The First World War was supposed to be the “war to end war”. Over one hundred years ago, millions were dying in one of the deadliest conflicts in history. Machine guns, barbed wire and poison gas brought innovative new ways of brutalisig our neighbours.

Of course, 1918 did not bring the end of warfare. An even more bloody conflict would begin in 1939 and, as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Yemen and Libya have shown, warfare is very much still alive in the 21st Century.

However, is it naïve to believe that war might one day become a thing of the past? In 2011, Steven Pinker argued in his book, The Better Angels of Our Nature, that wars were growing less common and less violent. Even with the recent upsurge in violence this year, there are still fewer deaths caused by conflict than during the Cold War (180,000 a year from 1950 to 1989, according to the Peace Research Institute Oslo) and many times fewer than during the First or Second World Wars.

So, how peaceful will the 21 Century be? We recently discussed a question from Faragó, who asked where the biggest security threats to Europe came from today. But what does that picture look like globally?

To get an answer, we spoke to Sameer Patil, Associate Fellow of National Security, Ethnic Conflict & Terrorism studies at the Indian think-tank Gateway House. What would he list as the biggest security threats in Asia?

patilWell, Faragó, I would like to list three major security challenges for the Asia-Pacific region. One is the evolving security situation in Afghanistan, and the situation that is likely to emerge after the NATO forces withdraw. Now, we have big concerns here, particularly in South Asia, about the rise of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. So, that’s one big security challenge.

The second, paticularly from India, Japan and South-East Asian countries’ point of view, is the rise of China and also all kind of aggressive actions it is taking not only in South Asia, but also South-East and East Asia.

And the third security challenge I would like to identify is cyber-security. Now, we know that after PRISM and Stuxnet there has been a lot of awareness about cyber-security issues. Unfortunately, in Asia, that awareness hasn’t really transformed into actual policy making.

If we want the world to be a more peaceful place, should we be spending less on guns and more on butter? We recently looked at a question sent in by Proactive asking why “peaceful European countries” should increase their defence spending to 2% of GDP as NATO would like to see. Whilst defence spending has been falling in Europe, what has been happening in Asia?

patilWell, Asia doesn’t really have a collective security organisation as Europe does. What that means is that most of the Asian countries feel they have to spend more on increasing their capabilities. They cannot, like Europe, pool and share their resources.

The second point is that Asian powers are still consolidating their conventional defences. Some Asian countries still lack the basic capabilities to fend off external territorial aggression. So, I would say that spending is still likely to increase in Asia over the coming decades.

So, overall, defence spending has increased in the Asia-Pacific, but in absolute numbers how does it stack up? If you look at Asian countries, excluding China but including India, Japan and South Korea, it comes to something like 130 billion dollars spent on defence. If you look at most of Europe, including the UK, France and Germany, it comes to about 170 billion dollars. So, spending rates may have gone down in Europe, but in terms of absolute numbers Europe is still ahead of Asia in terms of defence spending.

We also spoke to Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman, Head of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Project on Military Expenditure. We started by asking him what the situation looked like globally in terms of defence spending after the financial crisis of 2008. Did governments start tightening their belts?

perlo-freemanAt first, spending continued to increase as most major countries put in place stimulus packages. But, from about 2010 we’ve begun to see falls in North America, West and Central Europe – broadly speaking, “The West” – although military spending has continued to increase in most of the world, most obviously in big players like China and Russia, but also generally in the Middle East, Africa and much of Asia. That said, in Asia, for example, the rate of increase has slowed down partly as a result of the crisis and the knock-on effect of slightly slower economic growth. India’s spending has flattened out, for example.

But, we’re now seeing a very clear pattern of falling spending in the West, up to 2013 at least, and increasing spending in the rest of the world. And perhaps particularly alarming rates of increase in the Middle East and Africa.

Please click here for our infographic on military defence spending.

Should we be concerned that defence spending is falling in the West? We had a comment sent in by Rudi, arguing that just because Europeans see themselves as “peaceful” doesn’t mean the rest of the world thinks that way. Rudi argued EU countries should do more to meet the 2% of GDP defence spending target of NATO. How would Dr Perlo-Freeman respond?

perlo-freemanHi, Rudi. Well, I think that NATO’s target of 2% of GDP has always been an extremely arbitrary one in that it’s disconnected from what the actual security situation is, what security needs are and how strong countries’ economies are growing. It’s also an unrealistic target for a lot of NATO members that are also EU members. For example, Germany currently spends 1.4% of GDP on the military. Increasing that amount is not something that the German people would accept, and it would make Germany very clearly the strongest military power in Western Europe, which I think the British and French might be uncomfortable about.

