In an earlier debate, we looked at the issue of Europeans fighting in Iraq and Syria. More than 6,000 EU citizens are believed to be fighting on behalf of Islamist groups in the region, and senior counter-terrorism experts have long been warning of the threat they could pose if they return.

Some of our readers supported stripping them of their passports so they would be unable to return, whereas others argued that due process should be followed and returning fighters should be prosecuted as European citizens.

We had a comment sent in from Maia, arguing that the problem should be tackled much earlier, with policies aimed at preventing the initial radicalisation of young European Muslims:

citizen_icon_180x180Why deal with terrorists only at this late stage, after they have been radicalised in Europe, then gone and fought in Syria and only when they are coming back? I think we should fight this evil at a much earlier stage – at the beginning, when people are starting to be brainwashed in mosques, for example.

Maia advocates closer surveillance by security agencies of what is being said on social media and in radical mosques, so that radicalisation can be detected and prevented at a much earlier stage.

The attacks in Paris earlier this year have led EU Member States to re-evaluate their security policies. These include enhanced data-sharing measures between Member States, as well as ways to better tackle radicalisation and prevent the supply of illegal firearms.

We put Maia’s comment to Steve Killelea, founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). The IEP recently published their updated Global Terrorism Index, which found that the number of deaths from terrorism around the world has increased by more than 60% between 2012 and 2013.

Nevertheless, Killelea argued that it was important to take a measured approach, and policies which were seen to be unfairly targeting groups within society could be counter-productive:

We also spoke to Afzal Khan, a British Labour MEP and Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence in the European Parliament. He said that he would like to see a two-pronged approach, giving people good employment and social opportunities at home, whilst also working to counter the idealistic notion that Europeans travelling to Iraq and Syria were somehow helping the situation.

How can we prevent the radicalisation of young European Muslims? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

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    Afrim Morina

    Stop killing Muslims in Iraq! Afghanistan! Palestin! Syria etc. This will stop radicalism! Unless we don’t want to know the truth!

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      Paul X

      Radical Muslims kill more Muslims than any western forces manage to do, whether its ISIS in Syria or murderous scum on the streets of Paris.

      Your statement is typical fundamentalist crap that starts many on the road to Radicalism, trying to make out it’s the West v Islam. It is not, it is about people with a perverted vision of Islam and a lot of weak willed idiots who get brainwashed into believing them

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      Agree with Paul’s comment and would like to add: I am not aware that the EU is killing people in Syria, Palestine, Iraq; not even sure about Afghanistan. Unless you are speaking in the defence of the Taliban? As far as I am aware, as I have a few Pakistani friends, they want the Taliban eradicated, as they are killing the local villagers (who are also Muslim btw).

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    Pan Sol

    yes you can, if you arm Assad in Syria , and you stop arming radicals against him

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      assad is also a war criminal. you can’t arm a criminal. we have to think other solution

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    catherine benning

    Immediately send those who are radicalising them to Islamic countries. They cannot be refused as Muslims in an Islamic state and if they wish to re apply to return they can do it from their homeland. If it is found a mosque is doing this, then close down the mosque on their deportation. Although this should be unnecessary as the majority should be much happier and more settled in an environment that pleases them. Their families can join them at our expense as they will remain unsettled if their close family remains in Europe and are not with them in their chosen Islamic country.

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      The problem with this thought is that it takes as granted that those radicalising are always foreigners with a non EU passport, which is not the case. It also invites to believe that immigrants are the ones who are up to no good.

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    Todor Dzhambazov

    Europe is a christian continent. European countries are christian and have such mentality. Whoever thinks otherwise should be sent back home without a chance for coming back.

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      Religion is not the problem, radicalisation is.
      Also, remember that much of Europe has pagan origins.

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    Gerasimos Laios

    By deporting people who are radicalizing them and by strictly regulating the function of muslim education centers and mosques.

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      I agree. One step further, ALL muslim operations need to be regulated or removed & eradicated. It is not a conducive religion with all others even at its best. Whether by evil methods ( obvious) or evil methods (deceptive) the muslim goal is to be the only religion on our planet. We encourage this by allowing its practice within our western countries. Any muslim who believes they are peaceful & will always be peaceful are either genuinely deluded or practicing deliberate deceit.

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      good idea, then don’t travel to our country for income. stay in your own country recourse we will stop and close all other religions and the churches related in UAE.

      terrorist have no religion, they hide under ISLAM

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      I feel sorry for the education you all people got. and i feel ashamed because a young lady like me have to tell experienced people like you these words.

      if Islam and Islamic countries are reason behind terrorism, why USA and Israel are supporting jihadies in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan ?

      why most of your public community are looking for income in our countries?
      why you people are spending vacations in Dubai for leisure

      isn’t it an Islamic country ?

      instead of saying words with out proofs. think wide and out of the box for your own sack at least .

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      Jola Miszkiewicz

      It’s silly to say that radicalism is caused by EU not being good enough. No one is held in here by force, if someone is disappointed with EU’s hypocrisy or anything else she/he is free to go and find hers/his place somewhere else. It’s as easy as it gets.

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    You should ask yourself about this, before you finance, sponsor and arm the jihadists that you called freedom fighters a few years ago. But anyway islamophobia isn’t the way!!!
    In hate you respond with love. In rage with understanding. In discrimination with tolerance. In ignorance with education.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Nikolaos Sotirelis
      Is one not allowed to be fearful of a religion that has a track record [past AND present] of misogyny, homophobia, slavery, mass-murder in these politically correct times?

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      There is no such thing as islamophobia , that word is made up by Muslims when they are defending their other members who are abusing other people – check it out. In Qur’an they have instructions that they must put fear in unbelievers heart and this is exactly what are they doing terrorizing everyone, and if they are criticized then they speak of Islamofobia… I am just waiting when Islamofobia is word for not accepting Mohamed as your prophet.

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    Yliana Aphazius

    Another important question: why christians convert religion and become muslims?
    It’s been certain decades that people do so.
    It is quite complex matter.

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    Juls Jay

    Addopt the same policy as Switzerland: if you commit crime, you go back home, your family, your kids, and who ever else came with you to this Union. Send them all back where they came from!

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      I think this is good solution, and very reasonable one… but it will not happen because this is preparation for 3 world war by secret government and EU governments are not doing anything about this question because they want it to reach to the unbearable point when citizens will beg governments to start a war against them. The solution for this problem is very simple, it has nothing to do with racism as some will say, just deportation of immigrants that are criminals, if this is done problem is very easily solved… but they don’t want solution.

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      Again, you are assuming that those radicalising people don’t have an EU passport and that immigration is the problem.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Education…. Education…. Education…. If that does not work, deportation of those who are radicalising European born Muslim youths..!! Plus stop clashing with Muslim countries to steal their resources…!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      I agree about the education part of your post.

      Muslims and the RoW must be better informed about some of the negative predilections and events done in the name of said cult.

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      Yordan Vasilev

      Exactly! We, in Bulgaria, judge the radical Islamic preachers. And part of them will go to the prison, other part of them will pay fine. Other decision of the problem is the education and teaching Christianity in the schools.

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    USA and Canada have laws that preview the expel of immigrants whot have committed crimes. What we have to do in Europe is the same kind of laws. When immigrants commit crimes they should be expelled to their countries. The first duty of Governments is with their own abiding citizens.

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      I agree. Yet, some radicalising people have obtained an EU citizenship. So?

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    Todor Dzhambazov

    Islamic countries stil live in the Middle ages because of their religion which restrain their progress and civilization. In these countries Islam reigns over the State. All progressive thinking is repressed and destructed. People from these countries come to Europe and expect people here to have their thinking and believes. The problem is that muslims think of other religions as cancer that must be destroyed and infidels must be killed without regret… Such people does not have any place here!

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    La Fed Ham

    By having a 3 strikes you’re out policy. Some people would give anything to be in Europe and i’m supposed to live in fear because of some religious nut job? Nooo, keep your faiths to yourselves, in your homes, in your mosques, synagogues, churches, tree houses or whatever. Give some value to being an EU citizen for goodness sake. You’re a bit cheeky then give them a warning. Organise a strike, have a golden card
    Try it again, adios amigo. Otherwise, export this infectious load of shit to Russia or back to wherever they came from.

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    Iva Belokapova

    Matter precedes thought. If we don’t live large similar groups desintegrated, young Europeans will not go around looking for higher goals and young Muslims will not feel that their only hope is god and look for empowerment in its name.

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    Rüdiger Lohf

    We can send religions to hell. If we stop believing in religions and start believing in ourselves it will be just the “gods” that will die.

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    Todor Dzhambazov

    Lucas Yassin, your beloved islamic countries still live in these dark ages. Don’ t you see that even after hundreds of years later you are still there while Europe is way ahead?

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    Paul X

    Islam needs to sort it’s self out, moderate Muslims have to address the issue of radicalism themselves

    Any attempt to interfere by non-Muslims just adds fuel to the fire and allows the fundamentalists to promote their “poor Muslims being bullied by the west” mantra

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      Gavin Crowley

      And moderate Muslims need help, support and, above all, they need patience from outsiders. We would be wise to take their advice on how to proceed.

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      Paul X

      Patience is in short supply, 13 years after 9/11 and radical Muslims are still as active as ever

      The impression is that the Muslim world hasn’t really got the stomach to eradicate extremism and most likely a silent majority secretly support it

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    Luigi Monteferrante

    Most of the so-called radicals are young, children of people who came to Europe for a chance at a better life
    The older generation, many, worked at whatever job they could find, and were able to raise a family, have a life. The younger generation, they have had it relatively easy, too easy. They have had a chance to study, study hard, and better themselves, or learn a trade, but that’s hard work, and it’s so much easier hanging out with what is nothing more than a gang, getting by day aftet day, on what mom and dad provide, and waiting for a miracle from Above; in other words, they’re just slackers in a gang. And what should we do: give ’em a job and tell them to get a life. And put them to shame before their own parents and wider community. Everybody else is coping, dude. So cope.

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    Europeans need to accept that their secular belief system, supposedly derived from Enlightenment values, is not only internally inconsistent but is actually based on a deliberate lie. Europeans did not found colonies in order to enlighten natives, they did so to rape, pillage and seize territory and resources through violent conquest. This process continues today. Europeans need to understand that their best possible hope is for a gradual decline until their standards of living are comparable with the other 4.5 billion inhabitants of this planet. Only then, when Europeans are self-reliant on their own resources rather than seeking to plunder them from elsewhere, will the “Muslim problem” be resolved. Actually, it’s not a Muslim problem at all but a basic justice problem. Stop living according to a bogus “value system”, stop raping and pillaging in foreign countries and relying on cheap immigrant labour to support your “God given” right to a higher standard of living. Hey presto! No more immigration! No more foreign wars! No more “Muslim problem”!

