So far in 2015, nearly a thousand people have drowned attempting to make the crossing from North Africa to Europe, many of them fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Eritrea. The death toll for this year is around 20 times higher than the same period in 2014, which had previously held the record for the number of deaths. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that, in 2014, up to 3,072 migrants died in the Mediterranean, compared with an estimated 700 in 2013.

The Italian navy had been running a search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean last year, but it finished on 1 November 2014. Italy’s “Mare Nostrum” operation, launched in 2013 after the death of 300 migrants off the coast of Lampedusa, rescued roughly 150,000 migrants in total. However, the cost of the operation was almost entirely left to Italy to bear alone, something the Renzi government argues was unsustainable.

A smaller operation – known as “Triton” and coordinated through Frontex, the EU’s border agency – had originally been organised to compliment Mare Nostrum. However, Triton is not a search and rescue operation, limited instead to border control off the Italian coast. Despite having only a third of the budget and being much more limited in both scope and remit, Triton replaced Mare Nostrum completely.

In response to a series of recent tragedies, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos have set out a 10-point package of reforms to try and ease the migrant crisis. Extra financing will be made available to Frontex, and Triton’s operational area will be extended (though it is unclear by how much), and there will be a campaign to destroy traffickers’ boats.

However, there is resistance from European governments to radically scale-up the Triton operation, with one British official reportedly saying last year that the UK would refuse take part in any new EU search-and-rescue operation because of the “unintended pull factor” that might encourage more migrants to make the crossing.

We had a comment on this issue sent in from Cecilia, who is angry that EU Member States haven’t done more:

citizen_icon_180x180National governments have the burden of addressing the problem [of immigration] on their own, as is happening now in Italy where, after the tragedy of Lampedusa, the Italian Navy [was] engaged in operations that should [have been] the responsibility of Frontex…

Last year, we put Cecilia’s comment to Ska Keller, a German Green MEP and former candidate for President of the European Commission. Keller argued that it should absolutely not be Frontex taking over responsibility from Mare Nostrum because the mandate of Frontex is only about protecting Europe’s borders, and not about saving lives in a humanitarian operation:

We also spoke to Miriam Dalli, a Maltese Labour Party politician. Immigration is a huge issue in Malta, so how would she react?

dalliI am concerned about what is going to happen after Mare Nostrum. There is another operation being proposed, called Triton, which will start from 1 November. But, from what we’re hearing so far, it will not have the same scope. It will not be a search and rescue operation as Mare Nostrum, and it won’t cover the same area that Mare Nostrum covers.

I understand the burden that was being put on the Italians, because Mare Nostrum was costing around 9 million euros per month and the EU was only helping with around 9 million euros per year, so they had this big discrepancy financially. I understand that.

[…] There are people arguing that Mare Nostrum could have served as a pull factor. However, because of all the instability around the Mediterranean region, I would have thought that people would have wanted to cross whether or not the operation existed. I don’t think people want to flee their country because they feel like it. I think people flee their country because they can’t live there any longer, and they want a better future for them and for their children…

And I would want the EU to really and truly address this situation. Because, most of the time we talk about “responsibility sharing”, but when you look at the numbers only a few countries are really sharing this responsibility. So, until we start discussing how the Dublin regulation can truly offer responsibility sharing we will never find a solution and we will continue going round in circles.

Should the EU launch a full search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean to replace Mare Nostrum? Would this create an “unintended pull factor” and encourage more migrants to make the dangerous crossing? Or is the “push factor” of war and conflict in places like Iraq, Syria and Libya more to blame? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Coast Guard News

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What do YOU think?

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      Paul X

      Care to give specific details about a particular country that’s been destroyed by NATO and causing refugees to leave?

      Most come from Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan and in most cases it is militants that are driving people out, not western intervention

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      Honestly these people flee their own mess, their wars were to get rid of their dictatorship.STOP this idea that NATO AND USA are always the fault…The fault is their horrible governments, their own poverty. I am a Doctor in International relations and EU studies…sorry but it is NOT our fault…ot US fault they flee. Sorry but this is untrue

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Владимир Павлов
      Oops, I think you mean the RUSSIAN COMMONWEALTH.

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      Entirely agree with you. Nato is an organisation that should have disappeared after the end of the USSR, but as for many other things, it is in reality the umbrella for US domination. Think about it, 70 years 1945, US troops are still based in Germany! And they dare to give lessons to others about democracy and invasions…

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      Russians, as always manipulators. Everybody sees through their deception. How can NATO be blamable for extremism in the East? What about their despotic leaders with antiquated autocratic principles? People hope for nothing, it is very difficult to evolve towards democratic regimes there. Similarly with Russia where everything is political corruption, despotic leaders and people kept in poverty and ignorance.

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    Ivan Burrows


    It depends how many refugees Europe wants.

    Increase the rescue missions = increase number of people making the crossing.

    It’s not an easy circle to square but I think governments should at least tell their people the likely outcome of a ‘full search and rescue operation’.

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    Christian Perozzo

    There should be more efforts to stop illegal transportations, that would decrease both the losses and the number of immigrants since a high ammount of people arriving in europe from north africa arrive here illegally, making a lot of incomes for the organized crime (like mafia, camorra and so on). It’s their fault if so many people die trying to cross the sea.

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    Alex Tselentis

    Sto addressing the SYMPTOMS .. Start addressing the CAUSE of these masses running away from their own countries .. US/NATO and their false wars for greed are the cause of this mass migration, US/NATO are to blame for this, their wars caused this.

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      Paul X

      I refer to my reply to the first post on this thread, examples?

