flagsThere will be no further EU enlargement for at least the next five years. That was the campaign pledge made by Jean-Claude Juncker ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2014 (and during his successful bid to become President of the European Commission).

However, Mr Juncker added that, during this period, the “Western Balkans will need to keep a European perspective”. But will the EU candidate countries – Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – really be willing to wait? And what of those countries not even officially recognised as candidates: Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina?

These were some of the questions discussed at the 12th annual Balkans Summit held in Brussels by our partner think-tank, Friends of Europe. We attended the summit and put some of your questions to a few of the policy-makers taking part.

First off, we had a comment sent in from Marin, an Albanian expat who argues there is no time limit on membership talks for Albania to join the EU. Is he right to be so confident in the patience of his compatriots?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Edi Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania. He warned that: “Enlargement fatigue is one side of the story, but patience fatigue is another. I’m sure no-one in the Balkans is willing to wait for decades.”

Our next comment came from Daniel, who was concerned that “not everything is about the economy”, and there are other areas where Western Balkan countries still need to make progress, including civil rights, rule of law, corruption, etc.

In Transparency International’s recently released Corruption Perceptions Index 2014, the Western Balkan countries score particularly badly (though some of them, such as Macedonia, score higher than existing EU Member States, such as Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania).

However, with EU membership such a distant prospect, is the appetite still there for tough reforms and anti-corruption measures?

If you want to get an idea of the progress made (and the challenges still to come) for the Western Balkans in the EU enlargement process, then check out our infographic below (click for a larger image).


Finally, we had a comment from Hugo, who argued that the Western Balkans shouldn’t see EU membership as a deus ex machina that can solve all their problems. Instead, he argued that the Balkan countries should look to themselves to work together and solve outstanding issues, including deepening trade and economic ties in their neighbourhood.

We put this comment to Christian Danielsson, European Commission Director General for Enlargement. How would he respond?

To get another perspective, we also put Hugo’s comment to Nikola Poposki, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. How would he respond?

Will Western Balkan countries be willing to wait for EU membership? As the European Union struggles with “enlargement fatigue”, are the Western Balkans suffering from “patience fatigue”? What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

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      And stop to name themselves “Macedonia “

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      They carry on with their propaganda exactly because they don’t want to join. If the FYROM joined the EU that could mean prison for Mr Gruevski…You wouldn’t want it if you were him!

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    They could always join the Eurasian Union?

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    James McManama

    Clearly, they won’t wait forever. What’s interesting is how the increasingly frosty relationship between Russia and the EU is going to play out in the Western Balkans.

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    Slavey Tolev

    If we have to be honest, apart from Romania, the rest of the Balkan countries are more of a headache that the EU does not need these days

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      That is a very unfair and ignorant comment from your side. We are trying very hard to keep up with everythig that is being imposed by the EU, and if you were born in such a country, apparently you are taking things for granted, while we have to fight for some rights that you were born with. So just think before tou talk..

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Slavey Tolev

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      Andrea, you do realize that only the rich, corporations and banks profit from EU/Euro? We in western Europe now know this very clearly. Bailouts for bankers, free trade treaties (cheaper labor, race to the bottom) for corporations, big tax-exempt salaries for politicians and AUSTERITY for the middle class and the poor.

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    Tamás Csiszár

    The moment when Germany has an economical interest in one of these countries, they can enter, otherwise the borders of EU are ending at Austria and Germany.

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      Aleksander Olsen

      What kind of response is this? The EU’s external borders end with the 2004, 2007, and 2013 rounds of enlargement. In other words with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc etc… There is in fact no sense to this statement.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ivan Burrows
      Quite right!
      I don’t want to financially support the ‘BALKAN BASKETCASE SEVEN’ unless they reduce corruption, racism and clientelism.

      Indeed, a 5 year wait seems far, far too short.

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    Alban Nelaj

    WB countries can use this 5 year break to start thinking about implementation of the bunch of new laws they have introduced in the framework of their potential EU membership.

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      Charlie Brown

      I couldn’t agree more; also in Serbia, they should be conscidering our unemployment rate because it is the highest one in the region, bad salaries and the prices in Belgrade could be compared with prices in capitals around Europe with much grater income per capita. 5 years should be enough.

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    Some will and some don’t. It depends. Basically their options are limited in economic terms, what else to join? It seems that EU requirements and “following the leader” means harsh life and austerity for regular folks, under german management. There’s a price for everything, and Merkel’s doctrine is merciless. Are they willing to pay it ? Maybe. If so, they should say goodbye to their self sufficient, organic and autonomous balkanic living, welcome Chinese way of life. Besides, there’s Nigel Farage waiting in the shadow.

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    James Beckles

    Western Balkan countries should wait for EU membership. They must prove first their economies, institutions and civil society organisations are in line with EU standards.

    The measures used before 2008 allowed countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal to disguise the problems in their economies until it was too late and we are still seeing the ramifications. Newer states like Bulgaria and Romania are still attempting to purge state institutions from corruption.

    EU membership offers many benefits not least structural funds and free movement but it is a two way relationship that countries who wish to join should actively play their part and ensure they are willing to be ideal candidates with societal and economic structures in place that are transparent, free from corruption and undue influence.

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    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    First, serbia DO NOT BELONGS to EU! Horribly corrupted country with strong influence of Russia and Montenegro too, they are both mecca for Russian criminals and dirty money! Are you insane? We do not need that in EU, you still didn’t help us, Croatians to get rid of communists that are in criminal connection with serbs and Russians!

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      Jadranka Nicin

      Thanks Suncice, I agree with you – Serbia do not belongs to EU! I’m personally against of this possibility, it’s not good for my country to be part of such Union – but your picture of Serbia is so dark, without any other colour. Why? Croatia and Serbia are similar, aren’t they?
      Greetings to all from Serbia, I wish you all the best in 2015.

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    Jorge Qoqe

    Did EU take care of that anytime? Ampliation in 2004 and 2007 was for two reasons: 1) UK wanted an heterogenian union, so it would be more difficult to get a strong union, 2) EU wanted to extend their influence in East Europe, against Russia’s area. But EU didn’t give a shit about if Romania or Hungary weree prepared or not…

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    Ivan Vikalo

    Once they have implemented the acquis, and they worked on some overall issues, then of course they will be prepared to join.

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    Stefan Pfeuffer

    Realistically the Western Balkans don’t have a choice but to wait it out. They have no viable long-term alternative to EU accession. However, the EU must provide the countries with an honest and realistic timetable for the respective membership process instead of endlessly dangling the proverbial carrot in front of them. Failing to do so will only strengthen nationalist elements in those countries. And while each of them has their own set of issues that need to be resolved before EU membership, some issues should not hinder the start of talks.