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      Thomas, did you read the question of the debate? “How to prevent the radicalisation of young EUROPEAN Muslims?” The debate is about young people born and bred in Europe becoming radical Muslims. It is not about people coming from elsewhere in order to bomb Europe. The people that come here as immigrants exactly come because they have a positive picture of Europe, not because they hate it. And the truth is that a lot of Muslim countries receive aid from the EU. It sounds more like you have come here in order to express your own hatred and any excuse will do.

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      Paul X

      Thomas is clearly having a laugh if he thinks if Europeans lower their living standards to that of second or third world countries then all the problems in the world will go away..and what exactly are the US & China going to be doing whilst Europe reverts to the dark ages?

      ..and for your information Thomas there is currently more “rape, pillage and territory seizing” being carried out in the name of Islam by ISIS and Boko Haram then anywhere else on the planet..that is the “Muslim problem”

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      I’m afraid I’ve got to doubt some of your content Thomas – you appear to suggest that 2.5 billion people live in Europe.

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    Gabor Molnar

    Send them home if they can’t accept the rules of the society they have to live in, they are free people, they may leave at any time, if they don’t like the so called “western civilization”.

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    Maia Alexandrova

    The problem with Muslim extremists is their primitive, violent response to anything they consider wrong or unacceptable. This is because their religion calls for murder, “holy war” and revenge any time that a Muslim feels hurt in some way and it is all deemed approved by God because so it is written in the Quran – a very convenient excuse! This is the root of the problem. As long as their belief system accepts killing as just, honourable and desired purpose in life, there will be more radicalised Muslims. This is why there need to be European laws that incriminate specifically Christianophobia and inciting to violence against non-Muslims through calls for jihad or martyrdom. The idea that killing is great, God wants it and he will send you to heaven when you murder “non-believers”, needs to be CRUSHED decisively through concrete legislative measures and penalties, not just general ones. Muslims need to understand that blood revenge is the wrong way to react in Europe when you are hurt by someone’s actions. Also Sharia law needs to be banned as a means to distribute justice in any community in Europe. If anyone wants to follow Sharia, they can move to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, for example, and never come back. There is no excuse for inaction – we cannot tolerate violence and murder based on religious beliefs! There has to be a strong message to any Muslim who considers coming to Europe and those who are already here – Sharia law, jihad and fatwas are a criminal offence in EU; any incitement to hatred and violence towards non-Muslims is a serious crime that will result in immediate deportation of non-EU citizens without the right to return, cancelling the European passports of those with dual citizenship and deporting them for life, or at least 20 years imprisonment of those criminals who have only EU citizenship. We are not talking about intolerance to Muslims here. We are talking about intolerance to hate crime based on religion. These are two different things and no one should feel guilty for any strict laws introduced against religion-inspired violence!

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      Maia Alexandrova January 29th, 2015
      Beautifully written !

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    Bronco Petrovic

    include compulsory course of civil education &liberties to all of them, something like dutch have when u wanna move over there…

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    Asyah Azize

    I believe common sense is the; these people are being taught by a bunch of idiots who pose as scholars. If you know more about the religion you would have the upper hand. They take a page and only teach you a sentence taken out of context. If you’re stupid enough to follow stupid people then you can go back to where you came from and see how they really live. Then they’ll be begging to come back.

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    Paulo Especial

    Europe must follow it’s path of tolerance and freedom os cjoice and speech and those who live in it must follow/defend these vision because they’re our european background as a culture independent of being atheist, christian, islamic, jewish or what ever!

    Those who are incapable of accepting this are not apt to live in Europe and as so should be expelled from it.

    Probably this would be considered as an fundamentalist reaction but if those who do not accept/comprehend our ways are incapable of accepting that others may which to live in a different way, why then must We change in order to, better, accomodate them?!

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    Lyubomir Ivanchev

    Emphasize on education and teaching kids HOW to think, not WHAT. Teach about religion in schools just like history and literature are taught. Teach young people that there are, and were, a lot of different religions in the world and that the religion of their parents isn’t the only one. Teach them about the different religious mythologies and belief systems around the world. Teach them about the consequences of zealotry – the Crusades, Jihad, The Inquisition, the witch hunts. Teach them that knowing is different from believeing Teach them to seek out knowledge and evidence, explore, learn and understand. And then to think on that knowledge and evidence and make conclusions based on that. That is the only way to permanently reduce fanaticism and zealotry among young people and ensure a more tolerant and rational society in the future.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Lyubomir Ivanchev
      You are assuming that ALL religions are the same and are amenable to such an approach.

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    Mikko Karjalainen

    Yes, we have a “freedom go to hell” also (as written in bad english). I guess it depends on point of view, but as an atheist, I am sometimes being told that (“you go to hell”). ;P

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    Johnnie Kerner

    This planet is the only home we all know. Boundaries were created by mankind, if we believe in God, he, she or it, is guilty for the creation of different races; people are guilty for the creation of all religions to divide this world. Sharia law and scary clothes worn by Muslims must be banned, it’s offensive for women’s dignity, also for men who can’t wear skinny jeans according to rules issued by ISIS. Islam is not a religion of peace, Muhammad wrote that they, Muslims, must kill those who give up Islam. Massive deportation is a partial solution for this plight, nuke Mecca is full solution; history has shown those countries behave better as colonies.

  27. avatar

    People tend to radicalise when they feel they are outsiders. And it’s not only about social policies, it’s about everything. Clever integration policies should help, and closer surveillance of potentially or already known as radical spaces, too. If you ban a headscarf thinking you are granting freedom to Muslim women, you don’t make a devoted Muslim woman who wears a scarf by her own conscious choice, nor her family happy. This is just an example. Europe, even though very secular and free, is still very much regarded as a Christian club. So this is worth a thought.

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    Yüce Ağanoğlu

    very dificult issue, this is the definition of cross cultural differences, a problem would not been solved for a long period of time it seems like.

  29. avatar

    Well, it is a well-known problem…young men in their 20’s looking for a purpose in their lives and making suicide thoughts… and here is where the hate preachers come in: why not kill yourself and benefit my own cause as well? The problem of alienation of 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants is not only amongst Muslims. Having spoken to mixed-race people, I have heard them say that they feel ghettoised and discriminated against because of where they are from or even where one of their parents is from, which is obvious by their appearance. The stories I have heard were heart-breaking and I think the problem is far deeper than what meets the eye. It is very easy to say that integration and education are needed but if this has not been achieved so long the question is, is it something achievable and if there was no plan to integrate those people, should they have been allowed in?

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      It is not because of where anyone is from or for any physical attribute they may have, it is because of the overriding alien lifestyle a person is forced to share if you live with a culture and in a society that is so different from your own. And this stands for both ends of the spectrum.

      A person who comes from a culture where, say, the mutilation of children or those born with a pigment difference is seen as quite acceptable to annihilate and eat, cannot feel too comfortable in a European society where that kind of behaviour is abhorred. Likewise, in Europe living beside or in a community involved in this witchcraft practice can bring on the urge to flee at a pace unknown before the arrival of such a people. Especially when your own culture is too fearful to investigate such communities as it may be seen as racist to do so. The only sure way to safeguard yourself and family is to get away from it as quickly as your legs can carry you.

      This is part one. There is three parts to this documentary from Dispatches.


      So it isn’t simply the followers of Islam that is leading to the fear of the British people. It is the fact that our government is willing to allow it to take place rather than being seen as racist.

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    Beatrice Ferrucci

    The only way to do this thing is promoting a common european policy on integration. All muslims (but all non-Europeans) must feel the belonging to a unique Country, a unique civilization. I think we must ask them an opening of their communities to the political and social life of the city. The local administrators must ask them and demand the participation of the community’s members to social and political life of the city but also of the Nation and also of Europe.

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    Sevastiyan Kostov


  32. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    It’s shame and disgusting to use words like for example radical, with purpose to defame them. This is typical of the new neoliberal dictionary.
    The word radical has positive energy whatever you’re gonna do.
    If you want to describe the jihadists the correct words are FUNDAMENTALISTS, ISLAMOFASCISTS or ULTRA-CONSERVATIVES!!!

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    EU reform- proactive

    “WE” & nobody else can prevent radicalization of young Muslims in Europe! The political solutions are obvious to some- but better left unwritten by us infidel European Christians.

    It is a pity that neither Shia nor Sunni Muslims to try explain & present the origin and deep divide of their Muslim Schism!

    Instead, they embroil nearly half of the globe with their internal “political” feud- fueled by oil riches- impossible to be settled by themselves or anybody else on this planet! Further aggravated by western military and political interference and assistance, the HRC & the pc fraternity! Not until a single headed Muslim Authority & united Muslim religion evolves- or all dogmatic Religions disappear- nothing will end their deadly feud!


  34. avatar
    Marian Nicuriuc

    Don’t let them invade us, they are coming here and are not even able to speak English and always spreading their culture at every corner, always deceive people and lie 90% of the time, is not a question of how is a question of why should we, what right do we have, haven’t we contributed at this hate feeling they ha e towards us, so then why we bother with them, is a situation with no right end for us anyway!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Francisco Magalhães Coelho
      Your comments are UNACCEPTABLE. Islam is NOT a religion I can accept, I tolerate it BUT NO-ONE deserves to be exterminated. This is the 21st century!

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    Fabien Adam Friend

    listen to them and make real integration and support, they r europeans and full citzens radicalism i think can be ok but violence in radicalism should be stopped, but solution sould be found with the european muslim leaders & dialogue

  36. avatar

    Give arms to the people.Problems would be solved in no time^^

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    catherine benning

    Here is a BBC Documentary explaining how we have come to this situation in Europe. Where it began and how it grew into what we see here on this forum. It is riveting stuff.

    It will only be on the iplayer until February 23. It is not to be missed if you really want to understand the forces of politics.


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    Malcolm Farrugia

    Stop immigration and send boots on the ground to those African countries which are led by persecution and terror. Really and truly, if the E.U has the African population at heart, it should tackle the real problem at source!

  39. avatar
    J P Schoffer Petricek

    the same way as preventing the radicalisation for anybody else: giving them a decent education, and a decent job. And how do that? Just by remaining competitive. And how to remain competitive? Undergo reforms.

