All these things are imposed on us by our governments. And it’s not right to hold a referendum on the rights of minorities – next someone will propose a referendum to kill a certain ethnic minority – is this right?
    Apart from that – I’m fine if gay marriage and adoption are left to the individual member states but I think they should at least recognise the marriages/civil partnerships and adoptions from another member state. As the question itself states “… it can cause issues when people travel, potentially meaning that legal parenthood may not recognised when people go between countries.” It’s beyond ridiculous that I can have a family in one member state and not 200 kilometres away in another!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ EU Reform – Proactive:

      Ah, but the local constituency party members no longer get to choose who they will put forward. They are slected by the party head office in Westminster and because of politically correct dogma of race, gender, creed, etc., they are foisted on them. Which happened in my constituency four weeks before the last election. The local man was thrown out and an ethnic sprung on them too late to advertise it in this so called ‘safe seat.’ No one had heard of him and he had fiddled thousands of pounds in his expenses claims, still he was considered suitable for office.

      And, when you are summing up a possible MP for your choice, how can you know his sexual orientation? Unless he/she comes out.

      Look at it this way. What could happen if a disproportionate amount of extremists could be forced on the constituents under political correct policy without letting anyone know this is what they were. The people voted them in. After the GE they began to change the legislation altogether, as now they were in office, similar to the gay marriage and adoption carry on. Government repeatedly telling us, it was popular as most people wanted it, but they refused a referendum to confirm that. We would all be taken over by extremists without one person having knowingly voted for them.

      What do you do then. Accept it the way Hitler was accepted without anyone really knowing what he was up to until it was too late?

      In my country they have now done away with a recall of government by a no confidence vote and the local party MP and his team cannot be challenged. So, there is no way of getting them out until the next GE which is five years down the line. Worse than that, in my country they take those who have been thrown out of office as an MP and put them up in the unelected Lords where they stay until they die, voting on legislation, whilst we cannot remove them. It is a very dangerous situation on all fronts.

  58. avatar
    EU reform- proactive


    Yes, it is a “democratic” dilemma: administrations in “DICTATORSHIPS” traditionally work to a strict “top-down” approach! One can argue that the “Westminster model” with its installed ruling political hierarchy decides & believes in its own superiority and considers everyone below it & all grassroots as INFERIORS- aka “appointments & all glory to the party” & lacks “democracy”!

    Generally a “top-down” control: when a top “predator” controls the structure or population dynamics below them. The Prime Minister, who is also party leader, has an active interest in promoting as many of these members from their own party as possible- which furthers all kinds of manipulations/corruptions. Check it out:


    All European sovereign countries need therefore to be ever so vigilant of how much “EU top down” is safe- not to become a full and irreversible EU dictatorship in the disguise of a misunderstood democracy!

  59. avatar
    catherine benning

    Now here is an interesting article in the Independent this moring. It tell us that another US man running for office is doing what the pre Obama lot did and is calling for a change to homosexual and lesbian marriage. Now I find it strange that they make this statement when they run for election whilst once in office change their tune to, the public are all for it. It is popular. Surely if it was popular they would not have to declare it offends them to get more votes.


    So, politicians must know this is not going away. And trying to indoctinate five year olds with an idea that is way above their understanding is a gross use of power. Brainwashing must be made illegal on every level.

  60. avatar

    What? Do you prefer that children be left in foster homes because you don’t the “icky gays” to adopt them? Get serious !
    Why are we even debating this? This does not affect us but the people who adopt and the children.

    Religious conservatism and paranoid delusions that “we’ll all turn gay” or some other nuttery has no place in the EU.

  61. avatar


    ( please add an “edit” button )

  62. avatar

    All people that want to adopt children should be taken case by case and it’s important to check whats always in the best interests of the child . I see no reason why gay couples should be excluded from that process .
    It is much better for orphans to have a home, where they are loved, than living in a children’s home.

  63. avatar

    Let’s keep it strictly a decision to be made at state level, just like the Americans do.

  64. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Nature says ‘One man + One woman = Children’.

    Is mankind not a part of nature ?

  65. avatar
    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    this must be put at vote in all EU and let the people decide. Adoption is a civil right but there is the religiuse truth wich no gay can change he can fit in. No law can force this on people ,it must be an referendum in EU and people must vote and decide-this is the way in democracy.

  66. avatar
    Nadin Dereguardati

    it’s not a good idea!.. we are enough under the rate for survive!! if you accept officialy such reality, European people will quicker disappear! bravo! you are obeying to the NWO in its best way!… but instead wiping out the third world, you are wiping out the western countries! bravoooo!!!…

  67. avatar
    Stanislav Ivanov

    No. Gays should not adopt children at all. Children cannot distinguish which type of family leads to biological reproduction, and which not. Giving the gays the right to adopt means deliberately twisting the psyche of children!