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    Christian Perozzo

    I agree with you. People are forced to leave their own countries because of political and economical destabilization caused by the interference of external interventio (usa and so on).

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      Paul X

      How many more people are going to try and blame the US and or NATO for a refugee crisis?

      “political and economical destabilization” ? utter cr@p, people in Syria are running away from a bunch of religious nutters who are hacking the heads of anyone who disagrees with their ideologies

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      @Paul X
      and who happen to be financed by Saudi Arabia and armed (indirectly) by the USA. Oh wait, it was Obama and Hillary covertly trying to arm the ‘moderate’ (HAHAHA) Syrian rebels, turned out those were all IS guys. The CIA even ran training camps for them.

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      Paul X

      Yes I don’t disagree with what you say, but putting aside the detail about who is funding it and what route their weapons came from, IS is there despite NATO and the US, not because of them

      Boko Haram are causing similar issues in Africa, but this doesn’t get the same type of coverage by those who love anti US rhetoric

      There is no denying that over the years that the US has had some seriously flawed policies on the middle east, and clearly in some areas they have inflamed situations rather than helped them, but I don’t see how people can blame them for the rise in extremism that is causing people to flee their homelands

      ..and before certain people accuse me of kissing American ass, I’m not particularly pro US, but I’m also not rabidly anti-US like some who try to blame them for all the problems in the world

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    James McManama

    The EU needs to do several things: 1) Establish common legal migration and asylum routes into the EU. At the moment, those trying to enter the EU have to cross illegally because there is no other route. 2) Agree to a common search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean. 3) Revisit the Dublin Regulation, so that pressure isn’t disproportionately being put on border countries. 4) Make a concerted and massive effort to bring the conflicts in Iraq and Syria to an end, which means beginning talks with all parties round the table (including the Assad government, Russia and Iran).

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @James McManama
      1…YES, based on population density. The least dense countries must be swamped.
      2…YES, but I’m not too keen on any ship captained by anyone with the moniker ‘Captain Coward’.
      3…YES, see 1.
      4…YES but what about ISIS?

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      1. no common migration/asylum ever, I do not want my country to be at the mercy of the whims of a psychopath Swedish feminist ‘kommissar’
      2. not needed, just block them all for a while, and once they get the message that it is turn back or die, they’ll stop coming eventually, all you need to do is hold your nose for a year or so
      3. no revision
      4. you can’t end those without dissolving Iraq and Syria (artificial colonial creations) or imposing brutal dictatorships

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    Seb Chopin

    Considering who we’re being run by… might as well take the intitiatives ourselves… maybe once the governments are put before the fait accompli… noways they don’t act they re-act…
    So.. if you give me 5M€ I’ll have two or three sailing ships built -to start with (to reduce costs rather than engine powered ones which obviously the private mission couldn’t manage single-handedly anymore and the italian one is running out ) with a capacity of three hundred people on each ship. I’ll get voluntary crews who won’t get paid for helping… and I reckon I can easily organise to receive sponsoring for food, drinks and medical supplies. If you don’t help… I’ll do this anyway…it’ll just take longer cause I’ll have to find 5M€… but then I’ll get to choose where I want to drop people off…not just Italy… like in the middle of place du luxembourg, house of commons, assemblée nationale for example, and not without having first warned world press organisations… I think we’ll have a laugh… controlling frontiers but not saving people… I know we all love dystopian novels… but it would be better to keep those ideas out of reality… otherwise we could also create reproduction houses in order to break down family cells and create novalingua whilst we’re at it… anyone else want a nightmare to come to life?

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    Nadin Dereguardati

    nooo!!! we must stop such kind of “rescuing”!! and begin a new kind of approach with the Mediterranean coast countries!!!….

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    Nadin Dereguardati

    more you support and worse it will be because it encourages the criminals to enrich themselves on people !!! stooop !!!…it is wellknown that the true “refugees” are so few that it became only a means for bypass Schenghen visas! I assisted for years the so-called refugee seekers Commission here in Italy and very very even too often … you want to laugh !!!…there are so many repeated lies that it’s easy to see who really is a true “refugee”!!!

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    Nadin Dereguardati

    you don’t need to “condemn to die”!!!! just change the geo-politics into doing bilateral negotiations between UE as a whole and the southern countries being on the southern coast of the Mediterranean!…very simple.. IF YOU REALLY WANT!

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    Gatis Gailitis

    There should be no aid towards illegal immigration whatsoever. Legal options should be provided.

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    Miguel Verissimo

    But waste, wealth concentration, resources depredation, work exploitation, to support rich countries is!!!

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    Anthony Cardona

    Stop flippen debating EU and move your back part and act. People are dying and you are guilty of such loss of lives.

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    Nikolas Kalaitzidis

    EU should instead launch programmes for enhancing EU law implementation among migrant exporting countries. Invest, prior in needed Africa then in… Kazahstan e.g.

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      Kazakhstan is freaking rich.Richer then most EU countries.Just google some pics from Astana^^

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    Pablo Andres

    The worst political error from Nato, Israel and Usa was kill the Libya and Egipt governament. Now its a chaos.

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      theywould die anyay in their countries..but if the Northern EU does not want to pay for it…well Italy alone cannot continue considering Italian economy going down and down with a rising public debt to 135% of the GDP…..

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      Tarquin Farquhar


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    Everyone that takes this trip across the Mediteranean knows very well that they are risking their lives to reach Europa, there is no obligation on the part of any nation to send their navy to be on stand by waiting to rescue whoever may come, but ofcourse if a navy ship happend to be there at that time then it must rescue people who are in trouble on the sea. European countries must speak with one voice and say to the African nations that this cannot continue like this, either they cooperate to help fix the problem or we will fix it for them and they might not like what we do if that day comes. There are numerous options, e.g Diplomatic, Legal, Economic, Sanctions, Military action, or a combination thereof.

