scotlandToday, Scotland votes in a referendum on independence. The polls have the “Yes” and “No” camps both neck-and-neck, though the polling companies readily admit we are in unknown territory and the swing to one side or the other may have been massively underestimated.

Outside of the UK, other European Member States will be watching the results closely. In particular, the Spanish government is increasingly nervous that a “Yes” vote in Scotland will encourage some of its own regions, primarily Catalonia (but also the Basque country) to seek independence as well. For this reason, commentators suggest that an independent Scotland may struggle to find Spanish approval if it has to apply to join the EU.

The referendum campaign has focused largely on economic issues, including austerity measures imposed by the Conservative-led government in Westminster (the “Yes” camp argues that the smaller left-leaning Scottish population is constantly outvoted by the English) and the viability of the Scottish economy outside of the union (the “No” camp says there are huge questions around Scottish EU membership and currency Scotland would use).

The economic and political fallout from a Scottish “Yes” vote could be huge. There are hints that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, may find his position untenable and be forced by his own party to resign, while polls suggest that public opinion would be against compromise and would want the government to take a tough line in negotiations with an independent Scotland. In a last-ditch effort to avoid breaking up the union, Scotland has recently been offered a huge package of devolved powers if they vote “No”.

Would Scotland flourish outside of the union? Would independence be a disaster for the Scottish economy? Let us know what you think in the form below, and we’ll take your questions and comments to policy-makers and experts for their reaction!

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    The Scotish people must think hard about what they want and whatever they consider best for themselves and Scotland is what they should vote. My personal view is that if it aint broke dont fix it, Scotland should remain part of Great Britain.

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      It not our job to answer it’s theirs!!!!

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    Pedro Jesus

    Up to the scotish people! If they say yes or no, I will be happy for their opportunity to choose!

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    Jonathan Gaskell

    I don’t understand the arguments as the solution being proposed, using the pound and maintaining the open boarder with the rest of the UK, doesn’t actually sound that independent.

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    Dan Florin

    If they want, definitely! But count this: Cameron “asked” them not to do it, NATO said there is a question whether or not they should remain in the alliance, banks threatened them with leaving Scotland, EU said something similar to NATO, and….there are a lot of pressure added from other organizations as well. So maybe the real question is how much is their independence as a threat ore as an opportunity for NWO project. And by answering that, we’ll have a clue about a free or a subdued Scotland.

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    Amelia Andersdotter

    Scotland should be an independent country, and the European Union should make its utmost to make that easy for Scotland – after all, what is the European Union if it is not able to bring together many European nations in fruitful cooperation? If one genuinely believes that the European Union is able to build peace, cooperation, trade and community between nation states in a way which is mutually beneficial to all those nation states and their populations, there is no reason why an independent Scotland (should the Scots want an independent Scotland) is bad. I think it’s shocking that many people from the eurocracy have expressed themselves in a critical way of Scottish independence and its prospects – they’re actually undermining the European idea more than anything else.

    The same goes for Cataluña, another region where eurocrats have been expressing themselves critically or admonishingly to have Cataluñans scared that they can’t be accepted in the peaceful cooperation if they break from Madrid.

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      Bert van Santen

      It should be possible for every country. But the politicians don`t care what the citizens want or say.
      The evidence was clearly visible on Sky News. The Yes votes on the No table.

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    Aj Jones

    Jonathan, one could use that same argument for all the Eurozone countries which share the same currency and maintain the common travel area. I doubt anyone is saying that France or Germany are not ‘independent’ countries.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    I do not see the point of it, in an era if European integration, but if they want it give it to them!! I just hope though they will join the EU and the euro once they do get their independence and do not follow the Westminster complexed traditions and attitudes towards the EU; we do not want two Little Britains in the European Union!!

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      Bert van Santen

      In an era of European intregration? The Euro and EU is splitting up the European thoughts. The EU has expanded far to quickly with to many countries. Evidence is clear visible in countries as Slovenia etc.

