The Financial Times recently warned that Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment as EU Commission President will be “revolutionary”. The Wall Street Journal believes that “nothing in the EU is likely to be the same again”. Why all the hyperbole? Who is this unlikely revolutionary from one of Europe’s smallest states?

Traditionally, European governments have decided the head of the the EU’s executive arm through backroom horse trading. However, following new rules introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon, the main European political parties each put forward candidates for the post of European Commission President ahead of the EU elections in May.

Jean-Claude Juncker has now been nominated as the next Commission chief. His party, the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) received the most votes during the elections, and today he was nominated at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels (despite the best efforts of British Prime Minister David Cameron)He expects to be officially elected by MEPs next month.

The political weight of the European Parliament will be massively strengthened by Juncker’s victory. The supposedly lofty and impartial European Commission will be politicised. A precedent will be established giving the European electorate a much greater say in who leads the Commission… but does anybody really care about all this? Do Europeans really want to choose who presides over an institution most are probably only vaguely familiar with?

And who is this Jean-Claude Juncker guy, anyway? Born in 1954, he grew up in a continent that was only just emerging from the wreckage of World War II. The son of a trade union activist who was forced into the German Wehrmacht during the war, Juncker belongs politically to the  Centre-Right, but he is nevertheless suspicious of blindly pursuing free market solutions and has been called “the most socialist Christian Democrat there is”.

From 1995 to 2013, Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxembourg, making him one of the longest-serving democratically elected leaders in the world. He argues that his experience (including as President of the Eurogroup from 2005 until 2013, and as one-time governor of both the World Bank and the IMF) uniquely positions him as the man to navigate Europe back to economic prosperity.

When we interviewed him in the run-up to the European elections in May, he set out his top three priorities for Europe as the next Commission President. Watch the video below and judge for yourself:

What about the economy? The most pressing question for most Europeans is how to get the economy moving again and create jobs. This is what he had to say:

Will the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission be a democratic revolution? Or do most Europpeans not really care who presides over an institution they haven’t heard of? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Parliament

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What do YOU think?

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      Sweetie I think your confused that’s In another continent.

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    Lino Galveias

    more of the same crap. He’s part of the same european party, the same “friends” and corrupts…

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    Norbert Timmel

    the other 3 candidate from the EP parties would have been better, but the way he was elected that is matter now (open debate, nominated by the EP, , etc) , it s and one small democratic step, and i think this is important

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    Giannis Lainas

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    Juncker to revolutionise the EU, have to lower taxes & Vat because they are vital driver of growth and prosperity for all.

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    Alexander Grech

    To revolutionise EU. Juncker have to lower Taxes & Vat, because they are the vital driver of growth and propsperity for all.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    I hope he will be staying sober when taking important decisions. Everyone at Schuman knows his drinking reputation…

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    Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    I sincerely doubt that he will revolutionize anything by himself. But it is very clear to any decent political observer that his election in itself has been a revolution in the EU institutions. It was a revolution of the EU Parliament, largely supported by the media and some political circles (center left and center right). It has been and hopefully will remain a revolution for more democracy in the European institutions. If the various political forces realize it and prepare for 2019, a massive step will have been taken towards a more political union, with more legitimate institutions and this without any new treaty. Simply by applying (albeit in a certain interpretation) the existing ones. I might not like particularly Mister Juncker (too much of a pro-establishment conservative for me) but I applause the institutional change towards democracy.

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    I would be a hypocrite if I would start beaching about before Junker will take the seat. However judging by electoral results it looks like this time it’s harder to IMPOSE RULES TO BE FOLLOWED COMING FROM BERLIN or CHANGING THE GAME RULES WHILE PLAYING as his predecessors does. I have to confess, I take a great deal of pleasure watching him struggling to reach any kind of political agreement. The more rigid EPP dogma, the tougher the opposition, or at least that’s how I see it at this point.

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      Anne-Lise Bakke d'Aloya

      EU is not a nation, it is an enormous bureaucratic institution. One single person, clever and exceptional he may, be will never have enough power to change the enormous slow-working rolling machine it has become. Whether he is called President, Secretary General or whatever.

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    Myr Iam

    Juncker is the former prime minister of Luxemburg – this fact speaks for itself. This Europe must come to an end.

