eu-flagNobody is really happy with the status quo in Europe. Whether you speak to eurosceptics or pro-Europeans, most accept that there will need to be changes in future. Voices from all sides of the political spectrum clamour for deeper economic and political integration in the Eurozone, or greater respect for the principle of subsidiarity and less interference from the Commission, or reforms to rules on freedom of movement, or just the complete abolition of the whole damn thing.

We had a comment sent in by Rallan who believes that British Prime Minister David Cameron has been leading the charge when it comes to EU reform:

citizen_icon_180x180I totally support David Cameron in this [EU renegotiation], even though I am a newly joined UKIP member. He has laid out the British position clearly and honestly, putting forward a workable, beneficial vision for an EU that could be embraced by all the member nations.

Let “ever closer union” be the goal for those nations that want it, and let the original concept of a powerful trade confederation be the arrangement for those who don’t.

A British in/out referendum in 2018 allows enough time for EU reform to be either agreed or rejected by the member states. Personally I would prefer things to move quicker, but I reluctantly accept that time will be needed for realities and corrections to take effect.

We took Rallen’s comment to some Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from some of the largest political parties, to see whether they agreed with his sentiments. First up, we spoke to Richard Corbett, an MEP for the British Labour Party. Perhaps predictably, he wasn’t impressed:

We also spoke to Renate Weber, a Romanian MEP who sits with the group of Liberal Democrats (ALDE) in the European Parliament. Again, she didn’t think that Cameron’s reform agenda represented a “workable, beneficial vision” for the EU:

weber-speaksNo, I would say that Cameron is simply responding to extremist voices in Britain; he is still competing with Nigel Farage and UKIP on this issue. And I have to say: no, reform of freedom of movement in the EU cannot be done in such a way as to go backwards. We do have to improve things, we have to make them work in a better way, but there are some fundamental principles in the European Union, and Mr Cameron will have to respect those principles. Freedom of movement is one such fundamental right.

Finally, we spoke to Syed Kamall, a senior MEP from David Cameron’s own party and Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament. After the European elections in May of this year, David Cameron publicly failed to block Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next Commission President. Is this a bad sign for EU reform? Does the UK still have the political capital it needs in Europe to make renegotiation a success?

syed-kamallI think it’s important to look at where we have been successful. People often say that things can’t be done, and I think you prove them wrong by simply doing them. So, for example, when there was a proposed new EU fiscal compact that clearly wasn’t in Britain’s interests, David Cameron said he was going to veto it and block it. Our opponents said: “You can’t do that!” – but he did it. He showed it could be done.

When we came into power in 2010, we had been signed up to the Eurozone bailouts by the last government, and David Cameron said: “Look, we’re not members of the euro – why should we pay for Eurozone bailouts? I’m going to extricate Britain from that” – and people said it couldn’t be done. Once again, he did it.

And probably the most important example is the cut in the EU budget. A lot of critics said: “You can never cut the EU budget, not even Margaret Thatcher – who managed to get the first ever rebate for Britain – not even she managed to cut the EU budget!” – and David Cameron said he would do it. And he’s done it.

So, it shows that if you understand the process, and you have the conversations, and you line up all the dots and make sure you get your negotiation strategy right, and you show that you’re serious and you want to engage, then you can achieve reform. We have three real examples of where we have achieved our objectives in the past, and I think that shows what is possible.

What would YOU change about the European Union? Do you think the status quo is sustainable, or is it time for change? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Rock Cohen

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    Paul X

    Yet again another lying MEP

    Renate Weber is either ignorant of the history of the institution she is employed by or (like many) she is a liar
    Freedom of movement was NEVER a fundamental right…..Free movement of workers with an offer of a job was what was actually laid down in the Treaty of Rome..there is a big difference which surely even she can work out

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      That we have to respect history more and remember their reichs and realise that this kind of union is totally WRONG (remember their lisabon treaty trick) and I’m not talking even about money here
      Europe can be united only by NATO and US as buddy and english language
      Or if posible Europe needs to respect its history and face it, that we have many nations who dont need political union, because Yugoslavia is good example of one nation dominating other…besides Farage, everybody else are so scared to say what they think im disgused by that

  2. avatar
    Oli Lau

    less bureaucracy.less red tapes. less taxes and more freedom.

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    Jason Pi

    Less perfidious aggression to the outside World (imperialism in the name of cheap labour), stop pandering to the banksters, to what’s left of the US, scrapping the TTIP and GMO legislation, harmonising tax rates to 20% everywhere, abolishing the Commission to make it democratic.

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      Agree. That was the beginning of the present status. If not changed it would lead to the destruction of Europe; and I am not only talking about the EU; I am also talking about all the people and all the countries!

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    Ivan Burrows

    Tory /UKIP coalition, referendum by the end of the year and immediate discussion with the EU under article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. It’s time to leave the antidemocratic EU.

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      Sure. The solid part of the EUC – European Union of Countries cannot survive with only a monetary union.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      That would be the end of Europe`s economy. Which is totally suffering allready

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      This. Political and fiscal union

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    Alberto Pasquale

    Progress towards fiscal union, otherwise even the monetary union is in danger.
    If we do not go forward with integration, we will face more and more discontent about Europe, seen as a foreign constraint rather than the site of common sovereignity.

    • avatar

      Countries that do not agree with this (Germany for example) should leave rather than hold back everybody else.

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      Right! If we were told that it would be a Union in diversity of cultures and languages, and that would be the strong point, including what it implies, so the integration must be done quickly! Otherwise…

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    Erich Scheffl

    An European Vision, independent from US. Becoming proud on plurality, cultures and a Vision for the welfare for the Europeans. With a social, ecological Partnership. For sustainable, and stabil societies. . We need a values debate, and a leading system which strives for the positive future of the people.

    • avatar
      Erich Scheffl

      We did the EU, and did no Reorganisation Project. Any company would have done this. You cannot lead without a Vision, Strategy and Participation of the people. We had so much good Power in EU. We have to change the mood.

    • avatar

      The Values, Vision, Strategy were lost and we did stop only in a simple monetary union without going further preserving the diversity over the egoistic interests of some countries… The final step in this? Desegregation, Economic fall, and – I hope not – wars again.

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    Toni Muñiz

    Referendum on EU and the way it does politics. Referendum on Immigration control. Referendum to deal with the islamization problem that EU ignores, or better yet, promotes. More accountability for the incompetence of EU politicians. Like when the EU commissioners use twitter to criticize government organizations of other EU states instead of using proper channels. Either we become a real union with control by the people for the people or this EU we have now has to end because it is worthless.

    • avatar

      A REAL Union would have been working already on the problems @ Toni says.
      What we have is only the prove that a monetary union is nothing. Return to Values and Vision of a EU is critical. As is critical to supervise the actions of the politicians and corrupt institutions

  8. avatar
    Gastone Losio

    This is my vision:
    The detailed description of every single step starting from the “definitive abolition of division of Europe into national, sovereign States”
    Immeditely start the operation for:
    Homepage with
    Mayors of Europe! Mayors “Executives of Europe”!

    This is not an opinion, it’s an order!
    Gastone Losio
    European Sovereign Citizen

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    Jaume Roqueta

    what about banning products made with children slavery?… If you dont want to put taxes to other countries at least ban the products that don’t respect human rights!… if not, the economic sustainability of europe is impossible at least we use the armies to have colonies that work for us for free!.

    • avatar

      A REAL Union – and not only a monetary one – would care for its citizens and its economy. Otherwise it wouldn’t survive and price for that will be enormously huge!

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    Referendum on EU and the way it does politics. Referendum on Immigration control. Referendum to deal with the islamization problem that EU ignores, or better yet, promotes. More accountability for the incompetence of EU politicians. Like when the EU commissioners use twitter to criticize government organizations of other EU states instead of and before using proper channels.

    Either we become a real union with control by the people for the people or this EU we have now has to end because it is worthless.

    Get rid of the commission, everyone must go up for election by all Europeans. After all I only get to elect Spanish politicians, but other politicians that I never had the chance to vote on make the decisions, and on their own agendas, which I dont get to vote on. Who voted that we need more migrants in Europe? I dont remember that being in anyones political program. Yet the commissioner just stated this a few days ago. Really? In Spain alone we have 6 million unemployed, 25% unemployment rate, we need more migrants? Please, get a clue.

    An European wide social welfare system. Not country independent. Or we are all the same or we best seperate. In Spain, long term unemployed have no social income from the state. We need to go to charity. We I as a tax paying citizen need to go ask for charity? Pathetic. And though, meanwhile many immigrants do in fact get a social welfare system in Spain. We just recently had a case where a yihadist was receiving 900€ monthly for the last 5 years, and during the last 6 months he was fighting yihad in Siria, and stil collecting, the last 3 months he was already dead. 900€ per month. Most workers in Spain do not make that, working. And as I said, I was self employed, now 2 years unemployed and I get no sort of welfare, cero. I must ask for charity for my family. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Here is a tax paying citizen, who is suffering EU’s laws that nobody voted for, has no social income to keep family from poverty and in comes a muslim yihadist, to name one, hasnt worked in Spain in 5 years and he gets 900€ monthly plus apartment paid. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

    So for me, the change I would like to see is for the EU to end so at least I have a say in my countries politics. And not have someone from a different country that I had no opportunity to vote for, dictate what my country needs to do.

    • avatar
      Roberto Bonafè

      I agree totally!

    • avatar

      A REAL Union would have been working already on the problems @ Toni says.
      What we have is only the prove that a monetary union is nothing. Return to Values and Vision of a EU is critical. As is critical to supervise the actions of the politicians and corrupt institutions

    • avatar

      Totally with you!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Anne McCormack
      UKIP is right-wing but NOT fascist.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      All pro EU populists polticians, one week with the common Greek salary.
      Let`s see how fast the European Community is installed, and the euro suffering behind us.

    • avatar

      Agree with you all the way.

  11. avatar
    Patrick Vande Walle

    A reform of the EU institutions. More direct income for the EU so it does less depend on member states to finance its policies. More decisions in the hands of the Parliament and less in the hands of the Council (=national governements). What mostly slows down the work of the EU are national politics. UK is a prime example.

  12. avatar
    Kovács Andor

    Id like Guy Verhofstadt to properly slap Nigel Farage around(UKIP voters only seem to understand the concept of weakness when its physical).Legal weed and marriage equality would be nice too.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Kovács Andor
      Please refrain from promoting violence – such aggression may be acceptable on the continent but in the UK it is UNACCEPTABLE!

    • avatar

      The above words by Kovacs Andor are exactly WHY the British people want out of the European Union. A “union” means all working together on and for the same end, sadly it is not to be, and never will be..

  13. avatar
    Seán Rohan

    Boycott of and Divestment from and Sanctions against the aparthied”state” of Israel by all EU members and institutions

  14. avatar
    Ÿänn Hidalgō

    More gamma rays less gamma cross, more palaces less bauhaus’s blockhaus, more style less bullshit, more humanity less savagery, more counscious less deep stupidity

  15. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    dublin 2 rearanged, no country in “power position” more control over banks. And a “hague kinda court” for politicians within the EU. Bad politicians must suffer serious consequences…this would be a fair and nice start to the road of a real unity and not just a monetairy one…

  16. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    Today we are the generation politics once wanted to create. We travel and work free, we all have friends from different countries in Europe and we can learn a lot of each other due to the different cultures and experience. Could there be a better base for a strong Europe? Go ahead!

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      How long was it You haven`t been outside in the real world? Since 2002 the EU has changed Europe dramatically.

    • avatar
      hans van veen

      Hahahahahahaha, tthat`s a good one!.
      Juncker is one of the miracle believers.
      Belonging to the Untouchables of the EU politicians.

  17. avatar
    catherine benning

    I would like Europe to be free of NATO and war games on any level. It would be wonderful to be free of warring allies. Self sufficient in food and manufacturing another good start, as well as a banking system that is not controlled by fraudsters and the IMF.

    It is imperative, if we want to continue with the free movement of European peoples within our states, to have an equal welfare system or benefit system equal to the UK, that enables all of us to settle easily into another state when looking for work, as well as having access to free at he point of use health care for all, as we do in the UK. Free schooling is also a must for all states, similar to those in Germany.

    On top of all this would be freedom from political correctness as well as true democracy. Every person in office must be voted in on a one man one vote basis. And those who run for office cannot be tainted by fraud or theft or any other criminal activity like our government in the UK who, it is said, appear to have been caught up in child sex scandals. How repugnant is that? And an end to zero hour contracts and insecure jobs. That along with the end to Globalisation as that is what is ruining our lives.

    And all laws to be the same in each state. Not one law for one group of people and another for separate groups, as they do in my state.In my country they are allowing Sharia law and polygamy taking us back to the dark ages against women. And until we are able to house, educate and care for health wise on a civilised basis, immigrants from outside of Europe must be stopped now.

    These are some good starters.

