Diversity_2_Intercultual-dialogue“United in Diversity” is the official motto of the European Union. Despite this, Eurostat polling suggests that only 22% of European citizens think the EU really represents “cultural diversity”. In 2014, are Europeans less united by diversity than the founders of the EU might have hoped?

In recent years, anti-immigration parties across the EU have been riding a wave of popular anger (including in the European Parliament elections in May) and the mainstream political discourse has been growing increasingly focused on “cracking down” and getting “tough” on immigration. Far-right parties argue that this is just a sign that “common sense” attitudes are finally prevailing. Are they right? Or are Europeans growing more close-minded and intolerant of diversity?

Nobody disputes that huge changes are taking place in cities and neighbourhoods across Europe today. As a 2011 Eurostat report (PDF) puts it, European society is growing “older and [more] multicultural”. For several years, migration (both in terms of EU citizens moving between Member States and immigrants coming from outside the EU) has been “the main driver of population growth in many European countries. In some of them, where natural growth has become negative, migration has even counterbalanced the otherwise declining population.”

In other words: European society is growing older, with fewer young people of working age to support a growing population of retired people. Migrants tend to be younger (on average) than native populations, so this has counterbalanced the decline to some extent. However, it has also caused frustration and anger as societies are transformed by immigration.

According to Eurostat, the changes to society are only going to accelerate as people grow more mobile over the coming decades. The report suggests that the percentage of foreign-born people and their children (i.e. people either coming from another EU Member State or from outside the EU) could increase from 10.4% of the total EU population in 2011 to 26.5% in 2061 (and that’s the most conservative model – it could grow as high as 34.6%).

For some more facts and figures about cultural diversity in the EU, have a look at the infographic we’ve put together:


Many people see greater cultural diversity as a positive thing. In an age of globalization, people move around more – and this can provide economic benefits as well as creating more dynamic, culturally rich and interesting societies. However, with growth sluggish in the EU and unemployment high, it can also create enormous tensions.

We had a comment sent in from Ana, who is worried that the “intercultural way of life” is being damaged by the crisis, as young people in particular are struggling to find jobs and are losing hope about the future:

citizen_icon_180x180I’ve been on ERASMUS, I’m now in the European Voluntary Service (EVS), and I come across people from around Europe and I feel great sharing my time, ideas and dreams with them.

Do you think young people are that different [in different countries]? We are not. And we like to be together, and we suffer together as well. No one wants the bad things that are happening, and we all believe in Europe together. We ask that the people in charge today give us the opportunity to be part of this intercultural way of life, [because] the generation I belong to is falling apart with the crisis…

To get a response, we took Ana’s comment to Sajjad Karim, a Conservative MEP and the first British Muslim elected to the European Parliament. How would he respond?

KarimAna poses a very real question. The youth today face many challenges, and one of the biggest challenges they face is that, despite all of the difficulties they are coming up against, they must remain open-minded, they must remain tolerant. Because no future progress can be delivered for them unless they themselves buy into exactly what Ana has quite clearly bought into herself.

This set of European elections was the most difficult election I have ever faced because of the intolerance. It simply became impossible to air a different point of view to a very close-minded type of view that was being put across by some political parties. Coming up against that and finding that having an alternative view was simply not being tolerated was something that was quite difficult for me to accept in a democracy.

There is a change that I have sensed, but we must ensure that we rally against it. And the way to rally against it is, despite all the difficulties, by making sure that we hold up to those core values of being open, of being liberal, of being tolerant. Otherwise, we will lose the future that our young people of today are seeking for tomorrow.

We also spoke to Androulla Vassiliou, the outgoing EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth. How would she respond, particularly as Ana was initially so positive about Erasmus but was now apparently growing disillusioned?

For a different perspective, we also looked at a comment sent in by Aleksejs. He warned that many Europeans are not totally against immigration, but they are concerned about the impact of immigration on local services and welfare systems, and they are worried that migrants don’t want to integrate into society. From this perspective, could migrant communities do more to integrate themselves into native populations?

We put this question to Cécile Kyenge, a social democratic MEP and former Italian Minister of Integration (and Italy’s first black cabinet minister). She argued that it was primarily for governments to put in place the right support structures in order to help integrate new arrivals into society:

kyengeImagine, for a moment, things from the perspective of someone arriving in a new country. These people would need to be supported, to understand a new culture, to have the opportunity to introduce themselves […] in a two-way process… Every step in that process needs to be accompanied by the right tools. In the absence of these tools, everything becomes difficult for the new arrivals to understand because there aren’t the adequate legal and cultural structures to accommodate them.

Anti-immigration parties, flushed with success, argue that they simply promote “common sense” attitudes. Are they right? Or are Europeans growing more close-minded and intolerant of diversity? And could migrant communities themselves do more to integrate into native populations? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Lafayette College

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    Tell them that theres a big World out there besides just the country that they live in and they are part of it.

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      So..why does the big world needs to come to their country?, why can’t they not be just left alone?, why do politicians need to tear (intended) up their communities by placing foreigners in their middle? did they do something wrong and now need to be punished? why does immigration need to destroy indiginous European culture?, why do people need to be toyed with?, why can’t they live like they want and deal with who they want?, why do they have to get their face smeared in stuff they don’t like?, why does their country need to be turned into a territory in which their own culture is one of the many, while the other cultures still are dominant in their place of origin?

      Left wing multiculturalism is a terrible hateful ideology that is only practiced in the west and it makes the euro descendants defend their own with one arm tied to their backs. Anybody advocating it is a terrible bigot preying on people who are too good for their own good.

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      The reason multiculturalism is pushed and needed is because the entitled working class don’t want to work and want more handouts. Its a well known fact that LEGAL immigrants work harder in most cases. Plus since these old gen Europeans want more luxury and don’t want to work hard they have resorted to not having kids instead of having to hustle more.
      So why give these lazy entitled asses jobs? Give it to the people who want to work and let those who can’t adapt die.

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    Lee Lovelock

    No- just more aware of what we beeth, whence we cometh and most of all, proud of our Ierfum (heritage).

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    Carlos Wojciech Manrique Pérez

    Yes. Because we can not longer tolerate that people coming here, non integrating and hating their host countries. Putting bombs in Madrid and London, raping swedish girls and kicking dutch girls, spreading extremism, and complaining about discrimination and racism can not be named multiculturalism anymore. I don’t have a supremacist or racist thinking. Just I am proud of what we are and what we achieved. I am an official supporter of an ALDE party. Everybody who abides by the laws of our countries and pledges its only loyalty to Europe (the country of it in which he/she lives) can live here and be European. Everyone who does not should be deported. As easy as that.

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      The people that has been born in Europe (and their parents and grandparents, etc, were europeans too), but that do not pledge it’s loyaltyto Europe and it’s values, as the non-discrimination on the ground of nationality … Should be deported too? Who would decide that? Where would we send them? To Madagascar, perhaps? :)

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      Because they are alrady european. Immigrants who commit horrible crims need to be kicked out. Soon our countries will mlook like muslim countries. I live in small town and we women are in far walking out ans going to swimming halls because refugeews laugh at us and walk around doing what they please. They throw rocks on firemen.

      Muslims have taqyyia and kitman. They cannot be trusted.

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      You sound like that in Sweden the only “rapes” comitted are comitted only by refugees, which I find hard to believe. People that think that all refugees are angels they have miscoception of people, like all swedish peoples will not be all angels, like any other nationals. We should judge people as a whole, and allow that “in the barrel there will be some bad apple”.

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      Well said x

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    M Aamir Naeem Jandrane

    By the way people in power now & in different EU countries are giving right to them who collaborate with nazis , so it is totally rubbish .As I said above BE UNITED AGAINST THEM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    catherine benning

    First of all you have look at those of you who run this show and ask why have you denied the indigenous people of Europe the ‘right’ to a voice on this issue? Why do you set it up that every TV programme, newspaper article and any discussion is fixed in propaganda, in order to sell the idea of diversity rather than allow the people, through their experience of this in their community openly express their worries and doubts about the transfer of their own culture from huge segments of the population without one single vote on it, or, question asked? Those you want to foot the bill for your experiment reject it firmly and why are you not accepting that fact instead of trying to threaten them that should they not go along with it they will face some kind of punishment?

