The question of what it means to be “European” comes up regularly on Debating Europe. In the past, we’ve debated whether a common European identity is possible, whether you feel European, and what EU citizenship means to you. These are all important questions, and your opinion on almost every topic we cover – from immigration, to Eurozone bailouts, to relations with Russia – will be informed by what “Europeanness” means to you (and that’s equally true for our non-European readers).

Eurosceptics often point to the lack of a “European demos” as a fundamental flaw in the project of European integration, whereas pro-Europeans argue that Europe’s common identity is based on common values and a shared way of life.

But what are European values? Is liberal democracy a shared European value? When the Prime Minister of Hungary can say that liberal democracy has failed and that he intends to build an “illiberal state”, it’s difficult to see how that can be the case.

What about human rights? In a 2012 Eurostat poll (pdf), this was the value that most people identified as being shared across Europe. Yet, as the recent bitter row over British membership of the European Convention on Human Rights illustrates, there is little agreement as to exactly what “human rights” entail in practice and how they should be enforced.

We had a comment from Neil that condemned the failure to build a strong, common EU identity to match the progress made in European economic and political integration:


Although we are securing EU socio-political and economic integration, we have lost out on shaping the concept of an EU identity, as well as having lost out on our national identities. Both the “EU Super State” concept and nationalistic viewpoints seem to be two polar opposites that have no middle ground. This has happened because I believe we have stopped building a national mainstream heritage that identifies and fits into our EU identity.

To get a reaction, we took Neil’s comment to Jo Leinen, a German social democratic MEP and President of the European Movement International, an organisation that campaigns for stronger European integration.

Jo Leinen argues that there is a “European way of life”, based on a common European social model (although there are variations from country to country). He goes on to identify the core values of solidarity, equality, and inclusivity as being fundamental to this way of life.

We’ve put together an infographic below with some of the relevant polling by Eurobarometer on this issue. Interestingly, when asked what contributes most to their sense of community with other Europeans, more people (27%) cite culture than economy (24%). Also of note: a majority of people polled (51%) said they see themselves as having both a national and a European identity (in that order). You can click on the image below to enlarge the infographic.


What does it mean to be European? Is European identity about shared values and a shared way of life? Or is Europe just an arbitrary name on a map, much less important than national and individual identities? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Parliament

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    I think that being European means sharing common values. Most important is democracy, freedom of speech.

    These things we take for granted are the foundations of a common European identity.

    Freedom of movement within the EU is a specific right reinforcing that identity.

    Those adamant values need to be protected against those who want to deconstruct them.

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      Paul X

      You need to add “of Workers” to your freedom of movement statement

      That is what the fundamental right was and it is an important distinction which seems to be getting conveniently ignored these days by the Euro-fanatics

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      Hugo Oliveira

      Spanish people agree with the freedom of speech, and i am glad to share values with all non “under-crysis” countries in Europe. Values, educational system, Corruption taks forces, Justice system and all that makes Europe a wonderfull place to live in.

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      Freedom of speech is one thing , being able to influence politicians and their decisions is another . Politicians listen more the financial and business sectors than to voters who elect them , and the EU itself is far from being democratic with appointed officials .

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      Anne Bracher

      Freedom of movement within the EU but not simply freedom of movement? So you see Europe as distinct from the rest of the world but not nation-states as distinct within themselves? Europe is Europe – the EU is quite a different animal, it may be advisable to absorb the distinction while you still can.

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    Máté Foki

    Freedom,justice,legal certainty. The three my government despises,but the society don’t. Long live Europe,long live the hungarian freedom.

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      Barnabas Toth


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      Oh yes…. Certainly the results of that necessity are showing…

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    Jaume Roqueta

    stealing the natural resources in third countries… do you know there is more food coming from africa to EU than the food we send to africa from EU?… Being European means being sorrounded by colors and plasmas and speacking about economy without having worked hard in your life while despreciating ancient culutres that still have conection with real life! Stealing their houses for the benefit of big corporations.. etc… etc… this is what means for me being european nowadays!

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      david keith (unforgiven)

      You re right!

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      Unfortunately all western, european, modern, developed and strong countries have built their strengths by plundering the rest of the world.

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      Rosy Forlenza

      Jaume you have highlighted very well the concerns with the direction that the Eu appears to taking and which concerns even the most pro EU citizens. The liberal economy must also have rules to stabilize it and equally the EU Courts and Justice systems have been very quiet on some of the worst acts of bullying by some countries towards others within the EU and many of those heading up Europe’s institutions coughing contemptiously on democratic values. If we cannot build a strong sense of ethics within the EU, it is unsurprising that a number of EU countries and the Union as a whole can be said to be guilty of appalling Neo-Colonialism else where.

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      Martin Kietsch

      But in terms of capital, it is the opposite. So much financial and physical help and so much investments are being sent to Africa. Not much of it is utilised properly there unfortunately.

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      Cheryl Sly

      you make some very good points here.

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      Jealosy of success is a terrible hatred that you should erase from your mindset

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      Speak for yourself!
      In my country we work our asses off to pay for your rich western ass!

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    European shared values are probably common market, democracy and freedom and mobility. Apart from that one can discuss other democratic elements like transparency or the like. Personally, democracy and mobility as well as the achievement of peace across the EU are most important.

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      Just a short comment on the infographics, I thought United in Diversity would be a general slogan for federalism?

      And finally with the European identity does it make more sense to speak of primary and secondary identities to give them a ranking, but I would be among the 2% that say European :)

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      João Frazão

      Firstly, I’d be interested in hearing some of the explanations of nation building by some of the comments authors here, since I’ve already read things such as: ‘you don’t build a nation in half a century’ (well, Germany and Italy did it) or ‘Europe is just a geography name and there’s nothing as shared values’ (yes, tell that to Renaissance).
      I’m not imposing you an identity upon your desired one. Rather, I think the European identity is complementar to the national one. Moreover, is not choice free. You are European, not only because you were born in the mainland, but also due to hundreds of centuries of cultural matrix and some fast forward decades where the common market or, more recently, the Erasmus highlighted being European.
      For me, being European is not something you can run from. Of course there are cultural divides, e.g. West/East, North/South, UK/Continent. Yet, in the US, you can also find these cultural divides: West/East coast, North/South. These are a product, rather of axiological disparities, geographical certainty.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    look at the eyes of this girl… do you see the emotion in her? is she listening to a liberal speach? Is she thinking she will get rich? To do a hard work to increase her salary even if she hast to go above other people’s life…

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      Rosy Forlenza

      well to be honest Jaume, it is such a predictable picture of a starry eyed young one with an EU flag painted on her cheek and the reply to Neil from the German (was he an MEP? I can’t scroll back up), was hardly inspiring. Europe has a long way to go before it can federalize, and this must be by consent. Why does the image of the young girl not speak to me, well I am a lot older than she is, for starters, I have adult children, I am divorced and to be honest Europe’s wonderful convention on Human Rights seemed to ignore mine. Equally before we can have federalization, we need to have a degree of equity between States in relation to economy, welfare, proper cooperation regarding tax and pension and health insurance, there needs to be equity in levels of transparency, consumer power, and accessibility. Equally Europe has been very partisan in how and whom it arm wrenches to comply with directives. Why is it that Southern Europe has the life sucked out of it through contortionate Bureaucracy which is unhelpful (that is not to say that some of the systems and rules should be thrown out), its tax systems kill off enterprise and a whole caste of professionals are protected by legislation and fixing of salaries, making their services both expensive and with an absence of responsibility for the work done. If Europe now fined every single one of these, then they would soon change their tune. Yet it doesn’t. Equally how can we have federalization when we already see how the Euro has caused concern (not the currency, ) but rather the absence of proper tensions and relationships and the reporting in mainstream national media thereof, between finance, justice, parliament and commission. Before marching ahead, let’s take a pause and get this right. I do feel European but I also feel quite Italian, and Irish and English as these are the three countries which are responsible for forming me as a person, but I feel that I have less and less in common with this lovely, and very pretty mittel european young lady.

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      @Rosy in other words never.
      The ECB ran a study that said south and eastern Europe will not reach parity with western Europe by 2060.

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    David Fuzzey

    I am British. European is just a racial type , nothing more and as far as i am concerned there is no such thing as a European identity ,. And to answer the questions……European identity means Nothing at all to me and Yes Europe is just a name on a map.

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      David, you are quite ignorant. Please, go read something and get your facts straight, and than come back and make a comment.

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      Dave Ratters

      So “Danica” – because David Fuzzey does not feel that European means anything to him – he is ignorant and should stop posting until he learns to feel the same as you? You could better be labelled ignorant; but I think one of last centuries description of “facist” is more appropriate – ie. “believe what I believe – or else”

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      Actually, Dave Ratters, I think David Fuzzey might want to check on his facts as, Danica states. European is definately not “a racial type”… and here is where things start geting a little fascist… Reading Danica’s comment, I do not have the impression she necessarily wants him to be of the same opinion.

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      If you really want to convince people to have some sort of shared set of values – telling them they are ignorant would seem to me to be the least likely to entice them to change their views. You can continue as you will – but don’t expect anything other than resistance to such an approach – the exact opposite of what I expect you would like to happen. A better approach would perhaps have been to explain your views and what you think the definition of european is. Carry on doing what you are doing if you want to destroy any chance of some common identity.

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      Stephen Pockley

      I am British and British only.Also you can stick your EU too,get us OUT.

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      Alessandro Mogavero

      If you don’t believe in EU identity you should indeed vote to leave. However European is not just a racial type (very racist way to see from my point of view), Europe has a common millenarian history. We have much more in common that you think.
      Most of us use the same alphabet, our languages are all coming from the same main branch (Indo-Europeans), English for instance has 60% of words deriving from Latin. Policies in Europe are very similar, we all have free public health systems, welfare and education.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      As Mr Allessandro Mogavero points, Europeans have much in common.
      1. A common root in their culture, namely the Ancient Greek civilization and its Latin byproduct as well the Greek alphabet and its “children”, the Latin and Cyrilic ones
      2. Many Greek and Latin words that can be traced to more than 80% extent in most modern European languages (esp. Engilish, French, German, all the latinogenous ones, namely Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, as well as the ones of Slavian origin, namely Russian, Bulgarian, Serbocroatic, Slovenian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish…)
      3. Common values, especially the tripolar Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite of the French Revolution (Liberty, Egality, Fraternity) and, of course, Democracy (4 words, 3 of Latin and 1 of Greek origin – 4 notions of ancient Greek civilization)
      4. However, the only mistake in Mr ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ (Alexandros – Alessandro in Italian) Mogavero’s approach, is the confusion between EUROPE and the “EU”. The “EU” has divorced itself from EUROPE the very moment it opted for the salvation of the banking system instead of the Citizens of Europe back in May 2010 (don’t put the blame on the PIIGS please; it is a fallacy of the euro-structure).

      Taking all the above thoughts into account, as well as the prosperity that brought to your country the built-up of the rule of (democratically adopted) law (an ancient Greek advice since Solon and Cleisthenes established the 1st known democratic regime in Athens, 5th century BC), you may decide on your future as a free Citizen of a sovereign country. I can’t state the same regarding myself (a debt-slave, sharing a common future with our Italian partner in this short discussion should the euro not be modified to accomodate the needs of southern-peripheral eurozone countries, ceasing to be a projection of the German domestic monetary order on the rest of the eurozone)

    • avatar

      David, now it’s time to trigger article 50!

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    Franck Legon

    it means our will for a united democratic Europe for prosperity and peace is being used to turn it to a liberal undemocratic area with its “money lords” sucking the workers’ blood as in the deepest hours of monarchy, making their own laws and money to steal our citizens rights and wealths , which will lead to some more revolutions and eventually the Union to be broken again .

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      Faisal Ali

      Not everywhere. This is the wish, but contemporary political currents suggest the end of this lowest of the virtues.

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    Cristian Dinescu

    There is no such a thing like European identity. We are consolidated nations here. Only in Russia some 180 nations have been stripped of their natural identity and offered the Russian one. Which actually is artificial in itself, the so called “Russians” are a Finnic-Mongoloid hybrid people known for centuries as Muskovites, Moskals, Muscali. No wonder that the term was brought to new semantics by Barroso, a well known Maoist.

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    Paul X

    “Is European identity about shared values and a shared way of life?”

    There is no EU identity and there never will be

    The UK has more shared values with the US than most EU countries
    Eastern EU countries have more shared values with Russia then central Europe
    Southern EU countries have more shared values with North Africa
    Turkey has more shared value with the Middle East

    The EU is where all these vastly different cultures collide so just which of the externally influenced “ways of life” should the EU adopt as its own?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul X
      Well said!

    • avatar
      Josephine Burden

      Imagine for a moment that Europe is a way of bringing all those alliances to one table

    • avatar

      Imagine knowing so little about eastern Europe lol…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Debby Teusink
      A bit of a contradictory sentence BTW.

  10. avatar

    I think that seeing ourselves primarly as Europeans locks us between whites-christians countries, leading us to war against the rest of the world (especially the arab world today, though some european countries have strong bonds with theses states).
    I hope that someday my country will leave this racist organisation called “European Union”, will “return” to the World and will be able to share and collaborate on any specific topic with any country, in accordance with the interest of its people.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Well said!

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    Ivan Burrows


    The term ‘European’ is used to attempt to convince the people of Europe they are somehow the same within the fake nation that is the EU while at the same time being distinct but not nationalist, clearly an idiotic position..