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    I have a politically incorrect solution, these people are coming because they think that they can make money here in Europa, they think that these stupid Europeans will let them stay once they simply say ”Asylum, Asylum”, how about we stop giving them Asylum?!?, im just saying that if there were ZERO people getting Asylum then this would become very well known in that part of the world very quickly and they would stop coming and those that come anyway we send back right away that same day, if necessary with the use of violence, sedatives etc., once we do this consequently and they see that there is NO ROOM AROUND the policy simple logic says they will stop coming, but there can be no exceptions. Again I know it is politically incorrect and I know that under current International laws its questionable if not illegal, my suggestion is lets change the International laws to make it legal, let people legally get Asylum in neighbouring countries, and or on their own continent, but make it clear that this system does not exist to make someones dream of living in Paris,Zürich,London etc. become a reality AKA as some immigration tool, you are threated then go to a neighbouring country, or the neighbour of the neighbour, Europa is not heartless, we will send food, medicine, doctors, tents etc., we will help in the way we can.

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      Have to say I totally agree with you SK,unfortunately the alternative is simply accept that we will be swamped,overpopulated and sadly ( but true ) rubbing shoulders with a percentage of undesirables who come from countries where there is no law and life is cheap,we are already seeing the consequences of importation of such types and I for one don’t like it one bit.

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    Diogo Duarte

    One more time we are speaking about human lives, more than money. The europe is like US for the mexican people. They see us like a land of new life and new opportunities. Their countries are in bad shape, without hope our sustainable future for the younger. It is natural that people try to achieve a better life. However this is a problem that EU needs to understand. Our project is about human values. If you read the treaties preamble you can find that the EU is about freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and liberties and about the state rule of right. It’s clear now that Europe is concerned about human lives. As a whole we need to create a better future for europe. One of the main things is act like a whole, not like a Italia or another country for itself. I recall at this point: Italian borders are european borders too, as like portuguese, spanish or greek borders. I know that it is hard to speak about human rights and lives in time of economic crisis, because now it’s more important to give attention to union markets than the europe concerns about human lives. But if you want to do this, you are wrong. This is the century about human rights. In the last century we lived with two global wars, and that is a heavy legacy. Now we need to think about those lessons and change. People are dying in your back garden and we cannot pretend that we don’t see. Try to think that europe is more than a market, try to think about europe as a human values exporter for the rest of the world. It’s is your goal too, don’t forget, we are in peace because we are united. Don’t try to divide europe. For that, I repeat, we need to act as a whole. This means, give support to countries that are simultaneous europe’s borders.

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    Mark Jacko Jackson

    Just rent a huge patch of Morrocco and use it as a screening centre. Either that or West Falkland – yeah its 000’s of miles away but of its there or death then you’d pick there surely.

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    Antinazi Archimedes

    Stop bombing the middle East and stop supporting terrorists would be a good start and also stop stealing the fish from Africa’s coast so people could have jobs and food. Much fewer people would want to come to fascist Europe then.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    what about starting an ERASMUS program with African countries?… if they are paying more than 1000 euros to MAFIAS to come here and die in the sea… why not put a dircet flight and give them a Turist VISA for 3 month or 6?…

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    Jaume Roqueta

    just because they have no Pass-port they can not come.. this is a discrimination against humar rights istn it?

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    Nuno Sardinha

    I truly don’t know the answer this question. But I am sure that something needs to be done. Images, like Lampedusa tragedy are unacceptable in Europe in the 21st century!!!
    My suggestions:
    Firstly, this issue it is not only a matter for Italy, Malta or Spain but a general problem in all European countries. So, determined action should be taken in order to prevent the loss of lives at sea, with the support of all Member States (political and financial).
    Secondly, more comprehensive review of the EU asylum and migration rules.
    Finally, European policy action to promote the long-term economic development in African countries needs to be taken urgently.

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    Jason Cotterill-Attaway

    This should be the responsability of the nations to which they are entering the coastal waters; what has sweden/netherlands/germany got to do with this?

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    Paul X

    “I think people flee their country because they can’t live there any longer, and they want a better future for them and for their children…”

    Doesn’t everyone want a better future for ourselves and our children?…………………. so where in Europe can we get on a boat to the “promised land” ? ………or do we just have to accept that we are already in (E)utopia?

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    Ed Cocks

    They (the migrants) need to be responsible for their poor decision-making.

  26. avatar

    The US and western European countries have been looting the rest of the world for so long they’ve begun to think that seizing other countries resources (usually as part of an IMF ‘aid’ package) is quite normal.

    The western world’s wealth has always depended on the ability of seizing other people’s resources. And all that huffing and puffing about democracy and all that, go look at the brutal dictatorships the western world approves of: Egypt (military dictatorship), Saudi Arabia (religious dictatorship), Bahrain and Qatar (sectarian dictatorships), Equatorial Guinee and Brunei Darussalam (oil financed family dictatorships). Of course, Libya (Blair’s best friend Khadaffi), Syria (France’s friend Assad) and a whole host of African pseudo-democracies (in reality most French/British installed ethnic dictators).

    Human rights and democracy only matter to western countries when resources are at stake. If the dictator signs the resources over to western corporations, it is just fine and no amount of human rights violations will bring intervention. But dare to stop liberally signing the resources over and its all resource-grabbing under the guise of humanitarian intervention (see: Khadaffi, Saddam ea and of course Mossadegh 60 years ago the most blatant example). See also the 60s, 70s and 80s and a whole host of Latin American dictators with CIA/MI5 trained death squads.