Obviously, the situation in Ukraine is causing countries in Europe to reassess the security situation and consider territorial defence as an issue, which it hasn’t really been since the end of the Cold War. And some countries, especially like those further to the East, are increasing spending as a result, and that’s understandable. But I think we should keep things in proportion. Despite Russia’s unacceptable actions in Ukraine, the idea of Russian tanks rolling across Central Europe is not a realistic possibility. It’s something Russia has neither the capacity nor the desire for.

As long as there are humans, will there also be war? Is it naïve to believe that war might one day become a thing of the past? And should Europeans countries be spending less on guns and more on butter? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Adán Sánchez de Pedro

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    World peace is very likely an impossible concept, ofcourse we would like to achieve this, ofcourse we think why cant we in 2014 with all our modern technology and thinking achieve this, but the thing is this people will fight, there are fights in school, in clubs, on the street, at the work place etc., and nations fight eachother, most fights are of a verbal nature but some are physical and even with weapons e.g when its terrorists vs nations or nations vs nations etc.. To get world peace you must first educate people to have a anti violence type of thinking, you must remove violent influences in movies, music and other forms of entertainment, you must utilize the media, internet etc. to reeducate people how to behave, and when it comes to governments we must understand that they are pepared to attack other nations to get what they want, this can only be stopped with a world union aka world government type structure, but this is a dangerous thing, today if your gov misbehaves you can try to leave and get asylum elsewehere, if we have a world gov then you will not e able to hide anywhere in the world from a abusive government. Most likely the best we can hope for is less war not 0 war

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      Chris K

      World Peace?
      Heres my idea, if you have things to add or questions please comment for me to reply:) Hopefully this can be achieved in a desperate future.

      I thought of a way to bring world peace. (Ways) Also keep in mind world peace or peace in general is always temporary and nothing can last forever. 1. Kill everyone that doesn’t speak English, but keep it secret or wipe their memories. Then get the people who are left and divide them in to many colonies around the world. Give each group an equal (equally “good”) slice of land. Useless land will be for sale in small amounts. Each colony remains a separate democratic society, and democratic only. The leader must be accompanied by other people and cannot make laws or rules without peoples vote. Trading and colonist rules will be determined by each colony and each person will have the freedom to fly. All the money left from the deceased(People we killed earlier) Will be divided amongst the living. this will be used for a better start or restart in life. Anyone who doesn’t like where they live will have the ability to travel to a more preferable colony. One colony shouldn’t get to crowded due to each one being democratic and shaped by the people. A free newspaper made by taxes will show each colony and a general gist of how they work and where they are or what changes they had made. This will be given once a month. Any colony that gets out of hand will be given 1 chance before the inhabitants are wiped out. Anyone who disagrees with the system will be forced either to outcast on the bad land or killed. If to many people break a large law or the peace, the entire group will be gassed. Some rules and changes will be created by me and a group that is there as a distraction for my overwhelming power. I will be a dictator hidden by a faux democratic party.

      Keep in mind, although a lot of killing would be done, everything else would be the peoples choice and will be made to keep inhabitors happy. Killing or exile will only be done in the unlikely senerio of a rebellion. Also in that case, the other colonies would be able to group against the outcast and strengthen the bond between the newly allied colonies.

      Its to simple to be implimented and there are way more issues that go along with it, but in my opinion this would be a good structure of peace.

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      Because it is antinatural for humans to live in a conflict free state, we are predators and that is how we roll pretty much. Even in Chris K’s anglosupremacist world you’ll have the colonies revolting against the metropoli in no time regarding flow of immigrants to the more resourceful colonies (Earth continents are not made equal), lack of representation (real or imaginary), corruption, local companies interests, or simply a will for freedom and chosing a path different than the rest.

      We have in our blood to kill each other, wether we like it or not, we just like to think ourselves civilized because we find excuses to our barbaric behavior.

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      David Polewka

      About 2/3 of conflict comes from big egos at the top,
      butting heads; another 10% is from drug prohibition;
      another 10% is from overpopulation; another 10% is from
      not having a stable currency, pegged to gold.

