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The Single Market is one of the core achievements of the European Union. In theory, it should be possible to produce goods and services in one EU country and sell them in any other Member State. In reality, there are still obstacles (particularly in terms of the market for services). But what happens when a product is legal (or, at least, decriminalised) in one Member State but illegal in others? What happens, for example, when the product is cannabis?

Attitudes towards cannabis vary wildly between European legal systems, with some countries categorising it as a Class A substance while others have decriminalised it entirely. Punishments can likewise vary from a slap on the wrists to (potentially) life in prison. As part of our new series of debates on “Ethical Europe”, we will be asking whether drug laws in Europe should be harmonised (not necessarily via the EU, which may be legally impossible), or whether it’s better for each Member State to have different laws.

Despite the Netherlands’ famously liberal drug policy, it is nevertheless technically illegal to grow and sell cannabis (though coffee shops are taxed like any other business). Perhaps for this reason, Dutch cannabis producers have been unable to take other Member States to the European Court of Justice and secure access to their markets. But, despite this, should other Member States follow the Dutch approach to cannabis?

We had a comment sent in by Radoslav, who wants to see the “sustainable growth of a healthy society free of negative drugs”. Which sounds ambitious, but is a drug-free Europe really a possibility? To get a response, we spoke to Carlo Giovanardi, an Italian member of the Senate and leader of the socially conservative wing of the New Centre-Right party.

Giovanardi agreed with Radoslav about the goal, but thought it would take time and effort:

giovanardiWe have to work on the prevention [of drug abuse], on education, on informing individuals: in schools, in the family and in the communities, religious and non-religious. One has to tell young people about the irreversible damages that the use of drugs, especially at a young age, will have on them. Therefore, there is a lot of work to do to, in terms of trying to reduce this phenomenon.

To get another perspective, we also spoke to Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs. Did he think we could ever see a Europe where the use of drugs like cannabis and heroin has been greatly reduced? Is a “drug-free Europe” possible?

nadelmannBasically not. Quite frankly, the use of cannabis recreationally and for medicinal and other purposes goes back perhaps 10’000 years in human society. So, I would be really surprised to see something like this disappear. It grows like a weed, and is called that by some people. So, I don’t think so.

In terms of heroin and opium, they also go back as long – or even longer – than cannabis. Throughout human society, they were the universal painkiller for many, many years. So, the question is whether some synthetic might substitute for it. But it’s been 200 years since the invention of Morphine, Codeine and all sorts of synthetic opiates, and yet the market for heroin still persists. We see, for example, in the United States that when there’s a crackdown in some area on heroin that is moderately successful, people will switch to pharmaceutical opiates. And then, if there’s a successful crackdown on pharmaceutical opiates, people will switch back to heroin. So, I also don’t think it’s possible to eliminate its use.

I really do think that, ultimately, given the demonstrative failure of prohibition of both these substances, we need to find better ways of living with them and regulating them. And with cannabis I think it will be a model closer to alcohol, with heroin it’s going to be something different. Perhaps along the lines of what we’ve seen in some European countries and Canada.

If drug use cannot be eliminated, is the fight against drugs unwinnable? We had a comment from Ironworker arguing that aggressively waging a “War on Drugs” is a colossal waste of resources. He believes the United States has spent “hundred of billions on wrong solutions with extremely poor results”. Is time for governments to explore more liberal drugs policies as an alternative to prohibition?

What would Senator Carlo Giovanardi say?

giovanardiWe should be be applying the Italian system, which sees the drug dealers prosecuted under criminal law while the drug consumers are considered to be victims who need to be cured and rescued. Cocaine, heroin, and cannabis consumers should only be sanctioned administratively, for example by withdrawing their driving license, firearm license or their passport. These are measures aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the addict, but also that of citizens, from dangers such as car accidents that are caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In only a few years in Italy we have cut down the number of deaths and injuries due to car accidents, especially on Saturday and Friday nights. My suggestion, therefore, is for [EU countries] to do things as we do in Italy, i.e. combating the drug dealers and considering the addicts to be sick individuals who need to recover and undergo therapy.

Finally, what would Ethan Nadelmann say? How would he respond to Ironworker’s criticism of the US-led drugs war? Is there any indication of how much the “War on Drugs” has actually cost to wage?

nadelmannWell, we actually did a rough assessment a few years ago on the 40th anniversary of the drug war, which we put at around 2011. We estimated that roughly $1 trillion, in constant US dollars, has been spent so far. So, that’s a lot of money. That’s about what the US has spent roughly on the entire Afghanistan war. In the US, just simply building new prisons, which was not just about the drug war but was driven by it, was the fastest growing item in many state budgets in the 1990s. We went from spending $2 or $3 billion a year as a country – federal, state and local – in 1980, to spending over $20 billion by the early 1990s, and the best estimate now is that it’s at least $40-50 billion in direct costs, and perhaps much more than that in indirect costs.

Should cannabis be legalised across Europe? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – ashton

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What do YOU think?

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      You know something about the future we dont?

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    Eu CuMine

    it is impossible to live without it? if yes, then should be legalized. if no, should not be legalized.

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      Dan Bontio

      @Eu CuMine. Your comment is absurd. It’s possible to live without cucumbers or tomatoes… so, those should not be legalized?

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      Gavin Crowley

      Cucumbers should be banned. I can’t imagine how large the black market in them could get. Would there be cucumber dealers outside school gates?

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      For some people, yes. Which is why it should be allowed medicinally.

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    Parászka Máté

    Drug policy made things even more bad, just think about it, because of this, more dangerous drugs are started to be on the market, than weed.And this is bad for to consumers, for the authorities and actually for everybody.

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    James McManama

    Good question! My experience is that the Netherlands has a fairly liberal drug policy, and it hasn’t fallen to pieces quite yet. Maybe more countries should start considering that approach?

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    Jorge Lux

    Yes for many reasons but the first one, to end up whit traffic and violence that is associated with and, at least, this will cut a significant part of the resources that terrorists use to buy guns.

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    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    So many creative people are in prison for no reason! So many people are critisized for using a plant that comes from the earth, even though we have 0 days from it and Alcohol and Tobacco are still legal even if the cost so many lifes per year…. LEGALIZE WEED

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    Christopher Kwadwo Svanefalk

    Is alcohol legal across Europe? If yes, then so should Cannabis be. It is far less dangerous, and legalising it would result in tax revenue and the reduction of crime.

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      Best comment so far…..

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    Nando Aidos

    It should be discussed first, without political biases, and then decided.
    By the way, I think that the EU should make a statement that it can be legalized or simply that it is not illegal. And let each country’ people decide for their own territory. This constant EU meddling is way too bureaucratic and costly to all tax payers.

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      Apart from your erroneous belief it isn’t the best measure(it is) full legalisation is the only way to make drugs safe and controlled. Myles

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      There are no two sides of the argument. Theyre the wrong one… Keep it illegal(doesn’t work) and the right one, legalise it and make it safe.

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    Munteanu Vlad Stefan

    sure and we should take into consideration other drugs too but we have allso to learn how to gain maximum benefits and minimum disadvantages from them

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    Alex Bell

    Too many reasons for it, but the bottom line is – if cannabis is legal, we avert deaths that occur from overdose from other more dangerous drugs that cause death from overdose. Cannabis can only cause it if you drive high, but so does alcohol, and alcohol is legal.

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    Alex Bell

    Also ibogaine should be legal across Europe, its the best antiaddiction substance known.

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    Петър Божинов

    Yes, but only for medical needs, with a special prescription and with strongly permission for drive and usage at work and at schools or others public places …

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    I think that the harm principle should be applied in the case of drugs. According to the harm principle, the only legitimate infringement of liberty of a person by another is self defense. The only purpose for which power can be legitimately used against any member of civilized society against his/her will is to prevent harm done to another individual. A person cannot be legitimately constrained to do or not do anything based on reasons regarding his/her well being or because the said thing would make him/her happier or because it is wise or right for them to act in such way. All of these are good grounds to discuss with that person, to reprove or to implore them to do otherwise, but not to constraint them. By right, on self regarding acts, a person’s independence is absolute, and over their own body and spirit they have ownership.
    Based on this, I would say that consumption should not be criminalized, in pretty much the same way as the Italian law in your example seems to see the issue.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      The Harm Principle?

      Hmmm, interesting – Do what thou wilt approach – AKA ANARCHY!

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      Paul X

      So basically people should be free to burgle, steal cars, vandalise property, get drunk/high and stagger around the streets spewing and as long as they don’t actually hurt anyone in the process nothing can be done about them?…doesn’t sound much like a “civilised society” to me

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      Dan Bontio

      @Tarquin, @Paul X – Neither of you seem to have read (or understood) the post or the principle.

