Is European society growing more intolerant of diversity? Are we in danger of forgetting the lessons of the 20th Century, when so many were persecuted based on national, ethnic or other divisions? How can Europe’s diversity be turned into a strength instead of a source of tension?

As European society grows more multicultural, our classrooms are naturally becoming more diverse. We had a comment sent in from Patrick, who believes that it is therefore vital to teach students about the importance of tolerance:

citizen_icon_180x180Tolerance is not innate, but must be basically lived and taught. For this reason, it is a fundamental error [to cut budgets for] educational policy and cultural policy to [try and] save money!

To get a reaction, we spoke to Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard, Pedagogical Consultant for the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe. How would she respond to Patrick?

To get another reaction, we also put Patrick’s comment to Dr Richard Harris, Associate Professor at the Institute of Education of the University of Reading in the UK. How would he respond?

richard-harrisI agree that what we need to do is to get students to think more carefully about views we have of others, including the whole process of “othering” of different cultures and how stereotypes are generated. And, actually, to teach critical skills – in terms of, for example, how we approach the media. How does the media present certain things?

So, I agree it needs to be taught. But I think the process needs to be focused more on “acceptance” than just “tolerance”, and, actually, it’s important to emphasise that the vast majority of people in diverse societies do get on with each other. And it’s worth teaching that it doesn’t matter who we are or where we are, if you look historically, people have always moved and the idea of a multicultural society is not necessarily new, and that in itself is quite a powerful message to make sure students are aware of.

Next, we had a comment sent in from Anthony, who wanted to discuss issues raised by the growing diversity of languages in classrooms across Europe:

citizen_icon_180x180I personally don’t believe in mixed-language education. I’m an immigrant myself, and I moved to the USA when I was 8 years old and got thrown in with American kids and learned English right away. After 3 months, I was speaking perfect English. They had no Spanish teachers or any programs to “help” me. However several years later, when more Spanish speaking immigrants started arriving, they put a program in place called ESL (English as a Second Language). Well, the kids in those programs took forever to integrate and learn English.

We put Anthony’s comment to Ildikó Lázár, Lecturer in Foreign Language Teaching & Communication and Intercultural Competence Development at the Department of English Language Pedagogy of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. What would she say?

Europe’s classrooms are growing more diverse, but are teachers being given the support they need to manage this diversity? We had a comment from Hilde from Denmark, who believes that “inclusion is being rolled out but nobody prepared the teachers”.

We put Hilde’s comment to Arthur Ivatts, an International Consultant on Inclusive Education with a focus on Roma. What would he say?

ivattsI think her assessment is correct. The danger is that teachers may feel that they want to stick to their old ways, that children should just learn to fit in, and that diversity of faith, culture, language and history really shouldn’t be important in the classroom. The thinking is: “If you’ve come to this country, you should fit in”.

Now, I think that’s an attitude that we learned in the UK was a disaster for quality education. Ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity within classrooms has to be accommodated and recognised, it has to be reflected in the curriculum, and also in the way children are taught. So, I think that, as a profession, European teachers are lagging behind what is really required. Diversity is there, it is growing, and the education world has to respond to it in a very flexible way, and teachers have to increase the priority they allocate to the importance of developing their professional skills.

Finally, to give you an idea about diversity in education in Europe, we’ve put together some relevant facts and figures. Check out our infographic below (click for a bigger image).


Should children in Europe be taught the value of tolerance of diversity? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    European society is not becoming more intolerasnt of diversity, it is becoming more intolerant of islam because islam contains things which are counter to our Western values and counter to our Western Constitutions, we cannot tolerate a Religion that is intolerant towards everything that isnt islamic. islam doesnt want diversity, it wants to be the only thing which decides how everyday life goes about. Islam must be reformed to remove the intolerant and violent things from it, if this reformation doesnt happen then wha we are seeing today will not only continue, it will get worse

    • avatar
      A Muslim

      You know, I am a muslim and I am truly offended by your comment. Islam is one of the best religions out there and it doesn’t harm or threaten anyone, it’s all about peace and unity. And what is your religion? Christian? Jewish? Buddhism? Would you like it if I talked badly about your religion? So please shut your mouth and stop talking trash about Islam. Thank you Dexter, Now go rot in hell.

  2. avatar
    Paul X

    I think it would be far more important to discuss the Greek election results……….

    • avatar
      Debating Europe

      Hi Paul,

      We are indeed discussing the election results over at this debate here – https://www.debatingeurope.eu/2015/01/09/grexit/ – and we’re planning interviews now so we can get some responses to the comments there.

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    catherine benning

    The word tolerance is turning into a political code for indoctrination promoting the untennable.

    Teaching of so called ‘tolerance’ is being used as a means to stiffle, muffle or end debate on what is or is not acceptable to our society and our way of life. A way to eliminate our traditional expectations of what a civilised society is. This underlying game of acceptace is only an acceptance of what this banal group of elites want as a way to render us impotent on all levels and our children are the main port of call.

    It is an attack on Europe and its stability, rendering us speechless as human beings in fear of being accused of ‘intolerance.’ Which is only intolerance against the state and what it intends for us to embrace.

    Here is an interesting paper on just this matter.


    Don’t forget what they are forcing us to accept without any discussion or debate on the issues they are ramming down the throats of our very young children. If you do not undertand what this means, read yesterday British Daily Mail and see for yourself the steps they are taking in my country against the will of most of the parents here.


  4. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Being ‘intolerant’ is not just about race or political views but covers everything each one of us does on a daily basis.

    Being ‘intolerant’ is a natural response to a perceived threat to our well-being or situation & is with us at birth.

  5. avatar
    Gogo Ipi

    – “????? ?? ?? ????????.” – “??? ?? ????????.” … an example of dialogue for supreme European tolerance and most humanising demonstration of humankindwarmth and love for the other. We esteem the virtues of our human goodheartness and solidarity with loving tolerance. Humanity creatures that we are here shows we shall be. And we hope and love the future of more democracy for us for prosperity and benefits. So, yes, we are masters of absolute tolerance for the world to be. For us.

  6. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    a falta de dinheiro que permite viver condignamente, que est a provocar a intolerncia no Mundo. Dividir para conquistar, quanto mais divididos estivermos mais fcil ser aos senhores que se acham donos do MUNDO, se apoderarem mesmo de tudo.

  7. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    For all practical purposes, tolerance, or intolerance, is learned. Primarily and for all socially valuable purposes it is learned. And it needs to be taught throughout school at all levels.
    By the way, is a vegetarian born or learned?