    True nations (with real nationalities) take generations to form & a political & federalist dogma from the last century for problems of the 1950’s is never going to achieve nationhood.

    • avatar

      Well said! It won’t. We are never going to achieve nationhood especially because the majority of the people of Europe don’t want it! No matter how the media and your EU puppets want to put it, if referendums are done, the results will be clear as water.

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    Gaëtan Mellinger

    Peace, a common culture although the differences, and a way for a united and political Europe. I am a citizen of the European Union before being a french citizen , because we ‘ve a common destiny since the beginning on the Eu building, although in this dire time, europscepticism seems to be a model. Eu has done more in 60 years than the many centurys torn between few years of peace and the rest of war. We must’nt forget the past and the reason of the fondation of european contruction in the early 1950’s, according to the foundler of this project as Schuman and others.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gaëtan Mellinger
      FTR, the EU has NOT existed for 60 years.

      BTW, the EU’s imperialist expansions are now a destabilizing force in Europe.

    • avatar

      Until 1973 there was only 6 members of the EEC (not EU back then) – it’s a falsehood that the EU has existed for a long time in any significant size. It has not kept the peace – it has never been able to keep the peace. NATO and the threat of the Warsaw pact + the fear of nuclear war has kept the peace. Claiming otherwise is just baseless propaganda – otherwise known as lies.

      We have a multitude of languages and cultures, which will continue to keep european identity a dream of federalists for many generations. There is no common european identity – and thank goodness for that. Forcing it down our throats is likely to backfire in a viloent way. Stop it – stop trying to dictate to us – let it happen naturally. The first method to do this is to stop the senseless waste and corruption endemic in the eu structures – fair pay for eu employees – stop the Brussels-Strasbourg toing and froing to appease the French, make the commission accountable to the people, make the parliament have power to create and stop laws (not just by will of the commission).

  13. avatar
    Carlos Agorreta Zafra

    Means nothing for the majority of us. Europe is (still) not a country. Not even close. The economic union is not enough to create a nation. New techs will provide better tools of communication, like instant language translation, which will allow the communication between people talking different languages. The strong countries of europe need to control the weak ones. Even tho, socialism is killing europe, is unsustainable, and demagogy (always called democrcy) is clearly, clearly overrated and a bit useless in decision making, so definitely there’s some problems to be fixed in the union before talking about nation.

    • avatar

      “The strong countries of europe need to control the weak ones.” Another dangerous pseudo-thinker…… I hope you never go to politics.

  14. avatar
    Antonio Pedro Bernarda

    I consider myself a European citizen first and a Portuguese citizen second. I dont have any particular allegiance to a flag or a piece of land. The place that offers me the best living condition s is what matters.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Antonio Pedro Bernarda
      If I was Portuguese I would feel the same too.

    • avatar

      António, the first two sentences are just contradictory. But I’m not surprise… after the stupidity of the first one……

  15. avatar
    Nathan Cornfield

    My sense of being European is purely cultural. It will never be political. In that sense I am proud to be a part of a continent that is so rich in culture, diversity, linguistics, cuisine, history and peoples.

  16. avatar
    eleni chryssomalakou

    Freedom, common values, opportunity to move and act in a larger geographical, political and economic space, but first of all avoidance of another great war .Maintaining peace is an existential need for Europe and it is best served by EU.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gastone Losio
      I agree!

      The EU must be fundamentally reformed if it is to persist.

      To be considered a European we must all share the same language (English of course) and we must ALL adopt a Northern EU ethos as opposed to the discredited Club Med EU ethos. Simples!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Gastone Losio

      Your link is very comprehensive, very interesting, and unfortunately too much Italian to follow & understand to say- “I can agree”- but congratulation for a sterling effort! It would take time to filter through & catch up! Thank you!

      If it should seriously assist to reinvent Europe- not only Italy- please offer your web page in at least the next 3-4 major European official languages, with a simple abridged version highlighting the principles of such “federal idea” of the “Homelands of Europe” & about “Die Neue Mitte”- which was openly discussed before Maastricht & Lisbon was signed. Was such an idea ever seriously contemplated on open political forums before the EEC was remodeled into the EU?

      I appreciated to find a reference of the myth of “Europe and Zeus” and names of all past great European Statesmen- but do question how names like Clinton, Blair, Schroeder, Berlusconi figure in the mix- to allay fears of an early attempt to further the school of extreme American neo-Liberalism/global domination by capital?
      Here is one of several papers what was discussed in 1999:

  17. avatar
    Gianluca Weibling Galassini

    Europe is one nation, all who say the contrary fail to understand what nationality really is.
    Literature and philosophy have spread throughout Europe without knowing of borders, one idea influencing the others, not to mention european science!
    Borders in Europe have always been incredibly fragile. States would easily conquer new regions, just to loose some itself after a decade or so. In the history of Europe one family could easily have been italian, austrian and french throughout the centuries; or french, german and belgian.
    National divides in Europe are not anything natural or given (they only have an age of 2 centuries, compare it with the millennia-long history of our continent!), they are something YOU yourself choose to identify with.
    I choose to remember that european history is one of multiculturalism, it has been from the roman empire to the start of WWI, until the TRAGIC insurgence of nationalism that ultimately led us to two world wars and millions of deads, why? because national pride.
    Let’s all delete together that error of history.
    Cultural differences like religion and language enrich us, they should never be used as reasons to tear apart the one european identity that was born with the first european civilization, not in the 20th century as someone wants you to believe.
    Europe is ONE, it has always been and always will be.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Gianluca Weibling Galassini
      Please note that NOT ALL cultural differences ‘enrich us’, egs:

      Napoleonic Code.
      Language – who needs to sexualise inanimate objects?

    • avatar

      Europe is not one nation – wake up! Only those seeking to extract money from it think this.

      You are the one to fail to understand what a nation is – a nation is bound together by it’s common heritage – whet does europe have as a common heritage?

    • avatar

      Two years later it’s just funny to read your post. I guess your nation failed you widely. It was so obvious, that’s the funny part.

  18. avatar
    Isabel Mendes

    I am a European citizen and I do not consider myself with a specific nationality. European identity exist, of course it did not exist for all who prefer to stay at their comfortable ignorance.

  19. avatar
    Seán Rohan

    Being European means being collectively strong so we neither a victim of Russia like Ukraine or a puppet of U.S. like U K.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Seán Rohan
      …or a puppet of the EU technocrats.

  20. avatar
    Antinazi Archimedes

    To be European means to support the Nazi who run Ukraine in our days and to support the EU who supports ISIS. It also means to stand behind the free trade agreements between the EU and USA whereby corporations will rule over any EU government and the people will be just serfs. We will finally live again under feudalism or worse.

  21. avatar
    Georgie Weltschmerzen

    Meaning has most to do with definitions. And, being European is, at least if YOU, in terms of biologically existing human being were born and raised by mothers and fathers, whose citizenship is belonging to with nationality and ancestry of E.U. states. Not elsewhere but E.U.

  22. avatar
    Antonio Napoletano

    To be european means to have a common currency, common taxes, common public debt, eurobond, common army, same rights and same opportunity in all states of Europe, the same lenguage. At the moment this doesn’t exist. I feel Italian, not european, and if Europe won’t take strong decisions on these themes, Europe will be remembered only like a beautiful tale.

  23. avatar
    Sylvain Duret

    It’s mean to search better way of life for us and lead the world on the way of democracy ; refuse domination of USA, China or others ; protect environnement =) !

  24. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    Protect and stimulate personal identity and diversity, but make sure that in the Union we are paying the same taxes and recieve the same services.

  25. avatar
    catherine benning

    It means to me being controlled by American Imperialism. And wishing the proletariat understood this reality. There is a newspaper article in the Independent today that explains it. Except they tell you we, the British, not Europe, are desperately trying to reduce our debt for the first world war, yet, throughout the entire article they don’t say who it is we got the loan, we are still paying, from. How odd is that?

    Could it be if the public had this information it may upset those Americans with whom we have a ‘special’ relationship.

  26. avatar
    Peter Peak

    Peace, freedom, democracy… but unfortunately I’m Hungarian so we miss all of this!

  27. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    @ Antonio Pedro Bernarda . Upset me??lol , a non entity like you upset me?PMSL.An amobea has more chance of upsetting me than the likes you.

  28. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Gatan Mellinger

    Please remember that it was NATO & the UN that has kept peace in Europe, your EU had nothing to do with it.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Here is a little update for you about war and NATO, who, from your point of view, has kept the peace. ROTFWL

      This list goes back some long way, but if you scroll down to WW1 and take it from there you will see the US and its off Shoot, NATO, is simply a war machine that cannot get enough business without creating the the catalyst for its services. Which, as war is a nice money maker for those who supply the arms, etc., is not a big surprise it.

      The tone of posts that come here from US military men and propaganda machines are so obvious they really ought to change their tactics. Regimented sticks out like a sore thumb. And banging the same wordage drum reveals a sheet to read from.

      And how European ‘German’ sponsors are said to think about this run on war games. Of course the British love to be in there with it no matter who is in power. They, too, like the spin offs it gives.

      And here we see and hear a journalist spilling the beans on the entire facade.

  29. avatar
    Ahmed Hrustić

    To Bosniaks (from Bosnia and Herzegovina), it means being the bridge between the East and the West. They are a part of Western civilisation by genetics and culture, but they embrace Islam as their religion.

  30. avatar
    Jan Vannieuwkerke

    Those parts of Europe where mediëval cathedrals were built define the outer limits of Europe. The cathedrals were the spiritual pinnacle of western civilisation. But the Plague stopped spiritual progress and led Europe choose the path of materialism and “progress”. This resulted in big avances in technology and wealth but also in wars and exploitation. Europe should not be proud of itself beause it started most wars, colonialism and rising inequality!Now that other continents let go their own spiritual traditions by taking over western materialistic “civilisation” , living conditions and the envirnnement are rapidly declining. It is therefore time that Europe starts a new era, this time one of spiritual progress and true global solidarity ( and I don’t mean socialism or communism). Today, the EU is not based on solidarity, each country tries to get more money out of it than investin it. Northern countries blame the Southern and viceversa. This cannot last and I believe some countries will leave the EU. People crave for spirituality and real democracy and solidarity. They are waiting for things to change. It will probably take a new financial crisis or a pandemic situation before people realise that things will have to change and I hope that Europe will lead the necessary transition. So I believe that Europe has the creativity and the will to bring HOPE to mankind. And I don’t believe that change will come from existing religions that at this moment are everything but spiritual and will defend the present situation they are comfortable with.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Jan Vannieuwkerke
      Many Northern countries gave money for the purposes of SOLICHARITY to some of the Southern EU nations BUT they lied and robbed the Northern EU net contributing nations – hence the reticence on the part of the Northern EU net contributors towards some of the perfidious Club Med nations.

  31. avatar
    Manuela Dan

    I am Rumanian and I live in 4 country eu …I feel European…. at start I feel sheet in all country but little and little I adapted ….now I live in a Nordic country …I love Europe is a beautiful continent a very different culture and nice….

  32. avatar
    Liviu Țanco

    ce inseamna sa fi european ?ei bine sa ni se impuna preturi europene iar noi romanii sa avem venituri romanesti,

  33. avatar
    Kimmo Linkama

    Gianluca above has a strong point. Excessive nationalism has created havoc and will do so in future. Just look at all present and historical ubernationalistic countries.

    While I’m proud of my national heritage, I’m also proud of Europe and being a European. In that sense, you might call it a kind of double nationality.

    Of course the EU doesn’t work perfectly. What would you expect when even this thread with no more than about 50 comments so far includes a high percentage of very hostile people. EU needs reform, sure, but the idea of Dante Alighieri (who lived at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries) “political unity is the solution to war” shows amazing far-sightedness.

    If it wasn’t for the EU, you couldn’t study abroad, go to live abroad, do business across borders or participate in decisions affecting all of us at all as easily as you do now.

    It would be nice to get inside the heads of the Eurohaters: what do they actually want? Everybody to coop up in their plot of land and point guns at everybody else? Sorry guys, that was tried already and it didn’t work.

  34. avatar
    Rüdiger Lohf

    If going to Spain I maybe have to explain that I am a german living in Sweden, but if I go to China (for example) I definitely am an EUROPEAN!

  35. avatar

    It means that I can travel freely and work in different countries in the EU, and I have used this right 5 times. Grew up in Germany, studied in the UK, took a year off in Italy, worked in Belgium and now live in France. It means that I live in a place that has been peaceful for many decades now. It means that I grew up with democratic values, and have a rich and diverse cultural background. … I wish more people could remember what it was like, just 30 odd years ago.

  36. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    United are we strong and the only way to hold up against the kapitalism of the day. Also to defend the social security that we have we need to act as one or we will lose the battle and details back to the unsecurety of the all days.

  37. avatar
    Emanuela Stomonyakova

    Unity means that you share same values same identity and you are part of multicultural community. This for me is the same as you are sharing the country, that you are living in with people from different parts of the world or originating of an ethnic minority. European is exactly that, to share the knowledge, information, culture, legal base, economics, rights, obligations and freedom of any kind with unique people originating from different nationalities. You are European as part of a great history and cultural heritage. This union now has people from different civilizations like Thracian, Celtic,German, Roman etc. This also is a responsibility to the next generations to sustain this history and cultures.
    On the other hand to be European means to be part of bigger form of a public entity with the same priorities and same political interests. This entity has the most advanced legislation which unites people and is above the national legislation of each member state. It gives different opportunities for each sphere of our life and most of all it connects the member states through economics, freedom of movement of capitals and people. It connects through regulations for a new level of common law for competition, fiscal politics etc. Still we don’t have active common legislation regarding tax politics.
    I am proud to be European!