    Take for example the Macedonian naming issue: letting what to an outsider looks like a ridiculous and childish argument stop any forward movement in the talks with Macedonia does in fact discourage meaningful progress within Macedonia in other areas and provides politicians in both Macedonia and Greece with a useful tool to distract from the real issues in both countries while appealing to nationalistic sentiments.

    In conclusion, I think the Western Balkans need a clear road map for accession talks with a realistic chance to achieve membership in the mid-term. Only this will encourage meaningful reforms in those countries. Otherwise political leadership in the Western Balkans will see no incentive to implement reforms if the reward is at some unknown point in the far future which may or may not materialize.

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      I hardly think that usurping a country’s history and symbols ,as FYROM have systematically done ,is a childish issue .These are Slavs who have nothing to do with Macedonia and the sooner they realize that the better for them because otherwise they will always find themselves excluded from all international organizations

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    Manuela Mcmoura

    But first desinfect the Iberian peninsula, Southern Italy, GREECE,Bulgaria and Rumenia….Basta di Corrupcione!

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    Ares En

    Western Balkan with the ignorant people who suffer from their political choices and their stupid pride, becomes one more time victim but this time from the political elite of EU. Instead of helping EU makes new borders in the middle of Europe by leaving out these countries. Which one is going to wait 5 years??

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      Because you don´t have to pay for it.

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    Neven Markulin

    They are better prepared then Rumania and Bulgaria witch are already in EU ! If EU banks have interests (and for sure they have) it’s going to be very fast !

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      Totally agree with your statement!

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    Τάσος Σολδάτος

    nope……western balkan countries are not ready for the eu. And this comes from a number of reasons such as their non-europian friendly think. Moreover, their economies cannt stand the power of euro or the philosofy of the Union. Also, the EU should focus more on becoming more of a political union than an economic union… The EU should focus more on In-depthing more the union than expand.

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      I agree. And I also think that people from the Western Balkans do not respect their neighbouring member states and another problematic area are human rights – especially with the homophobia in the area.

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      Agree with this comment!

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    Dimitris Paschalidis-Valof

    So are these countries ready to put up the effort and pay the bills that they have to after becoming members. Who in his right mind think there’s a heaven awaiting behind the European door? My belief is that there should be a two track model applied for the already memebers of the EU

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    catherine benning

    This is a nonsense question. They already have to wait the five years. The way things are going in Europe and the UK in particular, it should be 25 years.

    And, I do feel the UK will be out of this club by 2020. Sad as that is. And the cause of that is mass immigration and the crazed PC social engineering practices you in Europe simply will not address. Your collusion in the fantasies of mad US led policies have put a bomb on the long desired and desirable unity.

    And don’t kid yourself that these requirements came from anywhere else. It has been this way in that country long before they became forced on us over here. I have an American friend, a very old man who grew up in the fifties and sixties and he said it all began under Kennedy. Massive social engineering that has grown out of all proportion. Now it is to the point of the ridiculous. S, you in Brussels have shot yourselves in the foot. You ignored the electorate and are now facing the outcome of that horrendous mistake.


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    Humbert Oferil

    There is a Country that is ready for the EU, Catalonia! #independencenow #freedom #cataloniaisnotspain

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    Peter Castermans

    I regard this question as a joke. Romania and Bulgaria were already too much. It’s a pity that Scotland didn’t vote for independency. They are pro-Europe, have 1/3th of the land surface of the UK and the biggest oil reserves in Europe. Britain in which the scots only represent 10% of the population hates us and only became member to boycott the EU from within. Britain takes the benefits of the EU but for the less interesting things they get always exceptions. They think the city doesn’t need Europe, but they aren’t an empire anymore. A Brexit will hurt their economy if all privileges disappear. But a brexit will also lead to a new Scottish referendum I hope. And they are more than welcome.

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      There are no benefits, UK would be better off out and could trade with the rest of the world without needing permission from the undemocratic EU.

      And I suppose you have 8 billion Euros in your pocket, as that would be the hole in undemocratic EU´s budget if Britain finally decides to be better off and leave? Or maybe you can ask Paris to cough up the difference?

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    Daniele Scaramelli

    I like them all and have friends in each of them and dealt with them for business reasons. Frankly, they would still need at least ten years, some of them probably more. The experiences of Romania and Bulgaria have been two disasters.

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    Gastone Losio

    Europe must help European citizens not to be illegal in their home.

    If some state opposes, this state has nothing to do with Europe, and should be expelled from Europe of citizens ..

    I suspect that all the current national sovereign States of Europe have nothing to do with Europe.

    Every European citizen can request individually to belong to his homeland-Europe, from Greenland (DK) to the center of the submarine channel to Alaska.


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      Balkan girl

      And u as well

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    Trond Johannessen

    Your implication that membership is some kind of right is ridiculous. Preparation is everything, and the EU has to develop internally before further expansion. Fiscal union is first priority. Five years are passing very fast, and that may not be enough for some of the countries mentioned to get ready with their prerequisite actions.

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      Not even…

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    Reno Zed

    OK guys, I’m pro Europe, I do believe it is my country and that is one of the best place on earth to live in. I also believe that all Europe should be united but this in not the right moment, we still got too many issues, we are really risking to fall apart. Let’s seat and think about it, let’s have a break for a while.

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      So? I´m pro Europe too, and that is why I am anti EU.

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      Is it because they are slavs as you might be as well?!!!!

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      I think that the name is Romanian, so not Slavic but a Latino people.

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    ελενη χρυσομαλακου

    I think EU is overstreched as it has expanded beyond its ability to acculturate countries that differ a lot. It is time for EU to consolidate present member states into a stable economic and political union.

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    Kostina Prifti

    The issue with the Balkans is not with Europe, but within the region, and as well within each country. Every potential and existing Member State needs to have the European mindset of cross-country cooperation and the willingness to give up some of their country’s political and legislative rights to the EU, and the Balkan countries – although not the only ones – are too nationalistic and have certain issues collaborating with each other. The economic standards of the Balkan countries is the least of the criteria that needs to be taken under consideration when it comes to European Integration, and all the citizens of the Balkans need to be aware of the cultural distance that exists between Balkan countries, and how that distances them from the rest of Europe, making the integration twice as hard as it actually can be from all the political and economic issues surrounding the region.

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    Astrit Disha

    Firstly Eu should help solve out the contra productive issues like the naming conflict between FYROM and Greece, political stability in BIH and Kosovo, then the mentioned countries will be a strong factor or economic stability and prosperity in the region.

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      don’t agree…

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    Jude De Froissard

    Everybody should be welcome to join the e.u. as long as they are democratic and stable countries,with friendly attitudes and prospects of cooperation .Don’t confuse joining the e.u. with joining the eurozone.The euro has created the main bad factor in the e.u.