    I was speaking to a lady this morning that I had met for the first time and the subject fell onto the next election and how she felt about it. She said she wanted to turn her back on it all, that she feels she no longer has the right to say what she feels. Or, if she tries to she is ridiculed, not listened to and feels a second class citizen in her own country and streets. She lives in Solihull a supposedly posh area of Birmingham.

    I went on to ask her why she felt that way. She said she no longer felt at home in her own area. Things had changed so much and she felt uncomfortable walking down the street as to her, it felt like an alien planet she was on. That she had to accept her children going to school in with a group of people who had children she did not want hers to emulate. She didn’t want her daughter growing up with the idea that her body was a threat to men so it has to be covered from head to tow. That if she tried to protect them or in some way speak up she was threatened by men who dominated the entire so called open discussion. And all of them were aggressive and attacked her verbally telling her she was no longer the majority in her thinking as the room was filled with women who sat quiet hiding beneath a covering of some kind whilst the men waged war of words at all including those who were supposed to be the chair. And it always ‘felt’ as if she would be attacked physically when she left if she didn’t remain quiet.

    So, my answer to this is, you people explain why different cultures and attitudes ‘opposed’ to a British way of life, and the carnage of that imposed foreign thinking, doesn’t really exist, It is only in the mind. That arranged marriage, honour killings, sexual rape of vulnerable white girls by mainly Asian men, isn’t happening in the way it is and has been hidden for two decades or more. That the import of bush meat contaminating our food, and the slaughter of animals inhumanely and pushed on us in our schools, hospitals and burgers is a good thing for our society. Why the increase in the mutilation of children in African witchcraft ceremonies is on the increase at an alarming rate, yet, we must accept it as diversity and good for our once peaceful quiet areas. Why our boys are being egged into believing girls are only for their use and to care for them is unmanly. Slitting the throats of, or threatening to, of children in a mothers pram as she goes to shop, if she doesn’t hand over her money, is something we should be thrilled about and want to increase. And then have to read or hear this is not the experience we have, it is all made up by racists. White British do this too and did before the import of world cultures we were all so ignorant of. The fact of this lie is, go to the few areas that still have only the indigenous population left in tact and count that kind of horror in the statistics. And then dwell on the fact that government is doing all it can to remove those communities from the face of the earth and they only serve to prove a point, one those creeps don’t want you to know or see.

    The figures of these crimes are hidden or massaged, along with the increase in murder, and the import of serious disease at a massive rate, such as AIDS and tuberculosis doesn’t really exist, its all in the mind of the racist. Have you any idea of how you can make people believe what they are experiencing personally is all a figment of their imagination. And worse, that it has become a government policy to pretend these figures are mounting across the globe and that it has nothing at all to do with mass migration. As in reality the majority of these horrors we are trying to cope with are committed by people who have entered the UK through an open border policy forced on us by Brussels, so we are told. And if that is not true, why isn’t Brussels enlightening the citizenry with the truth? What is the real story. Does anyone know?

    Our population see when they go to hospitals or the town hall departments it is filled to the ceiling with people who have come here and can barely, if at all speak English, let alone be an asset to the community or have put a penny into the pot to cover their bill.

    People right across the Western world are tired of lies and propaganda because they have been forced to swallow the guff for so long, without ever having an opportunity to object to the imposition the clowns who run the show are pushing on them for some crazy, ill thought out idea, of a multi cultural world being the new enlightenment. And that to live it is the ultimate paradise which can only make things great for us all tomorrow.

    If the populations of Europe had wanted to enjoy these wonders of multicultural life they would have taken up the opportunity to emigrate to those lands where all this lifestyle and diversity existed. They didn’t need intellectually light weight indoctrinated politicians to open them up to it with their secret agenda. And you know what, that secret agenda has never been exposed or explained. And now that it is really coming into the disaster it should have been realised before it began, as it is now, those responsible for it, rather than stand up and proclaim mea culpa are turning on their citizens and blaming them for being ‘racist’ and not getting behind their little game with gusto.

    A change is here and all the playing at trying to enforce a belief in lies is dead in the water. You have tried to eliminate a cultural heritage that has been the leader of world civilisation for centuries, now ask yourselves why you wanted to do that? What were/are the motives? And whilst you are at it, have you noticed that the arts, politics, education and science is all on a rapid decline? That people are spinning without leadership and lurch from one idiocy to another as they scramble to hold onto what once was? That is the human condition when there is no leader. The West is in turmoil and the only growth we have is war. Couldn’t be the experiment you set us all up for is a crock, could it?

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      Well said…….nowadays if you disagree with progressives and federalists , you are a far right ,xenophobic racist.

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      What is Western politicians’ benefit for setting up this “secret agenda”? I could have some respect for your feelings if you had not fallen prey to a conspiracy theory…smell the coffee, the world is moving and you cannot stop it, you can only learn to love it

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      I agree with you. I think everyone is entitled to their homeland and places like the US and Canada can be ‘multicultural’ as a sort of apology for what we did to that native population

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      Well said

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    Stefanescu Dan

    mi se pare normal .n Romnia de ex numai turcii,ru?ii,arabii ?.a. fac afaceri ,trebuie s? ne rec?tig?m drepturile!

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      Glumesti, nu?
      Sistemul tau de sanatate a fost CREAT de “un arab”.

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    Manuela Mcmoura

    The politicians play these games of Nationalism just to get votes NOT to improve our lives together…I feel myself as an European and no tolerance for Nationalism…

    07/02/2018 Jean-Philippe Turpin, Director of the French NGO La Cimade?s Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Bziers, has responded to this comment.

    07/02/2018 Renaud Camus, controversial French writer and author of the ?Great Replacement?, has responded to this comment.

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    Are young Europeans becoming racist and bigoted?

    They always were. The seeds of racism and bigotry are popping at a certain moment in the right socio-economic “soil”. Vibes amplified by events and individuals make youngsters without experience to resonate with the ultra nationalistic rhetoric propagated loudly all over media by experienced populist politically opportunists. One of the most common are the fear of “sneaky”,”dirty”,”swarthy” foreigners coming and stealing jobs and benefits from hard working (of generations) locals. Just a step away from – ‘Loving your country = Hating foreigners’.

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    Paul X

    “One of the most common are the fear of “sneaky”,”dirty”,”swarthy” foreigners coming and stealing jobs and benefits from hard working (of generations) locals”

    But that does happen and why can people not voice an opinion on it without being called racist or xenophobic?

    Facts about Immigrants are massaged on a daily basis but one commonly touted is that immigrants are 50% less likely to claim benefits than indigenous UK population…I mean wow!…. so what?… are we supposed to be happy with that ?..are we supposed to accept there is an acceptable level of benefit tourism and say nothing?


    Now maybe this article is sensationalist journalism? maybe it is only 300 or 30 rather than 3000? But even if it was only 3 that is still 3 people who should not be here and people should be free to complain about them without being labelled xenophobic or racist

    There is one thing I’ve have noticed on recent televised political interviews, they are now (correctly) referring to the “fundamental” right of movement of workers. For years the EU elite have bleated that free movement of people was a fundamental principle of the EU but it never was, the treaty of Rome stated “free movement of workers” i.e people with jobs or moving to jobs…… now all they have to do is enforce their own “fundamental principle”

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    Dario Riccardi

    Ahahahah… When we can say Neutral Journalism……… The right question is in Europe right now is: “Are young Europeans becoming racist and bigoted or they will keep on running to extinction?”