  40. avatar
    Olivia Sena

    Arrest them and remove their citizenship even if this means leaving them stateless! Then deport all that can be deported (are not stateless)! Simple! After all, they said no freedom…. give them just that!

  41. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Stop and forbid by law all and each manifestation, meeting, protest against european way of life, freedom or human rights.

  42. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Send them home with a special mark on the passport and in customs register. Those who don’ t comply with the European values. Remove their visas or citisenship. Letvthem fight their disgusting war on freedom and humanity in their countries. Let them live in islamic countries not in Europe where they impose their primitive rules and kill inocent people.

  43. avatar
    Akpans Intel

    Whoever hates freedom finds it hard to be free.Am not gonna hate freedom because I was born free

  44. avatar

    It takes a comprehensive project. There was an important and thorough observation of the relation between radicalism and economic strife:
    Austerity and Anarchy: Budget Cuts and Social Unrest in Europe, 1919-2009
    I think the major problem is the economic structure in Europe is unsustainable, or rather, benefits very few. Not neccessarily the rich ones as proposed by radical left, but the chosen few. It protects the International corporate interests against SMEs, protects organized labour with the unemployed. Some radical change should be made.

    And of course there is the right wing notion of culture shock. Muslims or not if they don’t respect the core value of the EU there should establish a formal proccess of from reprimand to deprivation of their citizenship, which should be addressed due process and legaly with no secrecy. This also provides us lenient access to effective weapons against radicalism since they are non-citizens.

    Third, invest Africa for sustainable growth. Fighting radicalism with fights will eventually starve entire Europe, not only France. And we get shitty country like Russia in the end.

    • avatar

      Sustainable growth doesn’t exist. There is no economic growth without population growth.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive


      Adding more people to an EU population means that the wealth must be distributed among more people, causing GNP per capita to decrease. Isn’t that the dilemma with the much criticized EU (im-migration-enlargement) model, the resultant tougher economic times and a hostile political directed EU social/family/child support policy? We are living in a “period of technology, automation & robotics” with less demand on (menial-unskilled) labor!

  45. avatar

    Nothing can be done, how about that? Nothing that wouldn’t involve compromising basic values, that is. Heck, even some of the christian churches around are trying to question equality for women/gays ea all the time.

    Religion (or regressivism as I sometimes call it) is the problem here, there’s too many people that continously seem to want to turn back the clock, because some fantasy book supposedly says what a paradise it would be if we did so. Almost anywhere in the world when some group is being denied rights, 99% of the time it seems religion is involved in some way or another, and usually on the ‘deny them rights’ side.

    It is high time that we made it very clear that we do not accept rules and laws dreamt up by 1st or 7th century desert-dwellers. ‘Freedom of religion’ as a concept has to go and be replaced with ‘freedom from religion’. A rigid separation of religion and state and to make it clear to new immigrants on entry that this concept cannot be questioned. And if they don’t like it they can always go to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

    With rights come responsibilities, and those that don’t want the responsibilities, shouldn’t be given rights. So all the hate preachers should be stripped of citizenship and deported immediately, instead of being protected by ‘human rights conventions’ or whatever. Those radical priests often were expelled from their home countries for being too radical, but here they get away with calling themselves refugees? No that should not be accepted.

  46. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Adopt new policies in the European system and only then can catch this wave of radicalism that exists in Europe

  47. avatar

    Stop the american bankster cartel. The usa corporate goverment loves false flags, like in ukraine, pinning one group against another. Theve been doing this for years for financial control , along with the saudis. The reason for syria is that assad wont go along with the american corps. Libya, iraq, syria,afganistan, and others have fallen into utter chaos and theres only one architect , the good ole usa. People should wake up, the cartel is playing chess and the pieces are the different cultures and religions in the middle east. These groups are fighting against each other , but instead should turn thier attention to the instigators in washington, thats where the problem lies . The usa corporate govement doesnt care about its own people so it certainly doesnt care what happens in the middle east, for them its just bussness. Anybody ever wonder why isis has new equipment and the latest weapons from israel???
    The usa seeds hate and mistrust for financial gain, so we need to start looking at the root of the problem and thats in washington.
    Like i said the corporate goverment of the usa have been playing these games for years.
    Now they have russia and iran in thier crosshairs , and there will be another false flag in ukraine sooner or later , and yes the russians will get the blame time after time .
    The world needs to look at the architechs of deception.
    The american warmongers would love to see war in europe, they are doing thier best to create one for financial and corporate gain.
    The problem of radicalisation everywhere could be prevented if the world would just wake up and look at the root of the problem and that lies in washington.
    The american corporate dollar is based on oil and weapons, not people ,do the math…..!
    Dont let the american banksters fool you, they are a nasty bunch..and masters of deception….!

  48. avatar
    British Patriot ;)

    By making the punishment 50 lashes….
    Only joking guys.
    There isn’t much we can do while standing by our free speech principles. I would rather have the free speech and risk a few radicals than not have the free speech and risk them anyway

  49. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    You can’t because you have to respect religion. Religious groups organize all kind of madness and you can’t tell anything because you are against God and not tolerant . If you want to do some kind of crime than is excellent to use religious groups , they offer you perfect protection. I have very good experience with it .

  50. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    Set standards. Let it be known, that all religions are welcome, however fanatics of any kind are not. And let it be known that adapting to the culture of the country you moved to, something all immigrants should do, does not mean forsaking your beliefs.

  51. avatar
    Graça Melo Borges

    Human kind is facing a very difficult problem from now to the next years ’cause I think there’s no solution for it. According to numbers, deaths by terrorism all around the world increased 60%. So, in my point of view, you face fanatic muslims and start a global war or you do what they want and the concept of “democracy” and free expression as we know it in the urban occidental modern world vanishes. Neither are good. Any other solution?

  52. avatar
    Nina Nikoletou

    ?hat;s a very difficult question and its answer might lie on a perfect and ideal world. Unfortunately they are not, the only ones who, send freedom, justice, equality, prosperity, peace and human rights, to hell. Others, before them, have done an excellent job in destroying those values globally. Any radicalisation is simply the result of “certain” policies followed up to now.

  53. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Send muslims back home and close our borders to migrants from middle east. No other way.

  54. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    principally, social inclusion and a sense of purpose. We need to accept muslims into our closest circles to make them feel a part of “us” (which they are), and they need to be able to get a job, and thus feel fulfilled.

  55. avatar
    Pan Sol

    yes, arm Syria Assad, help Cyprus by put suctions to Ertogan Turkey, and you will never see radicals again in Europe or elsewhere

  56. avatar

    It’s highly honorable that we’re fighting against ISIS to support the civilians living in their reach. But it could be misunderstood as a fight against the sovereignty of those involved countries. This could mobilize living syrians or iraqis in europe to join ISIS or other terror groups. I think not that bombs and weapons could solve the problem itself. It maybe will slow down the advance of ISIS, but only Muslims themselves could solve the problem, I’m afraid.

  57. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    We can’t, they follow Islam, and Islam is the problem. There are only 2 choices, remove Islamfrom Europe so they adopt our European values. Or remove them from Europe. But neither is politically correct so we will have to put up with them for ever.

  58. avatar
    Natasa Jevtovic

    Let the people believe and practice what they want without making fun of their beliefs and way of living. Don’t believe your set of values is superior to theirs. 1,3 billion humans in the world who didn’t show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo cannot be all evil. Besides you don’t kick out of Europe thirty million citizens. Show respect and you’ll get it back.

  59. avatar
    Georgi Krestanov


  60. avatar
    João Machado

    Here’s a good start: STOP BOMBING THEIR COUNTRIES! And supporting/arming/financing the ones that do. Not a full solution, but I’m sure it would be a good start…

  61. avatar
    Łukasz Smalec

    Well there are few ideas that could deterrent muslims in Europe from going terrorist path:
    – detention camps for terrorists and their families
    – death penalty for terrorists who committed terror act on Europe soil
    – create common Migration programme “Europe Fortress” for entire EU that keep out of Europe non skilled and potential danger individuals
    – put and end to multi-kulti policy because it doesn’t work

  62. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Stop making false promises about education and jobs and opportunities and start really working on real education and jobs and opportunities… you will be pleasantly surprised.

  63. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    No matter how many people are outraged or disagree we can’t change what Europe is. We aren’t people that can be intimidated. That is the main thing we and the religious community have to remember.

  64. avatar
    Renato Domenico Orsini

    Gli estremismi clericalcomunisti odiano la Liberaldemocrazia e combattono per la dittature di minoranze oligarchiche autoritarie, con sistemi giuridici inquisitori, basta rileggere la storia onestamente.

  65. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    “Freedom go to hell” means I did not understand anything from history, maybe cause I cannot read

  66. avatar

    I see the rise of extreme right-wing also really alarming. It’s totally regrettable that there is no enough public discourse according to the current problem of increasing racism and neo-Nazism.

  67. avatar
    Jenny Lambropoulos

    hah! show them documentaries of what life is really like in these countries they so want to defend, whilst taking advantage of all their adopted (or their parent’s adopted ) ountries have given them ….for free..including free speech!

  68. avatar
    Carles Manrique Pérez

    send them back to their countries and colonize them again till they learn how to be civilized, ruling them with an iron hand but at the same time with total rights, I mean, no democracy, no freedom of speech, of press, no political rights, no democracy for them. But giving them an excellent life standard, education, and culture, forbidding the practice of Islamic religion, burn to the ground their cult centers, send civilized settlers there, encourage the mix between western/civilized men and native women from that countries. Apply to mistreaters of women the same punishments that they apply to women. Take all their petrol to Europe. Encourage atheism or civilized religions. Give christians in the middle east a state with their language (aramaic) as the official one.

  69. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    I realy don’t know… A good idea could be to respect the muslim religion and not to put the sign equal between the muslim belief and the terrorism related to islam.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      I think you will find it is the extremists that are putting the equals sign there, it is they who are doing what they do in the name of Islam

  70. avatar
    Lefteris Eleftheriou

    it’s simple – carrot and stick approach… If they want to behave like their radicalised arab brethen simply deport them, take away their property in Europe, jail them… If they want to leave behind their backward way of radical islam and be European reward them by giving them the prosperity and opportunities all Europeans enjoy.

  71. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    It could be that those soul took the burden of being our mirror that Europe will have to change. After history of violence in the region and through the world of Western Europe collonial forces, it is time to be more humiliate and to establish the cohabiting peace and took the responsibility and stop being sponsored with people and comunities who are sponsoring the inequality and polarisation and many of the bureacratic stupiditeis making manvy Europeans loose of their dignity. Moslem people with desperate actions that desintegrate their religion , their dignity might be mirrors of our internal happenings of what European idea is turning to by bureacrats and political lobbysts.
    What to do?
    Simple,! Change, open society, start respect most vulnerable and their emotions and their lifestyle. 