    • avatar

      And being a heterosexual couple doesn’t produce a gay child?!?!

  68. avatar
    Nikolaos Papaloukas

    Absolutely yes! A law must obligate all EU members to alow adoptions to same sex couples! I think it’s time to say bye bye to orphanges! Kids need parents not orphanges!

  69. avatar
    Anita Ivan

    You cannot possibly have a valid opinion on this issue until you worked in a children home. Even current adaption system is not working. Those kids need someone to feed them, protect them, love them. You cannot take it away from them because religion said one man and one women means one family.

  70. avatar
    Ix Chel

    Yes and EU should force eastern partnership countries to do the same.

  71. avatar
    Elzbieta Mudiuk

    is a difficult subject … in the community is to be adopted by a family man and a woman are a family child … ..but are also people who do not accept a different orientation ….

  72. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    EU shall not recognize Gay adoption is not fundamental right is a democracy freedom I hold a referendum ib each European state on the process of Gay adoption

  73. avatar
    Nikolaos Papaloukas

    As i see in this post there lots of homophobes! Take your homophobia and leave! And ask your doctors to castrate you then you won’t have to worry about gays taking the world over…and we will be much better without homophobes in this earth.

  74. avatar
    Duirmuid Mac Sean

    About 47% of EU citizens live in states which have marriage equality. The sky has not fallen down, there isn’t mass brakedown of society and childern are still loved by caring parents regardless of the makeup of their families. We need to move beyond this idea that only what is traditional is good and any change which we disagree with, whether that disagreement is based on religion or whatever ideological beliefs, will cause chaious and destruction. We as a society and as a species have taken on structures which were at some points in our history were viewed as non traditional. These points have now become our traditions, (I’m thinking of votes for women, that women are not the property of their husbands, that children should have a childhood and an education and that gay people are not the spawn of satan and are actually productive members of our society.)

  75. avatar
    Daniele Laganà

    We have to respect homosexuality, but this doesn’t mean that we have to approve gay adoption.
    Every children has the right to have a mother and a father. ;)

  76. avatar
    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Yes. The kids do not benefit from growing up in the system. (I realize out social workers try, but a real family that has the interest of the kid and only the kid at heart, that’s what the child needs.) Also, I’ve had it up to here with people saying that children have the right to both a mother and a father. There are a ton of single parents out there, and you are basically saying they are incapable of raising children.

  77. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Debating Europe

    When referring to the members of the EU the correct form of address is to refer to them as Countries, Nations or States (with a capital ‘S’).

    The form you are using it in ( states with a small ‘s’) refers to districts within a Country which the EU is not so is incorrect, and I might add insulting.

    Thank you.

  78. avatar
    Lee Lovelock

    No- such an perverse and twisted notion is harmful to children and the Gemnescip as an Whole. Selfish and thoroughly devilish.

  79. avatar
    Ruben Ramos

    yes, we are all equals. i can not accept that black man, women or gays are discriminated

  80. avatar
    George Titkov

    No, we should absolutely not. And in general, the EU should stop forcing different policies upon the member countries, without asking them first.

  81. avatar
    Nikos Thanas

    this shouldnt be a question, it should be a law. everything else is just discrimination

  82. avatar
    Fernando BM

    Europe is about respect differences… If a country doesnt do so, they should better leave the EU.

  83. avatar
    Máté János

    Since the most important is the basic human right of a child to have both a mother and a father gay adoption is sounds nice for homosexuals but at the same time unfortunately endangers the above mentioned biological, psychological, social interests and needs of the children :-(…

    • avatar

      As does heterosexual parentage of homosexual children?!

  84. avatar
    Pier Dal Ri

    Never! It’s about children adopting a mother and a father, not about satisfying tho people trying to play parents.

    • avatar

      So as a heterosexual parent of a homosexual child am I ‘playing parent’?

  85. avatar
    Il Munaz

    Are there a lot of childs alone? Is there, in a gay couple, a lot of true and healthy love as in straight one? If so…

  86. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Children right’s should include the right to have 2 or 1 parent at least, in if there are 2 should be a woman and a man…

  87. avatar
    Miguel Vieira

    Imagine when pedophilia is legal, and will be the next step of these people, they will have the legal right to adopt children, cute huh?

  88. avatar
    Il Cast

    NO. Where do you think your standard of good and bad comes from geniuses? Each human has its own thats why our standard is set by christian values..cause thats the word of god and keep on rebelling against it youll see when youll die what happens :)

  89. avatar
    Lu Ka

    The rates of child sexual abuse within orphanages and foster homes are tremendous. Personally, I haven’t met a single child brought up by a gay couple that was neglected, abused or hungry. Gay couples who have children are people who are extremely determined to jump over all the financial, legal and practical hoops to have kids. And they love those kids no matter what. So those of you who call this “playing parents” please get a grip, go into the real world and meet at least one gay family before passing judgement.