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    Florim Brahimi

    European union must change policy in balcan….they must be more unit ….Kosovo independence is neccesary to recognise also from 5 states who did not do it yet….Spain, Greece , Rumania , Chec and Qypro ….so they must push this guverments to do it soon as possible….then…we hope the Serbs will change policy and accept the reality in balcan….Also…i wish that people of Kosovo…as new state in world….to have rights to move free….people there are isolated from 90’s…without any rights….bcz of that and economic problems most of them must try risck roads to go foreign…fr better life and to make any choise for life….so EU….mus soon as posible take away vissas for Kosovo….whch is the only states in Europe ..which dont have right to move free….this is not right…..i wish to have others opinion for that…..

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      We don´t want you here. Stay where you are, we are flooded with cheap labor and welfare sponging eastern Europeans already.

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    José Encarnação

    SCREW PLUTOCRACY (so called democracy). SCREW EUROPE. The current model of politics does not protect the individual. It only empowers the Collectivists that ploy against every human being that falls under its law.

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    Vinko Rajic

    NO , but EU should offer them assistance in their fight against corruption , crime and help them to develop economy and democracy . EU should teach them how to do and they should understand that EU is just a good friend.

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      The EU is not a charity, Vinko. It can’t afford to be…

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    the countries of the Western Balkans need to step forward and take the freedoms and human rights of all citizens will be half way to enter the European community

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    Türker Yener

    Before all, eu should clarify it’s official language. Otherwise United States of Euro will remain as a dream forever

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      It will not be Turkish…

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      Nightmare, you mean.

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    Nicolas Douradou

    5 years ! It’s nothing ! Europe is a long-term project.
    Based of the numbers presented above, they are not ready to join yet.
    It will take many years (more than 5 !), but their time will come and I can’t wait for it.

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    Ecs Ferreira

    Turky isnot a europian country. Neider in soul nor in culture. They must not insist. Trade wont them for money rasions.

  35. avatar

    These countries don’t belong to Europe culturally or politically. There are already countries in there that shouldn’t have been allowed in. But the ones under debate
    are much worse. No, thank you!

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      We don’t even want to mention the finances of it…:-(

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      Zoran Nikolovski

      Respected Ivetta
      As well as I know geography I live in the heart of the European continent..and that’s in Macedonia.You should know that political unions do not define European borders neither culturally nor geographicly.I am as European as you or any other here.
      First of all you should know that The times have changed and people here already know that membership in the EU is not going to solve their problems.The idealization of EUROPE is long gone now…the 80,s are just a nice memory now.it’s perfectly clear that EU is a machine for gaining new markets and spreading of the german and French economy towards east.And by the way…the Aglosaxon european countries are traditionally very familiar with colonization.If EU is very tired for admission of the Balkan countries…how come EU can not wait a second to addmit Ukraine as an EU member as soon as possible.Oh well Ukraine is a big market and rich in natural resources,and of course we can breathe in the neck of the Russian Bear!…so I understand.
      You can calm down now it’s 2014 and nobody here in the Balkans thinks that the solution is EU.I am not sure whether anyone knows what is the solution anymore.I think that first Europe should help itself.We can wait and maybe not even enter EU.its pointless.Being an EU member “fashion” and “hysteria” are now forever gone.The ” insieme 92″ is buried…the myth is dead.

    • avatar

      Hi Zoran, Macedonia already is in the EU as part of Greece!

    • avatar

      Yvetta, the region has been called Macedonia for the past 3000 years and more. People who live in this region (such as me and my grand grand grand grand parents before) have clearly the right to call themselves Macedonians if they wish to, be it by territorial determination or otherwise. You are confusing the fact with intentions of the Greeks to only define certain period of history (when Hellenic culture was predominant in the region), and in only known way, and transport those historic circumstances to modern day. We can go in circles and discuss Alexander’s sub-identities and we will never agree. But live that where it belongs, a 2300 years ago. Focus on the present. Macedonians have always stressed that the culture is shared, not exclusively Greek, not Macedonian, not Albanian, Serb, or Dutch for that matter. Please do not try to connect the aspirations of common Macedonian (and I strongly believe Greek) citizens, who wish peace, prosperity, and solidarity, with political manipulations of the both sides. Try to put yourself in our shoes and figure out why surrounding countries are fighting over tiny population, and trying to redefine it, every single day, in every possible way. It’s hegemonic to say the least. In my view, EU integration is the only way to combat the ghosts of the past and once the borders are gone among the countries, everyone will be set free of their Balkan “mentality”, which is the fear of being minority in someone else’s country :). This is why I believe EU integration still matters. It was first and foremost reconciliation idea. I don’t know where you are from but this region which you say does not belong to Europe is actually what made Europe, historically, and geographically. Please correct the language, Europe is the whole continent, whereas European Union is group of countries in the union. Respect, and try to be more positive for your own sake.

    • avatar

      Milos, I don’t understand exactly what you mean, as it very clearly deviates from mainstream history, as written based on the linguistic, ethnologic and archaeological record, so I can’t really follow it. You seem to be simply repeating a version of history promoted since 1992 or thereabouts by Mr Gruevski as part of his regime. This is propaganda and when it is taught in schools as the official history, it is brainwashing. I am not interested to hear it. The only thing I can say is that by Western standards, something like this is not acceptable and further proves my point that Mr Gruevski’s country is not fit to join. In a modern democracy such things simply do not happen. Sorry.

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    Savchenko Andrew

    The main problem of Serbia is russian negative influence. Serbia is too familiar with Putin russia. It’s bad game for European Union membership.

  37. avatar
    Ivan P. Romagnoli

    First of all: Serbia and Montenegro are Russia’s puppet states in the balkans.
    Don’t forget that USA and UK have all the interests to mantein this union divided. UK was for the enlargment in 2004/2007 and USA is always pushing the EU leaders to let Turkey enter in the EU. It’s an old and simply concept: DIVIDE ET IMPERA, if you can’t realize it you are simply blind.

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    Zvonimir Brajkovic

    first we must BOYCOTT SERBIA, Serbia must be first say who is all Croatian Innocent people to going to Serbs Concentration Camps in Serbia and in the Serbian part of Bosnia, over 3000 peoples is missing in Serbia. We need second a pay for the Serbian demolition in Croatia, and 3trd All Serbian Civilians Killer incl Seselj must go to Haag Court.

    • avatar

      Is that you, Ante Pavelic?

  39. avatar
    Vladimir Kairc

    The Balkans should “beneluxealise”, One common voice is always louder dring negotiaon talks. And They’ll improve their cooperation for tehir flaws

    • avatar

      Isn´t a country. Next question.

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    Rudi Spoljarec

    they are prepared to wait…wait….wait. ….Yes. Only Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve all the support to wait short time.

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    EU reform- proactive

    Sorry, wrong forum question! Mr. EU President has only delayed- not cancelled this EU decision.

