shelvesThe government of Ukraine is claiming that Russian troops have invaded Eastern Ukraine. There have been earlier reports of Russian military convoys crossing the border, but the town of Novoazovsk in the South-East of the country is now reportedly under the control of Russian forces.

Moscow denies any involvement, but it could mark a serious escalation of the crisis, putting further pressure on Western governments to ratchet up sanctions against Russia.

The EU has already announced a ban on bond sales to Russian banks, as well as an embargo on weapons imports and exports (not including the controversial sale of two French warships to Russia) and an export ban on European technology for Russian oil companies.

However, even more damaging than the sanctions for Russia has been the drying up of investment into the country as foreign investors fear that the situation could deteriorate further.

The Russian economy is now nearing recession as the effects of the sanctions start to bite. In retaliation, Russian President Vladimir Putin this month announced a ban on food imports from the EU.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the EU is the largest economy in the world, with a GDP almost ten times that of the Russian economy. Nevertheless, the financial and banking services company ING claims that up to 130,000 jobs in the EU could be at risk because of fallout from the Russia sanctions, and the “total effect of the Russian food import ban potentially adds up to a yearly production loss [for the EU] of US$ 6.7bn.”

Can Europe afford an escalating trade war with Russia? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    George Titkov

    EU must first independently confirm what exactly is going on. I don’t think EU can rely solely on claims by either side. Send teams to monitor the border constantly so we can know for sure who’s telling the truth.

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    Andries Vienne

    NATO should seriously consider intervening. I think we’ve proven by now sanctions are more of a laughing matter than a serious measure in this conflict.

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    Yes, Europe HAVE TO afford an escalating trade war with Russia. The point of no return has been reached. Good luck to “depending on russian gas and trade balance” countries.

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    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    Sanctions only affect common citizens not politicians.
    Negotiation, honest and genuine negotiation without pre-conditions is the only way to go. We are fedup with all this warmongering attitudes. Nobody is innocent in this case. Don’t even think that people still believe politicians. We love our brothers across the world. Borders are artificial separation solutions that politicians have created to control the people.
    If Putin is evil the Western leaders are nothing better

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      Right, Russia is well known as “The Paramount” of respecting IC of J decisions.

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    Vasile Preda

    I think EU and NATO shoul support Ukraine with everything they need, except Nato troops, in order to push back Russia. Otherwise, Russia will conquer the southern part of Ukraine, gaining a strategical position at the Black Sea and it’s resources.

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      Do you mean your own personal economy ? Or “the strongest economy” based on trade surplus with Putin’s Russia ? Which one ?

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    Laoi Ó Murchú

    Sanctions don’t affect Europe, not in the way some people think. Just because Russia trades with the EU doesn’t mean that the subsequent trade imbalance can’t be rectified elsewhere. If I sell Moscow X tonnes of a product per year then that product, by definition, must be somewhat popular or needed. If Moscow decides to close its doors then I simply sell to someone else.

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    Alex Tselentis

    NO .. To all the idiots saying “yes we can” will they leave their families and go to Ukraine to fight ?? Likely not.

    • avatar

      So, will you go and fight on the Russian side then, Alex. And btw no need to get offensive. People have the right to speak their opinion. That’s what the debate is about.

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    Breogán Costa

    we DON’T want a war. If you want to fight Russia, take crappy EU politicians vs. Russian politicians and look who wins.
    The others asking for NATO intervention or a war, well, guys, you are just f* crazy

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    Christiane Vermoortel

    Sanctions don’t affect Europe Laoi ? The Belgian government has to pay the farmers millions of compensations for the loss. And where do you think the money comes from ? Yes, we, us !

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    Luca Argalia

    Putin is Doing what he wants, because we are weak Union of countries, Russia think that Ukraine is the his Toilet

    • avatar

      Absolutely agree with this comment.

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    Gregorio Boretti

    No, it can’t, and it mustn’t! Stop supporting fascist and oligarchs in Ukraine! Stop supporting the massacre of russophone people in Novorossija!

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    Pan Sol

    a Hitler successor born in Kiev, and Europe thinging seriusly to Join him

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    Francis Said

    Proset Ms. Josephine Cassar, that would really hit Pu…tin where it hurts. I hope that the world will not repeat the same mistake it did when it took part in the Olympics under Nazi Rule!