  90. avatar
    Miguel Vieira

    “Democracy is a statistical error, because in democracy decides the majority and the majority is formed of imbeciles”

  91. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    Yes, as long as the EU wishes to stand as a beacon of freedom and reason in the world, we should recognize the same rights for all citizens. And yes, as long as we want a united Europe, we should have the same legal standards.

  92. avatar
    Milene Dziuk

    NO. We do not know how children brought up in such family would turn out. And by the time any such research is done, it would be too late for too many children.

    • avatar

      And yet although we know enough about abusive families they still continue!

  93. avatar
    Sherrie Heckendorn

    YES- there is something inherently evil to be a bigot and to keep children from a loving family just because they don’t fit your perverted version of religion

  94. avatar

    NO! God created man and woman. Some people are thinking that changing God’s Principle is OK. In natural world is harmonious relationship between male & female and it is good. Are we humans have rights to change it? What was happen in Sodom and Gomorah? It is not good for child have 2 daddy or 2 mummy.

  95. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    If there was no homophobic people, there would be no problem for children.
    This should be legal in civilized liberal countries.

  96. avatar
    Maria De Fátima

    Of course!!!!!!!!!! Is it necessary to recognize love?
    I’m afraid of some comments writen above, what kind of world I’m living in? Some of you mix different things. Please think, what comes first, love or prejudice. I heard parents that beat and put their kids on the street knowing they’re gay; What kind of people is this?

  97. avatar
    Hulusi Kilim

    OF COURSE! Some people here are unbelivable in the way they see this issue. Of course it should become an EU wide policy. Those who say it should be state level – since when human rights are dealt with at state level? The universal declaration of human rights state that every human is equal, therefore have equal rights. Loving someone of your own sex should not be an obstacle for anyone to provide a home for a kid, anywhere! Gay people do know what is love and care just like the straight people. Think about it, if straight people gave birth to gay people, what does that say to you? Think and stop judging people for their sexual orientation and even attempt to decide for what they are capable of doing or not. This law should be implemented at EU level and all states in the EU should be bound to recognise the parenthood of gay couples for adopted children, because no other human can grant the rights of another human.

  98. avatar
    Rogue Filth

    Yes! after they all allow couples to marry. Some don’t even allow civil partnerships.

  99. avatar
    Sorin Macreanu

    No never
    A child can’t be abused because some stupid adults want boolshits and politicians votes

  100. avatar
    Milene Dziuk

    If there are no straight people, no children would ever be born! Even gays and lesbians are created by having mother and father!

  101. avatar

    Yes. But always keeping in mind that the adoption is a process in the child’s interest, not a right of the would-be-parents.

    • avatar

      And it’s a EU affair because it affects the rights of free movement of persons and the freedom of stablishmen.

  102. avatar
    Bobby Gerasimov

    Yes, if straight adoption is allowed, why not? (Please stop calling it “gay adoption”, “gay marriage”, etc.!)

  103. avatar
    Reno Zeddi

    Well I’m sure we all do it at some stage, but I think it should not be a decision made on Brussels, each country should decides individually.

  104. avatar
    Steve Patriarca

    Although it is tempting to say this is not an issue for the EU, the problem is that if you want freedom of movement of EU citizens then they need to have the same basic human rights across the EU. Suppose a child is taken ill and the adoptive parent is not recognised as a legal guardian and cannot authorize treatment. Basically if EU citizens and their partners and families are not recognised across Europe then there isn’t free movement. I know there are issues about “marriage” for theocratic states which think the Church is entitled to control the language – but this can be overcome by making civil partnerships legally equivalent to marriage.

  105. avatar
    Aleksandros Ho Megas

    First; there are no “EU states”, but allied sovereign countries!
    Second, to answer the question… I am against the dictatorship-of-majority-type-of-democracy; so I don’t believe we have a right to decide for others.
    If we really have to, I would like to see it more objectively studied before making a call; now we have to much selfish subjectivity. Besides, having a child is not a right; it is a privilege.
    So my answer, for now, would be: “Not yet”!

    Nothing against homosexuals; if they can “make” a child naturally than of course they should parent it. But children are not play-toys.

  106. avatar
    Ermal Sulaj

    Well, I am not against Gay rights but here we are preventing the children from their rights. We have to ask also children if they agree to have 2 fathers or 2 mothers. Don’t you think!?

  107. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Debating Europe

    Could you please correct your question.

    When you refer to the 28 countries in the EU it should be written ‘States’ with a upper-case ‘S’.

    The form you are using (lower-case ‘s’) refers to regions of a Nation State such as those in the USA, Australia , etc. .

    Your EU is ‘not’ a Nation which makes your question meaningless.

    It is a basic error you should not be making.

    Thank you.

  108. avatar
    Ermal Sulaj

    I don’t know what happen if a single person want to adopt a child!? Is it allowed to any country? Is it allowed one children to have only one parent, father or mother?

