Are ethnically diverse societies a source of instability? Or would their alternative, “mono-ethnic” societies, be even more unstable? Ultimately, won’t people always find ways to discriminate against one another?

Europe has a troubled history when it comes to minorities. During the exterminations and ethnic cleansings of the 20th Century, Europe’s diversity came under attack, and millions of people belonging to minority groups were killed or expelled from national borders. Nevertheless, at no point in Europe’s history have states had completely homogeneous populations.

Today, there are some 60 million people from ethnic and religious minorities living in the European Union, representing roughly 12% of the total EU population. Exact definitions of what constitutes a “minority” are difficult to agree (some countries, such as France, do not officially recognise the existence of minorities), however the scholars Christoph Pan and Beate Sibylle Pfeil have estimated there are 87 distinct “peoples of Europe”.

Curious about the statistics on minorities in Europe? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger image):


We had a comment from TheHarmonicaman, who thinks that the deporations and population swaps at the end of the Second World War created what he called “mono-ethnic states” in Europe, and he believes that this was the primary reason for peace in Europe after 1945:

citizen_icon_180x180Respect nations. A major contributing factor to the peace in Europe has been the creation of mono-ethnic states after the Second World War by the Allies… Can anyone name a successful multi-cultural democratic empire?

We put this comment to Stefan Wolff, a German political scientist and specialist in international security, particularly in the management, settlement and prevention of ethnic conflicts. He is currently Professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. How would he react?

stefan-wolffI think that is a rather short-sighted view of what happened in Europe at the end of the Second World War. On the one hand, [the Allies] did not manage to create completely homogeneous societies; in fact, most of the countries that experienced the largest population exchanges still remain multi-ethnic. So, for example, Slovakia still has a Hungarian population of about 10% concentrated in the south of the country, Poland still has about 200’000 to 250’000 ethnic Germans living in particular in parts of Silesia, and Poland still has a large number of Ukrainians, while there are Poles living in Belarus and Ukraine. So, from that perspective, it was never as clean and as complete a solution as the designers of these policies had in mind.

The second point, of course, is that the post-War expulsions came at enormous human cost… For example, in 1945 to 1947, you probably had between 12 and 14 million ethnic Germans being expelled in particular from Poland and what is now the Czech Republic and some parts of Slovakia and, depending on which accounts and statistics you trust, up to 2 million people died in the process. That is a huge price to pay.

At the same time, if you look further West, there was a similar “problem” with the Germans in France in the two regions of Alsace and Lorraine, and there no such population exchange, or transfer, or ethnic cleansing, or whatever you want to call it, took place. Yet relations between France and Germany after the Second World War have been completely stable and there has been no renewed outbreak of war. So, if anything, what I would probably say is that despite the enormously troublesome legacy of these population exchanges, peace has been preserved, rather than peace being preserved because of the fact that people were forced to leave their ancestral homes by force at the end of the Second World War.

We had a very different suggestion sent in by another user, using the fantastic username Riot Chopin, who thinks that building a pan-European identity would be the best solution to ending ethnic tension and discrimination in Europe. How would Professor Wolff react?

stefan-wolffI think that is certainly a very good idea, and one that I would fully endorse. However, I’m not so sure that it is necessarily the silver bullet… In many ways, people today have very hybrid, situational identities… There are different components of identity, and different parts of a person’s identity matter at different times, so there’s no such thing as a “European identity” on its own.

By the same token, I would argue that we cannot necessarily force people to adopt a European identity and thereby make them forget what their own linguistic, religious, regional, professional, gender, sexual and other identities are. One of the things I’ve learned having studied ethnic conflicts and civil wars for almost 20 years is that people find identities that are challenged and threatened much, much more important than if they are just given the opportunity to have an identity and not required to defend it on a daily basis.

So, I think in that sense a European identity should not be seen as something that supersedes and wipes out all these other identities, but rather coexists in a harmonious way with all these other identities.

Finally, we put Riot Chopin’s comment to Bashy Quraishy, a Danish-Pakistani author and campaigner who specialises in issues of minority rights. How would he respond?

quraishyI think he’s raising a very important point, which is that we now need a new identity in Europe. Until now, many people in Europe, both politicians, media, even the Pope, have been pushing for Europe to be identified as a Christian continent. And, in fact, it is has been a Christian continent – but the situation has changed now. There are different faiths, different cultures now. So, we need to re-evaluate what is a European. Is a European only a white, Christian person? Or is a European a person who adheres to European values like human rights, democracy and the rule of law? I think it’s important that we enlarge the definition of European identity, so that it is inclusive, and it respects and accepts other cultures and religions. And that is what I would call an inclusive, pan-European identity.

Are multicultural societies more peaceful than the alternatives? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

Image credits: CC / Flickr Thomas Leth-Olsen

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    Karel Martel

    Whether or not a society is “stable” depends on all sorts of factors. And the number of societies that are truly “mono-ethnic” is fairly limited. But societies do need a set of core values and norms, which are normally a reflection of the common dominant culture within that society.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    Well integrated ethnically diverse societies would be desirable indeed, but reality shows that some groups simply refuse to do so. Hence the reason why this diversity so far has really not proven to be successful and to some extent not even sustainable. especially when local values are not respected.

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      Stephen Pockley

      Our just kick all other cultures out either peacefully or otherwise diversity does not work ,well it does not in the UK anyway.

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      Hector Ramos

      No Humanity won’t, sorry to disappoint you fools

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      D Morgan

      Under what version of self determinism does that automatically occurr? just because messed up american culture is trying to export gene roddenberrys ‘fictional’ vision of the future onto the rest of the world, which I might add was a vision of a particular version of american culture, does not mean the concept of the western native is somehow racist or illegal and should be wiped out by totalitarian force, any mixing that occurs should be with the natural consent and desire of the people, not something which is enforced upon them by ideological driven idiots, this article is base one sided propaganda if ever I read it, its amazing so few can see the dichotomy of praising diversity whilst erasing the very storehouses of cultural diversity ie nations, and only it seems visiting this experiment upon the west.

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Americans had have a long discussion about the “melting pot” and the “salad bowl”. Of course there are less tensions if it is a melting pot. Willing it, it is another question. Religion, is the most dividing factor.

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      Mike Dowd

      Religion is an institution that does not go along with diversity…I think diversity may be overrated what do you think

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    In a globalised world it is a bit unrealistic to discuss monoethnic countries unless you are North Korea. So we better start working on the issues and challenges that globalisation and the inevitable multiculturalism that it brings, instead of trying to reverse the trend. I would like to see how anyone would achieve such thing anyway, after decades of failed immigration policies…

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      Jin Nakamura


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      It’s not unrealistic at all and there are many free countries who make a point of maintaining their homogeneity, not just dictatorships like North Korea – several other countries in Asia are pretty much homogeneous such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc; many countries in Eastern Europe have also rejected the multicultural dogma and as a result they have less crime, less terrorism, just overall more unified, cohesive, stable societies with a stronger sense of community and very clear idea of who they are and what their national identity is.

      The same can NOT be said of countries who have adopted the failed policy of state multiculturalism such as the nations of Western Europe who have seen their towns and cities become less safe, their communities more segregated, their society less free all the while their national identity and culture is watered down to the point where it’s unrecognisable from what it was just 30-40 years ago. More worryingly it’s only European countries that are doing this, no other people or culture on earth would willingly inflict this demographic nightmare upon themselves, just us..

      Multiculturalism is not desirable, and it’s not inevitable. We could put an end to it now if the will to do so was strong enough, and believe me a few more years of this poisonous ideology destroying their culture and people will demand an end to it.

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    Ecs Ferreira

    The presence of minorities is good and aceptable if it thosen’t be more than a certain amount. The countries and UE must no allow free emigration of people outside europe. A number of these e migrantes must be quikly setled

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    Bashi is write. We must acept multy religions and cultures, but EU do deferentiate emigration ( new people) from europe in our country from emigration from outside europe. A russian, a bulgare are alike us. They are more easily integrated than muslim emigrant. Isn’t it ?

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    catherine benning

    It is unsustainable and the politicians are the cause of this major change to our societies. And, they did it without asking or telling the citizens that this was their intention. Why was that I wonder? Is it because they felt they would not be elected if we knew what they had in store for us?



    The melting pot of the city that the US president hails from is a lifestyle he is fully aware of and not one I want to live in, either here in the UK or in any other European country that I may have the right to go and live in because of the freedom of movement.



    And here in central Europe



    I could find fifty others telling us of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and on and on.

    What do you think, debating Europe? Is this something our politicians are willing to suffer for themselves in their daily lives and the lives of their children? If not, why is that?

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    Nando Aidos

    Ethnicity is not a source of instability. Difference in core values is a major source of instability. Discrimination is a major source of instability. Let us work on the specifics. Generalities can only cover up the real issues.

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    Karel Martel

    That all depends on what you term “minorities”. and from the looks of it this infographic is a complete mismatch in that regard.

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    Costi Ciudin

    Switzerland has 4 different ethnical groups which comprise the majority of the “swiss people” and it is a stable country

    • avatar

      That’s because of the Swiss confederate system, something that is lamentably absent in other European countries. The EU would cringe at the idea of frequent elections and referendums, can’t have that can we?

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    Javier Ortiz

    As long as everybody is treated equally under the law and given the same chances to make it in life the core values will be respected and stability would be cemented!

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      Do you have any sustained examples of this that were not held together by authoritarian rule?

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    That ethnically diverse societies (usually empires) are more instable than mono-ethnic societies is historically obvious. Just remember the disintegration of the great European empires (Austrian, Russian, Ottoman) a century ago, or recently the fate of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

    Besides that, there is no historical example of any significance where ethnically homogenous population have democratically decided to share a multi-ethnic state.
    Hence, more relevant is the question why at certain times rulers prefer an ethnically diverse and at other times an ethnically homogenous population (workforce).

    The key to understanding is probably that cultural/ethnical diversity obscures the inequality between rich and poor in a society, it enables rulers to direct social discontent and aggression away from the wealth hierarchy towards the “cultural” different on the same social level.
    This is probably the main reason why the post Cold War Western establishment (particularly the EU) opted for propagating “diversity”.

    Mono-ethnic societies are prone to class struggle (see the terrorists RAF, Red Brigade etc. before 1990), ethnically diverse societies are prone to culture struggles (see the new terrorist attacking producers of meaning like Charly Hebdo).

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    Bupwv Toualekou

    It’s a scientific fact, monoethnic societies are far less violent and a lot more happier. Now as to why the New World Order has bastersized all countries …. just a new method of the classic “divide and conquer!”
    With the help of the internet, for the first time in history, great masses of people are awake to the international banker elite who run the whole show behind our corrupt puppet politicians.

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    A review of human history would reveal mixed-race society are more likely to engage in long lasting war and conquest, such as US and Rome; alternatively, you have single race nations such as Russia and China which is more likely to engage in civil war or internal strife, oppression and mass murder.
    Two words: social cohesion, either by empire building or by national identity. But like I always said, every system has its breaking point.

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      I totally agree

    • avatar
      ika leo

      Brrr… such a barbar coments.