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    Reno Zed

    Yes, we should not trade with a fascist country like Russia, Ukraine need our support at least in that.

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    Ivan Burrows

    EU funded the mob against the democratically elected government in Kiev.

    EU supports the shelling of Civilians in Eastern Ukraine by pro EU militia by not condemning it.

    Eu started the conflict with Russia.

    Not liking a sovereign government of a nation state does not give your EU the right to bring it down.

    Did you really expect Russia to do nothing ?

    • avatar

      The situation you describe does not justify Russian actions, Ivan. The civilians were put in risk by Russian actions first, which were to send their own troops and form illegal armed gangs that do not recognise the Ukrainian state and territorial sovereignty. Ukraine had to defend itself and its territory from those gangs that operate in the midst of civilians. The first one to fire the shot was Russia and its planted gangs.

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    Daniele Scaramelli

    They did, and Russian soldiers are figthing in Ukraine. Even the Russian media know it and write about it. Putin and Lavrov are trying to emulate the lies of Stalin and Molotov.

    • avatar

      There are Swedes and Germans fighting there too… not on the Russian side… funny how we don’t hear about that.

    • avatar

      So, let the Russia media expose those Swedes and Germans fighting on the Ukrainian side, Marcel. Why don’t they do it? But still, if it is going on, there is one major difference: Ukraine and its allies are defending Ukrainian territory; Russia is attacking and claiming. Why not help out the underdog that is experiencing the aggression?

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    Lígia Mesquita

    Why all this hate against Rssia? If it wasn’t Putin’s diplomatic solution there would be another preventible war in Sria you morons! And that nazi crap in Ukraine having the blessing of president Obama is a SHAME for all Europeans. First because if this is a matter between Europe and Russia wtf is Obama doing? Second because if a independent region does not agree with a government why are we forcing it to them? Is that what Europe calls democracy?! Our fight is to gain independence from the USA.

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    Kris Babůrek

    Putin knows how to play this game. Milosevic von Serbia did the same kind of “under the table” aggression on neighboring territories in 1990s. That lasted for 9 years, or until NATO bombs were dropped on Belgrade. Now, Russia that already occupied Crimea can’t be stopped by NATO intervention or any other way except if you put weapons into Ukraine and they have enough soldiers to fight for Ukraine next 9 years. Then things may turn around… Remember Russian adventure in the 80s Afghanistan?

    • avatar

      Remember the US/British adventure in 2000s Iraq?

      Or how France holds its former colonies in virtual slavery via economic-monetary stranglehold treaties?

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    Talis Briedis

    Russia has been secretly invading EU since the fall of the USSR. They must be met with firm and decisive counter resistance. Russia is and has always been a dominating and savage aggressor, and must be dealt with equally. They do not understand anything else.

    • avatar

      The EU isn’t a country so cannot be invaded.

      And since the turn of the century, it is the western world, particularly the USA that is the prime agressor on this planet. Case in point: the former Iraq.

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      Hi Marcel, the whole thinking behind the EU exactly is to unify countries into one entity. Whether this has happened or not, the EU very much has its territory and can be invaded, it is the territories of the member-states put into one.

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    Pablo GC

    I think the UE should first think about sanctions against the democratic? government of Kiev.

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    Egon Witte

    The clever Us has worked 20 years to catch the Ucraine to the west.. The european gov. have been just deputies.Now, the shit comes to your doors..what do you need to talk? Leave Russia in peace..Between Us and Russia, Europe can only loose..

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    Pan Sol

    a new Hitler born in Kiev and EU will assist for built a new Treplinka in east Ukrain

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    Jonathan Gaskell

    That very question underlines the problem with European politics, Russia is credibly accused of invading the Ukraine, the stern response of the EU – sanctions, and when that doesn’t work more sanctions… Now I am far from a hawk but does this limitation of EU teeth undermine the EU’s international credibility?

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    Andrew Rout

    Ukraine is bombing it’s own people, pretty much like Milosevic did in Yugoslavia, like Assad is doing in Syria, or Gaddafi did in Libya (in all these cases opposition had some foreign support). However, EU chose to support the “rebels” and not the “state” in other cases. It seems that we follow USA interests, it all ends up on who has the right “diplomatic” connections, to get USA/EU support.