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    Basilis Augerinopoulos

    The only racism in Europe is against Europeans . However the biggest threat today for our right to be Europeans , is the so called anti-racists . More dangerous than islamic fanatics , the well payed industry of anti-racist slaves , creates the bases of the European destruction , according to the plan of having only a small highilly educated elit group of people , and millions of contralable slaves . So this what i believe : i like Europe and i like to be citizen of this place with the cultural identity as we know more than 3000 years now , so anybody which dont like and whant to chacge like his dream country Iran r Afganistan , he may feel free himself to go and live there …..

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    EU reform- proactive

    We can’t pretend that our cultures and differences don’t matter!

    Is it a genuine concern by the EU and who analysis the need to supply a “booming EU economy” with the various shortages in skilled and unskilled labor- instead of flooding Europe with the surpluses of the world- regardless?

    Too may issues!
    “Young Europeans”: Age? Are that the immature, impressionable females @ earliest childbearing age, succumbing to teenage fantasies? Or- political maturing youth @ varying entry levels- a responsibility bestowed by “mature parliamentarians” to some 16/18 year old’s?

    “Unity in diversity”- would be unnecessary if unity would not be interrupted in the first place by manipulation & “Cultural Hegemony”. Has it given way to fear by EU apparatchiks and a desire to replace an aging population and fill future imagined EU empty spaces with random alien people from alien cultures?

    Or is it panic about pension security- driven mainly by EC-MEP’s to secure their protected “defined 3.5%” based on their salary for each full year’s mandate?
    Who can promise, guarantee or legislate- unity, tolerance, equality and prosperity for all? It seems the EU can- even sunshine and rain!
    Will we see even EU affirmative action on day? Whoever depends on the EU financially, will always answer to every question likely to have ‘more- not less EU’. Least of all the EC career politicians & MEP’s who avoid” normal taxation & are exempt from having to pay national taxes. Instead, they pay a flat rate of less than 15 per cent.

    Some nice but endless reading:

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Hmmm, your link is interesting but NOT up to your usual standard.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Tarquin,- My dear island friend,

      …umpiring again? The “DE test wicket”: …. “less united by diversity than the founders of the EU might have hoped”? : …you to bowl to state your “interiority” ……I am ready & so is the independent umpire!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      IF you are young [judging by your poor command of English and your frequent post-drops of lecture-like material I’m guessing you are] I would answer in the affirmative [re you] with regard to the forum question.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @ Tarquin…..still my island friend?

      Law 42- ….unfair bowling & the “DE” wicket untouched- a pity!

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    Dear debaters,

    Language, words, thruth. Philosophers like Nietzsche and Rorty have thoughtbus how language is merely a powertool. In political debats on immigration and discrimination etcetra, some really important issues are delicantly avoided through the creativity in the language that is used in these debates. The heavyweights have the moral highground, and they have fortified their position by creating new words, or by giving words new interpretations. These words can be used to control the debate and thereby avoid a direct assault on their principles. I am refering to words like: populism, xenofobia and racism. These words are used to shut people up. On the opposite words like: oikofobia, and ‘the left’ are used by the opposition. Note that in this debate the oikofobes rule the moral highground and that they are far more creative than the xenofobes. What is so disturbing about this article, is that Debating Europe has failed to free this debate from the chains of these meaningless words. The article has already condemmed the xenofobes. The article has obviously been written by oikofobes. The debate has been killed yet again.



  14. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Are you impugning the verisimilitude of the pro-EU and part-EU-financed DEBATING EUROPE forum?

    Perish the thought…

  15. avatar
    Antinazi Archimedes

    Not as much as our old politicians who support Neo-Nazis and fascists in Ukraine or support and train terrorists in Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

  16. avatar

    Dear debaters,

    I am not done yet. I feel that we a few things must be said.
    Neither oikofobes nor xenofobes want another war of peoples. In 1945 the allies were quite o.k. with ethnic cleansing. The allied powers created a new Europe of nation-states through ethnic cleanising ( except in joegoslavia… ). Millions were deported. This has been the primairy reason for peace in Europe: monoethnic countries. The only region were this had been done, the balkans, exploded into a disasterous ethnic conflict. Nation-states are the answer for peace in Europe.
    Europe has been traumatised by the Second World War. WW II was the crown jewel of the peoples wars starting with Napoleon. Since identity played such a major role in these wars, it has been seen since as vulgar. National identity is a bad thing. The intellectual monks have served this trauma by creating a dogma of theories. This dogma serves as a platform from wich identity can be crushed and degrated to a mirage for the mob. This is ofcours cowardice.
    It is intresting to see how much an intellectual debate concerning identity is completely lacking. It is ‘not done’ to question our current thoughts on identity. We are all distructively equal, bountlessly free and individual. We are our carreers, our social standing, our facebook status and profle pictures, and we are our cars.
    What does demos stand for in our ‘democracy’? The volk, such as in ancient Greece? No. The demos are the cars, the carreers, facebook.
    I find this state of mind that we are in to be absurd. There is nothing really progressive about it. This new identity is the product of the immens economic development since 1800 wich is unsustainable. Humans are social animals. Humans have lived in tribal communities for thousands upon thousands of years and are programmed to do so ( for more info read Azar Ghat: Nations ). We have completely lost our origins. Our tribale connection.
    Sure Identity is about who is in and who is out. We find this to be unacceptable sinds we feel that all are equal. However knowledge is per definition generalization. Words are given meaning through what they are not ( de Saussure ). An identity only existed when there are some whom have that identity , and others who do not. The identity of a concept lies in its relation with other concepts ( Derrida ).
    We are social animals in need of a tribal ( the modern tribe is the nation ) identity. The question: who are we? is essential to the question: who are we not? and vice versa. I call for a revaluation of identity for this debate about immigration and discrimination. The material arguments are of no importance. The immigrant should not be the main focus. This debate is about us. This debate is about what Europeans are, what Germans, Croates, Poles, Englishmen, Baskes etcetra

    Greetings The harmonicaman

  17. avatar
    John Karakalos

    Antinazi Archimedes,I don’t get it.First of all the old politicians of ours that you’re talking about,they’re not that old if they support the Neo-Nazis and fascists in Ukraine,so you’re talking about the current government.Right?Now,enlighten me about the politicians that support?and train?terrorists in Jordan,Turkey and S.Arabia.Really?That’s…all Greek to me!

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    Pierre d'Ampuis

    We want OUR Europe back, end of story. Stop trying to steal it from us, be you a politician traitor, or an immigrant invader, or you’ll suffer the consequences one day or another.

    • avatar

      So all immigrants are invaders?

    • avatar

      Our old Europe which invented the Inqusition, the nuclear bomb and the collonial mess for which we are still paying the prize – I don’t want it back, thanks

  19. avatar
    Pierre d'Ampuis

    We don’t “become racist and bigoted”, we become aware of what’s planned for us, and it’s genocide. We oppose it, and we oppose anti-racism, since it’s only anti-whitism in disguise.

  20. avatar
    Pierre d'Ampuis

    Every media like to deny that immigration was forced down our throat without the shred of a single popular referendum, and you still pretend democracy to be a model of dignity and honesty? Would the european peoples have been consulted about this some decades ago, we wouldn’t be in this hypocritical situation, and we wouldn’t have to be “racist and bigoted”.

  21. avatar
    Pierre d'Ampuis

    The only way of preserving diversity is to accept and protect our differences ; Nature works by selection and speciation, so stop doing the Devil’s work and wanting to blend us all.

  22. avatar

    We all talk about integration, but integration is not a unilateral behavior. People they may be willing to integrate BUT, are the local people willing to integrate with the new people…. in many cases : I don’t think so.