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    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Eine Mischung ist die beste aber beide Seiten mssen miteinander umgehen knnen. Die mssten auch Kritik zu annehmen knnen. Egal ob es Worte oder Zeichnung ist. Auch egal ob es ein Gott oder Priester ist.

    • avatar

      Not according to history it isn’t. History says that mixing always goes bad.

  16. avatar

    Having lived in both, I can safely say that ethnically homogenous societies are more peaceful, simply because people share the same mentality and values and there isn’t much to disagree on.

    • avatar

      So tell me, what happened when most of the original natives were killed off? How many are left?

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    catherine benning

    Here is an analysis that is open and truthful about the diversity of simple minded elites. It is worth reading from top to bottom, however, if you scroll down to the heading, ‘What can and should be done now by the West.’ It is refreshing in its approach to reality. The one our politicians refuse to address as to do so would seriously damage their credibility.


    However, the melting pot of the ridiculous stretches far further than the Middle East and Islam. After all, we all witnessed the mess created in the USA when it decided we were all to be invaded by the third world and its basic standards of morality en masse.

    Serious reading would be: Camp of Saints by Jean Raspail. Although a 1973 novel and therefore fiction it is close to grim reality.


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      EU reform- proactive

      Great & intensive article Catherine! “The enemy within”- “living in a madhouse or (circus)- exposes these treacherous and deluded liberal internationalists in THEIR pursuit of THEIR fatuous dream of a world without borders or nation states”!

      It should be made compulsory reading in the EUP & placed on its agenda for discussion! But, a solution- in form of an ever accelerating crumbling EU seems on the cards!

      In fact, the articles’ content should serve as a final notice of the existing social contract between EU citizens & its “deluded” EU politicians! Subtle hint- JCJ/EC/EP timely look out for a real job in the real world- bankrupted by social & other manipulations, QE’s and worshipping Fiat currencies!

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    EU reform- proactive

    If the EU would be comparable to a circus- what lessons could be learned?
    So many politicians like a wild pet tiger, lion or cougar has taken a bite out of its owner!
    Are we?

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @EU Reform-Proactive:

      But here is the ultimate question, how did it become such a wide international conspiracy throughout the West? A conspiracy designed to end our European basic civilisation and taken into action without the consent of, or consultation with the nationals of this continent. Performed by those hell bent on self destruction and inside a bubble of absolute secrecy. That is the essence of this madhouse or circus. How did that happen? Where were/are the safeguards against such an event being possible? The only answer I can find inside those spinning wheels of my mind, is because we ‘don’t have’ what the Swiss have, Direct Democracy.

      If these conspiritors had to put it openly to the citizens of this continent, in a referendum exposing their intentions, then, would we have voted for such a destruction of our social cohesion?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Catherine Benning

      Sorry, but to answer THIS ultimate question requires being a mentalist & able to read the wisdom of the “shew stone”! I have my own many warring thoughts & probably a different theory to many. Excuse DE, but allow us to sway a bit off topic.

      It is one of the negative effects of an evolving, maturing and spendthrift system. Our age old multi-party based democracy produced an ever so demanding, rutted, gullible, spoiled, reasonably well off, unfocused and complacent electorate. On the other hand, the growing number of elected or appointed ‘army’ of opportunistic- mostly (tertiary) trained in “something” (other than serving their volk) bureaucrats – have become a clever professional wheeler & dealer elite, overpaid, disconnected, unproductive and full of importance- realizing the fruitful & useful electoral “complacency” and are hell bent to “coin it”. Based on humanities least qualities: dishonesty, greed and deceit! (Feeling: we are being sold out!)

      As a complementary system, most countries- even the EU- has mechanisms for referendums! (“direct democracy”). The ease of application depends how high the bar (conditions) is set! Some argue that direct democracy is the “tyranny of the majority.” (Especially, if the majority is mostly “uneducated”)

      “Since the end of the eighteenth century, more than five hundred national referendums were organised in the world; more than three hundred of these were held in Switzerland. Australia ranked second with dozens of referendums.”

      However: The recent Swiss gold referendum was sufficiently marketed by a certain elite- that it failed! Instead, the SCB shortly afterwards cut loose from the Euro & all Swiss became ~20-30% ‘richer’ overnight in relations to all others! Not bad either!

  19. avatar

    Once you have a significant number of Muslims you will have the same problems that numerous differnt countries around the world are experiencing right now, im not stigmatizing im just keeping it real, look at what is going on in the UK,France,Germany, even the Craibbean Islan dof Trinidad ha d a freaking attemted coup done by Islamists, im mean lets be real honest here, there is a problem and everybody knows there is a problem, some are too afraid to comment others whish to be politically correct but at the end of the day we all know there is a problem. Islam desperately needs a reformation to remove the intolerant and violent things, without this the problems will continue. It is up to the muslims themselves to do this.

  20. avatar

    It worked so well in Yugoslavia, didn’t it?

    And Iraq, and Syria, and Libya, and Sudan, and Mali, and Afghanistan, and the Caucasus region, and the Soviet Union etc…

    Stop trying to impose common identities from above, it doesn’t work, never has and never will. If there ever is going to be a common European identity (which I doubt) it will come from below or not at all. Imposing from above always ended in bloodshed of some proportion. Every single time.

    And if you mention the USA, that’s the only country in the world that was basically created on the backs of a genocide (of several native tribes who were nearly exterminated or reduced to very low numbers and then scattered to the winds). And even then they had a Civil War. Of course, Europe had basically two huge Civil Wars that became global. All because some imperialist or other decided he wanted to rule all these ethnicities (except the onese they deemed ‘undesirable’) within the borders of their own personal empire.

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    British Patriot ;)

    I don’t think ethnicity has anywhere near as much an influence on the overall peacefulness of an area as ideology does. If you made a town of 50% white catholics and 50% white protestants, i bet it would be less peaceful than a town made up of 50% white protestants and 50% black protestants. Thats only my opinion though, its not based on any study lol

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    Marcos hara

    The comments of steffan wolf reflected only the white minorities in europe after WW2, as when he mentioned france and germany with respective minorities living with each other. But those were and are completely tolerable and integrable minorities while there are innumerous difficults integrating those who have never shared any values or principles with the european peoples.

  23. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    I think we have empirically shown that “mono-ethnic” societies are extremely stable in practice, throughout many centuries :) We cant say the same for the opposite as it hasn’t been tested yet

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    Breogán Costa

    “mono-ethnic” societies… that would be boring. And thinking that that’s good would be dangerous. We just have to check our recent history.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      It is good multi cuturism is killing our country violence is very close..It just does not work and causes hatred.

  25. avatar
    Vári László

    There is no “mono-ethnic” society on this earth. Probably there was 40000 years ago, when the human nation(yes there is only one human race, one human nation, in other words we are all sisters and brothers) lived together in one tribe. According to the essence of life, and genetic, diversity is the key/clue of survival, and it is true to cultural(memetic) diversity. More diverse, more opportunity to give a “right answer” to to challenge of the dinamically changing enviroment. …

  26. avatar
    Gabriele Mogni

    There is no such thing as mono-ethnicity left in the world except maybe in some extremely remote parts of Africa or the Amazon… so why even ask the question? Monoethnicity could only be achieved through massive deportation of people which would be completely illegal…..

  27. avatar
    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    Diversity is fine, problem is when immigrants are radical and do not respect the country they live in! So, up to the specific percentage, diversity is fine, but if the numbers are over 15% that gets problematic!

  28. avatar
    Sanz Rupantar Bhardwaj

    It is quite complicated – but, thumb rule is, ‘people from hostile, barren, unfertile and adverse environmental regions’ tends to be violent, disturbing and cruel some. Statistics available.

  29. avatar
    Filipe Brás Almeida

    I would put this issue the other way around. Ethnically homogeneous societies can only come about as a result of limits on freedom or military aggression.

  30. avatar
    Jorge Qoqe

    Why there are so many questions about race and conflicts, Debating Europe? Just try to understand that the main thing is poorness. The poor people used to say inmigrants or minorities, as we see in Baltimore (USA) nowadays. So, the point is not the race, it’s the social inequality. Your questions are guiding the point of view of the people where is not the fact.

    • avatar
      Smith smith

      There is no correlation between poverty and crime. There is a high correlation between IQ level and crime. Blacks IQ average is 85, hispanics 89, Europeans 103, Asians educated in America 105. Throughout segregation in the early 1900’s, asians and blacks were considered ‘coloreds’. There was no distinction between them. Take a look at how each society is doing in the U.S. today. and crime levels.

  31. avatar
    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    By contrary, the Western societies are more diverse ethnically than any others and more stable as well, so this is not a problem of instability, but a solution against it. Interaction between different nations leads to a better understanding of one another and it prevents many from having prejudicial attitudes. History teaches about the past, but it can also be a source if endless disputes, hate and intolerance – that is why, knowing people of other ethnicity can prevent these unwanted issues.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No thanks I’ll stick with British thank you

  32. avatar
    Angelo Davaris

    Depends id diverse cultures are compatible. It is the principle of EU. Then why not accept in EU African countries?

  33. avatar
    John Flerianos

    it’s not a matter of diverse ethnicity. it’s a matter of diverse cultures, which is a problem the EU is facing. Too may immigrants ignorant of western culture and laws.

  34. avatar
    Vári László

    The stability of a society depends much more on (or only) livelihood, security, predictable future, clear future perspective, rather than ethnicity. If there is no security “two brother” can kill each other. Where to live, what to eat these are basics what every society (mostly in europe) must provide for their members.

  35. avatar
    Кристиян Савов

    Yes ,indeed !!! The more the sundry folks within a given European country the more the evils !!! The most evil folk in Europe is the Indian Tribe -The Gypsies (ROMA) who are about 12,13 miliions in Europe and all we feed them .They ought to be brought back in their homeland-India ,for if they keep on dwelling in Europe they will kill thousands of Europeans.In Bulgaria ,in Poland ,in Slovakia ,in Rumania ,in Croatia ,Italy ,in Chech republic ,every day the bloodthursty ROMAs kill ,or rape ,or beat local men or wome n and even little children.The ROMA(GYPSIANS) are much more evil than the Black Africans ,than the Arabs,than the Turks …The ROMA like the most of the northern Indians are born killers ,rapers ,muggers.They hate even the thought of work,let alone to truly work ,they greatly love to steal food ,money ,electricity ..they steal everything .Only we the Bulgarias waste miliions of euro to feed the 2 millions ROMA -INDO-GYPSIES in our country ,and the same goes in so many other European countries.EUROPE ought to think how to take care of the life of the European folks and this mean that the most of the Asians and the Africans and the Latin Americans ought to be brought back and to live in their own homelands which they so wholeheartedly do not like and do not love.

  36. avatar
    Dennis Rakar

    When everyone respects the law, and the law is inclusive rather then exclusive, then ethnical diversity becomes acceptable and a good thing.

  37. avatar
    Dennis Rakar

    When everyone respects the law, and the law is inclusive rather then exclusive, then ethnical diversity becomes acceptable and a good thing.