      In simple terms, if you are harming someone else, then the law should intervene… but if you are only harming yourself, then that should not be a matter of law.

      So, there would be not “anarchy”, nor would burglary or theft somehow become acceptable by applying the harm principle to drug matters.

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      @ Tarquin: you misunderstand, it’s not about anarchy, it’s about liberty. No state should regulate in the private affairs of it’s citizens, and causing harm to self is a private affair.

      @ Paul: Dan Bontio was spot on, he explained the point quite well. burglary, vandalism and public disturbance are ways to hurt someone. They would fall into the category of other-regarding actions, and thus be subject to law.

      As a side note: decriminalizing use of Canabis wouldn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any form of regulation on it’s use. There should be educational campaigns as well as restrictions to publicity, places of sale, a tough licencing process for allowance of sale, standards and so on. There should also be an excise, much in the same way we already have on cigarettes and alcohol. Furthermore, medical conditions deemed to have been caused by use of such legalized substances shouldn’t be covered by any kind of state backed insurance – people would smoke entirely at their own expense and at their own risk. Society shouldn’t be forced to pay for someone’s addiction. This being said, there is still no valid point for the excessive, victorian regulations that are currently in place.

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      Gavin Crowley

      Cannabis use is not a purely ‘private’ affair. There is a public interest element to it. It also harms people other than the user.

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    Cannabis should be legalized in every Europe state; making cannabis illegal not only consumes resources leading to poor results. I’m italian, for years law vs drugs was exceedingly strong (thanks Giovanardi, you idiot) the results are prisons full of little pushers, drugs commerce not diminished by a drop and criminal associations (mafia, camorra, ‘ndrangheta) richer than ever. Legalize is the only way to keep criminals away from the business and take away from them tons of money. Moreover quality would be guaranteed, since now weed is cut with ammonia, rock wool etc…. And please, next time listen to Roberto Saviano, which is spending and risking his life on this topic against mafias, and not to Giovanardi, which is a self-righteous hypocrite which has brain just to keep his ears apart.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Yes… Plenty of people are doing it. Its prohibition hasn’t curved its use at all… In fact it makes it more popular, since it gives the sense of the “forbidden fruit” which makes it more appealing, especially to youths… Legalise it, regulate it and tax it… Make some profit out of it, instead of allowing criminal gangs to do so…..!

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    Salim Reza

    Scientist along with doctors found 10 diseases r recovered by the cannabis.Also spirit science found 3 benefits .So as medicine it can be used.But not other items like heroine.

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    ASociatia ProCovasna

    The benefits of marijuana as an effective treatment alternative have seen results directly from patients. However, legalizing marijuana offers benefits for not only individual patients and doctors, but for society as a whole. Aside from the medical benefits, legalizing would contribute to reduced crime and protection of civil liberties.

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    Franco Suarez

    The question is a sensible and intelligent as asking if Europe should legalize eating lettuce? Shit . . . eating lettuce is LEGAL. It is time for Europe to stop supporting extreme capitalism and Amerikkkan imperialism. The people of Europe are not being serve by these draconian policies and doctrine.

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    Diogo Guerreiro

    Good topic this one “Debating Europe”!
    What to say about it? Many things!
    In my country (Portugal) we have decriminalized the use and consume of cannabis. Sell it is a crime, but consumption isn’t. We have a legal system like Italia have, i.e., the consumers are people who need help and not a criminal charge against them. In Portugal, I think, you can have 19 grams of cannabis with you. If the weed is not divided in small bags, and the use is just for you, nothing will happen to you – just a administrative penalty, which is nothing compare to prison. Our legal system is very flexible and the can prove that we have decrease consume of cannabis. Know, I think, the use of this drug is increasing again, but the reason for that is not the legal system but the economic and social crisis.
    Being strictly direct I will say yes, the cannabis should be legalized across the Europe. But this doesn’t mean an absolute right without consequences. Cannabis could be regulated like alcohol. Don’t outlaw the use, but instead regulate the use. We could get more money with the taxes of cannabis. I’m just saying, look to Colorado (USA). We are a space of liberty, the pioneers of human rights in whole world and we need to allow the use, but yes, we need educate too. I agree on that. Education is the best way of promoting responsibility. I don’t need my State or legal system tell me – “We will regulate this matter for you, because you are misinformed, and you are too stupid to know the consequences of cannabis use”. Well, I prefer education over regulation, I prefer information over prohibition, and I prefer a wise choice over a drug fashion.

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      Vladan Lausevic

      Regulate the use was good argument.

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    Vladan Lausevic

    Informing about the negative sides of narcotics and legalizing them for individuals can go hand in hand. State and society can recommend people not to use cannabis using the proven arguments. At the same time it should me up to a adult individual to him or herself do choose to consume cannabis. So cannabis should be legalized and one benefit would be that the state can get income from the tax revenues and use them for health care or other options. Like in Colorado or Portugal.

    Regarding the laws it should be up to the member states to decide since it is closer to the citizens and it is easier to organize campaigns on national level.

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    Vincenzo Ferraro

    please do not listen to Giovanardi, In Italy he has caused a complete mess.

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    Shane norberg

    Yes it should, If people want to use cannabis they can, if not then dont, its the same as alcohol and a cheeseburger, some people choose to eat or drink it and others dont, Ican someone give me one valid reason as to why cannabis shouldnt be illegal and alochol is perfectly ok to be legal then ? No ? I didnt think so. :) Free the weed

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    We should learn from the yanks instead re-inventing the wheel. In the early ’80’s, Regan administration and other nut cases right wing “crusaders” came up with the alleged “War on Drugs” campaign and wasted billions of ($) taxpayers money on it. Almost two decades later the result was something like Regan – 0, Drugs – 5. I don’t even want to bring in discussion the death tool. So, if there is something to learn from their not so pleasant “experience”, we should do it. The yanks will eventually (the bill is still put on hold by the Senate) put cannabis on the same level of substances as alcohol rather sooner than later. But to be honest, I don’t really know what other issues might arise or derive from taking cannabis in Europe out of prohibited substances.

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      The truth is that most of these american presidents used cannabis and there is this hierarchy of we can and you no! that because we give the wrong people to much power!

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    Radoslav S. Bozov (@Radobozov)

    As a hard and/or soft core scientists, I would have to claim the following points:

    1. I used to be called a quarter (1/4) puff by my house mates in college due my appetite for getting high on quantum bits of the active substance on weekends time scalar wise + quantified issues of matter effectual states. It is important that any consumer understands some basic concepts as such as tolerance and prepared physiological state. That is organism supplied with organic acids (juices) prior to initiating carbohydrate/sugar processing. That is the dosage determines time scaled tolerance. Clearly, being a pot head, would not get you through neither working space nor time, except in cases of recreational art idea generator of a kind, a trigger point, but a smashing hammer. It is educational perspective largely lacking ideology within the system due various objective constrains I would not be interested in getting detailed about.
    2. Synthetics vs Natural (Organics certified by a legal agency) is clearly lacking both in US and Europe, including dark markets, which boosts prices, and gets in hands of mostly idiots targeting uneducated high school mates. Weed, considered as a light drug, shell not be underestimated by proper authorities, but self proclaimed regulators being a part of a circle without proper consultation and mandatory classes in education about drugs: from coffee and tea to weed, and even pharam pain killer, as well as, other hard core drugs that have been mandated on the market through branches/channel. Especially , in relation to methods for extracting compounds, and the negative effects onto bodily systems of all drugs used by consumers, letting light initiations through carbon alone of the spectra of science.
    3. What is a negative drug free society about, – it is about timing and spacing both energy and matter. You cannot have stoned 15 years old children. And that is part of the problem, that mafia must get educated in terms of taxation and pouring that taxation into educational programs, both physically and psychologically effective relative to blind made studies.
    4. Mixing drugs is dangerous and must be well understood by abusers, but dealing with consequences after experiencing the terrible night, which is many cases involved with post trauma hate of a particular elicit drug as such as overdosing on pot.
    5. There is pot and pot, the range from a champagne to hard liquor weed, as we call it grade, again must be accounted in relevance to proper usage in case of.
    6. Sustaining negative drug free communities , in terms of pharmacological issues, has grown towards natural compounds processing, although such issues lie upon marketing + education + 1 (cases)
    7. Legislating such policies would not happen via people who are in control of the market due so called war on drug, drugs is not a choice, it is education onto reality of drug interference of the main three domains of life – physical science, psychology , and social aspect, all emerging into scientific realism, but political popular-ism. Clearly, politicians are the first to enter the educational bench , marked by!
    8. A none functional network across EU, in terms of regulations/rules that abide by pure science hold no water within lakes full of fish, so that fish actually dies off!
    9. Something cannot be legalized prior to its full examining by authorities who have had provided means of conducting a proper statistical data backed through deterministic interference of parameters!
    10. Nobody knows how weed works. If someone has told you that is known, that one is clearly speculating with an actual aspects of science and especially biophysics of dimensional perspectives.

