mushroom-cloudShould Europe be a “nuclear-free zone”? Other continents have managed it, including Latin America and Africa (with South Africa being the only country to have successfully built a nuclear bomb before scrapping their arsenal completely). Despite domestic political grumbles, the United Kingdom and France both remain nuclear powers, whilst Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands all participate in the NATO policy of nuclear weapons sharing with the United States.

But, with the end of the Cold War, is there still a reason for European states to cling to their thermonuclear toys? Or do worsening relations with Russia (not to mention North Korea joining the nuclear club, and Iran on its way) provide reason enough to retain a nuclear deterrence?

One of our commenters, Alex from Germany, said he would like to see his country withdraw from NATO and build its own nuclear arsenal. He hopes the future Germany might resemble a nuclear-armed “big Switzerland, independent and neutral” . It’s an unconventional (and unlikely) vision, to be sure, but does anybody really know what the future holds for nuclear weapons in a post-Cold War order?

We recently had this question sent in from Wouter:

What will the role of nuclear weapons be in the future? How is NATO going to defend against nuclear arms? [And] how far can a nuclear threat influence major crisis (like the crisis in the Ukraine right now) and limit the possibilities of conventional warfare today?

During the Security & Defence Agenda’s Annual Conference “Overhauling Transatlantic Security Thinking”, we spoke to Alexander Vershbow, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, and asked him to respond:

We also had the chance to put the same question to Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former NATO Secretary General (2004-2009). What did he think the future held for nuclear weapons?

With the end of the Cold War, is there still a reason for European states to have nuclear weapons? What will the role of nuclear weapons be in the future? And should Europe be a “nuclear-free zone”? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    No country which has developed nuclear weapons has been attacked on its own soil since developing nuclear weapons. The only exception to that are India and Kashmir but that has only been limited to Kashmir, whose territory between those two is disputed. Why on Earth would Europe want to get rid of the biggest and best deterrent for war?

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      Because it isn’t a deterrent. For each country that aquires a nuclear arsenal, all we do is escalate the return of the same cold war era that we up till now have been trying to move away from.
      In the end it doesn’t really matter who launches a nuke first or last. If we deploy such weapons once today, anyone else that has them is sure to follow, why? Because several of these countries are allieds bound to retaliate if their allied is attacked.

      And the second thing we know is that all of this will just bring about several things: death, destruction, nuclear winters and soon enough, a dead planet devoid of life.

      The only real way to make peace is for all countries to set aside their differences and truly work together. Dismantling ALL nuclear weapons should be the first step.

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    Nuno de Magalhães

    No. Only specific countries shall be allowed nuke weapons. The most rich of course, because they are expensive and they need to protect themselves from poorer countries, which by their nature will become even more poor.

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    catherine benning

    Yes! If they cannot be used, and they cannot be used by Europeans, then please explain the waste of our money on purchasing them? And, who are we purchasing them from?

    In the UK we are once again buying Trident from the USA at a cost that would take the head off anyone with reason. First of all, we don’t know if it works. Secondly, we cannot use it without US approval. They hold the key to it firing. Which means if the war we are going to is against them, or, one of their satellites it cannot be used. We can only use it with their good wishes and assistance. What a joke, and we are paying them through the nose for this. Can anyone ready this accept that situation is sane?

    And here is the truth about this ridiculous nuisance to us all that is costing us a fortune for nothing.

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    Ana Georgieva

    Really, what about USA and its child Britain? Or we all have to wait until they destroys the whole world. Well, I have to dissapoint them, but they will not!

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    Lawrence Michael

    Why nuclear weapons? Deterrence. Against whom? Against mortal enemies who may be able to overpower a concerned state practicing the deterrence doctrine. Who is a mortal enemy? In terms of states here – can be your cousin tomorrow. This means France may need nuclear weapons to deter a Spain of tomorrow. But do they mean something? For functional states, they do. For ‘ostensible’ & failed states – the risks become global.

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    Minne Wiersma

    we already have nuclearboms in holland from 1980 till now ?why nuke free do you want russia walk al over us like hitler did in 40/45 ?