  38. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Force feed diversity why don’t you. Does this page do anything but push multiculturalism and diversity? There is no problem with diversity. I don’t care if my neighbor is black, white, yellow or green. What I care is that he is a civilized and law abiding human being. Now if he is an intolerant immigrant who wants to push his culture and beliefs on us, then yes, diversity is a problem. And lets not even start mentioning criminality and diversity.

  39. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Force feed diversity why don’t you. Does this page do anything but push multiculturalism and diversity? There is no problem with diversity. I don’t care if my neighbor is black, white, yellow or green. What I care is that he is a civilized and law abiding human being. Now if he is an intolerant immigrant who wants to push his culture and beliefs on us, then yes, diversity is a problem. And lets not even start mentioning criminality and diversity.

  40. avatar
    Rudi Spoljarec

    No. Ethnic difference doesn’t produce instability . Non democratic habbits of some social or ethnic groups might produce it , but it doesn’t depend on ethnic group by itself , it depends on point of view of life in that ethnic group . And of course , democratic law and justice.

  41. avatar

    Europe is about to be smothered by Africa over the next several decades.
    this guy is double talking nonsense

  42. avatar
    Stephen Pockley

    Most definitely diversity and integration never works it will always end in violence

  43. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Ignorance and violence on religious grounds is what we fear
    Europeans are not brainwashed fundamentalists

  44. avatar
    Christian Weale

    Multiculturalism and ethnic diversity positives more than negatives:
    Multiculturalism allows us to become more peaceful people as our interactions with our fellow human beings helps us appreciate life and discover new exciting cultures and traditions, most cultures adopt and assimilate traditions as their own.
    Multiculturalism may have its negatives such as racism, these are behaviours determined by individual subjectivity.
    I think going against multiculturalism is an unhealthy choice. Leading to constantly judging others, being socially detached, therefore leading to a lonely and unhappy life that is driven by introspection and primal prejudices.

    • avatar
      D Morgan

      Historical evidence does not bear out your ideological suppositions, sweden is quite clearly worse off for its virtue signalling importation, just by the statistical measurement of crime stats alone? Crimes that would have at one point, been thought as impossible to observe in swedish society, are now commonplace, no amount of dreamy idealising some future version of society that doesnt exist, can cover over or hide the current readily observeable reality? The tribalism of people is observeable in ‘every group’ on earth, and to forcefully ignore such realitys will of course lead to trouble and less stable societys, only those insulated by the bubble wrap of money would delude themselves otherwise, you should only really import those who are prepared to integrate into your and adopt the values of the native otherwise strain and conflict occur. Even Star trek mosts peoples propagandist inculcated and disseminated fictional vision of the future, was not a democracy it was more of a militaristic wing(uniforms strict hierarchy) of a very ordered totalitarian state with a set of imposed ideological values, extended out from a future vision of ‘american’ culture, this was then exported to the world.

  45. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    religion does. wherever muslims & christians cohabitate its chaos & ghettos. There r examples of white & colored living together , no problem if the religion is same , as in South America for example

  46. avatar
    Claudia Rodrigues

    Look at children. Concepts such as “religion” and “multiculturalism” are abstract. And so, they get on well despite any differences. We create conflict. Us.

  47. avatar
    Higaara Nakamura

    Not necessarily. It depends on the etnies, which one is the dominant one in the living society and on several aspects of the economical and social context.

  48. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    It’s a question of accepting or not the possibility of cultural diversity coexisting when the rights of other aren’t violated!

    In Portugal We’ve been having this for centuries now, with a raising capacity to incorporate elements from other communities into our own and to see elements of our society being incorporated onto theirs.

    Nowadays, the vast majority of foreigners in Portugal, for more than 10 years, are perfectly assimilated onto our Society.

    Unfortunately this, sometimes, doesn’t happen on other multi cultured societies, in most cases because of an inability in accepting/incorporating those communities onto their societies!

  49. avatar
    Gent Sinani

    All wars are due to economical aspects, and the religion or the ethnic differences are used to brainwash ordinary peoples in order to go in war…

  50. avatar
    Kovács János

    A multiethnic society is not necessarily multicultural, and vice versa. I sense some kind of confusion about the concept of ‘multiculturalism’. In my point of view there are two different approaches. The first one is saying that in a multicultural society there is a greater chance for integration, because – while following the law – every citizen can live according to their culture, communal values without a common concept of what is ‘right’, ‘normal’, or often ‘moral’. According to this principle, the segmentation of society – as we have seen – is usually unavoidable. The other theory says, that only a society with a stong (national or cultural) identity, set of values, and a will to preserve traditions is able to attract those who want to integrate.

  51. avatar
    Can Gökçe

    I have many samples from Turkey like Hatay and Mardin that i can say its absolutely possible to live diversity is more peaceful but if they are real dwellers of that area. Because this armosphere brings the beign aware of difference in human race from the beginning of peoples life. They had learnt when they born within.

  52. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    ethnic diversity is measured in different narratives, and the further (more different) these are, the more tensions you have (also checks and balances which destroy the decision-making process). So, it all depends upon these narratives.

  53. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    The moment religion enters the equation it is clear there is a serious problem as it blocks integration. Islam extremism is a good example.

  54. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    It certainly is causing conflict !!! As you can well see, what`s happenning….. The Islamization of Europe !!

  55. avatar
    Stephen Vargas

    I think what is right has went too far in regards to what people are like, slow to change. I am all for integration but I think it needs to happen much much slower. There needs to be more education for us that already living here to prepare us for the differences of different cultures, also there needs to be a lot more education on our way of life, depending what country they are migrating to.

  56. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Multicultural society can be good if we have common values, christian humanity and good will…which is the most difficult our days!

  57. avatar
    Andre Lopes

    With all respect – religion in this issue is crap. As much religions across the world are only to justify murders…….

  58. avatar
    Pavel Ševela

    Please protect Europe. We don´t want to change our culture and life quality for ever…

  59. avatar
    Chris Panayis

    Well as I wrote in several other posts, Europe needs cohesion now more than ever. Ethnic diversity causes conflicts if the related civilizations are not compatible. For example Greek orthodoxs are compatible with israeli jews and German catholics, not so compatible with Pakistani muslims.

  60. avatar
    Sabina Zorjan

    Europeans have been raised with democratic values and principles. Some other ethnic groups that are now coming to Europe might be struggling to reconcile their beliefs with what democracy stand for, because is represents a foreign concept that has not been part of their lives. They have been taught other values and have a different interpretation of what is appropriate/good/bad etc. It cannot be denied that a non-secular and patriarchal society has some principles which are incompatible with the most fundamental principles of democracy: universal human rights, freedom of religion, speech and expression, and gender equality. Unfortunately, conflicts cannot be avoided in such settings. I don’t have enough knowledge and experience to propose definite solutions but I think that we should develop cultural awareness on both sides, insist on participatory and inclusive approaches and most importantly sustain and defend our democratic values.

  61. avatar
    Bart Van Damme

    Multi-ethnicity is not a problem. Multiculturalism even isn’t. Fundamentalism is, however, in the form of those who think of every immigrant as a criminal, in the form those who think certain rules do not apply to them because their imaginary friend in the sky has a different view on things, and in many other forms as well. That, combined with the incessant practice of politicians (and some of their followers) to stick a label (“You racist!!”, “You are egotistical!”) on anyone who does not follow the official doctrine. There is no grey anymore, no nuance, no “somewhere in-between”. Nowadays there’s only black and white, only with us or against us. Fundamentalism is the issue, not multi-ethnicity.

  62. avatar
    Al Rot

    Multi ethnic and multiculturel are 2 complete different things.The first one does not.The later one can lead to conflict

  63. avatar
    Thomas Hou

    Bullshit. Racism does. We are all different and diversity is richness. + Don’t simplify because as their “ethny”, that’s just an intellectual shortcut

    • avatar
      D Morgan

      If largely homogenous nations are if fact the storehouse of the cultural ‘diversity’ you so clearly laud… how do you propose to limit the erosion of those storehouses native western people diversity and culture, when there governments seem so keen to deliberately erode the lower class communities and cultures of those nations they claim to represent? by a programme of cultural replacement mainly predicated and visited on those lower class communities?

  64. avatar

    Life is conflict.
    Divecurrent option,, ibrings conflicts, always.
    Diversity is life.
    The way you solve the conflicts makes you stronger,option eaker.
    Denying the conflicts brings you to the only truly peaceful place: the Graveyard.
    Like the Natzi Europe. Like the Soviets. Like the place we are heading today.
    Specially from 2003, when the Franco-German axis returned to power.
    One, liberal, open, and conflictive Europe is the sensible option. As it was when the USA imposed it’s creation.
    The other option, the current option, is the graveyard.
    Let’s be sensible and open borders as we did in the 1950s.

    • avatar

      Diversity brings conflict, always…

  65. avatar

    …the way you solve the conflicts makes you stronger or weaker …

  66. avatar
    Peter Redondeiro

    No, people stupidity ans misinformation causes the conflict. And unfortunately that is a common feauture of all races and ethcities.

  67. avatar
    Gabriele Mogni


  68. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    All the “isms” are subject to definition and interpretation and can, by themselves, be sources of conflict.
    My experience tells me that conflict has not so much to do with “ethnic diversity”. It has to do with the rhetoric of those in power. Of those in positions of influence.
    Does “soccer” cause conflict? Or is it the rhetoric of the different “soccer clubs”, the “fan groups ring-leaders”, that create the conditions for conflict at so called “high risk games”?

    When we think of “ethnic groups” let us think of all the components of this “ethnic group” otherwise we will be generalizing too much, inhibiting a serious analysis of the “conflict component parts”. And there are quite a few.

  69. avatar

    All the “isms” are subject to definition and interpretation and can, by themselves, sources of conflict.

    My experience tells me that conflict has not so much to do with “ethnic diversity”. It has to do with the rhetoric of those in power. Of those in positions of influence.

    Does “soccer” cause conflict? Or is it the rhetoric of the different “soccer clubs”, the “fan groups ring-leaders”, that create the conditions for conflict at so called “high risk games”?

    When we think of “ethnic groups” let us think of all the components of this “ethnic group” otherwise we will be generalizing too much, inhibiting a serious analysis of the “conflict component parts”. And there are quite a few.

  70. avatar
    Barbara Galea-Haji

    Either way they are conflicts. There is no solution. Still, while living we must find new ways, learn more about ourselves and the “others” and communicate more. Exeption: fanatics!

  71. avatar

    Ethnic diversity is a wealthy cultural source for our societies but we need to allow their integration helping them to do it.

    Moreover, I would like to point out that Catalan is not an ethnic minority in Spain as they are coming from the Hispanic Royalty of Aragon, thus they are not a different ethnia, and in Spain we have different cultures as galician descendants from the Celtic.

  72. avatar
    Tuija Mustonen

    With lots of respect and good will, the best parts of different cultures can merge to even better. I have seen more and more happy faces on the streets due to increased peaceful diversity, i hope it is more than just a summer glow.