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    Javier Ortiz

    Right now we have more pressing issues in Europe than cannabis legalization. Could we please focus the debate in things that affect Europeans?

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    Bart Vd B

    Without a Doubt! Both Cannabis and Hemp! it would create a massive increase in tax revenue and steep drop in crime. (Colorado is proof)

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    Asen Trichkov

    Yes, as alcohol and tobacco are allowed, why not..

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      Sure you probly dont even now what it is or if you do have u tryed it dont juge if u now nothing ;)

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    Alex Casalboni

    It’s necessary an immediate regulation, to don’t let this market in the hands of criminality

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      Thumbs up. Hope it will gain more momentum this time.

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    Máté János

    What kind of a senseless question is that right now when the EU is almost forced into a war in Ukraine for the mighty US interests :-(?

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      Dr v


      American association for medical cannabis research

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    Lizica Preda

    What kind of question is this? Why don’t you give work to people? Is the cannabis an alternative to work and happiness? Our future isn’t to be happy because you smoke Cannabis!

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    Yannick Cornet

    I hear Colorado is making so much money out of legalised cannabis sales tax, they actually do not know what to do with it. Considering consumption to be inevitable (and in fact, quite benign health wise), I do prefer such money to be reinvested into society than going as profit to Mafia groups. So the answer is YES.

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    Gatis Gailitis

    I’m against all forms smoking and vaping. I’m not being funny, I don’t want to smell marijuana in addition to smelling tobacco and someone’s fruity vape nonsense. You worry about European population getting older but then we would debate about whether or not introduce something that isn’t healthy for you. What is the world coming to?

  32. avatar

    What i think is that its not a drug its a plant just like tabaco there is millions that die from tabaco and from difrent types of drinks and now tell how many have from canabis yes thats right its still a big fat
    zero :D peace out ;)

  33. avatar
    João Machado

    The notion of a plant that is result of natural evolution just like any other plant and animal on this planet to be illegal should rise some concerned thoughts of what kind of controlled world we live in…
    Regarding canabis in particular, it’s such a versatile plant that we can use to produce thousands of different materials, it was used in the past by many empires, it was banned because it was an economic enemy of big oil and big farma.

  34. avatar
    Andreas Harasson Kefalas

    Unless theres any valid research which proves that it damages society (theres not) then I think this hypocrisy has to stop and get it legalized. Theres the money.

  35. avatar
    Velkov Hristo

    My friends there is no evvidence that somebody did not find drugs if he wanted. There is black market and we all know it. And what happens when there is big black market?

    The nastiest criminals get the most of the money. No taxes enter the budget. And this criminals pay for criminal activities like murder, blackmail and so on. They do not care of their customer is a child, they offer the drugs everywere and no police can stop them. Americans proved it.

    So why do people reject the legalization? The reason is the same for which some people reject vacsination, it is the same for some people to reject science.

    The reason is IGNORANCE, they prefer to live in their fantacies, where their children will not have access to drugs. But the reality is different. If they realy whant their children to not have access is to regulate it and to tax the hell out of it

    I love Europiean bros.

    • avatar
      Dragan Segedin

      but you still not in EU, right makedonsko momce?

  36. avatar
    Geor Labr

    What Senator Carlo Giovanardi expressed above, shows why Europe has lost it’s liberal perspective over the years. Conservatism has crossed around the continent from generation to generation transforming the place that great liberals such as Frederic Bastiat and Ludvig Von Mises were born to a nonfunctional haven (sic). According to his say, every individual that uses pot is a victim. WRONG. The individual freedoms should be protected by European law so that means I should be able to do whatever I want with my Freedom and Europe should provide the environment to protect me. Even if my freedom desires to smoke some pot.

    Legalization of marijuana (recreation & medical) should be a hot topic in the Europe. Many states in US have seen the benefits of it. For example, some surveys indicate the decrease of murders in the US – Mexican borders due to the drop of drug trading. Moreover, some other states have extremely high revenues through the taxation on the legal trade of cannabis. Cannabis could be a niche market in Europe.


    We can’t stand more CONSERVATISM in this continent.

  37. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Not an EU matter to waste time with- leave it to individual member countries to decide! Conditional & permit medical doctors to prescribe cannabis- “if useful”. Pharma pills are changing enough people into zombies as well!

    Permanent recreational users should have the choice to either register, disclose & be identified as such and not be criminal prosecuted if no offence has been committed- but be excluded or drastically limited in the use of certain government (taxpayer) funded social benefits. Educate the YOUTH towards responsible, healthy & reliable citizenship- not lead them down the path of a possible junkies life.

    I wouldn’t like to encounter anybody under the influence of ANY mind altering drug- while driving on roads or meeting in public!

    Liberal theories of rights and the practices they justify, fail to respect the importance and tend to undermine responsibilities, virtues of the common interest!


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      A classy comment…

  38. avatar
    Árpád Kató

    Since alohol and tobacco are both legal, I think the appropriate question would be “When cannabis will be legalised across Europe?”

  39. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    Guess it could bring us illusion of the freedom in EU. But since there are so much other limitations that make EU candidate for providing grid of free access in creativity, free access to education no matter on nationality,/familly budget/age group/religious group/region but only on determination, needs in the one’s profession or personal growth plan, public mobility where people are meeting in open space iwithout fear against each other, free access to green resources, free access to alternative health care methods grid, equalizing the prices of energy and democratisaion of access to energy grids, …so now focus on canabis as …seems like let us turn to less critical problems so that we can neglect needed grids and infrastructure challenges.

  40. avatar
    Lo Creed

    mafia will never let this happen so just cut it off and dont spend money on thugs.i got sick of this bull****

    • avatar

      Of course we dont need it. We want it, though. Just like chocolate or alcohol.

    • avatar

      caffeine is a drug, alcohol is a drug, nicotine is a drug and they are all legal so your point is invalid. do some research then come to your own educated opinion

    • avatar

      Paracetamol is a drug but take 10 of them fuxkers and its your last headache,ppl are dying everyday from pharmaceuticals but nobodys gives a shit about that

  41. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    but every should legalize cannabis European society is changing and the states can have economic benefits with the legalization of cannabis Holland has a Democratic model where and praised and admired by European citizens is the very symbol of modern democracy in europe

  42. avatar
    Colin O Gorman

    No it would be a disaster maybe for people with medical conditions I’d make an exception

  43. avatar
    Piero Diacoli

    Yes. Alcohol is more dangerous, but we must take control of abuse and addiction (as with any substance)

  44. avatar
    Cruz Manuel

    Ya ligalizar a erva!!! Sempre ja a muito Ja devia de estar legalizada!!! Mesmo

  45. avatar
    Sylwester Malanowski

    i tknk we have some probles to exist with drug people i mean all wars and conflicts takes a walk from muslims and drug mafies Szalom

  46. avatar

    It should be legalized and taxed. They could bring in strict laws to ensure the safety of users with special ID cards that need to be scanned with every purchase. Therefore people could be limited to how much they purchase. They could also require a visit and specific tests to a doctor or psychologist to confirm that the drug isn’t having a negative effect on the person.
    The jobs and tax created from it would help Europe’s economy.

    • avatar

      Doctors cost paid by the user of course

  47. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    If you want apathy, go ahead. I think we need a return to sobriety, and do not favor any legalization. We need reforms in our economy and jobs, not drugs.

    • avatar

      Who is WE…….you don’t speak for me mate!!

    • avatar

      “We need to return to sobriety” – Human society has never been sober.

  48. avatar
    Thomas Gier

    You cannot reform one area of a society and not another. Either you have a society of freedom or you do not. Economics always flourish in times of economic freedom, creativity and life satisfaction always flourish in times of social freedom. People generally wish to meet their needs, it’s in restrictive times they seek the shelter of intoxication

  49. avatar


    • avatar

      According to Romanian Law :
      Law No. 143/2000 on combating illicit drug trafficking and consumption.
      Art . 4
      Cultivation, production , manufacture , experimenting, extracting, processing, purchase or possession of drugs for personal use , without right , is punished with imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.

  50. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    The government ought to war against the sins . Its weakness is the spread of drugs. The European Union will be stronger when the citizens are healthy and working. The money can be taken also now if the judge reacts without any corruption.