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      Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos


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    Paolo Pedone

    Forse , ma l’espressione del PPE in funzione di rafforzamento politico dell’UE in una prospettiva non strettamente ” autarchica e di strettezza dei controlli sui bilanci ” ) , come da accordi precedenti . , lo sconfitto vero Cameron ( UK ) con Orban ( Ungheria ) , ma chi se ne frega…! La nomina stabilisce un precedente che d l’elettorato europeo una maggiore voce in capitolo che conduce alla Commissione …, ma a nessuno importa davvero? Gli europei davvero vogliono scegliere chi presiede una istituzione . e di chi sono probabilmente solo vagamente a conoscenza ?
    Allora, chi Jean-Claude Juncker ? Nato nel 1954 , cresciuto in un continente che stava appena emergendo dalle macerie della seconda guerra mondiale. Il figlio di un attivista sindacale ( che stato costretto nella Wehrmacht tedesca durante la guerra ) , Juncker appartiene politicamente al Centro-destra , ma comunque sospettoso nel ciecamente perseguire soluzioni di ” libero mercato ” ed stato definito ” il pi socialista cristiano-democratico c’ “.
    Dal 1995 al 2013 stato Primo Ministro ( Juncker ) del Lussemburgo, facendo di lui uno dei pi longevi leader democraticamente eletti in tutto il mondo . Egli sostiene che la sua esperienza ( anche per quanto presidente dell’Euro-gruppo dal 2005 fino al 2013 ) , e, come gi governatore sia della Banca Mondiale che il FMI ) , lo posiziona in modo univoco come l’uomo per navigare l’Europa alla prosperit economica .

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    David Fuzzey

    with any luck we will be out of your crap union before the end of 2014….next week would be better.

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    His appointment will certainly push the UK closer towards exiting the EU. And, as the EU’s third largest net contributor, our exit will mean that the rest of the EU will have to pay more. That will be a terrific result for the UK as British subjects can’t abide “ever closer union”.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Juncker was foolish to accept the post – his ego (alcohol-enhanced perhaps?) has impaired his judgement. Be prepared for a continuous stream of newspaper headlines as the ‘colourful’ history of this disturbing career politician is gradually and incessantly made known.

      As regards the UK being the 3rd EU net contributor, in actuality, when you add the FISH TAX (the removal of UK fishing boats to allow foreigners to fish in UK seas c £3bn/year) the UK gives up to the EU then the UK is the 2nd highest EU net contributor and arguably the top EU net contributor.


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      I can abide ever-closer union. The ‘U’ in UK stands for the Union of the European nations of England,Wales,and Scotland, and the Province of N Ireland. It is essentially the same thing as the EU, and the only thing different is the scale. As a European citizen I belong to a territory big enough to stand on its own feet – if it is united. No more clinging to Uncle Sam’s coat-tails. No-one would be better pleased than the said U.S. If the continent of Europe and the US magically changed places overnight it would not be long before Britain abandoned its ‘sovereignty’ in exchange for becoming an extra star in the Stars and Stripes. Look at India – 200 languages and they can still run a democracy. If they can do it so can Europe. UK is good; EU is better.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      You’ve neglected to mention that compared to the UK, many EU nations have terrible records concerning [lack of] democracy and [lack of] transparency.