  109. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Absolutely No. What a tricky way to make it equally to marriage between man and woman. What will come next…. Pedophily…necrophilia…all will come in the name of being treated equally… Remember that.

  110. avatar
    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    Some countries like Greece are unfortunately really backwards! They think gay men are evil and that those children are condemned! So, YES WE NEED TO!!!

  111. avatar
    Steve Patriarca

    To equate mature adult relationships, gay or straight, with Pedophilia or Necrophilia is pretty sick and I would certainly agree that it is alien to European values – or what ought to be such.

  112. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Another dictate from Brussels ? , no thanks.

    How about letting ‘people’ decide.

  113. avatar
    Luis Raposo

    we all, must ask all the kids between 6 and 15 if they like have a gay father and mother. is they who better answer this question.

  114. avatar
    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    NO NO NO! Croatian has CONSTITUTIONAL law that protects marriage as union of man and the women. We do not support gay marriage, gay adoptions are out of the question!

  115. avatar
    Lucian Sarbu

    I don’t think so. Marriage is different than adoption. Marriage involves 2 consenting adults and every EU country should legalize it. Adoption involves a child that was initially born from a woman and a man. So the child lost a female mother and a male father. So it is society’s / state’s / government’s / whatever’s duty to provide him with the same type of family / parents that he/she initially lost. Not substitutes. Sorry for the gay couples, but any gay man or woman can have his/her own children and raise the child according to his / her own views. No need to adopt.

  116. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Steve what is pretty sick today… does not mean it will be tomorrow…same principle followed the Gays.. It was sick few decades ago it looks normal today..

  117. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Remember adoption mostly is ment to give the possibility to parents (man & woman) who for physical reasons cannot have children. A child born to a man & woman belongs to both of them since both contributed to his birth. To whom belongs a child in a gay union!!!!! Remember I want to just follow the principle in general, not specifically.

  118. avatar
    Ana Quintas

    Yes and no! In theory absolutely yes! I dont have any problem with homossexuals and I believe that it is better for the Child to be raised In a family environment then In a foster home or organization! However, I also believe that there are some EU countries are not socialy and political prepare to do that! And I also do not believe In imposing politics to a social atmosphere that doesnt even recognize homossexuality! It is a complex issue, just because EU is not all In the same standard!

  119. avatar
    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    OF COURSE NOT. Children, and in particular boys get stable on their sexuality in the age of about 10 years. To grow up in an environment like this would mislead their minds and could possibly influence their natural behaviour!

  120. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    Debating Europe ??? Is That what is Most Important right now? Don`t you think Thousands of Illegal immigrants drowning in The Mediterranean Sea is a Much More Important thing, all European countries need to roll up their sleeves and give their share? Gay or Not we are breathing and living, these souls are lost forever !

  121. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    No, there are to many homophobes.
    Adoption should be legal in civilized countries where are no homophobes.

  122. avatar
    Asyah Azize

    I don’t see why not. I bet they would do a better job of it than most straight couples

  123. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    No. I wouldn t. This would switch minds and influence children to adopt behaviours which wouldn t otherwise go for. Let nature take its logical course without forcing children into gay couples.

    • avatar

      As straight heterosexual couples force gay homosexuals into being heterosexuals?

  124. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    No, they should not. Each state should hold a referendum and whatever the outcome, their choice should be respected.

  125. avatar
    Richard Ogden

    In this context it isn’t a moral question, it’s a legal one. If one member state accepts that children can be adopted by a same-sex couple, then the principle of freedom of movement within the EU means that that family should have the right to be treated equally in other EU members states other than their home one. Otherwise, the rights that the child and the family have in their home country are denied in another members state.

  126. avatar
    Mark Stockfisch

    Why are so many ppl with Eastern European names so hateful? How does gay marriages affect your live negativity?

  127. avatar
    Natasha Antonie

    taking into consideration that there are many kids without parents or family I would say yes, but this shouldn’t be necessarily just an alternative to what would be the right way…would be interesting an analyse of gay couple from other countries (US) -did their kids become gaey in time or have a reality distortion on what is normal and what is not.. I don’t think that..taking this into consideration its a YES from my side as well

  128. avatar
    Anabela Pereira

    No! Kids don’t have to be forced to enter into a life that others choose! Being gay it’s an option for those who want to but it’s not a “normal” home for a child.

  129. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    Please, don’t recreate the EU in a cursed place like Sodom and Gomorrah. God exists and He has the last word.

  130. avatar
    Luís Bernardino

    Yup. It cannot not recognise, open borders and free movement and all that as it would, in essence, be tantamount to not recognising a family from another member-State.

  131. avatar
    Vladimir Bulić

    No… To achieve normal development a child needs both father and mother, and before someone asks even single parenting enables room for absent parent and a child knows that it has or had both parents.

