berlin-wall-fallFormer Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that the world is “on the brink of a new Cold War”. Speaking in Berlin to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gorbachev accused the West of “taking advantage of Russia’s weakening” after the end of the Cold War in order to claim “monopoly leadership and domination in the world.”

The top US diplomat in Europe, Victoria Nuland, also argued recently that old divisions are reappearing, accusing some European countries of the “cancer” of “democratic backsliding” in what was seen as a veiled attack on Hungary in particular:

Central Europe is once again on the frontline in the fight to protect our security and values. And today, that fight is once again both external and internal… So today I ask their leaders: How can you sleep under your Nato Article 5 blanket at night while pushing ‘illiberal democracy’ by day; whipping up nationalism; restricting free press; or demonising civil society?

But what do European citizens think of these developments? Over the coming months, Debating Europe will be hosting a series of debates on East-West relations in Europe, looking at things from the perspective of different EU Member States (as well as from countries outside the European Union). You can find the series online here.

Did Western nations waste the opportunity to create lasting peace with Russia? Or is Vladimir Putin’s disregard for democracy and national sovereignty to blame for deteriorating relations? Is it still possible to avoid another Cold War? And are some EU Member States sliding back into authoritarianism? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

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    George Danieldsg

    USA try to create cold war without reason and justification.E.U. has not a european policy and no power.

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    Αργυρης Κουκουτσιδης

    The man who ended cold war showed up to a totally changed world.25 years later,its all about money and energy.controling regions just for labour or agricultural power means nothing in todays world .historical evolution overcomes even the greatest of the in your victory my generation’s tragical hero.

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    Jorge Qoqe

    A cold war is something that USA wish!! To be in war and alert constantly let you do things that citizens don’t want to.

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    Jorge Qoqe

    Just see Ukraine. USA-EU supported a antidemocratic change of goverment with fascist ministers. WTF?????

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    25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, how can Europe avoid a new Cold War?

    Europe is already in full collision with Russian Imperialism. Ukraine was just the first step, but the worst comes to the worst and I know it sound depressing, Republicans just won Big Time midterm in U.S of A.

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    ελενη χρυσομαλακου

    Europe and Russia are importand trade partners for each other.They must not destroy this important relationship for the sake of them both.EU and its NATO allies must commit themsetves not to extend NATO membership to countries like Ukraine or Belarus so that Russia does not feel threatened and isolated.On the other hand Russia must respect territorial integrity and political autonomy of these countries.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ελενη Χρυσομαλακου
      Russia is NOT a victim, it is a BULLY, home to a population declining for the best part of a century

      Wherever Russia goes, trouble follows!.

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    Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    by stop crawling up the US’ ass and seeing Russia as a potential partner. I mean, most of the natural gas comes from Russia, and I think they have a fair amount of oil export as well.

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    Diogo Duarte

    I think that we are living a new era of cold war, better… economic cold war. It is completely naive think that the cold wars are finished. We live in constant cold wars, cold war in economic sector, in market sector, in technology sector, consumption sector, etc. I mean, this is not some think of conspiracy, we only need to look at the latest events, with Russia crossing the EU borders and showing their military power. Do you sincerely think that’s the Berlin wall that change some behaviours? If you think that it’s the fall of the wall that, from one day to another, change something you have no vision about the reality. In my way of thinking, the europe will not avoid nothing, because the europe are in cold war with another global powerhouses. But this cold war is different, it isn’t proclaimed, it’s so much sophisticated. You need to have a critic point of view to see it. Well, I will close my case: my answer is that EU will not avoid nothing, because we have interests in this type of wars – the new type of cold wars.

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      Nuno Ramos

      I absolutely agree

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    Vinko Rajic

    EU and Russia should create some kind economical union and NATO should with Russia create military alliance . EU and Russia can develop very good together . I could understand that problem between Russia and NATO is silly and right now is about some poor Ukrainian villages .