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      To Chris K
      So basically, u want to bring world peace by killing half of the world?

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      Stop blaming music and movies. Violence isn’t brand new, did you forget about the bible…or Shakespeare? Did you forget that we all have a dead man hanging in our living rooms. Violence is in us, it’s human you can never take that away.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    is the idea of a war world an imposible dream? so … if humans will survive for the next 1000 years then we will have a peace world… if not.. then there will be no humans… it seems the people that like to say is an impossible dream have economic interest in the industry of weapons!…

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      War is everywhere war can be considered neither good nor evil. Why exactly well that’s simple because to humans killing isn’t a big deal not should it be when in war. First off anyone who believes it is possible to have a world where everyone understands each other loves and gets along without any type of major sacrifice or one world war to end it and create a new utopia is a fool but anyone who believes that a war will bring about peace is an even bigger fool. Killing asking lives is natural to human beings making war to get what you want is natural thinking barbaric but effective but what we need is a war or cleansing of you would like to call it that because I said anyone who believes a war can bring peace is a fool I was not being a hypocrite the definition of war is to kill murder mass murder for something you or a country may want. But what humans need is a war not disguised as an excuse for peace but a war that literally has no meaning a war that will show the whole entire human race just how uncivilized and barbaric we truly are a we need world war three but this war will be fought for no reason but to fight then we will begin to understand just how stupid pathetic disgraceful barbaric uncivilized killing greedy our species is and we can finally put in effective measures to limit ourselves from being a danger what we need is to understand our nature so we can limit our nature we need a war with no meaning I watched an anime called jormugand and it had a great story and teaching to it and a great idea for world peace of you truly hate everything in the world and even the humans inside the world because you understand our nature then you would become what society would call hitler or a monster but that’s what the world needs a monster capable of killing indiscriminately for the sole purpose of making a war with no meaning to humiliate the human race embarrassed of ourselves if I had enough smart and power I don’t deny that I would use violence to end violence a little contradiction I know but humans are hypocrites and contradict themselves we must admit it and use it as a strength to manipulate people and the world to killing each other off for no f***ing reason

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    Ivan Burrows


    Given the undermining of the government of Ukraine by the warmongering EU it’s only a matter of time before the 3rd European World War.

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      The only one interested in undermining Ukraine is PUTLER, his lackeys and useful I’s…like you.

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    Nathan Cornfield

    It’s a wondrous thought but sadly I do not believe so. So long as there are people on this earth they will find something to fight over.

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      You forgot a major piece of info, the lives of people in Syria, Congo etc. are not as valuable as lives in don,Paris or New York atleast thats the perception that one gets from the media coverage. Its the old question if a tree falls in the Amazon WHO CARES If a tree falls in Buckingham palace it will be world news.

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    Yes, it is impossible. War is not an act of aggression but a social tool aiming to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. It will never end as long as humans exist.

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      Until the philosophy which holds one man inferior and another superior is finally and permanently disrcredited there will be war.
      REMEMBER THAT YVETTA, Rosemarie, EU Reform blah blah and CO.

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      EU reform- proactive

      @S.K – Hi there again Mr. “Best & Have Everything”- our dearest Swiss smarty pants!

      Philosophy?- which?- the latest?- “Made in Switzerland”? Mind to enlighten us please? Aren’t most “European & Swiss fortress” born homo sapiens part of the prevailing ancient Christendom- not good enough? Being too young to decide- when born?

      BTW- A reminder please- you forgot- to call me “Hermann”- the damp rag- in true 1291 Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden tradition!

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      @Hermann aka the damp rag ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, amusing.

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      Dear participants,

      We would ask you to respect our code of conduct here.
      Please remain polite in your exchanges and focus on the debate.

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    Yannick Cornet

    What is interesting is that neither of them sees the ongoing environmental crisis – and its little sister the energy crisis and the ongoing gold rush for fossil fuels – as a cause of future unrest. Sure we will always find ways to disagree and fight, but there is a more fundamental challenge to ‘sustain’ environmental integrity (to use Brundtlands words) so that we can safely continue to fight our human wars.

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    Bert van Santen

    As long as there are politicians, bankers and industrials You`ll have war for more profit and power

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    I think so, however some things can be done to moderate the negative aspects in the global society. Often though the wrong intervention is issued arguably due to lack of wisdom or other more corrupt reasoning.