  132. avatar

    Yes! Way can’t the EU recognize it in all the member countries? If we wait for Italy (I am Italian) to do so, my grandchildren will probably die without seeing it being done!
    And yes, if it came from
    above (the European Parliament), many people in many countries would probably consider it unfair, as if there were a “European dictatorship”. Can’t we just vote all together, then? On the same day?
    If “YES” wins, then all the member countries of the EU will have to grant gay couples the right to get married legally; if “NO” wins, the legislation about it will be kept at national level

  133. avatar
    Chalks Corriette

    If by Gay, you mean same sex couples – I am not even sure why we are being asked the question. History has not proven that a male/female couple is any better at giving a child a loving home than any other configuration. Gosh, take a look around you, at the problems and mess traditional families cause. For those of us dealing with social issues – we know the true need of young people is unconditional love.

  134. avatar
    Katerina Kyriazi

    Definitely yes. Love is love and there are many gay couples in healthy loving relationships who could offer a stable loving environment for their children.

  135. avatar
    Dino Šakanović

    No! In backward society’s community will harass that children. So, at least, not jet. When time come, then. For now, only in western part of Union :)

  136. avatar
    Constantinescu Florin

    An old man tried to commit suicide. There was a negotiator who asked him why he wants to die. Old man’s answer:
    “During my youth homosesexualitaty was very rare, it is very common today, and I want to die before its become mandatory!”

  137. avatar
    Max Berre

    Frankly, I don’t get why the rights of others are even a subject for debate at all.

    People love asking “should GAYS have rights”, “should FOREIGNERS have rights?”, “Should WOMEN have rights?”…I don’t believe that questioning these things is even legitimate.

  138. avatar
    Perttu Saraniva

    Is it up to member states to decide? I accept gay marriage and adoption, but I don’t think it’s for EU to decide.

  139. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    No. An individual may be recognised as the legal guardian of a child, irrespective of whether he or she is the biological parent of that child and irrespective of his or her sexual preference. But biological parenthood must always be prior.

  140. avatar
    Mika Ainasoja

    Sure, every child deserves decent parents and when talking about decency, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  141. avatar
    Tímea Kocsis

    any children needs love and care, nothing else matters. in other world for a child is much better to be adobted a homsexual pair who love and care him/her, than heterpsexual ones, who are not able to comply these basics

  142. avatar
    Steven Marcus

    who cares? really… most kids are not adopted at all. only 10%…thats a fact..and those not adopted do not go to disney world.. they end up as factory slaves in snuf movies they become prostitutes or organ donners….ithe Question is not do you see hetero as better than gay.to me they are the same…..the Question is do you see factory slave as better than gay? so you have 2 reasons to support gay adoptions..one is that gays are no different as parents..two is that even if you are anti gay its better than thrwoing a kid to the wolves..

  143. avatar
    Jorge Qoqe

    Yes, why not? Only religious ideas are agains it but… Aren’t we a laical society?

  144. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    Sometimes two or more entities of the same type are able to hold a bigger entity together longer while the collision of two opposite entities produce imminently different results. Do not judge a book by its covers and remember that names ashame none, but a man can ashame every name.

    I recognize healthy individuals whenever I see them, separately and together. I don’t need laws to tell me which one to recognize as healthy and especially which one I should not.

  145. avatar
    Daniele Laganà

    Why do Debating Europe give space only to these crazy left-wing proponsals and don’t it ask about the important questions about Europe?

  146. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    HELL NO!!!! It is totally different to be GAY TOLERANT from being GAY DOMINANT!!! It is an unnatural behaviour and we should not expose underaged people to it! Actually we should also ban the presentation of gay behaviour from Mass Media in order to safeguard younger people. EUROPE WAKE UP before we get totally disintegrated by this state of decadency! It is their RIGHT to choose their sexual preferences but not to PROMOTE them particularly among younger people! Don’t forget that only a SMALL PERCENTAGE of homosexuality is due to biological reasons, the rest is socially cultivated and we should diminish it by all means!!!

  147. avatar
    Ti Lameiras

    Have Brussels force it across the Union, it’s the only way for everyone to enter the 21st century

  148. avatar
    Luka Štemberger

    No, and sterile people should be banned from adoption because God didn’t intend them to be parents!
    Also, single mothers should have their children taken away from them, then be stoned. A child needs a father and a mother!

  149. avatar
    steven Adamsen

    It is true that in Europe the most important element of the republic is the common rights between European and foreign citizens, between sexes. In addition a majority of articles of European law support this equality. The gay rights is something new at the majority of countries-members. Generally, all countries are free to decide if they legalize the same-sex marriage and at the same time recognize the child adoption from the same sex couples. It is true that the right of union and the marriage for homosexuals is a new level in order to support more and more the equality between all members. On the other side, the adoption is more serious problem of these modern society and in many countries like Greece and Italy don’t recognize the adoption due to the religion or because of more traditional attitudes. Finally, a lot of american psychologists believes that child adoption from same sex couples may provoke a lot of problems concerning the subject of the child character and his attitude in front of the rest people. On one side, being different means something new, nut on the other side, this means racism and social exclusion.