  8. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Tolerance is learned by living with other tolerant people. I have many friends of different races from my period in the USA. And they are friends because although they are a different race, they have the same values. I am not tolerant of those that are intolerant and do not share the same values. My wife as well is of a different race as mine, that does not mean I tolerate everyone of her race. which in my country in Europe, a high percentage of them cause problems. The better question is what makes us intolerant of diversity? Is it a race issue, or a behavior issue? and not our behavior but those who choose to come here. Should it be taught in school? NO! that is indoctrinaction, which the left wing love to do. We have come to a place in our society where the measurement of being a good person means one that tolerates the other no matter what the other one does. No, that is idiotic.

  9. avatar
    Suraci Edud Nemo

    Everyone born with the capacity for basic logic is born with the capacity for learning tolerance.

    Learning intolerance requires advanced mind control techniques.

  10. avatar

    Tolerance should not be taught in school. That is indoctrination. Intolerance is learned through living. What we should be asking is why is Europe growing intolerant? Maybe there is a problem with the diversity?

    I do not have a problem with race. I do however have a problem with behaviour, be it from a white person, black, latino or what ever. My wife is not of my race, I do not however tolerate the behaviour of many of her race. They have brought to my country problems we never had. So, am I intolerant to hispanics? no, I am intolerant to hispanic criminals who do not behave like human beings. So should we teach in school that our children should be tolerant to those coming here causing problems? No, teach to not discriminate, but not to be tolerant.

    Our society has come to a point where people are being labeled tolerant and intolerant, and ones being the good and the other the racists. Indifferent to what is causing the intolerance in some, which might be totally legitimate. Why does Europe need to be tolerant? why do we need diversity? Why should we force our future generations to be tolerant of what will definetely change their culture and be intolerant towards them?

    Europeans have a problem with themselves. We have been brainwashed into thinking that if you are proud of your culture you are a bad person. And you are only a good person if you accept (tolerate) diversity. It is bad to be a proud European, and are quickly labeled a racist. We are not allowed to protect our culture or values, if you do so you are intolerant. We can’t complain about certain behaviours as we will quickly be labelled intolerant, racist and even Nazis. We are asked( really forced) to ignore certain problems. Why don’t we admit that certain people have brought problems to Europe? The fastest way to fixing a problem is to diagnose it properly. Why do we have no-go zones in Europe? Why do we allow certain people in Europe to preach hatred and intolerance towards Europeans, or our values? Maybe the way to fix intolerance is to fix the problems that people are intolerant of, and not re educate people to accept those problems?

    • avatar

      How is it contradictory to be proud of your own culture and accept that others can also be proud of theirs and that cultures evolve all the time, in exchange with others. A culture which remains fixed on its navel is a dead culture

  11. avatar
    catherine benning

    For you tolerance lovers, what do you think Hitler relied on?

    Yes, tolerance to his dogma, and it started with the disabled and our children. His mantra began with ‘we must be toelrent to the idea of putting the weak out of their misery. They are begging for our help to be free of this life.’ Then the rest of humanity followed to a greater and lesser degree. Look it up.

    Tolerance in intollerable when it goes too far.

  12. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    Is that a real question? Why not finding the reason intolerance has been fed into the brains of people since the birth of power in society? Is it so hard to notice that the only reason we have goverments is that we are intolerant by imposition?

    • avatar

      You got almost to the point of this question: What has to be tolerated is always decided by those in power. For example, during the Cold War people were urged not to tolerate Communist machination, in the center of public discourse was “class struggle” (remember the type of pre 1990 terrorism: RAF, Red Brigades etc.).

      “Diversity” of the kind we are supposed to tolerate today wasn’t payed much public attention to in the pre EU era (beginning with 1992).
      With the disappearance of the Soviet “threat” the lines of conflict were immediately redrawn by the Western power establishment (the intellectual blueprint came first from the US and Britain; remember I. Huntington, The Clash of Civilisation), media and educational emphasis was shifted away from “class” to “cultural clash”. This is the era where we are living in now. And, of course, as European societies are cultural rather homogenous, diversity has to be created by all kinds of political interventions, demanding tolerance towards mass immigration is one of the most obvious.

  13. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    Why in so many countries we have religious classes in goverment schools and no civic ones?

    • avatar
      Gavin Crowley

      Because we are tolerant.

  14. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    The ‘nature v nurture’ argument has yet to be resolved. This is just another instance of same. NEXT QUESTION…

  15. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    it is contributing to school that children are not descriminated agains societies are changing and starting to be taken for granted own development of societies

  16. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    Tollerance (I tollerate) is a passive attitude towards whatever type of thoughts a person might have about something. When it is about people, then the most significative word, which rewards on the long term, should be (I kind of miss the right term in english) something like to coexist or to cohabit (something that includes interactions between people), rather than to tolerate.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maria Kavouri
      FTR ‘acceptance’ suggests a level of acquiescence one step beyond ‘tolerance’.

    • avatar

      I agree, we betray our culture when we act like those we call barbaric by refusing to even listen or acknowledge other people’s equal humanity

  17. avatar
    Juan Martinez

    I?m all for tolerance, I live I the U.S., but a word of caution. Tolerance should not mean the erosion of our customs, laws, culture and liberties. Those that wish to form within our societies, nuclei or sub communities with ways of life that are contrary to freedom, women?s rights and the host country laws, should not be allowed to do so.

  18. avatar
    Marta Saraiva

    Aprende se atravs da partilha de diferentes valores sociais, mas cabe aos pais educar para o respeito por essas diferenas. enriquecedor crescer respeitando o prximo.

  19. avatar
    Parászka Máté

    Ivan maybe you learned it, some people are just like this, tolerate others.My question would be how should we help people who are not tolerant or people who used to learn it to understand that they has to be tolerated also.

  20. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    I think tolerance is part of the common sense, so it is learnt. But common sense is born.

  21. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    Is being ‘tolerant’ not a bit denigrating towards the thing or person you ‘tolerate’ ? I think respecting one another and indeed co-exist are better terms.

  22. avatar

    Learnt, I think. It doesn’t come naturally as we are intrinsically suspicious of anyone different to us. It is our tribal genes that we have inherited down the centuries.

  23. avatar
    Pebatcruz Pedro Baptista

    em princpio, a tolerncia inata: uma criana no conhece limites para as suas aces, porque ainda no tem a noo dos perigos reais que las.. con nas suas explorae…s do mundo que a rodeia…

  24. avatar
    Luis Prenda Prenda

    Permanecer nos valores morais, tradicionais da U.E. e manter boas relaes culturais, fundamental para trabalhar e viver .

