security-europeDespite 25 years having passed since the fall of the Berlin wall, the world remains a dangerous place. According to the recently updated Global Terrorism Index, the number of deaths from terrorism around the world has increased by more than 60% between 2012 and 2013. Meanwhile, the post-Cold War thaw in relations between Russia and the West seems to have dramatically reversed, and new threats are emerging in cyberspace.

How can Europe ensure its security in such a volatile global environment? Taking place between 14 to 16 October 2014, the online “Security Jam” focused the brain power of thousands of experts around the world on key security issues, ranging from the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria to NATO and cybersecurity. The report from the Jam has now been published (PDF) on the Friends of Europe website.

The Security Jam 2014 brought almost 2,300 participants from 129 countries together for a massive three-day online brainstorm. You can see the top 10 recommendations produced by the Jam participants below, and these will form the basis for a security roadmap to be presented to the new EU and NATO leadership (click on the image to enlarge).

Let us know what you think about the recommendations below!

10_reccommendations (1)

Would these 10 ideas help keep Europe safe? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Marines

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What do YOU think?

  1. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    so, our leadership is now based on military organizations?
    Are all our arguments lost, and we are forced to use the war to convince people?
    That’s not my EU.

  2. avatar
    Alessandro Mogavero

    The EU should migrate to a single army and a single foreign department. In this way will be much easier to coordinate and share information. Moreover it will be much cheaper to assure security for the whole continent with beneficial for all the NATO and eventually the whole world.
    Particular effort should be paid to the research in defence and security for the EU as a whole, creating a dedicated agency that works similarly to ESA. Indeed the research in defence technologies is even more important of the army itself.

    • avatar

      A single army needs a single commander. No big EU country will be willing to let the EU decide by itself on whether or not to go to war. So that would require unanimous decision making. This would mean that for instance the UK cannot bomb in Iraq because Germany opposes. The UK will never accept this (and neither would France). So even though it would make sense; this single EU army will never be.

    • avatar
      Martin Unterholzner

      I fully agree.

  3. avatar
    Andrés Bracco

    El liderazgo Breogn Costa implica ser fuertes econmicamente y militarmente aunque esto ltimo no nos agrade y nos preocupe. No creo que se use la guerra para convencer de nada a nadie. Eso ya lo hizo Bush en su momento con la guerra de Iraq. La situacin de ahora es completamente diferente: guerras como la de Siria, el nuevo estado Islmico, Rusia en el este de las fronteras de Europa…. seria de bobos no estar preparados por lo que pueda pasar y que la OTAN no tome cartas en el asunto.

  4. avatar
    Andrés Bracco

    Hay muchas cosas que creo que la UE debera implicarse ms y no lo hace, como es el caso su pasividad ante los refugiados de guerras, las polticas inmigracin ilegal… pero no es el post.

    Yo quiero una Europa que me proteja como consumidor de los empresarios y quiero una Europa que me defienda como ciudadano ante ataques terroristas. No se si ves a donde quiero llegar. …

  5. avatar
    Paul X

    Quite how 7 and 8 are going to make any difference is beyond me?

    To me they are saying that (by using positive discrimination) putting more women into the forces on the ground will make Europe safer than if men were doing the job?

  6. avatar
    bert van santen

    Accept the fact that some countries are able to handle their own problems instead of acting as world saving preachers

    What number 6 has got to do with being safe in the world puzzles me.
    People outside the EC and later EU have believed and will believe that being an EU citizen is heavenly.

  7. avatar
    Ioan Dumitru

    Europa ?i Rusia au zero ?anse economice pentru viitorul apropiat, CU FIECARE SECUND? CU CARE NTRZIE CONSTRUIREA C?ILOR FERATE STRATEGICE EUROPA-CHINA.

  8. avatar
    catherine benning

    Have you all really read this list and understood exactly what you are discussing here? This is a list of madness. Are you serious? Are you really suggesting this list will bring about more security? Women on the front line? PC and equality? My goodness, this quote certainly gets to the truth, ‘ Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.’ This is terrifying, we are being led by a bunch of half wit imbeciles. Drunks and profligate mental teenagers.

    This is the architects of war and what they intend.

    It reminds me of the weed smoking groups who think they are Gods of the universe when they are absorbed by the marijuana leaf. Give me a break and grow up.

  9. avatar
    EU reform- proactive


    Could someone of these three mentioned sponsors first explain the cause & effect of who in the first place is creating this “dangerous” world around us- requiring such JAMed suggestions?

    Is it proper that a DE/EU28 can speak prematurely on behalf of a Europe50 and create such (pre) war psychosis & hype? Did any- and if- which of the Member States request such security review- or is that (again) a lone EC decision?

    Are these 10 pc crazy points the result of the brain storming session of 2,300 security ‘experts’? Surprising- or? Not one mentioning of how to increase trade & create jobs to secure peaceful coexistence & a better future for all. Lately, it’s all warmongering- as if doomsday comes knocking tomorrow- promoting mainly the defense industry!