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    Sven Kirchens

    It’s quite interesting when people are talking about a certain Junker. First of all, there is no Junker applying. There is only one Mister Jean-Claude Juncker. So everyone complaining about a certain Junker has placed himself completely outside of a serious discussion about the European Union. The basic rules of a discussion are a common sense, politeness and good manners. And to all the people ranting about the European Union: Just have a look in the middle East. There is what you can call war. That’s what was happening all over the World a few decades ago. But no more on our Continent. The European Continent. The Continent of the Europeans! Our Grand-Mothers and Grand-Fathers were struggling. Our countries were bombed. Our houses were destroyed. Streets were filled with young soldiers. Those soldiers were not only men. They were fathers, brother, uncles and they were sons. Imagine that Americans had to travel over the Atlantic Ocean to lose their lives on our ground. Our seas and our grounds, our forests and our homelands were full of blood. People died of starvation. Girls, mothers and daughters were raped and treated like animals. And that on the European Continent! The Continent of the discoverers destroyed half of our World. What was happening after the terrible period of war is one of the luckiest things that has ever happened to the Europeans. The creation of a Union. Today 28 Nations are united. United we are strong. We can travel to different cultures without any problem. We can discover our own continent, because as a European you simply have the right to visit the Eifel Tower or the Brandenburger Tor. You have the right to visit Sofia, Budapest, Barcelona or Helsinki. Mister Juncker, our next President, is a man from a small country called Luxembourg. That small country represents somehow the European Union. On a small territory people from all over the world find together, work together and live together. Peacefully! Mister Juncker is the right person for this job, and i am proud that a a simple and intelligent man from a small country can become the President of the European Commission! We all are just Europeans no matter if we are from Luxembourg, Germany or France. No person is greater because of being a German or a French. This election is the proof and evidence that the dangerous national thinking hasn’t won yet over the European spirit. National thinking is not always bad.That’s the interesting part of our Union. Within the Union we can discuss and argue about certain topics, but outside the Union we are Europeans. And Mister Juncker wants to continue this process. He doesn’t want the Unites States of Europe. Well but now let’s see what the program of the Commission will be over the next 5 years. Our Union is not perfect. As is no other country. We are still facing the consequences of a financial crises. But be honest one time with yourself. Do you really think that without the Euro the crises would have been easier to carry out? 28 countries would have fought a financial war against each other, and in the end of the day, we would have destroyed ourself! Imagine China or the US speculating against the french Franc, or the german Mark, the italian Lira or the belgium Franc. That would have been a disaster. The time of single European States dominating the World are over. Now we have the obligation to stand together in a world that is becoming bigger and smaller. Bigger because a lot of countries are raising on the horizon. Smaller because of the globalization. If the Americans have a flu, the European Union will be ill too. The Euro is essential. Even if too many Europeans are struggling, fighting and suffering. But we had much worse crises on our grounds. If our Ancestors managed and survived crises, we can do it too. Let us not destroy what our Ancestors left behind. Peace and innovation. And trust in our Continent, because it has always raised. Let us look forward to a good future. I am happy to have Mister Juncker as the President of the European Commission(i guess that the Parliament will vote him), because he is a politician from a small country that always suffered under the dangerous national thinking of mad mens!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Sven Kirchens
      The EU as-is, propelled by the Germano-Franco axis (AKA the BLOOD BROTHERS) is UNDEMOCRATIC ergo it should cease or be substantially changed to a more democratic entity.

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      Dear Sven,

      It is Mister Jean-Claude Juncker. Hypocrite.
      It is grotesquely naive and dangerous to only credit the EU for European peace in the last decades ( this believe is almost of a religious nature ).



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    Rui Duarte

    Probably not: I think he’s part of the establishment and will thus maintain the course of the EU. That said, I’m happy that he got the job; person-wise, he’s the best man. Plus, he was elected. I would feel scammed if eurocrats chose anyone else after having said he would take charge if his party won. Unfortunately, results are not only a question a character and good intentions, and the results of his policy will continue to destroy europe.

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    Darren Walters

    he shouldnt be in charge… its all a fraud with his big secret group of friends, i live in europe and i do NOT wana see a united euro army.

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    Pedro Redondeiro

    The word revolution is indeed the best word to describe what is happening in Europe. There are changes happening and the citizens being away from the changes, it would only make things to be shifted to undemoratic ways. So, by participating and taking iniitiative the citizens are showing that they want to aprticiapte and take a stand! ;) Only action can make the change, nothing more nothing less!

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      Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

      Typically tabloid: no ideas, just gossip and insult!

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    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    Ever closer Union. Europe is back on track.

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    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    Apathy & ignorance are Europe’s biggest problems. Also, high income, corporate & sales / “value added” taxes. Europe’s absurd VAT rates are like a herd of elephants in the room. Nationalists, isolationists, racists & xenophobes, there is no place for your anachronistic values in the Europe of today & the future.

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      Dear Joel,

      Your own opinion is quite extremist. What you are advocating is the exclusion of political opinions. Besides, there is nothing anarchronistic about those idealisms, espessially if one can appreciate the national right of self-determinism ( wich was so much appriciated and considerd essential for lasting peace by Woodrow Wilson and the Allied nations in general after the Second World War ) and if you do not consider the EU as a sovereign state.



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    Mariana Manolova

    Mr President elected, congratulations ! :) Please , take an interest what`s happening in my country Bulgaria! You have the power to stop the political and financial instability caused by external political factors ! Stand up for the rights of the Bulgarian people! They are also European citizens, aren`t they?

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    David Fernandes Coelho

    No I dont think so but if he realy wants to do something why not start by reducing the Euro Diplomats salaries on at least 25 % to start off, if he is chosen would be a good action to take.

