What is the biggest threat to Europe today? After the Paris attacks, many Europeans would argue the conflict in Iraq and Syria poses the biggest danger because of the risk of foreign fighters returning and launching similar acts of terrorism. For others, the deteriorating relationship with Russia is the most serious security challenge since the end of the Cold War. Still others cite the refugee crisis and rise of far-right politics. Some say there is no “biggest” threat and all are equally pressing, while others argue there are no significant security threats to Europe and the various challenges are either exaggerated or manufactured.

We had a comment sent in recently from Maia arguing that Europe and NATO were currently prioritising the wrong threats:

citizen_icon_180x180NATO should focus all its efforts and resources on fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. They are the aggressive ones, invading other countries and killing innocent people in cold blood. There is a direct threat for Europe – Spain and all Balkan countries are on the IS map as future targets for invasion. Why waste money on a non-existent threat from Russia when the Islamic extremists are knocking on Europe’s door?

When we spoke to Anna Fotyga, a former Polish Foreign Minister and current MEP and Chair of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Security and Defence, we asked her to respond to Maia’s comment. She disagreed, arguing that NATO had a balanced attitude and it shouldn’t be a case of “Either / Or”:

We also had a question sent in from Faragó, who simply asked where Anna Fotyga thought security threats to Europe were coming from. How would she respond?

Earlier this week we spoke to Csaba Hende, the Hungarian Minister of Defence at the time of publication, and asked him to also respond to Faragó’s question. Where did he think the biggest threats to Europe were coming from today?

Hende-CsabaWe, Europeans are facing various and complex security challenges that should be properly addressed. The Ukrainian crisis has shown that it can happen in the 21st century that one European nation violates the sovereignty of another European nation. The Balkans is an unfinished business as well; the results achieved there are still fragile. If we take a look at the wider neighbourhood of Europe we can see wars and spreading instability in the Middle East and North Africa. Instability comes together with terrorism and mass migration, both of which should be addressed. NATO has recognized the seriousness of the situation and made crucial decisions at the Wales Summit at the beginning of September.

Finally, we had a comment sent in from Feras, a Syrian refugee who fled the fighting in his country:

citizen_icon_180x180Politically I have no idea how European people can’t notice that some EU governments are supporting terrorists. I don’t know if you are aware that the majority of the “rebels” who are fighting for “freedom” are supported by the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey… The only thing the whole world can do for now is to stop arming booth sides and start a political settlement […] and start a new era for Syrians based on democracy and the rule of law, NOT political Islam, nor a one party rule.

EU Member States have admitted to providing non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition groups, but say this support is only going to moderate groups. Although an EU embargo on arming Syria’s rebels expired last year, many European governments have been reluctant to provide weapons in case they fall into the wrong hands (though France has strongly hinted it is providing weapons to the Free Syrian Army).

We put this comment to Minister Hende and asked him to react. He argued that ISIS / Islamic State is the biggest threat in the Middle East today, and denied that any EU Member State was providing support to radical Islamist groups:

Hende-CsabaCurrently, in the view of Hungary, the international community’s main enemy in the Middle East is the radical jihadist group of ISIS. They are committing such barbaric acts that cannot be tolerated. As for the civil war in Syria, EU states, including Hungary support the moderate opposition’s vision for a democratic and united Syria, but there is no support for radical Islamist groups.

Is the so-called ‘Islamic State’ the biggest threat to Europe right now? Or is the unpredictable nature of Putin’s Russia a bigger concern? Does the biggest threat to Europe come from rising political extremism stemming from the sluggish economy and ongoing refugee crisis? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Freedom House

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    Pieter DeConinck

    Jihadi terrorism is the biggest threat. The crisis in Ukraine is limited and if we stop stoking it then Ukraine and Russia can come to an agreement.

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      Does this comment actually come from an EU citizen? The name seems Russian or Bulgarian?

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      Ah…a lovely Greek that likes to blame the EU for Greek woes….

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      Yeah Vladamir Pavlov is greek lol

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    Well, do you have russian sympathizers ready to blow themselves up and chop people’s heads off if you don’t let them live under sharia law on european soil? Ok, then you have your answer.

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      No, but they blow up 300-odd people up in the sky because they don’t want to live under a Soviet regime…Not a very big difference, hey?

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      Maia Alexandrova

      Yvetta, don’t be ridiculous, just as Anna Fortyga, claiming that there is a threat from Russia because it is shooting down civilian planes! For goodness sake, the investigation has not even completed yet! Let’s not make hasty judgements – this only shows lack of professionalism!

      In contrast, it is well confirmed that the Ukranian government has killed at least 2000 people just because they do not want to live under the Poroshenko regime… Here is the Trojan horse in Europe for you – aggressive and nationalist Ukraine! However, it is more of a financial threat and may become the embarrassment of EU, rather than anything else.

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      Maia, we have already heard enough and we do not need to hear the results of any investigation. We are not here on this forum in a professional capacity and I actually think that you are the ridiculous one with the excuses you are making and how you are twisting things. The Ukrainian government would not have killed any civilians of it didn’t need to take action against the armed gangs and covert Russian soldiers that operate in the east of Ukraine and amongst the civilians. The majority of Ukrainians do want to live in Ukraine and not Russia. This is why they were prevented from voting in the “referendums” but only a small minority were allowed to. And some voted twice…

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      Maia Alexandrova

      To Yvetta:
      Yes, you don’t need the results of an investigation – why bother, since you have already heard a lie a million times, so it must be true? Where did justice go in all this? It doesn’t seem to be important. This is the warmongers’ approach – they don’t need the truth, they only need to work themselves up and then strike, just as they did in Iraq, because of the non-existing weapons of mass destruction. 200,000 people were killed as a result of that and the country is now in chaos and invaded by Muslim extremists. If you reject professionalism, then at least you should stick to some common sense. However, it is missing from your point.

      The Ukrainian government did not need to bomb people’s houses with military planes, it only needed to hear what people in the East wanted for their future. They demonstrated peacefully for weeks before taking over the government buildings which later they defended from the Ukraininan army. At that time, they just wanted more autonomy within Ukraine. No one was talking about joining Russia. It is too late for that now after all the bloodshed and the vote for independence (95% said ‘yes’). I don’t twist things, just you seriously lack information from the ground. Have you seen interviews with refugees from Donetsk and Lugansk? They said every time they heard a plane, they had to run to the basement, the children were crying and it was all very scary. They were living in hell. This is not because the pro-independence fighters were attacking Kiev, or because Russia was invading but because Poroshenko gave the order for the army to attack and murder them. Poroshenko was punishing people for wanting to be free, he was crushing democracy under the eyes of democratic EU and USA. If this approach is right, then why was the army not sent to kill the Kiev demonstrators who occupied public buildings?

      If your logic is followed – the majority of Ukrainians want to live in Ukraine and the rest have to be suppressed, even though they vote for independence, then why was the Scottish vote hailed as an achievement of democracy? The Scottish people are around 5 million, whereas the Russian minority in Ukraine is more than 8 million. Catalonia in Spain has population of 7.5 million and they will hold a referendum on independence, regardless of the Spanish government not allowing them, just like people in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine did. The Italian region Veneto also wants independence, 5 million people living there. You cannot simply attack with the army large parts of the population of a country because you don’t like what they want for their future. You have to talk to them and try to find a solution, not brand them as terrorists, bomb their houses and kill their children. Justice and democracy were surpressed in Eastern Ukraine, innocent blood was spilled and all this made things worse because now those people don’t want to have anything to do with Ukraine, they want to be free, rather than have autonomy within Ukraine. This is what your military solution led to. Another Kosovo.