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    Reno Zed

    Yes and we want London to be independent as well. Lol. Seriously they have the right to choose their destiny, we should just want the best for all of us, if part of the UK or not for me Scottish will be always friends and amazing people.

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    UK is so anti Europe.I d be happy if the Scotish leave the Uk,because they are the only ones who want to stay in the Eu.So the Scotish leave the UK and then the possibilty for the UK to leave the EU.The UK obviously enjoys living in the US rectum.Well then leave them,but don t expect other countries to do the same.Scotish stay in Europe.The UK is in Americas butt and everyone has what he wants^^

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      ”The UK obviously enjoys living in the US rectum” haha wow, but the Germans seem to love US rectum as well, they even allow the USA to have bases on German soil over 50 years after WW2, and the Italians also, and the EU seems to like it so, atleast I havent heard any criticism from the EU when it comes to this topic, maybe the goal is a EU US State?, who knows what these politicians are deciding over our heads behind closed doors.

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      Diffrent topic.You can be allied with the US.Germans have troops in New Mexico,without pushing it liberal economy policy.When you look up “city of london” you ll realize they re just as bad as the US.Basically Americans are against every kind of socal state and the british becomes quiet similar and will influence the EU going into the same direction.It s just so obvious when you look at tuition fees.In scandinavia Germany and so on you pay 0-270 per term.How much was it in the UK 3k?4? or was it 6K?It s a hypercapitalist state.We re better of without them

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    If Nigel will get a b***h slap, than YES, otherwise NO.

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    Lee Lovelock

    No because it makes no sense and is based on fordealing nations that are anti-EU but have pro-EU elites. Moreover, the Union is natural unlike what was Yugoslavia or Belgium (an Fremch satellite Colony ruled by an Germanic hating but Germanic Family with minority rulig the majority).

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    Alfredo González

    If that’s what they want for their future, YES. Demicracy consist on letting people decide how to make politics and take decisions. Let’s wait for the results and accept whatever they decide.

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    catherine benning

    I don’t see that Scotland have any other choice than to vote ‘yes’ as they have suffered for thirty years under various kinds of government they did not vote for. They have been ruled by rampant Capitalists and the Scots are a staunch socialist breed of people. They would be mad to vote no. As Westminster has become more Thatcherite and Reaganomic than it was when those two senile farts ruled. All you have to do is look at what Labour offered in this round of politics, Milliband and his group of foreign looking henchmen, Brown with his distorted face, and Lord Snooty the erstwhile saviour of the City rip off merchants.

    So, Scotland vote, Yes, and do what you have wanted for 300 years, get free of the English once and for all. I only wish the English people had the great opportunity to get free of the Westminster team the way you have the good fortune to do today.

    Freedom for Scotland.

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      “Foreign-looking henchmen”? Sorry but this comment sounds racist/xenophobic…out of order anyway.

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    Pieter DeConinck

    It is obviously up to the Scottish people themselves to decide that. But I would support an independent Scotland, yes.

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    In Switzerland we do this all the time, its normal, if it was any other way we would not feel comfortable with our system, we call this Direct Democracy & part of our freedom, this idea that politicians are geniuses and know everything better than normal citizens is just crap, most politicians have one maybe two fields that they know well, e.g how the hell is a learned lawyer which obviously is what many Parliamentarians are supposed to understand medical issues?!? or maybe Geology when it comes to Oil exploration lol, and what if they get a piece of legislation the size of a phonebook, do they expect us to believe that they read all of it YEAH RIGHT, if you believe that then you believe anything, you must understand that the people will make the right decision, maybe not right in the eyes of the politicians or private industry or the media but right for the people afterall its their country and their lives and they must obviously live with the consequences of their vote and they know this very well, you can bribe politicians but you cant bribe 1 million+ people. It is a shame that Direct Democratic rights are not enshrined in every Constitution of so called Democracies and Republics.

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      Amen.People should decide and if they screw up their country it s still their own fault and it should have been this way.Still better then some greedy individuals deciding the faith of millions.