    • avatar

      New comers need to integrate into the society they chose, not the other way around. What is the point in coming to a new country, for example, leaving a muslim country to come to Europe. And then demand muslim standards? What is the problem there, the society that does not want to accept muslim standards or the muslim wanting to impose them? In my daughters school muslims are trying to ban pork products, they want halal school menus and children seperated by sex. I would be Ok with that, If I chose to live in a muslim country. I did not, I am in my country and I dont want kids seperated by sex or foreigners imposing their cultural and religious beliefs on us. Spain is the producer of the best ham in the world, we as Spaniards enjoy eating ham, and yes my daughter takes ham to school, she loves it. So now I need to stop because a muslim is offended by it? Well no! If they dont like it, there are planes leaving everyday, choose one. And if I am labelled a racist for thinking this way, hey, then I am a racist. But I will not tolerate anyone that is intolerant towards me.

    • avatar

      That is absolute non-sense.

  23. avatar
    Robert Adhini

    We have not forgotten how French and English People have tortured and many African people in the year where there was a slavery system

    In India

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Robert Adhini
      Please add Italy, Germany and [especially] Islam to your list.

  24. avatar
    Robert Adhini

    In India they have been chased by Hindus and Shikh soldiers

    Any People who want to defend again Racisms and discrimination ,can consult “ENAR” .

  25. avatar
    Christian Weale

    I am one of the 22%!
    I live in Britain and have become deeply concerned by the growth of insidious racism and xenophobia! In a society who’s identity could be defined by Cultural, Political, Religious and Social pluralism!
    I am proud to be both a British European and an Internationalist!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christian Weale
      I too live in Britain and I too am deeply concerned by the growth of undemocratic, inconsistent, unfair and biased EU control and racist EU indoctrination.

      I am proud to be British and I am proud to be a member of the British Commonwealth (>4 times bigger than the declining EU population AND with a land mass/resources > 10 times bigger than the minuscule EU land mass/resources) – the fastest growing and biggest bloc in the world bar NONE!

      Only an uninformed person would want to be in such a small [by population and landmass/resources] bloc such as the EU – DO THE MATH!

      Besides, the Commonwealth is far more culturally diverse than the bi-racial EU (hard-working Northerners v subsidised Southerners) AND too has less of a corrupt Southern EU-centric legal system influence as is evident in the EU today.

    • avatar

      @Tarquin: what exactly is the “control of the EU”.
      I am honestly asking, what exactly do you want to do but the EU says: “nope you can’t do that because reasons” ?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      I am truly sorry BUT your poor command of English is a tad confusing.

      Would you please kindly re-phrase whatever it is you posted and I’ll endeavour to provide a cogent answer to a [hopefully] sensible and cogent [English language-based] question.

      Thank you.

    • avatar


  26. avatar

    This a natural problem in human perception and cognition when insecurity is permanent. People becomes more protective, need someone to blame for its own frustration and so on. Today we have EU-countries with horrible levels of unemployment of young people. Governments that cares more of groups instead then the whole society, has deteriorate young people condition in the labour market. But i will not say automatically that young people in Europe has become racist. That¨s not it! The social condition activates bad sides in humans that leads to bad attitudes and behaviour.

  27. avatar

    Yes, sadly.
    Usually it is ignorance that is the cause.

    One just has to visit Netherlands or Belgium to see acceptance. I have been here for a few years and no one has bashed me as an immigrant or even looked at me funny.
    Even the “evil muslims” are decent people.

    Fearmongering as a smokescreen to cover up the real truth.

  28. avatar

    The question, as I see it, is not a proper one. Why are we, from the start, being labelled as racist or bigoted? I am not racist, I am Spanish born, USA raised and married to a non European, my wife is South American, and have a daughter who is Spanish and Hispanic, and I have had many friends of many different nationalities from when I lived in the USA.

    The problem is not one of race, it is a problem of tolerance and acceptance. But not our tolerance or acceptance, but of those who choose to come to our countries. And if anyone is racist, it is those who come here, towards us.

    When you choose to come to a country, you should embrace its way of life and respect those who already live there. We did not choose to move to a 3rd world country, why are you imposing your way of life on me? Why should my child stop eating pork products in school because you are offended by it? I am not muslim, my country is not muslim, if I wanted to live by muslim standards I would of chosen to move to a muslim country. I did not.

    Why do they come here and just because they are not nationals, have more rights to benefits that nationals do not have? Positive discrimination? How can we accept that an immigrant comes here, can live 5 years receiving 900€ each month in benefits, and even keep receiving benefits while fighting the jihad in Siria? how can that be? There are families in Spain that do not even earn 900€ per month, working!

    When my parents chose to move to the USA, first they did so legally, had to prove they would be self sustained and never ever did they receive any sort of benefits. We went, lived like americans, worked and embraced the american way of life. We did not go there and protest there where no bullfights, or that paella was not served in school, or that the school was not providing a spanish teacher for me. NO, we embraced the american way of life.

    So, I am not a racist or bigot as this question implies. I am a person who wants order, respect and to live peacefully. I do not like illegal immigration, I dont like immigrants to be handed benefits. All I want is for legal immigrants to have the same, not more, not less, benefits I have. And for them to accept our culture and embrace it. Not demand that we mold ours to theirs.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Anthony:

      What a well written post you have put up here. One that I wish I had written. It is so explicit and so well thought out. I have learned from it. Thank you.

    • avatar

      Well said x

  29. avatar

    If the EU barometer or Eurostat says its 22% the real figure must be at least 44% as these EU commissioned polls are always heavily skewed towards what the EU wants to hear.

    Good to see. Immigration has gone too far and should be halted effective immediately, and anyone who expresses hostile comments about women’s equality or gay rights should be expelled on sight. Do not tolerate the intolerance so ingrained in certain other cultures.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hi Marcel,

      Would it be wrong to correct your 44%? You probably meant only 11% or half of the 22% “E-citizens actually think cultural diversity is fundamental to the EU”- instead of economics!? (EU- p-incorrect Motto more like: “United towards cultural extinction”?)

    • avatar

      You’re the guy who wants immigrants outside of Europe ( who are more likely to have these backwards values of women and gays ) but are opposed to intra-EU immigration, which may contain more open minded people.
      Your logic…i don’t not follow…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Oh,err you seem to forget that NO EU Latin nation is in the TI top 20 and too that no EU Latin nation has had a continuous democracy for the last hundred years.

      No wonder EU Latin nations have a bad reputation for racism and bigotry…

  30. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    together por freedoms dignity and sustainability

  31. avatar
    Setétné Anita

    Európa, azon belül Magyarország az egyik legnagyobb rasszista nép közé tartozik! Minden országba az előítélet, a rasszizmus cigányokat/romákat éri. Én cigányként Magyarországon a borzalmak borzalmát élem meg a családommal együtt. Magyországon olyan iskolát zár be a fidesz ahova mély szegénységben élő romák tanulnak, egy fideszes ember keze minden hova elér, segítségére volt Navracsics Tibor kabinetfőnöke, stbbb, minden törvénytelenségbe, bűncselekménybe partnere volt a minisztérium, és a kormányhivatal.Ez a fideszes ember fel akarta robbantani az iskolát, videóüzenetet küldött a diákoknak! A rendőrség semmit nem tett, sem a fidesz! sem Navracsics, sem az OMBUDSMAN, Amerikába azonnal börtönbe zárták volna! Minket senki meg nem hallgat! Senki nem mer mellénk állni MIÉRT?? MERT AZT MONDJÁK NAGY A POLITIKAI ÉRINTETTSÉG! Szakértők ügyvédek, a nevük elhallgatása mellett adnak tanácsot. ELLEHETETLENÍTETTEK EGY OLYAN ISKOLÁT, MELYET EGY ROMA SZÁRMAZÁSÚ ASSZONY HOZOTT LÉTRE, HOGY A NÉPE FELZÁRKÓZHASSON, FELEMELKEDHESSEN! Az UNIÓ? NEM SEGÍT!

    • avatar

      Mégis mit segítsen? Válasszon más vezetöt nektek vagy tanítson téged angolul?! Keress jobb jövöt normálisabb helyeken ezt teszi érted az Unió. Felejtsd el a többit.