    • avatar

      Just like a good little economic soldier

  51. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    what I think is that Masters in Bussiness and Administration (MBA’s) should be forbiden… there is a lot of people adicted to the neo-liberal doctrine and the individualism and we see it is much dangerous for public health thant marihauana itself… look at how many people have died waiting to public hospitatls to attend them because some Bussines-people have taken the control of them.  

  52. avatar

    Yes,because we need it against the drug’s.weed isn’t drug,is the nature.We secure money as country,we will have less people to do drug’s,less people at prison’s and a lot of choise’s to make are world better.LEGALISE IT!

    • avatar

      The poppy Is also nature……

  53. avatar
    Rainer Weitblick
  54. avatar
    P Myers

    The simple possession and use of any substance, legal or illegal is a victimless crime. The only damage done is to legislation. All substances should be legal to possess and use because there is no applicable moral or ethical reason to prevent that. Individual states can minimise the damage drugs have the potential to do by taking control of supply. Demand for substances will always exist and the selective legalisation of things like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and theobromine is a tacit admission of that.

    Carlo Giovanardi is nothing more than a fascist. He conflates use with addiction, and favours sanctioning users:

    “Cocaine, heroin, and cannabis consumers should only be sanctioned administratively, for example by withdrawing their driving license, firearm license or their passport.”

    How does that help? Removing criminal sanctions and turning them into other forms of stigma only perpetuates the damage caused by prohibition. What about the majority of drug users who are neither addicted, nor are negatively affected by what they use? I use cannabis daily and still manage to run my own company exporting specialist software development services around the world, own my own house outright and will be able to retire before I’m 50 if I continue at my current level. I’ve never been in trouble with the law and other than my habit which is a victimless crime, I’m a model citizen. Who is he to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own mind and body?

    • avatar

      Bang on mate

    • avatar

      I think you mention to say “Victimless Act” but that’s not quite true.
      Who pays when you end up at the emergency due to an overdose?

    • avatar
      P Myers

      Who pays when I end up at A&E because of an overdose? That’s a slightly disingenuous question as

      a) I pay in advance because I pay taxes and my company pays taxes in the UK


      b) I won’t end up at A&E because of an overdose. I medicate with cannabis and as hard as I’ve tried in the last 20-odd years to OD on the stuff, I haven’t ever managed it. Probably because you can’t. The only way cannabis itself will ever take me to A&E is if I drop an exceedingly large amount of it on my foot.

      Here’s a question to your question: Who pays when all the victims of alcohol poisoning, delirium tremens, alcohol-induced violence, alcohol-facilitated sexual assault, liver cirrhosis, oesophogeal cancer and alcohol-induced dementia turn up at the hospital?

  55. avatar
    Don D

    NO LEGALIZATION! END THE PROHIBITION OF CANNABIS NOW or pharmaceutical corporations will screw people over once again!

  56. avatar
    Jette Bork

    Yes of couse anything else would be silly. Think of all the people it could save.

  57. avatar

    So let me get this straight…..
    I engage in a lawful active in one country, only to come back to my own country weeks later, then subjected to a piss test which turns up positive for Cannabus (the effects of the drug long since gone) to find out I’m loosing my job, home, family, possessions, finance…..for something I consumed lawfully in another country weeks before?
    What the fuks wrong with this picture…..???

  58. avatar

    Ethan Nadelmann got a bunch of good points there. Cannabis should be legalized, taxed and regulated in europe not only to combat the black market and drug trafficing, but also to offer safe and controlled products which by tax will boost the shivering economy like it does in the US and Colorado. Cannabis simply can’t be eradicated since people not only like to consume it recreationally, the medicinal value of the plant is potentially gigantic. It is wrong to punish people for self-medication and recreational use, the laws is more harmful than the drug itself. Cannabis is by far a safe drug, especially when compared to most other common drugs like alcohol. But there is some questions that need to be adressed. Like what age restriction should be best, information campaigns based on harmreduction and responsible use, not myths, lies or scare-tactics like the Swedish model of zero-tolerance. Taxed cannabis could also help finance rehabilitation programs and other harmreduction initiatives as well as education, new jobs, you name it. And then I haven’t even started talking about the huge market of hemp based products. A big YES to legalized cannabis in europe. The time is right.

  59. avatar

    yes it should be its causing more harm if its not

  60. avatar

    Under prohibition cannabis is easily accessible to anyone of any age who wants it. Over 80% of high school seniors have reported that cannabis is “easy to get” for the last 30 years. Would you rather thugs and criminals, who also push hard drugs, supply the 20 millions pounds of cannabis traded yearly in the U.S., or legitimate businessmen who can be easily monitored, actually check I.D., pay taxes, and follow other regulations?

    Voters must realize that:

    1) Cannabis has been unjustly demonized and is less harmful than alcohol.
    2) Cannabis prohibition has little effect on the rates of problematic usage.
    3) Prohibition causes many harms at great cost.

    A vote for cannabis legalization is not to condone its use, it is to condemn a costly prohibition that causes more harm than it prevents. After 75 years of cannabis prohibition it is time to re-legalize this popular substance for adult usage as well.

    Let’s end this futile attempt to eradicate a popular substance objectively less harmful than alcohol. This prohibition is very costly (money is only a small part of these costs), senseless, unjust, unfounded, harmful, and un-American. Please consider what the following cannabis legalization organizations have to say. Help end this prohibition by joining their mailing lists, signing their petitions and writing your legislators when they call for it.

    MPP – The Marijuana Policy Project – http://www.mpp.org/
    DPA – Drug Policy Alliance – http://www.drugpolicy.org/
    LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – http://www.leap.cc/
    NORML – National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws – http://norml.org/

  61. avatar
    Michael Hermann


  62. avatar
    Andrea Scacchi

    “Oh my god! The world wil explode if we allows our children to smoke weed! Devil seed! This could solve so many problems it cannot be the right solution!
    We must act in the more mooron way pozzible!”

    eheh =)

  63. avatar
    Nikola Kutin

    YES !!!! We could limit the poverty and cut some important funds for the mafia. It is scientific proven that alcohol and cigarettes are at least 16 000 times more dangerous than cannabis. Tell me one case of someone who is dead because of few joints…

  64. avatar
    wendy rowlands

    the health benefits are enormous yes it should be legalised

  65. avatar
    Alex Thompson

    Most definitely YES, because:
    There are multiple studies that prove the war on drugs has failed.
    People are still getting drugs but from unreliable sources such as dealers and have no idea the quality of the drug as well as no age limit on who buys the drugs.
    There are so many studies on the benefits of Cannabis that it’s getting quite ridiculous that they’re ignored by the government and people against legalisation.
    If it were taxed, not only could the money spent to stop cannabis be used on better things but the tax can go towards healthcare, education etc. Just look at the USA for how much they are getting in tax from it.
    Not one recorded death in the history of the drug. Yes it can increase the chance of someone PREdisposed to a mental issue, but without educating people about this the problem is worse off whilst it is illegal.
    By treating it as a health issue and not a criminal issue, the 10% who get addicted (people who have addictive personalities as the drug itself is not addictive) are more likely to seek help. By looking at Portugal you can see this has worked and that the number of drug users has decreased.
    I could keep going …..

    • avatar
      Alex Thompson

      To add, if it were legal, it would have an age limit like alcohol, and we could educate children on why they should’t use it before that age (whilst their brains are still developing etc)

  66. avatar

    Legalise for medicin and recreation now.

  67. avatar

    War on drugs is pointless drugs are never going to go away its silly to think that it is. yes cannabis should be legalized

  68. avatar

    This shouldn’t even be a question!of course it should be legal it should never have been illegal in the first place.the benifits we’d receive from this plant/flower are world/life changing!it truly is a miracle plant but there in lies the problem,the powers that be know exactly how dangerous this plant would be and corporations stand to lose out massively on profits and power!?the greedy fat bastards of this world will do everything in their power to demonise weed so they can continue ramming prescription drugs down your neck,that is what this is all about in my opinion.
    Hemp has the power to end world hunger,create building materials,clothing,end deforestation not to mention the medical properties of cannabis!
    Money and greed in my opinion is the reason for this and pretty much most of the worlds chaos.
    Rant over

  69. avatar

    of course should be legalized, regulated and taxed. the prohibition right now is just making organize crime rich and the live of the users miserable. people that want to use will use anyway, but at the risk of not knowing the safety of what they are using,risking a criminal record if you grow your own. young people can access to cannabis easer now than if it were controlled and regulated. An street dealer only would ask you for your money not for your ID. And the USA is not even to stop legalization in his own territory now because their own citizens are realizing now of the benefits of a regulated market instead of the absurdity of the drug laws in many European countries. I personally think if cannabis is not legal already in many countries in Europe is because politicians are coward, they are blind to the scientific evidence that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, or simply they are corrupt and working in benefit of the organize crime or the alcohol and tobacco industries. politicians in Europe are responsible of destroying the lives of many of their citizens with absurd drug policies that does not stop people using drugs and only encourage more potent and dangerous versions of drugs. that is one of the reasons why so many people does not trust politicians anymore. Lets the scientifics and the doctors to decide how drugs should be accessed by society reducing risk and harms and improving benefits, that is their expertise and their job. for most people that ever have used cannabis, they have received more harm from the legal consequences of criminalizations of cannabis than from the cannabis itself!!