  25. avatar
    Jenny Lambropoulos

    both..when you’re orn you are sort of on the middle line, how you are brought up influences you, but in the end, it’s your own sense of right or wrong which usually takes over.

  26. avatar
    catherine benning

    Do other states in this European Union have the same kind of state ‘intolerance’ in their schools as we now have in the UK?

    Here is an example of what is going on with very young children in my country. They are starting at five year old to teach the concept of all kinds of adult practices. And indoctrinating the children with ideas that are politically correct. Do they close down good schools in say, France, Germany, Italy and others, if the children at the age of nine don’t know of these topics? I really want to know.


    And here is another example. Is considered appropriate for some bald old guy to be questioning children on matters of this nature? Isn’t there an oddness in all of the PC bull we are forced to endure? What is the motive of the State in this kind of behaviour? What are they aiming to produce?


    I know for sure that since the march on promoting mass human biology classes at such very young ages, the instances of inappropriate behaviour has resulted in a massive increase in teenage pregnancy and teacher pupil relationships here in the UK.. As well as the high underage terminations required as a result.


    And the naughty teachers sprouting from every nook and cranny.


    Tolerance is a matter of propriety. Schools appear to be the last place to begin a chat on matters as important as this to our children. I think it appropriate to hire the old well trodden guard of chaperone in all our British schools as they cannot be trusted to keep their hands to themselves here. Not male or female.

  27. avatar

    Research shows that people living in diverse neighobrhoods are more tolerant and open to diversity. People who live in mono-cultural communities are more likely to vote for xenophobic parties. Tolerance is a not innate or learnt in a bookish way, it is a result of experience. The more such experiences are positive and enriching, the more people embrace diversity as an asset. This is the basis of the Intercultural cities approach to diversity management – create conditions f (in schools, public space, institutions) for positive interaction and co-creation between people of different backgrounds, but make sure they are treated as equals. This translates into specific policies can adopt to help schools become lively intercultural communities http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/cultureheritage/culture/Cities/Publication/ICC-policy-brief-Education_en.pdf

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Irena:

      Well, your argument doesn’t hold water here in the UK. In fact the very opposite of what you offer appears to be the rule here. The more diverse the area the more the lack of so called ‘tolerance’ appears to work well against the peace between its neighbours.


      And in that great melting pot of humanity, the USA, we see happening throughout many European states, but, they are not as open and honest as those in the horror show from across the Atlantic, the one we follow with such diligence.


      The US has been the leader of the melting pot of all societies in the West. And the claim you make is not felt or even addressed in that country, for the statistics show overwhelming proof that ‘diversity’ is the cause of so much of the xenophobia you highlight. Example: Go to any of our towns located in Devon or Cornwall, where the diversity is the least and ask the people that have moved there from the cities that have become overwhelmingly diverse, why they left. What you will be told is, life became impossible as the violence grew to alarming proportions the more mixed in diversity it became.

      And the worst of all is that the politicians refuse to acknowledge the facts. And they try with altruistic diligence to hide it. However, see if they send their children to the schools that have what they forced on all of us. No, they don’t, they are very selective when it comes to their own. In fact, in the UK you will find the majority choose to educate theirs privately. And that goes for all shades of political allegiance.

      Another act of do as I preach not as I do.

      And here is a last link for you to enlighten yourself with. Ugandan is the most ethnically diverse nation on earth and the most intolerant.


  28. avatar

    Interesting, the research I have consulted is from the UK


    There is also UK research on inter-ethnic friendships. Two hundred and forty-seven South Asian British children (M = 11 years) recruited from 37 classrooms completed measures of perceived cross-ethnic friendship quantity and quality, PED, psychological well-being, and resilience. Friendship quality, but not quantity, had direct positive associations with psychological well-being and resilience. A higher quantity of cross-ethnic friendships moderated the negative effects of PED on both outcomes. Results suggest that cross-ethnic friendships are beneficial for South Asian British children by functioning as a protective factor from the negative effects of discrimination within a multi-ethnic context.

    there is also evidence from London that ethnically diverse schools perform better

  29. avatar
    catherine benning

    Please, Irena, if you want to discuss this intelligently don’t come here claiming UK government figures will show you anything like reality. The UK has the worst education levels for its students in much of Europe. And the worst performing schools are in the areas with the most diversity.


    The UK government will follow any PC paper it ‘pays’ to put out to cover its failure because it’s desperate. My government is the most secretive in Europe on all politically correct matters and getting a truthful picture here is asking for openness and freedom. Forget it. By the way, we are told that this situation in our schools is all as a result of us being in the European Union. That Europe is the reason we cannot have the wonderful schools we once had. As they demand uncontrolled immigration which is tearing our system apart. I wonder why they tell us that? Could it be they are looking to blame others for their incompetence?


    Now, not only British schools have this problem of bad schools in their diverse areas. If you check out say, Sweden, Norway, and so on you may find it correlates closely with the UK in that.


    What you are trying to hide from is the fact that people are beginning to spill the beans about the reality of their experiences and that those who have an agenda for Europe that is not in the best interests of its people, can no longer keep them silenced. They now have this wonderful gift called the WWW. And the official crock we are fed no longer hides the truth the way it once did for the communities are telling it as it is.

    Oh, and one question to you. If, as you appear to buy into this idea that more diversity creates the best schools, why are are our wealthy and our politicians running as fast as they can from those schools for their own children’s education? Could you be specific please. Are you going to try and persuade us all that these pillars of our society want their kids to be disadvantaged by sending them to privately educated schools which are mainly homogeneous? You will have to hit me over the head with a brick if you want me to believe that nonsense.

    • avatar

      Well said

  30. avatar
    catherine benning

    @ Jenny Siung:

    Of course, it must be the the horrid offending indigenous population of Ireland that is so lacking in the thrill of diversity. It couldn’t possibly be that the people you speak of are totally opposed to integration and therefore reject it with the same ploy they have done for years? Could it? Please stop hitting the host countries with a cosh and try to get a reasonable balance and some educated perspective.


    • avatar

      No country or population gorup has the monopoly of tolerace or intolreance. Thinking in sipmplistic and populist categories of “horrible” this or that group is not helpful.

  31. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Tolerance and intolerance are both natural on human groups. People are tolerant when they do not see danger on others’ acts. However, if they foresee any kind of animosity or danger on others’ acts, of course intolerance is a natural response.