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    João De Lalanda Frazão

    we simply cannot, except if we beg to the White House. since the 80s, alongisde the EU/Russia economic approach, the US is crafting war plans for us: the closeness eurorussian in the energy market threatens the Dollar role as financial currency reserve and, therefore, the ability of the Fed to print endlessly money and support the highly indebted american economy. this is the way it works good for Washington. Nordstream, South Stream and so on keep pushing the Euro and the Rouble as dominant coins in global energy markets. by doing so, Dollar is constantly undermined since 20yrs ago.
    this is all being carved by Americans – NATO is a good resource to do so and the constant pushing for sanctions is an evidence -(not saying that Russia behaves properly well) and we are on the verge of a war we, Europeans, don’t want to fight.

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    Ed Cocks

    Hope that the Russian people come to their senses and depose Putin and the crony government system.

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    Manuela Mcmoura

    Simple: Just tell our friends the AMIS to butt out of Europe… As there is no longer a Warsaw Pact, there is no need for a NATO…Russians are Europeans just like us…WE share the same culture…Are do you think that Tolstoi, Tschaikovsi,Korsakov, etc were from Mars???

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      I also think Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Beria, NKVD, KGB, GRU, (FSB) and most of all I think Iron Curtain, Gulag, Siberia, mass deportations and mass graves. Small insignificant things.

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      Ironworker, how about all the mass graves throughout Central and South America, where CIA trained death squads went after everyone who was a ‘marxist’ or ‘socialist’. Or the dozens of regime changes US coups and invasions since 1945 (think Persia 1954, Chile 1973 etc… and practically every Latin American country)… hell even Grenada didn’t escape Washington’s warmongering.

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    all my congratulation Germany peace in World

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      Nuno Ramos

      Germany makes perfect machines
      weapons included…
      Nonetheless it can be a peace making nation.

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    Breogán Costa

    “avoid”? Europa is also pushing to have a cold war… the problem is that there are no reasons to have it (now U$, ?U and Ru$$ia are the same kind of trash, all slaves of the same kind ?conomic $system and they don’t care at all about citizens, they just manipulate them to ensure they don’t loose the power).
    Go and f*ck yourselves with your wars.

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    Pier Dal Ri

    There is no cold war. We travel and make business with former east block, stop cold war propaganda, at the end there will be people believing it. Cold war was shooting at people tring to escape communism, there is not such an issue today, there are more communists in europe than in russia ( unfortunately they are not yet extinct)

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    Maia Alexandrova

    How can you avoid a war when you are pushing for it? Who started with the sanctions and the patronising language? If you don’t want to understand your opponent, it is your fault. You need to talk more and listen more. Instead, EU has isolated Russia just to show that it can be stubborn, stomp its feet and have a tantrum. Do they expect Russia to be scared of that? If you have this kind of childish behaviour, you cannot prevent a war!

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    Philip Marriott

    Yea,,,, I have the solution! If a dog was elected president of the USA, then there would be no need to bomb other countries or covet their oil. Because dogs don’t care about ll that silly stuff.

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    J P Schoffer Petricek

    the new cold war has – unfortunately – already been declared: by Mr Putin. That’s why the question “how can it be avoided?” is already obsolete.

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      Declared by NATO on the orders of the USA, you mean.

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    Talis Briedis

    Putin has never really accepted that the cold war was over. He has continued business as usual. Just added corporate greed to his plate.

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      Maia Alexandrova

      No one invaded Crimea because that would mean it was against the will of the Crimean citizens. In reality, the people themselves asked Russia for protection and wanted to rejoin Russia after being forced by the Communist regime in 1954 to be part of Ukraine, against their wish. You got it all wrong!

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    Avoiding a new Cold War in Europe:
    1. Keeping in mind that the main threat for Europe is the revival of German neo-nazionalism (Merkelism)
    2. taking into consideration that Europe includes Russia and not North America
    3. considering the declining power of the USA and the rising power of China
    policy makers should act towards:
    1. an honorary settlement of the EU-Russian relations at all levels (not disturbing further the Bush-Gorbatchev 1988-9 agreements that led to the re-unification of Germany)
    2. revision of the EMU tackling unequal development and Merkelism
    3. a trully European common defence outside NATO

    So simple, so difficult to proceed…

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    Stop backing the warmongers from Washington. Start immediate prosecution of the top 3 genocidal warmongers of the 21st century: Bush, Cheney, Blair.