      Different topic.You can be allied with the US.Germans have troops in New Mexico,without pushing it liberal economy policy.When you look up “city of london” you ll realize they re just as bad as the US.Basically Americans are against every kind of socal state and the british becomes quiet similar and will influence the EU going into the same direction.It s just so obvious when you look at tuition fees.In scandinavia Germany and so on you pay 0-270 per term.How much was it in the UK 3k?4? or was it 6K?It s a hypercapitalist state.We re better of without the UK

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    Dear all,

    I think all nationalities have the right of self determination. What I find paticulary troubeling is that there is a large minority in Scotland whom also have the right to vote. These people have not inherited Scotland from there forebears, yet they’re voice may have an unjustifiably decisive character in Scotlands future. The real Scots, a unity of persons whom share the same ancestors, history and culture may already lost their future being Scottish in a free Scotland.



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    EU reform- proactive

    In principle I support the Scottish referendum which has given the Scots a second change to reconsider their (in) or dependency- to choose a different “Block” option in future!

    We know from the past, that “Blocks or “Unions” like to utilize their superior influence & power to restrain (“bullying & fear mongering”) and to rudely awake such nation having different ‘independence dreams”- with appropriate shock therapy! A divorce always comes with a price- especially when the status quo of the other partner is threatened or is found as not “political correct”!

    The present oil bonanza is a good reason for a strong feel of self sufficiency- what happens when that runs out? What will the UK do if their “nuclear hideout” in independent Scotland will be confiscated and taken over by the Scots one day? Have a contract like the Russians had with the Ukraine over Crimea- and eventually annex it in a weak or moment of rage? Imagine- the Scots could one day hold the whole NATO club to ransom to cover any shortfall in their budget- & more!

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      catherine benning


      Can I put you right with regards to the oil in Scotland and what you don’t appear to know.

      The west coast of Scotland has an oil deposit that will last them for over one hundred years, the reason they have not been able to drill to date is as a result of the Trident nuclear base. Trident use that lane going along that coast and as a result Scotland cannot drill for oil the US won’t allow it. Once the Scots get rid of Trident, they will have access to their own oil.

      That aside, it is not for you or anyone else to tell Scotland whether they can be a free nation or not because of their economic situation, that is for them as Scots to decide . The NATO group and their chums will have no say when they are independent..You have no right whatsoever to refuse or indicate to this nation as they have the right to home rule. Would you dare to do write that to the people of South Africa on account of the diamond mines? No, you bet you would not. You only dare to do that because these people are not on the list of politically correct people you must not insult.

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      EU reform- proactive

      @Catherine Benning

      ……..interesting your reaction- or typical Catherine?

      Did you miss that my personal opinion was in support of the present Scottish referendum- (with a hint to the EU) whatever the outcome may be? This is part of a freedom in a still functioning democracy, where personal expressions are freely allowed and which right is reserved equally for everybody on this forum- and not to be prescribed, limited or dictated by your- at time strange- but intolerant to very intolerant attitude- reminiscent to totalitarianism.

      Since we do not have a speaker of the house- let me call you to order!

      Please present your aspects as you deem fit- in case Scotland will be independent by tomorrow- which YOU wish & think to air & might come into play in future!

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Iam not much in pleace of a balkanized Europe

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      ? Please enlighten us, what’s wrong with the Balkans ?

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    Michel De Wilde

    A liberal policy results in greater inequality. The next step is separatism = EU falls into pieces. (and people like Poetin are laughing…)

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    Luca Mapelli

    It’s up to the Scots to decide, but I think independence would be an anachronism. Scotland could obtain more, losing less, being united.

    Anyway, I would like to ask dear Prime Minister David Cameron: please, remember how it feels, next time you are in Brussels. Maybe you’ll stop being such a wailing asshole

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      No because up to the Scottish to decide but l think independent would be an

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    They want independence because they are against neo-liberal policies dictated with and after Thatcher. Policies also dictated in the EU. The referendum offers them a rejection of these policies. But Scottish leaders won’t be able to offer them another model, they’ll be tied by a financial system. Only if workers unite against these policies will there be some change. They need to stick together no only in the UK but in the whole European union.