  32. avatar

    Regular European citizens are given no real choice.

    They are forced to accept mass immigration and the replacement of indigenous culture and people under the banner of multiculturalism and its armed forces; the anti-racist ideologist (a group that overlaps with the man hating feminists).

    The anti-racists really are violent because they resort to using the law to silence people. (I hope everybody understand that the law equals force)

    The left wing political elites have this rosy picture of the rest of the world in which everybody is equal, reasonable and subscribes to universal values.

    The truth is that most of the world is ethnocentric and that immigrants and wannabe immigrants just use the multicultural vocabulary because (and as long) it aligns with their ethnocentric group interest. They really don´t have any respect for the left wing people supporting their cause..they laugh their pans of.

    The day will come that some elderly liberal politician who has been so sure of his moral superiority over all those bigots who dare to object to the Islamics being welcomed in his country suddenly realizes how wrong he was when there is no turning back anymore as some Islamic despot takes over.

    Europeans are not racist (a.k.a. ethnocentric) and that is why there are so many non-Europeans let into Europe to begin with and why they will be replaced as a people and probably be celebrating it or pretend it doesn’t matter.

    • avatar

      Ideologically, the right wing also supports equality. The world has been indeed ethnocentric for many centuries, but Europe has tried to change this in the last century.
      I think it was wise that European leaders realized we are dying out and have tried to solve this problem. Realistically, the 20th and 21st century have brought much lower birth rates in Europe. That can’t be the migrants fault. To keep Europe alive, we needed to pass on our heritage to someone, even if it meant naturalizing people of other ethnic backgrounds.
      One might be an emigrant in Denmark today, but their children will grow up in Danish schools, speak the Danish language, and be taught the Danish way of life. If this generation is one of migrants, the next will be of naturalized migrants. After some time, we won’t be making differences between one whose ancestors were in Europe for hundreds of years, and one whose family had only been in Europe for fifty years.
      It is a slow process, and we are in the phase where we feel flooded by foreigners. Soon they won’t be foreign, sorry. Still, the biggest benefit is that Europe will survive. After all, what’s great about Europe is not that we’re all white and blonde and have blue and green eyes. What’s great about Europe is its identity, character and values. As long as those survive, Europe won’t become someone else’s continent.

      How I know that? I am part of this. My father had come to Romania thirty years ago from Iraq – he himself feels more European than Arabic. He enjoys European values and ideals, he supports them. His family name was Abdul-Karem, but he shortened it to Abdul. He kept his first name, but he commonly uses the name Jimmy. But he’s part of the first generation – he has kept some of his traditions, although watered them down to conform to his new home..
      Me, however, I feel about 99% European. When I am asked, “where are you from?” I don’t hesitate to say Romania. I tear up when I hear the anthem, I believe in all that Europe has meant for centuries. My parents have left me the freedom to choose my faith, and I chose Christianity.
      Today, if it weren’t for my family name, no one would ever guess I am half Arabic, or that I am a part of the second generation of a migrant’s family. I am European, and this is what many children from migrant families will identify themselves as.
      This was the only way for Europe to survive, sorry.

  33. avatar
    Nikos Themelis

    Are young Europeans racist and bigoted?Just listen and read how northern europeans treat the south. Read treaties like Dublin 2 that the north imposed on the south.
    I would say that northern europeans are very much racists and bigoted.

  34. avatar

    Yes especially the Spanish, French and Italians. Just because you losers are suffering don’t blame the non-white people. Remember the banking crash is cause by WHITE bankers and WHITE Politicians.

  35. avatar

    If I holiday in Europe I will only take these at Ireland, UK, Sweden, Norway and other northern European countries at least these countries have very good manners with non-white people. Southern Europe and Eastern Europe are racist and anti gay. SHAME ON YOU.

  36. avatar

    Sistemul de sanatate romanesc nu a fost creeat de vreun arab. Doar s-a nimerit ca un arab cu clanurile lui sa apuce la furat, precum altii prin Romania si sa creeze un monompl de stat, mafiot in sanatate. Deci, era mai bine fara un asemenea individ. Nu-ti fa probleme, daca nu era el, era altcineva, doar ca ai o imprese gresita, fiindca a avut succes in a bloca demersurile altora de a se dezvolta. Ce a creeat acel arab e o mare mizerie, tinuta prea mult timp sub pres. Mai documenteaza-te si nu mai imprastia dezinformari. In tara arabului de care zici tu, oamenii se mananca intre ei la ora asta. Deci, lasa teoriile cu harapi albi.

  37. avatar
    Parászka Máté

    Maybe it’s just a trend.When there is less money people are becoming intolerant blaming the others why there is no money, when there is money everything is fine.

  38. avatar
    Tom Collin

    no. the selfproclaimed elites are and always have been. racism is a kind word for their way of thinking that is logically been promoted since pheeeeeeeeew a long time ago. The race of the “small people” is the real object of hatrid and it includes all physical races

  39. avatar
    Nina Nikoletou

    ?ot all muslims are fanatics, not all Christians follow the word of God. But unfortunately the truth is, that Europe is becoming more and more racist.

  40. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    Yes but because of the stupid policies that their governments have decided to follow… People when they have prosperity, equal opportunities for wealth and education, opportunity to travel and proper immigration and integration policies, do not become xenophobic. For 50-60 years Europe was a melting pot, why do you think Europeans are becoming more xenophobic now? Think about it.

  41. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Of course they are becoming more intolerant. The more the integrationists force people together the more they will resist until something snaps..

    People come together because they have a desire to, not because they are ordered to.

  42. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    The world racism is not in my dictionary and society and European central powers is required to support all the people who can not support themselves for whatever reason are the elites of the European Central power to take initiatives and the end to these esergroups that practice poisonous ideology in Europe

  43. avatar
    Jivko Danev

    ?? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ??????? – what language are they supposed to speak, ===?

  44. avatar
    Javier Ortiz

    If you are not racist, truely not racist, then you will have no problem accepting others! otherwise you have been faking it trying to be in with the crowd!

  45. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    Of course they are becoming more and more rasist. Mostly because of the manipulation by media and very poor immigration policy.

  46. avatar
    Eugenia Serban

    But globalization can not be stopped. Nations will be more and divers and people of very different religions, colors and beliefs will intermingle and mix.
    States are indeed history. People of all kind tend to be free.

    • avatar

      Most people do not want your brand of ‘freedom’. Your neo-liberal progressive social engineering has caused untold damage over last 60 years. You really think your NWO will happen? Let me guess… It will be different this time it’ll work! Your inability to understand or accept human nature, and nurturing concepts which are an abdomination of a nature which has developed and grown over hundreds of millenia of evolution is is a failure like all the previous attempts. Pushing your global communism fantasy will either be a success stained with the blood of at least a billion victims of genocide for ‘the greater good’ or a an armed nationalist uprising in counntry after country fighting for the existance of their identity as a nation and as a people. Masses are waking up, so communist inspired silencing tactics like the word racist are failing, and trying to ostracize single nations or groups with LIES, DECEIT and WARMONGERING to have people destroyed for YOUR OWN agenda will not work like 1939.
      All agents of the NWO and their marxist indoctrinated thralls willbe dragged into the open and recognised as the true enemy of humanity. your sway over the masses with money, materialism, moral and spiritual bankruptcy dressed up as ‘freedom’ are being seen for the illusion they really are. So, JUDEN! your game is almost up.
      Your time is up. Great people around the world, white black yellow brown man and woman will know the corruptors of humanity.
      And just wait until the world learns the truth about the Holocaust.

  47. avatar
    Inês Beato

    “United in diversity” yes, but the problem is that is not what we are doing, we are making people change to fit a sanitized “one fits all” culture. Respect outsiders but also respect the culture of native people. If what I read is true, I can understand why some people might be fed up and unfortunately lash out at people who look different. And then there is economic problems and some groups deciding to blame immigrants for all the troubles, which doesn’t help at all.