  73. avatar
    Paul Brown

    Surprise, surprise, Ivan Burrows blocked me because I dared to disagree with him. The man who trolls everyone’s posts with inane mono-thematic remarks accusing the EU of being a despotic regime, can’t take any form of criticism. The irony!

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      That’s because the EU is that load of corrupt bullying rubbish.

    • avatar

      I thought he was employed by Putin.

  74. avatar
    Desto Milan

    We are naturally one human race created to be together. But what sets us apart, cause segregations amongst the people is what we hear,thought, or learn while we grow..

    • avatar
      D Morgan

      All peoples are tribal for they compete primally even in this age for the necessary resource to reproduce, with limited resource it will always be a source of conflict especially where groups with conflictory cultural ideologies live cheek by jowl. Africa is continent of tribes that have often been in conflict with each other over the centuries, imo multiculturalism only works when people interbreed with each others groups which religious ideology is most often about preventing, Sharing grandchildren is what tangibly welds tribes together, but if that intermixing absorption rate is much slower than the rate of importation then segregation occurs, and conflict is largely inevitable.

  75. avatar
    Anuja Punj Prashar

    The values of a society will determine the outcome. A society that truly accepts & values pluralism will be more peaceful. A society based upon one singular ideology or value system will always be in conflict with those who do not share that view. Diversity itself cannot be the cause of conflict or peace.

    • avatar
      Barbara Galea-Haji

      I agree with you, Anuja. My African-born husband and I, a German native, have been living together here in democratic Germany for the last 31 years. Our own individual values match the basic-values of this society. Our experiences, in general, are positiv. As a member of a world-wide humanitarian organisation I know people of different ethnic heritages; when in need, we are all brothers and sisters.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      That is just complete rubbish different cultures can never live together in peace look at the UK whole communities dispise each other and that beds violence and hatred.

  76. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    It seem to me you’re trying to rounding-up your question, as a “so simply simplified” question. I don’t think Human societies, and their ethnicities so simply roundup ;-)

  77. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    “Ethnic” is a music style. Deep cultural divergence plus religious intolerance/proselitism does cause conflict!

  78. avatar
    Arjan van Eersel

    If I look at Netherlands then I tend to conclude that there are plenty of people, from different cultures, who are unable or unwilling to understand each other.

    These problems are mainly around certain groups of people; Rarely I hear someone complain about Chinese people, while often about Moroccans and Turks.

  79. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    In the long run they are more peaceful with diversity. In short run many will unnecessary fear the changes in society as with all new things.

    In the long run will the society earn on the changes it goes tho as history shows us. The monotone is not the way. We also need to take in climate refugees on the same level as war refugees.

    We need to open the borders more if we going to be able to cope with the future problems of to low birthrate.

    • avatar
      Christopher Failla

      Right, and how long do you think it will take for them to be more peaceful? And please provide evidence from history which shows ethnic diversity doesn’t cause conflict because I can’t find any. Only evidence that shows that ethnic diversity only causes divisions, tensions, hate, problems and finally conflict and war.

  80. avatar
    Irena Leibovici

    YES, because always one minority wants to be “free” in the state wher they came as guests: ‘We do not want to be a part of norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody. But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts. We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.’ SAME AS KOSOVO!
    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=06d_1345280388#ujDrWthVdQq2ihWD.99 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=06d_1345280388

  81. avatar
    Eric Nagorny

    Does couse conflict , because ” ethnic ” want more recognition and freedom in your country than You managed to receive . Arabs , Africans , Romanians , Turks , well we could manage to run Europe without you ! Can you imagine , who will take over in future your national heritage , Nigerians or something ???? EUROPEANS , wake up call !!!!

    • avatar

      Isn’t Romania in the EU?

  82. avatar

    Multiculturalism always lead to division and conflict. The destruction of Western Civilization leads only to more unnatural and dangerous situations. The liberal left needs to understand some basics about human nature and to understand that once our women and children can no longer be protected, we no longer have a society or a civilization.

  83. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Generaly not, but some are radicals and don’t like to mix with the other 88%, others move countries so they can live of social help and others just live of thei crimes. It’s not the diversity but the lenient laws and social help to those migrant minorities against the nacionals that cause conflict.

  84. avatar
    Lynda Germon

    I’m happy to say that in Portugal I don’t feel any insecurities … friends of mine from overseas all coment on the lack of racism and indifference to other people religions .,. Portugal up to now has always been a safe haven … World War II was good example . Portugueses people are very welcoming .(up to now)

  85. avatar
    Lou Lou

    I can’t believe the rise of this question when the obvious answer is before our eyes. Of course it does! It shouldn’t but let’s start to think with realism and let’s give up the uthopia.

  86. avatar
    Parászka Máté

    No but a lot of people do it wrong.I mean we are struggling here to deconstruct a church based society made of old useless christian laws and install other religious laws and ideology it’s not gonna work.Equal rights are good and it means a society where we have the same rights and oportunity.So it’s never gonna work that yes we know some parts of christianity is stupid but islamic laws, budhist laws, etc laws are good.Freedom is good and all who live or want to live in a free society first should respect the freedom of other than enjoy the freedom of his own self.This is how freedom works.Not like we accept some non freedom stuff because we are so free we can do it.That has no sense that we deconstruct something and accept the same stuff from others because it is their culture.Ye we had it also but now it’s different times when we know that was not working so we choosed something else.This should do everybody from all cultures.

  87. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Multiculturalism in the UK has been a failed experiment. People are more loyal to the lands of their fathers than the country they were born in. Now we have culture bubbles that each celebrate their own cultures but disparage each others. I don’t think colour and race is the issue, it’s culture and religion. There is an old idiom – when in Rome do as the Romans – we should have stuck to it. Now none of us in Britain have a clue what it means to be British any more.

  88. avatar
    Maria Helena Neto

    It is not ethnic diversity that causes any conflict it makes societies richer . The roots of conflict come from inequality in labour oportunities exploitation of the weaker and the missing integration laws. We can All live under the same sky and enjoy our diversity. Just let US make a more democratic Europe and stand for the values of brotherhood that we always had.

  89. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    What causes conflict is a failure of governance, failure of enforcement of laws and values …of course in countries with clear lines and clear policies. Belgium is a problematic country, already divided and where politicians were more interested in using immigrant communities for electoral purposes than in integrating them in a coherent way.

  90. avatar
    Sendi Martina

    Just for people who like to speak before they think, ethnic minorities does not necessarily mean from outside the eu. I think it could work, but we need proper laws regarding discrimination, we need to understabd what is correct and what isn’t. And for the people who don’t want diversity, well, it’s the only way forward.

  91. avatar
    Rui Correia

    No, it doesn’t… but stupidity does, as well as LACK OF SELF-PRESERVATION… :-P

  92. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    We are humans too!

    We also have the human rights to live safe and to work to sustain only our own needs. We don’t read minds nor have X-ray vision to have the possibility to avoid being killed by someone who has decided to kill people just because of hatred against different religion, different culture, different society. Many(not all) snakes are deadly poisonous, but we take precaution about all snakes, we don’t go close to check if that particular one is dangerous or not, we keep distance for PRECAUTION!

    I’m very sorry for the children. But compassion and tolerance that harm ourselves, the life of our children, that put our life in dangerous??? This is stupidty, this is irresponsibility!!! Our first responsibility is for our own children!!! We are HUMANS too, we also have the human right to live safe, to protect ourselves, to protect our children(it’s even an obligation)!!! We have the human right to work to maintain only our own livelihood and enjoy our money from our work. We can’t afford to maintain millions of people forever, people who choose to live by making wars and-or children.

    The adults must be responsible and care about all the disgraces they can create just by educating their children evilly. Those adults making wars today learned intolerance-hatred-violence with their own parents-people-culture who didn’t care about what they were teaching to their children who would grow up and could turn that hatred-violence-intolerance into ACTIONS like killing people.

    We, workers-taxpayers, have been turn into slaves to pay for the irresponsability-hatred-violence of those who don’t take their responsabilities to work and build their lives and their countries.
    During decades, UN-EU-USA have taken our taxes, turning workers-taxpayers into slaves, trying to convince arabs and africans to stop making wars and take responsibility to work and build their countries, without suceeding, instead, it has been even worse and worse since those people get more free energy and time to make more wars and children.
    EU-USA-UN shouldn’t put the nose in other countries anymore, and they all should stop also giving any aid, send back all refugees and even their 2nd-3rd.-etc generations who are not satisfied in West.

    This speech of Human Rights with no Human OBLIGATIONS created a culture of irresponsibility where the individual doesn’t care for the consequences of his-her choices and actions since they have learned to blame others, to blame the society and the government, the damn rich who chose to work hard, to have few children, to live in peace for working and building. EU and UN have spreaded the problems from disrupted regions(where they don’t stop producing conflicts and-or children) to destroy where already was built in a very good condition.

    Humanity is not only solidarity, it’s not only rights, it’s obligations also, obligation to work, to be respectful and responsible for the consequences of your choices and actions, responsible for not letting your children learn intolerance-hatred-violence.

    To demand people to commit with basic human obligations as work-responsability-respect in order to have aid would help themselves to learn and improve. They have had aid with no demands and this is not helping to end the problems, it is increasing year after year. Sometimes in life, the treatment that cures is very painful and then make people appreciate life better and learn to be more positive and constructive.

  93. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Diversity is not the only way forward. There are many who now think civil war is inevitable if things go on as they are. It will only take a few more atrocities like Paris and whoever is engineering all this will have their war.

  94. avatar
    Valentin Nebunescu

    I think that integration of the Islamic population failed.I don’t see how this never-ending conflict of civilizations would stop.We are talking about two views of conducting modern life.We are totally different from the Islamists views of human society! So therefore I say: Europe can’t survive without a drastic changes in immigration reform and control of radical mosques that spread hate and violence.

  95. avatar
    Suzie Szabo Newbury

    It’s nothing to do with ethnenticity it’s to do with different cultures that are completely incompatible!

  96. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Well said Doris. We have been far too tolerant for far too long. Bending over backwards to accommodate other people’s beliefs and traditions. It is time we made demands in return for acceptance and aid. Such as a Western version of the Koran for those who wish to live in the West. We should no longer tolerate those backward medieval texts that threaten us. No more than we would tolerate a religion that still engages in human sacrifice. Other religions have had to adapt to the 21st century and Sharia Law has no place in the West.

  97. avatar
    Beate Dunn

    Do not pretend you are that ignorant,,,,,Not all ethnic diversities—-only those who do not accept the culture, the laws, the western civilization and tradition and values…Who is letting a Trojan horse into the utterly decadent old senile Europe ? Europe needs wise leaders not permanent political improvisation……..

  98. avatar
    Tomasz Mazurek

    We have problems only with muslims, especially from Middle East and Africa. Have you ever heard about Chinese who blew up himself ? No ! There are imigrants who came to Europe to work, respect our laws and culture.

  99. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    “When in Rome do as a Roman” – only “IF”” foreign people “intergrate” in their new country of choice. Culture differences, country history, days of celebration like Christmas day and remembrance like 11 november in th UK or 4 may in Holland , language problems – and the list goes on. Peoples WILL accept migrants only “WHEN” they clearly show that they are ‘intergrated and RESPECT’ your own cpuntry!