    The accession process for a new Member State was updated in 2007 & is prescribed in Article 49 of the TEU. In praxis it looks like this:


    Could an eventual ‘ratification’ refusal by the EP & Member States be ignored by the overriding powers of the EC president?

  42. avatar
    Stavros Papagianneas

    Enlargement with western Balkan countries should remain a major EU priority. One of the most important goals of the EU is unification of the continent. Nevertheless, process should be prepared very carefully and I understand it will take some time.

  43. avatar

    Make it 50 years so I don´t have to live and pay for them.

  44. avatar
    Orestis Ch

    Although considering myself as pro-European, in this case, under the circumstances, I have to be more pragmatic and not leave my enthusiasm to guide me. Obviously, the EU is facing some serious problems mostly in its interior, hence the focus shall be in those areas which require more effective policies, i.e. in the banking sector, in the social policy and in fiscal policy.. In such undesired situations, the medication lies on the reforms. Reforms, which ought to have been implemented decades ago, and for that, we are paying now a stiff price. Example, the venture for a common monetary policy proved to be inadequate, since this wasn’t accompanied by a common fiscal policy measures.
    My saying is that Europe, for the time speaking, should give priorities in its “deepening” rather in its “widening”.. Enlargement is crucial for Europe but it needs to be realized in the proper time, and as it seems right now its not the best time to do it..

  45. avatar

    Fyrom should not expect to join the EU because it is an underdeveloped state, Muslim states since also no history. They try to propagandes to conveniently access history from Greece to want their own name … is ridiculous .. is a nonexistent Member .. If not approved by Greece to its name as it is one of the oldest members of the EU will be able ..den to join anywhere, neither EU nor NATO. There have behavior .. When I went once and last .. I was shocked by the behavior of people to tourists .. is inhospitable and universally helpful. After Greece and of course I went I saw several large .. The Greeks were more civilized .. was most europeans .. I love greek people and Greece

  46. avatar

    Če bo Europa gledala zahodni Balkan samo z ekonomskega in finančnega vidika, ( čitaj Nemčija),brez upoštevanja zgodovinskih dimenzij in varnosti tega prostora s tem pa tudi Evrope,bo slaba in dolga zgodba. Pomembna je varnostni kriterij. Žal pa se bojim da bo vstop omenjeni držav predolg oz. prepozen. Potem pa……

    • avatar

      se lahko zgodovina ponovi.

  47. avatar

    I’ve changed my mind. We (Netherlands) and Britain could leave, letting any two of them in taking our spots. Three if either Austria or Finland leave with us. France can cover the financial difference. Fair is fair. We get freedom, France gets some new pals and can share its wealth around.

  48. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    They are prepared to wait! This is the most stupid question I`ve ever read in Debating Europe. Guys, you made my day! 10x! :D

  49. avatar
    Carlos V. Arcenegui

    Question is: After Germany’s position on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II, and the RFS – Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, will most Serbs, Montenegrins even Makedonians believe joining a current German EU will bring them tremendous joy and happiness?? Plus they are both Easterners and Southerners, so more new EU slaves to wait in the queue.

  50. avatar

    Prepared to wait ? Well the EU is not a party with free drinks inside where, when you pass the doorman its jamming time :). It’s not about becoming a member, its about living as a member, and that needs achieving the competitiveness and resistance from getting the local businesses smashed by the better competition which will fuel up the emigration to better EU countries. Its good to “wait” or better said it’s good to have time to prepare more and that should be done together as a group, exchanging practices and successes and “opening minds”. The problems are the damn politicians which lack the mindset for promoting and speaking of a brotherhood between the balkan people, the balkan needs a ‘starve the ego feed the soul’ type of politicians, less nationalism more regionalism and than more europealism :).
    They need to preach the perspective of borderless balkan within the borderless Europe. And Practice what they preach. They don’t do that….
    The neighboring EU countries especially Greece as a long time member needs to know those perspectives more than the other states. That means stop the silly bully with the name dispute with Macedonia and help them get better (with the brotherhood attitude not a trojan horse games), provide more help to Albania and reduce its own nationalism as well…

    • avatar
      Paul X

      “Well the EU is not a party with free drinks inside where, when you pass the doorman its jamming time”

      Unfortunately that is exactly how the EU elite see it. They have no fiscal responsibility, they generate no wealth, they only know how to spend other people’s money, and it usually starts with them spending it on themselves

  51. avatar

    Serbia should never join the EU and they will never! Wait when the furure president Vojislav Seselj takes over. EU are slavery of the US. In future the Union will collapse, like the USA.

  52. avatar
    Lee Lovelock

    More like ‘Sind we readied for heom’ (are we ready for them) and snel answer is NO.

  53. avatar
    Lefteris Eleftheriou

    only Serbia should enter the EU… the rest have enormous problems that will prove a further burden to an already troubled EU.

    • avatar

      EU can produce problems.EU can t solve problems

  54. avatar
    Joshua May

    Not bothered… They have a long road ahead of them before eligibility anyway, so they had best get started!

  55. avatar
    Leo Vlaming

    Much too soon to even start talking about admitting these countries to the EU. Let’s think about this again around 2030.

  56. avatar
    Martti Immonen

    Now its not the right time to even discuss about growing the EU-family. Eu-zone has far too many problematic issues to solve before that and one of those are Greece without any doubt. But on idealistic level it would be best for the whole continent. Still the nations in the waiting room may continue on the process coming closer to EU as EU will open the door asap its possible economically especially.

  57. avatar
    Teresa Guerreiro

    Os EU prepared to accept such variety of peoples and cultures? Is EU capable of accepting that this variety is the only way for EU to survive (and not the attempt to homogenize everything and everyone?)

  58. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    It is we who are not ready!! Apart from Montenegro, which is quite small and almost ready, perhaps the rest of the region will take a long time to join. They should absolutely join one day, but for the time being Europe has too many issues to solve.

  59. avatar
    Max Berre

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s deeply two-faced to be willing to let in the perpetrating nations of genocide of the 1990s before letting in Turkey? Despite not having much in the way of economic, and human rights, and corruption standards?

    Yes, I get it, they are blonder than the turks are….but that should NOT be the basis of EU policy

  60. avatar
    Robert Lupitu

    EU enlargement in the Balkans will not happen in the next five years. Not only EU needs strength and and internal cohesion, but the Commission is not likely to support strong reforms for raising their pace. And also, when it will happen, it will be a package enlargement in the Western Balkans.

  61. avatar
    Andrea Scacchi

    Yeah enlarge the regime! Solving existing problemz? NOpe. Create New.

    This EU is pissing me off more and more everyday. No politics for people and communities. a Lot of politics for multinationals and private companies.
    And they dare call ME antieuropean?
    I AM PRO-EUROPEAN: i am italian proud of my heritage AND i am open minded to culture society, language.
    I wish a Europe of different nation bounded by this very strong difference.
    I don’t wish a europe of mindless bruxelles slave like someone else.