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    Levente Biro

    Of course. Nuclear energy is too dangerous, and when create problems it don’t give a second chanse. Just think, it can persist in environment over 30.000 years.

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    Tiago Miranda

    Nuclear weapons may be tools of war, but combined in a global network they can be used as last resort space demolishers. Who knows if we could use nuclear warfare to tear apart a slightly big rock than that which hit Russia recently?

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    Steve Patriarca

    the short answer is of course – No. Look what happened to Ukraine. But the long answer is that nuclear weapons are not the whole answer as they cannot be used for any low level encounters.

    For example it makes no sense to have a nuclear force to protect an eastern European country with a Russian minority which Moscow chooses to arm and use its agents to create a civil war.

    What is needed to liberate Eastern Ukraine and to secure Eastern European states is a strong conventional force, well led and well trained.

    Finally Europe must be equipped for an underground war – whether with Russian agents or Islamists extremists – how to achieve that – how to root out enemy agents without a McCarthyite witch hunt – how to protect ourselves against fanatics who play by no book of rules – and how to do so without compromising our own liberties – those are the big questions for debate.

    We could start by not letting our own allies sell their souls or their warships to the enemies of the free society.

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    Ephraim Schulze

    No until those Third world countries understand that dangerous of it then we can proceed meanwhile the teaching will continue

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    Jaume Roqueta

    I think we have allready enought nuclear weapons to destroy the earth twice!… In order to promote peace we should…. first, arrest all the europeans and americans that conspirate to produce wars in third countries for their natural resouces… this is the seed for terrorism… and second, we should do a policy for military training the people by playing PaintBall between population and armies, this makes people of the army to feel closer to civilians and this will prevent any civil war in our territory… (Like in ukrania now) it could be like a sport leage and put in TV…

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    ObservateurBxl Brabançon

    Nuclear weapons on the territories of (and with the agreement of) European Nato member states remains under command of US Defense. The right question should be : Do want the European States support themselves their common sovereignty by the setting up of a Federal power along the European Defense capabilities (including nuclear deterrence) ?

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      Geoffrey Graham


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    Gatis Gailitis

    I do somewhat trust European countries that they wouldn’t go out war at someone in Europe. However, I don’t trust nor Chinese, Russian nor American governments and their interests. I don’t trust anyone giving up their billion dollar weapons and destroying them. I’m not taking anyone’s word for it.

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    Dear Debating Europe,

    Once again an intresting articel with good questions. I wonder who Wouter is, because I would like to meet him. No I am just joking. Nevertheless, intresting answers from those whom were interviewd.
    I believe that WMD’s, in the hands of reasonable states, have been responsible for peace rather than war. However, If mad men come to power, or terrorists get there hands on WMD’s, it would be a disaster. Therefore we sure do need a cooperative program to secure our WMD’s.

    Greetings Theharmonicaman

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      John Jones

      Please list the reasonable states, like the US? Causing more trouble worldwide than all the rogue states put together.
      The Vanconian

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    Aleksandros Ho Megas

    YES, and only then we can seriously complain about anyone else having and/or producing nuclear weapons!
    Same goes for biochemical weapons.

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    Get rid of them and we are at greater threat from other parts of the world that won’t. What happens when a rogue country such as Iran or North Korea develop them but we don’t have them. Nuclear weapons are there to insure we aren’t attacked, other regions of the world that we consider a threat, we pressurize them, not to develop nuclear weapons through various sanctions.

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      John Jones

      South Africa seems to have survived OK since giving them up, what about all the other countries that don’t have them, The UK is just a little insignificant island of the coast of Europe with delusions of grandure.

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    Paul X

    Nutters who can fly planes full of people into buildings full of people would not spare a second thought about using a WMD if they had any. So if they manage to develop one whilst everyone else in the world has abandoned theirs then god help this planet

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    So young people, but so naive, so ignorant and so arrogant! I’m really shocked!
    I suggest to anyone to watch the film “The day after”! All the horror of a nuclear war, is imprinted in the scene where the soldier of a nuclear missile base, says frightened to his colleague after they’ve just pressed the button, “let’s leave this place immediately. We pressed the button… so they did, too!… The war is already over!”