  150. avatar
    Giorgos Psillas

    No! a child must grow to a family with a mother and a father, wut is he or she going to tell next? That i got a father and a father? I respect everyone who has different sexuality than me everyone is free to do wutever they like in bed. but there are also limits in such kind of things

  151. avatar
    Μάριος Γεωργίου

    No. Of course no. I think the nature decided for this option. I support homosexuals’ political marriage but not this. In addition a child who would be adopted by homosexuals will be received bullying.
    However, the most important, is that each country has to decide separately.

  152. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    This is just another example of how some rich gay, lesbian people would like “playing God”. They just want to “legalise” their child adoption, so they do everything to make it, because they have the power among politicians, media moguls and media stars! Shame on Europe to allow that, it IS A HUGE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY TO BUY CHILDREN FROM THE POOR MOTHERS…

  153. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    This is not about equal rights for everyone , which is or should be a constitutional obvious right. This is about CHILDREN !
    Children grow and learn by example, by imitation, by models.
    Is this an issue to make experiments with ?

  154. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    Childrens’ rights should be protected…there is a need for both sexes in their lives, if you want to have them heathy…

  155. avatar
    Bujor Irina

    Eu zic sa rămânem normali , daca asa am fost creati , copilul sa aiba mama si tată .

  156. avatar
    Christoph N. Hotep

    The more homosexual couples are allowed to adopt, the more children are able to live with people who love them and don’t have to live in an orphanage.
    Do you really want the children to grow up without love or a family?

  157. avatar
    Luis Amorim

    Maybe we should first start by dropping the “gay adoption” expression – which is rather incorrect – and talk instead about adoption by same-sex couples? Adoption is adoption, it’s neither straight nor gay. Secondly, let’s be clear about one thing: no one has the right to adopt a child; what adults have is the right to be assessed as potential parents through adoption. Children are the ones who have the right to parents who love, protect, and respect them, not the other way around. Thirdly, sexual orientation is not a measure of good parenting. The measures of good parenting are unconditional love, dedication, educational commitment, consistency and emotional investment. When considering potential parents for a child who is legally free for adoption, those are the things that should be on a judge’s mind. Some heterosexuals make awful parents, some homosexuals make wonderful parents. Most people make good parents. Let’s give children in need of loving families a real chance at happiness, by considering all candidates to adoption equally.

  158. avatar
    Sherrie Heckendorn

    Of course since children need to be loved and that is all that should matter. You are born not made to be gay or not gay. It’s hard to understand people that are against this.

  159. avatar
    Sherrie Heckendorn

    There are some very hate filled people on this thread that should never have children since you will pass on your hate filled bigotry

  160. avatar
    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    NO, it should’t. The choice of a gay pair ist their own and concerns their privacy. That is different to all the other questions. The hormonical ballance of a child is getting fixed ~ the age of 10. What will happen with a normal child if it grows up in an environment of a gay pair? Children are no dolls to play with, neither is adoption of a child by a gay pair the way to cover the instinkt of mother/fatherhood. This would automatically mean that we see homosexuality as the natural way, and, irrespective of whether we accept it to be free or not, it doesn’t mean that we substitute nature.

  161. avatar
    Bel Sullaphen

    Most heterosexuals on Earth are apathetic & ignorant lacking EI hence are so insecure & selfish in this domaine! :-( It’s their sexuality & not their personality so YES!

  162. avatar
    Jonathan Hibberd

    The truth is, the children should come first, and research should objectively verify what is best for children. Anything else is asking the wrong question.

  163. avatar
    Cristina Powell

    Of course they should! Orphan children deserve a chance to happiness too and should not be abandoned by society. Before you decide if you are against it, have you thought how often you sent a donation, a gift or any help? -to a child that had no say when and where was born in this world…there are many children abandoned by parents and society…..

  164. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    First of all is not EU states

    No matter how they try we will always be COUNTRIES With unique culture … Of course germans want all to lose our id !!!

    About gay adoption : NO !!!

  165. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    This is not the norm, but it should be tolerated as well as the 3rd donor In vitro procréation. The important is people can be all happy, also can bring some love to child or people In need, whatever their différence and as long as they do not harm or disturb others.

  166. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Debating Europe

    Of course not, your post is just further evidence of the antidemocratic & draconian nature of your EU.

    How can you claim your EU is ‘united in diversity’ & then suggest all the ‘Nations’ in it should be made to be the same ?

  167. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Of course not, your post is just further evidence of the antidemocratic & draconian nature of your EU.

    How can you claim your EU is ‘united in diversity’ & then suggest all the ‘Nations’ in it should be made to be the same ?