  70. avatar
    Kirsty Gordon

    I believe strongly that it should be legalised worldwide! Not only does it help millions of patients with many different, and in a lot of cases, life threatening illnesses, but it has reduced crime by as much as 25% in Colorado since it has been legalised for recreational use, just over a year ago. Not only that, hemp can be used for all sorts of products, from clothing (research Hemp vs Cotton to see just how much it could benefit the planet) to plastic and even oil to run your car! Hemp seeds are also a super food containing a huge amounts of essential fatty acids and omegas. If all of that doesn’t sweeten the deal then how about the huge increase in taxes that Colorado is benefitting from? They have raked in millions over the last year alone! Yes there are people out there who say it has adverse effects on them but so does everything! I know people who cannot drink alcohol because it makes them violent or paranoid. Does that mean we should make it illegal? No, not necessarily. In fact they tried that in the 1920’s and we all know how that turned out! All in all, cannabis could end world hunger, cure a multitude of illnesses (including cancer), reduce crime and increase taxes ten fold… Who could argue with that?

  71. avatar

    Yes all cannabis species needs to be legalized all over the world to stop this manic mindless egotistic attitudes of prohibition which mostly exists in the mentality of politicians,police,medical profession not to be confused with scientists, journalists television media and any other power fanatical despots who just want control over what they believe are the lesser intelligence because they feel they are above everybody else to which I can say they are not !!!

  72. avatar
    kim lelliott

    Need to read article first but goes straight to comment

  73. avatar

    Absolutely. Obviously regulations will need to be tight, but the tax revenues could definitely help the European Economy. The legalization efforts thus far in America have shown only positive impact.


  74. avatar

    Legalising will of course mean taxation so I would prefer that it is decriminalised rather than legalised .

  75. avatar
    dr V

    regulation and medicalization of all drugs

  76. avatar
    Dragan Segedin


  77. avatar

    Honestly, so many young people already use it despite the fact it’s illegal. By legalizing it, a country could definitely get to control its usage, which, I think, is important.

  78. avatar
    Sean Smith

    Ask mental health experts then decide.

  79. avatar

    I think that Cannabis shouldn’t be just legalized, because it is at least as save as alcohol or tobacco, i think it could help our economy and improve our crime rate as well.
    The reaction of the people in regard of introducing new laws is hard to forecast, they can react in a lot of different ways. The only way, to see how the average person would react, is to look to other countries. In the USA the step of legalizing was already done in some states, one is Colorado. Already in the first month the state got 34 million of taxes and the crime rate lost 15%. In 1994 the session potential of Cannabis was classified as very low and that didn’t changed. Alcohol and tobacco take a lot of more fatalities with it and are way more dangerous because they attack a lot of important organs. Cannabis is used more often in medicine right now because it is a good alternative for some pharmacy products because the risks are comparatively low.
    At the other side it have to be said, that, also if it’s low, there are dangerous aspects in legalizing this drug. The fact that Cannabis is a lead-in drug was rejected as a mythos by science, but the fact, that Cannabis can lead to serious psychological problems and diseases, is real. Also, excessive using of this drug can lead to big serious respiratory problems as well. So, at the end, the question comes up, if we should issue our world in danger just for those aspects like more money or a more criminality, which just comes up, because of selling Cannabis illegal.
    To put it in a nutshell, the problem of legalizing Cannabis as difficult as it is, because of the aspects of ethics, and not because of medical reasons. The questions, that have to be solved, is: What is the prize of issuing some people into real danger? Does that bit of money, the countries gain, worth it?

  80. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    Sure. With regulations of course. it would benefit everyone, but for some reason, old and absurd mentality overrules facts.

  81. avatar
    Laura Botti

    yes. We have seen the results of illegal market: hundreds of dead, billions of dollars in the hand of the various types of mafia, no protection for consumers and so on. I really don’t understand what we are still waiting.

  82. avatar
    Orestis Tringides

    I would say, yes. It is not addictive (albeit psychological addiction may occur), so it is far less addictive and far less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. Plus, it is good for medical and palliative purposes, where conventional medicine does not exist, or too expensive, or has serious side effects. Also, consumption of cannabis does not lead to violent behaviour like alcohol abuse.

  83. avatar
    Perttu Saraniva

    I have bipolar disorder and would suffer if there was cannabis smoke in the air, because I would have to breath it and it would make me dizzy with medication I use mixed. So I want it to remain illegal, because then there is no joint smokers in every corner.

  84. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    It would funnel billions of euros from criminal organizations to elected govermnents whom, presumably, would invest and spend it on education, health care, etc.

  85. avatar
    Nikos Thanas

    yes. with regulations. the “drug war” has failed misserably and the people that dont see that are either blind, stupid or criminals.

  86. avatar
    Jorge Qoqe

    Yes. If we controll it, there will be less problems and get taxes for it, like alcohol.

  87. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    For medical purposes it definitely should be readily available to those that can benefit from it: people with MS, paralysis, CP, etc. Recreational usage is debatable due to linkage with psychosis.

  88. avatar
    Paul Niland

    Yes. The war on drugs is an abject failure, wasting fortunes while there are demonstrable ways of getting better results, Portugal is the best example. Drug usage and crime rates are all down. The Global Commission on Drug Policy are a good body to listen to on this topic.


  89. avatar
    Máté Foki

    When you drink alcohol,you become suicidal and you mean danger to the public. This is legal.

    When you smoke cannabis you become happy, and want to hug everybody. This is illegal.

    My answer is: YES.

  90. avatar
    Paul Niland

    Here’s a very interesting article on addiction that refers to Portugal, this passage stands out: “Decriminalization has been such a manifest success that very few people in Portugal want to go back to the old system. The main campaigner against the decriminalization back in 2000 was Joao Figueira, the country’s top drug cop. He offered all the dire warnings that we would expect from the Daily Mail or Fox News. But when we sat together in Lisbon, he told me that everything he predicted had not come to pass — and he now hopes the whole world will follow Portugal’s example.”


  91. avatar
    Loïc Diels

    Medicinal marijuana should without a doubt be legalized across the continent. Recreational use should also be considered under certain conditions however. The city of Maastricht actually makes for a good case study as the drug used to be legal in the the town, but has now been heavily restricted. The immediate effect is that those people looking for it usually turn to gangs on the streets who sell it for high fees and also peddle heavier drugs. Can’t really see the benefit of losing tax revenues, seeing an increase in crime rates, and the need for more police security in a city

  92. avatar
    Giorgos Beitis

    yes, the cost of policing its ban is not worth it as it has no significant impact on its distribution at the end of the day nor is the harm caused by it more than that of regular cigarets or alcohol. It is in high demand and it is best regulated in order to protect the consumers ensuring good quality marijuana and not a product sprayed with all sorts of chemicals that would end up causing more harm to the consumer than good. Additionally if taxed properly it would generate a massive income to the EU countries, as it is doing now to some of the States who legalized it. The same should be done for prostitution in order to stop the slave trade and protect exploited women and customers.

  93. avatar
    Patrice Puchaux

    It is legalized in Netherland already. For the other countries I don’t know but I think we have to keep it forbidden in France. The problem is cannabis is the market of poor people in France and allow them to live. If we legalize it, these people will have to find something else, more dangerous. But that is for France.

    For European Union I think it is better to let each country deciding independantly.

  94. avatar
    Gorgios Everytime

    no. i have lost a few friends because of it. i mean they didnt die but its like they did. if you cant have a normal conversation with them, then whats the point of having them as friends. they are lost in their world. so yea…its a no

  95. avatar
    Peeter Matson

    Ainult narkots meil veel puudub siis oleks meie eesti rahvas ehk vhem stressis kui kogu aeg pilves olla

  96. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    I am not an adict and I say maybe yes because can be controlled. Prices will drop down and interest as well. Holland does not have more adicts than other countries.