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      Paul X

      Naive is believing Europe will be a safer place without a nuclear deterrent

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      catherine benning

      @Paul X:

      Naive is believing Europe will be safer with it.

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    Paul Niland

    The world should be free of nuclear weapons. Nuclear power needs to have more safety measures inbuilt to avoid another Chernobyl or Fukushima.

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    Jonathan Gaskell

    We could follow the Ukrainian model and have our neighbours, say Russia, sign an agreement, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of the EU. Seems an effective solution.

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    Nicolas Bardio

    C’mon, I can’t even believe that this question is real and someone can seriously think about it!

    Nukes are a living insurance, Nukes avoided a 3rd world war. No nuclear nation was never invaded, or attacked, even those ones considered as “evil” like North Korea or China.

    There are no war victims from Nuclear Weapons since 1945 (except for some nuke test that, anyway, are not done anymore)

    Nukes are our guarantee to don’t be invaded as Ukraine, to dont be threatened or backmailed, to have a place and a safety.

    I would rather ask: Does France transfer (I assume UK is going to leave at a moment the EU) its weapons to the European Union and create some kind of Nuclear Defense Strategy?

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    Pedro Redondeiro

    They could if there were no threats to its security, but that is not the case. So, Europe should NOT ditch its nuclear arsenal. In fact it should organise itself, to a common nuclear arsenal! ;)

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    Should all European countries give up nuclear weapons?

    No. UK and France should keep them, you never know when you need them.

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    Giuseppe Sergi

    We can not do so unless other global powers do the same. Otherwise we’d potentially be at the receiving end of nuclear blackmail!

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    Gioacchino Giorgio Nastasi

    Europe must have a credible nuclear deterrence, otherwise it will be held hostage by other nuclear powers and type of rogue states with nuclear power :Iran, North Korea, etc … I would add to this list of unreliable states : India, China, Pakistan,

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      You personally should convince 김정은 (Kim Jong-un) and صدر مملکت پاکستان‎ — Ṣadr-e Mumlikat-e Pākistān to ” just give up on Nuclear weapons !!!”
      Good Luck !

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    Rui Duarte

    As Jane Austen would surrely put it: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a powerfull man in possession of a good weapon must be in search of a war.

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    Rui Duarte

    As Jane Austen would surrely put it: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a powerfull man in possession of a good weapon must be in search of a war.

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    YES,and for piece they should stop trade in weapons and armaments.

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    Andre Mura

    Yes only for nuclear energy.
    We must go beyond this kind of energy;
    While, nuclear weapons, in a world like this, like now, is a weapon that we must (regrettably) keep.
    World is not yet ready from a nuclear – weapon-free nations;
    Too much menaces.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    ey Debating Europe… any debate on what is going in GAZA these days? Does Europe have to say something with this? it makes you feel more european looking how israel is bombing muslims and say nothing?

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    As I’m able to see, several young commenters, especially from Eastern Europe but not only, would love to push the button to eliminate Russia or China (along with any living creature)!
    Extremely humanitarian thought!!! As long as they have in mind, that several Russians or Chinese might also love the same thing!

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    Wars will be fought. Better not to have nuclear weapons around then. That is largely 60s technology. Would you bet the future of humanity on the reliability of a 1960s technology car? A rusty, old car? With thousands of 24/7 hair trigger alert weapons in thousands of different facilities, human and/or technical failures will eventually lead to a detonation.

    The only way to make sure nuclear weapons are not used is by eliminating them.

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    “The dilemma”: applying the existing “deterrence theory” (mutually assured destruction) has worked during the cold war. Nowadays, the greater danger is suicidal or psychotic opponents and rouge states who are not deterred by anything!
    How to deal with this new threat?

    The only European States having nuclear weapons are France & the U.K.

    Countries acknowledged having nukes are: USA, U.K., France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel & North Korea. Iran, Syria & suicidal terrorists are seeking them!

    Under these circumstances nobody will ever give theirs up. Arms control- yes!