    Admit that the western world tried to loot Russia blind in the early 1990s under the guise of ‘capitalism’.

    The EU is just an American creation (as is the Euro) designed to benefit the USA and make us pay the price for it. Look at how eager the unelected kommissars in Brussels are to sign US mandated free trade treaties that benefit US corporations and will see hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear.

    Throw all countries that aren’t on the actual Atlantic out of NATO. Or better, abolish NATO because the Warsaw Pact is gone too.

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    Less american/bankster propaganda ,false flags, you get the picture.
    This thing with russia is to unseat Poetin and put the oil/gas reserves back in the hands of the usa/eu/banksters. The american corporate goverment has used one false flag after another to justify their wars and theres been a few. The middle east is in turmoil, Isis an american creation is gone astray, Russia and China are buddying up to get rid of usa dollars, this is bad for bussiness. These guys in washington love war and oil, its great for bussiness and the cartel in washington has lots of creative ways to create uneasy and provocative situations, just look at cnn/fox or other usa broadcasters , usefull tools to spin , lie and deceive, gets the job done . America isnt run by a goverment , its run by cartels, and the eu is run by the same cartels and they are more than willing to play along when told to do so ,even if it means war..
    Anybody heard of the gas and oil reserves in the Donesk region, apparantly the largest in europe. Before the downing of mh17 a large dutch/usa oil company invested billions for the drilling rights in Ukraine, and it just also happened to be in Donesk region.
    Smells like a rat to me .
    So what we have is a begining to an energy war, with Poetin caught in the middle , anybody seen the gas prices lately, its all to get poetin to give in to the american/eu oil cartel.
    Poetin was right to throw out the oil cartel a few years ago, and he even managed to jail one for not paying taxes.
    Lets face it ,energy reserves are dwindeling, so if your neighbor has shit that you want and he wont let you take it ,then make him your enemy and take it anyway.
    The only good american politician is one thats behind bars.
    Its not the start to a cold war , its an energy war………

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    catherine benning

    By Europe not instigating coups in other peoples countries would be a very good start. The EU with US and UK assistance decided to oust a legitimate Ukraine government. A government and president that was soon to be up for election. Why did they do that? What was the underlying game being played? Oh, to bring about war in Europe so the arms dealers and defence departments would have something to keep their business going. Added to the fact the US has wanted to play war games in Europe for decades. Now they have their way. Thousand of yankee soldiers ready to have another go at torture and slaughter in the same way they have been doing in the rest of their little worldwide take overs.

    Remember the pictures of the dumb, nut case, red neck, female US soldier with her collar and leash around the Iraqi man who had just had his penis cut off.

    Here is a little reminder just in case you forget.

    How she ever managed to get someone to give her one is beyond me.

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Warren Buffett ? ‘There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.’
    Shamefully on this war, the leaders of EU are with the side of Mr Buffett and not with the people that they represent!!!!

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    Ecs Ferreira

    Negociate with Russia but be firm defending ours principes and the democratic way

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    catherine benning

    Europe can avoid a new cold war by exposing truth and stop pretending the Russians are creating this EU/US war you hope to use to infiltrate lands not belonging to the EU. NATO is not an organisation you are safe with.

    Here are two very important video offers exposing more of the misleading propaganda we are supposed to digest as truth and the way forward.

    Please give us all some kind of claim to intelligent minds.


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    I think that new Cold war isn’t “big problem” then like many ex communist nation live worse then 25 years ago, specially nation on the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Then that many ex communist states having problems with extreme right way of living, many social problems, huge political criminal system, corruption, nepotism, fake democracy and many many other higher problems who caused today’s situation in Ukraine, and relation with Russia.
    So Europe only can avoid against new Cold war in way that EU “declare” war against Political structure in mostly ex communists states, including EU member states too, fight against fake democracy and political criminal, and encourage progressive movements in these countries who fights against all kind of fake democracy in these countries are having after the Berlin wall fall.