  168. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    There is no «european polis». Europeans are NOT united; so, the EU should stop trying to make (and more importantly stop trying to IMPOSE) laws for all EU countries.

  169. avatar
    Joao Yohanan

    I was going to answer, but then i saw that “EU States”!! What the “frick” is that?
    Are you really that eagger to be just an US copy??

  170. avatar
    Flavio Sousa

    There are countless ways that gay people can help children in need, they don’t have to imitate traditional families.

  171. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    This question should not even be asked. At least not any longer. Of course adoption should be allowed by all. If we limit the capacity of adoptive units, as a union, we will shoot ourselves on the knee with a submachinegun.

    The limitations should be based on how well you are able to raise children and even this should be just a hindrance, not an actual restriction. If you are a fantastic parent, there would be no limitations. If you are less fantastic, you will have to wait your turn and in the meantime consume some knowledge about how to be a parent and so on. Helps you further it does.

  172. avatar
    Alex Lexva

    We should not become united states of Europe. Let each country decide by itself

  173. avatar
    Vassiliki Xifteri

    Again… We are not United States of America. Each country has its own culture and its own identity and each one needs to decide on its own.

  174. avatar

    YES! Are there any valid objections?

  175. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Homosexuality is a genetic mutation that serves no natural purpose and belongs in the same category as other ‘fetishes’.

    It is not a Natural sexual state of being so no, it should not be allowed.

  176. avatar
    Elena Henriques

    I must remind that EUA’s states normally have different law in those issues. That said, I don’t think that should be imposed by EU, maybe just as recomendation, and plus there is no EU as we saw with the Greek problem – but some kind of states trust

  177. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The logical next step would be to end the natural sexual reproductive process & natural family unit and force women to give birth for anyone that wanted a baby, providing they meet with the antidemocratic EU’s criteria of course.

  178. avatar
    Ilyass Naqar

    No, And i don’t know why some countries try and want to force us to adopt their same vision about homosexuality.

  179. avatar
    Giusy Ancori

    And what about those children already living in gay couples in EU? Are those illegal families?

  180. avatar
    Kossack Nikko

    I do not care as long as the Eu is closed. And then is not UP to the EU is up to the individual countries. The EU is neither a country NOR a federation he EU DOES not exists. and after what they did to Greece this month and Italy Spain Portugal and Cyprus in 2011 DEFINITELY the EU MUST NOT EXISTS

  181. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Debating Europe

    There is no such thing as an ‘EU state’, they are EU member States. … Please correct.

  182. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    It would be more logically consistent for individuals to be assessed for their suitability as adoptive parents rather than couples. Being in a stable relationship can be a contributing factor in such an assessment, why not? But the idea of “gay adoption” is absurd – as is the idea of “gay marriage”.

  183. avatar
    Jason Picci

    I think the estrogen in the meat over the last 20 years has been greatly exaggerated.

  184. avatar
    Joao Yohanan

    And off course Yes. What is important is having 2 beings that want to love and care for a child thar needs it. Who the frick cares about what sex they are, as long as they can give a stable home for the infant.
    Can u really say that heterosexuals, like me, can give better homes to children? That s not my experience, judging from my childhood.

  185. avatar
    Steve Patriarca

    There is a lot of hot air here but few seem to have understood the core issue. Of course it can be argued that this is a matter for member states, but the EU is also supposed to be an open market for labour and goods. When people from one EU state move to another they expect their family status to be recognised. The same is true for same sex partnerships or marriages. So all states need to recognise these even if they do not provide for them themselves. Somehow this subtle distinction needs to be worked through.

  186. avatar
    Thomas Hou

    of course, why not? 2 guys or 2 women can even be better parents than any one guy one woman couple. Attention and education matter, not gender.

  187. avatar
    Antoine Che

    The kids should be available on a special web site and obtained by the highest bidder !!!


  188. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    Why ALL states? Each of our european states may have another culture and history in those questions.

  189. avatar
    Miguel Silva

    Should they be left without anybody to love them just becouse of sexual orientation???

  190. avatar
    Attila Bűkős

    Gay addoption it is NOT, THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN E.U.!!!!
    We have a lot of problem’s to solve it (refugees for example,etc.)

  191. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    It’s very important where you come from and how you are brought up.It has to do with,principals of a country,with principals of people,ethics,traditions,religion and many other things.There can’t be an aggreement about this issue.It’s too soon and european citizens don’t know and understand each other too well.

  192. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Is Debating Europe the channel of high class gay oriented elite in communication? Gay adoption can’t be forced in any of Europe member states because the majority of every state will oppose such issue…

  193. avatar
    Jūratė Pasėkaitė

    The only problem children in the same sex marriages could have is the POINT OF VIEW OF OTHERS. So the main problem is the society where they live, not them. I absolutely agree on marriage, adoption and other equal rights for everyone who do not do any real damage to others.