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    George Yiannitsiotis

    There is only one way to give up nuclear weapons: to settle international disputes in peace, sharing our common wealth/poverty or eliminating the ones that constitute “surplus” population. In the former case, nuclear weapons are of no use; in the latter, they can’t be used without threatening the existence of life on earth.

    The rational outcome would be that nuclear weapons are useless and shall be abolished by all nations on earth. Therefore, unilateral abolishment would only weaken the possessors of such weapons undermining their diplomatic potential for a full, unconditional abolishment of such weapons of mass destruction all over the world.

    Solution: an international agreement (following the pattern of US-USSR agreements of the 1980s) to control and gradually abolish such weapons from around the globe.

    Countries that possess such weapons are: the USA, Russia, France, the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel and N.Korea (South Africa abolished them in the 1990s due to a wise political decision by Nelson Mandela). Iran is trying to acquire such weapons but a direct pact with the USA could avert such a development. In all cases, the key is in the minds of peoples around the globe: are we ready to share our common poverty??

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      George, a correction please: It was “1993 joint Nobel Peace Prize laureate FW De Klerk” & his outgoing government who ordered the dismantling of SA nukes in 1989- “preventing them falling into wrong hands”- before a negotiated settlement was reached with the ANC under Mr. N. Mandela & his later election in 1994 as State President.

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      George Yiannitsiotis

      Correct: However, Nelson Mandela was against nuclear weapons on ethical grounds. FW De Klerk did the job and got the credit (similar to Gorbachev’s analogous gathering of USSR nuclear weapons to Russia proper, Belarus and Ukraine before the fall of the USSR empire). Both politicians are to be mentioned for their wise, cautious handling of the matter.-

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    Francesco Nicoli

    Ukraine DID give up nuclear weapons, under the assurance from US and Russia that its territorial sovereigny would have been always preserved…
    Not a smart move.

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    catherine benning

    To be ‘for’ nuclear weapons of any kind is the deranged thinking of madmen. This documentary deals with the underlying issues we rarely discuss or even know about. The opening film lasts just a couple of minutes.

    And where it leads. What it’s aims really are.

    Does it occur to you people who love the idea of nuclear weapons that the crazed leaders of Israel have hundreds of these weapons today, which is why the world denies what they are dong today in Gaza. This lunacy used against the poverty stricken area of Gaza could be any region of the world they decide doesn’t suit their and US modus operanadi. Israel is armed by the USA and simply a cover for that countries military expansion. What they are doing is one step away from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Europe be smart and think well ahead.

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      And yet you can think,if they would dare to do this if the other side had nuclears?
      As i always said.The strong don t really need nulears.They r strong.They could just beat their enemy without it.Well if you know you re weak,nuclears cauld be usefull,if you know you can t compete in conventional aspects.I call it the “make em pay” doctrine

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    When you say ”should European countries give up nuclear weapons? ” do you mean remove USA nuclear missiles (sited in Belgium , Germany , Italy ) or just European countries that have them . If its the later we are only talking of France and UK . It will have to be a unilateral disarmament agreement worldwide before the UK goes down that road .

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    Tassos Kotsiras

    The only smart move that Ukraine had ever done in its history was its nuclear disarmament
    don’t forget that Ukraine is in economic collapse since then (more than 20 years)
    so it couldn’t spare extra cash for maintaining a nuclear arsenal or worst they could sell to the highest bitter

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    Why does Europe undermines the very existence? Why does Europe secretly killed 200,000,000 children? Why Europe is stealing trillions of euros every day out of 170 nations on the planet? Why Europe support rape of childs for suporte national vomiting reality shows ? Europe is now officially the biggest cold-blooded, vomiting, a mass murderer in the history of mankind. Why does Europe behaves political prisoners? Why Europe wants to go by strategies which can kill more than three quarters of humanity or exterminate all of Europe with nuclear weapons.