  28. avatar

    The EU can only respond now. The ball is in Putin’s court.
    If he witdraw from east Ukraine and gives back Crimea things may cool off and tension will ease.
    If not and he keeps doing what everyone except russian stooges and useful idiots here in Europe ( usually far-right nuts ) knows he is doing, things will only get worse.

    There was an interesting comment made by someone:
    “Won’t Europe suffer too from sanctions on Putin?”

    The answer is simple. Yes it will.
    But i rather we don’t play soft like Chamberlain. Appeasement never works with these people.
    They only know one word : MORE!

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Yes… By being too attached to USA and maintaining the post Cold War mentality. Both Europe and Russia are to be blamed for this situation. It is not healthy and it leads nowhere!

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    Vincent Kleijn

    Not wasted as there was not a real good oppurtunity and because it still can happen someday. Though not with Putin as Russian leader… For that we need a leader like Gorbatsjov or Jeltsin and to tighten our relations with the Russians. As the Russians are also European (at least the Western Russians are) we could be able to obtain a long lasting (and hopefully everlasting) peace!

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    Vinko Rajic

    Yes , EU is allowing gangsters to provoke Russians , Russians in their anger support Putin and our gangsters search protection of EU . Our gangsters work there and they tell Russians that US and EU is with them . EU is not really working to teach own gangsters that they don’t support their activities . Russians have evidence that “our” people there do crime and search protection from EU . Some groups try to provoke Putin , they need that conflict .

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    Børge Rahbech Jensen

    I am not sure. I have a bad feeling peace appeared to have to many bad comsequences which made the risk of war seem more safe.

  33. avatar
    Kovács Andor

    All people want peace,its political leaders who are too stuck up to negotiate the necessary conditions for it.

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    Dimitris Stamiris

    I am Greek but the truth is : In America and Germany world …. Somebody must hear Russia ….
    This propaganda against Russia must stop because is stupid to hear that Russia do this , Russia do the other , and no one speak about killing people economic by Germany (EU) !!!!

    As long everyone listen to germany … Russia will be alone but stronger and they will search for “friends” everywhere !!!!

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    Alex Tselentis

    Of course, 50 000 dead in Ukraine and Europe now more devided than ever, the US Gov controls Europe, thats the root cause of this all.

  36. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    Of course. Russia was treated by the west in the previous decade as though it was still the cold war. First by the US pulling out of the anti ballistic missile treaty and then deployment of the missile shield in eastern europe. Let’s not even talk about the eastward expansion of nato or attempts in 2004 and more recently in 2014 to pry Ukraine away from Russia’s sphere of I influence

  37. avatar
    Ahmed Agibä

    Absolutely yeah, EU should think wisely. Russia is one of the biggest and strongest countries on the world and plays an important role in shaping the world economy. Moreover, it controls in the movement of trading between east and west, therefore it has the keys of the game. EU tries to restrict Russia and isolate it from its international vital role, but in the same way, Russia knows the tactics of EU very well and ready to play another game very well. EU will be the lower from this game. Think so..

  38. avatar
    Michalis Pillos

    Yes we did lost a chance! Putin made a mistake in Ukraine but we are making a bigger mistake by drifting away from this must have relationship! i.e. U.S + EU + RU must have a strong northern front in this millennium! US is not helping in this (reasonable & logical) but EU must stand its ground!

  39. avatar
    Girts Valens

    lol what a stupid question. I guess West will never understand that peace with Putin’s Russia is not possible.

  40. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    In politics ” wasted opportunities are unknown words ” there is always time to go back and try if one really wants to reconnect.

  41. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    The western nations wasted the opportunity to create lasting peace and cooperation in Europe

  42. avatar
    Olivier Gbezera

    When you push the EU and even worse NATO on Russia’s doorsteps, it s obvious they would feel threathened. Last time I checked its not Russia who has military forces all over the world.