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    Maia Alexandrova

    As long as people believe in war as a means to impose their own views on others, there will be no peace. I have the feeling that a time will come when there will be so much suffering as a result of wars that no one will want to use this outdated and uncivilised method of conflict resolution any more. People might just realise how important it is to listen and respect, rather than kill each other.

    In terms of those who value death more than life, they will need to either change their philisophy, or obey it and die in a war. I believe that one day there will be peace. Otherwise, humanity will destroy itself.

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    James McManama

    An end to all violent conflict is unrealistic. However, I think a world with less violent conflict is certainly possible – with a greater reliance on diplomacy, stronger international legal norms and more effort made to address some of the underlying causes of conflict. It’s not looking very likely at the moment, however.

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    Paul X

    If the question means peace with respect to there not being another “War” then that has already been made possible by weapons of mass destruction and MAD

    If it means will the world ever be a peaceful place then there is not a hope as long as there are bunches of nutters hacking off people’s heads in the name of religion

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      yeah, I agree because if people are chopping off heads for religion, then their neighbors will fight them.the Taliban is an example of this

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    catherine benning

    The idea is not an ‘impossible dream,’ however, it’s not a dream the EU or the Western civilisation, with the USA at its head, with the UK and Europe in collusion, has any intention of allowing to take place. Why would it, their economy relies on war. And they want us all to remain blinkered to that fact whilst they incite discontent that inevitably leads to war, as in Ukraine. Of course, there are many others that could be used to offer and example, but, lets leave it there as that is the centre of our own sphere.

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    Mathis Santiago

    I think we just need to erase the possibility of war. to not have a bigger army than is needed for self protection.
    Just like we have all accepted that violence is wrong, we should also accept that you should not be able to wage war, as a nation. It is like the average person cant commit violent acts, but the government is allowed to. Just like children.
    try google transnational.org.
    It’s an organisation who tries to change the world view of war being okay. Led by Jan Øberg or Oberg

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    The major problem of some European societies and the political class of some states of Europe is unprepared for this horrible challenge because we live in a unsustainable world because in the past the corrup corporante financial leadership were the queen in europe and the world today and we are experiencing a universal domain geopolitics where everyone wants your yard I belive in the near future the world will be sustainable

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    Dear Debating Europe, once again…what’s the point of having a code of conduct if people are just going to break it and be allowed to get away with it? And when people ask you this question, you just delete it? Do you believe in your own code of conduct? As long as you read it yourselves, this is sufficient I suppose. However, your attitude is so extremely disappointing, especially when one thinks that you are actually representing the EU. Hopefully, there is more honesty, morality and integrity which are simply not obvious here…

    • avatar
      Debating Europe

      Dear Yvetta,

      We try not to be too heavy-handed in our moderation in order to remain a neutral platform where different views can be represented. Also, although we try to read the bulk of the comments sent in, sometimes offensive comments will slip through moderation simply because of the sheer volume of comments coming in.

      Therefore, if you feel that we aren’t properly enforcing our code of conduct, then we can look again at any comments we may have missed. Please email us at info@debatingeurope.eu to let us know if you feel the code of conduct has been broken in any way.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Yes, at present.

    Humans by definition have an aggressive streak – unless we as a species genetically re-program ourselves [and who knows what damage may ensue] to filter out [Darwinian] aggression then my answer to the forum question is [unfortunately] unlikely.

    • avatar

      Your understsnding of darwinian evolution is flawed and it is clear now where your skewed world views arise from.
      Furthermore you do not understand how genetics work.
      Scientific studies have debunked the “human nature” argument quite a while back.

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    It s going to take centurys but I think in the long term,centralization could lead to it.
    Just an example.Brazil is by far the biggest economy in south america.In the long term it s neigthbours will be cougth by it s economic streingth and there will be probably a south american version of the eu.At that point a war would be inpossible,because such a big entity would be strong enougth to crush every terrorist group in only a few weeks.

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    erza scarlet

    it is possible to have world peace if all people will just be disciplined until the future 1000 years

  19. avatar

    How many of you are wwilling to admit you wrong, unfit and willing to work for something you may not get to enjoy in your lifetime?
    How many of you are willing to change your ways, your mentality and question everything you think you knew?

    If there are any, go to the link above.
    That is the way to not world peace but also human progress at an unprecedented level the kinds we have never seen before.
    The technology is here…now we have to train society to be willing to use it.