    The biggest war criminals of the 21st century still roam free (Bush, Blair and Cheney).

    • avatar

      Ukraine is another case in proving this point. Yanukovich refused to sign resources over to western corporations, but the new Yatsenyuk government has signed everything over already whilst simultaneously imposing IMF dictated ‘austerity’ on the people.

  27. avatar

    No, it is the traffickers that do that. I don’t understand why the EU is being expected to save these people who take the decision to cross borders illegally. There are countries like Greece and Italy that can no longer cope with the influx of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers and this kind of rescue operations are encouraging the flow.

  28. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    Silly question. Migrants are dying because they are exploited by the human smugglers that are paid up front. The lack of support is when they enter the shelters, and above all: when they are accepted into our societies and we let the ghettos form, the decay in our cities and the resulting polarization of society. Racism and xenophobia are results of incompetence and lack of resources that are firmly lodged in the world of elected politicians. Either we welcome people and provide integration programmes, or we send them back. There cannot be a middle ground where we run down our societies and become hateful, angry, fearful and divided.

  29. avatar
    Cristina Rodrigues Pereira

    I think europeans are awful people, we have profited a lot from African resources since the navigations till today, the New World was built by african slaves aswell as european settlers. How can we leave this desesperate people dying with no hope? We should help them by improving their lives in their own countries and demanding to their rulers to respect and help their people instead of exploiting them. We have to change the way we make business in Africa and our external political strategies concerning that area.

    • avatar

      Hi Cristina, the majority of EU countries have not been themselves involved or profited in any way from conquest and slavery in Africa. Actually, it was fellow Africans, and Arabs in particular, that captured people and sold them on to the British as slaves. Not only, but they have captured and sold as slaves Europeans such as Irish and Slavic peoples. Actually, the word slave comes from the ethnicity Slavic and this is the extent to which Slavic peoples were captured and traded in the Middle Ages. Apart from this, a big number of asylum seekers come from non-African countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Syria that are Muslim. And, as you must be aware, a big part of Europe was actually under Muslim repression for centuries on (Ottoman) which included living under Sharia law, forceful conversion, being stripped of your land (under Sharia law), having to give up first born boy to be raised as a Muslim and be part of the Ottoman army, sex slaves being held at the harem and genocide (Albanians, Greeks, Assyrians, Armenians and perhaps others). So, I am sorry but your statement is biased and does not reflect reality. “The white man” is just an easy target for everyone.

  30. avatar
    Jane Payet

    There is a solution and it’s called KIBBUTZ as in Isreal or FARMS as in AUSTRALIA.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Jane Payet:

      Ah, but that means working 12 to 14 hours a day for nothing but food and board. Do you really believe this is what the boat people will be wanting to face, toil for food and little if any entertainment?

      However, your idea is an excellent one. Set these Kibbutz up all over the world where those who want to enter our borders originate from and then they will not be forced to leave their country. Israel worked a miracle in the desert from just this method of collective effort. However, you must realise that is the basic essence of communism.

  31. avatar
    Jane Payet

    Folks everything we do today will come round tomorrow – if your nice then nice will come back.

  32. avatar
    catherine benning

    And here is how that ‘nice’ karma works for politicians. Example, the Clinton’s received from big business, for their wonderful charity work on their behalf, £300 million dollars for their private bank accounts.

    And although this should make us all very uncomfortable, at very least, the USA allows their public to know this fraud in their face, Europe and especially the UK, hide it from us all.


    They also reveal what is going on for the sake of austerity against the starving and the destitute. It will make you weep if you have a heart.

  33. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Help to establish world wide states where you can life. http://www.WWSEEP.com . We need to start welfare world wide. And a structure/framework where this is possible. We are in the 3rd millenium !!!

    • avatar

      We are in the 3rd millenium indeed! However, man remains at the Dark Age of selfishness and greediness!

  34. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    The Franco-German CAP killed millions of poor around the world with food mountains and wine lakes.

    Now the EU/Triton non-white extermination programme will kill tens of thousands each year by deliberately refusing to help the poor and needy who happen NOT to match an unvoiced ‘acceptable’ EU ‘profile’.

    The nasty Nazi foundations of the EU STILL persist!

  35. avatar
    Zbigniew Jankowski

    YES .. EU regulations .. seem to be … limiting legal emigrations & supporting the existence of pathologies in the countries or regions from where the illegal emigrants arrive .. support modern slavery due to poverty!

  36. avatar
    Virsta Gregory

    No, it’s the aberant political decisions along history who decided to start a war there…that’s the problem…

  37. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    No, a lot of people are making really poor life decisions for themselves and their families.

  38. avatar
    Andy Sanders

    of course there is cause so many people believe the populist fairy tales that you can stop or control migration. No nation or empire in the whole of history has ever been able to withstand the pressure of migration if there are urgent and viable reasons for people to migrate. Recognising that is the first step to a solution. Do all these people really want to live in Europe? No. They just feel they have no other option seeing staying where they are equals death and misery.

  39. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Is EU willing to push harder on making peace a reality in those areas?!?!? Or just willing to keep cheap petrol ? for itself and just throw some bombs as she did with Kaddafi ‘s regime. Now enjoy the consequences… and don’t complain.

  40. avatar
    Jason Pi

    Too much ‘democratic’ support if anything.
    Plunder policies in Lybia Syria Iraq were a great help for them – and the modern globalist (slavist) agenda. Never too much blood on our hands huh?