  18. avatar
    Dariusz Wituszyński

    I could write a whole book about the changes I would like to see in the EU in 2015, but despite of all that I think positively ;)

  19. avatar
    Dani Alexandrov

    I would like to see EU helping young university educated folks find job. And stop outsourcing high tech jobs abroad! Help Europeans!

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Oh yes, just what we need. A toothless bunch of parade ground warriors that can march up and down to the sound of the EU anthem with the EU flag fluttering at their head, the EU elite would love that

      As a real army it would be useless as the disparate politics and national agendas of each EU country would mean you will never get the unanimity you require to deploy such an army

  20. avatar
    Alex Bell

    Eu should embrace people with ideas no matter of the previous experience, education level or any other background. Its the idea that matters. If someone has a good one, it should be heard.

  21. avatar
    Lizica Preda

    1) To have all the people from EU the same Europen Identity Card 2) To explain more to Europeans that there is no time to stay isolated now , because there are other great powers not very friendly with us.

  22. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    wanted a Europe with a little more federalism and less individualistic with europe people of middle age Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015 Europe

  23. avatar

    Anything goes in the Spanish free mortgage market! The EU made Spain supress its motgage rate index IRPH which is almost 4% higher than the European Euribor index without making Spain´s banks apply the Euribor, thus creating a do-as-you-like situation where Banks can do a they please.

  24. avatar
    Ingemar Grahn

    I can’t understand why they not have included music and video in the free movements. Or at least all the company’s music and video is breaking the rules of free movements but is not punish.

    Also we need to get to a much closer union.

  25. avatar
    Ingemar Grahn

    We need get to a much closer union

    We also need to include free movements of music and video or is all the online company breaking the rules.
    We need to move the patent and copyright so it can only be made to Eu as a hole not to a single country.

    • avatar

      There’s nothing to deal with truth. Mirror is a tabloid. Plane was shut down by the russians that attacked and occupied Ukraine.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christiane Vermoortel
      Becoming less the puppet of Germany and France and improve relationship with USA..

    • avatar

      Germany and France are the EU…Would be funnier without Brits

    • avatar
      Emma Grabbert


  26. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Improve relationship with Russia , big investment in wind and solar , destroying tax havens .

    • avatar

      Close all relations with totalitarian Russia.

  27. avatar
    Nadezhda Ogden

    In line with the topic now- more jobs and opportunities within The EU, access to education and training for all, innovation! Keep the European values, cohesion and cooperation among the member states. Less corporate power and increased taxation for the multibillion companies

  28. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Ban people from becoming MEPs unless they’ve had a ‘proper’ [non-political] job for at least 5 years beforehand.

    Make all MEPs’ financial transactions entirely transparent to each and every EU citizen.

    Stop the European Parliament from conducting blind voting.

    Make all Club Med nations aware that monies from the wealthy Northern EU nations AKA SoliCharity is conditional on low-levels of corruption from said beggar nations.

    • avatar

      The money that the Mediterranean countries have been borrowed is being repaid and is not “charity”. Charity is being handed out to non-members.

  29. avatar
    Claudia D'Alessandro

    More integration, a more active and more powerful parlament, a common set of tv channels to reduce info asymmetries between countries, common tax policies etc…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Claudia D’Alessandro
      A common set of TV channels!?!?

      Are you a fan of Hitler, Stalin and Mao perhaps?

    • avatar

      Well there is “arte” a german-french projekt.That alternates in languages and uses subtitles

  30. avatar
    catherine benning

    To see Alexis Tsipras party take over the EU without threats from Juncker and his bankers toward voters of Greece and Europe if they dare to make a stand for democracy. Juncker’s threat to bankrupt us all if we don’t want him and his henchmen is a set up to avert a political shift from the financial theft we are steeped in presently and his stance means we are being held to ransom by robbers with his blessing. Either we take a significant step away from financial blackmail or we end up deep in their corporate do do for an eternity.

    And here is the real story of the US take over of our lives. Read all about it and realise we are all being held to ransom by this rogue state.

    It is Europe they are doing this to and using Russia as the fall guy. The only answer to freedom and democracy is to separate from this farce and NATO and as soon as they have the TTIP the way they want it there will be no more citizens rights. We will be run from top to bottom by Wall Street.

    Don’t forget the lies all around us under the guise of being an ally.

    • avatar
      Roberto Bonafè


  31. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    Common law system for all countries, strict standards and control over the work of judges. The main reason for poverty in some eastern EU countries is the lack of justice. Western EU countries can minimize immigration from Eastern EU countries, which is a big concern for them, if they do collective efforts to make judical system of Eastern EU countries more reliable. This will result in less money being stolen by the politicians and the administration and better standard for the working people, who are currently most willing to immigrate. Real problem is that many judges in Eastern EU decide influenced by money, so there is no practical way for normal person to protect his rights against rich people, and the fact that many rich people are connected with criminals makes the situation worse. We should have the same quality of legislation and justice throughout the EU!

    • avatar

      Further integration is what we need.

  32. avatar
    Ivan P. Romagnoli

    I would like to see the creation of the United States of Europe, a democratic federation elected by its European citizen. If UK don’t agree should leave our union as soon as possible.

    • avatar

      We Netherlands would like to leave too.

      Because a federation means equalization of incomes which means we’d have to give up 20% of our wealth. Not gonna happen.

  33. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    Dear Santa Claus please reveal all the mysteries that surround you, us & the EU- like:

    * Do you prefer using Odin’s’ eight-legged horse Sleipnir or 8 reindeer flying through the sky pulling your sledge and do you prefer visiting children through English or Dutch chimneys or rather continental doors or windows?

    * For “empowerment”, are you really using the red-capped, white-spotted ‘Amanita muscaria’, known as “fly agaric” psychoactive mushrooms- as told in the mythologies of our Siberian shaman culture? Not to suggest our EU politicians acting in similar ways.

    * My search for Brussels “EU cornerstone”- to reveal its democratic mysteries. Will it reveal Prince Leopold’s hidden history, his skeleton or some 1951 pieces of coal & steel or an EU peace message? The dark and deep symbolism of the unfinished EU & its unfinished Parliament- the (‘Nimrod’) Tower (of Babel) Building”- exposing the endeavor for a Super State and plans for a New World Order, their subtle endorsement of tyranny- sought by the world elite or modern Feudalism & its “all-seeing eye”.

    * The many promising EU slogans like: “Many Tongues One Voice” or “Unity in diversity”. The vacant Seat Number 666 in the EP, or the statue of the pagan (woman) goddess Europa riding her lover the beast Zeus outside the EU headquarters in Brussels? “Novus Ordo Seclorum” & “ordo ab chao”………….?

    That’s it for 2015- thank you dear Santa!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Hmmm, I wasn’t aware of your NWO conspiratorial predilections, interesting…

      Conspiracies apart, the repeated adherence to biblical and NWO folklore/imagery perpetrated by the EU is to say the least ‘singular’ and potentially ‘sinister’.

      Anyway, I bid you a merry Xmas and a Happy new year!

  34. avatar
    Lesley McDade

    I would like to see mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR)/Informal Dispute Settlement (IDS) – all the same thing – outlawed in the whole of the EU from all public domain institutions by the use of a REGULATION. This would rebalance SOCIETY and go to some degree of preventing a “hidden” Society using a two tier structure. IN the UK – ADR was promoted as “Access TO Justice” via the Woolf Reforms in 1998 – this mislead Government as ADR in a justice system does the OPPOSITE “Access FROM Justice” or rather “ACCESS TO COMPROMISE”. Now we have Justice v Compromise but most people in Europe are totally mislead about how ADR was packaged as Justice when it is compromise – two completely different concepts. ADR in the system has lowered standards.

  35. avatar

    Either full integration or full desintegration,but 3,14159% integration simply doesn’t work.We see it at the ECB.Merkel says there won’t be eurobonds as long as she is around.What do we get?The central bank starts to buy government bonds of Italy,Greece etc bye this month.That is basically even more expensive.
    Instead of just telling the truth and then with all European leaders openly discussing the problem,they have to act like there won’t be a central European state.As long as they are to cowardly to talk about it open, there will be this lobbyists doing what they need to do.Just as it happens with the ECB now

    • avatar

      Agree with this comment fully.

    • avatar

      Would agree on this one.The UK,Greece,Hungary out and then we can make a leap forward since those countries are blocking and stoping everything

  36. avatar

    I’d like a debate as to who is trying to bribe members of the Greek parliament to vote for the pro-banker anti-people candidate that banker stooge Samaras has put up for president.

    Why are bankers and their friends like Samaras so desperate? Why do they hate the middle class and the poor so much?

    EU/IMF/ECB do everything for the rich, nothing for anyone who isn’t. Now even stooping as low as resorting to bribes? Goldman Sachs behind it?

  37. avatar

    My wishes:

    -dissolution of undemocratic EU
    -disbanding the wealth destroying Euro
    -treason trials for the quisling politicians who acted pro EU and anti-democracy
    -restoration of democracy
    -restoration of sovereignty
    -restoration of national liberties and freedoms
    -expelling superfluous eastern Europeans (as many as needed to bring unemployment down to below 2%)

    • avatar
      hans van veen


  38. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    Common defense, security and justice, common standards, and more coherent social, political, economical and social policy. A bit more to the right.

  39. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    Common defense, security and justice, common standards, and more coherent social, political, economical and social policy. A bit more to the right.

  40. avatar
    catherine benning

    The most important changes in Europe and in each of our states has to be the telling of blatant lies to the public. Not only the telling of lies, but jailing those who tell the truth for the good of their fellow citizen.

    The first example of this is the revelation that the UK, after almost five years of the most dreadful austerity programmes the country has see since the 1930’s, with thousands of poor and disabled people starving and dying because of horrendous hardship, is, we are no better off and the pound still drops in value. Even though our Chancellor and Prime Minister continues to lie and lie and lie. As they tell us we are doing so well.

    However, far worse than those lies are the terrible and disturbing fact that our collective parliaments would lie about the MMR vaccine given to our children at such a young age, when it is known throughout the medical profession that doing so creates autism in 50% of the children receiving those shots. The majority of them boys.

    Not only has this lie been evilly repeated for years, sending so many babies to a dreadful existence, whilst knowing this, yet still, in the UK, mothers today are persuaded under pressure to give their child this killer vaccine they know is dangerous and that their citizens should have their children immunised with separate shots. Andrew Nether a doctor who raised the issue and told the world was derided, berated and ruined all to save the face and money of pharmaceutical companies.

    However, worse than this, in the UK our babies are still given this MMR vaccine even when the parents don’t want to do so. They are threatened with some kind of social services intervention if they refuse. The claim here is, wait for this, very few children in the UK are affected by the jab. Another blatant lie.

    How can any of these nasty people in our government dare to put their face out there and ask to be elected again? The voters are fools. These people should be incarcerated the same way they jail others who perpetrate such crimes. And each of them should do three years minimum.The parents in these horrific situations though will live a lifetime with the pain of knowing they gave their precious baby this awful treatment believing it was in the best interests of us all.

    A big change in our political requirements for the future is mandatory. No more lies.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Sorry that should have read, Andrew Wakefield, was the doctor who told the world of this dreadful government backed fiasco, not Andrew Nether. Andrew Wakefield was ruined by this revelation and still these government officials remain in power to pass more and more poison into our society. The lies grow and still nothing is done to make any of them accountable.

  41. avatar

    I’d wish to see struggles towards federal Europe. Across our continent there is, as in relation to the Huntington’s theory, a surge of nationalism, which triggers off isolationism and economic and political protectionism. We must bond relations, take a mutual stand against international affairs and then open up to new potential members.

    • avatar

      Better nationalism than EU-ism. Why do you hate democracy so much?

      Any new members can have our place, if I get my wish, you folks can have a lot of fun with your central/southern/eastern European ‘EU’. Just as long as we western Europeans don’t have to be in it, pay for it and lose our jobs to it (southerners or easterners working for cheaper).

  42. avatar

    Gather the seven dragon balls and bring back Schuman and Monnet to life.

    • avatar

      Good idea, then we can put them on trial for conspiracy to destroy national democracy.

  43. avatar

    Steer away from austerity path and “Free Marketeers” dictatorship. It’s crucial in the context to build the future in economic and financial terms of Europe around human rights and civil liberties and not the other way around.

  44. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    I would like to see a move towards a European Federation, but before that every country should vote on whether to be in it, or not. This Federation should be based on new, more democratic rules of government that take into account the voice of the people. For example, referendums on proposals for important laws and all new regulations to be voted for by the European parliament, not just decided by the Commission.

    Countries like UK who feel closer and more compassionate towards the poor African and Asian countries, rather than the European ones, will naturally vote themselves out of the Federation in order to pursue their dreams of prosperity by establishing closer ties with their chosen third world partners, as well as paying billions for their poor through enormous solidarity funds and many charities. UK wants to give nothing to continental Europe but only benefit by having preferential trade agreements. I am sceptical that many European governments will agree to that but at least UK will be out of Europe which is their dream. In the end it is important that every country is allowed to follow their own path.