    YOU are the antieuropean. And YOU are succeding in two things only: Ripping apart the european solidarity intra nos european;
    Create a dictature in the very earth of europe.

  62. avatar
    Alexandros Souflias

    FYROM should adapt its name accordingly, reform their political system with the opposition being prosecuted together with some of the media, and last but not least eradicate their nationalist beliefs that a large portion of Greece (Macedonia) and Bulgaria is a legitimate part of FYROM. This is the 2015.

  63. avatar
    Germanos Konstantinos

    Serbians Albanians and Fyrom have a lot of diplomatic problems and they can’t be members of the E.U family yet…Kosovo is not a country!

  64. avatar
    Atlant Nila

    Montenegro should be the next one, then Albania, Serbia needs to fix problems with Kosovo and stop treating minorities like slave (EU should inspect that) if Serbia joins then Kosovo is a must join country. Cheers to that.

  65. avatar
    Labinot Lutolli

    How about making them sweat off first and provide a clear roadmap for them if they wish to join? It’d be for their own good.

  66. avatar
    Afrim Morina

    Greece should be OUT! And Albania, Macedonia, Kosova and Montenegro in! Serbia needs to recognize Kosova as a state and send Serbian war criminals to Hague! And stop stealing land!

  67. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    Macedonia must stop antibulgarian propaganda and Serbia is an agent of Russia for many ages.

  68. avatar
    Νίκος Σωτηρίου

    Serbia will never join EU because is a pro Russian country.FYROM also will never join because it will never be recognised as Republic of Macedonia from Greece.

  69. avatar
    Janna Krokou

    I don’t remember who said it. But there was a man who wanted to give an example why there can’t be world peace and in general an EU and so on. So he gathered all people of all Nations and made a simple question : “What sound does a dog do? ”
    Can you imagine the answers? And he came to the conclusion that it is not possible to achieve either World peace or Uniting different Countries. If they could not agree to something so easy and meaningless like this how would they ever agree to something much more important. Like politic ,economy ect…..

  70. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    Bulgaria was not ready to join the EU
    Romania was not ready to join the EU
    Slovakia was not ready to join the EU
    Bulgaria has problems with human rights to discriminate its manoritys ,
    So Kosovo Albania Macedonia and Serbia should be open the gate to join the EU please well come.

    • avatar

      Actually, Bulgarians are not that intollerant that it may seem – yeah, we are not very happy with some of the minorities (gypsies) as they are taking advantage of the social system, don’t abide on almost any laws, are pretty much involved in all the crime areas. So as far as discrimination goes, we really cannot discriminate them, as they are not making any attempts to integrate and become part of the sociaty. You cannot disallow someone the right to work if they are not willing to work. It is really easy to label nations and point out their problems, when you don’t have any insight on the actual problem. There are indeed some idiots that are pro-hate, racist or homophobic but they are really not the many, and their numbers will be reduced even further as times go by. News flash – these idiots can be found in any EU country. In additiona we have a ethnical political party that has been in the rulling collations for decades… we have news and tv programmes in Turkish (the second largets minority) — religion wise you can find 4 different temples (Catolic, Orthodox, Mosque and a Synagogue) in only 1km radius in the center of Sofia – and religion is really not a problem for most of us. So, there are people who are not happy that other people of different ethnicity are getting away with anything, not follow any rules and for which making children is a busines – which I belive is pretty normal. As for if we were ready to join back then, I completely agree – we wern’t.

      In regardso to expanding the EU, I think now is the time to wait – consolidate, strenghten up the economy and get back on the right track, before we can consider expansion, which believe me will come at some point.

  71. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    What a stupid question? “Are they prepared to wait”? They already wait! And are official candidates, you talk about Ukraine,Moldova,Georgia & galaxy joining in, and Balkans is set to wait??

  72. avatar
    Muça Bujari

    Is no EU without Balkan!
    If we talking about economy first at all countries like Greece,Hungary,Bulgaria,Rumania etj shouldn’t have joint EU because is costing too much,they are denting EU!!!

  73. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    The question is in the wrong format. It should be: is EU being late with accepting Western Balkans while pushing for Ukraine( gas dependency).

  74. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    There’s a certain something people in those countries do to embrace their joining EU. EU won’t care to engage in talks with a country that is top to bottom corrupted and serves eastern interests.

  75. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    Hey be nice to balkans, especially mother Albania, the defender of western civilization without balkans Europe will never be established 100%

  76. avatar
    John Zervas

    The EU is facing a serious systemic and monatery crisis that isn’t yet resolved. Adding more states into that deadly equation will rupture the whole Union. The Albanians should wait until the crisis is resolved so they can maximize their profits and lower the possible costs and headaches of entering a Union that is facing such serious issues.

  77. avatar
    Laugent Zanaj

    There are so many political reasons in this process,we all know that Bulgaria and Romania or Slovakia wasnt ready now EU must do the same with the Western Balkans

  78. avatar
    Krasen N. Nikolov

    In the Balkans it is like this: two countries like each other only if they do not share a common border: examples: Greece and Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania, Macedonia and Romania :)

  79. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    Germanos Konstantinos,hahaha watch out the Germans ar coming. Do you understand?

  80. avatar
    Stylianos Papadopoulos

    As long skopia call themselves mavedonia they eill never come as members of united europe, only serbia is ready to be in e.u.

  81. avatar
    Elvis Korra

    serbia is not readi in e.u ok bikos seria is killer of pipell kosovo juar racism ,ok mister stylianos, ade apo dooooo,,,,,,,

  82. avatar
    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    Romania was not ready but we have the lasrgest economy in the Eastern Europe and the biggest military power in that zone. We got in EU becauae they needed us for other reasons…we didn’t won anithing by joining EU. We lost alot of things

  83. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    you have a lot of confindence that EU will continue…. i am not so sure! I hope Spain leaves the EU soon!… 

  84. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    Why you idiots bureucrats from Bruxxels are asking all the time for enlarging the E.U?
    It has not been a month yet since Iceland ,a country that fullfils the criteria denied to join E.U .They knew what they did of course,if they were members of eurozone during their crisis their country would have been destroyed by noy ,becouse of following the advices of the fascists burreaucrats…
    The problem of E.U is not to become larger with more countries.The problem is to have a stronger union without so huge differences between the south and the north.
    The problem of E.U is that one country(Germany) has been the leader ,there is not equality any more in E.U.
    The north countries are earning becouse of the crisis in the south countries.
    And you speak all the time about enlargement?Shame on you ,corrupted bureaucrats ,that you act like fascists…
    As for you fellow citizens from the west balcan countries ,dont be persuaded that when you will join E.U all your problems would be solved and you gonna become reacher.Your life would be harder.Ask for example ,anybody that belongs in a eurozone if his life became better or worse when euro was established ,12 years ago.If you get any possitive answer i will send you cretan olive oil for free.
    So dont be like the dog who is playing with his tail when he is waiting for food by his boss…Or better ,dont be like the Indians that gave away their land for some mirrors ,some faux jeweleries and some alcohol…
    Wake up,stand up ,demand a better living from your national countries ,demand equality ,and when you are ready to join the E.U ,E.U is going to beg you join,not the opposite as it is happening now…

  85. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    I only have one question, why are the Greeks so brown? I thought Europeans where white and by the way I’m not resist, I’m just wondering because mother land of civilisation’s it wasn’t populated by gypsy bastards, which Greece is full of,

    • avatar

      I’m so glad you are here, every village needs its idiot for the the people to laugh at , it cheers us up !!