  72. avatar
    Natan Bedrosian

    Muslims should accept European secularism and humanism if they want to integrate and if not,they can go back to their states which is ruled by medieval century’s laws.

    • avatar

      Sorry, there is no ‘god’ or ‘allah’, religion is nonsense.

  73. avatar
    Daniel Pluskota

    port GuantaNamo to Europe. Today developed European countries guarantee human rights to all who breach them.

  74. avatar
    Millana Crisan

    so, You go to your country! Le? us live as se like! You can do the same in your beloved country!

  75. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    Maybe we need to “import” new suspicious personalities, those that have magic beards and treat women like shit.

  76. avatar
    Jan Coek

    “I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword ” (mat 10:34)

  77. avatar
    Andrea Scacchi

    Erich Scheffl i think that religion cannot change. you either control it or be controlled by…

    I wonder what will happen if europe ban ALL religion?
    Will be very funny indeed!

  78. avatar
    Leo Vlaming

    Those who leave to join jihadi groups should be stripped of their EU-citizenship, their assets should be seized and they should be banned from ever returning to Europe.

  79. avatar

    Europe need to change, we need better opportunities for the young. Also we need better social rights equal in all countries, we should walk to be a federate state with equal laws and rights for everyone. And EUA need to change too. They need to stop their foreign politics, wars and their weapons industry.
    Remember most of the boys and girls that is joining IS are European born. You cant say “send them home” because their home is europe, they are our sons.

  80. avatar
    Ulf Skei

    I don’t know. If young people feel they have no future, they can do anything to make something happen. I may be stupid but I really believe what they need is a future and purpose. Offer some other way out of nothingness. See them. Acknowledge their existence.

  81. avatar
    عادل م.

    Giving other ways of thinking, sopprting the open and modern views of Islam, it exist but is ignored. Read “the qu’ran morality and critical reason” a book by Mohamed Shahrour.

  82. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    How can we prevent the radicalisation of fascist groups also? They are much more and much more dangerous.

  83. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    The solution would be the same for all young people in Europe! The political and economic system should return to the 1970-s, when the wages were realistic, young people could plan homes, families. It would be strange to treat the young muslims different in Europe than other youngsters just because they can be radicalised! Those who preach and want radicalisation should be sent back to their home countries.

  84. avatar
    Gareth Pratt

    By explaining to them that western policy in the ME is deeply hypocritical and duplicitous and that supporting isis will not help. As for something better give them a copy of Das Kapital !

  85. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    First place certainty in European concept and own values manifested through actions of welfare, making more equal societies less hietarhical if any hierarchy at all. Then more certain predictive daily life. Certainty and changes that are inclined to personal growth and being part of community also in hosting communities. Chaos in hosting communities and alienated society system raise anxiety and uncertainty in all people. Answer to that on individual level is getting away from own inner challenge but stick to the outside infused order even when this includes violence. Guess same maneveur space are using all extremist group. Chaos in society is fertile soil. When intensifying repression instead values and consiousness we are creatures to preserve development of nature cycles not artificial alienated processes. Urban areas to be regreen and common infrastructure where people are meeting through daily activities like logistics and suburbian living.
    On individual level or group level respect, raising values of Green Europe, respecting other clothes , belief systems, prophets and speaking language, culture. So as hosting community to minority and vice versa.

    Get down to earth and more realistic for all hierahical.elite classes and community get the chance to develope on consiousness.

    Ignoring less consioussed sctions of repression that serve as provocations for conflicts no matter how are dressed under the freedom of speech or vmedia manipulating. Give people opportunity to think with their clear mind and balance. This requires health food standards, clean drinking water, health urban suburbians and open access to education, integration of knowledges from various areas including religious system and respect spiritual aspect of the living person.

  86. avatar
    Sarah EsEs

    Weel ok.. then let them kill ordinary people and then they will understand that it z not dead ordinary people who will change this world!

  87. avatar
    Arif Khan

    Reach out. End the sense of aloofness. Let them feel they are needed. Inclusive growth is best way.

  88. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    We can but first we have to install more solar panels and build more battery cars .

  89. avatar
    Malik Sajjad

    Only a few elements in the world
    Want conflicts between Muslims and Christians
    So they attacks on Mosque and some time making cartoons
    After this reaction come from
    Muslims generation
    So Respect all Religions

  90. avatar
    Fernando Gonsalvez

    let people read the quran for what it is n compare to how the imans sheiks interpret it. like in other religions its usually the leader that shapes it. sadly beliefs are what causes conflicts..

    • avatar

      You kidding? They don’t necessarily come out of poor homes, with no prospects, they are from every background, from good students with future ahead, from communities that will support them and look after them, to the ones that are not Muslims but will convert in exchange for a cause and power. Is a way to play video games in reality. But Muslims look after themselves.

  91. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    Fear is born of doubt. Fear escalates our cauldron of actions to over accumulate and that moment when enough is enough, the cauldron will crack and shatter beneath the pressure of all actions contributed. Extremities become the demise. Thus we need to channel all actions respectively to those areas they belong to, not there where they do not.

    Individualistic Trinity of Negativity is ignorance, negligence and desperation. In order for us to understand out actions we need to maintain the balance between tolerance, integrity and confidence. Education is a key and knowledge is the lock. To channel our behaviour into correct cauldrons, we need to use the keys and open the locks of body and mind so that we won’t have to lean on those measures which have us suffer unnecessary fates.

  92. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    Fear is born of doubt. Fear escalates our cauldron of actions to over accumulate and that moment when enough is enough, the cauldron will crack and shatter beneath the pressure of all actions contributed. Extremities become the demise. Thus we need to channel all actions respectively to those areas they belong to, not there where they do not.

    Individualistic Trinity of Negativity is ignorance, negligence and desperation. In order for us to understand out actions we need to maintain the balance between tolerance, integrity and confidence. Education is a key and knowledge is the lock. To channel our behaviour into correct cauldrons, we need to use the keys and open the locks of body and mind so that we won’t have to lean on those measures which have us suffer unnecessary fates.

  93. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf


  94. avatar
    Su La

    By not suspecting them, more employment opportunities for minorities, understanding and integration and finally respecting their values even if you are against them. Abusive cartoons will not solve any problem :)

  95. avatar
    Myr Iam

    A fair share of the wealth we all produce every year. Better living conditions, public health and education systems. Etc etc. People dont need much more to be in peace. #yabastapoliticians

  96. avatar
    Doru Adonis Izuel

    Sending them back to “Arabia” ! LoL. I don’t know, so many brains in the European Parlament getting payed to make our lifes better … start doing your jobs !

  97. avatar

    Legalise weed, let the young muslims chill out and I bet they will stop thinking sharia is ok :D

  98. avatar

    Strip them off their passport, it’s a religion that has been always at war with someone, barbaric, and they have no intention of integrating in the main culture. They don’t believe in democracy and take advantage of it, they don’t respect the values or the people, they believe Europe is soft and they will be always able to come free after their mistakes. Well if you show them strong measures, they will think twice before radicalising themselves. Also why are we bringing in the enemy and making them comfortable?!

  99. avatar
    Narcis George Matache

    By stopping to blame everything on them! From young ages, they are under pressure and attack from their white counterparts. There is a lot of racism in Europe, and children expose that the best in schools. Only if we give them respect and treat them as equal human beings, we can stop their radicalization.

  100. avatar
    James Beckles

    Communities must work with national and local government to help identify and educate people at risk of radicalisation and bring them back to the mainstream. It is crucial Muslim communities are brought into the fold as they will have the solutions to preventing this problem and re-integrating marginalised individuals. On a wider societal level we have to work harder to better integrate people and share common values.

  101. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    Probably by setting a good example, being kind and treat them properly. If they discriminate, stimulate violence and hatred send them back.

  102. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    repatriate them ;) meaning, take away their citizenship and lock them up until they are free to return to their countries and issue a Western wide warrant for these people (the radicalized ones) so that should they enter any western country, the police will be free to shoot them as these people would be classified as highly dangerous :)

  103. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    The majority wants the minorities to get well integrated, but they don’t do so much for it. When emigrants move into their neighbourhood, the locals move away.With work integration is also a big problem, they don’t try to be friends with them etc. So what do you expect when the majority acts like this?? The result of it, the minorities get more grouped, isolated, acting and thinking differently. On the other hand minorities coming from very different backgrounds are more hard to integrate due to a different mentality and life style.

  104. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    What is their problem? Too much freedom to study, grow up in a free society, and have no one else to blame for your failures and, yes, your successes?

  105. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    it’s a imbecilic debate. Come here and adapt or don’t,…can always leave the same way they came in. I’m tired of showing tolerance to a bunch of people that can only take.

  106. avatar
    Valeria Greenhouse

    European countries don’t follow the rules of religions (especially those that aren’t even traditional religions) but only the democratic rules of law. Therefore, there is no question to ask.

  107. avatar
    Mihai Rusu

    Who ever comes to EU should learn to behave as an europeans and respect our values.

  108. avatar
    Alexa Ulloa

    Stop with political correctness. Dont tolerate terrorist attacks, rape gangs or violations of free speech

  109. avatar
    Gerasimos Laios

    By deporting those who show signs of radicalization. By imprisoning those who spread radical ideas. By closely monitoring what is being preached in mosques, in islamic centers in Europe and on the internet. By punishing severely those who chose to sign in to radical groups abroad and later return to a european country.

  110. avatar
    Mali Nord

    Haahaaa, Europe you are just married with arab people, now you want to be calm noooo forget,

  111. avatar
    Gabčik Kubiš

    Sending them back where they or their parents came from. If they come to Europe they need to get integrated into our culture, not the reverse.

  112. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    These are OBVIOUSLY terrorists. They sholud be ALL sent to their home countries where freedom is forbidden.
    Send them in the Middle East, Africa, wherever.

  113. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    No freedom to march with these logos, NO INTOXICATION IN EUROPE WITH SUCH GARBAGE !

  114. avatar
    Rick Wilmot

    ‘Religion is the opiate of the masses,’ so said one of the world’s greatest philosophers. However, Sufism, the best of Islam, is pretty much ignored. It should be promoted among the Muslims.

  115. avatar
    Pandel Arkas

    No freedom to march with these logos, NO INTOXICATION IN EUROPE WITH SUCH GARBAGE !

  116. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    Through them out. If radical muslims must exist, them we should assure that they exist somewhere in a far away desert and that they don’t bother us.