  45. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    We need a positive, mutual supported Vision for the welfare of the Europeans.
    Find an approach at:
    The economic, social and environmental Partners shall come together and develop together this Vision. Today we suffer by social, and tax dumping. Therefore we need min. Standards.

  46. avatar

    1. Binding referendums in all member states. IN/OUT
    2. Stop the trans atlantic trade deal with the americans. Ask us first before you poisen us.
    3.Give power back to the nations and let troubled countries default in thier own currencies, and stop the transfer of hard needed funds to the ecb.
    4. Respect for democracry for the people and a total rethink as of how we deal with banksters.
    5. Let countries print thier own money, not borrow from private federal banks whom fill thier pockets.
    6. Dont let people like Merkel regulate internet, hands of . I know its a pain in the bfyge when people find out the truth via internet , if these politicians/corporate spokesmen were honest you wouldnt need to regulate !
    7. Stop idiots like junker with his 5 cent war threats if the euro were to collapse. Where did they dig this moron up??
    8. Last but not least EU flag tiolet paper. I think 90% of europeans would by it and gladly use it….!

  47. avatar

    1. Federal Europe with an elected President by the people of Europe.
    2. European Army
    3. Control immigration and focus on high skill workers like doctors and researchers.
    4. Control right-wing parties, dont stand for presure from UKIP and remove them from Europe if necesary. Never bow down to extrimists !!!
    5. Intervine in the middle-east and Africa and help a create a stable economic enviroment to develop. Prevent conflicts and future outbreaks of disseases.
    6. Expand to Ukraine and Turkey
    7Challange Russia, China and United States in the fight for the last resources remaining in the world.
    8. Make the EU the pinnacle of research in all areas – medicine, technnology, space, robotics, armament, etc. .
    9. Less bennefits, more healthcare, edducation and free acces to information.
    10. English as the official language of EU.
    11. Make efforts to stop nationalism and develop the european identity.
    12. Equal oportunities no mather race, nationality or relligion.
    13. More controls for banks and their huge bonnouses.
    14. More consummer protection against faulty products and bad services.
    15. Harsher laws against crimminality.
    16. War on corruption.
    17. Stop the money funnel of corporations to offshore accounts. No more tax havens for the ritch.
    18. Less talking more doing.

    P.S Sorry for my bad english
    Have a good 2015

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Bit of a contradiction with your 1 and 4?

      So a democratically elected President is ok but democratically elected UKIP MEP’s are not?

      But agreed, don’t bow down to extremists, that means Pro EU extremists as well as the Antis

      ..and as for your number 2 my opinion is already given up this thread a little

    • avatar

      How do you suggest “to challenge” Russia for the last remaining resources, considering that those resources are largely situated in Russia ? You mean, by stealing them ?

  48. avatar

    The longer we keep the Euro, the more chance of economic collapse. We must get rid of it and the sooner the better. We have seen that politicians, in order to ‘save’ the Euro are willing to hurt the poor and the middle-class. Yet they are not willing to ‘hurt’ their rich friends, who have been bailed out again and again.

    And ECB QE is illegal. And if they did it, QE would once again enrich the rich at the expense of everyone else.

    The Euro is the main problem, and getting rid of it is part of the solution for our economic problems. The Euro enriched the rich and impoverished the poor, hurt the middle class and increased unemployment. The facts are clear.

  49. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The ability for everyone in Europe to join us in a referendum on their place in the EU.

    It is time the silent majority were consulted on the federalist drive to forcibly unite the 27 nations into the US of E.

    Unfortunately the elite in their Brussels bubble either do not care about the will of the people or they already know the answer which is why they will never ask the question.

  50. avatar
    André Mendes Santos

    Everything has to change. It’s fundamental that the EU ends and take place a true Federation, just like the USA. A central government with a unique foreign policy and with equal laws to everyone.

    • avatar

      That’s what they are trying to do,but they are slowed down by rigth wing parties and conservative countries.You could ask the Skandinavians,Austrians or Dutch and they would like the idea of the USE.Do the same in UK,Greece and Hungary and you know what you get….

  51. avatar
    Gorgios Everytime

    You ask this question through Facebook. How serious do you think you look. How seriously are our answers will be taken. Prove to us about the impact of our answers to the decision making bodies and I will answer with a full report about all the shit you did. Other than that, please stop playing with peoples misery and stop giving them hopes about the ability to form their future.
    The EU agenda is preset and out opinions will have the lowest impact if any.
    Now have a good working year 2015 cause they’re a lot of shit to fix

  52. avatar
    Americo Magalhaes

    Reciprocidade de tratamento fiscal e aduaneiro com países terceiros. Reindustrializar.

    Reciprocity tax and custom treatmant with third countries. Reindustrialisation

  53. avatar
    Americo Magalhaes

    Reciprocidade de tratamento fiscal e aduaneiro com países terceiros. Reindustrializar.

    Reciprocity tax and custom treatment with third countries. Reindustrialisation

  54. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    New treaties giving more feedom for each country to look after its economy and laws and taxes without being the vassal of a bunch of recycled politicians in Brussels who want to control the lifestyle of the citizens of europe. Should keep the euro as an exchange currency and not as a national currency controled by a central european bank indifferent to the wellbeing of the people.

  55. avatar
    Panayiota Nearchou

    Europe must be change the political way that it used because is not very helpful for the people that bieliving in European Union.

  56. avatar
    George Titkov

    Let the people elect the euro commission and give the national parliaments the right to veto the commission’s decisions. Have all important issues (TTIP, etc.) be decided by the people on national referendums.

    • avatar

      “Let the people elect the euro commission and give the national parliaments the right to veto the commission’s decisions.”
      Better not.The British going to block everything again…

  57. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    I would abolish it and make the likes of barrosso . junky the corrupt , wormy von ropey ….etc clean streetson their knees with a tooth brush for the rest of their worthless lives.

  58. avatar
    George Danieldsg

    First of all to become a democratic union with open procedures instead of a secretive club of a few.

  59. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    EU has pushed it too far, it has wrecked itself, unelcted bankers in Brussels DICTATING policies/austerity that has pushed Europe to being broke, devided, and angry, then again thats how the Bankers like it.

  60. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    I want a EU DEFENSE FORCE and a proper Functioning Eurozone , with an economic Tranfer Union System like the one in the United States.

    • avatar

      The US just like switzerland do not have a transfer union.In both countries a state can go bancrupt and the others don’t need to bail it out

  61. avatar
    john doe

    Stop the influence from the US. Stop the illegal immigration. Tearing apart your legal papers to get a political refugee must be stopped.Stop contributing to wars for the US. Help Eu countries not destroying them with lending more money and making them thinking that its a good EU gesture for them to survive.

  62. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    become the most liberal European values social-democratic sustainable citizens right to have his voice in europe space happy new year Europe

  63. avatar
    Jane Payet

    Europe needs to get down off its high chair and Start talking, understanding and helping each other – trying to become more united –

  64. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    I think 2015 will be a year that will mean a lot to the European Union. Pressures are many, many more challenges and we have to face up to ourselves and the possibilities that exist. The solution is not obvious, is not something that happens from one day to another. We need everyone, we all have something to give and something we have to gain from trying for a more open addressing the issues that arise. They can not solve problems by each alone, we need cooperation, honesty from everyone

  65. avatar
    Zé Barreto

    The European policy must to change, but it depends where to! If we go to a freedom without limit or rules like economic or free movements for the people and goods, I think is not good for all the country’s! The European institutions must to study and reorganize the system after a certain conclusion about each country!

  66. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    I would institutionalize a democratization of the council to be completely on par with the parliament, but this is only possible with treaty change so this will not happen of course. Policy-wise, I would like to see a stronger foreign policy and harmonized energy policy.

  67. avatar
    Gonçalo QuelhasLima

    With the UK’s referendum the end is near… The EU as it is today is a source of problems for the 99% and a goldmine for the 1%. Political Parties in Europe are an highway to wiseguys in suits to go from mediocrity to high payed jobs in big corporations closing the network of traffic.

    • avatar

      The UK is like Americas 5.column inside Europe.The faster they’re out the better

  68. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    In EU we feel completely alone. We feel neglected, underestimated and frustrated. We have to feel useless, unnecessary, problematic. Nobody accepts us, nobody things that we can do something better. Every country cares for itself and not for the others. We share some problems but for the most of them we are left alone to solve them.

  69. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    Change the neoliberal agenda. Stop working for corporations. Start working for people. An occasional token gesture on mobile phone charges doesnt cut the mustard. Restore dignity to work like Pope Francis told MEPs. Nobody who’s working full time should be struggling at the end of the month.

  70. avatar
    Rémi Martin

    It’s time for France to leave this thig! We’ll let you be agree between 27 countries, because between 28, it just impossible! Bye, bye!

  71. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    It is obvious that Europe does not work as it is right now! Huge inequality among its members and an economy in tatters!! Centralise it to the outside decentralise it in the inside as someone else said above. In other words more power to Brussels for all matters European, more power to local governments and a weaker state government! A three level European government is the solution since we got this far!! Otherwise disintegration is another solution but a very very risky one and costly! So I am favouring the first solution!

  72. avatar
    Vijaykumar Autar Sharma

    I dont wait for change , I am only waiting for that strong politician who stands up against the US.. Europe is being dominated by the US.
    It is time to cut all ties and be friends with Asia.

  73. avatar
    Garry Parker

    Complete the Internal Market, and then focus on the four freedoms in depth; cut red tape and national gold-plating; think small first when if comes to business; abolish the European Social Dialogue and build a Europe of Nations along The Commonwealth lines. Federalism is not working, and nor will it, if we are to remain globally competitive in Europe.

  74. avatar
    Alexandre Borges

    What about not being Germany dictating everything? What about give every people more importance than banks and their owners?

  75. avatar
    Frederico Ferreira

    For the EU to ever be sustainable, I believe EU should be dismantled !

    Only the norther countries of EU are profiting with the EU Since the beginning

    The south countries called as poor are being abused for 30 by France Germany and U.K. !!

    Go and a bullshit others

    Portugal and other countries lost their identity, coin, traditions and history because of a shitty Union that’s only here to empower the already empowered countries

    The EU LEGISLATION is getting absurd and EU HAS BEEN BLOCKING THE DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTRIES LIKE: Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal

  76. avatar
    Jason Pi

    Socialise the losses and Privatise the profits…and so tax the citizens. As usual.

  77. avatar
    Frank Ryan

    Put the ” Iron Curtain” up again, i would offer my services free of charge, and help errect it.

  78. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Nobody is really happy …… That’s correct. I think we should find a Vision which can make us proud on the EU. We need transparency, no corruption, and a leading system, which allows people to live in a frame where welfare may be established. Sustainable, positive future targets, which one can proof. Let us find them, bundle the powers, and go for it. . EU is strong enough, and may become proud of plural cultures. :)

  79. avatar
    Georgiou Julian

    Changes: 1. Loosen environmental goals to benefit growth 2. Give more initiatives for startups and angel investors 3. Stop the cold war with Russia and adopt a more diplomatic resolution 4. Work harder on solving middle eastern problems and resolving stability according to their culture and not western standards 5. Hunt down and convict all the destabilising factors in Africa

  80. avatar
    Alex Grech.

    I wish everyone in Europe would face to facts,the party is over,it’s time to pay the bar bill,and leave quietly the antidemocratic EU.

  81. avatar
    Carlos V. Arcenegui

    That’s not about Pro-European or Eurosceptics. Not either a matter of old national flags. It’s all about Pro-“Austerity” vs Pro-SocialDignity. Those who still label people with that ambiguous denomination (Pro-Europe vs Anti-Europe) can’t understand the topic. Flags don’t feed us.

  82. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    I think EU is very slow to do something with actually problems . US is by far superior to make investments and solve problems . Just one example : Wind power . EU countries are trying to solve it on national level resulting in many small and expensive projects . US can do things quicker and cheaper and US economy is always going to do better than EU economy . This is how big and how much does it cost in US :

  83. avatar
    Tünde Novák

    Eurpa gondokkal kszkdik.Gazdasga nem prosperl.A demokrcival bajok vannak,brmelyik orszgot nzem,legyen az Anglia Franciaorszg vagy Nmetorszg.A fejnk felett a politikusok keverik a krtykat.T

  84. avatar
    Christine Harris

    Would like to see a further expansion of the EU’s normative power under the CFSP and more inclusive dialogue with Social Partners in line with the Framework Agreements

  85. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    The most important point is to deal with the Russian aggression. After that is dealt with, strengthen trade strategy to be a more unified consumer and producer.