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    Yes, it is imposible. Only in an ignorant mind can world peace be achieved. There are many in the world who do not like peace. Just look around you and read the news.

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    Matthew song

    There will always be a aggressor and there will always be the oppressed. There will always besomeone out there who is either a rebel, ignorant people, or just people who want to do things their own way. World peace is impossible. War can never be avoided. But when you get into a war, defend what you think is right.

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    Jason Torix

    World peace has always and remains to be within reach. To say that war is an inevitable part of our existence, is to secure the fact. Its is our responsibility as a superior species to ensure the survival and prosperity of not only ourselves but the planet we all, despite race, religion, political beliefs, etc. call home. I’m no scholar, though its clear to see that the result of all our conflicts and disagreements directly result from the supposed “war to end all wars” and whatever disagreements that led up to that. We allow ourselves and the people who represent us to behave as children and rather approach certain situations as adults and come together to find peaceful resolutions, we bicker and fight amongst ourselves. What we must first acknowledge and understand is that, as a human race, we all strive for happiness. So where do we find happiness? Freedom. Where do we find freedom? Money. And who controls money? The minority. That leaves the majority of us bitter, angry, sad, anything but happy. What it leaves us is a mass society who are easy to manipulate and control, as proven by Adolf Hitler and his rule over the population of germany. So how can we ensure happiness for all mankind? Simple…its something the majority of us try to distill into our children, to share. But the world we live in and the people we allow to regulate have turned us all against each other. Because to share is to give up money. To give up money is to give up freedom. To give up freedom is to give up happiness. And we will fight to the death, as we can all clearly see, to aquire and retain it. When it comes to religious wars, for that i have no answers. We are ignorant. We try to follow the words of the almighty to ensure an afterlife in a paradise of peace and prosperity and in turn ensure a present life of the exact opposite. Death and destruction. Maybe we should use our logic and reason to help us find happiness before we find god, because how i see it, if we should find anything less than happiness within god, well then religion in itself and whoever fights for it is the true antichrist.

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    Bita Nahal Peace

    Peace with infested mind of human’s mind with Machiavellian politics?!! How could you bring peace with politcs of arrogance, privileges made by it and supper profit seeking over the ruin of others culture?!!

  24. avatar
    Georgi Krestanov

    Islam is the new Komunism sprading only wars , teror and violence all over the word . Must be fenced until civilisited

    • avatar
      Abdifatah saiid

      not all Islam but some of them are belief wrong theory like extremism tough i think that Islam for peace however some people are using inappropriate way like massacring other humans without being any
      possible reasons

    • avatar
      aanghshay khan

      in my opinion not even a single religion spreading war, but the all fault is of human beings who are habitual to show their brute mentality. ALWAYS REMEMBER.

  25. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Go to preach Islamic world about peace and face reality stop being childish and prepare yourself to fight

  26. avatar
    Marios Tsamandouras

    War is the father of all as our father Heraclitus said, EU of criminals will pay its hypocricy with misery and rivers of blood of its slave-citizens-subjects. We as Europeans honoring our tradition will fight until the liberation of our motherland from fascism of the banksters. The road to Elysian Fields and Valchala is open only for those who die in combat defending freedom and democracy against imperialism.

  27. avatar
    Nickson O Iyoha

    peace will remain an illusion as long as world powers keep manufacturing new weapons. And to create market there has to be war mongering.In every conflict you have profiteers and victims.world peace is also not possible because we have cheaters like Britain,EU and US. Those cheated would want to bite back. Why did EU and ally America kill Gaddaf?why not kill Basher Assad who is using chlorine gas on Syrians?maybe the fear of almighty putin and Russia.

  28. avatar
    Nickson O Iyoha

    peace will remain an illusion as long as world powers keep manufacturing new weapons. And to create market there has to be war mongering.In every conflict you have profiteers and victims.world peace is also not possible because we have cheaters like Britain,EU and US. Those cheated would want to bite back. Why did EU and ally America kill Gaddaf?why not kill Basher Assad who is using chlorine gas on Syrians?maybe the fear of almighty putin and Russia.

  29. avatar
    Σαντυ Μπαλμπαγάδη

    Yes.Life would be boring with world peace.Where would companies sell their guns?You want to destroy the market.Big countries won’t have small countries to mess up and then…………….save them …..by bombing them or by having programmes for refugees.What’s wrong with you?What kind of questions are these?Did you ask your countries?