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    This appointment is just another example of how undemocratic the EU is. Neither Juncker nor any of the other “candidates” even bothered to come to Britain, not have they addressed Britons or British concens. They all totally ignored Britain. So the imposition on Britain of Juncker or any other foreigner works against our national interests. But in saying that, whoever was appointed, but in particular this power-grabbing inebriate, is a boon to us. Hopefully it will just expedite the exit of Britain from Europe so that we can make our own decisions for the best interests of our own sovereign nation without the interference of foreigners who know nothing of British interests nor do they even care about Britain except in so far as our funds prop up their unnecessary organizations, industries, and economies.

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    …revolutionize the EU? Hardly by choosing apparatchiks! One of the EU’s criteria was that public debt-to-GDP ratio (not looking at “external debt”) be below 60%. What happened? For some it is a death spiral & the EU a club of major indebted nations- beaten by Japan & the US!

    Aiming to be a respectable & strong EU? Than it would first need to get its finances under control- without that, it remains a weak block, dependent on banks, the 1%, shady deals, borrowings & infinite debt repayments!


    Probably forgotten by all the horse trading & keeping to the status quo? If the 60% is applied, there would be no EU! Around a 80% ratio & falling, than strictly applied would be more realistic! The submission of a complete EU blue print of how a final EU should look like- would be a further condition! At the moment the EU muddles & stumbles along- at the cost of all honest Vat payers!

    As the “majority’s party” nominee (43% of EPP 29%= “only 12.5% by default” – one has to accept such nomination in the name of a tired “democracy” & its (unwritten?) rules. One wonders however, why a person from a country as small as Luxembourg- comparable to a “mid sized town” of ~500k (glorified “Lord major”)- is given such responsibility and Luxembourg such a “special status”?

    Search and obtain the answers under all the hidden secretes in the following stats: Luxembourg ranks e.g. 1st in the world for gross national income per capita, is a bank secrecy heaven & much more!

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    catherine benning

    And how much is this clown costing all of us, including those of us who are starving, to keep the creep in luxury? Scroll down to the box exposing the £1.8 million going to this leech for doing nothing but incessantly booze until the juice oozes from his lips to his chin.


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    Mr. Cameron’s phone call is in line with “all protocol observed”- and in good diplomatic spirit! If just half the stories about Mr. Juncker’s drinking & associated habits are correct and not press machinations, than he remains a serious risk to the EU & its 500 mio people! Is the EU emulating Russian’s Yeltsin? Shame, this guy is sick, a joke, a disaster & needs medical help- never mind his experience! Who is driving his car?

    Is there no EU ethics/vetting committee? Is such “jolly boys club” behavior acceptable & normal within the highest EU’s echelon? One would believe the EUP would lobby and veto such candidate outright?! Zero tolerance for that! Congratulations to GB & Hungary & shame to the other 26 who toed the line in good apparatchik’s tradition. What a disgrace for the EPP to have no better candidate! How “Christian & traditional” is that?

    To preserve the dignity of such high EU position- one expects a final EUP veto!

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    The man is a relic and belongs in a museum. Yesterday’s man with yesterday’s solutions. Perfectly encompassing the EU, which is yesterday’s idea for yesterday’s problems.

    There is no doubt Juncker supported all the looting of the poor and middle class in Greece and other countries to enrich rich Franco-German bankers (aka ‘saving the Euro’).

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    catherine benning

    With great sadness I have to accept that a United Europe, run by those presently at the top, is not a political organization I can any longer support as it is. The election by the rulers of this Juncker and now his first set up for the pay off of others to keep their mouths shut, so that he can remain the undemocratic and unelected front man for all of us is untenable. And, as there is nothing any of us can do about this back room dealing cow pat, there is no alternative but to opt out of this nonsense.

    Read about the pay offs they are giving themselves tax free, it is our money, they are dividing up amongst themselves. Something has to be done to rid us of this nest of rats, but how?


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    Tarquin Farquhar

    NO UK politician would be elected PM if he/she had a known drink problem.

    NO UK politician would be elected PM if he/she had previously been sacked/resigned from office for corruption.

    Drunker Juncker represents the DARK SIDE of the EU.

  28. avatar

    Too late. The rope is broken. At the EU Parliament are all leeches

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    Jaume Roqueta

    revolutionise the european union? it is him a kind of che gevara? i think he has been in the core of the european union for large so i expect nothing new… the same… continuationism would be the correct word…

  30. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    Another appointment of someone NOT elected by citizens, appointed politically without any democratic merit.