  97. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    Frankly, I would much prefer cannabis to be controlled and taxed like alcohol and cigarettes than left in the grey zone it is now, where even children can buy it anywhere and where the profits go into the wrong hands. My real and only concern is: what would those currently profiting from it turn to? Its not like they will disappear. Legalisation should then be accompanied by some kind of ‘support’ for those involved in this currently illegal trade to find new jobs, and possibly a crack down on those who turn to other, meaner means. But overall, it seems like a logical and fair move.

  98. avatar
    Derk Jan Hoofd

    lot illegal medicine are legal like tabacco, alcohol, petrol diesel, sleeping tablets etcc….

  99. avatar
    Yavor Tashev

    Legalized – not sure…
    Decriminalized – definitely!

    I think that in terms of drug abuse, the EU should have a new and more serious approach against alcohol.

  100. avatar
    Lee Tong

    YES….the biggest benefit will be to not push people into undeground with hard drugs and assholes.

  101. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    I dont use it but Yes. But not to be sold on everycorner by shady freeks like in some cities and Brussels

  102. avatar
    Eberhard M. Bartelmess

    Can’t stand the stuff. Disgusting, filthy habit usually enjoyed by people who decidedly place themselves outside society. I hope it gets taxed like hell, if ever it should be legalised.

  103. avatar
    Stanko Majcen

    Interesting question indeed.
    I dont understand why is marihuana more fatable than alcohol or cigarettes for example, which are legalised; you should also be bewared of all clinical studies that have been maded about the matter of positive effects.

    Some say it cures cancer, some sayed that the consumation of it has restore their mental state. I personaly am convinced that marihuana is far better that antidepressives that you get from your doctor; speaking on the base of personal experiences…

    Also; legalisation would bring a lot of taxes from citizends – users. I used this “drug” 10 years and i dont regret it. The most inportant fact for you to know is that almost all youth is using it, but because is forbidden! Such things are the sweetest, as we know already.

    So now i am adressing your question and… there is an old phrase:

    Give the people what they want.

  104. avatar
    Cruz Manuel

    A top legalizar mesmo e uma economia pr pais e temos qualidade no produto e menos crimanidade e acaba o trafico!!!! Sou a favor de ligalizar !!!

  105. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    If you need lots of stupid people in EU, legalise it

  106. avatar
    Tudor Nimara


    Destigmatizing it would help alleviate some of the current complications associated with cannabis use.

  107. avatar
    Rogue Filth

    Yes! This ”euphoric idiots” phrase is recurring, Who sent the trolls on a mission? What we have is enough bitter jerks.

    • avatar

      Rubbish. Cannabis has been proven to send tumors into regression. Mixing it with tobacco on the other hand will increase the risk of cancer.

  108. avatar
    Giulio Poggiaroni

    If you say NO than you should forbid also alchool because it’s much more harming. So cannabis should BE LEGALIZED. It wil create fiscal revenues and jobs

  109. avatar
    Máté Foki

    Absolutely YES. Cannabis is not worse than alcohol or tobacco, well in that case, alcohol is worse.
    If you drink alcohol you get drunk, acting like a barbarian, crashing everything.
    If you use cannabis, you want to hug everybody.

    And yet alcohol is still legal, while cannabis isn’t.

  110. avatar
    Lukas Klepacki

    No. We have enough crazy people after alcohol, drugs or so…It does not matter if its light or hard drugs…its still drug.

  111. avatar
    Dimitris Tsekouras

    Yes because cures cancer, because doesn’t harm the health and because we can have much more money from the taxis and less corruption.

  112. avatar
    Giuseppe Depergola

    Sure but Giovanardi is not a model for us, is one of the worst italian MIP :)

  113. avatar
    Massimiliano Molinarolo

    I don’t know if we are ready for it, but we could start by having a European law helping people to have marijuana for medical cure.

  114. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    yes, like in colorado & tax it, better for economy & who says that everyone will start using it just because its regulated?

  115. avatar
    Miguel Cruz

    Please don’t! Like we don’t have enough potheads already! If it gets legal, it will be easier to kids get their hands on it. This thing influences the way your brain works and affects brain development in kids. I know personally cases of precocious lunacy on people using it regularly and those who don’t get crazy, normally get to lazy to maintain a job and conduct their lives in a very irresponsible manner.

    • avatar

      if its illegal, drug dealers don’t ask for i.d – therefore kids can easily get it with no restrictions.
      If its legal, they need to be 18 and prove their age to get it.
      Making things illegal does not stop them doing it!!!!

  116. avatar
    George Kouvakas

    Cannabis consumers hurt nobody and should be left in peace. If you dont like us, dont make friends with us. But you got no right criminalising us. We pride ourselves as tending to form free, humane societies in europe. We should, at least, learn to tolerate behaviors that hurt nobody. The idea of a victimless crime is despotic by its nature.

  117. avatar
    Alessandro Clementel

    Yes, we cannot consider it as our only solution for the Euro Zone economic problems…but it could surely helps to develop a new business across Europe!

  118. avatar
    Alexandra Simões

    Look up the investigation at the Psychiatry Institute from King’s College (UK) and the studies that show that Canabis can improve up to 5 times the risk of esquizofrenia… Look at what the neuroscience is telling us before legislating.

    • avatar

      This investigation is very bias and only focuses on thc. The reason for this is the increased levels of thc and the decrease of the anti-pyschotic agent cbd, this is due to prohibition which leaves authorities helpless to regulate a natural balance of chemicals in Cannabis. Cbd has been proven to be very effective at treating depression, cancer pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, paranoia. These are the facts.

  119. avatar
    Arkadi Sharkov

    Indeed, because everyone should be allowed to use his body the way he wants. The second reason is that the war on drugs actually helps the mafia and the cartels. Third and the foremost – war on drugs is an enourmous expense for the budget of every country. Legalize! Liberty 420, Dimitar Karagegov

  120. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    “We should be be applying the Italian system, which sees the drug dealers prosecuted under criminal law while the drug consumers are considered to be victims who need to be cured and rescued. Cocaine, heroin, and cannabis consumers should only be sanctioned administratively, for example by withdrawing their driving license, firearm license or their passport.”
    Senator Carlo Giovanardi

  121. avatar

    I am Pro-Choice! Anyone shalle be guaranteed with the freedom to follow the path of divine legislation called “self-determination” (De libero arbitrio or διατριβή) or live the life imposed by tirants!

  122. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The drug addicts on here demand ‘YES’ while the evidence clearly says ‘NO’.


    Drug use creates around 15.4 billion in crime and health costs each year in the UK alone.

    99 per cent of that is caused by problematic drug use.

    between a third and a half of robberies, burglaries and other thefts relate to drug use


  123. avatar

    Cannabis is illegal simply because of banking – petrochemical and pharmaceutical lobbying. In nowadays economical situation, expensive, harmful (for the planet) and rare raw materials, cannabis would be indeed a “gateway drug” not for drug consumption, but for the persistant present crisis. Cannabis shouldn’t be depicted as a recreational drug, but as a medicine, a food, an energy, as a high valuable and cheap raw material. Educate yourself on the topic, before falling for the old lobbyist propaganda. Moreover, the cannabis market is not controlled by the states, and imply the biggest european mafias, notably in Fr, Sp, It and other western EU countries. We do not need such mafia, and the european war on drugs, cost too much money when, if opposite balance, would bring an incredible amount of inside cash flow for the good of people, of industry, of economies.

  124. avatar
    Romeu Monteiro

    All drugs should be legal across Europe. Unfortunately this cannot happen because it would destroy the illegal drug market, something the drug lords will never allow.

  125. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    Yes! Take a look at Holland and the declining usage! Its obvious that legalizing it is overall beneficial to the society! US is going that way too…

  126. avatar
    Nelson GI

    Of course! How many people die every year for smoking marihuana? How many for tabacco?

  127. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Considering how absolutely everybody is a conditioned idiot obeying the strict rules of job/family/kids/two hobbies/couple of holidays/parties and funerals/ calmly awaiting your pension days in risk free societies… I can only encourage the use of cannabis and its legalisation….in reality I would also encourage drunk driving with what I just mentioned… considering there is no point left in these lives and they are formated equally for all… drunk driving, prostitutes and all drugs should be legalised.. any other money you will end up wasting… what’ll be next..?. should idiotic religious beliefs made to control the poor be spread and institutionalised throughout the layers of society?

  128. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Yes…and politicians should smoke. ..maybe they will get some inspiration for a better and more just world.

    • avatar

      True dat, one love.

  129. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    yes, it should. taxing and banning an issue doesn’t solve the problem, it worsens it

  130. avatar
    Tina Clark

    Yes!!!!..or make booz illegal and call it a drug,cause it is a drug,only difference is one makes people aggressive! Other chilled out!