  43. avatar
    J P Schoffer Petricek

    the question is wrong. The right question would be: how can the West stop Putin’s unilateral and violent change of the European post-second-world-war order and borders?

  44. avatar
    Giuseppe Pio Cascavilla

    Russia is trying to regain the lost influence in Eastern Europe, after the Cold War. The clash of national interests was and is inevitable, but what Europe is missing is the opportunity to act as a united political force, to represent a valid and reliable interlocutor in this new circumstance.

  45. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    To ‘create’ lasting peace with Russia ? There was peace with Russia until the US started an ‘uprising’ in Ukraine.

  46. avatar
    Yüce Ağanoğlu

    Of course, Russia felt betrayed after 1990, when the Cold War was officially over, when NATO and EU started to gubble ex-Warsaw Pact and Socialist Bloc countries. The West played this game extremely wrong.

  47. avatar
    Leo Vlaming

    Another illustration of how low down the list of priorities of the current Greek government is reform of the economy and stabilization of Greece’s finances. The greek people are right to be very worried.

  48. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    Europe should lift sanctions on Russia and resume and increase good relationship with our neighbours in the East. If the US wants to fight Russia, let them do it without European help.

  49. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    Should immediately stop sanctions against crystal clear that Washington is pushing for a war that isn’t in Europe’s interest

  50. avatar
    Nadia Abdul

    So what if Tsipras is having good relations with Russia? The fact that everyone is making a big deal out of it is essentially part of a Cold War mindset. It creates a sense of “us” and “them”, and God forbid you visit “them”…

  51. avatar
    Daniele Scaramelli

    I like these all pro-Russians implicitely approving the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Eastern Ukraine. You would deserve Putin knocking at your door.

  52. avatar
    Plamen Ralchev

    What about turning a deaf year to losers and intruders? Maybe it is just them who tease about a new Cold War?!

  53. avatar
    Jacques Michaux

    It is urgent for the EU to develop a comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia !

  54. avatar
    Afrim Morina

    F@ck Greece! They expect to borrow money and not play back! Get them out of EU and put visa restrictions and see how they like it!

  55. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    Let Greece go, the quality of life among Russia’s allies will be punishment enough. Then up the sanctions on Russia, adding travel restrictions for students and tourists.

  56. avatar
    Demi Karan

    This Tsipras guy is making me feel shameful for the country i come from. Nobody should negotiate anything with Putin for god’s sake.

  57. avatar
    Marijus Stasiulis

    Look at Putins friends list: Kim Jong Un, Ali Khomenei, Bashar Al Assad and etc.
    Should Europe negotiate with scumbags?

  58. avatar
    Γρηγόρης Α.

    It really gets in Europe’s nerves that Tsipras shows that there is a way out if Europe doesn’t do something to help the Greek people instead of helping and saving their own banks for their own personal gain.
    It is not the best solution, because of Russia’s horrid human rights record, but it is an extreme tactic that will shake Europe a little.
    PEOPLE OF THE EU: Less than 10% of the money offered as help to the Greek government ACTUALLY ended up helping the Greek government with its expenditure. The rest was and is still going to aid the banks. This is beneficial for the banks only, and we see that it is nothing short of a ticking time bomb.
    Greek people have been through hell you can’t even think of, so stop talking if you haven’t done your research.

  59. avatar
    George Koutsonikas

    I can not see what you really want to say…. as of that Greece will die by itself Greece is dieing because of a genocide done by the EU.

  60. avatar
    Carlos Miranda

    If Russia is willing to pay for the Greeks nonsense, let them pay. We can only hope Greeks aren’t stupid enough to believe there are free lunches.

  61. avatar
    Bogdan Maris

    Well, Putin has a new fool, he wears shirts and no tie acting like a boy in the hood. His name is Tsipras. Greece is turning into a Trojan horse because of him. Cancel the Greek debt, spur the economy and get things moving back in the EU. Until then, “nationalist” movements playing Putin’s game and sponsored by him will keep on rising

  62. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    There is no cold war in the Donbas or Crimea or Abchazia, there is only brute force and violence.