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    Rui Jamp

    Unfortunately, i think he is one of the biggest fascist supporter of the EU… Supports austerity that takes from the poor to the distribute to the banking system, and to the big capital companies… Maybe he changes along the way, maybe not… Make the Country’s for the people, not for the unmeasured capitalism that enriches only a few with billions. Europe does not learn from history, and i think a big war will start again here, maybe from the same people..

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    Lino Galveias

    he’s a bastard with no drop of respect for Europeans as he showed days ago when portuguese communist MEP asked him a question and he wasn’t even listening to the translation, paying more attention to his mobile. He just showed what he thinks of the people: total disregard. More of the same bullshit.

  33. avatar
    Pablo GC

    Yes he will. I can picture it clearly: a bottle of vodka and cigars for MPs… and revolution!

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    It depends what do you mean by the term revolutionary!
    For instance, the Greek dictatorship (1967-74) called itself “revolutionary”!

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    nando aidos

    To revolutionise the EU he would have to step outside the “same old shallow and useless solutions” we have been hearing for the longest time.
    He would have to set a VISION what the EU stands for!
    A vision that the EU citizens could identify with and rally behind.
    He would have to make a statement about what is the EU’s MISSION in life!
    What does it stand for?
    Where does it want to be in 10, 20, 50 years time?
    And then he would have to set an agenda with objectives and initiatives that would accomplish that vision and that mission in life.
    Can he do that? If he can, he will revolutionise the EU.

    • avatar

      >Can he do that? If he can, he will revolutionise the EU.

      In order to do that the UE would first have to learn to communicate with other human beings. I’m afraid this implies a complete change of attitude which is probably well beyond their abilities.

  36. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    Quando a Alemanha passar a ser um estado membro igual aos restantes, teremos uma Europa Una, e para j quem manda Frau Merkel.

  37. avatar
    Nando Aidos

    To revolutionise the EU he would have to step outside the ?same old shallow and useless solutions? we have been hearing about for the longest time.
    He would have to set a VISION for what the EU stands for!
    A vision that the EU citizens could identify with and rally behind.
    Today there is NONE and that is the main reason for its fragmentation!
    He would have to make a statement about what is the EU?s MISSION in life!
    What does it stand for?
    Where does it want to be in 10, 20, 50 years time?
    And then he would have to set an agenda with objectives and initiatives that would accomplish that vision and that mission in life.
    Can he do that? If he can, he will revolutionise the EU.

  38. avatar
    Paul X

    I reckon he will be out within a year

    The simple fact he is there has already pi55ed off the UK, I’m sure it wont be long before some of the other more Euro-sceptic countries get fed up with his agenda

    As popularity for the EU plummets even further under his leadership they will have to move him out or else the EU will just fragment, unfortunately for us taxpayers it means he will probably be retired on some mega-Euro pension that we will be footing the bill for until he drinks himself to death

  39. avatar
    Lino Galveias

    Poverty and famine and fascism are growing in the EU, and one more time it ignores an open conflict in a neighbouring country because this leadership is weak and submitted to the interests.

  40. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    Nando… compeltely agree… but i think all the politicians have a vision of EU in 10, 20 o 50 years, the problem is that they don’t want to tell us their vision… because probably we would not vote them!.

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    catherine benning

    All you need to do when asking if this guy is going to look after the citizens of Europe’s interests is to read this and judge for yourself. And remember, this is what we are allowed to know, not what is going on under the sheets without our knowledge.


    How does that nursery rhyme go: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    I can’t wait to see the crash of this bad egg.

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    .What is happening in the Middle East? Why Europe is mute? How much blood of innocent children must be poured, to awake consciences? How long will last this guilty silence? How long will last this systematic genocide in Gaza?

  43. avatar
    Ben Carlin

    I would say it’s very unlikely. He hardly fits the profile of your typical revolutionary.

  44. avatar
    Minne Wiersma

    whit or whitout the people they do as pleased not for the people but for them selfs .check what they earn in a mounth and have high expenses payed ? some are up to 13,000 euro a mounth ? fraude it is .so democratic you are not you run over the people as a dictator nothing more.

  45. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    the worst choice ………a person who contributed and still contributes to the decline of democracy, happpiness, prosperity, jobs and perspectives for a better future . Banks and technocrats as well as unscrupulous politicians and businessman back him.

  46. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    I guess he will enjoy, with the People’s Party and Social & Democrats toguether, the TTIP EU-US agreement.

  47. avatar
    Peter Castermans

    * the candidate of the biggest democratic elected political faction in the parliament and backed by the second biggest party in the parliament.
    * Alas, if the media is correct also an alcoholic with no charisma. Didn?t they not have better candidates in the EVP !?