  25. avatar

    Ukraine is bombing it’s own people, pretty much like Milosevic did in Yugoslavia, like Assad is doing in Syria, or Gaddafi did in Libya (in all these cases opposition had some foreign support). However, EU chose to support the “rebels” and not the “state” in other cases. It seems that we follow USA interests, it all ends up on who has the right “diplomatic” connections, to get USA/EU support, usually it’s the rebels, but sometimes it’s the state. It seems that Kosovo’s Albanian speakers can break away from Serb rule, but east Ukraine Russian speakers cannot break away from Ukraine rule, even if they are bombed on a similar way from their “state”.

    • avatar

      Kosovo was a MISTAKE.
      No region can simply “break away” by holding a SEPARATE referendum under ENEMY ( russian in this case ) occupation.

    • avatar

      Kosovo was Pandora’s box. You can’t just create a precedent and expect it not to be followed by others.

      Same as when the USA invaded Iraq on the basis of a big fat lie AND used torture. Now the USA are not in a position to condemn others for doing, what they say, is similar behaviour. They lost the moral high ground they once occupied. And once you lose that, it will take generations to get it back.

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    EU reform- proactive

    Corrections please:

    Who need diplomats? “Should” we still elect & afford a heap of expensive diplomats? For what? Only a handful in the EC make decisions anyway.

    Coercive diplomacy- an EU flop?

    Diplomats should remind themselves and others that they are paid by local taxpayers to first and foremost represent “STILL” (it is 1 minute to twelve) sovereign states- not become a source of international tension and not be coerced by ‘invisible hands’ (=”negative”US power & greedy global corporatism- who had no hand to appoint our local ministers)……………… to create a war!

    Coercive diplomacy conducted by the EU was not successful in preventing Iran on the road of obtaining nuclear weapons- and it want be in the case with Russia in the Ukrainian conflict either! Detente could!

    There must be an end to EU secrecy in general and a stop to the intended 30 year secrecy clause in the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

    Check & decide yourself: “RT” & “The London Economic”- Putin’s propaganda- true or false? Another nail in the coffin & secrete sell out of its people by the EC- like Maastricht? Become wise in 30 years- hindsight? Rather foresight!

    Anti biotic: recall all EU Member Ministers to their home bases for rapport! Re-gain, re align, take local control and tighten the leash over Member Ministers once more! Ease to organize more Referendums!

    • avatar

      Just because RT exposes the crap Murika pulls doesn’t mean it is not a propaganda outlet.
      Half-truths make a more efficient propaganda tool.

  27. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    This Hitler look alike, Putin only listens when put a gun to his head. That’s our only option, war is comming!

    • avatar

      Not in my name.

      Russia remembers the previous time the fascists came. And now they’re back, Azov Batallion, Right Sector, Svoboda, Swedish and German neo nazis volunteering to fight for Kiev.

      I ain’t picking sides, but if I had to I wouldn’t side with Kiev. Interestingly, they’re selling of national resources at knockdown prices to western countries and corporations, gee I wonder why, could that have been the idea of this coup d’etat in Ukraine, to gain control of resources?

      I wonder also what promises were made that we don’t know about, NATO membership? EU membership? The latter won’t happen, imho.

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    Borislav Valkov

    EU is too fragmented to rise against Russia.It’s loosing because the leaders are looking after their own interests and the interest of the EU is second. We(bulgarians and romanians) see it with the hostile acts of Germany and UK about the closed the job markets for us.

    • avatar

      Good point.

  29. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    It’s a bit too late now ! This very question should have been the subject of very serious thought prior to the imposition of sanctions

  30. avatar
    Pan Sol

    there is allready 700 thousand refugee left ukrain to save there lifes from Kiev ragim

    • avatar

      Which they would not need to do if the country had not been invaded by Russia-sponsored armed gangs and terrorists that challenge the Ukrainian state. Or maybe they left so they don’t get executed overnight for resisting those gangs.

  31. avatar
    Gabi Rembarz

    Eu should stop Putin war policy agains Ukraine now. To help Russians get ride of dictatorship …

  32. avatar
    Ephraim Schulze

    Enogh of their games and panicking our world those two countries need to stop and pay specially Russia too much bullish

    • avatar

      Why don’t you just move to Russia?