  32. avatar
    Karl Rove

    I see that the word “diverse” and its variosu conjugations is being thrown around alot without really adressing the core issue,namely whether “diversity” itself it something desirable.

    Where schools in europe worse of 50 years ago when there were barely any non-euroepans pupils?
    Does student performeance increase as the amount of third world immigrants grow in numbers?

    It’s time we start to debate about whether “diversity” is something we shoudl strive for,rather than how we should force it upon others.

  33. avatar
    Papaioannou Giannis

    WAKE UP! Does not exist “European Society”!!!! Some people have nothing in common either you like it or not!!!

  34. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    Actually, most of us are very tolerant. We preach tolerance, but also expect that those who choose to live in a community and culture abide by the general rules of that community and culture. Problem is not everyone accepts this very simple notion of ‘Western or European’ society and/or civilization. A stupid or childish example: you don’t pick your nose, not in public, or spit on the ground, or fart with other people nearby. Now maybe they’re fine and acceptable in some other cultures, but a no-no here. Of course, you may choose to, but you can’t expect others to approve. Also, if covered heads are not a real problem, completely covered faces are. Walk into a bank or store with a full helmet, or ski mask, and see what happens. Whatever happens, it won’t be pleasant. In other words, there are basic rules and we have to abide by these rules. Lesson learned in the first grade.

  35. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    In parts of Europe there is big intolerance between people of same culture, same physical appearance, same language (or language group) , but eventually different religion, different opinions on states’ boundaries, or different favourite superpowers. I think this is not to be ignored, as well.

    • avatar

      In the US you have cultural, religious and basically every type of diversity you can imagine…
      In Asia you simply don’t have diversity because it isn’t so common for Europeans to go and live there. Same for Africa.

  36. avatar
    Malcolm Farrugia

    Diversity should never be forced on a culture. Many European countries have joined the European Union for a better future for the whole continent, its people and culture. Nowadays we’re facing the africanisation and islamification of the European continent. The political scenario is moving to an opposite pole of our wants, needs and aspirations!

  37. avatar
    Ivan R Nunes

    With economic strife, comes the irrational need for a scapegoat. It is European tradition..

  38. avatar
    Joana Vitorino Oliveira

    I believe intolerance has to do with 2 things: economic issues and misunderstanding the other just because its different…. :)

  39. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    Tolerance is the same as intolerance. If the state tolerates norms of the minoritites that are not accepted by the majority then the tolerance is intolerance to the majority. I am agree that imigrants should recieve language lessons and their children to use the mother language of the majority. And last but not least think about tha question: The integration can be done only by choice not by force and if someone refuses to integrate then the punishment is ……..

    When EU finally ables to answer that last question then the problems with the diversity will be gone forever.

  40. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    No, we are as intolerant as in the past, it is just that after WW2 we tried to lie to ourselves that we put intolerance behind us, ashamed of what happened in those terrible years. Nowadays, that shame is starting to fade.

  41. avatar
    Йордан Василев

    Some groups in Europe became intolerant, but majority are tolerant. The problem of Europe are muslims, who have other religion and other traditions, including being intolerant with christians and secular people.

  42. avatar
    Catalin Vasile

    We are not growing intolerant, but we are defending our ways of living and our culture facing the muslim migrants who seek to turn our society into one more of a kind to their home – in this case I wonder why did they bother to get here in the first place?! If they can not or/and do not wish to blend in than they shoul be sent back home where they belong and feel comfortable!!!

  43. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Europeans have been lliving with each other for ages. Lunatics have disrupted this balance, on again, off again, for years. We seem to be finding a number of arrogant lunatics lately. And Europeans, the conglomerate of the people living in Europe, are sick and tired of lunatics, especially arrogant lunatics. For those, our tolerance is gone, yes!

  44. avatar
    Fari La

    Yes, unacceptance and lack of embracing the others, specially minorities, are escalating in Europe…

  45. avatar
    Lara's Journal

    Europe is diversity,not accepting this is the same as living in Alaska and being against snow. Idiot debate, by the way, promotes the disintegration instead of progress and innovation, that’s what europe & world need!!

  46. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Diversity is good or nore realistic….DIVERSITY EXIST ANYWAY. the problem is to stop hatefull religious primitive groups who tend to impose their barbarism and cruelty on Europe.

  47. avatar
    Michalis Pouros

    I think we have made great progress with diversity but still there is ground to cover…..austerity is not helping…..

  48. avatar
    Adrian Bugeja

    Europeans have a taste of diversity by experience now.. And it is not the best one!! cultures do not mix easily, and when they do mix , both ends feel they are on the right side however both will suffer .

  49. avatar
    Girts Valens

    In case Europe will not start fighting with Kremlin’s propaganda in media, many Eastern Europeans especially native Russian speakers will stay cruel and intolerant.

  50. avatar
    J P Schoffer Petricek

    definitely true – the more there is an economic crisis, the more there is discrimination against foreigners, ethnic minorities, gays etc. It has always been like this. Very sad.

  51. avatar
    Simon Gangl


    Hier ein typischer link aus Europa auf FB, gerade durch Zufall gsehn!

    Ihr schmalldenker seht halt net den unterschied zwischen intoleranz und nicht-akzeptanz bestimmter Ansichten!
    Die Nazis waren intolerant … jeder normale Europer des 21. Jahrhunderts wrde keine extremen muslims akzeptieren.

    Am Ende seid ihr es die verallgemeinern! Schande ber euch, sowas will sich Europaer nenen!! :S

  52. avatar
    Bel Sullaphen

    People here use the words TOLERANCE, INTEGRATE & CIVILIZED! Were Europeans any of those words when they violently overthrew African, Asian & American countries???

  53. avatar
    Bel Sullaphen

    Europeans are the least tolerant & most racist of all nations. Belgium is a tiny country with a high ranking of racism. Intolerance go hand in hand with it!

  54. avatar
    Bel Sullaphen

    The Charlie Hebdo tragedy is a fine example. The French claim FRATERNITY, EQUALITY & LIBERTY! Just for the French & for whom they chose to protect. CH has carte blanche to mock one & all except the Jewish! It’s a protected French law. Where’s the claimed freedom of speech??? Just a flock of sheep!