  117. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    If we don’t stand up to defend OUR CIVILIZATION and our values, then we don’t stand a chance against those who attack us.

  118. avatar
    Ingemar Grahn

    Limit how are able to work as an Imane thro a license and education. Like for the church elsewhere.

  119. avatar
    Etienne Borocco

    The question is loaded and contributes to the stigmatization of Muslims. It is false to assume that young european muslims are being radicalized. It is a very small minority. Moreover, the lack of moderation is shocking. Nothing is done to delete hateful comments.

  120. avatar
    Giovanni Pasquini

    Throwing these people back to the countries where Freedom is not a value. They are not European: they must go home!

  121. avatar
    Max Berre

    Simple: by cracking down on labor market discrimination in the countries of origin.

    You cannot pretend that there will be no consequences from run-away “BBR” and “BBB” scandals, nor from 50% unemployment in Parisian Banlieus.

  122. avatar
    Xavier Schoumaker

    Foreign councils and embassies have financed mosques worldwide since the petro-dollar took over – guess how radical Wahhabiiism is in Saudi Arabia and how radical the “Supremes” are in Iran? Guess what impact that has when they parachute Imams straight out of the Arabic peninsula into Africa, Europe etc? Check the preachers.

  123. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    If there are only 4000 people from an EU of 500 million people, I’d say that’s really not that much. Regardless how much we popularize and support values such as tolerance, liberty, diversity and the likes, there will always be forms of radicalism. There was never a period in history, even European history, completely free of it. I would say it’s unstoppable, and I would also wager that more crackdown on radical thinking groups will eventually lead to more homegrown terrorists, not less. But again, if only 4000 people are fighting for ISIS out of an EU with some over 500 million citizens, that’s not even 0.001% of the population being convinced enough. The number is acceptable, and it is proof that the current European culture of freedom and tolerance actually does work to some extent.

  124. avatar
    Harun Çinardal

    This is a stupid question which assume the whole european young muslims are being extremist . There is a little group of those extremist and it s about integration them to the society with their religion leaders

  125. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    Three ways. 1. Make racist remarks of minorities an imprisonable offence, 2. Halt the entrance of immigrants on a need to basis, 3. Make it a requirement for immigrants to be legal, a thorough assimilation programme (and 4. Destroy discrimination)

  126. avatar
    Nicolas Observateur Bxl Stassen

    Put them and their parents in front of their responsabilities : Respect the welcoming country and his laws or quit for the country of their choice with no return.

  127. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Deporting them and their families. They obviously have not integrated. Born here you say? What is their parents country?

  128. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    It might be possible to consider this question if there were a valid “we” that possessed the necessary cultural and social tools for such a consideration.

  129. avatar
    Max Berre

    Simple: Crack down on the job market discrimination in Europe. An unemployed man, is an angry man

  130. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    If they choose not to integrate than it’s their choice and we must repect it and send them to either their home state or the home state of their parents(when they are born in europe). And EU must have an islam experts and islamic clerics who’s job is teaching the young muslims tolerance and freedom respect and work with the police for fighting the radicalization(after all Islam do believe that religion power and state power should be combined). We all are God’s creations and if he wanted someone gone than he wouldn’t have created him.

  131. avatar
    A.c. Spyred

    Radicalisation has many seeds. I think the most important are these next :
    – poorety, which lead to despair
    – religious. Islam is multiple and the easiest to understand is radical islam. Moreover, everybody highlights more the difference between Islam and Occidental philosophy than our similarity.

    the second seed could be resolved with giving a strong structure to islam in europe, which highlights the likeness and gives an interpretation in adequation with us and ex-worshippers. Parralelly, the radical ways must be considered as sect.
    The economical problem is more difficult to solve with less solidarity…

  132. avatar
    Nithish Kumar

    Better follow the church rules and renew the old christendom… Stop or limit the Muslim immigration as did by Japan… Where you can’t find Islamic extremism…

  133. avatar
    Enrico De Zanni

    Tolerance ? What does it mean? You tolerete someone you don’t like .. so i don’t think it’s the answer

  134. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    There are several ways
    1) show they are manipulated, by persons who only want power and have nothing spiritual
    2) prévent teachîng In non EU languages since non control on hate speech and so called leaders can be performed
    3) punish with military rules, and not civil, everything related to “organised military crime” against civil private interests or state

  135. avatar
    Mihai Rusu

    Invade and rebuild the middle-east, lets bring it under European control, build roads, schools and hospitals in the end make them like us.

  136. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    By not interfering in their countries would be a start but since we have, we should go something…..since they ask to come here, the onus is really on them to adapt. If , within a given timeframe, they don’t meet certain criteria, then back to wherever they came from.

  137. avatar
    John Osborne

    the minute they show any form of radicalisation put a bullet between their eyes. I equate these animals with rabid dogs, and they deserve exactly the same treatment.

  138. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    Europe accepts everyone without control.Due to religious freedom noone checks what happens inside the mosques.Even if this is being controlled we have many immigrants that come illegally and many refugees that are not checked.In my country people that came from Syria had within them Jihadists.Europe is open and on her knees.

  139. avatar
    Tuija Mustonen

    Those young ones can be considered as very sensitive to manipulation, yet very brave and action-driven when given strong purpose. If they can find that real purpose in good real life instead of crazy violent hatred fairytales… They can do much good in their society. So, Lets help young strong (quantum mechanistically strong… If you know what i mean) people find purpose, purpose which they can embrace by their hearts, minds, and fulfill in real life.

  140. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    Shoot them all! This was the advise from a Peacekeeping course :) And it was not a joke….

  141. avatar
    Yavuz Said Tezen

    Radicalisation is not only muslim problem. There are many non-muslim people who are radical too. Try to change your perspective. Radicalism is also a big problem for muslim populated countries too.

  142. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Preaching radical should be punished with jail, as well as not aloud in Arabic languages! It was an interesting case recently in Sweden, where the liberal society gave a lot of money to young muslim associations in order to make the swedish society understand their problems and concerns…later on the Swedish police found out that the leaders of the association with that money they invited radical preachers from el shabab! Is the European liberal media talking about these problems of being fooled with our tolerance and liberal democracy?!

  143. avatar
    Antonio Santos

    in the first palce, young european muslin must understand that they live in a european country and of course, there are diferent rules, customs, culture, religious freedom, democracy, human rights to women etc, after that they can have their place among us like every one

  144. avatar

    OK. The basics:
    – Muslim countries are a human rights mess, an employment opportunity mess, and a political mess where the West has not contributed to any betterment;
    – Western countries have created “immigration projects” with no continuity or any educational support for people coming in from a very different society;
    – Western countries with high unemployment rates continue bringing in Muslim immigrants;
    – Muslim clerics are allowed to preach politics with high radicalization results;

    So, which one shall the Western countries tackle first?

  145. avatar
    Omid Ashabi


  146. avatar
    Amaury Dubois

    The question is : wich policy do we have to implement to prevent radicalisation? I’ll tell you :
    – Improve the situation of immigrants.
    -Fight against job discrimination.
    -A global plan to restore growth, employement and quality of life in some suburbs.
    -Have the courage to take the decision of bringing justice to all the people of the Middle-East – yes it is also true for Egyptians and Palestinians

  147. avatar
    Ben De Meyer

    Radicalisation of any group in a population is usually the consequence of uninformed, misunderstood, and most importantly unrecognized groups of people. This polarised society will produce more conflict and eventually marginalises individuals. Solving it is a complex matter, deportation, frontiers and anti-EU propaganda won’t solve this. It will only make matters worse.

  148. avatar
    LilyRose Kelly

    Good question, there is something they are finding attractive, it can’t be the promise of virgins surely+

  149. avatar
    Stanko Majcen

    Teach them what is work and how to work. Then they will know what is respect, not just empty scary demands as they know now.

  150. avatar
    Saed JM

    Radicalisation is not only spreading in young Muslims, it’s in every religion or political ideology. Zionists are radicals, neo nazis are radical.. And you won’t solve or prevent this problem without considering the cause of the problem. Ignorance and stereotyping people kills.

  151. avatar
    Ecs Ferreira

    Good company do good teenagers . Controle the priests, first the foreigne ones., namely the muslims. No gettos in homes neither in scools. Schools who teaches human rigths

    People do bombing, looses the nationality. Is not a good citisan. And so on.

  152. avatar
    Mohamed Kichouhi

    With stopping creating terror groups like ISIS, telling the truth to the world, giving this children the chance to build a future, stopping racism, …

  153. avatar
    John Martin

    Start by adopting the Australian policy of turning back the boats from the Middle East or Africa. No more boat people and then look at deporting anyone along with their entire family who refuses to integrate into society or takes part in violent protests designed to further the Islamist cause.

  154. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    Sir Isaac Newton once said: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. The more we try to prevent actively, the higher opposition there will be. I don’t think European culture actually needs active preventive methods against radicalism of this sort. The living standards of Europeans, the security in our countries, our way of life, all these should be proof enough that our civilization works. There will always be the odd bloke turning to ISIS or the next Islamic terrorist group, and I don’t even think we should strive to stop that. We should, obviously, keep doing what we’re doing in trying to foil their plans, but that’s about it. Anything more will just make it worse.

  155. avatar
    Fernanda de Oliveira

    From my experience as a Portuguese child who lived in France: there is a deep conflict between family values and school and society values. Values from school weren’t accepted at home and family values weren’t accepted at school so my ideas were rejected by all. It is so hard to live your childhood in such a world. That was 35 years ago and I still feel it in all my bones. But it makes me understand the psychological processes of all those lost children. They are inhabited by fear and hate.

  156. avatar
    Steve P

    Simple ban Islam in Europe ,worked for the Japanese

  157. avatar

    the way to stop is to first to understand them. Most of the radical muslims are individuals who don’t have education, health, food, water, clean air and a roof. Some of them are also bored so they see joining a teroristic group as fun, others got in it because of the social pressure. Whatever reason it is (maybe the best answer would be that they are like that because of the factors in their surroundings) the best we can do is does save people from their own surrounding and doesnt include isolation, better integreation into the society.

    • avatar

      Valentina, I don’t think you yourself understand them very well though. The people that blew themselves up in London, all had jobs, families and the guy that beheaded someone in Syria on camera had grown up in London and his family was still receiving benefits from the British state, even though they had moved back to Kuwait. The ones I read about also had other minor convictions before that, so it really looked like they were career criminals whose crimes had just escalated in severity. I realise, this is not going to be a popular post, but personally, I cannot be bothered to understand anything about them. This is an imported problem, as far as I am concerned and has very little to do with out culture and society. The best way is to keep them out.