  33. avatar
    Dimitris Paschalidis-Valof

    Why should we help the Ukrainians? We re in a pretty bad shape Greece has lost about 400mn ? from trade due to the Russian counter sanctions. No matter how bad your neighbors are you have to learn to live and get along with them. So my point is NO we are not obligated to help Ukraine. They need to solve this with the Russians first and then initiate contact with the EU.

    • avatar

      That’s exactly what the international community should do if Greece gets invaded by Turkey: let Greece sort it out with Turkey because you have to get on with your neighbours. Why should anybody lose any trade money on the back of it? It would be Greece’s problem. The same way they should never have helped Greece gain independence from the Ottoman Empire following the Greek Revolution. It was a bilateral issue between Greek speakers and the Ottoman Empire, right?

  34. avatar

    I don’t think it’s going to be just a “trade” war anymore.
    Russian tanks just crossed the border into Ukraine.

  35. avatar
    Rolando Van Velden

    the imperialism of Putin needs to be stopped. How many more victims more need to occur? Sanctions will undermine the position of Putin in Russia. A clear sign has to be given that this is not acceptable. How it will work out in practise? i know; that is a different story, but doing nothing is not an option.

  36. avatar
    Christian Nenanu

    Trade war is bad for economics from both sides, European Union and also the Russian Federation. Also it is going to destroy diplomatic contacts and make the relationship between RF and EU even worse. No sanctions please. Talk and try to understand each other, find compromisses. That’s what politicans must do.

  37. avatar
    Licia Pascali

    European policy must slow the territorial expansion, we are tired of suffering, only you to enjoy political and mediated mediated mediated.

  38. avatar
    David Eaton

    The EU should act within the confines of the UN in international crisis this serious. Only than should we act, this said Islamic State is now a more serious problem and we should along with the rest of the world try to contain it.

  39. avatar
    catherine benning

    Why would Europe contemplate a trade war with Russia? What have they done to expect this move? On the basis of American/UK and Ukrainian propaganda? Why isn’t the EU looking after Europeans rather than having its eyes everywhere else but here. You are being sucked into the ruination of us all. Don’t fall for it. The RF is no worse than any other trading nation, and, often a lot better.

    By the way, the Ukraine is in debt to the tune of $18 billion to the Russians. Are we, the tax payers, going to fund this mad Ukrainian regime change with starvation as well as the blood of the people residing there for yet another NATO game of protection. Pleeeese give us all some credit for intelligence. You are not winning the propaganda war.

    We all remember Nuland along with Ashton and F–k the EU. Well it’s f–k the US tell them to go and pull another’s tail, preferably their own.

    And here is a little reminder of what that nation is all about.

    • avatar

      @ Catherine Benning
      “Why would Europe contemplate a trade war with Russia? What have they done to expect this move? ”

      Becase Russia was/is THE ENEMY however you twist it, that’s why. Or all 28’s should fall on their knees and ask Putin for forgiveness, just not to fall for “US propaganda”.

    • avatar

      @Catherine: I don’t understand why if we show the US the finger…we must suck up to Putler?

      Can’t we go alone? We must always have a big daddy?

  40. avatar
    Tomás Lopes

    No, the current EU doens’t have enough strength for that. The current EU has become a museum of herself, controlled by the financial system, a bunch of bureaucrats, and a group of neoliberals who love austerity, (but not for themselves, of course)!!!

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Ironworker:
      Russia and the Russian people are your enemy, not Europe’s enemy. I see you as the enemy of the European worker and tax payer, because, you want us to go to war for your belief. You are calling for war.

      Get lost and if Russia is your enemy, then you don your tin hat and go a fight for your dream on hour behalf. Don’t try and spread that disease here.

      Exactly what have the Russian people done to you that makes them your enemy? Or, is it Putin you see as the enemy? If it is, Putin is one man with a 100 or so around him. Stay directed toward those you feel have in some way thwarted you. And whilst you are at it, did their policy kill or physically damage you? It doesn’t sound like it from what I read here from you and how ardently you snipe about it.