  86. avatar
    Florian Feldhoff

    Its time to become independed by the USA and to become a federal, united and democratic Nation.
    I am an European :)

  87. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    I am a true and convinced European and well aware of all the good that the Union has brought to its citizens. But I think the EU should free itself from the yoke of the US and not just be its lapdog and execute whatever Washington is dictating, especially on the foreign policy issue. If the US wants to fight Russia, we should defend Russia, it is a huge part of the European continent and an important ally economically and culturally. Also members of the EU should not claim exceptions on whatever duties they have to fulfil as a member state and states that are not members should not have all the advantages of a member state (e.g. Isral). A member state which enjoys the benefits should comply to the requirements and be an exemplary and peaceful democracy in the first place.

  88. avatar
    Samuel Johnston

    Make the EU more democratic and accountable by reducing the role of governments in handpicking the Commission and reducing the power of the Councils. Perhaps presidential style elections for the head of the Commission or have it created by a party that commands a majority in the parliament? Like normal government selection.

  89. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    Definitely change if Eu wants to survive and giving the chance to violence and repression on own people.
    First of all investment from Far East and out ofneu turn to eu coutries and equlalize trend of development, access to education , high tech access study , permaculture transformation of living habitats specially in urban areas of destroyed se europe.

  90. avatar
    Matt Kennedy

    EU cision-makers need to find some mechanism to compel its members to accept organizational policies which may contradict their national interests, yet benefit the organization as a whole.

  91. avatar
    Faruque Mirza

    No single country in the world want to remain less stronger and economically less powerful. Going ahead together as one EU will make the EU stronger to engage effectively and strongly in the economic, political and social arena.

  92. avatar
    Eric Spaniol

    It is time to change something! Europe needs a closer cooperation in foreign affairs and defense! The European Union has to improve its relation to Russia and dissolve the sanctions. It has to become independent from the USA and Turkey is needed for a more powerful Union!

  93. avatar
    Michèle Xuereb

    I’d change the lack of empathy by “fellow” members towards those countries suffering from a deluge of illegal immigrants – economic and otherwise. Union? Heh, depends on whether it suits us!

  94. avatar

    In 2015 i personally want from European Union to fulfill all the goals and promises that are written in the Lisbon Treatment about democracy and cooperation among the countries of E.U . I want to ask from E.U to change their monetary policy in favour of countries with liquidity problems and use the seigniorage that only E.C.B has in that direction . I want from the European Union to care about the people not about the markets and the billioners investors . I want from E.U to be strong and competitive in all sections and this will not be accomplished with austerity unpopular measures like the bail in in Cyprus or the strict fiscal policy in Greece with high taxation and a lot of redundancies in the public sector.I am a supporter of the European integration but i’m dreaming a different Europe, a Europe of the nation not a Europe of the capital and the corporations.

  95. avatar

    In 2015 i personally want from European Union to fulfill all the goals and promises that are written in the Lisbon Treatment about democracy and cooperation among the countries of E.U . I want to ask from E.U to change their monetary policy in favour of countries with liquidity problems and use the seigniorage that only E.C.B has in that direction . I want from the European Union to care about the people not about the markets and the billionaires investors . I want from E.U to be strong and competitive in all sections and this will not be accomplished with austerity and unpopular measures like the bail in in Cyprus or the strict fiscal policy in Greece with high taxation and a lot of redundancies in the public sector. I am a supporter of the European integration but i’m dreaming a different Europe, a Europe of the nations not a Europe of the capital and the corporations.

  96. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    Fiscal Union, and membership consolidation are the two top priorities. Stop the imperialist dreams, and above all: if there is 18bn EUR to Ukraine, then those go to support Greece first. The periphery of the Union is not only weak, but the borders – these are challenged every day by massive trespasses ranging from illegal immigrants, refugees, human smugglers, drug traffickers, and so on. Let’s make sure the Union is working, and that it does not disintegrate because of polarization within the Union. We cannot have the states competing on fiscal incentives – beggar thy neighbor policies that are inherent in Juncker’s Luxembourg dirty laundry, and more openly in Ireland’s low-tax-has-to-be-rescued-as-no-solidity-building mirage.

  97. avatar
    Ingo Vonsundahl

    Part of the financial sector needs to be public, with banks serving the people. The administrative sector needs to be cut down by half, and than includes the EU.

  98. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    nice to see that more people plee for a federation. I’m one of them. In my opinion we should go to an improved version of the United States. In which every state can keep their own traditions (if they are not in contradiction to an European constitution), language etc and where the bigger issues like foreign (non-EU) policy, defence force and even law. In some ways it is already like that though it needs more solidarity for each and every country. I am sure that we as Europeans will only get stronger and better if that would happen. One Europe, one us!!! :-)

  99. avatar
    Gastone Losio

    A summary of the project is approachable by anybody in a 2 minutes gif animation at

    With ONE government and ONE parliament! They serve no purpose 28 governments and 28 parliaments, or rather they serve to send an entire country of half a billion people, Europe, to ruin, hunger, despair, death. And this and only this is the real rescuing reform to do in Europe! What are you waiting! What? Martin!
    If you want, I’ll explain WHAT TO DO NOW:

    Support, not me. but my systematic project, because I do not see any reliable movement in official policy.
    Of course, in the official policy indeed, stays the problem!
    It serves the booming voice of the citizens, who are the true sovereigns of European Democracy.
    Not Angela, Francis, Matthew, Mariano or David …. but His Majesty the Democratic Citizen of Europe.
    We have to fire them all, with a real program of breath secular, all really up to the level, excluding it, of the mayors !
    Read at least a moment the link to my site. You will find a breath of comfort, together with an systematic road map, the MISSION and the STRATEGY, step by step, towards a new life, for the life, in our Plural Homeland, Europe.

    A summary of the project is approachable by anybody in a 2 minutes gif animation at

  100. avatar
    Ivanovich Rus

    I’d love to reduce the overall sovereign debt of the EU and build Orthodox churches in the EU.

  101. avatar
    Serge Lauer

    what it has to change? Well the E.U. 19 ( core of the issue) has to federate to recover from the 7 year old econony stagnation. I want to see Europe again rising its economy and drop jobless down . The Concil of Presidents cannot ignore anymore the non-improved situation..

  102. avatar
    Raul Machado

    Why “debating Europe ” don’t ask our opinion about : why the europarlements refused to reduce in 10% their salaries and almost governements are cutting on the workers? Why Tusk is earning almost ? 25 000/ month ( was in a local newspaper ) to do what? Why is only austerity to the EU citizens when the members of EU parliament refuse to do the same?

  103. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    I have noticed that southern European countries share some similar problems. Most of us have great relationships with each other but we can’t solve our problems separated. We have to cooperate to solve them. The most basic part of this is to be informed for the problems we have in common and try to find solutions based on our societies which have many differences from the northern ones.

  104. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    The EU needs a VISION. A vision that states, to all concerned, and in the simplest and shortest terms, what we, the citizens, want it to be.
    The EU needs a MISSION STATEMENT. A few simple words that say what it is all about for everyone to know loud and clear.
    The UE needs a set of GOALS and OBJECTIVES. This may sound trite but it is most important so we all march to the same drummer.
    Then we can start writing down initiatives and projects that support and sustain all of the above.
    The key to achieve this is to use “simple terms that everyone can relate to and identify with” and cut the pretty but very confusing legalese words out of every document.
    Then we will have a novel organization not just another bureaucratic nightmare… as it is turning out to be… or has already.

  105. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    If you want to save the union is time to revert the eurozone into national currencies.

    • avatar
      Ingemar Grahn

      We need less currency in the world not mor. The best would be only on in the world

  106. avatar
    Roberto Bonafè

    Stop immigration! Italy has 45% youth unemployment. We dont need people from Africa and Arabia!

  107. avatar
    Antonio Hdez Hdez

    Necesitamos una Euronews dedicada exclusivamente a lo que estn decidiendo en los rganos comunitarios. 24 horas diarias de informacin de la actividad, su alcance, su seguimiento y su evaluacin.

  108. avatar

    We need EUROPEAN PARTIES.Not like coalitions of diffrent local parties,but parties that have local offshoot in any country.
    I would even participate if somebody would organize a party like let’s call it “European patriots for further integration” or so.

  109. avatar
    Rui Manuel Simões Oliveira

    I think that european Union has to become more stronger in order to deal with extremists positions. We can only face biggest challenges, with a huge link of solidarity bettween the state members. The recent declarations of british prime minister David Cameron shows that UK is not concerned what is going to happen to european Union in 2015, if the disagregation occurs. One of the main things that i would change, is to input a reinforcement in the european solidarity of the state members to prevent some kind of dangerous break of this wonderful project. We are stronger facing difficulties togehter and we must be capable to find other kinds of approach to defeat this crisis and start walking to the economic recover.

  110. avatar

    Dont dream with opened eyes! It doesnt matter who speak. All are in the same boat of NWO. It will be a very big change but not in a favour of the common people. How can we beleave all the lies about a good future????? It is like we dont have eyes to see and ears to hear luke Jessus said, what is happened in the world. MARANATA

  111. avatar
    José Coelho

    necessrio reformular a estrutura poltica europeia, pois a actual extremamente pesada e ineficaz. POUCOS MAS BONS.

  112. avatar
    Nuno de Magalhães

    It is time for Participative Democracy, Petitions and their obligatory Referendums, Open Lists, White Votes represented on the Parliaments. “Representative” Democracy is rotten and it smells.

  113. avatar
    Ubal Barros

    It is urgent to change the politions that run Europe and the European countries. Most of the pilitions are corrupt and dont have a sense of State!!!

  114. avatar
    Maria Papadopoulou

    The bureaucrats in the EU should stop caring so much about numbers, and should focus on people! Inequality if continued and augmented will crush on everyone’s head!

  115. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    When do we realise that environment has no borders. Pollution, and exploiting has no borders. We need leading systems for environmental, Education and social Min. Standards. Then we’ll start to develop. With exploiting and dumping we go for conflicts. We need long lasting, wise leaders. Not those greedy Lobbyists.

  116. avatar
    Vaios Kir

    No common policy can be existed between countries with contradicted interests. The European Union is only a currency union. To be united means to have common language. Common education. Common cultures. Policies are build upon these elements. Someone to describe me what common has the people of north with the people of south or even Turkey which some member states support its articipation.

  117. avatar
    Carlos De Magalhães Pereira

    Growth, growth, growth! Return the power to the Commission and Parliament and out of the Council so we don’t have to be ruled by people we never voted for such a role!

  118. avatar
    Raul Machado

    Stop with all the bureaucrats that exist on the UE……. stop nominate people which We didn’t choose and only cares about earn money…… Put experts to rule UE not donkeys…..

  119. avatar

    Unfortunately the EU has taken too many wrong paths . Expansion into Eastern Europe and not enforcing Euro joining criteria have IMO been the two biggest errors. The differing economies and political will between countries needs to be addressed .
    In short a union of trading nations ,Yes , political union , NO .

  120. avatar

    an example of the devastation the EU can cause is the Digital VAT that was introduced on the 1st of January 2105, the deal was signed in 2008 when labour were last in power, the tax is said to hit corporations like Amazon but it has done the opposite and forced thousands of small and micro businesses out of business,
    not once were small businesses consulted on the effect it might have on them in the past 6 YEARS, in fact many did not know until December 2014 when it was leaked to social media.
    the UK gov has not informed anyone, the legislation and the way it has been set up means it is impossible for small businesses to comply, we are talking about people who work from home scraping a living and the eu and UK gov have left them in poverty,
    all other businesses in the UK have an 81k threshold before they need to register for vat but as from the 1st Jan 2015 even if you sell 1 ebook to an eu country you need to register for VAT, so a disabled person working from home and earning $3000 per year is now under the same burdens as Amazon, how is this a fair market????
    I have written many letters to MP’s and MEP’s and have only received 2 answers, they do not care about you and I only the tax they gather from large corporations,
    I started to leave links to let people know what is happening on the facebook pages of people like Richard Corbett and Vicky Ford MEP and all they did was close comments on their pages (go have a look) they do not want people to know the truth about the eu why? because it is their gravy train, regardless of the damage and suffering the eu causes to thousands if not millions of hard working people,we do not matter to them

  121. avatar
    Paul X

    It looks like changes are going to happen if the Euro-elite want them or not..

    ..and it looks like the penny has finally dropped, they’ve finally realised what the public have been saying for years

    “Europe’s “crisis of democracy” is a gap between elites and voters, EIU says”.

  122. avatar
    Martin Unterholzner

    I am supporting the long-term vision of a United Europe. However, there are some necessary steps that can’t be skipped. We skipped some of them once when we decided to introduce the common currency without a policital and fiscal union.