  100. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    The problem isn’t multiculturalism, in fact multiculturalism promotes integration, the problem is that West is living in a self centered bias. We forgot how to share on daily basis, we’ve gone into a competitive oriented society, leaving behind the less skilled ones and the less fortunated.
    Social oriented Europe is à thing of the past, no wonder that those left behind tend to make a mess.We mistooke welfare for social responsability and that brought us a lot of problems that we’re facing now.

  101. avatar
    Stephen J Gorog

    Conflict ? Well, if some of them have guns then yes, and this is not a joke!!!!! Integration? Take a look at the past 30 years in France.

  102. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    There is the melting pot theory and the multiculturalism. This one keeps people divided. There is no integration with multiculturalism.

  103. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    There is the melting pot theory and the multiculturalism. This one keeps people divided. There is no integration with multiculturalism.

  104. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    many countries, like Canada, Australia, and Singapore are very peaceful and ethnically diverse

  105. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    in Anatolia is cause of genocide and ethnic cleansing of differend races(racism)..in europe us beauty of diversity anymore if there is respect

  106. avatar

    No! People cause conflicts because they are ignorant, have learned to hate, are afraid, have an agenda or because they are just idiots.

    • avatar

      However, some people are more ignorant than others, Timo, as the Arabs, for example, have some of the lowest literacy levels world-wide. So, according to your argument, importing them into Europe is not good for keeping the peace.

  107. avatar
    Eilrahc Siusej

    Monocultural societies are less conflictive and more peaceful than multicultural ones.
    To respect diversity is to respect local cultures and leave them alone.
    Massive immigration is organized by the “owners of the world” that would like to create a new kind of man; a worldwide consumer and employee, interchangeable without roots, tradition, or country…

  108. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    Pseudo socilaists/libearals must be baned! We are all equal and as such it is everyone’s obligation to follow the laws. Dictatorship of the majority? What a joke! That’s democracy you anarchists! If someone dose not like it he can say it and try to form new ideas that will change the majority but those who failed cannot claim that their rights are being stomped because everyone’s rights end there where the equal laws set by the majority begin!

  109. avatar
    Bita Nahal Peace

    Anything or anyone can be a cause of conflict in a society!! But long as differences are in balance and their religious or cultural habits / music/ food/ populations would not disturb or imposed to others, Then i should think it’s a sign of a healthy, friendly and balanced society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, coloyrs and ethnicity, and social background

  110. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    So obvious.read the holyCoran,war abd jihad are inside…why european dont want to face the truth?

  111. avatar
    Selcuk Ipek

    Not if they are willing to adapt to the native customs. Which I highly doubt to be fairly honest.

  112. avatar
    Isabel Faria

    Like Naira Vanbeginne said …policies, lack of vision, understanding and strategy cause conflict.

  113. avatar
    مشیر بارسلونا

    Ethnic diversity is not invoking conflict for the moment but of course politics in the religious background. Mixing up of people with socially backward minded in a highly advanced society defiantly is raising issues. Why not it’s made essential to educate backward people and allow only those who have potential to accept socially advance society to avoid future conflicts?

    • avatar

      Absolutely agree with this comment. Currently, the asylum system admits people that are under persecution according to their own claims. However, these are not necessarily the people that will integrate best or whose off-springs, that will not be under the same persecution, will necessarily be allied to this society. Besides, the reason for their persecution does not get looked into. Some of them have been proven to have been convicted terrorists in the countries of their origin and their alleged persecution nothing but the authorities’ attempts to imprison them. On the other hand, there are so many people that may not necessarily be under persecution but aspire to European values and want to live here simply because they do not want to live under Sharia law and/or a theocracy. Which one is more suitable to live here do you think?

  114. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    And wars will break out near and far, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must come, but the end won’t immediately. The nations and kingdoms will proclaim war against each other, and there will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. /Matthew 24:6,7/ Such is our world. Yes, there will be some ethnic conflicts in Europe and all over the world.

  115. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    Only when the new arrivals intend to impose themselves to the already stablished. And also because the laws ( made under tales of racism) favor the invading ethnia.

  116. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Ethnic diversity, multicultural societies etc.. do not cause conflict… ideologies do… for example; given the chance I would have Ivan B. impaled on place du Luxembourg… and I’m not sure we’re ethnically diverse…. we even share a nationality… However he’s a self-centred anti-european humanity hater and I’m not… (but I do share a zero tolerance policy towards the people on his team just as he does to the people on mine)… Crooked innit? Who needs cultural and ethnic diversity when we are already prepared to fight each other and rip each others guts out without that? Thats just a shitty excuse to try and get various people to form common fronts… fuck that…

  117. avatar
    Doru Adonis Izuel

    No ! But what may cause problems are extremisms,either ideologically, religiosly or of any kind; and the desire to dominate other groups.

  118. avatar
    Dimitris Kasapakis

    Questions all the time. I have a question for Debating Europe too! Is Europe ethnically diverse itself? Aren’t we ethnically Europeans as European Union wants us to be under this European Union flag or is all this a fairy tale? If not all of us are ethnically Europeans, then no new resident can create ethnic diversion as it already exists.

  119. avatar

    What multicultural traitors call ‘diversity’ is actually supporting colonists to start new enclaves of their home country on the territory of other people.

    Have a look at Ukraine and see how wrong you are Stefan Wolff.

  120. avatar
    Average person

    There wouldn’t be any ethnic tension in Europe if the minoritys were from countries only in Europe, what’s happening in Germany now is a good example that europians CANNOT live peacefully with races from other continets , we are not programmed to do it , we shouldn’t go against natures way , you cant put together 2 different species after 6 million years of evolution apart and see if they can live peacefully and if this continues it may result in dying out for the white race

  121. avatar
    Gregory Fabian

    That this is even the subject of debate suggests a deterioration of European values and an erosion of the rights of minorities. What, pray tell, is the alternative to a diverse society? Even more importantly, because of globalization, countries cannot prevent diversity even if they try.

  122. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    The attempts to create ethnic diverse society by putting a majority under a pressure to completely accept unacceptable using institutionalized force of unprecedented, artificial tolerance, is not democracy. Conflicts are unavoidable.

  123. avatar
    Abaris Hiperboreus

    This is a provocative question of a liberal fascist kind. NO! Ethnic diversity does not cause conflict at all. Conflict is made by the unelected rulers of the Union who put us under pressure by forcing us to accept the ongoing colonisation of Europe. Uff.

  124. avatar
    Goksun Birgül

    ethnic diversity is creativity and wealth of knowledge, experience, culture. so did you establish european unity?? but if you mean it is only christians unity , the last centuries , the age of enlightenment of europeans not work.

  125. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The problem is not the ethnic diversity but the help and allowances given to the newcomers while the nationals suffer cut offs in their general welfare. And as for their behavior, “when in Rome do as the romans”.

  126. avatar
    Jaime Oliveira

    Nothing wrong with ethnic diversity and celebrating differences. The wrong thing happens when someone takes the iniciative to move to a different comunity and gets offended by its existing tradition and costumes! It’s an attitude problem, not an ethnical one.

  127. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Multiculturalism was introduced in an attempt to put us all into a melting pot and have us emerge with no other identity than “European”. It has failed dismally because one of the ingredients has soured the pot after being added far too many times.

  128. avatar
    Javier Ortiz

    What a stupid-ass questions! What doesnt cause conflict? You are implying that it does! Even in hypothetically homogenous you will have conflict! Very dangerous what you are asking: why dont you join Trump s campaign?

  129. avatar
    Higaara Nakamura

    It depends on the cultural background. There are certain cultures that clash with other cultures rules and social habits like dressing codes, age of marriage or consent, gender equalty/inequalty among others.

    • avatar

      Finally a bright one. thank you Higaara Nakamura.

  130. avatar
    Van Herk

    I think this is a very not professional way of questioning. It feels dirty …are experienced enough for this work ? I personally do not think so ….Before I noticed as well this kind of stigmat questioning…Stop it pls.

  131. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    No, societies like Canada, Australia, and USA are successful because of their ethnic diversity. White Europeans have been fighting each other for millennia now, so have Asians and Africans. Multicultural and multi-ethnic societies are actually more peaceful and developed than homogeneous ones

  132. avatar
    Claus Skøtt Christensen

    Does it cause confl- Well, yes, but so does ethnic cleansing. I’m not sure what the alternative is supposed to be. Keeping people fensed in their respective countries doesn’t work and never has. So whatever conflict diversity could cause, we’re just going to have to suck it up, because it’ll only get worse the more connected we get. And the trend rarely moves backwards.

  133. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    Only if raised as ideology, because that is what causes conflicts: ideologies (religious, political, etc). And ideology is natural to us, so is conflict. “Ethnic diversity”, whatever “ethnic” means, can be traced virtually anywhere in the world, in any time and situation. I would say that it is healthy for Europe to integrate a number of people of other continents and cultures, but too many, in a too short period of time, can be disastrous.

  134. avatar
    Tina Clark

    Only wen people don’t respect the best country their living in . I was born in England over 50 years ago.THEN…
    Tried to fit in.
    Didn’t bring religion into things. (Private thing)
    Excepted that it wasn’t native land.
    Customs that were not here were excepted. EG. Spitting
    thank you.
    If none British people had same respect British people have living abroad life would be much better.
    Yes I’m generalising but it’s fact,British people except it’s not their culture wen they live abroad.
    History is history. .21st century people need to respect culture of country they live in.If don’t like Leave!

  135. avatar
    Luis Garcia

    mono.ethnic societes, mono-religious societies, mono-gender societies…life is a conflict, if not, it means we live alone… or we are dead. :P

  136. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    There was one country in southeast of Europe where people of different nationalities and religions lived in peace for 50 years. The supreme creed was “brotherhood and unity”. It wasn’t communism, it was a socialism “with human face”. Then the eye of that body wanted to leave and live separately, then another eye, then feet went in different directions; arms and whole body disinterested…people thought that was democracy! The former mindset was replaced by nationalism and religion. The war started in 1991. Remember Yugoslavia? That was the union before the EU, with some wise modifications, it could be a good model for Europe. But…a sad story today.

  137. avatar
    Leonard Prifti

    You can see it, in France Belgium Germany, does ethnic diversity caused conflict on those countries?

  138. avatar
    Leo Raffaele

    Nope, only when there are too many stupid nationalists -.- or too many religious fundamentalists…

  139. avatar
    Luchian Melnic Dumitrache

    I have an elementary question for you : if you put a PIRANHA in an aquarium with an already diverse group of other fish what do you obtain : an increased diversity or slaughter of the peaceful harmless aquarium fish ? Than why do you traitors want to insert a religion of terror in Europe ?

  140. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    The European dream is being overtaken by the Islamic nightmare. How much ethnic diversity would be permitted in a caliphate is the question that no one is asking.

    • avatar

      spot on!

  141. avatar

    How about white pagan identity? As a finn I weep when I see germans who hate their heritage. You should be proud and immigrants living there should know it is not their ancestral homeland but they are mere tenants who need to behave!