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      Maia, you seem unable to stay on the topic and are bringing in all sorts of other subjects now. Yes, I have seen interviews with people fleeing Eastern Ukraine from Russia. They said that although they do not agree with the Ukrainian army’s approach, they do not agree with “the rebels” and want to stay in Ukraine. As said before, Ukraine is a poor country under attack by one a lot bigger than it and it said from day one that it is struggling to respond. If it misses in its attempt to bomb that is not to say that it has bombed a maternity hospital on purpose. With all due respect, but you are just repeating Putin propaganda. Do you have proof that the Ukrainian army are bombing civilians on purpose?

      This is a casual debate here and for its purposes there is enough evidence so that people can make up their minds what happened to that poor aircraft. And it is their prerogative as well. We are not holding court at the moment. In terms of the forensics of it, this is a process that has to be followed for the purposes of bringing someone to justice. So the intention is that arrest warrants are issued at some point. This is not our job here though. What the forensic report has shown so far is that the plane was shot at by multiple small objects and not by a single big one. What this shows is that it was shot at from the ground and not by another flying aircraft, which is what Russia claims. “The rebels” had shot down another Ukrainian military aircraft a few days before and shot down another one a couple of days after. This is because this is where the Ukrainian army has an advantage over them. “The rebels” do not have an air force so they had to find a way to fight the Ukrainian air force. Quite the opposite, the Ukrainian army do not have a reason to shoot aircraft because “the rebels” do not have any. It is common sense…They thought they were shooting a Ukrainian aircraft. They made a mistake. Truth is, all of their actions and their presence there are illegal…

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      The Scottish referendum is being hailed as a success for democracy because of the way it was conducted. It was organised by the central government, people registered to vote in Scotland were allowed to vote and there were monitors present that ensured everyone voted only once. The referendum in Ukraine was illegal because it was organised by “the rebels”. A person was photographed voting twice. And, according to Ukrainian law, for any referendum to be legal the entire country would have to vote under the decision of the central government. This did not happen in Ukraine and international monitors were not present. Nobody knows what happened there. And there are reports that any people opposing “the rebels” have been tortured, executed without trial or reported on by their neighbours. Sounds like Nazi Germany, doesn’t it? The reports are by humanitarian organisations; not by any government. Nothing similar happened in Scotland. You were allowed to vote and speak as you wished without fear for you life. There was a whole No campaign. I hope this helps you come out of the Communist brain-washing, Maia. Although, honestly, I haven’t got time to keep responding to you specifically.

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      Maia Alexandrova

      When did it invade it? Or are you talking about the humanitarian trucks?

    • avatar

      No, we are talking about soldiers and tanks. Nobody knows what was in the “humanitarian aid” vehicles/army vans painted white because they drove through the border without allowing any inspection. Foreign military vans driving into another country without that country’s consent….and Putin threatening if they get stopped….

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      The EU overthrew the government and drove the country into civil war. If Russia wanted Ukraine it would be sitting in Kiev back in February.

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      It’s not a civil war, Connan because an outside country is involved in it. And the reason why Russia is not in Kiev nor will openly admit its action in Ukraine is because it has more to lose than to gain out of it: an open war, being expelled from international organisations, losing prestige and a say in international matters, being bombed (and annihilated) by NATO + other countries, a lot more dead to what we have already seen and most important of all…Mr Putin and his clique are going to lose their jobs for life that they have worked so hard to guarantee themselves together with all the benefits that come with it: proceeds of corruption + other privileges. Putin has been involved in so much illegal activity (including sending troops abroad without parliamentary approval) that he simply cannot afford to go back or risk losing anything. It would be the end of him in every way.

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    Richard Osborne

    I’d say radical Islam. Over time that will create enough instability and dissent about our own govts’ weaknesses that Mr Putin will simply have to hold out his hand and we’ll run over to him.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Russia comes first as it is in our direct neighbourhood.. But what is happening in Middle East and the issue of ISIS and the radicalised Muslims will come back to bite us on the bum if we ignore it. We should have never meddled with these regions, now we have destabilised the region and what is going on over there is serious. We need to take action. If the region falls under ISIS, these people won’t stop there. The whole region will sink into radical theocratic Middle Ages and having a neighbour like that is not good. They might seek to act within our countries too with their members of European Muslims.. Eradicate them now. Sadly it is the only military action of the west that I support. Who could have thought!!

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    Viktor Haddad

    Russia is not the problem. Actually USA want war with RUSSIA and use EU for that. The problem is ISIS !

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    Rudi Spoljarec

    Both are in co-relation. If Russia forgets historical mistakes , bad future might happen again , same as in history . Bizantian empire , once separated from western roman civilization , has enabled the otoman empire to rule half of the Europe .

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    Cristian Dinescu

    “Allah akbar” are now fighting for “Heil Putin” in Donbas, Ukraine. Soon in Moldova too … Those who know that all the Shia movements are controlled by Moscow via Iran and Caucasus proxies know where the threat is.

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    George Danieldsg

    USA-E.U. Ukraine crisis has not any reason or threat to anyone.Midlle East mess from west intervention and creation of mercenaries barbarian armies has produced huge crimes and pain in the region and imminent danger for spreading worldwide.

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    Aleksander Kędzieja

    For Spain and France it’s the ISIS. For Poland and the Baltics it’s Russia. Those problems are different in scale in the eye of the beholder that is every separate country of Europe. That’s why there is no “Europe” when it comes to security right now.

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    Pan Sol

    Biggest danger for europe security is NATO, second european central bank , and third is the countries arm and finance ISIS murders

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    Daniele Scaramelli

    I understand that looneys and nutcases want to appear somewhere, as they live a useless life, but why here? Is it possible to have a discussion without reading idiot comments? Just to mention a few names: David Fuzzey, Pan Sol, George Daniledsg, Janet Dare, Maximilian Sort. No offense intended, but you are wasting our time. Grow up.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @Daniele Scaramelli:

      You left my name off your list of looneys and nutcases,. However, I consider your own name should be first in line for the honour you give others.

    • avatar

      Everyone is free to come to this debate and express their opinion as long as it is done in a respectful way.

    • avatar

      Hi Yvetta, you are right, everybody is welcome to this debate as long as you all treat all fellow participants with mutual respect. We ask all of you to focus on the topic instead of commenting on you fellow debaters personally.

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      Hi Daniele, please keep the discussion on-topic and treat all fellow participants with mutual respect. Keep the debates focused on the arguments themselves, rather than commenting on your fellow debaters personally.

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    catherine benning

    Here is a recent Gallup poll on who is the biggest threat to world peace, which includes Europe. And before you fob it off, just tell me who has bombed various parts of the world so savagely over the last twenty, forty, or more years, with collusion of course. But who instigated the need, or so called need, for this mess in the first place? And be honest with yourselves, rather than play the vendetta game.


    Chomsky explains it.


    Here is the poll


    • avatar

      Slavoj Zižek, like Chomsky has also well argued on the issue, but different. In Zižek’s view, the biggest thread for Europe is the financial markt extremism, creating inequality, breeding populism and as a result the serious danger of a further degeneration of the still existing and very valuable democratic standards.