    During the last years, people have started to become more conscious about the EU and to discuss more about it. Most of the discussions have been negative (Euro crisis etc.) for good reasons since there are serious problems.
    In order to create a positive spirit and build trust it is necessary to take several major decisions.
    Here are some proposals:
    – take measures against lobbyism in Brussels
    – bring strong instruments of direct democracy on the table (like in Switzerland)
    – follow the principle of subsidiarity by avoiding some of the centralized decisions
    – start creating a European public by organising international policital discussions like during the election campaign
    – enable the economy to grow. This is one of the most important and most difficult points. There are several ideas and recipes. However, the one that convinced me most is one proposed by Dirk Müller, a German author and economic expert:

    In a nutshell:
    Mobilize private investor’s money to strengthen Europe’s energy infrastructure (renewables, long distance power lines, energy internet etc.). In Europe, private investors have several trillion (X,000,000,000,000) euros available to invest. Much of this money is held by pension funds who are currently investing a big part in government bonds because they are only allowed to invest in “bullet-proof” assets. Instead of trying to stimulate the loan business by ECB interventions, the EU or its member states could give a guarantee on the money invested in the infrastructure. In the worst case the member state must buy the infrastructure for the guaranteed price (but the state gets a public good for it).

  123. avatar
    British Patriot ;)

    I would like to see Britains membership status changed from in to out :D but as thats not going to happen, how about they just scrap everything except the trade agreements??? I certainly don’t want to see “deeper economic and political integration in the Eurozone”

  124. avatar
    Martti Immonen

    Those bad apples inside EU sould be kicked out. Keeping those inside will kill whole EU. EU should focus on acting like it preaches = laws etc. should be taken into use everywhere as agreed at the same time and not create 2nd state member citizens like today forexample cartax etc in Finland. Several things for making the EU worth smth as now it is 2 letter word with an empty jacket, despite how the jacket is full of nice ideas and plans, which none are blooming.

  125. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    A Confederal EU where there is a Central European Government with some capabilities but that respects the national governments remaining capacities. A bit like an oversized Switzerland where the “Cantons” are Sovereign States.

  126. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    From where I live ( ex soviet country) many people say there’s little difference between the e.u and the Soviet.

  127. avatar
    Ulf Skei

    Well, luckily for me I reside in a well off part of The EU, the only thing I would do if I woke up one morning with the power to do so would be to focus more on getting people to start small business ventures. Increasing level of self employed would be good for economy and growth of the common market, and it would also, I believe, reduce unemployment figures more effectively and permanently.

  128. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    A real European and fully functioning democracy, not the intergovernmental ism that we got today…. Equality and equal opportunities for all Europeans, on prosperity, wealth, education and living standards. Wages and pensions harmonisation in the eurozone. Open borders, open minds and a more federal/confederal socialist Europe.. And eventually all European nations to become members…

  129. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Put at last an end to Austerity. Put an end to (neo)liberal debtocracy. Put an end to a Europe of plebeians and patricians!
    Abolish the Europe of bankers, bureaucrats and uncontrolled markets. Regenerate the Europe of its people and for its people!

  130. avatar
    Nicholas Europe

    Get a European government instead of the part-time get-togethers of members of national government who often fail to have a strategic, continental scope.

  131. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    A more powerful Central Goverment, hence the elimination of regional or provincial goverments re Italy. Direct election of EU President. In sum, a true United States of Europe. Possible? A must to re-activate a sense of belonging and participation. I, for one, would vote for Merkel, if she were running.

  132. avatar
    João Antunes

    I’d like to see Europe together as one. This Europe is not standing up for its citizens’ rights; rather is destroying what has been achieved and feeding a corrupted system within.

  133. avatar
    Chalks Corriette

    I would be delighted if the Euorpean leaders would in fact, lead putting people first in every policy that they write. And I mean, for the benefit of all Europeans.

    • avatar

      So more sharing of poverty then

  134. avatar
    Joshua Konov

    The EU Mixing True and Fiction in Dealing With Greece

    Rate This

    The European Union authorities and the media are constantly talking about reduction of Greece’s debt whereas it is about the turnaround of the Germany’s insisted austerity policies that have wracked the EU ever since the 2007-9 Recession. An approach of ‘bagger your neighbor’ by keep cutting social services, education, medical, and any governmental expenses – the theory goes: ‘when a market gets indebted by cutting expenses and regulations such market becomes attractive to foreign direct investment with its low salaries, desperate work force under high unemployment, low social expenses, cheep prices privatized assets, etc idyllic conditions for the large investors and transnational corporations to move in raise productivity and get such market becoming competitive and sound’; however, that was suppose to happen, instead – the unemployment reached heights unknown, the consumption plummeted without attracting major investment or rising productivity – in reality, the whole theory that is founded by neo-liberalism collapsed prolonging slow if no growth in-and-out of recession business environment followed by rising National Dept as a percentage of an ever declining GDP – it has become a ‘catch 22’.
    The Brussels bureaucrats and the Berlin masters instead of sitting down in comprehensive evaluation of these realities has continued to call their mantras until Greece elected a totally different and not controlled by them government who called for changes.
    Seemingly, the Greece’s insufficiencies in administration and business environment did – in the past – cause substantial debt, the EU actions targeted reducing the existing administration and improving business to overcome these insufficiencies; in practice, nothing good came out of the austerity measures but misery, unemployment, lack of development, so obviously the reasons for these insufficiencies were not the one evaluated by the ideologically inclined Brussels and Berlin, or at least the action requested were not the right one to change the existing pattern, you should recognize them by the results: higher unemployment, increasing Debt to GDP ratio, and total economic collapse of the Greek market equilibrium and development.
    What went wrong and why the liberalism did not perform?
    One sentence: – the exogenous pressure were not accounted for and taken in consideration – the Globalization and rising Productivity have brought pressures in manufacturing, employment, technologies changing the pro-supply market growth of the Capitalism that could have been positively affected by the Austerity into a pro-demand (pro-market equilibrium) market development of the 21st Century in which inflationary forces change with deflationary, exogenous factors take larger percentage from economies/markets, and the Economics must change to accommodate these changes in order to perform, the Liberalism has not done it and therefore the results are negative.
    Greece is a best example of these new developments: the high debt and employment, and lack of growth will persist unless new approaches are used to take the Greek as well entire EU.
    Joshua Konov, 2015

  135. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    People before money. A new economic system. All genocides comited should be judged, including the ones that came from governments of European countries, like Portugal. Here, we don’t have money for private health and the public one is a shame. Politicians have to go on trial for undermining the future of our generations. We used to have a good health program, before BCE copied FRB and started to implement their mesures.

  136. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The current EU elite will not allow any change in their plan to create a federal Europe so the only course of action left is to leave it.

  137. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    changes to the EU? Remove it! Nation States or the United States of Europe, in both cases remove the EU that kills people. The EU has no reason to exist, not for men. Exists only for banks (impoverishing people doing businnes). Stop banks , cheers the State

  138. avatar
    Vassilis Petsinis

    More inter-regional knowledge and understanding, I would say. I come across quite a few Greeks/Spaniards/etc. who are, understandably, dissatisfied with the way that they are being viewed by quite a few North Europeans. However, what about their own prejudices towards Central and East Europeans in the not-so-distant past? One should live and learn, I reckon.

  139. avatar

    New regulations to stop the war on drugs

  140. avatar
    Máté János

    Revisiting real democracy instead of the omnipresent “politically correct” oligarchy…

  141. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    More cooperation, more Europe our teachers were talking about in the Eighties. English for everybody in addition to the mother tongue, take the opportunity of differences,

  142. avatar
    Andreas Sanchéz

    More integration, more democratic influence, not only on the parlamentarian level. More transperacy in decision making and finally – more europeanisation, i.e. less power for the counsil, more power to the parlament and the commission.

  143. avatar
    Dms Momoh

    The refugees are suffering for no documents no food.???? We need un to interfere please we need document@

  144. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should work on to solve actual problems . EU should build a big media similar to BBC , EU should have EU police and start fight against crime and corruption – tax evasion , EU should made economical plan for poor EU countries and help them to develop their economy . Just one example : EU should work on how to get Greece out of problems , example make investments in their energy sectors so that they sink their imports and help to employ their young generation . PROBLEM : EU is just not taking active role to solve problems . US is better just because they can and they do more .

  145. avatar
    Luke Lamb

    Considering the loose thing we call a European Union it would probably be wise to change the name for a start instead of being a union which has always tended towards large groups of people controlling things they don’t understand. To maybe United which tends towards people trying to work together for good purpose. Secondly we all need to see a European wide rights legislation rather that a dusty old treaty book. To me it always seemed that treaties where for warring or opposing countries. But Europe is made up of people now and good as the treaties are it is time for a change to individual rights across the board.

  146. avatar
    Adam Riot

    we wish civil protection from couse ,and free believing rights not,force to god 

  147. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    Fiscal Union is priority no. 1. Immediate alignment of corporate and personal tax rates in order to avoid optimization choices (Ireland)

  148. avatar
    Lizica Preda

    I am waiting for all the EU citizens to have the same identity card. The “European Identity Card” – it sounds nice, doesn’t it?

  149. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Europe for the people ,not for the Bankers.No more austerity ,stop corruption now,real democracy now!

  150. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    a more integrated EU in which we are willing to help our Greece (and other) brothers who are having issues! The most important should be taken care of by a direct chosen parliament and like it is now into parties and not into several countries. A chosen president and it should be named the Federal Union of European States! Minor issues should be taken care of by the different states and not via lobbies in Brussels. That would be the best!

  151. avatar
    José Encarnação

    One and only tax, social security and justice system, based on Individualism and Good common sense with little and fair laws


    The abolishment of the European Union.

  152. avatar
    Gastone Losio

    Thank you for the question!
    Somtime may be that you, or some of you, or even one among you, will have a look at my answer, I am trying to let it you know since abot a couple of years.That’is it, and please, jump it if you are not a visionary! Or a “Visionr” or a “Fantasievoller, in deutscher Sprache”.

  153. avatar
    Dean Plassaras

    Let the eurozone collapse. Rebuild it from scratch with better architecture.

  154. avatar
    Rui Caetano

    More cooperation between the “south” and the “north”, end of austerity, economic growth and more jobs and career opportunities!

  155. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    More independance from the US and more solidarity between EU members. Dismantle the trade agreement with Isral and engage in trade agreements with Palestine.

  156. avatar
    Ingo Vonsundahl

    A federal EU. More transparency in the decision making process. Less money being spent on wages and unnessary travel in a time of internet communication.

  157. avatar
    Pedro Ferreira

    Trabalhadores, estudantes e lissenciados remando todos no mesmo sentido e sem borucracias porque s assim possivel crescer de inovaes em coeso…

  158. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    You have two choices boys and girls. Sack up and federalize the union, make the commission into the EU’s government and create an upper chamber which is also federal and not intergovernmental, elect a president instead of this 28 head hydra you call the european council and get your proverbial shit together. If you don’t want to, have fun living in the Fourth Reich where the German chancellor will decide everything that happens from now on. And don’t dream dreams of leaving the union because without the eu, national power would be even greater and Germany’s power will be just as big as it is today vis a vis smaller countries. The only chance you have is to institutionalize those differences and put them on more favorable terrain, which is inside a federal europe as opposed to an intergovernmental one.

  159. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    Europe needs to remember human values. Solidarity, compassion, humanity, freedom. No need to exploit other fellow humans for money. No need for bankers, interfering in other countries in the world, no need for borders, fences, hate. But, I fear that western people are not ready for this yet.

  160. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Welfare for the people, real democracy. Please measure and report welfare to the people. . We may have diversity, and different cultures. We may develop. But don’t do the games of corruption, and Lobbyism for the already rich.

  161. avatar
    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    Informed citizens. So much of the noise that is cluttering useful debate stems from ignorance of what has been achieved and what we have.

  162. avatar
    Nuno Ramos

    PIGS, that’s what bankers called 4 EU countries, on the onset of the crisis to enable unusual punishment AKA as austerity, that devastated the European project.

  163. avatar

    united states of Europe now

  164. avatar
    Julio Guerreiro

    EU needs to wake up to reality, to busy focused on BS politiking, while BRICS & Asian nations are moving forward 10xfold.. Soon if not already to late we will be speaking about yester-EUROPE.. Give the EU youngsters prosperity (a future) so tomorrow pensioners (todays leaders) won’t pay the dear price for being arrogant, stupid & naive..

  165. avatar
    Eberhard M. Bartelmess

    I would like to see more enthusiasm for the European project and less national particularism, less moaning

    Don’t ask what Europe can do for you,
    ask what you can do for Europe !

  166. avatar
    Geoffrey Howard

    More care and interest for the European “Cultural Regions” and NO care for the Nation-State insanity and Westphalian mentalities.

  167. avatar
    Al Beirão

    Too much eurocracy… No need as it just supports european powerful countries. It doesn’t support the idea of europe at all

  168. avatar
    Enis Xh

    I would like all 5 remaining #EU member states as well as the #EU itself recognise the #Republic of #Kosovo! This would give a much more clear #perspective to the #people of Kosovo and the EU, and a more #sustainable #Balkans.