  142. avatar

    i grew up mostly in minnesota, i have traveled all over the united states, part of canada and part of mexico. i talk to people all over the world via skype, ventrillo, and team speak, we all have the same exact problems the world over i have found, the only thing that changes are the who’s.
    my grandfather is a second generation american he was born when horses were starting to be replaced by automobiles, he told me about how the world has changed while he was growing up, how it got to be where we are today.
    racial identity was still a major conflict when he was growing up, all the different nationalities had their own bars, their own churches, their own schools, their own towns even in alot of cases. all you have to do is look at a map and pick out the names of the cities and nations named after where the mass of immigrants came from in america. when the races mixed it was usually at the bars where he said he watched grown men fight over nationalities and their long centuries old prejudices readily cause fights. coupled with drunkeness and ethnic accents as many were direct immigrants or 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation americans who were very fluent in the languages of their parents and grand parents or great grands words would get slurred and misunderstandings would always happen (ever heard a drunken irishman try to speak the country name niger or nigeria?) it was normal for fights to break out where the french were fighting the irish the norweigans and sweeds would be fighting the danish, the dutch would be fighting the germans, the fins would be fighting the russians, the romanians would be fighting the italians and the english would be fighting them all and various other centuries old prejudices of this nation vs that nation. my great grands and great great grands confirmed all of this to me and even told me more detail how it broke down even further between catholics and protestants and lutherans and orthodox and the jews and the baptists.
    it was too much for me to keep straight except it was dead certain nationality and religion played massive parts in ethnically diverse societies as source of instability.
    how can i confirm this? well as being a 4th generation american my parents the 3rd generation americans seemed to relax considerably when it came to nationality and religions, having gone to public schools which came about from redistricting and eliminated or blurred the nationality lines of public education under all previous generations my generation talked about it without malice or prejudice towards most, with exception towards the very obscure minority religious as i recall mormons and jehovas being ostracized.
    my generation and our parents didn’t hardly ever mention nationalities and had mild concerns for the most part of religions and the commingling of these but the ones who had the most prejudice and i could say it was rather extreme to the point of violence were the very obscure minorities of nationalities right up to the levels of the main jewish population where it became less of a problem. (the secular jewish it was still a very big no no to date and marry outside of , my cousin is even experiencing backlash from her boyfriends jewish parents because she is catholic)
    my experiences that the further west you go in america the less race becomes a problem religion is still more of a problem however but the diversity of the religions thins out considerably until you get to the west coast where the higher asian population radically changes that and while it’s a noticeable difference all seem to be co existing peacefully for the most part with the exception of the muslims who do not integrate before the 4th generation so far as i have witnessed.
    out in eastern america religion and race are still fairly notorious markers mainly in the new england area and the southern states. despite the generational mixes those that are not prejudiced by old world hatreds and discrimination’s coexist fairly well at the 3rd generation and beyond levels.
    in the people of asia, the people of europe, the people of africa discrimination/racism is still very extreme and prominent just based on national, cultural and ethnic and religious identity, it’s very clear cut and wide open.
    none of them are diverse enough to dispel such hatreds.

  143. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    All you have to do is look at the worlds conflicts and the answer is clearly yes which the lunatic left are fuelling with their ideology of forced integration.

  144. avatar
    Pedro Gabriel

    poor distribution of wealth is the basis of all conflicts . house without bread all discuss and no one is right

  145. avatar
    Rozalija Baricevic

    Not only between blacks and whites (or vice versa). But the whites are always those who are appointed as racist and expected to be the most tolerant race in the world.

  146. avatar
    Andrej Němec

    The problem is that the idea of racial superiority is well cast in stone. No white man would like to wake up being black the day after and no black man would refuse to become white if given the chance (look at Michael Jackson). This is because there’s a superiority complex on one side and a well induced inferiority complex on the other. Even black kids find white ones more beautiful. Now, I personally met black people much more intelligent than the majority of white ones. But the fight for equality needs to be fueled by the interested parties. So when black Africans will stop relying on their physical “pluses” (surely appreciated by white women in search of exotic adventures) and start wearing a tie and looking at white collar jobs, they will be appreciated as much (and even more) as white men and other ethnic groups usually regarded as geeks (Asians). I know I’m not politically correct, but (thanks God we’re slowly abandoning stupid political correctness) this is the plain truth that only few dare to tell…

  147. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Religious or political fanaticism and financial stress or injustice are main causes of intolerance and hate.

  148. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    Why you always try to fool people with False questions ? It is not ethnic diversity that kill people but your Religion of submission to islamic terrorism.Therefore the right question is “When will you grow some balls to stop promoting Terrorism as Cultural diversity ?” A culture ( religion) that calls for the murder of infidels others who are different than them should be prohibited and their criminals kicked the * out.Either they reform their religion or they are forced to live only along others as mentally insane as they. Murderers of women and children do no belong in Europe nor in the civilized world nor in the future of mankind.

  149. avatar
    Tobias Jetter

    It can, but it doesn’t have to. The main cause of conflict isn’t diversity, it’s hate.

  150. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    We’ve had nations (tribes, ethnic and cultural groups) for much longer time than internationalism.
    Conflict and competition are inherent to the human race, it’s evolutionary instinct.
    Modern societies use sports to chanel these conflicts more constructively.
    Without nations the ppl would organize themselves according to diet habits (just listen to some veganazis), music style, employer, politics, etc.
    The Internationalists have a problem with understanding reality and pursue a phoney ideology.

  151. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    la diversità etnica è una ricchezza culturale . Chi causa guerre e conflitti sono i globalizzatori che mettono il mercato al di sopra dell’uomo. Tutto è merce , tutto è business

  152. avatar
    Dóris Cavalcanti

    If ethnic diversity were the cause of conflicts, then we wouldn’t see so many negro africans killing negro africans just because of religious culture, by ethnical nature they would love each other.

  153. avatar
    Ana Isa Santos

    Stupidity and intolerante cause conflict, not ethnic diversity. Please stop feeding people this false narrative.

  154. avatar
    Valentin Rotaru

    people doing stupid or bad things , or personal pre-conceptions/ideas about the other creates conflict and monsters

  155. avatar
    Tsvetan Tsekov Steven

    It is not a matter of skin pigmentation, but of insuperable socio-cultural differences, deriving from the different cultural, traditional and religious settings that people were initially born in and raised up in!

  156. avatar
    Njah Stephan

    @ #Debating Europe. Is that the color of a human being. By placing such colors you don’t even know what you are talking about.

  157. avatar
    Njah Stephan

    @ #Debating Europe. Is that the color of a human being. By placing such colors you don’t even know what you are talking about.

  158. avatar
    Mark Lawrence

    I grew up in a Multi Cultural society in England. During the 1980’s there was rioting,looting,racist attacks,murders,a bit like modern day Europe in fact.All caused by,government policies, groups of anti racists,racists, media and other various troublemakers.Some wanted multicularism,others didn’t.Two tribes fighting for who was right.At the age of 24,I moved to Ireland, after an initial period of being likened to Oliver Cromwell,people accepted me for me.I was never aggressive, didn’t start protests to protect my right to be an English bloke,or open a pub called the Union Jack.Now I am married to a lovely Irish woman,4 kids,2 dogs,who are all Irish born and bred.Multi Cultural societies have never worked anywhere.When are people going to get it,this cruel and inhuman social experiment ruins everyone and creates hatred and destruction.Every generation is blighted by this.Why not help developing countries get the banks off their backs and help to build their economies.The United Nations seem to just create war.Multicultural societies are just too much hassle.

  159. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Multiculturalism is the big evil and nationalism is the only way to defeat it. A person must be their country first, ethnicity and religion second. If people wish to live in a different country to their birthplace they should be willing to give up their old nationality, culture and customs completely.

  160. avatar
    Mugur Cristian

    not at all. the cause of conflcts is the differences in wealth. The rich people are greed and the poor people will always blame the rich. So comes the conflict.

  161. avatar
    Graziano Paul Mare

    We are all part of ONE race. The human one! Ethnic, cultural and personal differences enrich us and make the world and humanity beautiful. Without it we would not have poetry, painting, art and love.

  162. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    In a normal, civilized society, NO.
    Decent people can live together peacefully no matter the race or ethnic group.
    Religion is a problem, indeed.

  163. avatar
    Sebastien Chopin

    Depends how national governments communicate… obviously the approach to immigrants in the more developed western europe is very different to the soviet approach of eastern europe… where after years of submission to moscovite rule people live by the ‘me my culture and I rule’… which is normal because they were oppressed and had nothing

  164. avatar
    Michael Šimková

    Ethnic diversity does not have to cause conflict, but ethnicity should not be conflated with culture. Problems caused by culture conflict should not be conflated with those caused by ethnic conflict.

    Also the EU should not set out to impose diversity on homogeneous societies. This will create hatred of the EU. There are organically multi-ethnic societies already in the EU. We should be focused on making sure these societies work well.

    Some EU countries like Sweden have been completely homogeneous until the day before yesterday, and now act like they invented ethnic diversity. They should be less arrogant and listen instead to perspectives from societies with more historical experience.

    Repression and dogmatism is not the way to challenge racism, it will only make it bigger. You need openness and willingness to address the real issues that arise and take it seriously when people say they are unsafe. No society will be a paradise of perfect harmony, anyone selling this idea whether they are xenophobe or xenophile is selling extremist dogmas.

    If you are systematically repressing everyone’s concerns as racism you are cheapening the meaning of the word, and giving real racists cover and legitimacy.

    Germany, UK or Sweden’s approach is to be repressive. This only denotes fear of themselves, not genuine enthusiasm. Spain has hundreds of years of experience, good and bad, with multi-ethnic society. There is nothing bad about diversity, but there is about dishonesty. Don’t sweep your problems under the rug, they will only accumulate. You must confront them.

    Run away from imported dogmas from the USA about “whites” and “people of colour” too and grand narratives of oppressors and oppressed that are invariably hijacked by demagogues. The real world is not like this. Real history is not like this. Stick with the philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr. He had the right idea.

  165. avatar

    I for one will never accept multi culturalism , the main stream narrative that we are forced to put up with every single day is getting tiresome , ever watch the TVs adverts , why is it that they always put a white woman with a black man , I personally think they are trying to get us used to the idea , to some how accept it ( it is’nt working) , why should the country’s of immigrants get to keep their culture whilst ours gets trampled on every day , why should companies employ people jst because they have brown skin , why is it that I hear more foreign folk music on the radio than my own native folk music , little every day things like this get on people’s nerves , when I walk down the street and see an Asian guy or a black man for instance , never do I think of them as European and I never will , nothing will change my mind on that subject

  166. avatar
    K B

    I could care less what religion, ethnic group, or class groups belong to. In the United States, it is being United under the U.S. Constitution that matters. It is not merely democracy, but adhering to these principles that matters most. United we stand, divided we fall.