  194. avatar
    Armand Koca

    NO NO NO because sexual relationship between two people of the same sex is scientifically demonstrated that is a disease, it is a hormonal disease :( For the male or low testosterone or high testosterone like to say or passive or active. For the female or low estrogen or high estrogen like to say or active or passive.

  195. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris



    • avatar
      Emily Clayfield

      Why do you assume that same-sex couples are bad parents?

  196. avatar
    Emily Clayfield

    Yes, of course. You might disagree or support marriage but if you disagree, you shouldn’t force your opinion of disagreement on others.

  197. avatar

    Guys when we are talking for a minority we can’t depend on the majority or a referendum or “the people”. Minorities are protected by the law and judges traditionally play a big role in it. Full stop.

  198. avatar
    Peter Ahlfeld

    Yes of course. Why should the natural still be a matter of debate? It’s a shame that in many countries humanism is still so controversial. But I would embed it in a much wider debate. Should all EUropeans have the same access to a social welfare system that shells them against the effects of the EU internal market. If the EU social progress agenda gets framed in an exclusive way it will be easy, and we already see this happening, to play out different minorities and types of the precariat against each other. The LGBTQ community souldn’t allow the nationalists and free market profiteers to treat them as fig trees for doing nothing regarding the social catastrophe in EUrope.

  199. avatar
    Dirk Schönhoff

    Children’s rights are equal. Every family in the EU is important and should be protected. Doesn’t matter how many Dads or Moms make this family.

  200. avatar
    Jorge Simões

    Each country have liberty to choose want they want to their self. I each country should legislate according is own believes… Portugal already approved gay adoption!!!

  201. avatar
    Daniele Laganà

    Does this page want to talk seriously about Europe or does it want to be one of the many slaves of the sleazy LGTB propaganda?

  202. avatar
    Xyzk Paul

    Definitely NOT ! Family = Mom + Dad = Husband + Wife = Woman + Man . This is how God created Humankind from the beginning! Thousands of years ago! And this is how it SHOULD STAY!!!!

    • avatar

      Nature never fails. So there’s no such thing as unnatural. It’s “unnatural” because stupid rules humans made going against nature.

  203. avatar
    Dutoiu Catalin

    99 % of those who say they agree with gay, in reality do not want to have something in their families .

  204. avatar
    Manuela Mc Moura

    Of course it should! The screening of ADOPTIVE parents should rather concentrate on the HUMANS that wish to adopt a child!NOT on which sex!

  205. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    Definitely NOT!! To enjoy their “parenthood” is cruel towards children who will be brought in unnatural environment having two fathers and not a mother and a father like other children-ONLY professionals may decide (children psychologists not ignorant public hence selfish gay couples)…

  206. avatar
    Irmantas Janukenas

    When two gay men or two lesbian woman can make a child on their own, then yes. But if its impossible, than it mean the nature made it that way, that sick people cant raise children.

  207. avatar

    1. Adoption is in the interest of the child. Would you say that for a kid to stay in a Horphanage or in a developing country, maybe hungry and sick, is better than stay in same gender family? I do not think so.
    2. Is the Sexual orientation determined by the gender of the parents? No. “Incredibly” 100% of homosexual persons are born from etero couples.
    3. If a couple of a man and a woman is the only one suited to have children we should forbid single parents as well because there is not either a mother or a father. Should we take away their children and end them to etero couple? It does not make sense.

  208. avatar

    Of course, all adoption should be on a case by case basis. Sex, colour and even religion should not be a bar providing the couple are a good match for the child.

  209. avatar
    Manuel Valente

    Yes, of course they should. It’s not a question of religious values & beliefs it’s one of human rights. Religious people are entitled to their bigotry (and unchristian attitudes) but they can’t force their hatred and intolerance on the whole of society. .

  210. avatar
    Gay supporter

    children need families, if it wasn’t for gays children would be forced onto the streets and gays support stability, a loving home and they have the time and energy, unlike some straight couples who don’t.

    alcoholics and potheads can raise children
    sociopaths can raise children
    criminals can raise children
    hateful religious wackos can raise children
    But two gays can’t because its harmful?

    What is happening to this world and generation ?

  211. avatar

    I believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt. All they want are kids to call their own. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like they can on how their gender should be. There are things that someone can control. They never chose to be attracted to someone of the same gender. Now why should they suffer for a “sin” they never had the power over.

  212. avatar

    I am adopted and I think it’s hard enough being adopted without adding another dimension like homosexual parents.

    • avatar
      Chalks Corriette

      Well said Toni. I know far too many friends that have had complex upbringings. Life might have been a little less complex had we been more open to what constitutes a family. Being loved is the most important thing. There are many, many young people looking for a home these days – what are we to tell them when a situation open to them is with people that are the same gender?

  213. avatar

    Absolutely NO.
    For ages in all count