      On the UKRAINE issue Zižek is arguing in an outstanding way:

      It’s time for the basic solidarity of Ukrainians and Russians to be asserted, and the very terms of the conflict rejected.The next step is a public display of FRATERNITY with organisational networks established between Ukrainian political activists and the Russian opposition to Putin’s regime. This may sound UTOPIAN, but it is only such thinking that can confer on the protests a truly emancipatory dimension. Otherwise, we will be left with a conflict of NATIONALIST passions manipulated by oligarchs.

      The issue isn’t whether Ukraine is worthy of Europe, and good enough to enter the EU, but whether today’s Europe can meet the aspirations of the Ukrainians. If Ukraine ends up with a mixture of ethnic fundamentalism and liberal capitalism, with oligarchs pulling the strings, it will be as European as Russia (or Hungary) is today. Too little attention is drawn to the role played by the various groups of oligarchs – the “pro-Russian” ones and the “pro-Western” ones – in the events in Ukraine.

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    Debby Teusink

    Putin and IS are big problems, but IS has no nukes and is not an imminent military threat to Europe. Russia is far worse.

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    Paul Niland

    Russia. It is a danger not only to Ukraine, which it has already invaded, but also to the Baltics, Moldova, Georgia (also already invaded) Belarus and Kazakhstan. Then, who knows? The problems coming out of Russia are on many levels and are all combining to form a “perfect storm” – they include:

    1) Putin’s need to stop the spread of democracy, his system is completely incompatible with it.
    2) The reality that Ukraine’s revolution was about that very thing, democracy, and a corrupt system, Putin’s buddies have got very rich, the country is thoroughly rotten with corruption and they’d like to keep it that way.
    3) The rise in Ultra nationalism that is an intrinsic part of how Putin’s power base is built, this is promulgated by dangerous people who are close to power like Dugin and Malafaeev.
    4) Putin genuinely does see NATO as a threat. To a paranoid degree.

    This is all not good.

  15. avatar
    Alex Lexva

    Radical Islam is always a problem or better a threat for European democracy

  16. avatar

    We should not intervene anywhere.

    The idea that we should intervene here and there because we supposedly have a moral obligation is nonsense.

    This whole interventionist idea is like a 19th century jingoist colonial attitude.

    Why all the instability? Especially in Africa and Middle East? Colonial powers drawing lines on a map and declaring them to be countries. Neither Iraq nor Syria is a nation and they never will be. They will never be stable without a dictator.

    And where is the logic in declaring Kosovo (300 people, a few cows and a dog) an independent country and in the same breath telling 40 million Kurds they cannot have an independent state because some line some colonialist drew on a map is supposed to be sacrosanct.

    Africa and the Middle East need radical border changes and a bunch of new nations to give all ethnic groups their own country.

    And lets not pretend any of those countries there now is a real democracy. Mostly western backed pseudo-dictators or faux-democrats.

  17. avatar

    Europe faces numerous threats, #1 US meddling in European politics, US bases in numerous European countries, #2 Russia meddling in European politics, #3 IS & other Islamists but more the Islamic ideology that they they use to motivate themselves to go and kill etc., we have seen Islamic terror in the UK,FR,DE etc., every Western European country that has a sizeable Muslim population will sooner or later be confronted with the problem of Islamic extremism and its consequences, #4 EU eddling in the politics of Independent European Nations when these nations coose to remain Independent and not Integrate themselves in the EU System (e.g see Ukraine), #5 cross border crime(e.g google Romas in UK, DE, FR etc., pickpocketing, begging, mafia), #6 Contagious diseases like e.g Ebola coming to Europe through air travel and or Asylum seekers in boats. These are some but not all the possible threats Europe faces right now.

  18. avatar
    Rui Costa

    The EU is the biggest threat to Europe. Not the EU in itself but what it is becoming.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Rui Costa
      I say, well said!

  19. avatar
    Marian Sîrbu

    Russia; because it’s a non-democratic nuclear superpower which doesn’t respect the international law anymore; from such an irrational country you never know what to expect.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Jovan Petronijević
      You have links to ‘Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia’ is that why you dislike the USA and see them as the biggest threat to Europe?

  20. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    There is no wisdom in picking sides. Success lies in handling ALL threats as if they were the biggest and use common sense to prioritize at every necessary moment.

  21. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    The biggest threat for Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, is Europe along with USA! They financed and supported the neonazis who are controlling Ukraine and the killers of ISIS!
    Now about the biggest threat in Europe, you should check at Brussels!

  22. avatar

    Threat no1. Radical Islam. Threat No2. Russian expansionism. Threat no3. American and Israeli aggression.

  23. avatar

    It’s all about timing, right now the momentum is building. I would let (even encourage) ISIS to gather as many “warriors” as possible before my first strike. At a fraction of the cost of US intervention in Iraq, ISIS could be terminated by a large coalition. In the other hand, Russia is far more dangerous in military and economical terms with a lot more weight in balance against ISIS.

  24. avatar

    We have the technology to леаже the focil fuels in the past, so EU problem with Russia is only a consequence of the bone headed ignorance of this technologies. By implementing them at last, the problem with Russia would be solved, since it is only a economical issue, and this will give opportunity to concentrate over the barbarian treat from IS. If the civilization fail to solve this riddle by the way of the intellect, we risk to be driven back in new Dark Ages of humanity.

  25. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Global coalition stop the war in Iraq and Syria the state of Europe has the responsability of their freedoms and guarantees of europe citizens

  26. avatar
    Simon Molitor

    The greatest threat for Europe at the moment is the lack of comprehensive foreign policy from the EU leadership. It took month for Europeans to react to what was happening in the middle-east, and even now things are moving following US leadership. Same thing for Ukraine/Russia, reaction took too long and allowed Putin to whatever he wanted.

  27. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    In answer to the forum question, any one from:

    Radical Islam
    The EU itself!

    • avatar

      The USA (being the worst criminals, warmongers and murderers of the 21st century).

      Just ask this question: who has invaded more countries, bombed more countries, supports more dictators in countries in the 21st century? The answer is clear. Its the USA.

  28. avatar

    The biggest security threat regarding Europe is the resurrection of German neo-nazionalist doctrine of a German-centric European Empire. This war (launched by the German neo-nazionalist elite in May 2010) has already taken the form of an all-out attack against the EU periphery that claims already the Constitutional Order in those countries (fundamental Human Rights above all).

    Russia, the USA, the UK and Gaullist France are the best guarantors for peace and stability in Europe. Regrettfully, the USA are at stakes with Russia over Ukraine that is being contested by neo-nazionalist Germany; at the same time, Russia and the USA have common enemies in Caucasus and the Middle East (ISIS). When the US Administration comes to reality, things will go better for Europe.

  29. avatar
    Gastone Losio

    Europa, von Grnland bis zur Beringstrae, an der U-Boot-Link mit Alaska. Wenn Sie wissen wollen wie, finden Sie mich in meinem Haus, oder versuchen Sie selbst, aus meinem politisches Projekt, http://www.losio.com.
    Europa, desde Groenlandia hasta el estrecho de Bering, el enlace submarino con Alaska. Si quieres saber cmo me encuentre en mi casa, o intentarlo por s mismo de mi proyecto poltico, http://www.losio.com.
    Europe, from Greenland to the Bering Strait, the submarine link with Alaska. If you want to know how, you can find me in my house, or try it for yourself from my political project, http://www.losio.com.

  30. avatar
    Anna Kocharov

    foreign policy challenges can only arise if there is a foreign policy – but with Federica there is no such risk :)

  31. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Given the mess the EU has made so far we can only pray they stay well out of ‘foreign affairs’ and leave it belongs, with the nation states.