  38. avatar
    Nuno M. Silva

    To serve Germany, and be treated like if i were not German. I just don’t like and i hope some day we end this. Good idea bad management.

  39. avatar
    Idris Charles

    Mozart, Elgar, Turner, Goya, Lennon, Shakespeare, Goethe, Chaucer, Dante, Sibelius, Grieg, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Dryden, Blake, John Ball, Milton, Bartok, Tolstoy, Ibsen, Kropotkin, Winstanley, Paine, Foucault, Wollstonecraft, Dostoevsky … The list of people who make me feel European could continue for a very long time

    • avatar

      Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Sofokles, Thucydides, Epicures, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Locke, Hume, Descartes, Erasmus, Spinoza, Hegel, Kant, Marx, Luther
      Etc etc

    • avatar
      Steve P

      DO NOT put British people in this list of names for being European.We are not European we are British and British only.Thank You.

  40. avatar

    Europe is having the opportunity to live in different countries while feeling as protected and as free as in the origin country. It is considering different approaches based on different experiences to deal with European problems. It is sharing values and wishes for a common future while appreciating the national diversity. Europe is a dream come true for past generations and a chance we should use and profit from everyday. Whether it’s France, Poland, Germany or the Czech Republic – for me Europe is home.

  41. avatar

    Democracy, liberty, equality, solidarity, celebration of the individual, human rights, non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, beliefs, origin, sexual orientation, the richest and most influential cultural heritage and the most vibrant cultural scenes nowadays – from Warsaw to Rotterdam and from Athens to Tallinn, Europe is just awesome and Europeans too.

  42. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    europe needs a new geography of human rights

  43. avatar

    Not european and never we be. British by birth, English by the grace of God.
    Europe is ok to visit but I’m glad I don’t live there

    • avatar

      Sorry Matt, but weather you like it or not, even with Brexit, Britain is still geographically part of Europe. What continent is it part of then- Asia, Africa? South America? Of course you have the right to identify yourself as British first, but (politics aside) why be ashamed to be part of the most culturally rich and amazing place on earth? Europe isn’t all the same anyway, there may definitely be some similarities between us but it is made up of a diverse range of cultures and languages.

  44. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    Europe must be one country, one people and one voice to the other countries. It was with a change like this that the United States is the country that exists today. 200 years ago didn’t exist americans, but Newyorkerns, Southerns, Texans, Californians, etc. When they decided to be together they grew up united.

    • avatar


  45. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    The European identity is about inherited values evolved and passed on over its historic but turbulent history- starting with Zeus as the first immigrant bringing his princess Europe to our shores and creating unbelievable achievements thereafter!

    It seems, it ended in an unfortunate unhappily married continent- by an arranged marriage with the EU- dictated by some architects & its present manipulated political system.

    This poll will have little value since different generations have/had different experiences and therefore different opinions. The age group 15-80 years represents ~66% of the total & includes ~three generations! The 24 year group was just born when the Berlin wall fell in 1989 and the 50 year group when JFK said “Ich bin ein Berliner” in 1963 and not- I am an EU fan!

    First my countries nationality, than an European continental, than……………………… EU as what- what? No, no- waiting for better!

  46. avatar

    I actually feel European.
    This does not mean I am naively happy of the EU or not disappointed about many policies.
    But I think nowadays the most important thing is having the willing to be an European. Because EU integration is on its way, and, as history teaches us, it takes time to build up a shared identity.
    I’m just imagining the EU in the long term, as a future emblem of culture, respect and wisdom.
    Please, critic strongly the EU, but do it constructively. Take a look back at the history, and be positive, we passed very worse periods. Be proactive, be united.

    • avatar

      I agree that reform is necessary – it’s one of the main reasons there is such a negative view of the eu, but to force through more integration when it’s obvious the people don’t want it is a grave error, especially given the distrust of the eu and it’s far too many and various corrupt institutions

    • avatar
      Emma Grabbert

      Feel that way too. Well spoken.

  47. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    To be European means to give up old crazy obsessions with culture , nation , language , religion , borders , history and mad fighting with all neighbors . To be European means for the greatest percentage of EU citizens : peace , human rights , democracy , equality , The rule of law : sa=t&rct=j&q&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CDMQFjAA&

  48. avatar
    Antonis Palaiologos

    ?? be european ? what for ? europe is a union , who blackmails , who destroys nations , is a war of the south against north. NO i dont like to be one of them. Europe is the 4rth Reich .

  49. avatar
    Antonio Lopez

    I’m actually proud and happy to be European. It means I share a history and culture that is thousands of years old, and has brought about some of the highest ideals in human history. It means that I recognize the right of every person’s dignity and the right of every person to express their opinion in freedom. It means I also am honest enough to see historical failures, and with wisdom learn from those failures and advocate for a better way.

  50. avatar
    Antonio Lopez

    I’m actually proud and happy to be European. It means I share a history and culture that is thousands of years old, and has brought about some of the highest ideals in human history. It means that I recognize the right of every person’s dignity and the right of every person to express their opinion in freedom. It means I also am honest enough to see historical failures, and with wisdom learn from those failures and advocate for a better way.

  51. avatar
    Roby Pre

    EU is a dictatorship. Being European is something really different from EU!!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Theodoros Petriotis
      Please add enslavers [due to lax border control].
      Please add smugglers [due to lax border control].
      Corruption [due to ‘bias’ in some Club Med countries].
      ‘Business Before Beings’ [due to EU business-centric laws].

    • avatar

      But all of these things have been going on before the EU was even conceived as an idea, Tarquin and, actually, the further back in the past you look the more so. It would seem your problem is with human nature…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      PLEASE read the forum topic before posting, otherwise you [AS IN THIS CASE] will appear FOOLISH!

    • avatar

      I was responding to you, Tarquin, and not the forum question…foolish?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      You clearly responded to me BUT I say again please READ the forum question. You’ll find that my points about what it means to be ‘European’ still stand.

    • avatar

      The purpose of the debate is so that people can respond to each other, you silly fool…If you can’t deal with the responses get off the website!

  52. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    Its a financial unity. There is nothing to feel european. I feel more a world citizen respecting his roots. Europe is a financial unity which can only be saluted but his little to do with identity

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Ivone Picarote Martins D’Alte
      Hmmm, a Freudian slip perhaps? Have you not heard of the Pound Sterling or the Swiss Franc?

  53. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    It means lack of democracy, increasing of poorness and the supreme domination od the finance

  54. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    I’m not proud to be european. I’m not proud of an union who sacrifies democracy in name of the inflation and currency stability, who sacrifies thousands of people in name of free market, that’s a hell,that’s horrible and I’m sad you still didn’t realize it, because of course pourness hasn’t got to you.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Mirko Celii
      Unfortunately, much of what you posted is TRUE.

  55. avatar
    Maria Jose Machado

    Being European should mean the share of values like democracy, equality, acceptance, respect for the Human rights, ……however, the economic crisis has been putting all this at risk. Those values were like a “cloud” that has been vanishing slowly : there is a visible gap between north and south Europe, the countries policies promote inequality, poverty, break of the Human rights and unfortunately we dont foresee an immediate will to change this . We need a change of paradigm, a new way of seeing things that respect Humankind and our planet . We need “men of good Will”, “real politicians”.

  56. avatar
    Riot Chopin

    Being free, building a new world and ready to get rid of the old countries and their religions source of most of the world’s pain for thousands of years asap…. Terminating France England Roumania, Scotland, Italy Germany, Poland etc building a region-based still boarder free european society hopefully on a less pyramidal system than now and reconquering the incapable (those who like to fight) parts (or ex colonies) of the world to end endless constant news reports about the same thing… accepting differences of culture and language but not caring about them anyway cos you do have to move forward sometimes… and destroying nationalism patriotism pride of nations… in brief the stupid educational conditionning people have accepted into their lives through laziness and stupidity which are terrible reasons… seriously… fighting for a land which you’re taxed on..(were you ever anywhere at home???) ….voting for someone else than yourself… ???? first form of procrastination!!! You don’t vote to get something done… you just do it! Anyone wanna revisit and update Plato? I’d support forums.. the elect few, elite society, majority based (and we do have a majority of idiots – including myself) decisions rather than simple comon sense and humanity isn’t something I can relate to… at all…
    Oh and it would be nice if in the EU institutions we hired different types of people… not 2000000000 versions of the same well-polished robotic employee of any form, sex or nationality….. and competent leaders or bosses…(I had that in the commission… and for three years thought about suicide for managing to get myself into such a position – under such useless people) Its very hard to work under someone you wouldn’t even hire to do your garden…… let alone run a government… but apparently competent charismatic people are kept away from responsibilities…. sacrificed to diplomacy and other politically correct nonsense… on the other hand it is funny to watch Putin walk all over them… makes you feel good about not being one of them :-D
    We have to stop giving people positions based on friendship and start giving them to people with leadership skills and merit (merit not being time spent somewhere)….who you could imagine following into battle.. not those you imagine being in battle and you watching and giggling with popcorn… while thinking bloody hell… blooody hopeless…

  57. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Maria Jose Machado
    The poverty, inequality and lack of human rights EXISTED at higher levels in many of the Club Med EU nations EVEN before the EU was created.

    Money/charity from the Northern EU nations helped hide the poverty, inequality and corruption that was always endemic in some of the Club Med EU nations.

    If one is labelled as a European, one can only assume such an entity woud possess a schizoid psyche:

    Northern intellect, wealth and power


    Southern corruption, inequality, lack of democracy and poor human rights.

  58. avatar
    Noemi Rey

    Being “European” is sharing the Chart of Fundamental Rights for everyone. Is hoping to consolidate and develop our Welfare Social Model, based on freedom, respect, tolerance and opportunities.

  59. avatar

    a) “European identity” is much broader than “EU identity”. In fact the latter is probably limited to a rather small group, to those who directly benefit from the destributive policies of EU institutions.

    b) However, “European identity” is tightly linked to Christianity as well as to the pre-Christian heritage of the European tribes who adopted Christianity. The latter makes the main cultural difference inside Europe. And, Christian beliefs nowadays are often secular (including atheists, agnostics, humanists etc.).

    c) Empirically there are no coherent or lasting “Europen values”, bottom up.

    For example, even if most people on this continent might identify with “human rights”, it will not always mean the same (see currently UK or Hungary).

    The “European values” propagated by EU institutions are top down imperial values and not representative for EU populations.

    d) Following (b), also Australia, the Americas and Australia share some “European identity”.

    e) Historically “EU identity” will most likely play only a minor role in the flow of “European identiy”.

  60. avatar

    What does it mean to YOU to be “European”?

    The feeling of belonging to something great.

  61. avatar
    Bert van Santen

    Being European means forced to witness that complete economies have been distroyed in the name of EU and euro.
    And what`s even worse, the responsable politicians and bankers show no regret at all, and proceed their own way.
    By economics mentioned as the lost decade.

  62. avatar
    Carlos V Arc

    To be European in XXIst century? It means being a citizen in a huge fairytale theme park for the joy of rich Asian tourists, that becomes a horrorland at nightime (when visitors go out and ordinary locals remain on a sad daily life). Now I ask: What it means to be Mediterranian? Well, there are more cultural links between in the later, but for some agenda it has been hidden constantly by almost all politicians.

  63. avatar
    Ruben Ramos

    as catala, the EU has never supported our democratic efforts be an independent country, so in this moment the eu doesn’t mean nothing good for us…

    • avatar

      My favourite is Hector though…

  64. avatar
    Hugo Costa Moreira

    It means having a set of values like democracy, justice and culture different from any other country, it means beeing the birthplace of democracy, it means beeing moderate and helpfull regarding the world it means defending differential points of view from the US and others, it means that we are the descendents of thousands of years of culture and we live together with peace and not war who can say that anywhere, it’s not the euro that defines us it’s our way of beeing and seeing the world that makes us Europeans and we should be proud of it!!!

  65. avatar
    João Antunes

    For me being “European” is an Utopia; we know we don’t live by the same standards of living within The UE.
    There is rich northern European countries and poor Southern European countries who for a brief moment, aspired to be like our neighbours in the North.
    My country produces young people with high education Degrees that are being literally “exported” to Northern European countries at zero cost.
    The ones who are fortunate to be employed are the poorest workers in Europe and basically we can define ourselves as a country of waiters and waitresses, eager for foreign people and rich north European pensionists to spend their money here while pensionists of my country live with pensions less than 250? and have to beg for food.
    Does any of you earn that much money up north?
    I don’t think so.
    There is no equal opportunities therefore for me being an European means absolutely nothing.

    • avatar
      Nikos Themelis

      As a Greek,i agree completely with you.Europe is a place of exploitation from the rich to the poor,a place of racism and contempt from the north ro the south,a place of stagnation,a place of misery.
      There’s nothing in Europe any more but the power of eurocrats,bankers and vested interests.

  66. avatar
    Carl Nicolajsen

    In 1940 all British felt British, you can see it on their faces. If our planet Earth was attacked by an alien power, we would all feel Terrestrian. In times of peace our identity tends to fade, so what Europe needs is simply a common danger or ennemy: then by enchantment we would all become European, even the British.
    European great men are practicall standards of Europeanness. Thus Winston Churchill defines European courage, stubbornness, love of freedom, hatred of tyranny.
    To be European is to love Winston. (This is just an exemple.)