  30. avatar
    JP Faure

    With mostly alpha males in power (i.e. testosterone-driven priority setting), we have a real long-term problem.

  31. avatar
    Yordan Vasilev

    “You should also know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control; they will be cruel and have no interest in what is good” (NLT, 2 Timothy 3:1-3). According to the Holy Bible we are living at the end of the Earth, because of that the situation will happen worse and worse an there will be wars and rumors about wars. The decision is the Jesus Second Coming.

  32. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    It breaks my heart that such negative comments should include the many peoples of the world. It’s the ones that are arming the militants, which I might add is also in the US, not the US people and others of the larger nations, not their peaceful citizens, should be be arreste and tried for warmongering the the monies used should be used to build commuities, where every man, woman and child now and inj the future live on a planet that lives in peace, harmony, justice and prsoperity, yes for ALL and Everyone.

  33. avatar
    Omid Danesh Khorak

    If you say human metabolism is functions the way that no any microbe or virus can infect our living body, then the World Peace also is possible. But as sceince advances, microbes too follow evolution and natural selection. Politics and sociology follow to the same complexity and advance the nature of harmony and conflict. What we should conclude is that today Europeans are the most stuuuuupid of human kind, EVER ;-)

  34. avatar
    Diana Kisselburg

    Just a thought…Survive, thrive and inspire others!
    Help add word AMITOR to our language. An AMITOR is…
    AMITOR – Person who respects life
    AMITORS change lives.
    Antonym – Predator
    Animal – Giraffe
    Butterflies – Live, love, laugh, hope.

  35. avatar

    Well, I think that peace is very important,But it is the very nature of the human itslef that they want to control something,rule something,own something only for themselve. So,I think maybe the world is going to be peaceful if people do something for each other instead.

  36. avatar

    “Peace is but a dream that will only be realized when we’re all sleeping six-feet-under.”

    That’s a phrase I tend to use whenever I’m reminded of the brutality of human nature. The point is, for peace to exist, humanity must not exist.
    I can only ever imagine love and compassion being in the minority

  37. avatar

    Yes. There will always be evil in the world, and we can’t stop it. Peace is impossible because man is hardwired to be aggressive. dont be a liberal

  38. avatar
    s@ tooba

    Peace is impossible ,since the beginning of man kind we had several differences,it would not be any way to mintain peace without eventually starting a war over one another’s opinion!!!

  39. avatar
    Abdifataah haj

    It is possible dream if we replace the way of fighting into sports

    • avatar
      Trayvon white

      No, because noone would agree to that and the sport would probable be soccer.

  40. avatar
    Trayvon white

    No world peace is impossible beace we have to many idiots who can’t agree and there’s always gonna that one person who will go to war over it hence terriost.

  41. avatar

    World peace is possible only if everyone on earth loves one another. Which of course is impossible. As long as humans have free will, there can never truly be peace

  42. avatar
    abubakar sadiq idris

    talking about peace in the world as a matter of fact its basically impossible because the level of exploitation going about in the world is quite encouraging conflict the super powers are over oppressing the less privileged countries a midst providing a conducive environment for perfect transaction of weapons of mass destruction for their own selfish desires and as well maximizing their profit. Karl max often said conflict result to social desirable. for that the only alternative for the third world countries to attain stability is to fight for their freedom.

    • avatar
      David Polewka

      In general, about 2/3 of conflict comes from big egos at the top,
      butting heads; another 10% is from drug prohibition;
      another 10% is from overpopulation; another 10% is from
      not having a stable currency, pegged to gold.
      Shortening life spans, out of respect for other creatures
      and future generations, by stopping the prevention of
      some communicable diseases, like influenza, will address the
      overpopulation and the selfishness gone wild at the top.

  43. avatar
    Barbara J Hunt

    Peace is possible in every heart because it’s just a choice. You can choose to forgive everyone for everything and carry no ill will whatsoever. If everyone declared their own heart a war-free zone, we would by definition, have Global Peace 2.0 – the other way to create peace on earth. Forgiveness (the absolute refusal to hold ill will against someone for something they did or didn’t do) is the only solution. It’s free, it’s teachable and a choice! :) Peace out… <3

    • avatar
      David Polewka

      In general, about 2/3 of conflict comes from big egos at the top,
      butting heads; another 10% is from drug prohibition;
      another 10% is from overpopulation; another 10% is from
      not having a stable currency, pegged to gold.
      Shortening life spans, out of respect for other creatures
      and future generations, by stopping the prevention of
      some communicable diseases, like influenza, will address the
      overpopulation and the selfishness gone wild at the top.