  63. avatar
    Buj Alex

    US problems aren’t Europe’s problems!!! any grudge that US has with Russia, souldn’t affect us, it isn’t an international issue if we don’t make it to be !!! plus, any war that we take against Russia, will be in Europe(cold, worm, whatever) not in the US … f US

  64. avatar
    Girts Valens

    Greece does not do to Europe a favour… I used to go for vacation to Greek islands every year – not gona do that any more. Don’t want to dupport trators.

  65. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    Poor FOOLS: ISLAM and the INVASIONS from AFRICA and ASIA are THE ENEMY, ALBANIAN criminals, Turkish butchers and Gypsies are THE ENEMY, only PUTIN is the WAR LEADER Europe needs to save us!!!

  66. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    Poor FOOLS: ISLAM and the INVASIONS from AFRICA and ASIA are THE ENEMY, ALBANIAN criminals, Turkish butchers and Gypsies are THE ENEMY, only PUTIN is the WAR LEADER Europe needs to save us!!!

  67. avatar
    JP Faure

    What I see at the end of the day is that our economy (i.e. our jobs, our “growth”) is heavily suffering from US-generated sanctions (that don’t work anyway). No idea what the US may or may not export to Russia but Europe DOES export a lot. That’s arithmetics. I tend to think that the US should deal with Russia where they have a common border: Alaska, that is. They surely have an issue with fishing there to keep them busy. :-D

  68. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    Greece is an independent country. None can tell to us whats bad or best for us greeks…. Whats bad for your country maybe is good for us and the opposite. Im very happy that everybody on the planet is very worry about the movements of greece today. We cant follow germany or france because we are not germans or frenches. And we DONT never want to be….

  69. avatar
    Katerina Giuttari Lickovski

    Russia can do better. Greece is just getting desperate, they always humiliate ex-communist states and slavs and etc and now that they are desperate they wanna play the orthodox/leftist card.PLZ

  70. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    E.U. should stop acting like puppets of U.S. and they should follow Hungary and Greece with the Russian policy! U.S.A. was successful to stop the good economic collaboration of the E.U. and Russia which collaboration would have placed E.U. the leading economic power in the world but they messed it up. The Ukrainian war was just an artificial reason to stop Russia become closer to Europe? DON’T YOU PEOPLE OF EUROPE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME POWERS USING YOUR DIFFERENCES AND ECONOMIC CRISIS TO PUSH EUROPE DOWN?! If you, the European nations don’t wake up soon, those leading powers will push Europe into slavery like they are the south American or Some Asian nations…

  71. avatar
    Andras Bato

    Greeks are proud of their ancient predecessors but forget to pay tax as it is due to their country! Nobody belive that such a country which has so much natural resources, famous agriculture, industry and attended by millions of tourists every year is poor! Perhaps Greek government force the country into a bankruptcy instead of making the taxpaying discipline more rigorous.

  72. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    you paranoid! what kind of drugs you take? you see cold war for a meeting with alexis tzipras and not in siria, ukraine or africa?… the best way to prevent cold war is that you stop doing this kind of propaganda.

  73. avatar
    Lee Tong

    You cant wnhen some top leaders use their balls instead their brains.

  74. avatar
    Mark Jacko Jackson

    Bloody hypocrite! So pissed off with free and democratic EU and will jump into arms of Russia . . . . . Yeah can see how that works!!

  75. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    The best would be to ask Putin what is the problem and solve it. I could never understand that EU and Russia have such a big problem . Is it something we don’t know about.

  76. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    He should tell the EU where to go & sign any agreement with whom they wish, he is the ‘elected’ leader after all.

    The Greek people believed it when they were told the EU would bring them prosperity, employment & security and that turned out to to be the lie of the century so why not believe Russia, can’t be any worse than the EU.

  77. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    He should tell the EU where to go & sign any agreement with whom they wish, he is the ‘elected’ leader after all.

    The Greek people believed it when they were told the EU would bring them prosperity, employment & security and that turned out to to be the lie of the century so why not believe Russia, can’t be any worse than the EU.