    • avatar

      Our common enemy is the undemocratic Eurosoviet Union.

    • avatar

      Are you insane? Your say we need a war to feel more european? Churchill did not mean for Britain to be part of europe. The country’s of europe to be european and Britain to look to the sea.

    • avatar
      Carl Nicolajsen

      To Matt,

      In wartime the British are staunch defenders of european values. This is why Winston Churchill is a magnificent European.

    • avatar

      Yes we have seen that in the UK, similar wages for all for us means lower wages for us ,free health system means ours , join the queue

  67. avatar

    am not ,will not and never have been ”European” . I have never been asked ,never voted for it and I reject the notion that I may be .

  68. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    It means having a unique culture that is shared by every single european that is distinct from the entire world.. It means being united in our diverse and yet homogenous culture.. It means being the most priviledged continent and union in the world with the greatest economic opportunities in the world and the best social security net.. It means the ability to live and work almost anywhere in Europe, and not being restricted by anything, disregarding the obvious language barrier.. It means having the best possible life in the world and the ability to absorb the world’s greatest culture in a way that has never been seen before or anywhere else in the world.. Yes, being European is impossible to describe briefly, but it is what you feel when you travel abroad and realize how rich we are economically, culturally, socially, technology wise, green with the best standards in the world, and much more.. To be a European is something that is unattainable and yet so highly desirable outside of Europe

  69. avatar

    Seems some still don’t know that if every country is to get to a somewhat similar wealth level, that will require the ‘richer’ countries (a relative word, since the western world is technically bankrupt) to surrender a significant chunk of wealth.

    Do Germans who like the EU realize that with equalized wealth they need to give up some 20-30% of their income? Or do some still harbor the illusion that wealth can be aggregated at the highest level?

    To be European means nothing. Tired of seeing our money disappearing into the Brussels black hole or in the hands of Franco-German bankers (via Greece) and our larger cities flooded with EU migrants who displace the locals by working for lower wages.

  70. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    1. Common market and standards; 2. Common security systems; 3. Common currency; 4. Common rights; 5. Common taxes, regulations and legal system, all within 100 years. Within 500 – common language.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      What you are backing, as wonderful as it sounds, is the move of the globalists who are against fair distribution of wealth. Homogenised people become robots. And the top of the human tree of money men are using this idea of commonality to reduce all mankind to Global slave workers. They are promoting the idea of us all being shackled to a minimum wage so low life becomes a survival chore without quality. What we should be fighting for, is, ‘quality of life’ with a standard of living throughout the European states that cannot fall below the level deemed worth having.

      And a common language that does not diminish any of the languages we presently have and love at birth. A second language being one we can communicate with across the globe. Just as we do on this forum right now.

    • avatar

      Agree with this comment but not the severity of the language used.

    • avatar
      Nikos Themelis

      I agree completely.

  71. avatar
    Samo Košmrlj

    Maybe also achievements in science and technology in general, and in space exploration in particular would strenghten the european identity.

  72. avatar
    Rui Jamp

    It means austerity for the poor, and great give aways to economic thief’s that steal banks. At least in Portugal, part of Europe it has been like that. 3 stolen banks by right wing people, and lots of billions to cover it, while taxes get higher and higher, people get minimum wage of 400 some ? after tax, but hundreds of new millionaires… new millionaires while hunger and poverty are at almost 30%…

    The Europe of today is pretty unfair, and if does not change and respect the founders and their ideas, i hope Portugal leave the EU, just like the English also want it.

    Why does Angela merkl from Germany has to call the shots? Is she the leader of Europe? Is Germany getting what they always wanted? the power to Germanize almost the entire Union? They do now with pens and money, what they tried before with bombs and could not do it.
    I really hope changes these unfair system, and have some rules in the way to redistribute wealth, and don’t have people starving and getting minimum wages that are not enough to live, while some CEO’s get paid hundreds of times more than regular workers. I don’t mean equal for all, but now is almost slavery for some.

    Europe today is rotten and unfair. Don’t take me wrong, i believe in the early principles of Europe and the objective it was first created, and i believe that European Country’s should be together in some points, but now it is just too unequal from State to State, and that is rubbish.

  73. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Nobody wants the EU.

    A poll carried out by your European Parliament found:

    . Choosing the future President of the European Commission only motivated 5% of voters in the May 2014 elections.

    . Only 14% of people in the EU are “in favour of the EU”.

    . Only 13% of people in the EU feel “European or a citizen of the EU” .

  74. avatar
    Ettore Lomagno

    ser europea significa compattir los valores espirituales y materiales fundantes…..el problema viene cuando comienzan los requemores y las sospechas entre los distintos paises por las medidas a tomar ( por aquello que cada cual lleva el agua para su molino).

  75. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    Being European or Asian or African or whatever means nothing when there’s no work and no food on the table and a roof over one’s head…..

  76. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Your quoting the great man Churchill as a ‘ cultural contributor of European unity ???, as a Brit I find your using his quotes actually quite offensive.

    The only reason he wanted Europe locking together was to stop the ‘Europeans’ from starting their bloody wars, he never intended for Great Britain to be part of it.

    You are aware that he also said ‘?If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea?.

    Why are you using the 2013 info when there’s a 2014 set of results ?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Blair & Schröder presented a joint program in the 1990’s: pursued by Blair for some time under the designation “The Third Way” – “New Power- New Responsibility”. In Germany- the “Partei für Soziale Gleichheit,” (SPD’s U-turn)

      It appears the EU directions of today where already decided between the UK & Germany in the 1990 or earlier! This needs a strong EU coalition to correct. Why be so conservative & wait until 2017? There is a good reason at present!

      ” The fact is that the top 0.1 percent dictates policy and essentially selects the personnel tasked with carrying it out.”

  77. avatar
    Landais Joël

    Why Europe ? A question of survival.

    ★ ★ ★

    Facing the clash between giants (China, India, the USA…) that is shaking our planet, Europe has no choice: either we unite in order to make our voice heard in this world and preserve a space to live in, or we die out.

    But what is Europe, then ? It is not only a Commission in Brussels, directives we don’t understand or reject, a Parliament in Strasbourg whose powers are rather limited, it is not only a blue flag with a star-studded circle, an anthem (dedicated to joy, ironically) that nobody knows…, Europe is a civilisation. A great several-thousand-year-old civilisation, just like the Chinese, Indian, Muslim civilisations, just as the Egyptian, American Indian civilisations and the African empires were.

    I was born and grew up in this civilisation that nourrished me, trained me and educated me, shaped our way of thinking. Our Masters were Aristotle and Plato, Marcus Aurelius and Cicero, Saint Augustine, Dante, Montaigne, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Voltaire, Rousseau, Kant, Goethe, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Picasso, Goya, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Sartre, Camus, Bergman, Fellini, Almodóvar … and hundreds of others… Moretti, Haneke, Das Leben der anderen (The life of others) … and then… nothing else… Why has Europe become silent ? Is it asleep or half-dead ?

    Benumbed in the flow of cultural products (music, films and series) and foodstuffs (coke, burgers and ketchup) made in USA on the one hand, and overwhelmed with masses of low-quality products manufactured by the Chinese industry on the other hand, Europe no longer responds, no longer reacts, no longer produces anything (except, perhaps, in part, my Volkswagen): its industries are leaving, its brains deserting, its currency is threatened. Indeed Europe seems rather moribund than asleep.

    The problem is Europe no longer has a vision of the future. Perhaps its citizens are still too fascinated by the “American Dream” in spite of all its setbacks and failures (the most recent one being the subprimes crisis). Dreaming of America prevents us from seing Europe and thus from imagining and building the Europe of tomorrow.

    If you’re interested in reading the end of this article and many others on the subject:

  78. avatar
    Anita Waldmann

    To feel like an European means to me: breaking the barriers by feeling and caring for each other in thinking and doing

  79. avatar
    Rudi Spoljarec

    Free traveller and free market commerciant. Still I am not. On the neighbour borders of Croatia, officials are still checking me.

  80. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    Stop putting people in 1st 2nd and 3rd place, or in different class , every human is the same , the people in Syria were living in better conditions than many European country’s ,
    So what if I’m European and I don’t have a work and my family is starving !

  81. avatar
    Tiago Paim

    More than the common ground values, important part of being an european for me is accepting cultural diversity in this unity. Knowing that i am part of a community that have an agenda and accepts the dialogue with minorities agenda’s is a big deal.

  82. avatar
    Landais Joël

    Europe and Europeans lack a vision: how shall we stand up to the new superpowers like India, China, Brazil… ?
    We live in the same part of the world, under the same climate (though it’s a bit better down south!), wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, eat more or less the same food. Why don’t we just stick together, instead of waging the Hundred Years war over and over again ?
    I feel we would be much better off !

    You may say, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… hope one day, you’ll join us…
    John Lennon

  83. avatar
    Anne-Sophie G.

    EU means peace. EU means freedom, democracy, human rights. EU means common values shared by 28 countries.

  84. avatar
    Stéphane Rollin

    Beeing ripped off moneywise, freedomwise. Becoming a slave of globalist elites corrupted by banksters.

  85. avatar
    Alex Bell

    Being European always comes into competition with the national identity, and national identity wins over regularly. In the end its nothing more than being different than American, Asian or African.

  86. avatar
    catherine benning

    If you read this Guardian article below you will see clearly what being European is to thousands of very poor UK citizens.

    The British government is telling the world it is on a roll, that we are the best economically functioning state within Europe. And they bring out figures as proof that we are on the road to doing away with unemployment and making a full recovery. This article shows a different perspective, that in fact thousands of people in my country are being forced to work forty hours a week for no pay at all. Single mothers, forced to do this rather than care for their young children at home, the elderly, the young, all in the name of keeping a Conservative government afloat on a dirty lie, as they take our tax payers money to torment and humiliate our own citizens who pay for this torture.

    The very fact that the EU would allow this to take place inside this union without, at very least, creating a world wide knowledge of its internal slavery is atrocious. Being European means living ‘le grand mensonge.’

  87. avatar
    catherine benning

    And here we see why the EU officials are so angry with Cameron and the UK over the pretence it is the European immigrant who is the cause of our UK unrest. This hidden truth that our government is doing deals in the Indian sub continent to bring in their cheap labour, in their thousands, whilst hiding it from the UK public tells the real story that none of our media outlets want to reveal. Now why is that? Why the UK governments hatred of the European. And, from the surface of this report, the hatred of its own tax payer.

    And from what I read on Wiki this morning, from 2013 to April 2014 560 thousand immigrants entered the UK seeking work, the majority from China, followed by India. It is a bloody joke. These people should be strung up for the lies they are perpetuating in the UK. And it must mean that Nigel Farage is very aware of these figures or he would not hammer on about the problem being a European influx.

    Why doesn’t Europe expose this reality to the world?

  88. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    I believe that big percentage of people don’t care for national identity . For me is national identity important like for which handball you team are . To be “European” , who cares ? EU is excellent for human development , together we can develop economy , peace, education , justice , democracy and many other things we could never develop in small countries .

  89. avatar
    Kate O'Connell

    Death at the borders #FortressEurope. Drowned migrants in the med to protect power and privilege of a minority. Project Europe is graveyard.

  90. avatar
    Jason Pi

    The whole thing is finishing quickly but they are cooking the stats and tightening their grip on the media. The whole thing does not look or feel what was meant to be European years ago.

  91. avatar
    Florin Holban

    you can only strengthen unity among eu people by rendering nationalism irrelevant. this implies that across europe living conditions shoul be similar. then will we sit arround the table with our national stories and not our national pride. will never hapen.

  92. avatar
    Pedro Durães

    It means tolerance, the rule of law, freedom of speech, secularity, human rights and a land of lights. We certainly are not perfect but when we look around, oh boy … from China to the U.S, from Africa to East Russia… I’ am glad was born here.

  93. avatar
    ελενη χρυσομαλακου

    Being European means we put our national differences aside for the sake of our common future. This is the only way to compete countries of the size of one continent : US, China, India, Russia, Brazil. Our beautiful countries are getting smaller and smaller in this crowded planet we live. So ,united we stand, divided we fall.It is as simple as that.

    • avatar

      I don´t want to compete as one continent. We can compete better without dead weights like Greece holding us down.

    • avatar

      Marcel, Greece is paying its contributions to the EU without the issue even making the headlines and has saved the Euro by accepting a bail-out, ie a loan which it is repaying plus the interest on top. This also meant that Greece avoided extreme poverty (double of what it is now). There is no specific country that is a dead weight. That is the concept of a Union. One could claim the UK is a dead weight, as it takes up EU time and energy with constant complaints and remonstrations on things that itself has signed in the past, an attitude mostly meant for internal consumption. Or perhaps you are referring to the Parthenon marbles as dead weights?

  94. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    It is an identity indeed, it means a lot of individual freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc. Just a pity that as far as the EU is concerned too much emphasis is put on the economic and financial aspect.

  95. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    It is an identity indeed, it means a lot of individual freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc. Just a pity that as far as the EU is concerned too much emphasis is put on the economic and financial aspect.

  96. avatar
    Juljan Gjura

    Being European means all of what you have mentioned previously, do not worry too much, it has them all, the good and BAD parts! (probably there are more bad than god ones…)

  97. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    To be European means:

    1) to be born on the European continent;
    2) to be white;
    3) to be Christian;
    4) to value more the present, rather than the past.