  48. avatar

    I would like to give him a chance. Let’s wait a bit and see what he’s made of, and what direction he’s heading. It will be difficult for him to continue the same neoconservative hardline policy of his predecessors I guess.

  49. avatar

    Junker’s victory is the victory of democracy over monarchy, Luxembourg Vs London.
    It is a victory that may cause the end oft the European Union dream, waiting for UK referendum in few months over staying in Europe or not…I bet France will brake first, then the EU.
    Go Germany :)

  50. avatar
    Francesco Totino

    yes if Among EU countries should be accepted some common and few rules ..to share also with US and other world countries

    To overcame single countries and worldwide crisis we need to move all together sinergically .

    “Fiscal compact” agreement in Europe has been a good first step …. now we need

    1 ) a Global ” Fiscal Compact,

    2) a global Balanced Budged in any other world countries constitution

    3)to abolish all worldwide Tax Havens ..( only one open is sufficient to neutralize much of the effect of tax and price policies in the rest of the world )

    Fixed this worldwide FINANCIAL /ECONOMIC target any single countries should simultaneusly start to reform deeply his domestic not only FINANCIAL but also POLITICAL AND PUBLIC Structure, a structure that has gained in the last years more and more importance in the success of all the economic policy actions. In particular a factor that affects economic development and that is common to both Politics and Pubblic sector is the corruption phenomena linked to political patronage,. Corruption has blocked the efficiency of the social system at any level in some EU countries like Italy, Spain , Portugal, Greece and also in other countries

    From these point of view EU and US and other worldwide countries should fix immediately some social standard measures index to be applied by the singles EU, US other country members that are particularly affected from inefficiency in political and public sector system.
    Most of the time Financial results in single countries come out only if some political and pubblic reforms have been done . To implement this “Public” reorganization process ( from information, education , management and control) is strategic that “European Digital Agenda” has been realized as soon as possible .

    4) a much more active role of international institutions like IMF , UN and so on in managing international financial and economic rules .

  51. avatar
    Jiri Mucha

    The question is, what does it mean revolutionise The Europe. If it means to turn people of Europe into revolutionaries, that’s very possible.

    We need complex solutions to reform the whole system. Problem is, that nobody mandated to change is not interested in such ideas, so far.

    Keep searching……..

    And we have 2015……………………………..

  52. avatar

    I hope he doesnt!!!
    Mr Monsanto, aka lobbyist lover is just a bankster stooge. His strings pulled by the big eu/usa/ banksters.
    They manipulate lie and steel..
    We the people desperately need protection from these elite goons.

  53. avatar
    Jim Young

    Mate your ship has sunk big time and it not coming to the surface again ever, it is caput, no more, a dead parrot; a parrot no more, a lifeless parrot; it is dead in the water. Now had your organisation only allowed successful states to join the club, then things might have taken another route, but no, you lot wanted as many other states as you could round up many of whom had not come forwards very much since post WW2 and are now a hindrance and and expense to us all. We pay Brussels £55,000,000 “A DAY” unimaginable sum of money every day we are told and for what; legislation on Vacuum cleaners and soon Lawn Mowers what tommy rot and stupidity; sack those responsible; I would immediately.

    The European Court; many of whom are not even members of the judiciary; not judges so how can you people; how dare you people try to override British Law.

    Trade, I voted to for a Common Market I did not and was not asked to vote for anything else. We British do not need you; you needed us in 1939 and you dare tell me; an Englishman and Briton what to do, I think not.

    We want out OUT OF THE EU and the sooner the better when we can trade freely with the world and watch you lot sink to the bottom; a failed organisation that cannot even get it own books signed off for 17 consecutive years we are told again.

  54. avatar

    Lets all hope that mr junker and his europhile comrades wake up and smell the coffee with greece hopefully on its way out.
    The greeks have a hero in power, a man who stands up to the banksters and says enough is enough.
    What tpsiras is doing is saving his country from the europhiles and rightly so..
    Mr junker isnt revolutionising europe , he and his comrades are destroying the very fabric that is europe. They ,(the usa banking cartels) want the eu to be the usa, and mr junker is more than willing to concede to thier demands..
    The eu commision is a corrupt non democrate cartel..
    I hope the revolution comes from the greeks. Did you see the faces of the europhiles when the greeks said they want a democratic referendum.
    We dont need or want mr junkers revolution, we want democracy and the right to decide our futures ourselves…!

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