  169. avatar
    Enis Xh

    I would like all 5 remaining #EU member states as well as the #EU itself recognise the #Republic of #Kosovo! This would give a much more clear #perspective to the #people of Kosovo and the EU, and a more #sustainable #Balkans.

  170. avatar
    Emma Grabbert

    More equality between the EU member states.

  171. avatar

    1. Fight again extreme extremists (nationalists, fundamentalists, homophobia, xenophobia…)
    2. Fight again corruption, nepotism
    3. Demographics renaissance of Europe
    4. Tax and institutional reform of EU, and any other countries

  172. avatar
    Alex Bell

    Loosen things like regulations that wouldn’t exist if country left EU. Trivial example: we used to be able to make wine and vodka at home in the past without special permissions. Secondly, Exporting goods to other countries like Russia without permission of EU. Less money spent on translations of all EU documents by translating only into English and French (seriously all those MVPs and delegates, if they aren’t smart enough to communicate fluently in English, then they have no place in EU positions). Taking better care of agricultural system, creating a full EU covered agricultural goods supply and demand monitoring for all regions and only provide incentives to high demand crops in order to avoid unnecessary imports from outside of EU due to low supply and on the other hand to lower or eliminate incentives to goods which are produced in excess within EU. Also ban all GMO cultivation on EU level regardless what individual countries think.

  173. avatar
    John Zervas

    1) Sector-based policy. Italy, Greece, Malta and Spain- Portugal are redefined as”entry points” and get special treatment from the Sengen treaty as far as immigration is concerned. A special European Secretary Service is founded with on-site duty to save and return immigrants to their countries of origin with the exception of those who need asylum as refugees of war. 2) Creation of a new EU Bank for sectoral investmens that superceed the member-state’s growth policy and design sectors of the member state tailor-made to each sector’s needs, oportunities and weaknesses. No opt-out from this, growth must be forced if not accepted because it is a Union problem not a member-state problem alone. 3) Investment on the creation of a European Identity that will come from bottom up with social and political scientists on the front of defining what a European citizen is and means. 4) More democracy, the member-states must be able to hold elections for the Commission’s synthesis. The Commission must send reports of its inner workings to the member-states political parties with confidentiality from the media so that everyone is in the loop and can plan accordingly. AND WE NEED ALL THIS YESTERDAY!!!

  174. avatar
    Rudi Špoljarec

    I want all non democratic and ideologically polluted members become democratic. First of all : my country . And then we shall have the right to teach the others, neighbours first..

  175. avatar
    Filipe Santos

    No fucking extremists, less corruption, more freedom, more salaries for the poor and less for the rich.

  176. avatar
    Andronikos Panagiotis

    EU=you are producing a monster, nowbody want this. you will pay for all. solution. one. directdemocracy, from the people, for the people.

  177. avatar
    Alex Bell

    Offer funding 50% to buy an electric car within all of EU with streamlined paperwork, and make a rule for every gasoline station to upgrade and add charging for electric cars. Make a rule for every bakery to offer at least 1 type of bread to be gluten free.

  178. avatar
    George Titkov

    I want to see the EU stop bowing to pressure from the USA and start looking after its own interests.

  179. avatar
    Mildred Fenech

    i wish we would be all equal and share our burdens equally EU bigger countries are not fair with us smaller ones we are not second class citizens as you make us feel

  180. avatar
    Mathias Manzl

    taxes on stocktrades, fight against korruption, ban lobbying, fight against wage dumping (especialy when employed in a different country for tax and wage dumping), fight against tax flight… and change of the flag to a pink unicorn :-)

  181. avatar
    Roberto López Gallardo

    A common constitution and a parlament that is actually a parlament. Other than that this is not europe, its an every man for himself under the rule of a few powerfull elites.

  182. avatar
    Arkadi Sharkov

    No regulations, free market – i would like to see the basic ideas of this Union put into place…

  183. avatar
    Alexis Peter Ginis

    First things first, EU is not as they describe it, a union, it’s more like Germany, 2 or 3 friends and their servants. When that’s fixed, more freedom, less racism and equal rights to all the EU members.

  184. avatar
    Eva Benko Zoltan

    I would like to see a bit of inflation and rising of salaries(Keynesian methods) to get out of the cisis. With the auserity we are falling deeper. Keynesian methods have given good results, it’t well known. No more lies.

  185. avatar
    Maria Helena Neto

    We need to build a federal Europe State with All Eutropean Citizans being equally treated not only in their rights but also in their duties to the whole.

  186. avatar
    Maurice Bisaccia

    I’d like to see more political commitment. A stronger external action and actorship. I want EU President to be considered the most powerful man of the world. Coz these 28 country separated are just peripheral actors, but together, they are the first and only global pacific power.

  187. avatar
    Michalis Arvanitis

    Get really united in every aspect (economic ,defense, taxation, social security) but keep the cultural heritage diversification.

  188. avatar
    Кристиян Савов

    I would like to see european towns having truly european townscape -without ugly and sternly -shaped american -like sky-scrapers and asian-like mosques and minarets.Europe is old ,lovely ,classicaly pretty continent and in its landscape do not fit at all such ugly american and asian buildings.Architects of Europe ,we beg you ,do not mar the sweet shape of Europe!

  189. avatar
    Josephine Cassar

    Address our issues and concerns, no bureaucrats squandering precious money especially while austerity lasts and immigrants drown in the Meditteranean

  190. avatar
    Nikolay Kosev

    Equal rights for ALL EU members, not just for Germany, France and UK. Bulgaria and Romania (for example) should have the same weight as UK.
    EU must stop serving US and open itself for Russia. If the US wants to fight with Russia, they can do it in Alaska and Eastern Russia. Thank you.

  191. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    Everyone in Europe has the FULL right to live with basic rights, such as Health, Housing, Education, Employment an last but not least total respect no matter what faith, colour, creed or country, he or she may be. Another is that WE must integrate with both the BRICS nations and the AIIB, as soon as possible for the prosperity of ALL and at the same time, show the USA and other nations such as Japan, to become a Member ofr Both the BRICS and AIIB as soon as possible. The Leaders must pull together and never against eachother for the citizens and not only for the personal egoistic gain.

  192. avatar
    Manuela Moura

    Womens Rights, better interaction amongst us women of different nationalities, A SAFE HAVEN where we know we will be able to find EUROPEAN LEGAL AID…Today this it is totally dispersed and only very resilient and tough women manage to complete the `journey”…ALSO for those of us that were involved in a binational relationship with a EU partner, are still discriminated. Oh I have much more to tell, but i LACK THE ORIENTATION AS TO WHERE to go at the EU…

  193. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Europe must be a union of free states… a federation… united by the will to live in peace and harmony….not a dependency of the U.S. or of the banks.

  194. avatar
    Victor Sorin Popaliciu

    i would like to see Turkey as a full member of European Union.Turkey is today the land pf Peace and Harmony for all people and it is in NATO and a guardian for all the proplr from European Union. Turkey is the brige of European Union to Asia and Middle East and with Turkey as a full memeber of European Union the will be a real economical and social leap and new opportunieties for development and progress for all people. Turkey is in Europe so Happy Birthay Europe,Happy Birthday European Union!

  195. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    I am pro european. But how can we be united when UK presses on exit ? Such e developed and powerful democracy doesn t want union with the continent . Why don t they want to be united with the continent and live in a strong union ?

  196. avatar
    Mário Baptista

    Europe needs an army to ensure security and liberty of Europe. Europe needs Great Britain and they need europe. I think they are smart enough to understand why . Europe needs a mor fair redistribution of wealth and oportunities of work for the people. Greece needs t stop the non-sense about WW2 and make the reforms they promised to do.

  197. avatar
    Andrew Lally

    STOP protecting corporations.
    PROTECT citizens’ interests.
    Everybody’s sick of the neo-lib agenda.

  198. avatar
    Lourd McCabe Brockmann

    If the UK leave then they will have even less power,,, and become like the EFTA members,,, and have to set up trade agreements individually,,,,,, the pound will surely weaken and it will probably take years to regain hence by the time the elections come around theyll probably be blaming the Tories and vote back in labour who will probably want back in to the EU and then have to re-negotiate their re-entry,,, messy stuff.. No fighting the system if you are outside it,, (just sayin)

  199. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    Today is ???? ??????! it is what we want to change – EU to start calling the things with the real names!

  200. avatar
    Dorothea Papazoglou

    Get the thiefs and those responsible for todays situation in Greece and bring Greek citizens money back and to the individuals that real own it! And get the ones that supose to payback the goverment to support the ones in need! Hope! If we need to find solutions of the situation in Greece! That is unexceptable in modern days today in Europe to react as 40 and 20 years ago!

  201. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris



  202. avatar
    Luis Prenda Prenda

    Uma Unio Europeia democratica mais integrada no mundo do trabalho, isto onde todos os escales sociais tem futuro profissional e os valores morais sejam salvaguardados .

  203. avatar

    UK should have a referendum ASAP and leave EU!!

  204. avatar
    Harald Heidegger

    1) Make the people the first priority of EU policy, not the economy.
    2) Get the people closer together
    3) Give the people social security

  205. avatar
    Harald Heidegger

    1) Make the people the first priority of EU policy, not the economy.
    2) Get the people closer together
    3) Give the people social security

  206. avatar
    Luis Raposo

    one Europe, we see now, a lot of europes… with the Germany making the rules. it is disgusting…

  207. avatar
    Luis Raposo

    one Europe, we see now, a lot of europes… with the Germany making the rules. it is disgusting…

    • avatar
      Ingemar Grahn

      Good idea :-)

  208. avatar
    Isaac Gabriella

    more Citizens oriented and not Governments. In the end CITIZENS are those financing and supporting!

  209. avatar
    Isaac Gabriella

    more Citizens oriented and not Governments. In the end CITIZENS are those financing and supporting!

  210. avatar
    Marco Franck

    A more corporate EU, less socialism , a healthy
    right wing, a society which builds a economy capable to compete with the rest of the world. A united EU embracing innovation, change. A united Europe capable to steer our politics promoting a united states of EU by demonstrating that EU can do it too. Radical changes are needed if we want to be part of the much bigger picture on a planetary scene which is fast changing.

  211. avatar
    Marco Franck

    A more corporate EU, less socialism , a healthy
    right wing, a society which builds a economy capable to compete with the rest of the world. A united EU embracing innovation, change. A united Europe capable to steer our politics promoting a united states of EU by demonstrating that EU can do it too. Radical changes are needed if we want to be part of the much bigger picture on a planetary scene which is fast changing.

  212. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Europe for the people ,not a europe for the banks.
    – No more austerity measures for Greece and the other south countries.
    -Sustainable development with respect in the enviroment.With no more use of coal products.
    -Use of Energy enviromental friendly as solar and wind energy.Invest funds on that.
    -Distinguish bureacracy and fascism from the executives
    -More direct democrasy.Referendums across Europe for every critical issue.
    -Delete the Dublin agreement about the immigrants.It is impossible for Greece ,Italy ,Malta and Spain to accept all those immigrants.
    -Protect the boarders of the E.U ,especially the south east.It is rediculous ,undemocratic and against the Union if countries like Germany and France are taking advantage of the threats against Greece from Turkey in order to sell weapons to Greece.It is rediculous for the Union if a small country like Greece has bigger army than Germany becouse of those threats .And dont forget the ISIS too,they are near to Greece and from Greece they can move to the whole europe.
    -No more corruption.Strict sentences for those that they are corrupted and earn money out of their position .
    Make real the values of the french revolution!

    ps. I could write 100 more subjects.That means that you have failed ,especially the last 15 years…

  213. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Europe for the people ,not a europe for the banks.
    – No more austerity measures for Greece and the other south countries.
    -Sustainable development with respect in the enviroment.With no more use of coal products.
    -Use of Energy enviromental friendly as solar and wind energy.Invest funds on that.
    -Distinguish bureacracy and fascism from the executives
    -More direct democrasy.Referendums across Europe for every critical issue.
    -Delete the Dublin agreement about the immigrants.It is impossible for Greece ,Italy ,Malta and Spain to accept all those immigrants.
    -Protect the boarders of the E.U ,especially the south east.It is rediculous ,undemocratic and against the Union if countries like Germany and France are taking advantage of the threats against Greece from Turkey in order to sell weapons to Greece.It is rediculous for the Union if a small country like Greece has bigger army than Germany becouse of those threats .And dont forget the ISIS too,they are near to Greece and from Greece they can move to the whole europe.
    -No more corruption.Strict sentences for those that they are corrupted and earn money out of their position .
    Make real the values of the french revolution!

    ps. I could write 100 more subjects.That means that you have failed ,especially the last 15 years…

  214. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    1. Over 1000 billion investment into solar panels 2. EU army 3. EU news agency similar to BBC and search engine and mail service similar to Google 4. EU police force over 50 000 man that should fight crime and corruption 5. Investigation over activities of religious organisations and make prostitution illegal

  215. avatar
    Mathew Sandoval

    There will always be opposition to Federation. I would like to see a greater cooperative effort to establish constructive relations in the general populace.