    On point 4) UK is not a European country because British people give highest importance to their history where they think their greatness is. All countries from the continent look to the future for inspiration but only UK holds on to the past and tries to stop the inevitable process of change. They cling to the feeling of being separate, greater and more important to the world than other nations just because they are richer. What a self-deception! The value of human beings can never be measured with money. The last unsuccessful attempt for that was in colonial times – slavery. It seems this is still a lesson that most British people need to learn, unlike poorer nations who have already figured that out long time ago and have no problems in this respect. The question is what experience will bring the necessary wisdom and the answer is – poverty!

    • avatar


    • avatar

      If anyone clings to the past it is the French. They suffer from post colonial stress disorder. They lament the loss of French as the major diplomatic language.

      Who is going to fill the gap (in terms of money) if the Eurosoviet Union loses Britain´s net contribution? Is France going to cover the shortfall?

    • avatar
      Maia Alexandrova

      Dave, keep on laughing while you can.

      Marcel, don’t worry, we will manage somehow, life goes on. Some adjustments will need to be done but that will not be the end of the world. There are other, more important things in life than money.

      In the meantime, UK will prosper in its Commonwealth union with countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria, open its borders to more immigrants from there and in 20 years we might be referring to UK as Great Pakistan, not Great Britain.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @David &/or Dave, Marcel, Maia & all well meaning- Good day!………& what a happy occasion!

      This battle over, in, or for Britain or is it the EU viza GB/CW (which is it?) highlights the meaning: diversity in (& dis) unity- or was it unity in diversity? Really more & more confusing & complicated! We need to engage more EU lawyers to sort this out!

      Isn’t Britain with its inherited Commonwealth engaged in a serious battle on two fronts? Maia has a valid point. If one studies the GB-Commonwealth a bit closer- especially the “Schedule 3 British Subjects”, their “RIGHT TO ABODE”- their “CERTIFICATE OF ENTITLEMENT”, the UK with its full complement of its C.W. will, if they become a full EU member- bring with them half the world into the EU- or not?

      Is that not another good reason to go back to 1953 and put the thinking cap on?

    • avatar
      Keith Cahill

      What about Ireland? We’re not on the continent, but the vast majority of us most definitely regard ourselves as European. I don’t believe you have to be born on the actual continent to espouse European values or to consider yourself European.

  98. avatar
    Nicolas Douradou

    Europe means a shared history:
    Many wars were fought
    Borders evolved a lot in 2000 years, creating a HUGE mix of cultures.
    In each culture we can find the mark of another culture:
    – Common words
    – Common food
    – Common traditions
    – Common values
    Many leaders tried to unit this continent by force and the countries are now uniting through democratic ways pushed by the will and ideals of its citizens.

    European union means peace for all the nations that fought each other for so many years and are now working together toward the same goal.

    More than peace, European union means friendship and sharing between a wide variety of cultures that have so much to learn from each other.

    European union means influence in the world’s affairs. At a time of globalization, all the knowledge is shared and countries evolve fast. Any small country like France, England, German will eventually mean nothing in comparison to large countries with a lot more population hence larger market and GDP. The only way for us to exist in this world is to unite.

  99. avatar
    Teodor Constantinescu

    In the near future, I see myself as … Only European!
    It’s time to shed the skin of tribalist thinking. The anti-europeans have their place in the Dark Ages, not in the 3rd Millenium!

  100. avatar

    When I was young, it meant: Democracy, Security, Welfare State. Those 3 pillars consituted the core pro-EEC propaganda of the era.

    15 years later, the 2nd pillar collapsed a stormy night in SE Aegean Sea (at the western rocky island of Ymia, 30-31/1/1996 that came under foreign military occupation for a couple of hours without any EU reaction)

    29 years later, the 3rd pillar collapsed, turning us to debt-slaves (being – defacto – deprived of “fundamental” human rights, primarily the right to private property)

    31 years later, Gauleiter Merkel demolished the first pillar (“Referendum? Verbotten!!) replacing the then democratically elected Prime Minister of a member-state (a puppet of the International Usurers Gang took office!)

    Asking a citizen of the once Independent and Sovereign Hellenic Republic what does-being-“european” means, here is the answer: in accordance with the acts of the West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”)

  101. avatar

    Europe has always been the most advanced center of culture, democracy and technology in the whole world.
    One cannot but be proud of being European, for our history and for the contribution WE brought in the World history.

    I dream the time when I will be able to say “I’m from Europe. Italy.”, just as any American does.
    Edoardo- EU, Italy
    “In Varietate Concordia”

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Correct! Only the Council of Europe and Europe coincide!

  102. avatar
    Don Ecsedy

    As an American who wandered over here from a google hit on something else, I notice all here read and write English. Is it now the language of united Europe (EU)? How can Europe be a people, ethnicity (and for some here, a race, I think) without a common language?

    Old English confronting Norman language, pidginized until it became Middle English. Will European (EU) languages pidginize, then become something else? What about the non-Indo-European languages in the Union (Finn, Estonian, Magyar, I think), So far, a thousand years or more, they have not assimilated to Indo-European.

    This is a serious question.

  103. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    The e.u might be crap, beauracratic and corrupt, but, one thing it has done is prevent wars in Europe. That’s a start at least.

  104. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    The e.u might be crap, beauracratic and corrupt, but, one thing it has done is prevent wars in Europe. That’s a start at least.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @Richard Osborne:

      Unfortunately, not any more. What is Ukraine? The EU/US/UK set that alight by instruction from the IMF. Or, did you miss that little fact of life?

      And it isn’t going to stop there. The US are once again drafting in their army to ‘fight’ on European soil. And how many do they still have in Germany? Funny how they don’t pull that crock on their own borders isn’t it. With all the trouble they are having with South America, no massing of soldiers and artillery openly lined up on their borders threatening to sort those aliens out is there? No, they save that privilege for Europe and its ‘friend’ NATO.

    • avatar
      Dave R

      This is a myth – before 1973 there were only 6 members of the fledgling EU. What kept the peace before 1973? The same entities that kept the peace from world war 2 until now – NATO and the Warsaw Pact and mutual assured destruction – ie. nuclear weapons.

      Until 1989 and the fall of the Warsaw Pact alliance the global stalemate between the super powers and their allies have made large scale war too existentially dangerous for the potential combatants.

      Today NATO and lowered animosity have checked large scale war. And the ever present threat of nuclear war – the UK and France both possess nuclear weapons, and it is they that ensure that large scale war does not occur in the european theatre. Not anything at all to do with the EU – which is more likely to create the tensions for war than against.

  105. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    You’re taking about Bosnia/Herzegovina? Sarajevo/Kosovo? I’m not sure but I dont think they were e.u members at the time. If they were, then my argument is in the dust

  106. avatar

    A common culture, shared values, desire to put differences aside and work together towards peace and progress.

  107. avatar
    Bernard & Martine

    For us, we think that being European means to be in a place where there is democracy, liberty, equality, solidarity, non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, beliefs, origin, the richest and most influential cultural heritage.
    Then, we can say that we’re European people ! Thank you EU !

  108. avatar

    Be European is being a part of an union, it is sharing common values, and be stronger for economy, etc. But it is also care about the weaker coutries or union.

  109. avatar
    Romane and Gwen

    According to us, it is the share of common values such as culture and History. In France, Europe is present in many topics we study like in Geography or English and that’s why we feel involved in Europe.
    Moreover, be European is having a sort of freedom, as for traveling as for speech.
    Furthermore we want to progress together, as an united “nation” because it’s a part of our identity.
    Nevertheless, we think that it isn’t really developed ad we hope that it will be in a near future!

  110. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    We are British not ‘European’.

    The term ‘European’ is nothing more than a political term created to try and convince the peoples of Europe that they are some how the same people, clearly they are not.

    ‘Europeanism’ is just the latest fanatical ideology to control the peoples of Europe.

    Different flag, different anthem but the same antidemocratic lust for power..

    Thank god we are leaving the EU.

  111. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    We are British not ‘European’.

    The term ‘European’ is nothing more than a political term created to try and convince the peoples of Europe that they are some how the same people, clearly they are not.

    ‘Europeanism’ is just the latest fanatical ideology to control the peoples of Europe.

    Different flag, different anthem but the same antidemocratic lust for power..

    Thank god we are leaving the EU.

  112. avatar
    Silvio Bosco

    To make peace with myself accepting the whole complexity of my life and history that the nationalism of the sovereign states stole from me and us. W Altiero Spinelli and the Manifest of Ventotene

  113. avatar
    Semira Pashmineh-azar

    For the time being please do not ask Greek people .When the problems are solved then ask us again this question …Thank You

  114. avatar
    Nikolay Kosev

    To be able to travel all around Europe and explore different cultures. Europe has some amazing cultures in general.

  115. avatar
    Máté Foki

    To belong to the West.
    To live in a democracy.
    To be open-minded.
    To be liberal,and not to make differences between two men only because they are not the same coloured.
    To love the EU,and to make a United States of Europe,because it is the only way to make a third,”balancing” state between the USA and China in diplomacy.
    To know other people with different cultures.
    …and so on.

  116. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    What being ‘European’ really means.

    Being responsible for:

    40 + million dead in the First European World War to unite the peoples of Europe under one unwanted flag, one unwanted anthem & one unwanted fanatical ideology.

    60 + million dead in the Second European World War to unite the peoples of Europe under one unwanted flag, one unwanted anthem & one unwanted fanatical ideology..

    How many would you like to kill in your next European World War to unite the peoples of Europe under one unwanted flag, one unwanted anthem & one unwanted fanatical ideology?

    Being called ‘European’ should be an insult to every right minded human being.

  117. avatar
    Lee Tong

    Which continent has the history of largest wars in human history ? Even withtou WW1 and WW2 this continent was build on blood of our ancestors who I believe want nothing more but see us united. And in modern economy we have no chance to compete with anyone if we cant stay united.

  118. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Lee Tong

    So your plan is to repeat the blood letting of your ancestors ?, by capitulating to the EU you have thrown away all that your ancestors fought & died for.

    As far as the EU competing with the rest of the world is concerned your EU has been a catastrophe for the peoples of Europe while nations outside of your EU have thrived.

  119. avatar
    David Fernandes Coelho

    To me it means to be free to travel or live where ever I like within the union without discrimination but i dont think its possible.

  120. avatar
    Rémi Martin

    I’m not european, I’m french! I’ve never seen somebody with a EU-flag showing a world cup match!

  121. avatar
    José Carvalho

    I grew up feeling an european, even tough my Portugal only joined in 1986. It’s obviously geography, but also history, culture, and so many other things that are envied by any other continent. Being european also means that we’re under fire from the so called “markets”. A few things need to be changed – the main one is to have great leadership. If we manage that, we’ll succeed and will gain the freedom to continue to be different and special.

  122. avatar
    Máté Foki

    This is not true.

    In the first WW,anti-democratic nations fought against democracy to RULE.(For Germany’s king it was mainly cuz they wanted “space under the sun”)

    The second WW happened because the winners of the first WW(yes,it was mostly Britanny and France) forced too much tribute against the lost ones,and new theories infected people with the hope of vengeance.

    I don’t think anybody would want another european war. We have learned from the past. All of us. The uniting must be done in peace and harmony.

    • avatar
      Nikos Themelis

      It seems that those lessons are not learned in the corridors of power.The difference is,at the place of then Britain and France is now the northern block (essentially Germany) and in the place of then Germany is now the european south.

  123. avatar
    Teresa Silva

    I travel quite a lot for business and I feel home in Europeus, so to me it means being home. Politics is another issue…

  124. avatar
    Artur Žuromski

    The European Union has created America to joint forces to attack Russia! and have a 3-uw world war! It is a pity that Europe did not see. Europe is the only military tool in the hands of the United States. Europe without America, can not receive nor any political and economic decisions !!!

  125. avatar
    Dorothea Einhorn

    For me, to be european means to be part of the injustice against people e.g. from Africa, Syrians etc. From this Europe all the injustice and crime has its roots. Americans came from Europe and killed the Natives there. Colombus etc. came from Europe, the British and many other european countries exploited many countries for centuries. Now we build walls to defend all the wealth we stole from the people whom we stole it. Nice cradle of civilisation indeed!!! A nest of criminals and corruption, this is Europe! And I am very ashamed to be european.

  126. avatar
    Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    For me , being European is about taking the best parts of all cultures in Europe and molding it into ones own character, which results in the creation of a very Cosmopolitan European. So that means I have the best of everyone’s culture in Europe in me. – The height of cultural sophistication. That is why I have developed a European Panache that demand’s ONLY THE BEST. I wont settle for second best!!!

  127. avatar
    Artur Silva

    Being European , to me, means to be able to go to any country in Europe and be greeted and respected as a fellow European. As with everything some people are happier about this than others because they want to blame some of their problems on the whole of Europe. This is because of irresponsible politicians who prefer to win elections and be corrupt and don’t lead their countries….

  128. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    For me , the super powers help each other to guarantee the tomorrow, and for the small nations and community’s leaving them vithout choice.

  129. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Being European feels a heck of a lot better than being of a specific nationality. It allows me to feel at home in places and communities that speak other languages, have other ways of being, have other hopes and fears. Being European it allows me to feel safe with a single passport, it allows me to build a future that is way more and better than what I could have built had my country stayed “independent” (quotes were intentional) for there is no such real thing as an independent country of yesteryear.