  44. avatar
    ajay negi

    Yes World without peace is possible but only then if each and every country stop making bom and investing on their army rather they should invest on devloping théir country and educate their citezen bécause if they Will be educate they Will be Responsible to maintan peace and sammite like brick are their which are fighting against terrorist to maintain peace in the world … Thanku

  45. avatar
    milton machera

    until we are able to exorcise the ghost of ethnicity, corruption, greed,unfair competition and impunity among other things there will never be total peace in the world.

  46. avatar

    destruction harm and deteriorate that is what war is

  47. avatar
    Abdifatah saiid

    categorically if all humans being are dying less than even one century why did they are going to kill one another

  48. avatar

    the reason that it will be impossible is because of the racist and feminist in the world who think a certain way and we would still fight

  49. avatar
    LeBron James

    the reason that it is impossible is because of donald trump

  50. avatar
    Kirian Kador

    War will always be appealing to people with know how and lack of scrupules. It allows you to achieve goals impossible otherwise. In an utopian future war free pacifist world a small group of people could put everyone on their ears. Something like Somali pirates only worse, because you suck at warfare and don’t have your warships anymore. And if you do have warships, then your neighbours have warships too and it is no longer qualifies as pacifist world

    • avatar
      Dr I .A. Bhalessi.

      First of all we should know the meanings of peace in broader sence. Peace didn’t mean that you are living your life of your own choice without caring others problem. Peace stands for the FATH you have from Generation to generation about who to deal with our day to day needs for peaceful life. IT could be in the form of religion or through social means. If we are ready to follow the instructions being forwarded to us for better life time to time by our creator according to our faith the gole of peace could be achieved very EASLY. TO FOLLOW THE ORDER OF CREATOR FOR THE WEFEAR OF MENKIND IS ONLY THE WAY WE CALL PEACE.

    • avatar
      Paulius Paždagis

      It’s actually way simpler than many people think. :]

  51. avatar
    Sorin Costea

    NO. It is very much achievable. Once educatian and healthcate and sustenance are spread evenly for everyone, there will be little to no crimes, no hate crimes, no rasism, no xenophobia. In the future countries will be a thing of the past, we will have a single language. We will unite eventually and make a better future or we will die like most civiliasations do at this age of technology, destroy ourselves.

    • avatar
      Vytautas Vėžys

      Till first man decides to save for better car and neighbor get jealous and steals it…
      World peace in impossible due man’s greed.

    • avatar
      Sorin Costea

      Vytautas Vėžys cut the crapvrut with this “man is greed” bullshit. Of course everyone wants their own interest, but if you grow up in a poor enviroment, no education, you got uneducated parents that teach you ti hate minorities, etc you will end up being a criminal or a thief, cuz you do not know better. Noone is born hatefull.

    • avatar
      André Alves Figueiredo

      “(…) or we will die like most civiliasations do at this age of technology” whaaaaaaat ? lol

    • avatar
      Paulius Paždagis

      Vytautas Vėžys Compare the greed factor 200 years ago and now. Chill the fuck out.

    • avatar
      Sorin Costea

      André Alves Figueiredo you know what I meant, don’t be a condescending fuck. We are at the age where we can wipe our species from the face of the Earth. A fate that most species as evolved as us suffered.

    • avatar
      Paulius Paždagis

      Eventually, it will. It’s easiest to deny everything without any logic.

  52. avatar
    Daniel Martinez

    It is not an impossible dream, but it will take long time to make it real due to our global system, plenty of social and economic inequalities between countries. Making a few people very rich and powerfull while the rest of the human kind is just geting more and more poor.

  53. avatar
    Dimitris Orfanoudis

    Yes it is… Instead to make green parks and clean energy for a better world the world leaders are engaging in nuclear competition by threatening each other

  54. avatar
    Edita Buržinskaitė

    As per the current state of affairs, it is. Because those certain few that are in charge will do anything to hold onto their positions of power and world peace is not and have never been in their plans. Arms business is among the most lucrative and “divide and conquer” is a time-proven tactic to keep the masses “in their place”, you know.