  32. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    Biggest threat is fragmentation and lack of education. We need to be united in or opinions and priorities. There’s people who want their countries out of EU and their opinions should be listened and debated. There is a need for understanding that in modern globalised world an individual country without natural resources and intellectual assets is going to be swallowed by much greater economies like China, India and the US. There’s is a need for EU and that should be addressed and people need to be educated perhaps just the same way as they get news programs to spread an overall popular anti-EU one sided debate.. But most of all. There is a need for education. Lack of education is the biggest threat. We need to integrate people that are here from different countries and continents not call them enemies.

  33. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    Fiscal Union is dividing member states, as a “more attractive” fiscal regime in the UK, for example, makes an automaker change its fiscal residence from Italy to another member state. The same with Governance rules, as the same automaker incorporated under Dutch law. If we do not have the same laws, the same taxation, we’re toast as a Union, a laughable concept and by its nature a patchwork of nations, some of whose citizens will eventually figure that there is systematic manipulation for their country to remain the waiters and servants for those who are richer on average, enjoying the ride.

  34. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    We have to stop the EU Empire-building and integrate member states that are at levels of development that represent a danger to future cohesion and to the sustainability of the Union. Gatis Gailitis is making a good point about education, and it does not stop there. We have to make sure we have a plan for the Union and understand what needs to be done in economic, political, institutional terms to get there, even if that is a hundred-year plan.

  35. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    We should rewrite the NATO pact and have the EU be the party to the Treaty. Let’s be the largest power in NATO. The US has played one against the other for too long.

  36. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    We need to reset the agendas for foreign aid and help grow Africa and the Middle east, stopping the imperative for emigration from these territories.

    • avatar

      @Trond Johannessen

      “We have to stop the EU Empire-building and integrate member states that are at levels of development that represent a danger to future cohesion and to the sustainability of the Union.”

      “Smaller is better” doesn’t quite make humanity great achievements. The extinct german Reich or Kalmar Union I guess were large, sustainable and cohesive enough for you.

  37. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    We should proactively discuss territorial issues everywhere, and seek to promote the peaceful resolution of such, and seeing borders as artifacts, and not to be perpetuated if they separate families, culturally homogeneous groups that may have been separated by “arbitrary” divisions resulting from wars of the distant past. Hot potato issue, but we are better off talking about issues, negotiating solutions, than seeing escalations and armed conflict.

  38. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    first we should respect human rights and respect other countrie’s people… so lets do an UNIVERSAL TOURIST VISA, or an Erasmus program between EU and Africa. We should ban products that dont respect human rights and are comercialized in our country even if they are produced by our companies in third countries. (or at least tax inhuman products like football balls, tshirts or mobilephones made in slavery). Invest this taxes to promote non-slavery companies in third countries. Remember that anybody who is not a neanthertal has inmigrate somewhow from africa and is not a purely original european… Dont care about competition or world economy, we should go straight to our model (utopies) and dont get afraid of world wide mafias.

  39. avatar
    Josephine Cassar

    I lost confidence in these grillings after a certain Commissioner evaded all answers to questions put

  40. avatar
    George Danieldsg

    USA-Ukraine crisis by maidan new -nazists must stop immediately.All sanctions have to be lifted.E.U. economy is the only victim of sanctions.Enough with USA DOMINATION ON E.U.

  41. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Sorry dear George Danieldsg but I have to disagree. EU wasn’t an innocent victim in this case. It was one of the main responsibles. The victims are the EU citizens, but mainly the divided people of Ukraine!

  42. avatar
    Nikolai Holmov

    The biggest threat to European security is the same threat to European foreign policy – that of internal European unity and political will.

    Whilst ever foreign policy and defence are national the scope for common defence, security and foreign policies is necessarily reduced to the lowest common denominator where all members agree.

    Thus it is almost always going to be reactionary and not proactive, the minimum of what is required rather than what can be done, and slow in agreement and collective implementation.

  43. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    You forgot the people. And created an asymmetric power system. The biggest threat is democracy. But it will be the biggest chance. http://www.WWSEEP.com . Try a welfare system for the people. Not those what you did till now. :)

  44. avatar
    Gabriele Mogni

    I’m planning to go to the EP tomorrow to listen to Mogherini’s hearing in person…. :D

  45. avatar
    Nadin Dereguardati

    I am Italian and our salary does not allow to go anywhere!(1100 euro… les than a private worker without any university studies!…

  46. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    The incompetent and antidemocratic EU is the greatest threat to both civil & international security.

  47. avatar
    Oli Lau

    The biggest threat to our freedom is right now is ever growing bureaucracy.

  48. avatar
    José Manuel Quintáns Pazos

    EU is both the biggest threat and biggest opportunity for Europe.
    Second biggest threat I would say it is falling into the USA vs China battleground, without having a strong commitment with a EU strategy.

  49. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Why did EU countries back these non exitent “moderate” rebels which turned out to be ISIS ?? Has the EU been checking the boats with thousands of unknonws flooding into Europe ? 70 000 unknown people flooded into Europe just this year, whose checking if there are any Jihadists on those boats ? No one is checking.

  50. avatar
    Jacob Marris

    The distorted personality of the the EU it self.

  51. avatar
    Tudor Nicolae Nimara

    depends on which news you read.

    maybe the divisive narratives are the greatest threat. just look at your own comments section right here.

  52. avatar
    Talis Briedis

    The ex-soviet Russians that refused to go back home after the fall of the evil empire, and refuse to integrate 20 years on…

  53. avatar

    Russia is not attacking or killing anyone. Kiev government, on the other hand, has already killed thousands of civilians. But somehow we prefer to see Russia as a villan, despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement in the conflict. I’d say there are two biggest therats – ISIS and NATO (because it’s dragging us into the WW3).

  54. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    Putin and a remilitarized Russia. No matter what sort of wannabe elitist you pretend to be, the militarization and megalomania of their leaders in such tight, geographic confines has plagued Europe for centuries.

  55. avatar
    Bruno Nunes

    Or putting it in another form, the lack of a clear path to a transition to a resource based economy. The world is at a crossroad.. one path leads to peace and cooperation, and the other (already taken several years ago) to war, poverty and competition. Know our history and you will find similar points in our past.

  56. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    european politicians and economists!… please leave the people to live in peace!… stop treating us as a trading interest

  57. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    in fact I have 3 questions… Why the crisis started? Why the crisis is ending? what we will do to prevent another crisis like this one?… so no answers… untill we have no answers there is no guarrantie this wont happend again.. next year… in 5 years… Well.. .maybe some of you think a big war with rusia or islam will solve the crisis… congratulations for your deep thinking

  58. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should do everything to help a free democratic elections in Ukraine . EU should’t have any trouble with Russia . EU should make Russia to our best friend after US .

  59. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    is the creation of micro-states beacuse it creates political and social stability in the European Union

  60. avatar
    Neven Markulin

    Bankrupt of Greece, Croatia, Rumania , Bulgaria, Hungary… and everything because of greedy BANKERS !