  55. avatar
    Gareth Tuckwell

    I think diversity is good. Intolerance comes when diversity either obstructs everyday life or is forced upon people. There have always been religious types who like to ‘spread their word’, but those who do so violently (Isis is just the latest) are naturally opposed by logical, sensible people. Dislike of those who kill others is not intolerance. Would anyone use the word intolerant when describing the world’s reaction to Hitler?

  56. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    I ain’t against muslic nor minorities but not everyone can integrate and be beneficial to the society the state and to the diversity of europe. For that we must have an answer for those unintegrated people!

  57. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    I ain’t against muslic nor minorities but not everyone can integrate and be beneficial to the society the state and to the diversity of europe. For that we must have an answer for those unintegrated people!

  58. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    There are many other more important discriminations and stigmatisation than that threatens the concept of europe like raising economic inequalities, discrimination on base of age versus demands for longevitiy and health intentions for long term work cognitive and physical capability, access to the market of employment, access to technical functional education, access to high-tech education, access to fundamental science education, limitations for integration in these areas.

  59. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Tolerance is an attitude that othen are accepted in society beacuse she accepted different opinions intolerance is the will to recognize and respect

  60. avatar
    Luis Lourenco

    My father use to day ” each monkey on its own tree branch”
    You come to Europe you embrace our values. We will not change ourselves to accommodate you

  61. avatar
    Luis Lourenco

    You left your country so you leave behind the values of the country you abandoned.
    Obviously you could not live there. So do not bring those values to us. We doing fine

  62. avatar
    Valentin Valentin

    If they are came here for a better life, don’t try to change us… We are OK as we are..If u wanna change something, change the system from the country u left behind. …We do not need emigrants for the children social help, fanatics and beggers…

  63. avatar
    John Bevegård

    hi create a green ecoofriendly economy democratic eu union soft Power in the World eu johnnyb.

  64. avatar
    Leo Vlaming

    Diversity only becomes a problem if it becomes a cover for allowing some groups to opt out of the core norms and values of a community and for doing away with a community’s cultural identity.

  65. avatar
    Giusy Ancori

    Tolerance contains negative attitude towards the ‘other’. I don’t think that ‘Tolerance’ should be taught if this means no way, no intention to look at the other, to understand the other, to take care of what are the other’s needs and to express what are our ideas, our needs our values. I think there must be an equal exchange of respect of the opinions, expectations, values and needs! Otherwise ‘tolerance’ will turn into an empty word.

  66. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    There is no way until we stop giving limitless human rights to people who try to destroy natives’ culture and lifestyle. If you want to live in a foreign country you must embrace its culture, not the opposite…

  67. avatar
    Valentin Valentin


  68. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    Common education values and vision early on!!! The only way to build on diversity i.e. U.S.A!!

  69. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    Common education values and vision early on!!! The only way to build on diversity i.e. U.S.A!!

  70. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    When there is equality for all on this continent… When we get the same salaries, have the same opportunities for wealth, education and prosperity and we get over, through education, the self righteous privilege of the “natives” versus the immigrant or foreigner…

  71. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    When there is equality for all on this continent… When we get the same salaries, have the same opportunities for wealth, education and prosperity and we get over, through education, the self righteous privilege of the “natives” versus the immigrant or foreigner…

  72. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    We have to stop to allow the firms and banks control Europe and to start to concentrate on human values

  73. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    We have to stop to allow the firms and banks control Europe and to start to concentrate on human values

  74. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    when costs of living are the same in each country, then you might have a chance, until then it’s a total wate of time even discussing it.

  75. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    when costs of living are the same in each country, then you might have a chance, until then it’s a total wate of time even discussing it.

  76. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    get rid of Angela Merkel for a start – Germany will wreck Europe for the third time in a hundred years with another of its ideological obessions and supremacist complexes — Schuldners RAUS !

  77. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    get rid of Angela Merkel for a start – Germany will wreck Europe for the third time in a hundred years with another of its ideological obessions and supremacist complexes — Schuldners RAUS !

  78. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    I was living in different EU countries and I could find out that most of our diversity is based on very strange ideas like religion. Also we don’t have a big problem because people are more educated and in the future we are not going to have any problems . Diversity is for the most national folklore : http://youtu.be/mOiWVbr07ho?t=18s

  79. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    One way to turn diversity into a strength is to stop talking about it as a “difference” and rather as a “strength”. Start talking about “human dignity values”, start talking about “ethics” and stop talking about religion as if it was all that there is.

  80. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Why so bent on promoting diversity? Why does Europe have to be diverse? Ah yes, Kalergi Plan.

  81. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    By demonstrating that a diverse population can be united and persevere through difficult times rather than dissolve into bickering special interest groups.

  82. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    maybe Switzerland has an answer, they are a multicultural country and managed to keep harmony in their society

  83. avatar
    Ecs Ferreira

    Strength by being clear with the minorities : culture based in roman – greece and cristian culture, respect in both sides, restrition in emigration outside europe – no more than x percentage of the population of the country. Strengthning economy and finance betwin EU and combating injustice and descrimination.

  84. avatar
    Chalks Corriette

    It is our dream that a cross-cultural network of engaged and knowledgeable everyday citizen leaders, will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

  85. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Better question. Is intolerance born or learnt? I am very tolerant of those that are tolerant as well. Intolerant with those who are not, and are criminals as well, be it what ever race they are.

  86. avatar

    It’s definitely something that needs to be taught! We seem to be doing a better job now in schools but unfortunately we are not influencing all households. Next generations will grow more tolerant only if their convictions are not challenged by elders who still believe in ‘our country for our people’

  87. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    learnt obviously. Just look at the 30s and tell me people aren’t less tolerant, and it is not like intolerance is passed on genetically cause it is has only been 2 generations since WW2.

  88. avatar
    Csilla Lőrinszky

    born, no babies/kids are aware about any kind of differences … then we start to notice and learn it … and then comes the next step “re-learning” tolerance, what we already had when we were born

  89. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    All of us has been born tolerant and atheistic . Some people teach children how to become intolerant .

  90. avatar
    Leslie Poplawski

    The Robert Wood Johnson has done studies & found that the non-profit PLAYWORKS has found a beautiful way of teaching through play at recess where 100% of student attend daily successfully taught conflict resolution skills & social & emotional learning better than social and emotional learning classes. Playworks recess programs Is proven to lower bullying on playgrounds, in classroom etc. I believe it has the greatest potential of creating peace, lowering incarceration rates & health costs and bringing balance to civil action and more. This tiny little thing called thoughtful quality recess the way they do it is remarkable. I’m a mom. I don’t work for playworks. I do care about child rights and peace.