  55. avatar
    Manuel Alegria

    absolutly impossible, as long as the world is under the dirty foot of Wallstreet criminals

  56. avatar

    World peace in the sense of no violence between one human and another, no, not for now, and infact it would be a little weird and unhealthy, but no armed conflicts between countries, or civil wars? Yes, no more poverty? Yes, no more hunger? Yes, if the world superpowers unite (which a united and powerful EU can achieve but the US cant nor wants) and peaceful development continues then it is possible this century in my opinion, fornnow however, to achieve that, we have to invest more in guns, so we can one day invest more in butter

  57. avatar
    Zsolt Barczy

    Yes, it is an impossible dream. The scum of the universe always keep coming back, after every short-lived attempt to eliminate them. This world belongs to the Devil, so trying to make Paradise on Earth is futile. You can, however, create a mini environment around yourself where everything is fine and dandy, just need to keep a safe distance from all Evil troublemakers. Peace

  58. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    ‘Dream’ = fantasy so the best that can be achieved is Nations being reliant on good relations for trade which by itself makes conflict unaffordable and therefore unwanted.

  59. avatar
    LT Hariz

    we are in the tiny world. be happy. Lets use our defense budget into peace. why america, USSR, ? we are going to live in 70 years. i ve no words to talk with you guys ….. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. avatar

    Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and “peace in the world”.

  61. avatar

    As long as there is still human living, there is no possibility for world peace.even we are indeed living in a modern world we are still on a fight that may lead to somewhat kind of war.Even if we had a high teched equipement we still cant prevent a small querel ,if we cant prevent small problems like this then we cant prevent bigger problems but I think its natural to fight to may lead to many deaths…it happens to animal so ,what are the difference between us civilized and the animals?.God christ did not even convinced everyone to love and believe,so what can we do?saying that we are only a human that do mistakes sometimes…sorry for the bad grammar…

  62. avatar
    Agent X

    Very nice but you should provide general statements more so that everyone can benefit

  63. avatar
    David Polewka

    The primary cause of conflict is an undisciplined craving for more,
    a selfishness gone wild, the same condition that afflicts alcoholics
    and addicts of all types. The recovery literature says that the
    solution is submission to a Higher Power in a lifelong process of
    ego deflation. The principle of unselfishness is mentioned in every
    sermon, in every house of worship, every day that religious services
    are held, but that still is not enough to reach all areas of society.
    If we stopped making flu shots, we would address this issue in a
    believable way, because it would be an unselfish act to shorten
    lifespans. It would also address the overpopulation issue and
    environmental problems, at the same time.

  64. avatar
    David Polewka

    The Twelve-step program is for chronic troublemakers of all
    stripes, who use the blame game to avoid responsibility.
    We’ve had severe political troubles all throughout history,
    along with the finger-pointing, but there is a way out.
    We can make participation in twelve-step recovery a
    job requirement for government officials.

  65. avatar

    Okay hold up – @Chris K
    So basically what I’m hearing is

  66. avatar

    Okay hold up – @Chris K
    So basically what I’m hearing is …war for peace? Kinda ironic don’t you think? How is that any different from terrorists? Inspiring fear for the “Greater Good”? I do not mean to mock you but I highly disagree. Yes people do need to be educated they need to understand that they have Rights , Freedom Of Speech so it’s not killing all the people that speak English and that too discretely won’t more wars start? They can’t be contained but prevented.

    See the problem is leaders of countries can be way too egotistical at times and wars start because of offence or Revenge Revenge , in some people’s eys to ‘ Right the Wrongs’
    But have you ever thought while righting the wrongs you may end up instead wronging the rights ? You can’t throw away people’s lives like they’re nothing that’s Discrimination another reason for War.
    Okay I’m babbling but please. War isn’t the way. And peace is Not a Piece of cake but might be if everyone TRIED.

  67. avatar

    this isnt gonna help anything

  68. avatar

    I feel sorry for whoever made this website. They wanted good answers, but got bad ones that probably won’t help anyone at all.

  69. avatar

    Until the day that humans no longer exist, war will exist. War is a developed ideology of war, which in scientifical sense, could be considered natural. It is bullshit to state that you don’t want to snap a certain someone’s neck at school, or shoot your boss. It is natural, and causes by certain influencing actions, taken by humans. Humans like to invoke hatred in others, and humans enjoy irritating others. This irritation and invoking of hatred results in violence, and on a global scale, violence is referred to as war.

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