  158. avatar
    Somai Ah

    AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

    5 Std. · Bearbeitet ·

    Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives in Beirut, Baghdad, Zabul and Paris.

    Our message, which will likely fall on deaf ears, is for the West to stop their support for and friendship with the tyrannical government of Saudi Arabia and the twisted Wahhabi ideology who are the sources of the terrorism that is plaguing the world. #NO2ISIS #NO2SAUDI

  159. avatar
    Mariana Justo

    Put them all in an island and let them live with each other and practice what they want with each other.

  160. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Happy now with those new attacks in Paris AGAIN or it’s still not enough dead people to you, irresponsible politicians, stop this insane migration policy destroying our safety, destroying our peace, destroying Europe??? Go to Africa, go to M.East since it seems you hate Europe so much that you want to destroy it. Leave us, the workers-taxpayers, in peace!!!

    Until when we, workers-taxpayers, will continue to pay for the irresponsability-hatred-violence of those who don’t take their responsabilities to work and build their lives and their countries? WE ARE HUMANS TOO! We also have the human right to work to maintain only our own livelihood and enjoy our money from our work. We can’t afford to maintain millions of people anymore. EU-UN-USA have turn the workers-taxpayers into SLAVES!

  161. avatar
    Shane Paulker

    By stoping funds and trainings to ISIS , which europe is providing to tackle and destroy assad govt. say no to isis, say no to israel, say no to saudi arab. say no to taliban,say no to bokoharam, say no to laskhar jhangvi,say no to sipa e sahaba, say no to daesh, say no to shev sina, say no to rss.

  162. avatar
    Dino Šakanović

    Terrorists want to we respond with terror on terror so they have reason to exist. If we respond with tolerance, we will win! With terror on terror we can have only total war with no winner.

  163. avatar
    Stefan Vasilev

    First and most important is to find out WHY young people don’t like “Freedom” anymore. And to fight the roots of it, not the results of becoming radicalists.

  164. avatar
    Stefan Vasilev

    First and most important is to find out WHY young people don’t like “Freedom” anymore. And to fight the roots of it, not the results of becoming radicalists.

  165. avatar
    Toivo Okk

    “Freedom go to hell” – now we have freedom to deport all radical young and old muslims back to they own countries

  166. avatar
    Darin Attard

    They have no right to impose their customs here – hijab, shariah etc. they have to abide to our laws or else GET THE HELL OUT! Death & destruction has no place in society especially for your Muhammed. The god that you call Allah doesn’t want this kind of savagery. We are all fed the hell up!! We are giving you peace and tolerance. In return death, destruction and imposition of your fucking inhuman customs and laws. Savages, get out!

  167. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    Those adults making wars today learned intolerance-hatred-violence with their parents-people-culture who didn’t care about what they were teaching to their children.

    Training of a child to become terrorist

    islamic schools in Britain teaching hate and segregation to young muslims.

    “The most dangerous terrorist groups in the world have the intent and capability to carry out attacks against the European Union and the West in general. ”

    EUROPOL – TE-SAT 2015
    “Terrorist acts caused the death of four people in the European Union (EU) in 2014, while European citizens continue to be kidnapped and killed in conflict zones abroad. These facts demonstrate the ongoing threat to the security of EU citizens and interests, which has been particularly exacerbated by the conflict in Syria and Iraq”

    TE-SAT 2014
    “The majority of EU Member States continue to consider religiously inspired terrorism as a major threat, as evidenced by the significant increase in the number of arrests. Two attacks and several disrupted plots in 2013 illustrate this threat. AlQaeda and like-minded terrorist groups abroad continued to encourage self-organised attacks within the EU aiming for indiscriminate casualties.
    With regard to LEFT-WING and anarchist terrorism, the number of attacks and arrests increased compared to previous years. RIGHT-WING extremists may exhibit violent and intimidating behaviour, BUT DO NOT GENERALLY EMPLOY TERRORIST MODI OPERANDI. An exception to this rule in 2013 was a series of four attacks in the UK carried out by one individual. “

  168. avatar
    Andrew Jones

    Leave their countries alone. Stop funding both sides for the outcome wanted by the elites. Just imagine u were living somewhere and those people were destroying your homeland and communities and families….. Would you get militant? If not why not? 1000s die there they r just war collateral… 100 die in Europe its the most heinous attack in over a decade.

  169. avatar
    Angelos Papantoniou

    Give them values that ARE actually valid. That they can really experience like free education real Justice and really equal opportunities

  170. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    The EU has succeeded in destroying itself by creating and importing a disgruntled islam extremist population among its youth of Arab and North African descent. There is no fixing of this as long as the EU goes hand in hand with Saudis, supports rebels (that switch sides quicker than you can say NO) that in the end turn out to be jihadist, and as long as the EU does not acknowledge that Islam is the problem. Islam has no place in our society until it declares itself non-political, peaceful and loving to all humans. The bigotry and violence promoted by Islam results so far in refugees raping all over European refugee centres, attacking to OUR way of living and constant intolerance towards Christians, Buddhists, etc. The fact that Paris banlieus saw celebrations yesterday by Maghreb youth makes it clear: this fusion between Western civilisation and Islam does not work. The horse of Troy finally unleashed its secret army of warriors. Islam warriors.

  171. avatar
    Ikaros Kratsas

    1. Find people who are muslims but are peace loving and law abiding…have them explain that religion can’t be about radical behaviour and war and terror. Finance a “european muslims for peace” campaign. 2. Social conditions and oportunities. People turn to extreme views when they feel they have been wronged by the establishment…europe must do it’s best to provide chances to educate and help. 3. History…tell it like it is. Any misdeeds and crimes commited against foreign nations in the past should be aknowledged and be in history books. They should know they are dealing with a state that is fair, unbiased and truthfull to its citizens. The truth will win them over.

    • avatar

      My, oh My, Ikaros…”misdeeds and crimes committed against foreign nations”…Do you mean the people killed, oppressed, discriminated against, converted to Islam by force, uprooted from their prehistoric homelands and traded as slaves for centuries on and on in the Balkans and beyond by the M occupiers that are now coming back to terrorize the West of Europe as well?

    • avatar
      Ikaros Kratsas

      To George. I mean the whole deal…crimes commited by the French, Germans, English…etc against the nations they colonised in the early 1900s and all the atrocities commited by the muslims against others. Did you know that the shooters of Charlie Hebdo were Algerian? Typically they were french citizens because Algeria was a french colony…you don’t suppose history may have been a contributing factor to their radicalism? If everything is brought to the light and evetyone knows everything then radicals will have nothing to reveal against europe and young europeans, muslim or not will not be easy to convert with their lies and religious BS.

    • avatar

      So, according to your logic, because of history, all of Slavs, Greeks, Serbs etc, should be going to Turkey and blowing themselves up for the sake of maximum damage. It hasn’t happened yet though. Does it occur to you, you might be wrong?

  172. avatar
    Antonio Lopez

    This religion produces insanity. You can’t have insane people act like responsible citizens. Islamists do not think like normal people, they are brainwashed to hate and act out violently and they feel like they are being moral doing so. They are possessed with an evil spirit. The way to prevent this insanity is to Christianize these barbarians. Europe needs to, remember, embrace, and promote its Christian faith, identity and ethos.

  173. avatar
    Yüce Ağanoğlu

    Deport them, when they go back to their shitty countries they will understand the value of living in Europe. Look all those refugees from Syria and Iraq. Why are they running to Europe rather than Islamic Countries? Because freedoms and rights in Europe has high values, which Islamic States don’t have !!

  174. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    Withdraw nationality to the ones who don’t integratre and abide by the laws of the country and controle education.

  175. avatar
    Robert Heberling

    the same way we should prevent anyone from becoming radical : giving us all equal rights, opportunities and education without labelling

  176. avatar
    Mirco Tomasi

    Give them jobs, education and future? Like we should with anybody else. Prosperity is the cure.

  177. avatar

    Creating a secure net between member states with sharing informations of their national security systems, controlling the movement of pleople among europe and islam’s state. Europe has to know at first and then relize a precise plan to fight individually only with people who represent a real danger. Cooperation have to be the key word to prevent. A real cooperation.

  178. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    First agree who “we” are. That can’t be done on the present basis, no matter how many victims die in terrorist attacks.

  179. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    What about expelling them to their parents countries? I a sure they have double citizenship. Just retire the European country nationality and expel them for acts against democracy.

  180. avatar
    Sam Naz

    Closing down 68 Wahhabi mosques in London alone will be a great start!

  181. avatar
    Pavel Lampa

    Ethnicly, there is no conspiration againts people of the Levant, Syrians, Persians. They are great indo-european people. The problem is their malicious and hateful religion.

  182. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    1 ) Find out what the problem is, 2 ) filter out participatory individuals that share no mutual consent, 3 ) deal with the source to produce an optimal solution between participatory of mutual consent 4 ) and then take on the next problem which usually happens to surface amongst those that you filtered out in the second phase. 5 ) Repeat from the first phase.

    Not exactly as simple as the aforementioned, but something similar and a ‘bit’ more diverse approach could be viable.

  183. avatar
    Javi Er

    Closing down the radical mosques, involving all muslims in the fight (you are part of the solution or another enemy to eliminate), and taking each individual as a war criminal. Islam must be stoped and erased from Europe ASAP

  184. avatar
    Sharon Dattilio

    You will never stop the ideology. It must be eradicated…..period. You will never “convert” an ideology that has existed fir over 1,000 years. That is simply a stupid theory.

  185. avatar

    People have been allowed to come here supposedly to claim asylum or whatever and keep living their lives like they live somewhere else and not here. If they feel offended by our culture and values and they feel threatened by them, they shouldn’t be here to start with. The liberal West with heads up in the clouds is now seeing the face of Isla how the Balkans saw it and lived under it for centuries on.

  186. avatar
    Barbara Oconnell

    The internet allows them to flourish – radicalisation is much easier in last 15 yrs. Look at young girls heading off to Syria. There have to be limits to cyber activity. Its far too limitless.

  187. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    Can we prevent political correctness?
    Only after that we could have discussion why person that believes in unicorns, should not have special rights…

  188. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    arrest, deport and put them to work! Also let them go to Auschwitz or any other place like that and show them that there are also other ways to fight against injustice (by for example joining Unicef/Warchild or study law and find ways to arrest Netanyahu for example…)

  189. avatar

    I think that we should mainly focus on the causes of radicalisation of young European muslims. The main reasons for radicalisation are frustration with society, discrimination, no money, no job, etc. If you look at situation for young people in the banlieus in France, it is not surprising that at least 1000 have joined ISIS and other jihadist groups. The same holds true for Tunisia, where over 3000 of its citizens have joined these groups. The youth unemployment is sky-high in these countries and many don’t see a future. This makes them very vulnerable for the influence of criminal gangs and radical islam.