  78. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Russia is making lots of very sensible moves. Being friendly to Greece is one of them. If the EU wants to collapse under the weight of its own absurdity, let it. But please try and make sure that this time there is a Plan B!

  79. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Russia is making lots of very sensible moves. Being friendly to Greece is one of them. If the EU wants to collapse under the weight of its own absurdity, let it. But please try and make sure that this time there is a Plan B!

  80. avatar
    George Sainidis

    EU is a bunch of bankers holding on to a dinosaur method of economy regulation.
    Austerity isn’t a real solution, it’s a nasty way to drive countries into depression and people to lose their property! It’s simple the bankers way of thinking…!

  81. avatar
    George Sainidis

    EU is a bunch of bankers holding on to a dinosaur method of economy regulation.
    Austerity isn’t a real solution, it’s a nasty way to drive countries into depression and people to lose their property! It’s simple the bankers way of thinking…!

  82. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    Listen…. Europe can not be hostile to Russia forever or force it to comply with its rules… Russia is a power in its own accord and if Europe ever wants to become one, it better detach itself from America a little bit and approach other countries and blocks like BRICS, which of course include Russia!! The Russians made a huge mistake invading Ukraine, but Europe has been making a mistake for decades for being a US underdog and bashing Russia in every chance.. The Cold War must end at last!!

  83. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    The big powers try to play dangerous games with Russia and they lost,
    Greece has been following the orders from Germany for the last fifty years and end up in today’s crisis,
    Today the EU is facing the reality
    Greece is trying to save his dignity
    Rusia is playing the big powerful game .
    Is really going to be really interesting game lets watch it.

  84. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    How ?? Its quite simple .. The EU needs to rid itself of these “pro US elites” who carry out an agenda that suites ONLY America and not Europe, the monkeys running the EU are all US puppets, head of the ECB is an ex Goldman employee, that just tells you something, the EU needs to start doing whats in EUROPES benifit, cause this ALL boils down to nothing but Europe being forced to not have freindly ties with its natural neighbour Russia, stop being the US’s puppet is what the EU needs to do, plain and simple.

  85. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    You can’t avoid the cold war, the NATO leader countries have just started it with the Ucraine situation! The leaders of western countries forgot to tell their citizens the recent history, THAT IN 1990 THEY MADE A SIGNED AGREEMENT with Russia that the former Soviet countries will never join NATO! With Ucraine the western leading powers they played the dangerous game of a possible world war, because Ucraine was part of Soviet Union with an estimated 8.5million Russians and should have never been invited to join NATO!

  86. avatar
    David Fernandes Coelho

    I hope the rest of the Greek comunity understands that they are going the wrong way if he wants to join Russia in their acts of terrorism create borders block them off. Russia is Russia and the Ukraine is not Russia any help they give to the Russian community within the Ukrainian border is terrorism GIVE BACK CRIMEA it is not yours

  87. avatar
    Giossas Kostas

    David Fernandes Coelho i have not seen since today any comment,about the turkish occupation in cyprus thats an eu territory…but for ucraina….

  88. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    D.F. Coelho, who can you be so stupid?! In Portugal you just learned about Brasil and south American history.not about Europe! Kreml throughout the history WAS ALWAYS PART OF RUSSIA, THEY JUST GAVE THE ADMINISTRATION TO UKRAINE IN THE 1950’S BECAUSE IT WAS ALL PART OF SOVIET UNION AND IT COULD BE BETTER CONTROLLED FROM KIEV. We have to talk clearly about some.basic history questions of that region, because some stupid people are telling opinions and statements without having any clues of that part of Europe!

  89. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Richard, unfortunately this is not true, it is just presented to public that way! Hungary, Poland, Czech have all asked in 1990-s if they can join the E.U. without join NATO- the answer was NO! So I suppose this is the.key of the problems in Ucraine as well! They would like to join the E.U. but Europe doesn’t accept them before joining NATO, so we arrive to the cold war reason

  90. avatar
    Diego MB

    What I find atonishing is precisely this question we can see in every media today. I wonder why should EU react in some way, or is it not true that Greece is a sovereign country and they can take their own decisions freely?