  48. avatar
    Manuela Mcmoura

    They always have been racists…It has been researched that the less educated a person is, the MORE prejudiced he/she is…I can guaranty this personally…

  49. avatar

    Yes. Xenophobia increases. European mobility has ever been lower than in the USA. Now that we are in crisis, we retort to scapegoats. Foreigners make good ones. And the motto “United in diversity” is a nonsense. United, or diverse. We can be united by only a few things, but we have to know that there are tthe foundations of our “Us”. We, the people… that’s why the melting pot works better than our (lack of) model. And, of course, the main investment should be in harmonisation and dispute solving mechanisms: Police and Justice.

  50. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    Guess it is not about rascism. But it is the idea used as bait how to form community in the chaos. In the chaos there is lack of feeling security. Chaos of values , chaos of changes in social status. Families which yesterday lived proper and descent life with intentions, motivations, goals next day are struggling and are on the way to desintegration because of changes in economy, community desintegration.

    Guess rascism is using the space for accumulation of that province of our values to accumulate energy for establishing some order and predictable status for members in smaller limited community.

    So if there is option for non-rascism communities efforts should be invested to take the fuel for rascism. Establish conditions for local communites and targeted life , conditions for families to establish. Counting on open societies and discussion groups is only possible for few years during study or maybe few years after. But there are other types of living aspects that demands stability and sancturary for new cretivity and establishing fuel for system to be vital and avoid conditions for forming cancer accumulating tissues like rascism or other forms of stigmatisation: people that become homeless or not access to education is closed, or other forms of violence on members on community that system is initiatiing. Rascism is answer on stigmsatisation of own people in the system. So better than initiate new stimgatisation of so called rascist is better to stigmatisate what in system caused people to turn to rascism for finding security for their families, way of life ?

  51. avatar

    English tea is growing in India and Belgian chocolate are from cocoa trees in Ghana!

  52. avatar
    jacob Apostol

    I think we need to distinguish between racism and and xenophobia. These are two different things of the same coin. Racism is a desease of the mind that engenders hate against different minorities or peoples who belong to different nationalities regardless of the economic condition; whereas, xenophobia is an attitude towards foreigners for fear of security or economic deprivation. In the case of European Union, especially rich western countries, among others, such as French, Italy, The Netherlands, and Germany, these problems are both persisting. Whether we like or not, there are Europeans who, up to now , could not accept the fact the the world is changing towards interdependence in terms of human resources, capital, labor, goods and service. They have still maintained the kind of thinking called enthnocentrism (in sociological term) that their culture is more superior than others, and therefore , has to be preserved exclusively for them. This kind of thinking is difficult to reverse, because it is deeply ingrained in their sub-culture, so to speak. It is drawn on family upbringing or orientation and long period of association from people who peddled this way of thinking.

    However, some Europeans are not racists, but are rather xenophobic. They become being like that because of external forces that affect their attitude in dealing with foreigners. The common causes of xenophobia are the rise of violence committed by non-natives, and economic crisis. Today, the islamization and Euro-currency crisis have cracked EU’s motto: “Unity in Diversity”. The best EU governments can do is to bring economic prosperity to obliterate xenophobia. In the case of racism, I guess, different approach has to be employed. You need to evaluate and reform the educational system in line with multiculturalism and strong legislation to contain racism…

  53. avatar

    Europe has two main issues –

    1) they should have never allowed in poor refugees as immigrants – that was a huge mistake….these poor immgrants had no interest in integration or advancement they just wanted to run away from their own countries and now live a frustrated existence in grim conditions in their new host countries…they face discrimination but also cannot adapt or change their way of living. Their kids grow up even worse fighting to fit into a system and society that rejects them so obviously they have no future…stop poor refugees from coming to europe and make it a priority to educate and integrate the existing ones….these poor immigrants are also multlying very fast ..inter racial marriages should be encouraged for these immigrants so their kids find it easier to assimilate…but at all costs put a complete total stop to refugee immigration from 4th world country…let them go to developing 2nd world countris instead of taking them into 1st world countries and ruining everything.

    2) secondly there is massive ignorance amonst young whites all over europe..give them a better education and exposure to the world….relax socialist rules and labour laws so more and more people can have better opportunities for emplpyment / self employment and growth…the youth of europe have no opportunities…young french and germans cant even afford a home in paris or munich despite earning a decent salary…instead of importing foreign born qualified workforces eu countries should focus in making their own lower classes educated and qualified for economic growth.

    Europe’s solutions are very simple….but no one wants to implement them. Developed countries should only be open tp weslthy foreigners who want to spend money and enjoy the european lifestyle.

  54. avatar

    China doesn’t allow immigration and the world is mobile. Neither do a lot of countries. We don’t need lots of immigration because we are globalized.

  55. avatar

    I am certain there would be less immigration if Europe endorsed peace in some of the neighboring countries, instead of fueling war to appease our trans Atlantic friends.

  56. avatar
    Marek Kroufek

    Precarious people are becoming racist and bigoted. The root of the problem is not young Europeans being racists and bigots but young Europeans being precarious.

  57. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Debating Europe

    How can you promote ‘united in diversity’ if you are forcing everyone to be the same ?

  58. avatar
    Stelios Peppas

    That is obvious. Migration floods into conservative societies always lead to racism. Especially in Former Great Powers, Scandinavian countries and Post Socialistic countries.

  59. avatar
    Gabriel Paździor

    The big problem with European mentality is that WE (European citizens) are home. So every immigrant is in some way a trespasser or an unwonted guest. Unlike in America where everyone is a newcomer.
    That way of thinking boosts the stereotypical treatment of immigrants.

  60. avatar
    James Campbell

    Integration of Muslim immigrants in the UK is generally unsuccessful. Mass immigration over recent decades has led to ghettoisation and de facto Muslim / non-Muslim segregation in many cities. Many people feel that mass immigration has changed Britain forever but that it has never been given a mandate by the people. Many white English people feel that the EU takes powers from the UK without a democratic mandate. These are all factors in the rise of UKIP.

    15/03/2017 Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, has responded to this comment.
    15/03/2017 Andreas Germershausen, Commissioner of the Berlin Senate for Integration and Migration, has responded to this comment.

  61. avatar

    Yes! Recession leads to blame games against minorities and immigrant inflow just adds to the frustration. There is a bigger picture to it but the amateur and the uninformed ones get carried away easily into stereotypes and racism. Mind that all Americans except Red Indians are immigrants and most of them are with European origin.

  62. avatar
    Mircea Stefan

    Diversity is a bullshit! There are a bunch of big problems: racial problems, religious problems, social problems, etc…..

  63. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    do you speak about musloms or black who become more and more racists or religious ? or do you speak about native europeans who have shown their generosity and tolerance by accepting roo many migrants ?

  64. avatar
    Engy Al Refaei

    Only the brainwashed ones they’re called nationalists taking pride in sh… they never did and hating people they never met:))))))

  65. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    Since a paper determines what your work is worth, racism is only only logical: it’s protecting privilege.

  66. avatar
    Alex Sascha

    In eastern Europe they are all racist, they want to impose their rules and don want to integrste…this is the failure of the EU

  67. avatar
    Dean Plassaras

    The germans have always been uber racists. Their whole existence is based on a deep inferiority complex projected out as pseudo-superiority.

  68. avatar
    Pedro Jorge Lemos

    Who is becoming racists are who we gave a better life and came from other countries. Minories are everywhere protected even comitting all kin of crimes…

  69. avatar
    Hugo Oliveira

    No. Europeans remain slaves like the rest. The diference is in the nature of the slavery. Any racism only comes from the lack of awarness concerning one self and the world situation. Race has nothing to do with it, although some suffer a lot more than the others, none are free.

  70. avatar
    Georgi Tashev

    Always, and all that come from the European Parlament. Can’t wait to sink down that not human union.