  91. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    ask muslims, they learn to separate people in two categories, muslims and non muslims (kuffars).

  92. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    To be intolerant of (perceived) intolerance is to beg the question of what “we” mean by “tolerance” ? as well as whether there is indeed a “we” to which can be referred.

  93. avatar
    Mathew Sandoval

    Both learnt and bred of good will, tolerance is very much intuitive. Touch and go, feel your way, know the world.

  94. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Tolerance is not a universalisable value: any attempts to do so necessarily result in intolerance of intolerance, which is absurd.

  95. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    We are all born innocent and then brainwash begins! Sometimes positive sometimes negative! Education is crucial!! #Tabularasa

  96. avatar
    Inês Valente

    Learnt, it depends on how much you understanding the world and how you are part of it. It’s not possible to be born knowing this. However, our natural personality traits help us to be more easily – or not – tolerant.

  97. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    I think learnt. But I do believe that someone needs to have the intelligence to be able to learn it anyway… (funny thing is that for a lot of people who are the opposite of quite intelligent do have the born tolerance in them :-) Anyway, my own love for Europe has come out when I was in Berlin at the remains of the wall and the respect for people who are seeking safer grounds was indulged by my own search for a better life… So it that sense it is indeed learned

  98. avatar
    James Taylor

    Intolerance is learnt. Put a Palestinian and Israeli toddler together without telling them they hate each other and you’d see

  99. avatar
    Steve Patriarca

    Tolerance in itself is neither good nor bad; it depends what you are tolerating. The notion that ethnic and other minorities have to be “tolerated” is in itself offensive. What’s to tolerate? Tolerance is a false friend to liberalism; for it excuses liberals to tolerate the intolerable. Better to speak of terms like respect and understanding. Tolerance is often intolerable!

  100. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    There is no coexist. It is left wing propaganda. How can anyone coexist with a religion that wants to end all others? What is happening is that we are forced to accept what common sense tells us we should not. Should have tolerated nazism as well? If we had the same idiotic leaders during nazism that we have today, they would be forcing us to tolerate it, as they do today. And proof is this type of propaganda pushing for tolerance of the intolerant.

  101. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Tolerance is learned of course as well as intolerance. But when tolerance should stop towards others intolerance. I remember a slogan of the French Revolution: “Pas de liberté pous des enemis de la liberté”!

  102. avatar
    Oliver Morton

    Intolerance is always learned, religion is often behind it as is politics, I’m not sure that the media may not on occasions have a hand in it

  103. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    How could it be born? Are we to assume that societies all of a sudden started giving birth to more tolerant babies after a certain point in the 20th century, while before they didn’t? It is learned, definitely. It is a value of socialization and part of identity, and thus a social construct.

  104. avatar

    The inequality of the world just express our nature, we tend to have our own groups… The way we act towards diversity can be changed by education, though.

  105. avatar
    Paul Moldovan

    Some of the people are born tolerant. The others can learn. If they want to. If they understand tolerance is a must.

  106. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    ”I tolerate you so much! <3 '' ''Me too! '' ..Said no couple ever! Tolerance is overrated and not always long-lasting. People shouldn't be looking for just reaching tolerance-situations, but should try if they could reach further, in a more reliable situation.

  107. avatar
    rosie dee

    We are born tolerant, some are taught to be intolerant.
    Children are taught by their parents actions & words
    Love alone exists but coexisting’s were tolerance is created
    In Love

  108. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Diversity should go hand in hand with integration. What we see however is considerable intolerance on behalf of many of those we welcomed in Europe and a lack of willingness to integrate and accept the way of living of their new country. This means that tolerance that was at the basis has been abused by those we welcomed. Diversity has in many places proven to be a total failure: Malmö, Roubaix, Marseille, Brussels, Liège, etc. Tolerance is a gift but it also has to be DESERVED by the recipient.

  109. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Warmongering ‘Europeans’ have learnt nothing from their history & are destined to repeat it..

    A brief history of ‘European’ values:

    + 12 million dead in your Napoleonic ‘European’ wars to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    + 30 million dead in your First ‘European’ World War to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    + 60 million dead in your Second ‘European’ World War to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    How many would you ‘Europeans’ like to kill in your next ‘European’ War to unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma ?

    Fascism, Nazism, communism & now Europeanism.

    Different flag, different anthem but the same crazed lust for power over the peoples of Europe.

    We may just let you get on with it next time..


  110. avatar
    Christian Weale

    What does tolerance mean to me? Well, I prefer to embrace an understanding of contrary views. I am not sure that we need to agree but we do need to attempt to understand and respect those who differ from ourselves?

    Tolerance embraces diversity it means that our differences. Become less important than our similarities?

    Also helping people, even if they are very different from ourselves. It doesn’t matter what you believe we are all people.

  111. avatar
    Evangelos Koumentakos

    Hello, ‘if European politicians do not deliver in creating jobs and defending the European living standards they will have very unpleasant surprises ‘ Herman Van Rompoy Bozar event with Soros and Moscovici, summer 2014.

    What is it that you don’t understand? It is the populism you idiot.

  112. avatar
    José Manuel Quintáns Pazos

    Meaningful silence (compared to other posts).
    I believe that every human is able to love other humans independently from their differences.

    BUT, there are many ways we can love and help others, there are many ways to express love, as well as many ways to frighten hearts. And I think that the way you see tolerance is narrow minded and not tolerant with Europeans’ feelings, and the core problem has to do with the way the EU is governed and with the way poor countries are governed.

    Anyway I’m not going to disclose my true inner thoughts about this issue, cause this is a problem that is not going to be solved, and could be misunderstood and could fuel haters. And I think that’s why many Europeans are silent about this issue.

  113. avatar
    José Manuel Quintáns Pazos

    Meaningful silence (compared to other posts).
    I believe that every human is able to love other humans independently from their differences.

    BUT, there are many ways we can love and help others, there are many ways to express love, as well as many ways to frighten hearts. And I think that the way you see tolerance is narrow minded and not tolerant with Europeans’ feelings, and the core problem has to do with the way the EU is governed and with the way poor countries are governed.

    Anyway I’m not going to disclose my true inner thoughts about this issue, cause this is a problem that is not going to be solved, and could be misunderstood and could fuel haters. And I think that’s why many Europeans are silent about this issue.

  114. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    It is learned, no one is born with fixed perception of environment. We are more what we learn to be, and less what we are born to be. Our identity and self concept is formed in both family, school and social environment. We look ourselves by other’s eyes and we accept or reject what we are. Acceptance of identity is healthy, rejection is a source of many problems

  115. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Tolerant is born and intolerant is learnt for the most from religious organisations.