      The European people are not your ‘mumba gumbas’ lined up with their guns in hand marching and ready to fight your cause. I know for certain neither I, my family or my community are willing to lay down their life for your little vendetta. So, look at what it is you are asking us to do, and have a long rethink. Would you be ready to die for us should we call on you and pay for the cost of it out of your pocket? That cannot be, otherwise you would not be asking us to be ready to kill for your discontent now. Would you? Raise you own army and like, Mark Anthony, lift your sword high toward the ‘enemy’ you see and slay him yourself.

  41. avatar

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:
    A time to be born, And a time to die;
    A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted;
    A time to kill, And a time to heal;
    A time to break down, And a time to build up;
    A time to weep, And a time to laugh;
    A time to mourn, And a time to dance;
    A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones;
    A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
    A time to gain, And a time to lose;
    A time to keep, And a time to throw away;
    A time to tear, And a time to sew;
    A time to keep silence, And a time to speak;
    A time to love, And a time to hate;
    A time of war, And a time of peace.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      @ Ironworker:

      This writing comes from the 21st book of the ‘old’ testament. That is Judaism not Christianity.

      It stems from the old Jewish belief in an eye for an eye, even if that eye doesn’t belong to the modern day, but belongs to 4 or 5 thousand years ago.

      I was of the impression that ‘modern’ politics was based on secularism not Judaism. Or, come to that any religion, not even our established Roman Catholic Christian view of the world. Even though that is the basis for our established thoughts on what is right and what is wrong. Why would you want European politics to stand on Judaism’s teaching as its platform and basis of ethos? Can you explain that?

  42. avatar

    @ Catherine Benning

    May I suggest you to join russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine than ? There are plenty of mercenaries doing so.You seem pretty sure that Putin’s aggression is OK and the everybody else opposing that is wrong and it seems like you already took sides. All we have to do now is sit tight and wait. Any day now.

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Ironeworker: You are looking for the citizens of the EU to take up and fund what you have been persuaded is your fight with Russia. It is nothing to do with us inside the EU. It is to do with you and others of your ilk. From my point of view you are being used as pawns in the game of US/NATO military expansionism. And you are damn right I take sides. And that side is, not to join in this shiiiite under any circumstances, just walk on by and let those who want it get their money and support for it elsewhere.

      The side I’m on is the side of the European people not to be used by those who find it ‘fun’ to play soldiers. And as I am a European Brit that includes me. I am a ‘not in my name person.’ Don’t like it, then find another stooge.

  43. avatar

    Probably not but it should take a stance. Morals must come somewhere in the equation. It is not right to watch such aggressive attitude as exhibited by Russia and act as if it is all right. It is not all right and at any time the aggression could be towards a member-state.

  44. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    No, sanctions are useless because they do not deal with the main problem – the suppression of democratic rights of Eastern Ukrainians by their own government. The correct country to impose sanctions on is Ukraine because it has a dictatorship rule that does not recognise the will of people in the East and discriminates the Russian ethnic minority. Why is EU defending a brutal dictator who orders the killing of people just because they have a different opinion? Are these the new values of Europe? Stop talking about Putin! This is some kind of sick obsession! Instead, turn your attention to the people whose democratic rights are being so blatantly violated! This is the heart of the problem! Or may be EU thinks that they do not have rights, or democracy is not important and worth defending? I am simply astounded at how EU is thrashing everything it stands for in order to defend a sick authoritarian regime in Ukraine! Something here is very, very wrong!

    • avatar

      Russia has invaded Ukraine, so, sorry but that makes anything Ukraine may have done fade in the background. Russia officially has a consolidated authoritarian regime. Ukraine is trying to be democratic, which is a prerequisite for entering the EU. Obviously, that process would be hampered by a foreign invasion.

  45. avatar
    EU reform- proactive

    @ Maia & Yvetta!

    “Morals must come somewhere……”… or ethics & universal values before today’s morals? Can one be “moral” but unethical? Is Ukraine- a case in point?

    European (east) integration is most likely irreversible! So will be NATO’s expansion to the east as well- despite contrary undertakings! The intrigues, protests, revolutions & the undeclared war is driven by a feud between pro-Western and pro-Russian forces over the future of Ukraine- one of several key geopolitical prizes in (Eastern) Europe & beyond. Who will be the losers? Ordinary folks, achieved civility & the EU15 citizens? Did anybody ever ask these citizens if they would welcome more, of an unsettled, still in progress, unresolved USSR communist residual mess? Oh yes, they all had referendums! Ticked off!