  167. avatar
    Fernando Nabais

    Yes, of course. Simply look around the world, “ethnic diversity” is a source of problems everywhere,

  168. avatar
    Shahadat Bablu Hossain

    Period of modern europe life style ethnic diversity is not a big question of conflict!!!
    I believed the cause of conflicts in European Union are, social injustice,arrogance,ego and missing strong leadership for total Europe!!!

  169. avatar
    Wendy Harris

    Not when you take people from the third world and throw them into the first world by their millions. This is like introducing hornets into a beehive.

  170. avatar
    Andre Lopes

    Ethnic diversity does not cause conflict ignorance does and a lot. We always had the small dose of non tolerant and mass stress, things get bigger(more expressive), and potentially, we can realize how many are ignorant or are in his selfish despair.

  171. avatar

    Too much nonsense and untruths and/or half sides of the debate to read it all. So apologies to anyone’s valid comments I may have skipped passed.
    Alot of examples of “history proves” so lets start there, history and genetics prove that ethnic diversity is not only useful, but essential to survival of the species (not just ours, all species must diversify genetically or perish). History proves that when an ethnic group lacks for diversity it finds ways of coming into contact with differing ethnic origins and interbreeds with them, this can be peacefully done through explorers, traders and holiday makers. Or it can be done violently through invasion and occupation. Homo sapiens even interbred with Neanderthals. So let’s not pretend that the issue is ethnic diversity, the issue is cultural diversity.
    Cultural diversity needs to be done delicately, but again benefits society. Without challenging how things are done society would stagnate, introduction of new ways of doing things is more readily imported into a culture than evolved over time as other cultures already have different ways of doing things. But having said that, simply saying to all cultures “come live amongst us” is a very stupid way to do this. Many of the problems the US faces with regards to cultural diversity stems from segregation. Terms like “Black neighbourhood” and “China towns” are still a thing there, how exactly is that a melting pot? When a tribe, culture community etc. Incorporates new members from external sources they need to mix fully with their new surrogate community or it won’t work. If they live amongst, associate with and work alongside the community then they will gain acceptance, and they can therefore discuss ideas they bring from their birth culture and the “host culture” can decide what ideas it wants to incorporate. And the society evolves a little bit.

    • avatar

      But to answer the header question. No, fear and greed are the only reasons conflict ever occur.

  172. avatar
    Radka Brhlikova

    Yes of course, if one group, which is home here, has to appologize all the time and must give up its rights and habits in favor of incoming strange culture

  173. avatar
    Elie Awad

    Its not about ethnicity but about culture,if a group of a people can’t adapt to live with others then u got a real big problem

  174. avatar
    Bobi Dochev

    The problem is not in the ethnic origin. It doesn’t cause conflicts itself. When some ethnic groups, or vast majority of their members refuse to follow some social rules – then the conflict appears! But it is not based on their origin so don’t try to justify them.

    • avatar
      Michael Šimková

      There it is in a nutshell, although I would add that ethnic diversity can also cause conflict even in the absence of cultural conflict – but these are not the same kinds of conflict and should not be conflated.

      The left and right have both been conflating these kinds of conflict to serve their respective agendas – in the former’s case to attempt to silence people concerned about the impact of oppressive cultures by suggesting they are racists and in the latter’s case to attempt to silence people concerned about racism by suggesting they are moral relativists. That dishonest subterfuge is the root of a great many problems currently plaguing Europe.

    • avatar
      wiss wiss

      Well it is a small group. Would you blame every living person who belongs to that religion!!
      Think before you reply please.

  175. avatar
    Akis Kountouris

    history proves that. even if we all are saints diversity of any kind . . . ethnic cultural etc. cause conflicts. all the rest opinions are at least extremely optimistic … or forced by certain financial interests

  176. avatar
    Dario Fè

    You don’t need ethnic diversity to have a conflict. But of course, diversity and “impossibility to live together” are always very good excuses to start a fight

  177. avatar
    Vitaliy Markov

    Ethnic diversity doesn’t cause conflict by itself. However, cultural and religious attitudes can create a lot of conflict if not properly controlled.

    • avatar
      wiss wiss

      I agree with you.
      We are different and it is an enrichement.

  178. avatar

    This so-called experts should mention some facts about former Yugoslavia civil war and its grounds. Nations within states sooner or later will cause bloodshed unless fully assimilated. Another example is Russian aggression on Crimea or Donbas. Countries with societies built on different ethnic, religious (etc.) origin can be successful only when there is strong state influence on society to impose its values on minorities. If you leave them be, they will keep together and cause racial/religious turmoils.

  179. avatar
    Larry Lart

    Every individual believe is different, even among people of the same ethnicity/culture. Respect for diversity is respect for life and respect for our ancestors who at a given point in history have fought themselves of being discriminated in one way or another.

    Reason for conflict and discrimination is often found by some for as much as being born on the wrong side of the very same city! Only gets worst when these people are being manipulated by politicians to serve their agenda.
    I thought people, after two world wars with hundreds of million dead and unspeakable horrors would have learned something – presumably not.

  180. avatar
    Larry Lart

    Every individual believe is different, even among people of the same ethnicity/culture. Respect for diversity is respect for life and respect for our ancestors who at a given point in history have fought themselves of being discriminated in one way or another.

    Reason for conflict and discrimination is often found by some for as much as being born on the wrong side of the very same city! Only gets worst when these people are being manipulated by politicians to serve their agenda.
    I thought people, after two world wars with hundreds of million dead and unspeakable horrors would have learned something – presumably not.

  181. avatar
    Larry Lart

    Every individual believe is different, even among people of the same ethnicity/culture. Respect for diversity is respect for life and respect for our ancestors who at a given point in history have fought themselves of being discriminated in one way or another.

    Reason for conflict and discrimination is often found by some for as much as being born on the wrong side of the very same city! Only gets worst when these people are being manipulated by politicians to serve their agenda.
    I thought people, after two world wars with hundreds of million dead and unspeakable horrors would have learned something – presumably not.

  182. avatar
    Larry Lart

    Every individual believe is different, even among people of the same ethnicity/culture. Respect for diversity is respect for life and respect for our ancestors who at a given point in history have fought themselves of being discriminated in one way or another.

    Reason for conflict and discrimination is often found by some for as much as being born on the wrong side of the very same city! Only gets worst when these people are being manipulated by politicians to serve their agenda.
    I thought people, after two world wars with hundreds of million dead and unspeakable horrors would have learned something – presumably not.

  183. avatar
    Παυλος Χαραλαμπους

    Not necessarily,history tell’s us that different ethic groups can coexist as long as they follow the same leadership (see USA) or their leaders don’t tern to each other ( by blaming others ethnic groups for their problems) also I believe that any forced coexistence can’t work ( see Yugoslavia) and that media can teach people how to coexist and eventually after few years to become one ethnic / cultural group ( see uk, China, Russia, Turkey)

  184. avatar
    Joana Rodrigues

    Ethnic diversity is just a thing. It can be bad or good. We are the ones who ascribe it meaning. I think the conflict arises more of a perception of separation between people. Another look, another culture, another religion, another whatever can be perceived as different or unknown and so unworthy of trust. It all comes down to lack of knowledge about the other (and yourself btw) and a lot of projection. Then there’s power struggle and escalating violence. It’s an old story. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Ethnic diversity could be like a palette of different beautiful colors that makes a beautiful painting.

  185. avatar
    Joao Carlos Alves Henriques Branco

    Deport all imigrants out of Europe. we will never want this imigrants,Never !! we will never welcom this imigrants, Never!! they will never be french or spanish or european,Never!! Deport them all or END EU, Not Negotiable. junker and shultz are dictators Not elected, Lock them up !!

  186. avatar
    Joao Carlos Alves Henriques Branco

    europe is not america. in america anyone can be a Legal migrant. in europe we promise to Deport all invaders and traitors. this is europe Not america. america does not have european values. even so europe is death sinc 70years because of the evil kikes, we will make europe great again, may usa army get out of europe soon as possible, if trump remove usa army out of europe we will be thanksful to trump and respect usa for first time sinc ,sinc ever.

  187. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Oooh, tricky question
    Still the purpose is obvious, to suggest the people the answer NO. but it s not ethnic difference that divides us or scare us.
    It s the invasion of millions with a completely oposite mentality towards civilisation

  188. avatar
    Rácz Tivadar

    No, it doesn’t cause it at all. Nonsensous privilegies to the one or other group by suprimation of the other thinking majority really causes conflict.

  189. avatar
    Adriana Lung

    MINORITĂȚILE AU O NOUĂ PARADIGMĂ : MAJORITARII TREBUIE SĂ SE SUPUNĂ DREPTURILOR MINORITĂȚILOR . Îtrebare : minoritățile nu trebuie să se supună majorității votanșilor ? Majoritarii ce drepturi mai au ? Nici un drept ? Așa ceva nu este de acceptat !

  190. avatar
    Andrian Marinov

    Americans and outlanders from the Middle East commenting.. We, Europeans, Don’t Want, nor we need, any of the third world trash that doesn’t want even to learn what civilization is…. Only to steal, kill and rape…

    • avatar
      Christopher Arimont

      Because no european ever stole, killed or raped? Nor colonised any other part of the world? Europeans are knowen for staying at home and mind their own business?

    • avatar
      Andrian Marinov

      Colonization brought civilization. And you can still see what is happening in the ex colonies after the Empires backed off.. Don’t try to justify the extremism and fanatism of the uneducated and uncivilized trash.

    • avatar
      Christopher Arimont

      I’m not justifying. You just sound like Europeans are the only “good” people in the world and everybody else is bad, stupid and evil.

    • avatar
      Christopher Arimont

      And extremism and fanatism also exist in the “civilised world”. Anybody who says differently has to review the history books and start checking contemporary facts.

    • avatar
      Andrian Marinov

      “History books” and “modern day” are two different things. The civilized world evolves, only the middle-eastern people stay the same. Murder, rape (women and children) and enforcing their beliefs on everything that breaths.

    • avatar
      Andrian Marinov

      You are indeed trying to justify the extremism of modern day third world people by using what we had done in the past. What do you mean by that? We deserve it because we had been at war with their religion in the past?

  191. avatar
    Dr. Munroe

    Inevitably yes. In order for democracy to function, groups need to be unified by ethnicity, race, or religion. Too many groups will cause inevitable conflict (Look at India, and we are seeing the beginnings in Europe)

  192. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    My own country is still partitioned mainly due to a population replacement program instigated 300 years ago. The echoes of which can be still seen today. It is not so long ago that IRA bombings and sectarian violence was a norm in the North of Ireland. To expect fast and numerous population movement not to cause problems is to understand nothing. The people who promote this for the “greater good” have the blood of arrogance on their hands. of course DE asks this question every week and every week they are given the same well reasoned answers but still do not listen. The very definition of madness

  193. avatar
    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    I wouldn’t say diversity does, I’d say more along the lines of cultural/religious arrogance. When you live in a country that doesn’t share your cultural/religious heritage yet you demand they accept it all the while you deny theirs.

    Integration is the key word here, something which is nothing more than a ideal.

    • avatar
      Michał Jarski

      Yes, the best example is Northern Ireland. The Celts are definitely not compatible with living with the Brits.