  61. avatar
    Christine Harris

    Real security across the European continent can only come about when NATO recognises its own failure to help bridge the divide between Russian and EU deterrence policies

    Interesting read:
    Op-Ed by Ivan Timofeev, Programme Director at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)

    In order to achieve a greater Europe Timofeev argues that The Treaty on European Security should be revisited and the OSCE reformed to reflect the principle of common and indivisible security. Multilateral security guarantees for the countries bordering the former Soviet Union along with a multilateral rapid response mechanism to deal with European crises should be established

    Timofeev contends that a fundamental new agreement governing relations between Russia and the EU is needed, one that draws not just on politicians and diplomats but top experts from the leading think tanks of both

    Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines/ Ivan Timofeev [Ext. Op-Ed 12/12/14]



  62. avatar
    Noémia Guerreiro

    I think there is not a biggest thread to Europe now, because each one of those that was mencioned above is equally a big thread and can become the biggest one in a early future. It depends on the evolution of things and the way Europe and USA wiil deal with each of them.

  63. avatar
    Matt Kennedy

    The EU’s biggest threats are Russia and internal politics. Russia is self-explanatory; Brussels’ failure to speak as one voice internationally is hindering its strategic effectiveness – and the EU as a whole consequently.

  64. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Why should we say something? EU don’t care about the opinions of the Europeans. Unfortunately. You do only marketing, but no democracy, or participation. Very sorry.

  65. avatar
    Loukas Kontokostopoulos

    I seriously believe that EU should stop being so blindly American-friendly and start working out a profitable relationship with Russia!!we really have nothing to win from America and we definitely have nothing to lose from Russia…after all what else can Putin do since everyone treats Russia as possible threat because America says so.also we really need to focus on internal issues!if we want to talk about a European “Union” then it’s about time that the marketing and corporisation of countries, stops

  66. avatar
    Gomes João

    Externally, in the short time Russia, in the long time China.
    Internally, in the short time Syriza, in the long time low birth rate.

  67. avatar
    Gomes João

    Externally, in the short time Russia, in the long time China.
    Internally, in the short time Syriza, in the long time low birth rate.

  68. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Right wing christians like PEGIDA, who are racists, xenophobe intolerant nazis. Not islam, which is about peace.

  69. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Right wing christians like PEGIDA, who are racists, xenophobe intolerant nazis. Not islam, which is about peace.

  70. avatar
    George Danieldsg

    Those who created and support mercenaries and barbarians to serve militarism and spread hate among people and religions.

  71. avatar
    George Danieldsg

    Those who created and support mercenaries and barbarians to serve militarism and spread hate among people and religions.

  72. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    The biggest threat to European security is the politicians denying the truth. 90% of the ones in EU parliament, Merkel, Cameron, Rajoy, Hollande etc etc. You are either blind, ignorant or paid off. In private businesses you would be out of a job today.

  73. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    The biggest threat to European security is the politicians denying the truth. 90% of the ones in EU parliament, Merkel, Cameron, Rajoy, Hollande etc etc. You are either blind, ignorant or paid off. In private businesses you would be out of a job today.

  74. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    I dont belive ISIS are muslims… it seems better a pretext for USA to start another war in iraq and Syria while taking the petrol. Why they kill other muslims? why they attack to left side people against islamofobia? i really dont understand… but surely i dont trust euroepan politicians or mass media.

  75. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    I dont belive ISIS are muslims… it seems better a pretext for USA to start another war in iraq and Syria while taking the petrol. Why they kill other muslims? why they attack to left side people against islamofobia? i really dont understand… but surely i dont trust euroepan politicians or mass media.

  76. avatar
    Christina Stockinger

    lack of tolerance

  77. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    Vladimir Putin (and not Russia and certainly not the Russian citizens) is a big threat for the peace in Europe and in that respect mostly the eastern European countries. Maybe not even really military but more politically and with money etc. See the situation in Moldova and Ukraine which could also occur in the Baltic countries and even Hungary. Also a threat is that Putin thinks that he can send his bombers and fighters toward Sweden, Denmark and even Portugal and send battle groups of ships through the Channel and the Northsea. Best thing to response to this threat is a blockade of both the entrance to the Baltic Sea and the Bosporus for all Russian military ships untill Putin decides to pull back from Crimea and stops helping the rebels in the east of Ukraine AND talk with him about a peace corps of Russian and NATO forces to ensure peace and not retaliation of the Ukrainians toward the Pro-Russian rebels.

  78. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Business as usual is the biggest security threat!

    The EU cannot continue with the mindset it had when it created (or contributed to the creation of) all the problems it now faces!
    Be it, security, unemployment, financial fragility, political incapacity, social unrest, you name it.
    The EU has to urgently start thinking out of the box.

    The EU has to start thinking about solutions “as if people really mattered” to quote E.F. Schumacher.

  79. avatar
    Bupwv Toualekou

    The dumb ass politicians that they elect!
    Only healthy nationalism can destroy the new world order eco globalization union!

  80. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    The countries who created ISIL (US/UK/FRA/ISRL/SAUDI/TURKEY) Everyone hates these maniancs, but noe one wants to accept who is training them, arming them, paying them.

  81. avatar

    Biggest threat to europe has to be the eu first and militant Islam second. Both will sooner or later lead to mass bloodshed.
    Russia is no real threat. Ukrain has been destalbised by the eu/west/USA.
    The banks or the banksters so some febal minded like to call them. Well when was the last time you saw a banker walking into a news papers offices and shooting the staff or cutting off an off duty soldiers head off. I’ve got a cheque to pay in today will I be taking my life into my hands at I walk into Barclays Bank?

  82. avatar
    Alex Grech.

    Mintoff used to say,if there is instability in the middle east,you can never have piece.Last week if USA voted yes we could have done it.

  83. avatar
    Lefteris Eleftheriou

    Turkey because of its expansionism and dangerous war mongering, ISIS because of terrorism, unchecked immigration because of unemploment within the EU and also for turning the Mediterranean sea into a giant graveyard, and on top of the mountain of problems the new iron curtain that Merkel & co have drawn dividing Europe into North and South.

  84. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Islam extremism. Close borders. Kick out those with criminal records and check all the rest. They want a war. They can get a war.

  85. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU citizens . Economical problems could create big demonstrations and chaos in some EU member states .

  86. avatar
    Ahmed W Al-Humadi

    The policy of some European governments which involving in wars and follow USA policies, extremists whatever their belonging as well.

  87. avatar
    Manola Gonzalez

    Security should come from the inner of Each person. For this it is important the education and main questions of humans, other alive beings and planet Earth living in a complex ecosistem … so EDUCATION is the biggest vulnerability in any country. The bigger number of People the bigger vulnerability … governments should care more for kids for they Will be the adults tomorrow … I feel sad for civilization :( like know …

  88. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Neither extremists, nor foreign powers (real or imaginary, friendly or hostile) are capable to destroy or even threaten Europe.
    the only danger comes from itself!
    If Europe will not return to the basic principles, will not regain the vision for a continent of its people, will not reject the democratic deficit and the economic imbalance… then is doomed to dissolution!!!

  89. avatar
    Amir Khan

    not threaten… but himself and there policies… All things depend if u action against any religion or country people or community than must be reaction….

  90. avatar
    Amir Khan

    if europe is good countries than not expences in wars expences in society for betterment of people

  91. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    The biggest security threat is the inability of our leaders to predict and resolve fast and peacefully the emerging conflicts at our borders and inside EU. Could we prevent the war in Syria that fills EU with refugees and instability? Could we prevent the thousands victims of the war in Ukraine if we had better dialogue and understanding with Ukraine and Russia? The failures of our intelligence and diplomats now lead to militarisation of Europe which is in fact preparation for war. If we produce and store more weapons in EU, Russia will respond the same. And every time Europe prepared for war, there was war. We still have time to tell our leaders to work for peace and sign treaties for reducing the weapons in EU, Russia and the Middle East and secure peace in our region.