  116. avatar
    Acsai György

    Tolerance and intolerance (and the like) are but verbal labels to affix to people/ideas one (dis)agrees with.

  117. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    Unfortunately, intolerance seems to be the “natural state” of all animals, humans included (even if there is always the exceptions that confirm the rule). So, definitively, I will go with Learnt!

  118. avatar
    Stephen Pockley

    I am massively intolerant to something that threatens our British way of life,that includes the EU too.

  119. avatar

    Let’s compare USA with Japan and South Korea:

    Japan and or South Korea are very closed societies, racists indeed, and they are brilliant at innovation, because they have a very good education system, and very stressing maybe but they get from their people what they need for their societies.

    USA instead, lacks a good education system, and just makes efforts on attracting talent from abroad.

    Anyone biased towards the USA’s system would say diversity is the Holy Grail for innovation, but Japan and S. Korea demonstrates that innovation and open-mindedness has nothing to do with mixing races and cultures in a room. Specially in present days, when you can study and visit most cultures in the world.

  120. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    Good question but why is it only one- sided? Are those who are comming to EU willing to do the same? There’s ton of examples for ethnic religion or other divisions(women rights too) persecutions in the refugee donor statets.

  121. avatar
    Paulo Neves Cortesao

    My FREEDOM and RIGHTS finish where begins yours.
    If we forgot the problems we had in past we will repeat the same mistakes.
    If we want to live in a better world we need to see the problems and try to create real solutions to them…

  122. avatar
    Má Trávníčková

    Hypocrites. People (pretend to) celebrate the holocaust memory, but nobody realizes how many die even nowadays, howmany holocausts happen in the contemporary world we live in?
    We didn’t leave in that period, but still forced ‘to celebrate’ the day to wash the guilty souls..

    We should celebrate an holocaust for each day of the year…

  123. avatar
    Valerica Birsan

    I don’t think this is the main question regarding tolerance …if is not born it has to be learnt…this is the point!

  124. avatar
    مشیر بارسلونا

    According to the behaviorist, altruism is a learnt knowledge. And since altruism is a type of tolerance, so we call it learnt quality and it’s not genetic or born. I don’t know what is naturalist approach on this?

  125. avatar
    John Frederick Stroud

    In all the time I have spent studying the Holocaust and visiting the camps, I never once believed that it could NOT happen again-it could and it is-when will the world and the liberals take their heads out of the sand and start to live in the real world?!

  126. avatar
    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    This painful lesson for the entire human kind will always remain useful for us and our followers: judge someone by his deeds, not his origin. Let’s keep this in mind especially now, when Europe is up against terror and confusion: punishing only the guilty ones makes sense and does justice!

  127. avatar
    Αλεξάνδρα Γκόρου

    its both born and learn.Scientifically, women seem to be more ‘tolerant’ than men because the lobe of the brain that works as the spontaneous part of our behavior is smaller than the one of a mans. Which is why there are also more male murderers etc. etc. than women. But how you work your brain really affects which parts of it function better faster less etc etc. Now regarding the refugees I think its a cocktail of many things like ones descent,financial status,religion,education and,maybe most importantly,ability to critical thinking.

  128. avatar
    Popa Victor Tudor

    The tolerance is learnt. The tolerance means mutual respect. But who teach us? Politicians, the priests, mass-media, school… the history? Any ideea?

  129. avatar
    Aleksandrs Frederiks Znovs

    Yes, it seems Europe is starting completely to forget all these lessons letting their inhabitants to be raped, humiliated and even killed by the part of invaders (i.e. refugees), forcing their inhabitants to stay quiet in idea of ‘multiculturalism’, ‘tolerance’ and other bullshit (bullshit, because it is a value only for inhabitants, not for ‘invaders’, as we already can see). Why Europeans cannot understand the fact that these human values are for us, not for them, so it is a play with double standards…

  130. avatar
    Mathias Darmell

    We are all capable of evil as good. It’s a choice we must make everyday on which side we are on

  131. avatar
    Mustafa Copur

    any goverment by the way of country maps.they kill woman child civil in tukey and if europa and every body watching this oll of us lier human been

  132. avatar
    Mustafa Copur

    no tolerance for by force to teach againsth god rule to any human been.if they refuse to tegother with turkish state in kurdistan turkey if turkey force those humanity in their own land oll of us lier america auropa russia

  133. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Thanks to the lunacy of ‘ever closer union’ the Nations in the Eu are more intolerant & divided than at any point since the last ‘European’ world war.

  134. avatar
    Vytautas Vėžys

    Forced. Everyone is “tolerant” cause they are afraid to be called names. If you speak against something in “civilized world” you can even go to jail for hate crime, so better keep your opinion to yourself and act like you tolerate everything.

  135. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    It does not really matter, does it? But it has to be taught! Just like physiological urges are born but one has to be taught where to apply them.

  136. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    It is about religion , religious people are NO tolerant , they want to destroy everything outside of their group and religious teaching .

    Church is fighting to get refugees to the EU they don’t do it to help refugees . They do it because they make money on it or to bring radical Muslims and create conflict in the EU or to destroy our democracy win elections and destroy the EU. Afghela opened borders to create right-wing in Germany just because they are together , Afghela is right wing , they are the same church gang . Christians can’t win with CDU/CSU but they are going to win with right-wing and Germans don’t understand that .


    Christians are destroyed , not more than 55% of Americans are Christians , great majority young Americans and EU citizens are atheists : https://youtu.be/h8HZ0e9N51Q?t=49m

    UK is atheist country : Only two in five British people now identify as Christian : http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/bishops-in-house-of-lords-should-make-way-for-leaders-of-other-religions-a6762821.html

    Scandinavian’s are great people they are not afraid to tell the truth : ” I don’t believe in God” . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVc1ab2RcMs

    Religion Harms Society | Oxford Union :

    Church is selling “the truth” that is impossible : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ssHb6nI-Bo

    Don’t be afraid to cancel your church membership , church is collapsing : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_the_European_Union

    God’s justice is impossible to have today : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YamgndPI5eI

    Christians are right wing – conservative or reactionary : The Deutsche Christen (English: German Christians) were a pressure group and movement within German Protestantism aligned towards the antisemitic and Führerprinzip ideological principles of Nazism with the goal to align German Protestantism as a whole towards those principles. Their advocacy of these principles led to a schism within 23 of the initially 28 regional church bodies (Landeskirchen) in Germany and the attendant foundation of the Confessing Church.

    Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

  137. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    Neither, nor. It’s an attitude, based on reciprocal behaviour. It can’t be pretended, as pretending ends in denial.

  138. avatar
    Matej Mlinarič

    Tolerating this is absolute stupidity and cowardice….. Only question is when they will try to enforce sharia law so they justify stealing, raping and killing. To clarify this i don’t have problem with those muslims that have no interest to do this and actually came to escape it and as long they respect our laws and its people and actual diversity they can stay. Just those that don’t we only have 3 options, prison, deportation or death based on severity of their crimes. That is the only way to secure our future and no matter how much anybody whines for tolerance. We should never sacrifice anything we have for islam and for what really cause they tried to destroy us for their whole existence.


    So everybody needs to make a choice, if islam is allowed to be here then what should this is allowed and what to do with those that ignore our laws.


    Only thing we are danger forgetting that islamists are real threat to peace and security on whole planet. As long those are allowed to be tolerated they will only get stronger as expense of everybody else that has to deal with them.



    During this time period, there were 851 Islamic attacks in 42 countries, in which 7946 people were killed and 10153 injured.



    Let me not close with pessimism. Let me attempt some optimism about Europe.
    12 million people marched on the streets of Spain after the attacks. 12 million people. Raw, angry, frightened. This is the voice of the people. If you want a war, this is what it will look like. All they need to realise is where to direct their anger – not against the Spanish government, not against Bush, not against America – but against Islamism, and the Islamists will regret it.

    It is often forgotten that Europe is a sleeping giant too. Europe invented the western way of war. Europe killed 100 million people in the last century. If Islamism ever succeeds in waking up Europe, and Europe re-arms and joins America in all-out war, Islamism will be destroyed. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya – all will be invaded, and forcibly reformed. Real western imperialism will come back.

    The only reason Islamism has had such success so far is because the West still does not take it seriously. I will still optimistically believe that, as soon as Europe sees an existential threat, it will wake up and Islamism will be destroyed. I just hope we don’t have to lose a city first. If there is one lesson of the 20th century failure to deal with the Nazis and Soviets from the start, it is that it would be far better to destroy Islamism now, when it is new and weak, rather than wait until it is strong.

    France’s nuclear weapons
    France threatens nuclear retaliation if it is attacked by rogue states, 2004. – This shows how quickly Europe could swing from pacifism to genocide if it feels an existential threat.
    We think of Europe as pacifist, but with its blood-soaked history it is more accurate to think of it as irrational. Pacifism is merely the current phase of its irrationality. While America showed great restraint in its response to 9/11, Europe might not be so rational. If the Islamists kill thousands in Paris, say, France might go straight from pacifism to genocide. The Islamists really do not want this to happen.
    Ironically, America is saving the Islamic world, by averting a nuclear confrontation between Islamism and Europe/Israel/Russia.

  139. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Does it make any difference??? – even if tolerance is born, or learnt, or developed over experience in life, or… WHATEVER… there are limits… and “politically correct” politicians don’t seem able to rise up to the challenge and defend their people’s best interests… My questions would be: “What’s the point of being tolerant (regardless if it was born or learnt), if you end up loosing all your patience and tolerance overall??? Because your politicians, your political elites and your governance systems keep failing you???” – and again, tolerance is one thing, while “common sense stupidity” is another… If your tolerance is killing yourself slowly, economically/financially… where’s the positive side of it??? :-P

  140. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    No, Europeans are growing more intolerant. Those comming in to Europe are intolerant. An we are forced by the EU to tolerate the intolerant.

  141. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    cultural diversity…anthropology, cultural heritage, cultural diversity, cultural values, cross-cultural, cultural literacy, cultural exchange, cultural background, cultural activities, cultural studies, cultural relic …A mix up society…

  142. avatar
    Isabelle Ancelet

    When you have face of you a man who is not tolerant, because his sacred book says to him that he must hate you and kill you, what do you do? Do you say him : “Come at home, my darling! As I am tolerant, you will have to take my wife, to rape my daughter, take my wills and I will love you.” Do you say that? Of course not! The tolerance must be only reserved for people who is pacific. The others, you must kill them, before they do. If you do not, you are not tolerant, your are weak.

  143. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Intolerance is not only learned, it is maintained by mainstream media. Only the truth, education and regulating the media from biased and intolerant skewed articles can stop it from forming at a young age and developing as an adult.

  144. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    An irrelevant question as it is impossible to be tolerant of religious lunatics who are tying to kill you….

  145. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    I think it is actually born and we were taught to become intolerant; take a 3 years old white child and a 3 years old black child and let them close; they will have no problem playing together

  146. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    I think it is actually born and we were taught to become intolerant; take a 3 years old white child and a 3 years old black child and let them close; they will have no problem playing together

  147. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    Tolerance is an attitude with what we were born. But the Life fucked everything up!

  148. avatar
    Michelle Maria

    as is tool ‘tolerance as an arguement by mass media to reject the logical and normally beneficial approach

  149. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    It is a social skill, it is something you learn – the important thing here is what was your teachers! Over tolerance is equal to suicide! So you should find where the line to protect yourself is!
    The toughest test for rescuers is to learn in dangerous situation to preserve themselves even risking more injures for the victims they save because this is the only way both to survive and reach safe place! LEARN WHERE THE BLOODY BOUNDARIES OF TOLERANCE ARE!!!

  150. avatar
    Faddi Zsolt

    Tolerance is a behaviour or attitude, which can be learned from parents and the larger family, exclusively!

  151. avatar
    GonEprata Megarp

    Everything can be tolerated…exept intolerance, the only thing this shit—show tries to promote. More diversity=less european culture, lol i cant belive people are still falling for that diversity bullshit!

  152. avatar
    Iván Marsh Whateley

    Tolerance…. we should tolerate Trump and give Trump Eslovakia, die Anschluss Austria and Sarre. Maybe that would lower the tension with him….OHWAIT!

  153. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    Tolerance is unnatural because they teach you that you have to bear or like something that you feel you do not really like. They teach you to live or work with people who you do not feel comfortable with, but say you have to. For different cultures there are different countries. If you change your country just to earn more money, simply accept the culture of the host country. If your culture is more important to you, stay home.

  154. avatar
    nicoleta cindea

    after my experience torelance can be bornd butals can be learn from life and schools and churchs and whatever

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