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    I think that the EU should have control over the nuclear arsenals of the UK and France, and of course of any other member states’ nuclear weapons arsenal if they choose to build one. I as a german citizen would accept the acquisition of nuclear arms by my country, though only on submarines and as I said under EU control. Such control for me means in detail, control by the European Parliament, elected by EU citizens, with a veto right for each of the member states. Such control should also extend towards other weapons of mass destruction, like chemical, biological or incendiary weapons. The latter is officially not a WMD, but in my opinion it is. I think that Europe should not be free of nuclear weapons for I believe it to be unfeasible from a geopolitical point of view, since the EU and other european countries, are located between Russia and the USA, with an unstable southern and southwestern neighborhood. I also believe that the US arsenal should be removed from the continent and that Europe, meaning the EU and its member states should act with more independence from the USA. The removal of US arms would be one step towards such independence.

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    You guys should realize that there are big and small ,strong and weak countries.In a world withour nuclears,the big would be still able to let s “fuck up” the weak,so those weak countries would just not win anything and only lose something,when they give up nuclears.What advantage would north korea have from giving up it s nuclear.They r probably the only reason why there ain t yanks marshing trough pyongyang yet.The US can still beet anyone,with or without nuclears.Well the likes of north korea are screwed without em^^

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    It is a matter that affects the whole of the world, is would that convening a Global Conference of the Civil society, to seek solutions to Comprehensive Nuclear disarmament.

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    Umberto Banchieri

    No, we have a important international role and there is important crisis around of Europe. we dont’s must certainly put to make a nuclear arms race, but even France and Britain shouldn’t give up those who have.
    A ban of nuclear weapon can be very effective only if is it worldwide.

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    Vinko Rajic

    I think existence of nuclear weapons is good but it has to be under control of democracies . People are scared and not interesting to start a war . Nuclear war no side can win and there is no interest to start a war.

  45. avatar
    André Alves Figueiredo

    Of Course not. Ban on Nuclear Weapons is a great step to be made by mankind, but only when it is made world wide and simultaneously.

  46. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    If we want to blow Up the Planet, yes, a strong one.
    f you want a better way of life for the world, you should invest in people and in ways that create life and not weapons of destruction.

  47. avatar
    Jorge Lux

    Yes, and at the same time let Iran develop nuclear weapons, and North Korea too, and why not Isis? Holy ignorance!

  48. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    NO! either all the countries in the world or none, otherwise the pacifists risk exposure

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    Nando Aidos

    If and only of everyone else does it too!
    The EU should work hard on the world wide elimination of nuclear weapons.
    This includes all the possible terrorist/criminal organizations that have laied their hands on nuclear weapons and/or its “how to make one” plans.
    Plenty of work here for all the politicians in Brussels and elsewhere.

  50. avatar
    Marian Fritz

    Well the question is kinda unnecessary. Well some countries within Europe already have WMDs. Others like Germany for example don’t have them regulary but in case of emergency they can use american WMDs which are in Germany on the one hand on the other hand we all are members of NATO and therefore we have Article 5…

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    Τάσος Σολδάτος

    Nuclear weapons under the control of democratcies can protect humans around the world from wars extremists n terrorism. It is of utmost imortance to still have nuclear weapons.

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    Ron Renfro

    Will Europe Send a double Agent to America for The Good of Europe and all of Great Britain? Hang Obama from the Flag Pole ? Only they can decide.

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    Gabor Molnar

    All the humanity should give up not only nuclear weapons, but wars at all. Humanity has to stop eating itself, or it will inevitably die as dinosaurs did.

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    Ioanna Geor

    the whole world shoud give up on nuclear weapons… by the way, Chernobyl nukes are still leaking ……

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    Cãlin Rednic

    You have to be mad to ask this right now… :-)) Take example of what happened to Ukraine since they renounced to nuclear arsenal located on their territory. Do you believe that Russia would have proceeded the same way if Ukraine would have had at least just one atomic bomb…?