    The gods can’t be crazy- so it has to be the DE/EU/US/NATO leadership! Time for change!

  10. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    To keep Europe safe : 1 . EU should be able to inform EU citizens in correct and independent way . EU should have a big news agency similar to BBC . 2 . EU should have a big police force , not less than 50 000 and fight crime and corruption 3. EU should work on to improve education and increase Erasmus Program . 4. EU should take control over internet in EU member states , all EU citizens should have internet passports .

    • avatar

      Hello fascism!

      1. EU isn’t going to tell that it is deliberately undemocratic (which it would have to do if it informs people correctly)
      2. nope
      3. nope
      4. hell no

  11. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Vinko Rajic
    RE: Your Points
    1…This has already been done – its called Euronews and was commissioned to counter the Anglo-Saxon perspective of the news. Ergo it is biased.

    2…Bad idea – most EU nations fail to make the top 20 of TI’s transparency index; their police forces are unaccustomed to ‘hi-falutin’ concepts like honesty, integrity etc and would heavily taint the image of an EU police force.

    3…Erasmus is another way that the Northern EU nations subsidise the Club Med nations.

    4…Clearly, the concepts of freedom and democracy are alien to you.

  12. avatar
    Manuela Mcmoura

    You are so naive…The BBC is not what you think…It has an agenda set by the gov agencies…Wake up…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Manuela Mcmoura
      Pray tell, what do I think about the BBC please?

      A lack of response on your part will confirm that you are nought but a blaggard, laggard and dullard!

  13. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Please add the following to your singular ‘Decalogue’:

    11…RACIAL EQUALITY – based on 7.
    12…DISABILITY EQUALITY – based on 7.
    13…TRANSGENDER EQUALITY – based on 7.
    14…ANIMAL EQUALITY – based on 7.
    15…SINISTRALITY EQUALITY – based on 7.
    16…THOUGHT CONTROL – to ‘counter’ any anti-EU sentiment.
    17…FOOD CONTROL – to help ‘shape’ and ‘direct’ EU citizens’ minds.
    18…MEDIA CONTROL – like the biased stuff Euronews does BUT more so.
    19…SPORT CONTROL – its only fair to ALLOW EU micro-nations to win major sporting events EVEN if a little ‘chicanery’ might be required to effect same.
    20…FRIENDSHIP CONTROL – coordinating, regulating and enforcing cross-border EU relationships WILL help force a safer EU.
    21…SORCERY – to protect EU citizens from dark magick.
    22…SPACESHIP CONSTRUCTION – to ward off the BORG and the like.

    • avatar


      I’m particularly interested in income equality, provided I can ‘equalize’ my income with someone who has a higher income and lower tax rate, say Jean-Claude Juncker. How about it mr Juncker? Or are you protecting your own petty personal interests?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul X & Marcel
      Oops, I’ve corrected and addend-ed based on your comments:

      22…SPACESHIP DEFENCE – to ‘ward off’ BORG and the like.
      23…INCOME TAX EQUALITY – ie varying tax rates such that all ‘pawns’ end up with the same net pay.
      25…CORPORATE TAX RATE EQUALITY – so that micro-nations like Luxembourg without SUBSTANTIAL resources can compete with say the USA, Australia or Canada on ‘EQUAL’ terms

  14. avatar
    Turi Greco

    And the E.U. countries producing weapons where will sell them? Sr Bracco, Europa non quiere proteger sus ciudadanos por eso nuestra vi a se degrada dia por dia! Se Ud vive en el Sud de Europa, puede entender cosa Europa esta’ haciendo o mehor NON HACE

  15. avatar
    Antoine Che

    When NATO explains to Europeans that they should repeat the 1914 race to the war, it’s time for them to leave it…

  16. avatar

    “Would these 10 ideas help keep Europe safe?”

    Why not, pretty much I agree. The exposure inside the boundaries of the Union to several external and internal threats is indeed asymmetrical. However The Big Picture is a bit more complex. My main concern at the moment are politicians and their double measure in judging and taking decisions.These guys are the the root of a Europe overwhelmed by the nature and scale of the issues.

  17. avatar
    Anna Tserepas

    EU citizens should have internet passports and be outright internet controlled too ???……What am I going to hear of next for heaven’s sake !! ?? !!…Ludicrous !!!…From how I see it you’re ready to be micro-chipped too dear Vinko Rajic !

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Daniele Scaramelli

    • avatar

      As long as its our foreign policy, and not that of France.

  18. avatar
    Jason Pi

    The World only remains ‘dangerous’ insofar as corporate governance needs it to be.

  19. avatar
    Antoine Che

    Let’s stop meddling in other countries business and first, leave the organisation in charge of organising our military adventures: NATO

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Antoine Che
      ‘Let’s stop meddling in other countries business’ – are you proposing leaving the EU old chap?