  41. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    Destroy traffickers boats and Isis islamists who want to kill them and took their land by forse ti create a nation of barbars… using methods of Hitler’s and Othomans Genoctonies of idigenous ethniks people. Africa also needs bread and imperialists took even their bread so poors must migrate to survive

  42. avatar
    Belinda Little

    The problem is that when it comes to having some economic reasons, everybody is capable of going to war with Africa’s dictators and kill them. Like they did actually. But they are not done after this. After destabilising a country and a certain regime, they should continue the job. Military is required to stay there until they stabilise those regions. They should continue what they started. They should fight ISIS seriously and engage themselves for real on war areas that not only EU created, but also the USA. We know very well that they won’t do it cos it’s always how they do. A lot of money and politically unbearable. They start wars and never finish them. Oh and by the way, one Member State is not fair to be left alone dealing with an immigration emergency. More solidarity is needed but of course it never existed. They should divide the job and help more on the rescue operations not just monitoring like the UK does for example cos this is a joke. Italy is struggling with an economic crisis and spending more money on rescue operations isn’t an option anymore.

  43. avatar
    Gerlinde Rud

    Help,but more ships on ocean or airoplan go to lybiafront and take the peaple aut,we pay if we not help

  44. avatar
    Franck Legon

    no, the wars for oil are guilty for this (Bush, Sarkozy, Blair, Cameron and their sponsors ) .

  45. avatar
    Michel Percan

    Nothign about how they throw Christian immigrants into sea? Yes, welcome those people. We shall be really democratic society with sharia laws.

  46. avatar
    Flora Vasconcelos

    The american western easy artificial swindler consumerism is condemning migrants and economically weak natives to death .

  47. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    NO WAY, what actually KILLS innocent people is: A) TURKISH (mainly) SLAVEDEALERS who smuggle them through our borders B) TURKISH and ARABIAN supported ISIS C) The foolish notion that they must move away from their countries. They should be trained and armed to GET THEIR COUNTRIES BACK fighting against ISLAM D) OVERPOPULATION supported and promoted by their hideous religion and their governments. We should oblige them to return their population to 1940’s levels in order to be self-sustainable.

  48. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Is the lack of support from EU nations condemning imigrants to die?
    Lack of support for real development in their own countries,
    lack of support for the needy while the “mafias” are laughing all the way to the banks”,
    yes… that is the lack of support tht is killing them!
    Boats, drownings, etc are just symptoms of a much bigger problem!

  49. avatar
    Aleksandros Ho Megas

    No. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.
    But EU should for sure stop ruining others countries; then we might have less problems with immigrants from those countries.

  50. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    How many Africans would come to Europe if it was open borders and a safe ride in an airplane? If they are not willing to build Africa, why do we think they would build Europe?

  51. avatar
    Anargyros Botsis

    Yes there is a significant lack of Support and Solidarity to Countries such as Greece and Italy that Rescue – Receive – Feed most of the Illegal IMMigrants. And they can not go back to their Countries as there is Civil War, Jihadists etc… Perhaps we should consider sth like the French equivalent to the Lgion trangre ( The Foreign Legion for my English only speaking Europeans ). Which is a group of Foreigners that make up an entire Army. So I say Arm those that have been Disasrmed by the Jihadists in Syria, Libya and Everywhere Else teach them about European Merits & Democracy ( so to not see more War Crimes on TV…) and send THEM to fight the Terrorists in their Countries and start Rebuilding…their Nations .

  52. avatar
    Anargyros Botsis

    Check out my last Public Share on my Profile … Most of the Facts are Written in Greek, but you’ll Definitely get the Gist of the Idea…just by watching the Videos … most of them in English.

  53. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    The BLAME is squarely with NATO/UK/US they bombed and destroyed Libya turning it into a land infested with violence, jihadists, and human trafficking gangs, dont blame “European countries” cause it was the UK/US/NATO who created this situation with their endless illegal bogus wars from Libya to Syria, the EU/ECB must take responsibility this is THEIR mess.

  54. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    No! It is not about the lack of support! It is about the USA led support for the wars in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afganistan, Iraq, …

  55. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Why Nato leaders killed Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi and other leaders? Even if they were so called “dictators” the people had a living and life style in those countries! Now that they ruined their systems, America should take half of the migrants caused by their ” democracy export”

  56. avatar
    Juris Trinidad Bundal

    You always blame US about everything why don’t we looked into deeper reason why this is all happening ??
    Migrant are suicidal in crossing Mediterranean hoping to reach Europe safely but if they don’t make it why we come out and blame others.

  57. avatar
    Nigel Daff

    happily … they are all slowly but surely waking up and reallise that ‘THEY’ (the commissionaires) MUST do something and its urgent !

  58. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    Even though I wouldn’t mind if bunch of Ethiopians or Nigerians moved next door to me, I’ve got to point out, Africa doesn’t exactly have demographic issues like we do in Europe. So unless you want severely overpopulated Europe, I wouldn’t suggesy that we take them all to promissed land. What we can do is improve their standards of life there.

  59. avatar
    Eurico BD

    only cold psychopaths comment here?
    these people are dying because a bunch of idiots has closed Europe and made them illegal. otherwise, there would be no need for them to come under such conditions…

  60. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    You gotta be f..king kidding me. Lack of support from the e.u.? How about they start supporting themselves?

  61. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    immigrants should be the respnsability of UN immigrants should be seated countries that need their skills including African countries

  62. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Lack of support? What should be done is close borders and anyone landing here or that is here illegaly should be returned inmediately. This would curtail people wanting to come. But knowing if they get here they have benefits and no deportation, of course they risk it.