  56. avatar
    Hugo Dias

    All countries should be Weapons free. This is an utopy and so “Let me dream”

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    Costi Ciudin

    if USA and European nuclear powers that have a democratical regime give up their nuclear arsenal, Russia will change this page’s name from “Debating Europe” to “Deleting Europe”

  58. avatar
    Costi Ciudin

    if USA and European nuclear powers that have a democratical regime give up their nuclear arsenal, Russia will change this page’s name from “Debating Europe” to “Deleting Europe”

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    Nelson Amaro

    The power of destrution of such weapons is insane, both in short and medium/long term. Of course europe should be a free zone, and all of the world must abolish this threat

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    Eberhard M. Bartelmess

    It’s only France and Britain, who got them. It’s not a European matter, but up to those two countries to decide. Ideally, there wouldn’t be any nuclear weapons anywhere on this planet.

  61. avatar
    Eberhard M. Bartelmess

    It’s only France and Britain, who got them. It’s not a European matter, but up to those two countries to decide. Ideally, there wouldn’t be any nuclear weapons anywhere on this planet.

  62. avatar

    Definitely not. Ukraine gave up nukes after they listened to the guarantees offered by the world’s superpowers and look where it got them. Giving up nukes by European countries would simply mean taking a back seat in the world’s balance of power and opening the door wide open for Russia to nuclear blackmail the EU.

  63. avatar
    Pedro Redondeiro

    Not with an armed, militaristic Russia, right at its doorstep! No, no, no! Europe, should only surrender its nukes, when US surrenders theirs, i am saying US, because, US will be the last country to do so, assuming, someday, we will live in a world free of nukes, where, China and Russia, accept, to fully destroy their wespons, until then, sorry, but no!

  64. avatar
    Serafim B. Tavares

    I think if the people want to destroy the Planet Earth shall use nuclear war, because I don?t know if the environment of the planet can support another world war, with nuclear weapons. As I think it will be a utopia speak of the destruction of nuclear weapons when there are countries on this planet that can only assert its supremacy by the nuclear weapons possession.

  65. avatar
    Yannick Cornet

    Duh. Nuclear weapons are the symptom of narrow-mindedness from earlier centuries. It is the immediate outcome of thinking in terms of competing nation-states. Nuclear weapons are incompatible with the bottom line fact that we all live on one planet that, according to the laws of thermodynamics, is a closed system in terms of matter. Since we ought to protect the system that allow human life, nuclear weapons make no sense at all since they undermine humanity’s very ability to survive. Its just a question of time before this becomes a matter of fact.

  66. avatar
    Ivan Čorak

    Nope, just look at Ukraine, if it retained it’s nuclear arsenal, Crimea would still be Ukrainian. Today, nuclear weapons are the only 100% guarantee that your sovereignity/state integrity will be protected. Also you really think that the US, Russia, and china would dissarm as well?

  67. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    Yes, we have to get rid of all nuclear weapons. We have a lot of other weapons we could use if really necessary. Nuclear weapons are the worst invention of the human race. It’s much better to use non-nuclear JDAMS for example with which you can make a lot of damage against military units and buildings

  68. avatar
    Krol Henri Richard

    Yes!!! They should like every country i mean if launched imagine the damage to the population, futhermore imagine the damage to the soil the water and the global encironment!

  69. avatar

    My question is addressed to the people of the Europe Union who are not UK citizens. It is:

    Would you feel safer or less safe if the UK gave up its Nuclear Deterrent ?

  70. avatar
    Blanche Rose

    YES SURE ! And then, we should welcome Russia and became their salevery, or may be it would be easier to all convert to the Islam and give up our freedom ? Don’t you think so ?

  71. avatar
    Marko ZD

    All counties or none! The concept of contnents is irrelavant in the time of ICBMs.

  72. avatar
    Miguel Vieira

    Starting with Israel, US, Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, European “Burrocratas”, stop destroying Europe and Europeans, take the money and stop acting..

  73. avatar
    Loïc Diels

    YES. Eu should def give them up and provide a positive example for the world. Besides, the Americans will never give them up so NATO can still deter Russia

  74. avatar
    Matica Madalin

    No. Si vis pacem, para bellum. (“If you want peace, prepare for war”) – Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatu

  75. avatar
    Steven McCarthy-Hunt

    Hahaha. Yeah, right. Good luck with that, getting France to give hers up. You’re dreaming, guys. Aint gonna happen. Even if the Brits do (which I seriously doubt), the French never will. No chance.