  130. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    Communicate, sharing, culture, history, connection. It means cooperation on common matters as equal members despite lots of differences.

  131. avatar
    Giannis Lainas

    Im not European.There is no european identity.I as a greek for sure got nothing in common with citizens from north europe,i got more common stuff with Turkey than Holland or whatever… think so yourselfs afterall,for instance im lazy and corrupt while you guys are hardworking and respectfull of law and on top now you are saving my country and we live in expense of your kindness.Right?Ofc im being sarcastic.

  132. avatar
    Sakis Pastras

    I am greek. Born and raised in awesome Netherlands. The continent is europe and thats it. Dont push something in peoples throat which is absolutely nonsense. I am proud of all countries in the EU seperately. Roots heritage. This is what makes europe great!!

  133. avatar
    Michalis Iakovidis

    I’m a greek-cypriot, as long is concert me it doesn’t meen a s**t.

  134. avatar
    Marc Herrera Oliver

    What it means for us to be a european? It means a common history of the oldest countries in the world and the beginning of the civilization. But the most important, the common feeling that we don’t want to fight each other and repeat the horrors of the past. The common feeling in democracy as the best kind of political system, the common feeling in the Peace and the respect of human rights. The common feeling we need a unique market and a unique voice in the international system in the world. It means the biggest GDP in the world, thus the most important economic power in the world, even in time of the worst economic crisis that remind us we have to change some aspects and improve mistakes of the past. It means Erasmus Programs and interchange students. It means the democratization of the neighbour countries with a normative power, putting a positive conditionality to change countries that don’t respect the human rights. It means the biggest power in humanitarian aid in the world, so it means also the most generous power and we have to be proud about that. It means security for everybody,peace, democracy, human rights, but security as a normative and economic power not as military like China or USA, and also, we’ve to be proud about that. It means to be something in the world because every european country by itself, is no more than a litlte ant in the international system if you compare that one with China or USA, and probably a puppet of that one if this country moves alone. We have to change a lot of things, the way will be difficult, because also the challenge is really great. This crisis is an opportunity to improve, giving up is just too easy and just a excuse for some nationalisms to return to the past we don’t want again.

  135. avatar
    Catalin Vasile

    E.U. has killed Democracy in Rumania when it stated taht 7.5 million citizens = 0 when it comes to what E.U. beaurocrats want! Europeans for me means I live in Europe! E.U. means E.U.S.S.R. led by appointed beaurocrats that have nothing to do with Democracy and serving the citizens!

  136. avatar
    Cataldo E. Rizzo

    Peace, liberty, and equality.
    As well as culture and pride.

    The EU is the only chance for the small, old European nation states to be independent both from the US (the West, including the UK) and from Russia (the East).

  137. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Give up old nationalism and religion and accept new values : democracy, peace , human rights , equality , justice .

  138. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    To be european to me means to belong to an area where people respect each other and every effort is done to promote peace and solidarity toward other nations. It means respecting our individual cultural heritage along with everyones else’s, it means putting people’s interests above everything else, it means defending our region from attacks of speculators and from those trying to impose their interests and agenda to achieve access to european resources. It means to help less developed countries in their way to a more fair and solidary way of life.
    Unfortunately the Europe I aim to belong to is no longer alive, it has been sieged by financial marauders whose only target is to drain the europeans resources and put the majority of europeans into slavery.
    The Europe has been sieged by the EU bureaucrats and we, european citizens, have to take back our power to get rid of them a rebuild a true Europe of citizens insted of a corporate block subdued by warmongers hipocrytes.

  139. avatar
    Daniel Hjøllo

    nothing, eu is such a bluff. we need to become more integrated and have one constitution and common laws.

  140. avatar
    Jason Cotterill-Attaway

    ‘Europe’ means defecating on 3000 years of shared history; on ignoring the deaths of millions and the raping of individual nations mineral wealth.

  141. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    You’re right Jason but that belongs to the past, in the mean time Europe has evolved (not allways in the good sense) and became the land where there were better living conditions for citizens and more respect for human life. It somehow started to change a while ago and that is the reason we must change the way things are being conducted…

  142. avatar
    Тиберий Баръмов

    Guarantee of democracy, freedom of speech and press, travelling, economy. Diversity. Choice. Challenges. And if this is too little for you or means NOTHING, then please, bring the communism and USSR back and live with them. For Eastern Europe 45 years were enough, i think.

  143. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    To be in a non-democratic union controlled by finance and Angela Merkel.
    To watch with your own eyes the destruction of nations such as Greece.
    A Nation that 30 year ago, cancelled their WWII credit from Germany, even if they where much less advanced and they would have needed it.

  144. avatar
    Cody Maverick

    means no more democracy. No more human rights (work is a human right). Means that a private, non-governative elite writes the laws and imposes them to the nations, laws that serve to put profit before the citizens progress and wellness. The mean is the crisis the target is to arrive to a feudal-like society, with no equality and where democracy is an empty word.

  145. avatar
    Doru Adonis Izuel

    Without UNITY it means nothing !! But if we are united as one people, no first class Europe, second class and third class, we might just be the greatest nation in the world !

  146. avatar
    Ion Popescu

    Without UNITY it means nothing !! But if we are united as one people, no first class Europe, second class and third class, we might just be the greatest nation in the world !

    • avatar
      Pedro Abreu

      “First of all, being European means defending European Union from all its haters!” Best comment so far <3

  147. avatar
    Flavio Sousa

    To me, it means being exploited by international bankers and crooked politicians.

    • avatar

      Good point

  148. avatar

    Be european is want the be part of a constrution of comuns values in a geografic region , europe: respect the values of others peoples, back groud of cristian heritage, acept and pratice democracy, solve problemas by negociation never by war be proud of what europeans people did and do in beahave of world well fare and development

  149. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    All of you are correct in your statements. You’ve been pointing out the matters we don’t like in Europe or what in Europe is good but the real discussion should be what kind of Europe we want in the future. I for once wish an Europe of citizens instead a Europe of corporations, an Europe of freedom and development instead one of financial speculation, an Europe willing to help those in need and promoting peace instead of one supporting the predatory goals of their american ally rulled by warmongers and speculators. Call me utopic or any other name you want but this is the Europe I think is worth fighting for.

    • avatar
      Nikos Themelis

      That will never happen.European Union was built for the corporations and serve only corporations and vested interests.
      Remember,at first it was called Steel and Coal union.

  150. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    that you are free to travel to every state of the EU/Schengen without any issue, to be able to work and live there too in just an instant, that you have the right to say what you feel and think without being locked up in jail (negative thing is that u won’t even be put in jail when you are discriminating someone…) that you can be(come) who you want to be and that you have the right to vote and to go to school. And not to forget to listen to the “Ode to joy/Ode an die Freude” with your hand on your heart when you are proud to be European :-) Live ALDE Party ? Liberals and Democrats for Europe and thanks for the people in the past who made our dream come true for at least a big portion, let’s hope now that more people will realize that they are European!!!

  151. avatar
    Victor Abreu

    O que comeou como um projecto para a vida das pessoas est acabando num inferno financeiro e agiota. Os bancos e os mercados dominam a Europa e as pessoas voltaram simplesmente a ser nmeros. A Europa existiria na verdade se todos tivssemos a mesma qualidade de vida, emprego, educao e cuidados de sade.

  152. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    It means being a member of politically incoherent, socially incompatible, economically challenged and military incapacitated area. An area where law means nothing, standards are just for fun and regulations are invented to levy more and more taxes.

  153. avatar
    Julien Mad

    A “european”, it’s a person who live in Europe (continent). Like when we say an african. It’s a personn who live in Africa. Nothing more.

    • avatar

      I am european american. idk lol

  154. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    How about changing our way of life, instead of being passively living in Europe what if we all start building a different Europe?
    One that meets our expectations, that becomes a model to be followed instead one conoted to a imperialistic one, allways looking to medle in the internal affaires of other soberane nations, one that promotes peace instead of feeding terrorism and uprisings to create instability, wich final goal is to sell more weapons and to get access to coveted resources?

    • avatar
      Nikos Themelis

      Well,countries are punished for their democratic decisions or they are forced to make the “right” decisions,sometimes by voting again and again until the “right” decision is voted.
      Keep the flogging until morale improves.

  155. avatar
    Cody Maverick

    Ask to Greek people what does it mean to be European. Child mortality as increased after the financial golpe of 2011 in Greece (the lancet). Euro technocrats must be judged by a new Norimberga tribunal and killed for crimes against humanity.

  156. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    To be European means to belong to the common Christian civilization. Being Bulgarian, I am European, but only through my nationality and ethnicity.

  157. avatar

    Europeann values: democracy, repect the others, will of peace solving problems by conversation ( never with bombing)

  158. avatar
    British Patriot ;)

    To me it means that I was lucky enough to be born on the continent of Europe. I am first and foremost a British citizen and secondly an Englishman.
    I am a European in the same way a Peruvian and a Brazilian are both south Americans. There is no sense of citizenship in Europe for me, other nations are seen as friendly neighbours with their own house and not fellow citizens sharing the same house.

  159. avatar
    Raymond M. Keogh

    Has European “Identity” any meaning? What is “Identity”? Follow The Gerald Keogh Identity Series (#GKISeries) from 25th April 2015 to the end of 2017 on

  160. avatar

    I would not say what it means to me since I am not an European. But I could suggest what it looks to me. It looks to me the Europeans are more practical and less about ideological fuss. That’ll pin them into an selfish image, since they are less likely to contribute to their International responsibility. That’s being said, they make less errors and cause less damage than the Americans. I hope the EU could offer an alternative for global leadership to the US hegemony in the forthcoming century.

  161. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Being European means to be “roots of civilization”, the democratic state started with ancient Greece and Rome. Being European also means that we can keep and respect each other’s nationality, religion and freedom till it doesn’t harm other’s! Europe tolerance is right but we have to learn how to be tough with those who think our tolerance is foolishness!!!

  162. avatar
    Alekos Tontolorez

    I am from Cyprus and i feel European. but there is no Union, it look like Cooperation not really a Union.

  163. avatar
    Adri Hulshoff

    Being a European is very important to me. I feel that we can only make this place better if we join. This doesn’t mean I reject being Dutch also, or an inhabitant of Deventer (the town I live). I just think it is coloring my life, looking over borders and meeting different cultures, having friends in different countries etc.

  164. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    To be European is to be part of a large whole that “tastes like progress” in many facets of life. To be European is to feel privileged everyday.

  165. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    I am a Romanian European and for me to be European means to belong to Europe ( geography,language,heritage,culture,way of living,)

  166. avatar
    Damianakis Minas


  167. avatar
    Christian Weale

    Being European is very important to me. I have always felt European and of course I am, historically, linguistically, culturally And the aims that I aspire to achieve, they all reinforce my various identities!!
    I am a British National which makes me Both European by birth and more importantly to me, choice!

    The collective values that define our common and diverse identities make me feel a greater sense of fraternity, unity and equality, aims I believe we should all work towards,for the collective good!

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Why does it make you European by birth,it makes you British mate and the only goal we need to work towards is a Brexit thanks

  168. avatar
    Margaret Barahmandpour

    To live in a continent where good is bad, where antisemitism is the order of the day, where lessons from history were not learnt and where idiotic tolerance of intolerance actually are fast destroying the Europe we knew!

  169. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    What it DOESNT mean is having a bunch of unelcted Wall Street bankers “ECB” playing god telling EUROPEANS wether they are “European” or not, or “kicking” them out of their financial slave camp/system, American puppets telling us wether we are European or not is definately what being European does NOT mean.

    • avatar
      Hugo Oliveira

      On the spot.

  170. avatar
    Malcolm Farrugia

    Being European, should mean having a positive & proper sense of belonging, whilst upholding the vision and values of all that makes us Europeans. However, this should imply protecting our cultures, traditions, rights to safety and build a strong economy. Regretfully, all that E.U evolves around nowadays, is standardisation across all member states, which might result in the decimation of different countries unique characteristics and features. Moreover, the current E.U policies re: Illegal migration are resulting in negative implications for member states such as Malta, Italy and other states which are located around the Mediterranean sea.

  171. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    It means a lot…sharing same continent. …avoiding wars, feeedom,freedom of movement, beautiful different cultures ,heritage, .

  172. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    United States of Europe and European citizenship, that will mean for us to be Europeans in the near future : English European, French Europeam, Greek European, Estonian Europeam, Spanish European, Romanian European, Dutch European, Irish European, German European and so on.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      It will never be English European ever,maybe English British but never European

  173. avatar
    George Kazalas

    Hellenic-romean forms of civilisations that could lead to a political union but the legislation procetures blow the dream as it stands in favour of the big fish that eats the little

  174. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    Europe is what I am! it is everything I believe in, the way I view the rest of the world. Europe has defined me, and I have defined Europe.

  175. avatar
    Stavroula Gatsou

    europen is one of the most important think tanks of humanity, as i see from comments above, not a lot of hope is actually spread by the eu for this word,

  176. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    For me it means a nationalism at European level, so nothing better that nationalism itself.

  177. avatar
    Kaj Lindgren

    The European Union?s key objectives should be to increase European work, prosperity and competitiveness. The European Union should preserve European cultural resources and support the creation of new ones. Developing and complying with Community environmental legislation all over the European Union is indispensable for our future. The European Union must also be aware of its responsibility for people, human rights, human suffering and the environment outside Europe.