  131. avatar
    Annika Andersson

    No, it should’t, join a group of desperate parents with addicted children if you don’t believe what scientists already tell you about the effects of cannabis use… :-(

  132. avatar
    Drótos Richárd

    Of course. It isn’t more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol, is it? So why not?
    Countries like Uruguay who legalized marijuana have already gained and are gaining a lot on it by social and economical means too.

  133. avatar

    if NATURE is illegal FREEDOM doesn’t exist! Amen.

    End of story.. wake up sheeps.

  134. avatar

    yes, because
    kids would not poison on them pills or synthetic cannabis that is burning their synapses and leave them handicapees for life.
    consumers are here to stay and need a safe regulated clean quality product on what they can rely.
    criminality will sure sell you anything.
    alcohol and tobacco are not better alternatives.
    people in different cultures around the world smoked it safe since ancient times. some wild animals in their habitats have been observed using different substances to induce euphoria.

  135. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    You should make research on it an publish results. I don’t think cannabis should be legal .

  136. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    if e.u doesnt legalize it ,i could easily think and accuse it that they co-operate with criminals that they sell it in the black market,which would not surprise me.

    • avatar

      addict to what? Drugs like alcohol which daily kills people and it’s LEGAL or marijuna who never killed any people on Earth but its ILLEGAL wtf?! Sheep wake up!!!

    • avatar

      No we want to grow an educated European generation. Prohibition of Cannabis doesn’t work…an estimated 77 million Europeans have smoked Cannabis in their life-time. 8-10 million have smoked in the past month. Regardless of what the law says people will still smoke it. Under prohibition we cannot fully educate people about the dangers of heavy Cannabis use.

  137. avatar
    Quiterio Alberto Báez Benítez

    No. El estado lo sostiene los contribuyentes para que ste les proteja de la amenaza que para la salud pblica suponen las drogas. El cannabis tiene ms con tras que cosas positivas

  138. avatar
    Marta Baggiani

    Whatever one thinks about it, quoting Giovanardi makes credibility of the “no-side” falling to zero.

  139. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    questo sistema fatto di competitivit ci rende infelici e ci stressa a tal punto che bisogna trovare gioia nella fantasia e la droga aiuta a renderci ” fuori di testa “. Dobbiamo dire grazie ? Prego!

  140. avatar
    Jorge Simões

    Of course… Cannabis isn’t yet legalized because most of the big dealers are in the command or in governors!! One natural herb, can’t dead you!!! And all we know that this herb is used in medicinal treatments!!!

  141. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    I think if all drugs should be legal, taxed and regulated.
    If crack was legal, would you buy it? Nope.
    1)LOT of money could be saved and that money could be spent on treatment of addicts.
    2)Criminal syndicates would lose their power.
    3)Money collected from those taxes, could be used to make education free.
    4)People are in prison for victimless crimes, nobody ever forces people to use drugs.

  142. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    I think if all drugs should be legal, taxed and regulated.
    If crack was legal, would you buy it? Nope.
    1)LOT of money could be saved and that money could be spent on treatment of addicts.
    2)Criminal syndicates would lose their power.
    3)Money collected from those taxes, could be used to make education free.
    4)People are in prison for victimless crimes, nobody ever forces people to use drugs.

  143. avatar

    If YES – world could be better place
    If NO – ppl will still smoke and sick ppl will still have trouble getting THE DRUG…


  144. avatar
    Jakob Mur

    Yes. The crime rate, especially among yougsters, would drop significantly, since you’ll take weed off the steet…plus the state would generate a huge tax income, which would be probably a huge benefit for all sectors in the respective communities..furthermore it would loose the “forbidden apple” kind of twist, if it would be legal and the consumption would be a lot less exciting and with it attractive, since it would not be anything special anymore.

  145. avatar
    sarah grunfeld

    I would completely agree that cannabis should be legalized

  146. avatar

    “legalise it, and I will advertise it”

  147. avatar

    Cannabis needs to be regulated, in doing so we can control thc and raise cbd levels in the plant, making it safer for users. We can also impose an age restriction as we do with alcohol, making Cannabis more difficult to obtain by minors as drug dealers don’t ask for identification. It will also lower crime rate and tax payer spending going towards custodial sentences for those in possession of small quantities of Cannabis. The financial aspect of legislation will create employment and improve over-all GDP for European nations. Most importantly, legislation will take billions of Euro’s out of the hands of criminal organisations. Cannabis consumption has been on going for thousands of years and it will continue do so under prohibition, so let us make it safe for consumers to purchase from licensed vendors/suppliers etc. It is time to take the logical approach and legalise Cannabis throughout Europe.

  148. avatar

    absolutely YES!! The prohibition about drugs and especially about a plant, it’s the dumbest thing ever thinked, it CREATED the narcos and after billions spended a thousands of people ruined…. the people have never doped than today and with more dangerous substances . When this farce will be over, we will remember it as we do now with the American Prohibition on alcohol

  149. avatar

    ma i politici italiani hanno sempre doppi fini ehehe Fini!
    Fini-Giovanardi hanno fatto una legge incostituzionale che dopo anni e’ stata dichiarata illegittima e voi intervistate uno che fa leggi incostituzionali?

    i proibizionisti sono affaristi a loro interessa che girino i soldi pubblici nel sistema giudiziario (cosi’ gli avvocati lavorano!) nelle strutture di recupero (cosi gli amici lavorano) …ma recupero cosa?
    un eroinomane, un cocainomane…ma veramente dobbiamo far passare la Canapa come queste m***e di droghe sintetiche???

  150. avatar

    I am from Bulgaria, here marijuana is prohibited by law, and what good is it? People who use persecuted for ridiculous amounts ranging from a few grams to a cigarette and being imprisoned from 6 to 10 years, and as everybody knows drugs in prison are not less than drugs on the street, mainly in prison is taken heroin that leads to slow but certain death, the future of young people is spoiled because certain people have decided that marijuana is terrible and dangerous as heroin, which European country is mildly funny, my thought is that in countries cadets cannabis is illegal, no drug a choice and are forced to buy from street Dilara who sell cannabis with questionable quality which in turn leads to health problems upotrebyavashite legalization of cannabis is the only solution to deal with the black market and reducing the use of hard drugs. Hopefully soon begin to discuss the subject in Bulgaria.

  151. avatar
    Paradise Lost

    To all the people here who said no. Pay close attention!

    I want you to suffer. That is right. Suffer. Suffer extreme pain without death relieving you of it. Like the Christian version of hell. Your guts spilled out in the gutter. Suffocating, yet still breathing. Dismembered with your organs intact. Immobile, screaming for mercy in the middle of nowhere.

    Why? Because you deserve it! For all the needless pain you and your prohibitionist buddies have caused to innocent people who prefers a joint over the PC drugs like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and prescription DEAth meds. Seriously, screw you!

    It should not only be legalised, but should be made mandatory!

  152. avatar
    Orange Goblin

    Yet there is a way more dangerous drug right there in front of you on that table. Irony?

  153. avatar
    Orange Goblin

    It saddens me to see so many lefties in support of cannabis prohibition. Marijuana was made illegal in the US by a man who wanted to save his career after alcohol prohibition – Harry J Anslinger. This man said that marijuana was used by “satanic” black jazz musicians, who wanted to rape white women. Dunno about you, but that is extremely racist. The left is supposed to be against racism, right? Legalize globally. Treat it like alcohol with age restrictions – no problems.

  154. avatar
    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    YES!!!! It is outrageous a plant that comes straight from the earth with no chemical process and so many benefits to be illegal. It is completely harmless to it illegal since we have ZERO deaths every year from cannabis use! It is the same with alcohol, if you don’t like it, don’t drink it!

  155. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    I have never used any drugs, so my opinion is not based on being a drug consumer. But I do think cannabis should be legalized as well as prostitution. Highly controlled, but legalized.

  156. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    Well it is better when drug industry is controled by criminals.
    When alcohol was illegal everything turned out just fine…

  157. avatar
    Xavier Toma

    tout ce qui est naturel devrait etre légalisé par principe. Qui peut s’ériger plus fort que la nature et interdire ce qu’elle nous offre.

  158. avatar
    Nicolo' Frasca'

    Of course, it will take money away from organized crime, it will produce tax income for states and it will decrease the “excitement” around young people in doing something illegal. I’ve never smoked cannabis but I much rather going out with people that smoke instead of people that drink too much alcohol. Stoned people are calm and friendly whereas drunk people are violent, molest and dangerous.

  159. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    Leave the profit and quality control to the drug dealers. They know what they are doing for sure. And expect consuption to reduce. As long as it’s an activity without control, it will surely diapear…. BAZINGA!!!

  160. avatar
    Andrea Andrea

    Of corse it should. Can’t believe we’re debating this. The EU is all about liberalization of the member states.