  194. avatar
    Matt Czapliński

    Not really. What really makes conflicts is, at least in my opinion, disagreement and disrespect between cultures that all sides are obligated to.

  195. avatar
    Irene Rosa

    Conflict is caused by discrimination, lack of job opportunities, poor living conditions and exclusion.

  196. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Minorities from various european countries immigrated at the decades of 50s/60s especially in Germany they Incorporated into German society .. Minorities that are not accept the west way of life must be eliminated…

  197. avatar
    Jozsef Erös

    if ethnic diversity is combined with religious diversity you can be sure most of all the one of the religions is muslim :(

  198. avatar
    Christofer Catilan

    I do not think ethnic diversity is the problem, for example immigrants from Russia or Thailand do not differ at all how easily they can adapt to the Finnish society. Culturally they differ a lot from each other while Russians are more like Finnish people while Thais differ in several ways. Still Thai people find it very easy to adopt a Finnish custom and apparently feel happy about their living side by side with the natives. Naturally they remain Thai and they do it without getting culturally infected by some fictive conflict with the natives because of their cultural preferences. When it comes to Muslim immigrants the conflict is obvious in many ways which is rather surrealistic. The most surrealistic is perhaps the fact that many of them get easily offended by native custom, e.g. they come with the conflict already in their cultural package into their new country.

  199. avatar
    Agon Turkaj

    Conflicts are caused by discrimination, exclusion, hatred, NOT by ethnic or religious diversity

  200. avatar

    No, only lack off dialogue.
    Europe, must return to their values of communication and tolerance.

  201. avatar
    Matej Zagorc

    Yup. Kind of a stupid question seeing how it’s happening right now as well as since… well… forever.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      That’s right, ‘Bigotry and racism from the left.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Mathias Darmell


      How does the Left & Pro EU fanatics hold these two facts in their heads at the same time ?:

      1. The rights of woman and Homosesuals must be protected at all costs.

      2. The practises of Islam demand death for homosexuals and woman have no rights.

    • avatar
      Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Mathias Darmell You obviously mean your own ignorance… No response for the above?

  202. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Of course it does, or do you think the followers of Islam actually like democracy ?

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Alfonso Martìnez Montoya No idea what you are trying to say troll, try again.

    • avatar
      Петър Йовчев

      Religion and democracy have nothing common. Here in Bulgaria we have 5 ethnic minorities, 3 religions + atheism and communism and we live in bease and frierndhip

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      Петър Йовчев When the religion becomes the government you can kiss democracy goodbye.

    • avatar
      António Espadaneira

      Yeah, Ivan… We got it. You made your point some hundred posts ago…

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      António Espadaneira When the question is the same then the answer will be the same. If you have a problem with the truth please feel free to use the ‘Hide’ tab above all my posts, I’m sure you meaningless contributions to the debate will not be missed.

  203. avatar
    Petre Neagu

    Diversity is necessary. Narrow minds creates conflicts, because they see problems and conflicts in everything.

    • avatar
      Ivan Burrows

      That is because there are fundamental differences between democracy and religious totalitarianism , pretending they do not exist would lead to the end of the west.

  204. avatar
    Bódis Kata

    No. Cultural-based intolerance causes conflicts. And yes, even a minority can be intolerant.

  205. avatar
    Craig Willy

    First of all: thank you for asking this difficult question!

    Short answer: yes, all other things being equal, a lack of common ethno-national identity will lead to tensions and conflict (whether subdued or bloody).

    Long answer: had Yugoslavia been mono-ethnic, like Poland was, its transition from communism would not have entailed violent ethnic civil wars. Had Yugoslavia’s ethnic groups been relatively separated rather than intermixed, then the break-up might have been peaceful, as with Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Divorce.

    Multiethnic societies tend to be more conflict-ridden because people identify less with fellow-citizens of other ethnic groups and because ethnic groups tend to perform differently. For example, ethnic groups that are over-represented in the elite tend to get scapegoated by underperformers. (For example, in Europe, black and Muslim activist organizations tend to blame their own groups’ educational and economic underperformance on.. the indigenous white population.)

    Science should be our guide here, as in most everything. There is a substantial body of evidence that human beings are evolved to identify in-group and out-group, and to be more solidary with their in-group. Tribalism no doubt helped our ancestors to survive in conflicts with other humans and hominids. Liberals have been disturbed to learn that babies as young as 6 months already discriminate in favor of their own race ( http://www.metronews.ca/news/toronto/2017/04/12/baby-racism-behaviour-study.html ). 5 month-old babies favor their own language and accent ( http://scienceblogs.com/notrocketscience/2009/06/14/five-month-old-babies-prefer-their-own-languages-and-shun-fo/ ). This, along with the history of conflict along ethnic lines in most multilingual and multiracial nations, suggests that human beings are hard-wired to identify along ethno-linguistic lines. There is also evidence that oxytocin, the “love hormone” which plays a key role in human bonding and altruism, increases in-group preference ( http://www.pnas.org/content/108/4/1262.abstract ).

    In sum, globalists have underestimated the tribal streak in human nature. We are turning formerly homogeneous nations – which had often made serious efforts to create a unified ethno-national identity – into fragmented societies, so many Austria-Hungaries or Brazils. Perhaps the problems will be manageable. But in any event, populist-nationalist politicians and media, quite naturally, will exploit the ethnic fault-lines and grievances which the globalists created. We are building societies which – all else being equal – will be far less harmonious and equal than if we had respected ethno-national identity. And don’t just take my word for it: just walk the streets of our “global cities” – Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles – and tell me how much ethnic equality and harmony you find!

    Tribalism is not all bad: it no doubt helped our ancestors to survive. It allows for great solidarity when ethny coincides with polity (as the great liberal Raymond Aron argued). And it may help preserve real social and cultural diversity between the nations of the world, rather than completing the globalists’ very elevated dream, of turning the world into a borderless, multiethnic, but in fact monocultural, airport/supermarket.

    • avatar
      Antoine Che

      Very well expressed… Thank you for taking the time to enlight the readers of this page!

  206. avatar
    Ingrid Vilanova

    Rejecting ethnic diversity causes conflict. This means, by the way, that all ethnicities must support and help protect (not tolerate) all other ethnicities.

    • avatar
      Dee O'brien

      Yep it’s about time euro sceptics got organised,The EU seems to have sped up its goal of a superstate before it’s too late

    • avatar
      Carlos Branco

      Dee O’brien it will never be to late, only will cost more blood.

  207. avatar
    JD Blaha

    Nope, it doesn’t. The places in Europe that are the most diverse are the least racist. This has been shown many times from many polls and surveys.

  208. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Ethnic diversity always cause problems, however the world will become more and more diverse and people have to learn with the diversity. Then there are ethnic groups that mix and integrate and others that isolate themselves in ghettos. As if they reject the mainstream society. These ones will be always a source of problems and conflicts. The official policy should be of trying to integrate minorities, try to avoid ethnic groups ghettos, and mix all of them. Everything that allows the crystallization of differences should be fought. Melting pot should be the policy and multiculturalism should be avoided.

    • avatar

      not true.

  209. avatar
    Róbert Bogdán

    Ethnic diversity not. Cultural diversity yes. You can’t build a society with different sets of morality.

    • avatar
      Antoine Che

      I guess you should rephrase that to make what you think a bit clearer…

  210. avatar
    Andrew Potts

    Where you have large groupings of various populations you will have devision. Look at the way one group of politicians look at another group of politicians. God Complex liberals think they have all the answers and it’s will be done their way.

  211. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    The minority’s are the black sheep in every country that they exist, they are discriminated on daily basis, the politicians like to used them as a scape goat to unite the majority of the country , this is what happens in the balkans including Greece.

  212. avatar
    J A

    The comments on this site ought to be enough to consider several prosecutions for hate crime. And the suspension of voting rights for the perpetrators once found guilty, in my opinion

  213. avatar
    Brad Clark

    Cultural diversity does not work usually and should not be forced on people. Culture is way more important than diversity. Culture take hundreds if not thousands of years to develop. As for diversity you just throw a bunch of different people together witch doesn’t take long,and usually leads to fighting. For example Hutus vs Tutsis and these two groups were very close to the same culture ,religion, and colour, but still some differences obviously. Someone in comments said Sweden was successful but just look at their unsuccessful immigration policies that are killing their beautiful culture. Only evil people want to wreck culture like most of the members of the EU.

  214. avatar
    Njoamo Bertin Sevidzem

    I will say yes based on the fact that if two stastes or independent ethnic groups decide to live together only their terms of contract can really unite them.Diversity becomes a problem if one part try to feel important than the other.looking at Cameroon presently diversity related conflict is eminent due to the non respect of the terms of the Foumban 1961 conference.Unless issues of language equality,ethnic origin,good goverance,rights of minority,equitable sharing of valuable natural and economic resources are realised,never will the present Cameroon -Anglophone crisis come to an end.Thus ethnic diversity is good but the non respect of it stands, sees the emergence of a conflict which is a problem looking for its solution.

  215. avatar
    Sea Nettles

    “A Danish Pakistani author” ? Isn’t this a contradiction in terms?

  216. avatar

    Ofcourse, you do not see what happens um iraq, afeganistan and in all África. Soon it Will be in europe.

  217. avatar

    Don’t same ethnic peoples fight?…Are they in peaceful terms all the time? Change comes from conflict. Whether positive or negative depends on how the school system has educated children to become responsible adults acting for the common good….

  218. avatar

    Europe has more than enough of diversity, so we don’t need to become Eurafricans or Eurabians, or to be islamized. We have all shades of skin tan and antropologic lines, we have all colors of hair and eyes, all kind of body constitution and height, and any other properties. Enough with that false “cultural enrichment”, it became ridiculous.

  219. avatar

    The problem is that the ethnics dont care about diversity and inclusion. They want to change our way of living.

  220. avatar

    Yes if you try to please one over another.

  221. avatar

    Of course yes.. Do you know any country with different ethnies or religions who is in peace? South Africa Zimbabwe India and Pakistan Israel… FRANCE SWEEDEN GERMANY…..open the eyes. EUis introducing war in Europe with migrations

    • avatar

      really. Have you heard about the 300 French killed by Muslims?

  222. avatar

    Nope. Regressive vs progressive creates conflicts.

  223. avatar

    There is no reason for conflicts based on the ethnic diversity.

    • avatar

      There is no reason for conflicts! The sentence should stop there… 🙂

  224. avatar
    Jane Smith

    I think individuals cause conflict and in my experience use platforms that will advance their interests. My recent workplace experience was to be targeted by an ethnic peruvian female who made statements to me regarding my assumed prejudices due to me being a mature age white woman. I had no such attitudes but this resulted in her lying to me and interfering with my work contract and my perceived value. She then proceeded to boast about winning against the white oppressor to parents at my children’s school. I have just ignored this and hopefully it will dissipate. I have also experienced over a number of years people looking for signs of racial discrimination to advance their profile. It is something to be aware of because it can cause trouble if you are not of that mind and get involved with opportunists. Safer to keep to yourself. Making friends is not possible under these conditions.

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