  178. avatar
    Bronco Petrovic

    Unemployment, bankruptcy, racism, xenophobia, austerity, poverty,debts, biuroucracy,ravaging nationalism…thats why i wanna leave it! Then import ppl from somewhere else

    • avatar

      Where would you like to go Bronco? As for importing people, it looks likes we currently have no shortage of willing immigrants – at least in Europe.

  179. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    A combination of 1) embracing the good values that the most advanced ones of the european civilisiations have so far reached(philosophy, art, laicism of states and societies, interest in science, human rights, equality, efficiency at work, ecc), and in the mean time 2) having the luck of living in Europe so you could embrace those values even better. Europe is not just EU, and anyway there are nations in EU and further in Europe which have to try harder into embracing those European values which are good ones.

  180. avatar
    Pasquale D'Elia

    So many eurotrolls well paid by EU commission to make ridiculous euro-propaganda. There is no united europe. That is the reality.

  181. avatar
    Samira Stephan

    I’m European much more than I’m Italian, thankfully. I would hate to be confined in a provincial national identity (all nationalism is narrow-minded and provincial). And although he’s the actual inventor of my mother tongue, I disagree with Dante’s idea that a European Union must be brought about by a German-based Holy Roman Empire (Heiliges Römisches Reich – see infographics above).

  182. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Europi was daughter of Dias. So knowlwdge studies universities happyness and good connection between the differend countries of Europe(christians) means and east Europe of course. Americans are like kids with guns

  183. avatar
    Lourenço Tomás

    Total demagogy and inequality and prejudice for europeans or non euro citizens, specially those living abroad.

  184. avatar
    Viorel Stancut

    We have two options only: to be European or to be slave. The Europe must be united, otherwise the future is darkness.

  185. avatar
    Gerlinde Rud

    Ask the peaple un the war zone, what they need first,then we have to make space for the peaple,they can help make hauses,make nothing,minus comfort,we can to make tipis in the forest,this peapel now to live like this,spain,nord kastaniastrees,food,and much things,and the saudis can bring water in the sahara, and help wurh money spain,and spain help,syria,and ectr

    • avatar
      Hugo Oliveira

      It seems to me you are awake. Congratulations. Sorry to tell you, but most of the world is still in the dark ages. Drop seeds, not bombs! ;)

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No close borders

  186. avatar
    Ioannis Kaikonidis

    For me is Europ a Long wey of Historie of Culture Wars Peace and a Hope That Same Day er all gut Nr First European and then Greek Italian German or datch or wahr Ever

  187. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    40 million dead in the first ‘European’ world war to forcibly unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.

    60 million dead in the Second ‘European’ world war to forcibly unite the peoples of Europe under one flag, one anthem & one dogma.


    To be called ‘European’ is to be known as a warmongering fool.


    We are British, never ‘European’.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Amen my brother

  188. avatar
    Daniel Sadie

    I’m British and European & I love the EU because it connects us with our neighbouring countries. I have always felt European because I was born that way.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      I don’t and never will

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      That needs to end before major in rest starts

  189. avatar
    Jean-Loup Gajac

    Europe is ruled by dictatorship and financial mafia. No reform possible, Europe is garbage, just put it down in dustbin !

  190. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    No boss , no one rule the others !

    Everyone keep they own culture

    Opportunities same for all

    No dirty games from Germany to be leader !!!

    Language as it is now (every one his own language and international English) if not than Greek because is the mother of all !!!!

    We can have one bank for euro but must be cut in small banks for each country inside

    If anyone have problem like my country (Greece) than the other help only to bring jobs in this country NO LOANS BECAUSE MAYBE HAVE DIRTY POLITICIANS (LIKE GREECE BEFORE) AND GERMANY ALWAYS !!!




    • avatar
      Hugo Oliveira

      As a Portuguese, i subscribe. If Europe wants to help, it needs competent people to see what is being done with the money, or all of it is going to the same hands, the dirty ones.

  191. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Definition of ‘Europe’.

    The most common definition of Europe excludes the Greek Islands, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, the Balearic Islands, Iceland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and its dependencies. Most definitions extend the boundaries of the continent to its standard boundaries: the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus Mountains.

    So not part of Europe = Not ‘European’.

    Europe is merely a peninsula of the Eurasian continent so you would be correct in saying we are all ‘Eurasian’ but the term ‘European’ is just a political tool to convince the simple minded that we are all the same, clearly we are not but in most case’s on here it as clearly worked.

  192. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    It means to be European for me it is to be member of the best civilization of the world.

  193. avatar
    Irene Constantinou

    For me being European is to be part of Europe by representing my country and its rights, culture ,religion, history, education! To feel that you are part of a family!!!

  194. avatar
    Dani Alexandrov

    For most Europeans being European is like being proud to be part of the greatest family in the world, the European family!

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      That needs to end it’s killing the British identity that why we want to leave

  195. avatar
    Emmanouil Koutsoudakis

    EUROPE the continent of the enlightment / humanitarism secular religion belief western/eastern values with a massive history of conflicts and the origin of 2 world wars overcame her legacy of divide and establised a economic/monetary trade work area created most global institutions un unesco etc a leading cultural and economic power that needs through her institutions to allow her citizens to thrive at the global civil arena..

  196. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    Being european is not dependent of the EU. Being european is one of the most well defined identities in the world. Mean being heirs of an heritage of mixed elements, that combine in different ways and with different results in time and space, across history and across Europe. The indo-european heritage, that defined our languages and concepts of the world. The mixed celtic/roman/german/slavic (all of them belonging to the same indo-european family) elements, the experience of Christianity, the appearence of the State, the experience of the Renaissance and, later, the Illuminist movement and the liberal revolutions. The experience of the age of the Discoveries and the mass migrations to the Americas. The R1a and R1b genetical predominance across the continent. The complex net of permanent inter-dependence, resulting from ultra frequent exchange of ideas, technologies and, frequently, the transfer of entire populations from one corner of the continet to another, made of Europe what it is: a very solid historical, social and civilizational entity. Remember that Europe is not technically a Continent, it is just a peninsula of the Eurasian continent, It have the status of a Continent because Europe is home to the europeans.

  197. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    Is living in a state where the government is ruled by sovereign institutions…look at Greece, Spain and many others…the financial sector is crushing our democracies

  198. avatar
    Ricardo Urjais

    Be part of the same cultural matrix, respect each country customs and traditions, all embedded in co-lateral cooperation between members :)

  199. avatar
    Tony Kunnari

    Slaves have many names. It does not matter what name we call ourselves, but how we behave toward each other. Behaviour is the key element, the last piece of the puzzle to create true breathing freedom. Currently this is limited by ignorant, neglective and desperate governance of all kind within individuals and groups alike. Governance in the current form reduces the ability to move and therefore we have less freedom. Whenever the logistics are solved in a comprehensive manner through tolerance, integrity and confidence i.e. understanding of behaviour, we become free of slavery and thus we are able to fathom what it is like to be truly free.

  200. avatar
    Juan Luis Furones Ramos

    It men’s that I live in ONE big country that allows me to speak multiple languages and share my work with other people, regardless of their race or speaking.

  201. avatar
    Ulf Skei

    It means being part of a line of history starting out as small neolithic groups fighting to survive and now being part of a very interesting project building democracy and equality in old Europe. It means less borders and more freedom to be me. It is good.

  202. avatar
    João Machado

    There’s no European nationality, so to me European means to be someone that was born in the old continent, in the European continent. Nothing more. The people of europe is starting to see behind these political federalist propaganda for the wet dream of the United States of Europe. The people of europe know better. The European dream is over. Lets build the future now.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Got you first time mate ,but I disagree with you anyway I’m British not European

  203. avatar
    J P Schoffer Petricek

    for me it means to uphold our European values. See Article 2 TEU:
    The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.

  204. avatar

    Being European is a matter of birth, heritage and values. Fortunately to be European we do not also need to be members of the EU which undermines true European values in so many ways, not least in challenging national sovereignties hard won over centuries and by imposing a quasi-Stalinist bureaucracy to restrict the freedoms we otherwise enjoy within our nation states.

  205. avatar
    Gjorgji Kostojchinoski

    The formulation of the question is problematic in the first place: “Whether you feel European, and what EU citizenship means to you?” Does it mean that having a EU citizenship is a precondition for possessing a European identity?

  206. avatar
    Gjorgji Kostojchinoski

    The formulation of the question is problematic in the first place: “Whether you feel European, and what EU citizenship means to you?” Does it mean that having a EU citizenship is a precondition for possessing a European identity?

  207. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    Europeans are the inhabitants of the European continent, free peoples with equal rights & freedom of speech

  208. avatar
    Muscas Anne

    Europeans are the inhabitants of the European continent, free peoples with equal rights & freedom of speech

  209. avatar
    Emilio de Cesare

    To be subaltern of germany.bettet to be european with our identity of the land that we be free from germany burocratie.

  210. avatar
    Blanche Rose

    To be citizen of huge and incredible entity which once will be a States. With common values, freedom of speech and expression, States of right, a christian culture. But also to be citizen of an entity that need to find a way to legitimate itselfs with regards to some part of its citizen. The elargment process due to UK pressure was a wrong step and now we need to moove forward.

  211. avatar
    Spyros Tsakos

    To strive all together for our common values and needs and at the same time to give our differences a new and better perspective in order to coexist with each other.

  212. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    I feel European, because I AM European, but still I feel inferior because I am from Romania, a poor country. And citizens of rich countries let us feel we are not equal.

  213. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.

  214. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I am Portuguese and European citizen advocate the shared European values of social sustainable liberal democracy

  215. avatar
    Κωνσταντινος Ζαχαρούδης

    An areal and mental union of countries, where equal understanding and aplication of democratic procedures are in place, so that all persons within are allowed and able to think freely, choose freely and act freely to the exted the commonly accepted regulations allow.

  216. avatar
    Harald Heidegger

    To be European means for me to live solidarity and broderhood. Which is the contrary of what happens between Germany and Greece. Both of them are acting as if they could go on better without each other but the contrary is true.

  217. avatar
    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    It’s good to love your homeland, it’s a part of who you are. But an intelligent person will always sustain peace, union and cooperation with other countries, in the spirit of democracy and care for all citizens and their rights. Protests should be all peaceful, violence is just a way to agravate a problem, not to solve it. Europe should be more united at the level of civil society, and that is possible only for the young intellectuals for the time being, until the mentalities will evolve in the future.
    I think UK will leave EU, and it’s better this way for both them and Europeans – the UK is actually in an union with the US, and their policy is not compatible with Europe’s interests, in my opinion. NATO is good as a military alliance, not a political entity. Cooperation between Europe and the English-American states will even be more efficient by removing any political element.

  218. avatar
    Charlie Graham Twin-c

    it means they live off of American tax dollars, we fund the Imf and the International Montery Fund takes that money, and lends to the european on High interest guaranteed backed loans.. ridicilous #foxbusiness

  219. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    In Portugal, it means one more hole to put money in. All European Parlament seams to be is another group of people deciding wich companies will get the money this time, and usualy banks win every turn. With the BCE, FMI and FRB in the mix, i would say that a Portuguese “European” is a sad, angry, fed up citizen of a country sold to higher purposes.

  220. avatar
    Anka Tm

    The chance to test that it is not necessary that a single Nation must have a State. It is possible to be part of a Nation, belong to a country, and live all toguether in a suprastate.
    Have u ever read to Schumann, Monnet, DE Gasperi, adenauer, spinelli, otto habsburgo, ….try it.

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No superstate for me thanks the EU is finished

  221. avatar
    Mickael X

    I think it’s very important to feel European. I’m a student in a school French and I’m learning European’s culture. Even if you aren’t European on your identity cards, it’s a large community about the principal values ; harmony, economic development.
    We must no forget why the Europe is like that today, because we’ve got a common story about wars, geographic localization.
    This is why we have to develop the European’s identity.

  222. avatar

    For me be european is not necessary. It’s just if you want be european YOU are european if you are like me you are not european.

  223. avatar

    Hey everybody I come in peace

  224. avatar
    Clara Bouttier

    My sense of being European is only cultural, we all have a common past especially with the 2nd World War. It will never be political. In that sense I am proud to be a part of a continent that is so rich in culture, diversity, linguistics, cuisine, history and peoples. I feel French and European.

  225. avatar

    I think the feeling of being european is fake, that don’t change my every day life, like, apart from that, you have rich countries who give to poor countries like the Greece, who don’ want to pay her debt. Of course, there is good point but I don’t feel european, only French.

  226. avatar

    Europe is not a country but just some economic regroupement of countries.
    I personnaly don’t understand the people who says they are european. This is just some countries who just shares a history of war.

  227. avatar

    I’m portuguese and I’m not european…

  228. avatar

    I’m French, only french and I don’t feel european

  229. avatar
    The ELST

    I am french, but I only feel european , because i was born in italy and the French culture and Italian culture are not the same so i feel more close to Italy.

  230. avatar

    “What does it mean to YOU to be “European”?”
    This is a fundamental question: I’ve been thinking about it for years and I’ve written a few articles about it.
    Unlike Warriors, I’m French, but I don’t feel ONLY French, I also feel European: I studied English at the university, I married a Spaniard, I have friends in Germany and Italy, Greece and Britain… Anywhere in Europe, be it in Prague or Cracow, Heidelberg or Nauplia, Madrid or Amsterdam… etc. I feel at home.