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    Juri Orsi

    Scottish people has the right to decide and is deciding right now. But this right must be recognized to all other populations which want self-determination!

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    No, for anyone in Europe to be campaigning for independence and separation is anachronistic. We are stronger together which is why so many international organisations exist and for Scotland to separate from the United Kingdom goes straight against the spirit and aims of the European Union, of which btw Scotland says it wants to be a part (but it is at present!). I don’t think this referendum should have been allowed to go ahead. I do not believe in unilateral independence this day and age in a European environment. Thanks.

    • avatar

      Very recently…

  24. avatar

    It seems that “Braveheart” was just a Hollywood fictional movie script after all.

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    The best thing about the British is that they are on an Island outside real Europe…Hope they gonna vote to leave the EU…leaving in only the countries that really want to have the EU.Better of without “Inselaffen”

    • avatar

      Who’s gonna cover for the loss of Britain’s net contribution? France? Italy? You?

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    Paolo Pedone

    It isn’t.., winning U.K.., none indipendence day at least..This is it..the vote..!

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    It was good that Scotland had the right to implement a referendum, despite said referendum allowing non-British EU foreigners [mostly temporary financial opportunists] the ability to vote on a matter that does not concern them.

    Lets hope that Catalunya, Basque, Corsica, Venice,South Tirol, Brittany etc are afforded the same democratic rights in the near future

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      EU reform- proactive

      @Tarquin- Hi,

      Can GB’s exercise with Scotland or in reverse- be closely compared to the names as mentioned- suited for a re-arrangement, realignment or total independence within a greater Europe- as you suggest?

      An ‘academic’ interesting but controversial scenario would unfold if one would seriously attempt to reopen & try to rewrite European history of the last century- not so? I think the echo of Europe’s past ramification can still be heard and is expressed in many of today’s ‘EU’ policies, especially its enlargement ‘philosophy’- hijacked by global greed.

      The whole of Europe went through a massive collective trauma since than, which had immense economic and geopolitical consequences. The question would remain- (even if it could or would be seriously considered) what positive improvements could be achieved and how wise would it be to alter the present geo-political and economical equilibrium ‘substantially’- by tampering with the outcome of a series of undemocratic events of the past such as: wars, revolutions, and treaties of a whole century for a whole continent?

      Can you hear the cries from the graves of the Ottoman’s, Kaiser Wilhelm or the Habsburg’s and many more- to demand their empire back? Also, the following avalanche of demands from a whole world to undo historical injustices which remains a human global problem? Not- & never ever to be resolved to every body’s satisfaction!

      Improvements to our present system is desired and possible through a demand of better & honest diplomacy and a veto to overrule any bad decisions by a ‘straying’ parliament through a mechanism of simple referendums. To be triggered by a set of a legislated amount of signatures, collected from all voters.

      Let us just re-visit the recent 100 years of ‘undemocratic partitioning’ of parts of Europe during & ONLY after WWI- to gauge its complexities:

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Hello old chap.

      Interesting points as ever but unusually for you a tad meandering and unfocused in parts, sorry.

      I do not see Scotland’s or indeed any other EU micro-state’s push for independence as a warmongering event – times have changed.

      BTW, I have always said that the EU could be a force for good BUT not in its present corrupt and undemocratic form. Indeed, judging by the EU’s secret TTIP talks with the USA. I am fearful that the noble ideals once exhorted and exalted by the EU are now consigned to history and have been usurped by unsavoury BIG-Business interests at the expense of the ‘commoner’.

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      Hello my island friend!

      And YOUR grand plan would be……? Will I ever manage to convert you from a Schoolmaster to a Manager of sort? Should I give up?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @EU Reform- Proactive
      Hello my in-continent freund. LOL! Sorry I just couldn’t resist that feeble pun. :)

      Times are a changing old chap and as I have alluded to previously let us hope that Catalunya, Basque, Corsica, Venice, South Tirol, Brittany etc are afforded the same democratic rights as Scotland in the near future.