    All is part of the urgency by the EC/EU/NATO/NAC/US/Corporate rush to gain advantages- the ‘Ukrainian thriller’ infested with: massive corruptions, voter intimidation, direct electoral fraud and promised riches. It started with the 1989 student “Revolution on Granite”, than Ukraine’s independence in 1991, the Kuchma’s intrigues, the ‘Ukraine without Kuchma campaign’, the 2004 Orange Revolution, the run-off vote of 21 November 2004 between the leading candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych- which were rigged by the authorities in favor of the latter. Mr. Yanukovych’s later revenge when he was elected president in 2010. Is it ethical to shell/bomb the civilian population in the east indiscriminately from 40km away & accuse Russia of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty in return? Where are all the highly paid ‘diplomats’? “The whole lot- consider yourselves fired”

    The real decision makers determining our EU destiny are not us voters, but those in power- thinking to act under a higher divinity on our behalf- the’ untouchables’, the ‘delegated class’- a mixture of a resurrected “1st & 2nd NEO-ESTATE- sitting in the Pentagon, Nato Atlantic Council (NAC), the corporate players and the EU Council!

    • avatar

      Ukraine has a democratically elected government voted for by its own citizens. Who are we to tell them what is good for them? If they want to drive their country into the abyss, that is their prerogative. They voted for a pro-EU government. This is what they want. They don’t want to be part of Russia. There is tangible evidence and eye-witness accounts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I agree Ukraine is not necessarily fighting back the right way but what do you expect of a small and poor country that is being attacked without a war having been declared on it officially? Russia has attacked Ukraine. This is who has started it. And there are many people inside Russia that oppose what Putin is doing. That is why he has not declared war officially but is sending his troops there illegally. Those who oppose him dare not speak and some are being sent to Siberia. I know people that live in Russia and they say they are terrified to speak.

  46. avatar
    Maia Alexandrova

    Yvetta, you tend to believe in rumours and lies. First, if Russia had invaded Ukraine, it would have been obvious to everyone and there would not have been doubts about it. Second, the Ukranian government is not democratically elected by the people but consists of protesters who occupied government buildings in Kiev and took the power. No one has voted for a pro-EU government. It is the wish of part of the Ukranian citizens but millions of others want to continue having close trade and political ties with Russia. There has been no referendum about Ukraine’s pro-EU orientation. Where did democracy go? It seems that the only way to demand your democratic rights in that country is to occupy government buildings. In Kiev people took the power but in the East tanks were sent and people were killed just for wanting to be heard. If your government dropped bombs on your city as an answer to something the citizens wanted from it, would you want such a government? Would you not oppose it? The rebels in Eastern Ukraine started firing only when they were attacked. In Crimea there was no army bombing them, so they did not have a reason to shoot. Don’t you understand? They are simply reacting in self-defence. Why do you think that innocent people have to be murdered just because they are from a certain ethnic minority? In this case, let’s bomb the gypsy ghettos – they breed criminals. “Bomb the minorities that make us feel uncomfortable!” This is Ukraine’s message and it is echoed by its supporters. Utterly shameful!

    • avatar

      It is obvious to everyone apart from Russians that Ukraine has been invaded, Maya. There are photos, both satellite but also taken from the ground, eye-witness accounts (I have just been watching them actually), intelligence, videos, accounts from Russian hospitals, photos of Russian soldier graves etc. It is even in the Russian independent media. It is debatable who believes lies…The government in Ukraine was elected after a formal election (you are disputing this now too?) and I am not sure which citizens you are referring to. All I have seen on TV are men that look like professionally trained soldiers. Let me tell you one thing: I cannot hold a gun and I couldn’t bring down an aircraft flying at 3K feet even if my life depended on it. You are not fooling this one Billy because she is not silly, Maya.

  47. avatar

    The EU never had or will have in the near future the power to afford any kind of war with Russia. We think that we live in a union, but unfortunately it is not true. We are not like the Russian federation.

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