    You only have to live in Africa or Asia to feel European and the people there consider you as such.

    But there are two other fundamental questions:
    The first is:
    What is Europe ?
    It is not the bureaucracy in Brussels, the Commision, the lobbies… Europe is a civilisation, just as China is a civilisation, just as Ancient Egypt was one. We all belong to that civilisation which was born 2500 years ago in Greece, which invented democracy, the arts and sciences (look at all the Greek words in those fields). All the great cultural movements were European: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Cubism…etc.

    The second question is: What is identity ?
    It is never limited to one dimension: every identity is a multiple identity.
    You can be a footballer, a protestant, a Breton, a Frenchman, a European… and a citizen of the world… AT THE SAME TIME; you don’t have to choose one dimension of your identity in opposition to the others.

    I have written several articles on these topics:
    Identity, otherness and solidarity
    Why Europe ? A question of survival.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Better come to earth than fly to the sky. Many times in history, ideas have helped Powers to hide their colonial ambitions. My view of the EU has been stated above. To help you understanding that European is as much the French as the Greek or the Russian or the Icelander, the Norwegian or the Portuguese, I post it again:

      George YIANNITSIOTIS November 6th, 2014
      When I was young, it meant: Democracy, Security, Welfare State. Those 3 pillars consituted the core pro-EEC propaganda of the era.

      15 years later, the 2nd pillar collapsed a stormy night in SE Aegean Sea (at the western rocky island of Ymia, 30-31/1/1996 that came under foreign military occupation for a couple of hours without any EU reaction)

      29 years later, the 3rd pillar collapsed, turning us to debt-slaves (being – defacto – deprived of “fundamental” human rights, primarily the right to private property)

      31 years later, Gauleiter Merkel demolished the first pillar (“Referendum? Verbotten!!) replacing the then democratically elected Prime Minister of a member-state (a puppet of the International Usurers Gang took office!)

      Asking a citizen of the once Independent and Sovereign Hellenic Republic what does-being-”european” means, here is the answer: in accordance with the acts of the West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”)

  231. avatar
    Dino Šakanović

    Be free, think free, fight for others rights :)

    Last time I nationally declared myself as “European”

  232. avatar
    Alexandros Apostolidis

    “unis dans la diversité” is the only real motto. I hate it when I hear people judge the Mediterraneans or the Eastern Europeans for having a different mentality, as if there was a Northern European model that is to be followed.
    As for shared values, I think as a common ground Europeans are influenced by the grecorromanian civilisation, the impact of European Wars during the 18th-20th centuries, the French Revolution and the repercussion of Christianism and Atheism.

  233. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    To live in a European country that have and respect the same values,rulls,rights and freedoms.

  234. avatar
    Rene Jochems

    For many years I was proud to be European and I believed in the social project … TODAY I’M ASHAMED TO SEE WHAT A FASCIST ORGANIZATION THE EU HAS BECOME.

  235. avatar

    I’ m afraid that here in Greece, it means nothing to us anymore.

  236. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    I think the easiest is for Europeans to travel outside of Europe and stay/live in different societies, and then it will be much clearer that there is a European identity :)

  237. avatar
    Daniele Laganà

    The Swiss nationality is the example: more cultural identities (Italian, French, German), but one national identity. ;)

  238. avatar
    Vidosaurus Daniel

    It means 50000 years of inbreeding and imperialism both of wich have ups and downs: on one hand blue and green eyes, blond and red hair are esthetically pleasing, on the otherhand high IQ means we designed systems that destroyed the planet. See The Bell Curve.

  239. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    Express my opinion, accept difference, share culture, fight for others rights. Be humanitarian and keep co operating to solve problems.

  240. avatar
    Alex Lexva

    to wake up to an espresso and be able to make it to a macchiato late in the night

  241. avatar
    Nico Bove

    Nothing has been done to develop an effective European Identity in the course of the last twenty years. Read carefully the ‘Federalist Papers’. Very though provoking.

  242. avatar
    Πέτρος Νικολακόπουλος

    Nothing,nothing at all.

  243. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    There is indeed an European identity. Every European find they have more things in common among themselves than to Americans. I suppose the main reasons are Christianity as a common ground, the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, the value of Democracy and Freedom are the main shared values.

  244. avatar
    Myron Kanakis

    European means the habitant of a continent who has been educated by the values of the french revolution ,equality,liberty,fraternity and the principles of greek philosophy .United nations that they dont have anything to seperate but they work for their common interest.That was happening till 10-15 years ago.
    Nowadays your principles are austerity,pay the (made by the golden boys)debt ,unemployment,luck of pruductivity ,more money to the richest .
    You are following a path that it is leading only to a new war,fascists are appearing again 70years after the Holocaust of Europe ,capitalism that you love ,brought his children fascism and racism and you care more about the digits than human beings…Shame on you,you achieved to destroy the european mindset in only 5-10 years…But you ll find us against you ,fighting for our rights,you bastards fascists burreaucrats of bruxxels,die in hell

  245. avatar
    Kostina Prifti

    I think that what makes people feel part of something is the feeling of sharing something different, together. Under this argument, I think that the biggest contribution Europe has given to the world is the development of the human rights concept. If we look back to the past, there are many things that certain important European figures have given to the world (like Freud, Hugo etc) but at the end of the day, there was still a nationalistic perspective in their work, because of the way the world was functioning back then. However, we can nowadays say without any hesitation that the biggest development of the human rights concept came from all the European states all together (Council of Europe and EU inst. focused on HR). I think this is one of the most fundamental values that we can share as Europeans.

    At the same time, one must understand that being patriotic does not exclude feeling European (e.g if you feel proud of being a Bavarian, that doesn’t make you any less proud of being a German, and vice-versa). The national belonging is complementary to the European identity.

  246. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    A poll carried out by your European Commission found:

    . Only 14% of people in the EU are “in favour of the EU”.

    . Only 13% of people in the EU feel “European or a citizen of the EU” .

    . Choosing the future President of the European Commission only interested 5% of voters in the May 2014 elections.

    The peoples of Europe hate the antidemocratic EU just as much as we do.

  247. avatar
    Simone Jaeger Erre

    I’ll start to feel little european identity when u’ll start share migrants from africa with italy dear european union! United just about our money

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      Thank the Lord we have an opt out of the migrants .if Cameron had taken them we would have riots .We have had enough

    • avatar
      Stephen Pockley

      No thanks because we will never be part of that rubbish

  248. avatar
    Giovanni Pasquini

    It means to pay more taxes than usual to mantein other countries, to have less rights than in the past, not to be free at home, to be invaded from foreign factories destroying our economy, not to be free to decide if we want to remain in this Eu, not to be free to decide if we can choose another value out of €uro and so on.

  249. avatar
    Seán Rohan

    European means all of our countries uniting closer so we are free from outside interference, big enough together to compete against the giants like China and India and don’t fall under the control of either the United States (U.K.) or Russia (Hungary)

  250. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Grams maths.. Oxford…Ancient Greek. Technologia and science. Economia with respect..metro..Ylis-material-destroy European lifes

  251. avatar
    Μάριος Γεωργίου

    Hm..i think that is good to have an identity with european citizenship and the same time our nationality. For me…we have the same culture and the same civilization. We have the same values..from ancient greece, from grecoroman and enlightenment

  252. avatar
    Josep Riera

    I am in the 2% of only european, I like the diversity and the values of the EU. Of course there will always be multiple nationalities in Europe, of course there will always be people feeling they don’t belong to Europe, and sure there are many things we could improve from the current situation. But I think in Europe we are where we are mainly because of the common ground that unites us as europeans, social rights and the welfare state. To sum up, when I go outside Europe, I am very proud to say that I am european.

  253. avatar
    Rui Correia

    For me, it’s all about shared values, common basic principles in life, common past experiences from which we all learned similar lessons throughout our history.
    Our ways, our traditions, the way we think, the matrix of social values we live by, etc etc, don’t clash. And interacting is quite easy, it’s very very easy to find common grounds without any significant effort – it all comes out naturally.
    I was born and raised both as a proud Portuguese and as an European (specifically from the South-Western tip of Europe, Iberian Peninsula), since generations I can’t even remember. It was passed on to me by my parents, grandparents and so on…
    Plus: a decent European adds value to another fellow European. Most non-Europeans don’t hesitate to “sweet talk” us into taking advantage of us, generally for their own selfish purposes, according to their own financial interests, regardless of anything – which makes me feel a bit more uncomfortable when I travel outside Europe.
    I feel safe and at home here in Europe, anywhere in Europe really :-)

  254. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    “An arbitrary name on a map”? You mean, like Metternich said of Italy, before it became a nation-state, that it was “just a geographic expression”?! Europe was already an identity before it had knowledge of itself. The fact that the romans considered the gauls and the egyptians equally foreigners must not make us forget that the romans were genetically, linguistically, religiously (and on and on) related to the gauls and not to the egyptians. It means that europeans, before christianity, had no conscience of themselves as such, but they already shared an identity. Christianity, even if a foreign ideology imported from the middle-east, gave Europe that conscience of itself, that was absent before, when the world was largely unknown.

  255. avatar
    Gaute Kornberg

    To be a european means that he must not repeat him self to much.

  256. avatar
    Gatouli Gatoulini

    Σημαίνει ότι είμαι κάτοικος ευρωπαϊκού κράτους. Τίποτε περισσότερο, τίποτε λιγότερο!

  257. avatar
    Nico Bove

    OK. I can see you have a deep insight of all the topics you are going to debate and vote.

  258. avatar

    EU is on its right track, if it does not allow xenophobia taking the lead…

  259. avatar
    Nuno S

    Europe’s strength depends on its diversity. We all have a common cultura and economy multilaterally influenced throughout centuries. Even though we may have slightly different way of interpreting certain values, these vlues bring us together: We all defend democracy, freedom (in its many forms and states), tolerance and a strong social environment that’s inclusive, primarily in terms of healthcare, education and social security. These are the fundamentals of being European. We cannot let that be destroyed by petty politics, economic policies that exclude citizens and countries and xenophobic behavior.

  260. avatar
    Egon Witte

    It is our home, our people..our history..we have to give it a meaning, far above all economic interests..

  261. avatar
    Costin Halaicu

    The history of the European subcontinent was marked by centuries of fighting, but also of interweaving and mutually influencing cultures. Europe, not just one country or another, is the geographic area that shaped much of what the World is today. Are the European peoples identical? No, they are not, there are various differences, from political systems and worldview to practical everyday aspects of life such as languages. But there is an undeniable influence each European nation had on the others throughout history. The European Union was and still is a way to alleviate past conflicts by giving a limited say to each nation on the actions and policies of every other nation. As far as an identity goes, we are bound by these common values for now, but in the future we will likely become so much more. We will see if the European peoples will eventually want to form a federation of states, but if this will happen, then the European identity will even supersede present day national identities. I, for one, feel European as a distinct part of who I am.

  262. avatar
    Wim Dekkers

    Free to choose, free to speak, with decent work, decent occupational safety and good healthcare decent wage. that is wat European must have. Then it is good to live in this world, a free world that is Europe.

  263. avatar
    Louis Louis

    I am Maltese because I was born there,I am British because i was brought up for the rest ,although I bear no malice,they mean nothing, or next to nothing to me..

  264. avatar
    Flavio Ferrari

    Citizens are too busy in their daily routines that they forget about the values we have in our societies. Rights and obligations, culture etc. are hidden parts of our lives. Please go ahead with the European passport, this will provide all citizens with something more tangible than values. It gives the “official label” of being European, then the nationality…united in diversity :)

  265. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I am Portuguese citizen and I consider myself European classical liberal Democratic values of social and Democratic European values

  266. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Thank you new technologies

  267. avatar
    Seán Rohan

    European means being united so we are strong enough to get the Americans out of Europe and keep the Russians out

  268. avatar
    Steve Marchant

    To be European means to be someone who wants to share a common history and a common set of values with my neighbours: to want to be a friend of my neighbours who actually live as do I; to want to walk down a street in Denmark, France, Germany or Slovakia and feel at home; to want to know that my fellow passengers on the train understand my experience as much as I do theirs; to know that I can see the country of their birth as nearer to mine, than anywhere else in the world; to know that if they are annoyed with me and my politics, then we will argue around a table and not put on black suits and kill each other’s children. Europe is everything me, my father, my grandfather and all those before me wanted. Those who do NOT want it are frightened little slugs.

    Oh, and to all the Kippers – the greatest advert for European Union is the Royal Family – a hybrid of German Protestant aristocrats, married to the Greco – Danish Royal Family, whose Great Grandmother was related to the Russian, Prussian and English royal families, with vague Dutch connections and don’t forget your finest queen – Elizabeth I – was Welsh !!!!! So stop your idiot nationalism, and be what you are – multi-cultural

  269. avatar
    Loukia Maria Armen

    To be european means to me to have the right to speek free to work and leave in a secure environment, to travel , and to dream your future . Unfortunately all this is crumbling….

  270. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    SPQR, Roman alphabet, Roman religion, Roman law, Roman days, months, Roman republics and monarchies, et cetera.

  271. avatar
    Miky Voinea

    For me being European means freedom, cooperation, humanity. At the same time, I do not think that an European should look at others as being the enemies or the outsiders. In the end, we should all become a big nation. We know from the past – and I hope we have learned from it – that segregation means conflict and stating that one nation is superior to another will always lead to pain and suffering.