  91. avatar
    Dimitris T

    By putting some emphasis on gay rights in Greece! We are forgotten in a desert of hatred. Hatred is everywhere in the EU, but here in Greece State homophobia Is thriving! EU should become a federation.

  92. avatar
    Philipp Gor

    Why should anybody react for any one visiting someone else? Isnt that a bit of a phobic approach?

  93. avatar
    Vinko Strgar

    Bravo Alxsis , poka?i EU – Nemcem , da je dovolj zatiranja in ropanja malih dr?av.. Pravi dr?avnik, ki se postavi za svoje ljudi….

  94. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    Cold war why, because one EU country president is meeting a non-EU country president?
    You said “Cold war”: please, it’s even a good reason to start a nuclear war!!!
    PS: come on, don’t be silly

  95. avatar
    Suzana Marto

    Era bom que os restantes estados membros reponham em causa as suas posies, porque ainda vo bem a tempo de fazer o que certo. Taipas est a mostrar um novo caminho para mais democracia, mais paz e para uma verdadeira sociedade europeia.

  96. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    I wish Greece comes out of the Eurozone, create its own currency, invest in industry and show the EU they can survive withouth the German baton.

  97. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    By abolishing the undemocratic “institutions”, by putting an end to the bankers’ domination, by supporting the basic principles for an EU of its people, by collaboration and understanding.
    Tsipras and his government is showing the way!

  98. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    David, I’m sorry if I’ve insulted in any way, it’s just makes me upset and worried about how little the people in West know about east Europe! And I’m worried that would lead to some kind of war in which many people will die like in Ucraine! I’m also angry because the so called “freedom” of Ucraine didn’t make better life for Ukrainian people, in contrary, their life became miserable! We Hungarians are neighbours and I’ve been through the border to see it with my eyes, how old people and children struggle of hunger, try to live with 35euro/.monthly! while the prices rising weekly! And this is in south west of Ucraine, not the east, where the war was going on. And believe me, because I know Russian people’s mentality well- they will not give up their 8.5million Russian brothers in Kriml most of them would die for the case! Are you, the Portuguese people ready to die for the Ucraine? Because, we Hungarians made many fights with Russia throughout history and we always lost! We certainly don’t wanna die just because Ucraine wants to become NATO and E.U. member before Russia! Why the leaders doesn’t make a deal for them to join together same time, when their institutions will be ready?!

  99. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    And the Tatars of Krimea are only 10 percent of the population, and 65percent of them didn’t oppose to join Russia! They haven’t had a better life under the Ukrainian rule anyway…Ucraine is far not more ready to join E.U. than Russia would be, their laws don’t recognize minorities, they have a Nazist party saying that only Ukrainians must live in the country, the corruption of the present government is worse than the previous was…

  100. avatar
    Nefeli Kousi

    There is no war here hot or cold. If Greece had the power to make a cold war with ONE meeting we would not be in the shit we are in right now.People are just over-reacting like always.

  101. avatar
    Aurelian Sv

    Greek PM is sick with the EU and is searching rescue to the enemy.Simple minded mentality.

  102. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    My country, Hungary was 35 years under Russian influence with Soviet army, so beleive me David Fernandes Coelho, I know much more about them that you do! Therefore I can say that Ukrainian people had much better life during Janukovich and the Russian influence than they have now, or they will ever have under World Bank and IMF austerity, as well as arm the related arm traders!

  103. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    EU must strongly reject all and any atempt to instigate europeans against Russia and to bring the spectrum of war into Europe.
    Greece is acting horribly by encouraging Putin’s atitude to break the Union. He is an invador and the cause of fear in all the world.

  104. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    there s no worse nightmare.
    I am Romanian.

  105. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    You call a visit with commercial purposes, of the leader of a nation that is being strangled… possible beginning of a cold war???
    Then how do you call… the crucifiction of this nation? HOT PEACE???

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