  86. avatar
    Andi Mara

    The Bakan countries are a physical and cultural part of the european identity. Historical events and the bad luck of being a border line between east and west has influenced politically ,culturally and economically during the years. Anyway that does not mean that this countries lack the desire to work hard to fulfill conditions set by the EU to be a part of it. Anyway there are a lot of problems in all of the countries mentioned ,starting from corruption,mafia related politics and poverty .

  87. avatar
    Aslan-nedzatin Vejsel

    Macedonia deserves 100% full EU membership. Macedonia is the only country in the region acting pro European! Macedonia is a multicultural country.

    • avatar

      You talk without understanding what you are saying. Your comment screams ignorance.

    • avatar

      Fyrom is a country of schizophrenics , in denial, living in fear. The truth of their own identity scares them to death. Any country built on lies and fabrications will only crumble, it’s a matter of time. In these modern times history may be seen as irrelevant , by some ,but history is still a recorded account of truth . Thousands of pieces of history we have in our hands all say the same thing, Macedonia is Greek . Plain for all to see . All nations should be very worried if fyroms attempt to falsify history succeeds because then no ones identity could be safeguarded

  88. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    The question should be to probe if THEY are really interested in joining rather than if they are prepared to join…….

  89. avatar
    Stella Tsartsara

    I agree – as consultant too. Only Serbia is ready to adapt to mechanisms of the EU. Remember: the administrative mentality is everything to a country’s successful development. And Serbs are the Germans of the Southern Europe. This is without any doubt. Those who have lived and worked with the Serbian admin know how “fearsomely” competent they are as one colleague put it….

  90. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Reading some of the comments here…i really wonder if they are ready ….europe will accept peoples that respect each other and tolerate differences beyond the borders.

  91. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    How is it workin for the Croats so far? The eu had a deal. Germany and France had the benefit of its institutions, esp germany. By pretending that Berlin was really Brussels they could shape trade policy, have an internal common market bigger than the US, and enjoy a massive trade advantage by reducing currency conversion fees in aide the Eurozone, all things which benefitted their economy. Why do you think germans knew and didn’t care about Greek tax evasion? Because the less taxes greeks paid, the more audis they could afford to buy.

    So that was for the bigger countries. The smaller ones traded their sovereignty for more prosperity. That period is now over because now the countries that were left with the pieces of the last economic crisis will endure a generation of poverty. So in that context I am open to serbia joining the EU, but first I need to be convinced that the benefits are worth it. I am no longer certain that they are.

  92. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    To Pashko Geci. I hope you will not teach your children your racism…not a good attitude for a european and father.Europe is supposed to become a big family where we all respect each other……this is why it was created.your are going against this goal …..so you don’t deserve to be a european.

  93. avatar
    Loïc Diels

    FYROM had better be prepared to wait a very long time as Greece will never give it the go ahead until it examines its revisionist perspective on history. Can’t really ever picture Albania being an eligible candidate either

    • avatar

      Yes you are correct. The old Greek war cry comes to mind….. Freedom or death. My prediction is Fyrom will be divided into four. It is a fake country wth deluded brainwashed angry citizens . It won’t take much for Fyrom to implode.

  94. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    Listen to all of you narrow minded and full of shit people, historically the balkans made Europe, that’s a fact, if there wasn’t for the balkans Europe will be speaking the language of the ottomans, but we the people of balkans paid the heavy price for almost 600 years, I as an Albanian how can I possible be racist, when I come from one of the most multicultural country’s in Europe.

  95. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    What’s the point of wanting to join European fellows living in the other side of the Continent while not feeling any unity among the neighbouring European fellows in the Balcans? Balkanic people should learn to want to join EU all together. There WAS an early EU member to whom EU didn’t impose to get along with neighbours first (because neigbours were eastern block countries and EU had no interest on them at that time). Now EU has seen this spoiling treatment doesn’t let people grow with the mentality of unity (with neighbours, the basic one, the starting point), and they won’t repeat that mistake again.

  96. avatar
    Adnan Shefkiu

    We are more than ready here in Macedonia. Cant wait another day. Please assist in our political crysis. Kindly a MKD citizen ;)

  97. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    What are you Loc Diels?are you another one of these bastards that was left behind? Because you sound like one.

  98. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    To Jude De Froissard,I’m not a racist and nor do I teach my children of such an awful thing, I believe you are french? Well I live in the UK and I cross the water to France at least two or three times a year, and each time I hit french soil we get abuse just because we’re coming from UK. So! Is that what you call mutual respect? Is that what Europe is all about?

  99. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    FYROM is not prepared yet , it has to change its name first and then yo wish to become of the EU. What country is this FYROM?! Aren’t you shamed to steal others history and heritage? I understand your stupid nationalism to have a glorirous history but it is not very nice to invent one by stealing from your neighbour. as regarding the other countries they will join once they will fulfill all the criteria.

    • avatar

      Macedonija maybe will change name but macedonians willl be macedonians.And I can see that you are blocked in your mind ,Macedonia is independet country , Parts of macedonia are still in greece and there live still macedonians that speak macedonian language,and in the summer 50% of turists around Thesaloniki (SOLUN) and in HALKIDIKI are from macedonia..I invite to visit Bitola. Gevgelija( cityes on the border) to see that there are every day thousands of greeces that buy food for home .Greece companues work in macedonia and they have no problems. You and me have common enemy.It is our corumpet goverments , and poverty..I am not your enemy,and there are not reason to hate macedonians.At the end we are both ortodox
      Best regards from Ohrid Macedonia

    • avatar

      Fyrom exists ONLY because George bush wanted American bases there so he granted them our sacred name Macedonia , he didn’t even know where Albania was on the map an assistant helped him find it. Knowledge on Balkans … Zero

  100. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    He can’t answer you that, but I can! Because the Greeks are fucking chickens, we saved them from day one and now they bark like birches

  101. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    Yes! It will help trade in southern Europe & speed up reforms! Even Greece & Italy would benefit of settling up this black hole

  102. avatar
    Sasa Lunic

    No! Why should we join EU which is similar to Hitlers idea of united Europe? There is always alternatives. We are Europeans without joining EU. People in “western Balkan” are tired of waiting to be part of EU and I am “waiting” almost whole my life and I am 33 but that dont affects me a lot because I dont expect anything from EU just bad things. People in “western Balkan” who believe in EU idea will be disappointed.