  92. avatar
    Nazim Hatipoglu

    To all who comment ISIS and Al-Qaeda as a threat to the Europe; THis organisations are the biggest threats to the whole World, not only Europe.

    Europe’s biggest threat is the commonly used Today’s Economics System, in which banks are allowed to create money out of nothing, collect interest for that imaginary money and get saved by governments in cases of bankruptcy.

    We need a money regulation system in whic money’s value is tied to the wares and services we, humans, produce, any kind of interests are forbidden and money is used as an exchange tool and not a base to create more money out of it.

  93. avatar

    Biggest threat is not from the Middle East, but the enemies inside our own border; BAILOUT for BANKS and BIG BUSINESS, war is just a deterrent to instill fear into the commoners. Austerity is sweeping across Europe and the money is disappearing. Security for Europe, please…….! The more confusion, the easier to plunder its wealth. Russia and China is aware of the crimes happening in Europe and North America, so they kept the influence of the Banks and Business out. PERFECT EXAMPLE – CITIZEN UNITED vs Federal Election Commission in the United States.

  94. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    First of all: leadership. Just compare it with european leaders 20 or 30 years ago and their project for Europe. Second: ISIS. Third: forget the conflict with Russia; Western/East Europe will need to face and deal common problems side-by-side with Russia within a decade. West/East Europe have same culture, religion, history no matter their past conflicts. They have much more in common than differences.

  95. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    Why the biggest and not a prioritized list? In fact some of the suggestions are symptoms and not causes. Symptoms of an EU that lost touch with its citizens, an EU that has “75% full employment” as an official goal for 2020, and EU that has no clue on how to deal with the advancements in medical science that have given us a society with lower birth rates and a large “older than 60” but highly productive and capable population. Etc, etc…

  96. avatar
    Stella Kontogianni

    The biggest enemy of Europe right now is Europe itsself. Conflicts for unimportant reasons and lack of support to each other, shortsightness and instability. If we control all these unnecessary conflicts we can deal with external threats in better way. It is not good idea to isolate countries because these countries will be the vulnerability of contestation by third parties.

  97. avatar
    Joey Stack

    What do we mean when we say ‘political extremism’? It’s very important to define it properly

  98. avatar
    George Titkov

    I agree with all mentioned so far and I would add one more – the reckless ambition of US for maintaining world dominance at any cost.

  99. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    The Greed of the few in each European Nation, making the working class people and pensioners suffer in so many ways. Time to arrest and send to jail the corrupt officials and set the europena people of debts, that where instigated by the greedy few and everything else, that every citizen should have to full right to have and own.

  100. avatar
    Claudiu Popa

    America, Rusia and Israel… maybe more but these are the first ones that come into my mind…

  101. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    Still too many layers of goverment and administration between EU and its citizens. In Italy, we have municipal, provincial, regional, national. It would be possibke to get rid of two. What would that solve? Perception. EU closer, presumably more reactive to real needs of its citizens: jobs, jobs, jobs. Rage, racism, nationalism increase when people are thwarted in their aspirations, and look around for a scapegoat: the foreigner, but it may well turn out to be the EU itself, if things don’t improve, so c’mon: just do it.

  102. avatar
    Thomas Beavitt

    Russia is not a “threat to Europe”. On the contrary, it’s the closest thing Europe has to a potential solution to its problems.

  103. avatar
    Jason Picci

    USA and corrupt European politicians who are on the NWO payroll to pander to the banks.

  104. avatar
    Alin Roman

    Civil unrest, the possibility of an overthrow of power and the expansion politic of the EU.

  105. avatar

    It depends on your perception. If you perceive Russia as a threat, Russia probably poses a bigger threat than ISIS and the European economy together. On the other hand however, ISIS is gaining more and more influence in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, the EU should more focus on containing the spread of ISIS s influence and develop harsher counter strategies. Returning European ISIS fighters pose currently the biggest direct threat to the EU. That is, because these fighters who come from the inside of Europe and commit violent terrorist attacks outside of Europe will return and thus, pose a direct threat inside Europe.
    All in all, if and to what extent something poses a threat depends on the perceptions of nation states and the people living in Europe.

  106. avatar
    Renato Domenico Orsini

    All of these problems to sove
    All of these problems must be solved soon, good and severally, without selfishness and populism.

  107. avatar
    Nadezhda Ogden

    Ivan stop slagging off entire nations! There are many Brits living and visiting Bulgaria, hundreds of thousands and generally they are welcomed and settled into the country, have jobs, friends etc.
    Get a life and stop posting hateful shite that illustrates your personal, narrow-minded view!
    Oh and please refrain from posting the same boring, irrelevant article links.
    People like you are the biggest threat!

  108. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    EU expansion, EU politicians, uncontrolled migration and Islam. Thanks to our worthless and mostly corrupt politicians, Europe is being driven to it’s end by them. Unless we start asking via referendums what Europeans want, politicians only represent their corrupt self interests and big business, not Europeans interests, and the decision they make that no one votes for will end us.

  109. avatar
    Ed Cocks

    The largest external threat at this moment is Russia. Long-term it is a tossup between Russia and illegal immigration’s affect on the existing cultures.

  110. avatar
    Nadezhda Ogden

    Ivan I read your comment and it says ‘The decision on ‘who’ we let into ‘our’ country should be ours and not your antidemocratic Eu’s.

    Trust me, Briti’s would prefer Indians, Canadians, Aussies etc to Romanians and Bulgarians who we share nothing with.’
    Re- I think it will be the UK next.

  111. avatar
    Ovidiu Ozn Bodea

    the biggest threat are stupid peoples that pute them on first place in life in stead to put life in the first place of them …..

  112. avatar
    Ovidiu Ozn Bodea

    because stupid peoples create an haotic energy in round of them and all this energy worldwide creates security isues

  113. avatar
    Herb Endricott

    lack of transparency, all world is now about Money, propaganda and concurrence, USA with all those #prism programs #Snowden and then AntiRussian scream, #Rasism

  114. avatar
    Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    The mass surveillance and that ist still to mutch unencrypted traffic with passwords on the Internet.

    IS and Bukoharam is on second pleace

    Other domestic on 4th pleace

  115. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Tax evasion , industrial decline , energy security ( EU should make a big investment in wind and solar).

  116. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    USA and Turkey. USA creates wars in Africa and Asia and brings refugees to Europe, Turkey assists the IDIL and is using the refugees’ religion as their avanpost in Europe.

  117. avatar
    Mário Baptista

    They are 2, we can´t allow war in Europe, so Ukraine crisis must be resolved, the second is to stop ISIS before it´s too late and they got nuclear weapons. And there is United Kingdom and Greece that must come to EU, if they want to mean something in this global world.

  118. avatar
    Nena Abreu

    You know that better than me and if not you should because people is paying for you to investigate.

  119. avatar
    Inês Valente

    Russi – Ukraine, because it shows how much of a non-Union we really are. And if the union fails, everything comes crumbling down.

  120. avatar
    Rui Duarte

    The biggest security threat to europe is its unwillingless to defend itself from colonization. One thing is to be «open» and «cordial» towards other civilizations and to accept immigrants from culturally diverse backgrounds; another very different thing it to europe be colonized by people who don’t come to europe to live as europeans or to add to our cultural diversity but subvert european values and purposefully and systematically destroy our civilization. «Open» is good, stupid is bad.