    In Saudi-Arabia there is a very successful deradicalisation program in which young radicals get a job (or education, which leads to a job), a house and a wife to start a family. On top of this, they also get classes in which they study Islam more closely and learn that the non-violent interpretation of Islam prevails over radical Islam (Jihad). If we do this, these young people have something to live for.

    29/08/2018 Daniel Koehler, Director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS), has responded to this comment.

    • avatar

      They get a wife all wrapped up in a box with red ribbon on top? Interesting…

  190. avatar
    Constantin Rusu

    The great powers must renounce using terrorists’attacks in their favore. Security Council of ONU must agree the total annihilation of the terrorists inthe world.

  191. avatar

    Feeling excluded does not give the right to gutlessly kill innocent people. Priority is to protect Australians! We are UNARMED & not taught to fight. What easy targets we are for these cockroaches with weapons. They are worse than men who bash babies & the elderly because they have no human compassion. Devoid. Selfish. This can’t be taught or undone. Weak western world has to say no to Islam & muslim religion or there will be an Islamic takeover. Humanitarian crap will be western civilizations downfall ! When our citizens are at risk there should be zero tolerance. Anyone who wants to be humanitarian of the year… go to Muslim countries & help there, don’t abuse the freedom of Australians to help you feel good about yourself!

    • avatar

      Human nature is like the sea, forever in turmoil. On the present topic, Immams caliphs and other Muslim leaders must be exhorted to preach on the peaceful nature of the Koran. Radicalisation in mosques or on street corners should be held criminally accountable.

  192. avatar

    They are unemployed lonely and miserable. Pay them decent wages to support their families just for taking classes in college. Western education.
    With their oil wealth they can pay all these unemployed youth to be life long students.
    Mind needs to be busy and occupied.

  193. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Simple: To combat extremism fed by imams, close all non-official mosques, install imams in the official ones that need to preach in a national language which is not arab or Turkish and that must have the nationality of the country where they preach, and export all foreign imams back to their country of origin. To combat any extremism after that: jail and judge, and expulsion in case of dual nationality. All other cases that still cause issues: ensure that legislation allows to deal with them in a proper manner without allowing them to enter society ever again. If this still doesn’t solve it, forbid the religion of hate alltogether.

  194. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    Simple to solve.
    Create average communities, where everybody has responsibilities.
    If some members of that community fail (*bad behavior),
    all community loses benefits or will be deported.
    Not fair?
    Life is not meant to be fair. They did not went to nearest countries and also most of them are males.

    • avatar
      P. Morgan

      Education is not the problem; people wanting to be educated, and furthermore listening, is. In addition, the problem lies in aggressively secular agendas, which do not favour religious discourse from an earlier age and instead make the whole topic of religion a taboo and something separate from reality, and from education, and this leads to people finding their own way later, which is fine, good even for many, except for a smaller percentage that when searching for something deeper in life end up heading way off on a tangent because they read the wrong sources and/or listen to the wrong people.

  195. avatar

    no we can’t because sauid arabia pays tons of money to suport sharia law outside of their country. All what european countries are doing is “playing nice” with the oil supplier. In America all sharia law imports was banned as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore banned imports of any religious laws into american system. They dealt with it, EU will be destroyed by not doing so. And thats not by the fascists or conservatives but actually by the regressive leftists. If EU can’t defend its values, the human rights and everything its stands for then maybe they should reconsider – muslim sharia culture with no respect to human rights whatsoever OR European Union and Human rights

  196. avatar
    Theo Jordanidou

    I do not really see a way out of the current situation. Sociologists already have a lot of research datas showing that the 3rd generation is the easiest to radicalize. First generation is usually thankful to the hosting country, second generation also. 3rd generation is in an identity crisis and this is why it’s so easy to radicalize them. Though the new wave of migrants is a different issue… We cannot really calculate what will happen.

  197. avatar
    Aaron Jan Gungorian

    simple. dont allow 1 million uneducated, wahabi/sunni sect , 18-35 years old male into your country. Problem solved

  198. avatar
    Darin Attard

    To hell with you! That`s the face of deculturisation of Europe. It`s against all that Europe represents.

  199. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    First, send all young muslims NOT BORN in Europe, back to their countries and second, regardless of their place of birth, all radicals and other condemned for any crime, send to their ancestors country…

  200. avatar
    Yorgos Chatzinikolaou

    Address the young muslims with humor (respectfully): comedies, tv shows, leaflets, comics etc. to convince them that the RADICALS are truly stupid.

  201. avatar
    Maria S. Perez Ralero

    They need to leave the europeans countries and return to their countries of origin or with a similar culture. its crazy keep them here.

  202. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Why would we want to fight them when we can use them…? It is our duty as europeans to promote our culture… and part of our culture as europeans were the Romans… and the Romans had arenas with gladiators… people who were both prepared to kill and to die…. to make a long story short… imagine we restore all our Roman arenas… and fill them up with 80.000 people at 250€ a seat..for four shows a day…just the total makes me all emotional…. we could settle the problem, save the economy, the euro and keep people safe and happy… now…everyone… thumbs up (just this once)?

  203. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Why would we want to fight them when we can use them…? It is our duty as europeans to promote our culture… and part of our culture as europeans were the Romans… and the Romans had arenas with gladiators… people who were both prepared to kill and to die…. to make a long story short… imagine we restore all our Roman arenas… and fill them up with 80.000 people at 250€ a seat..for four shows a day…just the total makes me all emotional…. we could settle the problem, save the economy, the euro and keep people safe and happy… now…everyone… thumbs up (just this once)?

  204. avatar
    Pan Sol

    Before enter in mosque must obligatory 30’ lesson for history democracy and human wrights

  205. avatar
    Martin Georgiev

    Your questions are the same repeating rubbish.
    We all know the answer but none of you will do something about it nevertheless.

  206. avatar
    Luis Sarmento

    How about a Pan-European identity to galvanise the disenfranchised and reintegrate them with a greater sense of identity that they so obviously lack due to falling victim of poor government integration policies and uninstitutionalised social segregation ?

  207. avatar
    Silviu C. Stănculescu

    Send them all where they wish to be…Syria, carpet bomb the whole place, and make sure the sand lights up at night. dafuck is so hard?

  208. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Simple , cancel your church membership and stop financing religious organisations . Without church they have not support . Church is protecting them .

  209. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    It’s not up to Europeans. We are at home. We have laws and rights. The newcomers must respect the country, people and laws. They must change and fit into the society peacefully. Europeans will help them.

  210. avatar
    Kajsa Berg

    There are so many implicit assumptions to that question… Personally I would rather ask about how ‘radicalisation’ is debated and conceptualised contra other types of extremist movements/developments, what the relationship is between different types of extremist movements, how they develop and how they interact.

  211. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Everytime you ask questions like this it shows how stupit you are. Radicalism should not have place in Europe and the EU should back France in its aim to take off the nationality to terrorisst…AND stop letting so many invaders in.

  212. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    My opinion is that the State should have a strong impact on the conduct of the citizens living within its borders. Ghettos should be avoided by fixing quotas on ethnicities in schools, public housing, sport and recreational centres and so on so forth. A reintroduction of obligatory military service for all citizens would greatly help, as it would favour the mixing of different social classes / ethnic and religious groups. Radicalisation should be also hardly repressed, because preventive actions help but sometimes fear is the only efficient deterrecnt for human missbehaviours..

  213. avatar
    Helena Carvalho

    Help them love Europe. Religion is not enough of a reason for someone to destroy something they believe in. How? School is mandatory and the plan could start within its framework. Signalize vulnerable areas and population groups and improve the local schools quality. The way I see it, society wins regardless of the effectiveness of this measure

  214. avatar
    Viktor Dechev

    For once the authority should make itself felt through society that it is on its place, and such behavior won’t be tolerated. Sadly those who define Eu policies at the present mighty be good technocrats but awful politicians..what does it mean that Turkey is allowed to blackmail the union? That petty local l
    leaders are pushing their own shortsighted agenda over that of the whole continent? That thousands of people are allowed to violate the borders of the union just like that?European identity and etc. Is something that should be build and worked for just as our national states were formed in the past. We need our Bismark on European level.

  215. avatar
    Van Herk

    Well, I guess ….we all should stop driving our car ….and you should stop with publishing these kind of pictures ! If too many people are thrown out of the society, you might expect problems. It has always been like that……

  216. avatar
    Sybille Guler

    The best weapon against religion is knowledge. Enemy images are taught therefore education and labor needs to overcome long survived traditions of the Middle East .When we stop killing TERRORIST and captured and bring them for a court, we could sign that we mean democracy isn`t a weapon to kill, its weapon is fairness and justice. But still weapon companies need conflicts to earn much money, but never forget also terrorist are human being. In my idea we shouldn`t fight with killing weapon we should better fight like this: Let us go together on a table, let us not find the only truth, let us find together a dialoge.

  217. avatar
    Viktor Dechev

    And it might also be the time fore a Europe unionist party – which should be party in the real meaning of the word…Local movements designed for local problems (which we have now) won’t produce effective decisions easily…they are too busy with the local stuff (and their view is too narrow) … furthermore they are quarreling with the local stuff of others( narrow minded too)..

  218. avatar
    Viktor Dechev

    A lots of things are trivially simple if you think of it. …distribution of authority and sovereignty..Local authority cannot and should not deal with higher grade problems, and cannot take decisions about them on their own .. Higher authority must have the means to enforce it decisions to its subordinates , and this decisions are absolutely obligatory.

  219. avatar

    In my view, the best way to prevent the rampant in religious extremism is to stop sending our children religious school at a very early age. When children become old enough to understand what region meant to them and their society let them learn it. Also this should be controlled by government. The class room should be open to authorities to make sure that the education is being given in a right sense.
    We all should follow Tajikistan. We should teach our children to respect the culture of the country where we live in. We should teach our children that religion is for the well being our human, not the other way round.

  220. avatar
    Nicolas Sabatier

    Well they have a problem with our freedom… Ours. Not with freedom: that’s what they want. Theirs. And dignity.