  216. avatar
    Wiktoria Anilom

    A real Europe is us, the ones who are commenting here, the success of the EU is mobility, that we can travel, work, live and experience life in our neighbouring countries with almost similar rules and rights. We need a Fiscal union, we need to dismantle states and rule territories from Brussels, a real federal union where as a Catalan, I don’t have to explain where does my country comes from, because I am accepted for what I am: a citizen of Europe, a place where my culture, heritage and language will be protected. A place for people, where we can arrange our economies with other territories freely, without asking for Rome’s, London’s, Madrid’s, Frau Merkel’s…or Paris’ permission.

  217. avatar
    Ade Adelina

    There will be equality at the point that rich states of the E.U. will not underestimate anymore poor states of the E.U. such as Eastern European states. All this inequality is made already by E.U. and it’s not Eastern Europe’s fault. There will be equality when everywhere will be the same rights, similar salaries and better opportunities for young people ! . Eastern European Youth are constrained to build their future in Western European countries.

  218. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    My point of view is that the EU needs of more democracy, more freedom and more economic reforms.

  219. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    To pay our income tax to Brussels which distributes it to all the several countries. A more integrated energy, climate and education system so we can really be one :-)

  220. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    To pay our income tax to Brussels which distributes it to all the several countries. A more integrated energy, climate and education system so we can really be one :-)

  221. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    stop this insane austerity, and a more integrated lleadership..stop the waste of money and laws that Bruxelles make for all of us ….I feel like the EU is failing and not achieving the goals promised in 2000 when I was 14…THIS EU reminds me of the story of the Titanic…

  222. avatar
    Rui Jamp

    EU is not working for people. EU is working now for the most uneven social and economic status. There are very few with money that goes further than dreams, and lots ans lots with not even to eat.
    In Portugal 10% have 90% of the wealth. How can this be? Is it your fault EU? It is first from politicians fault?
    At least in Portugal, these numbers have grown with this right-wing govern. We have more child’s with noting to eat, more unemployment, more risk of poorness, people dying in hospital with no medicine, the highest tax rate ever in history, and with all that lots of less services from the State, and the public debt growing and passed the 130%…
    The fault is from EU rules that let this happen, and create some rules that help this.

    At this point EU has to be re-thinked… All is wrong. Members wanting out, some in risk to be thrown out. Economies failing… The Euro was the biggest mistake EVER… Except for Germany that filles their banks with money while others are paying the heavy price.
    If it keeps like this, EU will die and we will have one more big war in the next 15 years.

  223. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Rui Jamp, it is not only Portugal who suffers, it is the same in U.K., Italy, Hungary, Germany as well! European states started to follow the U.S. in the matter of loosing solidarity and make huge gap between rich and poor..if the things will continue that way, it would mean Europe has lost the European cultural, social aspects. It should be a balance of member states of social solidarity, that would solve also the migration problems among E.U. members.

  224. avatar
    Gianvito Capone

    More participation in foreign affairs by european representatives rather than german ones. Less economical and political pressure on sovereign states. More voice and influence to the actual EU citizens to compensate the clear lack of representation by the parliament puppets. And bring back the equal rights and opportunities principles the EU was founded on, instead of the “gender equality” nonsense rhetoric.

  225. avatar
    Nick Knight

    They need to make corporate tax evasion harder, they need to take action to protect from unfair trade, and start developing Europe. Europe should have all its own web sites, not all American ones.(google, Amazon,Microsoft, Facebook etc). It needs to increase all its research and development arms.

  226. avatar
    Lukas Mukhtar Yassin

    We should get to elect the president of the commision directly, and (s)he should have sole right to apoint commisioners.

  227. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    And please, don’t ve narrow minded and stop blaming Germany for all the corruptions and stealing what each country’s corrupt politicians and businessmen had stolen! If Germany would pull out from E.U. they would be well in global market economy, but Portugal or Greece, East Europe would be the slaves of U.S. or China or Russia! Even Brasil is much more competitive now than Portugal alone.

  228. avatar
    Michal Majtan

    European Army, common principles of law, kind of forums working through the internet (obligatons same as in online elections), more dedication to the EU citizens needs, support to EU corporations instead of foreign companies

  229. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Lukas Mukhtar Yassin is right, we should elect the European commissioner and the president of E.U. not the political elite! It should be a direct vote by citizens of Europe with a campaign of 6 months in all member states, so that we manage to know well those who are leading the E.U. and deciding about our finance, trade, foreign policy! In that case it wouldn’t happen to have a drunken puppet commissioner with corruption charges who can be blackmailed by all major global powers!

  230. avatar

    I want to start talking about sexsual equalty

  231. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The concept of a ‘Unified’ Europe is dead, it should be rebuilt on a trade only bases and allow the democratic will of the peoples of Europe and Great Britain to control their own nations destiny.

  232. avatar
    Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

    First of all clarity.All meetings to be public.No secrets from the citizens.Real European court with easy acces and rapid decisions and implemetation.Social and work laws common for all citizens in all E.U. countries.Real European Parliament as supreme body of E.U.

  233. avatar
    Robert Santa

    Maybe a looser, rather slim structure that would allow countries to pursue their own national visions on their developments. That way, the “best” models would come to the surface and set a policymaking example to the rest. The EU should still regulated the single market and oversee that the EU freedoms are respected between members, but should have less power in regulating nitty-gritty issues that have minimum impact on the way in which the single market works.

  234. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    EU should work for people not people for EU.
    If you look after the people they will build an EU, if you look after the EU and leave them hungry they will destroy the EU.
    As it is at the moment it’s look like the EU is heading towards the history books.

  235. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    There is only one important project that cannot wait, as it threatens the currency union, and so the welfare and equity of all citizens: fiscal union. Why should the slackers in Ireland pay almost no taxes, and be rescued when the coffers are empty, while virtuous savers in Germany, France, and Belgium (and largely Italy and Austria) pay the bill?

  236. avatar
    Mike Kourouklaris

    Union of sovereign states… nations… each nation, I vote, irrespective if size. After all, a large or small person has only one vote… democracy… to hear this Hellenic word used and abused, is most infuriating. By the way, democracy demands power being that of the people… not 4th Reich

  237. avatar
    Joshua Konov

    EU could be the best place on Earth with a boiling economy if the new developments such as the ongoing globalization, the rising productivity, etc are accommodated into a enhanced system of economics – it is not just about debt and stagnation, austerity and bureaucratization, large corporations and rich investors – it is about freedom, democracy, full employment, small businesses and investors – the 21st Century has come – one must look at China’s, but even further, because democracy supported by vivid marketplace could be equal far beyond any known!

  238. avatar
    Paul Reichberg

    I think it is very important to talk about the ultimate goal for the EU.
    1. Do we feel that a federal state is what it takes to make the EU function
    2. In that case what does it take to reach that goal
    3. Have the EUropean states enough in common

  239. avatar
    Paul Reichberg

    Can it be a goal to include all former states of the Soviet Union in the EU?

    • avatar
      Ingemar Grahn

      At lest all on the European continent

  240. avatar
    Michael Mühl

    Get a stonger parliament that has the right to introduce new legislation and get rid of the 28 different Commissioners and introduce an elected group of people suggested and voted in by the Parliament. It can´t be that the only power the Parliament has is to not accept one of the Commissioners candidates, because they are so horrible that they really can´t do that job.

  241. avatar
    Ingo Vonsundahl

    The EU rulings are not effective for the people, are never implemented and the EU is far too expensive.

  242. avatar
    Amélia Costa-Pereira

    As a teacher I would like to see more equality. A Math teacher in Portugal should have the same recgnition and working conditions than a math teacher in germany or Finnland.

    There could also be more autonomy for schools, but WITH a lot more transparency. I think that there should be an european evaluation and control unit, where teachers could turn to.

    An evaluation unit should demand, for example, the working schedules that schools give to their teachers and ask the principal why it is that the same teachers have more organized working schedules, year after year.

    Basucally, I would like the EU to put an eye on possible favouritism, in schools, regarding teachers or students.

    For example. if I belong to the same political color than my principal, does that mean that I will have a better working schedule than others? even if others can not prove that it was a subjective choice?

  243. avatar
    George Kouvakas

    Do away with the bankers. That’s for starters. Take away the privilege to issue our money from the bankers and issue money that serves the people, not some 50 – 100 people who currently benefit from it

  244. avatar
    Nathan Cornfield

    I would like to see the commissioners be elected by their countrymen rather than appointed. If all three main bodies of the EU (Commission, Council and Parliament) are directly elected it would put to bed the “EU = undemocratc/anti-democratic” argument for good.

  245. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Many.Firstly Europe for the peole not for the banks .Real democracy.Referendums for every issue .Less burreaucraccy ….

  246. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Rui Jamp, i agree with you on the matter of capitalism greed which has gone to far in differences among rich and poor! I think the elite are forcing a kind of rules which were common in south American countries, not in Europe! So, this is the main problem and obstacle of E.U. development and solidarity but remember- EACH MEMBER COUNTRY SHOULD FIGHT HIS HIGH SOCIETY ELITE, WHO HAVE STOLEN FROM THEIR OWN PEOPLE, STOP BLAMING GERMANY OR FRANCE, SWEDEN! If the billions of rich Greek elite around the world would be in Greece, they wouldn’t have any economic problems at all! EACH EUROPEAN STATE CITIZENS SHOULD WATCH CLOSELY THEIR OWN ELITE, POLITICIANS AND CORPORATION!

  247. avatar
    Hugo Costa Moreira

    Easy change the system make a federal Europe with a federal government, a European army, full European cohesion communications with transnational operators, same civil rights, same laws, a Europe that takes care of is people and helps when they need, a Union not just of money, but of culture and equality between Europeans we must create a European identity and truly be Europeans and be proud of it!

  248. avatar
    Bart Viaene

    The EU should actively pursue and export its values by taxing imports that do not comply and using the profits for improving production conditions of those willing to adopt them.

  249. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    The EU as it is should end now. It is absolutely worthless. Or we go in a direction that is more like USA, government wise, where the citizens elect a party and this party governs or we should just split and give soverinity back to states. It is pointless how it is now. Where a party receives majority of votes and then we have a commission who makes policies made up of people from different parties from left wing to right wing and everything in between. Also EU seems to look out for everything but EU citizens well being. It is amazing that a migrant, at times illegal, has more benefits than a national. From my point of view the EU is more concerned about what goes on in other parts of the world, with migrants and other situation than with what goes on in Europe. Its politicians are more concerned about islamophobia then the problem of Islam. More concerned about racism than citizens being driven out of their towns due to overwhelming criminal activity from migrants. More concerned about bailing out banks than helping our children who at times have nothing to eat.

  250. avatar
    André Alves Figueiredo

    move to a federal Europe. Simple.. Once we all get past our egos and nationalist sentiments that serve none of us, we can move to a federal union (witch would be in fact, a union). Europe has the potential to be a much stronger federal country than the USA, economically and diplomatically. The status quo of Europe has (maybe) serve the continent’s best interest like, 15 or 20 years ago, but this model of “union” should be a transitional one, to an actual union that could be named as such. The status quo will only keep every country pulling the rope in their on direction, witch is a waste of time and energy. Once countries like Germany, UK, France and the like start to pull in only one direction……USA, beware !

  251. avatar
    George Kazalas

    At the moment our Europe is in the hands of persons that make decisions dividing the nations as long as this is offering to their carriere by the approvement of their voters ….it is flareting that some live better than the others….but the feeling that this house is not common privalles…….so we are getting distanted…the results…..known by the history…..poor visions poor minds rich egoistical motivations strengthing provocating nationalismus….we all know what that led. ..

  252. avatar
    Άσπα Δροσινού

    μονο αν οι ευρωπαιοι ηγετες δουλευαν για το καλο των λαων τους θα συμπαθουσα την ενωση…προς το παρον την εχω χεσμενη…

  253. avatar
    Firas Ly

    Strict laws and punishments considering the racism and gender discrimination + more freedom and democracy in education + more support to the youth projects and entrepreneurs + decrease the unbelievable indirect taxes instead of increasing it + more investments in social activities to create peaceful happy multicultural environments between the different ethnic groups or religions + creating new guidlines to organize the propaganda media that working to increase the hate and gap between different ethnicities and between individuals and their governments. I think these are most important points that we like to see in future for more stability and happiness.

  254. avatar
    Firas Ly

    Strict laws and punishments considering the racism and gender discrimination + more freedom and democracy in education + more support to the youth projects and entrepreneurs + decrease the unbelievable indirect taxes instead of increasing it + more investments in social activities to create peaceful happy multicultural environments between the different ethnic groups or religions + creating new guidlines to organize the propaganda media that working to increase the hate and gap between different ethnicities and between individuals and their governments. I think these are most important points that we like to see in future for more stability and happiness.