  71. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    There is no choice.The violent quick inflow of immigrants and refugees will bring eventually fear and negativeness.Still people are emotional towards people in need but this will change.In the end they will hate each other.

  72. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    When there are no jobs and there are instability what can we expect? What’s the point of receiving no-Europeans who are not going to be integrated and want to force on us their own culture?

  73. avatar
    Max Berre

    Voting Patterns don’t lie. while nobody like to be called “racist”, and lots of people on this thread have just said “no” without point to any sort of evidence or anything, the plain hard truth is that in virtually all member states, the extreme right keeps gaining electoral popularity by brining up any and every sort of multicultural issue. The views of the european electorate pretty much speak for themselves

  74. avatar
    Andrei Bogdan Sterescu

    Young people not so much but there is a certain risk that they will. Many middle-aged and old people have turned to more far-right conservative politics thus becoming racist, bigoted and intolerant as a direct consequence of reactionary ideas. The problem with this is that they will directly or indirectly influence future generations into thinking this way. Now if you look at the conservative wave that engulfed Europe since the 2008 Crisis you can kind of explain this phenomenon. Nationalism and Euroskepticism are on the rise, more and more people are citing immigration as something of a “national threat” and general intolerance in Europe is quite prevalent.

  75. avatar
    Eva Benko Zoltan

    It depends, if the European youth have got decently payed jobs and they are basically satiefied, they aren’t racist. But people with 500 euros per month(tnose that don’t work they get as social aid 600 plus 200 for lodging)and the stomach empty they can be racist and more.

  76. avatar
    Oli Lau

    The current policy is generating xenophobia. Immigration is supposed to be positive for the hosting society. It should bring qualified workers, courageous foreign people ready to take the most difficult jobs to get their place in the society.

    Now they are simply recipients for social benefits. In some countries they are even forced to remain unemployed.

    It is financed by the taxpayers. Administrations force them to give money for that. It generates xenophobia. The current policy is what feeds FN in France and similar parties across europe.

    Immigration sure! But it must be positive.

  77. avatar
    Mig Pal

    When Europe accepts people who hate them this lowers the tolerance. However I am getting to understand this mutual intolerance, it actually is protecting humanity, although I believe we should be more frontal about that. Close minded is like I was years back that I thought if we mixed races we would eliminate xenophobia. Today I understand that we would loose much culture, just like if the EU parliament tries to rule all countries without the local power, diversity is important, but maintaining the cultural traditions acquired is more important.

  78. avatar
    Pieralessio Maurizio Lamborghini

    “United in Diversity” in the Europe.With European countries. Countries that they make part of it. The recent policy creates of certain of the malcontent, especially in this period of economic crisis, but we cannot attack for this the motto of the EU.

  79. avatar
    Lamborghini P.

    When Europe accepts people who hate them this lowers the tolerance. However I am getting to understand this mutual intolerance, it actually is protecting humanity, although I believe we should be more frontal about that. Close minded is like I was years back that I thought if we mixed races we would eliminate xenophobia. Today I understand that we would loose much culture, just like if the EU parliament tries to rule all countries without the local power, diversity is important, but maintaining the cultural traditions acquired is more important.

    • avatar
      Lamborghini P.

      Sorry. It’s an error of copy and glues. It’s a comment of another person.
      This is my:
      “”United in Diversity” in the Europe.With European countries. Countries that they make part of it. The recent policy creates of certain of the malcontent, especially in this period of economic crisis, but we cannot attack for this the motto of the EU.”
      Sorry again

  80. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    “United in Diversity” is a lie created by Brussels to convince the simple minded into believing we are all the same people.Clearly we are not.

    The truth is the peoples of Nation States are being robbed of their individuality while being forced to take on the fake Nationality of ‘European’.

    Like all the other fanatics who have wanted to create a ‘united Europe’ under one flag they are leaving a trail of devastation behind them, thank god we are leaving their pointless EU.


  81. avatar

    European become rasistic in some countries, including young generation in some countries. Personally, as an adult student from Lithuania I got terrific experience at Aarhus business school in Denmark, here have been openly harassed on the national, age and health ground both by the professors and even Rector of that university, but also by fellow students from Germany and Denmark, and they still think they were right – any excuses, even from the Danish Government side. There is racisms and intolerance raising from the old member state of EU towards new member states, towards weaker and poor. This is unbelievable and this is very dishonest, but Europe becomes the continent with zero toleration.

  82. avatar
    Pedro Pagador Fdez

    You asked if we are becoming racist now? I mean, after (for example) we invade América. :/

    The question should be when are we going to stop racism…

  83. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    Being against anormal behaviours and things from other so called cultures it doesnt mean or make you racist.

  84. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Europeans are NOT racist… racist, NO… more defensive, YES (regardless of race)… And why is that??? Because everybody from everywhere wants to come to Europe, eat us alive, feed themselves off our average living standards (which aren’t that great anymore), and/or make our Europe look like a bloody warzone… This is not “EU politics” or “Corporate talk”, it’s what common European citizens are experiencing out on the streets, in their lives, on a daily basis… do you care enough to change that??? – I thought so…

  85. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Let me put it this way: a friend of mine rented his previous flat to a Turkish family, out of good faith… after a couple of months, the “family” got a lot bigger… cousins, cousins of cousins, you name it… my friend got worried, but they were too many, he feared for his security… then, they stopped paying rent the following month… for 3+ months!… then, my friend had to ask for further advice and call the Police, etc… then, they disappeared, and he found his flat completely trashed… and YOU MEP’s talk about those stupid “enlargement ideas”, expanding to… where really??? BUT HEY, I DO LOVE TURKISH FOOD, TURKISH RESTAURANTS, AND THE TURKISH PEOPLE, THE TURKISH CULTURE, AND I WISH THEM ALL THE BEST, LET’S DO SOME TRADING… the same goes to South-Americans/Latin-Americans, Africans, South-East Asia, etc… Remember the so-called “British Empire”… and the “Spanish Empire”, and the “Portuguese Empire”, etc etc?? People LEARN from their lessons, and from their past… Modern-age “Imperialism” is a bad idea… and for what? To accomodate NATO and the US’s corporate interests?? Come on… Let’s keep Europe as it is in the map… and let’s work for a better one even! – and leave TTIP for later, we still have a lot to do around here…

  86. avatar
    Nelson GI

    There are some countries in Europe where people are so close minded, traditional And racist! Slovakia, where I am doing Erasmus, is one of them!

  87. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Tolerating the intolerant brings nothing but trouble. The problem with Europe? Laws only apply to those who follow them. We have migration laws that no one follows, not even the governments. So why have them? The reason to have migration laws is to filter out the bad and allow in the good. Not applying them has allowed into Europe all kinds of people, some good and many criminals. As I see it, if an European dies at the hands of an illegal migrant, the government should be prosecuted as an acomplice. I will never understand how illegal migrants are allowed to roam freely and at times, living off benefits that should be going to needed legal citizens. And lets not even start talking about the intolerant islam invasion that we are forced to accept by the elite living in ivory towers.

  88. avatar
    Manan Anwar

    There is a reason why USA is a super power, not Europe despite being thousands of years older.

  89. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    We are not racists, maybe we are intolerant to invaders…and maybe we are “up to the top” seeing the help and advantatges all migrants have from the governments when in there own countries many citazens live in misery.

  90. avatar
    Suzie Szabo Newbury

    You can’t be racist against a religion! It’s made up of different races that are against all other religions. Who are the bigots? Not the people who have friends of every different race and religion under the rainbow but are frightened of what is happening within Islam.

  91. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    are othomans and fanatics racist who kills rape and sell other races till to dissapear them TOTALLY and OTHER religions? this is the right question……..

  92. avatar
    Jorge Pêgo

    It’s not being xenophobic. It’s being logical. No one wants to pay taxes for the other to invade us and live on the social benefits. Furthermore, if you travel a bit you will easily see that the others in Asia and Africa are much more xenophobic towards every one else than the Europeans. Which now a days are the least xenophobic in the world anyway.