      I personally believe that the EU MUST allow/facilitate same to happen if it is to redress its current gargantuan democratic deficiencies.

      PS: .Schoolmaster, manager – what’s in a name?

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive


      Hello my island friend! What wrong with you?

      Don’t believe the “EU must allow/facilitate” referendums in this instant! The EU did not exist, was nobody before 1994 and might become extinct again!

      If, than it should be the directly involved parties in the regions like: France purchased Corsica from the Rep. of Genoa now Italy! South Tirol belonged to Austria and was given as a bribe to Italy to switch sides in WWI….etc..etc Everyone had its own dictated & painful history- that what matters! Not a greenhorn, busybody, illegal EU/NATO/US/Corporate!

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    catherine benning

    I feel really sorry for the true Scots. It’s heavily suspected the result was rigged. Not unusual in UK voting. Proving it is the a difficulty akin to the fixed results in the US.

    However, the fight for Scotland’s freedom doesn’t end with this. It has given the whole of the UK an opportunity to free itself of Westminster, so we have the Scottish vote to thank for that.

    I do think it is time that the UK all over has far more security in its overseeing of the ballot boxes and doing away with so called ‘postal votes.’ Unless seriously scrutinised by heavy policing.

    And it is believed elsewhere this call was a fix. As I wrote above, this is not the first time we have had suspected rigging. However, if the Scots want to really check that ballot, have all Scottish people who voted yes, send in a postcard with their name and address and which polling booth they attended. That will help sort out this fiddle.

    That will set the cat amongst the pigeons.

  29. avatar
    catherine benning

    @Debating Europe:

    We have now been able to have various access to European email facilities which enables us to use this convenience without going through a US provider.

    Is there a way Europeans can serf the net without having to use a US provider such as Google and Yahoo, etc.? As this would help to ensure European internet users were not subject to US spying and monitoring by these vastly over intrusive movers enforce. Which, has now become unconscionable for many European web users to submit to. Surely Europe has enough technical ability to provide this for its citizens here?

  30. avatar
    catherine benning

    This video clip is all over the internet along with others. It shows a counting officer in Scotland repeatedly moving votes from the Yes pile to the No pile. It also shows piled votes on a NO table yet when the camera zooms in it sees ballot papers crossed next to the YES vote. And yet an additional clip shows a counting officer filling out ballot papers himself and placing them on a NO pile.

    Now how is this going to be covered up? Any Police investigation will be suspect. Will they go against the government directive, which this clearly must have been? I don’t know the truth here. But, my Scottish friends and family tell me that they were so shocked to hear this was a NO vote as they have not met a voter in their area that voted for NO. They said, they felt it was rigged when the count came in as it didn’t feel right. It went completely against their instincts and personal knowledge.

    Here is one of the video on ‘youtube’

    How is it I don’t feel at all surprised? We have heard this in the UK before. And at the last general election I remember the throngs of people lining up to vote outside polling stations only to have the doors closed on them. How strange was that? Rather than let the crowds into the polling room they held them outside and then told them it was too late to vote and shut the doors.

    We have heard of ballot boxes being taken into closed rooms and then brought out at a later time opened. Then the talk in the Midlands of ballot rigging. So it’s nothing new. Just on a bigger scale.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Catherine the fact that those videos have progressed no further than You Tube would indicate to me that there is no scandel

      I can assure you if there was any hint of corruption then messers Salmon and Sturgeon would be the first to demand a recount, they would love the result to be void but the fact they have admitted defeat would say that these videos are just the usual “keyboard warriors” seeking attention…….You Tube is full of them

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive

      @Barbara Wenzel-Winter

      Thank you for a gallant effort! Can it work- how effective can it be?

      US-based energy companies & Shell, not only aim to frack, suck and milk the Ukraine or any sea bed- but everyone in the whole world as well- if they could & be allowed! Our corrupted un-‘democratic’ political system and their representatives are the conduce to allow all that!