  63. avatar
    José-Antonio Bello-López

    Millions of Middle Eastern families were displaced from their homelands. Their condition is symilar to even a larger number of displacements at WWII..Then the new United Nations created and Agency to protect and find a new country-home for them. It was not easy ; it took several years and much ansiety for these refugees to find a home, but they were under the protection of the UN. Why not only the EU but the USA and at the end the UN are so greedy and insensible to ignore their responsibility, when in fact the displscents are the toxic effect of military interventions in the Middle East by the NATO Western

  64. avatar
    Ÿänn Hidalgō

    The blame goes to migrants native countries… Who the hell can let people people ride the seas like that !? And Wars & Conflicts aren’t the cup of tea of any people in the world… You can just blame criminals minds with a ray gun after a judicial advise

  65. avatar
    Julia Walker

    They are REFUGEES….stop calling them migrants….and i wonder what we would do all of us (sitting on computers etc) if we were in their position? i think its human nature to try to survive….go to the unknown…when you are faced with dying anyway

    • avatar

      It’s also human nature to protect your border

  66. avatar
    Violet Vallance

    The most inhuman comments on this thread are from men. I have a thought that maybe these brave guys should take up arms, get off their chairs and go and “sort out” the bad boys in the countries that are giving people no choice other than to risk their lives at sea. Better to be a brave soldier than an internet commenter.

  67. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Total nonsense, lack of support ?? EU is to blame for this the UK/US/NATO bombed Libya creating this mess, now European countries who were against that bombing are to blame ?? Pathetic.

    • avatar
      Steve P

      Actually the EU parliament voted to bomb Libya i believe but most countries with in it dont have the capablities to bomb anyone but they backed it and called for it.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      France participated in bombing Libya actively. Only Italy and Greece were against but at the time being forced to abide by the will of the powerfull since they are both bankrupt.

  68. avatar

    A rescue mission supported by the EU in the Mediterranean will DEFINITELY lead to more people trying to reach our territory, let’s face it. Many people leave their country because of the very dangerous situation in which they find themselves living; however, I am pretty sure that a part of the people who CONSIDER getting on those boats never actually DO it because of the high risks of dying before reaching Italy. No, I cannot prove this, but I am sure they are aware of the high chance of dying and it would be quite different if they knew that the EU, and not just Italy, has decided to at least try to save their lives.

    Well. I do not think this is a good reason to let them die. If I were trying to reach another continent to guarantee a better life to myself or my children (we are talking about people who experience war and poverty everyday!) and I were prevented doing so,.. I don’t even know! How would YOU react? The truth is that we are so free that we don’t even care that all human beings deserve a chance to live a decent life. Instead, we like to blame it on them if our government is unable to rule our country in a decent way (I am Italian..) and we think that all our problems come from the immigrants.
    Well, guess what? The ones who get rich stealing the money that the government puts toward the issue of immigration are Italian, as well as many of those who put the immigrants on those boats. Does “mafia” sound familiar to you? It does to me. When we talk about immigration in Italy, we’re talking about hundreds of
    people dying, but we are also talking about CRIME. And THAT is why I want the EU to take over the issue. If you let Italy do it, the problem will stay unfixed as long as there is someone making money out of it.

    • avatar

      Johanna you are perfectly rigth!!
      i would like to know why Italy is not doing what Spain, Malta,Greece and other countries are doing in the Mediterraneum sea not letting peoples get near their borders? what if Italy like all the others EU would refuse to give Asylum to these peoples? what would happen then? Is not the lack of support From EU nations condemning migrants to die but the interest of making money on this dirty businness and guest what Italy is the master of All nation on doing so from the very first politicians to the last man or woman wearing the red cross jackets on port of entry. Everybody know that there is no control what so ever on refugees no organization, no medical advise, no place to live for them and now government is trying to force peoples who own houses to offer them for asylum camon this is crazy!!!! Italy will never stop this situation alone and the reason is very clear to all. Thinking for a moment that my country alone in 2014 has paid more than 108 millions of Euros (9 millions a month) to help refugees immigration and at the same time has forced the Italian peoples to pay more taxes for their houses, electricity, gas, and water bills (to pay our debt) is simply ridiculous this is not democracy we are in no conditions to give hospitality.If Europe will not take in consideration of forcing and stopping this human traffic and businness very soon Italy will be the new TEXAS!!!!

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      The nearest to African coast Italian soil (Lampedusa) is 41 nautic miles distance. The nearest Greek coast to Turkey is less than a mile away and most Greek islands at the Aegean Archipelago are close to the Turkish coast (less than 3-5 n.m.). Of course, in Italy the Mafia makes a fortune out of this crisis. However, in Greece we do not have a similar criminal organization to prosper from it (thank’s God Greeks are so egoists that split like amoeba (thus not able to form a gang like the Italian Mafia). Even the political mafia in Greece suffers from “amoeba disease” (thus, not being able to cooperate properly in the EU-led effort to enslave the Greeks via debt and imposed policies of domestic devaluation). On this aspect, we Greeks are better off than fellow Italians….

  69. avatar
    Ciobîcă Ovidiu

    Yes, it Does! We should find humman, civilized solutions for all immigrants, no matter their origin, especially war and political refugees. It is a great shame for the EU to act this irresponsible and un human towards these People! It is not their fault that corporations and US made them flee their homes for a better Life!