  93. avatar
    Ioannis Mitsou

    I don’t think that we should consider xenophobia or racism the effort to protect our way of life,our culture and our beliefs.unfortunately the immigrants are demanding in the name of their religion to force us to change our way of living.I think that the immigrants should make an effort to socialize and become more open minded to different culture and respect the other people who live with them.

  94. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    Yes, the youth in Europe has been becoming intolerant, because of many, many migrants, who have been threatening the normal brook of the life. Saudi Arabia declared that it would build many mosques in Europe. The islam is a danger in Christian EU.

  95. avatar
    Dalibor Medvedović

    WRONG! Missunderstanding questiones make untakeble unswer… What’s hapend with culture during the multicultural dialoque? Brevik mistake? Colective terms as culture (wheere every new meaninig enriched all others…) is not possible between the many cultures if it is not cultural during the all this related subject. Jess, I forgot that I do not speek english, sorry 4 your time…

  96. avatar
    Nicolay Van Reckem

    In Belgium racism gets a lot of negative attention in the education system so my experience is that young people are becoming more tolerant towards people of another culture. But i also notice that they are also easy influenced by the media.

  97. avatar
    Nick Knight

    Anyone not wanting their indigenous culture over run is a racist, so say the liberal minority

  98. avatar

    Next I will unsubscribe from this debate because the posts are filtered…..

  99. avatar
    Nikos Themelis

    Europeans were always racist and bigoted. It’s that after the horrific crimes done at the ww2,they hid their racism. Now,with the economic crisis and the immigrant crisis,they show the true colours again.

  100. avatar

    Europeans are not becoming ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’.

    It is actually people asking these kinds of ‘questions’ who are becoming more intolerant of males, whites (a.k.a. Europeans). These cultural marxists subconsciously want to want to wipe out an entire racial category because their continuous existence is ad odds with their ideology. The persistent racial inequalities cause cognitive dissonance because they do not fit the narrative of all people only being different in their skin color. This is obviously in contradiction with biology, evolution theory and common sense. All people are not ‘created equal’ and no amount of negative propaganda or discrimination against those who are better will change that.

  101. avatar
    Jean François Clet

    On rend les européens racistes.

    Les dirigeant (adepte du modèle soi-disant libéral imposé par Bruxelle) préfereront toujours que les pauvres tourne leur haine vers plus pa&uvre qu’eux que contre les riches.

  102. avatar
    Jean François Clet

    Précision sur “sois-disant libéral”

    Le libéralisme, à l’origine, était un système prônant la liberté (civile, religieuse, voire sexuelle). Le mot a été détourné par les capitaliste en “liberté pour le riche d’opresser le pauvre”

  103. avatar

    We would have to introduce intensive language learning in schools. 5 hours a week, for the entire duration of the school for a European language. EU politicians (including European Parliament representatives) should have by law two European languages fluently. Also we should introduce political sciences in schools, so that if we live in a complicated society we should be able to understand it.

  104. avatar

    Leftist loonies and Globalist hard at work. If you love your culture and want to keep it then you are racist, xenophobic insert any other derogatory name. It is a war of words. http://www.stopthenorthamerica

    To me you would be praising Brexit, Iceland, Russia and Trump, not these elite multi- international businesses that want one world order that they and the left loons can control. You will also be told by the G&L. (Globalists and Left Loons) that we are consuming to many natural resources per person. Well most western countries have had birth rate declines since the 70’s so you would think this is a good thing, less people equals less consumption. But now the G&L wants more immigrants to replace the declining population????

  105. avatar
    Kovács János

    The “United in diversity” motto has an entirely different meaning, and it shouldn’t be used for this type of propaganda.

  106. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Before you can start a debate you must set precise guidelines of the discussion so ……

    Which ‘Europeans’ are you referring to, those in the 51 Nations of ‘Europe’ or just the 440 million trapped in the EU ?

  107. avatar
    Valentin Rotaru

    Hey EU, do you want to know what your Belgium is becoming ? This is a simple vending/selling/renting group and do you know what they do all day instead of posting usefull stuff? You’ve got it, they praise” Allah” and threaten to kill the ones opposing their opinion…so yeah, how do you NOT expect people to be racist when their race is based on a lie? https://www.facebook.com/groups/Troc.Echanges.Bxl/

  108. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    I noticed that this group is racist..Alde Liberals too..less the EP
    Better to know..
    I just know who are the friends as well as foes.
    Does the soldier.

  109. avatar
    João Nuno Correia

    That’s a fact! Racism in Europe, for several ressona, it’s going worse and worse! Only a word for those feeling badly in the EU: just leave!! Jump out, you are doing nothing here,!!

  110. avatar
    Stefano Zuzzi

    This fucking group just looks like the website page I saw before..hate mails because our fucking god
    love us

  111. avatar
    Ruairí Hallissey

    Diversity doesn’t unite people it divides them, the current situation in the EU being a perfect example of this.

  112. avatar
    Nathanaël Breuil

    Europe is just the victim of nobody talking about in the history of europe how racism raised as an “intelligent point of view” since about 1885, BUT, nobody want to inform anybody, so don’t complain when people refuse to listen…

  113. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    No unity with the Sharia terrorist and pedophile promoter of six year old little girls being married at the age their prophet married his last wife aisha. We want no unity with those who murder for 72 virgins just as well no one is glad to drink poison !!! the still mentally sane europeans reject your Insanity rule of unity with the pure evil of sharia terrorism… Rather then becoming an islamic terrorized continent the europeans will destroy your Kalergi insane plan and your 4 Reich

  114. avatar
    Luchian Mdm

    Ivan burrows the EU ideal was good until the Unity with Islamic Terrorists became the EU comission driving ideology thanks to the plan of R.C. Kalergi medal winners Merkel, Juncker and the rest of the traitors from The Eu Parliament.

  115. avatar
    Aleksandar Greguric

    Racist? Nope. Just awakened. We did not join the EU to be in constant fear but to be safer and that is a lie. I do not want streets in my city to be full of armed soldiers. I do not want nighbourhoods im my city to be such that we cannot walk freely like we do now. That isn’t racism. That is common sence.

  116. avatar
    Tony Muñiz

    Yes, it is becoming more racist. I am a migrant and have lived in several countries. Only place I have been discriminated against is in EU. Oddly enough, in my birth country in the EU. I’ve been discriminated against and threatened by Latin Americans and Muslims. And I have lived in one of the top ten worst cities in the USA and never had a problem. Oh, and also are discriminated against by my own government, placing migrants before nationals giving them priority in job placement, housing and benefits. So yes, the EU is becoming more racist, but that racism is not by Europeans.

  117. avatar
    Tomas Mzr

    Racist ? hahaha old song of lefties to call somebody racist and he shut up doesnt work anymore … maybe in Germany still ;) but Germans are idiots who votes for people that leads them into religious wars. Lefties and liberals ideas are in decline … and soon they politicians will be removed from power.

  118. avatar
    Steffan Chrestensen

    It is not racism idiots. It’s people saying know to a certain peoples behavour and yes other people are getting caught in the crossfire, that have nothing to do with it. I’m not a racist, but I’m not afraid to say certian types are not good to have in any society and don’t want or can assimilate, and that is a fact they can’t ly about. You can see it every where and statistic don’t ly. IT will only become harder and harder for foreighnours as long as goverment is trying to silence the peoples protest and the facts of the problem they pose.

  119. avatar
    Kate Traditionog

    End Racism Against Blacks And Get Putin Out Of Russian,Arrest Assange Assad Edward. There Are Two Terrorist Leaders Trump And Putin arrest Warrant Must be Placed On These Two Terrorist Racist liars Abuser Of Women.

  120. avatar

    Of course Europe is rife with racism. Look at how asians, indians, blacks and any non-white people face violence especially in eastern europe. Even look at white-on-white racism in every european country.

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