    • avatar
      Luis Prenda

      A guerra ou o terrorismo sera uma ameaca para as boas relacoes internacionais,
      nunca uma solução para o progresso social e económico.

  20. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    To be safer, EU should stop co-operating with a compromised and aggressive military organisation such as NATO which only exists to wage wars, creating more hostilities and instability in the world. This is the main reason why EU may face any threats to its security.

  21. avatar
    Michael Tsikalakis

    European Army is the only solution to Europe’s security and vital for Europe’s stability..

    • avatar

      No its not.

  22. avatar
    Giannis Lainas

    As long EU is the tail of US,thats what EU will get.Uncle Sams aggression policy around the world and the consequenses it brings to EU.

  23. avatar

    In short: ‘more military spending’, ‘more spying agencies and more funding for them’, ‘more EU’…

    Or in other words, the usual BS.

    By the way, NATO should be disbanded, it is surplus to requirements.

  24. avatar
    Ivona Harcarova

    are they serious? this list is just one big fairytale… ,”underline univeral values of democracy”? there is NO democracy; ,”defense proces, Middle East and Syria”? another army and military spending… this can never lead to a bigger safety in Europe… half of these things have nothing to do with it. they should focus on conflict in Ukraine, solve inner problems and try to be less dependent on the US and Russia, that would lead to safer Europe.

  25. avatar
    catherine benning

    Europe cannot be safe in the world whilst it’s affiliated to and directed by the USA. Safety and peace are not compatible with an economy based on military domination, expansionism prowess and arms. And the worst of all messages in this title is, Europe and its satellite members, know it. Which is why Switzerland, Norway and a couple of others, are not fully signed up members.

  26. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    With NATO yes, with the warmongering EU never.

    What have EU approach to immigration (6) & Gender equality (7) got to do with security ?

    You have missed one.

    11. Greater use of security services against EU members to limit the movement of terrorists, 5th columnists & EU federalists.

  27. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris



  28. avatar
    Kovács Andor

    The Europol works really well,I dont see why a European Army wouldn’t,and we need one more than ever.

  29. avatar
    Bruno Castanho Valério

    An European Union Army it’s the most improbable thing to happen because we already have NATO to protect the north atlantic countries. And one more idea to make you guys think, instead of make an European Union Army we should bet on Diplomacy and Cooperation with every single countries.
    Regional conflicts are a normal status of Internacional Relations but a new World War it’s something we should have careful because if in the last two world wars died significantly 70 millions persons a new world ward will be the Armageddon.
    Like I already said we should think only in Diplomacy and Cooperation.

  30. avatar

    Thousands of “experts” and thats what they came up with? Ideas 7 and 8 are a huge facepalm. How that helps secure the EU is beyond me.

    Point 3, we should not be more involved in the middle east, thats half of the problem right there, our involvement in the past are the problems of today. I dont see Arab countries comming to our aid or help. What is the reason we must be involved with them? Do EU politicians have a motherly complex and feel they need to breast feed the world? I say get the hell out of the middle east and let them sort it out themselves. I see no Arab country stepping up to solve Arab world problems, why should we?

    Point 6, close borders and strict control of who comes to the EU. Again, motherly complex. We have let in so many people, a huge percentage of them are nothing but problems. I will provide a recent example which makes the Arab point and migration point. Jihadi John, news sources state he and his family have been living in the UK for the last 20 years on welfare, costing over 600,000 € and they are still believed to be pocketing £40,000 a year in handouts. We had a jihadist in Spain in same situation, had been here 5 years and living off benefits receiving more per month than a working man at a paying job. He was still getting benefits while waging jihad in Syria, 3 months after his death. At these are just 2 examples. Why are these people getting in? Why are migrants comming to live off of taxpayers? If you arent comming here to work and prosper you should not be maintained by those who do. And of course, deport every ilegal migrant.

    Every decision and law should be consulted via referemdum to EU citizens. What do EU citizens think of our presence in Arab world, Immigration, Ukraine, EU taxpayer money being sent out of EU etc. etc. Or are you afraid to ask us?

    And lastly, want EU security? stop listening to and following the UN.

  31. avatar
    Marco Alexander Peel

    Yes, Europe needs a single voice and a single force to defend itself against man-made or natural threats. But terrorism, violence end migration are just symptoms of global inequality, perpetuated by criminal networks of anonymous corporations. Our first concern should be to ensure truly fair trade and compensation worldwide, based on the democratic principles of liberty, equality and justice, so people can help themselves at home, instead of turning to or against others. That is what the EU should be about: cooperation, not confrontation.

  32. avatar
    Paulo Especial

    All that plus the creation of EU armed forces with those forces replacing the european nacional armies in NATO!

    Plus a firm bet on the european defense industry.

  33. avatar
    Elsebeth Hansen

    We need a change in the law to make Europe safe again.
    All muslims who are introducing sharia law, who are terrorists
    and who rape our women should be send back where they come from
    and never be able to enter Europe again.
    The politicians must act to make us citicens feel safe again.


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