  121. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    I think the biggest security threats are Russia and the sluggish economy and rising political extremism.

  122. avatar
    Liliana Ramsing

    It should be forbidden for mass media and politicians to make racist remarks in public. These things should be punished by law!

  123. avatar
    Dennis Rakar

    Short-sightedness. By that I don’t mean the actuall illness, but a general moral conduct not just of the ruling élite.

  124. avatar
    Marco Franck

    ISLAMIC STATE we must go and invade their coasts with our allies if the Arabs do not take care of their business then we will finish it all for them!

  125. avatar
    Nikolay Petrov Petrov

    Tataro Mongol Muscovite (Moskel) so called Great New Russia, claiming to be the Third Rome, as opposed to Old Russia – Ukraine is the biggest danger. You can deal with corruption in the EU but you cannot help the absent mindednedd and nuclear bombs of the so called Russians. Moscow must be cut off from the civillized world.

  126. avatar
    Lamborghini P.

    ISLAMIC STATE together with the Obama Administration

  127. avatar
    Rick Wilmot

    A Federal Social Democratic United States of Europe is my preferred option. Ukraine is Russian!

  128. avatar
    Oli Lau

    the states, they keep harassing citizens and treat them like serfs.

  129. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    Is Europe too focused on Russia? – NO
    Should more attention be paid to combating Islamic State? – YES
    Or does the biggest threat to Europe come from the sluggish economy? – Not sure if this is the greatest threat or this combined with the previous two

  130. avatar
    Ulf Skei

    The IS, russian fascists living in the past and socialists ruining the EU economy.

  131. avatar
    Manolis Karras

    The bank mafia, destroying countries and supporting corporate interests, at the expense of anything and putting profits above lives of people.

  132. avatar
    σαντυ αλεξανδρου

    The biggest threat for Europe is the lack of principles,morals and respect of the will of the European citizens by the EU .The disability of having our own European policy about issues outside of Europe and slowly having Germany draining the blood out of the European people.Also huge problem is the islamic issue that eventually will be coming inside your ”house” as they are already coming to Greece as immigrants or refugees.Something we can’t control and as EU doesn’t help I hope soon we will open our borders to Europe so you can also have them.

  133. avatar
    Parászka Máté

    Well both.Let’s frien up with Russia, let’s solve the economy issue and let’s combat the is with russia.

  134. avatar
    Rick Wilmot

    I can see by what has been said thus far that the only common thread is the hatred of somebody else!

  135. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    The EU promised the peoples of Europe peace, security and prosperity, it has given them fear, debt & mass unemployment while stealing their democracy.

    Clearly the EU is the greatest threat.

  136. avatar
    Stavros Spand

    The biggest threat to the EU is its politics and that even though people want to belong in the EU the politicians are interested only in who has the firm hand in the EU.

  137. avatar
    Loïc Diels

    After the results for the Greek Debt Crisis: UNITY! the EU’s Economy and reaction to migration is definitely under threat right now

  138. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Biggest threats.. .austerity in the e.u.
    Instability in the middle east,in Africa. …=migrations and more instability.
    Stupid attitude of Brussels towards the countries of europe…economical control and idiotic unproductive bureaucracy.
    Unnecessary embargo on russia…Russia should be treated as an ally and a neighbour of value
    Finally and not least. …religious and political extremisms.

  139. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Biggest threat in Europe the burocrats leaded from Washington, the U.N. refugee laws and liberalism! Russia had never attacked the E.U., in contrary the E.U. countries have attacked Russia with embargo, sending weapons and troops to Ucraine, which never existed as a country till 1990, it was all part of the Soviet Union.

  140. avatar
    Natasha Pikoul

    Unfortunately Europe is destroying itself from within, by focusing on the imaginary enemies and being completely out of touch with common sense in regards its own politics and economy.

  141. avatar
    Natasha Pikoul

    Unfortunately Europe is destroying itself from within, by focusing on the imaginary enemies and being completely out of touch with common sense in regards its own politics and economy.

  142. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    Ne prenons pas les Russes pour des anti democrates, car la Crimée s’est séparée après un vote avec une large majorité pour l’independance et les conflits n’ont eu lieu que dans les autres régions de l’Est suite au refus d’autodètermination par l’Ukraine. Ce qui nous menace davantage c’est aussi, L’indiférence et l’incohérence administrative, alors que nous défendons les droits de l’homme note propre logique d’intégration de l’immigration nous conduit à terme, à l’intolérence, l’abettissement, et aux conflits. https://www.facebook.com/charle.eau/videos/299306806918363/?pnref=story

  143. avatar
    Eiza Jean-Jacques Descayrac

    Ne prenons pas les Russes pour des anti democrates, car la Crimée s’est séparée après un vote avec une large majorité pour l’independance et les conflits n’ont eu lieu que dans les autres régions de l’Est suite au refus d’autodètermination par l’Ukraine. Ce qui nous menace davantage c’est aussi, L’indiférence et l’incohérence administrative, alors que nous défendons les droits de l’homme note propre logique d’intégration de l’immigration nous conduit à terme, à l’intolérence, l’abettissement, et aux conflits. https://www.facebook.com/charle.eau/videos/299306806918363/?pnref=story

  144. avatar

    I get the sence that CIA funded the extremists in ukrania, as it did in syria. It all started because of the gas supply domination. So usa (and the city of london as well) are behind this.
    Moreover we must not forget that ISIS is a US creation.
    So the threat to european stability is the US.
    As long as merkel’s ill policy to protect bank’s profits against poor europe’s humanistc crysis. I believe in th europe of people, not in the europe of banks.
    We also have to find a way to bring back some industries that have gone to china. We have had enough globalisation.

  145. avatar
    Alexander Grech

    The biggest security threat is Islamic state. Sanctions are hurting Europe more than they are in Russia.United we stand,divided we fall.

  146. avatar
    Max Berre

    Just generally, I’d say that Europe’s general apathy when it comes to dealing with anything happening on europe’s periphery (aside from calling washington for help).

  147. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Make the homework first. Don’t start the Patriotic strategy. The EU itself shall become a welfare pattern for the people, and for the World. http://www.WWSEEP.com . When Leaders show that peace is the better Solution people will follow.

  148. avatar
    Laurinda Seabra

    The biggest threat is and remains the bankers and their BS supported by their pawns and the cabal elite. Nothing else … the rest is just fog to cloud the issue.

  149. avatar
    Ljubica Vucinic

    No, we are talking about soldiers and tanks. Nobody knows what was in the “humanitarian aid” vehicles/army vans painted white because they drove through the border without allowing any inspection. Foreign military vans driving into another country without that country’s consent….and Putin threatening if they get stopped….

  150. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    1. Energy ( EU should invest in solar and wind) 2. Banks with tax havens 3. national debt 4. Unemployment . I don’t believe that Russians are going to start bigger war there .

  151. avatar
    Dimitar Trendafilov

    Threats to Europe are two, and they come from Europe itself:
    1. You created a colorful “revolutions” / riots in Africa and the Middle East, armed thugs and now you’re wondering – why is that ?!
    2. Multiculturalism is killing Europe.
    If you collect all Africans in Europe and Muslims in the Middle East, where do you send to Europeans – the Moon or Mars?

    As for Russia, it is more reliable and honest partner for Europe.

  152. avatar
    JP Faure

    That’s bullshit. Germany’s economy is not a threat, unless you’re envious. Public mismanagement (corruption, lack of institutional strength, electioneering, etc.) is. Politicians fail to focus on REAL global threats (terror, pollution, global stupidity/fascism on the rise, etc.).