  221. avatar
    Alex Bell

    Work with their mosques and schools to teach things that aren’t jihadist

    • avatar
      P. Morgan

      And introduce proper religious education back into schools so that young people can receive open-ended religious education instead of the choice only being between secular-agenda or overtly Islamic schools.

  222. avatar
    Jacopo Tonon

    Send them out of Europe, all of them to their motherland then close the EXTERNAL borders, work for an european unity with CIVILISED PEOPLE … Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims…

  223. avatar
    Shah Ji

    Stop promoting the politics of elitism, segregation, polarisation and systematic racism. Ever wondered why it is so easy for a terrorist group to brainwash French and Belgian citizens? As the general statements are the easiest to make, it is convinient to blame it all on the religion. Turn the scenario the other way around IF KKK was brainwashing Arab Christians in Arab countries, some of them would adhere if they faced segregation, polarisation and racism on daily basis.

    • avatar
      P. Morgan

      Or at least deem families, children and more less-abled people, as priority.

  224. avatar
    Børge Rahbech Jensen

    You are kidding, right? To me, it looks like young European muslims are radicalised in the same way as young Europeans became socialists a few decades ago. Furthermore, messages like the one shown at the photo are also found in the behaviour of socialists, nationalists and even media.

  225. avatar
    Rosy Forlenza

    it’s interesting isn’t it that if someone decides to become a neo nazi and has a meeting place on and off line to propogate those ideas there would be outrage, but coming to the west, assuming you can still force your daughters and wives to be covered up, sent off to an arranged marriage and suggest that anyone who disagrees with you should be executed..is sort of ok because it is someone’s culture? No. If I were to go to the middle east i would wear a headscarf (as many female western journalists are seen to be doing when they report from there), and as woman i don’t mind the simple head scarf, but i think there is a thin line between religious tolerance and the assault on womens’ rights that is tolerated. Either we value these freedoms in the west or we don’t, if we do, then those are rules, if you want to live those are the rules. I think being a bit more clear about these boundaries would give a voice and support to muslims who also don’t like these things, would allow deportation to become a real possibility for those who disobey rules on gender equality and who incite violence, it would also actually increase tolerance and decrease the fear that people have around their muslim communities. I am old enough to remember morrocans in italy who wore jeans and teashirts, muslims in britain who simply wore a head scarf ect., jesus what’s with all these ruddy uniforms?

  226. avatar
    Frans Timmermans

    And they are so proud of their belief that they won’t show their faces, to the desert with them, one way ticket

  227. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    You can’t, they care nothing for your values or western society. To believe you can change them is blind stupidity.

  228. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    What we could do is set an example… For instance we could impale the Pope and all the cardinals on St Peter’s square and then put a sign up saying “He who worships any religion shall be impaled like our own.” Then nobody will put in a claim for racism… it will be pure european equality…(we already visit Italy and Greece for Roman and Greek mythology we could do the same with the Vatican) and this will never be an issue anymore…
    And if people want to be religious they can go to America, or Israel or Saoudi Arabia or Iran where all the extremists like themselves live… and bomb each other happily ever after…
    So we can go back to what we do best… watch and comment

  229. avatar
    Lin Figueiredo

    According to Malala, not criticizing islam, being careful about what we say and showing that we accept muslims:
    “The more you speak against islam and against all muslims, the more terrorists it will create. It’s important that whatever politicians say, whatever the media say, they should be really, really careful about it. If your intention is to stop terrorism, do not try to blame the whole population of Muslims for it because it cannot stop terrorism. It will radicalize more terrorists. So it’s important they show harmony toward muslims and say they are accepted in this world…”

  230. avatar
    Kismat Khan

    Stop killing muslim aboard! Stop discriminate them in society.

    Invading another countries such as Irag and ahganistan and killing civilians make people want to revenge.

  231. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Find the source of who is funding them and deal with those people directly. Find the source of money for ISIS and sanction any country buying ISIS oil and supporting or profiting from supplies sold to them. Actively support peace in the middle east. All EU member states to stay out of the politics of all middle east countries, condemn violence in all its forms by all countries, not selectively.

  232. avatar
    André Alves Figueiredo

    You can’t prevent the radicalisation of something that’s radical by nature. It’s like asking how can we make communism or nazism more peaceful regimes

  233. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Islam has to fix it. They have to change their imperilastic strategy. Sometimes they expand peaceful, sometimes by terrorism. Fact is, that they expand. This is behind it. Realise what they want.

  234. avatar
    Dan Florin

    Well, without freedom, you couldn’t be in Europe demanding us to end democracy, stupid camel eaters. One is born free so he or she have the opportunity to thrive.

  235. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Force all young Muslims, especially females, to spend a year in Saudi Arabia living under sharia law.

    • avatar

      pathetic idea dear .

  236. avatar
    Lars Jorgensen

    Enemies of freedom, go to hell; and let us delete the religions. Better renounce on God than have to see these lunatics destroy our wonderful united Europa! Other places can make their own rules except a couple of things: death penalty of all kinds and torture that sadly are used in our western homelands.I don’t consider the USA to be my homeland, but I am a western european, who wants to be able to be, live and work anywhre in Europa, he wants.

  237. avatar
    Ioanna Geor

    make European nations more tolerant to culturally different refugees. If we keep pointing, the Russian, the Albanian the Arab etc. they will never feel at home

  238. avatar
    Arben Benny Puta

    to late they got us all ready i have been saying for long time,religion is more stronger then nuclear bomb 100 x and they are wining on this one,stick the nuclear bomb u your asses,is useless when it comes to religions that stils peoples hearts and souls and minds they are thieves.

  239. avatar
    William Healey

    It is never too late. We need to make them integrate into society. More sports in schools would be a good start. They also need more education about what it means to be a European. We went down the road of intolerance once and it led to a world war; lets not do that for a third time.

  240. avatar
    Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto

    This story is old radicalism has always existed in Europe for the whole system fault If not improve European and international security cooperation So I do not know whem it will be

    29/08/2018 Daniel Koehler, Director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS), has responded to this comment.

  241. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    Saying that the European Culture must be respected, and so the primary law they must respect is the european. We respect the other cultures, mainly when we travel to other countries, and they must respect our culture. They can use symbols of the religion but the burka must be forbidden in all public places, except in religious celebrations or “special” dates.

  242. avatar
    P. Morgan

    Hi. How to stop radicalisation in Europe? Easy. Be a Europe that stands for something rather than the appearance of something. How is anyone supposed to be inspired by contradiction?! If certain ministers say that the U.K “is a Christian country” and want to be taken seriously, and so too other ministers in Europe, and the general population, who say they desire unity and peace, and similarly, be taken seriously enough for others to be inspired, then they need to give practical examples of such desires, and instead of picking and choosing the Christian bits that are politically convenient to pick, the requirement is there to be confident in such assertions, and choose all the moral and ethical bits, not on the basis of them being convenient – when is Christianity ever convenient in the worldly sense – but in the belief that therein is the way forward to a more peaceful co-existence. Then, and only then, will there be less aggressive opposition. Leaders ought to be confident in what they believe and not be contradictory. To make bold and daring statements is going to bring a negative reaction unless people believe that what such and such a person said is what they really believe; otherwise, it leads many believing that they are being lied to, they are being undermined, they are being patronized, or being side-lined. And a small percentage of those are going to be weaker-minded fundamentalists.

    If Europe really desires peace and unity, and freedom of thought and conscientious living, then there needs to be the room for religious dialogue, equal between Christians and other religions, with atheists included, instead of a militantly over-secularized Europe, dressed up in its politically-correct language apparel, with so-called ‘equality’ as a name-badge, whilst being aggressively de-humanizing, and anything but ‘equal’. Oh, the irony.


  243. avatar
    P. Morgan

    Hi. How can people be inspired by contradiction? Contradiction does not foster inspiration but rather a whole bunch of unhelpful feelings. Contradiction creates a world where people feel isolated, attacked and on edge, preyed upon, and not listened to. And it is the public who pays for this because we are the ones who end up being targeted on the one side by crazy-minded fundamentalists and on the other by political spin-doctors and their media puppets. So Europe needs to set a better example…

    – this is called: taking the plank out of one’s own eye first!

    To inspire people, Europe needs to stand for something, not just the appearance of something…

    When it does, then maybe young people will not seek out or listen to evil sources in the first place, ever, no matter who or where they are.

    When politicians speak about virtue and goodness but then do not make laws that stand for what they preach then no one believes them because people sense in their hearts that there are contradictions even when they can’t understand why.

    The environment you nurture feeds those whom you are responsible for.

    Laws based on ethics and morals that are only selected out of convenience – power; money – and do not follow the truth-line all the way through will always be contradictory and succeed only in building a world of confusion and chaos.

    And herein lies the irony: Europe is supposed to stand for ‘equality’ and yet the very system of rule-making that states equality is the very system that is succeeding in achieving the diametric opposite. Because of contradictions based on convenience. If people desire a unified Europe then these contradictions surely cannot remain. I’ll list a few contradictions:

    – We are all ‘equal’ and yet babies in the womb do not have outright protection and an equal right to life.

    – We are all ‘equal’ except that people who are sick, aged or lonely can be let go, they are expendable, apparently, and legally allowed to commit suicide?!

    – We are all ‘equal’ except that Religion is not taught in schools. The choice is either Islam or no religion, for the most part, instead of across-the-board, open-ended religious education, which ought to include Christian teaching; in other words, Atheism is apparently real life and those who practice religion are just following a hobby?! Wrong. All religious people – Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims – would concur that religion is life. So who made non-religious people more important? I thought we were all equal!

    – We are all ‘equal’ except that people are not valued by the very fact we are human but rather how productive we are. You see, are disabled people valued as equal? Are they ‘equal’ only when they manage to get up a step on their own or even reach the Olympics? Or are they valuable because they bring out the best in people; they make people care; they are human like everyone else; they are fine and lovable as they are, without having to perform well?

    The contradiction is the brand of ‘equality’ that is flashed in people’s eyes as some kind of badge of certification, when in REALITY, this ‘equality’ badge is just a bad marketing advertisement that is hiding a horribly de-humanizing contradiction.

    Europe needs to go forward without playing the blame game, without contradictions, without making excuses, and then maybe everyone, even would-be fundamentalists, will be inspired enough to live vaguely healthy and happy lives.


  244. avatar

    More surveillance of muslim organistions and groups, forbidding the external non European funding and communication of muslim groups, less shyness in taking action (convict them when they do something and there is proof) a mandatory, government overseen revision of the muslim religious materials (Koran and such), active integrationist policies as opposed to tolerance. No burkas, no beard, no traditional rags, no prayers in the daily life for instance at the job.

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