  76. avatar
    Gent Sinani

    We continued to live in a world where who is more powerful rule in all domains of life. And even in the diplomacy there’s no exceptions. So in these situation the nuclear weapons are needed in order that no other nuclear power can attack the EU… But if all countries eliminate the nuclear arsenal in that case yes there’s no need for them.

  77. avatar
    Max Berre

    Can you Europeans please stop-free riding on the NATO alliance, and actually add some fucking value to it?

  78. avatar
    Ferenc Lázár

    Noone in the world should have it! It is inhumane, self destructive and useless! spending milliards on self destructive nuclear weapons is one of best examples of human greed and stupidity..

  79. avatar

    Would Putin have attacked Ukraine if it hadn’t divested itself of its nuclear weapons in the 1990s?

  80. avatar
    Michael Mayer

    i was quite a hardliner against nuclear nukes, but look what happened with ukraine… in a dream world no nukes are necessary, but in the real world politics like russia’s at the moment require to have certain protection. another debate could be if one step towards a common Europe and a European Army could be to lay the nukes in European hands as well as the seat in the UN security council.

  81. avatar
    Тиберий Баръмов

    Mmm… destruction of nuclear weapons costs money. I proprose to give them to Russia. Just as present. With a biiig red ribbon. Nice enough?

    Only all or none should ban nuclear weapons.

  82. avatar
    Paulo Mendes

    Unilateraly NO! If Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, and all others give them up…ok….but good luck convincing them!!!

  83. avatar
    José Haro

    Of course they should! Like this it’d be easier for us to join Putin’s Eurasian Union!

  84. avatar
    Péter Sebők

    Should the Soviet Union and the communist dictatorship, China give up their nuclear weapons?

  85. avatar
    Phil Baynes

    It’s an interesting watch. Just a shame Gorbachov and Regan didn’t go all the way…

    For those saying no, just imagine a moment in time when not just one or two are dropped, but 10 or 20 are set off

  86. avatar
    Trond Gjeset

    Weapons are built for one thing: destruction, and nothing else. Anyone that things otherwise is a laughable idiot. Deterrent it is certainly not. We are the dumbest ass, most childish species on this planet and i am frankly speaking ashamed to be called a part of it. These weapons are not a deterrent, but just another reason why sooner rather than later, we are going to blow ourselves and the entire planet with it, to hell.

  87. avatar
    Geoffrey Howard

    We need to get rid of such weapons (atomic, chemical, biological), along with their supporters. They have NO place in the family of humanity.

  88. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    NO , we need good army that can fight any enemy . One day when all countries become democracies we can give up nuclear weapons.

  89. avatar
    Jesper Schou Hansen

    Yes. And we should also have a Europe free from drugs, crime and all kinds of violence. Other continents did not manage to be free from nuclear weapons. They simply did not manage to develop and mantain them.

  90. avatar
    Carlos Miranda

    Yes, Europe should definitely be a nuclear-free zone. The problem is that Europe can’t be nuclear-free as long as it has neighbors acting like gorillas.

  91. avatar
    Carlos Miranda

    Establishing comparisons with Latin America or Africa it’s not honest. They have no threats – Latin America closest neighbor is 2500 Km across the ocean, and Africa doesn’t have neither the resources nor the know-how.

  92. avatar
    Giorgos Christeas

    At once. Only convensional toys for boys!…..Toxics & Nuclear will be Taken to Court BIG TIME also!!… Unlimited pay-off for as long as they last!!….xaxaxa

  93. avatar
    Paul Niland

    All countries. Not just European. Who should hold a weapon that will kill tens of thousands of civilians with each blast? That is insane.

  94. avatar
    Marian Nicuriuc

    If no one plans any war then what is the need for them in the first place, defensive reason just not holding up in my opinion, you will never use them to protect yourself from an invasion or I am wrong? ?

  95. avatar

    Yes either none or everyone, after all all states are equal under international law!