    • avatar

      I agree it is NOT their fault.. I am a Migrant, let us say, from the poor Agrigento (Lampedusa is province of Agrigento) and YES I escaped ugly economic poverty of Sicily.. BUT Give ALL the fault always to the USA is wrong. And foment hateress towards America people who ARE NOT responsible for Bush or other presidency games.. PLUS, IT IS NOT ONLY USA who have been eating at the expenses of other countries.. IT IS TOO EASY TO SAY AMERICA, when there is a HUGE problem of MENTALITY n the countries this war contnues.. COZ IF SYRIA GOvernement is soo much better, it would REFUSE TO BOMB their own citizens

  70. avatar

    The lack of support from EU nations is destroying Europe by letting the scum of the earth invading our countries, getting more help than European people themselves while all nations are on their knees due to the economic crisis.

    This is not a “migrant” crisis, this is an organised invasion led by well known dictatorships and terrorist organisations and relayed by lobbies and controlled media.

    The only solution is to let them die, our taxes should be used to help European people not throwing it out of the window for people who just want to take our places.

    Let them die, deport them, destroyed their boats, bomb the traffickers. Nobody want them in Europe, except the same interested tiny minority that is organising this propaganda campaign,

    • avatar

      The truth is that the majority of Europeans are afraid of the culture that these boat migrants are bringing with them and the prospect that one day their kids are going to be boarding the tube with bombs in their rucksacks and beheading people on TV while talking hatred towards the countries that rescued their parents….

    • avatar

      I am with you 100%
      but I can not see any kind of action in a short time, perhaps only when these people will be so much to overwhelm us we will remember our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers of human sacrifice that supported to guard and defend our borders. I just hope it does not take too long to unite all European countries in a single banner with the same values that were the foundation of our cultures.

    • avatar

      I agree with NELLO …yes the ONLY fear is that, as we know, usually Muslims fight versus our values, claiming their superiority on us, as if we do not have moral values coz we do not cover up but dress normally (even though at FIRST ROW of New York Fashion Show there are RICH WOMEN FROM SAUDI ARABIA) and so on..THIS IS THE FEAR ..usually in the history we always pushed back the Islamist vague, like against the Ottoman empire, for the invasion of Europe, for fear of being wiped out as a civilization, in the ALWAYS fight versus Christians..and to dominate us… Then, if the people come ONLY to really live a good life, democratically like OUR LIFE, I totally support them.. I would LOVE TO remind them they come here and there is peace coz we are not muslims, but we believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, freedom of religion, of political ideas, protection of Human rights… Hence we CANNOT send them away and not protecting them..BUT TRY TO GO TO SAUDI ARABIA talking about your values..We wont come back alive :-)

      This is not fair;, then the consequences will be that I cannot go to the beach as I always did coz I have to be scared they shoot me coz Im a woman.???

      BUT I HOPE THE WAR END, THEY LIVE A GOOD LIFE, THEY LIVE IN PEACE, AS THEY ALL DESERVE AS EVERYBODY ELSE..I WISH THEM THE BEST, and that difference in culture will be accepted, not one culture prevailing over other culture

    • avatar

      Politicians across the EU have refused the rule of law , and need to be punished , and the whole EU system change or the EU reverted to the EEC

  71. avatar
    hemen parekh

    World Migration Day

    In 5 months ( Jan-May 2015 ), some 50,000 migrants from North Africa , crossed Mediterranean Sea in rickety boats, to land on shores of Italy
    That is some 10,000 per month ( soon reaching 100,000 per month ? )
    Irrespective of EU countries’ decision to admit only 20,000 per year , by 2020 this figure could reach 1 MILLION per month !
    Why this huge migration ?

    Apparent reasons :

    > ISIL is terrorizing Syria / Iraq
    > Boko Haram are doing the same in Nigeria
    > Houthies are following both in Yemen
    > Libya is facing a civil war
    > North and South Sudans are at war
    > Tunisia is boiling with massive unrest
    > Taliban is rearing its ugly head in Afghanistan
    > Egypt is simmering with angst against Muslim Brotherhood
    > Pakistan is becoming terrorists’ training ground
    > Turkey / Lebanon / Jordan are getting overrun with refugees
    > All over Mid-East , Shias and Sunnis are fighting
    In short , most of African and Mid-East countries are exploding with local wars , under Europe’s soft underbelly and porous right borders

    Real reasons :

    Millions of citizens of these countries are facing unemployment and consequent starvation ( when not getting killed by terrorists )
    It is no different with migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar trying to find shelter in Indonesia / Philippines / Australia / Thailand

    Closer At Home :

    Of entire World’s 800 million ” mal-nourished ” ( euphemism for ” starving ” ) people , 200 million are in India
    Only , instead of calling them ” Starving ” people , we choose to call them , ” Naxalites / Maoists ” etc !
    We fail to realize that there can be no political solution to ” Starvation ” !
    Where can they migrate ? There is no ” Promised Land ” on India’s borders !

    Solution ?

    Since no developed country wants to admit migrants from poor countries , let UNO declare , Antarctica as ” United States of Migrants ” – USM
    And fix quotas of migrants that each poor country can dispatch to USM each year ( roughly in proportion to ” Starving ” population of each poor country )
    Then contribute funds for creating settlements in Antarctica ( – in any case , due to Global Warming , ice-shelves are melting and soon Antarctica will become habitable ) .