  103. avatar
    Doina Vintila

    Only the raportor can say what is thecsitustion on the every national case. If they are prepared fore adhesion. But the actual President declared at the begining ofvhim mandate that we haven,t any new member in him mandate.

  104. avatar
    Getoar Miroci

    I think from all this should Kosovo join aswell because its absurd if we stay like a little country alone there we should join aswell ;)

  105. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    It’s your DNA not the son shine, Greeks of moder days are Arab related, ancient Greece is in Kreta, the rest mixed with everything, one more thing about “Greece “such a country never existed until 18th century, the first habitants in this land up to Athina were arvanitas,. So STOP FOOLING YOUR SELF’S you mixed up people. You seem to believe to much on mythology, hey Greeks you sound like fools

  106. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    It will work out well for them.

    In the next five years at least Greece will have left the Eurozone and Great Britain & probable France will have left the EU.

    This will give the Albanian people a better understanding of what being in the EU really means.

  107. avatar
    Gent Sinani

    With this corrupted political class the Western Balkans countries have no chance, and if EU accept them without making pressure to change the political class this will be a shame for the EU ideals… There is incredibly to much work to be done in the Western Balkans countries in the field of the corruption…

  108. avatar
    Ingemar Grahn

    I hope all of the continental Europe will be one someday in a distance future. After that we can finely to unite the hole world on an deeper level than we are allreddy doing

  109. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    they can enter, as any other state, once they are ready, but the EU has more pressing issues, and all the candidate states atm are not ready for EU MS, and will not be for the next 10 years for sure

  110. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    Hopefully not, they won’t have to wait that long..But then again, look at Turkey.. And the EU is a mess right now… Are THEY sure they want to join?

  111. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    Otherwise what will we do? Unless we escape from Europe through the Continental Drift ( :D ), we should still be around. It is not good when people see improvement in economy, justice and war on corruption as things EU asks for, and not as just things their country and they benefit from. Our first priority should be improving ourselves, then EU will come itself to us.

  112. avatar
    Goran Gusar

    Albania hasn’t started negotiating with EU. Only negotiations will take a decade. If Albania starts negotiating within a year she could join EU around 2030.

  113. avatar
    Ermal Senior Luka

    First of all as PM declare we won’t wait decades to join eu why for?itll be a pleasure for eu to have Albania part of it because has got more natural benefits then more other countries,and if eu for some reson thinks that keeping grece in and not geting Albania that’s a big lost for them,we have r nature as a gift from god that anyone will be amazed when they see it but after a while it’ll be so much better for Albania to not be part of eu cuz every benefits that comes in stays in.so I don’t think r gov r preparing to wait decades to join eu,is not worth it at all.

  114. avatar
    Lefter Isuf Gjura

    EU has done nothing to stop the corruption in those countries! If EU really want them in their family, at least they would do put a ban and send a arrest warrant to any political parties that engages with corruptions and open the borders for business with those countries!
    Macedonia still living in the stone age! It is very clearly that the current government in this country is following a ethnic cleansing against Albanians by not only not sticking by ohrid agreement, but going the wrong direction about it.
    I mean they trying to pass a law that says if u go on holiday for more than 3 months you automatically loose ur nationally aimed at Albanians that are always on decline in this so called country! What has Europe done about that? Don’t think they even care about it

  115. avatar
    Vana Nasiou

    mr Ermal Senior Lukas, the Greece is the mom of the Eu !!! so dont can go , out of Eu!!! for the Albania is good for go to Eu!!! becouse after all the place is open for the persons!!! and dont needed for the persons go somwere secret!!! but i thing is not time for this!!!

  116. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    If the eu is even still around, unless it frees itself of US control the EU is destined to fail if it becomes independant and changes its view towards member states and other neighbouring coutries and ends the dictatorial approach to everything, Alb will have its chance .. if not alb should just get on with its own path as much of europe may find its self doing

  117. avatar
    Vana Nasiou

    yes i am luky Tany Tanito becouse i am Greece!! and the Greece say welcome to all persons!! we have love in heart!! maybe this time fix us the system hart , but i am sur this hart go quickly!!! and all is in program,becouse we walk to Pagosmiopoiisi!!! so all the world needed for is redy for this!!!!

  118. avatar
    Pavlos Papathanasiou

    People of Albania will experience great misery and depression if the enter the EU. Better for there to stay just where they are now! Small, independent but with hopes of development. They should see their southern neighbors or their northerns ones (Slovenia) to realise what a “paradise” EU is!

  119. avatar
    Klis Sovjenski

    C’est une bonne chose pour l’EU, L’Albanie a entirement sa place dans l’EU, ce n’est qu’une question de temps. Les rformes sont prises trs srieusement par le nouveau gouvernement et Edi Rama fait un excellent travail.

  120. avatar
    Kristaq Jorgji

    We don”t want to be the Eu bitch that”s why we are better alone.Also we want Big Albania!

  121. avatar
    Fitimtar Huda

    the EU needs Albanians more than Albanians need EU. this country is inhabited by muslims, orthodoxs and catholics and they live in harmony with each other unlike anywhere else in europe. we are the country that defended europe fom the otoman invasion and europe payed us back by by cutting our lands into pieces. now its time for payback.

  122. avatar
    Thanos Gat

    Would be good for Albania to make steps forward for a more democratic political system which also respects human rights and minorities…begin with that basic things and then discuss about eu future of the country…
    Camria..? Big what? The greek answer is simple and same through the ages ” Come and get them!”

  123. avatar
    Sokol Mustafallari

    Actually europe is interested more for balcan as in big strategic plan as albania is for it,but if they still keep pushing away our will to join EU im sure we will quit soon….Im sure we have big problems,but if europe want us to join EU soon must ,help us somehow not with money as they are doing with greece but with experience and expertise.If EU still keep forgeting albanians why not one day we will join kosovo or more to See from east,its part of human nature (Survival) The plans of europe are very slow with balcan maybe because of conflict in ukraine or else.but still only Germany and Usa are making practical real plans for it… Still we cant wait forever and from our nature we are PROUD people ,if europe jokes with our dreams ,then we will quit forever…I am sure its not only my opinion as a young well educated person,but a lot of young future people are thinking in this way.