  161. avatar
    Colin O Gorman

    I don’t think so other than for medicinal use if effective.. It seems to do people a lot of psychological damage who use it from what I can see.. It’s not my scene personally

  162. avatar

    use should be de-criminalized and posesion as well.only for cannabis,altough.not for other drugs,such as chemical drugs.it’s a step forward to freedom.

    • avatar
      Ivan Manjkas

      It would answer what?
      That WE are fighting for our rights…!

      We’re all tailors of our destiny… If you don’t like cannabis, don’t use it…

  163. avatar

    Yep, if alcohol is legal this should be too

    • avatar
      IVan Manjkas

      Go research a little bit and then comment… ;)

  164. avatar
    Marco Franck

    duh… of course and TAX it make $$$ focus on big crime. Alcoholism is a bigger concern for liver disease, car accidents and crime!

  165. avatar
    Nikos Thanas

    many US states did it and look at the results. the world isnt burning and people didnt turn to junkies.. so.. why is this still a question? why are we spending money on enforcing a stupid law and permit criminals to earn millions from it? legalize it and tax it just like alcohol. ffs

  166. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Yes legalised cannabis and many other measures that are identified in Europe

  167. avatar
    Sergio Monava

    It is more efficient to be legalized and heavily regulated than fight against pure black market.

  168. avatar
    Tímea Kocsis

    Yes! This is a natural medicine from our mother earth! (Legalizing does not mean that the usage will be mandatory.)

  169. avatar
    Alin Roman

    I think Debating Europe should be made illegal or at least strictly controlled, just like cannabis. I don’t know who’s behind those computers but you guys excel at opening subjects that we’d be better off without. Your articles are real cringe compilations. You debate stuff like gay marriage, legalizing drugs and have a fetish for dictating attitudes towards the situation in Ukraine. Were I anywhere outside of the EU, I would unlike your facebook profile, but for the moment I keep you on, as a memento. It’s truly disappointing to realize that people like YOU are the future of Europe, people with no regard to truth and no sense of precaution.

  170. avatar
    Jean-michel Tisserand

    yes if the price is as carrot or salads because it s a reality of crop per ares with real cost not abusiv price as it be done in holland swisserland america where they abused around the true cost of a plant that gave much more than the resins but fibre, linoleic acid , organic foam , RIGHT

  171. avatar

    Looking at the real reasons it was actually made illegal and you will see the absurdity of the laws. Remember this was legal before and sold widely as medicine.

  172. avatar
    P J Smith

    The only statistics that show cannabis to be harmful are those based on people using it with tobacco. Alcohol and tobacco are legal and they kill millions of people. Cannabis however is not responsible for any deaths. Alcohol makes people aggressive, cannabis does the opposite. Anyone who’s had a bad experience with cannabis has probably either taken too much (eating it) or used it after consuming a lot of alcohol which can induce vomiting. If you use cannabis everyday all day then yes that’s abuse but people abuse food everyday also. Maybe they should ban McDonalds, no… not maybe ,definitely!!! :0)

  173. avatar

    Dr Sanjay Gupta look him up on youtube.. here is what I call a good investigation to the benefits of Cannabis, also it looks at the downs sides. So what I have learnt I will not be anyones judge… also our bodies are not designed to take all this chemical medication that harms us in many ways. We seemed to accept these harms without question all because the law makes it ok?????Yes we need Laws but good laws not laws the are based on Profit!.. such as the ban on cannabis. Each country needs to do its due diligence and decide however medically CBD a known compound in Cannabis is good for us.. helps with Depression helps with pain relief helps children who suffer horrifically with Seizures and so on.. When this world knows better it will do better… I believe we are getting to know better….

  174. avatar

    YES!!! Cannabis should be legal everywhere in Europe. This is a plant that has never killed anyone in it’s 10,000 years of use. Can the same be said about alcohol? NO! Tobacco? NO! Cannabis is MUCH safer than alcohol or tobacco and both of these are legal.

  175. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Why do you persist asking if things should be banned or legalised across Europe when everyone knows it is up to the member Nation States ?

    A better question would be “Do the peoples of Europe want to be forcibly integrated so EU wide dictates could be enforced across Europe ?”

  176. avatar
    Marco Franck

    yes, this will radically enable our police and all justice institutions and courts to focus on important crime reducing drastically the amount of hours and administration costs spent on hunting down canabis usage. People who smoke will continue smoking whatever measures you put in place. By not legalising canabis consumption our institution is favoring black market and more crime. Last but not least why isn’t alcohol consumption legal? It kills people liver much more faster than canabis without mensioning how it affects the brain and causes billions of car killings and the list goes on!

  177. avatar
    Paul Niland

    I am a great admirer of the work of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a look at who there commissioners are shows how very serious and experienced this group is. Their advice and reccomendations should form the basis of global legislation towards drugs. Fact is, the war on drugs has failed and countries such as Portugal have given us repeatable models which work demonstrably better. They decriminalised everything, cutting illegal groups out of the market, and treat dependency as a health issue not a criminal issue. Addiction rates have plummeted because people who go down the path of addiction can get treatment at any time and are treated humanely, and all kinds of crime rates have fallen because of people not turning to illegal ways to fund their addictions.


  178. avatar
    Sandro Benidio

    Legalising cannabis would create jobs, free up police resources, stop trowing people in jail for victimless crimes and by cutting out the black market it would raise over 2 billion per year in tax revenue.
    Yes, it is already long overdue!

  179. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    For or against its still an unhealthy thing. Could be legal but shouldn’t be available anywhere. I wish we could stop selling tobacco too.

  180. avatar
    Annely On Nimi

    Take toilet paper and nailpolish remover and you you be sure that coffee stains are removed in your carpet :-D

  181. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    It’s not Cannabis, it’s HEMP. As long as you name it like if it was merely a recreational drug, you’ll keep the masses blind, If that is not your true purpose. YES HEMP SHOULD BE LEGAL AND USED FOR MUCH MORE THAN SMOKING!!!!

  182. avatar
    Magister Hulk

    No im not agree with this really …im tinkin about manny tinagers and childrens who take drugs and is really depresive

  183. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    NO! Nothing should be done «across europe». Brussels should tell peoples how thwy want to live.

  184. avatar

    Objectif santé: ne pas en pénnaliser l’usage par les drogués pour qu’ils aient accès aux soins
    Objectif de lutte contre les narcotrafiquants:
    Ou tout pénaliser avec des peines sévères .
    Attention: si on autorise la vente de cannabis seulement on incite les narcotrafiquants à développer les drogues dures auprès des jeunes.
    Ou tout autoriser pour éliminer les narcotrafiquants. Accès libre à toutes drogues avec programme d’information de soins accompagnant les drogués.

  185. avatar
    Vasil Stanchev

    “Yes” , and after that stock the supermarkets with guns and we will live in the “perfect society “

  186. avatar
    Gio Cruz

    Yes. Just look at the great example of Holland. There it’s illegal, but seen theough the fingers. The few people that want to smoke cannabis there can do it, while the vast mayority will never visit a coffeeshop.
    Plus the gov. earns cash because the companies charge VAT, etc.

  187. avatar
    Xavier Schoumaker

    When they asked the big cities of the Netherlands to close coffee shops to foreigners – it was the police and mayors of all parties asking not to be stupid as legalisation helped them reduce organised crime to lower-levels for decades. Globally cannabis is 60% of cartel’s income. Legalising is fighting criminality and stopping the hypocrisy of having a violent drug like alcohol legal whilst not allowing a ‘passive’ one.

  188. avatar
    Laszló Schilling

    NO!!!…, NO!!!.., NO!!!.., the EU must take other and more important questions to Debat!!! Stopp to Manipulate the EU’s citizens health and the EU countries memberships taxes! First of all look after for the EU’s Childrens + Olderly Pensionate/Retired Peoples + and Finally for the Desabillity Peoples and ALL Accidents Desabilities Health and theirs Rehabilitation!!! Find out first the topp and the Lowest part of the Body, and finally the connection between the Healthy Brain and Foot!!! It’s a Healthy challenges and lesson! Take IT and Let to learn something with Good result! By!

  189. avatar
    Pedro Pagador Fdez

    The thing is, in my opinion, that European citizens actually consume cannabis, but in the shadows… While worse drugs like alcohol are allowed all along Europe. As Laszló Schilling said, there are more important things to solve in Europe, but legalizing cannabis wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  190. avatar
    Chris Paulidis

    Following that top priority topic then seems we are going to be asked if musturbation must be legal or not in public …

  191. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    No. The message has to be clear: the laws exist to protect the people against threats and the greed of mafias and dealers!