    For the rich countries , this would be the most , economically and socially viable solution

    Let a beginning be made by declaring 27 June , as

    ” World Migration Day ”

    hemen parekh
    09 June 2015

    • avatar

      These people should never have been given modern weapons death sentences for arms dealers and human trafickers

    • avatar

      If they do not change mentality and keep remaining obsessed against development and our values (that they search then in our countries BTW, a bit fake isn’it?) even in Antarctica they will leave a shitty life…

    • avatar

      What about the 20+ million unemployed in the EU , EU CITZENS COME FIRST , not illegal migrants

    • avatar

      People should stay and fight for their rights and their countries , not just run away and want others to house and feed them .
      You and others never talk of sustainability , and the fact that many EU countries are no longer sustainable , especially as climate change kicks in .What will these migrnats do then , when EU institutions fail , they will have nowhere to go /

  72. avatar

    Why don’t these human dross try to improve conditions in their own country and build their own institutions. Look at all the strife England and rest of UK went through before it became peaceful and prosperous. We had all the religious persecution here. These young men as most of them are should be fighting to build their own countries. They don’t want that though. They want to come here and get everything handed on a plate.

    • avatar

      Exactly!!! where is written that EU nations needs to support migrants and why?
      My father told me how to figth for my rigths and build future rigth where i was born for my kids. If their countries are at war escaping from it will never create a solution these peoples has no pride for their lands because is to easy to go else where and get what they need. Africa has been always the same country with the same problems as i remember since i was a kid and today i am 62 years old and nothing has change why? this is the question that everyone should ask.

    • avatar

      The problem , people do not know history , thanks to incompetent governments , and fail to see how long it took the West to become what it is .

  73. avatar

    Well, the solution is very simple in fact. Send them the message that Europe is full (95% of European people would agree) and don’t want them.
    Then stop to rescue them.
    Then fight the traffickers and yes destroy their boats.

    Then: deport all the “migrants” who reached Europe, including those who managed to go to other countries (Calais in France for example).

    You can see in the news today what situation uncontrolled and massive savage immigration have created in an overwhelmed country like France.

  74. avatar

    Shoot them with tranquilliser darts and catch them in a big net then set them free somewhere they can’t steal the washing off the line

  75. avatar

    It is the US’ fault thousands of immigrants are fleeing (and dying). If it had not been for their terror-reign in Iraq, the IS had not been formed. Fact

    • avatar

      True too…true…desperation bring to this..BUT YOU KNOW. LATIN AMERICA was put dictators too by USA, but they did not created terrorism to kill around with a theory of Sharia or raping or other stuff.. It takes a spirit, a foundation of specific conviction to carry o and kill your OWN civilian in Syria.. why are they bombing each other??? To conquer? what? they areall dying…

      This theory of USA, so why they are not fighting the war in USA…no they just threat Italy that they have to destroy Christianity (Is this jealousy) what Italy has to do with it? The Vatican is always for GOOD OF ALL HUMAN KIND…


    • avatar

      The wars in Muslim countries were started by Muslims in the first place , this has been goi8ng on for centuries , with the Shia – Sunni conflict

    • avatar

      The why is IS in Africa as well

    • avatar

      You forget what happened in these countries before . Many people are ignorant or deliberately ignore history

  76. avatar

    Europeans should start a mass migration to Canada we have lots of land. Jump on a plane and claim asylum for religious persecution due to Islamists. Meanwhile Canada can counter balance immigration from Asia and the consequent take over of this country :)))) Come on Canada is a great country.

    • avatar

      The rich in Europe are already leaving ,

  77. avatar

    I thought that only Italy was unable to deal with the problem of migrants but apparently the economic policies and European government are not doing any better. My opinion is that there is no common European idea on what to do about this problem (see Yugoslavia, Serbia, Poland, now also Germany rightly are closing their borders) . All this because once again it has not given importance to the invasion that is happening, but this is nothing more than just the beginning. No European country is able to come up with a good solution and correct the cause. The HOT Spots (task quite difficult to be implemented in European land), will apparently managed only by Italy and Greece. But why?? HOT SPOTS should be made in the countries of origin of migrants from a EUROPEAN TASK FORCE in cooperation with local authorities since migrants are coming in EUROPE. All this had to be done 4 or 5 years ago when it all began, and now no one knows how many people are already in Europe ready to destabilize or backfire as potential terrorists or criminals. I have the impression that Europe is not yet ready to face the dramas so dizzy and immediate causes bureaucratic slowness in acting for the common European good but it’s only breeding ground for people who are full of themselves and capable only in words to make us believe in a United Europe.

  78. avatar

    IIt is not the lack of support from the EU that is the problem , it is the lack of support from Arab and Asian nations who refuse illegal migrants and asylum seekers , so get the facts right . Muslims should in priority go to Muslim dominated countries , yet they refuse to go , and these countries refuse them , yet the UNH and International NGOs say nothing about these countries , which implies hidden agendas and manipulation . Many EU countries are no longer sustainable , and as climate change kicks in there will be problems of food and water . These migrants who have come will have to live with all the future problems and restrictions . Already in France it can be seen in all cities , the lack of integration of second and third generation migrants , yet the UN and NGOs refuse to admit the problems .
    Can people also explain the mass exodus of the rich from Europe , when will Europeans follow as the Immigrants bring down EU countries to the levels of the ones they have left . Why is nobody , except the EU Commission , admitting that the vast majority of these migrants will not qualify for asylum and will at some point be deported , and why all the help for migrnats when there are 20+ million unemployed in the EU many of whom who have lost their homes , and do not have enough to eat , EU CITIZENS COME FIRST , NOT MIGRANTS

  79. avatar

    These migrants , mainly healthy young men , refuse to fight for their country and rights , yet demand rights in the EU , this is unacceptable , and they need deportation .
    Then there is the question why the EU is doing so little to track down , arrest and punish traffickers , this should be regarded with the utmost suspicion

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Is it possible to arrest MIT agents? (MIT = the Turkish CIA)

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