  153. avatar
    Jesper Schou Hansen

    Russia is for sure a threat. IS is a threat on a different scale. So for prosperity in Europe Russia is a larger threat. But in the long run IS can pose a threat not in it self but with the migrant waves the manage to start.

  154. avatar
    Ελισάβετ Αρβανιτιδου

    ISiS and the khalifat !! For sure!! Just think what Europe would be if Greeks had not stop the Persians 2500 years ago ! If we do not stop the Islamisation of Europe now , what will the future be ?

  155. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    The treatest threat to Europe is the economic social environmental moral evil political problems is all a total mess

  156. avatar
    Buj Alex

    USA that is the biggest security threat in Europe!!! they are like a plague , and they have infected our beautiful Europe!!!

  157. avatar
    George Cooke

    The biggest threat comes from the multinational companies that rob the poor and give to the already wealthy through our corrupt governments who don’t have the balls to stand up to them. Either that or they have already infiltrated the government which means we are all in the brown stuff unless we get off of our lazy backsides and do something about it.

    • avatar
      sabine munzebrock

      spot on!

  158. avatar
    George muntu

    It’s only a madness people who thinks can prevail a nuclear war with Russia. I think nato and the us needs to rethink wisely their motives. Russia of today is not a past russia. I would give my advice to all European and us people to protest against this defence shield which is aiming against russia because their the ones who will be the victim. Let’s make the world a better place to live.

  159. avatar
    Alexander Aslanidis

    Its political – economical mafia and the huge war industry that slaughters humans worldwide. We deserve every terrorist attack. Shame on EU.

  160. avatar
    Christian Weale

    The complex and toxic issues we face have without doubt been given fuel with recent events, they are a gift for both Daesh and the radicalised far right in our societies. The Far Right and their allies in populist pseudo political parties, for example UKIP and their commentators on Social Media, I also can’t forget the elected government in Westminster posturing around the suffering of refugees fleeing insurmountable traumas and the appalling language and fragmented International Policies, all have insidiously marginalised whole communities in our societies leading to a fertile climate of divisions and radicalisation where some feel less welcome, less valued and deserving of less.

    If we are to address Islamist Radicalisation, the mass movement of people and an increase in Islamophobia, then we also need to be less polarised and reject the insidious and toxic radicalised messages that includes demonising and scaremongering from the Far Right, Populist groups and wanna be politicians who’s only agenda appears to be narcissism, divisive and introspective propagandist political click bait!

  161. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Islam extremism in all its forms is an absolute threat to the EU, and unfortunately is already entrenched in our society. It is at the basis of all misery in the Middle East and Europe, equally causing massive human and economic catastrophies. But what is more important, the EU should turn away from devastating US politics and stand on its own in cooperation with its allies, and this includes Russia as well. Geopolitics have too long been owned and handled by unscrupulous US warmongers that support islam radicalisation in a quest towards hegemony in the Middle East.

  162. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    Church , church is going to invade the EU with Islam to protect own religious privileges . NATO shouldn’t fight for Arabs, they can’t install democratic government there ! Arab truth ” NATO is guilty , they invaded Iraq and that is the reason we have ISIL there ” . Now we are guilty for stealing their oil and we should give our own country to them because we destroyed their country . Or better we should accept refugees until they become majority in the EU . We should invest in wind and solar and stop “stealing” their oil : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EghwCDNyiY

  163. avatar
    Gabriella Anderson

    It is Viktor Orban, PM of Hungary, of course. All the liberal clowns want to kick Hungary out of eu because of the handling of migrant crises with the fence. Hypocrats!!!!!!

  164. avatar
    Rui Correia

    Stop the hipocrisy. Sometimes, common sense is the best option. Do not involve European countries in foreign conflicts in Iraq and Syria even more, don’t take it further, enough is enough… I couldn’t care less about what happens below the Mediterranean anymore, as long as it doesn’t reach European shores… Since it already did, we should focus on defense and external border controls… Resilience doesn’t necessarily mean “attack”… Radicalised “European” Muslims should be offered a plane ticket and be sent off to… to wherever they want to go, outside Europe… good riddance!… The European economies should cooperate better between themselves to make the most of our synergies and use our internal strengths of some countries to overcome our weaknesses of others, all within Europe… We could easily re-balance the skills’ demand and supply within Europe, but language is still an obstacle for some, unfortunately… About the rise of far-right politics: well, it just means “enough is enough”, and that Europeans have some sense of self-preservation, and that shows itself through politics. The EU itself is also starting to become a “scary monster”… Free trade, free movement, cooperation and partnership between Europeans, that’s all great!!!… but NO “European super-state” please… don’t take it too far… Don’t overrun sovereign democracies, please… otherwise, problems will start right there…

  165. avatar
    Jason Picci

    Can you believe that the warmongering EU are currently having a meeting with Turkey to give them 3.5 billion to stop the immigration flow when Erdogan’ son has just been making the same amount from cut price ISIS oil purchases!? Beyond belief

  166. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    Far & away the biggest threat are the EU fanatics in Brussels.

    The more they push their federalist dogma the more the people will turn against them.

    The only question left is will the French leave before or after the British.

  167. avatar
    Enric Mestres Girbal

    The biggest threat to Europe is the EU…corrupt politicians and capitalists ruling the “firm”. The EU sould burst before it blows up.

  168. avatar

    Well based on History, the biggest security thread is the extremist nationalistic movements that are on the rise everywhere. The extreme, nationalistic, us and them narrative could lead to hard line stances, undercut of multinational institutions authority and given the ample opportunities to war, either localized or generalized.

  169. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto vestias

    Unfortunately Europe has faced several crisis throughout its history The club´s mini European trumpism are the greatest threat to Europe anti caricatures I have served as a basis mainly in these last days We need to give new impetus to Europe democratically and strengthen its leadership world in areas that already stands out security human rights environment and promoting Sustainable Development Happy Green 2016 European Union

  170. avatar
    Caluean Silviu

    Over reliance on others for your blood(energy), nationalists which have nothing to offer in the world that we enter, islamic terrorism, lack of inclusion of muslims, refugees.

  171. avatar
    Julia Hadjikyriacou

    In the digital age it is obvious what is going on. It’s all about trade and resources, from war, surveillance & protection economy to oil, energy, agriculture and banking. The only threats are to oligarchs shares of the profits and people pay for this with their lives, health, poverty and human suffering. In the digital age it is pointless trying to tell the people something different from the facts they see and experience.

  172. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    1. Anghela Merkel 2. Energy security 3. religious organisations and other spider networks

  173. avatar
    Marco Peel

    The biggest internal threats to our security are inequality and xenophobia, for they will tear us apart. (Austerity, Brexit, Extreme Right…)
    The biggest external threats are speculation and corruption, for they will sell us out. (TTIP, Bank Failures, Fiscal Evasion…)
    There can be no Freedom without Justice and Equality – they are interdependent.
    Under the motto “Unity in Diversity”, the EU already has a sound strategy against these very threats, at least on paper: Cohesion and Transparency – it just seems to have forgotten…

  174. avatar

    the greatest test Europe is facing is Political Correctness. They are killing themselves. Isis will continue as they have said already. They are a regime of criminals and should be severely punished. Yes take away their citizenship papers and their passports. So what if they become stateless. Think before you act. But politically correct Europe thinks otherwise.

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