  255. avatar
    Gerry Gallagher

    The first step would be to say to many nations,stop being racist… those less fortunate after all you enjoyed riches from these Countries down the centuries.

  256. avatar
    Gerry Gallagher

    The first step would be to say to many nations,stop being racist… those less fortunate after all you enjoyed riches from these Countries down the centuries.

  257. avatar

    Solidarite – Fraternite – Egalite: 3 things that are in lag in Europe today!

  258. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    EU is very good organized and it works…but there are always improvements. Poor countries or with financial problems should be more helped.

    • avatar
      Ingemar Grahn

      One step in the right direction

  259. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    Since EU parliament voted go ahead with TTIP and ISDS, I just to want to be out from this dictatorship called Europe.

  260. avatar
    john bevegaard.

    hi a stromg eu soft Power green ecofriendly economy defence eu johnnyb.

  261. avatar
    Jose Martin Gomez

    Falla el marketin político. Hay muchos intereses financieros. Necesitamos un lider con mucho talento. A veces me sorprende la mala apriencia que tienen nuestros dirigentes. No acaban de entusiasmarnos.

  262. avatar
    Rui Correia

    I think it’s pretty obvious, really.
    1st- Close/control our European borders.
    Create special mixed teams with border control officers of all European countries. Put some Brits controlling Portuguese borders, some French controlling Italy’s, some Italians controlling Spain’s, etc etc and so on. Mix it all, enforcing the same rules and policies. Mixed teams are the answer!
    How can we go outside if our own house is left in a mess??? First things first.
    We already have plenty of people around, more than enough to relaunch Europe’s economy and embrace trading opportunities with the rest of the world.
    2nd- Let’s work together, reorganize ourselves internally, and then move forward towards developing our industries, manufacturing, etc and so on.
    Let’s harmonize our strengths, our systems, our REAL-WORLD EVERYDAY policies, and our strategies for the future.
    And let’s face it: this should be a partnership between all countries/EU parties. Weaker/poorer European countries cannot take advantage of stronger/richer European countries’ welfare and benefits systems already in place. That’s just not fair for them! Period!!!
    Instead, each person/country must ADD VALUE, either with competent people, or skills, or capital, or financial capacity, investment, or with whatever it has best.
    One should ADD VALUE to a partner! Do not take advantage of a partner!!! That’s abusive, as simple as that!!!
    3rd- Let’s make our Europe BETTER, STRONGER, ORGANIZED AND MORE EFECTIVE, NOT BIGGER. Please STOP those stupid enlargement ideas… afterall, did we learn anything from our former so-called “overseas colonies”, “empires” etc??? Did we learn anything from our past??? Come on… we need “quality over quantity”, please. We’re better than this. And far more resilient.
    Let’s put our house in order first, and THEN we can look outside and embrace trading and relationships with the rest of the world.
    4th- Invest in common defenses and cut foreign aid spending, just stop it! Not even 1 more cent!… “oh, but in our past, we did this and that, this and that happened, oh and we feel so guilty, oooh…” – STOP IT.
    DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY DECADES WENT BY??? Those are long gone times.
    The world and its political geography is pretty much sorted out, as much as possible… former colonies are now rich independent countries, let them sort themselves out, God bless them and good luck! Best wishes!
    Some countries pretend they are poor, and they act like they need help, but most don’t! Let their people make their own “revolutions” and their own evolution process towards a fairer more mature society. Most are RICH (and their governments’ officials and their families behave according to that “billionaire” status), but they keep complaining and moaning, asking “for this and for that”… I think it’s enough.
    Throughout our history, Europe went through some very hard times… my grandfather told me, and my father, as well as many wise and experienced elderly gentlemens I’ve met while travelling European roads… did we have help?? Hmm… enough is enough, I think…
    And if someone wants to try and play us… moaning and complaining, accusing Europeans of being “this or that”, well… let them think wtf they want to think, really!
    We know what we are, and what we are not.
    So… forget the “sweet talk”, and good riddance.
    There are limits for everything in life.
    Let’s take care of ourselves, now.
    Let’s look after our territory, and our lives.
    Let’s move forward, full speed :-)

  263. avatar
    Nuno de Magalhães

    We need Participative Democracy !!! Obligatory Referendums for Petitions with more than 10% of the voters of a country !!!!

  264. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Europe has a future sustainable development is the social and pleasant development agreement with pleasant state with good relations with the neighbors

  265. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should develop the EU ! Example : 1. media house similar to BBC 2. EU army 3. EU police force on over 50 000 4. Energy union – connect solar south to the windy north 5. big investment in solar

  266. avatar
    Paloma Pal

    truly recognition of qualifications and certificates instead of spending money and time going through bureaucracy processes (these even implying sending certifications per post) to have them in the language of the country abroad.

    similar standards regarding internships/traineeships/stages and abolishing them once you are graduated in every Member State. Leonardo scholarship is not working the way it was intended to: it creates more incentives to have trainees who are only paid by this grant (around 500€ in 2012). Likewise it is detrimental for the “locals” in countries where graduates have better starting salaries or need to do an internship in order to get their degree (to some extent this favours dumping).

  267. avatar
    Eb Bonito

    Real harmony between ALL EU countries. Same rules, same opportunities, same quotes.

  268. avatar
    Ion Gheorghe

    Which EU? Exist something like that? Where was when my forests are cut forever in procent of 100% ? How protect UE Romania till now? Zero protection, only rubber.

  269. avatar
    Jan Peter Schoffer Petricek

    the single market should be realized, finally. For instance, no need to change number plates and car-insurance when moving from one member state to another. Abolish geoblocking altogether.

  270. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    I would like to have a Constitution, see more democratic procedure related to elections, and move more towards a Federal structure and away from intergovernmental ones. In one single phrase, more moves towards the United States of Europe.

  271. avatar
    Eva Benko Zoltan

    They should have adopted Keynesian methods years ago and the knew it. Now is too late to recover the confidence of the worker. We feel in a porison.We should get out of the euro.

  272. avatar
    Eva Benko Zoltan

    Banks give money without looking to irresponsables because they know they will be bailed out with our money so they cheat us. Him who cheats and gets away, will live to cheat another day.

  273. avatar
    Alkis Mavridis

    I want more feeling of unity, that we ARE a union. In greece you dont have this feeling. I want a european identity, this has to do with the education and is VERY important. Finally, I awant to see that countries do not think only of their national interests, but of the interests of the union.


  274. avatar
    David Alan Roden

    European parliament stops the monthly move between Brussels and Strasbourg. If this can be done then it would prove that the EU can reform. Without this it proves it cannot be meaningfully reformed.

  275. avatar

    We should give it a serious thought as it might not be such a bad idea to adopt a little bit of a “Fortress Europe” mind set. The framework is in place to take a calculated risk and a courageous step forward towards elevating Europe’s power and reputation. We have a democratic elected parliament, a president, a foreign policy representative, a well-structured commission hungry to be more efficient and functional, and we have a big crisis on hand which could be the substrate as well as a reason to think and act out of the box. So, why doesn’t the Council think out of the box and be more open to alternative studies and recommendations. Rather then bowing to the members national interests, challenge them with models for the future. Why not introduce a controlled default of Greece and let the EU parliament take over and manage a reform at the expense of its sovereignty and at the benefit of the citizens. Study the impact of allowing weaker countries with high debt and/or regions that want more local autonomy to exchange sovereign debt for the transfer of federal powers to the EU parliament and institutions and hence start the process of sovereign mitigation to a truly European sovereignty. Once this is done we will still only represent less than 10% of the world’s population, however be recognised as a united powerhouse with lots to offer. One currency, one set of common rules and regulations, one EU monetary fund grouping all sovereign debt, one tax matrix, a Eurobond, one security and defence policy and mechanism, etc. but dozens of cultures, languages, political platforms, freedom and internal peace. The Euro can be a strong alternative to the dollar and muscle the Chinese.

  276. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    Decant Income for ALL, Taxes implimented on the Wealthy and No Taxes for the Workers, Old Age Pensioners and Unemployed, Healthcare for ALL for Every Citizen, Debt forgiveness fpr all people and nations, in turn putting to justice the ones that created the national debt, Just naming a few ;)

  277. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    1) Creation of “civil society platforms” upstream for each policy, with wise and neutral people, bringing experience and expertise, animating such platform and interacting with “the executive” (and linked with the Parliament). This would aim to advise and control key commission proposals and also promote and advise for simplification. If this would have been created already in the past, we would have possibly avoided major crisis in respective policies management, such as, agriculture, finance, Ukrainian/Russia and unemployment, etc…

  278. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    3) Go federal for all countries, willing and ready, but doing “some extra work” on re-defining and rationalizing what is the subsidiarity, as this notion has been completely lost, even inside the countries and the regions

  279. avatar
    Mike Chambers

    After the Greek crisis over the last few weeks I would like to see a cohesive policy from the EU about managing the euro and the economics of being a member of the euro-zone.

  280. avatar
    Franck Legon

    reform ECB, euro should be created by ECB and dispatched to national central banks under its supervision according to their NPs, not anymore by private banks, in order to end the debt system and debt crisis . reform political governance, with anti-lobbies laws and more direct democracy, parliament should rule , commission should be made of national directly elected representants with each one its few months duty on presidence. stop tax escape from a country to another that kills our economies, the tax should be paid in the country the product or service is selling .

  281. avatar
    João de Oliveira

    A really democratic govern and president …
    Less bodies full of bureaucrats…
    A better balance on wealth redistribution

  282. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    You should work on to develop the EU 1. EU police on over 100 000 2. EU army 3. Big EU wide investment into solar , wind and network on over 1 000 billion Euro. It would create jobs and EU could produce energy for own needs 4. EU education network and investment in education 5. Media house similar to BBC with search engine similar to Google with social functions of Facebook

  283. avatar
    Ralf Grahn

    First of all, for the Eurozone core and the wider EU, the needs and themes concern 330 or 508 million people, with competening UK views only a sideshow with little relevance for the whole. – Sufficient powers and European level democracy to serve the interests of EU citizens is what the discussion and EU reform should be about. – The UK voters can make the sovereign decision to secede or not, but they shouldn’t obstruct progress for the rest.

  284. avatar
    Bruno Verlinden

    1) a convergence plan to unify taxes and wages over the next 15 years as to create a community with less internal competition 2) independant monetary institution for the euro zone with equal rights and equal duties 3) more trade protection as to rebuild european industry. Europe needs to use its power.

    • avatar
      Joe Thorpe

      A perfect description of why we need to leave the EU, we need to get away from this Leaching subsidy junkie creation that seeks to create barriers against free trade with the growing economies in parts of the world where economies are not in an arthritic state

  285. avatar
    George Titkov

    1. For starters, organize national referendums in each member country on the issue of the Lisbon treaty. It was signed and ratified in a most undemocratic way, without asking the peoples of Europe what they actually think. Right before that, an attempt for EU constitution failed on referendums, so the EU beaurocrats decided to call it a treaty, not constitution, and avoid putting it up for voting by the people.

    2. Put the national interests of each member country above the so called “EU solidarity”, which is simply an euphemism for EU pushing the USA agenda against the individual interests of the member countries, under German dictate. In theory, all decisions are taken with consensus. In fact, most countries, especially the smaller and the weaker, have no say in the decision making process and have no right to veto, because that would break the holy cow, called “EU solidarity”.

    3. Block the TTIP and put it through referendums in each member country.

    4. Do something to deal with the ever worsening demographics, block the illegal immigration and expel all illegal immigrants already in the EU, or in 50 years we’ll have EIU (European Islamic Union).

  286. avatar
    Kostina Prifti

    I believe that every approach to a certain situation depends on the willingness and the desires of the individual. No one denies the issues inside of the EU at the moment, but there are still two different approaches. There is the approach of people like Nigel Farage and the ones who follow him, who believe that EU is bad for Europe (not just for UK) because it is non-democratic and inefficient; and there is the second approach of pro-Europeans like Martin Schulz, Guy Verfohstad etc, who are actively criticizing the EU for the sole purpose of improving the system with which EU works. And it all comes down to making a choice of whether we want to be on the side of the people who fight for improvement, or the ones who fight for bailing out.
    There are many times in the history of each country, when the system doesn’t work, but it’s right then when the power and willingness of the people come forward and the people try to change the system.
    If we believe there is something wrong with the EU in the first place, our first reaction should not be to leave the EU, but rather to work and fix it, and this mindset is fundamental when it comes to discussing the issues of EU.

    • avatar
      Joe Thorpe

      It can’t be fixed in a fashion the UK would suggest because the other 27 states don’t share our vision. Could it evolve in a fashion that suits the Agenda pf the likes of Martin Schulz or Guy Verfohstad of Juncker & is friends? Sure it can but not while the UK is a member as we will simply do everything we can to put the brakes on an agenda we want no truck with. The best way forward is e UK exit & a trading relationship such as that between the EU & Korea or Singapore.