      Countries resources and reserves are “given away as royalties” on behalf of citizens to the meanest, slinkiest, slimmest, slickest group of slobs & their shareholders- regardless!

      Isn’t well respected Chancellor Merkel- representing the CDU/CSU being in grand coalition with the SPD, PRO EU EPP, PRO NATO, de facto leader of the EU, chief in war times of the “Army of Unity” of 183,000- tied into too many knots & treaties to effectively assist?

      Since 9 May 2012- contrary to some beliefs- DIRECT DEMOCRACY is provided for in the EU- however complex & difficult it may be to organize! Please check here:'_Initiative

      Direct democracy also exists not only within the Swiss border- but beyond as well!

      “The legal basis of the ‘EU citizens’ initiative is set out in Article 11, Paragraph 4 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and Article 24, paragraph 1 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Both articles were newly introduced with the Treaty of Lisbon.”

      “You need to have a minimum number of signatories in at least seven EU countries on the way to 1 million (and comply to the thresholds for each country as specified)

      Ever contemplated this EU route? Or at home by demanding an exit referendum from the EU- which might be easier!

    • avatar
      EU reform- proactive


      Further to your plea:
      Germany’s criteria to organize either: a citizens’ initiative, or force a people’s decision- seem to demand very high quorums/signatures. Looks like 10% by way of legally verified signatures. (Remember: you are collecting ‘unverified’ signatures)

      If based on ~67mio eligible- (registered are ~62mio) voters, would mean ~6.7mio verified signatures required etc. – a tall order! Only a strong & willing political party could organize that!

      Another way to crash the “EU minority” election in future would be- (2014 German participation was only 48.14%)- to set the EU minimum to at least 50%. It would have made the 2014 election invalid by default (EU’s total figure was ~44%) & able for the voters to start demanding new conditions! Maybe Merkel’s CDU/CSU/EPP could be persuaded? Doubt it- too much to loose!

  31. avatar

    A small majority of Scots have just chosen to remain in the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Probably the vote will nevertheless give Scotland a little more self government, yet the major importance of the event may be, that both England and the European Union might have had to look forward to a perhaps serious crisis, in case the Scots had voted for independence.
    This may be understandable with respect to England, but for Europe it seems to raise a question about the purpose of the union.

    Looking back on European history it often seems to be the case, that major cultural and economic developments have been connected with adjustments of borders.
    If this has usually been brought about through warfare, then one may see a major purpose for a European union, that can serve to negotiate and facilitate stable solutions related to such conflicts.
    This can perhaps be seen as a partial European internalisation of intercultural problems.

    Yet it may require a reconstruction of the present EU to attain that.
    The result of the vote can then imply, that European leaders and populations have gained some time to consider, how that may be done.

    More generally it may also be interesting to try to think in terms of possible new state concepts.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      When you take out the kids who voted for YES and the EU aliens [who should NOT have been allowed to vote] who voted YES then the 10% difference becomes more like 20%.

  32. avatar
    catherine benning

    The more I read here, the more I realise the brain function of so many voters are infantile in their belief of what goes on in the halls of power.

    Here is some addition information of what looks like vote rigging in the Scottish ballot. If I was a Scottish voter I would be pushing for a second referendum on the grounds of fraud. Fraud by lying politicians who have already reneged on the deal offered, and an obvious vote rigging scandal that should be investigated. And I would insist on a non interested organisation from outside of Europe policed the second ballot. The whole thing stinks.

    And one more observation, you can spot the people who come here and on other political blogs who are paid for trolls either by governments or lobbies, because they have the exact same time off as the political parliaments they belong to. They go dead when they know their masters are out of the office. They must believe the voting public are very unobservant. LOL. They are back in their droves. The new quarter is happening.

  33. avatar

    No, because instead of one country with a lousy weater, we would have two countries with a lousy weather.

  34. avatar

    Yes,New country always welcome. Only if peace an order is maintained.

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