  96. avatar
    Buj Alex

    yes !! and have a strict protocol in dealing with countries that have nukes !!

  97. avatar
    Dobromir Panchev

    Yes, all countries in the world should give up nuclear weapons and there should be strict control. The more weapons we have, the higher the risk that they may be used in a conflict or activated by mistake, disaster or terrorists.

  98. avatar
    Gioacchino Giorgio Nastasi

    No!!would be suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and slavery….EU must bild a European nuclear force ,EU must build a strategic nuclear force and tactical nuclear force putting together the French and British as well as “the hidden” nuclear weapons” .of other countries and build a credible deterrence for the protection of all European countries. Using the economic and scientific contribution of all member countries of the Union…

  99. avatar
    Salvius Vesuvino

    Do you know that an asteroid could have the same power of 1 000 000 atomic bombs? Only for think :):)

  100. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    No. Status Quo or not, there are obviously superpowers that have their own selfish interests. People aren’t ready to quit killing each other for at least next 200 years. Disgusting but true.

  101. avatar
    Bálint Mészáros

    No. Their threat is exactly what keeps us safe from the threat a nuclear war is. As long as there are any nuclear weapons in the world, it is mandatory to keep the M.A.D. concept alive and thus our countries -paradoxically- safe.
    03/05/2017 Dr. Oliver Thrnert, Head of the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at the ETH Zurich university in Switzerland, has responded to this comment.
    03/05/2017 Varinder Bola, Parliamentary Officer for the Nuclear Weapons Policy Liaison Group at the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), has responded to this comment.

  102. avatar
    Eric Kies

    Yep, if Russia gets ride of its Nukes I’m all for a nuclear-free Europe!

  103. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    we will use any nuclear weapon? so … what is the point in producing them? If EU use a nuclear weapon we can say goodbye to europe!…so it is stupid to produce them… (oh wait.. some people gets rich.. but stupidly of course!)

  104. avatar
    Barry Green

    The UK should be the first to unilaterally dispose of its nuclear weapons.If a nuclear war ever starts having weapons of this nature will not make an iota of difference.We would never use “The Bomb” without US approval,and look where we stand at present due to Tony Blairs slavish adolatory of US foreign policy.
    Scrap them I say, and have some large cahunas,and show the world that WE have them.
    03/05/2017 Dr. Oliver Thränert, Head of the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at the ETH Zurich university in Switzerland, has responded to this comment.
    03/05/2017 Varinder Bola, Parliamentary Officer for the Nuclear Weapons Policy Liaison Group at the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), has responded to this comment.

  105. avatar
    Ted Seay

    Why don’t we start with the easy part — the nuclear sharing arrangement between the US and 5 NATO Allies which violates the spirit, if not the exact letter, of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)?

    One or all of the five “host” countries should order the US to take its antiquated B61 gravity bombs back home where they belong — they are a dangerous, expensive, useless catalyst to NATO-Russia ill feelings.

  106. avatar
    George muntu

    Nuclear weapons will never make the world be peace if we will.not build a true peace from our inner heart. This is a tragic for the entire world. It’s not Gods plan, it’s a devil motivated.

  107. avatar

    Unfortunately, the ‘Pandora’s box’ that is thermo nuclear weapons has already got the lid off. The only concept more capable than mutually assured destruction, of now preventing a nuclear war would be the complete agreement of all countries that such weapons be scrapped & their use and/or manufacture be made illegal and ALL countries abiding by that international law. Other than that, maybe one day scientists will develop a means of neutralising the radioactive isotopes used in such weapons creating an ‘anti-thermonuclear defence capability which could render such weapons obsolete to the extent that their costs wouldn’t be strategically viable (in much the same way that chariots are no longer used in warfare). So my answer would be ‘Yes, but on condition that adequate measures were in place as to replace the protection against mass destruction offered’. Long winded answer I know, but I feel it was as to the point as possible.

  108. avatar
    Priya Mathur

    well for the well being of the world i guess that the european countryries should give up the nuclear weapons but for it’s security for emergency perposes it can ofcource keep a stock of it so that at times of war the countries would not be blanck.

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