  124. avatar
    Vana Nasiou

    Muca Bujari !!! ????? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ???!! ???? ?? ?????? ????????? ??????? ?? ??????????;;;; ???? ?? 50 ?????? ??? ?? ???? ? ??????? ???? ??!!! ???? ?? mister malaka ?? ???????;;; ??? ?????? ???????, ???? ?? ????? ???!!! ????? ??? ???? ?????? ?????? ??????????!!! ???? ??? ?????? ?? ???????? ??????? ???? ?????? ?? ???????????, ??? ?? ?????????!!! ????? ??? ????? ??????!!! ???? ??????? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ? ??????? ??? ?U

  125. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    I wish good luck to all the countries joining the e.u.We have to live together for a better future …like it or not,…..because we share this lovely continent and it is beneficial to all to learn that the stupid mistakes of the past have created only misery and wars .We should encourage and welcome new european countries in this family…..but europeans only.
    Albania has an excellent prime minister now and should be encouraged a maximum to develop a european mentality.

    • avatar

      Jude you make a valid point , the only problem is that people never learn fr their mistakes and just repeat them over an over.

  126. avatar
    Leo Vlaming

    Albanian membership can be discussed after 2030 if the country has become more stable and economically viable then.

  127. avatar
    Ledio Shyti

    We know that EU is not a paradise for us but we hope that through eu and under eu influence to fight corruption and make our country more trustful to increase foreign investment, in this way we create more jobs and more income. That’s the main reason that we need the hand of eu and your support.
    Albanians now remain only a bad week. We have learned from our mistakes and have changed. You should see the Albanian youth, many of us are grown together with you in Italy, Greece, etc. Many of us have studied abroad, many of us are with you. Seeing all this, I am sure you will understand that we already are European citizen.
    Thank your for your support and your critique!
    Greetings from Albania

  128. avatar
    Ai Djali

    I’m from Albania. Actually what I think for my country is to stay out of EU until EU give a sense to itself.
    Entering now in EU is like going to an expensive restaurant with no money in your pocket. Especially now, in this moment, when at that restaurant the staff are kicking out another costumer because he was unable to pay.
    The folks there are really mad in this moment, and the restaurant is a mess.
    So that’s why I don’t think is a good idea to try to enter now in EU.
    We have to improve our quality of life, our living standard and that’s the point. We have to do it for the sake of ourselves not for the EU.
    The EU entrance is a kind of agreement that it is not time nor moment now to deal with. Because the EU itself is not sure if there’s a plan to continue or not.

  129. avatar
    Denis Metushev

    I’m from Bulgaria and I’m proud of our being in Europe Union ! But they should do some changes with laws.

  130. avatar
    Edrino Xhaferaj

    The EU needs Albania and EU has not ant time to lose Albania as a Member because if Albania join with Kosovo then we needn’t to be a member of EU because we gonna be e greate Albania and of course greate stability economy so Europe it’s a big time to be the big step. Proud to be an Albania

  131. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Oh yes! Consolidate all that needs to be consolidated. Growth is not the only game in town!

  132. avatar
    Milos Kostovski

    Living the bulk of countries in the middle of Europe out of it (Western Balkans) , is not a complete project. At least not geostrategically.

  133. avatar

    The biggest misconception about Europe seen both in aspiring countries but also in most, if not all, EU member countries, is that they have not moved from their nation-centric ideas. You cannot talk about consolidation and strong and viable union if the concepts of nation-states prevails. The nation-state concept is based on domination and supremacy rather than cooperation and solidarity. It is the dark ghost of the continent that has not been expelled yet.

  134. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Seriously?? Is that a promise??
    That’s great… it’s already too big and too messy as it is now.
    Stupid enlargement ideas.
    Make it stronger and more efective, not bigger.

  135. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I am in favor of the members of the European Union the assume that European democratic and social sustainable values

  136. avatar

    Question is : Is EU ready to become balkan member

  137. avatar
    Dimitris Athanasopoulos

    Balkan Countries which we have a debate wheter they should join our Union or not are the most backwards. No wonder all the homophobic and racist comments come from them. On top of that, we all know that when they join the EU, the north and the west will need to ”welcome” a massive number of new immigrants.

  138. avatar

    firs come first serve like “albania”

  139. avatar

    America recognised Fyrom as Macedonia under president bush , who didn’t even know where Albania was on the map, an assistant helped him find it,his knowledge on Balkans was zero. The reason for the recognition under said name was to put American bases in Fyrom and create war on Serbia . He couldn’t care less about the disaster he created. U.S bases are still there, that’s ALL they care about. Greece , Bulgaria , Serbia , Albania should take back what is theirs . Fyrom is a fabricated state built on lies and therefor groundless

    • avatar
      Miki Macedonian

      Michael, go treat that disease you have. It is called xenophobia. But you sure know the word since it’s Greek, the same as you. No matter the identity crisis you have with your own name. If you want to participate in conversation of grown ups learn the rules of decency. Refrain from offending people in particular with medical diagnosis that, from what one can read, you have. Disregarding the origins, Macedonia both as a term and a territory cannot be only Greek, in the same way, as Greece is not only Greek considering the minorities you oppress and subjugate, in the 21 century. Have a nice day, and instill some culture in your education.

  140. avatar

    Miki fyromnian ,if the truth offends yr delicate sensibilities that’s yr problem, I will never stop telling it. I assure you I have no medical condition and I am not xenophobic. I have many friends from various ethnic backgrounds , some I have known over 30 years, however this doesn’t change the fact that what fyrom is attempting to do is FRAUD. Macedonia can only be Greek , as it was always from its birth, but you disregard origins because you have none and it suits your false claim. The land fyrom occupies is not the issue since it never was a part of Macedonia , Greece makes no claim against land or borders , as for oppressing minorities in Greece , well you show them to me , where are they? We are a democracy , every citizen has the right to vote, where are they ? If you stop deluding yrslf you will realise Greece is not the cause of this name issue. You can blame Tito for that. And yes, I will have a nice day thank you .

  141. avatar
    Eleni Hatzilia

    Skopje are not macedonians. They are slavs. Slavs came in the area of balkan 9 centuries after Great Alexander’s death. All the inscritions and everything about macedonians from ancient times till now are proving the truth. Macedonia and macedonians are only Greek. Everybody should read history. Greek people want peace with other countries, but not against our land or history . All this matter was “discovered” because some interested about greek geografic position and how to control whole balkan area. A country or an area be controled better when the people are force to be poor and their country be split. This happens to greek people. Don’t believe anything. The reason that all happened is how to control the area. They don’t care about countries. All these are a great propaganda. And greek politics are stupid if they accepte or discuss about fake name that Skopje wants to steal. Greek people will never accepte any fake name that include something that is against the truth. SKOPJE ARE SLAVS . We want peace but greek people spoke with the two demonstrations. Skopjian people can blame your Tito and other “allies” for that great propaganda

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